Petrea Cemetery
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Read and copyrighted© by Carol Ryan-Spenader November 2005

Caption under the gate:
Petrea Cemetary.
Precious Memories.
(Yes, cemetery is misspelled)

May also have been known as Hadley Cemetery.

One way to reach this cemetery is to follow Route 161 from the South Broadway intersection in Hoffman for a half mile. Turn left at 2400 East Creek Road. Follow that across the railroad tracks. Turn right a couple of blocks later into the farm path right before the little concrete bridge. The cemetery is about 3/4 mile back on that path. You may drive your vehicle on this path if it has not rained recently and if the farmer has no crop growing there. Otherwise you can walk there. After you go across the second hill, you can see the cemetery in the evergreen trees across the next farmed field. The path turns to the right and then toward the cemetery and crosses the stream over a little culvert.

The cemetery is maintained, the grass has been cut and it made the day enjoyable. The most recent burial seems to have been in 1955 which is 50 years ago. Many of the early stones and wooden crosses have deteriorated and are gone. Many of the remaining stones are extremely worn and broken. Other stones that were there ten years ago are no longer there. We have included those names in our listing without a row number. Stones on the left side of the flag pole were numbered L1 beginning at the left side near the farmer's field. Stones on the right side of the flag pole were numbered R1 beginning right inside the gate. Many of the stones appear to have been laid flat into the ground for protection.

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Row Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
R-5 A., L. N.------ --- Adult, chipped footstone in ALLEN lot. 
--- ABERLIN, Sallie-------- 24 Oct 1863 Wife of W. B. W. E. Aged 70 yrs, 3 mo. 
L-6 ALLEN, Annie M.------ --- S/w J.M. ALLEN & Cora B. BROWN. No dates. 
L-6 ALLEN, Cordelia J.------ 5 Jan 1884 Wife of G.B. Aged 76y 3m 1d "Our Mother" Gone but not forgotten C.J.A. footstone 
R-5 ALLEN, Elsie------ 8 Mar 1881 S/w Mary J. Age 10m 13d Children of W.G. & S.A. "They are happy now on high, Where we shall meet them bye and bye" Stone loose on base. 
L-6 ALLEN, Greenberry------ 13 Jul 1861 Aged 61y 4m 28d. Stone partially buried. 
L-6 ALLEN, Henry A.------ 16 May 1863 Son of G.B. & J. Age 22y 11m 12d. Stone partially buried. H.A.A. footstone 
L-6 ALLEN, J. M.---12 Jun 1849 --- S/w Annie M. "His Wife" & Cora B. BROWN. No death date. 
--- ALLEN, Joseph------ 8 Dec 1940 
R-5 ALLEN, Mary J.------ 9 Sep 1870 S/w Elsie Age 11m 28d Children of W.G. & S.A. 
R-5 ALLEN, Nellie------ --- S/w Sam. No dates. Cross molded into stone. 
R-5 ALLEN, Sam------ --- S/w Nellie. No dates. Cross molded into stone. 
R-5 ALLEN, Sarah A.---23 Jun 1839 31 Aug 1915 S/w Wm. G. "Home to bloom in the garden of heaven, To dwell with the happy and blest". In ALLEN lot. 
R-5 ALLEN, Wm. G.---2 Mar 1839 15 Aug 1908 S/w Sarah A. "His Wife" "Rock of Ages". W.G.A. footstone 
R-3 ARNETT, Margaret---22 May 1798 28 Mar 1856 Wife of Rev. Nathan. "In Memory Of" Buried stone. 
R-3 ARNETT, Nathan (Rev.)---22 Nov 1796 23 Apr 1856 "In Memory Of" 
L-6 AUGUSTUS, Anton---?? Apr 1800 1872 Stone is buried and disintegrating. Next to James. 
--- AUGUSTUS, Gideon---8 Apr 1800 19 Mar 1872 Dates similar to Anton's. 
L-6 AUGUSTUS, James---1? Sep ???? 22 Feb 1874 Aged ?y 5m 12d. Next to Anton. Stone buried and disintegrating 
--- AUGUSTUS, Pearl Alice------ 30 Jan 1881 Death record #825 says age 9m9d. 
