Chambers Burial Ground
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Read by Lucy (Toedte) Buchele
Photos by Brenda Knipping
As of November 2008

This grave yard is located on the corner 10th Street and Boreup Lane. To get to this grave yard, take Route 161 on your way to Centralia. After you cross the Crooked Creek Bridge, make a right turn on Noltings Road 2770E and follow the winding road around. Turn right at 2760E Noltings Road and then back left at 2740E 4th and Noltings Road. The next east and west road is 10th. Turn right and go approximately 1 mile to Boreup lane which is on the right. The cemetery is on a high bank right by the road on the corner and is a one-half acre in size.

Lucy has an abstract that shows the United States first gave this land to Frances Rossier in October 1851. Frances Rossier and his wife Martha sold the land to Samuel Garrison in March 1852. Samuel Garrison and his wife Mary sold the land to Henry H. Boreup, known as Hans Hanson Boreup in March 1858 reserving in the south west corner one-half acre for the purpose of a burying ground.

Lucy also has a warranty deed in 1863 to sell and convey one-half acre in section 16 from Samuel Garrison and Wife to Jasper Gordon. This transaction is confusing because the Gordon children buried in this cemetery died in 1851. Were they moved there later, are their dates wrong, or did the Gordons buy the property because their children were already buried there?

We do not know why there are no Garrisons listed in this Grave Yard. It is possible there were Garrisons buried here but their stones are no longer visible.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
Bizott, Eunigei13 Oct 1908 23 May 1909 daughter of F. C. and E. R. Bizott 
Boreup, Hans Hanson--- --- Was first buried here but moved to Elmwood Cemetery in Centralia when his wife passed. 
Boreup, Infant son--- 1860 Children of Sarah Elizabeth Newman and Hans Hanson Boreup. There are no stones left now, and they are buried by a cedar tree. 
Boreup, Infant son--- 1862 Children of Sarah Elizabeth Newman and Hans Hanson Boreup. There are no stones left now, and they are buried by a cedar tree. 
Gordon, Eliza A--- 30 Jun 1851 Daughter of J. and M. Gordon. Age 3m 22d. No stone now. 
Gordon, Marion M--- 11 Apr 1851 Son of J. and M. Gordon. Age 3y 6m 
Graham, Leon and Gail--- --- Infants of T. and I. M. Graham 

Cemetery ID:45