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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Sponsor Sponsor Comments
AARNS, Anton Theodor9 Apr 190410 Apr 1904Aarns, WilhelmDEUTSCH, MariaDeutsch, AntonSCHWIERJOHN, AngelinaMarried 23 Aug 1927 St. Anthony Beckemeyer, IL to Elisabeth Isaak; Witnesses: Paul Timmermann & Mary Isaak. See Ahrens
ABEL, Angela Wilhelmina24 Nov 188825 Nov 1888Abel, HeinrichHANENKLAN, Maria Abel, AngelaNIEMEIER, Friederich---
ABEL, Anton7 Jan 190025 Dec 1905Abel, AdolphWALBERG, EmiliaSCHROLL, Anton------
ABEL, Catharina23 Dec 190225 Dec 1905Abel, AdolphWALBERG, EmiliaKAPP, Catharina------
ABEL, Georg Heinrich13 May 189115 May 1891Abel, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria Haneklan, GeorgDeben, Dina---
ABEL, Ludwig Herman29 Aug 189630 Aug 1896Abel, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria DOLLE, HermanCOYLE, Bernardina---
ABELN, Anna Bertha26 Nov 189327 Nov 1893Abeln, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria DULLEN, IdaNIEMEIER, TheodorMarried Aloys Maue 4 Nov 1941; St. Augustine Breese, witnesses: George Maue & Caroline Maue.
ABELN, Gerhard Heinrich (Deceased)31 Dec 18841 Jan 1885Abeln, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria ElisabethHaneklan, Johann HermanSCHUMACHER, Maria Elisabeth---
ABELN, Heinrich Arthur11 Oct 190314 Oct 1903Abeln, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria Haneklan, HeinrichHUELSCAMP, Anna---
ABELN, Johanna Elisabeth16 May 188618 May 1886Abeln, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria ElisabethNORDMANN, JohannaIMMETHUN, Gerhard---
ABELN, Josephina Carolina Francisca25 Sep 190126 Sep 1901Abeln, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria Ahrens, CarolinaAhrens, BernardMarried 2 May 1928 to Anton Gerhard Weisenfeld; Witnesses: Eduard Timmermann & Regina Habich
AHLERS, Anna Maria Margarita (Deceased)23 Jul 188323 Jul 1883Ahlers, HermanSTAMME, MargaritaFOPPE, MariaStamme, Peter---
AHLERS, Bernard Heinrich12 Mar 188314 Mar 1883Ahlers, HeinrichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), AnnaFOPPE, Bernard HeinrichHELLMANN, Gerhard Heinrich---
AHLERS, Heinrich Franz30 Jul 189131 Jul 1891Ahlers, HermanSTAMMEN, MargaritaAhlers, HeinrichKREKE, Maria---
AHLERS, Johann Bernard26 Apr 189427 Apr 1894Ahlers, HermanSTAMMEN, MargaritaKÜTER (Kueter), ClemensAhlers, Anna---
AHLERS, Johann Herman Martin7 Apr 19018 Apr 1901Ahlers, HermanSTAMMEN, MargaritaWOLTERING, Johann HermanKUETER, Maria---
AHLERS, Maria Elisabeth7 Jan 18838 Jan 1883Ahlers, HeinrichRUMP, CarolinaSPECKMANN, ElisabethaHANENKLAN, Heinrich---
AHLERS, Maria Machtilde (Deceased)30 Mar 18811 Apr 1881Ahlers, HermanSTAMM, MargaritaStamm, ElisabethaFOPPE, Heinrich---
AHLERS, Peter Johann19 Jan 188920 Jan 1889Ahlers, HermanSTAMMEN, MargaritaStammen, PeterStammen, Adelheid---
AHLERS, Philomena Catharina (Deceased)18 Nov 188519 Nov 1885Ahlers, Bernard HermanSTAMMEN, Anna MargaritaStammen, Maria CatharinaWERNER, Peter---
AHLING, Herman6 Apr 18688 Apr 1868Ahling, Johann HermanKRUSE, Anna CatharinaWECAMP, HermanDERNHAGE, Maria Adelheid---
AHRENS, Dorothea Caecilia24 Jun 190124 Jun 1901Ahrens, WilhelmDEUTSCH, MariaWIRSHING, DorotheaWirshing, JosephMarried 8 Jun 1963 Beckemeyer to Lorenzo A. Thomas.
AHRENS, Elisabeth28 Oct 189129 Oct 1891Ahrens, WilhelmDEUTSCH, MariaKNIES, ElisabethDETMER, HeinrichSee Aarns
AHRENS, Gertrud Maria23 Mar 189323 Mar 1893Ahrens, BernardRUMP, CarolinaKUHLS, GertrudSCHWARZ, Georg---
AHRENS, Maria Angelina23 Oct 187824 Oct 1878Ahrens, BernardRUMP, CarolinaSOMMERS, Maria AngelaRump, Bernard---
AHRENS, Theodor Heinrich (Deceased)x Mar 18816 Mar 1881Ahrens, BernardRUMP, CarolinaDEBEN, TheodorBÜHNE (Buehne), CarolinaThe birth date in March was blank.
AHRNS, Anna Maria10 Jul 189411 Jul 1894Ahrns, WilhelmDEUTSCH, MariaDeutsch, CatharinaSCHEER, Heinrich---
ALBERS, Anna Maria Christina21 Jul 188323 Jul 1883Albers, BernardKAYSER, Maria RICHTER, AnnaPOELING, Herman---
ALBERS, Carl10 Mar 190213 Mar 1902Albers, HeinrichBUHNE, CarolinaAlbers, TheodorHENRICHS, Catharina---
ALBERS, Clara Hildegard Josephina1 Apr 18813 Apr 1881Albers, BernardKAYSER, Maria HAUSCHULTE, ClaraSCHLARMANN, Georg---
ALBERS, Elisabetha Henrietta11 Dec 187315 Dec 1873Albers, BernardKEYSER, MariaBOLLE, Maria ElisabethaEVELT, Bernard---
ALBERS, Elisabetha Octavia (Deceased)30 Dec 18756 Jan 1876Albers, BernardKAYSER, Maria WART, ElisabethaAlbers, Albert---
ALBERS, Franz Bernard1 Nov 18782 Nov 1878Albers, Johann BernardKAYSER, Maria SCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephEVELT, Francisca ---
ALBERS, Leona Christina28 Sep 190429 Sep 1904Albers, HeinrichBUHNE, CarolinaBuhn, HeinrichAlbers, Christina---
ALBERS, Maria Bernardina3 May 18694 May 1869Albers, BernardKAYSER, MariaAlbers, Maria GesinaKayser, Georg---
ALBERS, Maria Wilhelmina25 Sep 187126 Sep 1871Albers, BernardKAYSER, Maria AngelaSCHLARMANN, WilhelminaBOLLE, August---
ALBERS, Paul Herman15 Jul 190616 Jul 1906Albers, Johann HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), CarolinaBuhne, HermanSCHLARMANN, EugeniaConfirmed 1 May 1921
ALBERS, Rosa Margarita (Deceased)29 Mar 188030 Mar 1880Albers, Johann BernardKAYSER, Maria HEMANN, Margarita ElisabethRICHTER, Wilhelm---
ALBERS, Theodor Eduard4 May 18979 May 1897Albers, HeinrichBUHNE, CarolinaAlbers, TheodorHOLTHAUS, Elisabetha---
ALBERS, Victor Vincent31 Jan 18991 Feb 1899Albers, HeinrichBUHNE, CarolinaBuhne, NepomukAlbers, Christina---
ALBERTERNST, Benedict Heinrich22 Mar 188923 Mar 1889Alberternst, GerhardHOLTGREVE, ElisabethAlberternst, HeinrichSTEINEMANN, Catharina---
ALBERTERNST, Caecilia Elisabeth1 Dec 18851 Dec 1885Alberternst, BernardHOLTGREVE, ElisabethRENEKE, ElisabethaAlberternst, Heinrich---
ALBERTERNST, Gerhard (Twin)2 Dec 18613 Dec 1861Alberternst, HeinrichSCHALCAMP, Maria AnnaGEERS, GerhardSchalcamp, WilhelminaChild was born at 17:00
ALBERTERNST, Maria Catharina24 Nov 189325 Nov 1893Alberternst, GerhardHOLTGREVE, ElisabethHoltgreve, HeinrichSCHEER, Catharina---
ALBERTERNST, Maria Ferina31 Aug 18921 Sep 1892Alberternst, GerhardHOLTGREVE, ElisabethAlberternst, MariaRENEKE, Martin---
ALBERTERNST, Wilhelm (Twin)2 Dec 18613 Dec 1861Alberternst, HeinrichSCHALCAMP, Maria AnnaGEERS, WilhelmGeers, ElisabethaChild was born at 17:00
ALTEPETER, Albin Heinrich Joseph26 Apr 190327 Apr 1903Altepeter, BernardPETERMEIER, RosaAltepeter, HeinrichNIEMEIER, AnnaMarried 29 Oct 1927 St. Louis Cathedral to Henrietta Schlueter; Witnesses: Antonetta Bernardina & Vincent Altepeter
ALTEPETER, Bernard Heinrich6 Oct 18748 Oct 1874Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaHellmann, BernardTIMMERMANN, Elisabetha---
ALTEPETER, Elisabeth Martha19 Apr 190119 Apr 1901Altepeter, BernardPETERMEIER, RosaPetermeier, ElisabethAltepeter, Heinrich---
ALTEPETER, Heinrich August23 Aug 187028 Aug 1870Altepeter, StephanWINKEL, MariaAltepeter, HeinrichHOLTGREVE, Elisabetha---
ALTEPETER, Heinrich Bernard30 Jul 186630 Jul 1866Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaGRAMANN, HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabetha---
ALTEPETER, Heinrich Martin5 Jun 19016 Jun 1901Altepeter, MartinNIEMANN, TheresiaAltepeter, HeinrichNiemann, Anna---
ALTEPETER, Joseph Martin15 Jun 190519 Jun 1905Altepeter, MartinNIEMANN, TheresiaNiemann, JosephAltepeter, ElisabethMarried 1 Feb 1928 to Margaret M. Richter; Witnesses: Martin A. Altepeter & Helena Richter.
ALTEPETER, Maria Anna16 Feb 186817 Feb 1868Altepeter, StephanWINKEL, MariaWinkel, Maria AnnaKOEKELMEYER, Heinrich---
ALTEPETER, Maria Machtilde14 Aug 186916 Aug 1869Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaHAAR, ElisabethaMENKE, Anton---
ALTEPETER, Maria Philopena Henrietta15 Jul 186715 Jul 1867Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaGRAHMANN, HenriettaHOLTGREVE, Gerhard---
ALTEPETER, Maria Rosa (Deceased)5 May 18797 May 1879Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaHellmann, MariaWEHLAGE, Bernard---
ALTEPETER, Martin12 Oct 187612 Oct 1876Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaRENNEKE, MartinWEHLAGE, Catharina---
ALTEPETER, Martin Theodor11 Nov 187112 Nov 1871Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaTIMPE, TheodorHUELSCAMP, Anna---
ALTEPETER, Martin Vincent8 Jul 19059 Jul 1905Altepeter, BernardPETERMEIER, RosaAltepeter, MartinLAGER, MariaMarried 25 Aug 1928 to C. Burns dau of Jacob Burns; Witness George M. Ryan. Also married Maria Angelina Krebs 13 Nov 1937?
ALTPETER, Anna Catharina20 Jan 186221 Jan 1862Altpeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaMENKE, CatharinaHellmann, Catharina---
ALTPETER, Gertrud8 Oct 18659 Oct 1865Altpeter, StephanWINKEL, MariaWinkel, HeinrichWinkel, Gertrud---
ALTPETER, Heinrich21 Apr 186123 Apr 1861Altpeter, StephanHORCHELER, Anna MariaAltpeter, PeterDIEKMANN, Maria Adelheid---
ALTPETER, Johann Heinrich14 Oct 186415 Oct 1864Altpeter, StephanWINKEL, MariaWinkel, Johann HeinrichKOEKELMEYER, Maria---
ALTPETER, Maria (Deceased)19 Jan 186420 Jan 1864Altpeter, HeinrichHELMANN, ElisabethaAltpeter, MariaHAAR, Benedict---
ALTPETER, Theodor24 Jan 186325 Jan 1863Altpeter, StephanHOLLCHELER, AnnaHollcheler, TheodorHERMANN, Elisabetha---
AMBROS, Anton31 Jan 18621 Nov 1862Ambros, ConstantinGUTTESSON, MariaKUSTERMANN, Anton---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
AMBROS, Catharina Machtilde9 Apr 189112 Apr 1891Ambros, ConradCOARS, MariaMUELLER, Maria ElisabethCOARS, JohannCompare Kors; married Frank Willott 14 May 1961
AMBROS, Maria Anna17 Jul 18601 Nov 1862Ambros, ConstantinGUTTESSON, MariaKUSTERMANN, Anna Maria---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
ANDERLAN, Anna Josephina1 Feb 18818 Feb 1881Anderlan, EmanuelGUTH, CatharinaGuth, Anna Maria------
ANHEUSER, Christian Georg15 Mar 189016 Mar 1890Anheuser, JacobSTUEVER, ElisabethaEULBERG, ChristianEulberg, Catharina---
ARENS, Catharina Wilhelmina6 Jul 18897 Jul 1889Arens, WilhelmDEUTSCH, MariaDeutsch, CatharinaKNIES, Heinrich---
ARENS, Franz Joseph13 Sep 188515 Sep 1885Arens, BernardRUMP, CarolinaKUHLS, FranzBURMEISTER, Anna Maria---
ARENS, Maria Agnella30 Apr 189730 Apr 1897Arens, WilhelmDEUTSCH, CatharinaGREVING, MariaGreving, Heinrich---
ASDOR, Maria Magdalena29 Aug 185923 Jan 1860Asdor, StephanNOLT, LuithardisWIENER, Elisabeth---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
AUFENORDE, Theodor Heinrich8 Oct 18659 Oct 1865Aufenorde, Johann HeinrichBAX, AnnaHAGEN, Theodor HeinrichHUSTEDDE, Catharina Maria---
AUSDEMMORE, Josephina Catharina16 Nov 186817 Nov 1868Ausdemmore, JosephFIEDELER, CarolinaFOEKE, CatharinaAusdemmore, Heinrich---
BAHR, Elisabetha Catharina10 Jan 187611 Jan 1876Bahr, HieronymusWANGLER, CarolinaBahr, Elisabeth CatharinaBahr, Valentin---
BALL, Carl Ignatz1 Sep 186712 Apr 1874Ball, CarlO'NEAL, Irene GertrudMILLER, Ignatz------
BALL, Georg Everet28 Dec 18712 Jan 1872Ball, CarlO'NEAL, Irene GertrudGOELLNER, Ferdinand------
BALL, Maria2 Apr 187012 Apr 1874Ball, CarlO'NEAL, Irene GertrudBRONN, Bridget------
BALL, Martha Magdalena8 Oct 186512 Apr 1874Ball, CarlO'NEAL, Irene GertrudKUHN, Maria------
BANN, Anthony Heinrich15 May 190424 Aug 1905Bann, ThomasDUMBECK, ElisabethDumbeck, AntonBRUENING, Anna---
BANN, Catharina Francisca4 Jul 190023 Jul 1900Bann, ThomasDUMBECK, Alesia (Alice)MEIER, Maria------
BARTH, Louisa Henrietta24 Sep 188324 Sep 1883Barth, JohannHUMMERT, MargaritaBRUEGGE, LouisaHummert, Heinrich---
BARTH, Robert Heinrich20 Apr 188621 Apr 1886Barth, JohannHUMMERT, MargaritaHummert, HeinrichHummert, Maria born KLUTHO---
BASE, Maria Elisabetha15 Feb 186317 Feb 1863Base, StephanKRAEMER, Anna MariaKraemer, Maria ElisabethaKNAUP, Heinrich---
BAUER, Adelheid Maria9 Dec 189815 Jan 1899Bauer, JohannSCHEPPEL, AugustaIMMETHUN, Adelheid------
BAUER, Anna Catharina6 Aug 188815 Jan 1899Bauer, JohannSCHEPPEL, AugustaGOELLNER, Catharina------
BAUER, Elisabeth Machtilde24 Apr 189015 Jan 1899Bauer, JohannSCHEPPEL, AugustaGOELLNER, MachtildeGoellner, M.---
BAUER, Joseph15 Mar 190124 Mar 1901Bauer, JohannSCHEPPER, AnnaPETERMEIER, JosephPetermeier, Carolina---
BAUER, Wilhelmina Emma30 Apr 189515 Jan 1899Bauer, JohannSCHEPPEL, AugustaNIEMEIER, Wilhelmina------
BAX, Anna Maria4 Mar 18606 Mar 1860Bax, StephanKRAMER, Anna MariaVARNHOLD, Maria------
BAX, Maria Anna19 Sep 186120 Sep 1861Bax, StephanKRAEMER, Anna MariaBax, Anna Maria------
BECHEL, Johann21 Oct 186021 Nov 1860LOBSINGER, JosephBechel, HelenaMAIS, Johann---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke. Note: Child has mother's last name.
BECKER, Georg Melvin1 Aug 19062 Aug 1906Becker, Johann FriederichHABICH, Maria ErnestinaBecker, GerhardHabich, ReginaConfirmed 1 May 1921
BECKMANN, Herman Heinrich (Deceased)20 Nov 188621 Nov 1886Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE, Maria ElisabethKreke, Herman HeinrichGEERS, Carolina---
BECKMANN, Maria Margaretha29 Oct 188730 Oct 1887Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE, Maria Kreke, MargaritaHUNTSMANN, Lambert---
BEHRENDES, Emma Christina25 Sep 187824 Dec 1881Behrendes, JohannNot listed, Ida ?GISSY, Christina------
BEHRENDES, Johann Carl (Charles)26 Oct 188024 Dec 1881Behrendes, JohannNot listed, Ida ?GISSY, Charles------
BEHRENS, Abel Gerhard11 Aug 186811 Aug 1868Behrens, NicolausJUDDING, MargaritaUBBEN, GerhardGÜNTHER (Guenther), Wilhelmina---
BEHRNS, Gerhard Wilhelm27 Mar 186729 Mar 1867Behrns, NicolausJUDDING, MargarithaUBBEN, GerhardFuhler, Helena---
BENHOFF, Bertha Margarita27 Sep 190428 Sep 1904Benhoff, WilhelmKRAMER, MariaBRANDMEIER, HermanBrandmeier, Margarita---
BENNS, Catharina Elisabetha9 Jan 186311 Jan 1863Benns, WilhelmWIEMANN, Maria AnnaWiemann, ElisabethaMORHINNERS, Johann---
BENTELER, Franz Joseph3 Mar 18759 Mar 1875Benteler, FranzWISEKE, CatharinaKLUTO, JosephDONNE, Gertrud---
BENTLER, August16 Apr 188219 Apr 1882Bentler, FranzWISKENRATH, CatharinaKLUTHO, AugustKlutho, Maria Anna---
BENTLER, Bernard Anton22 Feb 188025 Feb 1880Bentler, FranzWISKENRATH, CatharinaDUMSTORFF, BernardGOELLNER, CatharinaThis family appears to be from O'Fallon, IL; there is a note about this couple from Pastor Hoelz from O'Fallon above this entry.
BENTLER, Caecilia Gertrud19 Jan 188524 Jan 1885Bentler, FranzWISKENRATH, CatharinaDONNE, GertrudDonne, Benjamin---
BENTLER, Elisabeth28 May 18782 Jun 1878Bentler, FranzWISKENRATH, CatharinaSCHAFFNER, ElisabethaPLUM, Johann---
BENTLER, Friederich Wilhelm27 Feb 186327 Feb 1863Bentler, FranzNEISKENWIRTH, Maria MagdalenaBentler, Friederich Wilhelm------
BENTLER, Johann Heinrich25 Jul 187630 Jul 1876Bentler, FranzWISCHERATH, CatharinaWIENEKER, HeinrichSTAFF, Philomena---
BENTLER, Maria Elisabeth22 Jul 190423 Jul 1904Bentler, JosephKNIES, ElisabethBentler, BernardKnies, Elisabeth---
BENTLER, Maria Magdalena23 Sep 186724 Sep 1867Bentler, FranzNEUSKENWIRTH, LenaMORHINNERS, MariaMorhinners, Franz---
BENTLER, Wilhelm Conrad (Deceased)23 Feb 187425 Feb 1874Bentler, FranzWIESKENRATH, CatharinaMORHINNERS, TheodorDUMSTORFF, Anna Maria---
BERGKAMP, Maria1 Mar 18701 Mar 1870Bergkamp, GerhardVON DER HAAR, Maria AnnaBUHNE, Nepomuc------
BILHARZ, Eduard Franz27 Jan 18951 Feb 1895Bilharz, GeorgNot Listed, LouisaGANTNER, FranzGantner, Maria---
BINUS, Catharina13 Mar 187816 Mar 1878Binus, WilhelmWIEMANN, AnnaSCHALENCAMP, CatharinaBUSCH, Joseph---
BINUS, Maria Anna1 May 18743 May 1874Binus, WilhelmWIEMANN, AnnaALBERTERNST, MariaAlberternst, Bernard Heinrich---
BINUS, Maria Catharina27 Dec 18641 Jan 1865Binus, WilhelmWIEMANN, AnnaWiemann, CatharinaBUERMANN, Friderich---
BIXLACH, Gerhard Friderich5 Nov 18638 Nov 1863Bixlach, GerhardMAAS, Anna MariaMaas, Johann FriderichHAGEN, Angela---
BIXLACH, Maria Angela5 Oct 18627 Oct 1862Bixlach, Johann GerhardMASS, Maria ElisabethaBixlach, GerhardSOMMERS, Maria Angela---
BIXLACH, Maria Engelina12 Sep 186213 Sep 1862Bixlach, Johann GerhardMAASS, Anna MariaSCHUMACHER, AnnaBixlach, Johann---
BIXSCHLACH, Bernard Johann26 Dec 186827 Dec 1868Bixschlach, Johann GerhardMAAS, MariaSOMMERS, BernardTRAINER, Elisabetha---
BIXSCHLAG, Johann Gerhard20 Aug 186522 Aug 1865Bixschlag, GerhardMAASS, MariaBixschlag, JohannJORDAN, Barbara---
BIXSCHLAG, Maria Catharina27 Jan 186729 Jan 1867Bixschlag, JohannMASS, Anna MariaNORDMANN, Maria CatharinaPEEK, Georg---
BLACK, Wilhelm10 Jan 186120 Jan 1861Black, JohannKOMAR, WinifredBlack, HelenaMORPHY, Patrick---
BLACK, Winfrida2 Sep 18634 Sep 1863Black, JohannCOMAR, WinifredaREID, MargaritaBROWN, JohannThis entry appears out of order; the month may be Oct.
BLAKE, Johann Leo (Twin)12 Nov 190216 Nov 1902Blake, CarlGOEVERT, Carolina JosephinaGoevert, HeinrichBlake, Honora---
BLAKE, Josephina Leona (Twin)12 Nov 190216 Nov 1902Blake, CarlGOEVERT, Carolina JosephinaGoevert, AnnaGoevert, Bernard---
BLANKE, Anna Maria13 Sep 186715 Sep 1867Blanke, ConradKAMP, Anna MariaKamp, Anna MariaSCHULTE, Herman---
BOCKEL, Heinrich Aloysius9 Jun 190610 Jun 1906Bockel, JohannKLUMPKE, AnnaNIEMEIER, TheodorBÜHNE (Buehne), CarolinaMarried 7 Sep 1946 Aviston, IL to France Borhlmann. Confirmed 1 May 1921
BOCKEL, Maria Carolina27 May 189329 May 1893Bockel, JohannKLUMPKE, MariaKlumpke, CarolinaBockel, Theodor---
BOCKEL, Theodor Herman27 Jul 189927 Jul 1899Bockel, JohannKRUEP, MariaBockel, TheodorVON BOCKEL, Maria Angela---
BOECKMANN, Eduard Conrad17 Jan 190518 Jan 1905Boeckmann, FriederichHACAPP, GertrudHAUCAPP, ConradBoeckmann, CatharinaMarried 4 Feb 1932 St. Francis Aviston to Paulina Ratermann
BOENHOFF, Franz Joseph22 Mar 189923 Mar 1899Boenhoff, WilhelmKRAMER, MariaWEHLAGE, FranzWehlage, Margarita---
BOENHOFF, Theresia Caecilia21 Sep 190122 Sep 1901Boenhoff, WilhelmKRAMER, MariaHEYER, PeterHeyer, Theresia---
BOLK, Heinrich Franz29 Jun 190430 Jun 1904Bolk, HeinrichMACKE, ChristinaKRUSE, HeinrichMacke, Catharina---
BOLMER, Johann Heinrich1 Oct 18642 Oct 1864Bolmer, Johann HermanWESSING, ElisabethaBolmer, Bernard HeinrichDULLE, Anna---
BÖNHOFF (Boenhoff), Johann Bernard4 Nov 18655 Nov 1865Boenhoff, Friderich WilhelmSPAN, Anna MariaMIDDEKE, BernardGASSEL, Maria ---
BÖNHOFF (Boenhoff), Johann Conrad9 Nov 186512 Nov 1865Boenhoff, CasparCLEMENT, CatharinaCLEMENS, ConradREILMANN, Bernadina---
BÖNHOFF (Boenhoff), Theresia29 May 186831 May 1868Boenhoff, CasparCLEMENS, CatharinaGEBHARDT, TheresiaWILLY, Georg---
BONHOFF, Heinrich10 Sep 186311 Sep 1863Bonhoff, CasparCLEMENS, CatharinaBonhoff, HeinrichNIEBUR, Anna Maria---
BRAND, Margarita Helena28 Feb 190429 Feb 1904Brand, HeinrichSCHRADER, MariaSchrader, MargaritaBRANDT, Heinrich---
BRANDT, Anna Gertrud22 Jul 189023 Jul 1890Brandt, HeinrichBRUENING, GertrudBruening, AnnaPEEK, Georg---
BRANDT, Catharina Josephina (Deceased)19 Sep 188720 Sep 1887Brandt, HeinrichBRUENING, GertrudHOLLENCAMP, CatharinaGEERS, Gerhard---
BRANDT, Franz Heinrich3 Oct 18794 Oct 1879Brandt, Christoph HeinrichBRUENING, GertrudBruening, HeinrichBrandt, Helena---
BRANDT, Helena Theresia9 Jul 187210 Jul 1872Brandt, MartinWEMPE, HeleneMARKS, TheresiaBrandt, Heinrich---
BRANDT, Johann Gerhard (Twin)8 Nov 18748 Nov 1874Brandt, MartinWEMPE, HelenaMARKS, GerhardOTKE, Catharina---
BRANDT, Johann Heinrich23 Apr 187024 Apr 1870Brandt, MartinWEMPE, HelenaBrandt, Johann HeinrichMARKS, Maria---
BRANDT, Johann Herman (Twin)8 Nov 18748 Nov 1874Brandt, MartinWEMPE, HelenaWempe, HermanBrandt, Gertrud---
BRANDT, Maria Louisa25 Oct 188226 Oct 1882Brandt, HeinrichBRUENING, GertrudBruening, LouisaBrandt, Martin---
BRANDT, Theodor Friederich3 Jan 18755 Jan 1875Brandt, FriederichBOERDEFELD, CatharinaBRUEGGE, TheodorHUELSMANN, Catharina---
BRAUER, Heinrich Alphonse31 Mar 190131 Mar 1901Brauer, JohannSCHULTE, MariaSchulte, HeinrichSchulte, Christina---
BRAUER, Maria Anna Emma24 Mar 189026 Mar 1890Brauer, BernardSCHULTE, MariaALBERS, Maria AnnaREILMANN, H. H.---
BRAUER, Rosa Anna18 Feb 189420 Feb 1894Brauer, BernardSCHULTE, MariaSchulte, AgnesRICKE, Heinrich---
BRINCKMANN, Barbara Maria30 Apr 18981 May 1898Brinckmann, WilhelmKAPP, CatharinaHEIDEL, BarbaraABELN, Heinrich---
BRINGMANN, Joseph11 Apr 188812 Apr 1888Bringmann, HeinrichELLING, LisettaBRINKMANN, JosephNIEMEIER, FriedericaCompare Brinkmann; married Catharine Needham 30 Jul 1929 with Carl & Elisabeth Hagen as witnesses.
BRINGMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich14 Feb 186923 Dec 1877Bringmann, FrederichNot listed, CatharinaGERVESMANN, HeinrichGUENTHER, Wilhelmina---
BRINKMANN, Bernard (Deceased)28 Apr 188429 Apr 1884Brinkmann, HeinrichELLING, ElisabethaVON BOKEL, BernardKLEIER, Elisabetha---
BRINKMANN, Catharina Theodora4 Apr 19026 Apr 1902Brinkmann, WilhelmKAPP, CatharinaGOEVERT, CatharinaREILMANN, Theodor---
BRINKMANN, Gerhard Wilhelm10 Sep 189611 Sep 1896Brinkmann, WilhelmKAPP, CatharinaHAGEN, GerhardKapp, Barbara---
BRINKMANN, Maria Elisabetha18 Feb 188618 Feb 1886Brinkmann, HeinrichUHRMEISTER, ElisabethaFUNKE, FranzDEBEN, Elisabeth---
BRINKMANN, Wilhelm Henry15 May 190016 May 1900Brinkmann, WilhelmKAPP, CatharinaKapp, HeinrichDEBEN, Elisabeth---
BROCKSCHMIDT, Carolina Anna1 Jul 18632 Jul 1863Brockschmidt, ClemensMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna MariaNIEMEYER, Gerhard---
BROCKSCHMIDT, Theodor15 Sep 186116 Sep 1861Brockschmidt, Clemens AugustMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorKOCH, Louisa---
BROS, Carl19 Apr 186610 May 1866Bros, JosephSÜDDER (Suedder), VerenaPANTER, RomanPanter, Carolina---
BROWN, Elisabetha18 Sep 186524 Sep 1865Brown, JohannO'BRIEN, BrigittaMAHAR, EduardMahar, Maria---
BROWN, Margarita2 Nov 18638 Nov 1863Brown, ThomasO'BRIEN, BrigittaTREHERS, MariaCAHAN, John---
BROWN, Serah1 Oct 18684 Oct 1868Brown, ThomasO'BRIEN, BrigittaCOLLINS, HelenaROSE, Patrick---
BRUEGGE, Johann Heinrich27 Mar 188230 Mar 1882Bruegge, HeinrichBARTH, LouisaBarth, JohannBarth, Margarita born HEMANN ?Married Anna HAAR 4 Feb 1947 at St. Augustine Breese
BRUEGGE, Margarita Caecilia7 Jul 188510 Jul 1885Bruegge, TheodorBARTH, LouisaBarth, MargaritaBarth, Johann---
BRUEGGE, Theodora Maria17 May 190618 May 1906Bruegge, HeinrichGOELLNER, JosephinaBRÜGGE (Bruegge), TheodorGoellner, CatharinaMarried 21 Jun 1932 Sts Peter & Paul Waterloo, IL to Ludwig B. Heyer; Witnesses: Edward Meyer & Catharina Bruegge. Confirmed 27 Jun 1918.
BRUEGGEMANN, Anna Angela30 Jun 18791 Jul 1879Brueggemann, HermanTELLCAMP, ChristinaHILMES, Anna MariaRICHTER, Gerhard---
BRUEGGEMANN, August10 Apr 187211 Apr 1872Brueggemann, HeinrichHOMANN, Anna MariaSTOFF, TheresiaVOS, Bernard---
BRUEGGEMANN, Bernard15 Aug 186416 Aug 1864Brueggemann, HermanTELLCAMP, ChristinaTellcamp, BernardBrueggemann, Maria Anna---
BRUEGGEMANN, Johann28 Sep 187129 Sep 1871Brueggemann, HermanTELLCAMP, ChristinaHILMES, Johann BernardRICHTER, Adelheid---
BRUEGGEMANN, Johann Bernard August29 Mar 186929 Mar 1869Brueggemann, HermanTELLCAMP, Anna MariaVOS, BernardTellcamp, Maria---
BRUEGGEMANN, Johann Theodor24 May 187024 May 1870Brueggemann, HeinrichHOMANN, MariaHomann, TheodorLAMMERS, Maria Adelheid---
BRUEGGEMANN, Maria Catharina8 Dec 189210 Dec 1892Brueggemann, HermanRAMING, BernardinaRaming, Maria CatharinaLAMMERS, Johann Bernard---
BRUENING, Adolph Edward (Deceased)20 Jan 190020 Jan 1900Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethHoltmann, AdolphBRANDT, Gertrud---
BRUENING, Anna Maria14 Mar 187316 Mar 1873Bruening, HeinrichGRUEZENMACHER, LouisaSCHLUETER, Anna MariaREILMANN, Heinrich Philipp---
BRUENING, August15 Feb 190316 Feb 1903Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethHoltmann, BernardHoltmann, Anna---
BRUENING, Bernard 4 Aug 18705 Aug 1870Bruening, HeinrichGRUEZEMACHER, LouisaDIEKER, Bernard Heinrich------
BRUENING, Bernard Heinrich (Deceased)12 Oct 189613 Oct 1896Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethHoltmann, HeinrichBruening, Louisa---
BRUENING, Conrad (Deceased)9 Aug 186710 Aug 1867Bruening, HeinrichGRUTZEMACHER, LouisaBRUNING, ConradDIEKER, Maria---
BRUENING, Frederich Michael (Deceased)8 May 19058 May 1905Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethRATERMANN, FrederichHoltmann, Maria---
BRUENING, Gerhard Leo (Deceased)22 Mar 190128 Jun 1903Bruening, HeinrichGEERS, AnnaGeers, GerhardHESSLER, Elisabeth---
BRUENING, Heinrich 14 Jul 189514 Jul 1895Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethBruening, HeinrichHoltmann, Theresia---
BRUENING, Heinrich Aloys8 Jun 19019 Jun 1901Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethBRANDT, HeinrichHoltmann, Horna ?---
BRUENING, Joseph Heinrich31 Mar 189831 Mar 1898Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethBruening, HeinrichHoltmann, Elisabeth---
BRUENING, Theresia25 Sep 190625 Sep 1906Bruening, BernardHOLTMANN, ElisabethBRANDT, HeinrichHoltmann, TheresiaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
BRUGGE, Peter Theodor14 Aug 187517 Aug 1875Brugge, TheodorBARTH, LouiseBarth, PeterBarth, MariaThe last name is spelled Bruggemann with the "mann" crossed out.
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Bernard Heinrich22 Jan 186529 Jan 1865Brueggemann, Johann HeinrichHOHMANN, Maria AnnaBrueggemann, Herman BernardHohmann, Maria Catharina---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Catharina Maria1 Oct 18761 Oct 1876Brueggemann, Johann HeinrichHOHMANN, Catharina AnnaHohmann, Catharina MariaLAMMERS, Bernard---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Heinrich Bernard13 Feb 186014 Feb 1860Brueggemann, Johann BernardBÄTKE (Baetke), Maria AgnesSCHIERMANN, Johann HeinrichBatke, Lisette---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Herman Bernard27 Aug 186628 Aug 1866Brueggemann, HermanTELLCAMP, ChristinaTellcamp, HermanLAMMERS, Maria Tekla---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Herman Heinrich8 Oct 18639 Oct 1863Brueggemann, HeinrichHOHMANN, Maria AnnaHohmann, Gerhard HermanBrueggemann, Christina---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Johann Bernard7 Sep 18668 Sep 1866Brueggemann, HeinrichHOHMANN, Maria Hohmann, HermanVOS, Maria---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Johann Heinrich 17 Aug 186119 Aug 1861Brueggemann, BernardBÄTKE (Baetke), AgnesBaetke, Johann HeinrichLENARD, Anna Maria---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Johann Heinrich 14 Nov 186215 Nov 1862Brueggemann, BernardTELLCAMP, ChristinaBrueggemann, HeinrichTellcamp, Clara---
BRUGGEMANN, Anna Angela23 Feb 186824 Feb 1868Bruggemann, HeinrichHOMANN, AnnaHILMES, Maria AngelaREVERMANN, Bernard---
BRUGGEMANN, Anna Maria26 Feb 186927 Feb 1869Bruggemann, HeinrichHOMANN, MariaVOSS, Anna MariaHomann, Theodor---
BRUGGEMANN, Carolina Louisa6 Nov 18638 Nov 1863Brueggemann, Bernard[BATKE], AgnesSCHUERMANN, CarolinaMEYER, Conrad---
BRÜNING (Bruening), Catharina4 Apr 18666 Apr 1866Bruening, ConradHEITMANN, ElisabethaBruening, CatharinaHeitmann, Hermann---
BRÜNING (Bruening), Conrad4 May 18626 May 1862Bruening, BernardKRÜGER (Krueger), MariaBruning, ConradDIEKER, Catharina---
BRÜNING (Bruening), Maria Louisa29 Oct 18661 Nov 1866Bruening, BernardKROEGERS, MariaBruening, LouisaBruening, Conrad---
BUDDE, August Aloys16 Jun 189717 Jun 1897Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaHagen, FranzHOLTMANN, CatharinaMarried 31 Jul 1929 in Detroit, MI to Eulalia Stockman.
BUDDE, Heinrich Franz Joseph13 Oct 188713 Oct 1887Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaHagen, HeinrichHagen, Josephina---
BUDDE, Johann Heinrich20 Feb 188021 Feb 1880Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaBudde, HeinrichHagen, Carolina---
BUDDE, Maria Angela27 Sep 188329 Sep 1883Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaHagen, MariaHagen, Bernard---
BUDDE, Maria Carolina18 Apr 189019 Apr 1890Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaHagen, MariaHagen, Theodor---
BUDDE, Rosa Angelina27 Feb 187827 Feb 1878Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaSOMMERS, AngelaHagen, Johann---
BUDDE, Theodor Joseph4 May 18954 May 1895Budde, FranzHAGEN, MariaDEBEN, TheodorDeben, Elisabeth---
BUEHNE, Elisabetha Adelheid Johanna14 Feb 187015 Feb 1870Buehne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaHOLTHAUS, ElisabethaSCHAVESDIEK, Caspar---
BUEHNE, Gerhard Johann Bernard10 Nov 187213 Nov 1872Buehne, BernardSTOLTEBEEN, CatharinaPEEK, GeorgHUMMERT, Catharina---
BUEHNE, Herman Wilhelm (Twin)1 Jan 18644 Jan 1864Buehne, HermanREBEL, CarolinaRebel, WilhelmHOLTHAUS, Margarita
BUEHNE, Maria Catharina24 Mar 189225 Mar 1892Buehne, AugustBANE, CatharinaGOELLNER, CatharinaBuehne, Nepomuck---
BUEHNE, Vincent (Twin)1 Jan 18644 Jan 1864Buehne, HermanREBEL, CarolinaBuehne, NepomucHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
BUERMANN, Anna Margaritha (Deceased)19 Jun 186721 Jun 1867Buermann, FriderichSCHLARTMANN, GertrudSchlartmann, Anna MargarethaMUELLER, Johann August---
BUERMANN, Anton Ferdinand (Deceased)13 Jun 189814 Jun 1898Buermann, JosephSCHEVELING, CatharinaKOELKER, HermanPOELKER, Maria---
BUERMANN, Anton Joseph13 Jun 187315 Jun 1873Buermann, FriederichSLOTHMANN, GertrudROESLEIN, Anton------
BUERMANN, Bernard Heinrich (Deceased)5 Jan 18768 Jan 1876Buermann, FriederichSLOTHMANN, GertrudHAGEN, BernardPECK, Maria Anna---
BUERMANN, Carl Joseph5 Mar 18807 Mar 1880Buermann, FriederichSCHLARTMANN, GertrudBuermann, Carl JosephGEERS, Elisabeth---
BUERMANN, Catharina Carolina27 Nov 189928 Nov 1899Buermann, JosephSCHEVELING, CatharinaSCHAVELING, CatharinaSCHÄVELING (Schaeveling), Andreas---
BUERMANN, Catharina Rosalia12 Mar 188113 Mar 1881Buermann, FriederichSLAUTMANN, GertrudBOLLNER, CatharinaDUING, Gerhard---
BUERMANN, Eugene Gerhard20 Mar 188721 Mar 1887Buermann, FriederichSCHLARTMANN, GertrudPEEK, GerhardSPEKMANN, ElisabethMarried Mrs. Bea Beasly Adams 25 Jun 1955; St. Mary Church Eldorado, IL
BUERMANN, Eugenia Maria (Deceased)9 Dec 188410 Dec 1884Buermann, FriederichSCHLARTMANN, GertrudROESLEIN, RosaliaBRUENING, Heinrich---
BUERMANN, Ferdinand Joseph14 Apr 186916 Apr 1869Buermann, FriderichSLOTHMANN, GertrudGOELLNER, FerdinandGoellner, Machtilde---
BUERMANN, Heinrich Friderich Joseph25 Sep 187126 Sep 1871Buermann, Friderich JosephSLOTHMANN, GertrudMEIRING, HeinrichHAGEN, Maria Josepha---
BUERMANN, Josepha Gertrud10 Jan 187811 Jan 1878Buermann, FriederichSLOUTMANN, GertrudGEERS, GerhardHAGEN, Josepha---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Anna Maria24 Apr 185926 Apr 1859Buehne, NepomukKRÜP (Kruep), LouiseKRUP, Gesina(Page folded), Johann Heinrich---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Bernard Philipp28 Oct 186229 Oct 1862Buehne, HermanKLEINREBEL, CarolinaBuehne, Bernard------
BÜHNE (Buehne), Bernard Philipp15 Nov 186617 Nov 1866Buehne, NepomukKRUEP, LisettaBuehne, BernardKruep, Maria Anna---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Catharina 17 Mar 186520 Mar 1865Buehne, HermanVON BOCKEL, CarolinaHUMMERT, CatharinaVon Bockel, Bernard---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Catharina Margarita17 Jul 186319 Jul 1863Buehne, NepomukKRÜP (Kruep), ElisabethaHUMMERT, CatharinaKruep, Bernard Heinrich---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Gerhard Heinrich14 Jan 186116 Jan 1861Buehne, NepomukKRUP, LisettaKRÜP (Kruep), Gerhard HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Margaritha---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Herman Heinrich19 Feb 186525 Feb 1865Buehne, NepomukKRUEP, LisettaBuehne, HermanKruep, Anna---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Johann Nepomuk August31 Jul 18671 Aug 1867Buehne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaBuehne, NepomucSCHAVESDICK, Friderica---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Maria Theresia9 Jun 190010 Jun 1900Buehne, BernardFUNKE, TheresiaMARKS, TheresiaIMMETHUN, LudwigMarried 11 Aug 1926 Sts Peter & Paul, St. Louis, MO to Henry Buesche son of Wm Büsche & Anna Bath (?); witnesses: Reginald Ruct (?) & Martha Buehne.
BÜHNE (Buehne), Wilhelmina Bernardina31 Jan 18633 Feb 1863Buehne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaStolteben, WilhelminaMIDDEKE, Bernard---
BUHNE, August Bernard25 May 189825 May 1898Buhne, AugustBEND, CatharinaBuhne, BernardNIEMEIER, Bernardina---
BUHNE, Bernard Joseph (Twin)1 Jun 18663 Jun 1866Buhne, BernardSTOLTEBEEN, CatharinaStoltebeen, Joseph---Pastor spelled mother's last name as Stotebeen in this entry.
BUHNE, Carolina Elisabetha24 Sep 187026 Sep 1870Buhne, NepomucKRUEP, LisettaBuhne, CarolinaBERGKAMP, Gerhard---
BUHNE, Catharina2 Aug 18983 Aug 1898Buhne, BernardFUNKE, TheresiaFUNKE, CatharinaGOELLNER, Ferdinand---
BUHNE, Dorothea Josephina16 Oct 190216 Oct 1902Buhne, BernardFUNKE, TheresiaFunke, FranzGOELLNER, Catharina---
BUHNE, Herman Hubert (Twin)3 Jun 18663 Jun 1866Buhne, BernardSTOLTEBEEN, CatharinaBuhne, Caroline---Pastor spelled mother's last name as Stotebeen in this entry.
BUHNE, Maria Caecilia14 Feb 190515 Feb 1905Buhne, BernardFUNKE, TheresiaGOELLNER, FerdinandFunke, Caecilia---
BUHNE, Nepomuc17 Nov 186818 Nov 1868Buhne, NepomucKRUEP, LouisaKruep, HeinrichMIDDEKE, Clara---
BULLER, Anna Maria11 Dec 187813 Dec 1878Buller, JosephHEMAN, MinaSCHLUETER, Anna MariaKAMPWERTH, Herman---
BULLER, Elisabetha (Deceased)22 Dec 188123 Dec 1881Buller, JosephHEMANN, MinaSPECKMANN, ElisabethaSCHLUETER, Franz---
BULLER, Heinrich Joseph2 Jan 18893 Jan 1889Buller, JosephHEMANN, WilhelminaDIEKER, BernardSPECKMANN, Elisabetha---
BULLER, Herman Joseph19 Dec 186720 Dec 1867Buller, JosephHEMANN, MinaHemann, Herman Heinrich------
BULLER, Theresia Rosa (Deceased)19 Jan 188720 Jan 1887Buller, JosephHEMANN, MinaKAMPWERTH, TheresiaSCHLUETER, Theresia---
BÜNE (Buene), Franziscus 9 Dec 185912 Dec 1859Buene, HermanBEBEL, CarolinaHEIDEMANN, MariaBune, Heinrich---
BURMÄSTER (Burmaester), Bernard14 Nov 186317 Nov 1863Burmaester, FranzGERKEN, AnnaSOMMERS, BernardRUMP, Anna---
BURMEISTER, Anna Augusta22 Jan 190323 Jan 1903Burmeister, FerdinandJASKE, GertrudBurmeister, AugustSCHNITKER, Anna---
BURMEISTER, August19 May 186920 May 1869Burmeister, FranzGERKE, AnnaHULSCAMP, AngelaTRAMER, August---
BURMEISTER, Bernard Ferdinand15 Feb 190516 Feb 1905Burmeister, FerdinandJASKE, GertrudBurmeister, BernardJaske, CatharinaMarried 10 Sep 1945 -nulled; revalidated 16 Sep 1945 to Nettie McMillian? At Perpetual Help Church St. Louis, MO
BURMEISTER, Franz Heinrich15 Mar 186717 Mar 1867Burmeister, FranzGERKEN, AnnaBECKMANN, HeinrichSOMMERS, Maria Angela---
BURMEISTER, Johann Ferdinand22 Feb 187223 Feb 1872Burmeister, FranzGERKEN, AnnaGOELLNER, FerdinandSPEKMANN, Elisabetha---
BURMEISTER, Maria Francisca10 Jan 190111 Jan 1901Burmeister, FerdinandJASKE, MariaSCHNITKER, MariaBurmeister, Franz---
BURNE, Joseph Patrick13 Apr 189230 Apr 1892Burne, PatrickSALE, HelenaCONNERY, JacobBurne, Maria---
BURST, Johann Bernard 5 Nov 18847 Nov 1884Burst, OttoESS, AnnaESS, Johann BernardKLEIER, Elisabetha---
BURST, Johann Bernard Otto24 Aug 188225 Aug 1882Burst, OttoESS, AnnaEss, BernardHUELSMANN, Maria---
BUS, Johann Heinrich (Deceased)14 Sep 188514 Sep 1885Bus, OttoESS, AnnaEss, HeinrichIlges, Theresia---
BUSS, Johann Bernard29 Jun 18931 Jul 1893Buss, JohannWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), MariaWuebbels, BernardWuebbels, Theresia---
BUSSE, Maria Elisabeth22 Oct 188524 Oct 1885Busse, GeorgLOKHORN, CarolinaABELN, Maria AnnaHAGEN, Bernard---
CAFERY, Eduard Franz14 Nov 186322 Nov 1863Cafery, CarlFARRY, MariaMULLIGAN, OwenFarry, Susana---
CAFERY, Margarita Anna29 Feb 18622 Mar 1862Cafery, CarlVARY, MaryCOWEL, MargaritaMORPHY, WilhelmThis Baptism took place in Aviston, IL by Pastor Reineke
CAHIL, Bertha Margarita22 Jan 189025 Jan 1890Cahil, JacobIMMETHUN, BernardinaCahil, MargaritaKNIEPMANN, Georg---
CAP, Anna Barbara26 Mar 187710 Jun 1877Cap, MathewLOEFFLER, ElisabethaCap, BarbaraCap, Heinrich---
CARNY, Margaretha24 Jan 18616 Mar 1861Carny, OwenCONE, HelenaCONNELY, SaraSTEFFORD, ThomasThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
CAULING, Maria Christina1 Jan 18701 Jan 1870Cauling, BernardMUELLER, LouisaBENTLER, Maria AdelheidPEEK, BernardCompare Kauling
CAUNE, Benjamin Eugene12 Apr 188415 Apr 1884Caune, WilhelmDONNE, SeraDonne, BenjaminCaune, EugeniaCompare Kaune
COALE, Margarita Anna17 Feb 18631 Mar 1863Coale, JohannCAFERY, MargaritaCafery, MariaRYDE, JohannThis Baptism took place in Aviston, IL by Pastor Reineke
COARS / KOHRS, Jacob5 Dec 18938 Dec 1893Coars / Kohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaStock, JacobCoars, ChristinaKohrs is written above Coars in this entry. Married Stayed Zinschlag 24 May 1958 Pittsburg, IL ?
COARS, Barbara Louisa18 Sep 189120 Sep 1891Coars, AntonSTOCK, AnnaSALINE, BarbaraSaline, TheodorCompare Kors; widow of L. Middeke married 26 Jun 1934 to F. Winter
COARS, Clementina Augustina4 Feb 18986 Mar 1898Coars, Ferdinand Cl.SCHMITHEL, ClaraSCHROEDER, Paulina------
COARS, Joseph Adam29 Dec 189531 Dec 1895Coars, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaWehlage, JosephCoars, AnnaCompare Kohrs; Married 2 May 1922 in St. Jacobi Church Decatur, IL to Frances LeFore
COARS, Maria Catharina23 Sep 189124 Sep 1891Coars, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaWehlage, CatharinaFUNKE, FranzCompare Kors
COERS, Adelheid29 Dec 189829 Dec 1898Coers, AntonSTOCK, AnnaROBERG, CatharinaKlutho, Theodor---
COERS, Anton Heinrich18 Apr 189419 Apr 1894Coers, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaCoers, AntonWehlage, Margarita---
COERS, Catharina Elisabetha21 Oct 190326 Oct 1903Coers, Ferdinand SMIDLE, ClaraHUGGENBERG, CatharinaCoers, Clemens---
COERS, Clemens Albert (a. k. a. Oliver)8 Sep 18999 Sep 1899Coers, ClemensWILKEN, BernardinaCoers, ClemensZEHR, ElisabethMarried 23 Feb 1927 St. Francis Aviston, IL to Maria Louisa Hollenkamp; witnesses: Juli Coers & Clara Hollenkamp
COERS, Florentina Elisabeth17 Nov 189919 Nov 1899Coers, Ferdinand ClemensSCHMITHEL, ClaraCoers, ClemensWARD, ElisabethMarried 10 Apr 1970 Cathedral to Joseph Edward Kauling
COERS, Ludwig Julius14 Mar 190415 Mar 1904Coers, ClemensWILKE, BernardinaLAGER, LudwigMOHLMANN, ElisabethMarried 27 Nov 1935 St. Augustine, Breese, IL to A. M. Schoendienst
COHAL, Catharina1 Mar 186526 Mar 1865Cohal, JohannCAFRY, MargaritaBLACK, WinifredaBlack, Johann---
COHAN, Jacob9 Dec 186312 Jan 1863Cohan, OwenUnknown, HelenaMURPHY, Anna---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
CONNERS, Nancy9 Jan 18678 Sep 1867Conners, Georg AugustHELY, MariaNIEBUR, Maria------
CORNELIUS, Bernard Johann27 Mar 18717 May 1871Cornelius, JosephDURBIN, MarthaBUEHNE, BernardBuehne, Catharina---
CORNELIUS, Daniel Anton21 Sep 18664 Nov 1866Cornelius, Joseph ChristophMORPHY, HelenaZURIZELLER, AntonZurizeller, Josephine---
CORNELIUS, Heinrich29 Oct 186930 Oct 1869Cornelius, JohannJANSEN & Maria Theresia STROOTStroot, HeinrichBUHNE, Carolina---
CORNELIUS, Maria Grace8 Sep 186822 Nov 1868Cornelius, Joseph DURBIN, MarthaLAMPEN, MariaLampen, Heinrich---
CORS, Anna Maria9 Jan 189310 Jan 1893Cors, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaWehlage, Anna MariaWEHLEAGE, Franz---
CORS, Rosa Francisca Maria Amilia4 Dec 19015 Dec 1901Cors, ClemensWILKE, BernardinaSCHMIDT, ElisabethZEHNER, Franz---
CORTE, Herman Aloys22 Jan 189123 Jan 1891Corte, BernardBROKSCHMIDT, CatharinaSCHAPER, Herman HeinrichSchaper, Maria GesinaCompare Korte
COSCHRON, Johanna1 Feb 18622 Apr 1862Coschron, PhilippCoschron, Catharina (Maiden name?)CARLL, Donn---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
COYLE, Catharina Adelheid1 Nov 18983 Nov 1898Coyle, Jacob (James)IMMETHUN, BernardinaCoyle, CatharinaImmethun, Ludwig---
COYLE, Johann Anton Eduard 14 May 189516 May 1895Coyle, Jacob (James)IMMETHUN, BernardinaHUELSMANN, AntonDEBEN, Bernardina---
COYLE, Maria Margarita1 May 18884 May 1888Coyle, Jacob (James)IMMETHUN, DinaCoyle, MariaImmethun, Carl---
COYLE, Theodor Carl5 Feb 18927 Feb 1892Coyle, Jacob (James)IMMETHUN, BernardinaDEBEN, TheodorImmethun, Bertha---
DALY, Anna26 Feb 18615 Mar 1861Daly, JohannCONNELY, BrigittaLANLER, WinifredaConnely, MichaelThis Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
DANIEL, Franz (Twin)5 Apr 18688 Apr 1868Daniel, MartinSCHMIDT, TheresiaMARKS, FranzOSTERMANN, Catharina---
DANIEL, Johann Heinrich25 Nov 190326 Nov 1903Daniel, HeinrichSCHNIDLEY, MariaDaniel, JohannBURTCH__, Barbara---
DANIEL, Maria Catharina (Twin)6 Apr 18688 Apr 1868Daniel, MartinSCHMIDT, TheresiaMARKS, CatharinaSchmidt, Franz---
DEBEN, Anna Maria Catharina (Deceased)20 Dec 187822 Dec 1878Deben, TheodorMEIBORG, ElisabethaSCHUMACHER, Anna Maria IMMETHUN, Gerhard---
DEBEN, Johann Gerhard5 Jun 18817 Jun 1881Deben, TheodorMEIBORG, ElisabethaHAGEN, JohannSCHUMACHER, MariaCompare Teben
DEBEN, Maria Angela Bernardina13 Mar 187415 Mar 1874Deben, TheodorMEIBORG, Maria ElisabethaSOMMERS, BernardSOMMERS, Maria Angela---
DEIEN, Anna Margarita (Deceased)10 Feb 190211 Feb 1902Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, ElisabethDeien, MargaritaABELN, Heinrich---
DEIEN, Anna Veronica13 Jan 190314 Jan 1903Deien, BernardJANSSEN, MariaDeien, JosephSTEIN, Anna---
DEIEN, Anton Heinrich2 Dec 18924 Dec 1892Deien, HeinrichDUMBEK, JosephinaDumbek, AntonDeien, MariaMarried Marie Renicker 27 May 1944 at Corpus Christi Jennings MO; her marriage with John Nichol was annulled.
