Clark Cemetery
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Formerly known as Maple Grove Cemetery

Source: "Quicks of East Fork; Early 20th Century Farm Life", published 1978 by H. Wilbert Quick, as updated.
Permission to share on the Internet granted by his wife, Josephine Quick, and his daughter, Teresa Thiel, on 9 Jun 1999.
Updated with Photos by Lucy Buchele May 2010

The cemetery is located on the blacktop Shattuc road about 1/4 mile south of where it ends at County Road 19. The cemetery is on the east side of the road.

When the land was deeded for cemetery purposes by John H. Carter, it was called the Maple Grove Cemetery.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
CARTER, Catherine1852 1917 Mother 
CARTER, John15 Oct 1839 12 Nov 1891 2nd Sgt Co H 35 Regt ILL Inf, Civil War 
CARTER, John H.1839 1891 Father 
CARTER, Mary E.1872 1932 Daughter of John H. and Catherine 
DAUGHERTY, Nellie PEYTON1887 1921 And Infant 
LEICHT, Elizabeth18 Nov 1848 29 Jun 1909 Wife of George 
LEICHT, George13 Mar 1847 26 Nov 1914 Husband of Elizabeth 
LEICHT, George G.18 Jan 1876 16 Feb 1959 Husband of Mamie 
LEICHT, Infant--- --- Son of George and Mamie 
LEICHT, Infant--- --- Son of George and Mamie (there are 2 stones) 
LEICHT, John Casper23 Sep 1880 7 Dec 1955 --- 
LEICHT, Luly17 Apr 1878 16 Nov 1960 --- 
LEICHT, Mamie23 Sep 1882 22 Oct 1972 Wife of George G. 
LEICHT, Raymond31 Dec 1903 21 Jul 1910 Son of G. G. and M. 
QUICK, Albert L.15 Dec 1889 21 Aug 1923 --- 
QUICK, Dale L.26 Jun 1918 11 Mar 2001 Married Alice Murray. Father of Ronald Dale and Roger Alan. Grandfather of Michael McNally, Kevin Patrick and Holly Meredith. 
QUICK, Elzie Wm.15 Mar 1886 15 May 1906 --- 
QUICK, H. Wilbert--- --- Author of Quicks of East Fork in 1978. Grandson of John W. & Luella (nee Brooks) Quick and of W. E. (Ed) and Mary (nee Morris) Kidder. Great Grandson of George & Elizabeth Jane (nee Carter) Quick; and Lewis and China (nee Jackson) Brooks; and John O. & Mary Jane (nee Farmer) Kidder; and Samuel & Mary (nee Eagan) Morris. 
QUICK, Infant3 Dec 1912 5 Dec 1912 Son of John and Luella 
QUICK, John W.16 Apr 1864 17 Apr 1933 --- 
QUICK, Levega G.26 Nov 1899 9 Feb 1900 --- 
QUICK, Luella29 Jul 1869 28 Sep 1951 --- 
QUICK, Nettie B.28 Apr 1892 5 Feb 1903 --- 
QUICK, Violette E.26 Jan 1904 20 Jul 1921 --- 
WIEDENKELLER, J. S.24 Jan 1835 22 Apr 1920 Husband of Margaret 
WIEDENKELLER, Margaret27 Sep 1847 28 Jun 1919 Wife of J. S. 

Cemetery ID:79