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The earliest Baptism record book contains information about some of the early settlers to the area. It lists their names, their dates of arrival to the area, their spouses and their birth dates. In some cases it also lists their children who came with them. This information is included in the Baptism database.

Please be aware that there were many different priests who served this congregation and some of these priests were assistants or interim priests who may not have known the people of the parish. For this reason some records do not contain as much information as others. Also there were many instances where the priest abbreviated names. In these cases the names were spelled out when it was reasonably certain what the name was supposed to be. For a list of the pastors who served St. Boniface and the years of their service see the 150 Year Pictorial History Book at (external link).

The microfilming technique of the record book caused some names to be lost in the spine of the book. In some cases the book was not opened completely (flattened out) to show the wording in the spine of the page.

In the original records one will also find that entries can be out of sequence. The priest often mixed up the dates of Baptism and birth putting the Baptism date before the child was born. He also forgot to change the name of the month. These errors, which have been corrected for clarity in this database, all point to the possibility of the priest writing the Baptism or marriage information in some other form before entering the information in the official record book.

Note: Pages 44-45 of Baptisms are missing (1892).

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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Sponsor Sponsor Comments
ABEL, Edmund Bernard28 Mar 190228 Mar 1902Abel, JosephSOMMER, JosephinaHEYER, EdmundMERSCHER, AntoniaIllegitimate
ABELN, Catharina (Twin)15 Jul 184316 Jul 1843Abeln, TheodorOTKENS, CatharinaOtken, Gerhard HeinrichOtken, Catharina MariaChild died
ABELN, Heinrich (Twin)15 Jul 184316 Jul 1843Abeln, TheodorOTKENS, CatharinaOtken, Gerhard HeinrichOtken, Catharina MariaChild died
ACKERMANN, Catharina---26 May 1857Ackermann, MichaelRULE, MargarethaISACK, NicolausADAM, Maria---
AHLERS, Anna Catharina14 Aug 184512 Oct 1845Ahlers, H. H.KÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria AdelheidKobbe, Gerhard HeinrichRICKE, Anna Margaretha---
AHLERS, Margaretha Adelheid---30 Nov 1845KÖBBE (Koebbe), Not Listed---------She is 42 years of age
AHLING, Anna Maria12 Jun 184515 Jun 1845Ahling, JacobBEKERS, Marg. AdelheidFRERKE, NicolausAhling, Anna MariaChild died
AHRENBURG, Johann Heinrich17 Dec 185818 Dec 1858Ahrenburg, Johann H.KIFTMEIER, Catharina & Catharina SCHWAGE Ahrenburg, Johann H.LANDWEHR, GertrudTwo mothers are listed in this entry.
ALBERERNST, Maria Anna---07 Feb 1847Alberernst, HeinrichNot Listed, CatharinaWESTERMANN, Johann HeinrichNEUDENMEYER, CatharinaSee Alberternst
ALBERS, Adel Irene Laura13 Mar 190419 Mar 1904Albers, BernardEVERSGERD, LouisaSCHUERMANN, HeinrichSchuermann, Margaret born Albers---
ALBERS, Albert01 Nov 187803 Nov 1878Albers, HeinrichSIKA, AnnaAlbers, AlbertGOERS, Maria born Sika---
ALBERS, Anna Carolina04 Nov 188705 Nov 1887Albers, FranzBRAUER, Anna MariaWALLER, HeinrichKOHNE, Anna CarolinaMarried Benjamin B. BUCKIN Jul 1908 at St Joseph in St. Louis, MO
ALBERS, Anna Carolina13 Mar 187314 Mar 1873Albers, HermanALBERS, Catharina AgnesDICKMANN, FerdinandWERRIES, Carolina born Albers---
ALBERS, Anna Carolina09 Feb 186310 Feb 1863Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUEN, Anna MariaNIEBUER, JosephLANDWEHRS, Anna Maria---
ALBERS, Anna Catharina05 Jan 187605 Jan 1876Albers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethDIETZ, Herman AntonLÜBKE (Luebke), Catharina born BENTEN---
ALBERS, Anna Catharina (Twin)11 Aug 188413 Aug 1884Albers, HeinrichSIKA, Anna---RICHTER, Anna Maria born MEIER---
ALBERS, Anna Cecelia15 Apr 189116 Apr 1891Albers, TheodorFOPPE, AnnaFoppe, ClemensWALLER, Anna Christina born AlbersMarried Joseph Carl SITTLER 7 Feb 1921 in Andale, KS
ALBERS, Anna Christina02 Sep 188903 Sep 1889Albers, FranzBRAUER, Anna MariaHAAKE, JohannWALLER, Anna ChristinaMarried Ludwig MINARD 11 Oct 1911 in St. Joseph's in St. Louis, MO
ALBERS, Anna Christina22 Jan 189023 Jan 1890Albers, Johann HeinrichDUST, Margaretha Dust, Herman EdwardWALLER, Anna Christina born AlbersMarried Frederick BECKMANN 16 Nov 1910
ALBERS, Anna Christina25 Dec 188126 May 1882Albers, Johann HermanSIKA, Anna---GOERS, Maria---
ALBERS, Anna Christina22 Feb 185623 Feb 1856Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUEN, Anna Maria TEISING, ClemensNIEBUR, Gesina---
ALBERS, Anna Elisabetha21 Jun 189222 Jun 1892Albers, HeinrichDUST, Margaretha NIEBUR, JohannHAAKE, Anna born Albers---
ALBERS, Anna Elisabetha22 Jul 187606 Aug 1876Albers, HeinrichSICKA, AnnaAlbers, AlbertHELLMANN, Margarita Elisabeth born HAABPKEN---
ALBERS, Anna Josephina24 Apr 188724 Apr 1887Albers, HeinrichDUST, Margaretha NIEBUR, JosephBECKMANN, Maria Anna born Albers---
ALBERS, Anna Josephina (Twin)25 Jun 189326 Jun 1893Albers, FranzBRAUER, Anna (From Lengerich, Hanover)ROBBEN, HermanHAAKE, Anna born AlbersMarried Johann ESS 27 Nov 1912
ALBERS, Anna Maria23 Sep 187317 Nov 1873Albers, HeinrichSICKA, AnnaSicka, WenceslausAlbers, Gesina Maria born AAPKEN---
ALBERS, Anna Maria Josephina31 Dec 188202 Jan 1883Albers, Johann HeinrichDUST, Anna MargarethaHAAKE, JohannLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria born Dust---
ALBERS, Anna Regina01 Jun 189102 Jun 1891Albers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaMueller, HeinrichWALLER, Anna Christina born Albers---
ALBERS, Anna Wilhelmina13 Dec 187614 Dec 1876Albers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaWALLER, HeinrichSCHOENHOFF, Maria Gesina---
ALBERS, Bernard04 Feb 187225 Feb 1872Albers, Johann HeinrichCITKA, AnnaALBERS, Johann BernardSPAERGLER, Anna born CitkaCompare Sika
ALBERS, Bernard Heinrich14 Nov 190114 Nov 1901Albers, Bernard HeinrichWOBBE, Christina WilhelminaAlbers, Johann HeinrichHEMANN, Maria born KAHRHOFF---
ALBERS, Bernard Heinrich07 Apr 187909 Apr 1879Albers, HeinrichDUST, Margaretha Dust, Gerhard HeinrichLAGER, Theresia born Albers---
ALBERS, Bernard Heinrich (Twin)11 Aug 188413 Aug 1884Albers, HeinrichSIKA, AnnaAlbers, Bernard------
ALBERS, Bernard Joseph23 Jan 185024 Jan 1850Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUEL, Anna MariaOSTERMANN, JosephWEMPEN, Theresia---
ALBERS, Carl Theodor17 Jul 188018 Jul 1880Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaGISSY, Carl EugeneHoff, Maria born HOLLENKAMP---
ALBERS, Catharina18 Jul 185021 Jul 1850Albers, HeinrichDIECKMANN, Maria ElisabethDIRCKES, Johann HeinrichDirckes, Catharina Agnes (Mrs. Johann Heinrich)---
ALBERS, Catharina Bernardina30 Nov 190401 Dec 1904Albers, Wilhelm (From Germany)WALLER, CarolinaHILMES, BernardWaller, Catharina born WELLENMarried Sylvester Leo SPIHLMANN 19 Jun 1929 in Albers, IL
ALBERS, Catharina Elisabetha29 Dec 187629 Dec 1876Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaDIERKES, Johann HeinrichDIERKES, Catharina Agnes born DIECKMANN---
ALBERS, Catharina Elisabetha26 May 187027 May 1870Albers, HermanALBERS, Catharina AgnesAlbers, Bernard HeinrichDIERKES, Catharina Agnes born DIECKMANN---
ALBERS, Catharina Josephina20 Jan 188121 Jan 1881Albers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaLAGER, JohannFRERKER, Catharina born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
ALBERS, Christina Elisabeth16 Aug 187817 Aug 1878Albers, Johann HermanALBERS, Catharina AgnesALBERS, TheodorWALLER, Anna Christina born Albers---
ALBERS, Clement August04 Apr 184210 Apr 1842Albers, B. H.MAUENTÖBBEN (Mauentoebben), Maria AnnaMAUE, Johann ClemensKÖBBE (Koebbe), ElisabethChild died
ALBERS, Elisabeth Sophia Dorothea26 Jan 186628 Jan 1866Albers, AntonKRAMER, Catharina LisettaGEHRS, GerhardWACHTEL, Sophia Elisabeth born REHAGEN---
ALBERS, Eugenia Christina24 Jun 188225 Jun 1882Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaNIEBUHR, ClemensGISSY, Christina---
ALBERS, Francis Joseph21 Apr 188621 Apr 1886Albers, FranzBRAUER, AnnaAlbers, JosephAlbers, Catharina ---
ALBERS, Franz Heinrich18 Jan 186021 Jan 1860Albers, Franz HeinrichDIECKMANN, Maria ElisabethNIEBUER, HeinrichMÜLLERS (Muellers), Catharina Maria---
ALBERS, Franz Herman28 Sep 188829 Sep 1888Albers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaAlbers, FranzMueller, Catharina born DÜING (Dueing)Married Clara E. BERNING 4 Jun 1935 in St. Mary Church in Marienthal, KS
ALBERS, Franz Herman---03 Jun 1853Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUEN, Anna MariaAlbers, HermanKOBBE, Margaretha---
ALBERS, Friederich Bernard29 Apr 187530 Apr 1875Albers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna AgnesMueller, FriederichLAGER, Theresia born Albers---
ALBERS, Gerhard Heinrich28 May 185429 May 1854Albers, J. H.MEKE, GesinaNIEMEIER, Gerhard HeinrichRICHTER, Maria Anna---
ALBERS, Gerhard Heinrich (Twin)01 Aug 185602 Aug 1856Albers, Johann HeinrichAPKEN, Anna MariaRICHTER, Johann GerhardSTROT, Anna Catharina---
ALBERS, Gesina Maria02 Jun 184304 Jun 1843Albers, J. H.GODDEN, Anna MariaWACHTEL, MarcHÜSING (Huesing), Gesina MariaChild died
ALBERS, Heinrich01 Dec 187202 Dec 1872Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichDIERKES, Catharina Agnes born DIECKMANN---
ALBERS, Heinrich Edward14 Jun 190315 Jun 1903Albers, BernardWOBBE, ChristinaWobbe, HeinrichBOHNENKEMPER, Christine ---
ALBERS, Helena---08 Mar 1847Albers, PeterOTTIGER, DeclaHERMES, GerhardELBRECHT, Catharina---
ALBERS, Herman Heinrich16 Jul 188417 Jul 1884Albers, FranzBRAUER, AnnaAlbers, HermanEVELD, Anna born WALLER---
ALBERS, Herman Heinrich10 Dec 187811 Dec 1878Albers, JosephMUELLER, Anna AgnesAlbers, HermanAlbers, Anna Margaretha---
ALBERS, Herman Heinrich26 Jul 186829 Jul 1868Albers, Johann Herman AntonKRAMER, ElisabethWOESTMANN, Herman HeinrichWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)---
ALBERS, Herman Joseph04 May 189005 May 1890Albers, HermanALBERS, Catharina Albers, JosephAlbers, Christina born HOFFMarried Elsiabeth BUDDE 1 May 1912
ALBERS, Johann Albert (Twin)01 Aug 185602 Aug 1856Albers, Johann HeinrichAPKEN, Anna MariaApken, Johann AlbertRICHTER, Catharina Adelheid---
ALBERS, Johann Bernard26 Aug 189627 Aug 1896Albers, FrancisBRAUER, Anna (From Germany)Brauer, BernardAlbers, Anna---
ALBERS, Johann Bernard Anton11 Aug 186315 Aug 1863Albers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethDUMSTOFF, BernardREFERMANN, Elisabeth---
ALBERS, Johann Heinrich 06 Mar 184509 Mar 1845Albers, Johann HeinrichAPKEN, Gesina MariaApken, Gerhard HeinrichGODDEN, Maria---
ALBERS, Johann Heinrich12 Aug 188313 Aug 1883Albers, Bernard JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaALBERS, Johann HeinrichMueller, Agnes born PEISTRUP---
ALBERS, Johann Heinrich02 Jun 185103 Jun 1851Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Anna MariaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichKRIEGER, Maria Anna---
ALBERS, Johann Heinrich23 Oct 184329 Oct 1843Albers, B. H.MAUENTÖBBEN (Mauentoebben), Maria AnnaMAUE, J. AlbertWELAGE, Maria Catharina---
ALBERS, Johann Heinrich (Twin)25 Jun 189326 Jun 1893Albers, FranzBRAUER, Anna (From Lengerich, Hanover)Albers, HeinrichNIEBUR, Maria Christina born BENDER---
ALBERS, Johann Herman24 Oct 188425 Oct 1884Albers, HeinrichDUST, Margaretha Albers, HermanAlbers, Anna born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
ALBERS, Johann Herman---10 Feb 1840Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUENTÖBBEN (Mauentoebben), Maria AnnaWESTERMANN, Johann HeinrichKOBBE, Mrs. Not named born ALERS ---
ALBERS, Johann Herman25 Oct 185826 Oct 1858Albers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethSCHMIDTZ, AntonLAMPEN, Margareta---