DEIEN, Anton Joseph (Twin)16 Nov 187418 Nov 1874Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDumbeck, AntonBUHNE, Catharina---
DEIEN, Bernard Heinrich27 Feb 189428 Feb 1894Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, ElisabethDeien, HeinrichDeien, MariaMarried Helena Thien 19 Jun 1929; witnesses Loretta Deien & A. Echert
DEIEN, Bernard Heinrich13 Sep 188915 Sep 1889Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, LisettaDeien, BernardREMPE, Anna Maria---
DEIEN, Bernard Ignatz (Twin)16 Nov 187418 Nov 1874Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaPREUTT, BernardSCHARFENBERGER, Regina---
DEIEN, Bernard Johann4 Jun 19045 Jun 1904Deien, HenrichKLEIER, ElisabethDeien, BernardJANSSEN, MargaritaMarried 25 May 1929 Detroit, MI to Catharina Athmer of Damiansville, IL; Witnesses: George Deien & Dorothea Rigazzi
DEIEN, Elisabeth11 Nov 190524 Nov 1905Deien, HenrichHANSINGER, ElisabethROHR, FranzRohr, AnnaMarried 18 Mar 1948 Holy Rosary Church Fairmount City East St. Louis, IL revalidation
DEIEN, Elisabetha23 Nov 187624 Nov 1876Deien, Bernard HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDeien, Anna MariaBRUNS, Heinrich---
DEIEN, Elisabetha Bernardina28 Apr 189528 Apr 1895Deien, Bernard HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDeien, ElisabethDeien, Bernard---
DEIEN, Francisca Margarita12 Feb 190113 Feb 1901Deien, BernardJANSSEN, MariaPOELKER, WilhelmALBERS, Margareta---
DEIEN, Franz1 May 19031 May 1903Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, ElisabethWEHLAGE, FrancisTimmermann, Maria---
DEIEN, Friederich24 Jan 189026 Jan 1890Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDumbeck, FriederichDeien, Elisabeth---
DEIEN, Georg Heinrich17 Dec 187219 Dec 1872Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaSCHARFENBERGER, GeorgScharfenberger, Catharina---
DEIEN, Gregory Laurent18 Jan 190519 Jan 1905Deien, BernardJANSSEN, MariaDeien, LaurentDeien, MargaritaMarried 10 Feb 1927 Albers, IL to Carolina Athmer; Witnesses: R. Zurich & Leona Huehne
DEIEN, Heinrich Lorenz24 Jun 188326 Jun 1883Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDumbeck, DinaDumbeck, FranzMarried 23 Sep 1908
DEIEN, Johann Friederich (Deceased)18 Apr 188620 Apr 1886Deien, BernardJANSEN, MariaMEIER, FriederichJansen, Christina---
DEIEN, Lorent Wilhelm9 Sep 189610 Sep 1896Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, ElisabethALBERS, WilhelmTimmermann, Maria---
DEIEN, Margarita Theodora8 Aug 18999 Aug 1899Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, ElisabethALBERS, MargaritaTimmermann, Theobald---
DEIEN, Maria Henrietta2 Apr 19035 Apr 1903Deien, HenrichKLEIER, ElisabethDeien, MariaSCHEVELING, HeinrichChild was illegitimate
DEIEN, Maria Josephina30 Dec 18981 Jan 1899Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaJANSSEN, MariaDumbeck, AntonMarried 14 Jan 1948 St. Augustine Breese, IL to Herman Hegger
DEIEN, Maria Josephina15 Oct 189116 Oct 1891Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaTimmermann, MariaDeien, Johann---
DEIEN, Maria Loretta6 Nov 19068 Nov 1906Deien, LorentTIMMERMANN, LisettaDeien, Heinrich MartinTimmermann, MarthaMarried 10 May 1936 St. Francis De Sales St. Louis, MO to non-Catholic Vernie Maxfield. Confirmed 1 May 1921.
DEIEN, Maria Margarita (Deceased)8 Oct 187810 Oct 1878Deien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDeien, MargaritaGOELLNER, Ferdinand---
DEIEN, Regina Margarita8 Sep 18989 Sep 1898Deien, BernardJANSSEN, MariaJanssen, MargaritaALBERS, Wilhelm---
DEIEN, Rosa Christina28 Dec 189330 Dec 1893Deien, BernardJANSSEN, MariaSTEIN, ChristinaDeien, Heinrich---
DEIEN, Theobald Johann (Deceased)14 Aug 188715 Aug 1887Deien, LorenzTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaTimmermann, TheobaldDeien, Josephina---
DEIMEKE, Aloysius Ludwig14 Aug 190415 Aug 1904Deimeke, AntonDUST, AnnaDeimeke, AloysDust, LouisaMarried 18 Aug / Sep 1929 Albers, IL to Sophia Schulte; Witnesses: Eduard Langenhorst & Clara Deimeke
DEITERS, Bernard Heinrich4 Jun 18959 Jun 1895Deiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaKorte, BernardKorte, Anna---
DEITERS, Bernard Herman1 Jun 18912 Jun 1891Deiters, BernardCORTE, CatharinaCorte, HermanHILMES, Anna MariaCompare Korte
DEITERS, Conrad Bernard1 Dec 18872 Dec 1887Deiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaKorte, ConradRICHTER, Theresia---
DEITERS, Joseph Herman20 Nov 190321 Nov 1903Deiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaHORSTMANN, HermanHorstmann, Maria---
DEITERS, Maria Caecilia22 Nov 190124 Nov 1901Deiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaMAUE, HermanMaue, Anna---
DEITERS, Maria Catharina27 Mar 189727 Mar 1897Deiters, BernardKORTE, Anna MariaNORDMANN, Anna GesinaNordmann, Ferdinand---
DEITERS, Maria Catharina6 Dec 18926 Dec 1892Deiters, BernardKORTE, Maria CatharinaKorte, MariaKÜNEKE (Kueneke), Wilhelm---
DEITERS, Maria Helena3 Mar 19064 Mar 1906Deiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaKRUEP, HeinrichKruep, HelenaMarried 16 Nov 1927 St Rose to Johann B. Koerkemeyer; Witnesses: Wilhelm Deiters & Anne (?) Koerkemeyer. Confirmed 1 May 1921.
DEKEN, Anna6 Nov 18888 Nov 1888Deken, HeinrichWIEBERG, ReginaPEEK, AnnaFOPPE, Heinrich---
DEKEN, Anna Helena2 Jan 19003 Jan 1900Deken, JohannWIEBERG, ReginaWICHMANN, GerhardWERTH, Anna---
DEPRIEST, Catharina Olinda13 Feb 188923 Dec 1892Depriest, JohannHESSELER, CatharinaGOELLNER, CatharinaGEERS, Wilhelm---
DEPRIEST, Gerhard Christian2 Jan 189225 Dec 1892Depriest, JohannHESSELER, CatharinaGEERS, GerhardGeers, Elisabeth---
DEPRIEST, Johann Heinrich20 Jun 18852 Apr 1889Depriest, JohannHESSLER, CatharinaBRUENING, HeinrichGEERS, Maria---
DEPRIEST, Walberg (Walberga?)22 Dec 187520 Apr 1889Depriest, JohannHESSLER, CatharinaALBERTERNST, Elisabetha------
DERLETH, Emma30 Sep 186121 May 1862Derleth, PaulKOPER, CarolinaSCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Elisabetha---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
DETERMANN, Catharina1 Aug 18802 Aug 1880Determann, JosephMEIER, Maria WELLEN, MariaWellen, Andreas---
DETERMANN, Herman Heinrich14 Feb 187315 Feb 1873Determann, JosephMEIER, Maria AnnaMeier, Herman HeinrichHOMANN, Elisabetha---
DETERMANN, Johann August (Deceased)22 May 188223 May 1882Determann, JosephMEIER, Maria AnnaESTEEP, JohannMeier, Maria Anna---
DETERMANN, Johann Bernard15 Jan 187515 Jan 1875Determann, JosephMEIER, Maria AnnaHOMANN, Gerhard WUEBBE, Maria Anna---
DETERMANN, Maria Anna21 Jun 187722 Jun 1877Determann, JosephENGELMEIER, MariaMEIER, Maria AnnaHAGEN, Bernard---
DETERMANN, Maria Anna6 Jul 18847 Jul 1884Determann, JosephMEIER, AnnaSCHWIERJOHANN, FranzMeier, Maria Anna---
DETERS, Bernard Wilhelm 12 Jan 189913 Jan 1899Deters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaRICHTER, BernardLENARZ, MariaBernard Deiters married 12 Jun 1929 to Maria Catharina Kluemke & then 7 Oct 1931 at Beckemeyer to Rosa Hilmes
DETERS, Johann Bernard25 May 188926 May 1889Deters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaHILMES, BernardTHIEN, Maria---
DETMER, Catharina Carolina Wilhelmina2 Jan 18566 Sep 1859Detmer, WilhelmGRAIN, BarbaraGrain, Elisabeth------
DETMER, Emma14 Apr 18576 Sep 1859Detmer, WilhelmGRAIN, BarbaraGrain, Elisabeth------
DEUTSCH, Anna Regina (Deceased)13 Oct 188713 Oct 1887Deutsch, AntonBEHRNS, CatharinaDeutsch, AnnaGISSY, Carl---
DEUTSCH, Anton Bernard8 Jul 19019 Jul 1901Deutsch, AntonBERNS, CatharinaBerns, AntonHOLTMANN, Elisabeth---
DEUTSCH, Catharina16 May 188516 May 1885Deutsch, AntonBERNS, CatharinaDeutsch, CatharinaJANSEN, Lambert---
DEUTSCH, Dorothea Caecilia6 Aug 18958 Aug 1895Deutsch, AntonBERNS, CatharinaWIRSHING, DorotheaWirshing, Joseph---
DEUTSCH, Friederich Nicolaus22 Oct 189723 Oct 1897Deutsch, AntonBEHRENS, CatharinaBehrens, NicolausMARKS, Catharina---
DEUTSCH, Heinrich Wilhelm18 Aug 188920 Aug 1889Deutsch, AntonBEHRENS, CatharinaAHRENS, HeinrichJANSEN, Maria Anna---
DEUTSCH, Josephina Caecilia4 Aug 18915 Aug 1891Deutsch, AntonBEHRENS, CatharinaJANSSEN, JosephinaHOLTMANN, Heinrich---
DEUTSCH, Maria12 Nov 187015 Nov 1870Deutsch, HeinrichDEUTSCH, Catharina (Not sure if maiden name)OTKE, MariaOtke, Heinrich---
DEUTSCH, Maria Margarita11 May 188612 May 1886Deutsch, AntonBEHRNS, CatharinaBehrns, MariaRICKE, Franz---
DEUTSCH, Rosa Regina16 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Deutsch, AntonBEHRENS, CatharinaKANBERT, BernardAhrens, Maria---
DIEBEN, Bernardina Carolina11 Jan 187612 Jan 1876Dieben, TheodorMEIBORG, ElisabethaHAGEN, CarolinaHagen, BernardCompare Deben
DIEDERICH, Maria2 Apr 186129 Jan 1862Diederich, AntonSEGER, MagdalenaCHOLLINNIUM, Mathias---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
DIEDRICH, Carl27 Oct 186221 Jan 1863Diedrich, AntonLEGER, MagdalenaANTON, Carl---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
DIEFENAUER, Elisabetha31 Dec 186321 Feb 1864Diefenauer, JosephSCHÄFER (Schaefer), CatharinaSTRUBART, ElisabethaSPECHT, Leo---
DIEFENAUER, Maria Emma7 Jan 186212 Jan 1862Diefenauer, JosephSCHÄFER (Schaefer), CatharinaSOMMER, Maria AngelaMARX, Franz---
DIEKER, Catharina28 Dec 186429 Dec 1864Dieker, HeinrichVEDEMEYER, Maria AdelheidBRÜNING (Bruening), Maria CatharinaMORHINNERS, Franz---
DIEKER, Francis Xavier13 Jul 186015 Jul 1860Dieker, BernardHEHMANN, CatharinaMARSO, FrancisREINEKE, Theresia---
DIEKER, Herman Heinrich10 Jul 187013 Jul 1870Dieker, HeinrichWEDEMEYER, MariaHEMANN, Herman HeinrichMARKS, Elisabetha---
DIEKER, Johann Theodor23 Oct 186223 Oct 1862Dieker, BernardHEHMANN, CatharinaKLUTHO, TheodorSPECKMANN, Elisabetha---
DIEKER, Maria Adelheid18 Jan 190019 Jan 1900Dieker, HeinrichRICHTER, IdaRichter, MariaDieker, Bernard---
DIEKER, Maria Elisabetha21 Sep 187323 Sep 1873Dieker, BernardVEDEMEIER, Maria AdelheidSPECKMANN, ElisabethaFUNKE, Franz---
DIEKER, Wilhelm Ludwig (Deceased)4 May 18675 May 1867Dieker, FranzVEDEMEYER, Maria AdelheidSPEKMANN, LouisaHEMANN, Theresia---
DIEKMANN, Anna Maria11 Oct 189412 Oct 1894Diekmann, TheodorWESSELMANN, AntonettaWesselmann, Anna MariaKRUEP, Heinrich---
DIEKMANN, Bernard Herman11 Apr 190611 Apr 1906Diekmann, HeinrichMEIER, MagdalenaMeier, HermanLINING, Bernardina---
DIEKMANN, Carolina Henriette26 Sep 190127 Sep 1901Diekmann, HeinrichMEIER, MariaDiekmann, CarolinaMeier, JohannMarried 6 Jun 1928 St Anthony Beckemeyer to Alvin Krieger
DIEKMANN, Maria Adelheid Caecilia14 Dec 189920 Dec 1899Diekmann, HeinrichMEIER, LenaMeier, AdelheidDiekmann, Theodor---
DIERKER, Anna Theresia5 Oct 18685 Oct 1868Dierker, JosephTONKA, Anna MariaNIEMEYER, TheresiaMARKS, Franz---
DIERS, Anna Elisabetha3 Oct 18744 Oct 1874Diers, BernardHUELSCAMP, CarolinaHuelscamp, AnnaKLEIER, Johann---
DIERS, Bernard8 Nov 187610 Nov 1876Diers, BernardHÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), CarolinaHAGEN, BernardKLEIER, Elisabetha---
DIERS, Maria Anna4 Apr 18725 Apr 1872Diers, BernardHUELSCAMP, CarolinaRINGBECK, LisettaMORHINNERS, Franz---
DIESEL, Christina Maria10 Apr 186111 Apr 1861Diesel, BernardMAUEN, Anna Maria TheresiaLINNEMANN, Anna ChristinaDiesel, Herman Heinrich---
DIESEL, Johann Bernard22 Nov 186224 Nov 1862Diesel, BernardMAUE, TheresiaMaue, Johann ClemensHEIDEMANN, Maria---
DIESEL, Johann Heinrich (Deceased)18 Aug 185919 Aug 1859Diesel, BernardMAUEN, TheresiaMAUE, HeinrichRATERMANN, Christina---
DIESEN, Eugene Joseph17 Dec 190321 Apr 1904Not listedDiesen, CatharinaROHR, Franz---Child was illegitimate
DIESTEL, Gesina (Twin)18 May 186520 May 1865Diestel, BernardMAUEN, Maria TheresiaMAUE, Anna GesinaMaue, Johann Clemens---
DIESTEL, Maria Elisabetha (Twin)18 May 186520 May 1865Diestel, BernardMAUEN, Maria TheresiaTHEISSING, ElisabethaHEMMELGARDEN, Bernard---
DILLMANN, Anna Maria8 Sep 186313 Sep 1863Dillmann, HeinrichSCHULTE, ElisabethaSchulte, Maria ElisabethaROLFMEYER, Gerhard---
DILLMANN, Johann Gerhard Heinrich18 Mar 186124 Mar 1861Dillmann, HeinrichSCHULTE, Anna Maria ElisabethSchulte, Johann HeinrichREINEKE, Theresia---
DINELT, Anton Gerhard27 Aug 189828 Aug 1898Dinelt, AntonHANKE, WilhelminaHUELSMANN, GerhardOEHMIG, Theresia---
DINELT, Gerhard Joseph25 Aug 189327 Aug 1893Dinelt, AntonHENKE, WilhelminaHUELSCAMP, GerhardKUHLS, Gertrud---
DINELT, Theodor Wilhelm (Deceased)4 Feb 18909 Feb 1890Dinelt, AntonHANKE, WilhelminaDEBEN, TheodorKUHLS, Gertrud---
DOLSOM, Eduard3 Feb 186030 Apr 1862Dolsom, StephanCAVAN, SeraCavan, Helena---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
DOLSOM, Helena5 Mar 186230 Apr 1862Dolsom, StephanCAVAN, SeraWARD, BrigittaHANMORE, MichaelThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
DONALSON, Franz Tempel3 Jan 188029 Mar 1902Donalson, BernardMEYERS, MariaKUHLS, Franz---Adult Baptism. Tempel might be his last name.
DONELSON, Anna Maria25 Dec 190327 Dec 1903Donelson, WilhelmESS, MathildeEss, JohannEss, Wilhelmina---
DONELSON, Gertrud Joanna16 Jan 190417 Jan 1904Donelson, FranzKUHLS, ElisabethKuhls, FranzKuhls, Gertrud---
DONNE, Anna Catharina27 Jul 186629 Jul 1866Donne, RobertHEIDEMANN, GertrudSOMMERS, Maria AngelaMORHINNERS, Franz---
DONNE, Benjamin Heinrich4 Jun 18995 Jun 1899Donne, HeinrichSCHACHNER, MariaDonne, BenjaminKAUNE, Sera---
DONNE, Friederich Heinrich16 Oct 189118 Oct 1891Donne, HeinrichSCHACHNER, MariaKOCH, FriederichDonne, Maria---
DONNE, Gertrud4 Mar 18896 Mar 1889Donne, HeinrichSCHACHNER, MariaDonne, GertrudCAUNE, WilhelmMarried Benjamin L. Butler (Non Catholic) 31 May 1948 Immaculate Conception Church St. Louis, MO
DONNE, Heinrich22 Aug 189024 Aug 1890Donne, HeinrichSCHACHNER, MariaDonne, BernardDonne, Maria---
DONNE, Johann Heinrich26 Mar 186428 Mar 1864Donne, RobertHEIDEMANN, GertrudHeidemann, HeinrichHeidemann, Maria---
DONNE, Johann Ludwig16 May 190119 May 1901Donne, HeinrichSCHACHNER, Anna MariaHOLTMANN, HeinrichKLEIER, Elisabeth---
DONNE, Maria Elisabetha8 Apr 186110 Apr 1861Donne, RobertHEIDEMANN, GertrudREKTIN, ElisabethaHeidemann, Herman---
DONNE, Wilhelm Georg24 Mar 189524 Mar 1895Donne, HeinrichSCHACHNER, MariaKAUNE, WilhelmDonne, Catharina---
DONNELSEN, Elisabeth Rosalia10 Jan 190512 Jan 1905Donnelsen, FranzKUHLS, ElisabethKuhls, FranzKuhls, Elisabeth---
DORRIES, Bertha Wilhelmina27 Oct 190128 Oct 1901Dorries, JuliusBULLER, CatharinaBuller, WilhelminaBuller, Joseph---
DORRIES, Wilhelm Alvin15 Nov 190515 Nov 1905Dorries, JuliusBULLER, CatharinaSCHLUETER, AnnaGEERS, WilhelmMarried 27 Nov 1930 Nativity Church, St. Louis, MO to Maria Ellen Joyce
DOYLE, Anna Maria6 Sep 19016 Sep 1901Doyle, PeterJANSSEN, TheresiaSTEIN, ChristinaDEIEN, BernardAdopted by Henry Thien? This note could apply to previous entry. (Bernard Thien)
DOYLE, Brigitta Amilia18 Jul 19053 Aug 1905Doyle, PeterKAIN, Sophia BLAKE, CarlREILMANN, Maria---
DOYLE, Maria27 Sep 190329 Sep 1903Doyle, JacobCADY, AliceHAGEN, FranzKNAPP, Maria---
DOYLE, Maria Anna29 Jul 190325 Jun 1905Doyle, PeterDOLLARS, SophiaDoyle, JacobDoyle, Alice---
DRAGESSER, Maria Rosina4 Sep 186011 Mar 1862Dragesser, MichaelFEST, RosinaKRÜGER (Krueger), Maria---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
DREES, Anna Margarita3 Oct 18875 Oct 1887Drees, HermanDÜPMANN (Duepmann), MargaritaDuepmann, Anna MargaritaNIEMEIER, Theodor---
DREES, Anton Michael (Deceased)23 Sep 189824 Sep 1898Drees, HermanDUEPMANN, MargaritaZEHNER, MichaelDuepmann, Elisabeth---
DREES, Bernard Heinrich10 Mar 189012 Mar 1890Drees, HermanDUPNER, MargaritaHAGEN, HeinrichHagen, Maria---
DREES, Bernard Joseph25 Oct 189625 Oct 1896Drees, HermanDUPMANN, MariaDÜBMANN (Duebmann), BernardBRINGMANN, Elisabeth---
DREES, Herman Heinrich21 Feb 189422 Feb 1894Drees, HermanDUPMANN, MargaritaDupmann, HeinrichDEBEN, Bernardina---
DREES, Johann Heinrich31 Oct 18882 Nov 1888Drees, HermanDUPMANN, MargaritaDupmann, HeinrichHOLTMANN, Catharina---
DREES, Maria Christina5 Feb 18928 Feb 1892Drees, HermanDÜPMANN (Duepmann), MargaritaDuepmann, Anna ChristinaGEERS, Wilhelm---
DREES, Maria Elisabeth1 Sep 18993 Sep 1899Drees, HermanDUEPMANN, MargaritaDEBEN, ElisabethCAUNE, Wilhelm---
DREES, Theodor Franz21 May 190223 May 1902Drees, HermanDUPMANN, MargaretaDEBEN, TheodorDupmann, Josephina---
DRENTEN (Trenten), Maria Rosalia18 May 189723 May 1897Drenten, BernardFOECKE, AnnaFOECKES (Fockes), MariaLANDOLT, MelchiorCompiler's note: This entry is written as Trenten but should be Drenten. Also Maiden name of mother is Foecke not Fockes.
DRENTEN (Trenton), Anna Maria6 Oct 18998 Oct 1899Drenten, BernardFOECKE, AnnaFOCKES, BernardHEHMANN, Anna MariaCompiler's note: This entry is written as Trenton but should be Drenten. Married William Dettleff; please contact compiler if you have further information about this family.
DRENTEN, Bernard Heinrich (Deceased)24 Dec 188825 Dec 1888Drenten, BernardFOECKE, AnnaFoecke, HeinrichWEBER, Anna---
DRENTEN, Carolina Annie17 Jul 189319 Jul 1893Drenten, BernardFÖCKE (Foecke), AnnaFoecke, CarolinaWEBER, Anton---
DRENTEN, Joseph Melchior28 Feb 18907 Mar 1890Drenten, BernardFOECKE, AnnaLANDOLT, Caspar MelchiorKORTE, Margarita---
DUMBECK, Adelina Maria16 Oct 190317 Oct 1903Dumbeck, GeorgSCHMIDLE, RosaDANIEL, HeinrichHARBERS, Barbara---
DUMBECK, Anton Gregory3 Apr 19024 Apr 1902Dumbeck, AntonSCHNIDLE, RosaDumbeck, AntonKAPP, Helena---
DUMBECK, Bernard Wilhelm19 Jan 187621 Jan 1876Dumbeck, AntonLOW, FranciscaALBERS, BernardBÜHNE (Buehne), Catharina---
DUMBECK, Catharina Bernardina18 Feb 187819 Feb 1878Dumbeck, AntonLOW, FranciscaBUHNE, CatharinaLOCKHORN, Bernard---
DUMBECK, Elisabetha27 Sep 187428 Sep 1874Dumbeck, AntonLÖH (Loeh), FranciscaDumbeck, ElisabethaGLATZ, August---
DUMBECK, Gerhard Anton9 Dec 187211 Dec 1872Dumbeck, AntonLU, FranciscaPEEK, GeorgSCHARFENBERGER, Francisca---
DUMBECK, Irene Paulina6 May 19066 May 1906Dumbeck, GeorgSCHMIDLIE, RosaDIEKER, Paulina---Married 1 Aug 1928 Holy Name St. Louis, MO to Johann Stikwiski / Likwiski ?
DUMBECK, Josephina6 Apr 18807 Apr 1880Dumbeck, AntonLOW, FranciscaDumbeck, JosephinaWEHLAGE, Heinrich---
DUMBECK, Maria23 Jan 187224 Jan 1872Dumbeck, FriederickANSCHLING, MariaPLUM, JohannAnschling, Louisa---
DUMSTOFF, Johann Joseph Bernard29 Oct 18671 Nov 1867Dumstoff, BernardLEIENGANG, MariaBUHNE, BernardLeiengang, Magdalena---
DUMSTOLF, Rosalie Gertrud 21 Mar 187522 Mar 1875Dumstolf, BernardLEINGANG, MariaKUHLS, FranzKuhls, GertrudCompare Dumstorff
DUMSTORF, Catharina Elisabetha Maria24 Jun 186927 Jun 1869Dumstorf, BernardLEIENGANG, MariaBECKER, C.MUELLER, Ignatz---
DUMSTORF, Gerhard August5 May 18726 May 1872Dumstorf, BernardLEIENGANG, MariaPEEK, GerhardDONNE, Gertrud---
DUMSTORF, Gerhard Heinrich16 May 187618 May 1876Dumstorf, BernardLEINGANG, MariaBRUEGGEMANN, GerhardSCHWARZ, Christina---
DUMSTORFF, Franz Joseph26 Nov 187930 Nov 1879Dumstorf, BernardLEINGANG, MariaKUHLS, FranzKuhls, Gertrud---
ECKELMANN, Bernard Heinrich8 Aug 186210 Aug 1862Eckelmann, FrederichBATKE, LisettaEckelmann, Johann BernardBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Maria Agnes---
EILBERG, Carl Christophor4 Apr 18799 Apr 1879Eilberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaOFFER, ChristophorICKENROTH, CatharinaCompare Eulberg
EILERS, Aloysius Joseph5 Aug 19056 Aug 1905Eilers, Joseph HermanFOPPE, Anna Eilers, FranzKUETER, MariaConfirmed 1 May 1921
EILERS, August Joseph 21 May 190521 May 1905Eilers, Heinrich B.NORDHAUS, Maria CatharinaFOPPE, Heinrich AugustSTUEVER, Wilhelmina---
EILERS, Eleonora Catharina23 Oct 190224 Oct 1902Eilers, Bernard HeinrichNORDHAUS, Maria CatharinaEilers, JohannRENSHEN, Anna---
ELLING, Angela Maria7 Sep 18659 Sep 1865Elling, HermanSULINE, Anna MariaBARLAGE, Anna MariaElling, Wilhelm---
ELLING, Gerhard Heinrich (Deceased)3 May 18805 May 1880Elling, HermanURMEISTER, ElisabethaSUITFELD, GerhardSALINE, Barbara---
ELLING, Heinrich Herman25 Mar 187427 Mar 1874Elling, HermanUHRMEISTER, ElisabethaBRANDT, HeinrichVON BOKEL, Anna Maria---
ELLING, Herman Joseph9 Nov 190510 Nov 1905Elling, TheodorHUEHNE, CatharinaBRINGMANN, JosephGRAVE, AnnaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
ELLING, Johann Carolina25 Nov 187726 Nov 1877Elling, HermanURMEISTER, ElisabethaCLEMENT, CarolinaVON BOCKEL, Bernard---
ELLING, Johann Theodor26 Feb 187227 Feb 1872Elling, HermanURMEIER, ElisabethZURLINE, Johann TheodorNIEMEIER, Theresia---
ELLING, Maria Anna Gertrud26 May 186927 May 1869Elling, HermanBURMEISTER, ElisabethaSUEDFELD, MariaGESENHUES, Gerhard---
ELLIOTT, Wilhelm Heinrich7 Sep 190010 Sep 1900Elliott, JohannFOECKE, WilhelminaFoecke, HeinrichWERNER, Alice---
EMMERICH, Carolina Wilhelmina25 Oct 187126 Oct 1871Emmerich, CarlKOENIG, AntonettaLOKHORN, CarolinaKLUTHO, Joseph---
EMMERICH, Johann Theodor1 Nov 18783 Nov 1878Emmerich, CarlHEIER, Maria VOS, TheodorBURMEISTER, Anna ---
ENGELMEIER, Elisabetha Rosa Louisa5 Sep 19046 Sep 1904Engelmeier, BernardDIESTEL, ElisabethCAULING, Coh.STOLTE, GerhardMarried 26 Dec 1964 St. Augustine to Aloys B. Loepker
ERVAN, Maria Friederica20 Apr 189624 Apr 1896Ervan, Peter SCHULTE, ElisabethSTOLTE, FriedericaBRAUER, BernardMarried Joseph Renard 11 Jul 1943 in St. John Baptist Church St. Louis, MO
ESS, Anna Margarita (Deceased ?)7 Mar 18878 Mar 1887Ess, BernardNORDMANN, MargaritaEss, AnnaGRAF, FranzThis Baptism date is has the child born in Mar and Baptized in Feb.
ESS, Bernard Wilhelm28 May 188729 May 1887Ess, BernardKENEBECK, Anna MariaKÜNEKE (Kueneke), Wilhelm------
ESS, Conrad August25 Jul 187527 Jul 1875Ess, Herman BernardKENEBECK, Margaretha KOTTE, Johann Conrad WILKENS, Maria Adelheid---
ESS, Franz2 Mar 18933 Mar 1893Ess, Johann BernardNORDMANN, MargaritaTHIEN, JohannNordmann, Francisca---
ESS, Franz Herman4 Dec 18895 Dec 1889Ess, BernardKENNEBEK, Anna KRAMER, JohannKUHLS, Gertrud---
ESS, Herman Johann2 May 18793 May 1879Ess, BernardKAENEBECK, Anna MargaritaTIMMERMANN, HermanHUELSMANN, Catharina---
ESS, Joanna Francisca14 Sep 187615 Sep 1876Ess, BernardKAENEBECK, Anna MargarittaREILMANN, Joanna FranciscaHAGEN, Bernard---
ESS, Johann Bernard20 Mar 188921 Mar 1889Ess, BernardNORDMANN, MargaritaNordmann, JohannKLEIER, Elisabetha---
ESS, Johann Heinrich25 Mar 186728 Mar 1867Ess, BernardKARHOFF, ElisabethaKarhoff, Johann HermanKORTE, Maria Anna---
ESS, Maria Elisabetha3 Sep 18814 Sep 1881Ess, BernardKAENEBECK, Maria MargaritaMERIANS, MariaKRAMER, Johann---
ESS, Maria Machtilde4 Jul 18847 Jul 1884Ess, BernardKENNEBECK, Anna KRAMER, Maria GesinaSCHER, Bernard Heinrich---
ESS, Maria Philomena26 Dec 186928 Dec 1869Ess, BernardKARHOFF, ElisabethaKahrhoff, Maria MAERIANS, Stephan---
ESS, Rosa Catharina20 Sep 189020 Sep 1890Ess, BernardNORDMANN, MargaritaBUNS, Otto------
ESS, Theodor August28 Aug 187428 Aug 1874Ess, BernardKENNEBEK, Anna MargaritaREILMANN, TheodorKUHLS, Gertrud---
ESSENPREIS, Joseph Leo18 Mar 18606 May 1860Essenpreis, BaptistWALTER, BerthaEssenpreis, LeoKNOEBEL, Elisabeth---
EULBERG, Anna Catharina3 Oct 18806 Oct 1880Eulberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaFUNKE, CatharinaHATKE, Engelbert---
EULBERG, Bernard Joseph25 Jan 189226 Jan 1892Eulberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaAHRENS, BernardLEAR, Maria---
EULBERG, Christian Cyril24 Jan 190326 Jan 1903Eulberg, CarlRUKHER, EmmaEulberg, ChristianRukher, MariaConfirmed 27 Jun 1928
EULBERG, Cornelia Catharina26 Jun 190527 Jun 1905Eulberg, CarlRIKHER, EmmaRikher, CarlEulberg, Catharina---
EULBERG, Elisabeth Carolina (Deceased)8 Apr 188810 Apr 1888Eulberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaSPECKMANN, ElisabethaVORNHOLT, Conrad---
EULBERG, Ferdinand Ludwig27 Oct 189028 Oct 1890Eulberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaGOELLNER, FerdinandSPECKMANN, Elisabetha---
EULBERG, Ludwig15 Aug 189616 Aug 1896Eulberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaVON DER PLYM, LudwigAHRENS, Carolina---
EULBERG, Maria Bernardina22 Jul 188224 Jul 1882Eulberg, ChristianNEUMILLER, CatharinaALBERS, MariaDIEKER, Bernard ---
EULBERG, Maria Theresia22 Apr 188525 Apr 1885Eulberg, ChristianNEUMUELLER, CatharinaMARKS, TheresiaHARBUS, Johann---
EWALD, Franz Otto22 Apr 188224 Apr 1882Ewald, Bernard PIRON, PhilippinaBURST, OttoESS, Anna---
EWALD, Georg Anton27 Jul 188429 Jul 1884Ewald, Bernard BYRON, PhilopinaHOLTGREVE, GerhardHoltgreve, Theresia---
EWALD, Philippina (Deceased)26 Jun 187929 Jun 1879Ewald, Bernard HeinrichPIRON, PhilippinaIHLE, AmaliaIhle, Georg---
FANGMEIER, Albert Bernard13 Nov 189914 Nov 1899Fangmeier, AugustWIEGERT, MariaWEHLAGE, BernardWiegert, Maria---
FANGMEIER, Alphonse Nepomuc23 Dec 190124 Dec 1901Fangmeier, AugustWIEGERT, MariaKRUEP, NepomucWEHLAGE, TheresiaMarried 24 Jul 1935 St. Augustine, Breese to Lena Carolina Stelmeier
FANGMEIER, Caecilia Johanna12 Mar 190413 Mar 1904Fangmeier, AugustWIEGERT, MariaWiegert, MariaSCHULTE, JohannMarried 17 May 1927 to Alphonse Bernard Hinkamp
FANGMEIER, Clara Theresia3 Sep 19064 Sep 1906Fangmeier, AugustWIEGERT, MariaKRUEP, NepomukWEHLAGE, TheresiaConfirmed 1 May 1921
FAUKE, Carolina Henrietta15 Mar 190515 Mar 1905Fauke, HeinrichHAGEN, AngelinaMAUE, HeinrichKAPP, MariaMarried 22 Dec 1961 St. Louis to Gilbert J Hunt
FAUKE, Ferdinand Wilhelm9 Sep 190110 Sep 1901Fauke, FerdinandMENSING, MariaFauke, WilhelmMensing, Anna---
FAUKE, Heinrich Ferdinand4 May 18745 May 1874Fauke, ClemensHUELLINGHOFF, ElisabethFauke, HeinrichREILMANN, Margarita---
FAUKE, Johann Clemens26 Aug 187529 Aug 1875Fauke, ClemensHÜLINGHOFF (Huelinghoff), ElisabethREILMANN, Johann GerhardFauke, Anna Margaretha---
FECHTEL, Anna Henrietta2 Mar 19016 Mar 1901Fechtel, GeorgPEEK, CarolinaPeek, Anna MariaWERTH, Heinrich---
FECHTEL, Maria Agnes29 Jul 190631 Jul 1906Fechtel, GeorgPEEK, CarolinaPeek, HeinrichFechtel, Agnes---
FEHNER, Carl Friderich8 Aug 186818 Apr 1869Fehner, LeonardROLL, MariaFehner, Friderich------
FELDEWERT, Anton Joseph19 Dec 190119 Dec 1901Feldewert, HeinrichLODES, AnnaFeldewert, AntonMEIER, Margarita---
FELDEWERT, Helena Bernardina20 Jan 188421 Jan 1884Feldewert, AntonALBRECHT, DorotheaLANWERT, HelenaHAGEN, Bernard---
FELDEWERT, Josephina Clara27 May 187928 May 1879Feldewert, AntonALBRECHT, DorothaPETERMEIER, ElisabethaPETERMEYER, Jodocus---
FELDEWERTH, Cornelius Ludwig2 Jul 19032 Jul 1903Feldewerth, HeinrichLODES, AnnaIMMETHUN, LudwigFeldewerth, HelenaMarried 23 Oct 1944 San Diego, CA to Gertrude Cunningham
FELDEWERTH, Franz Joseph (Deceased)2 Feb 18823 Feb 1882Feldewerth, AntonALBRECHT, DorotheaKUHLS, FranzHUELSMANN, Catharina---
FELDEWERTH, Gertrud25 Jan 188625 Jan 1886Feldewerth, AntonALBRECHT, DorotheaKUHLS, GertrudPEEK, Georg---
FELDEWERTH, Heinrich20 Oct 190124 Oct 1905Feldewerth, HeinrichLOTES, AnnaSCHOENEBERG, GeorgFeldewerth, DorotheaDates are reversed in this entry.
FELDMANN, Anna Maria27 Dec 186728 Dec 1867Feldmann, Gerhard DUST, MariaRICHTER, GerhardFeldmann, Anna Helena---
FELDMANN, Anna Maria Adelheid19 Feb 190420 Feb 1904Feldmann, GerhardLODDEKE, AnnaLAGER, LudwigFeldmann, Maria---
FELDMANN, Bernard Heinrich14 Mar 187315 Mar 1873Feldmann, GerhardDUST, Anna MariaTONNIGES, Johann BernardRICHTER, Adelheid---
FELDMANN, Bernard Heinrich1 Sep 18652 Sep 1865Feldmann, Gerhard HeinrichDUST, Anna MariaFeldmann, Bernard JosephSCHONEFELD, Maria---
FELDMANN, Bernard Joseph (Deceased)17 Mar 188918 Mar 1889Feldmann, GerhardDUST, MariaHAGEN, BernardKOELKEMEIER, Anna---
FELDMANN, Herman Bernard23 Sep 188025 Sep 1880Feldmann, GerhardDUST, Anna MariaTÖNNIES (Toennies), Johann BernardMARKS, Theresia---
FELDMANN, Johann Friederich7 Aug 18858 Aug 1885Feldmann, GerhardDUST, MariaBUERMANN, FriederichRICHTER, Anna---
FELDMANN, Johann Gerhard24 Feb 187825 Feb 1878Feldmann, GerhardDUST, MariaRICHTER, GerhardDust, Maria---
FELDMANN, Johann Wilhelm20 Feb 187021 Feb 1870Feldmann, Johann Gerhard HeinrichDUSS, Anna MariaRICHTER, WilhelmPILLE, Maria---
FELDMANN, Maria Elisabetha18 Mar 188519 Mar 1885Feldmann, BernardBRINKER, MargaritaSCHONHOFF, MariaRICHTER, Gerhard---
FELDMANN, Maria Leona25 Oct 190127 Oct 1901Feldmann, GerhardLODDEKE, Maria AngelinaLoddeke, AngelinaFeldmann, Herman---
FELDMANN, Maria Margaretha29 Aug 187531 Aug 1875Feldmann, GerhardDUST, MariaTÖNNIES (Toennies), Margaretha AdelheidFUNKE, Franz---
FELDMANN, Wilhelm Gerhard23 Jun 190024 Jun 1900Feldmann, GerhardLODDEKE, AnnaFeldmann, GerhardLoddeke, Angela---
FELTRUP, Anna Leona13 Apr 190513 Apr 1905Feltrup, AntonESS, CatharinaEss, Johann BernardREILMANN, Johanna GertrudMarried 12 Jun 1926 St. Anthony in St. Louis at 3140 Meramec to Ferdinand Frank
FELTRUP, Anton Victor15 Feb 189916 Feb 1899Feltrup, HermanKREKE, MargaritaFeltrup, AntonSPANGLER, MariaCelebrated vows 17 Aug 1924
FELTRUP, Bertha Maria12 Oct 190313 Oct 1903Feltrup, HermanKREKE, MargaritaSCHLEPER, HermanKLEIER, Maria---
FELTRUP, Catharina Elisabeth15 Feb 189516 Feb 1895Feltrup, HermanKREKE, MargaritaKreke, Maria ElisabethTELTRUP, AntonCompare Teltrup
FELTRUP, Engelbert Wilhelm15 Nov 190016 Nov 1900Feltrup, AntonESS, CatharinaEss, BernardOTKE, Catharina---
FELTRUP, Franz9 Dec 19029 Dec 1902Feltrup, AntonESS, CatharinaGRAFE, FranzEss, Elisabeth---
FELTRUP, Heinrich Eduard13 Aug 190614 Aug 1906Feltrup, HermanKREKE, MargaritaKreke, HermanSCHLEPER, AnnaMarried 22 Sep 1931 St. Augustine Breese, to Elizabeth Regina Koerkemeier. Confirmed 1 May 1921
FELTRUP, Johann Gerhard6 Jan 18976 Jan 1897Feltrup, HermanKREKE, MargaritaKreke, GerhardOTKE, CatharinaMarried 5 May 1926 at St. Rose, IL to Louisa Teresa Deimcke; witnesses: Edmund Feltrup & Clara Deimcke
FELTRUP, Maria Veronica24 Aug 190125 Aug 1901Feltrup, HermanKREKE, MargaritaKLEIER, JohannKreke, Maria---
FENHAUS, Herman Heinrich7 Aug 18979 Aug 1897Fenhaus, HeinrichJANSSEN, EmmaVENHAUS, HermanJanssen, MariaCompare Venhaus
FERINGTON, Heinrich10 Jan 186219 Feb 1862Ferington, ThomasUnknown, Maria EllenMORPHY, AnnaDONNEL, MichaelThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
FICKE, Catharina Regina23 Dec 189724 Dec 1897Ficke, WilhelmHÜHNE (Huehne), Anna WESSELMANN, BernardWesselmann, CatharinaMarried 7 Aug 1938 to Royal Bogan non-Catholic
FIEDELER, Anna Maria10 Mar 186613 Mar 1866Fiedeler, Johann HeinrichBUSKEMOELE, Anna MariaMORHINNERS, UnknownKOLKER, Johann Bernard---
FIEDELER, Johann2 Dec 18684 Dec 1868Fiedeler, HeinrichBUESKEMULE, Anna MariaAUSDEMMORE, JosephDANIEL, Elisabetha---
FIEDELER, Maria Catharina6 Jan 18648 Jan 1864Fiedeler, HeinrichBUSCHAMEHL, CatharinaOSTERMANN, CatharinaMORHINNERS, Franz---
FIEDELER, Maria Lisette30 Aug 18601 Sep 1860Fiedeler, Johann HeinrichBUSCHEMOEHLE, Maria AnnaBIPPENDAHL, Anna AdelheidFÖCKE (Foecke), Gerhard Heinrich---
FISCHER, Herman (Deceased)26 Jun 189628 Jun 1896Fischer, WilhelmLEHRTER, AnnaLehrter, HermanBAERING, Bernard---
FISCHER, Maria Barbara30 Sep 18645 Oct 1864Fischer, AntonLEHEN, Maria ECK, BarbaraLehen, Joseph---
FISCHER, Maria Magdalena21 Jul 186227 Jul 1862Fischer, AntonLEHEN, Maria AnnaECK, CatharinaLehen, Joseph---
FISCHER, Maria Victoria25 Jun 186015 Jul 1860Fischer, AntonLEHEN, MariaRICKERT, VictoriaLehen, Joseph---
FLORIAN, Gerhard Anton31 Mar 18961 Apr 1896Florian, AntonGISTING, ElisabethHUELSCAMP, GerhardHEIER, Josephina---
FLORIAN, Joseph Theodor12 Jul 190312 Jul 1903Florian, AntonGISTING, ElisabethHUELSCAMP, TheodorHuelscamp, Anna---
FLORIAN, Josephina Berta24 Mar 190230 Mar 1902Florian, AntonGISSING, ElisabethHEYER, JosephinaHUELSCAMP, Franz---
FLORIAN, Josephina Rosa24 Mar 190629 Mar 1906Florian, AntonGISTING, ElisabethHEYER, Josephina------
FLORIANN, Johann Joseph23 Mar 189923 Mar 1899Floriann, AntonGISTING, ElisabethHEIER, JohannGisting, Machtilde---
FOCKE, Anna Elisabeth13 Nov 188514 Nov 1885Focke, Heinrich FranzRICHTER, MariaRichter, MariaSCHONEFELD, Bernard---
FOCKES, Anna Maria8 Aug 18709 Aug 1870Fockes, HeinrichSUMPER, Anna MariaMEYER, Maria TheresiaHAAR, Benedict---
FOCKES, Anna Theresia15 Mar 187117 Mar 1871Fockes, BernardFUHLER, HelenaMEYER, TheresiaBERENS, Abel---
FOCKES, Carolina24 Feb 187226 Feb 1872Fockes, HeinrichSUMPER, Anna Maria[FOECKE] Foeke, CarolinaMEIER, Bernard---
FOCKES, Margarita1 Jun 18681 Jun 1868Fockes, BernardFUHLER, HelenaUBBEN, MargaritaMEYER, Friderich---
FOCKES, Maria Elisabetha7 Mar 18739 Mar 1873Fockes, HeinrichSUMPER, Anna MariaHAAR, ElisabethaFockes, Bernard---
FOCKES, Maria Rosina16 Jul 186917 Jul 1869Fockes, BernardFUHLER, HelenaUBBEN, GesinaFockes, Heinrich---
FOECKE, Anna Theresia20 Aug 186821 Aug 1868Foecke, Johann HeinrichFOCKES, CarolinaMEYER, Anna TheresiaFoecke, Gerhard[Married Bernard Drenten]
FOECKE, Bernardina4 Feb 18807 Feb 1880Foecke, BernardFOCKES, CarolinaFockes, HelenaWEBER, Theodor---
FOECKE, Elisabetha5 Oct 18726 Oct 1872Foecke, Heinrich FOCKES, CarolinaFoecke, ElisabethaMEYER, Bernard---
FOECKE, Johann Gerhard29 Oct 186730 Oct 1867Foecke, Heinrich GerhardFIEDELER, Maria CatharinaFoecke, Johann HeinrichAUSDEMMORE, Carolina---
FOECKE, Lisetta22 Aug 187423 Aug 1874Foecke, Heinrich FOCKES, CarolinaFoecke, LisettaFockes, Heinrich---
FOECKE, Maria Anna11 Dec 187413 Dec 1874Foecke, GerhardRUMP, LisettaFRERKEN, Maria AnnaFoecke, Heinrich---
FOECKE, Maria Carolina9 Oct 187010 Oct 1870Foecke, Heinrich FOCKES, CarolinaFoecke, AdelheidFockes, Bernard---
FOEKE, Wilhelm24 Feb 187326 Feb 1873Foeke, GerhardRUMP, Maria Anna LisettaRump, WilhelmWEBER, Maria Adelheid---
FOPPE, Aloysius Heinrich17 Aug 190518 Aug 1905Foppe, HeinrichKOHRMANN, Maria AnnaFoppe, AugustFISCHER, Anna MariaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
FOPPE, Anna Catharina22 Oct 188127 Oct 1881Foppe, HeinrichAHLERS, MariaAhlers, AnnaPOEHLING, Herman---
FOPPE, Anna Margaretha30 Jul 18751 Aug 1875Foppe, HeinrichAHLES, MariaFEHR, BernardKRING, Anna---
FOPPE, Arnold Heinrich29 Aug 190529 Aug 1905Foppe, Heinrich AugustRENSHEN, Maria TheresiaFoppe, Bernard HeinrichEILERS, Maria CatharinaMarried 7 Apr 1978 St. John the Baptist St. Louis, MO to Mabel D. Dols; Confirmed 6 Nov 1919
FOPPE, Herman Heinrich (Deceased)16 Jan 187929 Jan 1879Foppe, HeinrichAHLES, HelenaAhles, Herman HeinrichSPECKMANN, Elisabetha---
FOPPE, Maria Gertrud27 Sep 187730 Sep 1877Foppe, HeinrichAHLES, MariaBUERMANN, GertrudAhles, Heinrich---
FOSTER, Heinrich23 Sep 187419 Jul 1901Foster, CarlHOLZAPHEL, Juliana------Private Baptism
FRANK, Anna Henrietta26 Oct 18961 Nov 1896Frank, FriederichBAUER, MariaBauer, AnnaDIRKES, HeinrichMarried 23 May 1927 to Heinrich Hopfinger in St. Louis, MO
FRANK, Bernard Heinrich21 Sep 189422 Sep 1894Frank, FriederichBAUER, MariaWESSELMANN, BernardWesselmann, Catharina---
FRANK, Ferdinand Joseph18 Mar 190030 Mar 1900Frank, FriederichBAUER, MariaGOELLNER, FerdinandGoellner, Catharina born STOLTEBENMarried 12 Jun 1926 St. Anthony in St. Louis at 3140 Meramec to L. Feltrup
FRANK, Friederich Anton (Deceased)23 Apr 18846 May 1884Frank, FriederichBAUER, Maria HelenaDEUTSCH, AntonDeutsch, Catharina---
FRANK, Helena Bernardina3 Jun 18866 Jun 1886Frank, FriederichBAUER, Maria HelenaBauer, BernardinaBauer, Andreas---
FRANK, Johann Theodor4 Dec 188715 Dec 1887Frank, FriederichBAUER, Maria AngelaKLUTHO, TheodorKlutho, Anna Maria---
FRANK, Margaretha---Jan 1895Frank, FriederichBAUER, Maria------Married Michael Thien 16 Oct 1926; witness Frederick Frank. This entry appears after 6 Jul 1891 entry.
FRANK, Philipp Andreas29 Jun 190330 Jun 1903Frank, FriederichBAUER, MariaFunke, FranzFunke, Catharina---
FREEDLING, Anna Alvina6 Nov 190618 Nov 1906Freedling, MichaelWALLING, MariaNot Listed, JosephBAUMGARTNER, Anna, ---
FREY, Ida Maria5 Nov 19019 Nov 1901Frey, FlorianFUNKAN, TheresiaENGELMEIER, BernardEngelmeier, Elisabeth---
FRICKER, Laurent Wilhelm19 Nov 189421 Nov 1894Fricker, Johann WilhelmHÜHNE (Huehne), Anna MariaFricke, Johann WilhelmGRAVE, Anna---
FRITZ, Margarita Clara4 Jul 18916 Jul 1891Fritz, JohannBAUER, MariaBARTH, MargaritaBRUEGGE, Franz---
FUHLER, Nicolaus Bernard17 Dec 186618 Dec 1866Fuhler, WilhelmBEHRNS, HelenaBehrns, NicolausFuhler, Bertha---
FUNKE, Catharina Dorothea18 Dec 188421 Dec 1884Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaKNUEVER, CarolinaKORS, Anton---
FUNKE, Elisabetha3 Apr 18876 Apr 1887Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaHILLEBRANDT, Elisabetha------
FUNKE, Franz Aloys13 Feb 187315 Feb 1873Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaMarks, FranzFunke, AnnaHis marriage is on p. 157 of marriage register
FUNKE, Heinrich Joseph25 Jul 188926 Jul 1889Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaMarks, HeinrichKlutho, Maria Anna---
FUNKE, Johann Franz25 Sep 187130 Sep 1871Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaMarks, Johann FranzFunke, Maria---
FUNKE, Johann Joseph23 Jan 187526 Jan 1875Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaFunke, JosephKLUTHO, Anna Maria---
FUNKE, Maria Caecilia15 Mar 188016 Mar 1880Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaFunke, MariaKlutho, Theodor---
FUNKE, Maria Theresia2 Jul 18774 Jul 1877Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaMarks, Maria TheresiaBREINLINGER, Albinus (Pastor) stand in for Franz SCHNEIDER ?---
FUNKE, Martha Gertrud29 Jul 188230 Jul 1882Funke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaSCHMIDT, GertrudMarks, Heinrich---
GABES, Georg (Twin)13 Aug 186112 Nov 1861Gabes, JosephTRUBMANN, CatharinaLAUBNER, Valentin---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
GABES, Valentin (Twin)13 Aug 186112 Nov 1861Gabes, JosephTRUBMANN, CatharinaLAUBNER, Georg---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
GANGIER, Franz Anton17 Oct 186924 Oct 1869Gangier, AlbertTEXTOR, JohannaHOLZ, FranzTextor, Rosina---
GANSMANN, Heinrich10 Aug 18563 Jan 1861Gansmann, NicolausZEITZ, CleophaGIGEL, Heinrich---This Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
GANSMANN, Louisa10 Aug 18543 Jan 1861Gansmann, NicolausZEITZ, CleophaDAME, Louisa---This Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
GANSMANN, Maria11 Jan 18613 Jan 1861Gansmann, NicolausZEITZ, CleophaEICHHORN, Maria ---This Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
GARNER, Jacob Edwin7 Oct 18917 Aug 1892Garner, FranzBALL, MariaKREBS, FerdinandBROWN, Anna---
GASSEL, Anna Maria Catharina17 Feb 186419 Feb 1864Gassel, HermanSCHROEDER, Anna MariaSchroeder, Anna MariaKNAUP, Georg---
GASSEL, Herman19 Sep 186820 Sep 1868Gassel, HermanSCHROEDER, MariaSchroeder, HermanBOENHOFF, Catharina---
GASSEL, Joseph Carl4 Apr 18665 Apr 1866Gassel, HermanSCHROEDER, MariaGassel, CarlVOSHALLER, Anna Maria Clara---
GEBEKE, Maria12 Apr 187019 Apr 1870Gebeke, JohannDIEDERICH, LouisaSTARK, MariaMARKS, Franz---
GEERS, Anna Maria Gesina16 Dec 186218 Dec 1862Geers, GerhardHESSELER, ElisabethaHILLE, Maria GesinaHesseler, Johann Heinrich---
GEERS, Elisabeth11 Sep 190512 Sep 1905Geers, Johann WilhelmBULLER, MariaGeers, ElisabethFERKER, Heinrich HermanConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
GEERS, Gerhard Engelbert26 May 189427 May 1894Geers, WilhelmBULLER, MariaGeers, GerhardBuller, Catharina---
GEERS, Heinrich Benedict20 Mar 189921 Mar 1899Geers, WilhelmBULLER, MariaBRUENING, HeinrichSCHLUETER, Anna MariaMarried 22 Apr 1944 to Clara McCord; St. Sabina Church Chicago, IL; certificate of death Rose Lavalle Geers-1st wife
GEERS, Johann Gerhard13 Feb 187315 Feb 1873Geers, Johann WilhelmWELLING, Euphemia MariaGeers, GerhardALBERTERNST, Maria---
GEERS, Johann Wilhelm31 Mar 186531 Mar 1865Geers, GerhardHESSELER, ElisabethaALBERTERNST, MariaHOHMANN, Gerhard Herman---
GEERS, Joseph Wilhelm22 Sep 189622 Sep 1896Geers, WilhelmBULLER, MariaBuller, JosephGRAVE, Elisabeth---
GEERS, Ludwig Aloys10 Dec 190211 Dec 1902Geers, WilhelmBULLER, MariaDIEKER, LudwigBRUENING, Anna---
GEERS, Maria Adelheid6 Mar 18717 Mar 1871Geers, GerhardHESSELER, ElisabethaGeers, Maria AdelheidALBERTERNST, Not listed---
GEERS, Maria Catharina14 Dec 186815 Dec 1868Geers, GerhardHESSELER, ElisabethaHILLE, BernardHILLING, Maria Catharina---
GEERS, Philomina Caecilia15 Aug 189116 Aug 1891Geers, WilhelmBULLER, MariaBuller, PhilominaGeers, Gerhard---
GEPHARDT, Maria15 Aug 186418 Aug 1864Gephardt, JohannCLEMENS, TheresiaGephardt, JosephClemens, Anna Maria---
GERBESMANN, Anna Maria8 Nov 186028 Dec 1860Gerbesmann, HeinrichBIGGE, FredericaLANDWEHR, Maria Agnes ------
GERLING, Bernard Heinrich14 Nov 187916 Nov 1879Gerling, BernardHEUGLER, CatharinaHeugler, HeinrichGerling, IrenaEntry's dates are listed as born 14 Nov; baptized 16 Oct.