L-5 BOATRIGHT, Irvin T.------ 12 Feb 1863 Aged 22y 1m 11d. PHS - A soldier of Company I, 111 Ill Vol. His toils are past, his work is done, And he is fully blest, He fought the fight, the victory won, And enters into rest. Transcription furnished by Cynthia. See Photo 
L-6 BROWN, Carrie L.---4 Oct 1880 23 Mar 1937 S/w Harrison H. "Mother" At rest. 
L-6 BROWN, Cora B.---10 Jan 1874 27 Apr 1912 S/w J.M. & Annie ALLEN Wife of H.H. 
L-6 BROWN, Harrison H.---14 Oct 1863 15 Mar 1947 S/w Carrie L. "Father" At Rest 
--- BUTLER, Martha E.---31 Aug 1840 6 Jan 1861 Wife of C.O. Aged 21y 7m 25d 
--- BUTTLER, James H.------ 24 Dec 1883 Death record # 1625 says age 56y 5m 14d. 
L-4 CARTER, Ellen---9 Jan 1852 14 Oct 1895 S/w Perry M. Wife of William. She was a kind and affectionate wife, a good mother and friend to all. 
L-4 CARTER, Emma M.---23 Feb 1895 --- S/w Roy G. Wife of Roy G. Worn mother footstone. No death date. 
--- CARTER, Female Infant------ 20 Mar 1879 Death record # 320 says age 1d. 
L-4 CARTER, Martha C.------ 13 Apr 1879 Wife of Wm. Age 32y 5m 29d. Stone is buried. Worn phrase. MCC Footstone. Death record #332 says Caroline M. 
L-4 CARTER, Perry M.---13 Nov 1883 4 Feb 1885 S/w Ellen Son of Wm. & E. "Suffer little children to come unto me" PMC footstone. 
L-4 CARTER, Roy G.---15 Jan 1891 4 Feb 1915 S/w Emma M. "His Wife" "Husband" footstone 
L-4 CARTER, Wm.---28 Nov 1842 9 Jul 1902 PHS - Co. F 111th Ill Vol. Gone Home. 
L-5 CHAMBERS, Lucy M.---16 Feb 1840 11 Nov 1864 Wife of Samuel 
--- CHAMBERS, William---14 Nov 1839 22 Apr 1860 
R-3 COLE, Elizabeth------ 7 Aug 1873 Aged 33y 2m 6d No top/name to stone. Assuming this is the mother to baby that died on 6th. Worn blank footstone. 
R-3 COLE, George O.---20 May 1870 25 Jul 1871 Son of S.W. & E. Stone in chips. "He rests in heaven" 
--- COLE, Jesse G.---15 Nov 1846 16 Apr 1871 
R-3 COLE, Unknown---11 Sep 1790 25 Jul 1871 "He rests in Heaven" No top to stone. Assumed COLE since baby (grandson?) died same day. 
R-3 COLE, Unknown---29 Jul 1872 6 Aug 1873 Dau of S.W. & E. "Death is the crown of life". 
--- COOLY, Mary---2 Nov 1860 11 Jul 1864 Dau of Daniel & Rosa A. Age 3y 8m 9d 
--- COPPLE, Infant Son------ 27 Dec 1880 Death record # 784 says age 1.2d. 
R-4 DANE, Jos------ --- GHS - CO. G. 111th ILL. INF. 
L-5 DAVIS, Charles L.------ 17 Feb 1861 Son of L.C. & Mary A. Age 3y 2d. Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest; God called thee home, He thought it best. 
L-5 GARRISON, Elizabeth E.------ 30 Dec 1863 Wife of David A. Age 34y 11m 28d. Stone is buried. 
--- GARRISON, John Reese---19 Jan 1832 23 Apr 1909 Son of Samuel No stone found. Info sent in by James Glasgow 
L-6 GARRISON, Mary M.------ 10 Jun 1856 Wife of David A. Age 28y 2m 7d. MMG footstone. 
