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Harpstrite Family Cemetery

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Previously known as the Hughson Cemetery and also as Gerdes Grave Yard. Located about 5 miles north of Huey and south of Coles Creek. One way to get there is to go north on Boulder Road from US Route 50. Turn left/west on Brink Road. There is an "Elmwood Parking" sign that marks the lane back to the cemetery.

This cemetery was raised higher by the US Army Corps of Engineers during the construction of Carlyle Lake. They retained the stones in the same position as they were originally. They moved all the markers that were movable. If the old marker was too crumbly to move and/or there was no name, they placed a new flat marker in the appropriate location. There are about 40 markers that merely say Unknown, of which several say Unknown Infant. The last burial, with headstone, was made here in 1936.

The history of the cemetery is available from the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 19-1, Page 28.

Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BREMER, Edward--- ---- ---- Corps of Engineers' stone. 
BREMER, Father--- 1817 1911 S/w Mother. Father footstone. At. Rest. Might be Contad H. 
BREMER, Infant   Corps of Engineers' stone. Sets to the right of the Bremer family stone. 
BREMER, Mother--- 1843 1925 S/w Father. Mother footstone. Might be Dorthea E. 
CHARLES, Pamelia W.--- 15 Feb 1805 17 Dec 1862 Age 57y10m. Footstone P.W.C. 
COOLEY, Elias F.--- 20 May 1858 5 Mar 1936 S/w Ruthia E. 
COOLEY, Ida--- --- --- Corps of Engineer marker. Previous reading says Mother of Mary, Michael, Ruth 
COOLEY, Julius H.--- 1876 1925 Corps of Engineers' marker, no dates given. 
COOLEY, Ruthia E.--- 27 Jun 1861 30 Sep 1926 S/w Elias F. 
D, M E   Davis, Mary E. Footstone 
D, M.   Footstone only, no name or dates. 
D., J. C.--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. No dates. 
DAVIS, Mary E.--- --- 18 Aug 1855 Dau of J L & F. Broken stone - age ___ and 19d. 
EVELAND, Lawrence E.--- 1903 1904 Corps of Engineers' marker. 
FRENCH, Cassinda--- --- Feb 1849 S/w and wife of William. Age "About 56y." 6 "Unknown" Corps of Engineers' markers to her right. 
FRENCH, Jane--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. J F footstone. 
FRENCH, Joseph--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. J F footstone. 
FRENCH, William--- --- Dec 1847 S/w Cassinda. Age "About 66y". 1 "Unknown" Corps of Engineers' marker to his left. 
GERDES, Isaac F.--- 3 Jun 1874 8 Jan 1902 S/w Mary C. Sidestone Isaac F. 
GERDES, Mary C.--- 10 Sep 1840 5 Jun 1925 S/w Isaac F. Mother sidestone. 
HOLLEY, Elsie--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. 
HUGHSON, Abram--- 28 Dec 1809 8 Nov 1885 A L H footstone. 
HUGHSON, Barbara L.--- 14 Dec 1850 25 Oct 1872 Dau of A. & M. 
HUGHSON, Isaac T.--- 20 Nov 1842 10 Aug 1864 3 stones. Sergt.Co.B.145 ILL Inf - GHS; son of A. & M. on Hughson/Kenower/Shelly family stone and individual stone 21y8m20d. 
HUGHSON, Mariah A.--- 29 Jan 1854 24 Dec 1869 Dau of A & M. 
HUGHSON, Mary--- 8 Jan 1818 30 Dec 1861 2 stones. Wife of A. On Hughson/Kenower/Shelly family stone and individual stone 43y11m22d, 
KENOWER, Sarah A.--- --- 12 Oct 1851 On Hughson/Kenower/Shelly family stone. Age 1 m. 
MARTIN, Rebecca--- 1827 1908 Corps of Engineers' marker. 
MOORE, Nancy N.CHARLES 23 Mar 1807 9 Jan 1876 Consort of Smyth. Born in Guilford Co., N. Carolina. Age 68y9m16d. Footstone N. N. M. 
MOORE, Sarah E.--- --- 29 Apr 1848 Age 5y10m10d. Dau of S. & N. N. Footstone only. 
MOORE, Smyth--- 20 Apr 1803 8 Dec 1877 Born near Milledgeville, GA. Footstone S.M. Age 74yr 8mo 18da. Unreadable verse 
OUTHOUSE, Elizabeth--- --- 5 Sep 1855 Age 34y8m7d. Wife of Wm. S. Worn stone. 4 Corps of Engineers' "Unknown" markers next to her. 
OUTHOUSE, Elizabeth--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. No dates. 
OUTHOUSE, Joseph--- 20 Jul 1802 25 May 1846 Age "About 44y". 
OUTHOUSE, Joseph--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. No dates. 
OUTHOUSE, Peter--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' marker. No dates. 
OUTHOUSE, Temperance C.--- --- 7 Dec 1852 Age 25y2m10d. Wife of Wm. S. Worn stone. 
OUTHOUSE, William S.--- 3 Oct 1820 22 Nov 1890 Worn stone. 
RAGLAND, Thontie S.--- 14 Dec 1878 29 Jan 1883 Son of S. C. & B. 
SHELLY, Cemantha--- --- 14 Sep 1853 On Hughson/KenowerShelly family stone. Age 13y8m20d. C S footstone. 
SHELLY, David--- --- 31 Aug 1858 On Hughson/Kenower/Shelly family stone. Age 66y21d. 
SHELLY, John--- --- 1844 On Hughson/Kenower/Shelly family stone. Age 22y. J S footstone. 
SHELLY, Lenora--- --- 18 Sep 1844 On Hughson/Kenower/Shelly family stone. Age 8y7m. L S footstone. 
SHIPARD, Martha E.--- 1852 1924 Corps' of Engineers' marker. 
SHIPARD, Michael--- 1850 1913 Corps' of Engineers' marker. 
SIMPSON, Adeline--- 1836 1900 Corps' of Engineers' marker. 
SMITH, Infant--- --- --- Corps' of Engineers' marker. 
SMITH, Walter--- --- --- Corps' of Engineers' marker. 
Unknown Infant--- --- --- Corps of Engineers' stone next to the BREMERS. 
WOLF, Caroline--- 26 Aug 1852 15 Jul 1911 In God We Trust 

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