This compilation Copyrighted by Gloria Dettleff & Dorothy Falk as of 29 May 2003
Updated by Russel & Sandra Bright and Laverne Moody Nov 2008
Updated from Photos by Lucy Buchele May 2010

S/w means shares stone with. GHS means government head stone, PHS means private head stone.

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Sec Row Grave Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
18 DANHOUR, John N.--- 1911 1983 Dad. 
17 DANHOUR, Zora DellHUFFMAN 1889 1976 Mom. 
27 DAUGHERTY, Amelia L.--- 1852 1936 S/w Wm. L. & Raymond. Wife of Wm. L. 
25 DAUGHERTY, Raymond--- 1881 1883 S/w Wm. L. & Amelia L. And Corps of Engineers' side stone. 
26 DAUGHERTY, Wm. L--- 1862 19___ S/w Amelia L. & Raymond. 
10 DIXON, David--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. 
DIXON, Elizabeth--- 10 Jun 1843 2 Oct 1909 Wife of S. P. 
DIXON, Harley--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. 
DIXON, Infant--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. 
DIXON, Nancy--- 1839 1919 Wife of S. P. 
10 DIXSON, S. P.--- 1844 1939 Co. I, 3rd ILL Cal. - PHS. 

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