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Please be aware that there were many different priests who served this congregation and some of these priests were assistants or interim priests who may not have known the people of the parish. For this reason some records do not contain as much information as others. Also there were many instances where the priest abbreviated names. In these cases the names were spelled out when it was reasonably certain what the name was supposed to be. For a list of the pastors who served St. Boniface and the years of their service see the 150 Year Pictorial History Book at (external link).

The microfilming technique of the record book caused some names to be lost in the spine of the book. In some cases the book was not opened completely (flattened out) to show the wording in the spine of the page.

In the original records one will also find that entries can be out of sequence. The priest often mixed up the dates of Baptism and birth putting the Baptism date before the child was born. He also forgot to change the name of the month. These errors, which have been corrected for clarity in this database, all point to the possibility of the priest writing the Baptism or marriage information in some other form before entering the information in the official record book.

Most of the people who worshiped at this church lived in the surrounding area. As the population grew other cities were established and they got their own churches. In 1870 a statement written in German in the marriage records states that people in the surrounding areas would have to choose where they wanted to attend church. The areas mentioned were Aviston, Bartelso, Breese and Damiansville. The priests from the respective churches of these cities signed these statements. This page with the German statements appears on page 002 of the 1857-1888 Group. A big thank you to Ute and Ludwig Mösenfechtel for translating this page.The boundaries for the St. Boniface and St. Cecilia Parishes are defined in 1887.

Marriage Date Groom Groom's Father Groom's Mother Maiden Bride Bride's Father Bride's Mother Maiden Witness Witness Comments
15 Jul 1902ABELN, Joseph (From Germany)Abeln, BernardOLTMANN, M. CarolinaSOMMER, JosephinaSommer, JosephDUMBECK, AnnaSommer, TheodorMERSCHER, Anna---
30 Aug 1842ABELN, Theodor------OTKEN, Catharina------LODDEKE, Not ListedOtken, Margaretha---
25 Nov 1879AHLERS, Bernard HermanAhlers, Johann BernardHONIFORT, AdelheidSTAMMEN, Anna MargaretStammen, PeterHARTINGS, ElisabethStammen, AlbertINGENDAA, Anna---
14 Oct 1930ALBERS, AlphonseAlbers, BernardWOBBE, ChristinaKNIEPMANN, ChristinaKniepmann, HenryDANIEL, MariaAlbers, AugustKniepmann, Maria---
26 May 1925ALBERS, BernardAlbers, FrancisBRAUER, AnnaWOBBE, Maria B.Wobbe, BernardKNIEPMANN, AnnaWobbe, HenryBUCKIES, Elizabeth---
15 Jan 1901ALBERS, Bernard HeinrichAlbers, HeinrichDUST, MargaretWOBBE, Christina WilhelminaWobbe, HeinrichLEHMKUHL, ElisabethAlbers, HermanWobbe, Margaret---
21 Nov 1922ALBERS, Bernard HermanAlbers, BernardWOBBE, ChristinaIMMING, MariaImming, HeinrichREICHERT, MariaAlbers, EdwardReichert, Elisabeth---
22 Jun 1927ALBERS, EdwardAlbers, BernardWOBBE, ChristinaDÜING (Dueing), WilhelminaDueing, FrankEILERS, MariaAlbers, LorenzEilers, Anna---
12 Feb 1884ALBERS, FranzAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Maria AnnaBRAUER, Maria AnnaBrauer, BernardBOSSEN, Gesina Maria AnnaHAAKE, JosephSCHLUMP, Carolina---
8 Oct 1867ALBERS, Heinrich------SIEKA, Anna------Sieka, BlasiusAlbers, Maria Elisabeth---
13 Nov 1877ALBERS, HeinrichAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUEN, MariaDUST, MargaretDust, Gerhard HeinrichBEHNE, Maria HelenaAlbers, FranzDust, Anna---
12 May 1896ALBERS, HeinrichAlbers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaBÜHNE (Buehne), Carolina (From St. Rose, IL)Buehne, Stephan ? NepomucKRÜP (Kruep), ElisabethBuehne, HermanAlbers, Emma---
13 Apr 1869ALBERS, Herman------ALBERS, Catharina Agnes------Albers, JosephAlbers, Maria Elisabeth---
18 Nov 1907ALBERS, HermanAlbers, Johann HeinrichDUST, MargaretROEBKE, ElizabethRoebke, Johann HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaSCHLUETER, H.Albers, Christina---
21 Aug 1843ALBERS, Johann Heinrich------APKEN, Gesina Maria------Apken, Gerhard HeinrichHELMANN, Margaretha Elisabeth---
20 Aug 1895ALBERS, Johann Herman BernardAlbers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethEVERSGERD, Louisa MargaretEversgerd, Johann ChristophorKURDT, Carolina FriedericaEversgerd, AugustAlbers, Margaret---
20 Apr 1927ALBERS, JohnAlbers, WilliamWALLER, CarolinaLEONARD, JosephinaLeonard, WilliamALBERS, AnnaLeonard, AlphonseAlbers, Catharina---
5 May 1874ALBERS, JosephAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Anna MargaretMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna AgnesMueller, FriederichJANSSEN, Anna MariaAlbers, Johann HeinrichMueller, Maria---
1 May 1912ALBERS, JosephAlbers, HermanNot Listed, KatharinaBUDDE, ElisabethBudde, HeinrichWEFER, ElisabethLEONARD, BernardBudde, Margaret---
10 Oct 1844ALBERS, Peter------LUBGES, Tecla born OLGESOlges, Not Listed---HERMES, GerhardHermes, Elisabeth---
24 Feb 1868ALBERS, Theodor------HOFF, Maria Christina------NIEBUR, JosephAlbers, Carolina Christina---
24 Oct 1882ALBERS, TheodorAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Anna MariaFOPPE, Maria AnnaFoppe, ClemensHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Anna Maria CathariAlbers, FranzFoppe, Carolina---
25 Nov 1903ALBERS, TheodorAlbers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaDUMBECK, ElisabethDumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaDumbeck, HeinrichAlbers, Louisa---
21 May 1919ALBERS, Vincent WilliamBernard HeinrichEVERSGERD, LouisaWINTER, Catharina MariaWinter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudAlbers, Victor LouisWinter, Eugenia Elisabeth---
18 Oct 1927ALBERS, Virgil A.Albers, BernardEVERSGERD, LouisaWINTER, EmiliaWinter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudWinter, AdolphAlbers, Adela---
8 May 1900ALBERS, Wilhelm (From Stawen?, Hanover)Albers, Bernard HeinrichDEIMANN, HelenaWALLER, Anna CarolinaWaller, ClementHILMES, Anna ChristinaJANSEN, HeinrichWaller, Maria---
2 Nov 1847ALERS, Herman Heinrich------LÜBES (Luebes), Gesina------KOBBE, Gerhard HeinrichLuebes, Maria GesinaThis entry is out of order. Appears after Aug 1846 and before Feb 1847.
3 Jan 1844ALERS, Johann Bernard------ESS, Anna Adelheid------KÖBBE (Koebbe), Johann BernardWELAGE, Maria Anna---
29 Dec 1839ALTEPETER, Gerhard Heinrich------GRAMANN, Catharina born HOLLENKAMPHollenkamp, Not Listed---Gramann, Not listedSOMMER, Maria Anna---
22 Apr 1856ALTEPETER, Heinrich------HELLMANN, Elisabeth------TIMPE, TheodorAltepeter, Maria---
26 Aug 1851ALTEPETER, HermanAltepeter, HeinrichFLEKENCAMP, ElisabethKRUEP, Anna AdelheidVAN DER HAAR, Gerhard HeinrichKRUEP, GesinaAltepeter, HeinrichKrüp (Kruep), Gesina---
18 Apr 1860ALTEPETER, Stephan------HEUGELER, Maria------Heugeler, DiederichBER___, Anna Maria---
26 Oct 1910ALTGILBERS, JohannAltgilbers, HermanNot Listed, CatharinaHAGEN, Catharina (From Breese, IL)Hagen, TheodorNot Listed, MariaHEMANN, HermanHagen, Anna---
22 Nov 1870ALTGILBES, Herman HeinrichAltgilbes, Johann HeinrichNot Listed, Maria Helena DEIEN, Maria CatharinaDeien, Herman HeinrichNot Listed, MariaSCHROEDER, Franz HeinrichDeien, Adelheid---
5 May 1857ALTHOFF, Heinrich------HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Anna ------BROKELMANN, Johann StephanGAUSEPOHL, Catharina---
21 Oct 1849AMMAN, JosephAmman, FranzNot Listed, ElisabethFOERDERER, Maria born WEIDNER (Widow of Laurent Foerderer)Weidner, Not Listed---CAUNER, CarlAmman, Haderick---
10 Jun 1849AMSINGER, GeorgAmsinger, Not ListedNot Listed, Anna MariaGROSS, MagdalenaGross, NicolausHEMMAER, Elisabeth---------
8 Jan 1855ANGSTER, Joseph------GAETZ, Barbara------GRIESBAUM, JohannGriesbaum, Apolonia (Mrs. Johann ?)---
9 May 1882APKE, Bernard TheodorApke, HeinrichMÖLLERING (Moellering), CatharinaMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria HelenaMueller, Carl HeinrichBEISTRUP, AgnesMueller, Johann Bernard HeinrichKALAGE, AnnaCompare Peistrup
17 Feb 1857APKEN, Johann Albert------RENSING, Anna Adelheid------ALBERS, Johann BernardCORTE, Anna Maria---
16 Aug 1853ARENS, Arnold------ARSELAGE, Helena Adelheid------DUST, HermanArselage, Margaret ---
18 Feb 1873ARNS, Johann HeinrichArns, RudolphWÜBKE (Wuebke), Maria AdelheidVOSKOERS, Maria ChristinaVoskoers, Johann BernardRICKER, Maria ElisabethFELD, HeinrichGAUSEPOHL, Anna Catharina---
7 Nov 1876AUGET, PaulAuget, JohannKEISER, MargaretGEOFFROY, ElisabethGeoffroy, NicolausKEISER, Maria AnnaKENNEL, Dominic & Heinrich GeoffroyGeoffroy, Maria Anna & Christina Kennel---
5 Feb 1856BACKS, Stephan------KRAIMER, Anna Maria------VORNHOLD, ConradKraimer, Maria Angela---
10 Apr 1918BAER, Adolph (From Trenton, IL)Baer, JosephMETZGER, VeronicaAPKE, Emilia MariaApke, TheodorMUELLER, HelenaApke, BernardBaer, Ida---
17 Apr 1860BAHLMANN, Wilhelm------NORTHAUS, Maria------Northaus, JohannBahlmann, Maria---
18 Aug 1853BALL, Joseph------DUMBECK, Richarle?------Ball, PeterTOMBACK, Anton---
5 Jul 1859BATKE, Johann Heinrich------STOCKMANN, Henrietta (Widow)------TÖNNISEN (Toennisen), GerhardBatke, Maria Elisabeth---
28 Oct 1903BAUER, Johann Adam (From Kupferberg, Bavaria)Bauer, MichaelSCHRAMM, AlbertinaSCHLARMANN, ElisabethSchlarmann, Bernard J.KAISER, PhilomenaSchlarmann, CarlWILD, Magdalena---
26 Sep 1888BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), HeinrichBaumhueter, FriederichSCHRAKE, GertrudSCHOO, MariaSchoo, JohannMENSING, AnnaBaumhueter, BernardFICKER, Maria ---
6 Apr 1880BECKER, BernardBecker, FerdinandTEKE, CatharinaKLEINEKORTE, MariaKleinekorte, PhilippSCHROEDER, ElisabethBecker, FranzKleinekorte, Josephina---
15 Oct 1878BECKER, FerdinandBecker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaJUNCKER, CatharinaJuncker, HeinrichRATHENBURGER, ElisabethJuncker, JohannBecker, Catharina---
27 Jan 1880BECKER, GerhardBecker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaSTEILING, JosephinaSteiling, HeinrichMARTIN, AgnesSteiling, HermanBecker, Catharina---
7 Nov 1855BECKER, Heinrich------SCHLARMANN, Elisabeth------OTKEN, GerhardLAMPE, Maria---
17 Jun 1862BECKER, Heinrich------HÜNE (Huene)?, Elisabeth------Becker, FrederickHÜNE (Huene), Wilhelm---
13 Apr 1845BECKER, Johann Ferdinand------TEKE, Catharina------ALBER, FranzGRAV, Anna ElisabethThis entry is out of order; could be 13 May
28 Sep 1852BECKER, Johann Frederick------KREKE, Catharina Elisabeth------Becker, HeinrichKreke, Anna Maria---
26 Sep 1923BECKMANN, Alphonse GeorgeBeckmann, JohnGERS, CarolinaWOBBE, Christina MargaretWobbe, BernardKNIEPMANN, AnnaBeckmann, FredWobbe, Mary---
29 Apr 1884BECKMANN, Conrad HeinrichBeckmann, JosephBEHNE, TimotheaLINNEMANN, CatharinaLinnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), BernardGERS, Maria---
26 Nov 1924BECKMANN, Conrad J.Beckmann, JohannGERS, CarolinaTHESSING, Louisa M.Thessing, HenryTOENNIES, CatharinaThessing, BernardSCHOMAKER, Johanna---
29 Sep 1914BECKMANN, Frank WilliamBeckmann, JohannGEERS, CarolinaALBERS, Elisabeth AnnaAlbers, HenryNot Listed, MargaretBeckmann, HenryAlbers, Rosa---
16 Nov 1910BECKMANN, FredBeckmann, JohnGERS, CarolinaALBERS, ChristinaAlbers, HenryDUST, MargaretBeckmann, FrankAlbers, Elizabeth---
21 Jun 1881BECKMANN, Heinrich JohannBeckmann, WilhelmHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), MariaFISCHER, Maria CarolinaFischer, GerhardHOFF, MariaBeckmann, WilhelmALBERS, ElisabethDispensation for first grade affinity.
27 Mar 1905BECKMANN, HermanBeckmann, Wilhelm---SCHULTE, FranciscaSchulte, Franz JosephNot Listed, AnnaLINNEMANN, HeinrichBeckmann, EmmaNo date listed; appears after 29 Jan and before 7 May 1913.
14 Jan 1879BECKMANN, Johann GerhardBeckmann, JosephBEENEN, Maria ThimotheaGERSGRAPPERHAUS, Anna CarolinaGersgrapperhaus, HeinrichWAERDEMANN, CatharinaBeckmann, JohannGersgrapperhaus, K.---
8 Apr 1861BECKMANN, Joseph------SANDMAYER, Catharina------Beckmann, WilhelmSandmayer, Louise---
8 Apr 1845BECKMANN, Joseph Franz------GRÜN (Gruen), Anna Maria Elisabeth------Beckmann, Heinrich WilhelmGruen, Maria Catharina---
2 May 1859BECKMANN, Joseph Heinrich------RUVE, Maria Gesina------Beckmann, WilhelmMEYER, Maria---
27 May 1914BECKMANN, Joseph HeinrichBeckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaKREKE, AnnaKreke, HeinrichSPANGLER, MariaKreke, HenryBeckmann, Christina---
5 Nov 1930BECKMANN, LawrenceBeckmann, WilhelmHENRICHS, AnnaBOECKMANN, FranciscaBoeckmann, HenryDUST, CatharinaBoeckmann, AlphonseSPIERLING, Hilda---
14 Nov 1871BECKMANN, TheodorBeckmann, WilhelmHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), Maria AdelheidALBERS, Maria AnnaAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE?, Anna MariaBeckmann, JohannAlbers, Christina---
19 Oct 1886BECKMANN, WilhelmBeckmann, WilhelmHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), MariaSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), ElisabethSchlueter, HermanFIGGEMEIER, CatharinaHoerchler, Theodor (Dietrich)Schlueter, Catharina---
18 Feb 1879BECKMANN, Wilhelm HeinrichBeckmann, JosephBEENEN, Maria ThimotheaKREKE, Maria ElisabethKreke, GerhardFELTROP, HenriettaKreke, Gerhard HeinrichBeckmann, Anna---
16 Aug 1870BEENEN, Bernard Everhard------WILKEN, Maria Elisabeth------BUSZMANN, Johann CarlWilken, Maria Gesina---
1 May 1923BEER, George J.Beer, JohnHEET, GesinaSCHOMAKER, Veronica C.Schomaker, BernardBECKMANN, MariaBeer, IgnatiusSchomaker, Johanna---
24 Nov 1896BEER, Johann (From Kewart?, Bavaria)Beer, MichaelHOFFMANN, AnnaHEET, Gesina (From Erica, Holland)Heet, Johann GerhardSCHNIEDERS, Maria HelenaBeer, JosephHeet, Margaret---
9 Jan 1883BEER, Johann BaptistBeer, MichaelHOFFMANN, AnnaZEHRER, TheresiaNot KnownNot knownBeer, JohannHÜNE (Huene), Maria Elisabeth---
11 Jun 1861BEHNEN, Everhard------DULLE, Maria Hellena------THIEN, Bernard H.DEIEN, Elisabeth---
22 May 1845BEHNEN, Johann------SIEBENBÜRGEN (Siebenbuergen), Elisabeth------Behnen, JohannVORNHOLT, Maria Elisabeth---
6 Oct 1852BEHNEN, Johann Bernard------KRAMER, Maria Elisabeth------BECKMAN, JosephGEHRS, Gesina---
19 May 1914BEINE, Fred (From St. Louis, MO)Beine, AugustWALTERS, ChristineBOEVINGLOH, MariaBoevingloh, JosephHERZOG, MargaretBeine, AugustBoevingloh, Francisca---
1 Jul 1908BELT, Wilhelm (Born 27 Dec 1873 in Marion County, IL; Baptized at St. Boniface Apr 19Belt, Joseph T.FAUVER, SaraHEMANN, Catharina (Born 29 Dec 1875)Hemann, FranzSTUCKENKEMPER, ElisabethTIMMERBERG, EdwardHemann, Elisabeth Catharina---
16 May 1884BERGMANN, GerhardBergmann, StephanTRAME, ElisabethGRAWE, Maria AnnaGrawe, ChristophorTHEKE, Anna ElisabethWELLINGHOFF, HeinrichGrawe, Elisabeth---
19 Oct 1920BERGMANN, Leon George (From Bartelso, IL)Bergmann, JosephBECKER, MariaWEYER, Elisabeth AnnaWeyer, ClementRIPPERDA, AnnaWeyer, WilliamWELLINGHOFF, Maria---
25 Jan 1853BERNSEN, Lambert Heinrich------DUST, Maria Catharina------Bernsen, Herman HeinrichKOPMANN, Anna Margaret---
26 Apr 1859BILHART, Georg------WEHRLE, Rosina------Bilhart, HermanGRIESBAUM, Francisca---
21 May 1924BILLHARTZ, Edward A. (From Damiansville, IL)Billhartz, WilliamRICKHER, LouisaKNIEPMANN, Clara A.Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaBillhartz, ArnoldKniepmann, Pauline---
3 May 1921BILLHARTZ, Wilbert Carl (From New Baden, IL)Billhartz, WilliamRICKER, LouisaHORENKAMP, AnnaHorenkamp, HenryHACKMEISTER, Maria---------
23 Apr 1850BOCKHOTT, Bernard HeinrichBockhott (Bockholt?), Johann FerdinandPERNPOTT, Maria ElisabethHINCAMP, Maria Gertrud born TIMPER (Widow of Herman Heinrich Hincamp)Timper, Not Listed---Timper, TheodorCLATTE, M. Elisabetha---
26 Apr 1852BODDE, Johann HeinrichBodde, Johann GerhardREINES, Margaret AdelheidWICHTMAN, Anna MariaWichtman, Johann WilhelmTÖBBEN (Toebben), Maria CatharinaTOENGES, Johann HermanMEMAN, Helena Adelheid---
17 Nov 1868BOECKMANN, Bernard------KRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria------OTTKEN, GerhardDEYEN, Maria Elisabeth---
14 Oct 1902BOECKMANN, FriederichBoeckmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Maria A.Haukap, GertrudHaukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethBoeckmann, HeinrichHaukap, Katharina---
9 Nov 1904BOECKMANN, HeinrichBoeckmann, BernardKRUEP, Anna M.DUST, KatharinaDust, HeinrichHACKMANN, MariaKORTE, FrederickDust, Christina---
26 Aug 1890BOEVING, BernardBoeving, Franz HeinrichHOFFSCHLAG, Margaret AdelheidHERMELING, Bernardina (From Wachtum, Oldenburg)Hermeling, Herman HeinrichKOHRMANN, Maria AnnaSÜTHOFF (Suethoff), HeinrichHermeling, Maria---
23 Nov 1886BOEVING, FranzBoeving, Franz HeinrichHOFSCHLAG, Margaret AdelheidMEIERRATHKEN, CatharinaMeierrathken, HeinrichRUMP, AdelheidBoeving, BernardHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Catharina---
14 Apr 1926BOEVINGLOH, AnthonyBoevingloh, JosephHERZOG, MargaretDIERKES, FranciscaDierkes, HermanWOBBE, MargaretBoevingloh, LawrenceDierkes, Emma---
9 Jun 1909BOEVINGLOW, Martin H. (Born 10 Aug 1878)Boevinglow, JosephHERZOG, MargaretSCHURMANN, Carolina M. (Born 3 Oct 1881)Schurmann, HeinrichALBERS, ElizabethKOCH, John C.Schurmann, Paula---
---BÖHNE (Boehne), Micheal Ferdinand (Born 25 Jul 1807)------HUCHTHANEWINKEL, Anna Margaret (Born 27 May 1814)------------The entry of this couple stating that they came to the area on 25 Jul 1834 appears at the top of the introductory page of the 1847 record book.
24 Apr 1851BOHNE, Carl (Widower of Maria Magdalena BRAUN)------CORT, Anna Barbara------TIMPER, Theodor------
23 Oct 1883BOHNENKEMPER, BernardBohnenkemper, HeinrichSIEBENAD, MariaKASSENS, MariaKassens, HeinrichTUBES, CatharinaKassens, BernardUSSELMANN, Maria---
21 Nov 1893BOHNENKEMPER, Bernard (From Germany)Bohnenkemper, HeinrichSIEBENANT, MariaWALLER, ChristinaALBERS, B. H.MAUE, A. M.GRAPPERHAUS, HeinrichBECKMANN, Maria Anna born Albers---
7 Oct 1908BOHNENKEMPER, Heinrich (Born 12 Jul 1884)Bohnenkemper, BernardKASSING, MariaFICKER, Wilhelmina (Born 2 Aug 1883)Ficker, GerhardWELLING, ElisabethBohnenkemper, FrederickFicker, Anna---
7 May 1924BOHNENKEMPER, HenryBohnenkemper, BernardKASSEN, MariaHEIDEL, ElizabethHeidel, JohnMEIBACH, MariaHeidel, HenryLUECKING, Maria---
6 Jun 1899BOLK, HeinrichBolk, HeinrichWELLING, ElizabethTIHEN (Thien?), GesinaTihen (Thien?), Meinhard H.FEHNIG, AngelaBolk, CarlPELTIES, Elizabeth---
7 Feb 1899BOLK, Herman (From Gelderland, Holland)Bolk, HeinrichWELLING, Ida ElisabethSCHOMAKER, Rosa (From Cincinnati, OH)HAGEN, AntonKRUMEN, MariaBolk, HeinrichHagen, Maria---
4 May 1880BOLK, Johann HeinrichBolk, HeinrichWELLING, ElisabethRAPPIEN, Theresia BernardinaRapien, HeinrichDRESMEIER, ElisabethBolk, CarlRapien, Margaret---
10 Feb 1904BOLK, Jr., HeinrichBolk, HeinrichRAPIEN, BernardinaMACKE, Christina (From Breese, IL)Macke, FranzFIEDLER, KatharinaBolk, HermanMacke, Anna---
30 Jan 1929BOLK, Leon J. (From Breese, IL)Bolk, HeinrichMACKE, ChristinaHELLMANN, Bertha G.Hellmann, HenryVENTERS, EttaSCHULTE, John F.Hellmann, Leona---
1 Jun 1875BOLLE, AugustBolle, ChristophorBÜRMANN (Buermann), ElisabethSCHMIDT, CarolinaSchmidt, FranzFRIENDERANG, Maria EvaBÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), JosephSchmidt, Anna---
26 Nov 1867BOLLE, Heinrich August------ALBERS, Maria Elisabeth------Albers, Johann BernardTHEISSING, Maria Elisabeth---
24 Jan 1912BOOK, Bernard Benedict (From Damiansville, IL)Book, HeinrichNot Listed, TheresiaLUEBKE, AnnaLuebke, WilhelmNot Listed, ElisabethRENSING, BernardLuebke, Catharina---
21 May 1867BOOK, Herman Heinrich------HEGGER ?, Maria Angela------THEISSING, BernardBook, Maria Gesina---
27 Nov 1866BOOP, Gerhard Heinrich------DREISS, Maria Rosa ------BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), HeinrichBOOK, Maria Gesina---
11 Aug 1863BORGMAYER, Anton------FICKER, Margaret born KEUTER (Widow of Bernard Ficker)Keuter, Not Listed---Ficker, HeinrichESS, Maria Anna---
20 Aug 1878BÖVING (Boeving), HeinrichTimmermann, Caspar HeinrichTIMMERMANN, Juliana Angelina (Widowed naTIMMERMANN, ElisabethBoeving, Franz HeinrichHOFFSCHLAG, Angela AdelheidGESENHUES, HermanTimmermann, Agnes---
29 Jun 1904BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), GeorgBoevingloh, JosephHERZOG, MargaretKLEINEKORTE, MariaKleinekorte, EberhardALERS, AnnaKleinekorte, PhilippBoevingloh, Elisabeth---
11 Jun 1872BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), JosephBovingloh, PeterORTMEIER, CatharinaHERZOG, MargaretHerzog, Georg TheobaldFÖRSTER (Foerster), FranciscaBRÜGGE (Bruegge), TheodorFoerster, Margaret---
9 Oct 1906BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), JosephBoevingloh, JosephHERZOG, MargaretHAUKAP, KatharinaHaukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethHaukap, Jr. FranzBoevingloh, Maria---
25 May 1910BRAND, Heinrich (From Aviston, IL)Brand, MartinNot Listed, HelenaFOPPE, JosephinaFoppe, HeinrichNot Listed, AnnaBrand, MartinFoppe, Anna---
23 Oct 1912BRAND, Martin (From Aviston, IL)Brand, MartinNot Listed, HelenaFOPPE, AnnaFoppe, HeinrichNot Listed, AnnaBrand, FranzFoppe, Sophia---
6 Nov 1929BRANDMEYER, Herman (From Damiansville, IL)Brandmeyer, HermanEMKE, MargaretBECKMANN, EugeniaBeckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaLinnemann, FrancisRENSING, Maria---
27 Apr 1875BREFELD, GerhardBrefeld, ClemensFICKEN, FriederickaKÖBBE (Koebbe), AnnaKoebbe, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), ElisabethSCHMIDT, AugustKoebbe, Elisabeth---
29 Oct 1895BRETZ, Anton (From Bartelso, originally Lorscheit, Prussia)Bretz, HeinrichSTUEBER, MargaretSCHMITZ, CatharinaSchmitz, Otto HeinrichWEFER, Anna W.MUELLER, BernardSchmitz, Maria---
9 Oct 1855BROKELMANN, Johann Stephan------BERHORST, Elisabeth------TEISING, JohannFELDMANN, Margaret---
26 Nov 1907BRUEGGEMANN, August (From Breese, IL)Brueggemann, HeinrichHEMANN, AnnaWALLER, Maria CatharinaWaller, Clement H. H.WELLEN, CatharinaWellen, BenBrueggemann, Maria---
29 Nov 1917BRUENING, Henry John (From Breese, IL)Bruening, HeinrichHOLTMANN, ElisabethMAUE, Agnes HelenMaue, ClemensROLFES (ROLWES), ChristinaBruening, JosephMaue, Margaret---
21 Sep 1852BRUGEN, Thobias------TECKLENBURG, Magdalena------Brugen, H.STUKENKEMPER, Maria---
22 Jun 1880BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Johann H.Brueggen, TobiasFICKER, RosinaWILKENS, Anna TheresiaWilkens, WilhelmWESSELS, TheclaLAKE, BernardBENDER, Maria---
11 May 1880BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), TobiasBrueggen, BernardUnknownLAMMERS, Christina born RÖBKE (Roebke)Roebke, Johann AlbertLAMMERS, AdelheidTHEISSING, ClemensFICKER, Maria born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
17 Jun 1873BRÜNING (Bruening), AugustBruening, HeinrichGOTTSCHALL, Anna MariaSIERVERS, Maria TheresiaSiervers, Herman GerhardMAUE, Helena MariaSiervers, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria---
1 Apr 1851BRUNNERT, Joseph (Widower of Angela AHRING)------ESS, GesinaEss, Johann BernardGEHRS, GesinaGERBERSMANN, Johann HeinrichEss, Anna Maria---
25 Oct 1881BRUNNING, ChristianBrunning, Johann HeinrichVOSSKORS, Anna ChristinaRIEKMANN, ElisabethRiekmann, Gerhard HeinrichHEMANN, Maria ElisabethWARNECKE, FranzDIERKES, Catharina---
7 Feb 1905BRUNS, BernardBruns, HermanFORK, MariaKREKE, MariaKreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, MariaBruns, JohannKreke, Josephina---
24 Oct 1916BRUNS, Herman H.Bruns, Herman FORK, MariaKREKE, WilhelminaKreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, MariaKreke, HeinrichBruns, Justina---
8 May 1844BUDDE, Heinrich------KREIENBAUM, Maria Carolina------LEONARD, GeorgOTKEN, Dina---
29 Apr 1856BÜHNE (Buehne), Herman------KLEINREBEL, Carolina------Buhne, Gerhard H.Klein Rebel, Elisabeth---
18 Sep 1883BUNNING, ChristianBunning, Johann HeinrichVOSSKUHL, AnnaMEYERING, CatharinaMeyering, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaJANSEN, Johann WilhelmMeyering, Amalia---
19 Nov 1867BURGHARTZ, Heinrich------KÖBBE (Koebbe), Carolina------HOFF, BernardKoebbe, Anna---
25 Jan 1859BURRICHTER, Herman Heinrich------HOLLENBACH, Anna Maria------STROT, BernardKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Margaret---
17 Nov 1874BUSSMANN, CarlBussmann, Johann GerhardBUSSMANN, CarolinaWELLEN, AnnaWellen, Herman BernardMARS, HelenaROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichWellen, Maria Catharina---
7 Jun 1870BUSZMANN, Johann Carl------DEIEN, Maria Elisabeth------SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), HeinrichDeien, Maria Catharina---
1 May 1844CAMPER, Gerhard------NIEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born LILIENBEKER (Lilienbener?)Lilienbeker, Not Listed---PELSERING, Not Listed------
21 Jun 1856CARROL, Jacob------THOMPSON, Angelina------HONING, PatrickHoning, Birgitta (Mrs. Patrick?)---
16 Dec 1851COEBBE, Heinrich Coebbe, BernardNot Listed, Anna MariaMOELLER, ElisabethMoeller, HeinrichDICKMANN, Maria AdelheidALBERS, Johann BernardMoeller, Maria Margaret---
14 May 1850COEBBE, Johann BernardCoebbe, Gerhard HeinrichKRIEGER, Maria AnnaALBERS, Anna MariaAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUENTOEBEN, Maria AnnaAlbers, Johann BernardCoebbe, Anna Maria---
7 Oct 1851COEBBE, Johann Bernard (Widower of Anna Maria ALBERS)------HOLLENBACH, Maria GesinaHollenbach, Johann HeinrichDUST, Maria CatharinaMENKE, Bernard HeinrichGEHRDES, Anna Margaret---
1 Oct 1867COERS, Johann Clemens------NIEMANN, Maria Elisabeth born MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann) Moehlmann, Not Listed---KERNEBECK, HermanMoehlmann, Maria Helena born JÜDEN (Jued---
11 Nov 1896COERS, Johann Clement (From Breese, IL)Coers, AlbertMEYER, CatharinaWILKEN, BernardinaWilken, WilhelmMUENZEBROCK, BernardinaCoers, Ferdinand ClementWilken, Maria Elisabeth---
20 Feb 1854CORKLE, Anton------LINCH, Elisabeth------TIE, Wilhelm------
16 Mar 1865COTTING, Bernard------HOLLERMANN, Maria Catharina------DUMBEK, TheodorALTHOF, Anna---
9 Apr 1850CRAPPS, CasparCrapps, CasparBECKERICH, BarbaraPFEIFFER, CatharinaPfeiffer, MichaelLUEGS, TheresiaSCHNEIDER, NicolausPfeiffer, Philipp---
22 Sep 1920DEERHAKE, Henry LambertDeerhake, HermanDUST, Maria AnnaLEONARD, Maria HelenaLeonard, ConradKORTE, SophiaKorte, GeorgeDeerhake, Anna---
13 Jul 1869DEERHAKE, Johann Heinrich------RÖBKE (Roebke), Christina------Roebke, Johann HermanHONKOMP, Catharina ---
19 Apr 1927DEIEN, FrancisDeien, LawrenceTIMMERMANN, CarolinaBUEHNEMEYER, EmmaBuehnemeyer, BernardBUSSMANN, MariaBuehnemeyer, BernardDeien, Loretta---
15 Apr 1874DEIEN, Johann HermanDeien, WilhelmOTKEN, MargaretHESSE, Catharina EmiliaHesse, AugustKAPMEIER, AmaliaHesse, Heinrich AugustKLEINEKORTE, Eugenia Wilhelmina---
23 Sep 1908DEIEN, Laurent (Born 6 Jun 1883 in Breese, IL)Deien, Heinrich B.DUMBECK, JosephinaDEIEN, Margaret born JANSEN (Born 27 Mar 1880)Jansen, MartinWELLEN, ChristinaDeien, FrederickROLFINGSMEYER, Anna born Jansen Dispensation for first grade affinity.
