Read and copyrighted by Kelly A. Isaak, George and Mary Shackelton - 25 & 26 May 2003
Read by Kelly A. Isaak, Phyllis Hanke, and George & Mary Shackelton - 15 Mar 2004
Photographed by Chad Parson - Sep 2010

Stacey Cemetery
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Kelly, Phyllis, George, and Mary used the method of "dowsing for graves" to find many of the stones. There are also many sandstone markers and they used the dowsing rods to determine the sex of the individual buried there.

Stacey Cemetery is located in Section 36 of Meridian Township. It is on Jolliff Bridge Road 2 miles north of highway 161. Jolliff Bridge Road turns east; the cemetery is on the north side of the power station. It is on a little hill with a gully on the west side and a drop-off on the east. We started on the east side as row 1 with graves starting from south.

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Row Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
WILLIAMS, Jane12 Jun 1803 11 Nov 1873 --- 
GRAFTON, Dr. Wm. L.--- 4 Feb 1855 broken stone, aged 52 yrs, Farewell my wife and children all From you a father Christ doth call Weep not for me it is in vain To call me to your sight again 
GRAFTON, Mary G.--- 9 Apr 1857 wife of W. L. GRAFTON, aged 44 yrs, 10 mths, 21 dys, Dear children, too, your mother kind must go and leave you behind. May Jesus deign your soul to raise To join and sing His lasting praise 
CRAWFORD, Christy Ann--- 15 Feb 1852 wife of A. CRAWFORD, aged 65 yrs, 4 mths, 5 dys 
------ --- sandstone marker 
IRVIN, Franklin--- 23 Oct 1851/4 son of B. F. & L. IRVIN aged 1 mth 21 dys 
------ --- sandstone marker, female 
------ --- sandstone marker, male 
------ --- sandstone marker, male 
------ --- unmarked, female 
------ --- sandstone marker, male 
------ --- unmarked, male 
------ --- sandstone marker, male 
------ --- sandstone marker, male 
------ --- partial stone that matches Maria STACSEY stone, male 
STACSEY, Maria--- 19 ??? 18?3 To the Memory of Maria the wife of Louis STACSEY who departed this life ??? 19, 18?3, footstone M. S. 
------ --- unmarked, male 
------ --- unmarked, male 
--- CRAWFORD, William H.--- 19 Dec 1852 Son of ? H & E Crawford Aged 1 yr-8months-2days (submitted by a researcher) 

Cemetery ID:142