Jolliff Cemetery
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Read and copyrighted© by Carol Ryan-Spenader August 2005
Updated with Photos from Chad Parson September 2010

This cemetery is located in Section 12 of Brookside Township, just east of Centralia. To reach this cemetery, from Rt. 161, you would turn north onto Jolliff Bridge Rd. Go north approximately 1/2 mile and make a right onto Linn St. The cemetery is about 1/4 of a mile straight ahead, at the curve.

The cemetery is about an acre in size with stones dotted throughout. There are quite a few sandstones marking the graves, but with no names. If you should know of anyone that is buried here, please Contact Us and we will add them.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BIRD, Sarah A.----- 27 Jun 1863 Wife of Joseph Age 46y 8m 2d 
FULLER, Winfield T?--- 27 Jul 186? Son of ? & Jane Age 1y 6m 24d (stone worn) 
HOUSEMAN, Adaline9 Jan 1846 26 Jun 1885 --- 
JACKSON, Jane C.10 Oct 1825 5 Feb 1850 Dau of Col. JOLIFF 
JOLIFF, Albert L.--- 26 Jan 1859 Son of S.A. & M.L. Age 17d 
JOLIFF, John A.--- 28 Feb 1864 Son of S.A. & M.E. Age 3y 8m 10d "Death is the crown of life" 
JOLIFF, Louiza E.--- 29 Jan 1859 Dau of S.A. & M.L. Age 1y 20d "Gone Home" 
JOLIFF, Louiza P.--- 9 Jan 1867 Wife of Abner. Age 23y 6m 23d 
JOLIFF, Stelle J.--- 10 Feb 1863 Dau of S.A. & M.E. Age 2y 11m 14d "I am at peace with God" 
JOLLIFF, Eliza J.8 Mar 1838 14 May 1866 Wife of S.A. E.J.J. footstone 
JOLLIFF, Elizabeth--- 5 Mar 1854 Dau of R.W. & M.A. Age 4y 4m 10d 
JOLLIFF, Elizabeth--- 17 Mar 1841 "In Memory Of" Age 55y 
JOLLIFF, Frank M.--- 7 Jan 1881 Age ?9y 9m 12d 
JOLLIFF, George W.--- 4 Apr 1857 Son of R.W. & M.A. Age 9y 2m 5d "Within this conscerated ground one infant angel sleeps. ???" rest of stone buried. 
JOLLIFF, James F.13 Jul 1821 1 Feb 1837 "In Memory Of" Age 15y 6m 18d 
JOLLIFF, James H., Col.28 Oct 1790 4 Jan 1876 No stone found. Info sent in by his GG - Grand-Daughter Lyla (Jolliff) Schaaf 
JOLLIFF, Mary Ann--- 21 Jul 1855 Dau of R.W. & M.A. Age 3y ?m 21d 
JOLLIFF, Mary L.29 Jun 1839 28 Apr 1863 Wife of __. A. Jolliff (Possibly S. A.) 
JOLLIFF, Susannah--- 16 Nov 1871 Wife of James Age 62y 8d 
M, E.--- --- Footstone in MITCHELL area 
M, N.--- --- Footstone in MITCHELL area 
MENAMEE, Elizabeth E.--- 1 Dec 1852 Dau of L. & L. Age 1y 10m 28d 
METHENA, Lizzie L.--- 6 Sep 1873 Age 9y 7m 27d Dau of ? (Stone broken at parents names) 
METHENA, Willie E.12 Dec 1871 16 Jan 1873 Son of Thos. J. & Mary 
MITCHEL, James C.5 Feb 1865 19 Oct 1865 Son of J.A. & Nancy C. 
MITCHELL, J.W.1872 1932 --- 
MITCHELL, Kalen18 Oct 1916 20 Oct 1945 --- 
ORVIS, Eliphas--- 9 Nov 1854 Age 45y 7m 6d 
ORVIS, Elizabeth Icepheny--- 23 Mar 1847 Dau of L. & E.N. Age 5y 6m 7d 
REED, Sam'l M.29 Feb 1840 22 Dec 1915 GHS - Co. D IA L.A. Cav. "He died as he lived a true and upright man." "Gone but not forgotten" 
REID, Louisiana1845 1933 "Mother" 
REID, Lula May10 Jan 1897 12 Nov 1898 Dau of E. & L.I. 
REYNOLDS27 Nov 1839 21 Jul 1899 Erected by Hellen his sister. No first name 
REYNOLDS, David L.11 Feb 1871 13 Sep 1890 S/w Laura WALL "Daughter & Nephew" Gone but not forgotten 
WALL, David9 Sep 1829 21 Jan 1899 S/w Hellen "His Wife" 
WALL, Hellen28 Aug 1835 --- S/w David 
WALL, Laura22 Feb 1859 26 Jul 1877 S/w David L. REYNOLDS "Daughter & Nephew" 
WOOLBRIGHT, D.A.25 Sep 1854 15---Nov-09 "Gone but not forgotten" 
WOOLBRIGHT, James M.1873 17 Oct 1878 Son of D.A. & M.J. (Death date from Clinton County Death Records) 
WOOLBRIGHT, Mattie2 Aug 1851 9 May 1928 --- 
WOOLBRIGHT, Oscar A.17 Jan 1886 7 May 1945 GHS - Illinois Pvt 3 Infantry WWI 
WOOLBRIGHT, Wm. E.10 Jun 1883 17 May 1907 --- 

Cemetery ID:48