6 Jan 1844DEIEN, Wilhelm------OTKEN, Margaretha------JANSEN, HermanOtken, Not Listed---
23 Jun 1843DEIMANN, Heinrich------JANSEN, Elisabeth------GÖRGER (Goerger), HeinrichGoerger, Catharina---
7 Sep 1886DEITERS, BernardDeiters, Gerhard WilhelmHILMES, Anna MariaKORTE, Maria Anna CatharinaKorte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaHilmes, AugustKorte, Christina---
27 Apr 1869DEMKER, Heinrich------BECKMANN, Maria------SCHLAUTMANN, Ernest HeinrichBeckmann, Anna---
19 Jul 1842DEPENWIESE, Bernard------SCHULTE, Gesina Maria born BECKEBecke, Not Listed---Becke, GerhardTEKE, Catharina---
4 Oct 1898DERHAKE, AndreasDerhake, HeinrichRÖBKE (Roebke), ChristinaFRERKER, AnnaFrerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaRoebke, JohannFrerker, Maria---
23 Aug 1870DETERT, Herman Heinrich------WILKEN, Maria Gesina------Wilken, HeinrichFEHRMANN, Elisabeth---
12 Oct 1852DETTERMANN, Joseph------WENNEMANN, Dorothea born BECKERBecker, Not Listed---HARRENBERG, HeinrichHÜLS (Huels), Louisa---
14 Oct 1851DETTMAR, HeinrichDettmar, Herman GerhardSCHAEFFER, Maria CatharinaHOLTHAUS, SusannaHolthaus, Johann DietrichMORHINNERS, CatharinaOTTKEN, DietrichHolthaus, Elisabeth---
20 Apr 1858DIECKMANN, Heinrich Ferdinand------MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria------BURMAESTER, FranzALBERS, Adelheid---
17 Feb 1874DIEKER, HermanDieker, Bernard HeinrichBERN__, Anna AdelheidKOERS, Catharina born MEIERMeier, HeinrichQUARTMANN, CatharinaTHEISSING, ClemensMeier, Johanna born WELTMANN---
7 Feb 1899DIEKMANN, Heinrich (From Merzen, Germany)Diekmann, BernardKREKE, Maria ElisabethMEIER, MagdalenaMeier, Johann HeinrichEVERS, AdelheidBOLK, HeinrichHAGEN, Maria---
7 Jun 1927DIERKES, BernardDierkes, HermanWOBBE, MargaretFRUEKE, AgnesFrueke, FrankDIEKER, KatharinaDierkes, HermanFrueke, Olivia---
16 May 1893DIERKES, HermanDierkes, JohannDIEKMANN, AgnesWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, BernardOLLIGES, AnnaWobbe, NicolausDierkes, Sophia---
13 Nov 1849DIERKES, Johann HeinrichDierkes, LubertKUPER, CatharinaDIECKMANN, Catharina AgnesDieckmann, FranzPAUHL, HenriettaCLUMPE, GerhardSPREER, Agnes---
24 Oct 1923DIERKES, John H.Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, MargaretWINTER, Eugenia E.Winter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudDierkes, BernardWinter, Gertrude---
13 May 1931DIESEN, GeorgeDiesen, BernardFÄRINGA (Faeringa), MargaretSPREHE, AnnaSprehe, JohnSCHLAUTMANN, MariaDiesen, JohnSprehe, Henrietta---
16 Apr 1912DIESEN, HermanDiesen, BernardNot Listed, MargaretSTOCKMANN, Elisabeth (From Albers, IL)Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, GertrudDiesen, HeinrichStockmann, Carolina---
3 Apr 1883DIESEN, Herman HeinrichDiesen, HermanFISCHER, CatharinaJUNKER, Catharina ElisabethGRAWE, ChristophorTHEKE, Anna ElisabethWILKEN, Johann Grawe, Anna---
29 May 1917DIESEN, Johann BernardDiesen, Johann BernardFERINGA, MargaretHAAKE, Anna MariaHaake, JohannALBERS, AnnaDiesen, AntonHaake, Eugenia---
25 Nov 1890DIESTEL, Johann B. (From Breese, IL)Diestel, Anton BernardMAUE, Theresia MargaretHOLLERMANN, M. CatharinaHollermann, Herman HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, HeinrichDiestel, Theresia---
6 Nov 1849DIETZ, AntonDietz, HermanHENKERAU, CatharinaBUSCH, ChristinaBusch, GerhardTELLCAMP, CatharinaKRIFFT, HeinrichSTOCKMANN, Alice---
9 Nov 1852DISTEL, Bernard Heinrich------MAUEN, Anna Maria Theresia------Mauen, Johann HeinrichWOBBE, Anna Christina---
28 Oct 1884DOEMKER, Johann AugustDoemker, Herman HeinrichNot Listed, Maria ElisabethMERSCHER, Maria JosephinaMerscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaSTEILING, TheodorMerscher, Maria ---
15 Apr 1890DOEMKER, Theodor (From Nortrup, Ankum, Germany)Doemker, Herman HeinrichNot ListedMENKE, MariaMenke, AntonGRAMANN, CatharinaDoemker, HeinrichMenke, Anna---
22 Sep 1930DRAKE, Raymund E. (From Rochester, NY)Drake, WilliamGARDNER, IdaWEIRICH, HildaWeirich, Henry C.STEPHANY, LouisaGOEVERT, HenryWeirich, Maria---
11 May 1886DREES, HermanDrees, Bernard HeinrichTHÖBEN (Thoeben), Anna MariaDÜPMANN (Duepmann), MargaretDuepmann, HeinrichGÖRGER (Goerger), MargaretHEMANN, ClemensDuepmann, Christina---
3 Sep 1918DUEING, FrancisDueing, GerhardEILERS, ChristinaFRERKER, Josephina ElisabethFrerker, BernardMUELLER, CatharinaFrerker, LeonTHOELE, Cecelia Maria---
11 Jan 1905DUEING, FrankDueing, GerhardEILERS, ChristinaWOBBE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, BernardOLLIGES, AnnaDueing, FranzWobbe, Maria---
8 Nov 1905DUEING, FrankDueing, Johann BernardDUST, MariaEILERS, MariaEilers, FranzKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidEILERING, FrankEilers, Josephina---
23 May 1912DUEING, FranzDueing, BernardNot Listed, Maria FRERKER, MariaFrerker, BernardNot Listed, KatharinaDueing, FranzFrerker, Maria---
15 Jan 1867DÜING (Dueing), Gerhard------SCHLAUTMANN, Christina born EILERSEilers, Not Listed---Dueing, Johann BernardKARHOFF, Anna Maria born Eilers---
26 Jul 1881DULLE, GerhardDulle, WilhelmFELDHAUSEN, Maria AdelheidRICKHOFF, Maria born MUESMues, Johann HeinrichKRAMER, Anna MargaretDulle, Heinrich JohannHOMANN, Anna Maria born Mues---
14 Apr 1891DULLE, HeinrichDulle, GerhardLOEST, Anna HelenaRIEKHOFF, CarolinaRiekhoff, GerhardMUES, Euphemia MariaRiekhoff, JosephGRAWE, Anna---
28 Nov 1861DULLE, Heinrich Johann------HÜNDMANN (Huendmann), Anna Gertrud------Dulle, Johann HermanMENSING, Dina---
9 Apr 1907DULLE, JohannDulle, GerhardMUSS, MariaTHIEN, ElisabethThien, HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), AgnesThien, JosephGRAWE, Maria---
23 Oct 1860DULLE, Johann Herman------BÜCKHOF (Brueckhof), Maria Catharina------Brueckhof, HeinrichKÖBBE (Koebbe), Francisca---
13 Oct 1874DULLE, Johann HermanDulle, Bernard HeinrichSCHUMACKER?, Anna AdelheidWÜST (Wuest), TheresiaWuest, JacobBRAUNSTEDDE, Anna MariaKORTE, WilhelmWuest, Elisabeth---
21 Apr 1874DULLE, JosephDulle, HermanDEIEN, Margaret AdelheidBEHNEN, Anna Elisabeth born WILKENWilken, Johann CasparMENKEN, Anna MargaretDUST, Herman GerhardDETERS, Maria Gesina born Wilken---
15 Oct 1872DUMBECK, Carl TheodorDumbeck, Carl JosephWAGNER, PhilippinaKOCH, JosephinaKoch, Franz CasparDEGENER, GertrudKoch, AntonKÖLSCH (Koelsch), Maria---
19 Nov 1919DUNCAN, Joseph Bernard (From Cincinnati, OH)Duncan, John RichardGEERS, MariaWELLING, Veronica CeceliaWelling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, Maria CatharinaMAUE, August C.Welling, Anna Maria---
4 Jan 1900DUNN, Dennis (Born in Mattoon, Il now from Joplin, MO)Dunn, AndreasBEHAN, MargaretGROSE, Helena (Non-Catholic; from Hancock, MI)Grose, JacobBENNETT, SaraTREUTLEIN, Theodor W.KORTE, WilhelminaDispensation for mixed religion marriage
27 Oct 1857DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Herman------STÜKENKEMPER (Stuekenkemper), Catharina Elisabeth------Duepmann, HeinrichMOLITOR, Anna---
25 Jan 1898DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Johann HeinrichDuepmann, HeinrichGOERGER, MargaretMUELLER, Maria Eugenia JosephinaMueller, DietrichDETERMANN, MargaretDuepmann, BernardMueller, Elisabeth---
8 Jun 1851DURHAM, Baldwin------GOG, Gapetta AnnaGog, BenedictNot Listed, Elisabeth---------
23 Aug 1904DUST, AntonDust, HeinrichHACKMANN, M. GertrudHELLMANN, Maria ElisabethHellmann, WilhelmLEONARD, GertrudHellmann, HeinrichDust, Katharina---
7 Jun 1904DUST, ClementDust, HeinrichHACKMANN, MariaKOHNEN, AnnaKohnen, HermanHILMES, TheresiaDust, AntonKohnen, MariaDispensation for 4th degree relationship
23 Feb 1841DUST, Gerhard Heinrich------KOPMANN, Anna Maria------LANDWER, HeinrichHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), Maria---
27 Oct 1852DUST, Gerhard Heinrich------JOHANNING, Maria Theresia------Dust, Bernard------
9 Feb 1858DUST, Gerhard Heinrich------EIEN, Maria Helena------Dust, Herman BernardEien, Anna Maria---
22 Mar 1849DUST, Gerhard Heinrich (Widower of Anna Maria KOPPMANN)------SPECKMANN, Anna Maria born SCHNEIDERS (Widow of Speckmann, Not listed)Schneiders, Not Listed---RICKE, Johann CasparTEKKELNBORG, Maria Anna---
9 Dec 1851DUST, HeinrichDust, Herman BernardUNGRUND, Anna MariaMER, Maria AngelaMer, Gerhard HermanNot Listed, Maria CatharinaDust, Gerhard HeinrichDust, Maria Gesina---
9 Feb 1869DUST, Heinrich------BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Christina------Bruemmer, HeinrichDust, Anna Maria---
30 Jan 1872DUST, HeinrichDust, GerhardKOOPMANN ?, MariaSCHLEPER, Maria GesinaSchleper, Gerhard HeinrichBEHNEN, Anna MargaretBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), HeinrichDust, Margaret---
30 Oct 1877DUST, Herman GerhardDust, Gerhard HeinrichHANNIG?, Maria TheresiaDETERMANN, Maria WilhelminaDetermann, JosephREKER, Anna DorotheaDust, Herman BernardDetermann, Anna Mathilda---
29 Jan 1878DUST, Johann HeinrichDust, Gerhard HeinrichKOOPMANN, Anna MariaHACKMANN, Maria GertrudHackmann, Clemens August JosephDIETZ, Catharina ElisabethDust, GerhardHackmann, Anna Carolina---
22 Mar 1849DUST, Johann Herman (Widower of Anna Gertrud FELLTROPP)------ARSELAGE, Anna MariaArselage, MartinMENKE, Margaretha AdelheidRICKE, Johann CasparTEKKELBORN, Maria Anna---
20 Feb 1854EAGEN, Morris------MORRISON, Anna---------------
27 Feb 1859EIEN, Johann Herman------MEER, Anna Maria------Eien, EberhardMeer, Maria Helena---
2 Jun 1931EILERING, Edward (From Damiansville, IL)Eilering, HenryBAAHLMANN, AnnaRICKHOFF, MariaRickhoff, JosephWOBBE, EmmaEilering, BenedictRickhoff, Clara---
19 Aug 1890EILERING, J. Bernard (From Damiansville, IL)Eilering, HermanSANTEL, CatharinaEVERS, AnnaEvers, Caspar HeinrichDUST, Maria GesinaEvers, HeinrichEilering, Elisabeth---
23 Aug 1852EILERING, Johann Herman------SIVES, Gesina------OSTENDORF, JosephSANTEL, Not Listed---
24 Apr 1894EILERS, Bernard HeinrichEilers, Franz JosephKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidNORDHAUS, Maria CatharinaNordhaus, Johann ErnestSCHALKAMP, Anna MariaEilers, FranzRENSCHEN, Wilhelmina---
23 Feb 1897EILERS, FranzEilers, Franz JosephKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidDÜING (Dueing), ChristinaDueing, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaDueing, FranzEilers, Anna---
25 Apr 1871EILERS, Franz JosephEilers, Bernard LaurentHILMES, Ch. AnnaKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidKohnen, MathiasD__., Anna MargaretWALLER, HeinrichKohnen, Maria Adelheid---
12 Jan 1858EILRING, Herman------DUST, Margaret------WOLTERS, HeinrichHOLLENBACH, Euphemia M.---
29 Apr 1856EMKE, Heinrich------KÖTTER (Koetter), Anna Maria------Emke, GerhardKLECKER, Louisa---
14 Jul 1896ENDRES, Anton (From Breese, IL)Endres, StephanKEMZIG, JoannaKORTE, ElisabethKorte, ConradESS, MariaKorte, BernardKorte, Wilhelmina---
14 Apr 1866ENGBERT, Bernard Heinrich------NABER, Anna Helena------BARTELS, Bartholomea born BLESSLEINGANZ, Magdalena---
16 Nov 1886ENGELMEIER, BernardEngelmeier, FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaDIESTEL, ElisabethDiestel, BernardMAUE, TheresiaKAULING, HubertDiestel, Gesina Wilhelmina---
9 Apr 1850ERNST, Gerhard Herman (Widower of Maria Helena ROLFES)------JOANNING, Maria TheresiaJoanning, HermanWISCHLING, Maria ElisabethSCHNIERS, Bernard HeinrichRolfes, Maria Gesina---
16 Jun 1864ESS, Herman Bernard------KRÜGEN (Kruegen), Maria Anna------KRÜP (Kruep), AlbertKruep, Theresia (Mrs. Albert)---
27 Nov 1912ESS, Johann (From Breese, IL)Ess, BernardNot Listed, MargaretALBERS, AnnaAlbers, FranzNot Listed, AnnaEss, WilhelmAlbers, Elisabeth---
26 Jul 1859ESS, Johann Bernard------KARHOFS, Maria Elisabeth------HILMES, HermanKarhofs, Maria Anna---
1 Jan 1845ESSENPREIS, Anton------WILTHAWER, Barbara------Wilthawer, JacobEssenpreis, Stephania---
5 Oct 1849ESTRICH, GabrielEstrich, MathiasHABICH, CatharinaFOERDERER, PaulinaFoederer, JohannROTHAERMEL, Maria AnnaRALL, JacobFELLHAUER, Philipp---
29 May 1849EVAS, Caspar HeinrichEvas, FrederickHONEBRING, AngelaMENSEN, Maria ElisabethMensen, Johann BernardCORTES, HelenaCOEBBE, HeinrichSCHWACKE, Maria---
8 May 1877EVELD, GerhardEveld, TheodorGERLING, CatharinaWALLER, Maria AnnaWaller, BernardAHLERS, MargaretKOBMANN, JosephKOEBBE, Elisabeth---
29 Sep 1902EVERSGERD, AugustEversgerd, Johann ChristophCURDT, LouisaHAUKAP, AnnaHaukap, FranzAH, Carolina (Widow of Ah)Haukap, ConradEversgerd, Henrietta---
9 Jun 1903EVERSGERD, HeinrichEversgerd, StephanWILKEN, MariaSTAMMEN, JosephinaStammen, AugustTOENNIES, KatharinaEversgerd, WilhelmAHLERS, Katharina---
3 May 1916EVERSGERD, Herman JosephEversgerd, ChristopherWILKEN, MariaDIESEN, Maria AngelaDiesen, Johann B.FEHRINGA, MargaretDiesen, Johann BernardEversgerd, Maria Elisabeth---
6 Oct 1909EVERSGERD, LouisEversgerd, Johann ChristophNot Listed, LouisaWILKEN, MariaWilken, WilhelmNot Listed, BernardinaWilken, AugustEversgerd, Anna---
19 Nov 1895EVERSGERD, WilhelmEversgerd, Johann HeinrichROEBELKE, Angela M.JANSEN, MariaJansen, BernardFELDMANN, MargaretSTOCKMANN, HermanJansen, Catharina---
18 Apr 1917EVERSGERD, WilhelmEversgerd, HeinrichRUBBELKE, Angela MariaMILLER, Anna born WELLINGWelling, JohannKRUSE, EuphemiaEversgerd, HeinrichSCHLAUTMANN, Not Listed born Welling---
23 Nov 1852EWES, Herman------DUST, Maria Gesina------Dust, Bernard HeinrichDust, Maria Adelheid---
11 Sep 1877EWESGERD, Johann ChristophorEwesgerd, HeinrichLÜBBELKE (Luebbelke), Anna MariaDETERT, Maria Gesina born WILKENWilken, Johann CasparMENKE, MargaretLÜBBERS (Luebbers), MathiasFAUKE, Margaret born Wilken---
10 Apr 1866FÄHLKER (Faehlker), Lambert Heinrich------TÖNNIES (Toennies), Anna Maria------EVELD, GerhardToennies, Elisabeth---
6 May 1925FANGMEIER, AlbertFangmeier, AugustWIEGERT, MariaSCHLARMANN, LorettaSchlarmann, Bernard H.ALBERS, EugeniaFangmeier, AlphonseSchlarmann, Alice---
30 Aug 1870FAUKE, Clemens------HÜLLING (Huelling), Maria Elisabeth------FOPPE, Bernard HeinrichFEHRMANN, Elisabeth---
19 Apr 1922FAUKE, Ferdinand William (From Bartelso, IL)Fauke, FerdinandMENSING, MariaDEERHAKE, PaulinaDeerhake, HermanDUST, MariaMensing, HenryDeerhake, Anna Maria---
15 Feb 1870FAUKE, Wilhelm------WILKEN, Anna Margaret------Fauke, ClemensWilken, Maria Gesina---
11 Jan 1876FEHLKER, Adolph AntonFehlker, BernardELSHOFF, AnnaSTEVENS, Wilhelmina born RIPPERDAARipperdaa, Bernard HeinrichFIEDLER, Maria ElisabethKÖLLEN (Koellen), HermanWILDHABER, Anna Maria born Ripperdaa---
26 Aug 1884FEHR, ClemensFehr, BernardLAMMERS, Maria AngelaALBERS, ElisabethAlbers, HermanFEHNING, CatharinaHEMANN, Franz HermanROLWES, C.---
26 Oct 1875FEHR, Johann ClemensFehr, BernardLAMMERS, AngelaHEMANN, Anna MariaHemann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethFehr, Johann BernardHAUKAP, Maria---
30 Dec 1851FEHRMANN, HermanFehrmann, WilhelmLAGE, HelenaSLOETER, MargaretSloeter, RudolphKROEGER, Maria GesinaBECKER, HeinrichGROOTE, Wilhelmina---
30 Sep 1874FELDHAUS, BernardFeldhaus, HeinrichHOLTKAMP, CatharinaLEONARD, Christina born SPIEKERSpieker, ClemensLAGER, TheresiaKOHRMANN, AugustROLFES, Carolina born Spieker---
27 Oct 1909FELDMANN, Bernard (Born 17 Mar 1889 in Breese, IL)Feldmann, GerhardDUST, MariaSCHLAUTMANN, Anna Christina (Born 21 Jul 1889)Schlautmann, FrederickSCHALKAMP, AnnaFeldmann, ClarenceALBERTERNST, Catharina---
14 Apr 1869FELDMANN, Conrad------KNIEPMANN, Gertrud born LEONARDLeonard, Not Listed---DEMKER, HeinrichKniepmann, Anna born HERMELING---
10 Oct 1848FELLTROP, HeinrichFelltrop, Johann GeorgPREINGER, Anna MariaSIBENBÜRGER (Sibenbuerger), Maria Elisabeth born BEHNEN Behnen, Johann---Behnen, BernardCOEBBE, Anna Maria---
3 Apr 1894FELTRUP, Herman (From Amt Harrenberg, Holland)Feltrup, EngbertIMMING, Anna CatharinaKREKE, MargaretKreke, GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaFeltrup, AntonHECKMANN, Rosa---
15 May 1860FICKER, Bernard------KEUTER, Margaret------Ficker, WilhelmKeuter, Anna Thekela---
17 Feb 1901FICKER, BernardFicker, BernardHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna MariaHECKMANN, MariaHeckmann, HeinrichBECKMANN, AnnaHeckmann, FranzDEMKE, Mary---
27 Apr 1910FICKER, BernardFicker, WilhelmNot Listed, BernardinaSCHLARMANN, RosaliaSchlarmann, Theodor H.WELLING, DorotheaSCHEMEL, JohannSchlarmann, Maria---
Feb 1881FICKER, GerhardFicker, Johann BernardWESSELS, AdelheidWELLING, ElisabethWelling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaWelling, HeinrichMEYERING, CatharinaPage torn at date.
