Source: "Quicks of East Fork; Early 20th Century Farm Life", published 1978 by H. Wilbert Quick, as updated.
Permission to share on the Internet granted by his wife, Josephine Quick, and his daughter, Teresa Thiel, on 9 Jun 1999.

Location: In NW corner of SE 1/4, NE 1/4 Section 20, T3N, R1W, one-half mile east of County Road 3 in Boulder then about 500 yards south. The cemetery is in a grove of locust trees almost 1/4 mile west of a dirt road. Copied in April, 1976 by H. Wilbert QUICK and Josephine DUCHEK Quick. Alva HERRIN, whose grandfather Herrin is buried in the cemetery, said that when he was a boy there were about 50 headstones in the cemetery.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BREWSTER, James--- 1885 Husband of Mary 
BREWSTER, James K.1 Jan 1845 1 Aug 1864 Son of J. & E. Brewster 
BREWSTER, Jno. G.--- 3 Nov 1876 Age 40 yrs 6 ms 3 ds 
BREWSTER, Mary--- 1885 Wife of James, 61 yr., 9 da. 
BREWSTER, Mary J.--- 25 Mar 1856 Dau of J. & E., Age 8 yr, 5 da. 
BREWSTER, Nathan17 Nov 1854 8 Nov 1855 Son of J. and N. 
BREWSTER, Nathan17 Nov 1854 8 Nov 1855 Son of J. and N., age 11 mo. 21 da. 
BREWSTER, Nercissus29 Jan 1863 4 Jul 1885 Wife of J. H. 
BREWSTER, William--- 28 Mar 1857 Son of J. and N., age 3 yrs. 6 mos. 23 da. 
BREWSTER, William S.28 Sep 1853 28 Jan 1857 Son of J. and N. 

Cemetery ID:67