Barker Cemetery
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Read and copyrighted© January 2006 by Carol Ryan-Spenader
Proofed by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk

Visited 10 Oct 2008 by the Best Family (Visit Report)
Visited Sep 2010 by Chad Parson with son, Jordan, and daughter, Kylie

To reach Barker Cemetery, take Route 3 northwest of Centralia, to College Road, at the northern edge of the Kaskaskia Community College. Turn east and follow it as it turns right. Do not turn left (east) when the road does. You can see a farm road straight ahead.  You could park there and walk about a half mile down the farm road, or, if the farm road is not too muddy or cluttered with tree limbs, you could chose to drive a few blocks before you come to the first impassible obstacle. However, you will have to back out when you leave. As you walk along the path you will come to a spot where logs are placed across a gully. From this spot, you’ll be able to see the gray stones at the top of the next hill, to the left. The remaining stones are dotted throughout the approximately half acre area. The last burial, according to the stones that we did find, was in 1937. This inactive cemetery has a thick floor of organic material with many saplings, vines, sticker bushes and some periwinkle ground cover. Most of the stone markers have fallen.

In his book, After All These Years: A History of Meridian Township from Territorial Days, William Orrell describes Barker Cemetery where many Meridian people are buried:

"Of all the cemeteries that I visited for this book, it is the most peaceful and beautiful of all. The person who chose this spot truly was close to God. There is so little left, unfortunately, but you sense as though God himself has provided shelter for those resting there. When walking along the abandoned road to the graves, I could almost feel the processions that had passed along: massive work horses and farm wagons, buggies, mules, and most of all, those who were grieving for their loved ones."

We didn’t find the cemetery that beautiful in dreary January 2006, but reading this description ahead of time helped us feel the processions, too, during our long walk.

The history of the cemetery can be obtained from the Clinton County Historical Society.

If you know of others who are buried here, or corrections to this data, please Contact Us and we’ll add it to the listing, along with your name and email as the researcher for that surname in this cemetery.

Rev. Brett Best and family visited Barker 10 Oct 2008. See this detailed Visit Report for information about their visit.

Chad Parson with his son, Jordan, and his daughter, Kylie visited Barker in Sep 2010. During their visit, they raised the BASS monument and provided several Photos.