10 Sep 1901FICKER, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)Ficker, JohannLORAN, AdelheidHAUKAP, MariaHaukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethFicker, JohannHaukap, Elisabeth---
25 May 1909FICKER, Heinrich A. (Born 20 Feb 1873)Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaEVERSGERD, Wilhelmina (Born 2 Oct 1882)Eversgerd, Johann ChristophorWILKEN, Maria GesinaFicker, BernardEversgerd, Elisabeth---
28 Nov 1893FICKER, J. Bernard (From St. Louis, MO)Ficker, J. BernardHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Maria CatharinaNIEMANN, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Niemann, HermanWOLTERS, MargaretMEYERING, TheodorMÜLLER (Mueller), Wilhelmina---
23 Jun 1915FITZGERALD, Thomas Leon (From St. Louis, MO)Fitzgerald, John J.BURKE, CatharinaNIEBUR, FranciscaNiebur, JohannBENDER, MariaNiebur, Clement F.Fitzgerald, Margaret---
6 Sep 1842FOPPE, Bernard------BENTHEN, Catharina------BURICHTER, B. H.Benthen, Gertrud---
12 Nov 1878FOPPE, BernardFoppe, ClemensHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), CatharinaDIEKMANN, ChristinaDiekmann, FerdinandMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaFoppe, HeinrichDIERKES, Catharina---
25 Apr 1871FOPPE, Bernard HeinrichFoppe, Bernard AntonBENTEN, CatharinaBECKER, Anna GertrudBecker, FerdinandTEKE, CatharinaFoppe, ClemensBecker, Maria---
2 Oct 1883FOPPE, Bernard HeinrichFoppe, BenedictROLFES, TheresiaKOHRMANN, Maria AnnaKohrmann, HeinrichTHELEN, MariaFoppe, Johann ClemensALBERS, Elisabeth---
18 Aug 1874FOPPE, ClemensFoppe, Bernard AntonBENTEN, CatharinaKÖRKENMEIER (Koerkenmeier), Bernardina ElisabethKoerkenmeier, HeinrichLINNENKAMP, MariaKoerkenmeier, StephanFoppe, Maria---
3 Sep 1850FOPPE, ClementFoppe, BernardWEE, Anna AdelheidBODDE, Maria AnnaBodde, Johann GerhardREINERS, Margaretha AdelheidBodde, Johann HeinrichGOERS, Maria Thecla---
14 Jan 1851FOPPE, Clement (Widower of Maria Anna BODDE)------HORCHELER, Maria CatharinaHorcheler, DietrichMÜLLER (Mueller), ElisabethHorcheler, Johann HeinrichSTROOT, Maria Anna---
18 Nov 1919FOPPE, Frederick ClementFoppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, Anna MariaBECKMANN, Anna SophiaBeckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaFoppe, Leon HenryBeckmann, Christina Catharina---
9 Nov 1886FOPPE, HeinrichFoppe, ClemensHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), CatharinaWENNEKE, AnnaWenneke, JosephBOECKMANN, CatharinaHILMES, AugustFoppe, Carolina---
27 Apr 1869FOPPE, Johann------OHLMEYER, Maria born GERLINGGerling, Not Listed---Foppe, HeinrichKREKE, Henrietta born FELTRUP---
26 Oct 1921FOPPE, Joseph Henry (From New Baden, IL)Foppe, HenryGEBKE, PaulinaMUELLER, ElisabethMueller, JohnHAUKAP, MariaFoppe, ArnoldMueller, Bernardina---
Apr 1856FORMANN, Frederick (Non-Catholic)------BRANDSTATTER, Maria Anna------Brandstatter, JosephRUMP, A. M.Dispensation for second grade affinity. Date is between 9 & 15 Apr 1856
8 Dec 1851FRANKLE, SebastianFrankle, LandellinKERTZ, RosinaKERTZ, Maria Anna (Widow)------HART, MartinOSWALD, Landellin---
17 Feb 1846FRANZ, Bernard------BEALING, Maria------LAMBERS, Johann HeinrichSANTL, _yrica ?---
6 Jun 1865FREKER, Johann Heinrich------WESTERMANN, Anna Margaret------FREKER, Johann BernardKOCH, Anna Maria---
2 May 1865FREKER, Wilhelm------MENZING, Bernardina------HUNDMANN, LambertFreker, Christina---
9 Jun 1856FRENKLE, Sebastian------HO, Rosina------Ho, LandelinGRIESBAUM, Francisca---
3 May 1870FRERKER, Bernard------MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina------Frerker, HermanMueller, Anna---
10 Nov 1909FRERKER, Bernard Heinrich (Born 25 Jul 1888)Frerker, BernardMUELLER, CatharinaEILERS, Josephina (Born 14 Feb 1889)Eilers, FranzKRONE, AnnaFrerker, BernardEilers, Carolina---
5 Aug 1873FRERKER, HeinrichFrerker, Johann BernardSCHABER_, ElisabethRUMP, Maria AnnaRump, Johann BernardSCHNIEDERS, MargaretFrerker, Johann HermanFOECKE, Maria Christina---
14 May 1924FRERKER, Henry J.Frerker, HermanDUEING, MariaHAAKE, AnnaHaake, JohannALBERS, AnnaHaake, BernardFrerker, Anna---
13 Nov 1894FRERKER, HermanFrerker, Johann HeinrichWESTERMANN, MargaretDÜING (Dueing), Maria CarolinaDueing, Johann GerhardEILERS, Maria ChristinaWIEGERS, J. H.Dueing, Elisabeth---
12 Jan 1858FRERKER, Johann Heinrich------DEIE, Maria Catharina------KUHLMANN, GerhardDULLE, Maria Helena---
9 Nov 1921FRERKER, Leon HermanFrerker, BernardMUELLER, CatharinaTHOELE, Cecelia MariaThoele, AugustSCHLAUTMANN, AnnaDEERHAKE, BernardThoele, Elisabeth---
1 May 1888FRERKER, NicolausFrerker, HeinrichDEIEN, MargaretVIETH, MariaVieth, HermanHENSKES, CatharinaHOLTMANN, JosephTHIEN, Mary---
2 Jan 1844FREY, Franz Joseph------SOPF, Maria Magdalena------Sopf, JacobRÖDLER (Roedler), Georg---
28 Aug 1866FROHOFF, Johann------JÜDEN (Jueden), Anna Margaret------Jueden, Herman HeinrichKRAMER, Anna Maria---
20 Oct 1910GAUSEPOHL, BernardGausepohl, BernardPFEIFER, Anna MariaMOLITOR, SophiaMolitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaMolitor, JohannGausepohl, Susanna---
18 Sep 1849GAUSEPOHL, ChristophorGausepohl, Johann BernardTEEKE, CatharinaSTEMPEL, MariaStempel, JohannNot Listed, MariaGausepohl, BernardBECKERS, Elisabeth---
14 Apr 1891GAUSEPOHL, Heinrich JohannGausepohl, BernardKÖTTING (Koetting), Maria Catharina bornKUETER, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Kueter, BernardSANTEL, Anna MariaGausepohl, PeterKueter, Catharina---
29 Jan 1856GEBKE, Johann------DIDERICH, Louisa------HEEMAN, FerdinandWOBBE, Christina---
2 May 1854GEERS, Bernard------HESLER, Maria Elisabeth------Hesler, HeinrichGeers, Maria---
11 Feb 1851GEHRS, HermanGehrs, Herman HeinrichHEBELS, MariaISAAC, MariaIsaac, NicolausCOSCHER, SusannaSCHNEIDER, JosephIsaac, Catharina---
6 Feb 1855GEHRS, Herman Theodor------REIDELMANN, Maria Catharina------Reidelmann, HeinrichGRAMANN, Catharina---
24 Nov 1909GEIGER, Alexander (Born 8 Oct 1883 in Carlyle, IL)Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaTIMMERMANN, Emma (Born 19 Jul 1886)Timmermann, TheodorHOECKELBERG, AnnaGeiger, AlbertTimmermann, Rosa---
24 Oct 1848GEISTOR, Bernard------ENGELMAIER, ElisabethaEngelmaier, PhilippBROECKELMAIER, ElisabethBroeckelmaier, StephanFELDMANN, Catharina Anna---
21 Aug 1849GERBERSMANN, Johann Heinrich (Widower of Anna Bendina ROENTGER)------BOECKE, Anna CatharinaBoecke, MichaelLUEFE, Anna AngelaCAULING, BernardCauling, Maria Angela (Mrs. Bernard)---
25 Feb 1851GERDES, Johann HermanGerdes, Johann GerhardKRIEGER, Anna MargaretHOLLENBACH, Anna AdelheidHollenbach, Johann HeinrichDUST, Maria CatharinaCOPPMANN, Johann ClemensGerdes, Margaret---
12 Feb 1924GERLING, Bernard A.Gerling, BernardHORCHLER, AnnaSCHLEPER, MargaretSchleper, HenryHARRENBERG, JosephinaGerling, EdwardHUELSMANN, Gertrude---
19 Feb 1879GERLING, Bernard FrederickGerling, Herman HeinrichSCHOENHÖFT (Schoenhoeft), MariaHORCHLER, Anna CatharinaHorchler, Johann HeinrichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria Helena TheresiSchoenhoeft, GerhardFOPPE, Anna Maria---
4 Nov 1914GERLING, George Gerhard (From Bartelso, IL)Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaHEIDEMANN, Wilhelmina TheresiaHeidemann, TheodorDISTEL, Wilhelmina---------
22 Jun 1904GERLING, HeinrichGerling, Bernard---MOLITOR, PhilomenaMolitor, Franz---Gerling, TheodorMolitor, Regina---
10 Feb 1909GERLING, Theodor (Born 20 Aug 1883 in Breese, IL)Gerling, BernardHORCHLER, CatharinaDUST, Christina (Born 12 Apr 1885)Dust, HeinrichHACKMANN, MariaPELTES, HeinrichGerling, Josephina---
16 Jan 1872GERLING, Theodor HeinrichGerling, Herman HeinrichSCHÖNHÖFT (Schoenhoeft), MariaTIMMER, Maria Josephina---Timmer, ClaraGerling, Friederich BernardRATERMANN, Elisabeth---
27 Apr 1897GERS, Friederich (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg)Gers, Johann HeinrichWÖRDEMANN (Woerdemann), Maria CatharinaNETTEMEIER, Anna (From St. Rose, IL)Nettemeier, ConradLAGER, Anna CarolinaALBERS, BernardBECKMANN, Maria---
15 Jan 1890GESENHUES, Gerhard (From Epe, Germany)Gesenhues, EverhardGERLING, MargaretNIEBUR, Maria Elisabeth (From St. Libory, IL)STOLTE, GerhardDIEKER, CarolinaLAING, H.MAUE, Carolina born Stolte---
16 Oct 1877GISSY, Dr., Carl EugeneGissy, Carl JosephAUGUSTIN, JustinaALBERS, Christina AnnaAlbers, Franz HeinrichDIECKMANN, ElisabethGissy, Alphonse HeinrichGissy, Maria Augustina---
30 Apr 1867GÖERS (Goeers), Dennis------KUHL, Anna Maria------Kuhl, Johann ClemensMERSCHER, Anna Helena---
25 Feb 1873GOERS, DennisGoers, JosephSPIEKER, Anna AngelaSPENGEL, Maria born SIKASika, MartinRIJANEK, DorotheaKUHL, ClemensWERNER, Anna Maria born GÖERS (Goeers)---
12 Jun 1929GOEWERT, Herman (From Breese, IL)Goewert, MaximilianMOSS, MariaHELLMANN, LeonaHellmann, HenryVENTERS, EttaHellmann, ArthurGoewert, Eleonore---
26 Feb 1924GOLDSMITH, George Fr. (From St. Louis, MO)Goldsmith, LouisKANTNER?, AnnaMAUE, Anna MariaMaue, JohnSCHULTE, MariaGoldsmith, AdolphVAN ALST, Rosa---
1 Feb 1842GORGES, Heinrich------KOPMANN, Catharina born LÖERS (Loeers)Loeers, Not Listed---MICHEL, GerhardTEKE, Anna Catharina---
16 Jul 1861GORMANN, Theodor------BAUMHÜTTER (Baumhuetter), Gertrud born SCHRAKE (Widow of Baumhuetter, Not Listed)Schrake, Not Listed---RIECKEWERD, HeinrichWEFER, Anna Maria---
16 Aug 1854GOSEPOHL, Bernard Joseph------HOLSCHER, Maria Catharina------KAULING, JosephGosepohl, Catharina---
19 Jun 1883GRAMANN, GerhardGramann, HeinrichWELLING, HenriettaALBERS, JosephinaAlbers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethGramann, JohannAlbers, Bertha---
22 Apr 1856GRAMANN, Heinrich------WELLING, Henrietta (Hendrina)------Welling, JohannGramann, Catharina---
24 May 1892GRAMANN, Johann FranzGramann, HeinrichWELLING, HenriettaHEMANN, Catharina ElisabethHemann, FranzSTUCKENKEMPER, ElisabethHemann, MeinulphGramann, Elisabeth---
5 May 1841GRAVE, Christophor------TEKE, Anna Elisabeth------Teke, EverhardTeke, Catharina Elisabeth---
11 May 1869GRAVE, Franz------DULLE, Margaret Elisabeth------Grave, BernardDulle, Anna Helena---
22 Apr 1879GRAWE, BernardGrawe, ChristophorTEKE, Anna ElisabethUSSELMANN, Anna Maria born DULLEDulle, GerhardLOEST, HelenaBECKER, BernardGrawe, Margaret Elisabeth born Dulle---
24 Nov 1868GRAWES, Johann Everhard------DULLE, Anna Maria------Grawe, FranzDulle, Maria---
8 Jan 1853GRIESBAUM, Anton------GRIESBAUM, Efrasina------Griesbaum, GeorgGriesbaum, Catharina (Mrs. Georg ?)The date might be 8 Feb 1853. Entry is out of order.
25 May 1855GRIESBAUM, Anton------JOST, Elisabeth------Jost, JohannGriesbaum, Maria Anna---
26 May 1863GROCHMANN, Franz Heinrich------BRANDMAYER, Maria Anna------Grochmann, WilhelmBrandmayer, Maria Gesina---
25 Feb 1862GROCHMANN, Heinrich------BRANDMAYER, Maria Adelheid born ESS (Widow of Johann Bernard Brandmayer)Ess, Not Listed---SCHALLKAMP, HeinrichEss, Anna Maria---
27 Sep 1922GROENE, Edward (From Aviston, IL)Groene, HenrySTOFF, ElisabethURBAN, AnnaUrban, John TOENNIES, MariaGroene, Henry J.Urban, Martha---
11 May 1852GROENE, Johann HeinrichGroene, Johann HermanKUHLMAN, GertrudWEBERG, Maria AntoniaOSSENDORF, Not ListedWEBERG, Anna MariaOTTKE, GerhardHOELSKE, Gertrud---
27 Nov 1855GRUN, Johann Heinrich------KORTE, Anna Maria------KNUVER, BernardRENSING, Anna Adelheid---
19 Feb 1846GÜBSER (Guebser), Anton------MOSER, Maria Anna------WITMER, AloisSCHNEIDER, Maria---
30 Apr 1842GUTHAUS, Christophor August------KÜPER (Kueper), Catharina---------------
23 Apr 1919GUTTERSOHN, Walter William (New Convert from Trenton, IL)Guttersohn, FrederickKECK, MariaREICHERT, CatharinaReichert, OscarALTGILBERS, AnnaGuttersohn, ElmarReichert, Rosa Paulina---
2 May 1922HAAG, Alexander William (From Carlyle, IL)Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaEVERSGERD, Margaret A. M.Eversgerd, William F.JANSEN, MariaHaag, SydneyKNUE, Francisca---
20 Oct 1920HAAKE, Arnold HenryHaake, JohannALBERS, AnnaKNIEPMANN, Cecelia AnnaKniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaHaake, BernardKniepmann, Helena---
25 Nov 1908HAAKE, Heinrich J. (Born 7 Aug 1884)Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaSCHNIERS, Wilhelmina (Born 29 Dec 1885 in Breese, IL)Schniers, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaHaake, JosephSchniers, Bernardina---
9 Aug 1881HAAKE, JohannHaake, Arnold HeinrichCLAESBRÜMMER (Claesbruemmer), Anna MariaALBERS, Maria CarolAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Anna MariaHaake, Heinrich JosephKASSENS, Maria Anna---
23 Nov 1915HAAKE, JosephHaake, JohannALBERS, AnnaKANNALL, Margaret (From Bartelso, IL)Kannall, DominicLIST, ElisabethHaake, ArnoldKannall, Francisca Maria---
15 Oct 1924HAAKE, Lawrence H.Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaKNIEPMANN, HelenaKniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaHaake, BernardKniepmann, Pauline---
12 Apr 1853HAAR, Albert------LINING, Margaret born BERNSEN Bernsen, Not Listed---HERMANN, J. B.Bernsen, M. Catharina---
23 Apr 1850HAAR, Benedict (Widower of Elisabeth ALTEPETER)------KREEKE, Maria Elisabeth Kreeke, Herman HeinrichCLATTE, Maria ElisabethAltepeter, HermanKreeke, Catharina---
21 Jan 1845HAAR, Bernard------ALTEPETER, Elisabeth---------------
24 Oct 1848HAAR, BernardHaar, Johann HeinrichBERGER, GesinaWELLEN, Maria Gesina born LOEBES (Widow of Johann Albert Wellen)Loebes, Not Listed---Wellen, JohannALERS, Maria---
9 Feb 1858HACKELBERG, Herman------SCHULTE, Maria Gertrud------BEHNEN, Johann BernardSchulte, Elisabeth---
9 Sep 1890HACKMANN, Joseph (From Ferdinand, IN)Hackmann, Bernard HeinrichVONDENBENKEN, M. G.MEIRING, AmaliaMeiring, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna CatharinaMeiring, TheodorSILKE, Maria---
13 Feb 1855HAGEMEIER, Heinrich Mathias------HENNEKES, Anna Maria------WIEBELER, Stephan------
13 Apr 1910HAGEN, Benedict (Widower)Hagen, TheodorNot Listed, MargaretBECKER, MariaBecker, HeinrichNot Listed, ElisabethHUELSMANN, GeorgeBecker, Francisca---
15 Jul 1908HAGEN, Bernard (Born 16 May 1872 in Teutopolis, IL)Hagen, AntonKRUMME, AnnaMERSCHER, Anna (Born 19 Nov 1885)Merscher, AntonTHORBECK, AntonettaHagen, Not ListedMerscher, Not Listed---
1 Sep 1896HAGEN, HermanHagen, HeinrichTHIEN, Anna MariaHERMELING, Maria (From Wachtum, Hanover, Germany)Hermeling, HeinrichKOHRMANN, Anna MariaHermeling, WilhelmHagen, Maria---
13 Sep 1870HAGEN, Herman Anton------ROLWES, Maria Gesina------Hagen, TheodorSCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
28 Oct 1914HAGEN, Joseph BenedictHagen, BenedictSCHLICH, MargaretHOFF, Josephina CatharinaHoff, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, MariaHagen, HeinrichHoff, Elisabeth C.---
19 Aug 1856HALLERMANN, Gerhard Joseph------KRIEGER, Gesina Maria------Hallermann, HeinrichGERDES, Anna Margaret---
27 Jun 1850HALLERMANN, HeinrichHallermann, ArnoldSCHULTE, Maria CatharinaTHAMAN, Maria Catharina ElisabethThaman, Herman HeinrichWISSMANN, Maria CatharinaHallermann, JosephFRAECKER, Maria Anna---
3 Oct 1854HALLERMANN, Heinrich ------WELLING, Anna---------------
29 Apr 1891HALLERMANN, Heinrich Hallermann, JosephKRIEGER, MariaWELLEN, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Wellen, HermanBORGMANN, HelenaSANTEL, JohannHallermann, Josephina---
27 Nov 1861HALLERMANN, Herman------GAUSEPOHL, Catharina born HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher) (Widow of Bernard Gausepohl)------RAUSCH, BernardHoelscher, Anna---
12 May 1853HALLERMANN, Joseph------WÜBBE (Wuebbe), Anna Carolina------Hallermann, HermanMÖLLER (Moeller), Margaret---
9 Apr 1872HALLERMANN, JosephHallermann, ArnoldSCHULTE, CatharinaMEIER, Anna MariaMeier, ConradMeier, Maria Agnes born BECKMANNHallermann, HeinrichSTÜVER (Stuever), Maria---
3 Aug 1858HALTERMANN, Heinrich Arnold------FREAKER, Maria Elisabeth------Haltermann, JosephFreaker, Elisabeth---
19 Oct 1875HARENBURG, HeinrichHarenburg, Gerhard GeorgRIEPENHOF, Maria ElisabethLANGE, Gesina MariaLange, Johann GerhardSTOFF, Gesina MariaSCHÜTER (Schlueter), HermanStoff, Elisabeth---
30 Jun 1874HARENBURG, Johann HeinrichHarenburg, Gerhard Jürgen (Juergen)RIEPENHOF?, Maria ElisabethSHOEGENBERG, Maria Elisabeth born NIEHENKENiehenke, Johann HeinrichKONERSMANN, Catharina MariaNiehenke, Johann HeinrichNiehenke, Theresia born KAULING---
26 Aug 1873HAUKAP, ConradHaukap, FranzHEMANN, ElisabethLEONARD, ElisabethLeonard, EverhardSTOCKMANN, MariaLeonard, HeinrichHaukap, Maria---
24 Nov 1868HAUKAP, Franz------VAN DER AH, Maria Carolina------Haukap, HeinrichLEONARD, Elisabeth---
14 Feb 1871HAUKAP, HeinrichHaukap, FranzHEMANN, ElisabethSCHRANT, AnnaSchrant, HermanT_HORN, AngelaHaukap, ConradDONN, Serry (Sarah?)---
28 Sep 1910HAUKAP, HeinrichHaukap, KonradNot Listed, ElisabethHAVERMANN, PhilomenaHavermann, WilhelmNot Listed, ElisabethHEMANN, HeinrichHaukap, Francisca---
1 Nov 1903HAUKAP, Johann Franz------ALBERS, Christina ElisabethAlbers, HermanALBERS, Catharina Agnes------Date not listed but entered between 10 & 24 Nov 1903
15 May 1855HAVERKAMP, Herman------BOCKLETZ, Catharina------Bockletz, AntonBockletz, Margaret---
19 Nov 1889HAVERMANN, Wilhelm (From Germany)Havermann, Gerhard HeinrichGREVENKAMP, ElisabethFEHR, Elisabeth born ALBES (From Herzlake, Germany)Albes, HeinrichFEHNING, CatharinaMÜLLER (Mueller), JohannAlbes, Wilhelmina born SCHRAGE---
6 May 1879HECKMANN, HeinrichHeckmann, HeinrichOLDENBURG, CarolinaBECKMANN, AnnaBeckmann, JosephBEENE, ThimotheaBeckmann, HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Anna---
24 Oct 1854HEEMANN, Franz Wilhelm------SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria------Heemann, FerdinandRUMP, Maria Anna---
15 May 1895HEET, Johann Herman (From Neiringen, Hanover, Germany)Heet, Johann GerhardSCHNIEDERS, Maria HelenaJANSEN, Josephina AnnaJansen, LambertLENGERS, Maria AnnaHeet, JohannJansen, Anna---
10 Sep 1873HEGER, Johann AlbertHEGEL, LaurentDEITER__, MargaretWINKLER, Anna ChristinaWinkler, AlbertWELLEN, Anna ChristinaWinkler, HeinrichWellen, AnnaThe groom & his father have different last names.
---HEHEMANN, Johann Ferdinand (Born 6 Nov 1803)------KLEIN SIEBENBURGEN, Maria Elisabeth (Born 17 May 1814)------------The entry of this couple stating that they came to the area in 1834 appears at the top of the introductory page of the 1847 record book.
26 Jul 1911HEIDEL, Herman Theodor (From Aviston, IL)Heidel, JohnNot Listed, MariaFICKER, AnnaFicker, GerhardNot Listed, ElisabethHeidel, BernardMICHEEL, Maria---
10 May 1898HEIDEMANN, AugustHeidemann, TheodorJONES, MariaEVERSGERD, Anna MariaEversgerd, ChristophorWILKEN, Maria GesinaHeidemann, FranzEversgerd, Wilhelmina---
16 Oct 1900HEIDEMANN, AugustHeidemann, TheodorJONES, MariaNIEBUR, Maria Niebur, JohannBENDER, MariaHeidemann, FranzNiebur, Elisabeth---
9 Nov 1915HEIDEMANN, Henry TheodorHeidemann, TheodorDIESTER, WilhelminaFRERKER, Sophia Christina Frerker, HermanDUEING, Maria---Schoendienst, Elisabeth---
9 Sep 1919HEIDEMANN, TheodorHeidemann, TheodorDISTEL, WilhelminaKORTE, DoraKorte, AugustROBKE, ChristinaKorte, GeorgeHeidemann, Elisabeth---
5 Nov 1889HEIDEMANN, Theodor (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, TheodorJONES, MariaDIESTEL, Wilhelmina (From Breese, IL)Diestel, BernardMAUE, TheresiaHeidemann, AugustDiestel, Theresia---
26 Nov 1845HEIDEMANN, Theodor Heinrich------SCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth------USSELMANN, Herman HeinrichSchlarmann, Anna Maria---
5 May 1857HEIDEMANN, Theodor Heinrich------JOHNSON, Maria Catharina------SCHLARMANN, GerhardHUSMANN, Maria Anna---
15 Nov 1859HEIMANN, Bernard Heinrich------WELLEN, Catharina------Heimann, HermanWellen, Anna M.---
25 Nov 1890HEIMANN, Johann (From Damiansville, IL)Heimann, BernardWELLEN, CatharinaHEMMELGARN, JosephinaHemmelgarn, Johann BernardKALL, Anna ChristinaHemmelgarn, AugustHeimann, Maria---
5 Feb 1851HEINSMANN, AugustHeinsmann, ValentinROETTLER, FranciscaFRAEVELE, Maria AnnaFraevele, JohannSCHOENINGER, CatharinaRoettler, Johann BaptistFraevele, Laurent---
13 Nov 1855HEINSMANN, Oswald------GRIESBAUM, Anna Maria------RÖDLEC (Roedlec), Johann BaptistGriesbaum, Josephina---
15 Jan 1861HEITGERS, Johann Heinrich------NETEMAYER, Elisabeth------IMMING, Herman BernardSCHALLKAMP, Maria---
21 Jan 1845HEITMANN, Heinrich------JANSEN, Gesina---------------
23 Nov 1852HEKENKEMPER, Herman------NEISEMEIER, Maria------ROSE, JacobMEIERRINK, Elisabeth---
23 Jan 1907HELLMANN, Heinrich (From Carlyle, IL)Hellmann, WilhelmLEONARD, GertrudVENTERS, Etha Agnes (From Shelbyville, IL)Venters, GeorgBUCHANAN, JosephinaHellmann, HeinrichTHOMAS, Gertrud---
22 Apr 1884HELLMANN, Johann AlbertHellmann, Johann HeinrichAPKE, Margaret ElisabethWIEBERG, Maria AnnaWieberg, HeinrichDIEKE, JosephinaApke, Johann HermanALTEPETER, Philomena Henrietta---
26 Feb 1878HELLMANN, Johann WilhelmHelmann, Gerhard HeinrichAAPKE, Margaret ElisabethLEONARD, GertrudLeonard, GeorgPOHLMANN, ElisabethHellmann, Gerhard HeinrichLeonard, Elisabeth---
14 Feb 1860HELMES, Johann Heinrich------BÜTMANN (Buetmann), Carolina------WINKELER, Johann AlbertEILERS, Maria Christina---
18 Nov 1925HEMANN, Alphonse H.Hemann, BernardALBERS, ElizabethKORTE, Catharina born POELKERKorte, John (Adoptive father)DUST, MariaPETERS, AlphonseHemann, Veronica---
28 Apr 1891HEMANN, BernardHemann, FerdinandWOBBE, ChristinaALTGILBERS, MariaAltgilbers, HermanDEYEN, CatharinaHemann, HermanGRAWE, Anna---
9 Jun 1903HEMANN, BernardHemann, FerdinandWOBBE, ChristinaHAVERMANN, ElisabethALBES, HermanVAHNING, KatharinaHemann, HermanKORTE, ElisabethCompare Fahning
15 May 1888HEMANN, ClemensHemann, FranzSTUCKENKEMPER, ElisabethDANIEL, Anna MariaDaniel, JohannGERLING, Maria AnnaMEMANN, MeinulphDaniel, Christina---
29 Jul 1908HEMANN, Clement (Born 17 Feb 1886)Hemann, FrederickMAUE, MargaretDIECKER, Anna (Born 5 Dec 1887 in Lively Grove, IL; now from St. Libory,IL)Diecker, HeinrichALBERS, AnnaHemann, HeinrichNIEBUR, Rosa---
25 Nov 1879HEMANN, FerdinandHemann, HermanBECKMANN, MargaretMAUE, MargaretMaue, ClemensBEKER, MargaretBeckmann, HeinrichMaue, Anna---
5 Jun 1860HEMANN, Ferdinand Heinrich------WOBBE, Anna Christina------HAUCAP, FranzWobbe, Anna Margaret---
17 Apr 1860HEMANN, Franz------STUCKENKEMPER, Elisabeth------Hemann, HermanRÖCKENHAUS ? (Roeckenhaus), Gertrud---
22 Oct 1873HEMANN, Franz HermanHemann, HermanBECKMANN, ? ElisabethWEBER, Anna MariaWeber, TheodorLÜBERS (Luebers), Anna MariaHemann, FerdinandWeber, Elisabeth---
22 Apr 1844HEMANN, Heinrich------MERSCHER, Elisabeth born ELBERSElbers, Not Listed---HEEMANN, FrederickSTOLZ, Gesina---
27 Mar 1905HEMANN, HeinrichHemann, FerdinandNot Listed, ChristinaLANGENHORST, AnnaLangenhorst, GerhardNot Listed, MargaretHemann, HeinrichLangenhorst, JosephinaNo date listed; appears after 29 Jan and before 7 May 1913.
