Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 3 May 2002

This African American cemetery is in a wooded area on the other side of planted fields; you'll need a guide to get there. Going north on Ellwood Road, inquire at the first farm on the right after you cross Goodings Ford Road, it's probably two miles back in the woods from there. There were probably more people buried there, there are a couple of filial tops broken off, a couple bases, and one stone too heavy to turn over. Both stones are fallen. The graveyard area is planted in day lilies, and there are wild berry, rose and thorn bushes grown up naturally in the area. We found only 3 names on stones and another three names in the Death Registers.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
COOK, Elizabeth 7 Sep 1889 88Y 4M 0D. Death Certificate # 1290 
HICKMAN, Hettie 29 Dec 1892 Death certificate # 1517. 22Y 8M 19D. 
HICKMAN, William H. 23 Jul 1888 37Y 9M 25D. Huge base. Fallen huge stone shared with Willie. We can not see if there is a name on the back side. 
HICKMAN, Willie 26 Mar 1889 Shares large stone with William. Son of W. H. & M. A. 1Y 3M 10D. 
KILLIAN, Elizabeth9 Feb 1850 20 Mar 1880 Wife of O. Stone fallen and broken. 
MAYHEW, Evaline 5 Aug 1881 5Y 1M 0D. Death certificate # 955. 

Cemetery ID:15