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Area Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BAILEY, Nettie May--- --- 11 Aug 1867 "Dau of Mathew & Ruth A." "Aged ___". Stone broken off at age. 
BARKER, A. T.--- 11 Aug 1813 15 Apr 1892 S/w Zadie. "Father." "Born in Me". 
BARKER, Amos T.--- --- 1894 Probably same as A. T., just different date. Black Hawk War (from the 1956 Illinois Veterans Commision Honor Roll) 
BARKER, Ozello--- 15 Jan 1848 30 Dec 1895 Stone top broken off. Worn verse. Next to A. T. & Zadie. 
BARKER, Zadie--- 19 Sep 1812 30 Dec 1890 S/w A. T. "Mother." "Wife of A.T. Barker. Born in Ills" 
BASS, Julius--- 4 Apr 1858* 3 Feb 1883 S/w Martha and Unknown. His name is on the side edge of stone. Can only read "Julius, Son of T. & M. Bass"* "Lost to sight, To memory dear A loving one We buried here"* 
BASS, Martha--- 15 Feb 1834* 25 Mar 1910* S/w Julius and Unknown. "WIFE OF ___OS BASS"* (possibly T___.). Her name is on a side edge of the stone. "Gone but not forgotten"* 
BASS, Unknown--- --- --- S/w Martha & Julius. Top is broken off and upside down but has no engraving on either side.** "Rock of Ages". 
BEST, ?--- --- --- Footstone only. Said "R. B.", could be BASS. Or could be B. B. Or could be P.B.* 
BEST, Erastus E.--- 29 Mar 1870* 12 Feb 1879 "Son of W. & J. N."* "Age 8y 11m 13d." "God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well". 
BEST, Permelia--- 1810* 22 Aug 1877 "Wife of W.P." "Age 68y 6m 21d" "P.B." footstone 
BEST, W.P.--- 1808* 28 Mar 1875 Aged 66y 2m 27d We didn't find his tombstone mentioned in a previous reading, but the "W.B." footstone is there. Headstone has been found again.* 
 BUTLER, John B.  18 Dec 1881 Shares stone with Ruth. Age 63yr 5 mo 17 da. 
 BUTLER, Ruth  6 Apr 1877 Shares stone with, and wife of J. B. Age 54 yr, 11 mo, 7 days. Verse that begins "Dear Parents". 
CARSON, Sarah--- 1 Jun 1824 24 Nov 1893 S/w William. Wife of William. 
CARSON, William--- 13 Nov 1825 22 May 1901 S/w Sarah, "His Wife" 
CLARK, Freddie--- 1890 1891 -- 
CRILEY, Boliver--- 1 Dec 1871 1 Apr 1873 S/w Infant Twins. "B. C." footstone could be his. 
CRILEY, Carroll--- 4 Mar 1837 4 May 1910 S/w Mary E., "His Wife". Father. 
CRILEY, Deetia--- --- --- Footstone next to Criley's, surname could be Woods. 
CRILEY, Infant Twins--- Apr 1870 Apr 1870 S/w Boliver 
CRILEY, Mary E.--- 23 Jul 1842 6 Jan 1893 S/w Carroll. "Wife of Carroll". "At Rest"."Mother". 
 ELLERMANN, Mathias  1883  
GEARY, James A.--- --- 2 Apr 1867 S/w Lydia Age 33y. "Father". 
GEARY, Lucy--- --- 14 May 1877 "Wife of Samuel G." "Age 34y 8m 24d." "None knew her but to love her, None named her but to praise her." 
GEARY, Lydia--- --- 8 Sep 1887 S/w James A. "Wife of James A." "Mother". Age 53y 10m 9d "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" 
GEARY, unknown--- 9 May 18?? 5 Jun ???? "? of ? L. Geary" 
GULLICK, Ella--- 29 Sep 1891 31 Oct 1891 S/w Virinda. "Dau of G & V" 
GULLICK, Etta--- 3 Apr 1866 29 Jan 1897 "A place vacant in our hearts That never can be filled." 
GULLICK, James G.--- 4 Sep 1828 25 Feb 1892 "Asleep in Jesus, Precious thought, With peace and life eternal fraught. He said, Whose power upholds the sky, Believing, ye shall never die." 
