Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk as of 31 Dec 2002

This cemetery was originally on land owned by Lewis Allen on the west bank of Allen Branch. The cemetery was relocated to Section P of Carlyle City Cemetery during the construction of Carlyle Lake. There is a marker there that says Allen Cemetery 1851 - 1963. These names are also included in the Carlyle City Cemetery listing. The history of the Allen Cemetery is available from the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly # 19-1.

Section Row Grave Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
41 ALLEN, Elizabeth1840 1858 --- 
43 ALLEN, John1838 1870 --- 
44 ALLEN, John-- -- No dates for this second John. 
41 ALLEN, Lewis13 Apr 1816 25 Nov 1851 --- 
42 ALLEN, Nancy1813 1864 --- 
41 ALLEN, Sarah Jane1841 1870 Wife of John 
47 MURRAY, Mary Ann6 Dec 1825 4 Sep 1855 Wife of Mathew J. Age 29Y 8M 28D. Age is partially buried in concrete. 
45 SKIDMORE, Jane17 Apr 1823 1 May 1854 Wife of Andrew B. Stone is broken and lying flat. 
43 SKIDMORE, Mary-- 6 Oct 1857 Dau of A. B. & Mary. Age 15M. 
46 SKIDMORE, Sarah Ann-- 16 May 1857 Dau of A. B. & Jane. Age 7Y. 
47 SKIDMORE, Sarah Ann-- 27 Nov 1852 Dau of J. D. & Sarah Ann. Age 16Y. 
42 Unknown-- -- Unknown person that had been buried in Allen. 
44 Unknown-- -- Unknown person that had been buried in Allen. 
45 Unknown-- -- Unknown person that had been buried in Allen. 
46 Unknown-- -- Unknown person that had been buried in Allen. 

Cemetery ID:90