ALBERS, Johann Herman Clement01 Sep 190202 Sep 1902Albers, Wilhelm (From Hanover, Germany)WALLER, CarolinaWaller, ClemensWaller, Katharina---
ALBERS, Johann Theodor14 Jul 187116 Jul 1871Albers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethLÜBKE (Luebke), HeinrichGEHRS, Catharina born WEHBERG---
ALBERS, Lawrence Ferdinand03 Oct 190603 Oct 1906Albers, BernardWOBBE, ChristinaHEMANN, FerdinandHAAKE, Anna---
ALBERS, Margaretha Catharina13 Apr 187914 Apr 1879Albers, AntonKRAMER (Cramer), ElisabethROBBEN, HeinrichRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Margaretha born SCHONEBECK---
ALBERS, Margaretha Maria18 Nov 188019 Nov 1880Albers, HeinrichDUST, Margaretha WALLER, HeinrichBENDER, Maria---
ALBERS, Maria20 Oct 188021 Oct 1880Albers, AlbertWIEBERG, BernardinaHELLMANN, Johann WilhelmAlbers, Maria born AAPKEN---
ALBERS, Maria Anna Josephina29 Mar 188630 Mar 1886Albers, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaBECKMANN, TheodorKREKE, Maria born Mueller---
ALBERS, Maria Carolina16 Dec 188818 Dec 1888Albers, TheodorFOPPE, AnnaHAACKE, JohannHOLTKAMP, Carolina born Foppe---
ALBERS, Maria Carolina16 Jan 187116 Jan 1871Albers, TheodorHOFF, Maria ChristinaAlbers, HermanLAKE, Maria Carolina born Hoff---
ALBERS, Maria Elisabeth28 Aug 184105 Sep 1841Albers, Franz HeinrichDIEKMANN, Maria ElisabethSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), F H.SIEBENBURG, Maria ElisabethChild died
ALBERS, Maria Elisabeth22 Dec 185226 Dec 1852Albers, FranzDICKMANN, ElisabethDIERKES, Johann HeinrichKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Elisabeth---
ALBERS, Maria Elisabeth01 Jun 185102 Jun 1851Albers, Johann HeinrichABGEN, Gesina MariaRICHTER, Johann WilhelmHELLMANN, Margaretha Elisabeth---
ALBERS, Maria Elisabetha01 Mar 187303 Mar 1873Albers, AntonKRAMER, Maria ElisabethMENKE, AntonBATKE, Maria Elisabetha---
ALBERS, Maria Elisabetha16 Dec 186817 Dec 1868Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaHoff, HeinrichAlbers, Elisabetha---
ALBERS, Maria Emma24 Nov 187425 Nov 1874Albers, TheodorHOFF, Maria ChristinaWERRIES, Franz HeinrichNIEBUR, Anna born Albers---
ALBERS, Maria Josephina26 Dec 187527 Dec 1875Albers, Bernard HermanALBERS, Catharina AgnesWALLER, Herman HeinrichNIEBUR, Maria Anna born Albers---
ALBERS, Maria Josephina Ludewina12 Jan 186114 Jan 1861Albers, AntonKRAMER, ElisabethKramer, JosephVON EICHHOLZ, Ludewina G.---
ALBERS, Maria Louisa21 Apr 188422 Apr 1884Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaHoff, HeinrichGONDELF, Maria born Hoff---
ALBERS, Maria Louisa Carolina---25 Oct 1846Albers, Franz HeinrichTICKMANN, Maria ElisabethKLUMPE, Gerhard Heinrich BUTTE, Maria Alice---
ALBERS, Maria Sophia07 Jan 190507 Jan 1905Albers, BernardWOBBE, ChristinaBOHNENKEMPER, BernardHEMANN, Christina---
ALBERS, Maria Wilhelmina21 Apr 188122 Apr 1881Albers, Johann HermanALBERS, Catharina Albers, JosephSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Elisabeth born Albers---
ALBERS, Rosa Carolina06 Apr 189907 Apr 1899Albers, HeinrichDUST, MargaretBOHNENKEMPER, BernardROBBEN, Carolina born BUSSMANN---
ALBERS, Rosa Josephina11 Jan 190512 Jan 1905Albers, Jr., TheodorDUMBECK, ElisabethAlbers, Sr., TheodorDumbeck, Josephina---
ALBERS, Sophia Christina24 Apr 188425 Apr 1884Albers, HermanALBERS, Catharina HAAKE, JohannGISSY, Christina born Albers---
ALBERS, Theodor23 Mar 184302 Apr 1843Albers, F.DIEKMANN, Maria ElisabethVORNHOLT, TheodorVornholt, Maria Elisabeth---
ALBERS, Theodor04 Feb 185805 Feb 1858Albers, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, A. MariaLAGER, TheodorTHEISING, Helena M.---
ALBERS, Victor Louis Bernard07 Oct 189809 Oct 1898Albers, J. H. B.EVERSGERD, Louisa MariaEversgerd, Anton LouisAlbers, Elizabeth born KRAMERMarried Christine V. HEMANN 25 May 1927 in Renauld, IL
ALBERS, Vincent Wilhelm03 Nov 1896Nov 1896Albers, J. H. BernardEVERSGERD, Louisa M. (Albers)Albers, J. H. AntonEversgerd, Friederica Carolina LouisaBaptism day not listed. Married Maria Catharina WINTER 21 May 1919
ALBERS, Virgil Christopher August28 Jan 190228 Jan 1902Albers, J. H. BernardEVERSGERD, LouisaEversgerd, August H.Eversgerd, Veronica M.---
ALBERS, Wilhelm Heinrich04 Oct 189505 Oct 1895Albers, HeinrichDUST, Margaretha Albers, JosephAlbers, Catharina---
ALBERS, Wilhelmina Catharina22 Apr 187823 Apr 1878Albers, TheodorHOFF, ChristinaHEMANN, HermanAHLERS, Catharina Agnes born Albers---
ALBERTERNST, Anna Maria17 Oct 185918 Oct 1859Alberternst, Bernard HeinrichSCHULKAMP, Maria AnnaMORIS__ (?), HermanGERS, Anna M.---
ALBERTERNST, Johann Heinrich (Twin)16 Jan 185317 Jan 1853Alberternst, Bernard HeinrichSCHALKAMP, Maria AnnaSchalkamp, HeinrichWIEMANN, Helena---
ALBERTERNST, Maria Anna (Twin)16 Jan 185317 Jan 1853Alberternst, Bernard HeinrichSCHALKAMP, Maria AnnaWINKEL, Heinrich GEHRS, Anna Adelheid---
ALERS, Maria Elisabeth28 Mar 184329 Mar 1843Alers, HermanKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria AdelheidAlers, BernardFRERKE, Elisabeth---
ALTEPETER, Anna Christina17 Dec 185217 Dec 1852Altepeter, HermanKRÜP (Kruep), Anna AdelheidHAAR, BenedictKruep, Gesina---
ALTEPETER, Catharina13 Aug 185813 Aug 1858Altepeter, HeinrichHELMER, ElisabethHelmer, HeinrichHOLLENCAMP, CatharinaCompare Hellmann
ALTEPETER, Elisabeth25 Jul 186031 Jul 1860Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethHellmann, HeinrichHOLTZGRAVE, ElisabethBaptismal date is written as 21 Jul
ALTEPETER, Gerhard Heinrich26 Jan 185602 Feb 1856Altepeter, HermanKRÜIP (Krueip), AdelheidKruep, HeinrichHOLTGREVEN, Elisabeth---
ALTEPETER, Heinrich02 Feb 185703 Feb 1857Altepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethAltepeter, HeinrichHellmann, Maria Elisabeth---
ALTEPETER, Heinrich30 Mar 185401 Apr 1854Altepeter, HermanKRUIP, ElisabethAltepeter, HeinrichKruip, Elisabeth---
ALTEPETER, Maria15 Jan 184121 Jan 1841Altepeter, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, CatharinaSCHLARMANN, GerhardTIMMERMANN, Maria---
ALTGIELBERS, Maria Elisabeth18 Apr 187319 Apr 1873Altgielbers, Herman HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaFRERKER, HeinrichOSTENDORF, Maria Margarita born EILERS---
ALTGILBERS, Francisca Elisabeth09 Mar 190610 Mar 1906Altgilbers, JosephMARKUS, Elisabeth (From Bartelso, IL)HEMANN, BernardBOLK, Ida Elisabeth born WELLING---
ALTGILBERS, Gerhard Joseph19 Mar 190420 Mar 1904Altgilbers, JosephMARKUS, Elisabeth (From Bartelso, IL)HEGGER, GerhardAltgilbers, CatharinaMarried Carry Agnes WHITE 15 Apr 1955 in a Lutheran Church Salem, IL
ALTGILBERS, Herman Leo08 Dec 190109 Dec 1901Altgilbers, JosephMARKUS, Elisabeth (From Bartelso, IL)Altgilbers, Herman HeinrichHEGGER, Maria born BOLKBaptized in Bartelso, IL
ALTGILBERS, Johann Herman Nicolaus24 Oct 188826 Oct 1888Altgilbers, HermanDEYEN, CatharinaFRERKER, NicolausREMPE, Anna Margaret born Deyen---
ALTGILBES, Anna Susanna01 Mar 187801 Mar 1878Altgilbes, Herman HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaRAPPIEN, BernardWOBBE, Susanna Adelheid born Altgilbes---
ALTGILBES, Herman Heinrich22 Nov 187922 Nov 1879Altgilbes, Herman HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaDeien, Herman HeinrichOSSENDORF, Maria Margaretha born EILERSMarried Christina SAGER 31 Aug 1909 in Aviston, IL
ALTGILBES, Joseph16 Jul 187616 Jul 1876Altgilbes, Herman HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaOSSENDORF, JosephFrerker, Maria Catharina born Deien---
ALTGILBES, Maria Catharina20 Feb 188221 Feb 1882Altgilbes, Herman DEIEN, Maria CatharinaWOBBE, HermanALBERS, Maria Catharina---
ALTGILBES, Maria Helena09 Nov 187110 Nov 1871Altgilbes, Herman HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaBÖVING (Boeving), HeinrichDeien, Maria Elisabeth born NEUHOFF---
ALTPETER, Catharina Adlais10 May 185821 May 1858Altpeter, HermanKRÜB (Krueb), AdlaisBÜHNE (Buehne), Johann NepomuckAltpeter, CatharinaCompare Kruep
AMSINGER, Elisabeth Maria18 May 185502 Sep 1855Amsinger, GeorgGROS, Maria HelenaGros, JosephGros, Elisabeth---
AMSINGER, Georg27 Apr 1848---Amsinger, GeorgGROSS, MagdalenaGross, AloysiusGREPS, Maria CatharinaChild was Baptized at Pentecost 1848
AMSINGER, Joseph Nicolaus26 Mar 185124 Aug 1851Amsinger, GeorgGROS, MagdalenaGros, NicolausGros, Elisabeth (Mrs. Nicolaus)---
APKE, Anna Catharina17 Feb 188920 Feb 1889Apke, Theodor (From Herzlake, Amt Meppen, Hanover)MÜLLER (Mueller), HelenaMueller, HeinrichMueller, Anna Helena born GROTE---
APKE, Anna Maria01 Apr 188402 Apr 1884Apke, TheodorMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaWALLER, HeinrichMueller, Anna born PEISTRUP---
APKE, Bernard28 Apr 190029 Apr 1900Apke, Bernard Theodor (From Herzlake, Hanover)MUELLER, HelenaMueller, BernardHOLTMANN, Anna born ROEBKE---
APKE, Carolina Dorothea20 Apr 189121 Apr 1891Apke, Theodor (From Herzlake, Amt Meppen, Hanover)MÜLLER (Mueller), HelenaFRERKER, Johann HeinrichRÖBKE (Roebke), Dorothea born Mueller---
APKE, Emilia Maria03 Oct 189704 Oct 1897Apke, Theodor (From Herzlake, Hanover)MÜLLER (Mueller), HelenaHOLTMANN, JosephMueller, Christina born SCHONHOFF---
APKE, Johann Frederick10 Mar 188311 Mar 1883Apke, Bernard TheodorMÜLLER (Mueller), HelenaMueller, Johann FrederickALBERS, Elisabeth Angela---
APKE, Johann Herman01 Oct 188602 Oct 1886Apke, TheodorMÜLLER (Mueller), MagdalenaRÖPKE (Roepke), Johann HermanHONKOMP, Catharina born HECHT---
APKE, Maria Francisca21 Aug 189621 Aug 1896Apke, Theodor (From Herzlake, Kreis Meppen, Germany)MUELLER, HelenaRÖBKE (Roebke), HeinrichSCHLUETER, Maria born Mueller---
APKEN, Heinrich18 Oct 189322 Oct 1893Apken, Theodor (From Herzlake, Hanover)MÜLLER (Mueller), HelenaKNUE, Gerhard HeinrichRÖBKE (Roebke), Christina---
ARDMANN, Maria Carolina19 Dec 187120 Dec 1871Ardmann, BernardMEMANN, CarolinaROBBEN, HeinrichDUMBECK, Carolina born MERSCHER---
ARENHÖVEL (Arenhoevel), Anna Maria14 Sep 186016 Sep 1860Arenhoevel, Johann BernardKIPP, FranciscaWITKAMP, BernardWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Maria Margaretha---
ARENS, Herman Heinrich15 Nov 187315 Nov 1873Arens, Johann HeinrichVOSKOERS, Maria ChristinaLAMMERS, Herman HeinrichLEONARD, Maria Helena born JÜDEN (Jueden)---
ARENSEN, Anna Margaret14 Aug 185915 Aug 1859Arensen, No given name listedASELAGE, Helena Adel.Dust, Johann HermanSCHONEFELD, A. Magdalena---
ARENSEN, Johann Heinrich16 Aug 185416 Aug 1854Arensen, ArnoldARSELAGE, Helena AdelheidSCHOENEFELD, BernardArselage, Maria Anna---
ATHMER, Maria11 Jan 187412 Jan 1874Athmer, BernardMEMANN, CarolinaKUPER, FranzKuper, Maria born Athmer---
ATHMER, Maria Elisabeth23 Feb 190624 Feb 1906Athmer, Francis (From Damiansville, IL)HORCHLER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Athmer, JohnHorchler, Maria ElisabethMarried Harry REICKS of Carroll, IA 25 Nov 192_ in St Luke's in Belleville, IL
ATMER, Bernard03 Apr 186905 Apr 1869Atmer, BernardNot Listed, CarolinaWITTKAMP, BernardEMKE, Maria born KÖTTER (Koetter)---
AUS DEN MOORE, Johann Dietrich---19 Jan 1840Aus Den Moore, Dietrich (Diderich)AHRENS, Maria CatharinaHEIMANN, Bernard HeinrichWELLEN, Anna Helena---
BÖCKMANN (Boeckmann), Bernard Joseph14 Jul 190315 Jul 1903Boeckmann, FrederickHAUKAP, GertrudBoeckmann, BernardFICKER, Maria---
BÖCKMANN (Boeckmann), Elisabeth Sophia09 Oct 188509 Oct 1885Boeckmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), AnnaKORTE, HermanKorte, Elisabeth born HAVERMANN---
BÖFING (Boefing), Franz24 Aug 186526 Aug 1865Boefing, HeinrichHOLSHLAG, MariaHEMANN, Franz WilhelmSÜDHOFF (Suedhoff), MariaCompare Boeving
BÖHME (Boehme), Anna Theresia08 Mar 185813 Mar 1858Boehme, LudwigNot Listed, MagdalenaMIDDENDORF, Herman H.Middendorf, Theresia---
BÖHNE (Boehne), Anna Catharina24 Apr 184602 May 1846Boehne, FerdinandHANEWINKEL, MariaHAUCAP, FranzBEHNE, Maria Elisabeth---
BÖHNE (Boehne), Anna Margaretha 27 May 1814---HUCHTHANEWINKEL, Not listed---------Came to St. Boniface 27 Jul 1834; wife of Michael Ferdinand Boehne. Her birth year could be 1804. Recorded on first page of 1847 record book.
