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Jones Family Cemetery

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Jones Cemetery is an old family cemetery northeast of Hoffman. One way to get there is to take Route 4 one mile north from Hoffman. Then turn right/east onto Hugo for about 1.4 miles. Turn left/north on Schnitzmeyer Road. Stop before the road turns left with a bridge that crosses the Prairie Branch Creek. The cemetery is at the top of the hill to the right in the trees.

The cemetery is on less than an acre of ground. Periwinkle covers most of the ground and holds the weeds to a minimum. But there are hundreds of six foot high sticker plants (blackberry canes?), don't wear shorts when visiting there. A barbed wire fence probably surrounded the cemetery at some point, portions of that remain.

As usual with the early family cemeteries, there are probably many unmarked graves there. More stones could be hidden in the periwinkle and under the 150 years of leaves and other vegetation. Possible other names buried here could be WATTS, CARTER and ALLEN.

The history of the cemetery was published by the Clinton County Historical Society in their Quarterly XIX, Issue 4.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
HOPPER, Unknown29 May 1818 31 Mar 1843 Wife of John P. 
J., F.---- ---- Footstone only. Probably one of John Milton Jones and Nancy Jane Jones nee Phillips' children. Information furnished by Ben B B Jones II 
JONES, Annie17 Feb 1875 6 Oct. 1896 Dau. of C. L. & Elvira. I was but a flower too good for earth & transplanted into heaven. Top of stone laying on ground. Stone by Hubbard S. Combs, Centralia, IL. 
JONES, Charles L.24 Feb 1831 4 Sep 1915 Shares largest and newest stone in the cemetery with Elvira A., his wife. Gone but not forgotten. Father head stone. Son of Charles Lee Jones 
JONES, Charles L.24 Feb 1792 2 Aug 1860 Broken stone. Husband of Elizabeth Spencer Jones 
JONES, Charles P.19 Jul 1861 8 Oct 1862 In memory of. Son of J. M. & N. J. 
JONES, Elizabeth Leek/Leake Hale Spencer 18 Nov 1799 28 Jun 1848 Broken stone. Wife of Charles Lee Jones and daughter of Moses Spencer and Judith Ayres. Information furnished by Ben B B Jones II  
JONES, Elvira8 Mar 1837 27 Nov 1910 Shares largest and newest stone in the cemetery with Charles L., her husband. Gone but not forgotten. Mother head stone. 
JONES, Emma16 Sep 1835 05 May 1924  
JONES, J. W. D.--- 26 Mar 1883 Government Head Stone - Co. I, 111th Illinois Inf. James, a Private, died 26 Mar 1883, at age 47 from consumption/tuberculosis. He also served as a brevet command sergeant to Stephen Hicks at Paducah before he was returned to his unit. Some Information furnished by Ben B B Jones II 
JONES, Jane9 Apr 1863 24 Sep 1865 Sacred to the memory of. Dau. of J. M. & N. J. 
JONES, Lear Alice5 Apr 1859 28 Dec 1839 Daughter of C L and Elvira Jones 
JONES, Margaret A.3 Oct 1835 29 Mar 1862 In memory of. Wife of J. W. Aged 26y5m26d. Stone is broken and fallen. 
JONES, Moultra B.--- 5 Apr 1877 Son of C. L. & E. Aged 20y6m7d. Bottom of stone is gone. 
JONES, Nancy30 Nov 1840 15 Apr 1863 In memory of. Wife of J M Aged 22Y 4M 15D. Also footstone N J J , wife of John Milton Jones, info from Ben B B Jones II 
JONES, Nathaniel M.24 Feb 1866 10 Mar 1866  
QUICK, Nathaniel9 Dec 1810 13 Mar 1863 In memory of. Worn poetry. Stone has fallen. 

Cemetery ID:49