L-5 GARRISON, Maud---22 Feb 1886 22 Sep 1888 S/w Thaddeus. Children of S.C. & Lizzie "Tho' lost to sight, to memory dear, Thou ever wilt remain" Stone near tree. "Maud" sidestone 
L-4 GARRISON, Minnie E.------ 15 Aug 1872 Dau of G.W. & N.J. Age 2y 7m "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best" 
--- GARRISON, NaomiCHARD14 Jul 1845 15 Oct 1894 Wife of John Reese Garrison. No stone found. Info sent in by James Glasgow 
--- GARRISON, Samuel---22 Feb 1801 11 Apr 1884 No stone found. Info sent in by James Glasgow 
L-5 GARRISON, Thaddeus---12 Jan 1895 24 Sep 1895 S/w Maud. Children of S.C. & Lizzie . Stone near tree. "Thaddeus" side stone 
R-5 HADLEY, Bessie---27 Aug 1888 8 May 1893 B.H. footstone in the HADLEY lot 
R-5 HADLEY, Clarance---5 Nov 1890 16 Aug 1892 C.H. footstone om the HADLEY lot 
R-5 HADLEY, Infant------ --- Footstone only in the HADLEY lot 
R-5 HADLEY, J. Dot---25 Mar 1879 24 Feb 1897 J.D.H. footstone. In the HADLEY lot. 
R-4 HADLEY, Luella---1 Sep 1869 2 Jul 1955 Mother footstone could be for her. In HADLEY lot. 
R-4 HADLEY, Sarah C.---11 Aug 1858 22 Oct 1897 S/w Seth S. "His wife". S.C.H. footstone. In HADLEY lot. Mother footstone could be for her. 
R-4 HADLEY, Seth M.---8 Jan 1907 9 May 1921 Son of Seth S. & Luella. In HADLEY lot. 
R-4 HADLEY, Seth S.---24 Aug 1851 20 Jul 1929 S/w Sarah C. "His Wife". Largest stone in HADLEY lot. 
L-6 HEABERLIN, S. B.------ 15 Oct 186? S/w Sallie Aged 70y 13d. Stone broken at date. 
L-6 HEABERLIN, Sallie------ 24 Oct 1865 S/w S.B. Wife of S.B. Aged 70y 3m 
R-6 HUBBARD, Mary E.------ 1 Mar 1854 Dau of J.C. & M.A. Age 1y 9m 20d 
--- J., M. A.------ --- footstone - could be Mary A. Johnson 
--- JOHNSON, Alice L.------ 15 Apr 1860 Dau of J.L. & M.S. 
R-1 JOHNSON, Charlotte T.------ 26 Dec 1861 Wife of W.B. Age 34y 5m 21d "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord as they rest from their labors and their deeds do follow them." Stone broken and fallen. 
R-4 JOHNSON, H. H.------ 22 Apr 1855 S/w M.A. & N.M. Age 7y 2m 17d 
R-4 JOHNSON, Hatly---22 Jan 1858 3 Feb 1858 Dau of J.L. & M.S. 
L-3 JOHNSON, Henrietta---20 Jul 1836 3 Apr 1865 S/w Hugh F. Wife of Hugh F. 
L-3 JOHNSON, Hugh F.---30 Dec 1828 13 Feb 1897 S/w Henrietta. Husband of Henrietta. 
--- JOHNSON, John------ 20 Nov 1858 Age 68y 2m 9d No top on stone Assumed John based on previous reading. J.J. footstone near by 
L-3 JOHNSON, Kezziah------ 23 Mar 1877 Dau of H.F. & H. Age 20y 1m 12d. Opposite Rosa and Sydney. Stone is flat on ground. 
R-4 JOHNSON, M. A.------ 19 Oct 1844 S/w H.H. & N.M. Age 1y 4m 17d Children of J.L. & P.B. 
--- JOHNSON, Mary S.---15 Jul 1822 19 Apr 1860 Wife of J.L. Age 37y 9m 6d M.S.J. footstone 
R-4 JOHNSON, N. M.------ 19 Jul 1851 S/w M.A. & H.H. Age 11m 7d 
--- JOHNSON, Polly B.------ 7 Aug 1855 Wife of J.L. Age 34y 14d 
L-2 JOHNSON, Rosa B.---14 Oct 1865 3 Dec 1931 S/w Sidney D. "Mother" 
L-2 JOHNSON, Sidney D.---1 Sep 1860 31 May 1946 S/w Rosa B. "Father" 
--- JOHNSON, Wm. Francis------ 5 Jan 1882 Death record #1069 says age 1d. 
R-5 MILLER, Ammon B.------ 19 Jul 1874 Aged 22y A.B.M. footstone. Tho lost to sight, To memory dear. 
R-5 MILLER, Martin L.---4 Jun 1857 2 Feb 1918 "At Rest". The MLM footstone is no longer there. 
