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S/w means "Shares stone with". The Veterans' tombstones are annotated as either Private Head Stones (PHS) or Government Head Stones (GHS). An asterisk * means that the stone data has been supplemented with data from either a burial permit or a death certificate.

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Section Row Name Maiden Name Born Died Married Inscriptions and Comments
---- ---- CALVERT, Terry R., Sr.---- 27 Dec 1951 29 Dec 2014 ---- Spouse: living 
RB CHRIST, Clarence--- 1893 1987 --- S/w Laura 
RB CHRIST, Laura--- 1892 1972 --- S/w Clarence 
BC CLAAR, Frances V.--- 8 Jun 1918 20 Nov 1989 --- Mother. Stone next to Henry E. 
BC CLAAR, Henry E.--- 17 May 1901 8 Jan 1970 --- Father. Stone next to Frances V. 
CL CLARK, Mildred L.AHNER 1937 24 Nov 1979* --- Age 42. Died Madison Co.* 
COLLIGNON, Sylvia A.--- 1888 1969 --- S/w William C. 
COLLIGNON, William George*--- 1887 2 Dec 1946* --- S/w Sylvia A. Aged 59Y 7M 27D. Born Secora, New Mexico.* 
COOK, Nona E.--- 22 Jun 1902 25 Nov 1991 --- Mother. S/w William Nowlen and Sylvia Mae 
COOK, Sylvia Mae--- 23 Jul 1923 7 Sep 1947 --- Daughter. S/w William Nowlen and Nona E. 
COOK, William Nowlen--- 2 Nov 1898 13 Oct 1881 --- Father. S/w Sylvia Mae and Nona E.. Died in St. Clair Co.* 
RB CORBIER, M. Dale Jr.--- 30 Jun 1936 10 Jan 1995 --- Dear Friend. Fish on a hook. 
BC CRONIN, Kevin N.--- 1955 2001 --- No stone yet. Barnes Funeral Home marker 

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