Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 6 Jun 2002

This grave yard is in the Pelican Pouch area. One way to get there is to go north from Rte 161 on Kannell Road. After you cross Gebke Road, continue onward about a fourth of a mile. At the bottom of a hill, there is a farm road on the right. There is a "No Trespassing" sign for the woods on the left side of the farm road. Go about a half mile to the top of the hill where the road ends at the cemetery. The cemetery is well cared for, there are railroad ties and ivy surrounding, but not in, the cemetery. This is the most peaceful cemetery that we've visited. Last burial was in 1984.

For additional information, you may want to contact Becky Sharp McCormack, a Sharp family researcher.

The history of the cemetery is available from the Clinton County Historical Society, Quarterly 19-2, Page 52 and 53.

S/w means "Shares stone with."

Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
CLABAUGH, Cleona C. 3 Nov 1862 28 Oct 1864 Dau of D & N St C. No stone. 
CLABAUGH, Elisha Newton 3 Aug 1860 31 Oct 1874 In memory of. Son of D & N St C 
CLABAUGH, Elizabeth E. 24 Dec 1850 1 Feb 1851 Dau of D & N St C 
CLABAUGH, Jonathan 27 Nov 1849 7 Dec 1849 Son of D & N St C 
CLABAUGH, Nancy A 20 Oct 1854 23 Jul 1855 Dau of D & N St C . Footstone N A C against tree 
CLABAUGH, Nancy St. ClairSHARP 14 Sep 1823 28 Jul 1876 In memory of. Wife of David. Rest dear companion, Thy sufferings are o'er. Thou art gone to a home, Where pain is no more. Also chipped footstone N St C C. 
CLABAUGH, Sarah Ann 2 Oct 1847 9 May 1857 In memory of. Dau of D & N St C . Footstone S A C against tree. 
DONNELL, EuterpeSHARP 1897 1984  
HEABERLIN, Edna May 31 May 1893 18 Dec 1893 Dau of J. B. & F. M. Also E M H footstone. 
HEABERLIN, Fannie MarthaSHARP 1861 1935 Order of the Eastern Star emblem 
HEABERLIN, Infant -- 8 Apr 1896 Dau of J. B. & F. M. Our baby. Also unengraved footstone. 
HEABERLIN, J. B. 1860 1903 I.O.O.F.'s 3 links FLT. 
HEABERLIN, Waldo 23 Jul 1900 4 Apr 1984 Also temporary marker from Zieren-Day Funeral Home. 
INGLES, Harriet G.PRICE 1905 1935 Stone behind J. P. & Hattie B. And Runnells' Service temporary marker. 
MADDUX, Elizabeth W. 8 Jun 1825 7 May 1912 S/w Posey, Nancy S., Thomas F. and Wilbur. 
MADDUX, Nancy S. 20 May 1848 10 Sep 1853 S/w with Posey, Elizabeth W., Thomas F., and Wilbur. Footstone N S M. 
MADDUX, Posey 15 Nov 1819 29 Jan 1901 S/w Elizabeth W., Nancy S., Thomas F. and Wilbur. Co B, 145 ILL Inf. PHS. Footstone P M 
MADDUX, Thomas F. 22 Dec 1853 21 Dec 1854 S/w Posey, Elizabeth W., Nancy S. and Wilbur. Footstone T F M. 
MADDUX, Wilbur 3 Apr 1856 10 Sep 1870 S/w Posey, Elizabeth W., Nancy S. and Thomas F. Footstone W M. 
PRICE, Hattie B.SHARP 29 Aug 1873 16 Mar 1905 S/w J. P. His wife. "Mother" on sidestone. Also H B P footstone. 
PRICE, J. P. 22 Apr 1863 9 May 1931 S/w Hattie B. "Father" on sidestone. Also J P P footstone. 
S, S W -- -- Footstone now next to Elisha Clabaugh. Should it have been C W S? 
SADLER, Jonathan T. -- 18 Sep 1851 Son of Thomas & Sally. Aged 2Y 1M 22D. Also footstone. Name is spelled Sadaler on the stone. 