24 Nov 1915HEMANN, HeinrichHemann, FerdinandWOBBE, ChristinaNIEHENKE, Catharina Maria (From Bartelso, IL)Niehenke, HeinrichKAULING, TheresiaNiehenke, HeinrichWobbe, Not Listed---
11 Oct 1916HEMANN, Henry FerdinandHemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaHAGEN, Catharina BernardinaHagen, BenedictSCHLICH, MargaretHemann, Herman HeinrichHagen, Cecelia Eva---
9 Sep 1908HEMANN, Herman (Born 5 Apr 1876)Hemann, HermanWEBER, MariaBRUNS, Maria (Born 4 Sep 1883)Bruns, Herman HeinrichFORK, MariaHemann, TheodorBruns, Anna---
18 May 1897HEMANN, Herman HeinrichHemann, FerdinandWOBBE, ChristinaKARHOFF, Anna MariaKarhoff, GerhardTHOELE, BernardinaHemann, HeinrichKarhoff, Elisabeth---
26 Nov 1919HEMANN, Herman HeinrichHemann, BernardALTGILBERS, Maria HelenaHAGEN, Cecelia EvaHagen, BenedictSCHLICH, MargaretHAVERMANN, Edward TheodorHUELSMANN (EILERS) , Leona Catharina ---
6 May 1924HEMANN, Joseph F.Hemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaALBERS, RosaAlbers, HenryDUST, MargaretROEBKE, HenryHemann, Veronica---
17 Apr 1912HEMANN, TheodorHemann, HermanNot Listed, MariaBRUNS, Anna MariaBruns, Herman HeinrichNot Listed, MariaBruns, HermanHUNTMANN, Catharina---
20 Aug 1861HEMELGARTEN, Johann Bernard------KALL, Anna Christina------MAUE, HeinrichWOBBE, Margaret---
10 Nov 1903HEMKER, Bernard (From Thüne, Hanover)Hemker, HeinrichLANGENHORST, TheresiaFRERKER, SophiaFrerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), KatharinaLangenhorst, HeinrichFrerker, Maria---
1 Feb 1870HEMMELGARN, Bernard Theodor------STERNBERG, Maria Catharina Josephina------MAUE, JohannKAULING, Anna---
2 Apr 1872HEMPEN, Johann HeinrichHempen, HeinrichLÜGERING (Luegering), MargaretHERMANN, CatharinaHermann, JohannHECHT, CatharinaSCHWAKE, BernardHERZOG, Margaret---
22 Oct 1902HENKEN, Gerhard (From Carlyle, IL)Henken, BernardBROCKMANN, HelenaTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTimmermann, HeinrichRUMLING, MariaTimmermann, CharlesHUSMANN, Helena---
26 Nov 1867HENKEN, Johann Bernard------BROCKMANN, Maria Helena------Brockmann, Johann GeorgWOESTMANN, Catharina---
27 May 1856HENNING, Johann Mathias------DUST, Maria Adelheid------SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), HermanLAMPEN, Maria---
10 Aug 1886HERBERS, RudolphHerbers, JohannTÖLLER (Toeller), MargaretWELLING, GertrudWelling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaWelling, HeinrichWelling, Anna---
6 Apr 1921HERMELING, Bernard FrederickHermeling, WilhelmRIPPERDA, MariaMEIRING, Wilhelmina MariaMeiring, TheodoreMUELLER, Wilhelmina---------
19 Oct 1910HERMELING, GeorgeHermeling, WilhelmNot Listed, MariaBUDDE, MariaBudde, BernardNot Listed, ElisabethHermeling, BernardBudde, Elisabeth---
11 Feb 1908HERMELING, Herman HeinrichHermeling, Johann WilhelmRIPPERDA, MariaDIESEN, Elisabeth Catharina (Born in St. Louis, MO)Diesen, Johann BernardFERIGA, Maria MargaretHermeling, GerhardDiesen, Maria---
13 May 1879HERMELING, WilhelmHermeling, Herman Heinrich LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria GertrudRIPPERDAA, MariaRipperdaa, JosephMEMANN, Helena AdelheidKNIEPMANN, HeinrichRipperdaa, Anna---
26 Jan 1846HERMES, Gerhard------FIKER, Rosina------WOBERT, BernardALBES, Decla---
13 Jan 1844HERMES, Gerhard Bernard------KRAMER, Anna Maria------DÖRNER (Doerner), PeterPFIFNER, Maria Anna---
12 Feb 1846HERMES, Gerhard Bernard------Not Listed, Anna Agnes------KÖTETECT (Koetetect), Gerhard HeinrichES, Margaretha---
19 Jun 1923HERMES, William (From St. Louis, MO)Hermes, HermanKORTE, AdelheidPETERS, Maria KatharinaPeters, GeorgeWINKLER, KatharinaPeters, JohnPeters, Elisabeth---
12 Apr 1853HERZOG, Franz------PFEIFER, Maria------------Date not listed but under 12 Apr 1853
6 Oct 1852HESSDORFER, Philipp------KREISBAUM, Barbara------GENEVIT, WilhelmKreisbaum, Francisca---
20 Nov 1888HEYER, EdmundHeyer, HermanSCHULER, MariaMEIER, Maria CarolinaOLTMANN, Herman GerhardBURDE, Maria MargaretHeyer, PeterSCHLARMANN, Theodora Maria---
1 Oct 1913HEYER, LeoHeyer, EdwardNot Listed, CarolinaFRERKER, CarolinaFrerker, NicolausNot Listed, MariaFrerker, HeinrichHeyer, Paulina---
16 Feb 1901HILBUS, Stephan (From Beaver Prairie, IL)Hilbus, FranzKOLKEMEIER, GertrudPETERS, JosephinaPeters, JohannWELLING, AnnaHilbus, FranzPeters, Rosa---
17 Apr 1917HILMES, AloysiusHilmes, AugustALBERS, ElisabethKNIEPMANN, FranciscaKniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaHilmes, TheodoreKniepmann, Sophia---
3 Nov 1926HILMES, Bernard H.Hilmes, JohannKOHNEN, CarolinaTHEISING, Francisca M.Theising, FrancisMENSING, MariaKohnen, HermanTheising, Maria---
20 Sep 1859HILMES, Herman------FELDMANN, Anna Margaret------Hilmes, JohannFeldmann, Maria Elisabeth---
29 Jan 1884HILMES, HermanHilmes, HermanFELDMANN, MargaretHAGEN, Maria ElisabethHagen, AntonBLEI, CatharinaHagen, GerhardHagen, Catharina---
31 Jan 1882HILMES, JohannHilmes, BernardMEIER, MariaDIESTEL, Maria ChristinaDiestel, Bernard MAUE, Maria TheresiaHilmes, Bernard JohannDiestel, Maria Elisabeth---
4 May 1886HILMES, JohannHilmes, BernardMEIER, Anna MariaKOHNEN, Maria CarolinaKohnen, MathiasDUST, Anna MargaretKohnen, HermanTÖNNIES (Toennies), Margaret---
21 Oct 1856HILMES, Johann Bernard------GERDES, Anna Margaret------Hilmes, HermanKOBBE, Anna Margaret---
14 Jul 1840HILMES, Johann Heinrich------OTTENS, Maria Elisabeth------WELLEN, Johann BernardHUCHHANEWINKEL, Maria---
26 Aug 1862HILMES, Johann Heinrich------KAULING, Maria Catharina------Hilmes, Johann WilhelmKauling, Teresia---
12 Sep 1916HILMES, John BernardHilmes, Johann B.KOHNEN, CarolinaKNIEPMANN, Anna MariaKniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaKniepmann, Henry TheodoreHilmes, Catharina Wilhelmina---
17 Jun 1890HILMES, Joseph August (From Hanover, Germany)Hilmes, BernardMEIER, Anna MariaALBERS, Maria ElisabethAlbers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaRICHTER, Johann BernardAlbers, Carolina---
20 Oct 1926HILMES, Joseph H.Hilmes, HenryHAGEN, ElisabethREICHERT, Rosa CatharinaReichert, OscarALTGILBERS, AnnaReichert, EdwardHilmes, Rosa---
22 Sep 1903HINKAMP, Bernard (From Breese, IL)Hinkamp, HermanSCHULTE, MariaFELDHAUS, CarolinaFeldhaus, BernardSPICKER, CatharinaHinkamp, HeinrichROLFES, Anna---
8 Feb 1899HINKAMP, Herman (From Breese, IL)Hinkamp, HermanSCHULTE, MariaFELDHAUS, JosephinaFeldhaus, BernardSPIEKER, ChristinaHinkamp, BernardFeldhaus, Carolina---
8 Jul 1851HIRSCH, GregorHirsch, JohannWEIGENANT, Maria JohannaAMMAN, ElisabethAmman, JosephSINDLER, SusannaHirsch, FelixHirsch, Philipp---
23 Mar 1845HIRSCH, Philipp------PFIFFNER, Maria Anna------Hirsch, GregorPfiffner, M. A.---
22 Mar 1849HOECKELBERG, Herman------SCHWERS, Margaret born BÜHNEN (Buehnen) (Widow of Albert Schwers)Buehnen, Not Listed---OTTKE, GerhardBOEHNE, Margaret---
22 Nov 1892HOERCHLER, Johann TheodorHoerchler, HeinrichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), TheresiaGERLING, Maria AnnaGerling, Heinrich TIMMER, JosephinaHoerchler, WilhelmKRÜP (Kruep), Anna---
25 Oct 1911HOFF, HeinrichHoff, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaMICHEEL, MariaMicheel, BernardNot Listed, AnnaHoff, HermanMicheel, Elisabeth---
10 Apr 1883HOFF, Johann ClemensHoff, Johann ClemensHELLMING, Anna HelenaKALLAGE, Anna TheresiaKallage, ClemensALBERS, TheresiaSANDBOTHE, HeinrichROLFES, Elisabeth---
12 Feb 1861HOLDMANN, Franz Joseph------LENGERS, Anna Angela------Holdmann, ClemensSCHNIERS, Anna Maria---
22 Apr 1914HOLLENKAMP, Gerhard (From Aviston, IL)Hollenkamp, GerhardKORTE, AnnaKNIEPMANN, Christina EugeniaKniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaHollenkamp, JohnKniepmann, Cecelia---
8 Oct 1901HOLTGRAEWE, Martin Gerhard (From Breese, IL)Holtgraewe, GerhardALTEPETER, ElisabethTIMMERMANN, Maria ElisabethTimmermann, TheodorHOECKELBERG, Maria MargaretTimmermann, HenryHoltgraewe, Anna---
3 Feb 1842HOLTHAUS, Johann Heinrich------BÜHNE (Buehne), Not Listed------MIDEKE, Johann BernardBuehne, Margaretha---
6 Oct 1920HOLTKAMP, Bernard John (From Breese, IL)Holtkamp, JohnTHIEN, MariaROBBEN, Della AnnaRobben, August JohnWIEBLER, TheresiaRobben, Francis H.Holtkamp, Francisca---
28 Apr 1857HOLTKAMP, Johann Heinrich------MIDDENDORF, Maria Adelheid------SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard KÜTER (Kueter), Anna Theresia---
12 May 1914HOLTKAMP, John HenryHoltkamp, GeorgeWINTER, AnnaKAHRHOFF, Clara JosephinaKarhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, KatharinaHoltkamp, JosephKahrhoff, Maria---
1 May 1860HOLTMANN, Clemens------FRERKER, Maria Elisabeth------Holtmann, BenedictFrerker, Maria Margaret---
1 Jun 1858HOLTMANN, Franz Joseph------SCHLAUTMANN, Elisabeth------Holtmann, Herman ClemensEILES, Anna Maria---
20 May 1924HOLTMANN, George H.Holtmann, JosephROEBKE, AnnaHUENE, Maria A. (From Breese, IL)Huene, JosephMEIER, ElizabethHoltmann, HenryHuene, Cecilia---
27 Oct 1926HOLTMANN, HenryHoltmann, JosephROBKE, AnnaMENSING, Lucille (From Bartelso, IL)Mensing, JohnROLFES, ElisabethHoltmann, JohnWELLINGHOFF, Martha ---
30 Jan 1883HOLTMANN, Herman B.Holtmann, HeinrichKOCH, MariaHAGEN, Helena CatharinaHagen, Herman AntonBLEY, MargaretSCHOENDIENST, JohannHagen, Maria Elisabeth---
17 Apr 1894HOLTMANN, JosephHoltmann, ClementFRERKER, ElisabethRÖBKE (Roebke), AnnaRoebke, Johann MÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaRoebke, HeinrichHoltmann, Maria---
28 Nov 1849HONCOMP, Anton (Widower of Elisabeth SMOEHLE)------KLECKER, Carolina born FIEREN (Widow of Not listed Klecker)Fieren, Not Listed---Honcomp, FranzHoncomp, Catharina (Mrs. Franz)---
12 Jun 1849HONCOMP, Anton (Widower of Maria Elisabeth OHNKRAUT)------SMOEHLE, Elisabeth born SCHAEFFER (Widow of Anton Smoehle)Schaeffer, Not Listed---Honcomp, FranzHUBER, Maria Catharina---
30 Jun 1857HONKOMP, Anton------HECH, Catharina------Honkomp, FranzHonkomp, Catharina (Mrs. Franz)---
26 Nov 1842HONKOMP, Carl Anton------DIERKE, Anna Elisabeth------Honkomp, Fra.Not Listed, Maria Helena---
24 Apr 1843HÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), Diderich------BÖCKER (Boecker), Adelheid------MÖLLER (Moeller), J. H.WUBBE, Maria Adelheid---
20 Jan 1852HORCHELER, HeinrichHorcheler, DietrichMÜLLER (Mueller), ElisabethLOEBES, TheresiaLoebes, HeinrichBROCKMAN, Anna MariaHorcheler, DieterichAHLERS, Anna Maria---
17 Jan 1912HORCHLER, AntonHorchler, GerhardNot Listed, Maria ElisabethKREKE, JosephinaKreke, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaHorchler, WilhelmKreke, Anna---
13 Feb 1855HORNBURG, Herman------BEHLMANN, Angela------SPRE, FranzLAMPE, Margaret---
26 Oct 1880HORSTMANN, Herman BernardHorstmann, Herman HeinrichMERIANS, CatharinaKORTE, MargaretKorte, ConradESS, Anna MariaMerians, GerhardKorte, Catharina---
22 Oct 1878HÖTING (Hoeting), Lambert HeinrichHoeting, WilhelmFENDER, MariaMEIER, RosaMeier, WendelinHERPSTREITH, PaulinaTHÖLE (Thoele), Herman HeinrichHerpstreith, Anna---
2 Nov 1851HOUPPERT, Jacob------SOUTERERE (Souterère), Catharina------VALLERS, BernardGEHERS, Haman---
14 Jan 1845HUBERT, Laurent------FREDERICK, Magdalena------Frederick, JohannMARIELOF, Johann---
29 Jan 1855HUEGEN, Jacob------BUITING, Theodora------Huegen, BernardJANSEN, Frederica---
10 Oct 1928HUELSMANN, August (From Breese, IL)Huelsmann, JohnHAGEN, ElizabethSCHLARMANN, AliceSchlarmann, BernardALBERS, EugeniaHuelsmann, JosephNIEBUR, Elizabeth---
30 May 1916HUENE, August (From Bartelso, IL)Huene, AugustWESTMANN, CatharinaIMMING, Anna Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Imming, HeinrichREICHERT, MariaKAMPWERTH, AugustImming, Maria---
27 Nov 1901HUENE, Gerhard AugustHuene, Gerhard HeinrichDULLE, Maria AdelheidWIEGERS, Elisabeth MargaretWiegers, Franz JohannFRERKER, Maria CatharinaHuene, HeinrichWiegers, Catharina---
4 May 1852HÜGELN (Huegeln), GerhardHuegeln, EdwardSLOOT, BernardinaERNST, Anna MariaErnst, MenradJANSEN, MargaretHuegeln, EberhardSANTEL, Anna---
8 Jan 1853HULINGHOFF, Joseph------FERMANN, Maria Helena------SANTEL, Johann HeinrichHOFFMANN, Maria AdelheidThe date might be 8 Feb 1853; witnesses are the same for Wolters + Eilering marriage of 8 Feb on previous page.
27 Nov 1855HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anton------BECKER, Regina Louisa------Hulsmann, FrederickALBERS, Maria---
28 Oct 1884HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), HeinrichHuelsmann, AntonBECKER, ElisabethUSSELMANN, MariaUsselmann, HeinrichBAALMANN, MargaretHuelsmann, FriederichUsselmann, Elisabeth---
24 Apr 1866HÜNDMANN (Huendmann), Lambert Heinrich------HEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth------FROHOFF, JohannSCHROEDER, Agnes---
27 Sep 1899HUNDMANN, ClementHundmann, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaWELLING, WilhelminaWelling, Johann T.KEMPER, CatharinaHundmann, FerdinandWelling, Maria---
23 Nov 1869HÜNE (Huene), Theodor August------WÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Catharina------Huene, Georg JosephSCHRAND, Maria Anna---
10 Jan 1871HUSER, BernardHuser, Bernard---HEMMELGARN, Anna Christina born KALLKall, Bernard Johann---HAUKAP, HeinrichHemmelgarn, Maria born STERNBERG---
7 Sep 1897HUSER, GerhardHuser, BernardKALLMANN, ChristinaLENZES, Margaret (From St. Louis, MO)Lenzes, StephanVEMENT ?, VeronicaHuser, HeinrichWELLING, Wilhelmina---
6 Apr 1875HUSMANN, GerhardHusmann, HermanSPECKER, A.BROCKMANN, TheresiaBrockmann, TobiasBEHRENS, Maria AnnaHusmann, HeinrichBrockmann, Elisabeth---
17 Oct 1928HUSTEDDE, Edwin Gerhard (From Breese, IL)Hustedde, HenryTIMMERMANN, ElizabethSHERMAN, Cecilia E.Sherman, WilliamSCHMITZ, FranciscaHustedde, GerhardShermann, Margaret---
17 Sep 1929HUSTEDDE, Francis H. (From Breese, IL)Hustedde, HenryTIMMERMANN, ElizabethUSSELMANN, Laura M.Usselmann, WilliamSCHRODER, AnnaHustedde, GerhardDUEPMANN, Cecilia---
7 May 1867HUSTEDDE, Franz Heinrich------TIMMERMANN, Maria Bernardina------Timmermann, WilhelmSCHROEDER, Agnes---
7 Jul 1859ILSKEN, Conrad------SCHIER, Anna Maria------KROCKMEYER, HeinrichSANDMEYER, Catharina---
11 Feb 1862ILSKEN, Conrad------LANDMANN?, Elisabeth------Ilsken, GerhardMOLITOR, Anna---
28 Jun 1867ILSKEN, Conrad------POLLHANS, Anna Maria born POLLP__?Pollp_?, Not Listed---Ilsken, BernardHOEVEKEN, Anna Maria---
8 Apr 1861ILSKEN, Gerhard------MUSENBRUCK, Theodora------Ilsken, ConradMOLITOR, Anna---
1 Jan 1853ISAAC, Johann Baptist------SMEDER, Elisabeth------SCHNEIDER, GeorgISAACS, Catharina---
25 Nov 1856ISACK, Franz------POIROT, Susanna------Isack, NicolausPoirot, Barbara---
23 Apr 1895JANSEN, HeinrichJansen, BernardFELDMANN, MargaretMOLITOR, WilhelminaMolitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaJansen, BernardMolitor, Gertrud---
30 Aug 1916JANSEN, Herman JohnJansen, HeinrichKEMPER, MariaSCHMITZ, Maria CarolinaSchmitz, LudwigROBBEN, ElisabethSchmitz, HermanHILMES, Maria ---
19 Jun 1849JANSEN, Johann (Widower of Gesina BAHLMANN)------ROLFES, Anna Maria born WOLKEN (Widow of Herman Heinrich Rolfes)Wolken, Not Listed---FICKER, LambertHONCOMP, Catharina---
9 Jul 1872JANSEN, LambertJansen, Bernard WilhelmDETERS, TheclaLENGERS, Maria AnnaLengers, TobiasHEMMEKE, MargaretHEMANN, Franz WilhelmLengers, Carolina---
29 Apr 1924JANSEN, William G.Jansen, AugustLUECKING, HelenaTIMMERMANN, Anna M.Timmermann, WilliamVAN HATTEN, KatharinaTimmermann, HenryJansen, Francisca---
31 Aug 1864JANSSEN, Bernard------HILMES, Anna Margaret------Janssen, HeinrichFELDMANN, Elisabeth---
22 Feb 1881JANSSEN, Ferdinand HeinrichJanssen, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaDÜING (Dueing), Anna HelenaDueing, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaHemann, BernardDueing, Catharina---
24 Apr 1912JANSSEN, JohnJanssen, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaSTOCKMANN, GertrudStockmann, AntonNot Listed, MargaretJanssen, HermanStockmann, Maria---
8 Oct 1912JANSSEN, JosephJanssen, BernardNot Listed, MargaretGESENHUES, FranciscaGesenhues, GerhardNot Listed, Maria KASSEN, WilhelmNIEBUR, Rosa---
25 Nov 1903JASKE, Gerhard (From Breese, IL)Jaske, Johann WilhelmDIEKER, M. AngelaWIEGERS, KatharinaWiegers, FranzKULLMANN, ChristinaHUSER, HeinrichSCHNITKER, Anna---
10 Nov 1874JESSUP, FranzJessup, FranzNot KnownKOBBE, Anna Helena born NABURNaber, Johann GerhardHELLING, EuphemiaTHEISSING, ClemensWOESTMANN, Maria born KOTTELÜBBERS (Kott---
25 Sep 1912JUDD, Jr., Albert F. (From St. Louis, MO)Judd, Albert F.GOSS?, Cornelia W.HILMES, Anna MargaretHilmes, HeinrichNot Listed, MargaretILGES, HermanHilmes, Maria Francisca---
27 Jan 1874JUNCKER, Johann HeinrichJuncker, HeinrichFREITAG, AnnaDEIEN, Anna AdelheidDeien, HeinrichNEHOFF, ElisabethJuncker, JohannDeien, Margaret---
26 Aug 1879JUNCKER, Johann HeinrichJuncker, HeinrichFREITAG, Anna MariaGRAWE, CatharinaGrawe, ChristophorTEKE, Anna ElisabethBECKER, FerdinandGrawe, Maria Anna---
18 Apr 1882JUNCKER, JosephJuncker, HeinrichRUTHENBURGER, ElisabethHASLER, ElisabethHasler, CoelestinFISCHER, MariaJuncker, HermanROHRBACHER, Catharina---
15 Nov 1881JUNKER, JohannJunker, HeinrichRUTHENBURG, ElisabethBECKER, CatharinaBecker, FriederichKREKER, CatharinaJunker, JosephBecker, Maria---
10 Nov 1897JUNKER, Wilhelm (From Bartelso, IL)Junker, HeinrichRUTHENBURGER, ElisabethHEIDEMANN, EugeniaHeidemann, TheodorJONES, MariaHeidemann, FranzBECKER, Catharina---
21 Apr 1874KAHRHOFF, Gerhard HeinrichKahrhoff, Johann HermanFRANZ, Maria AdelheidTHÖLE (Thoele), BernardinaThoele, Johann HeinrichKOLKER, Maria ElisabethEILERS, Franz JosephWEBER, Elisabeth---
7 May 1913KAHRHOFF, Gerhard HeinrichKahrhoff, HeinrichNot Listed, ChristinaTHOELE, AnnaThoele, AugustNot Listed, AnnaThoele, HeinrichKahrhoff, Clara---
29 May 1888KAHRHOFF, HeinrichKahrhoff, GerhardEILERS, Anna MariaHAGEN, CatharinaHagen, HenryTHIEN, Anna MariaHagen, HermanKahrhoff, Maria---
25 Apr 1917KAHRHOFF, HeinrichKahrhoff, GerhardEILERS, MariaSCHLARMANN, Rosa Clara born RITCHER (From Zell, MO)Ritcher, FrederickWEBER, SophiaRitcher, HeinrichROBBEN, Christina born Kahrhoff---
19 Sep 1929KAHRHOFF, HermanKahrhoff, HenryHAGEN, CatharinaMUELLER, EmmaMueller, JohnFOELKER, PhilomenaMueller, WilliamKahrhoff, Paulina---
8 Nov 1881KAHRHOFF, Johann BernardKahrhoff, Johann HermanFRANZ, Maria AdelheidROLFES, Maria ChristinaRolfes, Bernard PhilippALBERS, Anna MariaKahrhoff, Johann HermanRolfes, Maria Elisabeth---
18 Oct 1887KAHRHOFF, Johann HermanKahrhoff, Johann HermanFRANZ, AdelheidWIEBLER, Anna AdelheidWiebler, WilhelmKUPER, ElisabethKahrhoff, HeinrichWiebler, Francisca---
18 May 1858KALMER, Johann Bernard------SANTEL, Anna Maria------Kalmer, LudwigSantel, Anna Maria---
---KAMPLING, ChristianKampling, HermanHENZEN, HelenaFOPPE, MariaFoppe, ClemensHOERCHLER, CatharinaSUDHOLT, HermanFoppe, AnnaPage torn; date is between Feb & Jun 1882
17 Jan 1860KARHOFF, Gerhard Heinrich------EILERS, Anna Maria------Karhoff, Johann GerhardEilers, Christina---
23 May 1882KASSENS, Johann WilhelmKassens, Johann HeinrichTUBES, Maria CatharinaHILMES, Anna AdelheidHilmes, Herman BernardFELDMANN, Anna MargaretKassens, BernardJANSEN, Maria---
17 Oct 1882KAUNE, Carl AntonKaune, Carl HeinrichWEIDNER, ErnestinaWESTERMANN, EugeniaWestermann, WilhelmMEIER, LouisaKaune, H. J.Westermann, Sophia---
30 Apr 1843KAUNE, Heinrich------HIRSCH, Johanna---------------
12 Feb 1901KELLERMANN, peter (From Carlyle, IL)Kellermann, BernardKERSTING, Anna MariaSANTEL, MariaSantel, HeinrichACKERMANN, CatharinaSCHLOAT, HermanSantel, CatharinaDispensation for second grade affinity.
20 Sep 1859KEMPER, Johann Heinrich------SCHMIDT, Louisa (Widow)------HAMILTON, JohannQUARKMAN, Maria---
3 Nov 1857KIFFMEYER, Heinrich------SCHWAKE, Catharina------MICHELIS, BernardSCHLADER, Maria---
23 Oct 1860KLEINKORTE, Philipp------SCHROEDER ?, Catharina Elisabeth------LANG, AugustMENKE, Maria---
18 May 1875KLEINMANN, HeinrichKleinmann, EverhardRÜCHOFF (Ruechoff), GertrudMEYERING, Catharina born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)Huelsmann, Johann GerhardFEUSTING, MargaretSCHOENEFELD, BernardFICKER, Maria Catharina born Huelsmann---
18 Nov 1862KLOCKE, Martin------SCHALLKAMP, Wilhelmina------WIEMANN, BernardSchallkamp, Maria Anna---
20 Jun 1922KLOEPPEL, William Ferdinand (From St. Louis, MO)Kloeppel, FrederickBREMEN, MariaNIEBUR, Cecelia ChristinaNiebur, JohannBENDER, MariaNiebur, Clement F.Kloeppel, TheresiaThis entry is out of order; appears after Nov 1922
23 Jan 1850KLUMPE, Gerhard HeinrichKlumpe, Gerhard GeorgBAHLACH, Anna MariaSPREER, Agnes born MATTEM (Widow of Gerhard Heinrich Spreer)Mattem, Not Listed---Spreer, FranzVORNHOLD, Maria Elisabeth---
16 Jan 1866KLUTHO, Theodor------MOLITOR, Anna Maria------MARKS, HeinrichKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria---
2 May 1923KNIEPMANN, Arthur B.Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaDUEPMANN, Bernardina T.Duepmann, HeinrichMUELLER, JosephinaSCHLARMANN, EugeneDuepmann, Carolina---
6 May 1856KNIEPMANN, Gerhard Heinrich------HERMELING, Maria Anna------Kniepmann, Herman JosephWELLEN, Maria Catharina---
10 May 1887KNIEPMANN, HeinrichKniepmann, GerhardHERMELING, AnnaDANIEL, MariaDaniel, JohannGERLING, Maria AnnaKniepmann, TheodorDaniel, Anna---
30 Oct 1923KNIEPMANN, Henry TheodoreKniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaBECKMANN, Regina E.Beckmann, JohnGERS, CarolinaKniepmann, WilliamMAUE, Martha---
14 Feb 1865KNIEPMANN, Johann Herman------SCHNÖLE (Schnoele), Catharina------Kniepmann, TheodorHOLLENKAMP, Elisabeth---
28 Oct 1890KNIEPMANN, TheodorKniepmann, GerhardHERMELING, A. M.ALBERS, CarolinaAlbers, TheodorHOFF, M. A.HEMANN, BernardAlbers, Emma---
23 Nov 1897KNUE, Bernard (From Bückelte, Hanover)Not ListedNot ListedPEECK, MathildaPeeck, Johann AbelOLTMANN, AngelaABEL, JosephMUELLER, Josephina---
16 Jan 1906KNUE, Bernard (From Bückelte, Hanover)Knue, GerhardFEHER, ChristinaOLLIGES, MariaOlliges, HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), HelenaKnue, HeinrichOlliges, Elisabeth---
9 Oct 1894KNUE, Gerhard Heinrich (From Buckelte, Hanover)Knue, Johann GerhardFEHR, Helena ChristinaSCHLAUTMANN, Maria CatharinaSchlautmann, FriederichSCHALKAMP, Anna MargaretKnue, BernardRENSCHEN, Wilhelmina---
14 Apr 1845KNÜWE (Knuewe), Bernard------GRÜN (Gruen), Maria Catharina------DÖRNER (Doerner), PeterJANSEN, Anna Margaretha---
15 Jan 1857KÖBBE (Koebbe), Herman Bernard------EVERS, Francisca------Koebbe, ClemensTEVES, Anna Gertrud---
30 Aug 1870KÖBBE (Koebbe), Herman Clemens------ENGBERS, Anna Helena born NABER ?Naber, Not Listed---Koebbe, BernardWALLERS, Maria Anna born HILMES---
15 Apr 1856KOCH, Frederick------GRÜN (Gruen), Elisabeth------HESSLER, Herman HeinrichDETTERMANN, Dorothea---
25 May 1898KOCH, FriederichKoch, HermanWIETER, Maria AdelheidWESTERFELHAUS, JosephinaWesterfelhaus, HeinrichMARTEN, GertrudWesterfelhaus, HeinrichKoch, Maria---
3 May 1864KOCH, Herman------FREKER, Anna Margaret------WOLF, FranzKoch, Catharina---
17 Apr 1866KOCH, Herman------LAMPEN, Elisabeth------Lampen, HeinrichKoch, Anna---
26 Oct 1869KOCH, Herman------WIETER, Maria Adelheid------Wieter, Johann AntonKoch, Anna Maria---
27 Oct 1868KOCH, Johann------WÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Margaret------Koch, Johann Friederich & Gerhard KochWoestmann, Catharina---
23 Oct 1877KOCK, ClemensKock, AlbertLAU, AdelheidLAMMERS, Anna Maria born VOSKOERSVoskoers, Johann BernardRICKEN, Anna ElisabethWELLEN, BernardLammers, Theresia born Voskoers---
1 Jun 1880KOELLEN, HermanKÖLLEN (Koellen), Herman HeinrichGOEHRS, Anna MariaWESTERMANN, LouisaWestermann, JosephKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaLINNEMANN, Herman HeinrichWestermann, Anna Maria---
20 Jan 1905KOEPPE, Herman ClemensKoeppe, LucasBRAUGEMAN, Anna MariaMEYER, Elisabeth born DEBES (Widow of Georg MEYER)Debes, Not Listed---------No date listed. Appears after Feb and before Sep 1847.
5 May 1868KOHLBRECHER, Heinrich------WOBBE, Margaret------Kohlbrecher, AugustBECKMANN, Catharina---
26 Apr 1887KOHNEN, BernardKohnen, MathiasDUST, Anna MargaretBRAUER, Anna CarolinaBrauer, Johann BernardBOSSEN, Gesina Maria Brauer, BernardLÖPKER (Loepker), Catharina---
3 Sep 1895KOHNEN, Bernard (From Nuerhaus, Prussia)Kohnen, MathiasDUST, Anna MargaretKAULING, Anna (From Aviston, IL)Kauling, BernardAHA, Anna GesinaKohnen, HermanKauling, Catharina---
7 Sep 1904KOHNEN, HeinrichKohnen, HermanHILMES, TheresiaKAHRHOFF, ElisabethKahrhoff, Gerhard THÖLE (Thoele), BernardinaKohnen, TheodorKahrhoff, Anna---
30 Oct 1912KOHNEN, Johann TheodorKohnen, HeinrichNot Listed, TheresiaWOBBE, Anna M.Wobbe, BernardNot Listed, AnnaHILMES, JohannWobbe, Christina---
23 Sep 1884KOHRMANN, AugustKohrmann, WilhelmSCHWER, MargaretROLWES, Maria AnnaRolwes, BernardALBERS, ElisabethDETERMANN, HeinrichRolwes, Bernardina---
18 Feb 1873KOHRMANN, JosephKohrmann, WilhelmSCHWERTMANN, Anna MariaLEONARD, LouisaLeonard, EverhardSTOCKMANN, MariaWESTERMANN, FriederichLeonard, Elisabeth---
26 Nov 1878KOHRMANN, JosephKohrmann, WilhelmSCHWERTMANN, Anna DETERMANN, Anna MathildaDetermann, JosephREKE, DorotheaHAUKAP, ConradTHEISSING, Anna---
28 Oct 1924KOHRMANN, JosephKohrmann, AugustROLVES, MariaWINTER, GertrudeWinter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudWinter, ConradKohrmann, Clara---
25 Aug 1920KOLDEHOFF, George FrederickKoldehoff, HermanGOUCH, MinnieSCHMITZ, Elisabeth AnnaSchmitz, LudwigROBBEN, ElisabethKoldehoff, William S.WIEGERS, Cecelia C.---
30 Apr 1867KOLKER, Johann Bernard------?, Margaret Carolina------ALTEPETER, HeinrichTHEISSING, Maria Elisabeth---
15 Oct 1872KÖLSCH (Koelsch), HeinrichKoelsch, Johann HeinrichBRUNS?, Maria ChristinaDUMBECK, EmmaDumbeck, Carl JosephWAGNER, PhilippinaTEGENKAMP, Johann HeinrichDumbeck, Anna Philippina---
18 Aug 1845KONE, Herman------HASSELMEIER, Maria Katharina------SANTEL, HermanKNIPMANN, Anna Gertrud---
8 Feb 1853KONE, Herman Bernard------BENEN, Helena------RENSING, Johann HermanRensing, Anna Adelheid---
1 May 1877KONEN, Herman HeinrichKonen, MathiasDUST, Maria MargaretHILMES, Maria TheresiaHilmes, Johann BernardMEIER, Anna MariaHilmes, Johann BernardKonen, Carolina---
29 Apr 1884KONEN, Johann HeinrichKonen, MathiasDUST, Anna MargaretWESTERMANN, Maria SophiaWestermann, HermanHANEWINKEL, Maria AnnaKonen, BernardFRERKER, Anna---
28 Oct 1879KÖNNEKE (Koenneke), WilhelmKoenneke, HeinrichMERS, GesinaMERIANS, ElisabethMerians, StephanESS, MariaHEGGER, GerhardMerians, Anna---
8 Jun 1880KOOPMANN, JosephKoopmann, PhilippWALLER, TheresiaDUST, HelenaDust, Johann HermanOSLAGE, Anna MariaWIENHOFF, AntonDust, Maria Anna---
16 Jan 1883KOOPMANN, JosephKoopmann, PhilippWALLER, TheresiaWILDHABER, MariaWildhaber, PeterRipperda, Anna MariaWaller, ClemensWildhaber, Anna Catharina---
22 Sep 1841KOPMANN, Bernard Heinrich------LÖERS (Loeers), Catharina------HÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), DiderichTEEKE, Gertrud---
26 Mar 1851KOPMANN, Johann ClementKopmann, Bernard HeinrichNIEBUR, Maria AngelaRICKE, Anna Margaret born DUST (Widow of Johann Caspar Ricke)Dust, Not Listed---CALMER, Johann HermanHOLLENBACH, Maria Catharina---
7 May 1895KORTE, Caspar AugustKorte, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaRÖBKE (Roebke), Maria ChristinaRoebke, Johann HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Dorothea AgnesRoebke, HeinrichKorte, Sophia---
2 Jan 1856KORTE, Conrad------ESS, Maria Anna------MERIENS, Stephan------
8 May 1906KORTE, FrederickKorte, HermanHAVERMANN, ElisabethWOBBE, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, BernardOLLIGES, AnnaKorte, FranzWobbe, Sophia---
19 Oct 1921KORTE, GeorgeKorte, AugustROBKE, ChristinaBECKMANN, Carolina SophiaBeckmann, JohannGEERS, CarolinaRobke, FrancisBeckmann, Regina---
25 Oct 1887KORTE, Gerhard ConradKorte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaFEHRMANN, Anna CatharinaFehrmann, HermanSCHLOETER, MargaretFehrmann, BernardKorte, Christina---
10 Sep 1872KORTE, HermanKorte, Gerhard HeinrichLAGER, Anna MariaHAVERMANN, ElisabethHavermann, GerhardGREFENKAMP, ElisabethKorte, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, Maria---
6 Nov 1877KORTE, HermanKorte, ConradJANSSEN, MargaretFEHRMANN, Maria AdelheidFehrmann, HermanSCHLOETERS, MargaretFehrmann, JohannKorte, Margaret---
24 Sep 1895KORTE, Johann (From Damiansville, IL)Korte, Johann HeinrichDULLE, Maria GertrudDUST, MariaDust, Johann HeinrichSCHLEPER, Maria GesinaDust, HeinrichKorte, Elisabeth---
7 Feb 1859KORTE, Johann Herman------MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria------DULLE, HermanHORGLER, Anna Maria---
15 Apr 1920KORTE, William (From St. Louis, MO)Korte, WilliamHOERCHLER, CarolinaBUDDE, JosephinaBudde, HenryWEIER, ElisabethKorte, Bernard AntonBOSS, Anna Catharina---
4 May 1846KÖSTER (Koester), Christophor------BRINGSCHNEIDER, Catharina------HERMES, GerhardLÜBBERS (Luebbers), CatharinaPossibly a second marriage after a civil marriage.