GERLING, Helena Sophia29 Oct 188130 Oct 1881Gerling, BernardHORCHLER, CatharinaSCHOENHOFF, GerhardHorchler, Helena MariaMarried Johann Lindenbusch 3 Jun 1908 in Germantown
GERLING, Theodor Heinrich (Deceased)20 Aug 188322 Aug 1883Gerling, BernardHEUCHLER, CatharinaGerling, HeinrichFOPPE, Anna Maria---
GERVERSMANN, Johann3 Feb 185914 Mar 1859Gerversmann, HeinrichBIEGE, FridericaROHS, Johann------
GIBHARD, Heinrich Leo1 Jun 19012 Jun 1901Gibhard, HeinrichSTOFF, AnnaGibhard, JohannStoff, Theresia---
GIPKE, Johann Bernard18 Aug 186719 Aug 1867Gipke, JohannDIDERICH, LouisaNORDMANN, BernardSTEINKER, Maria---
GIPKE, Maria Agnes5 Oct 18656 Oct 1865Gipke, JohannDIETRICH, LouisaMEYER, Maria AgnesBECKMANN, Wilhelm---
GISSTING, Johann Joseph18 Aug 19036 Sep 1903Gissting, JosephSCHWEET, Christina?HEYER, JohannHeyer, Josephina---
GISSY, Adolph Theodor13 Nov 188515 Nov 1885Gissy, CarlALBERS, ChristinaAlbers, TheodorRICKE, Elisabeth---
GISSY, Carl Joseph24 Jan 189825 Jan 1898Gissy, CarlSCHLARMANN, ClaraSchlarmann, Bernard JosephSchlarmann, TheresiaMarried 6 Sep 1937 to Teresa Ahrens; witness=Helena Ahrens
GISSY, Clara Henrietta4 Feb 18976 Feb 1897Gissy, CarlSCHLARMANN, ClaraSchlarmann, Catharina AngelaSchlarmann, Heinrich---
GISSY, Eugene Joseph2 Jan 18814 Jan 1881Gissy, CarlALBERS, ChristinaGissy, Carl EugeneGissy, Christina---
GISSY, Eulalia Philomina (Deceased)22 May 189423 May 1894Gissy, CarlSCHLARMANN, Maria ClaraSchlarmann, PhilominaSchlarmann, Bernard---
GISSY, Franz Alphons Carl (Deceased)5 Feb 18907 Feb 1890Gissy, CarlALBERS, ChristinaGissy, AlphonseGissy, Carolina---
GISSY, Rosalia27 Feb 18792 Mar 1879Gissy, CarlALBERS, Christina AnnaMICHELS, ArnoldGissy, Maria---
GLAUB, Carl Joseph4 Jun 18847 Jun 1884Glaub, FranzLUNKENHEIMER, AnnaGlaub, CarlPETERMEIER, Maria---
GLAUB, Ferdinand Jacob17 Oct 190217 Oct 1902Glaub, CarlHERBERS, MargaritaKAPP, JacobBARTH, Margarita---
GLAUB, Johann Franz (Deceased)8 Oct 18868 Oct 1886Glaub, CarlHARBERS, MargaritaHarbers, JohannGEBHARD, Maria---
GLAUB, Theodor Heinrich22 Aug 188822 Aug 1888Glaub, CarlHARBERS, MargaritaDEBEN, TheodorHarbers, Barbara---
GLEICH, Georg Adam9 Apr 186224 May 1863Gleich, GeorgZAHN, AnnaDETROY, GeorgGleich, Adam---
GOELLNER, August9 Aug 18679 Aug 1867Goellner, FerdinandROESLEIN, MachtildeREINEKE, August------
GOELLNER, Bernard Ferdinand10 Nov 188212 Nov 1882Goellner, FerdinandSTOLTEBEEN, CatharinaHAGEN, BernardDUMSTORFF, Maria---
GOELLNER, Carl Friderich15 Mar 186618 Mar 1866Goellner, FerdinandROESLEIN, MachtildeBÜRMANN (Buermann), FriderichVORNHOLT, Carolina---
GOELLNER, Josephina Henrietta4 Aug 18806 Aug 1880Goellner, FerdinandSTOLTEBEEN, CatharinaStoltebeen, JosephinaHUMMERT, Heinrich---
GOELLNER, Mathilda3 Dec 18763 Dec 1876Goellner, FerdinandSTOLTEBEIN, CatharinaBUERMANN, GertrudSCHLUETER, Herman---
GOERTENCOSS, Bernard11 Sep 186012 Sep 1860Goertencoss, StephanKROENING, TheresiaBECKERLING, BernardSCHNITSMEYER, Heinrich---
GOESTENCORS, Catharina11 Aug 186411 Aug 1864Goestencors, StephanKROENING, TheresiaSCHWARZ, CatharinaHELLEBUSE, Franz---
GOEVERT, Bernard Heinrich20 May 189920 May 1899Goevert, FranzHILLE, CatharinaGoevert, Johann HeinrichHILLEN, MariaThis child may have died; page is folded.
GOEVERT, Bernard Herman25 Mar 190625 Mar 1906Goevert, MaximilianMOSS, MariaMoss, Bernard HermanGoevert, JosephinaMarried 12 Jun 1929 Germantown, IL to Leona Hellmann; Witnesses: Wm. Hellmann & Elenora Goevert.
GOEVERT, Charles M.6 Oct 19037 Oct 1903Goevert, BernardHILLEN, CatharinaGoevert, MaxMOSS, ElisabethMarried 23 Nov 1927 Highland, IL to Stella Neumann non-Catholic; Witnesses: George Goevert & Blanca Lakenberger
GOEVERT, Franz Bernard Heinrich28 Sep 189929 Sep 1899Goevert, FranzLODEKE, MariaGoevert, HeinrichLodeke, Maria AngelaMarried 27 Jan 1937 to Elisabeth Theodora Van Alst; witnesses: Joseph Haar & Mildred Van Alst
GOEVERT, Gerhard Heinrich3 Oct 19013 Oct 1901Goevert, BernardHILLEN, CatharinaGoevert, HeinrichSTUEVER, AnnaMarried 3 May 1941 Resurrection St. Louis to LaDonna Brown non-Catholic
GOEVERT, Herman Bernard29 Jul 190529 Jul 1905Goevert, BernardHILLEN, KatharinaGoevert, HermanGoevert, MariaMarried 8 Nov 1934 to A. Maria Glaub
GOEVERT, Johann Ferdinand22 May 190422 May 1904Goevert, Johann MaxMOSS, MariaGoevert, HeinrichMoss, Maria Elisabeth---
GOEVERT, Johann Heinrich13 Nov 189114 Nov 1891Goevert, HeinrichSTEIN, JosephinaGREVING, HeinrichSCHEER, Catharina---
GOEVERT, Joseph Alvin---6 Jun 1911Goevert, MaximilianMOSS, MariaHUSMANN, JosephREILMANN, MariaThis Baptism appears after the 1911 Confirmations.
GOEVERT, Leo Bernard Anton22 Sep 190322 Sep 1903Goevert, HeinrichLODEKE, MariaGoevert, BernardGoevert, Maria---
GOEVERT, Maria Anna19 Jan 189620 Jan 1896Goevert, HeinrichLADEKE, MariaLadeke, AngelinaGoevert, Johann Heinrich---
GOEVERT, Maria Josephina9 Sep 18979 Sep 1897Goevert, HeinrichLOEDEKE, MariaGoevert, JosephinaGoevert, Johann Heinrich---
GOEWERT, Johann Heinrich19 Jun 189220 Jun 1892Goewert, Johann HeinrichENGELMEIER, FranciscaGoewert, Johann HeinrichEngelmeier, ChristinaChild was illegitimate
GOLDSCHMIDT, Adolph16 Nov 189819 Nov 1898Goldschmidt, LudwigKANTNER, AnnaGoldschmidt, JohannHINCAMP, MariaMarried 14 Jun 1927 St Joseph Stotesbury, MO(?) to Ida Ginter dau of Adolph Ginter & Carolina Kerry
GOLDSCHMIDT, Aloys Heinrich14 Mar 190018 Mar 1900Goldschmidt, LudwigKANTER, AnnaGoldschmidt, HeinrichMOSS, MariaMarried 2 Feb 1951 St. Mathew Monroe, LA to Mrs. Edgar Poney.
GOLDSCHMIDT, Anna Margarita10 Nov 189912 Nov 1899Goldschmidt, FranzHINCAMP, MariaGoldschmidt, JohannHEITGERS, Anna Maria---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Bernard21 Feb 190522 Feb 1905Goldschmidt, HeinrichGASMANN, MariaGoldschmidt, MichaelMOSS, ElisabethConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
GOLDSCHMIDT, Carl18 Feb 190222 Feb 1902Goldschmidt, HeinrichGANSMANN, MariaGoldschmidt, MichaelHINCAMP, MariaMarried Hulda Hilgeman (non-Catholic); Witnesses: H. & Hilda Goldschmidt (no date listed)
GOLDSCHMIDT, Emma15 Jun 189427 Jun 1894Goldschmidt, LudwigGANTNER, AnnaWEIL, AnnaGoldschmidt, Johann---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Franz22 Feb 189624 Feb 1896Goldschmidt, MichaelDUMMERT, MagdalenaGoldschmidt, FranzHINCAMP, Maria---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Franz9 Aug 189423 Aug 1894Goldschmidt, MichaelGoldschmidt, Magdalena (Not maiden name)HEITGERS, TeklaGoldschmidt, Johann---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Heinrich1 Nov 187330 Nov 1873Goldschmidt, MichaelDOMMERT, MagdalenaMEIER, Jacob------
GOLDSCHMIDT, Heinrich (Deceased)15 May 189716 May 1897Goldschmidt, LudwigGANTNER, AnnaGoldschmidt, HeinrichGoldschmidt, Magdalena---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Hulda24 May 190330 May 1903Goldschmidt, LudwigGARTNER, AnnaGoldschmidt, Maria MargaretaGoldschmidt, JohannMarried 6 Feb 1946 Beckemeyer to Fred Hardekoph - mixed marriage
GOLDSCHMIDT, Jacob30 Sep 18892 Oct 1889Goldschmidt, JohannHEITGERS, MariaGoldschmidt, JacobGoldschmidt, Magdalena---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Johann23 Dec 190127 Dec 1901Goldschmidt, LudwigGANTNER, AnnaGoldschmidt, JohannHEITGERS, Maria---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Johann Herman1 Oct 19039 Oct 1903Goldschmidt, JohannHEITGERS, MariaGoldschmidt, LudwigHeitgers, Thekla---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Joseph3 Dec 18922 Jan 1893Goldschmidt, LudwigKANTNER, AnnaGoldschmidt, MichaelTUMST, Magdalena---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Joseph4 Dec 187010 Apr 1871Goldschmidt, MichaelDOMERT, MagdalenaMEYER, JacobMeyer, Veronica---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Leo17 May 190324 May 1903Goldschmidt, HeinrichNot listed, MariaGoldschmidt, MichaelGoldschmidt, MariaMarried 11 Feb 1961 to Mrs. Edna Brinkmann
GOLDSCHMIDT, Ludwig (Deceased)---30 Mar 1892Goldschmidt, JohannHEITGERS, MariaGoldschmidt, LudwigKANTNER, Anna---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Magdalena1 Jan 189719 Jan 1897Goldschmidt, JohannHEITGERS, MariaGoldschmidt, MichaelDRUMMERT, Magdalena---
GOLDSCHMIDT, Maria Elisabetha10 May 189711 May 1897Goldschmidt, FranzHINKAMP, MariaHinkamp, Anna MariaGoldschmidt, Michael---
GRAF, Anna Elisabetha (Deceased)14 Sep 188615 Sep 1886Graf, FranzESS, MariaEss, AnnaKRAMER, Johann---
GRAF, Rosalia Philomina18 Aug 189119 Aug 1891Graf, FranzESS, MariaEss, WilhelminaKÜNEKE (Kueneke), Wilhelm---
GRAFE, Johann Heinrich17 Oct 189418 Oct 1894Grafe, FranzESS, MariaEss, BernardESS, Catharina---
GRAMANN, Maria Antonetta12 Dec 188414 Dec 1884Gramann, GerhardALBERS, JosephinaAlbers, ElisabethGramann, Heinrich---
GRAVE, Anna Maria29 Dec 188330 Dec 1883Grave, FranzESS, Anna MariaNIEMEIER, OttoEss, AnnaAnna Maria was the widow of Bernard Feldmann when she married Wilhelm Kircher ? 10 Oct 1933
GRAVE, Anton Heinrich13 May 190114 May 1901Grave, FranzESS, MariaFELTRUP, AntonESS, MathildaMarried 12 Feb 1941 Carlyle, IL to Teresa Kleb
GRAVE, Bernard Franz18 Jul 188818 Jul 1888Grave, FranzESS, MariaEss, BernardKRAMER, Gesina---
GRAVE, Maria Bernardina15 Oct 190416 Oct 1904Grave, FranzHUSTEDDE, MariaGrave, JohannHustedde, Bernardina---
GRAVE, Maria Caecilia (Deceased)31 May 18981 Jun 1898Grave, FranzESS, MariaEss, ElisabethaREILMANN, Theodor---
GREGORII, Carolina Johanna20 Jul 190125 Jul 1901Gregorii, WilhelmBUSCH, MariaBRUENING, BernardAHRENS, Carolina---
GREGORIUS, Anna Regina4 Mar 19047 Mar 1904Gregorius, WilhelmBUSCH, MariaRICHTER, Maria------
GREGORIUS, Maria Selemia14 Feb 189916 Feb 1899Gregorius, WilhelmBUSCH, MariaCOERS, BernardinaPLUYM, Theodor---
GREGORIUS, Michael Ludwig1 May 19067 May 1906Gregorius, WilhelmBUSH, MariaZEHNER, Michael---Married 16 Sep 1939 St. Theresia St. Louis, MO to Cornelia M. Murray
GREVING, Bertrand17 Sep 1897---Greving, HenrySCHMITH, Not listed------This entry is incomplete at the bottom of the page after 18 Aug 1897 entry but no Baptism date is entered
GÜNTER (Guenter), Johann Wilhelm Alexander21 Nov 186025 Dec 1860Guenter, JohannBOEDEKER, JohannaBERENDES, WilhelmBerendes, Anna Maria---
HAAR, Aloys Friederich4 Aug 19015 Aug 1901Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, CatharinaHaar, FriederichHincamp, ElisabethMarried 27 May 1936 St. Felicitas, Beaver Prairie, IL to Clara Holtgreve.
HAAR, Anna Margarita26 Jul 190326 Jul 1903Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, CatharinaHUELSCAMP, AnnaWINKEL, JohannMarried 4 Feb 1947 St. Augustine to John Henry Bruegge
HAAR, Anton Herman22 Jul 190423 Jul 1904Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaKruep, HermanPILLE, Catharina---
HAAR, Bernard20 Jan 190421 Jan 1904Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, CatharinaZWAKE, BernardBAUR, MariaMarried 3 May 1950 to Helen Heidel
HAAR, Caecilia Louisa11 Sep 189412 Sep 1894Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaSCHAKE, LouisaSCHRAGE, Johann---
HAAR, Catharina Elisabetha6 Aug 18637 Aug 1863Haar, BenedictKRAECKE, ElisabethaBECKER, CatharinaMEYER, Bernard---
HAAR, Elisabeth Catharina16 May 189916 May 1899Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, CatharinaKREKE, Gerhard HeinrichREILMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
HAAR, Franz Bernard7 Nov 18998 Nov 1899Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaKruep, BernardHINCAMP, Catharina---
HAAR, Franz Heinrich20 Feb 189521 Feb 1895Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, CatharinaHaar, HeinrichHINKAMP, Maria---
HAAR, Friderich19 Apr 186622 Apr 1866Haar, BenedictKREKEL, ElisabethaBECKER, FriederichMEYER, Maria Theresia---
HAAR, Friederich Joseph26 Mar 189027 Mar 1890Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaHaar, FriederichSTRAKE, Maria---
HAAR, Georg Anton21 Apr 190522 Apr 1905Haar, GeorgWIETER, ElisabethWieter, AntonWieter, Elisabeth---
HAAR, Gerhard Heinrich26 Mar 186128 Mar 1861Haar, BenedictKRÄKER (Kraeker), Maria ElisabethaNIEMEYER, Gerhard HeinrichALTPETER, Elisabeth---
HAAR, Helena Elisabeth19 Jan 189220 Jan 1892Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaKruep, HelenaSCHWAKE, Bernard---
HAAR, Herman Leo3 Sep 18993 Sep 1899Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, CatharinaHincamp, HermanHaar, Catharina---
HAAR, Johann Benedict10 Jan 189411 Jan 1894Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, CatharinaHaar, HeinrichHuelsmann, Mina---
HAAR, Johann Heinrich 16 Apr 189217 Apr 1892Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, CatharinaHuelsmann, HeinrichSCHWAKE, Elisabeth---
HAAR, Johann Heinrich (Deceased)4 Apr 18866 Apr 1886Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaKruep, HeinrichRICKE, Elisabeth---
HAAR, Margarita (Deceased)11 Dec 186812 Dec 1868Haar, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaHAGEN, MargaritaFOCKES, Heinrich---
HAAR, Maria Elisabeth25 Jan 185926 Jan 1859Haar, BenedictKREKE, Maria ElisabethTIM___, Maria Elisabeth (name is on crease)FOCKE, Johann Bernard---
HAAR, Maria Gertrud 23 May 190523 May 1905Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, CatharinaRICKE, FranzHincamp, Maria GertrudConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
HAAR, Maria Louisa (Deceased)23 Feb 189623 Feb 1896Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, CatharinaSCHWAKE, LouisaHincamp, Herman---
HAAR, Regina Maria28 Sep 190130 Sep 1901Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, CatharinaWESSELMANN, MariaWIENKEN, Johann---
HAAR, Rosa Elisabetha11 Jan 189712 Jan 1897Haar, TheodorHINCAMP, KatharinaHincamp, MariaSWAKE, Bernard---
HAAR, Theodor August28 Jun 189729 Jun 1897Haar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaHaar, Theodor SCHLUETER, Josephina---
HAAR, Theodor Benedict22 May 187123 May 1871Haar, BenedictKRAECKE, ElisabethaHAGEN, TheodorBUERMANN, Gertrud---
HAAR, Theodor Friederich7 Feb 18967 Feb 1896Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, CatharinaHaar, Theodor WESSELMANN, Maria---
HAAR, Wilhelmina Catharina10 May 189811 May 1898Haar, FriederichHUELSMANN, MariaHuelsmann, WilhelminaZWAKE, Bernard---
HABICH, Johann Eugene20 Aug 190021 Aug 1900Habich, HermanHUELSMANN, JosephinaHabich, JohannHuelsmann, Mina---
HACAPP, Heinrich Eugene21 Dec 190322 Dec 1903Hacapp, Johann ConradKREKE, WilhelminaHAUCAP, HeinrichKreke, Maria---
HADORSCAK, Clara Anna9 Aug 19059 Aug 1905Hadorscak, JohannMAJEWSKI, CatharinaMajewski, Adam KORTE, AnnaConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
HAGEN, Anton Bernard17 Nov 187422 Nov 1874Hagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephaRoeslein, AntonHagen, Maria---
HAGEN, Anton Gerhard28 Jul 190428 Jul 1904Hagen, GerhardKLEIER, AnnaHILMES, HermanHilmes, Elisabeth---
HAGEN, Bernard Johann24 Oct 187225 Oct 1872Hagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaSOMMERS, BernardVornholt, Maria---
HAGEN, Bernard Theodor8 Feb 18889 Feb 1888Hagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephinaHagen, TheodorRoeslein, Rosa---
HAGEN, Carl Edwin *---14 Mar 1875Not listedNot listedHAGEN, Bernard---*This person was listed with no last name; gave him his sponsor's last name.
HAGEN, Carolina Maria7 Dec 18818 Dec 1881Hagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephinaLOKHORN, CarolinaHagen, Heinrich---
HAGEN, Eduard Dominic9 Jun 18909 Jun 1890Hagen, GerhardKLEIER, AnnaKleier, JohannKRAMER, Christina---
HAGEN, Elisabeth Anna1 Jan 18982 Jan 1898Hagen, GeorgKLEIER, AnnaKleier, ElisabethHOLTMANN, Not listed---
HAGEN, Elisabeth Francisca Theodora4 Oct 18915 Oct 1891Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, ElisabethDEBEN, Theodor---
HAGEN, Francisca Catharina (Deceased)25 Oct 188926 Oct 1889Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, CatharinaBUDDE, Franz---
HAGEN, Franz Heinrich (Twin)22 Aug 187623 Aug 1876Hagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaSPREHE, FranzSprehe, Sophia---
HAGEN, Franz Theodor11 Dec 189212 Dec 1892Hagen, TheodorNIEMEYER, MariaRICKE, FranzHagen, Maria---
HAGEN, Genevieve Maria24 Jan 190024 Jan 1900Hagen, GerhardKLEIER, AnnaHOLTMANN, HeinrichKleier, Elisabeth---
HAGEN, Gerhard Theodor (Deceased)14 Aug 188714 Aug 1887Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, TheodorBECKER, Catharina---
HAGEN, Heinrich Alphonse Benedict30 Oct 189430 Oct 1894Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, BenedictHagen, Maria---
HAGEN, Heinrich Anton13 Feb 190213 Feb 1902Hagen, GerhardKLEIER, AnnaHOLTMANN, HeinrichKleier, Maria---
HAGEN, Heinrich Wilhelm7 Feb 18878 Feb 1887Hagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaFIEBRUEGER, Heinrich ?Niemeier, Wilhelmina---
HAGEN, Herman Alwin24 Oct 189425 Oct 1894Hagen, GerhardNot listedHILMES, HermanHOLTMANN, Elisabetha---
HAGEN, Johann18 Mar 187819 Mar 1878Hagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephinaHagen, JohannBUERMANN, Gertrud---
HAGEN, Johann Gerhard 5 Feb 18886 Feb 1888Hagen, GerhardKLEIER, CatharinaKleier, JohannHOLTMANN, Catharina---
HAGEN, Johann Gerhard Anton (Deceased)27 Nov 188028 Nov 1880Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, JohannHagen, Margarita---
HAGEN, Ludwig Christian24 Aug 190625 Aug 1906Hagen, GerhardKLEIER, AnnaEULBERG, ChristianHOLTMANN, HelenaConfirmed 1 May 1921
HAGEN, Margarita Maria (Deceased)24 Oct 188224 Oct 1882Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, MargaritaHagen, Bernard---
HAGEN, Maria Angela Carolina26 Nov 186926 Nov 1869Hagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaHagen, Maria AngelaVornholt, Conrad---
HAGEN, Maria Angelina6 Sep 18846 Sep 1884Hagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaSOMMERS, MariaHagen, Bernard---
HAGEN, Maria Angelina (Twin)22 Aug 187623 Aug 1876Hagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaSOMMERS, Maria AngelaHagen, Bernard---
HAGEN, Maria Anna14 Nov 189016 Nov 1890Hagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaNiemeier, AnnaBUDDE, Fr.---
HAGEN, Maria Antonetta6 Dec 188410 Dec 1884Hagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephinaBUDDE, MariaRoeslein, Anton---
HAGEN, Maria Catharina14 Nov 188717 Nov 1887Hagen, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaSCHRAGE, CarolinaPILLE, Heinrich---
HAGEN, Maria Catharina13 Mar 188914 Mar 1889Hagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaNiemeier, AntonBUDDE, Maria---
HAGEN, Maria Elisabetha Theresia29 Apr 188530 Apr 1885Hagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaNiemeier, ElisabethaHagen, Bernard---
HAGEN, Maria Machtilde30 Jan 18801 Feb 1880Hagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephinaHagen, MariaBUDDE, Franz---
HAGEN, Maria Rosa (Deceased)25 Nov 188126 Nov 1881Hagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaVornholt, MariaHagen, Heinrich---
HALLERMANN, Anna Caecilia30 Jul 189831 Jul 1898Hallermann, HeinrichWELLEN, ElisabethHallermann, MariaSUTFELD, Gerhard---
HALLERMANN, Heinrich Leo16 Mar 190117 Mar 1901Hallermann, HeinrichWELLEN, ElisabethHEYER, PeterMEIRINKE, Anna---
HALLERMANN, Josephina Carolina10 Dec 190411 Dec 1904Hallermann, HeinrichWELLEN, ElisabethSCHOENDIENST, JohannHallermann, Josephina---
HAMAN, Amalia8 Apr 186011 Nov 1860Haman, JosephWEITNER, MariaWeitner, AnnastinaBARDT, Peter---
HAMM, Anna Catharina27 Jun 188429 Jun 1884Hamm, PhilippSCHULTE, CatharinaKESSEN, AnnaKessen, Heinrich---
HAMM, Johann Friederich (Twin) (Deceased)7 Dec 18819 Dec 1881Hamm, PhilippSCHULTE, CatharinaBUERMANN, FriederichBuermann, Gertrud---
HAMM, Joseph Anton (Twin) (Deceased)7 Dec 18819 Dec 1881Hamm, PhilippSCHULTE, CatharinaFELDEWERT, AntonFeldewert, Dorothea---
HAMMERT, Gerhard Heinrich28 Apr 185930 Apr 1859Hammert, HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaBuehne, Gerhard HeinrichSTENKEN, Anna Maria---
HANEKE, Louisa Gesina11 Aug 187012 Aug 1870Haneke, HeinrichREVERMANN, ElisabethaHaneke, WenceslausRevermann, Louisa---
HANEKE, Maria Elisabeth Gertrud22 Jun 187624 Jun 1876Haneke, HeinrichFELDMANN, ElisabethaBUERMANN, Maria GertrudHAAR, Benedict---
HANEKE, Maria Gesina22 Nov 187323 Nov 1873Haneke, HeinrichFELDMANN, ElisabethaKRUSE, Anna GesinaNo last name listed, Bernard Heinrich ---
HANSELMANN, Anna Regina1 Apr 186317 Nov 1867Hanselmann, GeorgKRAEMER, CatharinaSCHARFENBERGER, ReginaScharfenberger, Anton---
HANSELMANN, Catharina Francisca3 Sep 186617 Nov 1867Hanselmann, GeorgKRAEMER, CatharinaSCHARFENBERGER, CatharinaScharfenberger, Anton---
HASELHORST, Peter5 Jul 187014 Jul 1870Haselhorst, MartinBROEKELMANN, AnnaSCHÜTTE (Schuette), PeterSTEINKER, Maria---
HAVERMANN, Maria Anna16 Jan 186418 Jan 1864Havermann, HermanKLOSTER, MariaPELSTRING, Maria AnnaHOLLENCAMP, Johann Heinrich---
HAVERMANN, Maria Elisabetha1 Apr 18623 Apr 1862Havermann, HermanKLOSTER, MariaHOLLENCAMP, ElisabethaHEMSAT, Heinrich---
HAWLEY, Clide Bernard Joseph20 Sep 188014 Aug 1905Hawley, SilvesterHEADLEY, RosaPOELKER, Bernard---Adult Baptism
HAWLEY, Eva Caecilia Theresia18 Mar 190519 Mar 1905Hawley, ClaudeMILLER, ElisabethDEIEN, BernardMUELLER, Anna TheresiaConfirmed May 1921
HEDDERHORST, Franz Heinrich8 Jun 188212 Jun 1882Hedderhorst, FriederichASINGER, TheresiaKUHLS, FranzKuhls, Gertrud born MUELLERThe dates for this entry are reversed making him Baptized before being born.
HEDERHORST, Peter Frederich15 Nov 187514 May 1876Hederhorst, FriderichASINGER, TheresiaMUELLER, PeterHALL, ApolloniaCompare Hedderhorst
HEGE, Maria Elisabetha17 Dec 187118 Dec 1871Hege, HermanHOLTHAUS, Anna KRUEP, Maria Kruep, Heinrich---
HEIDEL, Bernard Heinrich10 Feb 189111 Feb 1891Heidel, HeinrichKAPP, BarbaraSCHLUETER, Bernard------
HEIDEMANN, Amiliana3 Nov 18764 Nov 1876Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaRENNEKE, ElisabethaHAGEN, Heinrich---
HEIDEMANN, Anna Catharina16 Nov 185921 Nov 1859Heidemann, Theo. D.JOHNS, MariaSCHIERBERG, CatharinaRUHELN, Herman---
HEIDEMANN, Anton Bernard21 Nov 186724 Nov 1867Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaHeidemann, HermanHAGEN, Margarita---
HEIDEMANN, Bernard Franz4 May 18745 May 1874Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaSCHLARMANN, BernardDONNE, Serah---
HEIDEMANN, Bernardina Wilhelmina23 Feb 189425 Feb 1894Heidemann, JosephHUSTEDDE, WilhelminaHustedde, BernardinaHUGGENBERG, Bernard---
HEIDEMANN, Catharina Wilhelmina4 Nov 18638 Nov 1863Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaHeidemann, Maria CatharinaSCHIERBERG, Georg---
HEIDEMANN, Franz Joseph8 Feb 18969 Feb 1896Heidemann, JosephHUSTEDDE, PhilomenaHustedde, FranzHUGGENBERG, Catharina---
HEIDEMANN, Georg Ubrious3 Jul 19004 Jul 1900Heidemann, JosephHUSTEDDE, WilhelminaHustedde, Fr.RATERMANN, Bernardina---
HEIDEMANN, Heinrich Aloys9 Mar 190510 Mar 1905Heidemann, JosephHUSTEDDE, WilhelminaHustedde, HeinrichKELLERMANN, Maria Anna---
HEIDEMANN, Maria Anna7 Sep 18618 Sep 1861Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaHeidemann, MariaHeidemann, Heinrich---
HEIDEMANN, Maria Eugenia16 Apr 187918 Apr 1879Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaHAGEN, MariaALTEPETER, Heinrich---
HEIDEMANN, Theodor Herman1 Nov 18653 Nov 1865Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaREITIN, HermanDONNE, GertrudThis entry appears out of order; the month may be Dec.
HEIDEMANN, Wilhelm Anton6 Sep 19018 Sep 1901Heidemann, JosephHUSTEDDE, WilhelminaHustedde, WilhelmHUGGENBERG, Wilhelmina---
HEIER, Catharina Regina24 Sep 189925 Sep 1899Heier, PeterBOENHOFF, TheresiaBoenhoff, CatharinaHOLTGREVE, GerhardThis name was written as Meier and the M was written over as an H. Married 25 May 1926 to Leo Maue
HEIER, Edmund29 Nov 185717 Sep 1859Heier, Johann HermanSCHULE, Maria Anna---------
HEIER, Machtilde Ida21 Mar 189323 Mar 1893Heier, JohannGISSING, JosephinaGissing, MachtildeHOLTGREVE, Gerhard---
HEIER, Maria Anna7 Jan 186112 Jan 1861Heier, HermanSCHULER, Maria AnnaHESSELER, HeinrichTOMBÄCK (Tombaeck), Theresia---
HEIER, Paulina Leona5 Jul 19036 Jul 1903Heier, JohannGIESTING, JosephinaHUELSCAMP, FranzWELKER, Paulina---
HEINZES, Catharina Carolina7 Jul 186317 Jul 1863Heinzes, JohannBACK, DorotheaHOLTHAUS, CatharinaBOS, Carl---
HEITGEERS, Maria Anna Margaritha7 Oct 186525 Oct 1865Heitgeers, Johann HermanSCHUMACHER, TeklaREILMANN, MargarithaDULLE, Bernard Heinrich---
HEITMANN, Bernard30 Apr 18744 May 1874Heitmann, FriderichDANIEL, ElisabethaHeitmann, BernardOSTERMANN, Elisabetha---
HEITMANN, Herman23 Nov 187024 Nov 1870Heitmann, FriderichDANIEL, ElisabethaHeitmann, HermanMARKS, Theresia---
HEITMANN, Johann Joseph5 Sep 18619 Sep 1861Heitmann, HermanHENRICHS, AgnesOSTERMANN, JosephEKELMANN, Lisetta---
HEITMANN, Wilhelm26 Aug 18721 Sep 1872Heitmann, FriderichDANIEL, ElisabethaVOS, StephanHeitmann, Wilhelm---
HELBUSCH, Gertrud27 Aug 186428 Aug 1864Helbusch, FranzKÖRKEMEYER (Koerkemeyer), GertrudWINKER, GertrudSCHWARZ, Joseph---
HELDON, Wilhelmina Dorothea25 Feb 189227 Mar 1892Heldon, Johann KOHLER, AnnaDEBEN, TheodorGUENTHER, Wilhelmina---
HELLEBUSE, Anna Maria 20 Feb 186321 Feb 1863Hellebuse, FranzKOEKELMEYER, GertrudKoekelmeyer, Anna MariaBÜHNE (Buehne), Nepomuck---
HELLEBUSE, Johann Heinrich10 Feb 186611 Feb 1866Hellebuse, FranzKOEKELMEYER, GertrudKoekelmeyer, Johann HeinrichSCHWARZ, Catharina---
HELTH, Franz Joseph23 Feb 189326 Feb 1893Helth, ArthurBENEDICT, AnnaKUHLS, FranzLEAR, Theresia---
HENRICHS, Georg August29 Nov 18681 Dec 1868Henrichs, BernardKOHLBRECHER, Maria AgnesKohlbrecher, Georg AugustBEKMANN, Catharina Elisabetha---
HENRICHS, Johann Bernard2 Jun 18614 Jun 1861Henrichs, Johann BernardKOHLBRECHER, Maria AgnesRUMP, Johann BernardSCHROEDER, Maria Angela---
HENRICHS, Johann Gerhard30 Jun 18634 Jul 1863Henrichs, BernardKOLBRECHER, MariaHenrichs, GerhardMEYER, Maria Agnes---
HENRICHS, Maria Agnes23 May 186626 May 1866Henrichs, BernardKOHLENBRINK, MariaSCHULTE, Maria AgnesKohlenbrink, Heinrich---
HESSELER, Ferdinand Heinrich4 Nov 186413 Nov 1864Hesseler, HeinrichSEIFERT, CatharinaNIEHAUS, Carl FerdinandHULS, Maria---
HESSELER, Maria Carolina (Deceased)15 Jun 186222 Jun 1862Hesseler, HeinrichSEIFERS, CatharinaBARTH, MariaGEERS, Herman Gerhard---
HEYER, Henrich Edmund26 Jun 190028 Jun 1900Heyer, BernardKAPP, AnnaKapp, HeinrichHeyer, MariaSee Kleierheyer
HEYER, Peter Eduard6 Mar 19068 Mar 1906Heyer, JohannGISTING, JosephinaHeyer, PeterHeyer, AnnaConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
HEYER, Peter Paul18 Sep 190119 Sep 1901Heyer, BernardKAPP, Anna MariaHeyer, PeterKapp, Barbara---
HEYER, Theresa Loretta19 Oct 190120 Oct 1901Heyer, JohannGIESING, JosephinaHUELSCAMP, GerhardHOLTGREVE, TheresiaMarried 25 Nov 1926 to Joseph Edward Regen son of Wilhelm Regen; Witnesses: Wayne Rensch & Olivia Zimmer
HEYER, Wilhelm Leo14 Mar 190216 Mar 1902Heyer, PeterBOENHOFF, TheresiaRICKHER, Bernard WilhelmRICHTER, AnnaMarried 10 Jul 1937 St. Louis, MO to Theodora Meier
HEYERS, Maria Bertha31 Oct 18972 Nov 1897Heyers, PeterBOENHOFF, TheresiaHEYER, Anna MariaHOLTGREVE, Gerhard---
HILLE, Anna Maria24 Mar 186825 Mar 1868Hille, BernardGEERS, GesinaSCHUMACHER, Anna MariaHENRICHS, Bernard---
HILLE, Bernard7 Jun 19037 Jun 1903Hille, BernardSTUEVER, AnnaStuever, BernardMOSS, Elisabeth---
HILLE, Gerhard Martin10 Oct 189811 Oct 1898Hille, GerhardSTUEVER, AnnaGEERS, GerhardStuever, Machtilde---
HILLE, Heinrich8 Apr 186719 Apr 1867Hille, BernardGEERS, MariaALBERTERNST, HeinrichHENRICHS, MariaBaptism date is smudged.
HILLE, Johann Bernard17 Oct 186219 Oct 1862Hille, Johann BernardGEERS, Maria AdelheidGeers, GerhardROBBEN, Adelheid---
HILLE, Johann Wilhelm11 Nov 186414 Nov 1864Hille, BernardGEERS, GesinaGeers, WilhelmALBERTERNST, Maria Anna---
HILLE, Maria Elisabeth29 Apr 18601 May 1860Hille, BernardGEERS, Anna MariaGeers, ElisabethMARCUS, Herman Heinrich---
HILLEN, Heinrich Arthur3 Jun 19044 Jun 1904Hillen, GerhardSTUEVER, AnnaStuever, HeinrichStuever, MariaMarried 26 Nov 1930 O'Fallon, IL to Mildred Campbell dau of Alexander Campbell; Witnesses: Lillian Edwards & Bernard ?
HILLEN, Herman Bernard14 Jan 190714 Jan 1907Hillen, GerhardTHEVES, AnnaMOSS, Bernard HermanSTUEVER, AnnaMarried 3 Jul 1930 Sts Peter & Paul St. Louis to Maria Kohl (Kohler) Bap 13 Aug 1905 dau of Lorent Kohler & Elizabeth LANFER
HILLEN, Johann Aloys14 Jun 189615 Jun 1896Hillen, GerhardSTUEVER, AnnaHillen, JohannStuever, ElisabethMarried 20 Aug 1940 to Lee Henrietta Luebbers; Carlyle, IL
HILLEN, Olivia Wilhelmina26 Jan 190127 Jan 1901Hillen, GerhardSTUEVER, AnnaGEERS, WilhelmSCHONEFELD, Mathilda---
HILMES, Anna Catharina12 Oct 187213 Oct 1872Hilmes, BernardHUENTLER, Anna CatharinaHilmes, Anna CatharinaHilmes, Heinrich---
HILMES, Anna Maria24 Aug 187525 Aug 1875Hilmes, Johann JosephGEERS, Anna MariaHilmes, Anna MariaRICHTER, Bernard---
HILMES, Anna Maria Francisca23 Mar 189424 Mar 1894Hilmes, ClemensNORDMANN, AnnaNordmann, FranciscaILGES, Johann---
HILMES, Elisabeth Christina1 Dec 18954 Dec 1895Hilmes, GerhardRICKER, CatharinaLANDOLT, ElisabethHEHMANN, Herman---
HILMES, Ferdinand13 Oct 190315 Oct 1903Hilmes, ClemensNORDMANN, AnnaNordmann, FerdinandSCHULTE, AnnaMarried [5 Oct 1926] St. Anthony Beckemeyer, IL to Dolores Pax Bap 28 Mar 1908 in Corning, OH; Witnesses: Anton Hilmes & Maria Pax.
HILMES, Gertrud Machtilde12 Aug 189814 Aug 1898Hilmes, ClemensNORDMANN, AnnaHilmes, CatharinaKUHL, Herman---
HILMES, Herman6 Oct 18736 Oct 1873Hilmes, JohannGEERS, MariaHilmes, HermanHilmes, Maria Anna---
HILMES, Herman Benedict3 May 18964 May 1896Hilmes, ClemensNORDMANN, AnnaTHEISLING, HermanHilmes, Maria Christina---
HILMES, Johann 23 Feb 187023 Feb 1870Hilmes, HeinrichNot listed, ChristinaKRUSE, HeinrichJANSEN, Maria Theresia---
HILMES, Johann Heinrich26 Dec 189227 Dec 1892Hilmes, ClemensNORDMANN, AnnaNordmann, JohannHilmes, Catharina---
HILMES, Leopold28 Sep 190030 Sep 1900Hilmes, ClemensNORDMANN, AnnaDETERS, LeopoldILGES, Theresia---
HILMES, Maria Catharina17 Dec 187419 Dec 1874Hilmes, HeinrichHUENTLER, CatharinaHilmes, Maria AngelaILGES, Franz---
HILMES, Maria Catharina Christina14 Dec 188215 Dec 1882Hilmes, B. H.HÜNTELER (Huenteler), CatharinaTHEISLING, ChristinaBENTLER, Franz---
HIMMELGARTEN, Helena Maria4 Oct 18655 Oct 1865Himmelgarten, BernardKALL, Anna Christ.WEMPEN, Maria Helena DIESTEL, Bernard---
HINCAMP, Anna Francisca28 Jan 187829 Jan 1878Hincamp, HermanSCHULTE, Maria GertrudHOLTHAUS, ElisabethaMIDDEKE, Bernard---
HINCAMP, Gerhard Theodor (Deceased)10 Apr 187311 Apr 1873Hincamp, HeinrichRICHTER, Anna MariaTRIMPE, TheodorRichter, Theresia---
HINCAMP, Johann Bernard Alphonse19 May 190419 May 1904Hincamp, BernardFELDHAUS, CarolinaFeldhaus, Johann BernardHincamp, MariaMarried 17 May 1927 to Caecilia Fangmeyer; Witnesses: Victor Hincamp & Clara Fangmeyer
HINCAMP, Maria Catharina Elisabetha12 Jul 187413 Jul 1874Hincamp, HermanSCHULTE, Maria GertrudDULLE, Maria CatharinaHincamp, Heinrich---
HINCAMP, Maria Elisabeth8 Aug 19068 Aug 1906Hincamp, HermanTREUTLEIN, Anna Hincamp, BernardBECKMANN, Maria---
HINCAMP, Maria Gertrud (Deceased)3 Jan 18724 Jan 1872Hincamp, HermanSCHULTE, Maria GertrudBORHOLT, Maria Gertrud Schulte, Gerhard---
HINCAMP, Theodor Heinrich10 Jul 187013 Jul 1870Hincamp, TheodorREILMANN, BernardinaHinkamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, Catharina---
HINCAMP, Wilhelmina Catharina27 Jan 187629 Jan 1876Hincamp, HermanSCHULTE, Maria GertrudGOELLNER, CatharinaSchulte, Franz---
HINKAMP, Anna Maria7 Apr 186310 Apr 1863Hinkamp, HeinrichBALKE, Anna MariaKRÜP (Kruep), Anna MariaMIDDEKE, Bernard---
HINKAMP, Anna Maria Gertrud1 Feb 18752 Feb 1875Hinkamp, Herman HeinrichRICHTER, Anna MariaRichter, GerhardHinkamp, Maria Gertrud---
HINKAMP, Franz Heinrich (Deceased)22 May 188223 May 1882Hinkamp, Herman SCHULTE, Maria GertrudHOLTHAUS, HeinrichHincamp, Maria born RICHTER ?---
HINKAMP, Franz Joseph23 Dec 188425 Dec 1884Hinkamp, Herman SCHULTE, Maria GertrudSchulte, FranzSchulte, Elisabetha---
HINKAMP, Gerhard Theodor3 Aug 18684 Aug 1868Hinkamp, HeinrichRICHTER, Anna MariaHinkamp, TheodorRichter, AnnaBirth and Baptism dates are reversed in listing.
HINKAMP, Herman Heinrich8 Mar 18718 Mar 1871Hinkamp, HeinrichRICHTER, MariaHinkamp, HermanRichter, Adelheid---
HINKAMP, Johann Herman3 Oct 18703 Oct 1870Hinkamp, HermanDULLE, Maria GertrudDulle, Johann HermanTIMPE, Maria Elisabetha---
HINKAMP, Johann Wilhelm10 May 186717 May 1867Hinkamp, HeinrichWILKE, Anna Maria ElisabethaRICHTER, WilhelmBACKHOLT, Gertrud---
HINKAMP, Theodor Bernard7 Feb 18808 Feb 1880Hincamp, HermanSCHULTE, Maria GertrudTRIMPE, TheodorMIDDEKE, Clara born LEUVENKAMP---
HOBBE, Maria6 Oct 186031 Oct 1860Hobbe, Jacob (James)O'NIEL, CatharinaMAEKEN, CatharinaJOHNESSE, ThomasThis Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
HOBBE, Thomas17 Jan 186219 Feb 1862Hobbe, Jacob (James)VANNIEL, CatharinaLALY, ElisabethaVIASFER?, ThomasThis Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
HOEDEHORST, Herman Wilhelm22 Jun 187411 Oct 1874Hoedehorst, FriedrichHAUSINGER, TheresiaMUELLER, Herman------
HOFF, Anna Maria13 May 186913 May 1869Hoff, BernardPETERS, Anna MariaPeters, Anna MariaHoff, Johann Georg---
HOHE, Anna Maria9 Feb 189317 Feb 1893Hohe, FranzDUMSTORF, CatharinaDumstorf, Anna MariaHohe, Landelin---
HOHE, Johann Georg19 Nov 185924 Jan 1860Hohe, ChristianZAHN, ElisabethZahn, Johann Georg------
HOHMANN, Franz Herman1 Apr 18652 Apr 1865Hohmann, Johann HermanMUSS, Anna MariaHohmann, Gerhard HermanMuss, Margarita---
HOHMANN, Gerhard7 Oct 18667 Oct 1866Hohmann, Johann HermanMASS, Anna MariaRICKHOFF, GerhardHohmann, Maria Catharina---
HOHMANN, Johann Wilhelm23 Sep 189524 Sep 1895Hohmann, JohannRATERMANN, AnnaRatermann, WilhelmHohmann, Anna---
HOHMANN, Maria Adelheid (Deceased)28 Mar 187630 Mar 1876Hohmann, HermanMUSS, Anna MariaRICHTER, AdelheidREVERMANN, Bernard---
HOHMANN, Wilhelmina Anna23 Jan 190423 Jan 1904Hohmann, GerhardRATERMANN, AnnaRatermann, WilhelmHohmann, Anna---
HOKELBERG, Herman Friedrich Wilhelm26 Oct 185926 Oct 1859Hokelberg, HermanSCHULTE, MariaSchulte, Herman FriedrichSchulte, Elisabeth---
HOLLENCAMP, Anna Adelheid23 Apr 188624 Apr 1886Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaBruening, AnnaHOFF, Heinrich---
HOLLENCAMP, Anna Ida24 Dec 188326 Dec 1883Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaIMMING, ElisabethaBruening, Conrad---
HOLLENCAMP, Anna Leonora11 Jul 190112 Jul 1901Hollencamp, GerhardMANSING, AnnaHollencamp, HeinrichMENSING, Anna---
HOLLENCAMP, Catharina Anna29 Feb 190429 Feb 1904Hollencamp, GeorgMENSING, AnnaHollencamp, CatharinaHollencamp, HeinrichMarried 8 Apr 1969 Carlyle, IL to Wm. Dunnigan
HOLLENCAMP, Catharina Maria Gertrud14 Nov 187815 Nov 1878Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaBRANDT, GertrudIMMING, Herman---
HOLLENCAMP, Gerhard23 Feb 187423 Feb 1874Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUINING, CatharinaHollencamp, GerhardBruining, Gertrud---
HOLLENCAMP, Johann Heinrich3 Feb 18704 Feb 1870Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaBruening, HeinrichHollencamp, Elisabetha---
HOLLENCAMP, Johann Heinrich25 Mar 188126 Mar 1881Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaBruening, HeinrichIMMING, Elisabetha---
HOLLENCAMP, Lisabetha Maria Louisa24 Jan 187227 Jan 1872Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaHollencamp, HeinrichBruening, Louisa---
HOLLENCAMP, Maria Elisabetha26 Mar 187627 Mar 1876Hollencamp, HeinrichBRUENING, CatharinaHAVERMANN, Maria ElisabethaBRANDT, Christophor Heinrich---
HOLLENCAMP, Robert Heinrich14 Oct 190615 Oct 1906Hollencamp, GeorgMENSING, AnnaHollencamp, HeinrichFAUKE, Maria---
HOLTCAMP, Anna Eugenia12 Jun 189912 Jun 1899Holtcamp, GeorgWINTER, AnnaOTKE, AnnaHoltcamp, Bernard---
HOLTCAMP, Anna Mathilda16 Aug 190118 Aug 1901Holtcamp, JohannTHIEN, Maria Thien, AnnaHoltcamp, Bernard---
HOLTCAMP, Elisabeth Anna Henrietta12 Feb 190313 Feb 1903Holtcamp, JohannTHIEN, Maria Holtcamp, HeinrichHoltcamp, Anna---
HOLTCAMP, Emma Josephina17 Apr 190518 Apr 1905Holtcamp, JohannTHIEN, MariaThien, ConradSCHLEPER, CatharinaConfirmed 27 Jun 1918 (1928?)
HOLTCAMP, Georg Franz15 Apr 190416 Apr 1904Holtcamp, GeorgWIETER, AnnaWieter, FranzLEONARD, GertrudMarried 16 Jun 1982 St. Vincent DePaul Church Cape Girardeau, Mo to Viola Thomas
HOLTCAMP, Johann Bernard15 Apr 189616 Apr 1896Holtcamp, JohannTHIEN, MariaThien, BernardAPKEN, Anna---
HOLTCAMP, Johann Heinrich25 Sep 189326 Sep 1893Holtcamp, GerhardWINTER, AnnaHoltcamp, HeinrichBEHRENS, Maria---
HOLTCAMP, Joseph Martin28 May 189629 May 1896Holtcamp, GeorgWINTER, AnnaWinter, JosephHoltcamp, Maria---
HOLTCAMP, Maria Francisca20 Aug 189921 Aug 1899Holtcamp, JohannTHIEN, Maria MargaritaThien, Maria Catharina------
HOLTCAMP, Rosa Maria10 Jun 189411 Jun 1894Holtcamp, JohannTHIEL, MariaHAMPERING, MariaThiel, Bernard---
HOLTGRÄVE (Holtgraeve), Maria Adelheid19 Feb 190220 Feb 1902Holtgraeve, AntonGEERS, CatharinaHoltgreve, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaCompare Holtgreve
HOLTGRAVE, Alphonse Bernard14 Nov 190215 Nov 1902Holtgrave, GerhardHEYER, TheresiaHeyer, BernardTHIEN, Catharina---
HOLTGRAVE, Alphonse Gerhard30 Oct 190430 Oct 1904Holtgrave, AntonGEERS, CatharinaHoltgrave, GerhardGeers, MariaMarried 14 Jun 1927 St. Augustine, Breese to Clara Hollenkamp
HOLTGRAVE, Theodor Gerhard19 Jan 190629 Apr 1906Holtgrave, MartinTIMMERMANN, ElisabethHoltgrave (Timmermann), GerhardHoltgrave (Timmermann), AnnaMarried 22 Sep 1927 St. Luke Belleville, IL to Florentine Betz; Witnesses: Heinrich Spengel & Gertrud Betz.
HOLTGREVE, Aloys29 May 189930 May 1899Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaALBERTERNST, GerhardHeier, TheresiaMarried 13 Oct 1926 to Eleonora Caecilia Bigham
HOLTGREVE, Anna Elisabetha14 Feb 188514 Feb 1885Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaRENEKE, ElisabethaHeier, Peter---
HOLTGREVE, Anna Veronica8 Aug 18978 Aug 1897Holtgreve, AntonGEERS, CatharinaBRUENING, AnnaHoltgreve, Heinrich---
HOLTGREVE, Anton3 May 18674 May 1867Holtgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaMENKE, AntonALTEPETER, Elisabetha---
HOLTGREVE, August Stephan2 May 18883 May 1888Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHoltgreve, StephanHoltgreve, Elisabeth---
HOLTGREVE, Catharina8 Mar 18619 Mar 1861Holtgreve, GerhardVOGT, CatharinaALTPETER, CatharinaVOS, Bernard---
HOLTGREVE, Elisabeth Francisca10 May 189510 May 1895Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaSTEINMANN, FranciscaHoltgreve, Elisabeth---
HOLTGREVE, Elisabeth Rosa8 Oct 18909 Oct 1890Holtgreve, AntonGEERS, CatharinaGeers, ElisabethRENEKE, Martin---
HOLTGREVE, Elisabetha22 May 186423 May 1864Holtgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaMENKE, CatharinaFORCK, Johann Bernard---
HOLTGREVE, Heinrich Herman13 Nov 188213 Nov 1882Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHoltgreve, HeinrichHeier, Maria---
HOLTGREVE, Herman Joseph26 Jun 188627 Jun 1886Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHoltgreve, HermanHeier, PaulinaDuplicate; see 26 Jul 1886
HOLTGREVE, Herman Joseph26 Jul 188627 Jul 1886Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHoltgreve, HermanHeier, PaulinaDuplicate; see 26 Jun 1886
HOLTGREVE, Leo Anton17 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHoltgreve, AntonHeier, Josephina---
HOLTGREVE, Maria Catharina24 Oct 188925 Oct 1889Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHoltgreve, CatharinaHeier, Edmund---
HOLTGREVE, Maria Theresia11 Jul 189213 Jul 1892Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaHeier, JohannERNST, ElisabethMarried 27 Jun 1928 to Aloys L. ?; Witnesses: Robert Holtgreve & Evelyn Zering?
HOLTGREVE, Martin Gerhard9 May 188011 May 1880Holtgreve, GerhardALTEPETER, ElisabethaRENEKE, MartinAltepeter, Maria---
HOLTGREVE, Regina Elisabeth17 Mar 189317 Mar 1893Holtgreve, AntonGEERS, CatharinaGeers, GerhardRENEKE, Elisabetha---
HOLTGREVE, Robert Wilhelm7 May 19018 May 1901Holtgreve, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaWILKE, WilhelmHoltgreve, CatharinaMarried 4 Nov 1936 St. Augustine Breese to Martha A. Eschman
HOLTHAUS, Aloys Johann Baptist 19 Jun 189424 Jun 1894Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, HelenaBÜHNE (Buehne), NepomukKuhls, GertrudMarried 14 Aug 1924 Ft. Wayne, IN to Orah Reville; witnesses: Henrietta Nieger & G. Reville
HOLTHAUS, Anna Bernardina14 Nov 190016 Nov 1900Holthaus, HeinrichREVERMANN, ElisabethRevermann, BernardSCHWIERJOHN, Anna---
HOLTHAUS, Anton17 Aug 189219 Aug 1892Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, LenaKuhls, AntonHolthaus, Anna---
HOLTHAUS, Bernard2 Feb 18843 Feb 1884Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, HelenaHolthaus, BernardKuhls, Gertrud---
HOLTHAUS, Elisabetha Antonetta4 Dec 18896 Dec 1889Holthaus, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharinaHolthaus, ElisabethaVOS, Anton---
HOLTHAUS, Gertrud Maria15 Jan 188917 Jan 1889Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, LenaKuhls, GertrudHUMMERT, Heinrich---
HOLTHAUS, Gustav Caspar20 Jan 188721 Jan 1887Holthaus, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharinaSchavesdick, GustavKUHLS, Helena---
HOLTHAUS, Heinrich Franz18 May 188221 May 1882Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, HelenaKuhls, FranzHolthaus, Elisabetha---
HOLTHAUS, Johann 22 Nov 186223 Nov 1862Holthaus, Johann HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), ElisabethaREILMANN, HeinrichHUMMERT, Catharina---
HOLTHAUS, Johann (Deceased)26 Oct 18601 Nov 1860Holthaus, Johann H. H.BÜNE (Buene), ElisabethBuene, HeinrichHolthaus, Elisabeth---
HOLTHAUS, Joseph Heinrich1 Jun 18853 Jun 1885Holthaus, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharinaHolthaus, HeinrichGOELLNER, Catharina---
HOLTHAUS, Joseph Heinrich (Deceased)20 Nov 188621 Nov 1886Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, HelenaKuhls, JosephHolthaus, Catharina---
HOLTHAUS, Maria Elisabeth Josephina1 Oct 18902 Oct 1890Holthaus, HeinrichKUHLS, JosephinaHolthaus, Maria ElisabethKuhls, Franz---
HOLTKAMP, Georg Alvin---4 Jun 1911Holtkamp, JohannTHIEN, MariaSCHMIDT, GeorgThien, TheresiaThis Baptism appears after the 1911 Confirmations. His birth month was written as May and corrected to June in Mar 1971; He was Confirmed 5 Oct 1927.