BÖHNE (Boehne), Elisabeth09 Nov 184311 Nov 1843Boehne, FerdinandHUGHANEWINKEL, MargarethaBUDDE, HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria Anna---
BÖHNE (Boehne), Joseph16 May 184119 Jun 1841Boehne, FerdinandHANEWINKEL, MargarethaBoehne, MathiasHanewinkel, Maria A.---
BÖHNE (Boehne), Michael Ferdinand25 Jul 1807---------------Came to St. Boniface 27 Jul 1834; husband of Anna Margaretha born Huchthanewunkel. Recorded on first page of 1847 record book.
BÖVING (Boeving), Anna Margaret12 Jun 188812 Jun 1888Boeving, FranzMEIERRATHKEN, CatharinaRUMP, WilhelmBoeving, Margaretha born HOFSCHLAGMarried Wilhelm EVERSGERD 12 Jul 1916 in Bartelso, IL
BÖVING (Boeving), Anna Maria29 Mar 190329 Mar 1903Boeving, BernardHERMELING, Bernardina (From Löningen, Hanover, Germany)FABBE, HeinrichHAGEN, Maria ---
BÖVING (Boeving), Bernard02 Dec 188902 Dec 1889Boeving, FranzMEIERRATHKEN, Catharina (From Oldenburg)Boeving, BernardFRERKER, Anna born RUMPMarried 22 Apr 1913 at St Cecelia's in Bartelso, IL
BÖVING (Boeving), Bernard Heinrich04 Feb 186805 Feb 1868Boeving, HeinrichHOFFSCHLAG, MargarethaSCHNIETZMEIER, HeinrichSchnietzmeier, Anna Maria born KNIESCompare Boefing
BÖVING (Boeving), Bernard Hugo Leopold25 Jun 188726 Jun 1887Boeving, HeinrichTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaBoeving, BernardBoeving, Catharina born MEIERRATHKEN---
BÖVING (Boeving), Francis Everest Adalbert17 Sep 188519 Sep 1885Boeving, HeinrichTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaBoeving, FranzBoeving, Margaretha born HOFFSCHLAGE---
BÖVING (Boeving), Franz Heinrich Adolph26 Dec 188328 Dec 1883Boeving, Herman HeinrichTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaBoeving, HeinrichTimmermann, Agnes---
BÖVING (Boeving), Margaretha Adelheid05 Apr 186206 Apr 1862Boeving, HeinrichHOFSCHLACH, Margaretha AdelheidDEIEN, BernardSTEVENS, Margaretha AdelheidCompare Hopschlag
BÖVING (Boeving), Regina Elisabeth31 Oct 189101 Nov 1891Boeving, FranzMEIERRATHKEN, Catharina (From Oldenburg, Germany)Boeving, BernardRUMP, Regina Elisabeth born BECKERMarried Theodore EVERSGERD 14 Oct 1914 in Bartelso, IL
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Anton04 Oct 189104 Oct 1891Boevingloh, Joseph (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)HERZOG, Margaretha (From Seiskam, Bavaria)WIENHOFF, AntonTIMPER, Maria born POLKLESENERMarried Mrs. Regina KNIEPMANN born BECKMANN 2 Oct 1943 in All Saints Church, University City, MO
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Friederich Wilhelm31 Jan 187701 Feb 1877Boevingloh, JosephHERZOG, MargarethaHENSCHLER, Friederich WilhelmHERZOG, Francisca born FOERSTER---
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Georg15 Dec 187416 Dec 1874Boevingloh, JosephHERZOG, MargarethaHerzog, Georg Herzog, Anna Maria born BÜTTLER (Buettler)---
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Heinrich15 Apr 188415 Apr 1884Boevingloh, Joseph HERZOG, MargarethaSIEBENBURGER, HeinrichHARRENBURG, Maria Catharina born LANGE---
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Herman26 Oct 189426 Oct 1894Boevingloh, Joseph (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)HERZOG, Margaret (From Baden)KOCH, HermanMERSCHER, Antonia born TORBECK---
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Joseph Heinrich02 Apr 188503 Apr 1885Boevingloh, Joseph HERZOG, MargarethaGRAMANN, Johann HeinrichHARENBURG, Catharina born LANGE---
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Maria Elisabeth Eugenia07 Dec 188608 Dec 1886Boevingloh, Joseph HERZOG, MargarethaKOCH, HermanFEHR, Elisabeth born ALBERSMarried Frederick BEINE 19 May 1914
BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), Maria Francisca07 May 188911 May 1889Boevingloh, Joseph (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)HERZOG, Maria (From Zliskan, Bavaria)ROBERT, Philipp (Absent) Robert, Maria born HENSCHEL---
BACH, Peter16 Jan 187122 Jan 1871Bach, BlasiusSCHWARTZ, MargarethaROHR, PeterHUBERT, Wilhelmina born KRAUSMarried Josephine BOECKMANN at Bartelso, IL 12 Apr 1910
BACK, Ludwig30 Jun 186911 Jul 1869Back, BlasiusSCHWARZ, MargarethaTRIMMER, JohannSCHEMEL, Margaretha---
BAEHRNDSEN, Johann Herman29 Oct 184930 Oct 1849Baehrndsen, Herman HeinrichSCHUERMANN, Maria CatharinaBaehrndsen, Lambert HeinrichTONGES, Anna---
BAHLMANN, Anna29 Aug 186631 Aug 1866Bahlmann, WilhelmNORDHAUS, MariaSTROOT, CasparKUPER, Anna Gesina born WESTERMANN---
BAHLMANN, Herman Heinrich30 Sep 186301 Oct 1863Bahlmann, Herman AntonHOTHAUS, Maria TheresiaUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichDINGWERTH, Anna Catharina---
BALKE, Johann Stephan25 Apr 186228 Apr 1862Balke, WilhelmKRAMER, Anna AngelaBAX, Johann StephanBRINKMANN, Maria---
BAN (?), Johann Bernard30 Jul 185831 Jul 1858Ban, StephanKRAEMER, Anna MariaBEHNEN, Johann BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria---
BÜHNE (Buehne), Maria Angelina26 Feb 185802 Mar 1858Buehne, HermanREBEL, CarolinaRebel, JohannSOMMER, Maria Angelina---
BÜRKE (Buerke), Johann Herman06 Sep 186407 Sep 1864Buerke, GotliebNot Listed, Anna MariaKORTE, HermanDULLE, Maria Helena---
BÜTTMANN (Buettmann), Anna Margaretha30 Dec 186702 Jan 1868Buettmann, BenedictKOSSE, TheresiaKALLAGE, ClemensHILMES, Anna Carolina born Buettmann---
BATKE, Anna Maria15 Aug 186116 Aug 1861Batke, HeinrichTÖNNESEN (Toennesen), MariaLEONARD, EberhardWICHMANN, Anna Maria---
BATKE, Carl Wilhelm15 Sep 187216 Sep 1872Batke, Johann HeinrichTHÖNNESEN (Thoennesen), MariaMÜLLER (Mueller), CarlPARK, Elisabetha born Thoennesen---
BATKE, Elisabetha22 Sep 186925 Sep 1869Batke, Johann HeinrichTÖNSEN (Toensen), MariaHEMANN, HermanToensen, Elisabetha---
BATKE, Franz Gerhard29 Dec 187430 Dec 1874Batke, HeinrichTÖNNIES (Toennies), MariaSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), GerhardMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria born PEISTRUPMarried Ethel Mathilda WENTWORTH 7 Jan 1909 in Andale, KS
BATKE, Gerhard Heinrich24 Jun 186026 Jun 1860Batke, HeinrichTÖNIES (Toenies), Anna MariaToenies, GerhardLENORS, Anna MariaBaptized by Pastor Reineke at St. Dominic's
BATKE, Gertrud Henrietta30 Nov 186302 Dec 1863Batke, Johann HeinrichTÖNESEN (Toenesen), Maria ElisabethNIEMAYER, Gerhard HeinrichBatke, Maria Elisabeth---
BATKE, Johann Heinrich26 Apr 186727 Apr 1867Batke, Johann HeinrichTÖNSEN (Toensen), HenricaHARENBURG, Johann HeinrichToensen, Joanna---
BATKE, Wilhelm02 Jul 187105 Jul 1871Batke, Johann HeinrichTONNSEN, MariaPIEK, WilhelmHEMANN, Catharina born BECKMANN---
BAUER, Gregory Joseph19 Dec 190520 Dec 1905Bauer, Johann Adam (From Kuppferberg, Bavaria)SCHLARMANN, ElisabethSchlarmann, BernardSchlarmann, Philomena born KAISER---
BAUER, Johann Albert Bernard24 Nov 190426 Nov 1904Bauer, Johann Adam (From Hupferberg, Bavaria)SCHLARMANN, ElisabethSchlarmann, Bernard JosephBauer, Albertina---
BAUMGÄRTNER (Baumgaertner), Francis Theodor02 Sep 190306 Sep 1903Baumgaertner, Anton (From Alpen, Prussia)FRERICKS, Joanna (From Vogelheim, Prov. Rhen., Prussia)MEIRING, TheodorMeiring, Wilhelmina---
BAUMGARTNER, Carolina Henrietta10 Aug 190512 Aug 1905Baumgartner, Anton (From Alpen, Prussia)FRERICKS, Joanna (From Vogelheim, Prov. Rhen., Prussia)HOLTMANN, HenryHEYER, Carolina born OLTMANN---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Bernard11 Dec 185212 Dec 1852Baumhueter, FriederichNot ListedMICHEL, BernardKIEFMEIER, Gertrud---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Bernard Heinrich20 Sep 189121 Sep 1891Baumhueter, HeinrichSCHOO, Maria (From Germany)MENSING, BernardMensing, Helena born BUTTSBaptized in St. Dominic in Breese, IL
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Bernard Johann16 Aug 188917 Aug 1889Baumhueter, HeinrichSCHO, Maria (From Neuenkirchen, Hanover, Germany)Baumhueter, BernardFICKER, Bernardina born MENSING---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Franz Wilhelm03 Aug 184510 Aug 1845Baumhueter, FriederichSCHRAKE, GertrudMOLITOR, Franz WilhelmSTOCKMANN, Maria Theresia---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Heinrich Gerhard13 Sep 189314 Sep 1893Baumhueter, HeinrichSCHOE, Maria (From Amt Neuenhaus, Hanover)MENSING, GerhardMensing, Anna born GEHRKEN---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Johann Gerhard01 Nov 184312 Nov 1843Baumhueter, F.SCHRAKE, GertrudMICHEL, GerhardHILMES, Maria E.---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Johann Heinrich 02 Feb 185104 Feb 1851Baumhueter, FriederichSCHRAKE, GertrudKRAEFT, HeinrichDIETZ, Christina---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Johann Heinrich22 Jun 184226 Jun 1842Baumhueter, FriederichSCHRAKE, GertrudREKENHAUS, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, Catharina---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Maria Anna04 Nov 184720 Nov 1847Baumhueter, FriederichSCHRAGE, GertrudSTOKMANN, HermanKNIBMANN, Anna Gertrud---
BAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), William Lawrence18 Feb 190219 Feb 1902Baumhueter, HeinrichSCHOO, Anna Maria born ROLWES (From Neuenkirchen, Hanover, GermanFICKER, WilhelmROLWES, Anna Maria---
BAUMHUETER, Johann Heinrich29 Jan 189730 Jan 1897Baumhueter, HeinrichMENSING, MariaMensing, JohannMensing, Elisabeth---
BAX, Johann Heinrich---30 Aug 1855STEHAN, JohannBALKAN, Anna MariaKRUIP, Johann HeinrichBOCKHOLT, Maria AnnaNo birth date listed
BECKER, Anna Elisabeth28 Mar 187529 Mar 1875Becker, Johann HeinrichHÜHNE (Huehne), ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), FriederichLAMPE, Anna Elisabeth born Becker---
BECKER, Anna Gertrud15 Jan 185317 Jan 1853Becker, FerdinandTEKE, CatharinaGOSEPOHL, BernardWITKAMP, Anna---
BECKER, Anton (Twin)13 Dec 185915 Dec 1859Becker, FriederichKRECKE, CatharinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AntonGERLING, Elisabeth---
BECKER, Benedict (Twin)13 Dec 185915 Dec 1859Becker, FriederichKRECKE, CatharinaHAAR, BenedickBecker, Elisabeth---
BECKER, Bernard07 Jun 187210 Jun 1872Becker, Johann FriederichKREKE, CatharinaBecker, BernardSCHLARMANN, Maria---
BECKER, Bernard09 Nov 185715 Nov 1857Becker, FerdinandTEEKE, CatharinaWITKAMP, BernardGROTE, Magdalena---
BECKER, Catharina18 Oct 186324 Oct 1863Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaHAGEN, Dietrich (Diederich)TECKE, Catharina---
BECKER, Catharina25 Jan 185827 Jan 1858Becker, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, ElisabethUSSELMANN, HeinrichBecker, Catharina---
BECKER, Catharina Elisabeth08 Sep 187910 Sep 1879Becker, Heinrich FerdinandJUNKER, Anna CatharinaJunker, JohannBecker, Catharina Elisabeth born KREKE---
BECKER, Cecelia Eugenia11 Dec 188212 Dec 1882Becker, HeinrichHÜNE (Huene), ElisabethSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), JosephSchroeder, Margaretha born BENDER---
BECKER, Emma Gertrud Eugenia13 Sep 187716 Sep 1877Becker, HeinrichHÜNE (Huene), ElisabethRUMP, WilhelmFOPPE, Gertrud born Becker---
BECKER, Ferdinand15 Sep 184704 Oct 1846Becker, FerdinandTHEKE, CatharinaTheke, EverhardKAPP, Catharina Henrietta---
BECKER, Ferdinand30 Nov 186101 Dec 1861Becker, Johann HeinrichSCHAURMANN, LouisaBecker, FerdinandHOLDMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
BECKER, Ferdinand Heinrich04 Sep 185309 Sep 1853Becker, JohannKREKE, CatharinaBecker, Ferdinand JohannKreke, Henrietta---
BECKER, Francisca Elisabetha30 Nov 188130 Nov 1881Becker, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaBecker, HeinrichJunker, Elisabeth---
BECKER, Franz Heinrich30 May 186301 Jun 1863Becker, FerdinandTHEKE, CatharinaALBERS, Franz------
BECKER, Frederick Anton04 Feb 188305 Feb 1883Becker, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaBecker, FrederickHEMANN, Elisabeth born STUKENKEMPER---
BECKER, Friederich06 Jan 188408 Jan 1884Becker, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaBecker, FriederichDIESEN, Catharina Elisabeth born GRAWE---
BECKER, Gerhard30 Jan 185801 Feb 1858Becker, FredKREKE, CatharinaKreke, GerhardGRAVE, Anna Elisabeth---
BECKER, Gerhard Heinrich29 Jul 188229 Jul 1882Becker, GerhardSTEILING, Agnes JosephinaSteiling, Johann HeinrichBecker, CatharinaMarried Bertha BREIDENBACH in Dec 1914; marriage was revitalized in Jul 1925
BECKER, Heinrich August18 Mar 187120 Mar 1871Becker, HeinrichHÜNE (Huene), ElisabethHuene, Johann HeinrichBecker, Catharina born KREKE---
BECKER, Johann---11 Jun 1841Becker, G. FerdinandHA, Maria AnnaLAMPE, H.WINKELER, Helena Maria---