GULLICK, Virinda--- 18 Jan 1860 21 Jan 1892 S/w Ella "Wife of G." "Age 32y 3d." "A tender mother & a faithful wife." 
HATFIELD, John T.--- 1857 1913 S/w Mary E., "His Wife" 
HATFIELD, Mary E.--- 1863 1934 S/w John T. 
HATFIELD, Wort C.--- 1901 1903 S/w John T & Mary E. "Their Son" 
HOGAN, Martha A.--- 20 Jul 1830 1 Feb 1901 S/w William C & Willes H. HOGAN & Edrie REEMTSEN. 
HOGAN, Willes H.--- 17 Aug 1858 3 Mar 1881 S/w William C & Martha A. HOGAN & Edrie E. REEMTSEN Son of W.C. & M.A. 
HOGAN, William C.--- 21 Apr 1817 15 Jan 1887 S/w Matha A. & Willes H. HOGAN & Edrie E. REEMTSEN 
HOOD, AdalineBARKER 15 Jun 1839 1 May 1915 "Gone but not forgotten". Stone has fallen. 
HOOD, Dora--- --- --- "Dau of J. H. A. & ?" Stone broken off at parents names, surname assumed because of father's initials. Could be same as Lora Roper. 
HOOD, Hattie May--- 13 May 1875 10 Jan 1893 "Dau of David & S. M." Stone off base, poetry chipped. 
HOOD, John H. A.--- 11 Oct 1836 5 Dec 1896 "Death comes equally to all" Civil War, Army Cav. (From the 1956 Illinois Veterans Commision Honor Roll) 
HOOD, Louis G. or C.--- 14 Jan 1866 24 Apr 1867 "Son of J. H. A. & S. A." 
HOUGH, Clarence A.--- 21 Mar 1897 11 Apr 1899 "Son of R. L. & M. J." "Age 2y 22d". "C. A. H." Footstone against tree. 
JOHNSON, James L.--- 21 Jun 1841 23 Mar 1873 "Son of D.M. & S.W." "Age 31y 9mm 2d" "In Memory Of" "It was hard indeed to part with thee, But Christ's strong arm supported me". 
JOHNSON, John Mel???--- --- --- "Son of F & D" "Age 10y 29d" "In God we trust". "JMJ" footstone. Stone chipped at name, now leaning against tree 
JONES, Dolores I.--- --- --- "Dau of A. & M." 
JONES, Misouria A.--- --- 30 Jan 1888 "Wife of C.A. Age 51?y 9m 15d." Stone worn, now upside down against fallen tree. 
KELLEY, Zacharia T.--- --- 25 Feb 1879 "Age 33y 1m 25d" 
LAYSON, Francis M.--- --- 19 Jun 1880 Age 48y 9m 18d (Taken from Clinton County Death records) 
MARTIN, Annabell--- 10 Jan 1880 --- S/w John R. No death date 
MARTIN, John R.--- 13 Apr 1879 21 Dec 1937 S/w Annabell 
McDOWELL, Emma L.--- --- 5 Mar 1868 Dau of J.S. & E. Age 16y 2m 20d 
MERTEN, Edward--- 25 Mar 1829 10 Nov 1907 S/w Josephine 
MERTEN, Josephine--- 14 Mar 1836 2 Sep 1903 S/w Edward "Mother thou hast from us flown to the regions far above, We to thee erect this stone consecrated by our love". J. M. footstone. 
NEWMAN, Tommy--- --- 23 Nov 1873 Son of M.J. & P. Age 9m 10d "Suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven" 
P., S.S.--- --- --- Footstone 
POST, Angeline--- 3 Nov 1838 23 Jun 1867 Age 28y 7m 20d "In Memory of" Wife of Orson C. "This world is vain and full of pain with grief and trouble sore But those are blest who are at rest with Christ forevermore" 
POST, Arthur Franklin--- --- 7 Sep 1864 "Son of Orson C. & Angeline." "Age 1y 7m 19d." "Quiet thy sleep In lonely wooded glade Where stars shine sadly Through the opening shade And winds sigh softly on Where myrtle o'er the place of thy last sleep And flowers bloom and dew drops weep and mourn a loved one's grave." 
POST, Infant--- -- --- "In memory of." "Daughter of Orson & Angeline." "I leave this one to know But for the other love, Two little graves below Two happy souls above." (Only one name and no dates.) 
POST, Infant--- 5 Jul 1878 5 Jul 1878 Son of O.C. & R.A. Still-born 