HOLTMANN, Anna Catharina23 Mar 189023 Mar 1890Holtmann, HermanHAGEN, CatharinaHagen, AnnaHagen, Gerhard---
HOLTMANN, Anna Margarita21 Jan 186423 Jan 1864Holtmann, Franz JosephLENGERS, Anna AngelaSCHLARMANN, Anna MargaretaMESCHER, Johann Heinrich---
HOLTMANN, Catharina Bernardina13 Sep 190414 Sep 1904Holtmann, AdolphBRUENING, AnnaHOLLENKAMP, CatharinaHoltmann, Bernard---
HOLTMANN, Heinrich Eduard1 Jan 19021 Jan 1902Holtmann, AdolphBRUENING, AnnaBruening, HeinrichBruening, Elisabeth---
HOLTMANN, Joseph Heinrich 24 Sep 189925 Sep 1899Holtmann, AdolphBRUENING, AnnaHoltmann, HeinrichBRANDT, Gertrud---
HOLTMANN, Maria Josephina31 Aug 18951 Sep 1895Holtmann, HermanHAGEN, CatharinaSCHOENDIENST, MariaHoltmann, Heinrich---
HOLTMANN, Maria Louisa27 Apr 189429 Apr 1894Holtmann, AdolphBRUENING, AnnaBruening, LouisaHoltmann, Heinrich---
HOLTMANN, Theresia Henrietta11 Oct 189712 Oct 1897Holtmann, AdolphBRUENING, AnnaHoltmann, TheresiaBruening, Heinrich---
HOMANN, Anna Maria4 Jan 18705 Jan 1870Homann, TheodorTHEISMANN, Anna MariaTHEISING, Helena MariaHomann, Gerhard Herman---
HOMANN, Anna Maria (Deceased)20 Jul 187120 Jul 1871Homann, HermanMUS, Anna MariaBRUEGGEMANN, Maria AnnaHUNTMANN, Lambert---
HOMANN, Gerhard Herman13 Jan 187413 Jan 1874Homann, HermanMUSS, Anna MariaRICKHOFF, GerhardSTOFF, Theresia---
HOMANN, Maria Catharina3 Jul 18784 Jul 1878Homann, HermanMUS, Anna Maria Homann, Maria CatharinaKRAMER, Johann---
HOMANN, Maria Catharina1 Jan 18692 Jan 1869Homann, HermanMUSS, Anna MariaMuss, Ephemia MariaHomann, Theodor---
HOMANN, Maria Catharina5 Feb 18686 Feb 1868Homann, TheodorTHEISMANN, MariaHomann, Maria CatharinaTheismann, Bernard---
HOMBERG, Emilia15 May 18647 Jun 1864Homberg, Johann CarlWILLERDING, EmiliaSIMON, MariaWillerding, Simon---
HORSMANN, Anna Elisabeth1 Jun 18962 Jun 1896Horsmann, Herman BernardKORTE, MargaritaMAUE, AnnaMaue, Herman---
HORSTMANN, Anna Margarita26 Jan 189427 Jan 1894Horstmann, BernardKORTE, MargaritaNORDMANN, GesinaNordmann, Ferdinand---
HORSTMANN, Anna Margarita28 Sep 188729 Sep 1887Horstmann, Herman BernardKORTE, MargaritaKorte, Maria AnnaDEITERS, Bernard---
HORSTMANN, Conrad21 Jul 188121 Jul 1881Horstmann, Herman BernardKORTE, MargaritaKorte, KonradMARIAN, Maria---
HORSTMANN, Heinrich Conrad 18 May 188519 May 1885Horstmann, BernardKORTE, MargaritaKorte, ConradKUENEKE, Elisabetha---
HORSTMANN, Herman Bernard9 Mar 189212 Mar 1892Horstmann, BernardKORTE, MargaritaKorte, BernardKorte, Anna---
HORSTMANN, Johann Bernard5 Jul 18837 Jul 1883Horstmann, BernardKORTE, MargaritaSHINN, BernardESS, Anna---
HORSTMANN, Maria Margarita25 Dec 188927 Dec 1889Horstmann, BernardKORTE, MargaritaTHIEN, MargaritaVOS, Bernard---
HUEHNE, Caecilia Anna11 Aug 190513 Aug 1905Huehne, Joseph PeterMEIER, Maria ElisabethTIMMERMANN, HeinrichHuehne, Maria ReginaMarried 19 Apr 1927 to Heinrich Richter; Witnesses: Theodor Richter & Wilhelmina Huene.
HUEHNE, Clara Genevieve18 Jan 190220 Jan 1902Huehne, JosephMEIER, ElisabethHUSTEDDE, FranzHuehne, Maria---
HUELSCAMP, Anna28 Mar 190329 Mar 1903Huelscamp, GerhardROMINE, HenriettaLAKENBURGER, AntonLakenburger, Anna---
HUELSCAMP, Anna Maria15 Apr 187916 Apr 1879Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, AnnaDIERS, CarolinaWEHLAGE, Bernard Heinrich---
HUELSCAMP, August Gerhard23 Apr 190624 Apr 1906Huelscamp, TheodorHINCAMP, Anna FranciscaHuelscamp, GerhardHuelscamp, MariaConfirmed 1 May 1921
HUELSCAMP, Franz Gerhard3 Jun 18704 Jun 1870Huelscamp, GerhardKOBOLD, AngelaIMMETHUN, GerhardHuelscamp, Anna---
HUELSCAMP, Georg Heinrich1 Aug 19062 Aug 1906Huelscamp, GerhardROHR, HenriettaHUELSCAMP, Heinrich GerhardSPREHE, Elsiabeth---
HUELSCAMP, Gerhard Anton24 Aug 187325 Aug 1873Huelscamp, GerhardKOBOLD, AngelaRINGBECK, HeinrichVON BOCKEL, Anna---
HUELSCAMP, Gerhard Heinrich14 Apr 187216 Apr 1872Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, Maria AnnaHuelscamp, GerhardAltepeter, Catharina---
HUELSCAMP, Heinrich Paul9 Sep 19019 Sep 1901Huelscamp, GerhardROMEINS, HenriettaHuelscamp, HeinrichHuelscamp, AnnaMarried 24 Aug 1929 Philadelphia, PA to Katharina Mc Menaman; Witnesses: F. Melcom & L. Doyle.
HUELSCAMP, Herman (Twin)29 Oct 190430 Oct 1904Huelscamp, GerhardROMINES, HenriettaHuelscamp, HermanHuelscamp, Catharina---
HUELSCAMP, Jacob Alvin (Twin)29 Oct 190430 Oct 1904Huelscamp, GerhardROMINES, HenriettaSPECHT, JacobSpecht, Elisabeth---
HUELSCAMP, Johann August8 Feb 187210 Feb 1872Huelscamp, GerhardKOBOLD, AngelaREBBEL, BernardBURMEISTER, Anna---
HUELSCAMP, Johann Benjamin2 Feb 18834 Feb 1883Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, AnnaAltepeter, GerhardKOBOLD, Elisabeth---
HUELSCAMP, Johann Heinrich9 Sep 187010 Sep 1870Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, AnnaRINGBECK, HeinrichKRUEP, Gesina---
HUELSCAMP, Johann Herman Heinrich24 May 187525 May 1875Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, AnnaKRUEP, JohannRINGBECK, Elisabetha---
HUELSCAMP, Maria Elisabetha4 Apr 18815 Apr 1881Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, AnnaHuelscamp, AngelaTIMMERMANN, Gerhard---
HUELSCAMP, Theodor Heinrich1 Oct 18753 Oct 1875Huelscamp, GerhardKOBOLT, AngelaDIEBEN, TheodorNIEMEIER, Elisabetha---
HUELSMANN, Agnes Elisabeth16 May 190617 May 1906Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MatildeKLUTHO, AugustHuelsmann, TheresiaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
HUELSMANN, Aloys Joseph Heinrich4 Mar 18965 Mar 1896Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeAltepeter, HeinrichHuelsmann, CatharinaMarried Edna Landefran(?) 14 Dec 1933 Dearborn, MI
HUELSMANN, August Friederich14 Jun 190314 Jun 1903Huelsmann, AugustHAGEN, ElisabethHUELSMANN, TheodorHuelsmann, MathildaMarried 10 Oct 1928 St. Boniface Germantown, IL to Alice E. Schlarmann; Witnesses: Joseph Huelsmann & Elisabeth Victor
HUELSMANN, Caecilia Anna Catharina21 Jan 189322 Jan 1893Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeHuelsmann, CatharinaAltepeter, Bernard---
HUELSMANN, Francisca Elisabeth8 Mar 18919 Mar 1891Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeAltepeter, Elisabeth Huelsmann, Bernard---
HUELSMANN, Franz Heinrich29 Apr 187130 Apr 1871Huelsmann, FriederichWOBBE, MargaritaTOEBBE, HeinrichIMMETHUN, Maria---
HUELSMANN, Infant23 Dec 187223 Dec 1872Huelsmann, Gerhard HeinrichWIDDER, MinaWidder, ElisabethaKOCH, HermanNo name appears in name column.
HUELSMANN, Johann Friederich3 Jan 19034 Jan 1903Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MatildaHuelsmann, JohannAltepeter, Rosa---
HUELSMANN, Johann Friederich Joseph (Deceased)20 Dec 190220 Dec 1902Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildaAltepeter, JohannAltepeter, Rosa---
HUELSMANN, Johann Heinrich19 Dec 187121 Dec 1871Huelsmann, Gerhard HeinrichWIETTER, MinaLAGER, JohannRICHTER, Adelheid---
HUELSMANN, Joseph Franz12 Apr 190513 Apr 1905Huelsmann, JohannHAGEN, ElisabethHuelsmann, AugustHagen, AngelinaMarried 23 Apr 1930 St. Rose, IL to Laura Holtgrave; Witnesses: Leona Venhaus & Francis Holtgrave
HUELSMANN, Josephina31 Dec 18792 Jan 1880Huelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, Maria WilhelminaTHEISING, MariaBUERMANN, Frederich---
HUELSMANN, Josephina Maria24 Feb 190424 Feb 1904Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeNIEBUR, JosephKLUTHO, Anna---
HUELSMANN, Maria Anna19 Jul 189819 Jul 1898Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeNIEBUR, AnnaAltepeter, Martin---
HUELSMANN, Maria Bernardina27 May 190028 May 1900Huelsmann, JohannHAGEN, ElisabethHagen, MariaHuelsmann, BernardMarried 19 Oct 1926 at St. Augustine to Leon Henry Foppe born 5 Dec 1897 in Germantown; witnesses: August Huelsmann & Sophie Foppe
HUELSMANN, Maria Caecilia11 Oct 188215 Oct 1882Huelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, WilhelminaALBERS, MariaHuelsmann, Theodor---
HUELSMANN, Maria Rosalia (Deceased)6 Dec 18946 Dec 1894Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeKLUTHO, AnnaHuelsmann, Friederich---
HUELSMANN, Maria Wilhelmina1 Apr 18752 Apr 1875Huelsmann, Bernard H.WIDDER, Maria WilhelminaWidder, LisettaBRUEGGEMANN, Herman---
HUELSMANN, Philomena Henrietta17 Oct 190018 Oct 1900Huelsmann, AugustALTEPETER, MachtildeGISSY, PhilomenaHuelsmann, Gerhard---
HUGENBERG, Catharina Elisabetha2 Jun 18733 Jun 1873Hugenberg, Bernard HeinrichUPHOFF, ChristinaPETERMEIER, BernardinaUphoff, Gerhard---
HUGENBERG, Maria Margarita26 Dec 187527 Dec 1875Hugenberg, HeinrichUPHOFF, Maria CatharinaHUELSMANN, MargaritaMEIER, Frederich---
HUGGENBERG, Helena Maria9 Nov 18789 Nov 1878Huggenberg, Bernard HeinrichUPHOFF, Maria CatharinaLANWERT, HelenaMEIRING, Heinrich---
HÜHNE (Huehne), Anna Maria4 Jul 18996 Jul 1899Huehne, JosephMEIER, ElisabethMeier, Anna MariaGRAVE, Franz---
HUHNE, Theodor Alfonse6 May 19047 May 1904Huhne, JosephMEIER, ElisabethMeier, TheodorGRAVE, Anna---
HÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Anna Catharina29 Mar 187730 Mar 1877Huelscamp, HeinrichALTEPETER, AnnaWEHLAGE, Catharina born AltepeterDIERS, Bernard---
HÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Bernard24 Feb 186425 Feb 1864Huelscamp, GerhardKOBOLD, Maria Ang.SOMMERS, BernardRINGBECK, Lisetta---
HÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Johann Gerhard16 Feb 186817 Feb 1868Huelscamp, GerhardKOBOLD, AngelaRINGBECK, HeinrichIMMETHUN, Maria---
HÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Johann Heinrich28 Nov 186529 Nov 1865Huelscamp, GerhardHANEKLA, AngelaHuelscamp, HeinrichSOMMERS, Maria Angela---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna Christina14 Mar 187415 Mar 1874Huelsmann, FriederichWOBBE, MargaritaIMMETHUN, GerhardLINNEMANN, Anna Christina---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Bernard Anton25 Dec 186026 Dec 1860Huelsmann, FrederichWOBBEN, MargaritaHuelsmann, MargaritaWobben, Margareta---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Carl Ludwig (Twin)1 Aug 18762 Aug 1876Huelsmann, FrederichWOBBE, Maria MargaritaSTÜVER (Stuever), Carl LudwigStuever, Anna Maria---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Frederich Joseph (Twin)1 Aug 18762 Aug 1876Huelsmann, FrederichWOBBE, Maria MargaritaWobbe, Herman BernardWobbe, Anna Angela---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Gerhard Eduard13 Oct 186422 Oct 1864Huelsmann, FrederichWOBBE, MargaritaWobbe, BenedictHÜNE (Huene), Wilhelmine---
HULSMANN, Frederich August3 Aug 18624 Aug 1862Hulsmann, FrederichWOBBE, MargaritaWobbe, Johann BernardLAGER, Catharina---
HULSMANN, Johann Frederich29 Mar 186730 Mar 1867Hulsmann, FrederichWOBBEN, MargaritaWOBBE, JohannMAUE, Helena---
HUMMERT, August Joseph17 Jun 188317 Jun 1883Hummert, HeinrichKLUTHO, MariaKlutho, AugustBARTH, Margarita ---
HUMMERT, Bernard Theodor (Deceased)20 Aug 190321 Aug 1903Hummert, HeinrichKLUTHO, MariaKlutho, TheodorSCHMIDT, Louisa---
HUMMERT, Catharina Stephania1 Jan 19062 Jan 1906Hummert, HeinrichKLUTHO, MariaMARKS, CatharinaKlutho, TheodorConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
HUMMERT, Maria Josephina1 Oct 19002 Oct 1900Hummert, HeinrichKLUTHO, MariaKlutho, JosephinaBUHNE, Bernard---
HUMMERT, Robert Heinrich10 Apr 189610 Apr 1896Hummert, HeinrichKLUTHE, MariaBARTH, JohannKluthe, Anna---
HUMMERT, Victor Heinrich3 Jun 18925 Jun 1892Hummert, HeinrichKLUTHO, MariaKlutho, VictorBARTH, Margarita---
HUSTEDDE, Edwin Gerhard22 Apr 190527 Apr 1905Hustedde, HeinrichTIMMERMANN, ElisabethTimmermann, GerhardHeidemann, WilhelminaMarried 17 Oct 1928 St. Boniface to Caecilia Sherman; Witnesses: Gerhardt Hustedde & Margaret Stokermann
HUSTEDDE, Franz Heinrich14 Jun 190314 Jun 1903Hustedde, HeinrichTIMMERMANN, ElisabethHustedde, FranzTimmermann, MariaMarried 17 Sep 1929 St Boniface Germantown, IL to Martha L. Usselmann; Witnesses: Gerard Hustedde & Caecilia ?
HUSTEDDE, Maria Antonia24 Nov 188125 Nov 1881Hustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTimmermann, AntoniaBUDDE, Heinrich---
HUSTEDE, Johann Heinrich Frederich31 Dec 18781 Jan 1879Hustede, FranzTIMMERMANN, DinaMEYER, FrederichTimmermann, Maria Elisabetha---
HUSTMANN, Wilhelm Edwin10 Feb 190611 Feb 1906Hustmann, Bernard GerhardRICHTER, AnnaRichter, BernardHustmann, AnnaMarried 25 Oct 1933 St. Bernard Albers, IL to Dorothea Markus. A.k.a. Husmann
ICKENBURGER, Anna Euphemia (Deceased)3 Oct 19025 Oct 1902Ickenburger, AntonHUELSKAMP, AnnaHuelskamp, AnnaHuelskamp, Gerhard---
ICKENROTH, Maria Elisabeth1 Jul 18802 Jul 1880Ickenroth, CasparDEUTSCH, Catharina KOBOLT, ElisabethDeutsch, Anton---
ICKENROTH, Theodor Heinrich24 Nov 18828 Dec 1882Ickenroth, CasparDEUTSCH, CatharinaDEEBEN, TheodorDeutsch, Catharina---
IGNOTUS, Barbara10 Nov 186129 Jan 1862Ignotus, PeterTRENS, BarbaraCHOLLINNIUM, Mathias---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
IGNOTUS, Johann Herman11 Jan 18776 Mar 1877Ignotus, PeterSCHULTE, Anna CatharinaSchulte, HermanWILKENS, Maria Adelheid---
IGNOTUS, Maria Henrietta 25 Jan 18772 Feb 1877Ignotus, PeterHEUER, MariaSCHREIBER, Maria born HeuerDIERKER, Heinrich---
IHLE, Catharina18 Jan 187821 Jan 1878Ihle, GeorgPIRON, AmaliaPiron, PhillipinaEWALD, Bernard Heinrich---
IHLE, Maria Amalia4 Apr 187515 Apr 1875Ihle, GeorgPIERON, AmaliaPieron, AmaliaEWALD, Bernard---
ILAND, Martha27 May 186516 Jul 1865Iland, MichaelSCHMIDT, SusannaCOLLAN, James------
ILGES, Adam3 Aug 18982 Sep 1898Ilges, JohannFISTER, RosaKOHRS, AdamIlges, Theresia---
ILGES, Anna Catharina17 Aug 187718 Aug 1877Ilges, FranzHILMES, TheresiaHilmes, CatharinaLAAR, Bernard---
ILGES, Bernard Heinrich14 Aug 189115 Aug 1891Ilges, FranzHILMES, TheresiaLAAR, BernardCOARS, Christina---
ILGES, Herman Benedict27 Apr 188828 Apr 1888Ilges, FranzHILMES, TheresiaTHEISLING, HermanTheisling, Christina---
ILGES, Johann Bernard21 Nov 189622 Nov 1896Ilges, JohannPFISTERER, RosaWEHLAGE, BernardWehlage, Anna---
ILGES, Johann Heinrich (Deceased)25 Jun 188126 Jun 1881Ilges, FranzHILMES, TheresiaHilmes, HeinrichNORDMANN, Francisca---
ILGES, Maria Anna Christina28 Nov 187829 Nov 1878Ilges, FranzHILMES, Anna MariaTHEISLING, Maria ChristinaHilmes, Johann Bernard---
ILGES, Maria Elisabeth (Deceased)26 Dec 189428 Dec 1894Ilges, JohannPFISTER, RosaLAAR, ElisabethLaar, Bernard---
ILGES, Rosa28 Feb 18862 Mar 1886Ilges, FranzHILMES, TheresiaWEHLAGE, AnnaWehlage, Bernard---
ILGIES, Bernard Heinrich18 Jun 188319 Jun 1883Ilgies, FranzHILMES, TheresiaHilmes, HeinrichKLEIER, Elisabetha---
ILIES, Franz31 Jul 18752 Aug 1875Ilies, FranzHILMES, TheresiaPOST, OttoEMMERICH, Antonette---
IMMETHUN, Alfonse12 May 189813 May 1898Immethun, LudwigBUHNE, AdelheidBuhne, AugustCOYLE, Bernardina---
IMMETHUN, Bertha Maria Rosalia (Deceased)22 Dec 187326 Dec 1873Immethun, GerhardNIEMEIER, MariaSTUEVER, BerthaHUELSCAMP, Gerhard---
IMMETHUN, Carl Bernard17 Apr 190217 Apr 1902Immethun, LudwigBUHNE, AdelheidBuhn, BernardNEDHAM, WilhelminaMarried 14 Feb 1927 to Florine M. Wanner (?) non-Catholic; Witnesses: Ervin Wanner & M Krebz
IMMETHUN, Carl Eduard31 Aug 19051 Sep 1905Immethun, LudwigBÜHNE (Buehne), AdelheidKREBS, FerdinandImmethun, ElisabethConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
IMMETHUN, Carl Franz Heinrich5 Jul 18717 Jul 1871Immethun, GerhardNIEMEYER, MariaSOMMERS, Maria AngelaSTUEVER, Carl---
IMMETHUN, Joseph Paul 9 Dec 190310 Dec 1903Immethun, LudwigBUHNE, AdelheidGOELLNER, FerdinandKREBS, MathildeOrdained 30 May 1930 Columbus, OH
IMMETHUN, Maria Engelina3 Oct 18684 Oct 1868Immethun, GerhardNIEMEYER, MariaSTUEVER, Maria AnnaSOMMERS, Bernard---
JANSAN, Johann August31 Aug 18771 Sep 1877Jansan, Joseph CorneliusSTROHT, Maria TheresiaStroht, Johann CasparTIMMERMANN, Maria Antonia---
JANSEN, Bernard Joseph26 Jul 187927 Jul 1879Jansen, JosephSTROHT, Maria TheresiaWOBBE, BernardHEMANN, Christina---
JANSEN, Johann Herman31 Oct 19022 Nov 1902Jansen, AugustLUEKING, HelenaLuecking, Johann HermanHELBUS, Maria---
JANSEN, Maria Anna1 Mar 18982 Mar 1898Jansen, ClemensSPIEHLMANN, Maria AnnaJansen, Bernard Heinrich------
JANSEN, Maria Carolina24 Jan 187125 Jan 1871Jansen, JosephSTROOT, Maria ElisabethaBUEHNE, CarolinaStroot, Heinrich---
JANSEN, Maria Dolores---31 May 1911Jansen, EduardDEIEN, MargarethaPOELKER, WilhelmDeien, MariaThis Baptism appears after the 1911 Confirmations.
JANSEN, Maria Francisca12 Jul 190613 Jul 1906Jansen, AugustLUEKING, HelenaJansen, HeinrichLÜCKING (Luecking), GesinaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
JANSSEN, Aloys August18 Jul 190019 Jul 1900Janssen, ClemensSPIELMANN, Anna MariaJanssen, AugustSpielmann, BarberaMarried 25 Sep 1929 in St. George Church New Baden, IL to Catharina Wobbe; witnesses: Anton Jansen & Anna Wobbe
JANSSEN, Anna Helena17 Jan 190318 Jan 1903Janssen, HeinrichHILBERTS, AnnaJanssen, AnnaBULLER, Joseph ---
JANSSEN, Anton Clemens21 Apr 190622 Apr 1906Janssen, ClemensSPIELMANN, MarthaJanssen, BernardJanssen, AnnaMarried 28 Oct 1930 to Anna C. Eilers who was Bap. At St. Caecilia 28 Jul 1904; Witnesses: Leo Janssen & Maria Eilers
JANSSEN, Bernard Joseph8 Aug 18949 Aug 1894Janssen, Bernard ClemensSPIELMANN, MariaJanssen, Cornelius JosephSpielmann, Maria Helena---
JANSSEN, Bernard Martin11 Dec 190212 Dec 1902Janssen, JohannPOELKER, CarolinaDEIEN, BernardDeien, Margareta---
JANSSEN, Catharina Regina1 Sep 18992 Sep 1899Janssen, HeinrichHILMES, Maria AnnaKLÜMPKE (Kluempke), Catharina1Janssen, ClemensMarried 2 Sep 1940 in Sts Peter & Paul, St. Louis to Catharina Maria Lemme ?
JANSSEN, Christina Theresia (Twin)25 Aug 190326 Aug 1903Janssen, Bernard ClemensSPIELMANN, Anna MariaTIMMERMANN, AugustTimmermann, Anna---
JANSSEN, Dorothea Christina18 Sep 189819 Sep 1898Janssen, BernardPOELKER, Maria CarolinaPoelker, WilhelmSTEIN, Christina---
JANSSEN, Edwin Johann (Twin) (Deceased)25 Aug 190326 Aug 1903Janssen, Bernard ClemensSPIELMANN, Anna MariaSpielmann, JohannJanssen, Helena---
JANSSEN, Heinrich Gerhard1 Oct 19031 Oct 1903Janssen, EduardDEIEN, MariaSTEIN, HeinrichDeien, Maria---
JANSSEN, Joseph August17 Oct 190019 Oct 1900Janssen, AugustLÜCKING (Luecking), HelenaJanssen, JosephSCHLEPER, Catharina---
JANSSEN, Josephina Bernardina16 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Janssen, Bernard HeinrichHILBERS, Maria AnnaJanssen, Joseph CorneliusBUSSELMANN, Bernard---
JANSSEN, Maria Anna31 Mar 18961 Apr 1896Janssen, HeinrichHILGES, AnnaHELBUS, MariaKLUMPKE, Gerhard---
JANSSEN, Maria Helena (Deceased)10 Sep 190411 Sep 1904Janssen, AugustLUEKING, HelenaLueking, GesinaJanssen, Clemens---
JANSSEN, Wilhelm Gerhard10 Mar 189910 Mar 1899Janssen, AugustLUKING, Helena MariaKUNEKE, GerhardTHIEN, Maria Catharina---
JASKE, Gerhard 30 Jun 19024 Oct 1902Jaske, HeinrichHILL, MarthaSCHNITTKE, Maria Angela------
JASKE, Gerhard Heinrich27 Oct 187829 Oct 1878Jaske, WilhelmDIEKER, AnnaIMMETHUN, GerhardBUEHNE, Carolina---
JASKE, Maria Gertrud17 Jan 188123 Jan 1881Jaske, WilhelmDIERKER, AngelaBUERMANN, GertrudFOPPE, Heinrich---
JASKEN, Heinrich Franz25 Mar 187426 Mar 1874Jasken, WilhelmDIEKER, AngelaFOCKES, HeinrichKRUSE, Gesina---
JERE, Alphonse Bernard9 Feb 19019 Feb 1901Jere, FranzDIEKER, ElisabethMEIER, BernardHAGEN, Maria---
JOHNS, Theodor Herman8 Nov 18668 Sep 1867Johns, WilhelmSPARKS, Maria ElisabethaHEIDEMANN, TheodorHeidemann, Maria---
JORDAN, Augustina Frederica10 Jan 186119 Jan 1861Jordan, Adam JosephSELICH, BarbaraNIEBUR, FredericaNiebur, Ernest---
JORDAN, Gerhard Heinrich23 Nov 186329 Nov 1863Jordan, Adam SELIG, BarbaraSCHUMACHER, Gerhard HeinrichSchumacher, Anna Maria---
JORDAN, Herman Diedrich9 Sep 185914 Sep 1859Jordan, Adam JosephSELIG, BarbaraREILMANN, Johann DiedrichREINEKE, Theresia---
JORDAN, Maria Elisabetha26 Sep 18626 Oct 1862Jordan, Adam JosephSELIG, BarbaraHULS, Maria------
JORDAN, Stephan28 May 186529 May 1865Jordan, AdamSELIG, BarbaraALTPETER, StephanAltpeter, Maria---
JUEDEN, Herman Heinrich18 Dec 187019 Dec 1870Jueden, HermanAUSDEMMORE, CatharinaMOELMANN, Johann HeinrichJueden, Maria Helena---
JUEDEN, Joseph5 Oct 18688 Oct 1868Jueden, HermanAUSDEMMORE, CatharinaAusdemmore, Theodor JosephJueden, Maria Catharina---
KAMP, Heinrich5 Jun 18696 Jun 1869Kamp, HeinrichOCKENPOELER, Anna MariaGROGMANN, HeinrichGOELLNER, Machtilde---
KAMPWERTH, Aloysius Bernard31 Mar 19042 Apr 1904Kampwerth, GeorgHÜHNE (Huehne), ElisabethKampwerth, BernardHUELSMANN, MargaritaMarried 19 Oct 1937 Beckemeyer, IL to Dorothea Kinder
KAMPWERTH, Caecilia Catherina30 Oct 190631 Oct 1906Kampwerth, GeorgHÜHNE (Huehne), ElisabethKampwerth, HeinrichHuehne, CatharinaMarried 1 Mar 1927 Beckemeyer to Louis Holthaus; Witnesses: Alvin Kampwerth & Maria Holthaus
KAMPWERTH, Herman Georg20 Aug 189921 Aug 1899Kampwerth, GeorgHUHNE, ElisabethKampwerth, HermanHuhne, Catharina---
KAMPWERTH, Laurent Aloys2 Sep 19013 Sep 1901Kampwerth, GeorgHUHNE, ElisabethHuhne, LaurentBULLER, CatharinaMarried 6 Feb 1935 St Anthony Beckemeyer to Theresia Lammers
KAMPWERTH, Theodor August10 Feb 189712 Feb 1897Kampwerth, GeorgHUEHNE, ElisabethaHuehne, Theodor AugustKampwerth, Maria---
KAP, Jacob6 Apr 188011 Apr 1880Kap, HeinrichVON HARTEN, CatharinaKap, JacobKap, Maria---
KAP, Maria Anna Elisabetha24 Sep 187829 Sep 1878Kap, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaKap, Anna Maria------
KAPP, Albert Heinrich9 Dec 19069 Dec 1906Kapp, Heinrich HermanWALBERG, Catharina MariaKapp, HeinrichABEL, Emilia---
KAPP, Anna Magdalena (Deceased)13 Jul 188315 Jul 1883Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaVon Hatten, AnnaKapp, Mathias---
KAPP, Bernard Heinrich30 Nov 18891 Dec 1889Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaSCHLUETER, BernardKapp, Catharina---
KAPP, Catharina Josephina20 Feb 189822 Feb 1898Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaKapp, Lena Josephina------
KAPP, Herman Heinrich8 Nov 188114 Nov 1881Kapp, HeinrichHATTEN, CatharinaTIMMERMANN, HermanKapp, Barbara---
KAPP, Joseph29 Nov 18953 Dec 1895Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaKapp, Joseph------
KAPP, Ludwig Joseph22 Apr 189223 Apr 1892Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaVon Hatten, LudwigHEIDEL, Barbara---
KAPP, Maria Rosa (Deceased)20 Aug 189423 Aug 1894Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaKapp, MariaKapp, Jacob---
KAPP, Mathew18 Sep 188527 Sep 1885Kapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaKapp, MathewKapp, Louisa---
KAPP, Rosa Maria15 Aug 189515 Aug 1895Kapp, JacobSCHMEDLY, MagdalenaSchmedly, RosaBENTLER, Heinrich---
KAULING, Bernard25 Jan 186726 Jan 1867Kauling, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Johanna LouisaRAUSS, Bernard------
KAULING, Johann Bernard21 May 190221 May 1902Kauling, BernardREILMANN, ElisabethReilmann, ElisabethMUELLER, FranciscaMarried 6 Oct 1926 to Maria Timmermann Bap. 22 Oct 1904 from Germantown dau of Herman Timmermann & Maria born Stillwater; Witnesses: Joseph Kauling & Florence ?
KAULING, Johann Friederich5 Aug 18736 Aug 1873Kauling, BernardSCHREIVOGEL, LouisaBUERMANN, FrederichDONNE, Gertrud---
KAULING, Johann Heinrich Bernard27 Feb 187128 Feb 1871Kauling, BernardMILLER, LouisaMACHEK, HeinrichRINGBECK, Elisabetha---
KAULING, Louisa Helena27 Sep 189728 Sep 1897Kauling, BernardREILMANN, ElisabethKauling, LouisaReilmann, Theodor---
KAULING, Maria Theresia8 Jun 18689 Jun 1868Kauling, BernardMUELLER, LouisaRAUSCH, Maria TheresiaPRANGER, Conrad---
KAULING, Rosa Maria 5 Jun 18955 Jun 1895Kauling, BernardREILMANN, ElisabethReilmann, MariaHAGEN, Georg---
KAUNE, Alphonse Wilhelm10 Nov 188621 Nov 1886Kaune, HeinrichBANDELIER, ElisabethaKaune, WilhelmKaune, Regina---
KAUNE, Caecilia Ernestina26 Apr 18818 May 1881Kaune, WilhelmDONNE, SerahKaune, ErnestinaDonne, Benjamin---
KAUNE, Edward Arthur20 Jul 188622 Jul 1886Kaune, CarlWESTERMANN, EugeniaWestermann, WilhelmKaune, Ernestina---
KAUNE, Maria Olivia29 Apr 188630 Apr 1886Kaune, WilhelmDONNE, SeraKOCH, MariaHESSE, Heinrich---
KAUNE, Robert Samuel7 Jul 187913 Jul 1879Kaune, WilhelmDONNE, SeraKaune, CarlKaune, Maria---
KAUNE, Serah Elisabetha16 Dec 187525 Dec 1875Kaune, WilhelmDONNE, SerahDonne, GertrudKaune, Charles---
KAUNE, Wilhelm Carl3 Mar 187711 Mar 1877Kaune, WilhelmDONNE, SaraKaune, CarlDonne, Elisabetha---
KEILBACH, Andreas20 Jan 186324 May 1863Keilbach, FranzGUNDELE, ChristinaGundele, AndreasKeilbach, Sophia---
KELLERMANN, Bernard Eduard9 Nov 190311 Nov 1903Kellermann, HeinrichHUGGENBERG, MariaHuggenberg, BernardNORDHAUS, Gesina---
KELLERMANN, Maria Helena4 Aug 18698 Aug 1869Kellermann, Bernard HeinrichHENKEN, Maria GesinaHenken, Maria HelenaHenken, Wilhelm---
KELLERMANN, Vincent Heinrich1 Jul 19062 Jul 1906Kellermann, HeinrichHUGGENBERG, MariaRATERMANN, HeinrichHuggenberg, HelenaMarried 30 Sep 1939 St. Caecilia Detroit, MI to Bernardina Hoffmann; Confirmed 21 Jun 1918
KEMP, Anna Maria17 Sep 186619 Sep 1866Kemp, HeinrichOEKENPOELER, Anna MariaPORTSTEPHAN, Anna MariaTIMMERMANN, Herman---
KENNEBECK, Johann Theodor4 Jun 18725 Jun 1872Kennebeck, JohannDIERHAKEN, MargaritaREILMANN, TheodorMUELLER, Helena---
KERKEMEIER, Anna Margarita1 Oct 19042 Oct 1904Kerkemeier, HeinrichKAPP, MariaKapp, HeinrichKapp, Anna Margarita---
KESSELER, Catharina21 May 186026 May 1860Kesseler, HeinrichSEIFERT, CatharinaNIEHAUS, CatharinaBARD, Peter---
KESSELER, Francisca Emma28 Mar 18614 Apr 1861Kesseler, JosephKORTH, ElisabethaVOSHALLER, ClaraMIDDEKE, Bernard---
KESSELER, Johann Bernard (Deceased)14 Mar 186018 Mar 1860Kesseler, JosephCORTH, ElisabethMiddeke, BernardVOSHALLER, Clara---
KESSELER, Joseph Heinrich7 Aug 18639 Aug 1863Kesseler, JosephKORTH, ElisabethaSCHWARZ, JosephWILKER, Maria---
KESSEN, Bernard Heinrich3 Apr 18823 Apr 1882Kessen, Johann HeinrichSCHULTE, Anna born DRECHSLERKessen, Bernard HeinrichBUERMANN, Gertrud---
KESSEN, Johann Bernard26 Jun 188626 Jun 1886Kessen, HeinrichHILMES, AnnaJANSEN, BernardRICHTER, Adelheid---
KESSEN, Rosa Anna15 Jan 188519 Jan 1885Kessen, HeinrichPOHLMANN, AnnaPohlmann, Anna ChristinaPohlmann, Johann---
KIRKEMEIER, Anna Maria20 Sep 188122 Sep 1881Kirkemeier, IgnatzNETEMEIER, MargaritaKOLKEMEIER, Anna MariaGOELLNER, Ferdinand---
KLASSEN, Bernard Franz2 Nov 190524 Nov 1905Klassen, HeinrichBUHNE, ElisabethROHR, FranzSTANS, MariaMarried 17 Dec 1934 to Laura M. Foster
KLEBER, Anna Margarita9 Feb 190220 Apr 1902Kleber, JohannSTEPHANSON, UrsulaKleber, HeinrichFELDMANN, Anna---
KLEBER, Gerhard Heinrich22 Apr 189824 Apr 1898Kleber, HeinrichFELDMANN, AnnaFeldmann, GerhardBUSSELMANN, Bernardina---
KLEBER, Oskar Benjamin5 Feb 19057 Feb 1905Kleber, HeinrichFELDMANN, AnnaFeldmann, GeorgKAPP, Margarita---
KLEIER / Kleierheyer / Heyer, Ludwig Bernard9 Mar 19049 Mar 1904Kleier, PeterBENHOFF, TheresiaKleier, BernardKAPP, AnnaMarried 21 Jun 1932 Sts Peter & Paul Waterloo, IL to Maria Bruegge; Witnesses: Edward Meyer & Catharina Bruegge. (This note has last name of Heyer marrying this woman)
KLEIER, Clara Elisabeth16 Feb 190517 Feb 1905Kleier, JohannFELTRUP, MariaHEIDEL, HeinrichHOLTMANN, ElisabethMarried 3 Oct 1936 St. Louis, MO to Eduard H. Hohn
KLEIER, Elisabeth Henrietta5 Jun 18862 Nov 1891Kleier, JohannMUELLER, ElisabethKleier, ElisabethHOLTMANN, Heinrich---
KLEIER, Johann Caspar1 Jul 18712 Jul 1871Kleier, JohannMUELLER, ElisabethaDIERS, BernardMORHINNERS, Maria Anna---
KLEIER, Johann Heinrich1 Nov 18752 Nov 1875Kleier, JohannMUELLER, ElisabethKRUEP, HeinrichBUERMANN, Maria---
KLEIER, Olivia Maria13 Apr 190114 Apr 1901Kleier, JohannFELTRUP, MariaHEIDEL, Maria AnnaHAGEN, GerhardMarried 10 Jun 1939 to Jacob Mulligan at Our Ladies of Sorrow - St. Louis, MO
KLEIER, Richard Johann5 Dec 18986 Dec 1898Kleier, JohannFELTRUP, MariaKleier, JohannHEIDEL, MariaMarried Emma Prajohns; Pamana, MO (?) - annulled
KLEIER, Rosa Catharina21 Feb 190321 Feb 1903Kleier, JohannFELTRUP, MariaHOLTMANN, HeinrichKLEIN, Elisabeth---
KLEIER, Theodor5 Feb 18747 Feb 1874Kleier, JohannMILLER, Louisa (Lisse)MORHINNERS, TheodorDIERS, Carolina---
KLEIG, Jacob12 Mar 18626 Apr 1862Kleig, AdamROTH, BarbaraSPECHT, Catharina------
KLEIN, Franz7 Oct 19008 Oct 1900Klein, HeinrichSLOTH, MariaKOLMER, FranzDIEKER, Louisa CarolinaMarried 16 Oct 1939 Trenton, IL to Catharina Kinnatis; 13 Oct 1962 Marysville, IL to Stella May Klein; 9 Dec 1972 to Helen Michalek at Sts Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL
KLEIN, Gerhard Heinrich1 May 19021 May 1902Klein, HeinrichSLOTH, MariaTIMMERMANN, GerhardSloth, Wilhelmina---
KLEIN, Ida Adelheid20 Nov 190521 Nov 1905Klein, HeinrichSCHLOS, MariaFELDMANN, FriederichFeldmann, Ida---
KLEIN, Johann Heinrich Franz9 Mar 189611 Mar 1896Klein, HeinrichSLOTH, MariaSloth, Johann HeinrichHILMES, Anna ---
KLEIN, Wilhelm Anton22 Nov 190324 Nov 1903Klein, HeinrichSLOOT, MariaKOLMER, AntonHARTN__, Wilhelmina---
KLEINHOFFER, Aloys Caspar13 Apr 188124 Apr 1881Kleinhoffer, JohannDEUTSCH, MargaritaICKENROTH, CasparDeutsch, Anna---
KLEIS, Anna Catharina23 Sep 186724 Sep 1867Kleis, JohannMUELLER, Maria AnnaREILMANN, SusannaNORDMANN, Franz---
KLOCKE, Johann Heinrich24 Nov 186325 Nov 1863Klocke, MartinSCHALCAMP, WilhelminaSchalcamp, Johann HeinrichNETEMEYER, Christina---
KLOCKE, Johann Heinrich20 Sep 186521 Sep 1865Klocke, MartinSCHALENCAMP, Maria WilhelminaSchalencamp, Johann HeinrichGEERS, Maria Adelheid---
KLOCKE, Maria23 Feb 187624 Feb 1876Klocke, MartinSCHALENCAMP, MinaSchalencamp, MariaWEHLAGE, Joseph---
KLOENE, Bernard Franz15 Sep 189816 Sep 1898Kloene, HeinrichSLOOT, MariaKLÖNE (Kloene), BernardSloot, Elisabeth---
KLOSTERMANN, Anna Elisabetha30 Aug 18651 Sep 1865Klostermann, BernardMEIRING, MariaKÖBBE (Koebbe), ElisabethaTELLCAMP, Bernard---
KLUEMKE, Maria Catharina10 Mar 189910 Mar 1899Kluemke, GerhardJANSSEN, CatharinaVON BOCKEL, MariaJanssen, HeinrichMarried Wilhelm Bernard Deiters; see Bernard Wilhelm Deters born Jan 1899
KLUMPKE, Heinrich Clemens26 Jun 190127 Jun 1901Klumpke, GerhardJANSSEN, CatharinaJanssen, ClemensOTKE, MariaMarried 23 Nov 1932 to Catharina Eilers; Witnesses: George Klumpke & Eugenia Eilers
KLUTHE, Josephina Maria8 Mar 18939 Mar 1893Kluthe, TheodorPEEK, MariaKluthe, JosephinaWERTH, Heinrich---
KLUTHO, Anna Maria26 Nov 189029 Nov 1890Klutho, TheodorPEEK, Anna MariaPeek, Anna MariaKlutho, August---
KLUTHO, August9 Dec 187812 Dec 1878Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Maria AnnaKlutho, AugustMolitor, Agnes---
KLUTHO, Catharina Anna (Deceased)28 May 188530 May 1885Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, AnnaKlutho, CatharinaMARKS, Heinrich---
KLUTHO, Elisabeth19 Oct 188319 Oct 1883Klutho, AugustALTEPETER, AnnaHUMMERT, HeinrichALTEPETER, ElisabethaThis entry is out of sequence in the July 1883 entries next to another Klutho entry. There is no year listed.
KLUTHO, Franz Joseph11 Jul 187014 Jul 1870Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Maria AnnaMolitor, FranzKlutho, Josephina---
KLUTHO, Gustav 5 Jan 18696 Jan 1869Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Anna MariaKlutho, Herman JosephMARKS, Maria---
KLUTHO, Heinrich (Deceased)15 Mar 187316 Mar 1873Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Maria AnnaMolitor, HeinrichMarks, Theresia---
KLUTHO, Heinrich Robert17 Oct 190318 Oct 1903Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaPeek, HeinrichMARKS, CatharinaMarried 3 Nov 1944 St. Mary's Centralia to Ida Belle Jones
KLUTHO, Helena Elisabeth10 Feb 190110 Feb 1901Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaKlutho, TheodorKREBS, Elisabeth---
KLUTHO, Johann Theodor13 Apr 186813 Apr 1868Klutho, JosephTELEN, JosephinaKlutho, TheodorKlutho, Anna Maria---
KLUTHO, Joseph Ferdinand5 Aug 18756 Aug 1875Klutho, JosephTHELE, JosephineGÖLLNER (Goellner), FerdinandBENTLER, Catharina---
KLUTHO, Joseph Heinrich10 Jul 189011 Jul 1890Klutho, AugustALTEPETER, AnnaAltepeter, HeinrichHUMMERT, Maria---
KLUTHO, Josephina Gertrud (Deceased)11 Jun 188112 Jun 1881Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Maria AnnaKlutho, Josephina born THELE------
KLUTHO, Leonora Henrietta26 Oct 189626 Oct 1896Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaPeek, CarolinaHUMMERT, Heinrich---
KLUTHO, Maria Bernardina1 Jan 18992 Jan 1899Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaHUMMERT, MariaMEIER, BernardThe dates on this entry are reversed.
KLUTHO, Maria Catharina13 Aug 187015 Aug 1870Klutho, JosephTELEN, JosephinaMARKS, Maria CatharinaMOLTON, Johann---
KLUTHO, Maria Gertrud9 Nov 186611 Nov 1866Klutho, TheodorMOLTON, Anna MariaMolton, GertrudMARKS, Franz---
KLUTHO, Maria Josephina2 May 18806 May 1880Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Maria AnnaKlutho, MariaFUNKE, Franz---
KLUTHO, Regina Maria11 Jul 188315 Jul 1883Klutho, TheodorMOLITOR, Maria AnnaMolitor, MariaHUMMERT, HeinrichMarried Bernard J. Richter 14 Nov 1950
KLUTHO, Victor Theodor29 Nov 189430 Nov 1894Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaKlutho, VictorWERTH, Anna---
KLUTO, Maria Theresina Josephina27 Nov 186330 Nov 1863Kluto, TheodorMARKS, MariaMarks, TheresiaMarks, Stephan---
KNAUP, Gertrud Catharina11 Mar 186412 Mar 1864Knaup, HeinrichZUERLINE, CatharinaALLINK, GertrudGROESSEL, Herman---
KNAUP, Johann Heinrich Theodor9 Aug 186516 Aug 1865Knaup, Theodor HeinrichZULINE, ElisabethaZuline, Johann TheodorKnaup, Anna---
KNIES, August9 Mar 188711 Mar 1887Knies, HeinrichNot listed, ElisabethaPEEK, AugustHUMMERT, Maria---
KNIES, Catharina Elisabeth24 Mar 188925 Mar 1889Knies, HeinrichPOTMEIER, ElisabethHENNEMEIER, CatharinaGREVING, Heinrich---
KNIES, Franz Anton15 Oct 188417 Oct 1884Knies, HeinrichPOTTMEIER, ElisabethRENGIER, AntonKLEIER, Elisabetha---
KNIES, Georg26 Mar 189127 Mar 1891Knies, HeinrichPORTMEIER, ElisabethRINGKAMP, GeorgRingkamp, Maria---
KNIES, Johann Herman25 Nov 188226 Nov 1882Knies, HeinrichPOTMEIER, ElisabethBALKE, HeinrichKnies, Elisabeth---
KNIES, Maria Elisabetha31 May 189331 May 1893Knies, HeinrichPOTMEIER, ElisabethAHRENS, MariaBALKE, Heinrich---
KNISEL, Ferdinand22 Oct 186129 Jan 1862Knisel, AntonFRIES, ElisabethaADAM, Johann---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
KNOBBE, Anna Maria17 Apr 186818 Apr 1868Knobbe, BernardTOBBE, Anna MariaBENTLER, Maria MagdalenaVAN DER PLUM, Johann---
KNOBBE, Bernard Heinrich16 May 186717 May 1867Knobbe, BernardOVE, Anna MariaHANEKE, HeinrichNIEHAUS, Euphemia Maria---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Maria Gesina1 Nov 18602 Nov 1860Koebbe, Johann BernardHOLLENBACH, Maria Anna GesinaHollenbach, Anna AdelheidTONIES, Johann Herman---
KOBOLT, Maria Angela (Deceased)20 Sep 186122 Sep 1861Kobolt, HeinrichHANEKLA, Maria AngelaSOMMERS, Maria AngelaHAGEN, Johann---
KOCH, Johann Alexander (Twin)22 Aug 190026 Aug 1900Koch, JosephSHINN, AnnaHEYER, JohannGISSING, Josephina---
KOCH, Johann Bernard29 Jul 190530 Jul 1905Koch, BernardWIENKEN, ElisabethZWAKE, BernardKoch, Anna MariaConfirmed 1 May 1921
KOCH, Johann Gerhard29 Jun 18641 Jul 1864Koch, TheodorROEBBE, GesinaKoch, GerhardSCHULTE, Maria---
KOCH, Josephina Agnes26 Aug 189712 Oct 1897Koch, JosephSHINN, AnnaGISSING, Machtilde------
KOCH, Leo Leander (Twin)22 Aug 190026 Aug 1900Koch, JosephSHINN, AnnaKUHLS, JosephKuhls, Elisabeth---
KOELKEMEIER (KERKEMEIER), Anton Dominic14 Aug 188615 Aug 1886Koelkemeier (Kerkemeier), IgnatzNETEMEIER, Anna FELDEWERTH, AntonKORS, ElisabethKerkemeier is written in above Koelkemeier in this entry.
KOELKEMEIER, Bernard Heinrich21 Dec 188427 Dec 1884Koelkemeier, IgnatzNETEMEIER, Anna NIEMEIER, MariaNiemeier, Otto---
KOELKEMEIER, Maria Anna4 Apr 18838 Apr 1883Koelkemeier, IgnatzNETEMEIER, Anna ElisabethNot listed, Maria AnnaKoelkemeier, Heinrich---
KOELKER, Anna Maria11 Mar 186813 Mar 1868Koelker, TheodorHEMANN, TheresiaSCHLUETER, Anna MariaKoelker, Franz---
KOELKER, Catharina Maria20 Sep 188421 Sep 1884Koelker, BernardRAAL, CarolinaTIMMERMANN, CatharinaWIEGERS, Franz---
KOELKER, Margarita12 Apr 186916 Apr 1869Koelker, TheodorHEMANN, TheresiaKoelker, MargaritaHemann, Herman---
KOERS, Heinrich Adam21 Apr 188822 Apr 1888Koers, AntonSTOCK, AnnaKoers, AdamKLUTHO, Anna---
KOHERS, Gertrud Theresia (Twin) (Deceased)9 Dec 19059 Dec 1905Kohers, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaFRANK, AloysiusBÜHNE (Buehne), Theresia---
KOHERS, Margarita Francisca (Twin) (Deceased)9 Dec 19059 Dec 1905Kohers, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaRICKE, FranzWehlage, Margarita---
KOHNEN, Theodor Franz30 Jul 190531 Jul 1905Kohnen, Herman JohannHUSTEDDE, Anna ChristinaHustedde, FranzKohnen, Catharina---
KOHRS, Anton Theodor10 Mar 189013 Mar 1890Kohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaSTRAITER, TheodorStraiter, Maria---
KOHRS, Franz Matthew24 Feb 190324 Feb 1903Kohrs, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaFUNKE, FranzFunke, Catharina---
KOHRS, Heinrich23 Apr 190126 Apr 1901Kohrs, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaWehlage, HeinrichILGES, RosaMarried 4 Jan 1927 St Thomas Belleville, IL to Maria Elisabeth Hetzel ?
KOHRS, Heinrich Friederich27 Apr 189628 Apr 1896Kohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaFRIEDERICHS, Heinrich------
KOHRS, Johann Adam29 Aug 189730 Aug 1897Kohrs, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaILGES, JohannKRAMER, Christina---
KOHRS, Maria Christina25 Oct 189925 Oct 1899Kohrs, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaWehlage, BernardNETEMEIER, Christina---
KÖKELMEYER (Koekelmeyer), Johann Heinrich10 Dec 186111 Dec 1861Koekelmeyer, HeinrichLINNENCAMP, MariaSTEINKER, Herman HeinrichWINKEL, Gertrud---
KOLBRECHER, Anna Margarita19 Feb 186921 Feb 1869Kolbrecher, HeinrichWOBBE, MargaritaHENRICHS, BernardWobbe, Bernard---
KOLMANN, Josephina14 Dec 186520 Dec 1865Kolmann, Johann HeinrichBLEE, Gesina MariaSURMANN, JosephinaSTOFF, Gerhard Heinrich---
KOLP, Anna Catharina22 Apr 188419 May 1884Kolp, HeinrichLANDOLT, CatharinaLandolt, CatharinaLandolt, Jacob---
KORKEMEYER, Heinrich8 May 18599 May 1859Korkemeyer, HeinrichLINNENKAMP, Anna MariaWINKEL, HeinrichMEDECE, Clara---
KORS, Bernardina Henrietta3 Oct 18974 Oct 1897Kors, ClemensWILKE, BernardinaWilke, BernardinaMEIER, Bernard---
KORTE, Clemens Heinrich30 Jun 188830 Jun 1888Korte, Bernard HeinrichBROKSCHMIDT, MariaKorte, Wilhelm HeinrichHUELSMANN, Maria---
KORTE, Elisabeth Francisca29 Oct 188730 Oct 1887Korte, WilhelmHAGLER, CarolinaKorte, ElisabethKorte, Wilhelm Heinrich---
KORTE, Gerhard Herman Friederich2 Oct 18893 Oct 1889Korte, WilhelmHORCHLER, CarolinaKorte, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, Marg.---
KORTE, Maria Caecilia5 Mar 18977 Mar 1897Korte, ConradFEHRMANN, AnnaFAUKE, ElisabethNot listed, Wilhelm---
KORTE, Maria Margarita13 Apr 187514 Apr 1875Korte, HermanRUC, Anna MariaKorte, Anna MargaritaKorte, Bernard---
KORVES, Bernard Joseph20 Feb 186322 Feb 1863Korves, Johann HermanHUMPERT, Gesina AdelheidOSTERMANN, JosephFIEDELER, Anna---
KORVES, Ernest August13 Jan 186515 Jan 1865Korves, Herman HeinrichHUMBERT, Gesina AdelheidHOCHTEN, Ernest Friederich AugustBROCKSCHMIDT, Maria---
KRAMER, Anna Margarita16 Nov 187117 Nov 1871Kramer, JohannBRANTMEIER, Maria GesinaKramer, Anna MargaritaWILKES, Wilhelm---
KRAMER, Bernard Herman16 Feb 187117 Feb 1871Kramer, JosephBRANDTMEYER, AnnaKramer, Bernard RudolphWILKENS, Maria Adelheid---
KRAMER, Johann Heinrich18 Dec 187219 Dec 1872Kramer, JosephBRANDTMEIER, AnnaWILKENS, Johann WilhelmKramer, Anna Margarita---
KRAMER, Maria Adelheid1 Feb 18703 Feb 1870Kramer, JohannBRANDMEYER, Maria GesinaWILKERS, Maria AdelheidKramer, Bernard Rudolph---
KRANER, Elisabetha Theresia21 Jun 189221 Jun 1892Kraner, BernardSCHULTE, MariaALBERS, FranzZEHER, Elisabeth---
KREBS, Catharina Maria Leona4 May 19025 May 1902Krebs, FerdinandGOELLNER, MathildaGoellner, CatharinaKrebs, LeoMarried 23 May 1953 St. Anthony Church St. Louis, MO to Jas Earl Brown
KREBS, Joseph Ferdinand30 Apr 19011 May 1901Krebs, FerdinandGOELLNER, MathildaGOELLNER, FerdinandSCHOENDIENST, Emma---
KREBS, Margarita Maria25 Sep 189827 Sep 1898Krebs, FerdinandBROWN, SaraKrebs, Margarita------
KREBS, Paulina Mathilda29 Apr 190530 Apr 1905Krebs, FerdinandGOELLNER, MathildaKrebs, John J.Goellner, JosephinaMarried 12 Oct 1940 Immaculate Conception St. Louis, MO to Wm Pedroli; Witnesses: Joseph Pedroli & Marjorie Krebs
KREBS, Thomas Eugene2 Aug 18943 Aug 1894Krebs, FerdinandBROWN, SaraKrebs, JohannBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Maria---
KREITER, Catharina2 Sep 19033 Sep 1903Kreiter, AndreasPETERMEIER, MariaPetermeier, Rob.HUELSCAMP, Catherina---
KREKE, Aloys Friederich6 Aug 18977 Aug 1897Kreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaMueller, FriederichWIENKEN, Louisa---
KREKE, Alphonse Joseph12 Sep 190013 Sep 1900Kreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaALBERS, JosephHAGEN, Maria---
KREKE, Bernard Heinrich30 Apr 18921 May 1892Kreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaMueller, HeinrichKREKE, Maria---
KREKE, Christina Wilhelmina (Deceased)28 Feb 18821 Mar 1882Kreke, Gerhard HeinrichMUELLER, Anna MariaMueller, Maria ChristinaBECKMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich---
KREKE, Eugenia Catharina1 Nov 19022 Nov 1902Kreke, Gerhard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaFELTRUP, HermanFRERKIN, Catharina---
KREKE, Gerhard Philipp Johann (Deceased)21 May 188421 May 1884Kreke, Gerhard MUELLER, MariaKreke, GerhardMueller, Christina---
KREKE, Herman Friederich (Deceased)19 Jan 188820 Jan 1888Kreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaKreke, FriederichSCHOENHOFF, Anna---
KREKE, Herman Heinrich28 May 188528 May 1885Kreke, GerhardMILLER, Anna MariaKreke, HeinrichWESKEMANN, Anna Maria---
KREKE, Johann Wilhelm15 Jul 189416 Jul 1894Kreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaMueller, JohannKreke, Maria---
KREKE, Maria Elisabetha12 Apr 189012 Apr 1890Kreke, GerhardMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaKreke, Maria ElisabethFRERKEN, Bernard---
KREMPEL, Catharina Maria21 Aug 189222 Aug 1892Krempel, WilhelmBRINKMANN, MariaMEIER, MariaFUNKE, Franz---
KREPS, Maria Patricia Brigitta (Deceased)28 Jan 189629 Jan 1896Kreps, FerdinandBROWN, SaraKreps, JacobDOYLE, BrigittaCompare Krebs
KRUEP, Anna Gesina Bernardina11 Apr 187412 Apr 1874Kruep, HeinrichDIEKMANN, Anna Kruep, GesinaMORHINNERS, Theodor---
KRUEP, Bernard12 Aug 186414 Aug 1864Kruep, HeinrichDIEKMANN, Anna MariaRINGBECK, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Elisabetha---
KRUEP, Bernard Heinrich26 Dec 189528 Dec 1895Kruep, BernardSCHLUETER, JosephinaKruep, HeinrichSchlueter, Maria---
KRUEP, Bernard Heinrich3 May 18913 May 1891Kruep, HeinrichSTRATMANN, LenaKruep, BernardinaKruep, Bernard---
KRUEP, Bernard Heinrich30 Oct 187031 Oct 1870Kruep, Johann HeinrichLAGER, Maria AnnaLager, BenedictKruep, Anna Maria---
KRUEP, Bernard Nepomuc26 Sep 187328 Sep 1873Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, MariaBUHNE, NepomucREBBEL, Christina---
KRUEP, Catharina Maria13 Sep 188914 Sep 1889Kruep, HeinrichSTRAHTMANN, LenaHAAR, CatharinaBURMEISTER, Franz---
KRUEP, Clara Elisabeth23 Nov 190424 Nov 1904Kruep, HeinrichSTRAHTMANN, HelenaBURMEISTER, AugustKruep, ElisabethMarried 27 Sep 1941 Cathedral St. Louis, MO to Francis Brown; Witnesses: Alphonse Trame & Viola Kapp
KRUEP, Edwin Bernard5 Jan 19036 Jan 1903Kruep, NepomukWIEGERT, ElisabethLIENING, BernardFANKMEIER, Maria---
KRUEP, Ferdinand August7 Feb 18708 Feb 1870Kruep, HeinrichDIEKMANN, Anna MariaGOELLNER, FerdinandKruep, Christina---
KRUEP, Heinrich Aloys15 Oct 189415 Oct 1894Kruep, Johann NepomucWIEGERT, ElisabethaKruep, HeinrichWiegert, Maria---
KRUEP, Heinrich August8 Jun 18988 Jun 1898Not listedKruep, AnnaKruep, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, ElisabethaAnna Kruep was Wm Timmermann's wife in previous records but no father is listed in this entry.
