Submitted by Sterling L. Ammons, 12 Aug 2001

One way to reach this cemetery: From Germantown, go east on Rt 161. Turn right (south) on Shoal Creek Rd for roughly 1/2 mile. When Shoal Creek Rd makes a sharp right turn, you should turn left. This may be Pioneer Rd but it might be unmarked. Proceed for about 1/2 mile then turn right (south) on Ammons Road. When you reach 6603, a dairy, stop at the house for permission to visit the cemetery. The cemetery is east of the home. You can drive to within 1/4 mile. The cemetery is sitting on a small knoll in the middle of a field on 2.5 acres of ground and is in two parts. The present owners of this property are very friendly and stated that they would help to restore this Cemetery.

Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
AMMONS, CatherineFREITAG 1763 2 Jun 1843 --- 
AMMONS, Godfrey--- 11 Jun 1800 1864 --- 
AMMONS, Inhanna MaryCOX 1811 1846 First wife of Jackson 
AMMONS, Jackson--- 31 Jul 1803 9 May 1865 Father of Louis C. 
AMMONS, Jefferson--- 31 May 1805 30 Nov 1856 --- 
AMMONS, Juliana N.REEVES 30 Dec 1837 19 May 1914 Second wife of Jackson. Mother of Louis C. 
AMMONS, Leonidas--- 1832 Oct 1849 --- 
AMMONS, Saphony E.--- Oct 1848 22 Jul 1849 --- 
AMMONS, Thomas Beut.--- 29 Oct 1849 23 Jul 1879 Death record #33-422. Farmer, married, died from typhoid malarial fever, sick 14 days. 

Cemetery ID:83