Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 24 Nov and 15 Dec 2001
Photographed by Toni Kohrmann in Nov 2011

Beaver Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

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Beaver Creek Baptist Cemetery, now inactive, is located on the south side of Emerald Road, to the west of Flat Branch Road. The property is now owned by Wheatfield Township and is well maintained. It covers a city block sized area with burials dotted around the area. There could be other burials here with no stones in sight. Leaves could be hiding fallen stones. Those that are remaining in view are mostly in poor shape.

There is a rusted 38 inch wide, 74 inch long, 36 inch high fenced and gated area towards the middle. A probe felt no stones in there. There are now young trees, planted by Nature, growing inside the fenced area.

S/w means Shares stone with. We did not see any reference to veterans.

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Row Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
AMOS, John H. B.---15 Apr 1862 15 Aug 1863 Son of P. H. & S. M. In memory of. 
BALSTEIN, George---21 Dec 1860 30 Mar 1890 Why should we mourn our brother's loss since death to him is bliss. 
BARNES, Thos. B.---29 Dec 1861 13 Sep 1882 Gone but not forgotten. Erected by his bereaved wife. Also T. B. B. foot stone. 
BRANDT, Adam J.---14 Dec 1881 8 Oct 1925 --- 
BRANDT, CatherineSCHROEDER3 Aug 1843 3 Jul 1923 S/w Martin 
BRANDT, Martin---22 Nov 1850 13 Aug 1905 S/w Catherine 
BRYANT, Richard M.------ --- Son of G. & C. J. Aged 11M 6D. Stone broken. Also footstone. 
BUCK, James---1828 9 Feb 1877 Husband of M. C. Born in County Daxry Ireland. Died in Clinton Co., IL. A charge to keep I have, A God to glorify, A never dying soul to save, And fit it for the skey. (?) 
BUCK, Robert C.---7 Aug 1871 29 Jan 1877 Son of J. & M. C. But the Shepherd made answer 'Tis of mine. 
CASEY, Alice Bertha------ 2 Jul 1881 Dau of J. B. & E. N. Aged 6Y 8M 2D. An angel on earth gone home to heaven. Then we shall meet just over there. 
CASEY, Infant------ 12 Sep 1876 Dau of J. B. & E. N. Aged 3D. Sleep on sweet babe, And take thy rest. God called thee home, He thought it best. 
DILL, Abner---24 Aug 1839 22 Dec 1858 Son of Gideon & Elizabeth. A. D. footstone. Stone broken into 2 pieces. 
DILL, Elizabeth---28 Jan 1815 31 Mar 1861 Wife of Gideon. In Memory of. Aged 46Y 2M 3D. E. D. footstone. 
ENTREKIN, Arthur E.------ 12 Jan 1870 Age 7M 13D. Son of F. M. & L. A. Here rests the sweetest bud of hope. 
ENTREKIN, George B.---15 Jan 1859 15 Feb 1860 Son of George W. & R. Also G. B. E. footstone. This little boy so young and fair called hence by early death, Just came to show us how sweet in Paradise might bloom. 
ENTREKIN, William A.---3 Feb 1858 13 Feb 1858 Son of George W. & R. Also W. A. E. footstone. Buds ripped from earth will bloom in heaven. 
FIELDS, Hannah M.------ 21 Feb 1877 Wife of J. R. Aged 55Y 2M 11D. Also H. M. F. foot stone. God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things. 