KRUEP, Herman Aloysius13 Aug 190214 Aug 1902Kruep, HeinrichSTRATMANN, HelenaKruep, HermanBURMEISTER, Gertrud---
KRUEP, Herman Alphonse15 Feb 190216 Feb 1902Kruep, BernardSCHLUETER, JosephinaSchlueter, HermanHAAR, Catharina---
KRUEP, Herman Heinrich9 Sep 18719 Sep 1871Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, Maria AnnaKruep, HeinrichHolthaus, Margarita---
KRUEP, Ida Elisabeth30 Jun 19001 Jul 1900Kruep, NepomukWIEGERT, ElisabethaLINING, BernardinaFANGMEIER, August---
KRUEP, Johann Gerhard24 May 190027 May 1900Kruep, HeinrichSTRAHTMANN, HelenaStrahtmann, GerhardHAAR, Catharina---
KRUEP, Johann Heinrich15 May 189316 May 1893Kruep, Johann HeinrichSTROTMANN, HelenaKruep, Johann HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Elisabetha---
KRUEP, Johann Herman29 Aug 187629 Aug 1876Kruep, Johann HermanHOLTHAUS, Maria AnnaKruep, HeinrichHolthaus, Anna---
KRUEP, Joseph August12 May 190613 May 1906Kruep, NepomukWIGGERT, ElisabethFANGMEYER, AugustSTRATMANN, HelenaConfirmed 1 May 1921
KRUEP, Josephina Caecilia11 Nov 189912 Nov 1899Kruep, BernardSCHLUETER, JosephinaTIMMERMANN, HermanKruep, Carolina---
KRUEP, Josephina Catharina16 Apr 190417 Apr 1904Kruep, BernardSCHLUETER, JosephinaSCHRAGE, JohannHAAR, CatharinaMarriage validated 9 Jul 1960 St. Louis, MO
KRUEP, Maria Amilia30 Oct 189731 Oct 1897Kruep, BernardSCHLUETER, JosephinaTIMMERMANN, Maria HAAR, Heinrich---
KRUEP, Maria Anna Carolina5 Mar 18687 Mar 1868Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, Maria AnnaKruep, Maria AnnaREILMANN, Heinrich---
KRUEP, Maria Carolina28 Jun 189529 Jun 1895Kruep, HeinrichSTRAHTMANN, HelenaHAAR, HeinrichSCHRAGE, Carolina---
KRUEP, Maria Elisabetha (Deceased)20 Sep 187021 Sep 1870Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, Anna MariaHolthaus, ElisabethaHUELSCAMP, Heinrich---
KRUEP, Nepomuk9 Nov 186511 Nov 1865Kruep, HeinrichDIEKMANN, Anna MariaBÜHNE (Buehne), NepomukGOELNER, Mathilde---
KRUEP, Sophia Josephina25 Nov 189727 Nov 1897Kruep, HeinrichSTRATMANN, HelenaKruep, JosephinaSCHRAGE, Johann---
KRUEP, Tekla13 Apr 189815 Apr 1898Kruep, NepomukWIEGERT, ElisabethaHAAR, HeinrichWIEGERT, Heinrich---
KRUEP, Wilhelmina Catharina4 Nov 18655 Nov 1865Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, MariaREILMANN, SusannaRINGBECK, HeinrichThis entry appears out of order; the month may be Dec.
KRÜGER (Krueger), Maria Theresia1 Apr 183820 Sep 1862Krueger, FrederichWELLEMANN, CatharinaREINEKE, Theresia------
KRÜGER (Krueger), Nicolaus16 Oct 186111 Mar 1862Krueger, JohannMERKEL, CatharinaKrueger, Nicolaus---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
KRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria4 Aug 18615 Aug 1861Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, Maria AnnaRINGBECK, Anna AdelheidMORHINNERS, Franz---
KRÜP (Kruep), Gerhard Heinrich30 Aug 18631 Sep 1863Kruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, Maria Kruep, Gerhard HeinrichMORHINNERS, Maria Anna---
KRÜP (Kruep), Johann Herman4 Dec 18596 Dec 1859Kruep, Johann HeinrichDIEKMANN, Maria AnnaKruep, Johann HermanSOMMER, Maria AngelaThis could be the Baptism of twin boys; Johann & Herman.
KRUP, Anna Maria (Deceased)14 Aug 185916 Aug 1859Krup, HermanHOLTHAUS, Anna MariaKrup, Anna GesinaHolthauss, Johann Heinrich---
KRUP, Maria Adelheid8 Jan 186210 Jan 1862Krup, HeinrichDIEKMANN, AnnaKRÜP (Kruep), Maria AdelheidKruep, Bernard---
KRUSE, Adelheid Elisabeth24 Jul 190125 Jul 1901Kruse, HeinrichHOH, RosaMAUE, HeinrichFAUKE, Elisabeth---
KRUSE, Catharina Albertina26 Nov 189728 Nov 1897Kruse, HeinrichHOH, RosaHoh, Catharina ElisabethHoh, Georg---
KRUSE, Joseph Robert11 Aug 190513 Aug 1905Kruse, HeinrichHACH, RosaSCHLUETER, Franz JosephSchlueter, Maria AdelheidMarried 3 Oct 1929 to Alvina Rosa Gerling; Witnesses: Ludwig Fangmeyer & Viola Foppe; confirmed 27 Jun 1918
KUENEKE, Anna Maria20 Oct 190122 Oct 1905Kueneke, WilhelmKLUMPKE, CarolinaKLUTHO, AugustKlutho, AnnaMarried 28 Dec 1926 St Anthony Beckemeyer to Laurent Winkler; Witnesses: Johann Warneke & Berta Kueneke. Married 20 Apr 1954 St. Mary Trenton, IL to Walter Becker. Dates are reversed in this entry.
KUENEKE, Herman Bernard (Deceased)24 Apr 189725 Apr 1897Kueneke, WilhelmMERIANS, ElisabethHORSTMANN, Herman BernardGRAVE, Maria---
KUENEKE, Johanna Carolina (Deceased)23 Jun 190124 Jun 1901Kueneke, WilhelmKLUMPKE, CarolinaREILING, JohannaSCHOLL, Joseph---
KUENEKE, Maria Catharina17 May 188619 May 1886Kueneke, WilhelmMERJOHN, ElisabethMEIER, MargaritaSCHUMACHER, Johann Bernard---
KUENEKE, Stephan7 Dec 18828 Dec 1882Kueneke, WilhelmMERJAHNS, ElisabethMerjahns, StephanKORTE, Maria AnnaCompare Kuenneke & Merians
KUENEKE, Wendel Johann21 Aug 189122 Aug 1891Kueneke, WilhelmMERJOHN, ElisabethMEIER, WendelKORTE, Anna---
KUES, Anton14 Aug 190516 Aug 1905Kues, Georg JohannVOS, RosaVOSS, August H.Kues, WilhelminaConfirmed 21 Jun 1918
KUES, Herman Wilhelm13 Nov 190214 Nov 1902Kues, GerhardVOSS, RosaVoss, HermanEILERMANN, Maria---
KUES, Maria Rosa21 Nov 190122 Nov 1901Kues, GerhardVOS, RosaKues, GerhardOTKE, Maria CatharinaMarried 28 Jul (year cut off) to Anton Franz Macke; Witnesses: August Kues & Catharina Wehlage
KUHL, Albert Franz 14 Jun 190114 Jun 1901Kuhl, HeinrichSTRAKE, LouisaStrake, AlbertKuhl, MariaMarried 12 Oct 1936 St. Francis, Aviston, IL to Anna Renecken
KUHL, Anna Margarita1 Jul 19052 Jul 1905Kuhl, JosephPETERS, MariaFELDMANN, BernardKuhl, Carolina---
KUHL, Catharina Regina14 Feb 190215 Feb 1902Kuhl, HermanHILMES, TheresiaKUHL, TheresiaHilmes, Heinrich---
KUHL, Elisabeth Louisa31 Dec 19061 Jan 1907Kuhl, JosephPETERS, MariaMEIER, WendelSTRAKE, LouisaMarried 24 Apr 1926 Beckemeyer, IL to Johann A. Peters son of Wm Peters & Josie Pen; Witnesses: Wm Peters & Maria Kuhl
KUHL, Gerhard Joseph22 Mar 190324 Mar 1903Kuhl, HeinrichSTRAKE, LouisaKuhl, JosephStrake, Maria---
KUHL, Heinrich Friederich28 Mar 190428 Mar 1904Kuhl, HermanHILMES, TheresiaHilmes, HermanBUSH, Carolina---
KUHL, Johann Clemens (Twin)27 Jul 190028 Jul 1900Kuhl, HeinrichSTRAKE, LouisaKuhl, ClemensStrake, LouisaPrivate Baptism
KUHL, Joseph Herman11 Apr 190212 Apr 1902Kuhl, JosephPETERS, MariaKuhl, HermanKuhl, Louisa---
KUHL, Joseph Wilhelm23 Oct 189925 Oct 1899Kuhl, JosephPETERS, MariaKuhl, WilhelmIMMING, Anna---
KUHL, Josephina Margarita2 Feb 19043 Feb 1904Kuhl, JosephPETERS, MariaKuhl, HeinrichLANGENHORST, Maria---
KUHL, Maria Catharina14 Jun 189815 Jun 1898Kuhl, HermanHILMES, TheresiaFELDMANN, HermanHilmes, Catharina---
KUHL, Maria Catharina (Twin)27 Jul 190028 Jul 1900Kuhl, HeinrichSTRAKE, LouisaKuhl, CatharinaStrake, AlbertPrivate Baptism
KUHL, Maria Rosa15 Mar 189916 Mar 1899Kuhl, HeinrichSTRAKE, LenaStrake, MariaKuhl, Clemens---
KUHLS, Angela Louisa21 Jun 190522 Jun 1905Kuhls, FranzKLEIN, AnnaKuhls, JosephWIETER, Louisa---
KUHLS, Anton Ignatz12 Mar 186815 Mar 1868Kuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudKuhls, AntonSPECKMANN, Elisabetha---
KUHLS, Anton Johann18 May 187421 May 1874Kuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudMueller, IgnatzSCHREIBER, Margarita---
KUHLS, Catharina Theresia21 Dec 186425 Dec 1864Kuhls, FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), GertrudBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaMueller, Ignatz---
KUHLS, Conrad Joseph Moses24 May 187226 May 1872Kuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudKuhls, ConradSCHWARZ, Christina---
KUHLS, Eleonora Helena (Deceased)25 May 189927 May 1899Kuhls, JosephDANIEL, SophiaDaniel, Anna MariaKuhls, Franz---
KUHLS, Elisabetha1 Sep 18797 Sep 1879Kuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudSPECKMANN, ElisabethaDUMSTORFF, Bernard---
KUHLS, Franz Adolph30 Jun 19031 Jul 1903Kuhls, GeorgKLEIN, AnnaKuhls, Fr. JosephMOEHLER, Gertrud---
KUHLS, Georg Franz31 Aug 18763 Sep 1876Kuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudSCHWARZ, Johann GeorgLOCKHORN, Carolina---
KUHLS, Johann Bernard Franz8 Oct 186611 Oct 1866Kuhls, FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), GertrudMueller, IgnatzHOLTHAUS, Elisabetha---
KÜNEKE (Kueneke), Rosalia Johanna12 Jun 190315 Jun 1903Kueneke, WilhelmKLUMPKE, CarolinaWELLING, BernardWelling, Johanna---
KÜNEKE (Kuenneke), Ida21 Apr 189422 Apr 1894Kueneke, WilhelmMERJOHN, ElisabethMERIANS, HermanMerians, Ida---
KÜNEKE (Kuenneke), Johann Wilhelm6 Jan 18847 Jan 1884Kueneke, WilhelmMERIANS, ElisabethaESS, Johann BernardMerians, Anna---
KUNEKE, Herman11 Apr 189013 Apr 1890Kuneke, WilhelmMERJAHN, ElisabethMerjahn, HermanMAUE, Anna Maria---
KÜNNEKE (Kuenneke), Maria21 Nov 188021 Nov 1880Kuenneke, WilhelmMERIANS, ElisabethMerians, MariaUBBEN, Gerhard---
KURMANN, Heinrich Bernard26 Feb 18684 Mar 1868Kurmann, HeinrichBLEI, Gesina MariaKUETER, Theodor HeinrichOSTERMANN, Anna Catharina---
KUSS, Anton 16 Nov 186113 Mar 1862Kuss, RichardWINNER, FridericaHOEFLINGER, Veronica------
LAGER, August31 Jan 18601 Feb 1860Lager, JohannHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaLager, TheodorHÜHNE (Huehne), Elisabeth---
LAGER, Carl Ludwig24 Feb 186425 Feb 1864Lager, JohannWIETER, CatharinaSTUEVER, Carl LudwigWieter, Maria Elisabetha---
LAGER, Carolina Maria12 Dec 189614 Dec 1896Lager, LudwigSCHULTE, WilhelminaHUELSMANN, MariaHuelsmann, TheodorMarried 21 Jun 1936 in East St. Louis, IL to Ludwig Brengard ?
LAGER, Emma Wilhelmina22 Oct 187123 Oct 1871Lager, JohannHUELSMANN, CatharinaWIDELER, WilhelminaRATERMANN, Wilhelm---
LAGER, Johann Albin20 May 189021 May 1890Lager, AugustPETERMEIER, MariaLager, JohannNiemeier, Elisabeth---
LAGER, Johann Alphonse9 May 189411 May 1894Lager, LudwigSCHULTE, MinaSchulte, JohannLager, Catharina---
LAGER, Johann Benedict10 Mar 186211 Mar 1862Lager, JohannHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaLager, BenedictHuelsmann, Anna Maria---
LAGER, Johann Bernard14 Feb 187415 Feb 1874Lager, JohannHUELSMANN, CatharinaBECKERMANN, Johann BernardWEDDER, Setta---
LAGER, Johann Heinrich25 Apr 186926 Apr 1869Lager, JohannHULSMANN, CatharinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Gerhard HeinrichLager, Margarita---
LAGER, Maria Elisabeth16 Oct 188717 Oct 1887Lager, AugustPETERMEIER, MariaPETERMEIER, ElisabethaLager, Johann---
LAGER, Maria Helena9 May 190010 May 1900Lager, Carl LudwigSCHULTE, MinaALBERS, MariaHUELSMANN, Anton---
LAGER, Maria Josephina14 Mar 189315 Mar 1893Lager, AugustPETERMEIER, MariaLager, CatharinaNIEMEIER, Anton---
LAGER, Theodor August22 Oct 189423 Oct 1894Lager, AugustPETERMEIER, MariaHUELSMANN, TheodorPETERMEIER, Elisabeth---
LAHME, Heinrich5 Apr 187422 Apr 1874Lahme, WilhelmWIESMANN, CatharinaMÜLLER (Mueller), Heinrich------
LAKENBURGER, Anton11 Aug 190012 Aug 1900Lakenburger, AntonHUELSCAMP, AnnaLakenburger, AntonHuelscamp, Anna---
LAKENBURGES, Georg Heinrich25 Jan 190628 Jan 1906Lakenburges, AntonHUELSCAMP, AnnaHuelscamp, HeinrichLakenburges, CatharinaConfirmed 1 May 1921
LAKENBURGES, Martha Bernardina19 Jan 190420 Jan 1904Lakenburges, TheodorPETERMEIER, BernardinaPetermeier, GeorgPetermeier, Bernardina---
LAMMERS, Anna Maria15 Apr 187216 Apr 1872Lammers, Johann BernardHOELSCHER, Anna AdelheidHoelscher, Maria TeklaBRUEGGEMANN, Heinrich---
LAMMERS, Anna Maria31 Aug 18672 Sep 1867Lammers, Johann HeinrichHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Anna TeklaLammers, Anna MariaBRUGGEMANN, Heinrich---
LAMMERS, Bernard Heinrich28 Sep 187329 Sep 1873Lammers, BernardHOELSCHER, Anna Lammers, HeinrichBRUEGGEMANN, Maria Anna---
LAMMERS, Bernard Heinrich15 Dec 187716 Dec 1877Lammers, BernardHOELSCHER, Anna AdelheidPOELING, Johann BernardBRUEGGEMANN, Christina---
LAMMERS, Bernard Heinrich27 Dec 186927 Dec 1869Lammers, Johann HeinrichHOLSCHER, Anna TeklaLammers, Johann BernardBRUEGGEMANN, Christina---
LAMMERS, Herman Bernard21 Feb 187522 Feb 1875Lammers, BernardHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), AdelheidBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Herman BernardPÖLING (Poeling), Maria Elisabeth---
LAMMERS, Maria Anna9 Jan 187010 Jan 1870Lammers, Johann BernardHOELSCHER, Anna AdelheidLammers, Maria AdelheidHoelscher, Johann Bernard---
LAMMERS, Maria Theresia13 Apr 187914 Apr 1879Lammers, BernardHOELSCHER, Anna AdelheidHoelscher, TheresiaFEHR, Clemens---
LAMPE, Anna Wilhelmina2 Aug 18973 Aug 1897Lampe, HeinrichRICHTER, Maria WESSEL, AugustOTKE, Anna---
LAMPE, Bernard Aloys 1 May 19042 May 1904Lampe, HeinrichTHIEN, Maria AnnaLampe, BernardThien, CatharinaMarried 30 Oct 1937 St Pius St. Louis, MO to Catharina Altgilbers
LAMPE, Bernard August21 Apr 189521 Apr 1895Lampe, Gerhard HeinrichRICHTER, Anna MariaLampe, Bernard AugustRichter, Maria Elisabeth---
LAMPE, Gerhard Heinrich3 Mar 18934 Mar 1893Lampe, HeinrichRICHTER, Maria Richter, HeinrichWESSEL, ElisabethMarried Wilhelmina Kuhl 2 Apr 1929; witnesses August Kuhl & Gertrude Hoffmann. She is from Waterloo, KS
LAMPE, Gerhard Heinrich20 May 189421 May 1894Lampe, Johann BernardMENKE, Anna MariaLampe, Gerhard HeinrichTHOELE, Elisabeth---
LAMPE, Gerhard Joseph19 Jan 190020 Jan 1900Lampe, HeinrichRICHTER, MariaRichter, Gerhard HeinrichRATERMANN, AnnaMarried 10 Oct 1934 to Georgia Viola Paul non-Catholic in Los Angeles, CA Cathedral
LAMPE, Johann Bernard19 Jun 189120 Jun 1891Lampe, Gerhard HeinrichRICHTER, Anna MariaLampe, Johann BernardRichter, Margarita---
LAMPE, Maria Catharina1 Jan 18653 Jan 1865Lampe, TheodorHEMANN, MariaSAAS, CatharinaKAHRHOF, Theodor---
LAMPE, Maria Margarita13 Mar 189014 Mar 1890Lampe, Gerhard HeinrichRICHTER, MargaritaRichter, MargaritaLampe, Johann Bernard---
LANFERMANN, Maria Angela12 Mar 187114 Mar 1871Lanfermann, TheodorBAUMANN, ApoloniaHAGEN, Maria AngelaSPREHE, Franz---
LANG, Anna Maria24 Jun 18771 Oct 1898Lang, FrederichWASMUS, LouisaMEIER, MariaTRENTLEIN, Josephina---
LANGENHORST, Anna Maria Adelheid6 Jan 18826 Jan 1882Langenhorst, JosephPETERS, MargaritaPeters, Anna TeklaPeters, Caspar---
LANGENHORST, Georg22 Oct 187622 Oct 1876Langenhorst, GerhardPETERS, MargarittaPeters, HermanSCHROEDER, Elisabetha---
LANGENHORST, Herman Heinrich21 Mar 187922 Mar 1879Langenhorst, Gerhard ClemensPETERS, MargaritaLangenhorst, Herman HeinrichNIEMEIER, Theresia---
LANWERT, Bernard Heinrich4 Oct 18835 Oct 1883Lanwert, HeinrichDIESTEL, Helena MariaDiestel, BernardDiestel, Anna Maria---
LANWERT, Franz Heinrich9 Jul 18789 Jul 1878Lanwert, HeinrichDIESTEL, HelenaLanwert, FranzMAUE, Catharina---
LANWERT, Franz Joseph7 Mar 18929 Mar 1892Lanwert, HeinrichDIESTEL, HelenaKUHLS, FranzKLUTHO, Maria Anna---
LARY, Eduard (Deceased)25 Nov 18609 Dec 1860Lary, MichaelTOBBEN, MariaMORPHY, WilliamWALSH, Sera---
LARY, Maria21 Oct 186430 Oct 1864Lary, MichaelTOBEN, MariaMCGRATH, MargarithaMcGrath, William---
LARY, Thomas Francis 11 Jul 186220 Jul 1862Lary, MichaelTABAN, MaryREDE, MargarethaRODE, Patrick---
LAUBNER, Johann Georg7 Aug 186027 Aug 1860Laubner, ValentinLaubner, Eva (Maiden name?)BLUMHARDT, Georg---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
LEADER, Wilhelm Johann18 Jul 18821 Aug 1882Leader, IsachLALLY, Maria E.VORNHOLT, ConradKLEIER, Anna---
LEAR, Catharina Gertrud7 Jul 188914 Jul 1889Lear, JohannWIEDELER, TheresiaSCHEER, CatharinaWiedeler, Heinrich---
LEARY, Margaritha20 Oct 185817 Nov 1858Leary, MichelTOBEN, MaryCOMER, WinifredRUSSEL, Philipp---
LEHEN, Bernard Rudolph9 Oct 18632 Nov 1863Lehen, LudwigKRAEMER, Anna HelenaKRAMER, Bernard RudolphSCHULTE, Anna Maria---
LEHEN, Joseph Bernard18 Aug 186026 Aug 1860Lehen, LudwigCRAMER, HelenaLehen, JosephECK, Theresia---
LEHEN, Joseph Bernard5 Nov 18617 Nov 1861Lehen, LudwigKRAMER, Anna HelenaKramer, JosephECK, Theresia---
LEHN, Bernard Heinrich24 Sep 187613 Oct 1876Lehn, LudwigKRAMER, Anna HelenaMUELLER, Johann BernardKramer, Maria Catharina---
LEIBEL, Margarita16 May 186018 Jun 1860Leibel, JosephBENTER, FranziscaKEILICK, Margarita---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
LEONARD, Elisabeth Augusta28 Jan 190112 May 1901Leonard, JohannSCHMIDT, LouisaVOGELSANG, AugustLeonard, Elisabeth---
LEUNDRY, Catharina26 Dec 186213 Jan 1863Leundry, FletcherGLESON, CatharinaWARD, MichaelWard, BrigittaThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
LIARS, Johann6 Jun 18535 Feb 1887Liars, HeinrichCOX, SerahSCHNEER, Georg------
LIENING, Anna Bernardina Margarita10 Mar 190511 Mar 1905Liening, HeinrichWELLING, AnnaEVERS, HeinrichLiening, BernardinaMarried 20 Apr 1926 St. Rose, IL to Francis B Woltering; Witnesses: August Richter & Wilhelmine Liening
LIENING, Johann Heinrich (Twin)1 Jul 19021 Jul 1902Liening, HeinrichWELLING, AnnaWelling, GerhardOTKE, Maria---
LIENING, Margarita Anna (Deceased)24 Jul 190326 Jul 1903Liening, BernardKRUEP, BernardinaLiening, AnnaKruep, Nepomuk---
LIENING, Theodor (Twin)1 Jul 19021 Jul 1902Liening, HeinrichWELLING, AnnaVAN ALST, TheodorOTKE, Maria---
LINING, Gerhard Joseph27 Feb 19011 Mar 1901Lining, HeinrichWELLING, AnnaWelling, GerhardLining, Bernardina---
LINING, Heinrich Aloys 12 Nov 190013 Nov 1900Lining, BernardKRUEP, BernardinaLining, HeinrichKruep, Elisabeth---
LOCKHORN, Franz Joseph13 Aug 187515 Aug 1875Lockhorn, BernardSNAT, CarolineKUHLS, FranzSnat, Ernestine---
LODES, Alexander Johann1 Jun 19058 Jun 1905Lodes, GeorgWALTER, AlwinaWalter, JohannWalter, Maria Carolina---
LOKHORN, Bernard August4 Mar 18736 Mar 1873Lokhorn, BernardSCHNATZ, CarolinaSPIELER, BernardSCHWARZ, Christina---
LOKHORN, Catharina Johanna22 Sep 187723 Sep 1877Lokhorn, BernardSCHNATZ, CarolinaGOELLNER, CatharinaSCHWARTZ, Georg---
LOKHORN, Ferdinand August2 Jun 18713 Jun 1871Lokhorn, BernardSCHNATZ, CarolinaGOELLNER, FerdinandSPIELER, Louisa---
LOKHORN, Regina Wilhelmina Bernardina7 May 18698 May 1869Lokhorn, BernardSCHNATZ, CarolinaSCHARFENBERGER, ReginaPEEK, Georg---
LORENSTRONG, Susanna Catharina6 Mar 18948 Mar 1894Lorenstrong, JosephPORTEL, MariaHAGEN, Not listedSCHMITH, Felix---
LOW, Francisca Regina12 Sep 18559 May 1872Low, ThomasLow, Santy (Not sure if maiden name)SCHARFENBERGER, Regina------
LUNKENHEYMER, Johann Wilhelm23 Apr 186925 Apr 1869Lunkenheymer, WilhelmCLEMENS, MariaRICHTER, WilhelmSCHONEFELD, Anna Maria---
LUNKENHEYMER, Joseph24 Aug 186626 Aug 1866Lunkenheymer, WilhelmCLEMENT, MariaPORTERMEYER, JosephBÖNHOFF (Boenhoff), Catharina---
LÜPKE (Luepke), Johann Bernard23 Jan 186725 Jan 1867Luepke, Johann AntonCOER, Maria CatharinaLuepke, Johann BernardMORFELD, Coradina---
MACCIN, Margarita11 May 186021 May 1860Maccin, ThomasLYNSKE, KatharinaWARD, BrigitaWard, PatrickThis Baptism took place in O'Fallon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MACCIN, Maria Helena1 Oct 18612 Oct 1861Maccin, ThomasLYNSKE, CatharinaOBUN, JacobMaccin, Maria---
MACKE, Anna Maria Catharina6 Mar 18847 Mar 1884Macke, FranzFIEDELER, CatharinaFiedeler, AnnaHEINRICH, Herman---
MACKE, Anton Franz6 Mar 18867 Mar 1886Macke, FranzFIEDELER, CatharinaWIEBERG, AntonROLWES, CarolinaMarried Maria Kues 28 Jul 1926; witnesses Aug. Kues & Catharina Wehlage
MACKE, Christina Catharina9 Nov 188710 Nov 1887Macke, FranzFIEDELER, CatharinaLINNEMANN, Anna ChristinaROLVES, Theodor---
MACKE, Heinrich19 Aug 188220 Aug 1882Macke, FranzFIEDELER, CatharinaFiedeler, HeinrichMacke, Agnes---
MACKE, Maria Gertrud (Deceased)2 Sep 18892 Sep 1889Macke, FranzFIEDELER, CatharinaPILLE, Maria GertrudFUNKE, Franz---
MAHAR, Brigitta21 May 186523 May 1865Mahar, EduardVOGERTY, MariaSTABARTEN, WinifredCOLLAN, Jacob---
MAHAR, Catharina31 Jan 18633 Feb 1863Mahar, EdmundVOGERTY, MariaARCHER, MariaCOLLAN, Jacob---
MAHAR, Johann14 Feb 186118 Feb 1861Mahar, JohannGOGERTY, MariaPOWER, MariaCAHAR, Jacob (James)---
MALERI, Carl6 Oct 19026 Oct 1902Maleri, CarlHOH, MariaSCHROEDER, Paulina born Hoh------
MARIAN, Anna Margaritha (Twin)5 Oct 18657 Oct 1865Marian, StephanESS, Maria AnnaEss, Anna MargarithaVOSS, Bernard---
MARIAN, Anna Maria (Twin)5 Oct 18657 Oct 1865Marian, StephanESS, Maria AnnaKAHRHOFF, Maria ElisabethaKORTE, Johann Bernard---
MARKS, Emilia Catharina30 Nov 18642 Dec 1864Marks, FranzKNUEVER, TheresiaMarks, Maria CatharinaDIEKER, Bernard Heinrich---
MARKS, Franz13 Jun 186314 Jun 1863Marks, GerhardWEMPE, Maria TheresiaMarks, FranzMarks, Maria Catharina---
MARKS, Joseph18 Dec 186319 Dec 1863Marks, FranzKNUEVE, TheresiaKnueve, JosephZINSEMEYER, Theresia---
MARKS, Rosa Juliana 4 Feb 18905 Feb 1890Marks, HeinrichMOND, MariaMond, JulianaLANGEMANN, HeinrichMarried Heinrich W. Toennies 20 Oct 193_; in St. Bernard Church in Albers, IL
MARX, Johann Heinrich25 Jul 186127 Jul 1861Marx, FranzKNÜWE (Knuewe), Maria TheresiaMarx, Johann HeinrichMarx, Catharina---
MAT, Wilhelm8 Sep 18612 Oct 1861Mat, Tremont WilhelmBIEGELE, WilhelminaDONNEL, Michael------
MAUE, Anna Clementina4 Jun 19025 Jun 1902Maue, HeinrichFAUKE, ElisabethaFauke, ClemensMaue, Anna---
MAUE, Anna Maria29 Feb 18721 Mar 1872Maue, HeinrichHUSTEDE, Anna CatharinaTHEISING, Helena SCHROEDER, Franz---
MAUE, Anna Regina28 Dec 190628 Dec 1906Maue, Johann HeinrichFAUKE, ElisabethBRUENING, HeinrichBruening, Anna---
MAUE, Bernardina Catharina (Deceased)26 Oct 187827 Oct 1878Maue, HeinrichHUSTEDE, CatharinaHustede, BernardMaue, Johann Clemens---
MAUE, Catharina Elisabeth11 Jun 189611 Jun 1896Maue, JohannNIEMANN, ElisabethMaue, CatharinaNiemann, Joseph---
MAUE, Catharina Maria (Deceased)14 Dec 188415 Dec 1884Maue, HeinrichHUSTEDDE, CatharinaHustedde, AnnaMaue, Herman---
MAUE, Herman Heinrich1 Sep 19002 Sep 1900Maue, HeinrichFAUKE, ElisabethMaue, HermanFauke, Angelina---
MAUE, Johann Heinrich10 Jan 186811 Jan 1868Maue, HeinrichHUSTETTE, CatharinaMaue, JohannHustette, Bernardina---
MAUE, Maria Elisabetha13 Aug 188114 Aug 1881Maue, HeinrichHUSTEDDE, CatharinaTIMMERMANN, Maria ElisabethaHustedde, Georg---
MAUE, Maria Leona23 Nov 190424 Nov 1904Maue, HeinrichFAUKE, ElisabethaFauke, HeinrichKAPP, Elisabeth---
MAUE, Theresia Catharina15 Feb 187517 Feb 1875Maue, Johann HeinrichHUSTETTE, Catharina MariaHustette, FranzDIESTEL, Theresia---
MAYER, Johann (first name ?)28 Apr 190128 Apr 1901Mayer, WendelinMERIANS, MargaritaMerians, HermanMayer, IdaPage cut off -first name is a guess,
MCCOY, Thomas11 Jul 186019 Sep 1860McCoy, WilliamMC MAHAN, HelenaSTAFFORD, MargarithaWARD, MichaelThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MCCOY, Wilhelm23 Oct 186226 Dec 1862McCoy, WilhelmMACKEN, HelenaPHILIPS, Johann---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MCGRAFTH, Elisabetha28 Apr 186730 Apr 1867McGrafth, WilhelmCONLY, MargaritaCOLLINS, MargaritaCollins, Jacob---
MCGRAFTH, Johann11 Dec 186516 Dec 1865MCGrafth, WilhelmLARY, MariaCONLEY, Margaritha------
MCGRATH (MCCHRATH), Brigitta13 May 18595 Jun 1859McGrath, WilhelmCONLY, MargaretLYNCH, Mary---Entry is written as Mcchrath
MCGRATH, Margaritha19 Aug 186016 Sep 1860McGrath, Wilhelm CONLY, MargarithaTREHER, PatrickTreher, Margaritha---
MCGRATH, Wilhelm26 Jan 18642 Feb 1864McGrath, WilhelmCONLY, MargaritaPEEK, MargaritaPeek, Theodor---
MEIER, Alexander Gerhard30 Dec 190131 Dec 1901Meier, BernardPEEK, MargaritaWIGEMANN, GerhardDIEKER, Catharina---
MEIER, Aloys5 Jul 19037 Jul 1903Meier, TheodorDRINGPOHL, MariaMeier, HermanHAGEN, Maria23 Jun 1930 at Carlyle Rev. N. Dietrich delegate Rose Meyer
MEIER, August Franz22 Jun 190023 Jun 1900Meier, Bernard---------No other names listed
MEIER, August Franz24 Jul 189924 Jul 1899Meier, BernardARCHER, MargaritaKLUTHO, AugustHEIMANN, Anna---
MEIER, Bernard15 May 188318 May 1883Meier, LudwigMUELLER, FranciscaKAULING, BernardKauling, MariaThese parents may not be married but Ludwig is listed as the father.
MEIER, Bernard Heinrich (Deceased)20 Aug 189821 Aug 1898Meier, TheodorDRINKPOHL, MariaTIMMERMANN, HeinrichTimmermann, Antonia---
MEIER, Franz Eduard3 May 18745 May 1874Meier, FranklinMILLER, HenriettaDROEGE, GerhardDroege, Sophia---
MEIER, Franz Joseph7 May 19008 May 1900Meier, TheodorDRINKPOHL, MariaHUSTEDDE, FranzBUSSELMANN, Bernardina---
MEIER, Gerhard Heinrich8 Jul 18659 Jul 1865Meier, BernardFOCKS, TheresiaNIEMEIER, Gerhard HeinrichHAAR, Elisabetha---
MEIER, Heinrich Bernard14 Jun 189215 Jun 1892Meier, BernardPEEK, MargaritaHEIMANN, Bernard HeinrichPeek, Maria---
MEIER, Johann Friederich22 Mar 189025 Mar 1890Meier, TheodorDRINGPOHL, MariaMeier, FriederichTIMMERMANN, CatharinaRevalidated marriage at Carlyle, IL 20 Apr 1960
MEIER, Joseph Franz (Deceased)19 Mar 188520 Mar 1885Meier, LudwigKREMPER, MariaRICHTER, WilhelmKLEIER, Elisabetha---
MEIER, Julian (Page folded, first name best guess)6 Feb 189319 Feb 1893Meier, PeterRENSING, CatharinaRensing, Gerhard HeinrichKAULING, Maria Anna---
MEIER, Margarita Henrietta23 May 189423 May 1894Meier, BernardPEEK, MargaritaARCHER, MargaritaCORS, Clemens---
MEIER, Maria Anna Christina6 Mar 18856 Mar 1885Meier, TheodorDRINGPOHL, MariaTIMMERMANN, Anna ChristinaTimmermann, Heinrich---
MEIER, Maria Antonia (Deceased)17 May 188719 May 1887Meier, TheodorDRINGPOHL, MariaTIMMERMANN, Maria AntoniaGERVESMANN, Heinrich---
MEIER, Maria Lulelia23 May 187325 May 1873Meier, FranklinMILLER, HenriettaMeier, JosephinaVORNHOLT, Conrad---
MEIER, Maria Magdalena9 Dec 190612 Dec 1906Meier, Alexander JosephPEEK, RosaSCHALL, JosephPeek, Anna Maria---
MEIER, Maria Wilhelmina8 Apr 18819 Apr 1881Meier, LudwigKREMPE, MariaVORNHOLT, MariaRICHTER, Wilhelm---
MEIER, Rosalia Paulina23 May 189424 May 1894Meier, WendelMERJOHNS, MargaritaTHOELE, RosaThoele, Herman---
MEIER, Wilhelmina Catharina27 Jun 189528 Jun 1895Meier, TheodorDRINKPOHL, MariaHEIDEMANN, WilhelminaBUSSELMANN, Gerhard---
MEINERS, Bernard Heinrich14 Sep 186715 Sep 1867Meiners, BernardOSTERMANN, ElisabethaWILKER, HeinrichSCHULTE, Carolina---
MEIRING, Anna Maria2 Jul 18783 Jul 1878Meiring, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaLENARD, Maria HelenaRENEKE, Martin---
MEIRING, Bernard3 Jul 18724 Jul 1872Meiring, HeinrichRENEKE, AnnaSCHONEFELD, Bernard------
MEIRING, Catharina Bernardina3 Feb 18864 Feb 1886Meiring, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaRENEKE, ElisabethaSchonefeld, Bernard---
MEIRING, Heinrich (Deceased)28 Dec 188029 Dec 1880Meiring, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaSchonefeld, HeinrichLEON, Gertrud---
MEIRING, Maria Elisabetha6 Oct 18747 Oct 1874Meiring, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaSchonefeld, MariaBUERMANN, Friederich---
MEIRING, Maria Elisabetha17 Feb 188319 Feb 1883Meiring, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaHOLTGREVE, ElisabethaHELLMANN, Gerhard Heinrich---
MEIRING, Maria Elisabetha1 Feb 18701 Feb 1870Meiring, Johann HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaHOLTGREVE, Elisabetha------
MEIRINKE, Bernardina Josephina24 Feb 189025 Feb 1890Meirinke, BernardSCHONEFELD, AnnaSchonefeld, BernardinaDONNE, Bernard---
MEIRINKE, Georgia Anna3 Aug 190520 Aug 1905Meirinke, Bernard (Meierinke Napp ?)KLEBER, IdaGOEVERT, JohannKAPP, AnnaNAPP is written before mother's name
MEISNER, August7 Dec 19038 Dec 1903Meisner, AugustRIKHER, ElisabethRikher, ElmaEULBERG, EmmaMarried 27 Jun 1937 to Catharina M. Hagen
MEISNER, Franz Heinrich4 Oct 19065 Oct 1906Meisner, AugustRICKHER, ElisabethRickher, HeinrichPERKS, AmiliaMarried 19 Feb 1935 Waterloo, IL to Elizabeth Krebs; Confirmed 1 May 1921
MEISNER, Maria Henrietta26 Jun 190027 Jun 1900Meisner, GustavRICKHER, ElisabethRickher, MariaPERKS, Johann---
MENSEN, Anna Catharina9 Mar 189710 Mar 1897Mensen, Bernard JosephLUPKES, Maria CatharinaSLEPER, MariaSleper, Herman Heinrich---
MENSEN, Anna Helena (Twin)26 Sep 190126 Sep 1901Mensen, Bernard WUEBKES, AnnaSLEPER, Anna MariaFUNKE, Franz---
MENSEN, Bernard Joseph22 Mar 190023 Mar 1900Mensen, Bernard WUBKES, CatharinaSLEPER, BernardSleper, Catharina born REVERMANNMarried 22 Feb 1927 at St. Boniface Germantown to Henrietta Bruns dau of Bernard Bruns & Maria Krebs; Witnesses: Alphonse Bruns & Anna Mensen
MENSEN, Caecilia Maria8 Dec 19058 Dec 1905Mensen, Bernard WIPKES, CatharinaSCHLEPER, HermanRICHTER, MariaConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
MENSEN, Herman Heinrich (Deceased)26 Apr 189827 Apr 1898Mensen, Bernard JosephWUPKES, Maria CatharinaSLEPER, Bernard HeinrichSWAKE, Louise---
MENSEN, Maria Catharina10 Feb 190410 Feb 1904Mensen, Bernard WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Maria CatharinaSCHLEPER, BernardSchleper, Maria Catharina---
MENSEN, Maria Louisa (Twin)26 Sep 190126 Sep 1901Mensen, Bernard WUEBKES, AnnaZWAKE, BernardZwake, LouisaMarried 28 Apr 1926 to Herman Th Heidel
METZGER, Sophia29 Dec 18612 Apr 1862Metzger, PeterSCHULTHEIS, Maria AnnaFISCHER, Victoria---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MEYER, Adolph30 Oct 186113 Nov 1861Meyer, AntonWICKENMANN, MagdalenaWALTER, Maria ---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MEYER, Anna12 Feb 18609 Apr 1860Meyer, AntonWICKENMANN, MagdalenaWÜRZ (Wuerz), Anna---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MEYER, Anna Maria Theresia (Deceased)13 Jan 186215 Jan 1862Meyer, BernardFUCKES, Anna Maria TheresiaNIEMEYER, TheresiaFuckes, Johann Bernard---
MEYER, Benedict6 Nov 18637 Nov 1863Meyer, BernardFOKS, TheresiaHAAR, BenedictPLUM, Gertrud---
MEYER, Carolina25 May 186726 May 1867Meyer, BernardFOCKES, TheresiaFockes, CarolinaPLUM, Johann---
MEYER, Eduard Joseph 12 Jul 189612 Jul 1896Meyer, BernardPEEK, MargaritaWERTH, HeinrichTHOLE, ElisabethMarried 24 Jun 1930 to Rose Ann Hartlieb at St Thomas Aquinas St Louis; witnesses: Alexander Meyer & Marie Hartlieb
MEYER, Elisabetha25 Oct 186113 Nov 1861Meyer, MathiasBAUER, ElisabethaHABERLE, Elisabetha---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
MEYER, Johann Wilhelm6 Dec 18928 Dec 1892Meyer, TheodorDRINKPOHL, MariaMEIER, WilhelmTIMMERMANN, Maria---
MEYER, Theodor Dominic August7 Feb 19057 Feb 1905Meyer, Bernard KasparPEEK, MargaritaDEBEN, TheodorZehner, Elisabeth---
MIDDEKE, Bernard Victor7 Jan 19007 Jan 1900Middeke, HeinrichRICHTER, CatharinaRichter, Johann BernardBOENHOFF, Elisabeth---
MIDDEKE, Gerhard Heinrich5 Aug 19065 Aug 1906Middeke, AugustRAKES, MariaRakes, HeinrichMiddeke, ClaraConfirmed 1 May 1921
MIDDEKE, Johann Bernard7 Mar 18609 Mar 1860Middeke, BernardLEUVEKAMP, ClaraTAPHORN, GerhardBACKHOLD, Maria Gertrud---
MIDDEKE, Johann Bernard9 Feb 186911 Feb 1869Middeke, BernardLEUVENCAMP, ClaraBUHNE, BernardBuhne, Carolina---
MIDDEKE, Johann Bernard20 Mar 186827 Mar 1868Middeke, BernardLEUVENKAMP, ClaraBÜHNE (Buehne), BernardBUHNE, Carolina---
MIDDEKE, Lisetta29 Mar 186431 Mar 1864Middeke, BernardLEUVENKAMP, ClaraBÜHNE (Buehne), LisettaHINKAMP, Theodor---
MIDDEKE, Margarita14 Feb 186217 Feb 1862Middeke, BernardLEUVENKAMP, ClaraHUMMERT, CatharinaHENKAMP, Heinrich---
MIDDEKE, Maria Theresia (Deceased)12 Aug 190313 Aug 1903Middeke, HeinrichRICHTER, CatharinaMiddeke, BernardRichter, Maria---
MIDDEKE, Wilhelmina Catharina13 Mar 186616 Mar 1866Middeke, BernardLEUVENKAMP, ClaraBUEHNE, CatharinaHINKAMP, Herman---
MILLER, Daniel Bernard5 Feb 18769 Mar 1876Miller, DanielEDMUNDS, CaeciliaHAGEN, Bernard------
MILLER, Edwin Johann (Deceased)4 Oct 19035 Oct 1903Miller, FriederichALBERS, JosephinaMiller, HermanBONENKEMPER, Christina---
MILLER, Johann Conrad11 Jan 186421 Mar 1875Miller, Daniel EDMUNDS, CaeciliaVORNHOLT, Conrad------
MILLER, Johann Franz25 Aug 186821 Mar 1875Miller, Daniel EDMUNDS, CaeciliaFUNKE, Franz------
MILLER, Johann Herman3 Jan 187021 Mar 1875Miller, Daniel EDMUNDS, CaeciliaKRUEP, Herman------
MILLER, Johann Theodor27 Jan 186621 Mar 1875Miller, Daniel EDMUNDS, CaeciliaKLUTHO, Theodor------
MILLER, Maria Belle31 Jan 18745 Apr 1874Miller, Daniel E.EDMUND, CaeciliaMARKS, Theresia------
MILLER, Sophia Clara Catharina22 Dec 190424 Dec 1904Miller, JohannKELLER, WilhelminaGOELLNER, Catharina------
MODRI, Johann Carl9 Jun 189011 Jun 1890Modri, JohannHILLE, MariaHille, JohannBRUENING, Anna---
MODRY, Augusta22 Sep 18586 Mar 1859Modry, MathiasECK, MariaSPECHT, JosephinaLEHN, Ludwig---
MODRY, Franz25 Feb 186110 Mar 1861Modry, MathiasEK, MariaECK, JohannFISCHER, Maria---
MOERTENS, Johann4 Jan 186321 Jan 1863Moertens, HeinrichMERZENICH, MagdalenaSCHMIDT, Magdalena---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
MOLITOR, Rosa Irena3 Apr 19054 Apr 1905Molitor, BonifaceKOHLBRECHER, MariaHEIDEMANN, HeinrichHeidemann, Christina---
MORHINNERS, Franz Eduard (Deceased)19 Sep 186322 Sep 1863Morhinners, TheodorBOEHNE, Maria AnnaMorhinners, FranzWESTERMANN, Maria Anna---
MORPHY, Catharina13 Dec 186226 Dec 1862Morphy, EduardPHILIPS, AnnaPHILIPS, Johann---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
MUELLER, Anna Maria1 Nov 186926 Feb 1870Mueller, JohannREICHERT, MagdalenaREILMANN, Maria Anna---Listed birth date is after Baptism date (Nov 1870) so 1869 year is a guess.
MUELLER, Heinrich6 Sep 186711 Jan 1869Mueller, JohannREISCHED, MagdalenaMueller, Heinrich------
MUELLER, Johann Theodor17 Nov 187319 Nov 1873Mueller, JohannREICHERT, MagdalenaREILMANN, Theodor------
MUELLER, Josephina Catharina15 Apr 190215 Apr 1902Mueller, FriederichALBERS, JosephinaKREKE, GerhardAlbers, Catharina---
MUELLER, Maria Magdalena13 Jan 187216 Jan 1872Mueller, JohannBERSCHEID, MagdalenaLILL, Waldburga------
MUELLER, Thomas Bernard Heinrich31 May 19059 Jun 1905Mueller, HubertREILMANN, MariaReilmann, BernardMueller, FranciscaMarried 29 May 1950 St. Elizabeth Church Robinson, IL to Mrs. Iva Painter
MÜLLER (Mueller), August Joseph13 May 190514 May 1905Mueller, FriederichALBERS, JosephinaKREKE, Gerhard HeinrichAlbers, Maria AnnaConfirmed 27 Jun 1918
MÜLLER (Mueller), Carl August---1 Jan 1863Mueller, BurchhardtHAKEMEYER, AgnesVORNHOLT, Conrad---The child might have been born 1 Jan 1863.
MÜLLER (Mueller), Franz9 Mar 186512 Sep 1865Mueller, JohannBEISCHERT, MagdalenaBeischert, Franz------
MUSENBROCK, August16 Jan 189419 Jan 1894Musenbrock, JosephGEBHARDT, MariaGebhardt, JohannMusenbrock, Emma---
MUSSENBROCK, Bernard Joseph13 Oct 186213 Oct 1862Mussenbrock, Johann BernardTHEVES, GertrudKLOSTERMANN, Johann BernardSCHULTE, Maria---
MUSSENBROCK, Johann Heinrich29 Sep 186430 Sep 1864Mussenbrock, BernardTHEVES, GertrudTheves, HeinrichILSKE, Theodora---
MUSSENBROCK, Joseph Julius24 Dec 189127 Dec 1891Mussenbrock, JosephGEBHARD, MariaGebhard, JosephMussenbrok, Elisabeth---
NADERMAN, Joseph Leo18 Jul 186319 Jul 1863Naderman, JosephASCHERMANN, MariaASTERMANN, Joseph------
NADERMANN, Maria Sophia Louisa2 Jul 18605 Jul 1860Nadermann, JosephASCHEMANN, SophiaAschemann, Maria Anna------
NADERMANN, Otto Alphonse (Deceased)1 May 18623 May 1862Nadermann, JosephASCHEMANN, SophiaNadermann, HeinrichMORHINNERS, Maria Anna---
NADERMANN, Paul Engelbert28 Nov 186530 Nov 1865Nadermann, JosephASCHEMANN, SophiaAschemann, JosephWIEMANN, Elisabetha---
NEBEL, Johann2 Feb 18733 Feb 1873Nebel, JohannHEINRICHS, SophiaKUHN, Johann------
NEDEMEYER, Johann Joseph24 Aug 186025 Aug 1860Nedemeyer, HeinrichWEHLAGEN, ChristinaWehlagen, JosephNedemeyer, Helena---
NEDHAM, Aloys Jacob26 Jun 18985 Dec 1900Nedham, DanielNOMASEL, SerahGOELLNER, FerdinandGoellner, Catharina ---
NEDHAM, Catharina Eleonora7 Jun 18945 Dec 1900Nedham, DanielNOMASEL, SerahGOELLNER, FerdinandGoellner, Catharina ---
NEDHAM, Daniel Heinrich10 Oct 18633 Nov 1900Nedham, MathiasWILLIAMSON, MargaritaBRUENING, Heinrich------
NEEDHAM, Catharina Augusta10 Apr 190311 Apr 1903Needham, DanielNIEMEIER, WilhelminaGOELLNER, CatharinaIMMETHUN, Ludwig---
NETEMEYER, Gerhard14 Feb 186516 Feb 1865Netemeyer, Johann HeinrichWEHLAGE, ChristinaNetemeyer, Heinrich OttoWehlage, Anna Maria---
NETEMEYER, Johann Heinrich4 Jan 18634 Jan 1863Netemeyer, HeinrichWEHLAGE, ChristinaSCHALCAMP, Johann HeinrichWehlage, Maria Catharina---
NEUBIG, Conrad Christian6 Jan 186019 Aug 1860Neubig, ConradHOHE, MagdalenaHohe, ChristianHohe, Elisabeth---
NIEBUHR, Theodor28 Mar 187431 Mar 1874Niebuhr, ClemensALBERS, MariaAlbers, TheodorVERRES, Carolina---
NIEBUR, Agnes Elisabeth27 Jan 189929 Jan 1899Niebur, TheodorFEHLKER, ElisabethFehlker, MariaNiebur, Joseph---
NIEBUR, Alphonse Herman26 Nov 190627 Nov 1906Niebur, TheodorFEHLKER, ElisabethFehlker, HermanNiebur, MariaMarried 23 Jun 1937 Rock Church St. Louis, MO to W. Anna Hoostdaniel (?). Confirmed 1 May 1921.
NIEBUR, Anna Maria30 Oct 189630 Oct 1896Niebur, TheodorHUELSMANN, AnnaNiebur, TheodorHUELSMANN, Margarita---
NIEBUR, Anton August26 Jan 187727 Jan 1877Niebur, ClemensALBERS, MariaSCHUERMANN, HeinrichSchuermann, Elisabetha---
NIEBUR, Anton Bernard10 Apr 190311 Apr 1903Niebur, ChristianDIEKER, ElisabethRICHTER, BernardDieker, Ida---
NIEBUR, August Clemens27 Dec 190228 Dec 1902Niebur, TheodorFOELKER, ElisabethaNiebur, ClemensKREBS, Anna---
NIEBUR, Bernard Eduard8 Nov 19028 Nov 1902Niebur, JosephHUELSMANN, AnnaHuelsmann, BernardNiebur, Maria---
NIEBUR, Bernard Heinrich (Deceased)1 Feb 18972 Feb 1897Niebur, ChristianDIEKER, ElisabethDieker, Bernard HeinrichRICHTER, Maria---
NIEBUR, Christian24 Jan 187326 Jan 1873Niebur, ErnestLENARD, Anna MariaLenard, ChristianKORTE, Ann---
NIEBUR, Elisabetha Catharina26 Aug 187927 Aug 1879Niebur, ClemensALBERS, MariaAlbers, CatharinaNiebur, Johann---
NIEBUR, Friederich Joseph7 Oct 18997 Oct 1899Niebur, JosephHUELSMANN, AnnaNiebur, ClemensHuelsmann, Machtilde---
NIEBUR, Georg H.1 Feb 19051 Feb 1905Niebur, ChristianDIEKER, ElisabethDieker, HenrySCHLÜTER (Schlueter), AnnaMarried Dec 192_ (page torn; Baptism date is a guess)
NIEBUR, Gregory August12 Oct 186213 Oct 1862Niebur, ErnestLENARD, Anna MariaLenard, GregoryNADERMANN, Sophia---
NIEBUR, Herman Joseph25 Oct 187126 Oct 1871Niebur, ClemensALBERS, MariaNiebur, Herman JosephDIERKES, Agnes---
NIEBUR, Maria Angela (Deceased)20 Dec 186822 Dec 1868Niebur, ClemensALBERS, MariaTIMMERMANN, Maria AnnaTimmermann, Herman---
NIEBUR, Regina Maria14 Sep 190115 Sep 1901Niebur, ChristianDIEKER, ElisabethRICHTER, MariaDieker, LudwigMarried 14 Sep 1927 to Franz Eschmann; Witnesses: George Niebur & Elisabeth Eschmann
NIEDHAM, Joseph Wilhelm18 Jan 189325 May 1901Niedham, DanielNORMANSELL, SaraKREBS, FerdinandBRUENING, Anna---
NIEHAUS, Bernardina Anna26 Feb 18672 Mar 1867Niehaus, Herman HeinrichROTERING, Ephemia Anna Rotering, BernardinaKETLER, Franz---
NIEHAUS, Catharina Rosa10 Apr 188813 Apr 1888Niehaus, HermanAKA, ElisabethPILLE, CatharinaPille, Herman---
NIEHAUS, Elisabeth Maria16 Apr 188322 Apr 1883Niehaus, HermanAKA, ElisabethPILLE, Maria GertrudTIMMERMANN, Wilhelm---
NIEHAUS, Maria Philippina29 Aug 188530 Aug 1885Niehaus, HermanAKA, ElisabethEWALD, PhilippinaHUELSCAMP, Gerhard---
NIEMANN, Aloys Heinrich22 Mar 189823 Mar 1898Niemann, Johann HermanMAUE, Anna MariaCOARS, Ferdinand ClemensKUETER, Maria---
NIEMANN, Anna Catharina (Deceased)1 Feb 18902 Feb 1890Niemann, JosephSCHROEER, Maria AngelaSchroeer, TheresiaSchroeer, Anton---
NIEMANN, Anna Margarita8 May 18868 May 1886Niemann, HermanMAUE, Anna GesinaMaue, Anna MargaritaMUELLER, Johann Friederich---
NIEMANN, Anna Maria29 Mar 188730 Mar 1887Niemann, JosephSCHROEER, AnnaSCHWIERJOHN, AnnaBOKEL, Johann---
NIEMANN, Catharina Josephina28 Jun 189228 Jun 1892Niemann, JosephSCHRÖER (Schroeer), Maria AnnaSCHWIERJOHN, FranzGOELLNER, Catharina---
NIEMANN, Clemens August26 Apr 189027 Apr 1890Niemann, HermanMAUE, AnnaMaue, ClemensCOARS, Elisabeth---
NIEMANN, Elisabetha16 Oct 186717 Oct 1867Niemann, ChristianWITTMERS, MariaTRAENER, ElisabethaWittmer, Franz---
NIEMANN, Elisabetha Francisca (Deceased)20 May 189520 May 1895Niemann, HermanMAUE, Anna COEERS, ElisabethCOERS, Johann---
NIEMANN, Franz Bernard28 Apr 188329 Apr 1883Niemann, JosephSCHROER, AnnaSchroer, Bernard Fr.MAUE, Catharina Maria---
NIEMANN, Johann Herman22 Feb 188823 Feb 1888Niemann, HermanMAUE, Anna COARS, ClemensMaue, Carolina---
NIEMANN, Joseph28 Jan 187329 Jan 1873Niemann, JosephSCHROER, Anna MariaNiemann, JosephSCHWIERJOHN, ElisabethaVon Bokel is written below mother's maiden name. It could belong to next entry.