SADLER, Thomas St. C. 7 Feb 1854 27 Aug 1955 Son of T & S. Stone broken at death date. 
SHARP, Anna 17 Jun 1858 30 May 1954 Sis 
SHARP, Dora Ann -- 23 Mar 1880 In Memory Of. Aged 16Y 2M 15D. Dau of Jonathan & Mary 
SHARP, Elisha -- 5 Sep 1885 Sacred to the memory of our father. 54Y 9M 1D. 
SHARP, Ellen J. -- 22 Apr 1880 Sacred to the memory of. 47Y 2M 21D. Also E J S footstone. 
SHARP, Eurydice 1870 1948  
SHARP, Eva Laura 1873 1957 Also E S footstone. 
SHARP, Hazel S. 23 Oct 1900 12 Nov 1993 S/w Jonathan. Has an engraved scroll - a fraternal emblem? 
SHARP, Henry Oscar -- 15 Aug 1864 In memory of. 2Y 3M 9D. Son of E. & E. J. 
SHARP, Herbert S. 16 Oct 1894 10 Aug 1955 Daddy 
SHARP, Infant 1921 1921 Twin sister of Mary Elma. 
SHARP, Jonathan 3 Mar 1856 18 Mar 1858 Son of S. & M. A. In Memory of. Footstone J. S. 
SHARP, Jonathan 21 Mar 1893 26 Feb 1956 S/w Hazel S. Masonic emblem. 
SHARP, Jonathan 22 Feb 1839 16 Jul 1910 S/w Mary McNeill. "Father" on sidestone. Also footstone J S. 
SHARP, Jonathan 9 Jan 1797 25 Sep 1851 In memory of. Aged 54Y 8M 16D. Footstone against tree. 
SHARP, Martha A. 28 Apr 1837 7 Oct 1865 Wife of Saml. Footstone M. A. S. In my Father's house are many mansions. 
SHARP, MaryMCNEILL 27 Feb 1842 25 Jun 1921 S/w Jonathan. "Mother" on sidestone. Also M M S footstone. 
SHARP, Mary Ann 17 Jun 1858 30 May 1954 Temporary marker behind Anna - probably same person. 
SHARP, Nora M. 3 Aug 1864 27 Oct 1865 Dau of S. & M. A. In Memory of. Footstone N M S. 
SHARP, Polly -- 14 Aug 1875 To the Memory of. Aged 75Y, 4M, 19D. Wife of Jonathan. Footstone P.S. 
SHARP, Samuel 1837 1921 Masonic Emblem. Footstone S. S. 
SHARP, Sarah A. 5 Apr 1851 -- Shares stone with Zachary T. 
SHARP, Thos. C. 17 Jun 1821 9 Aug 1896 Aged 75Y 1M 23D. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. 
SHARP, Walter -- 1 Dec 1862 Sacred to the memory of. Whose angelic presence and hallowed influence was withdrawn from earth. Son of Elisha & Ellen J. 6Y 17D. Glorious hope of immortality that is bright within the soul. 
SHARP, William A. 1866 1926 -- 
SHARP, Zachary T. 25 Dec 1848 21 Feb 1905 Shares stone with Sarah A. 
STEPHENS, AnnSHARP -- 22 Nov 1856 In Memory of. Wife of Chas W. Aged 27Y, 8M, 7D. Footstone A.S.S. 
STEPHENS, Charles -- -- Son of Chas and Ann 
STEPHENS, Charles L. 30 Aug 1874 31 Jan 1886 Son of J T & N. Unengraved footstone. 
STEPHENS, Chas W -- 4 Jul 1857 Aged 29Y, 1M, 23D. In Memory of. 
STEPHENS, Clyde M -- 10 Mar 1881 Aged 2Y 9M 7D. Son of J. T. & N. Footstone C M S against tree. 
STEPHENS, Mary E -- -- Dau of Chas and Ann 
STEPHENS, NancyMILLER -- 24 Jan 1879 In Memory of. Aged 24Y, 8M, 30D. Wife of J. T. Dau of A. J. and E. Stone broken. Also footstone N.S. 
TUTTLE, EmmaSHARP 22 Dec 1851 15 Jan 1876 Wife of Saml E. Aged 24Y, 24 D. Footstone E T S. Stone cracked and repaired. Poetry unreadable, begins "A little . . . " 
UNKNOWN, Annie   Footstone against tree near the MADDUX's. "Annie" is in cursive. 
WALKER, Infant -- 23 Sep 1869 Daughter of J F and Mary M. Stone is apart from the others, down a path cut in the ivy. 

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