BECKER, Johann Ferdinand20 May 188421 May 1884Becker, GerhardSTEILING, JosephinaBecker, FerdinandBecker, Catharina born JUNCKER---
BECKER, Johann Franz20 Feb 186523 Feb 1865Becker, FerdinandTECKE, CatharinaGRAF, JohannWESTERMANN, M. Louisa---
BECKER, Johann Friederich21 Jun 188023 Jun 1880Becker, GerhardSTEILING, JosephinaBecker, Johann FriederichWESTERFELDHAUS, Gertrud born MARTEN---
BECKER, Johann Friederich11 Nov 186114 Nov 1861Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaRIBING, Johann FriederichGERLING, Maria Elisabeth---
BECKER, Johann Heinrich27 Apr 185629 Apr 1856Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaBecker, Johann HeinrichUSSELMANN, Catharina---
BECKER, Margaretha29 Apr 186001 May 1860Becker, FerdinandTEEKE, CatharinaSCHMITZ, HeinrichKREKE, Margaretha---
BECKER, Margaretha10 Nov 185913 Nov 1859Becker, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AntonHAGEN, Margaret---
BECKER, Margaretha Elisabeth16 Aug 187419 Aug 1874Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), HeinrichHAGEN, Elisabeth born KREKE---
BECKER, Margaretha Eugenia11 Nov 187713 Nov 1877Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaRUMP, WilhelmHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
BECKER, Maria Bertha Francisca03 Mar 188005 Mar 1880Becker, HeinrichHÜNE (Huene), Maria ElisabethTRAME, Johann FriederichTrame, Maria Elisabeth born Becker---
BECKER, Maria Elisabeth08 May 185509 May 1855Becker, J. FerdinandTEKE, CatharinaHONKOMP, FranzTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth---
BECKER, Maria Elisabeth21 Nov 185422 Nov 1854Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth---
BECKER, Maria Elisabeth28 Aug 185029 Aug 1850Becker, FerdinandTEEKE, CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, ChristophorGRAVE, Anna Elisabeth---
BECKER, Maria Elisabeth30 Mar 186331 Mar 1863Becker, HeinrichHUNE, Maria ElisabethHAGEN, Dietrich (Diederich)HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Maria Elisabeth---
BECKER, Philipp Bernard25 Feb 188125 Feb 1881Becker, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaKleinekorte, PhilippBecker, Catharina born KRECKE---
BECKER, Regina Elisabeth07 Mar 188008 Mar 1880Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaKreke, Herman HeinrichRUMP, Elisabeth born Becker---
BECKER, Theodor Heinrich24 Oct 186926 Oct 1869Becker, FriederichKREKE, CatharinaHAGEN, DietrichBecker, Maria Elisabetha born HÜNE (Huene)---
BECKMAN, Maria Anna15 Sep 185117 Sep 1851Beckman, WilhelmHORCHELER, AdelheidWOEBBE, Bernard HeinrichMEIER, Maria Anna---
BECKMANN, A. M. Catharina02 Nov 185305 Nov 1853Beckmann, WilhelmHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), AdelheidMEIER, J. ConradVOPPE, M. C.Compare Foppe
BECKMANN, Anna Catharina26 Feb 188927 Feb 1889Beckmann, JohannGEERS, Carolina (From Amt Vechta, Oldenburg)HEMANN, Herman HeinrichHECKMANN, Anna Maria born BECKMANN---
BECKMANN, Anna Eugenia02 Jun 190203 Jun 1902Beckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, KatharinaLinnemann, HermanHECKMANN, Anna---
BECKMANN, Anna Maria20 Oct 185722 Oct 1857Beckmann, WilhelmHOCHLER, Maria Adel.HEMANN, HermanMEYER, M. Adelais---
BECKMANN, Anna Maria Catharina15 Oct 188816 Oct 1888Beckmann, WilhelmSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), ElisabethSchlueter, HermanFOPPE, Catharina born HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler)---
BECKMANN, Anna Sophia22 Feb 189523 Feb 1895Beckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaHUNDMANN, LambertSCHULTE, Anna born LinnemannMarried Frederick Clement FOPPE 18 Nov 1919
BECKMANN, Bernard Edward31 Oct 190531 Oct 1905Beckmann, WilhelmHENDRICKS, Anna (From St. Rose, IL)Hendricks, BernardBeckmann, Carolina---
BECKMANN, Bertha Alvina24 Aug 190225 Aug 1902Beckmann, WilhelmHENDRICKS, Anna (From St. Rose, IL)STIRLING, TheodorHendricks, AnnaMarried August KAMPWERTH 11 Nov 1924 in Breese, IL
BECKMANN, Caroline Sophia12 Apr 190113 Apr 1901Beckmann, JohannGEERS, Carolina (From Germany)MOLITOR, FrancisMolitor, Maria born Beckmann---
BECKMANN, Christina Catharina11 Jan 189312 Jan 1893Beckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaHECKMANN, HeinrichLinnemann, Anna Christina born WOBBEMarried George John SCHULTE 1 Sep 1920
BECKMANN, Clara Catharina05 Aug 190006 Aug 1900Beckmann, JohannLINNEMANN, CatharinaBeckmann, HeinrichLinnemann, ChristinaMarried Wilhelm KORTE 14 May 1919 in Albers, IL
BECKMANN, Conrad03 Nov 184703 Nov 1847Beckmann, Franz JosephGROENE, ElisabethGroene, Franz ConradMELMANN, ElisabethSponsors are a guess; page not fully shown; entry appears in 1848 entries
BECKMANN, Elisabeth11 Jan 186014 Jan 1860Beckmann, WilhelmHÖRGELER (Hoergeler), Maria AdelheidFOPPE, ClemensHEMANN, ElisabethMother's maiden name also listed as Hoerchler
BECKMANN, Elisabetha Henrietta04 Feb 188005 Feb 1880Beckmann, Wilhelm HeinrichKREKE, Maria ElisabethDEMKER, Bernard HeinrichKreke, Henrietta born FELTRUP---
BECKMANN, Eugenia Elisabeth12 Dec 189912 Dec 1899Beckmann, WilhelmHENRICHS, Anna (From St. Rose, IL)Beckmann, HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), Elisabeth born HenrichsMarried Anton KOHRS 6 May 1919 in Breese, IL
BECKMANN, Franz Conrad20 Oct 184702 Nov 1847Beckmann, Heinrich WilhelmHÖCHLER (Hoechler), AdelheidBeckmann, Franz ConradHoechler, Maria Elisabeth---
BECKMANN, Franz Joseph07 Apr 188108 Apr 1881Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE, MariaBeckmann, JosephKreke, Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
BECKMANN, Gerhard Alphonse20 Oct 189521 Oct 1895Beckmann, JohannGEERS, Carolina (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg)MEIER, ConradTIMMERMANN, Anna born HÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg)Married Christine M. WOBBE 26 Sep 1923
BECKMANN, Heinrich (Twin)20 Sep 186121 Sep 1861Beckmann, WilhelmHOCHLER, Maria AdelheidHochler, HeinrichBeckmann, Anna Maria---
BECKMANN, Heinrich August09 Sep 189310 Sep 1893Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE, MariaBeckmann, HeinrichKreke, Maria born EILERING---
BECKMANN, Heinrich Joseph22 Mar 188622 Mar 1886Beckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaBeckmann, JosephLinnemann, Maria born HECKENKEMPERMarried Anna KREKE 27 May 1914
BECKMANN, Herman August10 Feb 188911 Feb 1889Beckmann, HeinrichLINNEMANN, CatharinaLinnemann, Herman Beckmann, Maria born KREKE---
BECKMANN, Herman Francis29 Sep 188930 Sep 1889Beckmann, WilhelmSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), ElisabethSchlueter, HermanBeckmann, Maria Anna born ALBERS---
BECKMANN, Johann (Twin)20 Sep 186121 Sep 1861Beckmann, WilhelmHOCHLER, Maria AdelheidHochler, HeinrichBeckmann, Anna Maria---
BECKMANN, Johann Edward17 Sep 189119 Sep 1891Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE, Maria Beckmann, JohannKreke, Maria born SPENGLER---
BECKMANN, Johann Frederick23 Sep 188323 Sep 1883Beckmann, JohannGEHRS, CarolinaGehrs, FrederickSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Catharina---
BECKMANN, Johann Gerhard13 Jan 185115 Jan 1851Beckmann, Joseph FranzBEHNEN, ThimotheaBehnen, JohannHEHMAN, Catharina---
BECKMANN, Johann Gerhard21 Nov 188922 Nov 1889Beckmann, Wilhelm HeinrichKREKE, Maria ElisabethKreke, Johann GerhardBeckmann, Maria Catharina born LINNEMANN---
BECKMANN, Johann Heinrich03 Jun 189104 Jun 1891Beckmann, JohannGEERS, Carolina (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg)Beckmann, HeinrichHUNDMANN, Catharina born HEMANN for Elisabeth Hemann born BeckmanMarried Anna SCHWABE 7 Jan 1925 in Maple River, Iowa
BECKMANN, Johann Heinrich Otto28 Mar 189830 Mar 1898Beckmann, JohannGERS, Carolina (From Oldenburg, Germany)Beckmann, Heinrich for Heinrich DEPKERGers, AnnaMarried Lucy LOEW 1 Jun 1926 in Maple River, IA
BECKMANN, Johann Wilhelm11 Mar 186412 Mar 1864Beckmann, Heinrich WilhelmHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), AdelheidHoerchler, TheodorSANDMEYER, Catharina---
BECKMANN, Joseph Conrad12 Oct 188112 Oct 1881Beckmann, JosephGÖRSHOPPERHORST (Goershopperhorst), CarolinaBeckmann, JosephBeckmann, Maria born KREKE---
BECKMANN, Joseph Heinrich21 Nov 185523 Nov 1855Beckmann, WilhelmHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), Maria AdelheidBeckmann, Joseph HeinrichWÜBBE (Wuebbe), Maria Adelheid---
BECKMANN, Joseph Herman11 Dec 186013 Dec 1860Beckmann, JosephRAWE, GesinaRawe, Johann HermanMAYER, Maria ---
BECKMANN, Leon28 Apr 189329 Apr 1893Beckmann, JohannGEERS, Anna Carolina (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg)HECKMANN, Johann HeinrichSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), Maria born MEIER---
BECKMANN, Maria20 Mar 184922 Mar 1849Beckmann, JosephBOEHNEN, ThimotheaBUHNEN, Johann BernardSCHROEDER, Maria---
BECKMANN, Maria Anna30 Jan 185531 Jan 1855Beckmann, JosephBENNEN, Catharina ThimotiaHOCKELBERG, Johann HermanMEIER, Maria Anna---
BECKMANN, Maria Catharina13 Aug 188714 Aug 1887Beckmann, WilhelmSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), ElisabethMOLITOR, CasparSchlueter, Catharina born FIGGEMEIER---
BECKMANN, Maria Catharina09 Nov 187910 Nov 1879Beckmann, JohannGERSGRAPPERHUES, CarolinaBeckmann, WilhelmDEMPKER, Maria born Beckmann---
BECKMANN, Maria Elisabeth01 Oct 186602 Oct 1866Beckmann, WilhelmHOERCHLER, Maria AdelheidHoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichSTÜWER (Stuewer), Maria Elisabeth born MEIER---
BECKMANN, Maria Emma29 May 189530 May 1895Beckmann, WilhelmHENDRICKS, Anna (From St. Rose, IL)Beckmann, TheodorMIDDEKE, MariaMarried August Theodor TEBBE from St. Rose, IL 2 May 1916
BECKMANN, Maria Josephina14 Dec 188215 Dec 1882Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE (KARKES), MariaHECKMANN, HeinrichDÖMKER (Doemker), Maria born BECKER---
BECKMANN, Maria Wilhelmina08 Feb 188508 Feb 1885Beckmann, WilhelmKREKE, Maria WilhelminaBeckmann, WilhelmKreke, Maria Elisabeth born REMPE---
BECKMANN, Regina Eugenia26 Jan 190428 Jan 1904Beckmann, JohannGERS, Carolina (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg, Germany)Beckmann, WilliamSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), MargaretMarried Anton BOEVINGLOH 2 Oct 1943 in University, City, MO
BECKMANN, Sophia Maria20 Mar 189821 Mar 1898Beckmann, WilhelmHENRICHS, Maria Anna (From St. Rose, IL)Henrichs, BernardMOLITOR, Anna MariaMarried William FUHLER 23 Nov 1920 in Breese, IL
BECKMANN, Theodor12 Feb 184914 Feb 1849Beckmann, Heinrich WilhelmHOGLER, Maria AdelheidHogler, Dietrich TheodorSCHROEDER, Maria---
BECKMANN, Wilhelm Franz28 Sep 188529 Sep 1885Beckmann, JohannGERS, CarolineBeckmann, WilhelmBeckmann, Catharina born LINNEMANNMarried Christina ALBERS 16 Nov 1910
BECKMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich08 Mar 185310 Mar 1853Beckmann, Joseph H.BEMEN, ThimotheaBeckmann, Wilhelm HeinrichKREKE, Henrietta---
BEENE, Anna Helena18 Jul 187320 Jul 1873Beene, TheodorALBERS, Anna Maria ChristinaKARLAGE, ClemensHENKEN, Maria Helena born BROCKMAN---
BEENE, Maria Theresia16 May 187016 May 1870Beene, Johann TheodorALBERS, ChristinaMÜLLER (Mueller), BernardKALLAGE, Theresia born Albers---
BEENEN, Anna Maria26 May 186927 May 1869Beenen, EverhardDULLE, Maria HelenaDulle, JosephTHIEN, Anna Maria born MEER---
BEER, Joseph Aloysius22 May 190423 May 1904Beer, Johann (From Bavaria, Germany)HEET, Gesina (From Holland)Heet, Herman for Joseph BeerHeet, Josephina born JANSEN---
BEHNE, Johann Carl Heinrich15 Mar 187217 Mar 1872Behne, TheodorALBERS, ChristinaMÜLLER (Mueller), Carl HeinrichMueller, Anna Helena born GROOTE---
BEHNEN, Anna Margaretha20 May 185421 May 1854Behnen, Johann B.KRAEMER, Maria ElisabethBehnen, Herman HeinrichKraemer, Anna Maria---
BEHNEN, Anna Maria Thimothea27 Sep 184928 Sep 1849Behnen, Johann FELLTROPP, HenriettaDUST, HermanBECKMANN, Thimothea---
BEHNEN, Bernard Albert02 Feb 187203 Feb 1872Behnen, Bernard EverhardWILKEN, ElisabethaWilken, Bernard AlbertTHIEN, Maria Agnes born LÖPKER (Loepker)---
BEHNEN, Georg Wilhelm23 Mar 186023 Mar 1860Behnen, Johann BernardKRAEMER, Maria ElisabethBOLTE, WilhelmRAWE, Margaretha Gesina---
BEHNEN, Gerhard17 Sep 184925 Sep 1849Behnen, Johann BernardGEHRS, Margaretha AdelheidGehrs, Johann GerhardHOECKELBERG, Margaretha---
BEHNEN, Gerhard Bernard22 Dec 185024 Dec 1850Behnen, JohannFELLTROP, HenriettaBehnen, Johann BernardCAULING, Maria AngelaCompare Kauling.