14 Apr 1845KÖSTER (Koester), Herman------BALMANN, Anna Gesina born WESTERMANNWestermann, Not Listed---Balmann, J. H.HERMES, Elisabeth---
12 Jan 1846KREB, Johann Gerhard------DETERMANN, Christina------NIMANN, JosephNimann, Maria Anna---
4 Nov 1856KREBS, Johann------SCHLAFLE, Maria------KREBS, CasparROHRBACHER, Jacob---
26 Nov 1867KRECHTER, August------KRÜP (Kruep), Anna------KÖSTERS (Koesters), GodefriedSCHROEDER, Agnes---
6 Nov 1883KREKE, GerhardKreke, Herman HeinrichKLATTE, MariaHECKMANN, Elisabeth born REMPERempe, Johann HeinrichNIEHAUS, MariaRempe, JosephHAAR, Elisabeth born Kreke---
22 Feb 1881KREKE, Gerhard HeinrichKreke, GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria AnnaMueller, FriederichSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaKreke, FriederichWESTERMANN, Cecelia---
7 Feb 1882KREKE, HeinrichKreke, GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaSPENGLER, MariaSpengler, MichaelSIKA, MariaKreke, Gerhard HeinrichSpengler, Barbara---
21 Oct 1919KREKE, Henry GerhardKreke, Heinrich HermanSPENGLER, MariaBRUNS, Justina HelenBruns, Herman HeinrichFOLK, MariaWIETERS, AntonHEET, Christina---
2 May 1876KREKE, Herman HeinrichKreke, GerhardFELTRUP, H.STAMMEN, Philomena MathildaStammen, PeterHARTING, ElisabethKreke, Gerhard HeinrichStammen, Anna Margaret---
12 Oct 1852KREKE, Johann Gerhard------BOHNEN, Henrietta born FELTRUPFeltrup, Not Listed---Behnen, HeinrichHAAR, Elisabeth---
3 Jun 1919KREKE, Leon GeorgeKreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, MariaPOLLMANN, Elisabeth GertrudePollmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaretWIETER, AntonPollmann, Catharina---
27 May 1913KREKE, WilhelmKreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaMERSCHER, RosaliaMerscher, AntonNot Listed, AntoinetteMueller, FranzHAGEN, CeceliaSee 7 May 1913 entry
7 May 1913KREKE, Wilhelm Bernard (From Breese, IL)Kreke, GerhardNot Listed, MariaKAHRHOFF, ChristinaKahrhoff, HeinrichNot Listed, CatharinaKreke, AloysiusKahrhoff, CatharinaThis entry is crossed out.
14 Jan 1845KRIEGER, Albert------JANSEN, Anna Helena------DÖRNER (Doerner), PeterFORTMANN, Maria---
23 Apr 1850KRIEGER, Albert (Widower of Anna Helena JANSEN)------CONEN, TheclaConen, Herman AntonBAUMEIER, Angela AdelheidRENZING, HermanRenzing, Anna Maria---
19 Oct 1858KRÜB (Krueb), Johann Heinrich------DIECKMANN, Maria Anna------STROT, Bernard HeinrichHENRICKS, Johann Bernard---
19 Oct 1858KRÜB (Krueb), Johann Herman------HOLTHAUS, Maria Anna------STROT, Bernard HeinrichHENRICKS, Johann Bernard---
2 Mar 1840KRÜIP (Krueip), Bernard Heinrich------WACHTEL, Catharina------Wachtel, MartinSOMMER, Maria Elisabeth Gertrud---
7 Nov 1866KRÜP (Kruep), Bernard------SCHNIERS, Anna Maria------SCHULTE, TheodorKruep, Anna Maria---
10 Sep 1853KRÜP (Kruep), Heinrich------SCHLOT, Maria---------------
9 Feb 1865KRUSE, Gerhard Heinrich------VOGELSANG, M. Margaret------Kruse, Johann BernardMESHER, Wilhelmina---
14 Jan 1873KRUSE, Herman BernardKruse, HermanTEBBEN, Euphemia AdelheidMERSCHER, Anna HelenaMerscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaVOGELSANG ?, Heinrich ThomasMerscher, Helena Wilhelmina---
18 May 1844KUHL, Bernard------APKEN, Anna Angela------Kuhl, HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
16 Aug 1922KUHL, John ClementKuhl, HermanHILMES, TheresiaSCHULTE, Helen ElisabethSchulte, GerhardKORTE, AnnaKuhl, HenrySchulte, Sophia---
3 Sep 1850KUNGEL, PeterKungel, HartmannPFLEGENSTEIN, Maria EvaADAM, Margaretha born ACKERMANN (Widow of Franz Adam)Ackermann, Not Listed---ROHR, JohannISAAC, Johann Baptist---
9 Apr 1872KUPER, GerhardKuper, ClemensHORM__, Maria GesinaFERD, Antoinette born BRÜMLEWE (Bruemlewe)Bruemlewe, BernardKUNEKE, HelenaWINKELER, HeinrichRAWE, Catharina born SCHULTE---
25 Feb 1840KUPER, Jr., Bernard Anton------FOPPEN, Maria Teresia------Kuper, LambertFoppen, Maria Christina---
28 Oct 1845KUPER, Lambert------KÖSTER (Koester), BALMANN, Anna Gesina born WESTERMANNWestermann, Not Listed---DIERKES, Johann HeinrichFORTMANN, Maria---
30 May 1859KÜTE (Kuete), Heinrich------MÖHLE (Moehle), Maria Eva------SCHULTE, HeinrichHEIDEMANN, Maria---
25 Jul 1865KÜTER (Kueter), Dirk Heinrich------BUTZ, M. Margaret------MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), JosephButz, Helena M.---
13 May 1862LAGER, Bernard Joseph------HEMANN, Anna Maria------KNIEPMANN, HermanVORNHOLT, Carolina---
13 Jun 1865LAGER, Bernard Joseph------KUHLMANN, Maria Agnes------LAMBERT, DiederichWOBBE, Margaret---
21 Oct 1915LAGER, Frederich John (From Aviston, IL)Lager, BernardWELLING, Maria SCHOENDIENST, Francisca MariaSchoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaLager, August J.Schoendienst, Cecelia---
18 May 1897LAGER, Heinrich (From Breese, IL)Lager, Johann BernardWIETER, CatharinaKOEBBE, JosephinaKoebbe, HeinrichMUELLER, ElisabethKoebbe, BernardLager, Josephina---
5 Sep 1882LAGER, JohannLager, Johann HeinrichALBERS, TheresiaRUMP, Anna MariaRump, GerhardHAKEWESSEL, CatharinaAlbers, FranzHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Catharina---
14 Nov 1899LAKENBURGER, Herman Heinrich (From Aviston, IL)Lakenburger, HeinrichRISSE, FranciscaHAGEN, MariaHagen, HeinrichTHIEN, Anna MariaSCHLARMANN, WilhelmLakenburger, Catharina---
11 Aug 1931LAKENBURGES, JohnLakenburges, HenryHAGEN, MariaFRERKER, EmmaFrerker, HermanDUING, MariaFrerker, FrancisLakenburges, Margaret---
9 Feb 1847LAMBERGER, LucasLamberger, JosephBERENS, HelenaSANDEL, CatharinaSandel, Johann HermanBOWEN, Anna Maria---------
6 Nov 1901LAMMERS, Herman (From Carlyle, IL)Lammers, BernardHOELSCHER, AdelheidFEHLKER, Gertrud (From Carlyle, IL)Fehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaTHEISSING, FranzFehlker, Theresia---
27 Dec 1866LAMMERS, Herman Heinrich------VOSKOERS, Anna Maria------WALLER, Bernard HeinrichSCHLOTMANN, Christina born EILERS---
27 Jun 1865LAMMERS, Johann Heinrich------HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria Tekla------Lammers, Johann BernardMIDDENDORF, Anna Maria---
23 Oct 1923LAMPE, Bernard A.Lampe, AugustGRAMANN, ElisabethNORRENBERNS, Maria AgnesNorrenberns, FranzFRERKER, CatharinaNorrenberns, BernardLampe, Henrietta---
8 May 1894LAMPE, Bernard August (From Sümerzen, Hanover)Lampe, Gerhard HeinrichFRANZ, Maria WilhelminaGRAMANN, Maria ElisabethGramann, HeinrichWELLING, Henrietta HUSTEDE, WilhelmWelling, Maria---
21 Oct 1931LAMPE, Ferdinand (From Aviston, IL)Lampe, HenryTHIEN, AnnaHUSMANN, Martha Husmann, BernardRICHTER, AnnaHusmann, ElmarLampe, Kunigunda---
21 Apr 1868LAMPE, Gerhard------BECKER, Anna------RIBBING, EverhardBecker, Gertrud---
28 Oct 1919LAMPE, Henry ArnoldLampe, AugustGRAMANN, ElisabethMEIER, Rosa Maria (Adopted by Meier born EILERS)Meier, Herman Theodor (Adoptive father)WELLING, Maria Catharina Lampe, George AugustEilers, Wilhelmina Gertrude---
4 Oct 1922LAMPE, Joseph (From Aviston, IL)Lampe, BernardOVERBERG, MariaMICHEEL, GertrudeMicheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaLampe, HermanMicheel, Bernadette---
2 May 1900LAMPE, Wilhelm (From Bartelso, IL)Lampe, GerhardBECKER, AnnaWILKEN, MargaretWilken, HeinrichPOELKER, AnnaLampe, BernardWilken, Maria---
26 Feb 1867LAMPEN, Heinrich------VORNHOLT, Maria------Lampen, ConradVornholt, Carolina---
12 May 1857LAMPEN, Johann Herman------HEEMANN, Maria------Heemann, FerdinandHAUKAP, Elisabeth---
31 Dec 1877LANDOLT, Caspar Melchior BalthasarLandolt, Jacob FridolinSCHW___, CatharinaRICKE, Maria Catharina born WEBERWeber, TheodorTHÖLE (Thoele), ElisabethWeber, AntonKOLP, Catharina born Landolt---
18 May 1852LANDWEHR, Heinrich (Widower of Gertrud STAMEN)------KIEFMEIER, GertrudKiefmeier, HeinrichWITTCAMP, ElisabethKiefmeier, HeinrichWIEMAN, Maria---
4 May 1841LANDWER, Heinrich------SCHLARMANN, Catharina------NORDHAUS, H.PICKMEIER, Theresia---
27 Jan 1915LANGENHORST, BernardLangenhorst, GerhardPETERS, MargaretLEONARD, RosaliaLeonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaLeonard, BernardKUHL, Catharina---
18 Nov 1931LANGENHORST, Francis H.Langenhorst, GeorgePETERS, MargaretSCHNIERS, CeciliaSchniers, HermanFRERKER, ElizabethLangenhorst, EdwardSchniers, Sophia---
18 Oct 1911LANGENHORST, Herman Langenhorst, Gerhard Not Listed, MargaretKAHRHOFF, MariaKahrhoff, HermanNot Listed, AnnaTHIEN, HermanLangenhorst, Josephina---
2 Jun 1908LANGENHORST, Herman Heinrich (Born 21 Mar 1879 in Breese, IL)Langenhorst, Gerhard ClementPETERS, MargaretSCHULTE, Maria Elisabeth (Born 11 Jan 1889)Schulte, GerhardKORTE, GerhardLangenhorst, HermanSchulte, Anna---
21 Oct 1873LANWERT, Johann HeinrichLanwert, FranzTÖHLE (Toehle), MariaDIESTEL, Helena MariaDiestel, Bernard AntonMAUE, Anna TheresiaGERBERSMANN, Bernard HeinrichDiestel, Maria Catharina---
21 Feb 1854LAUB, Johann------KREBS, Catharina---------------
14 May 1878LEHRTER, AugustLehrter, WilhelmREKOPF, AnnaSANTEL, MargaretSantel, HeinrichWENDEL, MargaretLehrter, AntonSantel, Margaret---
20 Apr 1920LEONARD, Bernard JohnLeonard, WilliamALBERS, AnnaNORDHAUS, Francisca AnnaNordhaus, JohnHOLTMANN, MariaLeonard, William H.RENSCHEN, Clara Christina---
16 May 1899LEONARD, ConradLeonard, FerdinandJÜDEN (Jueden), Maria HelenaKORTE, SophiaKorte, HermanHAVERMANN, ElizabethKorte, FriederichHAUKAP, Maria---
14 Apr 1845LEONARD, Everhard Heinrich------STÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Maria------HAUKAP, FranzKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Maria---
27 Nov 1930LEONARD, Francis C.Leonard, WilliamALBERS, AnnaROETTERING, Agnes H.Roettering, HermanLAMMERS, TheresiaLeonard, AlphonseRoettering, Olivia---
25 Nov 1856LEONARD, Franz------MEIERING, Elisabeth------Leonard, HeinrichSCHLOTMANN, Anna Elisabeth---
14 Nov 1864LEONARD, Franz Heinrich------BEHNE, Maria Elisabeth------HAUKAMP, FranzAUFENATH, Anna M.---
25 Apr 1851LEONARD, GeorgLeonard, EberhardHAUCAP, MariaPOHLMAN, ElisabethPohlman, HeinrichSTOCKMANN, Anna MariaLeonard, FerdinandHEMAN, Catharina---
17 Apr 1894LEONARD, WilhelmLeonard, FranzSPIEKER, ChristinaALBERS, AnnaAlbers, HermanALBERS, CatharinaROLFES, HeinrichAlbers, Josephina---
3 Nov 1920LEONARD, William HermanLeonard, WilliamALBERS, AnnaNOTTHAUS, Maria AgnesNotthaus, FrancisFOPPE, AnnaLeonard, FrancisNotthaus, Clara---
21 Apr 1857LEST, Philipp------SCHMITT, Margaret------KREBS, JohannLest, Nicolaus---
12 Mar 1850LESTE, AntonLeste, Johann TheodorLEOIJOAN, Anna MariaFRENSER, Maria ElisabethFrenser, CasparELEBRACHT, CatharinaTOENIES, Gerhard HeinrichCOEBBE, Maria Anna---
3 Jun 1908LINDENBUSCH, Johann (Born 2 Feb 1886 in Damiansville, IL)Lindenbusch, WilhelmDUST, MargaretGERLING, Sophia (Born 29 Oct 1881 in Breese, IL)Gerling, BernardHORCHLER, CatharinaGerling, BernardLindenbusch, Elisabeth---
28 Apr 1909LINNEMANN, August (Born 28 Apr 1867)Linnemann, Herman H.WOBBE, ChristinaHERMELING, Anna (Born 4 Mar 1889)Hermeling, Wilhelm H.RIPPERDA, MariaHermeling, GeorgeLinnemann, Christiana---
29 Apr 1884LINNEMANN, Bernard HermanLinnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHECKENKEMPER, MariaHeckenkemper, HermanNEIDEMEIER, MariaLinnemann, FranzHeckenkemper, Bena---
19 Oct 1927LINNEMANN, EdwardLinnemann, HermanHECKENKEMPER, MariaDUEPMANN, CarolinaDuepmann, HenryMÜLLER (Mueller), JosephinaFRIEDRICHS, LeonardDuepmann, Cecelia---
11 Feb 1890LINNEMANN, FranzLinnemann, HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHECKMANN, Elisabeth (From Kloppenburg, Germany)Heckmann, FranzREMPE, ElisabethLinnemann, AugustHeckmann, Carolina---
26 Nov 1930LINNEMANN, Henry J.Linnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, ElizabethPOLLMANN, CatharinePollmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaretPollmann, BernardLinnemann, Veronica---
10 Oct 1905LINNEMANN, HermanLinnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaPAUCK, Anna (Widow, from Jonesburg, Montgomery County, MO)WIES, JacobFLANDERS, Anna MariaLinnemann, FranzDOUGLAS, Elisabeth---
28 Apr 1853LINNEMANN, Herman Heinrich------WOBBE, Anna Christina------Wobbe, J. B. Wobbe, A. M.---
10 Nov 1914LINNEMANN, Herman HeinrichLinnemann, Bernard HermanHECKENKEMPER, MariaRIPPERDA, Maria JosephinaRipperda, HeinrichSPENGLER, BarbaraLinnemann, JosephRipperda, Anna---
28 Feb 1905LINNEMANN, TheodorLinnemann, Herman H.WOBBE, ChristinaTHOELE, Christina (From Breese Twp)Thoele, HermanMEIER, RosaLinnemann, AugustThoele, Paulina---
9 Feb 1904LINNEMANN, WilhelmLinnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaMEYER, ElisabethMeyer, ConradRATERMANN, Maria Elisabeth Meyer, FranzLinnemann, Christina---
16 Jan 1844LODDEKE, Herman Heinrich------DETTERMANN, Anna Maria------DEY, Herman WilhelmWÜBBE (Wuebbe), Anna Adelheid---
1 May 1929LOEPKER, Anthony Henry Loepker, John HenryROETTERING, ElizabethPINGSTERHAUS, WilhelminaPingsterhaus, BernardHERMELING, JosephinaLoepker, HermanLINNEMANN, Maria---
27 Jan 1880LOEPKER, Gerhard HeinrichLoepker, Johann BernardDUST, Maria CatharinaDUST, Anna HelenaDust, Gerhard HeinrichBEENEN, Maria HelenaDust, Herman EdwardKONEN, Maria Carolina---
14 Oct 1931LOEPKER, Herman J.Loepker, John H.ROETTERING, ElizabethLINNEMANN, MariaLinnemann, AugustHERMELING, AnnaPINGSTERHAUS, BernardLoepker, Veronica---
13 Apr 1869LÖPKER (Loepker), Johann Bernard------DUST, Anna Maria------Dust, Herman GerhardLoepker, Maria AgnesDispensation for third degree blood relationship.
12 May 1858LOUIS, Martin------IBERT, Maria Anna------WETZER, MartinWANGLER, Christina---
26 May 1857LÜBERS (Luebers), Herman------BECKMANN, Catharina------JANSEN, TheodorSCHRADER, Maria---
7 Aug 1845LÜBERS (Luebers), Johann Wilhelm------HEEMANN, Catharina Maria------OTKEN, HeinrichHAUKAP, Catharina Elisabeth---
9 Feb 1858LÜBKE (Luebke), Heinrich (Widower)------FOPPE, Catharina------FICKER, BernardFoppe, Maria Catharina---
5 May 1891LÜBKEN (Luebken), Johann (From Helminghausen, Oldenburg)Luebken, HeinrichSCHNETLAGE, Anna MariaDÜING (Dueing), ElisabethDueing, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaTHIEN, JohannDueing, Christina---
20 Feb 1906LÜCKING (Luecking), Johann Heinrich (From Boesel, Oldenburg, Germany)Luecking, Gerhard HeinrichLANGE, Christina MariaBOHNENKEMPER, Katharina MariaBohnenkemper, BernardKASSENS, MariaLuecking, Johann BernardBohnenkemper, Katharina---
26 Jun 1906MARCUS, HermanMarcus, HermanBOLK, MariaMACKE, Anna (From Breese, IL)Macke, FranzFIEDLER, KatharinaMarcus, JohannMacke, Maria---
27 Apr 1875MARCUS, Herman HeinrichMarcus, HermanMarcus, MargaretBOLK, Gerharda MariaBolk, HeinrichWELLING, ElisabethGERLING, Herman HeinrichBolk, Henrietta Cornelia---
11 Aug 1909MARKUS, Benedict (Born 4 Mar 1883 in Aviston, IL)Markus, FranzLAGER, ChristinaHILMES, Sophia (Born 6 Jan 1889)Hilmes, JohannKOHNEN, CarolinaMarkus, FrankHilmes, Josephina---
5 Jan 1858MARS, Gerhard------WEMPE, Maria Theresia------MARX, HeinrichTHEISING, Helena Maria---
16 Oct 1860MARX, Heinrich------GRÖNE (Groene), Maria Catharina------KLUTHO, Johann TheodorMarx, Theresia---
14 Apr 1920MAUE, August ClementMaue, HeinrichSTOLTE, CarolinaMICHEEL, Maria ElisabethMicheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaLAMPE, JosephMicheel, Gertrud---
8 Sep 1909MAUE, BernardMaue, Clement---HEMANN, MariaHemann, A.?---Hemann, TheodorMaue, Maria---
17 Apr 1883MAUE, Clemens AugustMaue, ClemensBEKER, Anna MargaretKAHRHOFF, Maria ChristinaROLFES, PhilippALBERS, Anna MariaMAUE, Johann HeinrichMENSING, Anna Theresia---
12 Apr 1910MAUE, ClementMaue, ClementNot Listed, ChristinaHAUKAP, ElisabethHaukap, ConradNot Listed, ElisabethMaue, PhilippHaukap, Francisca---
6 Feb 1866MAUE, Heinrich------HUSTEDDE, Catharina------Hustedde, FranzTHEISSING, Elisa---
18 Mar 1905MAUE, Herman JohnMaue, HermanKORTE, AnnaSCHULTE, Maria ChristinaSchulte, FranzLINNEMANN, AnnaMaue, ConradLinnemann, ChristinaNo date listed; appears between Sep & Nov 1904
4 May 1886MAUE, Johann HeinrichMaue, Johann ClemensBEKER, Anna MargaretSTOLTE, Carolina MargaretStolte, GerhardDIEKER, CarolinaStolte, Gerhard HeinrichDIESTEL, Gesina Wilhelmina---
23 Aug 1905MAUE, Johann HeinrichMaue, ClementBEKER, AnnaDUNCAN, Maria born GEERS (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg)Geers, HeinrichWORDEMANN, CatharinaMaue, ClementBECKMANN, Carolina born Geers---
14 Apr 1874MAUE, Johann HermanMaue, AlbertWEMPE, Helena?KORTE, Anna MariaKorte, ConradESS, Anna MariaMaue, JohannKorte, Margaret---
11 Oct 1911MAUE, PhilippMaue, ClementNot Listed, ChristinaROBBEN, CarolinaRobben, HermanNot Listed, ChristinaMaue, JosephRobben, Maria---
25 Nov 1845MAUEN, Bernard------BECKERS, Margaret Adelheid------KÖBBE (Koebbe), BernardWUBBE, Adelheid---
11 Jul 1843MAUEN, Johann Bernard------KOBBE, Anna Christina------TEISMANN, Johann BernardUSTERMANN, Maria Theresia---
5 Aug 1858MCGHRAGH, William------CLUNE, Margaret------BONGEN, JohnARCHGER, Maria---
29 May 1849MEDEKE, Johann BernardHINCAMP, NepomucMEDEKE, MargarethaTIMPER, Maria ElisabethTimper, TheodorBECKMANN, ElisabethBÜHNE (Buehne), Gerhard HeinrichKRÜPP (Kruepp), Adelheid---
25 Feb 1879MEIER, Christoph AugustMeier, Christoph HeinrichHÖRNSHEMEIER (Hoernshemeier)?, Maria AgnGEISTOR, ElisabethGeistor, BernardENGELMEIER, ElisabethMeier, HeinrichEngelmeier, Christina---
9 Apr 1872MEIER, ConradMeier, ConradMeier, Maria Agnes born BECKMANNRATERMANN, ElisabethRatermann, FriederichWOESTE, Maria ElisabethRatermann, BernardSTÜVER (Stuever), Anna---
5 Jul 1887MEIER, Franz ConradMeier, Heinrich ConradBECKMANN, Maria AgnesALBERS, Maria CatharinaAlbers, Johann GerhardMEIER, Maria ElisabethSTÜVER (Stuever), CarlAlbers, Carolina---
4 Jun 1902MEIER, HermanMeier, JohannEVERS, AdelheidWELLING, Maria KatharinaWelling, Johann T.KEMPER, KatharinaMeier, WilhelmWelling, Clara---
28 Apr 1896MEIER, JohannMeier, JohannEVERS, AdelheidDANIEL, ChristinaDaniel, JohannGERLING, Anna MariaMeier, HermanDaniel, Sophia---
17 Jun 1856MEIER, Johann Heinrich------MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Adelheid------HALLERMANN, JosephKRUIP, Maria Adel---
16 Aug 1881MEIER, Johann HeinrichMeier, Herman HeinrichLENGERS, Maria AngelaABELN, Maria Carol born OLTMANNOltmann, Herman GerhardBURDE, Maria MargaretMeier, Herman HeinrichPEEK, Maria Angela born Oltmann---
24 Jun 1908MEIER, Wilhelm (Born 23 Nov 1884)Meier, JohannEVERS, AdelheidWELLING, Clara (Born 23 Oct 1885)Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaMeier, BernardWelling, Anna---
14 Jan 1920MEIER, WilliamMeier, JohannEVERS, AdelheidWELLING, Anna MariaWelling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaMeier, John H.ZURMUEHLEN, AnnaDispensation for first grade affinity.
18 May 1897MEIRING, TheodorMeiring, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaMÜLLER (Mueller), WilhelminaMueller, DietrichDETERMANN, MargaretDUEPMANN, HeinrichMueller, Josephina---
2 Jun 1926MEIRINK, Edward H.Meirink, M. D., Bernard BECKER, FranciscaSCHLARMANN, Dorothea M.Schlarmann, Theodore WilliamSTUART, JennyMeirink, PaulSchlarmann, Gertrude---
23 May 1843MEIRINKE, Georg------TEVES, Not Listed------SCHLATMANN, HeinrichEVERSGERD, Maria Anna---
12 Aug 1856MENKE, Anton------GRAMANN, Catharina------HAGEN, DietrichALTEPETER, Maria---
18 Feb 1851MENKE, Bernard HeinrichMenke, Herman HeinrichGEHLS, Maria AngelaCOEBBE, Anna MariaCoebbe, Gerhard HeinrichKRIEGER, Maria AnnaHORCHELER, Johann HeinrichGEHRS, Anna Margaret---
11 Jul 1843MENKE, Johann Theodor------BECKMANN, Anna Maria------Beckmann, Franz HeinrichHERMES, Helena---
10 Feb 1927MENSEN, BernardMensen, BernardRUEPKE, CatharinaBRUNS, HenriettaBruns, BernardKREKE, MariaBruns, AlphonseMensen, Anna---
25 Apr 1871MENSING, BernardMensing, JohannFRENSWEGEN, GesinaBURTZ, Helena MariaBurtz, Johann BernardELS___, Helena MariaMensing, Johann GerhardKENNEL, Christina---
14 Nov 1916MENSING, BernardMensing, JohannROLWES, ElisabethHERMELING, MargaretHermeling, WilhelmRIPPERDA, MariaHermeling, WilhelmMensing, Clara---
29 Jan 1929MENSING, Bernard J.Mensing, John ROLVES, ElisabethTHUENEMANN, Rosa M.Thuenemann, JohnHILMES, JosephinaTHEISING, BernardThuenemann, Josephine---
29 Nov 1911MENSING, George Bernard (From Bartelso, IL)Mensing, BernardNot Listed, HelenaTHOELE, JosephinaThoele, HermanNot Listed, RosaThoele, HeinrichMensing, Cecelia---
8 May 1923MENSING, HenryMensing, GeorgeGERKEN, AnnaDEERHAKE, Anna MariaDeerhake, HermanDUST, MariaDeerhake, HermanMensing, Lucille---
12 Oct 1875MENSING, Johann GerhardMensing, JohannNEUHAUS, GesinaROLWES, Anna TheresiaRolwes, Heinrich PhilippALBERS, Anna MariaBUSCHELMANN, Gerhard HeinrichRolwes, Anna Gesina---
9 Nov 1852MERCHER, Wilhelm------GROTE, Wilhelmina------ALBERS, Johann B.Grote, Helena---
23 Oct 1888MERIANS, HermanMerians, StephanESS, Maria MAYER, IdaMayer, WendelinHERBSTREIT, PaulinaREICHERT, OscarKORTE, Christina---
4 May 1852MERIANS, StephanMerians, HermanNIE, Anna CatharinaESS, Anna MariaEss, Herman BernardBOCE, MargaretEss, Johann BernardRIPPERDA, Anna Maria---
27 May 1895MERSCHER, HermanMerscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaFEHLKER, MariaFehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaMÜLLER (Mueller), JohannFehlker, ElisabethThis entry is out of order; appears after Aug and before Sep 1895
4 Feb 1885MERSCHER, Herman AntonMerscher, Carl FranzTHEISSING, Anna MariaTHORBECK, AntoniaThorbeck, Herman HeinrichANGELBECK, Maria TheresiaMerscher, HeinrichBECKER, Maria---
28 Jul 1891MERSCHER, Joseph WilhelmMerscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaEILERING, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Eilering, HermanDUST, MargaretMerscher, HermanEilering, Catharina---
2 Mar 1845METZGER, Johann Valentin------HAMMEN, Rozalia------KNOPF, JohannBARTH, Peter---
5 Feb 1901MEYER, HeinrichMeyer, ConradRATERMANN, ElisabethALBERS, CatharinaAlbers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaMeyer, BernardAlbers, Wilhelmina---
27 Oct 1885MEYER, WendelinMeyer, WendelinHERBSTREIT, PaulinaMERIANS, MargaretMerians, StephanESS, MariaMerians, HermanMeyer, Ida---
29 Sep 1874MICHEEL, BernardMicheel, GerhardWALTER, MariaWELLING, AnnaWelling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaMicheel, BernardWelling, Dorothea---
7 Jan 1879MICHEEL, BernardMicheel, CasparFUCHTMANN, Anna CatharinaEVELD, Francisca born KAYSERKayser, GeorgDOEBBENER, Maria CatharinaMicheel, BernardALLERS, Maria born KayserCompare Kaiser
8 Aug 1871MICHEEL, JohannMicheel, Gerhard___, JohannaRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), GertrudRoeckenhaus, TheodorSCHMITZ, TheresiaMOLITOR, FranzHACKMANN, Maria Gertrud---
21 Jan 1919MICHEEL, Joseph TheodoreMicheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaEVERSGERD, Elisabeth MariaEversgerd, ChristophorWILKEN, Maria Eversgerd, BernardMicheel, GertrudeThie entry is out of order; appears between Sep & Oct 1919 entries. Marriage took place in Shawnetown, IL
23 May 1843MICHEL, Gerhard------WALTER, Anna Maria------NIEWÖHNER (Niewoehner), HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
6 May 1856MICHEL, Wilhelm------SCHWAKE, Catharina------Michel, BernardSchwake, Maria---
12 Oct 1921MICHELS, Alphonse PeterMichels, Arnold B.GISSY, MariaALTEPETER, ElisabethAltepeter, BernardPETERMEYER, Rosa A.Altepeter, AlvinGissy, Adella---
7 Oct 1879MICHELS, Arnold BernardMichels, PeterSTRAAB, CatharinaGISSY, Maria JustinaGissy, CarlAUGUSTIN, JustinaGissy, AlphonseMichels, Catharina---
1 May 1907MICHELS, Johann E.Michels, Arnold B.GISSY, MariaALBERS, LouisaAlbers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaGissy, AdolphMichels, Carolina---
27 Oct 1915MICHELS, Leon HenryMichels, Arnold B.GISSY, MariaDUMBECK, JosephinaDumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaMichels, Alphonse PeterDumbeck, Emma Theresia---
28 Nov 1854MIDDENDORF, Herman------LAGER, Christina------DIEPMANN, HermanWOBBE, Christina---
4 May 1841MIDDENDORF, Nicolaus------HARDEBECK, Anna Adelheid------NORDHAUS, H.PICKMEIER, Theresia---
26 Dec 1839MIDENDERB, Nicolaus------SCHUMACKER, Anna------MERSMANN, HermanTIMMER, Gerhard---
22 May 1866MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Heinrich------JÜDEN (Jueden), Maria Helena------WENDELN, Johann GerhardJueden, Anna Margaret---
14 Apr 1874MOLITOR, CasparMolitor, Franz WilhelmROECKENHAUS, GertrudBECKMANN, Anna MariaBeckmann, WilhelmHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Anna MariaMolitor, WilhelmFOPPE, Anna Maria---
10 May 1870MOLITOR, Franz------SCHROEDER, Maria Agnes------Molitor, HeinrichMEIER, Maria Anna---
30 Jan 1872MOLITOR, HeinrichMolitor, Franz WilhelmRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), GertrudHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), WilhelminaHuelsmann, BernardWIETER, Maria CatharinaMolitor, CasparHuelsmann, Maria---
12 Nov 1861MÖLLER (Moeller), Johann Diederich------HAUCAP, Catharina Elisabeth------HORCHELER, Johann DiederichHEMANN, Anna Maria---
21 Nov 1900MUELLER, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), BernardGROTE, Anna HelenaFEHLKER, PhilomenaFehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaMueller, HermanFehlker, Gertrud---
28 May 1913MUELLER, Bernard (From Breese, IL)Mueller, HeinrichNot Listed, CatharinaHAGEN, MargaretHagen, BenedictNot Listed, MargaretMueller, FranzHAGEN, Cecelia---
13 Feb 1900MUELLER, FrederickMueller, FrederickSCHONHOFF, ChristinaALBERS, JosephinaAlbers, HermanALBERS, CatharinaAlbers, HermanAlbers, Elisabeth---
12 Nov 1895MUELLER, FriederichMueller, CarlPEISTRUP, AgnesLAMMERS, TheresiaLammers, HermanVOSKOERS, MariaSCHLUETER, HermanLammers, Maria---
12 Nov 1895MUELLER, H. JohannMueller, FriederichSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaHAUKAP, Anna MariaHaukap, HeinrichSCHRANDT, Anna W.Mueller, HermanHaukap, Anna---
11 Nov 1913MUELLER, Johann (Widower)Mueller, FrederickNot Listed, ChristinaNORDHAUS, Anna Catharina born FOPPE (Widow)Foppe, JohannNot Listed, MariaKREKE, AloysiusFoppe, Margaret---
29 Jun 1880MUELLER, Johann TheodorMueller, HeinrichDITMANN, Maria AnnaEWESGERD, Maria TheresiaEwesgerd, HeinrichRÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke), Angela MariaKOEBBE, Bernard HeinrichBATKE, Anna Maria---
5 Nov 1929MUELLER, LouisMueller, JohnFOELKER, PhilomenaLUECKING, MariaLuecking, HenryBOHNENKEMPER, CatharineMueller, WilliamLuecking, Joanna---
17 Jan 1860MÜHLMANN (Muehlmann), Clemens------STOFF, Helena Maria------Muehlmann, JosephBROCKMANN, Anna---
27 Feb 1859MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard------KROTE, Helena------Mueller, HeinrichSMÖLE (Smoele), Mathilda---
29 Sep 1885MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard HeinrichMueller, FriederichSCHOENHOFF, CatharinaDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaDueing, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaMueller, JohannDueing, Elisabeth---
3 Feb 1857MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann August------JANSEN, Anna------HULSMANN, FrederickHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Elisabeth---
24 Apr 1883MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Bernard HeinrichMueller, Nicolaus HeinrichKLEMANN, Anna MariaHALLERMANN, ElisabethHallermann, JosephKRIEGER, Maria GesinaHallermann, HeinrichMueller, Josephina---
---MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann FriederichMueller, CarlPEISTRUP, AgnesSURMANN, Maria ElisabethSurmann, Johann ClemensCOERS, Maria ElisabethNIEMANN, HermanMueller, Maria ChristinaPage torn; date is between Feb & Jun 1881
3 Aug 1841MÜLLER (Mueller), Mario------SCHNEIDER, Maria Agnes------JOHANFRANS, JacobHONKAMP, C.---
26 Aug 1873MÜLLER (Mueller), TheodorMueller, HeinrichDIECKMANN, Maria AdelheidDETERMANN, MargaretDetermann, JosephREKER, DorotheaKÖBBE (Koebbe), HeinrichDetermann, Wilhelmina---
2 May 1859MULLER, Frederick------SCHONHOFF, Maria Christina------MÜLLER (Mueller), Carl HeinrichEILERS, Anna Maria---
17 May 1857MURRAY, Peter------MC CLAIN, Maria------MCCLAIN, JosephMcClain, Margaret---
12 May 1857MUSENBROCK, Johann Bernard------TEVES, Gertrud------SCHULTE, GerhardSchulte, Elisabeth---
1 Aug 1876MÜSKENS (Mueskens), Ludwig PhilippMueskens, Ludwig JacobWILMSEN, Maria LouisaKLEINEKORTE, Eugenia WilhelminaKleinekorte, HeinrichOTKEN, HeinrichDEMMING, WilhelmKleinekorte, Maria---
6 Oct 1914NEEDHAM, Joseph William (From Breese, IL)Needham, DanielNORMANSELL, SarahKOHRMANN, JosephinaKohrmann, AugustROLFES, AnnaKohrmann, JosephNeedham, Eleonore---
22 May 1883NEFF, PeterNot knownNot knownHEIDEMANN, PhilomenaHeidemann, TheodorJONES, MariaVOGELSANG, AugustHeidemann, Anna---
13 Feb 1855NETEMEIER, Heinrich------WELAGE, Anna Christina------Welage, BernardNetemeier, Maria Anna---
27 Nov 1906NETEMEIER, Otto (From Damiansville, IL)Netemeier, GerhardHECKENKEMPER, ElisabethROLWES, Katharina (From Aviston, IL)Rolwes, TheodorRÖTGER (Roetger), CarolinaRolwes, TheodorNetemeier, Anna---
22 Apr 1924NETEMEYER, Edward A.Netemeyer, GerhardHECKENKEMPER, ElizabethSCHLARMANN, IsabellaSchlarmann, Bernard H.ALBERS, EugeniaHeckenkemper, FrankSchlarmann, Loretta---
12 Jun 1907NETTELER, Wilhelm (From St. Louis, MO)Netteler, HeinrichMÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock), JosephinaHOFF, MariaHoff, ClementKALLAGE, AnnaNetteler, EdwardSCHRAGE, Anna---
5 May 1915NETTEMEYER, JosephNettemeyer, ConradLAGER, CarolinaWINTER, ElisabethWinter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudHAAKE, ArnoldWinter, CatharinaThis entry is out of order; appears between Oct & Nov 1915.