FORD, Daniel Boone---7 Jun 1840 23 Nov 1861 Sacred to the memory of. Flat stone covering full grave. Aged 21Y 5M 16D. Gone where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. 
HARRIS, Ida A.------ 16 Feb 1882 Wife of C. R. Aged 41Y 7M 13D. 
HARRIS, James H.------ 27 Jul 1878 S/w Warren E. Son of I. A. & C. R. Aged 7M 6D 
HARRIS, Warren E.------ 13 Jun 1878 S/w James H. Son of I. A. & C. R. Aged 5M 22D. 
HARRISON, J. W.------ 21 Sep 1862 Aged 26Y 8M 26D 
HEDIGER, Georg---7 Dec 1885 10 Dec 1885 S/w John and Julius R. Hier Ruht in Gott 
HEDIGER, John---16 Feb 1847 20 Jan 1886 S/w Georg and Julius R. Hier Ruht in Gott 
HEDIGER, Julius R.---31 Jul 1884 17 Dec 1886 S/w John and Georg. Hier Ruht in Gott 
HOFFMAN, Elisabeth---12 Oct 1812 25 Dec 1864 In memory of. Aged 52Y 2M 13D. Broken stone. 
HOFFMAN, Mathias, Sr.------ 2 May 1876 Aged 67Y 4M 6D. Gone to Rest. 
HOON, Margaret---18 Jul 1806 30 Mar 1869 Wife of John. Bessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 
HUFFMAN, Mathias---30 Nov 1842 22 Nov 1872 Broken and fallen stone. 
JENNE, Jakob F.---7 Nov 1836 28 Jul 1887 S/w Elisabeth Tanner 
KELL, John F.---18 Apr 1864 4 Aug 1867 Son of J. & C. Aged 3Y 3m 16D. 
KELL, Josiah L.---26 Mar 1865 12Aug 1866 Son of C. & M. A. Aged 1Y 4M 16D. 
KELL, William H.---11 Jul 1860 2 Aug 1860 Son of C. & M. A. Aged 3W 1D. 
KELSIE, Haile------ --- Home made faint footstone leaning against a tree. 
LAMB, Mary J.------ 23 Aug 1870 Wife of L. S.. Aged 23Y 2M 10D. Also M. J. L. footstone 
NORMAN, L. J.------ 13 Jul 1879 Son of G. W. & P. B. Aged 1Y 8M 3D. Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven. L. J. N. footstone. 
OGLE, Mary E.---3 Nov 1850 7 Apr 1870 Dau of Wm. & Susannah. Aged 19Y 5M 4D. Also M. E. O. footstone 
OGLE, Susannah C.---16 Oct 1817 14 May 1868 Wife of Wm. Aged 50Y 6M 28D. 
OGLE, William------ 8 Aug 1872 Aged 57Y 5M 17D. Also W. O. footstone 
PARKER, Ada------ 16 Sep 1876 S/w Ella, Leatie and Claudius L. 
PARKER, Claudius L.------ 27 Oct 1879 Aged 1Y 7M 6D. S/w Ella, Leatie and Ada 
PARKER, EllaMORTON--- 1 Mar 1880 Wife of Moses. Aged 26Y 3M 23D. S/w Leatie, Ada and Claudius. One by one the Savior calls us, In his perfect bliss to share. May we for the call be ready, Oh may none be missing there. 
PARKER, Leatie Florence------ 6 Mar 1880 Aged 1M, 11D. S/w Ella, Ada and Claudius L. 
RASCH, Ernst---9 Oct 1810 14 May 1894 At Rest 
REUPKE, Almedia---22 Jul 1934 25 Jul 1934 Dau of Frances. Asleep in Jesus. 
REUPKE, Caroline------ --- Stone under a tree. 
RICHERT, Andrew---4 Oct 1862 30 May 1897 S/w George. At Rest 
RICHERT, George---5 Jun 1893 30 Nov 1903 S/w Andrew. At Rest 
SANDERS, Robert E.------ 2 Dec 1878 Aged 31Y 12D. Stone broken. 
SOHN, Geo.---1824 1903 S/w Luiese E. 
SOHN, Luiese E.---1837 1898 S/w and wife of Geo. 
TANNER, ElisabethTRACHSEL13 Aug 1851 5 Nov 1885 S/w Jakob Jenne 
WEAVER, George S.---7 Mar 1860 11 Feb 1862 S/w Malinda J. Child of F. M. & H. C. Lamb. 
WEAVER, Malinda J.---12 Dec 1857 13 Oct 1858 S/w George S. Child of F. M. & H. C. Rose bud. 
WHITE, Elizebeth---9 Oct 1820 1 Nov 1873 Wife of J. R. 

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