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61) Mary Duncan 
San Rafael, CA Location
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Friday, 5 February 2010 08:14 PM Host: Send E-mail

The Duncan family is having a reunion this year & while we know where our grandparents - Joe & Veronica Duncan are buried we'd like to find out where the prior generations are. Is there a map of who's where or what is the best way to find where their graves are? I have most of the names if that is needed. Thank you, Mary

Dorothy Falk Friday, 5 February 2010 11:19 PM
Hi, Mary, I went to our Searcher and see 181 hits for Duncans, many duplicates. You might want to browse through those and tell us who else you need, although we have everything online that we know about. The Bond County Genealogical Society read the stones in Duncan Cemetery years ago. At that time, there were stones for Abraham who died in 1859, James 1856, Mary 1876, Nancy 1851 and Robert 1868 plus 6 children and infants, plus another Mary with no hints. I can give you dates if needed. Yes, please tell us who else you need, but things don't look good right now for old, old stones. Earlier settlers were buried with wooden crosses which have since disintegrated.
Ethel is buried in Paine Cemetery.
3 babies of R & P; William, Mary & Cecil; infant of F & B; and Versie, Frank & Bessie are in McKendree Cemetery. Those cemeteries are all in Bond County.

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