BEHNEN, Herman Heinrich13 Dec 187314 Dec 1873Behnen, EverhardWILKEN, Maria ElisabethaDETERS, Herman HeinrichWilken, Margaretha born MENKE---
BEHNEN, Herman Heinrich---25 Oct 1846Behnen, JohannSIEBENBERGER, Maria ElisabethBehnen, HermanELTERS, Elisabeth---
BEHNEN, Johann Bernard25 Sep 184928 Sep 1849Behnen, Johann HermanALBERS, Margaretha AdelheidBehnen, Johann BernardCAULING, Maria AdelheidCompare Kauling. This entry appears in the Oct 1849 entries.
BEHNEN, Johann Gerhard31 May 184502 Jun 1845Behnen, HermanALBERS, MargarethaBehnen, JohannVORNHOLD, Maria ElisabethChild died
BEHNEN, Johann Heinrich06 Aug 185806 Aug 1858Behnen, Johann BernardKRAEMER, Maria AnnaBECKMANN, JosephKREKE, Henrica---
BEHNEN, Johann Stephan12 Dec 186114 Dec 1861Behnen, Johann BernardKRAEMER, Anna MariaBAX, Johann StephanSLARMANN (?), Josephina---
BEHNEN, Maria Angela12 Oct 185613 Oct 1856Behnen, BernardKREIMER, Maria ElisabethHOCKELBERG, Johann HermanKreimer, Maria Angela---
BEHNEN, Maria Catharina27 Apr 185228 Apr 1852Behnen, Johann BernardGEHRES, Margaretha AdelheidGehres, Johann BernardBECKMAN, Thimothea---
BEHNEN, Maria Gertrud08 Oct 184810 Oct 1848Behnen, FerdinandHANENWINKEL, MargarethaVORNHOLT, ConradWESTERFELDHAUS, Gertrud---
BEHRNDSEN, Johann Bernard26 Oct 185127 Oct 1851Behrndsen, Herman HeinrichSCHÜRMAN (Schuerman), Maria CatharinaSchuerman, Johann BernardBehrndsen, Anna Maria---
BEING, Anna Maria14 Nov 187514 Nov 1875Being, DietrichALBERS, Maria CatharinaWOLLEK, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria born BEISDRUP (Peistrup)---
BENEN, Margaretha Adelheid04 Feb 186606 Feb 1866Benen, Bernard EverhardDULLE, Maria HelenaTHIEN, Johann HermanRAPIEN, Margaretha Adelheid born DEIEN---
BERNSEN, Albert20 Jan 185621 Jan 1856Bernsen, Herman HeinrichSCHURMANN, Maria Anna CatharinaHAAR, AlbertBernsen, Maria Anna Catharina---
BERNSEN, Heinrich05 Oct 185305 Oct 1853Bernsen, Herman HeinrichSCHURMANN, Maria CatharinaBERSEN, Lambert HeinrichBersen, Maria ---
BERRENDES, Johann Heinrich02 Jul 186402 Jul 1864Berrendes, WilhelmBURRIGER, Anna MariaDULLE, H.BECKER, CatharinaCompare Burrichter
BIERMANN, Joseph Lawrence20 Jan 190224 Jan 1902Biermann, Joseph (From Germany)SCHEVELING, Catharina (From Aviston, IL)HUELSKAMP, HermanHuelskamp, Catharine born PETERMEIER---
BILLE, Franz Heinrich07 May 186411 May 1864Bille, Herman HeinrichOBA, Maria GertrudLIENEMANN, GerhardNIEHAUS, CatharinaCompare Pille
BILLHARTZ, Johann Georg08 Mar 186008 Apr 1860Billhartz, GeorgWERDELER, RosinaKUHN, JohannBillhartz, JosephinaBaptized same day as Herman Kuhn
BLACK, Maria Anna01 Sep 185805 Sep 1858Black, JohnKOHMER, W.BELGEN, ThomasARCHER, Mary---
BOCKHOLT, Maria Gertrud09 Jun 185116 Jun 1851Bockholt, Bernard HeinrichTIMPER, Anna MariaTANGEMANN, BernardKNIPMAN, Gertrud---
BOCKMEYER, Anna22 May 186423 May 1864Bockmeyer, AntonNot Listed, MargarethaKORTE, ConradKUPPER, Anna---
BODDE, Franz11 Mar 185214 Mar 1852Bodde, HeinrichKREIENBAUM, CarolinaHAFKEMEIER, Franz; stand-in Franz ALBERSVORNHOLD, Maria Elisabeth---
BODDE, Johann Conrad14 Sep 184916 Sep 1849Bodde, HeinrichKREIENBAUM, CarolinaVORNHOLD, ConradHOELSKE, Elisabeth---
BOECKER, Anna Catharina20 Sep 184821 Sep 1848Boecker, Johann FerdinandTEEKE, Catharina MariaGRAWE, ChristophTeeke, Anna Catharina---
BOECKMANN, Anna Maria08 Apr 188808 Apr 1888Boeckmann, BernardKRUEP, Maria AnnaKruep, BernardKruep, Anna M. born SCHNIERS---
BOECKMANN, Anna Maria03 Oct 186903 Oct 1869Boeckmann, BernardKRÜIP (Krueip), Anna MariaKOTH, HermanKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Adelheid born DIEKMANN---
BOECKMANN, Bernard Henry12 Jan 190612 Jan 1906Boeckmann, HenryDUST, CatharinaBoeckmann, BernardKORTE, Maria born DustMarried Mary Wilhelmina FEHRMANN 6 Feb 1929 St Henry East St Loius, IL
BOECKMANN, Johann Bernard30 Jul 188430 Jul 1884Boeckmann, Johann BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Anna MariaKruep, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Theresia born EVERSGERD---
BOECKMANN, Johann Friederich14 Sep 187116 Sep 1871Boeckmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Maria AnnaMÜLLER (Mueller), Johann TheodorKruep, Theresia born KOCK---
BOECKMANN, Johann Heinrich17 Dec 187318 Dec 1873Boeckmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Maria AnnaKÖBBE (Koebbe), Bernard HeinrichHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIER---
BOECKMANN, Johann Herman09 Sep 188110 Sep 1881Boeckmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), MariaKORTE, HermanKOCH, Maria born WIEDER---
BOECKMANN, Maria Elisabetha15 Oct 187615 Oct 1876Boeckmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), AnnaMEIER, Johann HeinrichKOEBBE, Maria Elisabeth born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
BOEHNE, Franz Heinrich03 Nov 184621 Nov 1846Boehne, HermanALBERS, MargarethaMORHINNERS, Franz HeinrichRIDLER, Maria ---
BOEKMANN, Anna Wilhelmina17 Oct 187818 Oct 1878Boekmann, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Anna MariaHALLERMANN, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), Margaretha born DETERMANN---
BOEVING, Francis Wilhelm25 Sep 189626 Sep 1896Boeving, BernardHERMELING, Bernardina (From Herzlake, Germany)Boeving, FrancisHermeling, Maria Married Bertha Elisabeth TOENNIES in Albers, IL
BOEVING, Juliana Eleonora19 Aug 188120 Aug 1881Boeving, HeinrichTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaBoeving, HeinrichTimmermann, Juliana born Timmermann---
BOEVINGLOH, Catharina Francisca19 Nov 188221 Nov 1882Boevingloh, Joseph HERZOG, MargarethaGRAMANN, HeinrichHENSCHEL, Catharina born Herzog---
BOEVINGLOH, Francisca Angela Margaret15 Feb 189816 Feb 1898Boevingloh, Joseph (From Newinghaus, Germany)HERZOG, Maria (From Bavaria)DIETZ, AntonOLTMANN, Maria Angela---
BOEVINGLOH, Gerhard Joseph17 Nov 188018 Nov 1880Boevingloh, Joseph HERZOG, MargarethaSOMMER, JosephSCHLAUTMANN, Anna born SCHALLKAMP---
BOEVINGLOH, Lawrence Joseph30 May 190531 May 1905Boevingloh, GeorgeKLEINEKORTE, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)Boevinglo, JosephKleinekorte, Anna MariaMarried Bernadette MEIER 24 Nov 1951 in Cathedral Belleville, IL, Her first husband Elmer SIEB is deceased
BOEVINGLOH, Martin Heinrich10 Aug 187811 Aug 1878Boevingloh, Joseph HeinrichHERZOG, MargarethaHerzog, MartinHENTSCHEL, Catharina born HerzogMarried Carrie M SCHURMANN 9 Jun 1909
BOHNENKEMPER, Bernard Gerhard17 Dec 188919 Dec 1889Bohnenkemper, Bernard (From Osterkappeln, Hanover)KASSENS (Cassens), Maria (From St. Louis, MO)GRAPPERHAUS, HeinrichGrapperhaus, Catharina born Bohnenkemper---
BOHNENKEMPER, Bernard Heinrich12 Jul 188413 Jul 1884Bohnenkemper, Bernard HeinrichKASSENS, MariaKOEBBE, Bernard HeinrichKassens, Anna born HILMESMarried Wilhelmina FICKER 7 Oct 1908
BOHNENKEMPER, Elisabeth Eugenia22 Feb 189123 Feb 1891Bohnenkemper, Bernard (From Osterkappeln, Hanover)KASSENS, MariaSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), GerhardKÖBBE (Koebbe), Elisabeth for Anna LEHRTER---
BOHNENKEMPER, Johann Friederich12 Jun 188813 Jun 1888Bohnenkemper, BernardKASSENS, MariaKassens, JohannSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), Maria born MEYERMarried Elisabeth HUELSMANN 19 Nov 1912 in Bartelso, IL
BOHNENKEMPER, Maria Catharina23 Jul 188624 Jul 1886Bohnenkemper, Bernard KASSENS, MariaROBBEN, Gerhard Kassens, Maria Catharina born TERBES---
BOHNENKEMPER, Maria Sophia18 Apr 189320 Apr 1893Bohnenkemper, Bernard Heinrich (From Hanover, Germany)KASSENS, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)ALBERS, Johann HeinrichGRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina born Bohnenkemper for Catharina ALBEMarried Joseph NIEMEYER 16 Oct 1912 [Entry indicates marriage with Joseph Janssen in error]
BOLCK, Johann Carl30 Oct 189301 Nov 1893Bolck, Heinrich (From Holland)RAPPIEN, Bernardina (From St. Louis, MO)BOLK, CarlBolk, Maria born THIEN---
BOLK, Anton Carl (Twin)06 Feb 190107 Feb 1901Bolk, Herman (From Holland)HAGEN, Rosa (From Cincinnati, OH)Bolk, CarlDETERMANN, Anna born SCHOMAKER---
BOLK, Bernard Herman12 Oct 190313 Oct 1903Bolk, Herman (From Goese, Holland)HAGEN, Rosa (From Cincinnati, OH)Hagen, BernardHagen, MariaBaptized at birth due to medical emergency. Married Clara KOHRMANN 19 Jan 1935 in Perico, TX
BOLK, Herman17 Oct 190517 Oct 1905Bolk, Herman (From Goese, Holland)HAGEN, Rosa (From Cincinnati, OH)------Baptized at birth due to medial emergency
BOLK, Ida Elisabeth09 Nov 189910 Nov 1899Bolk, Herman (From Holland)HAGEN, Rosa (From Cincinnati, OH)SCHOMAKER, JohannBolk, Ida Elisabeth---
BOLK, Johann Heinrich (Twin)06 Feb 190107 Feb 1901Bolk, Herman (From Holland)HAGEN, Rosa (From Cincinnati, OH)Bolk, HeinrichHEGGER, Maria born Bolk---
BOLLE, Bernard August26 Sep 186828 Sep 1868Bolle, Heinrich AugustALBERS, Maria ElisabethaAlbers, Johann BernardESS, Maria Anna born STORM---
BOLLE, Johann Heinrich Friederich26 Apr 187329 Apr 1873Bolle, AugustALBERS, Maria ElisabethaSTROOT, CasparHELLMANN, Margarita Elisabeth born AAPKEN---
BOLLE, Margaretha Elisabetha14 Nov 187415 Nov 1874Bolle, AugustALBERS, Maria ElisabethaLÜBKE (Luebke), HeinrichHAGEN, Margaretha Elisabetha born KREKE---
BOLLE, Maria Josephina23 Aug 186923 Aug 1869Bolle, AugustALBERS, Maria ElisabethaHENSCHEL, WilhelmAlbers, Gesina Maria born AAPKEN---
BOLLE, Maria Louisa11 Aug 187012 Aug 1870Bolle, AugustALBERS, Maria ElisabethaGESENHUES, GerhardHÜLLINGHOFF (Huellinghoff), Maria Elisabetha---
BOLLE, Maria Wilhelmina26 Mar 187630 Mar 1876Bolle, AugustSCHMIDT, HelenaDIETZ, Herman AntonEVERSCHMIDT, Maria born FREDERANG---
BOLTE, Maria Elisabeth06 Jan 186006 Jan 1860Bolte, WilhelmKRAEMER, Maria AngelaKAHRHOFF, DiederichKraemer, Maria Elisabeth---
BONNER, Anna Francisca01 Nov 188603 Nov 1886Bonner, CarlNUMRICH, SophiaKNIEPMANN, Gerhard HeinrichKniepmann, Anna Maria born HERMELINGMarried Richard C. BROOKINS 7 Feb 1909 at St. Vincent DePaul in St. Louis, MO
BONNER, Elisabetha Sophia10 Aug 187211 Aug 1872Bonner, CarlNUMERICH, SophiaKÖBBE (Koebbe), HeinrichKoebbe, Elisabeth born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
BONNER, Ferdinand Heinrich18 Oct 187720 Oct 1877Bonner, CarlNUMERICH, SophiaHEMANN, Ferdinand HeinrichHemann, Anna Christina born WOBBE---
BONNER, Herman Leon04 Mar 188905 Mar 1889Bonner, Carl (From Arsberg, Westfalia)NUMMERICH, Sophia (From Hesse Darmstadt)KORTE, HermanKorte, Elisabeth born HAVERMANN---
BONNER, Maria Carolina Anna18 Jan 187518 Jan 1875Bonner, CarlNUMMERICH, SophieRICKHOFF, GerhardDÜING (Dueing), Maria Anna born DUSTMarriage II to Francis BOEVING at St Cecelia in Bartelso, IL on 27 Aug 1913
BONNER, Maria Sophia07 Sep 188308 Sep 1883Bonner, CarlNUMERICH, SophiaWALLRATH, PeterWallrath, Catharina born PORCELT---
BONNER, Theodor06 May 188008 May 1880Bonner, CarlNUMERICH, SophiaALBERS, TheodorAlbers, Christina born HOFF---
BOOK, Franz Herman27 Jan 187329 Jan 1873Book, Herman HeinrichHEGGER, AngelaSCHOMAKER, Johann HeinrichBook, Rosa born DREISING---
BOOK, Gerhard Heinrich13 Apr 186914 Apr 1869Book, Herman HeinrichHEGGER, Maria AngelaBook, Johann GerhardRAWE, Maria Catharina born SCHULTE---
BOOK, Herman Heinrich30 Jan 187101 Feb 1871Book, Herman HEGER, MariaBook, Gerhard HeinrichWINKTER, Anna Christina---
BORGG, Robert Matthew09 Mar 185825 Jul 1858Borgg, MatthewNot Listed, AnnaGILLEN, JohannRAUSA, Theresia---
BOSNELL, Johann Stephan16 Oct 185430 Apr 1862Bosnell, SethBRAUN, MariaSTAEHR, ErnstHINTERSCHIED, Elisabeth---
BOSNELL, Leonora24 Nov 186130 Apr 1862Bosnell, SethBRAUN, MariaSTAEHR, ErnstREINEKE, Teresia---
BRÖCKELMANN (Broeckelmann), Bernard07 Jan 186208 Jan 1862Broeckelmann, StephanBERHORST, ElisabethGEISTHOR, BernardSANDMAYER, Anna Maria---
BRÖCKELMANN (Broeckelmann), Johann Philipp07 Dec 185908 Dec 1859ENGELMEYER, Johann PhilippMERSCHER, Anna MariaBroeckelmann, JohannBERHOS, ElisabethFather & son have different last names
BRÜGEN (Bruegen), Caspar09 Aug 185428 Aug 1854Bruegen, TobiasTEKELNBURG, HelenaSTUCKENKEMPER, CasparALSEN, Philomena---
BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Tobias06 Sep 188007 Sep 1880Brueggen, HeinrichWILKEN, AnnaBrueggen, TobiasBrueggen, Christina born ROBKEN---
BRÜGMANN (Bruegmann), Anna Maria29 Jul 186530 Jul 1865Bruegmann, Bernard HeinrichPATKE, AngelaDULLE, Heinrich GerhardPatke, HenricaCompare Batke
BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Bernardina Josephina Wilhelmina17 Apr 187520 Apr 1875Bruemmer, HeinrichCOLLER, WilhelminaWESTERMANN, WilhelmABELEN, Bernadina born Coller for Justina GISSY born AUGUSTIN---
BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Heinrich28 Jan 188228 Jan 1882Bruemmer, HeinrichCOLLER, WilhelminaBruemmer, HermanWESTERMANN, Eugenia---
BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Ignatius06 May 188708 May 1887Bruemmer, HeinrichCOLLER, WilhelminaColler, Ignatius for Wilhelm WILKENWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)---
BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Joanna Bernardina Wilhelmina06 Apr 187908 Apr 1879Bruemmer, HeinrichCOLLER, WilhelminaColler, AntonColler, Bernardina born SIEMER---
BRAUER, Alvin Frederick23 Sep 189823 Sep 1898Brauer, Bernard (From Hanover, Germany)SCHULTE, Maria (From Breese, IL)Schulte, Jr., FrederickSTOLTE, Friederica born JANSENMarried Wilhelmina G. EILERS 28 Sep 1928 in Trenton, IL
BRAUER, Bernard Heinrich17 Apr 189617 Apr 1896Brauer, Bernard (From Breese, IL)SCHULTE, Maria (From Breese, IL)Schulte, Herman HeinrichGERLING, Anna Catharina born HOERCHLER---
BRETZ, Catharina Bernardina13 Feb 189914 Feb 1899Bretz, Anton (From Trier, Germany)SCHMITZ, CatharinaSchmitz, BernardBretz, CatharinaMarried Michael Ignatius WAIGAND 14 Feb 1922 in Belleville, IL
BRETZ, Josephina Catharina02 Sep 190002 Sep 1900Bretz, Anton (From Bartelso, IL)SCHMITZ, CatharinaSchmitz, JosephSchmitz, Catharina born TOENNISKOETTERMarried Arthur J. C. DICKHANS 20 Oct 1920 in Belleville, IL
BROCKELMAN, Anna Maria12 Nov 186413 Nov 1864Brockelman, Johann StephanBERHOST, ElisabethJANSSEN, AlbertMERSER, Anna Maria---
BROCKMANN, Maria Elisabeth19 Feb 185828 Feb 1858Brokmann, TobiasBERENS, M. A.SCHEDER, DietrichJUNKER, Elisabeth---
BROCKMANN, Theresia26 Jan 185502 Feb 1855Brockmann, Tobias BERNS, Maria AnnaILSKEN, ConradJUNKERJOST, Theresia---
BROEGGEN, Bernard Heinrich17 Apr 185017 Apr 1850Broeggen, TobiasFICKER, Maria GesinaLUEGERS, FranzWOBBEN, Margaretha---
BRUEGGEN, Anton Aloysius28 Sep 1896Sep 1896Brueggen, HeinrichWILKEN, Anna (From St. Libory, IL)MICHELS, ArnoldNETTEMEIER, Elisabeth born HECKENKEMPERBaptism day not listed.