POST, Orson--- --- --- Name could be from Mr. Orrell's personal knowledge that Mr. Post is buried here. 
POST, Walter E.--- 12 Nov 1866 13 Aug 1867 Son of Orson C. & Angeline Age 9M 1D. "In Memory Of" "God blessed us an early death And takes the infant to Himself." 
REEMTSEN, Edrie E.--- 22 Apr 1892 12 Aug 1892 S/w William, Martha & Willes H. HOGAN. "Dau of C.W. & E.P." Previous reader said name is wrong on stone, it should be Eorie. 
RETTINGHOUSE, Clara P.--- 23 Feb 1888 16 Dec 1889 S/w Louella Children of A. & S. "Our Loved Ones" 
RETTINGHOUSE, Louella--- 30 Oct 1879 19 Jan 1881 S/w Clara P. Children of A. & S. 
RICHMOND, Robert J.--- 11 Feb 1833 22 Jun 1909 Stone found 6 Sep 2010** 
RITTINGHOUSE, Lavina--- 18 Oct 1840 28 Feb 1881 Next to Nelson. 
RITTINGHOUSE, Nelson--- 3 Feb 1838 10 Dec 1909 Next to Lavina, his "Wife" 
ROPER, Infant--- --- --- Son of C & L no dates 
ROPER, Lora--- --- 24 Mar 1880 (Taken from Clinton County Death records) Previous reading found a stone here. Stone now fallen. 
SANDERS, Franklin J.--- --- 21 Oct 1887 "Son of J. A. & M." Age 17y 17d 
SANDERS, Nancy J.--- 9 Jan 1840 11 Dec 1873 "Wife of John C." 
SANDERS, William A.--- 7 Nov 1867 24 Dec 1885 "Son of J. A. & M." Age 18y 1m 17d 
SCHMITZ, Laura--- 6 Jul 1890 16 Apr 1896 Dau of John P. & Elizabeth (ENGLE). Died of burns from a brush fire. Name could be from Mr. Orrell's personal knowledge. 
SHANKLIN, James--- 9 Oct 1853 4 Feb 1897 S/w Jane B. 
SHANKLIN, Jane B.--- 15 Feb 1855 6 Sep 1912 S/w James 
STACY, Durwood--- --- 18 Nov 1894 Age 29y 10m "Gone but not forgotten". Woodsman motif 
THORP, Lucy--- --- 16 Sep 1878 Age 9y 6m 7d (Taken from Clinton County Death records) 
Unknown--- --- 2 May 1875 Age ?? 29d stone broken next to W.P. BEST 
UNKNOWN, Lora--- --- --- One of 3 small stones between the stones for ROPER, infant and RETTINGHOUSE, Clara P 
UNKNOWN, Margaret--- --- --- One of 3 small stones between the stones for ROPER, infant and RETTINGHOUSE, Clara P 
UNKNOWN, Thomas--- --- --- One of 3 small stones between the stones for ROPER, infant and RETTINGHOUSE, Clara P 
VICTOR, Clara BellMILLER --- 14 Apr 1881 Age 18y 10m 8d (Taken from Clinton County Death records) 
WATTS, George A.--- --- 24 Nov 1870 Son of John & Sarah Age 1y 1m ?d 
WATTS, James Hy.--- --- 16 Mar 1880 Age 37y 7m 25d (Taken from Clinton County Death records) 
WILLIAMS, James S.--- --- 5 Jan 1865 S/w Nancy H. & Sherrod. Age 5m 29d "Child of S. & N. H.". 
WILLIAMS, Lacy--- 26 Feb 1844 19 Sep 1869 "Wife of D.S." 
WILLIAMS, Nancy H.--- --- 30 Sep 1870 S/w James S. & Sherrod. "Wife of Sherrod". Age 39y 8m 8d 
WILLIAMS, Sherrod Marshall--- --- 18 Jul 1868 S/w James S. & Sherrod. Aged 9y 3m 20d "Child of S. & N. H." 
WILLIAMS, Unknown--- 27 Jan 1876 10 Apr 1876 Broken stone on top of other Williams' graves. 
WOODS, Deetia--- --- --- Footstone next to Thomas Woods', surname could be Criley. 
WOODS, Eveline--- 7 Feb 1849 17 Apr 1871 Stone cut by H. E. Reuter, Nashville, Ill. 
WOODS, Levina--- 8 Nov 1846 18 Nov 1866 --- 
WOODS, Nancy--- 15 Oct 1821 17 Apr 1871 --- 
WOODS, Thos.--- 31 Mar 1823 13 Apr 1866 Stone no longer there, but there was a "Thomas" footstone next to Nancy Woods. 
WORLEY, Charles F.--- 1862 1868 --- 

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