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The Veteran's tombstones are annotated as either Private Head Stones (PHS) or Government Head Stones (GHS). S/w means Shares stone with. Unknown means there is some piece of stone remaining.

Source: LGT - Stones still readable at the Looking Glass Township Cemetery; St P - Data transcribed from the St. Peter's microfilmed church records; Reg - From partial listing of the County Clerk's official Death Registers; Bur - Information from partial list of burial cards (from 1920 onward)

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Section Row Grave Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
--- --- PAHL, Frederic--- --- 5 Mar 1888 Source - Reg, Death record # 2110. Age 46 years. 
15 11 PETERS, Elisa--- 1837 28 Feb 1913 Source - LGT, S/w Gerhart. Rest In Peace. Death Record # 545 says Lizzie. 
--- --- PETERS, Eugene William--- --- 4 Dec 1888 Source - Reg, Death Record # 2180. 5 M 17D. 
15 12 PETERS, Gerhart--- 1828 11 Nov 1890 Source - LGT, S/w Elisa. Rest In Peace 
15 14 POTHANS, Wilhelm Friederich--- 11 Apr 1833 7 Mar 1880 Source - LGT, Age 46y 8m. Death record #611says POCONZ. Church records say POTHANS 46y 10m 26d . 

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