11 Feb 1862NIEBUR, Clemens------ALBERS, Maria------Niebur, JosephAlbers, Carolina---
21 May 1889NIEBUR, Heinrich Clement (From Breese, IL)Niebur, Bernard ClementALBERS, Maria AnnaSCHLARMANN, Maria PhilomenaSchlarmann, Bernard JosephKAISER, PhilomenaNiebur, FranzSchlarmann, Clara---
29 Jul 1884NIEBUR, Herman JosephNiebur, Johann HeinrichMAUEN, Gesina AdelheidSTOLTE, Maria ElisabethStolte, Johann GerhardDIEKER, CarolinaNiebur, HeinrichALBERS, Elisabeth---
8 Feb 1881NIEBUR, Johann BernardNiebur, Johann HeinrichMAUE, Gesina AdelheidBENDER, Maria ChristinaBender, Heinrich AugustBOSS, JoannaNiebur, Herman JosephALBERS, Anna Carolina---
18 Apr 1893NIEDERSCHMIT, Johann HeinrichNiederschmit, FerdinandBEXTERMÜLLER (Bextermueller), Maria AnnMENKE, Anna ElisabethMenke, AntonGRAMANN, CatharinaMenke, WilhelmGramann, Elisabeth---
6 Jul 1858NIEHAUS, Carl Ferdinand------PILLE, Catharina (Widow)------MAUE, HeinrichGEHRS, Elisabeth---
27 Apr 1842NIEMANN, Diderich Heinrich------SCHRÖER (Schroeer), Anna Maria------Niemann, JosephNiemann, Maria Anna---
25 Jan 1853NIEMANN, Dietrich Heinrich------GRAMANN, Maria------Niemann, JosephGramann, Catharina---
4 May 1846NIEMEYER, Georg------HAARTÖBBEN (Haartoebben), Theresia------HOLZEMANN, AntonVOGT, ElisabethPossibly a second marriage after a civil marriage.
16 Oct 1912NIEMEYER, Joseph (From Breese, IL)Niemeyer, CarlNot Listed, WilhelminaBOHNENKEMPER, SophiaBohnenkemper, BernardNot Listed, Maria Bohnenkemper, FrederickNIEDHAM, Eleanor---
19 Feb 1867NORDHAUS, Johann------SCHALKAMP, Maria Anna------HECKENKEMPER, JosephSchalkamp, Anna Margaret---
30 Apr 1895NORDHAUS, JohannNordhaus, JohannSCHALKAMP, MariaHOLTMANN, MariaHoltmann, ClementFRERKER, ElisabethRENSCHEN, HeinrichFrerker, Anna---
15 Feb 1928NORDHAUS, JosephNordhaus, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaMUELLER, IreneMueller, JohnFEHLKER, WilhelminaNordhaus, EdwardMueller, Emma---
8 May 1866NORDMANN, Bernard (From Breese, IL)------BOHNENKEMPER, Anna Maria Regina------MEIER, ConradBohnenkemper, Elisabeth---
9 Feb 1869NORDMANN, Johann------ESS, Maria Anna born STORMStorm, Not Listed---FÄRMANN (Faermann), HermanMIDDENDORF, Anna Theresia born LAGER---
15 Feb 1870NORDMANN,. Johann Ferdinand------KORTE, Anna Gesina------Korte, HermanFEHRMANN, Elisabeth---
5 Aug 1914NORRENBERNS, Frank (From Ankum, Hanover)Norrenberns, TheodorHAVERMANN, MariaSCHERMANN (SHERMAN), Francisca born SCHMITZSchmitz, FranzDECKSTEIN, GertrudDEERHAKE, AndrewEISELE, Anna---
3 Apr 1894NORRENBERNS, Franz (From Ankum, Hanover)Norrenberns, TheodorHAVERMANN, MariaFRERKER, CatharinaFrerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaKORTE, AugustFrerker, Anna---
5 Mar 1842NORTHAUS, Herman------DINGWERTH, Anna Maria------HARWERTH, DiderichBRÜNING (Bruening), Theresia---
5 Feb 1861OHLMAYER, Herman------GERLING, Maria------Gerling, Johann HeinrichBROCKMANN, Bernardina---
9 Apr 1872OLLIGES, Johann HeinrichOlliges, NicolausBUDDE, MariaWENDELEN, MariaWendelen, WenceslausSCHÜTTE (Schuette), ElisabethOlliges, NicolausWOBBE, Elisabeth---
4 May 1880OLLIGES, Johann HeinrichOlliges, NicolausBUDDE, Anna MariaMÖLLER (Moeller), Helena MariaMoeller, Johann JosephHENRICHS, Anna CatharinaWOBBE, BernardSURMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
13 Apr 1880OLLIGES, NicolausOlliges, NicolausBODDE, MariaKÜTER (Kueter), AnnaKUETER, TheodorBURTZ, MariaKueter, BernardFEHRMANN, Anna---
12 Apr 1842ONIGMANN, Bernard Heinrich------PICKMEIER, Anna Maria------KÖSTER (Koester), B. Ch.------
17 Apr 1849OSTENDORF, JosephOstendorf, Johann HeinrichWOLFERN, Maria CatharinaEILERS, Maria MargarethaLITMEIER, Johann BernardEILERS, Susanna MariaSANTEL, Johann HeinrichROLFES, Anna Maria---
29 Jun 1846OSTERMANN, JosephOstermann, HeinrichSOLET, GesinaLUEPKE, Margaret AdelheidLuepke, HeinrichDINGREVE, AdelheidGESHARMAN?, HeinrichSLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
20 Oct 1915OSTMANN, Johann Martin (From Sts Peter & Paul Church in St. Louis, MO)Ostmann, ClementVOX (FOX), CarolinaWINKLER, Maria TheresiaWinkler, JohannSTROOT, CatharinaWinkler, GeorgeKOCH, Christina---
19 Feb 1846OTKE, Johann Heinrich------WEHBERG, Anna Maria------WESTMANN, Johann HeinrichOtke, Maria Catharina---
21 Oct 1856OTKEN, Gerhard------SCHMELER,Maria------Otken, GerhardGROTE, Anna Helena---
13 Nov 1849OTTKE, Gerhard HeinrichOttke, Gerhard HeinrichUNSTERMANN, Anna AdelheidDETTMANN, Maria CatharinaDettmann, Herman HeinrichSCHAEFFER, Maria CatharinaDettmann, Herman HeinrichHOELSKE, Gertrud---
28 Jan 1842OTTKENS, Wilhelm (Child)Ottkens, Gerhard HeinrichUNSTERMANN, Maria Anna---------TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm (A sponsor)---This entry is a baptism & is crossed out
27 Sep 1841OTTO, Anton------QUINE, Anna------HONKAMP, Francis JosephLÖERS (Loeers), Stephan---
4 Sep 1900OVERBERG, Herman (From Oltenlinden, Germany)Overberg, RudolphBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), ChristinaSIEBENBÖRGER (Siebenboerger), Christina (From Wettrup, Germany)WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), HeinrichFANGMEIER, ChristinaFOPPE, Bernard HeinrichFoppe, Maria Anna---
23 Nov 1869PARK, Wilhelm------TÖNSEN (Toensen), Elisabeth------FOPPE, Bernard HeinrichToensen, Dorothea---
17 Aug 1869PEECK, Johann Abel------OLTMANN, Maria Angela------SCHÖNHÖFT (Schoenhoeft), GerhardRUMP, Anna---
1 Sep 1874PELTIES, AntonPelties, Gerhard JohannBRUNS, HelenaKÖBBE (Koebbe), Gesina Francisca born EWERSEwers, FranzALBERS, Helena MariaPelties, HeinrichWALLERS, Anna Maria born ALLERS---
14 Aug 1876PELTIES, AntonPelties, Gerhard JohannBRUNS, HelenaBOLK, Henrietta CorneliaBolk, HeinrichWELLING, ElisabethPelties, Gerhard HeinrichWelling, Maria---
7 May 1867PELTIES, Gerhard Heinrich------EWESGERD, Angela Maria born RUBBELN_?Rubbeln_?, Not Listed---DUST, Bernard HeinrichEwesgerd, Louisa born CORS---
26 Oct 1886PELTIES, HermanPelties, Gerhard KORTE, SusannaHACKMANN, CatharinaHackmann, Clemens DIETZ, CatharinaEVERSGERD, GerhardDUST, Maria---
10 May 1892PELTIES, HermanPelties, GerhardKORTE, SusannaRÖTKER (Roetker), HelenaRoetker, WilhelmPICKER, ElisabethHACKMANN, JosephRoetker, Anna---
21 Apr 1909PELTIS, Gerhard Heinrich (Born 15 Dec 1880)Peltis, AntonBOLK, BernardinaBITTER, AnnaMEIER, HeinrichTHIEN, MariaSCHOMAKER, HermanWALLER, Mrs. HenryCompare Pelties
Aug 1839PEPPENHORST, Bernard Heinrich------BERGER, Gertrud------SCHWAKE, ChristopherMEIRINK, Georg---
22 Nov 1916PERRY, Joseph Albert (From New Albany, IN)Perry, AlbertFAGAN, MariaPHILLIPS, IsabellaPhillips, LudwigSCHADER, JosephinaBEQUETTE, LudwigPhillips, Rosalinda---
20 Apr 1858PETERS, Bernard------KORTE, Adelheid------Peters, JohannEIEN, Gezina---
30 May 1899PETERS, GerhardPeters, HeinrichBÜSKEN (Buesken), CatharinaWINKLER, CatharinaWinkler, JohannSTROOT, CatharinaPeters, Johann H.Winkler, Maria---
9 Jun 1868PETERS, Johann------WELLING, Anna Adelheid------ROBBE, HermanMERSCHER, Maria---
24 Oct 1899PETERS, Johann (From Aviston, IL)Peters, HeinrichBUSKEN, CatharinaHECKMANN, RosaHeckmann, FranzREMPE, ElizabethRempe, JosephPeters, Anna---
5 Jun 1860PETERS, Johann Herman------KEUTER, Anna Thekela------KRAMER, Bernard RudolphFICKER, Christina---
21 Nov 1854PFEIFER, Philipp------ISACK, Catharina------Isack, FranzPfeifer, Christina---
4 Sep 1917PILLE, Edward (From Breese, IL)Pille, HeinrichHOLLERMANN, Anna MariaBOEVING, Catharina (From Bartelso, IL)------EVERSGERD, WilhelmEversgerd, Anna born BoevingThe groom was gravely ill.
26 May 1891PILLE, FranzPille, HermanAKA, MariaSCHMITZ, AnnaSchmitz, Otto HeinrichWEFER, MariaKAPP, JacobSchmitz, Catharina---
1 Jun 1889PILLE, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)Pille, HeinrichBREMLAGE, CatharinaHOLLERMANN, JoannaHollermann, Herman HeinrichHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, HeinrichHollermann, Catharina---
4 Sep 1906PINGSTERHAUS, BernardPingsterhaus, WilhelmKUITER, MariaHERMELING, JosephinaHermeling, WilhelmRIPPERDA, MariaPingsterhaus, HermanHermeling, Anna---
28 Sep 1875PINGSTERHAUS, Bernard WilhelmPingsterhaus, WilhelmDIRKSEN, GesinaKÜTER (Kueter), Maria GertrudKueter, Johann GerhardWEIER, Maria AdelheidSCHROEDER, ClemensWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Catharina---
14 Nov 1882PLUME, Theodor JosephPlume, WilhelmUnknownHEMMELGARN, Helena MariaHemmelgarn, Johann BernardKALL, Anna ChristinaHemmelgarn, BernardHEMANN, Elisabeth---
25 Nov 1914POELKER, Bernard Herman ClementPoelker, BernardSCHEWELING, MariaHEYER, PaulinaHeyer, EdmundOLTMANN, CarolinaHeyer, AntonPoelker, Catharina---
16 Mar 1852POHLMAN, Johann Herman (Widower of Maria Catharina HAGENMEIER)------BRUNNERT, Maria Gesina born ESS (Widow of Joseph Brunnert)Ess, Not Listed---TOENGES, Gerhard HeinrichTHEISING, Anna Adelheid---
24 Jun 1851POLE, HeinrichPole, Bernard HeinrichSMITT, Anna MargaretLOLLMAN, MargaretLollman, Johann PeterWILLHELM, AdelheidHART, MartinSIMON, Ferdinand---
3 Feb 1858PÖLKE (Poelke), Theophil------KORTE, Maria Anna------Korte, HermanWELLEN, Maria Catharina---
3 Jun 1924POLLMANN, Henry J.Pollmann, HenryREILMANN, MargaretTHIEN, Anna M.Thien, AnthonyWOBBE, CatharinaPollmann, BenThien, Agnes---
28 May 1878PRIESHOFF, Johann Prieshoff, Herman WINGENBERG, MargaretGAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaGausepohl, BernardHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Anna Maria CathariGausepohl, BernardHOLLERMANN, Anna Maria---
16 Sep 1873PRIESHOFF, Johann TheodorPrieshoff, Herman HeinrichWEHBERG ?, Anna MargaretGAUSEPOHL, Anna MariaGausepohl, BernardWEHLBERGEN, Anna CatharinaWEEHLAGEN, BernardGausepohl, Philomena---
24 Apr 1855RATERMANN, Wilhelm------HAVETEPE, Christina------LAGER, JohannGEHRS, Maria---
1 Jul 1856RATERMANN, Wilhelm------SALLER, Christina---------------
11 Aug 1846RAUSE, BernardRause, HeinrichHÜGING (Hueging), MariaKAULING, TheresiaKauling, HeinrichRAUSON, ChristinaKauling, BernardLEONARD, Gertrud---
11 Aug 1846RAY, AdelbertRay, AdelbertJONSON, Anna MariaKRIEGER, AdelheidKrieger, HeinrichALBERS, MariaSCHNEIDER, Johann HeinrichKrieger, Maria Anna---
7 Mar 1854RECKENHAUSE, Georg------BECKMANN, Catharina---------------
19 Jul 1864REICHARDT, Andreas------BONNENKEMPER, Maria------MAYER, ConradSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria---
29 Oct 1895REICHER, Oscar Reicher, Martin (Maurice?)HERBSTREIT, PaulinaALTGILBERS, AnnaAltgilbers, HermanDEIEN, CatharinaAltgilbers, JosephREMPE, Wilhelmina---
27 Aug 1867REICHERT, Andreas------JÜDEN (Jueden), Anna------FROHOFF, JohannVORNHOLT, Elisabeth---
1 May 1900REICHERT, Heinrich (From Damiansville, IL)Reichert, AndreasJUEDEN, AnnaALTGILBERS, CatharinaAltgilbers, HermanDEYEN, CatharinaAltgilbers, HeinrichIMMING, Anna---
15 Apr 1856REIDELMANN, Herman Heinrich------SCHULTE, Maria Gertrud------Reidelmann, GerhardSchulte, Maria Elisabeth---
12 Jan 1916REILMANN, Bernard HermanReilmann, TheodorKENNEBECK, GertrudSCHLARMANN, Adelheid ElisabethSchlarmann, Theodor H.WELLING, DorotheaHOLTKAMP, JosephMICHEEL, Gertrud---
12 Jan 1858REILMANN, Heinrich------HOLTHAUS, Susanna------Reilmann, DietrichHolthaus, Maria---
23 Apr 1844REINERT, Heinrich------HASKAMP, Maria Gesina------HOLTERMANN, HermanSTROT, Gesina---
8 Jun 1915REINKEN, Johann Bernard (From Petersdorf, Germany)Reinken, AntonMEINERS, HelenaTHESSING (Theissing), Maria ElisabethTheissing, HeinrichTÖNNIES (Toennies), CatharinaMeiners, TheodorThessing, LouisaNote: The name Theissing appears throughout the entry with the first i crossed out.
14 Nov 1905REMPE, Joseph Carl (From Aviston, IL)Rempe, CarlSTUEVER, MariaOLLIGES, Anna MariaOlliges, HeinrichMOELLER, HelenaOlliges, Jr., HeinrichRempe, Anna---
10 May 1898RENSCHEN, HeinrichRenschen, JosephSCHALKAMP, MariaMARKUS, Elisabeth (From Aviston, IL)Markus, FranzLAGER, ChristinaRenschen, AugustMarkus, Anna---
10 Jan 1871RENSCHEN, Joseph HeinrichRenschen, Joseph---NORDHAUS, Maria Anna born SCHALLKAMPSchallkamp, Johann Heinrich---ALBERTERNST, HeinrichHELLING, Catharina---
6 Nov 1860RENSING, Gerhard Heinrich------GAULING, Maria Anna------Rensing, Johann HermanGauling, CatharinaCompare Kauling
30 Jun 1908RENSING, Heinrich (Born 2 Feb 1886 in Damiansville, IL)Rensing, Gerhard H.KAULING, Maria HAAKE, Elisabeth (Born 29 Aug 1888)Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaHaake, HeinrichRensing, Emma---
4 Jun 1918RENSING, Henry George (From Damiansville, IL)Rensing, Herman HeinrichHEINSELMANN, ChristinaMICHELS, CarolinaMichels, Arnold BernardGISSY, MariaRensing, John H.EPLA, Gertrud---
1 Feb 1853RENSING, Johann Herman------COTTE, Maria Catharina------Cotte, HeinrichRensing, Anna Adelheid---
22 Nov 1859RENSING, Johann Herman------HEIDEMANN, Maria------Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKÖTTER (Koetter), Margaret---
19 Jan 1910RENSING, Julius (Born 24 Dec 1883 in Damiansville, IL)Rensing, Gerhard BernardKAULING, AnnaBOHNENKEMPER, Elisabeth Eugenia (Born 22 Feb 1891)Bohnenkemper, BernardNot Listed, MariaBohnenkemper, FredRensing, Mathilda---
17 Feb 1846RIBBERTA (Called), Bernard Heinrich------WEHLAGE, Anna Maria------WESTERMANN, HeinrichFREKA, ElisabethCompare Ripperda
23 Apr 1912RIBBING, Heinrich (From Bartelso, IL)Ribbing, EdwardNot Listed, AnnaPOHLMANN, RosaPohlmann, HeinrichNot Listed, MargaretRibbing, FrankPohlmann, Elisabeth---
10 Nov 1868RIBBING, Johann Eberhard------HÜNE (Huene), Maria Wilhelmina------Huene, AugustBECKER, Anna Gertrud---
18 Feb 1879RIBBING, Johann EverhardRibbing, TheodorTEKE, CatharinaTHIEN, Anna CarolinaThien, HermanMEER, Anna MariaLAMPE, GerhardDUST, Anna---
3 Jul 1843RIBBING, Theodor------TEKE, Catharina------Teke, EverhardTeke, Anna Gertrud---
23 Nov 1886RICHEMANN, Franz HeinrichRichemann, Gerhard HeinrichWIEMEIER, ElisabethMERSCHER, Anna MariaMerscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaMerscher, WilhelmROBBEN, Maria---
2 May 1854RICHTER, Herman Bernard------HILMES, Anna Theresia------Richter, Johann ClemensEILERS, Anna Maria---
5 Apr 1853RICHTER, Johann Gerhard------FELDMANN, Catharina Adelheid------Richter, H. B.Feldmann, Margaret---
13 Jan 1852RICHTER, Johann WilhelmRichter, Johann BernardWILMES, Anna MariaMEIER, Anna MariaMeier, NicolausMEIER, DorotheaRichter, Johann GerhardMeier, Maria---
11 Feb 1843RICKE, Johann Carl------TALLER, Margaretha born DUSTDust, Not Listed---MAUE, Johann C.Dust, Maria---
21 Apr 1926RICKHOFF, BernardRickhoff, JosephWOBBE, EmmaKNIEPMANN, SophieKniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaRickhoff, HenryKniepmann, Christina---
26 Oct 1926RICKHOFF, HenryRickhoff, JosephWOBBE, EmmaLOEPKE, FrancesLoepke, WilliamDUEING, ElisabethEILERS, JosephRickhoff, Anna---
3 May 1898RIEKHOFF, JosephRiekhoff, GerhardMUES, Euphemia MariaWOBBE, Emma (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, Johann BernardOLLIGES, Anna AdelheidHOMANN, HermanWobbe, Maria---
9 Nov 1886RIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichRipperda, Johann JosephMEEMANN, Helena AdelheidSPENGLER, BarbaraSpengler, MichaelSIKA, MariaRipperda, Bernard JosephDÜING (Dueing), Maria Carolina---
5 Feb 1850RIPPERDA, Bernard Heinrich (Widower of Maria Anna ESS)------FELDMANN, Helena AdelheidFeldmann, Johann BernardCORBES, Anna CatharinaKRUEP, Johann GerhardFeldmann, Catharina Adelheid---
15 Apr 1890RIPPERDA, Bernard JosephRipperda, Johann JosephNot ListedKREIMER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Kreimer, TheodorHANNEKEN, MariaWILDHABER, HeinrichKreimer, Margaret---
18 May 1852RIPPERDA, Johann JosephRipperda, Herman HeinrichVINOFF, Anna GesinaMEMAN, Anna AdelheidMeman, Johann HeinrichBODDEN, Anna MariaHILMES, Johann BernardRipperda, Anna Maria---
16 Aug 1853ROBBE, Bernard Heinrich------FRERKE, Maria Anna------HALLERMANN, HermanFrerke, Catharina---
29 Jul 1856ROBBEN, Bernard Heinrich------REBEL, Maria Anna------FRERKE, HeinrichRebel, ElisabethCompare Klein Rebel
4 May 1858ROBBEN, Bernard Heinrich------EIEN, Anna Maria------Robben, Gerhard HermanDULLE, Maria Helena---
16 Oct 1860ROBBEN, Bernard Heinrich------BUSCHE ?, Anna Maria------Robben, Gerhard HermanMIDDENDORF, Carolina---
10 Nov 1885ROBBEN, Gerhard HermanRobben, Bernard HeinrichBUSSMANN, Anna CarolinaKAHRHOFF, Maria ChristinaKahrhoff, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna MariaRobben, GeorgDÜING (Dueing), Maria---
22 Oct 1924ROBBEN, Herman B.Robben, HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaDUEPMANN, Clara R.Duepmann, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), JosephinaWIEGERS, LawrenceDuepmann, Elisabeth---
25 Nov 1896ROBBEN, Joseph AugustRobben, Bernard HeinrichBUSSMANN, Anna CarolinaWIEBLER, Theresia (From Damiansville, IL)Wiebler, WilhelmKUPER, ElisabethFELDMANN, BernardWiebler, Elisabeth---
10 May 1898RÖBKE (Roebke), HeinrichRoebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaDÜING (Dueing), ElisabethDueing, GerhardEILERS, CatharinaDueing, FranzMueller, Anna---
9 Feb 1869RÖBKE (Roebke), Johann Herman------MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria Dorothea------Robke, Johann BernardMueller, Catharina---
24 Apr 1929ROBKE, HermanRobke, HenryDUING, ElisabethKNIEPMANN, PaulinaKniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaRobke, FrancisAlbers, Amanda---
10 Nov 1863RÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Heinrich------SCHONEFELD, Margaret born ASSELAGER (Widow of Johann B. Schonefeld)Asselager, Not Listed---MOLITOR, FranzAsselager, Adelheid---
28 Oct 1908RODDEN, Carl (Born 10 Mar 1882 in Streator, IL; living in New Baden, IL)Rodden, JohannSURTEES, AnnaRENSING, Emma (Born 18 Mar 1884 in Damiansville, IL)Rensing, GerhardKAULING, MariaRensing, JuliusRensing, Mathilda---
5 Feb 1907ROEBKE, FrederickRoebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaALBERS, MariaAlbers, HeinrichDUST, MargaretRoebke, HermanAlbers, Josephina---
14 May 1907ROEBKE, HermanRoebke, JohannMUELLER, LauraALBERS, JosephinaAlbers, HeinrichDUST, MargaretAlbers, HermanRoebke, Elisabeth---
28 Jun 1905ROEBKE, JohannROEPKE, JohannMUELLER, DorotheaFEHR, CatharinaFehr, ClementHEMANN, Elisabeth born ALBESRoebke, HermanHAVERMANN, PhilomenaGroom's last name spelled two ways in this entry.
