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Orten Cemetery
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This cemetery is southwest of Damiansville. Take Airport Road to Fall Road and turn north. The cemetery sits atop a hill, west of the New Memphis water tower. The owner of the land lives at the entrance to the water tower lane, the owner's brother lives up the lane. This cemetery covers at least one acre atop a hill with a fantastic view of Sugar Creek at the bottom of the hill, to the west. We only found remnants of four stones in February 2002, there could be more buried under the debris in the woods.

At least one stone for a baby was removed by a descendant. This cemetery was read and published in Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 1-3, page 124, in May 1978. We included the names from that listing, marked with an asterisk, along with what we found. The local resident can remember playing among 35 to 40 stones in 1941.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
CAN____, Elizebeth--- 9 Aug 1851 Broken Missing Stone 
DIER, Charles1788 1801 Date might be 1861. 
GREENFIELD, Elizebeth *--- 25 Oct 1865 19Y 6M 20D. Wife of John. A flower lent but not given, To bud on earth and bloom in heaven. 
ORTEN, Elizebeth *4 Aug 1796 16 Mar 1836 Wife of John M. T. Orten. Age 39Y 7M 12 D. Weeping Willow on stone. 
ORTEN, Elizebeth R.29 Jul 1833 16 Oct 1858 --- 
ORTEN, Israll24 Dec 1826 18 Sep 1856 Son of John M. T. 
ORTEN, John M. T.5 Jul 1796 --- --- 
ORTEN, John S.22 Dec 1822 --- Son of John M. T. 
ORTEN, Joseph28 Feb 1836 16 Oct 1859 Son of John M. T. 
ORTEN, Thomas16 Dec 1828 31 Aug 1870 Son of John M. T. 
SOLOMON, Aaron *13 Apr 1820 20 Feb 1872 --- 
TRELOGGEN, Unknown *--- --- Local resident remembers this name in this cemetery. 
Unknown *18 Oct 1824 11 Nov 1858 Age 34Y 26D. Top of stone with name is missing. 

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