NIEMANN, Maria Anna (Deceased)7 Feb 18708 Feb 1870Niemann, JosephSCHROER, AnnaSchroer, Anna MariaBECKERMANN, Gerhard---
NIEMANN, Maria Caecilia16 Jan 189317 Jan 1893Niemann, HermanMAUE, Anna JosephinaCOHRS, ClemensWESSELS, Maria---
NIEMANN, Maria Elisabetha (Deceased)19 Feb 187620 Feb 1876Niemann, JosephSCHROER, AnnaSCHWIERJOHN, Maria ElisabethaBECKERMANN, Johann Herman---
NIEMANN, Maria Theresia29 Mar 187930 Mar 1879Niemann, JosephSCHROER, AnnaNiemann, MariaSCHWIERJOHANN, Franz---
NIEMEIER, Alvin Joseph15 Apr 190615 Apr 1906Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, AnnaSCHULTE, JosephALTEPETER, RosaConfirmed 1 May 1921
NIEMEIER, Anna Maria7 Feb 18898 Feb 1889Niemeier, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), AnnaBUHNE, CarolinaBuhne, Nepomuck---
NIEMEIER, August Aloys15 May 189315 May 1893Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, AnnaLAGER, AugustRICKE, Elisabeth---
NIEMEIER, Bernard Anton15 Oct 189515 Oct 1895Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, AnnaPetermeier, BernardPetermeier, Elisabeth---
NIEMEIER, Carl Anton21 Dec 188822 Dec 1888Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, ElisabethaNiemeier, CarlPetermeier, Elisabeth---
NIEMEIER, Catharina Carolina30 Jul 19031 Aug 1903Niemeier, OttoBUHNE, CatharinaVON BOCKEL, JohannVon Bockel, Maria Angela---
NIEMEIER, Franz Joseph2 Jun 18973 Jun 1897Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, MariaRICKE, FranzPetermeier, Elisabeth---
NIEMEIER, Friederica Josephina Catharina19 Mar 189321 Mar 1893Niemeier, OttoBUHNE, CatharinaNiemeier, FriederichVON BOKEL, Bernard---
NIEMEIER, Herman Friederich (Deceased)8 Jan 188510 Jan 1885Niemeier, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaNiemeier, FriederichBuehne, Carolina---
NIEMEIER, Johanna Elisabeth18 Jan 189119 Jan 1891Niemeier, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaHOLTHAUS, ElisabethVONBOKEL, Johanna---
NIEMEIER, Joseph Alvin5 Feb 19005 Feb 1900Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, AnnaPetermeier, JosephNiemeier, Wilhelmina---
NIEMEIER, Joseph Anton16 Aug 189017 Aug 1890Niemeier, CarlBÜHNE (Buehne), WilhelminaNiemeier, AntonBuehne, Adelheid---
NIEMEIER, Joseph Bernard1 Nov 18982 Nov 1898Niemeier, OttoBUHNE, CatharinaVON BOCKEL, BernardALBERDING, Elisabeth---
NIEMEIER, Maria Elisabeth2 Feb 18913 Feb 1891Niemeier, AntonPETERMEIER, AnnaLAGER, MariaHAGEN, Theodor---
NIEMEIER, Otto (Deceased)16 Aug 189718 Aug 1897Niemeier, OttoBUHNE, CatharinaBARTH, JohannBarth, Maria---
NIEMEIER, Theodor Heinrich12 Apr 189513 Apr 1895Niemeier, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaNiemeier, TheodorBARTH, Margarita---
NIEMEIR, Maria Catharina (Deceased)23 Jul 186024 Jul 1860Niemeir, Gerhard HeinrichHAAR, Maria TheresiaAPKE, Maria GesinaFOCKES, Bernard---
NIEMEYER, Anton3 Oct 18636 Oct 1863Niemeyer, GerhardHAAR, TheresiaNiemeyer, AntonMEYER, Maria Theresia---
NIGGEMANN, Joseph4 Jul 186911 Jul 1869Niggemann, ChristianWITTMER, Anna MariaSTARK, JosephMARKS, Catharina---
NÖLLE (Noelle), Franz Xavier27 Nov 18602 Dec 1860Noelle, FranzSCHUMACHER, ElisabethaSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), GustavMARA, Theresia---
NORDMANN, Anna Wilhelmina7 Oct 18998 Oct 1899Nordmann, JohannHUELSMANN, Anna MariaNordmann, FranzHuelsmann, Wilhelmina---
NORDMANN, Ferdinand Heinrich6 Apr 19048 Apr 1904Nordmann, FranzFOPPE, EmmaNordmann, FerdinandFoppe, MargaritaMarried 6 Sep 1933 Aviston, IL to Anna Ratermann; Witnesses: Joseph Nordmann & Clara Ratermann
NORDMANN, Ferdinand Joseph30 Oct 187431 Oct 1874Nordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaGOELLNER, FerdinandGOELLNER, Machtilde---
NORDMANN, Franz28 May 187830 May 1878Nordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaILGES, Franz------
NORDMANN, Franz Ferdinand10 Feb 189710 Feb 1897Nordmann, JohannHUELSMANN, AnnaNordmann, FerdinandHuelsmann, Catharina---
NORDMANN, Gerhard Anton6 Jan 19067 Jan 1906Nordmann, FranzFOPPE, Emma GertrudOHLMEIER, GerhardNordmann, FranciscaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
NORDMANN, Johann Ferdinand (Deceased)25 Apr 187228 Apr 1872Nordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaNordmann, FerdinandSTORM, Anna Maria---
NORDMANN, Johann Franz1 Nov 19023 Nov 1902Nordmann, FranzFOPPE, EmmaNordmann, JohannFoppe, Maria---
NORDMANN, Maria Agnes22 Nov 186824 Nov 1868Nordmann, BernardBOHNENKAMPER, Anna MariaMEYER, Maria AgnesRUHTER, Wilhelm---
NORDMANN, Maria Josephina3 Apr 18856 Apr 1885Nordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaWEHLAGE, JosephHAGEN, Josephina---
NORDMANN, Rosa Elisabetha12 May 190512 May 1905Nordmann, JohannHUELSMANN, AnnaNordmann, JosephREILMANN, ElisabethConfirmed 1 May 1921
OEMERICH, Catherina Wilhelmina9 Feb 186616 Feb 1866Oemerich, CarlKOENIG, AntonettaBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaMARKS, Franz---
OFFER, Maria Elisabeth27 Oct 188328 Oct 1883Offer, ChristianDANDERWILL, CatharinaDanderwill, MariaGERDES, Heinrich---
OSTERMANN, Anna Catharina13 Feb 187314 Feb 1873Ostermann, TheodorBEINING, GesinaFUHLER, Elisabetha written over BlisabethaOstermann, Bernard---
OSTERMANN, Catharina 22 Apr 187523 Apr 1875Ostermann, BernardGRASS, ElisabethaOFERBECKE, CatharinaROBERG, Joseph---
OSTERMANN, Catharina Anna7 Mar 186210 Mar 1862Ostermann, JosephHEITMANN, CatharinaHeitmann, ElisabethaMORHINNERS, Franz---
OSTERMANN, Helena Maria Catharina17 Sep 186821 Sep 1868Ostermann, JosephHEITMANN, CatharinaROBERG, CatharinaBRUENING, Conrad---
OSTERMANN, Johann Heinrich (Deceased)1 Mar 18643 Mar 1864Ostermann, JosephHEITMANN, Anna CatharinaFÖCKE (Foecke), Johann HeinrichMORHINNERS, Anna ---
OSTERMANN, Johann Joseph12 Feb 187215 Feb 1872Ostermann, TheodorBEINING, GesinaOstermann, JosephROBERG, Anna Catharina---
OSTERMANN, Joseph (Deceased)28 Feb 18814 Mar 1881Ostermann, BernardGRAS, ElisabethaROBERG, JosephGras, Elisabeth---
OSTERMANN, Lisetta (Deceased)20 Oct 186023 Oct 1860Ostermann, JosephHEITMANN, CatharinaLÜPKE (Luepke), HeinrichHeitmann, Agnes---
OSTERMANN, Theodor (Deceased)1 Apr 18783 Apr 1878Ostermann, BernardGRASS, ElisabethaOVERBECK, TheodorSCHROEDER, Lisetta---
OTKE, Gerhard Heinrich15 Apr 189515 Apr 1895Otke, CasimirRICHTER, AnnaOtke, Gerhard HeinrichLAMPE, Maria---
OTKE, Gerhard Heinrich Casimir4 Mar 18617 Mar 1861Otke, HeinrichDETMER, MariaOtke, GerhardMOHINNERS, Maria Anna---
OTKE, Johann Wilhelm18 Jan 190019 Jan 1900Otke, CasimirRICHTER, Maria AnnaRichter, HeinrichVOSS, Anna Elisabeth---
OTKE, Maria Bernardina21 Jul 186222 Jul 1862Otke, HeinrichWEBER, BernardinaOtke, MariaHOCKLENBERG, Johann Herman---
OTKE, Maria Catharina17 Aug 186519 Aug 1865Otke, HeinrichDETMER, Maria GesinaMORHINNERS, FranzKRUEP, Maria Catharina---
OTKE, Maria Elisabeth24 Aug 188824 Aug 1888Otke, CasimirHAAR, MargaritaPILLE, HeinrichOtke, Maria Catharina---
OTKE, Rosa Louisa17 Nov 188917 Nov 1889Otke, CasimirHAAR, MargaretaSWAKE, LouisaVOSS, Herman---
OTKE, Theodor Gerhard27 Dec 190228 Dec 1902Otke, CasimirRICHTER, AnnaRichter, Gerhard HeinrichMEIER, Adelheid---
OTTENSMEYER, Heinrich12 Jun 186312 Jun 1863Ottensmeyer, FranzHODDINGHAUS, Anna MariaHÖDDINGHAUS (Hoeddinghaus), HeinrichALTPETER, Catharina---
OWENS, Anton4 Dec 189628 Oct 1900Owens, JohannDEIEN, AnnaDUMBECK, AntonJANSSEN, Margarita---
OWENS, Elisabeth Bernardina7 Aug 19019 Aug 1901Owens, JohannDEIEN, AnnaDeien, BernardDeien, Elisabeth---
OWENS, Johann28 Oct 190028 Oct 1900Owens, JohannDEIEN, AnnaDUMBECK, AntonJANSSEN, Margarita---
PAGE, Thomas26 Apr 18902 May 1890Page, FriederichBONN, HelenaBonn, JohnFUNKE, Catharina---
PATER, Fanny26 Feb 187318 Jul 1873Pater, IgnatzWEISS, MariaMARKS, Theresia------
PAUER, Adolph26 Jan 185914 Mar 1859Pauer, JohannFEDE, AnnaADELHARD, Johann------
PAUER, Johann25 Sep 185814 Mar 1859Pauer, JohannADELHARD, CunigundePauer, Johann------
PEEK, Anna Helena7 Oct 18688 Oct 1868Peek, GerhardSTROOT, AnnaStroot, Helena AngelaPeek, Theodor---
PEEK, Anna Maria Carolina4 Jun 18766 Jun 1876Peek, Johann GerhardSTROTH, JoannaKOPPE, CatharinaPeek, August---
PEEK, Anton Gerhard7 Oct 18848 Oct 1884Peek, GeorgSTROHT, AnnaStroht, AntonHAGEN, Josephina---
PEEK, Carolina Theresia21 Mar 187422 Mar 1874Peek, GeorgSTROHT, Maria AnnaKNUEVE, AnnaStroht, Heinrich---
PEEK, Catharina Rosalia Agnes11 May 188012 May 1880Peek, GerhardSTROHT, Maria AnnaKOENNEN, AnnaIMMETHUN, Gerhard---
PEEK, Gerhard Heinrich12 Apr 188214 Apr 1882Peek, GerhardSTROHT, Maria AnnaStroht, HeinrichSOMMERS, Maria---
PEEK, Margarita Elisabetha13 Dec 187715 Dec 1877Peek, GeorgSTROHT, AnnaARTCHER, MargaritaStroht, Heinrich---
PEEK, Margarita Johanna8 Nov 18659 Nov 1865Peek, TheodorARCHERS, MariaArchers, MargaritaPeek, Georg---
PEEK, Maria Bernardina25 Mar 187027 Mar 1870Peek, GeorgSTROOT, Maria AnnaPeek, MariaStroot, Bernard---
PELM, Carl Anton9 Jul 18632 Aug 1863Pelm, CasparPATER, TeklaTOMBEK, Anton------
PELTISS, Herman Heinrich9 Oct 186211 Oct 1862Peltiss, Gerhard HeinrichCOTTE, Susanna AdelheidPETERS, Johann HermanGROENE, Maria---
PERK, Johann23 Dec 189924 Dec 1899Perk, JohannNIVEL, Not listedRICKHER, Carl------
PERK, Myrthel Elisabeth10 Mar 188430 Oct 1905Perk, JacobBOGGS, JaneKORIANA, Sue ?---Adult Baptism
PERKES, Franz Carl9 Mar 189813 Mar 1898Perkes, JohannRICKHER, AmiliaRickher, CarlRickher, Maria---
PERKS, Carl Johann 4 Mar 19025 Mar 1902Perks, JohannRICKHER, EmiliaEULBERG, CarlMEISNER, Elisabeth---
PERKS, Emma Lucy4 Feb 19005 Feb 1900Perks, JohannRICKHER, EmiliaDIEKER, HeinrichRickher, Emma---
PETER, Michael10 May 186019 Jun 1860Peter, GeorgeAMBS, BarbaraWARD, MichaelHOLLAS, AnnaThis Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
PETER, Theodor Heinrich1 Dec 186129 Jan 1862Peter, GeorgeAMS, BarbaraFISCHER, Conrad---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
PETERMANN, Bernard Joseph15 Oct 186616 Oct 1866Petermann, Bernard JosephHEITMANN, CatharinaALBERS, Bernard HeinrichLÜPKE (Luepke), Angela---
PETERMEIER, Andreas Alvin17 Apr 189918 Apr 1899Petermeier, JosephKREITER, CarolinaKreiter, AndreasLAKENBURGER, Bernardina---
PETERMEIER, Anna Rosa24 Sep 190624 Sep 1906Petermeier, JosephPETERMEIER, CarolinaPetermeier, RobertKREITER, AnnaMarried 29 Nov (no year listed) to Johann Peters. Confirmed 1 May 1921.
PETERMEIER, August Joseph30 Dec 190530 Dec 1905Petermeier, JosephKLUTHO, ElisabethKlutho, AugustPetermeier, ElisabethMarried 26 Sep 1928 to Louisa Bruegge; Witnesses: Joseph & Maria Bruegge; Louisa died 21 Dec 1931; Married Leonora Pollmann on 15 Jun 1937 at Beaver Prairie, IL
PETERMEIER, Bernard2 Sep 18746 Sep 1874Petermeier, JodocusCLEMENT, ElisabethaSCHONEFELD, BernardRICHTER, Anna---
PETERMEIER, Christina Adelheid9 Feb 19029 Feb 1902Petermeier, JosephSTRAITER, CarolinaDEIEN, BernardSTREITER, Christina---
PETERMEIER, Christina Caecilia9 Oct 189610 Oct 1896Petermeier, JosephKREITER, CarolinaKreiter, ChristinaPETERMEYER, Georg---
PETERMEIER, Johann Joseph5 Jul 18806 Jul 1880Petermeier, JodocusCLEMENT, ElisabethaGEBHARDT, JohannBECKMANN, Anna---
PETERMEIER, Joseph23 Dec 187124 Dec 1871Petermeier, GeorgHINKAMP, BernardinaPETERMEYER, JosephREILMANN, Maria---
PETERMEIER, Maria Rosa12 Oct 190413 Oct 1904Petermeier, JosephKREITER, CarolinaKreiter, FranzKreiter, Maria---
PETERMEIER, Maria Rosa DeLima30 Aug 18772 Sep 1877Petermeier, JodocusCLEMENT, ElisabethaMEIERING, ElisabethaLUNKENBERG, Maria Theresia---
PETERMEYER, Anna Maria15 Mar 186416 Mar 1864Petermeyer, JodocusCLEMENS, ElisabethaClemens, Anna MariaSCHONEFELD, Bernard---
PETERMEYER, Anna Maria5 Jan 18627 Jan 1862Petermeyer, JosephCLEMENS, ElisabethaPetermeyer, Maria------
PETERMEYER, Catharina Elisabetha18 Nov 186921 Nov 1869Petermeyer, JodocusCLEMENT, ElisabethaRICHTER, HeinrichBOENHOFF, Catharina---
PETERMEYER, Catharina Theresia21 Oct 186622 Oct 1866Petermeyer, JosephCLEMENT, ElisabethSCHONEFELD, MariaLUNKENHEIMER, Wilhelm---
PETERMEYER, Conrad Joseph5 Oct 18716 Oct 1871Petermeyer, Georg JosephCLEMENT, ElisabethaClement, Conrad JosephSCHONEFELD, Maria---
PETERMEYER, Johann Georg15 Feb 186816 Feb 1868Petermeyer, Joseph CLEMENT, Anna ElisabethaPetermeyer, Johann GeorgGEBHARD, Theresia---
PETERS, Anna Catharina24 Jun 186425 Jun 1864Peters, Johann HermanKEITER, Anna TeklaSCHÄFERLING (Schaeferling), HelenaBORGMEYER, Anton---
PETERS, Catharina Elisabeth21 Feb 190622 Feb 1906Peters, Johann HeinrichHECKMANN, RosaliaPeters, GerhardKREKE, Elisabeth---
PETERS, Heinrich Herman29 Sep 19061 Oct 1906Peters, Johann BROCKLING, JosephinaPeters, HeinrichBrockling, Anna Maria ?Confirmed 6 Nov 1919
PETERS, Heinrich Herman8 Jul 186110 Jul 1861Peters, Johann HermanKEITER, Anna TeklaSCHAFERLING, HermanKeiter, Margarita---
PILLE, Bernard Gerhard20 Mar 189822 Mar 1898Pille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaHaar, HeinrichHaar, Catharina---
PILLE, Catharina Wilhelmina17 Jul 189517 Jul 1895Pille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaHaar, CatharinaLAGER, Carl Ludwig---
PILLE, Elisabeth Bernardina10 Mar 188612 Mar 1886Pille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaHaar, ElisabethaHAGEN, Bernard---
PILLE, Herman Heinrich9 Dec 18839 Dec 1883Pille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaPille, HermanWIENKEN, Louisa---
PILLE, Maria Catharina10 Mar 188910 Mar 1889Pille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaPille, Maria GertrudSCHWAKE, Bernard---
PILLE, Rosa Louisa (Deceased)14 Aug 189315 Aug 1893Pille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaHaar, LouisaHaar, Heinrich---
PLUM, Anna Elisabetha7 Apr 18617 Apr 1861Plum, JohannSCHULTE, GertrudKOTTE, ElisabethaMEYER, Bernard---
PLUM, Catharina Gertrud3 Jun 18996 Jun 1899Plum, TheodorHEMMELGARTEN, Helena MariaVON DER PLUYM, CatharinaMAUE, Johann---
PLUM, Georg Johann10 Nov 189212 Nov 1892Plum, LudwigSCHWARZ, CatharinaSchwarz, GeorgWITZORCK, Elisabeth---
PLUM, Johann Ludwig15 Oct 189017 Oct 1890Plum, LudwigSCHWARZ, CatharinaPlum, JohannSchwarz, Christina---
PLUM, Ludwig Bernard4 Feb 18635 Feb 1863Plum, JohannSCHULTE, GertrudSPECKMANN, LudwigMEYER, Maria Theresia---
PLUM, Maria Regina4 Mar 18594 Mar 1859Plum, JohannSCHULTE, GertrudREBE, MargarethaVON BACHER (?), Lambert---
POEHLING, Anna Maria31 Mar 18861 Apr 1886Poehling, HermanWENDELER, ElisabethFOPPE, MariaFELTRUP, Gerhard---
POELING, Anna Maria Elisabeth8 Mar 188410 Mar 1884Poeling, HermanWENDEL, ElisabethaWILLIES, Maria TeklaALBERS, Bernard---
POELING, Herman Bernard15 Mar 188016 Mar 1880Poeling, Johann HermanWENDEL, Maria ElisabethaLAMMERS, BernardREILMANN, Gertrud---
POELING, Herman Heinrich19 Feb 188222 Feb 1882Poeling, HermanMORMANN, ElisabethFOPPE, HeinrichNIEMEIER, Elisabeth---
POELKER, Anna Bernardina22 Feb 189623 Feb 1896Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, CatharinaWILKE, AnnaDEIEN, Bernard---
POELKER, Catharina29 Jan 189830 Jan 1898Poelker, WilhelmJANSSEN, CatharinaDEIEN, MariaJanssen, Johann---
POELKER, Catharina Josephina3 Feb 19015 Feb 1901Poelker, BernardSCHEVELING, MariaScheveling, CatharinaScheveling, Joseph---
POELKER, Christina Gertrud17 Mar 189419 Mar 1894Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, CatharinaSTEIN, ChristinaWILKEN, Heinrich---
POELKER, Johann Conrad (Leo) a.k.a. Leo John BOLK28 Mar 19061 Apr 1906Poelker, HeinrichMACKE, ChristinaBOLK, Johann (Henry Bolk)Bolk, GesinaMarried 30 Jan 1929 to Bertha Hollmann; Witnesses: Johann Schulte & ? Hollmann. Confirmed 6 Nov 1919.
POHLMANN, Anton Johann (Deceased)15 Nov 188017 Nov 1880Pohlmann, Johann HeinrichALBERS, Christina Pohlmann, Johann HermanOTKE, Maria Catharina---
POHLMANN, Johann Heinrich11 Oct 189812 Oct 1898Pohlmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaritaReilmann, Johann HeinrichSCHULTE, Agnes---
POHLMANN, Maria Anna3 Mar 18785 Mar 1878Pohlmann, HermanSOMMERS, Maria CatharinaHOMANN, Anna Maria------
POHLMANN, Rosa Anna2 Mar 18943 Mar 1894Pohlmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaritaPohlmann, ChristinaSCHULTE, Frederic---
POHLMANN, Rosa Anna12 Aug 190513 Aug 1905Pohlmann, HermanKERKEMEIER, MariaSCHULTE, JohannNETEMEIER, Anna---
PÖLKER (Poelker), Josephina1 Sep 18674 Sep 1867Poelker, HeinrichSCHRADER, SophiaWILKE, Josephina------
POLLMANN, Anna Catharina29 Apr 187229 Apr 1872Pollmann, HermanSOMMER, Maria CatharinaSommer, Gerhard HermanPollmann, Margarita---
POLLMANN, Anna Friderica13 Oct 187014 Oct 1870Pollmann, BernardRUCKHOFF, Anna MariaPollmann, Anna MariaSCHONHOFF, Bernard---
POLLMANN, Anna Maria Helena24 Sep 186825 Sep 1868Pollmann, HermanSOMMERS, Maria CatharinaSommers, Maria HelenaPollmann, Bernard---
POLLMANN, Anton Johann (Twin)6 Jul 18917 Jul 1891Pollmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaritaPollmann, JohannHEER, Elisabeth---
POLLMANN, Bernard Heinrich29 Dec 187530 Dec 1875Pollmann, BernardRUCKHOFF, Anna MariaRICHTER, HeinrichRuckhoff, Maria---
POLLMANN, Bernard Herman21 Jan 187423 Jan 1874Pollmann, Johann HeinrichFASTABEND, Helena AdelheidPollmann, Bernard Herman------
POLLMANN, Carolina Wilhelmina1 May 18783 May 1878Pollmann, BernardRICKHOFF, Anna MariaLOKHORN, Carolina------
POLLMANN, Elisabeth Gertrud1 Mar 18963 Mar 1896Pollmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaritaSCHWAKE, BernardKORTE, Maria Elisabeth---
POLLMANN, Euphemia Maria21 Oct 186117 Nov 1861Pollmann, Bernard HermanWEDUWEN, Anna MariaHONTMANN, Maria------
POLLMANN, Herman Anton17 Jan 187418 Jan 1874Pollmann, BernardRUKHOFF, Anna MariaPollmann, HermanLOKHORN, Carolina---
POLLMANN, Herman Friederich (Twin)6 Jul 18917 Jul 1891Pollmann, HeinrichREILMANN, MargaritaReilmann, Herman HeinrichHAAR, Elisabeth---
POLLMANN, Johann Bernard17 May 187219 May 1872Pollmann, Bernard HeinrichBOLLMANN, MargaritaPollmann, Johann HeinrichBollmann, Elisabeth---
POLLMANN, Johann Heinrich17 Nov 186718 Nov 1867Pollmann, Johann HeinrichFASTABEND, HelenaPollmann, Bernard HeinrichKLOS, Anna Maria---
POLLMANN, Johann Heinrich19 Jun 187520 Jun 1875Pollmann, Johann HermanHEINE, TheresiaPollmann, Johann HeinrichOTKE, Maria Catharina---
POLLMANN, Johann Herman5 Oct 18766 Oct 1876Pollmann, Johann HeinrichSAVAGE, FridricaSANDEL, Johann HermanWESTER, Maria Adelheid---
POLLMANN, Margarita Adelheid13 Jun 187214 Jun 1872Pollmann, BernardRUKHOFF, Anna MariaRUCKHOFF, Margarita AdelheidLOCKHORN, Bernard---
POLLMANN, Maria Adelheid6 Oct 18697 Oct 1869Pollmann, HermanSOMMER, Maria CatharinaRICHTER, Margarita AdelheidSommer, Johann Bernard---
POLLMANN, Maria Elisabetha8 Jul 18789 Jul 1878Pollmann, Johann HeinrichSCHWAKE, Maria FredericaPollmann, Maria TheresiaSchwake, Bernard---
POLLMANN, Maria Helena30 Jan 18751 Feb 1875Pollmann, HermanSOMMER, CatharinaSommer, Johann GerhardKRAMER, Maria Gesina---
POLLMANN, Maria Helena20 Jan 186920 Jan 1869Pollmann, Johann HeinrichFASTABEND, Maria Helena AdelheidOTKE, Maria Catharina------
POLMANN, Margaritha Anna19 Sep 186221 Sep 1862Polmann, Bernard HermanWEDEWE, Anna MariaCRAMER, Anna MargarethaPolmann, Johann Bernard---
PORTSTEPHAN, Anna Maria Theresia3 Sep 186411 Sep 1864Portstephan, FranzMARTINS, Anna MariaMARKS, TheresiaGROGMANN, Heinrich---
POTHMANN, Anna Josephina17 Jul 189418 Jul 1894Pothmann, JosephGOEVERT, MariaGoevert, Johann HeinrichGoevert, JosephinaChild was illegitimate
PREISNER, Regina Louisa12 Apr 186714 Apr 1867Preisner, FerdinandHAVERCAMP, ElisabethaPreisner, LudwigSCHARFENBERGER, Regina---
PREISSNER, Anna Maria16 Aug 186817 Aug 1868Preissner, FerdinandHAVERKAM ElisabethaDUMSTOFF, AnnaSCHARFENBERGER, no first name listed---
RALL, Sophia28 Nov 1861Jul 1862Rall, JacobSCHWENDING, MariaZOLK, Rosa---Renewed ceremony by Pastor Reineke; Rev Limmacher mentioned.
RAMING, Catharina (Deceased)15 Sep 188216 Sep 1882Raming, ClemensTEPPE, CatharinaHUSTEDDE, FranzTIMMERMANN, Antonia---
RATERMANN, Anna Christina16 Jul 187220 Jul 1872Ratermann, Wilhelm SALER, ChristinaSHEER, Anna MariaRatermann, Bernard---
RATERMANN, Anton Wilhelm16 Jan 190417 Jan 1904Ratermann, AugustROSEN, HelenaRatermann, WilhelmRosen, Christina---
RATERMANN, August Clemens24 Jan 190626 Jan 1906Ratermann, AugustROSEN, CarolinaRosen, ClemensHOHMANN, AnnaConfirmed 1 May 1921
RATERMANN, Bernard August19 Jun 186920 Jun 1869Ratermann, Wilhelm SALER, ChristinaSCHEHER, Johann BernardRatermann, Catharina---
RATERMANN, Bernard Heinrich29 Jan 186730 Jan 1867Ratermann, Wilhelm SALLER, ChristinaWOLTERING, Bernard HeinrichDRUMME, Helena Maria Theresia---
RATERMANN, Bernard Martin12 Dec 189413 Dec 1894Ratermann, HeinrichHUGGENBERG, BernardinaHuggenberg, BernardRatermann, Anna Catharina---
RATERMANN, Bernard Martin10 Nov 188411 Nov 1884Ratermann, Wilhelm RICHTER, Anna Ratermann, BernardKAMPWERTH, Maria---
RATERMANN, Catharina13 Aug 189013 Aug 1890Ratermann, BernardSCHNITKER, Anna Schnitker, CatharinaRatermann, Heinrich---
RATERMANN, Christina Wilhelmina (Deceased)16 Dec 190417 Dec 1904Ratermann, JohannROSEN, ElisabethRatermann, W.Rosen, Christina---
RATERMANN, Ferdinand Heinrich28 May 189529 May 1895Ratermann, Wilhelm RICHTER, AnnaRichter, HeinrichRatermann, Bernardina---
RATERMANN, Georg Wilhelm23 Apr 188024 Apr 1880Ratermann, BernardSCHNITKER, AnnaRatermann, WilhelmRatermann, Christina---
RATERMANN, Gertrud Wilhelmina13 May 190413 May 1904Ratermann, FriederichBRANDT, MariaBrandt, GertrudRatermann, Wilhelm---
RATERMANN, Heinrich Silvester30 Dec 188731 Dec 1887Ratermann, Wilhelm RICHTER, Anna Ratermann, HeinrichRichter, Anna---
RATERMANN, Herman Friederich7 Apr 18807 Apr 1880Ratermann, Wilhelm RICHTER, Anna Ratermann, FriederichRichter, Adelheid---
RATERMANN, Johann Benedict26 Aug 186428 Aug 1864Ratermann, Wilhelm SALLER, ChristinaLAGER, JohannRatermann, Elisabetha---
RATERMANN, Johann Gerhard14 Aug 188215 Aug 1882Ratermann, Wilhelm RICHTER, Anna Richter, GerhardRatermann, Elisabeth---
RATERMANN, Joseph Friederich25 Oct 189925 Oct 1899Ratermann, HeinrichHUGGENBERG, BernardinaRatermann, BernardHuggenberg, Catharina---
RATERMANN, Maria Anna (Deceased)20 Jan 186122 Jan 1861Ratermann, Wilhelm SALER, ChristinaLAGER, Maria AnnaOFERBECK, Theodor---
RATERMANN, Maria Bernardina10 Jun 190410 Jun 1904Ratermann, FriederichVOSS, TheresiaVoss, MariaRatermann, Bernard---
RATERMANN, Maria Catharina27 Oct 186128 Oct 1861Ratermann, FrederichWOESTEN, ElisabethaLAGER, CatharinaRICHTER, Clemens---
RATERMANN, Maria Elisabeth9 Jul 18889 Jul 1888Ratermann, BernardSCHNITKER, Anna CatharinaRatermann, ElisabethSchnitker, Heinrich---
RATERMANN, Theodor15 Jan 186216 Jan 1862Ratermann, Wilhelm SALER, ChristinaLager, TheodorDIESSEL, Theresia---
RATERMANN, Wilhelm Gerhard11 Jan 189112 Jan 1891Ratermann, Wilhelm RICHTER, Anna Richter, WilhelmRatermann, Anna Catharina---
RATTERMANN, Johann Frederich26 Jul 187727 Jul 1877Rattermann, BernardSCHNITKE, Anna CatharinaRattermann, FrederichFRÜKE (Frueke), Maria Helena---
REBBEL, Anna Christina14 Mar 187115 Mar 1871Rebbel, GerhardKRUEP, ChristinaKruep, Anna GesinaRebbel, Wilhelm---
REBBEL, Heinrich30 Jan 18732 Feb 1873Rebbel, WilhelmWECAMP, Maria AngelaWEBER, ElegarisBUEHNE, CarolinaVon Bokel is written above father's last name. It could belong to previous entry.
REBBEL, Johann9 Aug 187210 Aug 1872Rebbel, BernardNIEMEYER, MariaVON BOLKEL, JohannNiemeyer, ElisabethaCompare Von Bokel
REBBEL, Johann Bernard Wilhelm11 Feb 187112 Feb 1871Rebbel, BernardKRUEP, ChristinaRebbel , WilhelmHUELSCAMP, Maria Angela---
REBBEL, Maria Carolina28 Dec 187229 Dec 1872Rebbel, GerhardKRUEP, Not listedBUHNE, CarolinaKruep, Herman---
REEDE, Elisabeth28 Jan 186117 Feb 1861Reede, JohannRILY, MargaritaMAHAN, BrigittaKAHAN, Johann---
REICHERT, Bernard Herman9 Dec 187611 Dec 1876Reichert, AndreasTUTEN, AnnaPOLLMANN, BernardBRUEGGEMANN, Maria Catharina---
REID, Thomas5 Jul 186313 Jul 1863Reid, JohnRYLE, MargaritaWALSH, MariaRODS, Patrick ?---
REILING, Maria Rosalia Johanna18 Nov 189619 Nov 1896Reiling, GeorgKLUMPKE, JohannaVON BOCKEL, Maria------
REILMANN, Anna Catharina (Twin)20 Nov 186821 Nov 1868Reilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, Heinrich---
REILMANN, Anna Elisabetha17 Oct 186620 Oct 1866Reilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaHOLTHAUS, AnnaReilmann, Theodor---
REILMANN, Anna Maria7 Feb 18759 Feb 1875Reilmann, HeinrichKAHRHOFF, AnnaKRUP, HermanTIMMERMANN, Elisabeth---
REILMANN, Anna Maria18 Oct 186820 Oct 1868Reilmann, TheodorHOLLANDER, Anna MariaReilmann, Anna MariaMIDDEKE, Bernard---
REILMANN, Anna Maria14 Feb 188415 Feb 1884Reilmann, TheodorKENNEDE, GertrudESS, Anna MariaDETMER, Heinrich---
REILMANN, Anna Maria 8 Sep 186312 Sep 1863Reilmann, Herman HeinrichSCHULTE, GertrudSchulte, Maria ElisabethaBECKERMANN, Herman---
REILMANN, Anna Maria Twin (Deceased)2 Oct 18603 Oct 1860Reilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaReilmann, Anna MariaKRÜP (Kruep), Heinrich---
REILMANN, Anton Martin28 Nov 188829 Nov 1888Reilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudRENEKE, MartinGRAF, Maria---
REILMANN, Bernadina Catharina (Deceased)29 Feb 18641 Mar 1864Reilmann, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, SusannaReilmann, BernadinaMORHINNERS, Franz---
REILMANN, Bernard Heinrich13 May 187814 May 1878Reilmann, HeinrichKARHOFF, AnnaKarhoff, BernardReilmann, Gertrud---
REILMANN, Bernard Paul5 Feb 19046 Feb 1904Reilmann, JohannSPANGLER, EmmaReilmann, BernardSpangler, Maria---
REILMANN, Bernardina9 Aug 187111 Aug 1871Reilmann, TheodorHOLLANDER, Anna MariaPETERMEIER, BernardinaGOELLNER, Ferdinand---
REILMANN, Catharina Elisabeth15 Jul 188616 Jul 1886Reilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudRENEKE, ElisabethaESS, Bernard---
REILMANN, Catharina Elisabetha (Deceased)24 Oct 189325 Oct 1893Reilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudKREITER, AndreasESS, Catharina---
REILMANN, Catharina Wilhelmina Twin (Deceased)2 Oct 18603 Oct 1860Reilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaKRÜP (Kruep), Maria AnnaKruep, Heinrich---
REILMANN, Elisabeth Rosa25 Sep 189627 Sep 1896Reilmann, Johann HeinrichHUELSMANN, ElisabethKORTE, ElisabethLAGER, Carl Ludwig---
REILMANN, Ferdinand Clemens29 Apr 186629 Apr 1866Reilmann, GerhardFAUKE, MargaritaFauke, ClemensBECKERMANN, Elisabetha---
REILMANN, Georg Martin3 Oct 19031 Nov 1903Reilmann, TheodorGOEBERT, Maria Reilmann, GeorgBLASE, Helena---
REILMANN, Gerhard Heinrich20 Dec 186122 Dec 1861Reilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaReilmann, Gerhard HermanHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
REILMANN, Gerhard Heinrich (Deceased)19 Jan 188220 Jan 1882Reilmann, TheodorKENNEPE, GertrudGRAHMANN, Johann HeinrichESS, Anna---
REILMANN, Heinrich Gerhard (Twin)28 Apr 186728 Apr 1867Reilmann, TheodorHOLLANDER, Anna MariaReilmann, HeinrichALTEPETER, Catharina---
REILMANN, Heinrich Ludwig3 Oct 19004 Oct 1900Reilmann, JohannSPANGLER, EmmaReilmann, HeinrichKAULING, ElisabethLaVern Reilmann married Mrs. Susie Roberts born Lynch 21 Jan 1942 at St. Mary Centralia, IL
REILMANN, Herman Bernard15 Feb 189516 Feb 1895Reilmann, TheodorKENNEBECK, GertrudESS, BernardPETERMEIER, Catharina---
REILMANN, Herman Gerhard24 Feb 187625 Feb 1876Reilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudReilmann, Herman GerhardReilmann, Maria Anna born KARHOFF---
REILMANN, Herman Joseph (Deceased)21 Dec 189723 Dec 1897Reilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudKAULING, BernardHOLTCAMP, Anna---
REILMANN, Johann Anton29 Feb 186829 Feb 1868Reilmann, GerhardFOCKE, MargarithaMENKE, AntonALTEPETER, Catharina---
REILMANN, Johann Friderich (Twin)28 Apr 186728 Apr 1867Reilmann, TheodorHOLLANDER, Anna MariaALTEPETER, HeinrichREILMANN, Bernardina---
REILMANN, Johann Georg1 Aug 18793 Aug 1879Reilmann, TheodorKERNEBECK, MariaPETERMEIER, GeorgWENDEL, Elisabetha---
REILMANN, Johann Gerhard15 Feb 186017 Feb 1860Reilmann, GerhardFOCKE, MargaretReilmann, GerhardNIEMANN, Maria---
REILMANN, Johann Gregory29 Mar 187331 Mar 1873Reilmann, HeinrichKARHOFF, AnnaKarhoff, GerhardRENEKE, Elisabetha---
REILMANN, Johann Heinrich25 Mar 186128 Mar 1861Reilmann, HermanSCHULTE, GertrudSchulte, HeinrichNIEMANN, Maria---
REILMANN, Johann Heinrich Theodor (Deceased)20 Dec 189921 Dec 1899Reilmann, Johann TheodorGOEVERT, Johanna MariaReilmann, TheodorSTEIN, Josephina---
REILMANN, Johann Herman (Twin)20 Nov 186821 Nov 1868Reilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaKRUEP, HermanHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
REILMANN, Johann Theodor1 Aug 18742 Aug 1874Reilmann, TheodorKERNEBEK, GertrudKernebek, TheodorNIEMEIER, Theresia---
REILMANN, Joseph Johann8 Aug 187510 Aug 1875Reilmann, GerhardFAUKE, MargarethaGRAMAN, Johann HeinrichFauke, Anna Margaretha---
REILMANN, Margarita Maria1 Sep 18703 Sep 1870Reilmann, Heinrich PhilipSCHULTE, GertrudReilmann, MargaritaOTKE, Heinrich---
REILMANN, Maria Catharina4 Nov 18905 Nov 1890Reilmann, GerhardHÖCHLER (Hoechler), CatharinaReilmann, MariaHoechler, G. H.---
REILMANN, Maria Catharina19 Feb 189121 Feb 1891Reilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudPETERMEIER, Anna MariaReilmann, Gerhard---
REILMANN, Maria Elisabeth (Deceased)26 Jan 189327 Jan 1893Reilmann, HeinrichHUELSMANN, ElisabethHuelsmann, WilhelminaSCHULTE, Friederich---
REILMANN, Maria Elisabetha8 Feb 18719 Feb 1871Reilmann, HeinrichKARHOFF, Maria AnnaKarhoff, ElisabethaPETERMEYER, Georg---
REILMANN, Maria Elisabetha Gertrud26 Sep 18711 Oct 1871Reilmann, GerhardFAUKE, MargaritaReilmann, Maria GertrudBECKERMANN, Johann Gerhard This Baptism appears between 12 & 17 Nov 1871.
REILMANN, Martin Bernard13 Jan 190614 Jan 1906Reilmann, TheodorGOEVERT, MariaGoevert, BernardPETERMEIER, BernardinaMarried 6 Sep 1936 Our Lady of Peace 237 East 62 Street New York City to Felomina de Genenia ?
REILMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich28 Mar 190230 Mar 1902Reilmann, TheodorGOEVERT, MariaGoevert, HeinrichReilmann, GertrudMarried 27 Jul 1935 St. Theresia Church ?, IL to Margareta Rucker
REIS, Maria12 Nov 185726 Dec 1858Reis, DanielMETZGER, JulianaBARTH, Maria JosephinaBarth, Peter---
RENGIER, Elisabeth Anna23 Nov 189926 Nov 1899Rengier, FranzLANGE, AnnaRengier, ElisabethSCHALL, Joseph---
RENGIER, Elisabeth Maria13 Dec 188515 Dec 1885Rengier, AntonPOMME, ElisabethJUEDE, ElisabethWEHLAGE, Heinrich---
RENGIER, Heinrich6 Jun 188310 Jun 1883Rengier, AntonPOMME, ElisabethaKNIES, HeinrichJÜDE (Juede), Elisabetha---
RENGIER, Maria Anna2 Mar 19013 Mar 1901Rengier, FranzLANG, AnnaKNIES, HeinrichMEIER, Maria---
RENT, Anton Theodor18 Oct 187923 Oct 1879Rent, HeinrichACKERMANN, ElisabethaFELDEWERT, AntonFeldewert, Dorothea---
REVERMANN, Bernard Franz15 Feb 188716 Feb 1887Revermann, BernardHOMANN, LouisaLAMMERS, BernardRevermann, Catharina---
REVERMANN, Bernard Heinrich August28 Aug 187129 Aug 1871Revermann, BernardHOMANN, LouisaRevermann, Johann HeinrichBRUEGGEMANN, Anna Maria---
REVERMANN, Bernard Herman4 Nov 18735 Nov 1873Revermann, BernardHOMANN, LouisaHomann, Gerhard HermanWISLING, Maria Elisabeth---
REVERMANN, Johann Gerhard18 Apr 187819 Apr 1878Revermann, BernardHOMANN, ElisabethaWESSLING, Johann GerhardSTOFF, Theresia---
REVERMANN, Maria Anna28 Jun 186928 Jun 1869Revermann, BernardHOMANN, Maria LouisaBRUEGGEMANN, Maria AnnaHANEKE, Heinrich---
REVERMANN, Maria Catharina (Deceased)17 Apr 186718 Apr 1867Revermann, BernardHOMANN, LouisaHomann, Maria CatharinaRevermann, Johann Heinrich---
REVERMANN, Maria Elisabetha16 Dec 187518 Dec 1875Revermann, BernardHOMANN, LouisaWESLING, Maria ElisabethaHomann, Herman---
REVERMANN, Maria Frances21 Aug 186521 Aug 1865Revermann, BernardHOMANN, Maria LouisaRevermann, Maria AdelheidHomann, Herman---
REVERMANN, Maria Philomena23 Oct 186124 Oct 1861Revermann, HeinrichWILLOCH, ElisabethaRevermann, Maria AdelheidFELDMANN, Johann M.---
REVERMANN, Maria Rosalia20 Mar 188424 Mar 1884Revermann, BernardHOHMANN, LouisaRevermann, MariaSTOFF, Gerhard Heinrich---
REVERMANN, Maria Theresia18 Mar 188219 Mar 1882Revermann, BernardHOHMANN, Maria LouisaSTOFF, Maria TheresiaRICHTER, Wilhelm---
REVERMANN, Maria Theresia16 May 188017 May 1880Revermann, BernardHOMANN, LouisaHomann, AnnaSCHWIERJOHN, Clemens---
RICHTER, Adelheid Anna 18 Jul 189419 Jul 1894Richter, WilhelmWOLTERING, AnnaRichter, Catharina AdelheidWoltering, Heinrich---
RICHTER, Anna Caecilia2 Jun 19043 Jun 1904Richter, WilhelmWOLTERING, AnnaRATERMANN, AnnaMAUE, Johann Heinrich---
RICHTER, Anna Catharina Theresia (Deceased)12 Jul 188013 Jul 1880Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidRichter, TheresiaFeldmann, Hermann---
RICHTER, Anna Elisabeth4 Jan 19005 Jan 1900Richter, Gerhard HeinrichELLING, CarolinaBRINGMANN, ElisabethRichter, Heinrich---
RICHTER, Anna Elisabeth18 Aug 190619 Aug 1906Richter, Wilhelm JohannALBERTERNST, CaeciliaRichter, JohannAlberternst, ElisabethMarried 31 May 1933 St. Augustine, Breese to Johann H. Peters. Confirmed 6 Nov 1919
RICHTER, Anna Maria20 Aug 186721 Aug 1867Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidRichter, Anna MariaPollmann, Bernard Herman---
RICHTER, Anna Maria 1 Nov 18642 Nov 1864Richter, ClemensPETERMEYER, Anna AngelaPetermeyer, Anna MariaRichter, Wilhelm---
RICHTER, Anna Maria 3 Feb 18854 Feb 1885Richter, WilhelmBOENHOFF, AnnaHUELSMANN, Anna MariaHuelsmann, Theodor---
RICHTER, Anna Maria Elisabetha20 Feb 186521 Feb 1865Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Anna MargarithaPollmann, Anna MariaRichter, Wilhelm---
RICHTER, Anna Maria Margaret20 Sep 185921 Sep 1859Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, Catharina AdelheidHILMES, Anna MargarethaRichter, Johann Heinrich---
RICHTER, Anna Rosa31 Aug 18993 Sep 1899Richter, BernardBOENHOFF, ElisabethRichter, BernardBoenhoff, Anna---
RICHTER, Anton Wilhelm10 May 190411 May 1904Richter, HeinrichMAUE, TheresiaRichter, WilhelmMaue, MariaMarried 11 Jan 195_ to Mary G. Hautschel Richter
RICHTER, August Herman21 Oct 190121 Oct 1901Richter, WilhelmWOLTERING, AnnaRichter, HermanRATERMANN, AnnaMarried 15 Oct 1933 Old Albuquerque, NM to Lucia Montanno; Witnesses: Teobild & Tomarila Mantanno.
RICHTER, Bernard29 Mar 187129 Mar 1871Richter, HeinrichPETERMEYER, AnnaSCHONEFELD, BernardOTTENSMEYER, Maria---
RICHTER, Bernard Clemens (Twin)5 Jun 18796 Jun 1879Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidRichter, BernardPollmann, Catharina---
RICHTER, Bernard Heinrich28 Nov 187028 Nov 1870Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidJANSEN, BernardRichter, Theresia---
RICHTER, Bernard Herman20 Nov 187522 Nov 1875Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidPollmann, BernardRichter, Adelheid---
RICHTER, Bernard Leo3 Feb 18935 Feb 1893Richter, BernardBOENHOFF, ElisabethRichter, BernardBoenhoff, Catharina---
RICHTER, Bernard Wilhelm24 Feb 186525 Feb 1865Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidRichter, WilhelmFeldmann, Elisabetha---
RICHTER, Caspar Aloys22 Jun 188323 Jun 1883Richter, WilhelmBOENHOFF, AnnaBoenhoff, CasparRichter, Anna Theresia---
RICHTER, Caspar Joseph8 Sep 189710 Sep 1897Richter, BernardBOENHOFF, ElisabethBoenhoff, CasparRichter, Maria---
RICHTER, Catharina1 Oct 18952 Oct 1895Richter, BernardBOENHOFF, ElisabethBoenhoff, CasparBoenhoff, Catharina---
RICHTER, Catharina1 Apr 18641 Apr 1864Richter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaRichter, Catharina AdelheidKAHRHOFF, Gerhard Heinrich---
RICHTER, Catharina Maria19 Feb 186820 Feb 1868Richter, HeinrichRICHTER, Anna (Not sure if maiden name)SCHONEFELD, Anna MariaGASSEL, Carl---
RICHTER, Eugene Wilhelm25 Jul 190626 Jul 1906Richter, HermanTIMMERMANN, ElisabethRichter, WilhelmTimmermann, ChristinaConfirmed 1 May 1921
RICHTER, Francisca Anna8 Sep 18998 Sep 1899Richter, WilhelmWOLTERING, AnnaWoltering, FranciscaRichter, Gerhard---
RICHTER, Franz Heinrich5 Nov 18976 Nov 1897Richter, WilhelmWOLTERING, AnnaRichter, HeinrichWoltering, Francisca---
RICHTER, Gerhard Heinrich21 Nov 187021 Nov 1870Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidRichter, GerhardPollmann, Margarita---
RICHTER, Gerhard Wilhelm27 Jan 189128 Jan 1891Richter, WilhelmMAUE, Anna MariaRichter, GerhardMaue, Catharina---
RICHTER, Heinrich Wilhelm3 Feb 18964 Feb 1896Richter, WilhelmWOLTERING, AnnaWoltering, HeinrichRichter, Adelheid---
RICHTER, Herman Bernard21 Feb 186821 Feb 1868Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidRichter, BernardFeldmann, Maria Elisabeth---
RICHTER, Jodocus3 Oct 18693 Oct 1869Richter, HeinrichRICHTER, AnnaPETERMEYER, JodocusGASSEL, Anna Maria---
RICHTER, Johann Bernard31 Aug 186631 Aug 1866Richter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaRichter, GerhardHELLMANN, Elisabetha---
RICHTER, Johann Bernard19 Feb 188119 Feb 1881Richter, WilhelmBOENHOFF, AnnaRichter, BernardBoenhoff, CatharinaMarried Mrs. Regina Krebs 14 Nov 1950.
RICHTER, Johann Gerhard9 Jun 186210 Jun 1862Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidFeldmann, GerhardRichter, Anna Maria---
RICHTER, Johann Heinrich20 Jan 190220 Jan 1902Richter, Gerhard HeinrichELLING, CarolinaRichter, HeinrichElling, ElisabethMarried 19 Apr 1927 to Caecilia Regina Huene; Witnesses: Theodor Richter & Wilhelmina Huene.
