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Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 10 Apr 2002

The Frogtown cemetery is also called the African American Methodist Church Cemetery. Perhaps it was also called the Curtis Cemetery at times.

To reach this cemetery, take the Old State Road to where the road arcs at the top. It is a couple of blocks to the south of State Road, up the farm lane. The cemetery starts about a block back into the woods, there is no electric fence if you enter the area from the side at this point, but watch the barbed wire if you enter at the "gulley". It's about an acre in size and the stones are dotted throughout. The area is overgrown and there could be more stones that were hiding in the weeds/lillies.

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Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
AKERS, Clara--- 27 Mar 1880 Wife of John C. Aged 17 Yr 2 Mo 27 Da 
ARMSTEAD, Otto--- 28 Oct 1882 Death certificate # 1269. 17Y 7M 0D. Poker Armstead, brother. 
COURTNEY, Lillian--- --- Aged 16 Days 
COURTNEY, Martha E.1867 1902 Wife of James F. 
CURTIS, Levi P.31 May 1892 11 Oct 1911 Aged 19 Yr 5 Mo 11 Da 
GORDY, Mary--- 16 Oct 1881 Death certificate # 1011. 61Y. 
GRIGSBY, JosephFeb 1849 13 Jul 1908 --- 
KILLIAN, George W.--- 25 Dec 1876 Son of A. & A. Aged 16 Yr & 28 Da. Footstone C W K. 
KILLIAN, Mary Annie Eliza3 Dec 1863 2 Nov 1881 Dau of Dr. A. & Amanda. Born in Decatur, Macon Co., (?) IL 
KINNEY, Louisa--- 12 Aug 1891 Dau of A. & F. 16 Yr 8 Mo 6 Da. Footstone A C. 
MORRESON, Birty--- --- Our Darling Baby 
MORRESON, Margaret--- 24 Aug 1898 In Her 57th Year. Footstone M M. 
MORRISON, Lorenzo D.21 Mar 1839 26 Aug 1911 Father. Footstone L D M. 
PENDERGRASS, George Noah--- 19 Sep 1867 Aged 3 Yrs 12 Da 
PENDERGRASS, Samuel, Jr.9 Sep 1870 21 Nov 1908 Tis sad to part with Papa. 
PLEASANT, George E.--- 20 Sep 1874 Son of W. G. & Lee. Aged 5 Yrs. 
TETORS, Catherine1823 1855 Mother. At Rest. 
ZINSCHLAG, Katie--- 15 Dec 1885 Death certificate # 2049. 3Y 

Cemetery ID:35