R-5 MILLER, Nelson E.------ 6 Jul 1886 Son of M.L. & C.I. Age 3y 3m 20d "Darling Nelson. The Angel called him" 
R-6 OYSTER, George---? ??? 1880 2 Jan 1881 S/w Sam A. H. Son of G.W. & E. Inscription worn. Birth date could be 14 or 24. Top is stone is broken off, assume name is George based on Census which says he was born in May 1880. 
R-6 OYSTER, Sam A. H.---17 Jan 1879 5 Feb 1879 S/w George Son of G.W. & E. Inscription worn. Top of stone is broken off, assume name is Sam A. H. based on Death Record # 261. 
--- P., S.------ --- footstone 
--- PARKER, Demette H.------ 2 Sep 1872 Aged 6y 2m 13d 
--- PARKER, Franklin------ 12 Oct 1873 Aged 1y 5m 22d 
--- PARKER, Isidor------ 4 Aug 1874 Aged 1y 1m 4d 
R-6 PAULSMEYER, Charles---2 Oct 1870 29 Sep 1918 
--- PETREA, Emma M.------ 5 Sep 1887 Death record # 1626 says age 17y 10m 18d. 
R-2 PETREA, J. W. N.---8 Apr 1838 5 Feb 1862 Aged 33y . In memory of. Broken and buried. 
--- PETREA, James Edgar------ 11 Aug 1879 Death record # 415 says age 13y 1m. 
--- PETREA, Mary A.------ 14 Aug 1881 Death record # 1014 says age 40y 6m 28d. 
R-2 PETREA, Susanna------ 5 Dec 1854 Stone broken & fallen; middle piece is missing. 
R-2 PETREA, William---10 Aug 1782 21 Jul 1847 Stone broken, fallen, repaired in concrete frame. 
L-3 PHENIX, Susanna T.---16 Aug 1790 26 Aug 1866 Stone is buried. 
L-5 PHENIX, W. F.------ 1 Feb 1912 GHS - CO. K. 30th ILL. INF. (death date from the Illinois 1956 Veterans Commission Honor Roll) 
L-5 PHEONIX, Lewis W.---18 Aug 1818 11 Oct 1893 S/w Mary E. Father 
L-5 PHEONIX, Mary E.---22 Sep 1822 5 Jan 1870 S/w Lewis W. "His Wife". Mother 
L-5 QUICK, Anna---1865 1936 Flat marker. 
L-5 QUICK, Arline---1931 1933 Flat marker. 
L-5 QUICK, John G.------ 26 Feb 1914 GHS - CO. I 111 ILL. INF. (death date from the Illinois 1956 Veterans Commission Honor Roll) 
R-1 REA, Charles F.------ 27 Nov 1872 Son of J.M. & L.M. Age 5y 11m 2?d Stone against tree 
R-1 REA, Lawrence C.------ 21 Dec 1872 Son of J.M. & L.M. Age 1y 6m 22d. Stone on ground. 
L-6 ROPER, Charles Alford---3 Dec 1880 15 Nov 1885 Our Claude. Worn verse. 
L-5 ROPER, W. Dwight---21 Mar 1888 20 May 1890 Son of C. & E.A. or L.A. Age 2y 1m 29d "Our darling one hath gone before, to greet us on the blissful shore" 
R-2 RUTHER, Martha E.BUTLER ?31 Aug 1840 6 Jan 1861 Wife of G. O. Age 21y 7m 25d. Math doesn't work. 
L-4 SKEEN, Nathan S.------ --- Buried and broken, can't read death date. 
R-1 SLOAT, Adult------ --- Worn concrete marker. Could be duplicate of other stone 
R-2 SLOAT, Adult------ --- Worn concrete marker. Could be duplicate of other stone 
R-2 SLOAT, Adult------ --- Worn concrete marker. Could be duplicate of other stone 
L-5 SLOAT, Catharine------ 25 Nov 1869 Wife of Henry. Aged 53y 6m 12d. Mother footstone. Worn verse which begins: She was silenced√† 
R-1 SLOAT, Child------ --- Worn concrete marker. Could be duplicate of other stone 
R-2 SLOAT, Child------ --- Worn concrete marker. Could be duplicate of other stone 
R-2 SLOAT, Ella M.---1 Aug 1866 24 Feb 1924 S/w John M. In SLOAT lot 
R-1 SLOAT, George---8 Jun 1838 3 Nov 1868 S/w Sally. In SLOAT lot. 
