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ABSHER, Donata M (SCHROEDER)47 Breese IL>St Louis MO CarlyleUB (IL) 18 Mar 2009 fch 
AHLF, Ben L78 Breese IL CarlyleUB 26 Mar 2003 fch 
AKERS, Sophia M (POPECK)78 DEU > Breese IL CarlyleUB 19 Oct 1983 Linda Holthaus 
ALBERS, Florence R (RICHTER)78 Belleville IL CarlyleUB 14 Mar 2007 fch 
ALBERS, Aloysius H "Ollie"77 Aviston IL CarlyleUB 26 Aug 2009 fch 
ALBERS, Eugene W78 Breese IL CarlyleUB 29 Jul 2009 fch 
ALBERS, Jerome J "Muscles"66 Breese IL CarlyleUB 28 May 1999 fch 
ALBERS, Margaret H "Margie" (HUELSMANN)73 Belleville IL CarlyleUB 14 Mar 2007 fch 
ALBERS, Randall C54 Breese IL>Chesterfield MO CarlyleUB (IL) 1 Jul 2009 fch 
ALBERTERNST, John81 Clinton Co IL CarlyleUB 3 Dec 1937 Linda Holthaus 
ALEXANDER, Clyde Ray54 Litchfield IL>MI CarlyleUB (IL) 25 Aug 2004  
ALEXANDER, Pearl Caroline (APPLE)79 Greenville IL Greenville Advocate Jul 1959 Dorothy Scott Falk 
ALLEN, Dallas Earl Sr71 Bond Co IL>St Louis MO CarlyleUB 9 Apr 2003 fch 
ALLEN, Talitha Cumie "Ida May" (HUEY)77 Beckemeyer IL CarlyleUB Jul 1933 Evelyn Reynolds 
ALLEN, William Henry65 Clinton Co IL  May 1913 Evelyn Reynolds 
ALTEPETER, Margaret (RICHTER)92 Breese IL CarlyleUB 23 Aug 2000 Linda Holthaus 
ALTEPETER, Margaret Mary10 Breese IL CarlyleUB 7 Aug 1942 Linda Holthaus 
ALVORD, Augustus Trenton IL CarlyleUB 19 Sep 1872 Linda Holthaus 
ALVORD, Ozra40 Trenton IL CarlyleUB 8 Jun 1871 Linda Holthaus 
AMOS, Peter H Trenton IL CarlyleUB 21 Mar 1867 Linda Holthaus 
ANDEREGG, Henry John56 New Baden IL CarlyleUB 7 Apr 1999 fch 
APPLE, Edward Scott81 Greenville IL Greenville Advocate 10 Aug 1967 Dorothy Scott Falk 
APPLE, Ida Vilura (SCOTT)83 Assumption IL Greenville Advocate 9 Aug 1943 Dorothy Scott Falk 
APPLE, James Buchanan53 Hancock Co IN>Bond Co IL Greenville Advocate 22 Feb 1910 Dorothy Scott Falk 
APPLE, Johnson Smith76 Quincy IL Greenville Advocate 1 Mar 1920 Dorothy Scott Falk 
APPLE, Margaret L (VOIGT)93 Maryville IL CarlyleUB 28 Jul 2004 Linda Holthaus 
APPLE, Mary E (DILLE)81 IN>Quincy IL Greenville Advocate 12 Sep 1927 Dorothy Scott Falk 
APPLE, Princess Jane "Pat" (MILLER)75 Brazil IN CarlyleUB (IL) 24 Nov 2004 Linda Holthaus 
APPLE, Richard Johnson80 Hancock Co IN>IL Greenville Advocate 9 Feb 1920 Dorothy Scott Falk 
ARENTSEN, Edwin F Fr83 Breese IL CarlyleUB 5 Jan 2000 fch 
ARENTSEN, Otto H87 Damiansville IL>St Louis MO CarlyleUB (IL) 4 Mar 2009 fch 
ARENTSEN, Walter O68 St Louis MO CarlyleUB (IL) 15 Aug 2001 fch 
ARMER, Christopher MBreese IL>St Louis MO CarlyleUB (IL) 15 Sep 2004  
ARMER, Frank77 Central City IL CarlyleUB 3 Nov 2004 Linda Holthaus 
ARNOLD, Wilma L (HEINRICH)89 DeKalb IL CarlyleUB 21 Jan 2004 fch 
ATCHISON, Lester 73 Hoffman IL CarlyleUB 11 Feb 2004 Linda Holthaus 
AUSTIN, Wm M  CarlyleUB 29 Oct 1863 Linda Holthaus 

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