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Clinton Co, ILGenWeb has its own mailing list hosted by RootsWeb. The list is made up of members that desire to discuss and exchange genealogical information related to Clinton County, Illinois.

The idea behind the list is that you can send one email and have it automatically forwarded to all the members of the list. As of 7 Feb 2013, there are 177 members.

Emails sent to the list are also permanently archived. These archived messages can be Browsed/Viewed and Searched. We have messages going all the way back to May 1998.

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A Note about Spam

We do what we can to protect the list from SPAM and junk emails. The host, Rootsweb, uses filters that block almost all of the junk but occasionally some will slip through. We do monitor and moderate the list so the junk will be removed from the archives.

Additionally, the mailing list software attempts to prevent web robots from harvesting your email address. The software encodes your email address in both the archives and in the emails sent to the subscribers.

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