7 Feb 1893ROEWE, Heinrich (From Lahn, Kreis, Meppen)Roewe, HermanHERMICKE, HelenaCOLLER, Josephina (From Essen, Oldenburg)Coller, FriederichACKENSTAADTE, Maria AnnaRoewe, HermanColler, Maria---
24 Jul 1860ROHR, Johann------BROCKMANN, Anna------JUNKER, JosephBrockmann, Dina---
23 Sep 1845ROLFES, Gerhard Heinrich------BECKMANN, Anna Maria------HEEMANN, HeinrichHeemann, Catharina Elisabeth---
13 May 1862ROLWES, Theodor------TIMMER, Maria Catharina------WIEGERS, FranzMIDDENDORF, Christina---
19 May 1857ROSE, Jacob------WIEMANN, Maria------Wiemann, BernardNORTHAUS, Maria Anna---
3 Oct 1876ROSEN, Anton ClemensRosen, Johann HermanHATTING, Maria ElisabethHILMES, Gesina ChristinaHilmes, BernardTHEISSMANN, Anna Maria CarolinaHilmes, JohannHilmes, Theresia---
17 May 1922ROSEN, Bernard Herman (From Breese, IL)Rosen, Henry GERDERS, AnnaKORTE, Margaret MariaKorte, HermanFEHRMANN, MariaENDRES, AntonHOLTMANN, EmmaThis entry is out of order; appears after Nov 1922
16 Jan 1872RÖTTERING (Roettering), Herman BernardRoettering, Johann GerhardBRUNS, MargaretGERLING, Maria CatharinaGerling, H.RICKERMANN?, ElisabethHENKEN, Johann BernardHAAR, Louisa---
20 Aug 1861ROTTRING, Herman Bernard------BROCKMANN, Dina------Brockmann, JohannROHR, Maria---
16 Jan 1855ROVE, Johann------BRINKER, Regina------MEST, HeinrichCOTTER, Maria---
27 Oct 1874RUMP, WilhelmRump, BernardSCHNIEDERS, MargaretHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Regina Elisabeth born BECKERBecker, FerdinandHAVERKOTTE, Anna MariaHÜNE (Huene), Georg JosephLAMPE, Anna Elisabeth born Becker---
22 Apr 1879SANDER, Johann Sander, Haver??ÜHL, BarbaraVEHNING, CatharinaVehning, Heinrich_ELLEN ?, AngelaKÖLLEN (Koellen), HermanROSEN, Christina born HILMES---
15 Nov 1911SANTEL, HermanSantel, HermanNot Listed, CarolinaHECKMANN, ClaraHeckmann, HeinrichNot Listed, AnnaHeckmann, LeoSantel, Henrietta---
4 May 1841SANTEL, Herman Heinrich------WOLKEL, A. Maria------NORDHAUS, H.PICKMEIER, Theresia---
14 Nov 1843SANTEL, Herman Heinrich------WENDELN, Anna Margaretha born BOCKBock, Not Listed------------
26 May 1914SANTEL, Theodor W. (Originally from St. Louis, MO)Santel, HeinrichACKERMANN, CatharinaSCHOMAKER, Bernardina A.Schomaker, JohnBOLK, HenriettaSchomaker, HermanSantel, Henrietta---
15 Feb 1881SCHAEFFER, NicolausSchaeffer, DominicBOWE, Maria AnnaROHR, Anna born BROCKMANNBrockmann, TobiasBERENS, Anna MariaSCHAEFER, JohannHENKE, Maria Helena born Brockmann---
21 Apr 1845SCHAWESDICK, Caspar Heinrich------HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Anna Maria------OTKEN, HeinrichGERDHABING, Maria Elisabeth---
14 Jun 1892SCHEMEL, Johann (From Bartelso, IL)Schemel, JohannSCHWARTZ, Anna MargaretFICKER, Maria Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaBACH, BlasioMensing, Maria---
24 Nov 1891SCHIERMANN, Gerhard Heinrich (From Carlyle, IL)Schiermann, Johann HeinrichBADKE, L. C.MEIER, Elisabeth born ENGELMEIERGEISTER, BernardENGELMEIER, ElisabethBRINGEMANN, BernardMeier, Catharina---
13 Nov 1901SCHLARMANN, BernardSchlarmann, Bernard JosephKAISER, PhilomenaALBERS, EugeniaAlbers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaSchlarmann, CarlAlbers, Wilhelmina---
16 Jun 1863SCHLARMANN, Bernard Joseph------KAISER, Wilhelmina------Schlarmann, HermanKaiser, Maria Angela---
26 Oct 1852SCHLARMANN, Gerhard------EVERSGERD, Anna Catharina---------------
10 Oct 1854SCHLARMANN, Gerhard------KREKE, Anna Margaret------Schlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichBECKER, Elisabeth---
25 Sep 1877SCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichSchlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichWILKE, AngelaWELLING, MariaWelling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaHEIDEMANN, HeinrichWelling, Elisabeth---
4 Feb 1902SCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichSchlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichWILKEN, AngelaRICHARD, Clara Rosa (From St. Genevieve County, MO)Richard, FriederichWEBER, SophiaSchlarmann, ClementHEMMELGARN, Elisabeth---
16 Nov 1909SCHLAUTMANN, Bernard (Born 2 May 1884)Schlautmann, FrederickSCHALKAMP, AnnaHILMES, Josephina (Born 7 May 1891)Hilmes, JohannKONEN, CarolinaBENSCHEN, WilliamHilmes, Catharina---
9 Nov 1869SCHLAUTMANN, Ernest Heinrich------THEISSING, Maria Elisabeth born WIETERWieter, Not Listed---Schlautmann, Johann FriederichKOCH, Maria Adelheid born Wieter---
28 Apr 1897SCHLAUTMANN, FriederichSchlautmann, HeinrichWIETER, ElisabethSCHMITZ, ElisabethSchmitz, FranzDECKSTEIN, GertrudPEDDE, FranzSchmitz, Anna---
15 Nov 1904SCHLAUTMANN, HeinrichSchlautmann, FrederickSCHALLKAMP, AnnaWELLING, FriedericaWelling, JohannCRUSE, AdelheidSchlautmann, JosephWelling, Augusta---
18 Apr 1871SCHLAUTMANN, Johann FriederichSchlautmann, ChristophorKAMPER ?, MargaretSCHALKAMP, Anna MargaretSchalkamp, Johann HeinrichNETEMEIER, MariaALBERTERNST, HeinrichMIDDENDORF, Sophia---
18 Nov 1862SCHLAUTMANN, Johann Georg------EILERS, Maria Christina------Eilers, Franz JosephSchlautmann, Maria Gertrud---
10 Oct 1906SCHLAUTMANN, JosephSchlautmann, FriederichSCHALKAMP, AnnaKAHRHOFF, AnnaKahrhoff, GerhardTHOELE, BernardinaSchlautmann, BernardROBBEN, Jr., Carolina---
4 May 1897SCHLEPER, HeinrichSchleper, WilhelmFICKER, MargaretHARENBURG, JosephinaHarenburg, Johann HeinrichLANGE, Maria CatharinaFicker, Johann BernardLange, Maria---
4 May 1880SCHLEPER, Herman HeinrichSchleper, Gerhard HeinrichBEENEN, MargaretTÖNNIES (Toennies), Anna MariaToennies, HermanKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaToennies, HermanToennies, Catharina---
11 Feb 1890SCHLEPER, Johann Bernard (From St. Louis, MO)Schleper, WilhelmFICKER, MargaretSPREHE, Sophia ElisabethVORNHOLT, TheodorWACHTEL, ElisabethSchleper, HeinrichMICHELS, Maria born GISSY---
8 May 1907SCHLUETER, JohannSchlueter, HermanMUELLER, MariaMEIER, Catharina "Carrie"Meier, Johann EVERS, AdelheidSchlueter, HermanWELLING, Anna---
20 Jan 1857SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Herman------SCHROAKS, Maria------Schlueter, GustavLAMPE, Maria---
18 Aug 1863SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Herman------FIGGMAYER, Catharina------STOLTEBENN, JosephWESTERMANN, Margaret---
9 May 1882SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), HermanSchlueter, GustavLATTAN, EmiliaMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria ChristinaMueller, Carl HeinrichBEISTRUP, AgnesSchlueter, BernardMueller, JosephinaCompare Peistrup
18 Jul 1844SCHMID, Johann Heinrich------BECKE, Gesina M.------WEMPE, HermanAHLERS, Maria Adelheid---
20 May 1879SCHMIDT, JosephSchmidt, GerhardWIEGMANN, ElisabethTHEISSING, AnnaTheissing, FranzWOBBE, Anna MariaGÖTKE (Goetke), LeonardTheissing, Anna---
23 Sep 1856SCHMIEDER, Sebastian------ARMPRUSTER, Rosa------ISACK, Johann BaptistADAM, Maria---
16 Oct 1894SCHMIT, Carl (From Highland, IL)Schmit, WilhelmJANSEN, BernardinaWILKEN, Maria ElisabethWilken, WilhelmMÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock), BernardinaSchmit, FriederichWilken, Maria---
12 Aug 1856SCHMITT, Anton------KLECKER, Louisa------OTKEN, GerhardSCHMÖLER (Schmoeler), Maria---
20 Aug 1878SCHMITZ, HermanSchmitz, FranzGROOTE, Maria MargaretMUELLER, AnnaMueller, CarlPAISTRUP, AgnesMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichMueller, Maria Gesina---
14 Oct 1884SCHNEIDER, AlonzoSchneider, GeorgPFISTER, CatharinaBONNER, FriedericaBonner, CarlNUMMERICH, SophiaSchneider, FranzBonner, Catharina---
30 Aug 1852SCHNEIDER, Joseph------BERICK, Barbara------Schneider, GeorgBerick, Philipp---
28 Aug 1849SCHNEIDER, NicolausSchneider, PeterISAAC, MariaGREPS, MagdalenaGreps, CasparNot Listed, BarbaraSchneider, PeterGreps, CasparWitnesses are the fathers of bride and groom.
7 Nov 1852SCHNEIDER, Nicolaus------MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina------BITEN, FerdinandSTRAHL, Johann---
3 Feb 1846SCHNIERS, Bernard------AEKOF, Catharina Elisabeth------WOBBE, GeorgBECKE, Catharina---
9 May 1899SCHNIERS, BernardSchniers, Herman HOLTMANN, AnnaMUELLER, Theresia born LAMMERSLammers, HermanVOSKORS, Anna MariaSchniers, FranzKOCK, Anna---
13 May 1924SCHNIERS, Edward J.Schniers, HermanFRERKER, ElizabethWOBBE, Francisca M.Wobbe, HenryGERLING, CatharinaSchniers, AloysiusWobbe, Maria---
7 Nov 1866SCHNIERS, Herman------HOLTMANN, Anna------Holtmann, BernardWEHLAGE, Theresia---
7 May 1895SCHNIERS, HermanSchniers, Herman HeinrichHOLTMANN, AnnaFRERKER, ElisabethFrerker, Johann HeinrichRUMP, Maria AnnaSchniers, BernardRump, Elisabeth---
28 May 1907SCHNIERS, Johann (From Damiansville, IL)Schniers, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaHILMES, MariaHilmes, JohannKOHNEN, CarolinaSCHOENDIENST, HeinrichHilmes, Sophia---
20 Oct 1909SCHOENDIENST, HeinrichSchoendienst, JohannNot Listed, AnnaLINDENBUSCH, ElisabethLindenbusch, WilhelmNot Listed, MargaretSchoendienst, JosephHOLTGRAVE, Katharina---
29 Sep 1920SCHOENDIENST, Herman J.Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaROBBEN, Elisabeth ChristinaRobben, HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaRobben, HermanSchoendienst, Elisabeth---
28 Apr 1885SCHOENDIENST, JohannSchoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaFRERKER, AnnaFrerker, HeinrichWESTERMANN, MargaretFrerker, HermanSchoendienst, Mary---
15 May 1929SCHOENDIENST, JohnSchoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaHEIDEMANN, LauraHeidemann, FrancisRENSHOFF?, RosaFrerker, FrankHeidemann, Hilda---
22 May 1912SCHOENDIENST, JosephSchoendienst, JohannNot Listed, Anna BerthaSCHLARMANN, MariaSchlarmann, Theodor HenryNot Listed, ClaraSchoendienst, HermanSchlarmann, Adelheid---
10 Nov 1915SCHOENDIENST, LudwigSchoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaROBBEN, Maria C.Robben, HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaSchoendienst, HermanRobben, Elisabeth---
17 May 1853SCHOENEFELD, Johann Bernard------WILKE, Anna Margaret------ROBBE, BernardFÜNE (Fuene), Adelheid---
20 Nov 1883SCHOHMAKER, BernardSchohmaker, HermanHÜRING (Huering), AnnaPELTIES, Henrietta born BOLKBolk, HeinrichWELLING, ElisabethAPKE, TheodorMARKUS, Maria---
7 Nov 1899SCHOMAKER, BernardSchomaker, Johann HeinrichBOOK, M. GesinaBECKMANN, MariaBeckmann, JohannGEERS, Anna CarolinaBeckmann, ConradSchomaker, Christina---
21 May 1912SCHOMAKER, BernardSchomaker, HeinrichNot Listed, Maria GesinaHORSTMANN, Maria ElisabethHorstmann, HermanNot Listed, ElisabethSchomaker, GeorgeHorstmann, Clementine---
29 Jan 1913SCHOMAKER, GerhardSchomaker, HeinrichHILLING, Maria HelenaHAUKAP, FranciscaHaukap, HeinrichNot Listed, AnnaSchomaker, BernardHaukap, Sophia---
14 Jan 1862SCHÖNDIENST (Schoendienst), Johann------HOLDMANN, Anna Maria------SCHLARMANN, Gerhard HeinrichLAMPEN, Elisabeth---
23 Apr 1872SCHROEDER, Franz HeinrichSchroeder, Franz HeinrichBECKMANN, MariaDIERKES, Maria ElisabethDierkes, Johann HeinrichDIECKMANN, Catharina AgnesSchroeder, Joseph FranzALBERS, Anna Christina---
16 Jan 1877SCHROEDER, JosephSchroeder, FranzBECKMANN, MariaBECKER, MargaretBecker, FerdinandTEKE, CatharinaBecker, BernardKLEINEKORTE, Maria---
5 Nov 1901SCHROER, Gerhard Heinrich (From Meppen, Germany)Schroer, Gerhard HeinrichSCHOMAKER, Maria AdelheidWILDHABER, Anna WilhelminaWildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaSchomaker, HeinrichKORTE, Wilhelmina---
21 Nov 1928SCHUCK, Walter F. (From Collinsville, IL)Schuck, JohnRAKE?, ClaraKNUE, Francisca A.Knue, BernardPEEK, MathildaEVERSGERD, HenrySchuck, Amanda---
10 Sep 1913SCHULTE, BernardSchulte, GerhardNot Listed, AnnaDUST, Rosa (From Breese, IL)Dust, HermanNot Listed, LouisaSchulte, GeorgeDust, Franz---
29 Apr 1884SCHULTE, FranzSchulte, Johann BernardBOCKHORST, Catharina MariaLINNEMANN, AnnaLinnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), TheodorKREIMER, Anna---
1 Sep 1920SCHULTE, George JohnSchulte, GerhardKORTE, AnnaBECKMANN, Christina CatharinaBeckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaSchulte, JosephBeckmann, Eugenia---
22 Apr 1884SCHULTE, GerhardSchulte, Johann BernardBOCKHORST, Catharina MariaKORTE, Anna ElisabethKorte, Johann HeinrichLÜBE (Luebe), Maria GesinaDULLE, WilhelmKorte, Maria Catharina---
12 May 1857SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard------TEVES, Anna Maria------Teves, Johann HeinrichSchulte, Maria Gertrud---
26 Apr 1870SCHULTE, Theodor------WEHLAGE, Theresia------DUST, GerhardMERSCHER, Anna---
8 Feb 1870SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Heinrich------ALBERS, Maria Elisabeth------SCHWAKE, BernardDIERKES, Elisabeth---
10 Aug 1858SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Johann Bernard------HARMES, Anna Maria------BERNZEN, Johann HeinrichHarmes, Maria Anna---
15 Jun 1904SCHURMANN, Edward (From Carlyle, IL)Schurmann, HeinrichALBERS, ElisabethROLFES, AnnaRolfes, Johann BernardSPIEKER, CarolinaRolfes, Heinrich H.Schurmann, Carolina---
4 Sep 1849SCHWACKE, Christophor (Widower of M. Angela HOHNEBRING)------SCHUERMANN, Angela born BEHLMANN (Widow of Peter Schuermann)Behlmann, Not Listed---BOEHNEN, Johann BernardBoehnen, Margaret Adelheid (Mrs. Johann ---
23 May 1906SCHWARZ, Franz Joseph (From Breese, IL)Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaDUMBECK, AnnaDumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaPLUM, LudwigDumbeck, Josephina---
29 Apr 1884SCHWER, Johann H. G.Schwer, AlbertBEHNE, Anna MargarethaBOLLMER, Anna MariaBollmer, Johann HermanWESSING, Margaret ElisabethHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), HeinrichDULLE, Euphemia---
4 Jan 1845SCHWIEPENSTETE, Georg------STRATMANN, Maria Gertrud------NIEWÖNER (Niewoener), HeinrichStratmann, Anna Catharina---
23 Jan 1918SHANNON, Francis Edward (From East St. Louis, IL)Shannon, Ernest EdwardADLER, TheresiaMERSCHER, Josephina MariaMerscher, AntonTHORBECK, AntoniaKREKE, Aloysius F.Merscher, Catharina M.---
20 May 1873SICKA, MartinSicka, MartinRIJANEK, DorotheaFEHRMANN, MariaFehrmann, HermanSCHLOETER, MargaretTHIEN, HermanFehrmann, Maria---
22 Jan 1884SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), HeinrichSiebenbuerger, HeinrichDETERMANN, Maria AnnaWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), TheresiaWuebbels, HeinrichFANGMEIER, ChristinaDetermann, HeinrichFangmeier, Carolina---
16 Aug 1864SIEVES, Bernard------KLOSTERMANN, Sophia Elisabeth------HEMMELGARN, TheodorTHEISSING, Elisabeth---
12 Apr 1858SINGLER, Mathias------OSWALD, Magdalena------Singler, BernardIPPERT, Maria---
27 Oct 1863SLOOT, Gerhard------MENSING ?, Maria------MAYER, ConradROLVES, Elisabeth---
9 May 1876SOMMER, Gerhard JosephSommer, JosephWIECH__, ElisabethDUMBECK, Anna PhilippinaDumbeck, Carl JosephMERSCHER, Anna Maria CarolinaUSSELMANN, LudwigWELLING, Maria---
30 Aug 1881SPAETH, ConradSpaeth, FaustinGANS, AdelheidKEMPER, Anna MariaKemper, FranzALERS, CatharinaSpaeth, JohannHEGER, Anna---
9 Sep 1841SPECKMANN, Franz------MORSIC ?, Maria------Speckmann, HeinrichHONKAMP, Catharina Elisabeth---
17 Feb 1846SPEKMANN, Franz------SCHNEIDER, Anna Maria------Schneider, Johann HeinrichKRIBMANN, Gertrud---
23 Feb 1892SPENGLER, Adam (From Millstadt, IL)Spengler, MichaelSIKA, MariaWINTER, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)Winter, JosephSANDMEIER, Anna MariaWinter, FranzKREKE, Margaret---
4 Feb 1857SPICKER, Bernard------MENKE, Maria Elisabeth------MIDDENDORF, HermanMenke, Catharina---
29 May 1849SPREER, Gerhard Heinrich Spreer, Ludwig MathiasWEDMANNS, GertrudMATTEM, AgnesMattem, FranzNOBBEL, AnnaSIEBENBERGER, HeinrichDICKMANNS, Agnes---
3 Aug 1904SPREHE, AugustSprehe, FranzVORNHOLT, SophiaROEBKE, MariaRoebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaSprehe, JohannRoebke, Elisabeth---
4 Jun 1861SPREHE, Franz------VORNHOLT, Sophia------HAUKAPP, FranzVornholt, Carolina---
25 Jul 1906SPREHE, JohannSprehe, FranzVORNHOLT, SophiaSCHLAUTMANN, MariaSchlautmann, FriederichSCHALKAMP, AnnaSprehe, HeinrichSchlautmann, Anna---
19 Feb 1878STAHL, Johann HeinrichStahl, Johann HeinrichACKERMANN, ClaraKEMPER, Louisa born KLECKERKlecker, Carl HeinrichVIEVEN, Maria CarolinaWOESTMANN, EverhardHEMPEN, Catharina born HERMANN---
24 Oct 1882STAMMEN, AlbertStammen, PeterHARTINGS, ElisabethTÖNNIES (Toennies), CatharinaToennies, BernardDUST, MargaretToennies, HeinrichGESENHUES, Gertrud---
25 Jul 1876STEILING, FranzSteiling, HeinrichMARTEN, AgnesMERSCHER, WilhelminaMerscher, WilhelmGROOTE, WilhelminaSteiling, HermanMerscher, Maria---
12 Oct 1852STEILING, Heinrich------CLUMPE, Agnes born MATTENMatten, Not Listed---HAAR, BenedictWOESTMANN, Catharina---
18 May 1897STEILING, TheodorSteiling, HeinrichMARTEN, AgnesSCHLUETER, CatharinaSchlueter, HermanFIGGEMEIER, CatharinaWESTERFELHAUS, HeinrichSchlueter, Anna---
7 Nov 1882STEMPEL, FranzStempel, BernardSIEBERS, Elisabeth GertrudKRIEGER, Maria ChristinaKrieger, Johann BernardWEMPE, Maria AnnaWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Johann GerhardBOOK, Anna Maria---
26 Aug 1862STEMPEL, Johann Heinrich------HOCKEL, Josephina------Stempel, FranzDEIN, Elisabeth---
29 Jan 1855STENKER, Herman Heinrich------WILKEN, Maria Elisabeth------Wilken, HeinrichHEIMANN, Josephina---
27 Apr 1858STEVENS, Bernard------RIPPERDA, Catharina Wilhelmina------FÖRK (Foerk), WilhelmFELDMANN, Anna Margaret---
17 Aug 1841STÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Johann Herman------WASKEFORT, Theresia born BUCHHOLSBuchhols, Not Listed---NORDHAUS, HermanMOREHENNERS, Maria A.---
22 Jan 1855STÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Johann Herman------TÖNNIES (Toennies), Henrietta------LEONARD, EverhardALSEN, PhilomenaThis appears to be a duplicate of 16 Jan 1855 marriage with a different wife.
24 Nov 1874STOCKMANN, AntonStockmann, HermanHAAR, Louisa?HAVERMANN, Anna MargaretHavermann, GerhardGREFENKAMP, ElisabethStockmann, BenedictWENNEKE, Anna Angela---
21 Aug 1877STOCKMANN, AntonStockmann, HermanHAAR, LouisaEWESGERD, MargaretEwesgerd, HeinrichRÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke), Anna MariaStockmann, HermanEwesgerd, Theresia---
18 Feb 1879STOCKMANN, BenedictStockmann, HermanHAAR, LouisaEWESGERD, Anna GertrudEwesgerd, HeinrichRÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke), Anna MariaBATKE, GerhardEwesgerd, Theresia---
16 Jan 1855STOCKMANN, Johann Herman------WILKEN, M. Elisabeth------LEONARD, EverhardALSEN, PhilomenaThis appears to be a duplicate of 22 Jan 1855 marriage with a different wife.
7 Apr 1862STOFF, Gerhard Heinrich------HOMANN, Anna Theresia------Stoff, Johann HeinrichHomann, Maria Anna---
15 Nov 1898STRAKE, Franz (From Breese, IL)Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaHOFFMANN, Carolina (From Carlyle, IL)Hoffmann, HeinrichDETERS, AnnaStrake, BernardHoffmann, Maria---
21 Feb 1905STRAKE, Georg (From Breese, IL)Strake, AlbertOBEN, MariaHAAKE, ChristinaHaake, JohannALBERS, AnnaStrake, HeinrichHaake, Elisabeth---
2 Nov 1851STRAUBB, Georg------METZIER, Maria------ROSSE, JacobSTEPTH, Not Listed---
3 Jul 1849STROHMANN, Gerhard HeinrichStrohmann, Johann HeinrichKROENE, ElisabethGERBERSMANN, Maria GertrudGerbersmann, Johann BernardSTROTMANNS, Maria GertrudDITSCH, Johann BernardBUSCHKE, Christina---
14 Feb 1854STROOT, Heinrich------BURRICHTER, Anna---------------
16 May 1843STROT, Johann Heinrich------FOPPEN, Maria Anna------Foppe, B.BENTHEN, Catharina---
26 Apr 1892STROTJOHANN, Heinrich (From Herzebrock, Westfalia)Strotjohann, HeinrichSCHLAUTMANN, GertrudWELLEN, Maria Adelheid (From Schlachan, Holland)Wellen, Bernard HeinrichROH, MariaSchlautmann, HeinrichWellen, Anna---
27 Jan 1852STROTMAN, Gerhard (Widower of Gertrud GERBERSMAN)------PETER, Anna MariaPeter, Bernard HeinrichSCHUETTER, Anna MariaPeter, JohannDIETZ, Christina---
29 Oct 1919STRUBHART, Andrew Nicolaus (From Aviston, IL)Strubhart, MatthewGESTNER, MargaretURBAN, Margaret AdelheidUrban, John FranklinTOENNIES, Anna MariaGestner, GeorgeUrban, Anna Catharina---
10 May 1898STUEWER, Joseph (From Aviston, IL)Stuewer, CarlMEIER, ElisabethRENSCHEN, Wilhelmina ReginaRenschen, JosephSCHALKAMP, MariaStuewer, FranzRenschen, Anna---
9 Jan 1872STUKENBERG, FranzStukenberg, BernardBECKMANN, CatharinaSTOCKMANN, CarolinaStockmann, HermanHAAR, LouisaStockmann, HermanHaar, Louisa---
21 Oct 1856STUKENKEMPER, Caspar------TIMMERBERG, Maria------SCHLARMANN, Gerhard HeinrichLAMPE, Margaret---
26 Oct 1880SUHL, AntonSuhl, JohannMÖLLER (Moeller), GesinaBECKER, MargaretBecker, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, HeinrichSuhl, JohannBecker, Regina---
4 Sep 1860SÜTFELD (Suetfeld), Gerhard------MAYER ?, Maria------KLEINE, PhilippSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Elisabeth---
29 Jan 1895SÜTTHOFF (Suetthoff), Heinrich (From Damiansville, IL)Suetthoff, HermanSTEVEN, MargaretBONNER, ElisabethBonner, CarlNUMMERICH, SophiaBREINER, MichaelBonner, Carolina---
24 Nov 1857SWATERS, Jacob------KÜTTER (Kuetter), Anna Theresia------Swaters, JohannWELL, Maria Catharina (Welling/Wellen?)---
2 May 1916TEBBE, August Theodor (From St. Rose, IL)Tebbe, HeinrichMIDDEKE, CatharinaBECKMANN, Emma MariaBeckmann, WilhelmHENRICHS, AnnaTebbe, Henry JohnBeckmann, Sophia M.---
21 Apr 1845TEISING, Clement------LAKE, Tecla born BÜTER (Bueter)Bueter, Not Listed---Teising, BenedictFORTMANN, Maria---
26 May 1845TEISSING, Johann Benedict------BÜTER (Bueter), Maria Helena------WOBBE, B. H.JANSEN, Anna Margaretha---
24 Nov 1868TENFELD, Johann Heinrich------ALBES, Maria Theresia------THIEN, AntonHILMES, Anna---
22 Oct 1850THEISING, BenedictTheising, Bernard AlbertPEITER, Anna HelenaHERMES, Anna Adelheid born ESS (Widow of Gerhard Bernard Hermes)Ess, Not Listed---RIPPERDA, JosephEss, Anna Adelheid---
30 Apr 1861THEISING, Bernard------WILLKEN, Catharina Elisabeth------Theising, JohannKAISER, Maria Francisca---
7 May 1861THEISING, Franz------WIETER, Anna Elisabeth------Theising, BernardWOBBE, Margaret---
24 Jun 1930THEISING, GeorgeTheising, BernardHEGGER, AngelaLINNEMANN, RosaLinnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, ElisabethLinnemann, GeorgeTheising, Maria---
11 Jun 1867THEISLING, Herman Benedict------HILMES, Maria Christina------Hilmes, Johann BernardHilmes, Anna Theresia---
22 Oct 1913THEISMANN, Johann H. (From St. Louis, MO)Theismann, BenedictNot Listed, ElisabethSCHROEDER, Catharina M.Schroeder, JosephNot Listed, MargaretSchroeder, FrederickTheismann, Helena---
5 Aug 1873THEISSING, BernardTheissing, Johann HeinrichSOPE, Anna AdelheidBOOK, Maria Angela born HEGGERHegger, Herman WilhelmMIDDENDORF, MargaretTheissing, Benedict ClemensBook, Rosa born DREISING---
27 Apr 1875THEISSING, ClemensTheissing, Benedict ClemensBÜTER (Bueter), HelenaLAKE, Anna CatharinaLake, HeinrichSCHOO, MariaLake, Johann HeinrichTheissing, Anna---
1 Jun 1880THEISSING, Johann FranzTheissing, Herman HeinrichSOPE, CarolinaLAMMERS, Theresia born VOSKOERSVoskoers, BernardBECKER, ElisabethMAUE, JohannLammers, Maria Thecla born HÖLSCHER (Hoe---
11 Feb 1890THESSING, Heinrich (From Hörsteloh, Westphalia)Thessing, Johann HeinrichLÖDERBUSCH (Loederbusch), AdelheidSTAMMEN, Maria CatharinaTÖNNIES (Toennies), BernardDUST, MargaretToennies, HeinrichSCHLEPER, Anna born Toennies---
20 Aug 1861THEWES, Johann Heinrich------BUNTE, Elisabeth------Bunte, AntonThewes, Elisabeth---
14 Nov 1871THIEN, AntonThien, Bernard HeinrichESS, Anna AdelheidHÜGEN (Huegen), BernardinaHuegen, GerhardERNST, JohannaThien, HermanHILMES, Anna---
8 Apr 1902THIEN, AntonThien, HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), AgnesWOBBE, KatharinaWobbe, HeinrichGERLING, KatharinaThien, FranzWobbe, Emma---
23 Feb 1909THIEN, Anton (Born 22 Jan 1876)Thien, HermanHORCHLER, AgnesDUST, Wilhelmina (Born 12 Aug 1878)Dust, GerhardDETERMANN, WilhelminaThien, JosephDust, Francisca---
19 Feb 1867THIEN, Bernard------KORTE, Anna Maria------Thien, AntonKorte, Gesina---
28 Apr 1891THIEN, Bernard Thien, HermanMEHR, MariaKARHOFF, Anna born WIEBLER (From Damiansville, IL)Wiebler, WilhelmKUPER, ElisabethThien, HermanWiebler, Francisca---
7 Jan 1891THIEN, Bernard (From Amt Lingen, Hanover)Thien, Bernard HeinrichESS, Anna MariaPETERS, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Peters, WilhelmKÖTTER (Koetter), MargaretNORDMANN, FerdinandTÖNNIES (Toennies), Maria---
10 Nov 1896THIEN, Bernard (From Amt Lingen, Hanover)Thien, Bernard HeinrichESS, Anna MariaWIENHOFF, Maria (From Oldenburg, Germany)LANGE, GerhardSTOFF, Gesina MariaKORTE, BernardLÜCKING (Luecking), Gesina Maria---
19 Oct 1897THIEN, HeinrichThien, BernardKORTE, MariaSTERR, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)Sterr, PhilippSIEGAL, MariaThien, HermanSterr, Paulina---
3 Apr 1866THIEN, Johann Bernard------FELDMANN, Maria Elisabeth------Thien, AntonMERSCHER, Maria---
13 Sep 1897THIEN, Johann Bernard (From Amt Lingen, Germany)Thien, Heinrich BernardESS, Anna MariaKRUEP, Anna MariaSCHNIERS, Bernard HeinrichJANNING, Anna MariaEVERSGERD, WilhelmWILKEN, Bernardina---
15 Feb 1870THIEN, Johann Herman------LÖPKER (Loepker), Maria Anna Agnes------Loepker, Johann BernardSCHLEPER, Maria Gesina---
13 Oct 1909THIEN, JosephThien, HermanLOEPKER, AgnesKOHNEN, MariaKohnen, HermanHILMES, TheresiaThien, FrankHilmes, JosephineDispensation for third degree blood relationship.
