Gilmore Cemetery
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Read and copyrighted© by Carol Ryan-Spenader August 2005
Updated with Photos by Lucy (Toedte) Buchele April 2010

Gilmore Grave Yard also spelled Gilmour, is located on Rt. 161 near Centralia. About a 1/2 mile west of Centralia, there is a wooden fence on the south side of the road. At the west end of this fence, up on the hill, is the graveyard. There were quite a few small stones marking the graves, but no names. If you know of anyone buried here, please Contact Us.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
ABERNATHY, Ellen V.----- 28 Oct 1862 Aged 24y 3m 23d Wife of T.M. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" 
AVENT, Mary J.31 Jul 1845 9 Mar 1847 S/w Mary J. Daughters of S. & E. "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not" 
AVENT, Mary J.4 May 1850 4 Oct 1851 S/w Mary J. Daughters of S. & E. "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not" 
CHAMBERS, Ann K.--- 24 Aug 1854 Age 2y 5m 10d Daughter of M. Chambers 
CHAMBERS, Arling--- 12 Feb 1873 Son of N.P. & C. Age 12d "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God calls away when he thinks best." 
CHAMBERS, Charles E.--- 3 Aug 1871 Son of N.P. & C. Age 1m 8d "Charlie. I take these little lambs, said He, And lay them in My breast, Protection they shall find in Me, In Me be ever blest." 
CHAMBERS, Charlott6 May 1829 20 Apr 1894 S/w Nathan P. Mother footstone "Our Parents" "They are thoughts that never parish bright unfading through fond years so thy memory we cherish shrined in hope ? in ?" (stone worn at inscription) 
CHAMBERS, Charlott Ethlan--- 29 Mar 1860 S/w James W. & Urvin W. Age 1y 6m 21d Children of A.P. & C. 
CHAMBERS, James W.--- 17 Sep 1850 S/w Urvin W. & Charlott Ethlan Age 7m 25d Children of A.P. & C. 
CHAMBERS, John P.--- 22 Jul 1872 Son of N.P. & C. Aged 21y 8m 23d 
CHAMBERS, Nathan P.6 Jul 1826 8 Feb 1876 S/w Charlotte Father footstone 
CHAMBERS, Urvin W.--- 1 Jan 185? S/w James W. & Charlott Ethlan Age 2d Children of A.P. & C. Stone too worn to read death date 
CLARK, Harriet E.--- 6 May 1879 Age 39y 14d No stone found - Info from the Clinton County Death Records 
FENTON, Dorothy M.11 Mar 1908 28 Mar 1908 --- 
FENTON, E. Estella2 Jan 1893 14 Mar 1908 S/w Fannie E. "Daughter" "Asleep in Jesus" 
FENTON, Fannie E. Mrs.29 Jan 1869 14 Mar 1908 S/w E. Estella "Mother" "Asleep in Jesus" 
FENTON, Nettie B.17 Apr 1886 18 Mar 1908 --- 
GARNER, Eleanor nee Gilmour6 Jan 1848 10 Apr 1944 No stone, information from Obituary 
GILMORE, Caroline A.30 May 1829 28 Oct 1908 "Life's race well run, Life's work all done, Life's victories won, Now cometh rest." 
GILMORE, D.M.--- 24 Dec 1880 Age 68y 8m 9d Born Champayn, Ohio No stone found - Info from the Clinton County Death Records 
GILMORE, Eleanor30 Sep 1790 14 May 1862 Aged 72y 7m 14d 
GILMORE, Harriett Rosanna nee Davis26 Aug 1826 7 Oct 1914 No stone, information from Death Notice 
GILMORE, John21 Oct 1776 22 Oct 1833 Aged 57y 1d "In Memory Of" 
GILMORE, Millie E.29 Mar 1858 22 May 1882 Daughter of W.F. & C.A. "Rest" 
GILMORE, Norman F.--- 8 Jan 1877 Son of Wm F. & C.A. Aged 20y 1m 19d "Rest in Heaven" 
GILMOUR, Elizabeth2 Mar 1826 13 Jun 1876 "In Memory Of" Age 49y 10m 11d "Peace be to Her" (Age does not add up right according to inscription) 
GILMOUR, Henry C.30 Apr 1818 18 Oct 1885 "In Memory of" He sleeps in his grave, but lives fresh and green in our hearts 
GILMOUR, John J.11 Oct 1811 14 Oct 1820 Son of J. & E. "In Memory Of" 
SKIPPER, Alonzo26 Sep 18---- 5 Feb 1863 Son of B. Skipper "A member of Co. G. 111th Ill's Volls" Stone broken in half, birth year missing. 
SKIPPER, C.C. (Mrs.) & Husband--- --- "Peace Perfect Peace" Stone broken no dates 
SKIPPER, Elizabeth15 Mar 1802 14 Feb 1863 Wife of B. Skipper 
SKIPPER, John G.--- 1 Sep 1854 Age 20y 10m Son of B. & E. 

Cemetery ID:46