BRUNERT, Maria Theresia09 Apr 184511 May 1845Brunert, JosephASSUERNSARING, Anna AngelaWEBER, TheodorMARKS, Maria Theresia---
BRUNNERT, Bernard Joseph25 Apr 184926 Apr 1849Brunnert, JosephARING, Anna AngelaGAUSEPOHL, BernardKNIPPMANN, Gertrud---
BRUNS, Anna Maria Gesina15 Nov 188615 Nov 1886Bruns, Herman FORK. Maria Catharina ElisabethHUNDMANN, LambertFork, Maria Anna born FINDERMarried Theodor HEMANN 17 Apr 1912
BRUNS, Elisabeth Justina10 Feb 1894Feb 1894Bruns, Herman Heinrich (From Hanover, Germany)FORCK, Maria ElisabethHEET, Johann GerhardMICHELS, Maria born GISSYBaptism day not listed.
BRUNS, Gerhard Heinrich14 Jan 189116 Jan 1891Bruns, Herman (From Rühlertwiest, Meppen, Hanover)FORK, MariaLINNEMANN, Herman HeinrichHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Maria Theresia born LÜBBERS (Luebbers)---
BRUNS, Gerhard Heinrich15 Aug 187815 Aug 1878Bruns, Herman HeinrichFORCK, Maria Catharina ElisabethHÖTING (Hoeting), Lambert HeinrichRENEKE, Elisabeth born VOGT---
BRUNS, Herman Heinrich16 Jan 188917 Jan 1889Bruns, Herman Heinrich (From Twiest-Meppen, Hanover)FORCK, Maria CatharinaTHÖLE (Thoele), Herman HeinrichALBES, Maria Catharina born FEHNING---
BRUNS, Herman Joseph11 May 189212 May 1892Bruns, Herman (From Rüdertwist, Amt Meppen, Hanover)FORK, Maria Catharina ElisabethHEET, Johann HermanHeet, Euphemia Gesina---
BRUNS, Johann Bernard31 Jan 188001 Feb 1880Bruns, Herman HeinrichFORK, Maria Catharina ElisabethFork, Johann BernardHÖTING (Hoeting), Rosa born MEIER---
BRUNS, Johann Bernard26 Mar 188527 Mar 1885Bruns, Herman HeinrichFORCK. Maria Catharina ElisabethFORCK, Johann BernardSTARCHE, Anna Margaretha born FINDER---
BRUNS, Justina Helena Bertha04 Feb 189805 Feb 1898Bruns, Herman (From Twiest, Germany)FORK, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)MICHELS, ArnoldHEET, AnnaMarried Henry Gerhard KREKE 21 Oct 1919
BRUNS, Maria Anna31 Oct 188131 Oct 1881Bruns, Herman HeinrichFORK, Maria ElisabethTHOELE, Herman HeinrichFork, Maria Anna ---
BRUNS, Maria Anna Rosa04 Sep 188305 Sep 1883Bruns, Herman HeinrichFORK, Maria ElisabethFork, Johann BernardFork, Maria Anna born FINDERMarried Herman Heinrich HEMANN 9 Sep 1908
BRUNS, Maria Henrietta30 Nov 190601 Dec 1906Bruns, Bernard (From St. Louis, MO)KREKE, Maria Bruns, Herman H.Kreke, Maria---
BUDDE, Anna Elisabeth22 May 189023 May 1890Budde, Johann Heinrich (From Bawinkel, Lingen, Hanover)WEIER, Elisabeth (From Thuene, Freren, Hanover)PINGSTERHAUS, WilhelmSCHOMAKER, Maria born HILLINGMarried Joseph ALBERS 1 May 1912
BUDDE, Anna Maria13 Jun 186014 Jun 1860Budde, Johann HeinrichWIGMANN, Anna MariaDÜING (Dueing), Johann GerhardWigmann, Maria Anna---
BUDDE, Bernard Heinrich03 Oct 185305 Oct 1853Budde, Johann HeinrichWIEGMANN, Maria AnnaRIPPERDA, Bernard AlbertTÖNIES (Toenies), Susanna Maria---
BUDDE, Elisabeth19 Dec 184603 Jan 1847Budde, HeinrichSCHÖLER (Schoeler), Carolina---------
BUDDE, Margaret Theresia15 Sep 189217 Sep 1892Budde, Johann Heinrich (From Bawinkel, Lingen, Hanover)MEIER, Maria Elisabeth (From Thüne, Amt Freren, Hanover)WILKEN, Johann BernardWilken, Anna Margaret born Budde---
BUDDE, Maria Carolina19 Jul 184506 Aug 1845Budde, H.KREIENBAUM, Maria CarolinaHEIDEMANN, H. H.VORNHOLD, Maria---
BUDDE, Maria Josephina03 Apr 189505 Apr 1895Budde, Heinrich (From Hanover, Germany)WEIER, Elisabeth (From Hanover, Germany)Weier, ClemensPINGSTERHAUS, Maria---
BUDDE, Theodor29 Sep 184729 Sep 1847Budde, Herman HeinrichNot Listed, Maria GertrudBudde, Herman GerhardSLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
BULLER, Maria Christina30 Aug 187301 Sep 1873Buller, Joseph HEMANN, WilhelminaDIEKER, Bernard HeinrichHEIDEMANN, Maria born JOHNS---
BULLER, Maria Wilhelmina28 Dec 187030 Dec 1870Buller, Joseph HeinrichHEMANN, WilhelminaHESSE, AugustDIEKER, Maria born WEDEMEIER---
BULLER, Theresia Philomena06 Dec 187507 Dec 1875Buller, Joseph HEMANN, PhilomenaMAUE, JohannKÖRKER (Koerker), Theresia born Hemann---
BUNNING, Catharina Elisabeth17 Dec 188217 Dec 1882Bunning, ChristianRIHEMANN, Maria ElisabethaSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), FranzSchroeder, Elisabeth born DIERKES---
BUNNING, Heinrich16 Oct 188616 Oct 1886Bunning, ChristianMEYERING, CatharinaKLEIMANN, HeinrichFICKER, Elisabeth born WELLING---
BURRICHTER, Lambert Herman19 Sep 185921 Sep 1859Burrichter, Herman HeinrichHOLLENBACH, Euphemia MariaBIERNSEN, Lambert HeinrichGOERTIS, Anna Adelaid---
BUSCHMANN, Bernard Carl15 Jan 188115 Jan 1881Buschmann, CarlWELLEN, AnnaWINKLER, BernardWellen, Margaret born EMKE---
BUSCHMANN, Margaret14 Nov 188315 Nov 1883Buschmann, CarlWELLEN, AnnaROBBEN, HermanWellen, Margaret born EMKE---
BUSS, Francisca Natalie29 Jul 190229 Jul 1902Buss, Johann (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Maria (From Damiansville, IL)MERSCHER, AntonMerscher, Antonia (Mrs. Anton)---
BUSS, Johann Bernard13 Feb 190015 Feb 1900Buss, JohannWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), MariaWOLTERS, BernardWolters, Catharina born WuebbelsThe last name looks like Burs in this entry.
BUSS, Maria Theresia Helena18 Aug 190619 Aug 1906Buss, Johann (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Maria (From Damiansville, IL)MEIRINK, Bernard Wuebbels, TheresiaConfirmed in Breese, IL 1918
BUSSMANN, Anna Helena29 Nov 187530 Nov 1875Bussmann, CarlWELLEN, AnnaROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichWellen, Anna Helena born MERS---
BUSSMANN, Maria Carolina24 Feb 187825 Feb 1878Bussmann, CarlWELLEN, AnnaWellen, BernardROBBEN, Maria Carolina born Bussmann---
CANTWILL, Maria Anna27 Mar 184325 Jun 1843Cantwill, MichaelGINNET, CereMCINTIRE (McIntire?), DonKÖSTER (Koester), Theresia---
CLUNE, Maria Anna16 Mar 185408 Apr 1854Clune, JohannCONLINE, MargarethaGALLEGEN, EdwardGallegen, Margaretha (Mrs. Edward)---
COEBBE, Anna Maria11 Nov 185015 Nov 1850Coebbe, Johann BernardALBERS, MariaAlbers, Bernard Heinrich for Herman Bernard CoebbeTHEISING, Anna Adelheid for Anna Maria AlbersCompare Koebbe.
COEBBE, Anna Maria11 Mar 185112 Mar 1851Coebbe, Johann ClemensTHEVES, ElisabethCoebbe, Johann BernardTheves, MargarethaCompare Koebbe
COERS, Catharina Elisabetha12 Aug 187813 Aug 1878Coers, ClemensMOEHLMANN, ElisabethaHAGEN, HeinrichLORMANN, Catharina Elisabeth---
COERS, Johann Clemens18 Jan 187219 Jan 1872Coers, Johann AlbertMEIER, CatharinaCoers, Johann ClemensGESENHUES, Anna born SCHWERING---
COERS, Maria Angelina05 Mar 187005 Mar 1870Coers, ClemensMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), ElisabethaMoehlmann, JosephMoehlmann, Maria Anna born MENKECompare Koers
COERS, Maria Elisabetha16 Oct 187217 Oct 1872Coers, ClemensMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Maria ElisabethaCoers, Johann AlbertWACHTEL, Maria Elisabeth born Coers---
COERS, Maria Elisabetha16 Jan 187118 Jan 1871Coers, FriederichMEIER, CatharinaBOECKMANN, BernardCoers, Elisabetha born MOEHLMANN---
CONEN, Anna Maria16 Feb 185224 Feb 1852Conen, Johann HermanHASSELMEIER, Maria CatharinaMEIER, Gerhard HermanSCHNIEDERS, Anna Maria---
CONRAD, Philipp26 Jun 185418 Feb 1855Conrad, PhilippBASELA, ElisabethBasela, VictorBasela, Susanna---
CORDE, Maria Gesina08 Oct 185209 Oct 1852Corde, Johann ConradJANSEN, MargarethaDISTEL, Bernard HeinrichFICKER, MaryCompare Corte
CORTE, Anna Maria22 Apr 185323 Apr 1853Corte, HeinrichDULLE, GertrudRENSING, J. H.Dulle, Anna Maria---
CORTE, Johann Herman08 Dec 185009 Dec 1850Corte, ConradJANSEN, Anna MargarethaFICKE, LambertJansen, Anna MariaCompare Korte.
CORTE, Maria Angela02 Nov 184902 Nov 1849Corte, ConradJANSEN, MargarethaJansen, JohannKUPER, Gesina Compare Korte.
CORTE, Wilhelm05 Feb 185606 Feb 1856Corte, HeinrichDULLE, GertrudDulle, Heinrich JohannRENSING, Catharina---
CROVE, Winnefried07 Apr 185326 Jul 1853Crove, WilhelmCONRUE, BrigittaKLEINKORTE, Johann HeinrichRUMP, Anna---
CUBER, Johann12 Oct 184618 Oct 1846Cuber, AntonFOBBE, TheresiaCuber, Johann & Johann Heinrich DIERKESCuber, Anna GesinaCompare Kuber; this entry is crossed out.