29 Nov 1922THOELE, Henry GerhardThoele, HermanMEIER, RoseBOLK, ElisabethBolk, CarlTHIEN, MariaLINNEMANN, AloysiusThien, Anna---
25 Oct 1881THOELE, HermanThoele, HermanKOLKER, ElisabethHOETING, RosaMEYER, WendelinHERBSTREIT, CarolinaThoele, AugustThoele, Elisabeth---
27 Oct 1885THOELE, Johann AugustThoele, Herman HeinrichKOLKER, Maria ElisabethSCHLAUTMANN, Anna MargaretSchlautmann, GeorgEILERS, Maria ChristinaKAHRHOFF, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Maria---
15 May 1917THOELE, JosephThoele, AugustSCHLAUTMANN, AnnaNORDHAUS, ElisabethNordhaus, Johann HOLTMANN, MariaThoele, WilhelmNordhaus, Francisca---
17 Jun 1881THÖLE (Thoele), GerhardThoele, HermanKOLKER, ElisabethHOLTMANN, Elisabeth born FRERKERFrerker, NicolausHALLERMANN, ElisabethThoele, HermanFrerker, Maria Catharina born DEIEN---
29 Nov 1928THOME, JosephThome, MathiasSTRUB, ElizabethSTOCKMANN, MariaStockmann, AnthonyEVERSGERD, MargaretSPENGLER, EdwardSpengler, Cecilia---
16 Apr 1929THUENEMANN, AnthonyThuenemann, BernardTHEISSLING, AnnaEVERSGERD, BerthaEversgerd, HenrySTAMMANN, JosephineWELLEN, AlphonseEversgerd, Isabella---
9 Jun 1926THUENEMANN, Bernard (From Albers, IL)Thuenemann, BernardTHEISSING, AnnaNOTHAUS, VerbenaNothaus, FrancisFOPPE, AnnaThuenemann, AnthonyNothaus, Clara---
9 May 1922THUENEMANN, John BernardThuenemann, JohnHILMES, JosephinaRIPPERDA, Catharina EugeniaRipperda, HenrySPENGLER, BarbaraWEYER, FrederickThuenemann, RosaThis entry is out of order; appears after Nov 1922
28 Oct 1926THUENEMANN, Leon (From Albers, IL)Thuenemann, BernardTHEISSING (Theisling), AnnaHAGEN, LeonaHagen, BernardMERSCHER, AnnaThuenemann, AnthonyHagen, Hilda---
13 Jun 1876THÜNKER (Thuenker), Bernard Heinrich Thuenker, TheodorGRAFE, ElisabethBOHNENKEMPER, Maria ElisabethBohnenkemper, FrederickMEIER, CatharinaDIRKES, JosephSTÜWER (Stuewer), Maria---
21 Oct 1924TIMMERMANN, AloysiusTimmermann, WilhelmSPIELMAN, AnnaDUEING, MariaDueing, FrancisWOBBE, AnnaDueing, GeorgeRICHTER, Josephina---
26 Sep 1916TIMMERMANN, AugustTimmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaHAGEN, JosephinaHagen, HermanHERMELING, MariaTimmermann, HermanHagen, Anna Maria---
15 Nov 1904TIMMERMANN, CarlTimmermann, HeinrichRAMING, AntoniaWELLING, BernardinaWelling, JohannCRUSE, AdelheidTimmermann, HeinrichHAVERMANN, Maria---
24 Jul 1860TIMMERMANN, Herman------KAHRHOFF, Maria Anna------Timmermann, TheodorEILERS, Christina---
25 Nov 1919TIMMERMANN, Herman August (From Breese, IL)Timmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaHORENKAMP, Maria AnnaHorenkamp, HenryHACKMEISTER, MariaTimmermann, Frederick JohnHorenkamp, Anna Maria---
26 Jun 1912TIMMERMANN, Johann HermanTimmermann, TheodorNot Listed, Maria KOHRMANN, KatharinaKohrmann, AugustNot Listed, Maria Timmermann, JosephKohrmann, Anna---
30 Nov 1916TIMMERMANN, Joseph GerhardTimmermann, TheodorHOECKELBERG, AnnaHILMES, Olga ChristinaHilmes, AugustALBERS, ElisabethTimmermann, BernardHilmes, Not Listed---
16 Apr 1872TIMMERMANN, TheodorTimmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), AnnaHoeckelberg, HermanBEHNE, MargaretTimmermann, GerhardBECKMANN, Anna---
24 Jun 1890TIMPER, Gerhard TheodorTimper, TheodorALTEPETER, Maria ElisabethDULLE, Anna Helena (From Aviston, IL)Dulle, Heinrich JohannHUNDMANN, Anna GertrudDulle, LambertTimper, Regina---
15 Nov 1887TIMPER, Johann BernardTimper, TheodorALTEPETER, Maria ElisabethHUNDMANN, Catharina ElisabethHundmann, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaTimper, TheodorDULLE, Anna---
18 Apr 1860TIMPER, Theodor ------ALTEPETER, Maria------HINKAMP, TheodorWILKEN, Elisabeth---
15 Jan 1890TIMPER, Theodor Timper, Johann TheodorBECKMANN, Maria ElisabethSILKE, Maria AnnaPOLKLESENER, PeterBECKERKORD, CatharinaALTEPETER, HeinrichMENKE, Catharina born WELLING---
21 Jun 1849TIMPER, Theodor (Widower of Elisabeth BECKMANN)------KREEKE, Maria Elisabeth born CLATTE (Widow of Herman Heinrich Kreeke)Clatte, Not Listed---HINCAMP, Herman HeinrichSTAMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
25 Feb 1862TION, Bernard Heinrich------GAUSEPOHL, Anna Maria born STEMPEL (Widow of Christophor Gausepohl)Stempel, Not Listed---Stempel, Johann HeinrichBEHNEN, Maria Helena---
24 Nov 1903TOEBEN, Herman (From St. Louis, MO)Toeben, Johann TheodorSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), KatharinaFEHLKER, Theresia (Widow, from Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)WESSELMANN, Johann BernardBRUKE, Anna M.Toeben, TheodorDIEKMANN, Carolina---
17 Feb 1852TOENGES, Gerhard HeinrichToenges, Johann GerhardFELDMAN, Margaret AdelheidSTUEVER, Susanna Maria born REINES (Widow of Bernard Stuever)Reines, Not Listed---Toenges, Johann BernardKÜTER (Kueter), Theresia---
3 Jul 1917TOENNIES, Aloysius Francis (From Albers, IL)Toennies, HeinrichSUDHOLT, ElisabethHILMES, Maria FranciscaHilmes, Heinrich JohannJANSEN, Maria Frederica------Parents were the witnesses
13 Feb 1855TOMBACH, Carl Joseph------MERSCHER, Carolina------HOLTMANN, Franz JosephDUST, Maria Adelheid---
14 Oct 1852TÖNIES (Toenies), Johann Herman------KOBBE, Anna Maria------Toenies, BernardALERS, Anna Maria---
31 Jan 1860TÖNNIES (Toennies), Gerhard Albert------WIGMANN, Maria Agnes------RENSING, Gerhard HeinrichWigmann, Anna Maria---
5 Apr 1859TÖNNIES (Toennies), Johann Bernard------DUST, Maria Adelheid------Toennies, Gerhard AlbertKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Margaret---
21 Oct 1914TRAME, Edward J. (From Bartelso, IL)Trame, FrederickBECKER, MariaBUDDE, Margaret TheresiaBudde, HeinrichWEYER, ElisabethBERGMANN, LeonBudde, Josephina---
29 Apr 1873TRAME, FriederichTrame, GeorgLAGEMANN, Maria ElisabethBECKER, Maria ElisabethBecker, FerdinandTEKE, CatharinaBecker, BernardBecker, Margaret---
14 Jul 1870TRIBELHORN, MD., Johann Georg Bernard------TECKLENBORG, Christina------MOLITOR, HeinrichRÖCKINGHAUS (Roeckinghaus), Anna---
5 Nov 1900URBAN, Johann (From Waterloo, IL)Urban, JohannOSBORN, MariaTOENNIES, MariaToennies, Johann BernardDUST, MargaretSTROTHMANN, BernardSthrothmann, Margaret born Toennies---
14 Sep 1921USSELMANN, FrancisUsselmann, WilliamSCHROEDER, AnnaNORRENBERNS, CatharinaNorrenberns, FranzFRERKER, CatharinaUsselmann, William H.Norrenberns, Maria Agnes---
21 Jun 1859USSELMANN, Heinrich------BARMANN, Margaret------OTKE, GerhardNEDEMEYER, Carol---
23 Nov 1875USSELMANN, HeinrichUsselmann, AntonKLATTE, ElisabethDULLE, JoannaDulle, GerhardLOEST, HelenaGRAWE, FranzDulle, Anna---
14 Jun 1870USSELMANN, Herman Heinrich------HAUCAP, Maria Elisabeth born HEMANNHemann, Not Listed---BÄHLMANN (Baehlmann), WilhelmJANSEN, Catharina Maria---
30 Sep 1873USSELMANN, Herman HeinrichUsselmann, AntonKLATTE, ElisabethDULLE, Maria AnnaDulle, GerhardLOEST, HelenaHEMANN, HermanDulle, Anna---
4 Oct 1922USSELMANN, William Henry (From Bartelso, IL)Usselmann, WilliamSCHROEDER, AnnaDEERHAKE, Wilhelmina CatharinaDeerhake, AndrewFRERKER, AnnaDeerhake, BernardUsselmann, Laurentina---
2 May 1843USTERMANN, Joseph------MAUEN, Maria Theresia---------------
10 Aug 1875VAREL, HermanVarel, GerhardFLICKELS, Gesina AdelheidSCHEMEL, MargaretSchemel, JohannSCHWARTZ, MargaretKENNEL, DominicSchemel, Anna---
25 Apr 1906VAREL, Herman (From Bartelso, IL)Varel, HermanSCHEMEL, MargaretPINGSTERHAUS, KatharinaPingsterhaus, WilhelmKUYTER, MariaVarel, LudwigPingsterhaus, Jr., Maria---
20 Nov 1917VAREL, Louis (From Bartelso, IL)Varel, HermanSCHEMEL, MargaretPINGSTERHAUS, Maria TheresiaPingsterhaus, WilhelmKUETER, MariaPingsterhaus, WilhelmSchemel, Magdalena---
8 Jan 1850VELAGE, Albert (Widower of Catharina VEHE)------MERSCHER, Anna MariaMerscher, Herman HeinrichMAUENTOEBBEN, Anna MariaMerscher, Johann WilhelmALBERS, Anna Maria---
10 Apr 1866VENHAUS, Heinrich------JANSEN, Christina------WOBBE, JohannWobbe, Margaret---
24 Apr 1900VIETH, BernardVieth, Herman HeinrichHENCHES ?, CarolinaBAAHLMANN, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Baahlmann, WilhelmNORDHAUS, MariaBaahlmann, JohannVieth, Anna---
2 Apr 1856VOCKE, Gerhard Heinrich------FIDLER, Maria Catharina------KARHOFF, Gerhard H.MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina MariaCompare Focke
28 Apr 1909VOELLINGER, Peter C. (Born 31 Jul 1880 in Belleville, IL)Voellinger, PeterSCHMOSSER, MariaALBERS, Wilhelmina Catharina (Born 22 Apr )Albers, TheodorHOFF, Maria C.GISSY, Eugene J.Voellinger, Cecelia---
7 Feb 1888VOGELSANG, AugustVogelsang, FranzVENNEMANN, MargaretLEONARD, ElisabethLeonard, FerdinandMEIERRINCKE, ElisabethLeonard, Jr., FerdinandWELLING, Catharina---
26 Jul 1842VOGELSANG, Joseph------DINGWERTH, Catharina------HARWERTH, DiderichDingwerth, Theresia---
17 Nov 1931VON BOKEL, Henry (From Breese, IL)Von Bokel, JosephMIDDEKE, ClaraROETTERING, OliviaRoettering, HermanLAMMERS, TheresiaRoettering, EdwinVon Bokel, Katharina---
19 Nov 1840VORNHOLD, Johann Anton Conrad------SOMMER, M. Anna Gertrud------BÖHNE (Boehne), MathiasHUCHHANEWINKEL, Maria---
11 Feb 1851VOSS, Johann Bernard (Widower of Anna Christina FLOTTKOETER)------ESS, Anna CatharinaEss, Johann BernardGEHRS, GesinaVoss, Johann BernardEss, Gesina Adelheid---
19 Apr 1910VOSSHOELLER, Herman (From Pierron, IL)Vosshoeller, BernardNot Listed, BernardinaBUSS, CarolinaBuss, JohannNot Listed, MariaBuss, BernardVosshoeller, Christina---
13 Aug 1872WACHTEL, MarcusWachtel, MartinBURGHARDT, Anna MariaSURMANN, Elisabeth born KOORSKoors, Bernard HeinrichNIEMANN, Maria ElisabethKoors, ClemensVORNHOLT, Sophia---
1 Sep 1840WACHTEL, Mario------MEIER, Elisabeth born BEHAGEN Behagen, Not Listed---KRÜIP (Krueip), HeinrichNIEMANN, H.---
20 Feb 1854WALLANG, Paul------MÜLLER (Mueller), Francisca------HEMIG, JohannKLECKER, Elisabeth---
31 Jan 1882WALLER, Bernard HeinrichWaller, Herman BernardSCHMITZ, ElisabethWERNER, Anna MariaGOERS, Johann JosephENGELSPIEKER, AnnaWaller, Johann BernardLINNEMANN, Anna Christina---
2 Apr 1849WALLER, Bernard Heinrich (Widower of Maria Catharina NABE)------EILERS, Maria Anna born HILMES (Widow of Bernard Laurent Eilers)Hilmes, Not Listed---Waller, Johann BernardHilmes, Elisabetha---
6 Oct 1874WALLER, ClemensWaller, Johann BernardDALL, Anna AngelaHILMES, AnnaHilmes, Johann HeinrichOTTEN, ElisabethHilmes, TheodorWaller, Anna---
19 Feb 1908WALLER, Clement (Born in Hanover, Germany)Waller, Johann BernardDAHL, AngelaSCHOMAKER, Bernardina (Born in Holland, living in Bartelso, IL)BOLK, HeinrichWELLING, ElisabethHILMES, BernardHEGGER, Maria---
20 Apr 1875WALLER, HeinrichWaller, BernardALERS, Margaret ALBERS, Anna ChristinaAlbers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Anna MariaAlbers, Johann HeinrichWaller, Anna Maria---
30 Aug 1921WALLER, Herman FrederickWaller, ClementWELLEN, CatharinaSCHOMAKER, Cecelia GesinaSchomaker, John BernardBOLK, HenriettaWaller, WilliamHEGGER, Maria---
23 Jun 1885WALLER, J. ClemensWaller, Johann BernardDALL, AngelaWELLEN, CatharinaWellen, AndreasHOLTMANN, Maria MargaretWaller, HeinrichBUDDE, Anna---
29 Sep 1847WALLER, Johann Bernard------ALLERS, Anna Margaretha------DUST, Johann HermanKOEBBE, MariaBride's last name could be Albers
22 Apr 1884WALLER, Johann BernardWaller, Herman BernardSCHMITZ, ElisabethREDERT, MariaKRAEUTZ, IgnatiusHEINS, CatharinaWaller, HeinrichHEITKAMP, Josephina---
21 Oct 1908WALLER, Johann Heinrich (Born 23 Apr 1879)Waller, ClementHILMES, AnnaSCHOMACKER, Elisabeth Ida (Born 4 Nov 1884)Schomacker, JohannBOLK, BernardinaHilmes, HeinrichSchomacker, Bernardina---
3 May 1892WARDEIN, Joseph (From Austria)Wardein, LaurentGRABSHEIT, FranciscaTIMPER, ReginaTimper, TheodorALTEPETER, Maria ElisabethWardein, MathiasTimper, Maria---
18 Oct 1859WASMANN, Conrad------BRECKWEG, Maria Anna------TIMMER, LucasALBERS, Maria---
8 Aug 1882WEBER, AntonWeber, TheodorTHOELE, ElisabethKRAKEN, AnnaKraken, JohannFUSS, AnnaDRENTEN, BernardTÜNKE (Tuenke), Catharina---
26 Apr 1853WEBER, Theodor------LÜBER (Lueber), Anna Maria------HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AntonTEVES, H.---
16 May 1843WEHLAGE, Johann Heinrich------ESS, Anna Maria------WOBBE, H.RICKE, J. Albert---
27 Feb 1859WEHLAGE, Joseph------ILLIES, Catharina------Wehlage, BernardSCHALLKAMP, Maria Wilhelmina---
16 Apr 1843WEIDNER, Hieronymus------HIRSCH, Magdalena------Hirsch, JohannRODLER, Johann Georg---
3 Apr 1883WEIER, Bernard ClemensWeier, HeinrichBISCHOFF, Maria AnnaRIPPERDA, Anna CatharinaRipperda, Johann JosephLEHMANN, Helena AdelheidTÖNNIES (Toennies), AlbertRipperda, Margaret---
30 May 1923WEIER, FredWeier, ClemensRIPPERDA, AnnaSCHLEPER, EleonoreSchleper, HenryHARENBERG, JosephinaWeier, HenrySchleper, Margaret---
9 Apr 1856WEKAMP, Gerhard Heinrich------KRUSE, Maria Elisabeth------TÖNNIES (Toennies), BernardLAGER, Christina---
23 Apr 1860WELLEN, Andreas------HOLDMANN, Maria------BRUKHOF, HeinrichLANGERS, Anna---
9 Jun 1853WELLEN, Johann Bernard------RENSING, Anna Maria------Rensing, GerhardRensing, Anna Adelheid---
14 Oct 1856WELLEN, Johann Heinrich------WUBBEN, Anna Maria------Wellen, AndreasEILERS, Anna Maria---
22 Nov 1858WELLING, Gerhard------HENNING, Maria Adelheid (Widow)------Welling, JohannEVES, Maria Gesina---
15 Dec 1864WELLING, Johann------KRUSE ?, Euphemia Adelheid------Welling, JohannJANSSEN, Bernardina---
3 Nov 1857WELLING, Johann Jacob------JANSEN, Maria Henrietta ------Jansen, BernardALTPETER, Maria---
29 Sep 1874WELLING, Johann TheodorWelling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaKEMPER, CatharinaKemper, FranzALERS, CatharinaSCHMITZ, HeinrichKemper, Christina---
15 Feb 1843WENDELEN, Herman Gerhard------BOCK, Anna Margaretha------FICKER, LambertHONKOMP, Catharina---
11 Dec 1862WERNER, Jodocus------GOERS, Anna Maria------Goers, DennisMAIEY (Maier?), Maria---
23 Apr 1901WESSELS, Liborius (From St. Libory, IL)Wessels, HeinrichKAHLE, Maria AnnaMOLITOR, GertrudMolitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaMolitor, HeinrichWessels, Anna---
12 Jan 1875WESSELS, LucasWessels, HermanJANSSEN, TheclaMAUE, MariaMaue, ClemensBEKER, Elisabeth AdelheidMEIER, AloysiusMaue, Margaret---
24 Apr 1917WESSLING, BernardWessling, LudwigROEVERMANN, PhilomenaRIPPERDA, AnnaRipperda, HeinrichSPENGLER, BarbaraWessling, GeorgeRipperda, Eugenia---
5 Sep 1871WESTERFELDHAUS, HeinrichWesterfeldhaus, EverhardFRANKENFELD, Anna MariaMARTEN, GertrudMarten, FranzNOBBE?, CatharinaRECKEWERD, HeinrichSTEILING, Josephina---
25 Jun 1902WESTERFELHAUS, HeinrichWesterfelhaus, HeinrichMARTEN, GertrudKOCH, Maria ElisabethKoch, HermanWIETER, MariaKoch, Herman NicolausSTEILING, Agnes---
19 Nov 1850WESTERMANN, Carl JosephWestermann, OttoBRAND, IdaCOEBBE, Maria AnnaCoebbe, BernardVOSS, Anna Maria GesinaCoebbe, HeinrichCoebbe, Anna Maria---
3 Jul 1849WESTERMANN, Johann Frederick WilhelmWestermann, OttoBRAND, IdaOTTKE, Maria ElisabethOttke, Gerhard HeinrichUNSTERMANNS, Maria AdelheidWestermann, Carl JosephOttke, Margaret---
9 May 1865WESTERMANN, Johann Heinrich------SCHONHOFF, Anna Maria------Schonhoff, JohannMILLER, Catharina---
2 Jan 1877WESTERMANN, Johann HermanWestermann, JosephKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria AnnaVOGELSANG, Maria CatharinaVogelsang, FranzVENNEMANN, MargaretWestermann, Bernard HeinrichVogelsang, Anna Catharina---
30 Jul 1856WESTERMANN, Wilhelm------MEIER, Maria Louisa------Westermann, HermanMeier, Sophia---
6 Sep 1854WESTERWINTER, Johann Joseph Liborius------LANDMEIER, Anna Maria------PEPPING, HermanMEIER, Maria---
18 Oct 1921WEYER, WilliamWeyer, ClementRIPPERDA, Anna THIEN, CatharinaThien, AntonWOBBE, CatharinaWeyer, FrederickThien, Agnes---
6 Apr 1880WICHMANN, GerhardWichmann, HeinrichHOEGEMANN, MargaretDULLE, AnnaDulle, GerhardLOEST, HelenaDulle, WilhelmDulle, Euphemia---
30 May 1843WIDMER, Christophor Alois------SCHNEIDER, Maria Ursula------BITTER, Johann ReinoldSchneider, Anna Maria---
19 Oct 1915WIEBLER, William (From Damiansville, IL)Wiebler, WilliamNIEMANN, Anna MariaWILDHABER, PaulinaWildhaber, HenryKORTE, ElisabethWildhaber, MainulphROBBEN, Della---
11 Nov 1879WIEGERS, FranzWiegers, FranzHEMANN, CatharinaHUSER, Anna Catharina born KALLKALL, Johann BernardHEMBROCK, GertrudHAUKAP, FranzKÖLKER (Koelker), Carolina born Kall---
17 Nov 1868WIEGERS, Johann Franz------FRERKER, Maria------Frerker, Johann BernardHAUKAP, Maria---
12 Jan 1886WIENHOFF, AntonWienhoff, Bernard JosephWINTERMANN, MargaretHARENBURG, Maria CatharinaLANGE, Johann GerhardSTOFF, MariaHALLERMANN, BernardGRÖNE (Groene), Elisabeth born Stoff---
18 May 1869WIETER, Franz Anton------VORNHOLD, Elisabeth------TEBBE, Johann HeinrichWieter, Maria---
22 Feb 1922WIETER, Henry (From Breese, IL)Wieter, HenryKLEIN, HelenTHOELE, SophiaThoele, HermanMEIER, RosaThoele, AugustWieter, Louisa---
14 Apr 1845WIETER, Johann------STOLL, Anna Gesina------DÖRNER (Doerner), PeterDoerner, Maria Anna---
18 Feb 1925WILDHABER, HermanWildhaber, HenryKORTE, ElizabethHEIDEMANN, Catharine R.Heidemann, TheodorDIESTEL, WilhelminaWildhaber, AugustHeidemann, Sophia---
24 Nov 1891WILDHABER, Johann Heinrich Wildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaKORTE, Elisabeth CarolinaKorte, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaKorte, AugustWildhaber, Josephina---
15 Apr 1856WILDHABER, Johann Peter------RIPPERDA, Anna Maria------Wildhaber, Joseph AntonRipperda, Catharina---
3 May 1910WILKEN, AugustWilken, WilhelmNot Listed, BernardinaBRAND, Elisabeth (From Aviston, IL)Brand, MartinNot Listed, HelenaSCHLARMANN, AugustBrand, Anna---
14 Apr 1868WILKEN, Bernard------THIEN, Anna Maria born STEMPELStempel, Not Listed---Wilken, HeinrichThien, Anna Maria born MEER---
19 May 1857WILKEN, Heinrich------USTERMANN, Gertrud------HAGEN, JohannLAMPE, Helena Maria---
23 Apr 1878WILKEN, HeinrichWilken, CasparMENKE, MargaretPOELKE, AnnaPoelke, Gottlieb AmadeusKORTE, AnnaWilken, BernardKÜTER (Kueter), Anna ---
27 Aug 1872WILKEN, Johann HeinrichWilken, Johann CasparLINDLOH, MargaretDIESTEL, Anna TheresiaDiestel, Bernard AntonMAUE, Anna Maria TheresiaWilken, Johann HermanDiestel, Helena Maria---
2 May 1865WILKEN, Wilhelm------MENZENBROK, Bernardina------SCHNIEDERS, HermanFREKER, Catharina---
23 Apr 1895WILKEN, WilhelmWilken, WilhelmMÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock), BernardinaHEIER, PaulinaHeier, HermanSCHULER, MariaHOLTGREVE, MartinWilken, Maria---
20 Jan 1880WINKELER, AlbertWinkeler, JohannWESTER, AdelheidRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Margaret born ORGLAGEOrglage, MartinMENKE, Margaret AdelheidWinkeler, BernardDUST, Anna Maria born Orglage---
15 Jan 1850WINKELER, Johann AlbertWinkeler, Johann EilertWESTER, Anna AdelheidVAN DER HAAR, TheresiaVan Der Haar, Johann HeinrichBERGER, Gesina MariaVan Der Haar, Johann AlbertWELLEN, Christina---
7 Jan 1851WINKELER, Johann AlbertWinkeler, Johann ElertWESTER, Anna AdelheidWELLEN, Anna ChristinaWellen, Bernard JohannLAMBES, Anna HelenaWellen, JohannLOEBES, Theresia---
5 Nov 1878WINKLER, BernardWinkler, AlbertWELLEN, Anna ChristinaWELLEN, CatharinaWellen, Herman BernardMARS, Anna HelenaWinkler, JosephDIESTEL, Christina---
12 Aug 1884WINKLER, ConradWinkler, Johann GeorgREBEHN, Catharina Magdalena DorotheaTHUENKER, CatharinaThuenker, Bernard HeinrichFOECKER, Maria ElisabethWinkler, WilhelmThuenker, Anna---
12 Jun 1877WINKLER, JohannWinkler, JohannREBEHN, CatharinaSTROOT, Margaret CatharinaStroot, CasparDINGWERTH, CatharinaWinkler, ConradTHEISSING, Anna---
2 Sep 1884WINKLER, JosephWinkler, Johann AlbertWELLEN, Anna ChristinaLAMMERS, MariaLammers, Johann HeinrichHOELSCHER, MariaWinkler, FranzLammers, Anna---
1 Mar 1916WINTER, Franz EdwardWinter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudKAHRHOFF, Catharina MariaKahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, Catharina---------
12 May 1914WINTER, Henry FerdinandWinter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudKAHRHOFF, Anna RosaliaKarhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, KatharinaWinter, FranzKahrhoff, Katharina---
19 May 1885WOBBE, BernardWobbe, BernardWIENHOFF, MargaretKNIEPMANN, AnnaKniepmann, GerhardHERMELING, AnnaHEMANN, BernardHermeling, Bernardina---
10 May 1911WOBBE, George (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, Johann BernardNot Listed, AnnaLUEBKE, MariaLuebke, WilhelmNot Listed, ElisabethWobbe, BernardLuebke, Anna---
28 May 1872WOBBE, HeinrichWobbe, BernardWIENHOFF, MargaretLEHMKUHL, ElisabethLehmkuhl, TheodorNot Listed, ChristinaWobbe, BernardLehmkuhl, Anna---
22 Apr 1879WOBBE, HeinrichWobbe, BernardWIENHOFF, MargaretGERLING, CatharinaGerling, HeinrichRICKERMANN, ElisabethWobbe, HermanFOPPE, Maria born Gerling---
6 Feb 1872WOBBE, HermanWobbe, BernardWIENHOFF, MargaretALTGILBES, SusannaAltgilbes, Herman HeinrichEILERS, Maria HelenaWobbe, HeinrichSANTEL, Rosina---
21 Oct 1857WOBBE, Johann Bernard------FRERKER, Anna Catharina------Wobbe, BenedictFrerker, Maria Elisabeth---
23 Nov 1904WOBBE, Nicolaus (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, J. BernardOLLIGES, AnnaALBERS, SophiaAlbers, HermanALBERS, KatharinaAlbers, JosephWobbe, Maria---
2 May 1846WOERSMANN, Heinrich------OTKEN, Maria------USSELMANN, Alberman HeinrichOtken, BernardinaPossibly a second marriage after a civil marriage.
5 Jul 1859WOESTMANN, Heinrich------ROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), Anna Maria------OTKE, HeinrichLAMPEN, Maria---
7 Oct 1919WOLF, Joseph Henry (From Breese, IL)Wolf, GeorgeVOLLMER, CarolinaMERSCHER, Catharina MariaMerscher, AntonTHORBECK, AntoinettaWEH, AntonWolf, Maria M.---
19 Jun 1855WOLTERS, Bernard Herman------HOFFMANN, Maria Catharina------SANTEL, Johann HeinrichWolters, Anna Maria---
15 Sep 1858WOLTERS, Bernard Herman------SCHENE, Maria Angela------Wolters, TheodorSCHONHOFF, Christina---
8 Feb 1853WOLTERS, Gerhard Heinrich------EILERING, Maria------SANTEL, Johann HeinrichHOFFMANN, Maria Adelheid---
7 Jan 1858WOLTERS, Theodor------HERMES, Maria Anna------Wolters, Gerhard HeinrichHermes, Anna M.---
21 Jan 1841WÜBBE (Wuebbe), Johann Bernard------LÜBKE (Luebke), Anna Angela------ABELN, TheodorBUSCHE, Not Listed---
14 Jan 1845WUBBE, Bernard Anton------JANSEN, Anna Maria------DÖRNER (Doerner), PeterFORTMANN, Maria---
1 May 1860WÜBELS (Wuebels), Johann Bernard------MEER, Maria Helena------HILMES, HeinrichMeer ?, Maria---
14 Jul 1927ZARNARDA, Archibald D. (From St.Louis, MO)Zarnarda, Archibald D.POWERS, Maria E.GEBELEIN, Hazel (Non-Catholic)Gebelein, W. E.GRAF, JosephineZarnarda, Sr., Archibald D.Gebelein, JosephineGroom's last name could be Zernardo?
11 Apr 1893ZEHRER, Michael (From Kotor, Bavaria)Zehrer, GeorgVORNBAUER, TheresiaDÜPMANN (Duepmann), Anna ChristinaDuepmann, HeinrichGÖRGER (Goerger), Anna MargaretZehrer, FranzBRAND, Theresia---
14 Jul 1844ZOPF, Joseph------KLETT, Elisabeth------FREY, Franz JosephZopf, Conrad---

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