RICHTER, Johann Heinrich10 Oct 188411 Oct 1884Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, AdelheidHINCAMP, HeinrichHOHMANN, Anna Maria---
RICHTER, Johann Herman12 Sep 187613 Sep 1876Richter, Johann GerhardFELDMANN, Margarita AdelheidRichter, Johann HeinrichFeldmann, Maria---
RICHTER, Johann Wilhelm4 Apr 18625 Apr 1862Richter, ClemensPETERMEYER, Anna AngelaRichter, WilhelmPetermeyer, Anna Maria---
RICHTER, Johann Wilhelm7 Aug 18819 Aug 1881Richter, HeinrichPOHLMANN, AdelheidRichter, WilhelmKRAMER, Anna---
RICHTER, Josephina Adelheid1 Mar 19052 Mar 1905Richter, HermanTIMMERMANN, ElisabethSPIELMANN, BenedictRichter, Catharina AdelheidMarried 8 Apr 1931St. Augustine Breese, IL to Herman Francis Woltering
RICHTER, Maria Adelheid8 Jan 18629 Jan 1862Richter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaREVERMANN, Maria AdelheidRICHTER, Clemens---
RICHTER, Maria Carolina30 Sep 18731 Oct 1873Richter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidFeldmann, Maria CarolinaRichter, Bernard---
RICHTER, Maria Carolina (Twin)5 Jun 18796 Jun 1879Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidPollmann, MariaHINCAMP, Heinrich---
RICHTER, Maria Elisabetha18 Jan 187018 Jan 1870Richter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaHilmes, Anna MariaRichter, Heinrich---
RICHTER, Maria Elisabetha21 Sep 187323 Sep 1873Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidRichter, Anna Maria ElisabethaPollmann, Herman Heinrich---
RICHTER, Maria Theresia15 Jan 187816 Jan 1878Richter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, Margaritha AdelheidRichter, Theresia------
RICHTER, Theodor15 Feb 190516 Feb 1905Richter, HeinrichELLING, CarolinaElling, TheodorOTKE, Anna---
RICHTER, Theodor Aloys26 Oct 190126 Oct 1901Richter, BernardBOENHOFF, ElisabethHUELSMANN, TheodorHuelsmann, Anna---
RICHTER, Theresia Magdalena21 Jun 190422 Jun 1904Richter, Bernard JohannBENHOFF, ElisabethHEYER, TheresiaHeyer, PeterMarried 27 May 1936 to Otto Koch
RICHTER, Wilhelm Victor8 Jun 19038 Jun 1903Richter, HermanTIMMERMANN, ElisabethTimmermann, WilhelmRichter, Anna---
RICKE, Anton Mathias2 Nov 18843 Nov 1884Ricke, FranzNIEMEIER, ElisabethNiemeier, AntonGISSY, Christina---
RICKE, Franz Eugene (Twin) (Deceased)1 Nov 18862 Nov 1886Ricke, FranzNIEMEIER, ElisabethGISSY, CarlSOMMERS, Maria---
RICKE, Heinrich August10 Oct 189011 Oct 1890Ricke, FranzNIEMEIER, ElisabethWERTH, HeinrichGEERS, Anna---
RICKE, Heinrich Theodor (Twin) (Deceased)1 Nov 18862 Nov 1886Ricke, FranzNIEMEIER, ElisabethHAGEN, TheodorDEUTSCH, Maria---
RICKE, Johann Theodor25 Jan 187528 Jan 1875Ricke, Johann HeinrichWEBER, Maria CatharinaWeber, TheodorHOPMANN, Maria Katharina---
RICKE, Maria Anna Catharina14 Dec 187215 Dec 1872Ricke, HeinrichWEBER, CatharinaWeber, Maria AnnaWeber, Theodor---
RICKE, Maria Theresia (Deceased)3 May 18884 May 1888Ricke, FranzNIEMEIER, ElisabethHAGEN, MariaHAAR, Heinrich---
RIECKE, Anna Maria (Twin)20 Apr 187721 Apr 1877Riecke, HeinrichWEBER, CatharinaWEHMANN, Anna MariaDUST, Heinrich---
RIECKE, Johann Anton (Twin)20 Apr 187721 Apr 1877Riecke, HeinrichWEBER, CatharinaWeber, Johann AntonFOCKE, Carolina---
RIFF, Joseph6 Jan 189210 Jan 1892Riff, Not listedNot listedNIEMANN, JosephVORNHOLT, Maria---
RINGBECK, Anna Elisabetha18 Jan 186619 Jan 1866Ringbeck, HeinrichHÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), ElisabethaKRUEP, GesinaALTEPETER, Peter---
RINGBECK, Anna Maria11 Aug 186413 Aug 1864Ringbeck, HeinrichHÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), ElisabethaHuelscamp, Maria AngelaKRUEP, Gerhard Heinrich---
RINGBECK, Gerhard Heinrich2 May 18694 May 1869Ringbeck, HeinrichHULSCAMP, ElisabethaHulscamp, GerhardALTEPETER, Catharina---
ROACH, Edmund22 Dec 187124 Dec 1871Roach, PatrickBROWN, MariaMAHAN, ThomasBrown, Brigitta---
ROBERG, Anna Catharina9 Dec 187611 Dec 1876Roberg, JosephPFUHLER, CatharinaOSTERMANN, AnnaSCHROEDER, Heinrich---
ROBERG, Bernard Joseph29 Nov 188529 Nov 1885Roberg, JosephFUHLER, BerthaOSTERMANN, BernardSTRAKE, Maria---
ROBERG, Maria Carolina12 Apr 188013 Apr 1880Roberg, JosephFUHLER, BerthaBUHNE, CarolinaUBBEN, Gerhard---
ROESLEIN, Antonia Mathilda7 Feb 186427 May 1864Roeslein, CarlHOLLATZ, HenriettaGOELNER, MathildaRoeslein, Anton---
ROGERS, Thomas19 Oct 186922 Oct 1869Rogers, PatrickBROWN, MariaMCDERMOTT, FranzMcDermott, Helena---
ROHLING, Caspar Heinrich14 Sep 186317 Sep 1863Rohling, CasparKOTTE, ElisabethaGROENE, Johann HeinrichMARKS, Maria---
ROHLING, Herman Caspar13 Feb 186114 Feb 1861Rohling, CasparCORTE, ElisabethCorte, Herman------
ROHR, Anna Theresia22 Apr 189923 Apr 1899Rohr, PeterSCHULTE, MinaSchulte, TheresiaFAUKE, Wilhelm---
ROHR, Johann30 Oct 19031 Nov 1903Rohr, PeterSCHULTE, WilhelminaSchulte, JohannFAUKE, Susanna---
ROHR, Peter Franz1 Aug 19013 Aug 1901Rohr, PeterWEHLAGE, WilhelminaRohr, FranzSCHULTE, Caecilia---
ROHR, Peter Joseph (Deceased)18 Apr 190420 Apr 1904Rohr, FranzPEPPENHORST, AnnaRohr, PeterFAUKE, Not listed---
ROHR, Wilhelm Heinrich16 Dec 190120 Dec 1901Rohr, FranzFREY, AnnaFAUKE, WilhelmISACK, Catharina---
ROLFINGMEIER, Maria Margarita9 Aug 18812 Jun 1906Rolfingmeier, FriederichROSENBAUM, MarthaSCHULTE, AnnaSchulte, JohannAdult Baptism
ROTRING, Johann Herman4 Sep 18658 Oct 1865Rotring, Herman BernardBROCKMANN, DinaROHR, JohannJUNCKER, Elisabetha---
RUSS, Crescentia6 Jan 186019 Jun 1860Russ, RobertKÖFLINGER (Koeflinger), MariaMÜLLER (Mueller), VeronicaKIESEL, AlbertThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
RUSSEL, Philipp18 Aug 18611 Sep 1861Russel, JohannWALSH, HelenaMAHAR, Patrick ?CAHIL, Johanna---
RUWALD, Anna Maria17 Feb 186118 Feb 1861Ruwald, CarlMUSSENBROCK, GertrudMussenbrock, Anna MariaGEERS, Gerhard---
RUWALD, Gertrud20 May 186320 May 1863Ruwald, CarlMUSSENBROCK, GertrudMussenbrock, GertrudILSKE, Gerhard---
SAAER, Carl12 Aug 185929 Jan 1860Saaer, JosephHOFER, TheresiaLEONARD, Mathais---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
SAAL, Franz Joseph28 May 189430 May 1894Saal, HeinrichFRIEDRICHS, TheresiaKUHLS, FranzKuhls, Gertrud---
SASKE, Johann Heinrich30 Sep 18681 Oct 1868Saske, WilhelmDIEKER, Maria AngelaHOFF, Johann BernardREISS, Julianna Victoria---
SCHAEFER, Anna Maria23 Nov 189027 Nov 1890Schaefer, CarlMERKEMPER, WilhelminaRICHTER, Wilhelmina---Child was illegitimate
SCHAEFER, August Leo29 Sep 188330 Sep 1883Schaefer, LudwigSCHAEFER, MariaKLUTHE, AugustKLEIER, Elisabetha---
SCHAEFER, Christina Rosa21 Sep 187723 Sep 1877Schaefer, LudwigBOBBE, Anna MariaKENDEL, ChristinaWASSERLO, Nicolaus---
SCHAEFER, Elisabeth Theresia12 Oct 188518 Oct 1885Schaefer, LudwigSCHAEFER, Anna MariaDIEFENAUER, ElisabethIMMETHUN, Gerhard---
SCHAEFER, Johann Ludwig28 Jun 18694 Jul 1869Schaefer, LudwigEINHARDT, WaldburgROHR, JohannRohr, Anna---
SCHAEFER, Ludwig Joseph26 May 188030 May 1880Schaefer, LudwigSchaefer, Maria (Probably not maiden name)DIEFENBACH, JosephDiefenbach, Catharina---
SCHAEFER, Maria Helena (Deceased)2 Mar 18825 Mar 1882Schaefer, LudwigSCHAEFER, Maria ROHR, HelenaSchaefer, Johann---
SCHAEVELING, Catharina Helena12 Apr 186313 Apr 1863Schaeveling, Gerhard HermanPETERS, Helena ROBBEN, AdelheidHOLTKAMP, Heinrich---
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Anton18 May 186220 May 1862Schaefer, LudwigEINHARDT, WaldburgaDUMBÄCK (Dumbaeck), Anton------
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Emma Maria22 Aug 187523 Aug 1875Schaefer, LudwigSCHÄFER (Schaefer), Anna MariaDIFFENAUER, Emma MariaSCHWARZ, Georg---
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Johann27 Apr 186029 Apr 1860Schaefer, LudwigEINHARDT, WaltburgaROHR, JohannSchaefer, Catharina---
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Machtilde29 Aug 18671 Sep 1867Schaefer, LudwigREINHARDT, WalburgaMORHINNERS, Theodor------
SCHAFER, Catharina 21 Aug 187324 Aug 1873Schaefer, LudwigSCHAEFFER, Anna Louisa (probably not maiden name)Schaeffer, NicolausDIEFENAUER, Catharina---
SCHÄFERLING (Schaeferling), Anna Maria (Deceased)26 Sep 186027 Sep 1860Schaeferling, Gerhard HermanPETERS, Helena AdelheidKEUTER, Anna TeklaROBBE, Gerhard Herman---
SCHÄFERLING (Schaeferling), Herman Rudolph15 Jan 186516 Jan 1865Schaeferling, Gerhard HermanPETERS, Helena AdelheidPeters, HermanSCHAFERLING, Anna Margarita---
SCHÄFERLING (Schaeferling), Maria Catharina1 Dec 18611 Dec 1861Schaeferling, Gerhard HermanPETERS, Helena AdelheidSCHULTE, Catharina MariaPeters, Herman---
SCHAFFENER, Franz Joseph18 Feb 187521 Feb 1875Schaffener, DanielSADLER, ElisabethBENTLER, Franz JosephBentler, Catharina---
SCHAFFNER, Catharina10 Oct 186818 Oct 1868Schaffner, DanielSADLER, ElisabethaLILL, Catharina------
SCHAFFNER, Georg22 Apr 187724 Apr 1877Schaffner, DanielSADLER, ElisabethSCHWARZ, GeorgHUMMERT, Margaretha---
SCHAFFNER, Heinrich25 Apr 187130 Apr 1871Schaffner, DanielSADLER, ElisabethaHESSELER, HeinrichKAULING, Louisa---
SCHAFFNER, Johann8 Feb 187310 Feb 1873Schaffner, DanielSADLER, ElisabethaMUELLER, Johann------
SCHAFFNER, Johann Andrew6 Nov 18858 Nov 1885Schaffner, DanielSADLER, MariaHARBERS, JohannDEBEN, Elisabeth---
SCHAFFNER, Johann Friederich23 Apr 188225 Apr 1882Schaffner, DanielSADLER, MariaBUERMANN, FriederichBuermann, Gertrud---
SCHAFFNER, Maria Elisabetha31 Dec 18794 Jan 1880Schaffner, DanielSADLER, MariaVORNHOLT, MariaVornholt, Conrad---
SCHARFENBERGER, Franz Martin13 Sep 188418 Sep 1884Scharfenberger, GeorgBIDLER, CatharinaScharfenberger, JohannScharfenberger, Regina---
SCHARFENBERGER, Johann Anton4 May 18795 May 1879Scharfenberger, GeorgBUETLER, CatharinaScharfenberger, JohannHERZOG, Maria---
SCHARFENBERGER, Johann Georg28 May 188231 May 1882Scharfenberger, GeorgBUETLER, CatharinaPEEK, GeorgLOCKHORN, Carolina---
SCHARFENBERGER, Maria Anna2 May 18713 May 1871Scharfenberger, AntonHANSELMANN, ReginaNIEMEIER, MariaLOKHORN, Bernard---
SCHAVESDICK, Catharina Johanna7 Apr 186310 Apr 1863Schavesdick, CasparSCHLUTER, FridericaBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaMORHINNERS, Johann---
SCHAVESDIECK, Carl Johann17 May 186122 May 1861Schavesdieck, CasparSLÜTER (Slueter), FriedericaKORTE, JohannMORHINNERS, Anna---
SCHAVESDIEK, Anna Wilhelmina (Deceased)20 Dec 186522 Dec 1865Schavesdiek, CasparSCHLUTER, FridericaSTOLTEBEEN, WilhelminaREILMANN, Heinrich---
SCHEER, Bernard Heinrich (Twin)24 Jun 188125 Jun 1881Scheer, HeinrichHELLING, Catharina born ALBALBERTERNST, HeinrichKLEIER, Elisabetha---
SCHEER, Bernardina Rosalia (Deceased)1 Apr 18863 Apr 1886Scheer, HeinrichHELLING, CatharinaScheer, GesinaScheer, Bernard---
SCHEER, Johann Heinrich (Deceased)26 Nov 188727 Nov 1887Scheer, HeinrichHELLING, CatharinaALBERTERNST, HeinrichAlberternst, Elisabeth---
SCHEER, Maria Catharina (Twin)24 Jun 188125 Jun 1881Scheer, HeinrichHELLING, Catharina born ALBUBBEN, Anna MariaUbben, Gerhard---
SCHEER, Wilhelm August (Deceased)10 Sep 188212 Sep 1882Scheer, HeinrichHELLING, CatharinaRATERMANN, WilhelmSCHALENCAMP, Maria Catharina---
SCHERER, Anna Maria12 Jun 188413 Jun 1884Scherer, HeinrichALBERTERNST, CatharinaAlberternst, Maria AnnaRENGETIE, Joseph, ---
SCHERER, Franz August8 Aug 18939 Aug 1893Scherer, GeorgSCHULTE, ElisabethaScherer, FranzHAAR, Catharina---
SCHEROENBERGER, Wilhelmina Aplonia15 Dec 186520 Dec 1865Scheroenberger, Georg AntonANSELMANN, ReginaBUHNE, Catharina------
SCHEU, Amilia20 May 188023 May 1880Scheu, JacobFRICK, MagdalenaWIGARDT, Elisabetha------
SCHEVELING, Bernardina12 Aug 190513 Aug 1905Scheveling, HeinrichSTOFF, CatharinaPOELKER, BernardLUITJOHN, MariaMarried 24 Jul 1928 to Geo. Fitzgerald; Confirmed 6 Nov 1919
SCHEVELING, Herman Joseph17 Apr 189918 Apr 1899Scheveling, HeinrichSTOFF, CatharinaStoff, WilhelminaScheveling, HermanMarried 25 Nov 1942 to Catharina Regina Haar; St. Augustine Breese.
SCHEVELING, Joseph Friederich25 Jun 190126 Jun 1901Scheveling, HeinrichSTOFF, CatharinaScheveling, JosephGEBHARDT, AnnaMarried 19 Jun 1928 St. Augustine Breese to Anna Catharina Wehlage; Witnesses: Bernard Scheveling & Emma Wehlage.
SCHEVELING, Veronika15 Aug 190316 Aug 1903Scheveling, HeinrichSTOFF, CatharinaStoff, B. H.Scheveling, Catharina---
SCHIERMANN, Gerhard Heinrich13 Oct 185914 Oct 1859Schiermann, Johann HeinrichBÄTKE (Baetke), CarolinaBRUGGEMANN, Bernard HeinrichBaetke, Elisabeth---
SCHIERMANN, Johann Heinrich18 Mar 186420 Mar 1864Schiermann, Georg FriederichBATKE, LisettaSchiermann, Johann HeinrichKÜTE (Kuete), Maria---
SCHIERMANN, Louisa Carolina 3 Jan 18664 Jan 1866Schiermann, Johann F.ECKELMANN, LisettaSchiermann, Louisa CarolinaRICHTER, Wilhelm---
SCHLAUCH, Eduard Heinrich20 Mar 186_4 Apr 1875Schlauch, AndreasNot listedMARKS, Heinrich------
SCHLEPER, Joseph Bernard15 Dec 190517 Dec 1905Schleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaMENSEN, Bernard JosephRevermann, WilhelmConfirmed 1 May 1921
SCHLEPER, Maria Elisabeth11 Nov 190312 Nov 1903Schleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaHOLTHAUS, HeinrichHolthaus, Elisabeth---
SCHLUETER, Anna Maria14 Feb 188915 Feb 1889Schlueter, BernardKAPP, MariaSchlueter, AnnaKapp, Jacob---
SCHLUETER, Anna Wilhelmina16 Aug 188017 Aug 1880Schlueter, FranzHEMANN, MariaBULLER, WilhelminaDIEKER, Bernard Heinrich---
SCHLUETER, August Joseph4 May 19029 May 1902Schlueter, JosephGEERS, MariaBULLER, JosephBRUENING, Anna---
SCHLUETER, Florian Wilhelmina27 Jan 190428 Jan 1904Schlueter, BernardKAPP, MariaDIEKER, HeinrichSchlueter, Wilhelmina---
SCHLUETER, Francisca Catharina28 Oct 189130 Oct 1891Schlueter, BernardKAPP, MariaFUNKE, CatharinaSchlueter, FranzMarried Louis J. Erlinger in St. Boniface Church St. Louis, MO 17 Apr 1948
SCHLUETER, Franz Joseph5 Jun 18785 Jun 1878Schlueter, Franz (Joseph)HEMANN, Anna MariaMARKS, Theresia------
SCHLUETER, Franzisca Adelheid4 May 19004 May 1900Schlueter, BernardKAPP, MariaGEERS, MariaDIEKER, Ludwig---
SCHLUETER, Gerhard Joseph24 Jun 189524 Jun 1895Schlueter, Joseph GEERS, MariaGeers, GerhardSchlueter, Maria Anna---
SCHLUETER, Gertrud31 Dec 18752 Jan 1876Schlueter, FranzHEMANN, Anna MariaKAMBERT, HermanBRANDT, Gertrud---
SCHLUETER, Heinrich14 Jan 186916 Jan 1869Schlueter, FranzHEMANN, Anna MariaDIEKER, Bernard HeinrichKOELKER, Theresia---
SCHLUETER, Johann Heinrich19 Oct 187320 Oct 1873Schlueter, FranzHEMANN, CatharinaSANDMANN, HeinrichBRUENING, Louisa---
SCHLUETER, Johanna Theresia11 Oct 188215 Oct 1882Schlueter, Joseph FranzHEMANN, MariaKOELKER, Maria AnnaKLEIER, Johann---
SCHLUETER, Joseph5 Jul 18956 Jul 1895Schlueter, BernardKAPP, MariaSchlueter, JosephDIEKER, ElisabethMarried Clara Schmeder 8 Nov 1925 / 1975 ?
SCHLUETER, Maria Anna1 Nov 18712 Nov 1871Schlueter, FriderichHEMANN, Anna MariaDIEKER, Maria AdelheidHemann, Herman---
SCHLUETER, Maria Barbara4 Jul 18974 Jul 1897Schlueter, BernardKAPP, Maria AnnaHEIDEL, BarbaraBULLER, Joseph---
SCHLUETER, Maria Elisabeth Josephina1 Mar 18922 Mar 1892Schlueter, Joseph GEERS, MariaGeers, ElisabethSchlueter, Franz---
SCHLUETER, Rosa Wilhelmina8 Oct 18938 Oct 1893Schlueter, BernardKAPP, MariaBULLER, MariaKapp, Heinrich---
SCHMIDT, Anna Margarita23 Apr 188025 Apr 1880Schmidt, JosephTHEISING, MariaGOETHE, Leonard------
SCHMIDT, Anna Maria22 Nov 186722 Nov 1867Schmidt, ValentinO'BRIEN, HellenaMCGRATH, MargaritaO'Brien, Margarita---
SCHMIDT, August1 Oct 185924 Oct 1859Schmidt, CelestinFRITZ, CordilaFRANZISCUS, Clatar------
SCHMIDT, Ethelneda Margarita12 Jan 190413 Jan 1904Schmidt, HeinrichBARTH, LouisaHUMMERT, HeinrichBarth, Margarita---
SCHMIDT, Ida18 Jul 186213 Aug 1862Schmidt, CoelestinFRITZ, CordillaWARD, Brigitta---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHMIDT, Johann Heinrich22 Sep 187623 Sep 1876Schmidt, GeorgKUERBER, MargarittaSTRAUB, Johann FUNKE, Catharina---
SCHMIDT, Johann Joseph August31 May 18841 Jun 1884Schmidt, JosephTHEISING, MariaSchmidt, AugustHUELSMANN, Margarita---
SCHMIDT, Joseph Heinrich August9 Jul 188212 Jul 1882Schmidt, JosephTHEISING, MariaDICKMANN, HeinrichSLARTMANN, Elisabeth---
SCHMIDT, Margarita Johanna13 Jan 190714 Jan 1907Schmidt, Heinrich JacobBARTH, LouisaBarth, JohannBarth, MargaritaMarried 17 Aug 1926 St. Margaret Church St. Louis, MO to Carl H. BABB
SCHMIDT, Maria Theresia30 Jan 18791 Feb 1879Schmidt, GeorgKÜRBE (Kuerbe), MargaritaMARKS, TheresiaROBERG, Joseph---
SCHMIDT, Robert Franz13 Feb 186513 Apr 1865Schmidt, Robert FranzKLEI, Maria AnnaNADERMANN, Maria Angela------
SCHMIDT, Rosanna16 May 186119 Jun 1861Schmidt, CoelestinFRITZ, CateliaDONNEL, MichaelFURLONG, MargarithaThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHMIDT, Wilhelm1 Aug 185824 Oct 1859Schmidt, CelestinFRITZ, CordilaFRANZISCUS, Clatar------
SCHMITH, Eduard6 May 189413 May 1894Schmith, FelixJONSON, ElisabethCOYL, JamesDEBEN, Elisabetha---
SCHMITT, Heinrich8 Feb 18812 Aug 1902Schmitt, HeinrichPLUMER, MargarethaHUMMERT, Heinrich------
SCHMUCKER, Christian24 Jun 182531 Jan 1905Schmucker, PeterALZ, AnnaHIGGEN, Peter---Adult Baptism
SCHNEIDER, Adam8 Jan 185918 Nov 1862Schneider, MichaelJACOBI, MargaretaWONDEL, Joseph---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHNEIDER, Theodor17 Aug 186218 Nov 1862Schneider, MichaelJACOBI, MargaretaLAUBENER, Eva---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHNIERS, Catharina Wilhelmina (Deceased)29 Dec 188630 Dec 1886Schniers, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaHoltmann, Catharina------
SCHNIERS, Maria Catharina10 Jul 188411 Jul 1884Schniers, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaRICHTER, Anna Maria------
SCHNITKER, Anna Maria18 Jul 188618 Jul 1886Schnitker, HeinrichJASKE, Maria Ang.RATERMANN, Anna CatharinaBUERMANN, Friederich---
SCHOBERT, Anna12 Jan 186223 Mar 1862Schobert, JohannZAHN, CatharinaZahn, Anna---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHOBERT, Georg12 Feb 186012 Apr 1860Schobert, JohannZAHN, CatharinaZahn, Georg---This Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHOENEBERG, Georg Anton28 Jun 18824 Dec 1904Schoeneberg, RobertSTRECK, ElisabethFELDEWERTH, Anton------
SCHOENEBERG, Robert Stephan26 Dec 190526 Dec 1905Schoeneberg, GeorgFELDEWERT, GertrudFeldewerth, AntonDEUTSCH, Catharina---
SCHOF, Anna Maria6 Dec 18627 Dec 1862Schof, JosephPUELKENS, ReginaCAULING, BernardHEMSAT, Anna Maria This Baptism was performed by Pastor Frohboese
SCHOMBER, Heinrich12 Feb 186414 Apr 1864Schomber, HeinrichGLEICH, BarbaraKIESEL, Elisabetha------
SCHONEFELD, Anna Bernardina30 Jan 187031 Jan 1870Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, MariaRICHTER, AnnaRichter, Bernard---
SCHONEFELD, Anna Margaritha6 Nov 18607 Nov 1860Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, Maria CatharinaSchonefeld, Anna MargaretaRICHTER, Wilhelm---
SCHONEFELD, Anna Maria5 Jul 18746 Jul 1874Schonefeld, GeorgREILMANN, BernardinaSchonefeld, Anna MariaRENEKE, Martin---
SCHONEFELD, Anna Maria Catharina11 Jun 186312 Jun 1863Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, Catharina MariaPetermeyer, Anna MariaRICHTER, Clemens---
SCHONEFELD, Bernard Alphonse28 Aug 189729 Aug 1897Schonefeld, MartinTEUTCHEN, MariaSchonefeld, BernardMEIRINKE, Anna---
SCHONEFELD, Bernard Georg (Deceased)25 Nov 186526 Nov 1865Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, Maria Petermeyer, GeorgPetermeyer, Elisabetha---
SCHONEFELD, Caecilia16 Feb 190320 Feb 1903Schonefeld, MartinDRUETKEN, MariaMEIRINKE, HeinrichSTREATER, Maria---
SCHONEFELD, Heinrich (Deceased)27 Oct 185928 Oct 1859Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, Maria CatharinaSCHNITTKER, HeinrichVOSS, Anna Maria---
SCHONEFELD, Johann Heinrich18 Oct 186719 Oct 1867Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, Maria CatharinaRICHTER, HeinrichHOEDDINGHAUS, Maria Angela---
SCHONEFELD, Joseph (Deceased)16 Oct 187616 Oct 1876Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaPetermeier, JodocusOTTENSMEIER, Anna Maria---
SCHONEFELD, Machtilde31 Jul 18741 Aug 1874Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, Maria AnnaSTEINMANN, FranzRENEKE, Elisabetha---
SCHONEFELD, Martin1 Mar 18721 Mar 1872Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaRENEKE, MartinPetermeier, Bernardina---
SCHREIBER, Johann Bernard Ignatz20 Nov 187321 Nov 1873Schreiber, JohannHEIER, Maria ElisabethaMueller, IgnatzSchreiber, Margarita---
SCHREIBER, Maria Elisabetha2 Jul 18784 Jul 1878Schreiber, JohannHEIER, Maria ElisabethaHeier, FranciscaFELDEWERT, Anton---
SCHREIBER, Maria Margareta6 Feb 187613 Feb 1876Schreiber, JohannHEIER, Maria ElisabethaHeier, Not listedPETERMEIER, Jodocus---
SCHRODY, Otto26 Jan 186113 Nov 1861Schrody, JohannBUX, ChristinaSCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Elisabetha---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHROEDER, Anna Maria20 Jan 186820 Jan 1868Schroeder, Not listedWOESTE, ElisabethaSchroeder, Anna MariaLAGER, Johann---
SCHROEDER, Bernard Heinrich2 Oct 18794 Oct 1879Schroeder, HeinrichNIEMEIER, ElisabethVON BOCKEL, BernardLUEPKE, Regina---
SCHROEDER, Heinrich August18 Feb 188720 Feb 1887Schroeder, TheodorWOESTE, LisettaLEMPE, Gerhard HeinrichRICKE, Elisabeth---
SCHROEDER, Herman28 Apr 187029 Apr 1870Schroeder, Johann TheodorWOESTE, Maria ElisabethaSchroeder, Herman AntonNIEMEYER, Maria Theresia---
SCHROEDER, Herman Anton5 Jan 18746 Jan 1874Schroeder, AntonKRAMER, MariaSCHULTE, HermanSchroeder, Lisetta---
SCHROEDER, Johann Frederich15 Jul 187716 Jul 1877Schroeder, Johann TheodorWEESTE, Maria ElisabethaFranz FUNKE stand in for Johann Frederich SCHNEIDERELLING, Elisabetha---
SCHROEDER, Johann Friederich30 Mar 18811 Apr 1881Schroeder, HeinrichNIEMEIER, ElisabethaNiemeier, Johann FriederichNiemeier, Elisabetha---
SCHROEDER, Johann Gerhard21 Jan 188022 Jan 1880Schroeder, TheodorWOESTE, ElisabethaLANGENHORST, GerhardSTUEVER, Elisabetha---
SCHROEDER, Johann Theodor17 Dec 187118 Dec 1871Schroeder, AntonKRAMER, MariaSchroeder, Johann TheodorSCHULTE, Anna Maria---
SCHROEDER, Johann Theodor2 Apr 18753 Apr 1875Schroeder, Not listedWOESTE, ElisabethaHUELSMANN, TheodorRATERMANN, Elisabetha---
SCHROEDER, Joseph Lorent18 Dec 189516 Feb 1896Schroeder, LorentNot Listed, PaulinaDEBEN, Elisabeth------
SCHROEDER, Maria Catharina25 Dec 188431 Dec 1884Schroeder, HeinrichNIEMEIER, ElisabethaNIEMEIER, OttoNiemeier, Maria---
SCHROEDER, Maria Elisabetha5 Sep 18726 Sep 1872Schroeder, Johann TheodorWOESTE, Maria RATERMANN, FriderichSchroeder, Anna Maria---
SCHROEDER, Maria Regina16 Jul 187618 Jul 1876Schroeder, HeinrichNIEMEIER, ElisabethaROBERG, CatharinaNiemeier, Frederich---
SCHROEDER, Maria Theresia26 Apr 188227 Apr 1882Schroeder, TheodorWOESTE, ElisabethaSchroeder, Anna MariaSchroeder, Heinrich---
SCHROEDER, Theodor Heinrich26 Apr 188329 Apr 1883Schroeder, HeinrichNIEMEIER, ElisabethNIEMANN, TheodorTIMMERMANN, Elisabeth---
SCHROEDER, Wilhelm Heinrich August 1 Oct 18833 Oct 1883Schroeder, TheodorWOESTE, ElisabethaSchroeder, Friederich WilhelmVOGT, Catharina---
SCHROER, Anna Maria5 Apr 18856 Apr 1885Schroer, JohannBOLMER, AnnaHOCKELBERG, Maria GertrudPOHLMANN, Bernard Heinrich---
SCHUESSEL, Anton Conrad30 Mar 190031 Mar 1900Schuessel, ConradFELDEWERT, ClaraFeldewert, AntonKAUNE, Serah---
SCHUESSEL, Bernard Heinrich25 Mar 187729 Mar 1877Schuessel, JosephHETZLER,CatharinaKRUEP, HeinrichKruep, Maria Anna---
SCHUESSEL, Conrad Herman5 Feb 19067 Feb 1906Schuessel, ConradFELDEWERT, ClaraEILERS, JosephFeldewert, DorotheaMarried 10 Feb 1944 St. Margaret Church St. Louis, MO to Ilene Kockley. Confirmed 21 Jun 1918.
SCHUESSEL, Maria Clementine8 Sep 19018 Sep 1901Schuessel, ConradFELDEWERT, ClaraKUETER, ClemensAHLERS, Maria---
SCHUETTE, Anna Josephina11 Dec 188515 Dec 1885Schuette, FranzNIEMEIER, ElisabethVON HATTEN, AnnaVon Hatten, Ludwig---
SCHUHMACHER, Christina Bertha1 May 187417 May 1874Schuhmacher, Julius GLASER, MariaSCHWARZ, GeorgSchwarz, Christina born WOLF---
SCHULTE, Agnes Friederica29 Jul 189531 Jul 1895Schulte, FriederichSCHULTE, MargaritaSchulte, AgnesSchulte, Friederich---
SCHULTE, Aloys Heinrich23 Apr 189224 Apr 1892Schulte, FriederichSCHULTE, MargaritaSchulte, HeinrichSchulte, Anna---
SCHULTE, Alphonse August24 Sep 190426 Sep 1904Schulte, JohannWEHLAGE, CatharinaFANGMEIER, AugustHOCKELBERG, Maria---
SCHULTE, Amelia Anna Frederica13 Apr 190514 Apr 1905Schulte, GeorgLÜTJOHN (Luitjohn), Anna MariaLuitjohn, Franz AntonSchulte, Anna Helena---
SCHULTE, Anna Elisabetha18 Mar 186819 Mar 1868Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHÄFER (Schaefer), HelenaSchulte, Maria Anna ElisabethaSCHLOTH, Bernard Herman---
SCHULTE, Anna Maria3 Jun 19014 Jun 1901Schulte, HeinrichSPANGLER, MariaREILMANN, JohannGROTE, Anna---
SCHULTE, Anna Maria 11 Aug 186611 Aug 1866Schulte, FriderichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), AgnesREILMANN, Anna MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Theodor---
SCHULTE, Anna Maria Elisabetha9 Jul 186312 Jul 1863Schulte, FriderichLÜBBE (Luebbe), AgnesSchulte, ElisabethaDILLMANN, Heinrich---
SCHULTE, Anna Theresia28 May 190329 May 1903Schulte, WilhelmKOLKER, UrsulaKOHRS, AntonSchulte, Anna Theresia---
SCHULTE, Anna Wilhelmina18 Feb 190120 Feb 1901Schulte, WilhelmKOELKER, CaeciliaROHR, PeterSchulte, Wilhelmina---
SCHULTE, Bernard Heinrich25 Oct 189825 Oct 1898Schulte, HermanSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaSchoenhoff, BernardERVIN, Elisabeth---
SCHULTE, Bernard Johann (Deceased)15 Nov 189916 Nov 1899Schulte, JohannWEHLAGE, CatharinaWehlage, BernardSchulte, Margarita---
SCHULTE, Bernard Rudolph7 Nov 18618 Nov 1861Schulte, HermanKRAMER, Anna MariaKramer, Bernard Rudolph---Child was born at 21:00
SCHULTE, Dora Wilhelmina29 Apr 190430 Apr 1904Schulte, HermanSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaHAUCAPP, Wilh.SCHULTE, Johann---
SCHULTE, Edwin Bernard1 Jun 19061 Jun 1906Schulte, JohannWEHLAGE, CatharinaKOCH, Bernard J.Schulte, Christina---
SCHULTE, Eugene Friederich11 Jan 190312 Jan 1903Schulte, JohannWEHLAGE, CatharinaSchulte, FriederichFANKMEIER, MariaMarried 17 Feb 1931 in Trenton, IL to new convert Julia Roberts
SCHULTE, Francisca Theresia15 Apr 190115 Apr 1901Schulte, JohannWEHLAGE, CatharinaSchulte, FriederichWehlage, Theresia---
SCHULTE, Franz Johann12 Feb 190013 Feb 1900Schulte, HeinrichBEHNE, AnnaPOHLMANN, JohannSchulte, Agnes---
SCHULTE, Frederich27 Nov 186228 Nov 1862Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHÄFER (Schaefer), HelenaSchulte, FrederichWIEMANN, Helena---
SCHULTE, Gerhard Heinrich25 Jan 186327 Jan 1863Schulte, GerhardTHEVES, MariaSchulte, Gerhard HeinrichTEVES, Gertrud---
SCHULTE, Heinrich Joseph1 Dec 18672 Dec 1867Schulte, HermanKRAMER, MariaKramer, Heinrich JosephKAMP, Maria---
SCHULTE, Helena11 Nov 187311 Nov 1873Schulte, FriderichLUEBBE, AgnesSchulte, HelenaBUERMANN, Frederich---
SCHULTE, Helena Ida21 Aug 188722 Aug 1887Schulte, FriderichSCHULTE, MargaritaSchulte, HelenaREILMANN, Heinrich---
SCHULTE, Herman15 Dec 185916 Dec 1859Schulte, GerhardTEVES, Anna MariaSchulte, Herman Teves, Margareta---
SCHULTE, Herman13 Oct 186514 Oct 1865Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHÄFER (Schaefer), HelenaSchaefer, HermanWUMANN, Elisabetha---
SCHULTE, Herman Heinrich19 Aug 189220 Aug 1892Schulte, HeinrichBEHNE, AnnaSchulte, Herman HeinrichKALLAGE, Theresia---
SCHULTE, Herman Heinrich23 Sep 187325 Sep 1873Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHAEFERS, HelenaREILMANN, Herman HeinrichHAAR, Elisabetha---
SCHULTE, Infant5 Apr 19015 Apr 1901Schulte, JohannWEHLAGE, CatharinaNone Listed------
SCHULTE, Johann Bernard30 Dec 18651 Jan 1866Schulte, HermanKRAMER, MariaKramer, JohannSÜDEN (Sueden), Maria---
SCHULTE, Johann Caspar Heinrich20 Feb 187922 Feb 1879Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHAEFER, HelenaSCHAVESDIEK, CasparBUERMANN, Maria Gertrud---
SCHULTE, Johann Friederich9 Feb 190524 Dec 1905Schulte, Johann AugustROLFINGMEIER, MargaritaFELTRUP, HermanKREKE, MargaritaMarried 25 Feb 1930 St. Boniface St. Louis, MO to Barbara Goevert.
SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard19 May 186520 May 1865Schulte, GerhardTHEVES, MariaTheves, JohannKLOSTERMANN, Maria---
SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard Heinrich5 Jan 18766 Jan 1876Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHAEFER, HelenaDILLMANN, HeinrichHEIDEMANN, Maria---
SCHULTE, Johann Heinrich8 Dec 18609 Dec 1860Schulte, HermanSCHAFERS, HelenaSchulte, Johann HeinrichSchulte, Catharina Maria---
SCHULTE, Johann Herman Lambert2 Jun 18635 Jun 1863Schulte, HermanKRAMER, Anna MariaKramer, Johann HermanESS, Maria Adelheid---
SCHULTE, Josephina Anna2 Feb 18904 Feb 1890Schulte, FriderichSCHULTE, MargaritaTIMMERMANN, AnnaBRAUER, Bernard---
SCHULTE, Machtilde Maria19 Dec 190219 Dec 1902Schulte, HermanSCHÖNHOFF (Schoenhoff), ChristinaSchulte, FranzKREKE, Maria---
SCHULTE, Margaretha29 Mar 18612 Apr 1861Schulte, GerhardTHEVES, MariaTheves, MargarethaTELLCAMP, BernardCompare Tellkamp
SCHULTE, Margaritha28 Oct 186430 Oct 1864Schulte, HermanKRAMER, Anna MariaKramer, MargaritaMORHINNERS, Franz---
SCHULTE, Maria23 Mar 188512 Nov 1904MCCOY, StantonCUNNINGHAM, MariettaSchulte, Margarita---Wife of Johann Caspar
SCHULTE, Maria Elisabetha16 Apr 187019 Apr 1870Schulte, FriderichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), AgnesSchulte, Maria ElisabethaALTEPETER, Heinrich---
SCHULTE, Maria Gertrud24 Nov 187025 Nov 1870Schulte, Herman HeinrichSCHAEFER, HelenaREILMANN, Maria GertrudFOCKES, Heinrich---
SCHULTE, Maria Henrietta11 Nov 190412 Nov 1904Schulte, Johann CasparMCCOY, MariaSchulte, HermanSchulte, Margarita---
SCHULTE, Maria Rosa12 May 190219 May 1902Schulte, Johann HeinrichBEHNE, AnnaBRAUER, MariaJANSSEN, Johann---
SCHULTE, Regina Catharina19 May 190219 May 1902Schulte, FriederichSCHULTE, MargaritaSchulte, CatharinaKOCH, Bernard---
SCHULTE, Theodor Heinrich8 Apr 190010 Apr 1900Schulte, Friederich AugustGROTE, Maria AnnaSchulte, Gerhard HeinrichHOCKELBERG, Maria Gertrud---
SCHULTE, Theresia Sedona21 Dec 190522 Dec 1905Schulte, HermanSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaKREKE, HeinrichWASHFORD, TheresiaConfirmed 1 May 1922
SCHULZ, Anton24 Jun 186728 Jun 1867Schulz, MartinMARTIN, BarbaraDUMBECK, AntonDumbeck, Elisabetha---
SCHUMACHER, Anna Catharina25 Sep 18693 Oct 1869Schumacher, OswaldNot listedKLUTHO, Maria AnnaKlutho, Theodor---
SCHUMACHER, Anna Maria15 Nov 186518 Nov 1865Schumacher, GerhardLUKE, Anna MariaSCHRANDT, Maria AngelaIMMETHUN, Gerhard---
SCHUMACHER, Anna Maria1 Dec 18669 Dec 1866Schumacher, OswaldPABST, JohannaSchumacher, Maria Schumacher, Philipp---
SCHUMACHER, Catharina Louisa2 Sep 18674 Sep 1867Schumacher, GerhardLÜKE (Lueke), Maria AngelaTAPHORN, LouisaBIXSCHLACH, Gerhard---
SCHUMACHER, Franz Anton12 Jun 186818 Jun 1868Schumacher, JohannGALL, Maria AnnaMORHINNERS, FranzSPEKMANN, Elisabetha---
SCHUMACHER, Gerhard Heinrich14 Jun 186315 Jun 1863Schumacher, GerhardLUEKEN, Anna MariaTAPHORN, GerhardHAGEN, Angela---
SCHUMACHER, Jacob Anton Bernard27 Apr 18652 May 1865Schumacher, JohannGALL, Maria AnnaCAULING, BernardBÜHNE (Buehne), Catharina---
SCHUMACHER, Johann Carl (Deceased)24 Nov 188630 Nov 1886Schumacher, JohannBULK, DinaBOH_, Wilhelm ?NIEMEIER, Elisabeth---
SCHUMACHER, Johann Heinrich26 Nov 186929 Nov 1869Schumacher, GerhardLUEKE, Anna MariaSchumacher, Johann BernardSCHRANDT, Maria Anna---
SCHUMACHER, Philipp (Twin)12 Apr 186712 Apr 1867Schumacher, JohannKALL, CatharinaSchumacher, PhilippSchumacher, Catharina---
SCHUMACHER, Theodor Heinrich (Twin)12 Apr 186712 Apr 1867Schumacher, JohannKALL, CatharinaMORHINNERS, TheodorBÜHNE (Buehne), Catharina---
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Adolph14 Oct 186113 Nov 1861Schuetz, HeinrichWIENER, ElisabethaDRESCH, Maria Anna---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Maria30 Dec 185923 Jan 1860Schuetz, HeinrichWIENER, ElisabethASDOR, Luithardis (Mrs. Stephan?)---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHWAB, Elisabeth3 Jan 186023 Jan 1860Schwab, ThomasMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaWALTER, Maria Anna---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHWAB, Hugo29 Sep 186113 Nov 1861Schwab, ThomasMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaWICKENMANN, Anna---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHWAGE, Franz Julius1 Sep 186221 Jan 1863Schwage, FranzSCHLEIMINGER, Maria FrancesGESELL, Anton---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
SCHWAKE, Anna Maria19 Jan 189220 Jan 1892Schwake, BernardWIENKEN, HelenaPOLLMANN, ChristinaHAAR, Heinrich---
SCHWARTZ, Franz Joseph18 Jan 187820 Jan 1878Schwartz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaKUHLS, FranzKuhls, Helena---
SCHWARZ, Alphonse Conrad30 May 19041 Jun 1904Schwarz, BernardBENHOFF, CatharinaTHIEN, ConradThien, Carolina---
SCHWARZ, Anna Maria24 Jan 190030 Jan 1900Schwarz, BernardBOENHOFF, Anna Maria CatharinaRICHTER, Bernard W.Boenhoff, Anna MariaMarried 26 Oct 1938 to Theodor Warneke
SCHWARZ, Anna Maria Carolina15 Apr 187221 Apr 1872Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaLOKHORN, CarolinaMUELLER, Ignatz---
SCHWARZ, Bernard Georg17 Sep 189620 Sep 1896Schwarz, BernardBOENHOFF, CatharinaSchwarz, GeorgBoenhoff, Catharina---
SCHWARZ, Elisabetha Christina7 Mar 187612 Mar 1876Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaSTOFF, ElisabethaLOCKHORN, Bernard---
SCHWARZ, Francisca Christina5 Jun 18988 Jun 1898Schwarz, BernardBOENHOFF, CatharinaSchwarz, ChristinaBoenhoff, CasparMarried 23 Nov 1939 in St. Louis Cathedral to Clarent Weisbrodt
SCHWARZ, Franz Aloysius18 Nov 190220 Nov 1902Schwarz, BernardBOENHOFF, CatharinaSchwarz, FrancisRICHTER, Elisabeth---
SCHWARZ, Georg Wilhelm22 Oct 186327 Oct 1863Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaDUMSTOFF, BernardNADERMANN, Josephina---
SCHWARZ, Johann14 May 186226 Apr 1863Schwarz, UrbanBICK, CatharinaBIEGLER, Johann------
SCHWARZ, Joseph Bernard2 Aug 186910 Aug 1869Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaALBERS, BernardAlbers, Maria---
SCHWARZ, Maria Catharina12 Apr 186518 Apr 1865Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaKUHLS, GertrudMORHINNERS, Johann---
SCHWARZ, Maria Catharina28 Oct 18671 Nov 1867Schwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaBUERMANN, Maria CatharinaKUHLS, Franz---
SCHWERJAHN, Anna Maria19 Jan 186821 Jan 1868Schwerjahn, ClemensSCHROER, ElisabetheSchroer, Anna MariaRevermann, Johann Heinrich---
SCHWERJAHN, Franz Bernard13 Dec 186614 Dec 1866Schwerjahn, ClemensSCHRÖER (Schroer), ElisabethaSchroer, Franz B.REVERMANN, Maria Louisa---
SCHWIERJOHAN, Johann Franz12 May 186914 May 1869Schwierjohan, ClemensSCHROEER, ElisabethaSchwierjohan, FranzNIEMANN, Anna---
SCHWIERJOHANN, Christina Wilhelmina26 Oct 187827 Oct 1878Schwierjohann, Johann FranzRATERMANN, CatharinaRatermann, ChristinaREVERMANN, Bernard---
SCHWIERJOHN, Bertha Henrietta7 Apr 19018 Apr 1901Schwierjohn, FranzDEBEN, Angelina BernardinaISAACK (Iasack), Maria AnnaIsack, Heinrich---
SCHWIERJOHN, Catharina Theodora18 Apr 190319 Apr 1903Schwierjohn, FranzDEBEN, Angelina AHRENS, TheodorSchwierjohn, Catharina---
SCHWIERJOHN, Francisca Theresia7 Sep 19057 Sep 1905Schwierjohn, FranzDEBEN, AngelinaAHRENS, FrancisSchwierjohn, TheresiaShe became Sister Maria Lidvina on 2 Jan (no year) St Mercy Vicksburg, MN
SCHWIERJOHN, Maria Anna15 Jan 187116 Jan 1871Schwierjohn, ClemensSCHROER, ElisabethaNIEMANN, Maria AnnaSchroer, Franz---
SCHWIERJOHN, Maria Catharina21 Oct 189823 Oct 1898Schwierjohn, FranzDEBEN, AngelinaDEBEN, TheodorSchwierjohn, Maria---
SCULLY, Maria Estella6 Aug 18979 Aug 1897Scully, WilhelmENRIGHT, CatharinaDOYLE, MariaEnright, Jacob---
SEELHOEFFER, Anton20 Nov 190623 Nov 1906Seelhoefer, HeinrichSCHNIER, ElisabethKOHRS, AntonLINING, AnnaMarried 20 May 1953 Aviston, ILL to Eleonore Wempe.
SEWITH, Caecilia Anna29 Jan 190529 Jan 1905Sewith, Samuel TheoMILLER, SophiaBRUENING, HeinrichBruening, Anna---
SHEPHERD, Robert Emmet10 Mar 19001 Apr 1900Shepherd, RobertBAN, AnnaSMITH, JosephWERNER, AnnaConfirmed 15 Jun 1924
SHEPPERD, Heinrich20 Jul 19033 Aug 1903Shepperd, RobertBANN, Not listedBENTLER, JosephBentler, Maria---
SIEFERT, Conrad (Deceased)10 Jan 188610 Jan 1886Siefert, FriederichSCHUSSEL, MariaSchussel, Conrad------
SIEGEL, Anna Maria5 Aug 18628 Aug 1862Siegel, AndreasLAMPEN, Anna MariaGEERS, ElisabethaMARCUS, Herman Heinrich---
SIRKEL, Maria Catharina1 Jul 18684 Jul 1868Sirkel, WilhelmWELTE, TheresiaMARKS, CatharinaWelte, Paul---
SLEPER, Anna Maria27 May 188928 May 1889Sleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaSleper, AnnaRevermann, Bernard---
SLEPER, Bernard Herman25 Nov 189526 Nov 1895Sleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaRevermann, BernardMENSEN, Maria Catharina---
SLEPER, Gerhard Heinrich15 Apr 188816 Apr 1888Sleper, Johann BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaSleper, Herman HeinrichRevermann, Louisa---
SLEPER, Heinrich August14 Nov 189316 Nov 1893Sleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaRevermann, HeinrichSUMMER, Maria---
SLEPER, Johann Joseph Bernard28 Oct 189130 Oct 1891Sleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaRevermann, BernardReneke, Elisabetha---
SLEPER, Louisa Maria29 Jul 189929 Jul 1899Sleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaGEERS, AnnaMENSEN, Bernard---
SLEPER, Maria Catharina7 Dec 19018 Dec 1901Sleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharineMENSEN, Maria CatharinaWARNEKE, Franz---
SLOTH, Helena Maria23 May 186723 May 1867Sloth, HeinrichPIER, Anna MariaSCHULTE, HelenaTIMMER, Lucas---
SLOTH, Maria Anna19 Apr 187020 Apr 1870Sloth, HeinrichREISING, Anna MariaCORTE, AnnaSCHAVESDIEK, Caspar---
SLOTH, Maria Wilhelmina6 Dec 18728 Dec 1872Sloth, Bernard HeinrichREISING, Maria Anna HILMES, HeinrichKRUEP, Maria Anna---
SMIDT, Anna Felicitas30 Nov 18993 Dec 1899Smidt, FelixJANSEN, ElisabethNORDMANN, FranzJansen, Catharina---
SMITH, Theodor Arnold12 Oct 190613 Oct 1906Smith, JuliusBRUEGGE, CaeciliaBruegge, TheodorBruegge, LouisaMarried 11 Jan 1941 St. Rosary St. Louis to Frances O'Shaughnessy. Confirmed 27 Jun 1918
SPECHT, Maria Catharine17 Dec 185814 Feb 1859Specht, JosephRIEL, ElisabethSpecht, CatharinaSpecht, Catharina---
SPIELER, Emma Louisa16 Nov 186528 Jan 1866Spieler, BernardBEICHEL, LouisaSCHARFENBERGER, AntonScharfenberger, Regina---
SPIELER, Georg Johann18 Apr 186925 Apr 1869Spieler, EngelbertBEICHEL, LouisaSCHWARZ, Georg------
SPITLER, Franz Jacob28 Nov 186313 Mar 1864Spitler, JacobAMAN, TheresiaAman, Maria EvaREEL, Franz---
SPITTELER, Joseph Johann29 Mar 185819 Dec 1858Spitteler, JacobAMON, TheresiaAmon, Maria EvaAmon, Joseph---
STALLBONES, Anna Maria30 Jun 18702 Jul 1870Stallbones, HeinrichMENKE, ElisabethaMenke, Maria AnnaBUERMANN, Friderich---
STOFF, Herman Heinrich17 Jan 186518 Jan 1865Stoff, Gerhard HeinrichHOMANN, Maria TheresiaHomann, Gerhard HermanStoff, Josephina---
STOLTE, Heinrich Conrad6 Jul 18917 Jul 1891Stolte, Gerhard HeinrichJANSSEN, FriedericaJanssen, ConradSCHNITKER, Maria Angela---
STORZ, Josephina11 Dec 186118 Dec 1861Storz, MathiasSCHMIDT, Maria EvaLOHMANN, ElisabethaStorz, JacobThis Baptism took place in Trenton, IL by Pastor Reineke
STRACTER, Elisabetha11 Mar 186512 Mar 1865Stracter, JosephSCHEIDEMANN, MariaTHEVES, ElisabethaTheves, Johann---
STRAKE, Anna Elisabeth22 Aug 189426 Aug 1894Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaFOCKES, ElisabethROBERG, Joseph---
STRAKE, Anna Gesina13 Nov 187414 Nov 1874Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaHAAR, BenedictUbben, Anna---
STRAKE, Anna Rosa23 Feb 188927 Feb 1889Strake, HeinrichUBBEN, MariaFOPPE, RosinaFUHLER, Johann---
STRAKE, Anna Rosina27 Mar 189731 Mar 1897Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaUbben, Anna MariaHAAR, Theodor---
STRAKE, Anton Albert13 Nov 189115 Nov 1891Strake, AlbertUBBE, MariaDEUTSCH, AntonKRUEP, Catharina---
STRAKE, Franz Albert21 Jul 190121 Jul 1901Strake, FranzHOFFMANN, CarolinaStrake, AlbertKORTE, AnnaMarried 17 Dec 1981 St. Louis Cathedral to Loretta (Cope) Brefeld
STRAKE, Franz Albert2 Sep 19063 Sep 1906Strake, GeorgHAAKE, ChristinaStrake, FranzHaake, ElisabethMarried 6 Jun 1934 St. Caecilia Bartelso, IL to Catharina Juhl
STRAKE, Franz Heinrich (Deceased)16 Nov 187818 Nov 1878Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaUbben, GerhardUbben, Anna Maria---
STRAKE, Herman Gerhard31 Jul 18832 Aug 1883Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaKEMPE, HermanUbben, Catharina---
STRAKE, Johann Arnold1 Apr 19051 Apr 1905Strake, HermanHAKE, ChristinaHake, JohannStrake, Maria---
STRAKE, Johann Bernard (Deceased)10 Feb 188115 Feb 1881Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaFOCKES, Johann BernardBERENDS, Maria---
STRAKE, Johann Heinrich21 Jun 188623 Jun 1886Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaHAAR, HeinrichSCHULTE, Helena---
STRAKE, Maria Elisabetha14 Jul 187616 Jul 1876Strake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaOTKE, MariaUbben, Bernard---
STRAKE, Maria Genevieve17 Dec 190317 Dec 1903Strake, FranzHOFFMANN, LenaKORTE, BernardKorte, Anna---
STROHT, Anna13 Mar 186616 Mar 1866Stroht, HeinrichSCHULTE, MariaMORHINNERS, Maria AnnaHEIDEMANN, Gerhard---
STROHT, Gesina Elisabetha10 Jan 187013 Jan 1870Stroht, HeinrichSCHULTE, MariaKRUEP, GesinaStroht, Caspar---
STROHT, Maria Catharina1 Nov 18632 Nov 1863Stroht, Bernard HeinrichSCHULTE, MariaMORHINNERS, FranzALTPETER, Maria Catharina---
STROOT, Carolina5 Dec 18717 Dec 1871Stroot, HeinrichSCHULTE, MariaBUHNE, CarolinaJANSEN, Joseph---
STROT, Anna Catharina11 Feb 186215 Feb 1862Strot, Bernard HeinrichSCHULTE, MariaStrot, CatharinaWOBBE, Bernard---
STUEVER, Anna Maria21 Dec 186423 Dec 1864Stuever, BernardKRUEP, ElisabethaStuever, Anna MariaHINKAMP, Heinrich---
STUEVER, Bernard Heinrich20 May 190520 May 1905Stuever, BernardHILLE, Anna MariaBOLKE, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, Mathilda---
STUEVER, Bernard Heinrich10 Nov 186210 Nov 1862Stuever, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), ElisabethaKruep, Bernard HeinrichStuever, Elisabetha---
STUEVER, Carl Anton26 Feb 18662 Mar 1866Stuever, CarlNIEMEYER, MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AntonNiemeyer, Maria---
STUEVER, Gerhard Heinrich14 Apr 186215 Apr 1862Stuever, CarlMEYER, Maria ElisabethSUTFELD, GerhardSTUEVER, Elisabeth---
STUEVER, Heinrich Bernard1 Aug 19032 Aug 1903Stuever, BernardHILLEN, Anna MariaStuever, HeinrichStuever, Maria---
STUEVER, Johann August3 Jan 18816 Jan 1881Stuever, BernardKRUEP, ElisabethKruep, HeinrichSCHROEDER, Not listed---
STUEVER, Machtilde Maria2 May 19013 May 1901Stuever, BernardHILLEN, AnnaSCHOENFELD, MachtildeMOSS, Herman---
STUEVER, Maria Elisabetha9 Dec 186412 Dec 1864Stuever, CarlMEYER, Maria ElisabethSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria AngelaBLASE, Franz---
STUEVER, Wilhelmina Margarita28 Feb 18641 Mar 1864Stuever, CarlHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna MariaHuelsmann, Anna MargaritaHÜHNE (Huehne), Johann Heinrich---
STUTTWIG, Franz2 Jan 18729 Jan 1872Stuttwig, TheodorMOOS, Maria MargaritaMARKS, FranzMarks, Theresia---
STÜVER (Stuever), Johann Conrad4 Jun 18605 Jun 1860Stuever, KarlMEYER, Maria ElisabethMeyer, Johann ConradSCHROEDER, Maria Angela---
TAPHORN, Anna Maria3 Jun 18604 Jun 1860Taphorn, GerhardLEUBEKAMP, LouiseLeubekamp, Anna MariaAUFENORDE, Heinrich---
TAPHORN, Carl Anton12 Sep 187314 Sep 1873Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENCAMP, LouisaORTHMANN, Gerhard HeinrichMIDDEKE, Catharina---
TAPHORN, Elisabetha12 Dec 186415 Dec 1864Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENKAMP, LouisaWENNER, LisettaBROCKSCHMIDT, Clemens August---
TAPHORN, Herman Bernard29 Apr 18681 May 1868Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENCAMP, LouisaSCHUMACHER, GerhardLeuvencamp, Anna Maria---
TAPHORN, Johann Heinrich11 Oct 186213 Oct 1862Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENKAMP, LouisaMIDDEKE, BernardSCHRANDT, Maria Angela---
TAPHORN, Johann Theodor9 Feb 187111 Feb 1871Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENKAMP, LouisaMIDDEKE, TheodorSCHUMACHER, Anna---
TAPHORN, Maria Angela Bernardina5 Apr 18767 Apr 1876Taphorn, GerhardLEUFENKAMP, LouisaSCHUMACHER, Maria AngelaMIDDEKE, Heinrich---
TAPHORN, Maria Catharina16 May 188018 May 1880Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENCAMP, LouisaTaphorn, LouisaMIDDEKE, Johann---
TAPHORN, Maria Louisa6 Nov 18658 Nov 1865Taphorn, GerhardLEUVENKAMP, LouisaSCHRANDT, Maria AnnaTaphorn, Anton Johann---
TELLCAMP, Anna Maria12 May 186513 May 1865Tellcamp, BernardTRAENER, ClaraBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Herman------
TELLCAMP, Christina22 May 186323 May 1863Tellcamp, BernardTREVER, ClaraBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), ChristinaSCHULTE, Gerhard---
THEISING, Clemens Alphonse24 Mar 190224 Mar 1902Theising, BernardSTRIEKER, TheresiaStrieker, ClemensKUPER, Carolina---
THEISMANN, Johann Aloys7 Jul 19008 Jul 1900Theismann, BernardSTRUKER, TheresiaStruker, JohannSCHOCKER, Christina---
THIEN, Bernard Heinrich Joseph15 Sep 190415 Sep 1904Thien, HeinrichNot listedThien, BernardThien, Carolina---
THIEN, Bernard Victor3 Sep 19014 Sep 1901Thien, ConradSCHWARZ, CarolinaThien, BernardSchwarz, ChristinaAdopted by Henry Thien? This note could apply to next entry. (Anna Doyle)
THIEN, Georg Conrad31 Aug 19051 Sep 1905Thien, ConradSCHWARZ, CarolinaSchwarz, GeorgHOLLENCAMP, Maria---
THIEN, Ludwina Catharina25 Feb 190625 Feb 1906Thien, BenedictVOSS, TheresiaFELDMANN, BernardVoss, CatharinaMarried 25 Nov 1931 non-Catholic in St. Louis to Cornelius Georg Zimmermann from New Baden, IL. Confirmed 6 Nov 1919
THIEN, Maria Elisabeth28 Oct 190229 Oct 1902Thien, BenedictVOS, TheresiaThien, BernardVOSS, Elisabeth---
THIEN, Olivia Christina18 Apr 190319 Apr 1903Thien, ConradSCHWARZ, CarolinaThien, BernardSchwarz, Christina---
THIEN, Paulina Elisabeth29 Jun 190329 Jun 1903Thien, BernardVOSS, MariaThien, BenedictVOSS, Elisabeth---
THIEN, Rosa Maria 26 Nov 190128 Nov 1901Thien, HeinrichSTIER, CatharinaHOLTCAMP, MariaHUELSMANN, August---
THOLE, Catharina Louisa14 Jul 187015 Jul 1870Thole, BernardMOS, TheresiaTAPHORN, LouisaBROCKSCHMIDT, Clemens---
TIMMERMANN, Anna Catharina21 Jul 188022 Jul 1880Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, Margarita ElisabethaHACKELBERG, AnnaESS, Bernard---
TIMMERMANN, Anna Maria 10 Jun 189811 Jun 1898Timmermann, August CarlSPIELMANN, AntoniaSpielmann, Maria AnnaHUSTEDDE, Franz---
TIMMERMANN, Anna Maria (Deceased)2 Oct 18763 Oct 1876Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, Margarita ElisabethaREILMANN, Maria AnnaMUELLER, Ignatz---
TIMMERMANN, Anna Maria Christina16 Sep 189217 Sep 1892Timmermann, WilhelmSPIELMANN, AnnaSpielmann, Maria AnnaTimmermann, Heinrich---
TIMMERMANN, Anton Dominic (Deceased)5 Jun 18946 Jun 1894Timmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLAG, MariaFELDEWERT, AntonDEIEN, Elisabetha---
TIMMERMANN, Anton Franz18 Oct 189718 Oct 1897Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, Maria AnnaVon Hatten, AntonTimmermann, Antonia---
TIMMERMANN, August Alphonse2 Feb 19024 Feb 1902Timmermann, TheodorHABICH, AnnaTimmermann, AugustHabich, Josephina---
TIMMERMANN, August Herman30 Oct 18741 Nov 1874Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ElisabethaKarhoff, Johann GerhardTimmermann, Anna Christina---
TIMMERMANN, Benedict Aloys Anton24 Apr 190025 Apr 1900Timmermann, WilhelmSPIELMANN, AnnaSpielmann, BenedictTimmermann, Antonia---
TIMMERMANN, Bernard Heinrich (Deceased)2 Mar 18843 Mar 1884Timmermann, WilhelmKRUEP, AnnaKruep, HeinrichTimmermann, Anna---
TIMMERMANN, Bernard Lucas8 Oct 18889 Oct 1888Timmermann, CarlTHEISING, ElisabethDIESTEL BernardDiestel, Theresia---
TIMMERMANN, Bernard Theodor (Deceased)4 Mar 18845 Mar 1884Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaTimmermann, TheodorAltepeter, Anna---
TIMMERMANN, Bernardina (Twin) (Deceased)23 Jun 188123 Jun 1881Timmermann, WilhelmBRANDMEIER, Anna HUSTEDDE, DinaFUNKE, Franz---
TIMMERMANN, Bernardina Elisabetha (Deceased)19 Apr 188121 Apr 1881Timmermann, CarlTHEISING, ElisabethHUSTEDDE, BernardinaMAUE, Clemens---
TIMMERMANN, Bernardina Maria9 May 188811 May 1888Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ElisabethHUSTEDDE, DinaTimmermann, Heinrich---
TIMMERMANN, Bernardina Wilhelmina21 Apr 188222 Apr 1882Timmermann, HeinrichRAMING, Maria AntoniaHUSTEDDE, BernardinaTimmermann, Heinrich---
TIMMERMANN, Carl August21 Oct 189122 Oct 1891Timmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaTimmermann, CarlSchlueter, Maria Catharina---
TIMMERMANN, Catharina Elisabeth15 Dec 188517 Dec 1885Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ElisabethTimmermann, CatharinaKarhoff, Wilhelm---
TIMMERMANN, Catharina Maria9 Aug 188610 Aug 1886Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaTimmermann, MariaKLUTHO, August---
TIMMERMANN, Clara Adelheid3 Jan 18934 Jan 1893Timmermann, HermanKARHOF, ElisabethKarhof, WilhelmKarhof, Anna Adelheid---
TIMMERMANN, Conrad Silvester4 May 19025 May 1902Timmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLACH, MariaSCHUESSEL, ConradSchuessel, Clara---
TIMMERMANN, Edwin Heinrich9 Nov 190210 Nov 1902Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaHUSTEDDE, HeinrichVon Hatten, HelenaMarried 1 May 1928 to Alvina Kohlbrecher; Witnesses: Eugene Timmermann & Bertha Kohlbrecher
TIMMERMANN, Edwin Wilhelm (Deceased)23 Apr 189423 Apr 1894Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaTimmermann, WilhelmKAPP, Catharina---
TIMMERMANN, Eugene Wilhelm28 Sep 190429 Sep 1904Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaTimmermann, WilhelmTimmermann, CatharinaMarried 27 Oct 1943 St. Mary's Church Trenton, IL to Bertha Kohlbrecher
TIMMERMANN, Flora Elisabeth12 Jan 189513 Jan 1895Timmermann, WilhelmSPIELMANN, AnnaTimmermann, ElisabethSpielmann, Benedict---
TIMMERMANN, Franz Anton16 Nov 190016 Nov 1900Timmermann, Carl AugustSPIELMANN, AntoniaSpielmann, BenedictTimmermann, AntoniaMarried Apr 1927 Beckemeyer to Aloys F. Litteken
TIMMERMANN, Georg Benedict5 May 19035 May 1903Timmermann, AugustSPIELMANN, AntonettaSpielmann, BenedictTimmermann, Anna Christina---
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard Carl31 Jul 18792 Aug 1879Timmermann, HeinrichRAMING, Maria AntoniaTimmermann, Gerhard CarlBUHNE, Carolina---
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard Heinrich9 Aug 188710 Aug 1887Timmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLACH, MariaTimmermann, GerhardILGES, Theresia---
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard Ludwig6 Feb 18937 Feb 1893Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, CatharinaVon Hatten, LudwigHOLTGREVE, Theresia---
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard Wilhelm2 Oct 18762 Oct 1876Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaTimmermann, WilhelmRENEKE, Elisabetha---
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard Wilhelm (Deceased)9 Nov 188110 Nov 1881Timmermann, WilhelmKRUEP, ElisabethTimmermann, Gerhard WilhelmKruep, Maria---
TIMMERMANN, Heinrich Johann27 Feb 190628 Feb 1906Timmermann, Heinrich CasparTIMMERMANN, MariaHEIDEL , JohannTimmermann, MariaMarried 27 Feb 1946 St. Louis, MO to Mary Altepeter. Confirmed 27 Jun 1918. Baptism date changed to 28 Feb from 31 Feb.