DÖMKER (Doemker), Helena Elisabeth01 Jul 188901 Jul 1889Doemker, August (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)MERSCHER, JosephinaDoemker, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Helena born GROTE---
DÖRNER (Doerner), Herman Heinrich10 Feb 184411 Feb 1844Doerner, PeterSCHULTE, Maria AnnaKniepmann, Johann HermanTIMMER, Anna Maria---
DACHWALD, Maria KunigundaApr 186625 Apr 1866Dachwald, FriederichMUNTSCH, FriedericaWOLF, Franz GeorgDÜRBECK (Duerbeck), Maria KunigundaPage torn at birth date
DANIEL, Heinrich15 Dec 187516 Dec 1875Daniel, JohannGEHRLING, Anna MariaDaniel, HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Anna born HERMELING---
DANIEL, Johann Gerhard29 Jul 188130 Jul 1881Daniel, JohannGERLING, AnnaKNIEPMANN, Gerhard WILDHABER, Anna Maria born RIPPERDAAMarried Anna Maria HEIDEL 5 May 1908 in Breese, IL
DANIEL, Margaretha08 Jan 187908 Jan 1879Daniel, JohannGERLING, Anna MariaHUNDMANN, LambertKNIEPMANN, Anna born HERMELING---
DÜING (Dueing), Anna Maria19 Oct 190520 Oct 1905Dueing, FrancisWOBBE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)THÖLE (Thoele), AugustWobbe, Anna---
DÜING (Dueing), Franz Heinrich02 May 187602 May 1876Dueing, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaDust, HeinrichEILERING, MargarethaMarried Maria FRERKER 23 May 1912
DÜING (Dueing), Franz Joseph20 Jun 187821 Jun 1878Dueing, GerhardEILERS, Maria ChristinaEilers, Franz JosephBUDDE, Catharina born WORTMANN---
DÜING (Dueing), Herman Heinrich17 Mar 187118 Mar 1871Dueing, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaDust, Gerhard HeinrichDueing, Maria Christina born EILERS---
DÜING (Dueing), Johann Heinrich01 Dec 186702 Dec 1867Dueing, Johann GerhardEILERS, Maria ChristinaDueing, Johann BernardWALLER, Maria Anna born HILMES---
DÜING (Dueing), Johann Heinrich01 Jan 186703 Jan 1867Dueing, BernardDUST, Maria AnnaRIPPERDA, JosephEILERING, Margaretha born Dust---
DÜING (Dueing), Maria Carolina09 Mar 187010 Mar 1870Dueing, Johann GerhardEILERS, Maria ChristinaDueing, Johann BernardWALLERS, Maria Anna born HILMES---
DÜING (Dueing), Maria Christina28 Mar 187329 Mar 1873Dueing, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaDust, Johann HeinrichDueing, Maria Christina born EILERS---
DÜING (Dueing), Maria Elisabeth02 Apr 186804 Apr 1868Dueing, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaDust, GerhardEILERING, Anna Margaretha Elisabeth born Dust---
DÜING (Dueing), Maria Elisabetha12 Jul 187213 Jul 1872Dueing, GerhardEILERS, Maria ChristinaBUDDE, HeinrichKARHOFF, Anna Maria born Eilers---
DÜNING (Duening), Anna Helena09 May 186210 May 1862Duening, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaRIPPERDA, Bernard AlbertBEHNEN, Maria Helena---
DÜNING (Duening), Catharina06 Oct 186407 Oct 1864Duening, Johann BernardNot Listed, M. CatharinaEILERING, Johann HermanRIPERDA, M. Catharina---
DÜNKE (Duenke), Maria Catharina04 Apr 186408 May 1864Duenke, Bernard HeinrichFOEKE, Maria ElisabethFIDER, HeinrichFider, Maria Catharina (Mrs. Heinrich)---
DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Anna Christina19 Feb 187119 Feb 1871Duepmann, HeinrichGÖRGERS (Goergers), MargarethaDIETZ, Herman AntonDietz, Anna Christina born BUSCHE---
DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Anton Heinrich16 Oct 187817 Oct 1878Duepmann, HeinrichGÖLGERS (Goelgers), MargarethaWÜBKE (Wuebke), Christoph HeinrichWuebke, Maria Agnes born LANGEMEIER---
DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Anton Henry24 Jan 190625 Jan 1906Duepmann, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), JosephinaMERSCHER, AntonMerscher, Antonia---
DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Clara Rosalia14 Sep 190315 Sep 1903Duepmann, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), JosephinaDuepmann, FrancisMEIRING, Wilhelmina---
DÜPMANN (Duepmann), Herman Heinrich11 Jul 188911 Jul 1889Duepmann, Heinrich (From Marienfeld, Westfalia)GÖRGER (Goerger), Anna MargarethaPELTIES, HermanPelties, Catharina born HACKMANN---
DÜPMANN, Caspar Herman16 Sep 185817 Sep 1858Duepmann, HermanSTÜCKENKEMPER (Stueckenkemper), Elis.Stueckenkemper, CasparDIETZ, Christena---
DÜPPMANN (Dueppmann), Elisabeth Catharina26 Dec 188228 Dec 1882Dueppmann, HeinrichGOERGER, MargarethaGoerger, WilhelmHEMANN, Elisabeth born STUKENKEMPER---
DÜPPMANN (Dueppmann), Franz Wilhelm10 Feb 188611 Feb 1886Duepmann, HeinrichGÖRGEL (Goergel), MargaretHEMANN, ClemensWELLING, Euphemia Adelheid born KRUSE---
DÜPPMANN (Dueppmann), Herman Anton04 Sep 186805 Sep 1868Dueppmann, HeinrichGÖRGER (Goerger), MargarethaDIETZ, Herman AntonDietz, Christina born BUSCHE---
DÜTTMANN (Duettmann), Anna Margaretha11 Sep 186611 Sep 1866Duettmann, HeinrichGÖLGER (Goelger), MargarethaDIETZ, AntonSANTEL, Anna Margaretha born WENDELN---
DÜTTMANN (Duettmann), Johann Heinrich03 Sep 187304 Sep 1873Duettmann, HeinrichGORGER, MargarethaSANTEL, HeinrichJANSEN, FriedericaThis entry is out of order; appears in Oct 1873 entries
DEERHACKE, Johann Herman02 Sep 188203 Sep 1882Deerhacke, HermanDUST, Maria AnnaDust, Johann HermanVOGELSANG, Anna Catharina---
DEERHAGE, Anna Elisabeth04 Feb 186505 Feb 1865Deerhage, HeinrichKRUSE, Anna ElisabethKruse, Gerhard HeinrichGESENHUS, AnnaCompare Derhake
DEERHAKE, Andrew15 Feb 187616 Feb 1876Deerhake, HeinrichRÖBKE (Roebke), ChristinaWELLEN, AndrewRoebke, Dorothea born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
DEERHAKE, Anna Catharina29 Jun 188729 Jun 1887Deerhake, HermanDUST, MariaDust, Bernard HeinrichDeerhake, Anna---
DEERHAKE, Anna Margaretha19 Nov 186821 Nov 1868Deerhake, Herman HeinrichKRUSE, Maria AdelheidKruse, Herman BernardKruse, Maria Margaretha born VENNEMANN---
DEERHAKE, Anna Maria21 Feb 188522 Feb 1885Deerhake, HermanDUST, Maria AnnaSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), HermanDust, Anna Maria born ASELAGE---
DEERHAKE, Bernard John02 Apr 190403 Apr 1904Deerhake, AndrewFRERKER, AnnaFrerker, John BernardROEBKE, Dora born MUELLER---
DEERHAKE, Catharina18 Jun 187019 Jun 1870Deerhake, Johann HeinrichROBKE, Anna GesinaRobke, Johann BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Catharina born PEISTRUP---
DEERHAKE, Edward Henry06 May 190607 May 1906Deerhake, AndrewFRERKER, AnnaROEPKE, HenryNORRENBERNS, Catharine born Frerker---
DEERHAKE, Johann Herman16 Nov 187117 Nov 1871Deerhake, Johann HeinrichRÖBKE (Roebke), Anna ChristinaRoebke, Johann HermanHONKAMP, Catharina born HECHT---
DEIEN, Anna Wilhelmina24 May 187626 May 1876DEIEN, Johann HESSE, EmiliaHELLING, Carl JohannKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Anna born DICKMANN---
DEIEN, Herman Heinrich13 Apr 186416 Apr 1864Deien, BernardHOFFSCHLAG, Anna MariaLOESING, HeinrichDULLE, Anna Helena---
DEIEN, Johann Heinrich28 Jan 187530 Jan 1875Deien, Johann HermanHESSE, AmaliaROECKENHAUS, Johann HeinrichKLEINEKORTE, Catharina born OTKENLast name spelled Deyen in this entry.
DEIEN, Johann Heinrich10 Jan 186712 Jan 1867Deien, Herman BernardHOFSCHLAG, Anna MariaKORVES, Herman HeinrichSCHALKAMP, Maria Anna---
DEIEN, Wilhelm09 Dec 184422 Dec 1844Deien, W.OTKEN, MargarethaOtken, G. H.WILKEN, Catharina---
DEIMANN, Bernard Anton15 May 185016 May 1850Deimann, Herman HeinrichJANSEN, ElisabethSTOLTE, BernardHEIDMANN, Maria Gesina---
DEIMANN, Heinrich28 Jun 184430 Jun 1844Deimann, Herman HeinrichJANSEN, ElisabethHEITMANN, HeinrichKÜTER (Kueter), Margaretha---
DEIMANN, Johann Bernard11 Dec 1847---Deimann, HeinrichJANSEN, ElisabethKIDERS, Bernard HeinrichKRIEGER, HelenaOnly date that appears is in form of birth so Baptism may be same day.
DEIMANN, Johann Herman15 Nov 184516 Nov 1845Deimann, Herman HeinrichJANSEN, ElisabethKrieger, AlbertJansen, Maria Helena---
DEIMANN, Margaretha Elisabeth02 Dec 184802 Dec 1848Deimann, HeinrichJANSEN, ElisabethMÜLLER (Mueller), FriederichGEADES, Anna Margaretha---
DEMKER, Anna Maria19 Mar 187120 Mar 1871Demker, HeinrichBECKMANN, MariaHEMANN, HermanBeckmann, Anna---
DEMKER, Johann Gerhard16 Apr 187317 Apr 1873Demker, HeinrichBECKMANN, MariaBeckmann, Johann BernardKRIPP, Maria Anna born DICKMANN---
DEMPKER, Franz Joseph21 Jan 187023 Jan 1870Dempker, HeinrichBECKMANN, Maria ElisabethaBeckmann, JosephSCHROEDER, Maria Angela---
DEPENDINER, Anna Maria09 Sep 184912 Sep 1849Dependiner, MartinHALLERA, Anna MariaSCHROEDER, Franz HeinrichLENARD, Anna Maria---
DEPEWIESE, Johann Everhard19 Feb 184421 Feb 1844Depewiese, Johann BernardBEKE, Anna MariaTEKE, Johann EverhardHONKAMP, CatharinaChild died
DEPMANN, Albert Bernard07 Apr 187608 Apr 1876Depmann, HeinrichGÖRGER (Goerger), MargarethaJANSSEN, AlbertJanssen, Friederica---
DERHAKE, Anna Cecelia31 May 190331 May 1903Derhake, HermanDUST, Joanna (From Damiansville, IL)Derhake, AndreasDerhake, Anna---
DERHAKE, Anna Maria03 Mar 189804 Mar 1898Derhake, Herman DUST, Maria Anna (From Damiansville, IL)THIEN, Johann BernardThien, Anna Maria born SCHNIERSMarried Henrich MENSING 8 May 1923 in Bartelso, IL
DERHAKE, Bernard Herman25 Jul 188926 Jul 1889Derhake, HermanDUST, Maria Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Dust, Bernard HeinrichTECKLENBURG, Anna---
DERHAKE, Catharina Wilhelmina19 Jan 190119 Jan 1901Derhake, AndrewFRERKER, AnnaDerhake, HermanFrerker, Catharina born MUELLER---
DERHAKE, Francis Bernard04 May 189604 May 1896Derhake, Herman DUST, Maria Anna (From Damiansville, IL)MITTENDORF, FrancisMittendorf, Elisabeth born Dust---
DERHAKE, Gerhard (Twin)13 Nov 186615 Nov 1866Derhake, HeinrichKRUSE, MariaWEHKAMP, GerhardSTUKENKEMPER, Maria born TIMMERBERG---
DERHAKE, Heinrich Lambert07 Aug 189107 Aug 1891Derhake, HermanDUST, Maria Anna (From Damiansville, IL)HUNDMANN, LambertWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)Married Maria H. LEONARD 22 Sep 1920
DERHAKE, Johann (Twin)13 Nov 186615 Nov 1866Derhake, HeinrichKRUSE, MariaWELLING, JohannALING, Anna Catharina born KruseCompare Deerhage
DERHAKE, Johann Joseph26 Dec 189326 Dec 1893Derhake, Herman (From St. Louis, MO)DUST, Anna Maria (From Damiansville, IL)KOOPMANN, Johann JosephSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
DERHAKE, Wilhelm Paul07 May 190008 May 1900Derhake, Herman DUST, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)WILKEN, WilhelmWilken, Paulina born HEIER---
DETERMANN, Heinrich15 Feb 186217 Feb 1862Determann, JosephBECKER, TheodoraSIEBENBÜRGEN (Siebenbuergen), HeinrichKLEVER (?), Louisa---
DETERMANN, Mathilda28 Jan 186030 Jan 1860Determann, JosephBECKER, DorotheaSTUCKENKEMPER, CasparMÜLLERS (Muellers), Maria ---
DETERS, Bernard17 Jan 187518 Jan 1875Deters, HermanWILKEN, Maria GesinaWilken, BernardHOCHELER, Maria Anna---
DETERT, Margaretha01 Oct 187102 Oct 1871Detert, Herman HeinrichWILKEN, Maria GesinaHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Gerhard HeinrichWilken, Margaretha born MENKE---
DETMER, Gerhard Heinrich19 Apr 185422 Apr 1854Detmer, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, SusannaOTKEN, Gerhard HeinrichHolthaus, Maria Elisabeth---
DETMER, Theodor Herman31 Mar 185605 Apr 1856Detmer, Bernard HeinrichHOLTHAUS, SusannaHolthaus, Johann HeinrichOTKEN, Maria---
DETTERMANN, Anna Margaretha31 Aug 185501 Sep 1855Dettermann, JosephREKE, DorotheaLODDEKE, Herman HeinrichHULS, Elisabeth---
DEYEN, Cecelia Catharina24 Jan 189125 Jan 1891Deyen, Bernard (From Damiansville, IL)JANSEN, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)BRUNS, Herman HeinrichJansen, Catharina MariaMarried Johann H. REILMANN 10 Feb 1909 in Breese, IL
DEYEN, Johann Herman30 May 185231 May 1852Deyen, WilhelmOTTKEN, MargarethaOttke, Johann Gerhard HeinrichOttke, Anna Adelheid---
DICKENS, Catharina Elisabeth02 Mar 189505 Mar 1895Dickens, Shadrack (From Morton County, IN)MEEHAN, Maria (From Orange County, IN)HAVERMANN, WilhelmMeehan, Catharina---
DICKINS, Maria Agnes03 Jan 189204 Jan 1892Dickins, Sidrach (Hedrick from Martin County, Indiana)MAHON (MEEHAN), Maria (From Lawrence County, Indiana)MICHELS, ArnoldDANIEL, Maria Anna born GERLING---
DICKMANN, Christina05 May 186207 May 1862Dickmann, Ferdinand HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaDIETZ, AntonBUSH, Christina---
DIECKMANN, Gerhard Heinrich25 Apr 187126 Apr 1871Dieckmann, FerdinandMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), GerhardSuedfeld, Maria born MEIER---
DIEKER, Anna Josephina04 May 188205 May 1882Dieker, HermanMEIER, CatharinaMÜLLER (Mueller), FrederickEVELD, Anna born WALLER---
DIEKER, Maria Catharina11 Jan 187512 Jan 1875Dieker, HermanMEIER, CatharinaDÜING (Dueing), BernardMeier, Maria Catharina born QUARTMANN---
DIEKER, Maria Elisabeth26 Jan 187827 Jan 1878Dieker, HermanMEIER, CatharinaMeier, BernardSORMANN, Elisabetha---
DIEKER, Maria Rosalia06 Sep 188007 Sep 1880Dieker, HermanMEIER, KatharinaNIEMANN, JohannHARENBURG, Catharina born LANGE---
DIEKMANN, Elisabeth10 Sep 186012 Sep 1860Diekmann, FerdinandMÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina MariaALBERS, Johann FranzDiekmann, Catharina Maria---
DIEKMANN, Heinrich Conrad02 May 186703 May 1867Diekmann, FerdinandMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaMEIER, Heinrich ConradBECKMANN, Maria Agnes---
DIERKER, Catharina Elisabeth17 Jun 185219 Jun 1852Dierker, J. H.DIECKMANN, Catharina AgnesALBERS, FranzAlbers, Elisabeth (Mrs. Franz)---
DIERKES, Agnes20 Oct 189522 Oct 1895Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Dierkes, JohannDierkes, AgnesMarried Wilhelm NETTEMEYER 3 May 1916 in Albers, IL
DIERKES, Anna Francisca17 Apr 1894Apr 1894Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Dierkes, GerhardWobbe, Anna born OLLIGESBaptism day not listed.