L-6 SLOAT, Henry------ 18 Nov 1877 Age 74y 11m 2d. He has gone to the mansion on high from a region of sorrow and pain. Father footstone. Partially buried near tree. 
R-2 SLOAT, John M.---9 Sep 1867 28 Jun 1951 S/w Ella M. In SLOAT lot. 
R-1 SLOAT, Sally---13 Feb 1843 11 Mar 1870 S/w George "Mother" footstone. In SLOAT lot. 
L-1 SMITH, Elizabeth A.ALLEN15 Jan 1834 29 Sep 1928 Wife of W.N. 
R-4 SMITH, H. E. P.------ 14 May 1881 Aged 24y 4m 25d. In memory. 
L-1 SMITH, W.N.------ --- GHS - CO. F 150th ILL. INF. 
R-4 STEELE, Sarah J.------ 27 Mar 1851 Wife of Matthew Aged 26y 7m 3d Broken stone. S.J.S footstone 
L-4 TAPPAN, Anna D.------ 28 Jun 1878 Dau of C.O. & N.J. Age 9m 4d A.D.T. footstone God . . . . . in an early death and takes you to heaven. Death record # 104. 
--- TURKINGTON, Samuel------ 03 Apr 1902 Age 55 years, contributed by 
R-1or Unknown, Henriette Y------ --- Aged 6m. Small very worn stone near COLE stones. 
R-6 Unknown, William B.------ --- Son of ? (stone worn and disintegrated) 
L-4 WILLARD, Sarah------ 1 Mar 1863 Aged 84y 3m 5d 
R-5 WILLIAMS, Angeline------ 21 Dec 1845 Wife of Micajah Aged 26y 6m 23d "In the midst of life I sank in death, My spirit rose to mansion high" 
R-5 WILLIAMS, Carrie M.---1875 1934 S/w William G. "His Wife" "At Rest" "Carrie" side stone. In WILLIAMS lot. 
R-4 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth------ 19 Sep 1855 Wife of Jonathan Aged 60y 8m 14d E.W. footstone against tree. 
L-4 WILLIAMS, Fannie---15 Jul 1862 26 Jul 1885 Wife of C.W. 
R-6 WILLIAMS, Henry Clay------ 8 Aug 1851 Son of M. & E. Age 1y 3m 1d Inscription worn 
L-5 WILLIAMS, J. Santford---17 May 1834 28 May 1910 S/w Mary E. "His Wife" "Father" side stone 
L-4 WILLIAMS, James B.------ 13 Apr 1877 Aged 51y 11m 17d. Holy Bible. 
R-6 WILLIAMS, John J. H.------ 7 Apr 1850 Son of M. & E. Age ?y ?m 12d Stone broken off at age 
R-5 WILLIAMS, Jonathan------ 3 Jul 1846 Aged 48y 5m 8d "In Memory Of" Stone in 3 pieces. J.W. footstone 
--- WILLIAMS, Marietta------ 20 May 186? Dau of J.S. & M.E. (broken) 
L-5 WILLIAMS, Mary E.---24 May 1836 6 Feb 1917 S/w J. Santford "Mother" side stone 
--- WILLIAMS, Mary Jane------ 6 Jun 1845 Dau of M. & A. Age 2y 9m 2d 
--- WILLIAMS, Micajah------ 21 Dec 1845 Aged 26y 6m 28d 
R-6 WILLIAMS, Micajah------ 7 Jul 1856 Aged 39y 7m 18d "Departed this life". "Blessed are they that die in the lord for they . . ." Stone broken off through inscription. 
L-6 WILLIAMS, Nancy J.------ 16 Feb 1858 Dau of J.S. & M.E. Stone is broken. N.J.W. footstone 
L-6 WILLIAMS, Rosabell---9 Jan 1866 30 Jul 1867 Dau of J.B. & P. "She sleeps that calm and peaceful sleep, from whence none ever wakes to weep" 
R-6 WILLIAMS, Santie S.---14 Aug 1855 23 Nov 1860 Son of M. & E. Age 5y 3m 9d 
R-6 WILLIAMS, William G.---1867 1922 S/w Carrie M. "William" side stone. In WILLIAMS lot. 
R-4 ZOBRIST, Mary E. FELCHLIAHIRSCH8 Jun 1856 June 1911 Cacti scattered over grave area. 

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