TIMMERMANN, Heinrich Theobald28 Jul 189529 Jul 1895Timmermann, AugustSPIELMANN, AntoniaTimmermann, HeinrichSpielmann, Maria---
TIMMERMANN, Henrietta Theodora23 Dec 189625 Dec 1896Timmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLAG, MariaKELLERMANN, AngelaHUMMERT, Heinrich---
TIMMERMANN, Herman Gustav15 Oct 189315 Oct 1893Timmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaSchlueter, Herman GustavGIAMI, Catharina---
TIMMERMANN, Herman Joseph (Deceased)7 Mar 18818 Mar 1881Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaTIMMERMANN, HermanAltepeter, Anna---
TIMMERMANN, Herman Wilhelm17 Oct 189118 Oct 1891Timmermann, WilhelmSPIELMANN, AnnaTimmermann, HermanKRUEP, Anna---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Gerhard1 Nov 18733 Nov 1873Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, Maria ElisabethTimmermann, GerhardKarhoff, Elisabetha---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Heinrich3 Apr 18844 Apr 1884Timmermann, CarlTHEISING, ElisabethaMAUE, HeinrichTimmermann, Antonia---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Heinrich28 Jan 188029 Jan 1880Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, HeinrichMEYER, Wilhelmina born KUHLMANN---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Heinrich Friderich2 May 18734 May 1873Timmermann, HeinrichRAMING, LisettaMEIER, FriderichTimmermann, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Heinrich Friderich19 Jul 187320 Jul 1873Timmermann, WilhelmBRANDMEIER, Anna ChristinaMEIER, FriederichMEHRJAHN, Maria---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Wilhelm9 Nov 188110 Nov 1881Timmermann, WilhelmKRUEP, AnnaTimmermann, WilhelmKruep, TheresiaThis Nov 1881 entry appears at the bottom of the page after an April 1879 entry.
TIMMERMANN, Joseph Herman7 Oct 18957 Oct 1895Timmermann, GerhardSTATTEN, MariaVON HATTEN, JosephTimmermann, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Josephina Anna1 Oct 18882 Oct 1888Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaKLUTHO, AnnaHOLTGREVE, Gerhard---
TIMMERMANN, Laurent4 May 18895 May 1889Timmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLAG, MariaDEIEN, LorentNIEHAUS, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Ludwig Bernard31 May 19061 Jun 1906Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaVon Hatten, LudwigTimmermann, Anna ChristinaMarried 21 Jun 1944 to Mary Appel; Confirmed 1 May 1921
TIMMERMANN, Maria Adelheid8 Jul 18789 Jul 1878Timmermann, WilhelmNot listedWILKE, Maria AdelheidTimmermann, Theodor---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Carolina21 Jan 190621 Jan 1906Timmermann, AugustSPIELMANN, AntoniaSpielmann, MariaSpielmann, Johann---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Carolina28 Jul 190428 Jul 1904Timmermann, WilhelmSPIELMANN, Anna ChristinaJANSSEN, Anna MariaTimmermann, TheodorConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
TIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabetha4 Feb 18785 Feb 1878Timmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaTimmermann, CatharinaMEIER, Frederich---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabetha17 May 186119 May 1861Timmermann, HermanKARHOF, Maria AnnaTimmermann, Maria ElisabethaKarhof, Theodor---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabetha3 Apr 18844 Apr 1884Timmermann, WilhelmBRANDT, Anna ChristinaTimmermann, Maria AntoniaESS, Bernard---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabetha24 Sep 187925 Sep 1879Timmermann, WilhelmKRUEP, AnnaTimmermann, Maria ElisabethaKruep, Bernard---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Hermina11 Apr 190513 Apr 1905Timmermann, TheodorHABICH, AnnaTimmermann, MariaHabich, Herman---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Josephina1 May 18852 May 1885Timmermann, TheodorBIXSCHLAG, MariaTimmermann, MariaILGES, Franz---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Regina12 Jun 189714 Jun 1897Timmermann, WilhelmSPIELMANN, Anna ChristinaSpielmann, Maria HelenHUSTEDDE, Franz---
TIMMERMANN, Maria Wilhelmina7 May 18679 May 1867Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, Maria AnnaKarhoff, Maria AdelheidMEYER, Friderich---
TIMMERMANN, Olivia Elisabeth10 Mar 189912 Mar 1899Timmermann, TheodorHABICH, AnnaHOLTGREVE, ElisabethTimmermann, Wilhelm---
TIMMERMANN, Regina Aurelia5 Dec 18906 Dec 1890Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ElisabethRENEKE, MartinReneke, Elisabetha---
TIMMERMANN, Regina Johanna (Deceased)11 Oct 189613 Oct 1896Timmermann, TheodorHABICH, AnnaHabich, ReginaHabich, Johann---
TIMMERMANN, Rosa Bernardina4 Jan 18836 Jan 1883Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ClesabethaTimmermann, AnnaKarhoff, Gerhard HeinrichMarried 4 Oct 1928 in Jerseyville, IL to Heinrich Zurorts?
TIMMERMANN, Theobald Heinrich17 Jun 189018 Jun 1890Timmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaTimmermann, HeinrichSTOLTEBEN, Wilhelmina---
TIMMERMANN, Theodor30 May 18691 Jun 1869Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, Maria AnnaTimmermann, TheodorMEYER, Wilhelmina---
TIMMERMANN, Victor Theodor9 Mar 190110 Mar 1901Timmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaTimmermann, TheodorNIEMEIER, Anna---
TIMMERMANN, Walter Theodor6 Apr 19067 Apr 1906Timmermann, Heinrich WilhelmWIENKEN, RosaTimmermann, TheodorZWAKE, Louisa---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm20 Apr 187622 Apr 1876Timmermann, HeinrichRAMING, AntonettaTimmermann, WilhelmHOLTHAUS, Elisabetha---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm (Deceased)17 Aug 186319 Aug 1863Timmermann, HermanKAHRHOFF, AnnaTimmermann, WilhelmKahrhoff, Margarita Maria Anna---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm (Twin) (Deceased)23 Jun 188123 Jun 1881Timmermann, WilhelmBRANDMEIER, Anna WILKENS, WilhelmTimmermann, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich23 Jan 187824 Jan 1878Timmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ElisabethaTimmermann, WilhelmNIEBUR, Maria---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm Johann6 Sep 18917 Sep 1891Timmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLAG, MariaTimmermann, WilhelmFELDEWERT, Dorothea---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelmina14 Feb 187216 Feb 1872Timmermann, CarlTHEISING, ElisabethaMEYER, WilhelminaHUELSMANN, Friederich---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelmina5 Dec 18756 Dec 1875Timmermann, WilhelmBRANDMEIER, Anna ChristinaGROGMANN, HeinrichKUHLMANN, Wilhelmina Maria---
TOEHNER, Maria Johanna19 Apr 186826 Apr 1868Toehner, FriderichWEITNER, AlbertinaWeitner, JohannaCAUNE, Heinrich---
TOENESSEN, Theodor16 Mar 186216 Mar 1862Toenessen, GerhardWIEGMANN, Anna MariaToenessen, TheodorRICHTER, Theresia---
TÖHNER (Toehner), Heinrich Leonard2 Oct 186628 Apr 1867Toehner, LeonardROLL, MariaToehner, FriderichLOSCHE, Elisabetha---
TOMI, Carolina23 Apr 186224 Sep 1862Tomi, FranzGRIESBAUM, EfrasinaWICKENMANN, Magdalena---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
TOMI, Euphrasina27 Aug 186019 Sep 1860Tomi, FranzCHRIESBAUM, EuphrasinaWALKER, Maria---Compare GRIESBAUM
TONNIES, Gerhard Heinrich16 Nov 186117 Nov 1861Tonnies, Johann BernardDUST, Margaritha AdelheidTonnies, Gerhard HeinrichDust, Anna Maria---
TORKALSON, Lorene Juliana7 Apr 19048 Nov 1906Torkalson, JohannJOHNS, IdaAVELING, Not listed------
TRAENER, Anna11 Feb 186712 Feb 1867Traener, JosephJACOBSMEYER, ElisabethaTELLCAMP, ClaraJacobsmeyer, Heinrich---
TRAINER, Bernard23 Apr 186824 Apr 1868Trainer, JosephJACOBSMEYER, ElisabethaTrainer, BernardBIXSCHLAG, Maria---
TRAMER, Johann Frederich (Twin)31 Oct 18761 Nov 1876Tramer, AugustKRUEP, ChristinaTramer, Johann FrederichKruep, Maria Anna---
TRAMER, Johann Theodor (Twin)31 Oct 18761 Nov 1876Tramer, AugustKRUEP, ChristinaKruep, TheodorBURMESTER, Anna Maria---
TRIERWEILER, Helena Emma27 May 189911 Jun 1899Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CarolinaAHRENS, WilhelmRAUSCH, Ella---
UBBEN, Catharina5 Jan 18666 Jan 1866Ubben, Gerhard HeinrichBÄRENS (Baerens), GesinaALTPETER, CatharinaBaerens, Nicolaus---
UBBEN, Helena29 Mar 186929 Mar 1869Ubben, Gerhard BEHRENS, GesinaFOCKES, HelenaHAAR, Benedict---
URK, Maria Anna25 Mar 188627 Mar 1886Urk, HeinrichNIEHAUS, CarolinaPEEK, Anna MariaNiehaus, Albert---
UTZ, Catharina12 Jan 185613 Sep 1867Utz, Friderich FerdinandRICHTER, Jacobina CatharinaSPECKMANN, Maria Elisabetha------
UTZ, Maria12 Jul 185713 Sep 1867Utz, Friderich FerdinandRICHTER, Jacobina CatharinaMARKS, Maria Theresia------
VAN DER PLUM, Bernard Alphonse3 Feb 18965 Feb 1896Van Der Plum, LudwigSCHWARZ, CatharinaSchwarz, BernardBOENHOFF, CatharinaCompare Plum; this entry could also be Van Der Pleim
VAN DER PLYM, Gertrud Christina10 May 190312 May 1903Van Der Plym, LudwigSCHWARZ, CatharinaSchwarz, FranzSchwarz, Catharina---
VENHAUS, Aloys Bernard25 Mar 190226 Mar 1902Venhaus, HeinrichJANSSEN, EmmaJanssen, BernardVenhaus, Christina---
VENHAUS, Clara Maria Johanna21 Jun 189921 Jun 1899Venhaus, HeinrichJANSSEN, EmmaHILMES, MariaSTOFF, Johann---
VENHAUS, Johann Eduard12 Mar 190413 Mar 1904Venhaus, HeinrichJANSSEN, EmmaKAULING, JohannWELLING, AnnaMarried 14 Apr 1926 to Rosa M. Kuhl from Aviston, IL; Witnesses: Leo Venhaus & A. Kuhl
VENHAUS, Leo Heinrich10 Jan 190711 Jan 1907Venhaus, HeinrichJANSSEN, ChristinaHILMES, Johann HeinrichGERSTMANN, Maria Francisca ?Married 24 Sep 1930 St Augustine Breese, IL to Elizabeth M. Niebur
VERGLE, Bertha28 Sep 186221 Jan 1863Vergle, Lantelin ?WEISEBURGER, CatharinaGESELL, Anton---This Baptism took place in Summerfield, IL by Pastor Reineke
VIRSHING, Maximilian6 Mar 18967 Mar 1896Virshing, JosephSTAHL, DorotheaDEUTSCH, AntonBEHRENS, CatharinaCompare Wirshing
VOLMER, Carolina8 Aug 186730 Oct 1906Volmer, JacobTILTEN, MariaABEL, MariaWOLF, GeorgAdult Baptism; wife of Georg Wolf
VOLMER, Carolina8 Aug 186730 Oct 1906Volmer, JacobTILTEN, MariaABEL, MariaWOLF, GeorgAdult Baptism; wife of Georg Wolf. (Duplicate entry)
VON ALST, Catharina Olivia26 Jul 190526 Jul 1905Von Alst, JohannSCHEER, AnnaVon Alst, TheodorALBERTERNST, CatharinaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
VON BOCKEL, Anna Maria Elisabeth14 Jul 189516 Jul 1895Von Bockel, JohannKLUMPKE, MariaNIEMEIER, ElisabethBUSSELMANN, Gerhard---
VON Bockel, August Alwin29 Feb 19042 Mar 1904Von Bockel, JohannKLÜMPKE (Kluempke), MariaWELLING, Bernard HeinrichWelling, JohannaMarried 22 Oct 1936 to ___tantia ? Schnyder
VON BOCKEL, Bernard24 Sep 186830 Sep 1868Von Bockel, WilhelmWEKAMP, AngelaVON Bokel, BernardREVERMANN, Louisa---
VON BOCKEL, Gerhard Herman Wilhelm13 Oct 186515 Oct 1865Von Bockel, WilhelmWECAMP, AngelaWecamp, Gerhard HermanBÜHNE (Buehne), Carolina---
VON BOCKEL, Johann Bernard28 Jan 189730 Jan 1897Von Bockel, JohannKLUMPKE, MariaVon Bockel, BernardBUSSELMANN, Bernardina---
VON BOCKEL, Johann Joseph20 Jan 190222 Jan 1902Von Bockel, JohannKLUMPKE, MariaVon Bockel, JohannKlumpke, Catharina Confirmed 27 Jun 1918
VON BOCKEL, Theodor Heinrich15 Aug 187416 Aug 1874Von Bockel, BernardNIEMEIER, Anna MariaNiemeier, Theodor HeinrichBUHNE, Carolina---
VON BOKEL, Catharina Elisabeth15 Nov 188116 Nov 1881Von Bokel, WilhelmWECAMP, AngelaBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaVon Bokel, Bernard---
VON BOKEL, Johann Wilhelm15 Nov 186618 Nov 1866Von Bokel, WilhelmWEKAMP, AngelaVon Bokel, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna---
VON BOKEL, Joseph (Deceased)5 Feb 18797 Feb 1879Von Bokel, WilhelmWECAMP, AngelaNIEMEIER, Elisabetha------
VON HATTEN, Anton Michael29 Sep 18791 Oct 1879Von Hatten, LudwigNIEMEIER, AnnaFELDEWERT, AntonNiemeier, Maria---
VONALST, Rosa Elisabetha18 May 190620 May 1906Vonalst, HeinrichMAUE, TheresiaVonalst, TheodorMaue, ElisabethConfirmed 1 May 1921. Compare Van Alst
VONBOCKEL, Maria Carolina (Deceased)9 Feb 18779 Feb 1877Vonbockel, WilhelmWEHKAMP, Maria AngelaBÜHNE (Buehne), CarolinaTRAME, August---
VONBOKEL, Bernard Wilhelm26 Aug 187627 Aug 1876Vonbokel, BernardNIEMEIER, MariaVon Bokel, WilhelmNIEMEIER, ElisabethaCompare Von Bokel
VONKE, Herman Alvin7 May 189810 May 1898Vonke, AugustKORTE, CatharinaKorte, HermanSCHUETE, Anna---
VONKE, Infant (Deceased)18 Jan 189119 Jan 1891Vonke, FranzCORTE, Catharina------Private Baptism
VOS, Anna30 Jun 18612 Jul 1861Vos, JohannWIEGHARDT, AngelaVos, AnnaBÜHNE (Buehne), Herman---
VOS, Anna Catharina27 Jan 186329 Jan 1863Vos, BernardBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Anna MariaTHEISLING, Anna AdelheidSTROHT, Johann Heinrich---
VOS, Anna Catharina5 Feb 18637 Feb 1863Vos, JohannWIEGARD, AngelaHEIDEMANN, MariaKRÜP (Kruep), Heinrich---
VOS, Anna Maria Elisabetha12 Mar 187214 Mar 1872Vos, JohannWIEGARDT, Angela Vos, AnnaGOELLNER, Ferdinand---
VOS, Anton21 May 188122 May 1881Vos, AntonSCHAVESDICK, ElisabethaVos, StephanSCHULTE, Agnes---
VOS, August Aloys17 Sep 187822 Sep 1878Vos, TheodorEMMERICH, HelenaSCHREIBER, JohannSchreiber, Elisabeth---
VOS, Bernard19 Feb 187020 Feb 1870Vos, JohannWIEGARDT, Angela JulianaVOMMERS, BernardKRUEP, Maria---
VOS, Bernard Theodor18 May 189619 May 1896Vos, HermanOTKE, ElisabethVos, BernardHUELSMANN, Maria---
VOS, Eulalia Bernardina12 Feb 188412 Feb 1884Vos, HermanOTKE, Anna ElisabethaOtke, Maria CatharinaTIMMERMANN, Herman---
VOS, Franz Anton25 Mar 188327 Mar 1883Vos, BernardVOS, MariaVos, AntonVos, Elisabetha---
VOS, Herman Bernard26 Sep 188026 Sep 1880Vos, BernardVOS, MariaVos, HermanVos, Elisabetha---
VOS, Johann Bernard14 Jan 186616 Jan 1866Vos, GeorgBEBER, ElisabethaENGELMEYER, BernardHODDINGHAUS, Heinrich---
VOS, Johann Bernard5 Jan 18657 Jan 1865Vos, JohannWIEGARD, AngelaVos, BernardKAULING, Angela---
VOS, Johann Bernard (Deceased?)1 Jun 18853 Jun 1885Vos, BernardVOS, MariaVos, JohannRENEKE, ElisabethaMarried Ida Lynch Freep 7 Feb 1948 in St. Patrick Church East St. Louis, IL
VOS, Johann Friederich5 Jul 18757 Jul 1875Vos, DietrichEMMERICH, HelenaVos, Johann FriederichEmmerich, Antonette---
VOS, Johann Heinrich9 Apr 186510 Apr 1865Vos, BernardBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), MariaBrueggemann, Johann HeinrichSCHONEFELD, Maria---
VOS, Johann Herman25 Feb 187427 Feb 1874Vos, JohannWIEGARDT, MariaVos, HermanRAHMING, Anton---
VOS, Joseph Wendel3 Feb 18944 Feb 1894Vos, BernardVOS, MariaMEIER, WendelVos, Maria---
VOS, Josephina Catharina15 Apr 189116 Apr 1891Vos, AntonNIEHAUS, ElisabethGOELLNER, CatharinaGoellner, Ferdinand---
VOS, Josephina Philomina (Deceased)15 Nov 188316 Nov 1883Vos, AntonNIEHAUS, ElisabethaSTOLTEBEEN, WilhelmSCHRAGE, Joseph---
VOS, Maria Angela7 Mar 18609 Mar 1860Vos, Johann BernardBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), MariaBrueggemann, Maria AngelaALBERS, Johann Heinrich---
VOS, Maria Anna Wilhelmina10 Dec 186911 Dec 1869Vos, BernardBRUEGGEMANN, Maria AnnaBrueggemann, Maria AnnaKORTE, Johann Conrad---
VOS, Maria Carolina Johanna9 Nov 187410 Nov 1874Vos, AntonNIEHAUS, ElisabethaVos, MariaISRAEL, Johann---
VOS, Maria Elisabeth27 Dec 185928 Dec 1859Vos, JohannWIEGARD, ElkanaWiegard, Maria ElisabethHEIDEMANN, Gerhard---
VOS, Maria Francisca23 Oct 189624 Oct 1896Vos, BernardVOS, MariaVos, CatharinaVos, August---
VOS, Maria Theresia11 Jan 187812 Jan 1878Vos, BernardVOS, MariaVos, TheresiaHUSTEDDE, Georg---
VOS, Maria Theresia20 Feb 186621 Feb 1866Vos, JohannWIEGARDT, AngelaOTKE, Maria CatharinaSCHAVESDIEK, Caspar---
VOS, Martin Heinrich (Deceased)28 Aug 188729 Aug 1887Vos, BernardVOS, MariaHASELHORST, MartinNIEHAUS, Elisabeth---
VOS, Rosa16 Jan 188219 Jan 1882Vos, HermanOTKE, ElisabethaOtke, HelenaHUSTEDDE, Georg---
VOS, Theodor6 Mar 18709 Mar 1870Vos, AntonBRINGMANN, AgnesLEHMKUHL, TheodorBringmann, Lisetta---
VOSHALLER, Franz29 Sep 186529 Sep 1865Voshaller, HeinrichUnknown, ClaraOTTENSMEYER, FranzGASSEL, Maria ---
VOSHALLER, Joseph30 Sep 18591 Oct 1859Voshaller, HeinrichNIEDELMEYER, ClaraKESSELER, JosephKOKELMEYER, Anna Maria---
VOSS, Bernard Herman August9 Dec 186711 Dec 1867Voss, BernardBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), MariaBruggemann, HeinrichRICHTER, Anna---
VOSS, Catharina6 Dec 18786 Dec 1878Voss, AntonNIEHAUS, ElisabethaSCHAVESDICK, CatharinaVOSS, Bernard---
VOSS, Gerhard August28 Dec 187829 Dec 1878Voss, HermanOTKE, ElisabethaOtke, HeinrichHUSTEDE, Anna---
VOSS, Maria Theresia2 Apr 18683 Apr 1868Voss, AntonLEHMENKUH, AgnesVoss, TheresiaVORNHOLT, Conrad---
VOSS, Maria Theresia25 Oct 187628 Oct 1876Voss, AntonSCHAVESDICK, ElisabethaVoss, TheresiaSCHLUTER, Herman---
VOSS, Maria Wilhelmina1 Dec 18892 Dec 1889Voss, BernardVOSS, MariaVoss, WilhelminaSCHONEFELD, Heinrich---
WACHTER, Anna Barbara24 Nov 18669 Dec 1866Wachter, AntonRICHARD, MargaritaSCHULZ, BarbaraSchulz, Martin---
WACHTER, Johann Heinrich12 Mar 186817 Mar 1868Wachter, AntonRUHAR, MargaritaLAMPEN, HeinrichLampen, Maria---
WÄCKTER (Waeckter), Johann17 Jan 186023 Jan 1860Waeckter, MichaelSCHLEE, Maria AnnaKÄMPH (Kaemph), Catharina---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
WAEHTER, Heinrich13 Mar 186221 May 1862Waehter, MichaelSCHLEE, Maria Waehter, Johann---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
WALSH, Maria Cecilia29 Jun 18608 Jul 1860Walsh, ThomasMORPHE, SaraARSHER (Archer), MariaRUSSEL, Philipp---
WARBURG, Catharina9 Apr 18878 Aug 1887Warburg, BernardWEBER, MargaritaALBERTERNST, Elisabetha---This entry is out of sequence; it appears between April and May 1887.
WARD, Blanka Emma30 Apr 18962 May 1896Ward, JacobCOARS, ElisabethCoars, BernardinaHAGEN, Gerhard---
WARD, Catharina Ruth6 Sep 19017 Sep 1901Ward, JacobCORS, ElisabethCors, ElisabethCors, Clemens---
WARD, Clemens Jacob17 Nov 189820 Nov 1898Ward, JacobCOERS, ElisabethCoers, Ferdinand ClemensKREPS, CatharinaMarried 21 Nov 1948 in St. Peters Church Jefferson City, MO to Margaret Jeanette Jones
WARD, Elisabeth Henrietta30 Jul 189231 Jul 1892Ward, JacobCOARS, HenriettaMUELLER, Maria ElisabethCoars, ClemensCompare Kors
WARD, Esther Bernardina30 Dec 19041 Jan 1905Ward, JacobCOERS, ElisabethNEADHAM, DanCoers, Bernardina---
WARD, Gertrud Maria10 Dec 189014 Dec 1890Ward, JacobKORS, ElisabethKors, HelenaMUELLER, Friederich---
WARD, Thomas14 May 186129 May 1861Ward, PatrickMACKIN, ElisabethaWard, MichaelFURLONG, ElisabethaThis Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Ostrup
WARFIELD, Magdalena14 Dec 18775 Apr 1902Warfield, JacobNot listedBENTLER, Maria---Adult Baptism
WARNEKE, Anna Maria Elisabeth27 Nov 189528 Nov 1895Warneke, FranzELLING, MariaBRINKMANN, HeinrichUHRMEISTER, Elisabeth---
WARNEKE, Catharina Theresia28 Aug 189029 Aug 1890Warneke, FranzREVERMANN, MariaRevermann, CatharinaWarneke, Christian---
WARNEKE, Franz Johann1 Apr 19013 Apr 1901Warneke, FranzELLING, MariaSCHLEPER, BernardSchleper, Catharina---
WARNEKE, Gerhard Heinrich17 Feb 189918 Feb 1899Warneke, FranzELLING, MariaRICHTER, Gerhard HeinrichRichter, Carolina---
WARNEKE, Herman Theodor7 Jun 19059 Jun 1905Warneke, FranzELLING, MariaZURLINE, TheodorZurline, Barbara---
WARNEKE, Johann Bernard Joseph3 Mar 18893 Mar 1889Warneke, FranzREVERMANN, MariaRevermann, BernardRevermann, Catharina---
WARNEKE, Johann Heinrich28 Oct 189329 Oct 1893Warneke, FranzELLING, MariaBRINKMANN, Johann HeinrichElling, Elisabeth---
WARNEKE, Mary Louisa26 Mar 18881 Apr 1888Warneke, FranzREVERMANN, MariaRevermann, Louisa------
WARNEKE, Theodor21 Sep 189721 Sep 1897Warneke, FranzELLING, MariaElling, TheodorElling, CarolinaMarried 26 Oct 1938 to Susan Maria Schwarz
WASCHEFORD, Anna Christina29 Aug 189430 Aug 1894Wascheford, FranzSCHÖNHOFF (Schoenhoff), TheresiaSchoenhoff, ChristinaRICKE, Franz---
WASHFORD, Bernard Gerhard17 Jun 190118 Jun 1901Washford, FranzSCHONHOFF, Anna TheresiaSchonhoff, BernardKREKE, Maria---
WASHFORD, Gerhard Leonard12 Feb 189912 Feb 1899Washford, FranzSCHOENHOFF, TheresiaKREKE, GerhardWashford, Elisabeth---
WASHFORT, Johann Aloys30 Oct 189631 Oct 1896Washfort, FranzSCHÖNHOFF (Schoenhoff), TheresiaWashfort, JohannSchoenhoff, Margarita---
WASMANN, Maria Catharina5 Feb 18647 Feb 1864Wasmann, ConradBRICKWEDE, MariaFOECKE, Maria CatharinaASTERMANN, Joseph---
WASSMANN, Bernard Heinrich10 Apr 190210 Apr 1902Wassmann, JosephFOECKE, Maria AnnaDEIEN, BernardWassmann, Maria---
WEBER, Anna Margareta16 Nov 186217 Nov 1862Weber, AntonVANDERHAAR, WilhelminaWOLTERS, MargaritaHULSMANN, TheodorThis Baptism was performed by Pastor Frohboese
WEBER, Anton Theodor9 May 190013 May 1900Weber, AntonKRAKER, AnnaRICKE, TheodorHEMANN, Maria---
WEBER, Franz Anton (Deceased)16 Oct 189717 Oct 1897Weber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaHEMANN, FranzLANDOLT, Elisabeth---
WEBER, Maria Elisabeth (Deceased)20 Dec 189522 Dec 1895Weber, AntonKRAKE, Anna MariaRICHTER, Anna MariaFOECKE, Heinrich---
WEBER, Melchior Theodor (Deceased)12 Jan 189315 Jan 1893Weber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaLANDOLPH, MelchiorHILMES, Catharina---
WEHLAGE, Anna Catharina7 Dec 19048 Dec 1904Wehlage, HeinrichHOLTMANN, AnnaHoltmann, AdolphWehlage, AnnaMarried 19 Jun 1920 St, Augustine, Breese to Joseph Scheveling; Witnesses: Emma Scheveling & J. Kruep
WEHLAGE, Anna Maria15 Mar 190216 Mar 1902Wehlage, FranzKRAMER, Anna MargaretaKramer, JohannWehlage, Anna Margareta---
WEHLAGE, Anna Maria (Twin) (Deceased)1 Jan 18802 Jan 1880Wehlage, HeinrichALTEPETER, CatharinaHUELSCAMP, Anna born Altepeter------
WEHLAGE, Bernard17 Mar 186418 Mar 1864Wehlage, JosephUnknown, Catharina ElisabethaWehlage, BernardRATERMANN, Elisabetha---
WEHLAGE, Bernard Franz18 Nov 189620 Nov 1896Wehlage, Franz (His name is crossed out)GOEVERT, MariaGoevert, Johann HeinrichWASSMANN, Maria AnnaChild was illegitimate
WEHLAGE, Catharina Margarita11 Jun 187812 Jun 1878Wehlage, Bernard HeinrichALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, CatharinaWehlage, Bernard---
WEHLAGE, Elisabetha (Twin)1 Jan 18802 Jan 1880Wehlage, HeinrichALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, Elisabetha------
WEHLAGE, Gerhard Joseph19 Mar 188219 Mar 1882Wehlage, HeinrichALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, GerhardRICHTER, Anna---
WEHLAGE, Gesina Margarita16 Aug 189817 Aug 1898Wehlage, Franz KRAMER, MargaritaKramer, GesinaWehlage, Bernard---
WEHLAGE, Heinrich25 Dec 187626 Dec 1876Wehlage, BernardALTEPETER, CatharinaRIMBECK, HeinrichPEEK, Anna Maria---
WEHLAGE, Maria Anna8 Sep 18999 Sep 1899Wehlage, Johann HeinrichEILERS, Maria AnnaWehlage, MariaEilers, Franz Joseph---
WEHLAGE, Maria Catharina11 Feb 186213 Feb 1862Wehlage, JosephILGES, CatharinaIlges, CatharinaNEDEMEYER, Heinrich---
WEHLAGE, Maria Francisca3 Sep 19063 Sep 1906Wehlage, Johann HeinrichHOLTMANN, AnnaWehlage, FranzHoltmann, MariaConfirmed 6 Nov 1919
WEHLAGE, Theresia29 Dec 190230 Dec 1902Wehlage, HeinrichHOLTMANN, AnnaWehlage, BernardHoltmann, Theresia---
WEHLAGEN, Francis Georg19 Aug 186022 Aug 1860Wehlagen, FrancisILGES, CatharinaIlges, FranzLAGER, Catharina---
WEINGARTEN, Machtilde Eugenia5 Aug 18711 Dec 1872Weingarten, NicolausOBELGERNER, LouisaGOELLNER, MachtildeKLEINKORTE, Eugene---
WEINGARTEN, Theresia Carolina8 Jul 18681 Dec 1872Weingarten, NicolausOBELGERNER, LouisaMARKS, Theresia------
WEITNER, Amalia8 Jan 18614 Jul 1861Weitner, Carl BRAUN, Maria AnnaREICHERT, Albertina------
WEITNER, Carl Joseph26 May 186027 May 1860Weitner, Carl JosephBRAUN, Maria AnnaREICHERT, AlbertinaRATGEBER, Leonard---
WEITNER, Elisabetha13 Oct 186614 Oct 1866Weitner, FranzJACOBSMEYER, Anna MariaTRAINER, ElisabethaGERLING, Heinrich---
WELKER, Angela Christina25 Dec 186427 Dec 1864Welker, HeinrichOSTERMANN, GertrudHAGEN, AngelaMIDDENDORF, Herman---
WELKER, Catharina2 Jan 18698 Jan 1869Welker, JacobRUCK, BarbaraJANS, MariaRuck, Johann---
WELLING, Agnes Catharina27 Aug 189929 Aug 1899Welling, BernardBITHER, AnnaWelling, CatharinaWelling, JohannMarried 30 Sep 1930 Cathedral Amarillo, TX to Johann Norris Vesty ?
WELLING, Bernardina Dorothea14 Aug 190118 Aug 1901Welling, BernardBITTER, AnnaKRUEP, BernardinaBitter, Heinrich---
WELLING, Caspar August20 Jul 187322 Jul 1873Welling, GerhardDUST, Maria AdelheidEVERS, HeinrichEvers, Maria Gesina---
WELLING, Conrad Bernard24 Aug 190325 Aug 1903Welling, BernardBITTER, AnnaBURRICHTER, ConradVENHAUS, Emma---
WELLING, Franz Bernard8 Feb 19059 Feb 1905Welling, BernardBURRICHTER, AnnaDIERKES, BernardBurrichter, Francisca---
WELLING, Gerhard Heinrich20 Mar 187623 Mar 1876Welling, GerhardDUST, Maria AdelheidRICKE, Gerhard HeinrichHILMES, Catharina---
WELSCH, Rosalia Anna8 Mar 19039 Mar 1903Welsch, PeterESCHMANN, RosaliaSCHNEIDER, JosephEschmann, Rosa---
WELSH, Clara Henrietta6 Jun 19058 Jun 1905Welsh, Peter WilhelmESCHMANN, FranciscaEschmann, HeinrichEschmann, Clara---
WENNING, Joseph Heinrich6 Nov 188211 Nov 1882Wenning, JohannKABBES, MariaNIEMANN, JosephREVERMANN, Louisa---
WERHMANN, Elisabeth Bernardina18 Apr 190320 Apr 1903Werhmann, GerhardSANDOLPH, ElisabethMEYER, BernardSandolph, Bernardina---
WERTH, Albert August27 Oct 189828 Oct 1898Werth, HeinrichPEEK, AnnaPeek, AugustNIEMEIER, AnnaMarried 2 Feb 1937 O'Fallon, IL to Evelyn Laurmann (?) non-Catholic
WERTH, Anna Margarita7 Mar 18958 Mar 1895Werth, HeinrichPEEK, AnnaRICKE, FranzPeek, Anna---
WERTH, Gerhard Heinrich (Deceased)12 Feb 189014 Feb 1890Werth, HeinrichPEEK, CatharinaPeek, GerhardKLUTHO, Maria---
WERTH, Heinrich Theodor21 Feb 189122 Feb 1891Werth, HeinrichPEEK, CatharinaKLUTHO, TheodorPETERMEIER, Elisabeth---
WERTH, Johann Gerhard2 Nov 18922 Nov 1892Werth, HeinrichPEEK, Anna Peek, GerhardSTROT, Anna---
WERTH, Joseph Andreas31 Mar 19052 Apr 1905Werth, HeinrichPEEK, AnnaPETERMEIER, JosephKREBS, ElisabethMarried 4 Mar 1935 St. Theresia Marydale, IL to Loretta KRUG
WERTH, Leo Bernard20 Oct 189630 Oct 1896Werth, HeinrichPEEK, AnnaSTROHT, Bernard HeinrichPOENHOFF (Boenhoff?), Catharina---
WERTH, Paul Mathias (Deceased)12 Oct 190014 Oct 1900Werth, HeinrichPEEK, AnnaPeek, MathiasLAGER, MariaMarried
WERTH, Walter Joseph8 Nov 19029 Nov 1902Werth, HeinrichPEEK, AnnaMEIER, BernardPETERMEIER, Rosa---
WESSEL, Johann Heinrich15 Feb 188518 Feb 1885Wessel, LucasMAUE, MariaMaue, Johann HeinrichUBBEN, Anna---
WESSELMANN, Heinrich Anton10 Jan 189714 Jan 1897Wesselmann, Johann BernardRIBBING, CatharinaWesselmann, Gerhard HeinrichFICKE, Anna Maria---
WESSELMANN, Johann Eduard27 Apr 189528 Apr 1895Wesselmann, Heinrich Johann BernardRIBBING, CatharinaRibbing, Johann EduardFEHLKER, Theresia---
WESSELMANN, Joseph Bernard18 Jul 189320 Jul 1893Wesselmann, BernardRIBBING, CatharinaWesselmann, BernardBECKE, Elisabeth---
WESSELMANN, Joseph Herman Heinrich22 Nov 190322 Nov 1903Wesselmann, GerhardHUELSMANN, MariaWesselmann, HeinrichHABICH, Josephina---
WESSELS, Anna Margarita4 Sep 18825 Sep 1882Wessels, LucasMAUE, MariaNIEBUR, ClemensMaue, Anna Margarita---
WESSELS, Clemens August (Deceased)1 Feb 18812 Feb 1881Wessels, LucasMAUEN, MariaMauen, ClemensMaue, Maria---
WESSELS, Gerhard Lucas22 Oct 188623 Oct 1886Wessels, LucasMAUE, Maria------
WIBBERG, Maria Elisabeth23 Sep 185924 Sep 1859Wibberg, JohannKLÜSENER (Kluesener), ElisabethDELKAMP, BernardJANSEN, Maria---
WICHMANN, Leo Michael20 Jul 190021 Jul 1900Wichmann, GerhardLANDHOLT, ElisabethLandholt, MelchiorPEEK, Anna---
WICKENMANN, Anna24 Sep 18599 Apr 1860Wickenmann, ThomasWÜRZ (Wuerz), AnnaWickenmann, Magdalena---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
WICZORCK, Francisca Elisabetha26 Dec 188026 Dec 1880Wiczorck, EduardVON DER PLUME, ElisabethaPLUM, John------
WICZORCK, Ludwig Eduard30 Jan 188531 Jan 1885Wiczorck, EduardPLUM, ElisabethaPlum, JohannPlum, Gertrud---
WIDDER (WIETER), Johann Conrad23 Sep 187526 Sep 1875Widder (Wieter), AntonVORNHOLT, LisettaLAGER, JohannVornholt, Maria---
WIEBERG, Carolina Agnes18 Jul 189119 Jul 1891Wieberg, AntonMACKE, AgnesROLFES, CarolinaBUDDE, Franz---
WIEBERG, Franz Bernard1 Dec 18763 Dec 1876Wieberg, AntonMACKE, AgnesMacke, FranzLINNEMANN, Maria Christina---
WIEBERG, Herman Heinrich30 Sep 18791 Oct 1879Wieberg, AntonMACKE, AgnesLINNEMANN, Herman HeinrichMARKS, Theresia---
WIEBERG, Johann August2 Sep 18884 Sep 1888Wieberg, AntonMACKE, AgnesDEEKEN, JohannFUNKE, Catharina---
WIEBERG, Maria Catharina8 Mar 18829 Mar 1882Wieberg, AntonMACKE, AgnesMacke, Catharina born FRIE_(rest of name not viewable)PELLE, Herman---
WIEBERG, Maria Elisabeth2 May 18783 May 1878Wieberg, AntonMACKE, AgnesMacke, ElisabethFIEDELER, Heinrich---
WIEBERG, Maria Gertrud Rosa30 Dec 188331 Dec 1883Wieberg, AntonMAKEN, AgnesFUNKE, FranzPILLE, Maria---
WIEGARDT, Carolina17 Mar 186816 Nov 1868Wiegardt, WilhelmMICHEL, ElisabethaREILMANN, Carolina------
WIEGERS, Franz Arnold24 Jun 187726 Jun 1877Wiegers, FranzFREKER, MariaHALLERMANN, Franz ArnoldBUERMANN, Maria Gertrud See Wiggus
WIENEKER, Benedict Heinrich12 Jan 187413 Jan 1874Wieneker, HeinrichHAAR, ElisabethaHaar, BenedictMENKE, Catharina---
WIENKEN, Bernard Anton22 May 187825 May 1878Wienken, HeinrichHAAR, ElisabethaMENKE, Anton------
WIENKEN, Catharina Wilhelmina Rosa7 Feb 18848 Feb 1884Wienken, HeinrichHAAR, LouisaPILLE, CatharinaRICHTER, Wilhelm---
WIENKEN, Johann Gerhard13 Apr 187614 Apr 1876Wienken, HeinrichHAAR, LouisaWienken, JohannNIEMEIER, Theresia---
WIENKEN, Maria Elisabetha7 Mar 18818 Mar 1881Wienken, HeinrichHAAR, ElisabethaHaar, ElisabethaHARBUS, Johann---
WIESE, Maria Elisabetha12 Nov 187313 Nov 1873Wiese, HeinrichMENKE, Maria AnnaWIENKEN, LouisaMENKE, Anton---
WIETER, Alphonse Georg1 Oct 19032 Oct 1903Wieter, HeinrichKLEIN, HelenaKUHLS, FranzWieter, Maria Elisabeth---
WIETER, Carl Ludwig8 Aug 19069 Aug 1906Wieter, HeinrichKLEIN, MagdalenaLAGER, Carl LudwigHAAR, ElisabethMarried 25 Nov (no year listed) to Carolina Petermeier; confirmed 6 Nov 1919
WIETER, Elisabeth Francisca30 Nov 19011 Dec 1901Wieter, FranzHEFFNER, RosaWieter, AntonWieter, Elisabeth---
WIETER, Gerhard Anton19 Feb 190220 Feb 1902Wieter, HeinrichKLEIN, Louisa Carolina Wieter, AntonKUHLS, Anna Maria---
WIETER, Heinrich Aloysius20 Dec 190420 Dec 1904Wieter, ConradKREKE, ElisabethWieter, HeinrichKreke, Maria---
WIETER, Heinrich Conrad8 Mar 19038 Mar 1903Wieter, ConradRICKE, ElisabethKREKE, HeinrichWieter, ElisabethMarried 22 Sep 1926 St. Francis Aviston, IL to Laura Schulte; Witnesses: J. Schulte & Bertha Wieter.
WIETER, Johann Anton6 Jul 19017 Jul 1901Wieter, ConradKREKE, ElisabethKreke, Maria (Strake)------
WIETER, Johann Anton (Deceased)2 Oct 18783 Oct 1878Wieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaHAGEN, JohannLAGER, Catharina---
WIETER, Johann Conrad24 Jan 190526 Jan 1905Wieter, HeinrichKLEIN, CarolinaWieter, ConradKAPP, Maria CarolinaMarried 30 Oct 1925 Beaver Prairie, IL to Stella Hoh
WIETER, Johann Gerhard (Deceased)12 Feb 188115 Feb 1881Wieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaHUELSMANN, Gerhard HeinrichVornholt, Carolina---
WIETER, Joseph24 Mar 188924 Mar 1889Wieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaWERTH, HeinrichRATERMANN, Catharina---
WIETER, Machtilda Margarita2 Dec 19022 Dec 1902Wieter, FranzHEFFNER, RosaWieter, ConradWEINHEIMER, Machtilde---
WIETER, Maria Elisabetha23 Sep 188323 Sep 1883Wieter, FranzVORNHOLT, ElisabethaLAMPE, MariaLAGER, Benedict---
WIETER, Rosa Francisca5 Sep 18916 Sep 1891Wieter, FranzVORNHOLT, ElisabethaHAGEN, MariaSPREHE, Franz---
WIETHER, Maria Anna9 Sep 188611 Sep 1886Wiether, FranzVORNHOLT, ElisabethaSLARTMANN, Maria ElisabethKOCH, HermanCompare Wieter; Married 17 Feb 1938 to Joseph Clurve ? At Rock Church St. Louis, MO
WIGGUS, Infant6 Jan 18796 Jan 1879Wiggus, FranzFRERKER, Maria Not Listed---See Wiegers
WILKE, Herman Heinrich8 Oct 18628 Oct 1862Wilke, Herman HeinrichOSTERMANN, GertrudSTENKEL, Herman HeinrichWINKEL, Gertrud---
WILKE, Johann Heinrich18 Aug 186919 Aug 1869Wilke, BernardHANEKE, MargaritaWilke, Johann BernardHaneke, Elisabetha---
WILKE, Johann Heinrich Bernard10 Apr 187211 Apr 1872Wilke, Bernard HeinrichHANEKE, MargaritaKRUSE, HeinrichWilke, Maria---
WILKE, Maria Elisabetha14 Aug 186915 Aug 1869Wilke, HeinrichOSTERMANN, Maria GertrudMEINERS, Maria ElisabethALTEPETER, Stephan---
WILKER, Johann Bernard15 Apr 186715 Apr 1867Wilker, HeinrichOSTERMANN, GertrudMEINAS, Johann BernardBUHNE, Carolina---
WILKER, Margarita Catharina15 Jul 186016 Jul 1860Wilker, HeinrichOSTERMANN, GertrudHUMMERT, CatharinaSCHULTE, Gerhard---
WILLE, Elisabetha10 Dec 186715 Dec 1867Wille, GeorgBEBER, TheresiaBEVER, Elisabetha------
WILLE, Herman Heinrich16 Jun 186517 Jun 1865Wille, GeorgBEHNE, TheresiaATTENS, HermanBÖNHOFF (Boenhoff), Unknown---
WILLY, Maria Catharina11 Mar 187013 Mar 1870Willy, GeorgBEBER, TheresiaBeber, Maria CatharinaPEEK, Maria---
WINKLER, Gerhard Joseph (Deceased)15 Jun 190116 Jun 1901Winkler, JosephLAMMERS, MariaBUSSEL, GerhardBussel, BernardinaCompare Busselmann
WIRSCHING, Adam Arthur20 Oct 189820 Oct 1898Wirsching, JosephSTAHL, DorotheaWirsching, AdamRICKE, Elisabeth---
WIRSHING, Barbara Dorothea7 Jul 19028 Jul 1902Wirshing, JosephSTAHL, DorotheaWirshing, Barbara------
WIRSHING, Franz Albert23 Jan 190523 Jan 1905Wirshing, JosephSTAHL, DoraRICKER, FranzHOLTMANN, Helena---
WIRSHING, Hugo Joseph12 Nov 190613 Nov 1906Wirshing, JosephSTAHL, DorotheaBAUMAN, JosephDINELT, WilhelminaMarried 24 Apr 1948 Holy Family Church Tulsa, OK to Alice Annie Suess. Confirmed 1 May 1921?
WIRSHINSKY, Bertha4 Mar 189912 Mar 1899Wirshinsky, MartinEVERT, AdelinaBUHNE, CatharinaBRUENING, Bernard---
WIRSHINSKY, Catharina Wilhelmina17 Aug 190026 Aug 1900Wirshinsky, MartinHEAVER, AdelinaRIFF, WilhelminaRiff, Joseph---
WITMER, Maria30 Sep 18682 Oct 1868Witmer, FranzJACOBSMEYER, MariaALTEPETER, MariaNIEMEYER, Christian---
WOLF, Carolina Catharina3 Jun 190630 Oct 1906Wolf, GeorgVOLMER, CarolinaSCHWIERJOHN, Angelina---Married 19 Jun 1926 Belleville Cathedral to non-Catholic Victor Newsome; Witnesses: Heinrich Meder & Barbara Wolf.
WOLF, Johann25 Jul 190429 Sep 1906Wolf, GeorgVOLMER, CarolinaWEBER, Anna Maria------
WOLF, Joseph Heinrich29 Aug 189323 Sep 1906Wolf, GeorgVOLMER, Maria CarolinaWolf, GeorgWolf, Barbara---
WOLF, Maria Margarita23 Oct 189630 Oct 1906Wolf, GeorgVOLMER, CarolinaWolf, Margarita------
WOLTERS, Herman Alphonse (Deceased)9 Dec 190110 Dec 1901Wolters, HermanFIETZ, ElisabethAHLERS, HermanKREKE, Maria---
WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Theresia Catharina 14 Nov 189215 Nov 1892Wuebbels, GerhardKAULING, AnnaHILMES, TheresiaKauling, Johann---
WURBELS, Bernard Gerhard11 Aug 188712 Aug 1887Wurbels, GerhardKAULING, AnnaROPKE, BernardNIEHENKE, Theresia---
ZEHNER, Elisabeth Christina18 Mar 190319 Mar 1903Zehner, MichaelDUPMANN, ChristinaDREES, HermanZehner, Elisabeth---
ZEHRER, Catharina Agnes11 Oct 190313 Oct 1903Zehrer, FranzDIEKER, ElisabethZehrers, MichaelDieker, Catharina---
ZEHRER, Georg Michael Heinrich (Deceased)30 Mar 18901 Apr 1890Zehrer, GeorgSCHULTE, ElisabethZehrer, MichaelSchulte, Agnes---
ZEHRER, Gerhard Johann24 Nov 189926 Nov 1899Zehrer, MichaelDUEPMANN, ChristinaBUSSELMANN, GerhardDREES, MargaretMarried 13 Apr 1944 to Mary Anne Kruep at St. Augustine Church
ZEHRER, Rosalia Clementina17 Oct 190617 Oct 1906Zehrer, FranzDIEKER, ElisabethKOERS, BernardinaKOOERS, JacobMarried 21 Oct 1929 Montrose, MO to Wilhelm Wagner
ZHERER, Herman Heinrich21 Apr 189221 Apr 1892Zherer, GerhardSCHULTE, ElisabethaSchulte, Herman HeinrichRICHTER, AnnaCompare Zehrer
ZIMMER, Johann Phillip Peter15 Mar 190018 Mar 1900Zimmer, NicolausKABETZ, AnnaZimmer, PeterHOLTMANN, Anna---
ZIMMERS, Albina Theresia 10 Apr 190312 Apr 1903Zimmers, NicolausGAUBUTZ, AnnaSMITH, WilhelmEULBERG, Theresia---
ZOLK, Joseph10 Dec 186224 May 1863Zolk, SebastianRALL, RosaKEILBACH, FranzGUNDELE, ChristinaNote: birth date is after Baptism date in listing.
ZOTS, Catharina15 Mar 18609 Apr 1860Zots, Franz IgnatzKÄMF (Kaemf), CatharinaSCHLEE, Maria Anna---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
ZOTS, Emma4 Sep 186113 Nov 1861Zots, Franz IgnatzKÄMPH (Kaemph), CatharinaSCHWAB, Catharina---This Baptism took place in Lebanon, IL by Pastor Reineke
ZURISELLER, Joseph Peter Clemens11 Apr 186722 Apr 1867Zuriseller, AntonKNESSENER, JosephinaKNESSNER, PeterZuriseller, ElisabethaCompare Zurizeller

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