Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 6 Jun 2002

Take Route 161 to Slant Road to Gebke Road. When Gebke Road turns to the left, keep going straight on the farm road, past a house and then turn to the right between the old barn and a parked school bus to the about 1 acre of trees. Go down the slight incline. Enter the grove that has an old wire fence around it from either the south or east side. Stones are dotted throughout the cemetery, mostly at the top of the hill. Most of the stones have fallen down. There are two large bases with no stones remaining. Be careful of downed wire fencing near the Patheal graves.

This cemetery is "Inactive" and "despoiled", no burials are shown during the last 120 years.

The history of the cemetery is published in Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 19 - # 1.

Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
CARR, James-- 17 Nov AD 1835 In Memory of. A Native ofDevonshire Engl. Erected by his friends and whose memory will everbe cherished by the friends of Education for his liberal donation insupport of the Pleasant Ridge School. The broken stone is leaning against a tree. There is a weeping willow at the top of the stone. 
CARTER, Fletcher W.-- 25 Jan 1874 S/w Rebecca. Age 40Y 2M 19D. They died full of faith in the Doctrine of Immortal life. 
CARTER, Rebecca-- 5 May 1874 S/w Fletcher W., his wife. Age 35Y 6M 20D. Footstone R. C. 
DAVIS, Sarah E.-- 19 Sep 1884 Death register # 1539. 2M. Died from cholera. 
DAY, Elizabeth J.*1822 1902 *Information from earlier Helen Wickcliffe reading. Probably shares stone with Jesse. Inscription "His wife". 
DAY, Jesse L.-- 29 May 1878 Death register # 96. 57Y 2M 29D. Died from congestion of lungs. Previous Helen Wickcliffe reading says born 1821, stone is off by itself. 
HALBING, Henry V.-- 19 Mar 1882 Death register # 1132. 36Y 5M 19D. Died from typhoid pneumonia. 
LOCKHART, Martha A.15 Oct 1830 3 Jan 1876 Age 45Y 2M 18D. Stone broken. Information from previous reading, we didn't find the stone in the knee-high weeds. 
MADDUX, Cynthia J.17 Jun 1821 2 Feb 1886 Wife of W. H. Age 64Y 7M 16D. Four lines of poetry are worn and unreadable. 
MADDUX, Ira C.26 Jul 1806 18 Jan 1867 In Memory of. My dearest friends that dwell above, I now have gone to see, And all my friends in Christ below, Will soon come after. 
MADDUX, Isaac22 Mar 1815 6 Jul 1881 S/w Matilda. In Memory of. 
MADDUX, John D.22 Jul 1839 5 Oct 1857 Information from previous reading, we didn't find the stone in the knee high weeds. 
MADDUX, Joseph A.M.*-- 12 Sep 1877 Son of Ira & S.E. *Information from earlier Helen Wickcliffe reading. 
MADDUX, Lucien-- 12 Sep 1877 Son of T M & S E Age 6 Mos. 7 Hrs. God took him from us, But . . . . (unreadable) Flowerbud engraved in the stone. This stone sits away from the others. 
MADDUX, MatildaHULL18 Feb 1823 3 Apr 1867 S/w Isaac. M H M footstone leaning against a tree. 
MADDUX, William Harris*25 Sep 1844 9 Mar 1866 Son of Wingate Harris. Civil War Veteran. *Information from earlier Helen Wickcliffe reading. 
PATHEAL, Infant-- -- Son of S. & F.  Another lamb taken from the fold. 
PATHEAL, Margery30 Mar 1820 17 Aug 1897 Dearest Mother, thou hast left me sad and lonely and my loss I deeply feel, But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.  Stone has engraved hands shaking. 
PATHEAL, Mary E.-- 2 Jan 1867 Dau of S. & M. Age 17Y 10M 14D. Stone has engraved hands shaking. 
PATHEAL, Samuel-- 1 Jan 1877 Age 52Y 1M 9D.  He was a tender father here, And in his life the Lord did fear, We trust our loss will be his gain, And that with Christ he's gone to reign.  Stone has engraved hand with the index finger pointing upward. 
ROBINSON, Charles E. 15 Dec 1881 Death register # 1048. 11Y. Died from Potts disease of spine. 
S., J. T.-- -- Footstone is now next to Ira C.Maddux. 
SETTLE, James T.*3 Nov 1849 5 Feb 1870 Age 20Y 2M 2D *Information from earlier Helen Wickcliffe reading. 

Cemetery ID:4