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Sec Lot Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
405 Ubben, A Maria02 Dec 1822 11 Jul 1899 Father - (Mr) Saller 
OLD --- Uberle, Michael1810 27 Apr 1877 --- 
2S 122 Uhls, Audrey L18 Oct 1932 02 Jan 1998 Father - Clyde Thompson, Mother - Opal Mecham, Married Everett Uhls 5-1-1954, Mother of Max, Colleen, Laura and Karen 
122 Uhls, Everett L14 May 1928 16 Aug 2012 Father: Emmett Uhls Mother: Martha (Evans) Married Audrey Thompson 5-1-1954, Father of Mary, Joseph, Laura Lee and Karen 
857 Usselman, MaryAnn F6 Mar 1941 20 Oct 2013 Father - Henry Usselman Mother - Wilhelmina (Deerhake) 
2NSG 111 Usselmann, Florence Anna03 Sep 1923 07 Oct 2005 Father - Henry W Usselmann, Mother - wilhelmina Deerehaake 
14 Usselmann, Henry William12 Sep 1897 20 Jul 1955 Married Wilhelmine Deerhaake in 1922, Father of Mrs Virgil Buller, Mrs Joe Drees, Mrs Sylvester Hilmes, Raymond, Florence, Veronica, Mary, Irene, Andrew, And Maryann 
14 Usselmann, Wilhelmina C19 Jan 1901 15 Nov 1991 Father - Andrew Deerhaake, Mother - Anne Frerker, Married William H Usselmann 10-4-1922, Mother of Andrew, Raymond, Margaret, Irene, Mary, Evelyn, Veronica, Florence, Dorothy and Juliana 

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