DIERKES, Anna Sophia29 Jul 186901 Aug 1869Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDIECKMANN, Catharina AgnesHARENBURG, Johann HeinrichHarenburg, Anna Angela born BELLMANNAnna Sophia died 11 Dec 19__ in Carlyle, IL
DIERKES, Catharina Agnes31 Jul 186201 Aug 1862Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDIEKMANN, Catharina AgnesALBERS, FranzDiekmann, Maria Elisabeth---
DIERKES, Elizabeth Rosa22 Oct 189723 Oct 1897Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)SCHROEDER, FrancisSchroeder, Elizabeth---
DIERKES, Emma Cecelia05 Apr 190606 Apr 1906Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)HAAR, John BernardRICKHOFF, Emma born Wobbe---
DIERKES, Francis Herman Nicolaus04 Jul 190405 Jul 1904Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, NicolausDIEKMANN, AnnaMarried Josephine Barbara RICHTER 30 Mar 1948 St Mark's in St Louis, MO
DIERKES, Franz Heinrich10 Feb 185412 Feb 1854Dierkes, J. H.DICKMANN, AgnesALBERS, Franz H.Albers, Elisabeth---
DIERKES, Franz Wilhelm16 Jun 185818 Jun 1858Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDICKMANN, Catharina AgnesHEMANN, Franz WilhelmMEYER, Maria Ag.---
DIERKES, Heinrich Ferdinand13 Apr 186615 Apr 1866Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDIECKMANN, Catharina AgnesDieckmann, Heinrich FerdinandALBERS, CarolinaBirth date is best guess; page torn
DIERKES, Herman Bernard23 Jun 190225 Jun 1902Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, Johann BernardWobbe, Anna (Mrs. Johann Bernard)---
DIERKES, Herman Heinrich (Twin)15 Oct 185618 Oct 1856Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDIEKMANN, Catharina AgnessWESTERMANN, HermanWestermann, Anna (Mrs. Herman)---
DIERKES, Johann Gerhard (Twin)15 Oct 185618 Oct 1856Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDIEKMANN, Catharina AgnessDUST, Johann GerhardSTUNKER, Maria ---
DIERKES, Johann Heinrich20 May 190022 May 1900Dierkes, HermanWOBBE, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Dierkes, Johann HeinrichLINNEMANN, Christina born Wobbe---
DIERKES, Maria16 Apr 186017 Apr 1860Dierkes, Johann HeinrichDIEKMANN, Catharina AgnesDiekmann, FerdinandMÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina Anna---
DIERKES, Maria Agnes01 Sep 185502 Sep 1855Dierkes, JohannNot ListedNot ListedNot Listed---
DIESEN, Anna Cecelia18 Apr 189519 Apr 1895Diesen, Herman (From Hebelemeer, Meppen, Hanover) GRAWE, CatharinaLAMPE, GerhardWILKEN, Anna Angela born DiesenMarried Herman Joseph MOSS 21 Nov 1916 in Breese, IL
DIESEN, Anton11 Mar 189512 Mar 1895Diesen, Bernard (From Hebelemehr, Amt Meppen, Hanover)FERINGA, Margaret (From Hebelemehr, Amt Meppen, Hanover)WINKLER, AntonWILKEN, Maria born FENSLAGE---
DIESEN, Catharina Adelheid18 Mar 188619 Mar 1886Diesen, Johann BernardFERIGA, Anna MargaretWILKEN, BernardDiesen, Catharina Elisabeth born GRAWE---
DIESEN, Gerhard Wilhelm06 Jun 189909 Jun 1899Diesen, Bernard (From Germany)VERINGA, Margaret (From Germany)FAUKE, WilhelmMUELLER, Theresia born EVERSGERD---
DIESEN, Johann Bernard31 May 189001 Jun 1890Diesen, Bernard (From Ebelemer, Meppen, Hanover)FERINGA, Margaret (born MEMEL ?) (From Ebelemer, Meppen, HanoverDiesen, Herman HeinrichWILKEN, Anna born POELKE---
DIESEN, Johann Wilhelm12 Dec 189613 Dec 1896Diesen, Bernard (From Meppen, Germany)VERINGA, Catharina (From Meppen, Germany)WILKEN, Herman HeinrichSCHOMAKER, Maria Angela born HELLING---
DIESEN, Maria Angela24 Jan 189325 Jan 1893Diesen, Bernard (From Hebermeer, Meppen, Hanover)FERINGA, Margaret (From Hebermeer, Hanover, Germany)WILKEN, BernardWilken, Maria Angela born DiesenMarried Herman Joseph EVERSGERD 3 May 1916
DIESEN, Maria Anna Bernardina04 Mar 188405 Mar 1884Diesen, Herman HeinrichGRAWE, Catharina ElisabethaWILKEN, BernardGrawe, Maria---
DIESSEL, Maria Catharina03 Nov 185707 Nov 1857Diessel, Bernard HeinrichMAUE, Maria TheresiaMaue, Johann HeinrichLAGER, Maria Anna---
DIESSEL, Theresia Josephine15 Jul 187416 Jul 1874Diessel, BernardMAUE, TheresiaMaue, JohannHUSTETTE, Catharina MariaCompare Diestel
DIESTEL, Anna Maria Theresia02 Feb 185605 Feb 1856Diestel, BernardMAUEN, Anna Maria TheresiaTEISING, ClemensWEMPE, A. M. Theresia---
DIESTEL, Herman Bernard26 Oct 186830 Oct 1868Diestel, BernardMAUE, Anna Maria TheresiaDiestel, Herman HeinrichMaue, Catharina Maria born HUSTEDDE---
DIETZ, Herman10 Feb 187827 Jul 1901Dietz, Heinrich (Non-Catholic from Germany)WEBER, Maria (From Freeburg, IL)ROTERING, Herman---He was born in Mascoutah, IL
DIETZ, Johann05 May 185608 May 1856Dietz, NicolausMARMANN, Anna MariaDietz, JohannRAUSE, Theresia---
DISTEL, Elisabeth17 Sep 185318 Sep 1853Distel, BernardMAUEN, TheresiaTHEISING, FranzNot Listed, Helena Maria---
DOEMKER, Anna Maria15 May 188816 May 1888Doemker, AugustMERSCHER, Maria J.LAMPE, GerhardRIERMANN, Anna M. born Merscher---
DOEMKER, Anna Wilhelmina12 Aug 188612 Aug 1886Doemker, AugustMERSCHER, JosephinaHALLERMANN, JosephMerscher, Anna Maria ---
DOEMKER, Clara Bernardina23 Jul 189526 Jul 1895Doemker, August (From Germany)MERSCHER, JosephinaKRUSE, BernardKREUTZMANN, Bernardina---
DOEMKER, Herman Heinrich26 Jun 188526 Jun 1885Doemker, AugustMERSCHER, JosephinaDoemker, Herman HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Helena born GROTE---
DOERNER, Marianna14 Mar 184615 Mar 1846Doerner, PeterSCHULTE, MariannaGRAF, ChristophGRIBMANN, Gertrud---
DREES, Maria Francisca09 Jan 190611 Jan 1906Drees, Herman (From Oldenburg, Germany)DUEPMANN, MargaretDuepmann, FrancisHEMANN, Maria born WEBER---
DRENTEN, Elisabeth Veronica12 Jan 190621 Jan 1906Drenten, Bernard (Born in St. Louis, MO)FOEKE, Anna (From Breese, IL)Foeke, HenryWASSMANN, Maria born FoekePlease contact Gloria Dettleff if related to the this family
DRENTEN, Regina18 Jun 190222 Jun 1902Drenten, Bernard (Born in St. Louis, MO)VOCKES / FOCKES, Anna (From Breese, IL)WASMANN, JosephWasmann, Maria (Mrs. Joseph)Please contact Gloria Dettleff if related to the this family
DUEING, Bernard Gerhard09 Nov 190410 Nov 1904Dueing, FrancisWOBBE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, John BernardDueing, ChristinaChild is illegitimate; child died after parents married
DUEING, Gerhard Heinrich01 Mar 187601 Mar 1876Dueing, GerhardEILERS, ChristinaWALLER, Bernard HeinrichDueing, Maria born DUST---
DUEPMANN, Theresia Bernardina08 Jul 189909 Jul 1899Duepmann, HeinrichMUELLER, JosephinaDÜPMANN (Duepmann), BernardMueller, Theresia born EVERSGERDMarried Arthur KNIEPMANN 2 May 1923
DUING, Herman Bernard07 Apr 186009 Apr 1860Duing, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaEILERING, HermanLANDWEHR, Maria Catharina---
DUING, Maria Catharina22 Jan 185623 Jan 1856Duing, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaDuing, Johann GerhardBERNSEN, Maria Catharina---
DULLE, Anna Adelheid01 May 187602 May 1876Dulle, Johann HermanWUEST, TheresiaDulle, Heinrich JohannWuest, Anna Maria ---
DULLE, Anna Eugenia29 Oct 189630 Oct 1896Dulle, HeinrichRIEKHOFF, CarolinaWELLINGHOFF, GeorgWIECHMANN, Anna born DulleMarried Frederick MARKUS 16 Sep 1919 in Albers, IL
DULLE, Anna Helena Cecelia21 Aug 189822 Aug 1898Dulle, HeinrichRICKHOFF, CarolinaSONDRUB, AugustLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna born Rickhoff---
DULLE, Anna Henrica21 May 186222 May 1862Dulle, Johann GerhardVAN KLOSTER, HelenaDulle, HermanHUNDMANN, Anna---
DULLE, Anna Maria11 Nov 187511 Nov 1875Dulle, JosephWILKEN, ElisabethaRAPIEN, BernardWILKEN, Anna Maria born Stempel---
DULLE, Anna Rosa29 Oct 190329 Oct 1903Dulle, Johann HeinrichRICKHOFF, CarolinaHOHMANN, GerhardHohmann, AnnaBaptized at birth due to medical emergency. Married Martin JANSEN 11 Sep 1923 in Albers, IL
DULLE, Bernard Heinrich04 Apr 186806 Apr 1868Dulle, Johann GerhardVONDESOOST, Anna HelenaDulle, Bernard HeinrichKAVE, Maria Catharina born SCHULTE---
DULLE, Elisabeth08 Mar 188109 Mar 1881Dulle, Johann HermanWÜST (Wuest), TheresiaWuest, TheodorWuest, ?hod Elisabeth born STEVENS---
DULLE, Emma Veronica02 Nov 188203 Nov 1882Dulle, Johann HermanWÜST (Wuest), TheresiaHÜNE (Huene), Gerhard GRAWE, Anna born Dulle---
DULLE, Euphemia Adelheid Margaretha24 Aug 186526 Aug 1865Dulle, Gerhard HeinrichHUNDMANN, Anna GertrudDulle, JosephHundmann, Euphemia---
DULLE, Euphemia Maria18 Jan 189219 Jan 1892Dulle, HeinrichRIEKHOFF, CarolinaHUNDMANN, LambertDulle, Euphemia born MUES---
DULLE, Gerhard Francis28 Jan 190229 Jan 1902Dulle, HermanRICKHOFF, CarolinaLÖPKER (Loepker), Gerhard HeinrichRickhoff, Emma born WOBBE---
DULLE, Gerhard Nicolaus08 Sep 185010 Sep 1850Dulle, Johann HeinrichBOLLMER, Anna MariaFRAECKER, NicolausKRUEPP, Maria Adelheid---
DULLE, Heinrich Gerhard02 Nov 189403 Nov 1894Dulle, HeinrichRICKHOFF, CarolinaDulle, GerhardHOFFMANN, Anna born HUNDMANN---
DULLE, Jacob24 Jun 187525 Jun 1875Dulle, HermanWÜST (Wuest), TheresiaWuest, JacobWuest, Anna Maria born BRANDSTETTER---
DULLE, Johann Gerhard08 Aug 188309 Aug 1883Dulle, Johann GerhardMUES, Maria EuphemiaDulle, Heinrich JohannHUNDTMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born HEMANN---
DULLE, Johann Wilhelm25 Apr 186527 Apr 1865Dulle, GerhardFRANZOS, HelenaCORTE, HeinrichDulle, Catharina M.Compare Korte
DULLE, John Henry04 Apr 190505 Apr 1905Dulle, Heinrich (From Bartelso, IL)RICKHOFF, CarolinaDulle, JohnKORTE, Margaret born RIPPERDA---
DULLE, Joseph Gerhard05 Aug 190006 Aug 1900Dulle, HeinrichRICKHOFF, CarolinaRickhoff, JosephHAUKAP, Anna born SCHRANDT---
DULLE, Margaret Elisabeth14 Mar 189315 Mar 1893Dulle, HeinrichRICKHOFF, CarolinaGRAWE, FrancisGrawe, Margaret Elisabeth born Dulle---
DULLE, Maria Theresia18 Jun 187821 Jun 1878Dulle, Johann HermanWÜST (Wuest), TheresiaDulle, GerhardHÜNE (Huene), Maria born Dulle---
DULLE, Wilhelm Heinrich26 Aug 186327 Aug 1863Dulle, HeinrichHUNDMANN, Anna GertrudDulle, Bernard HeinrichKRAMER, Iraferna---
DUMBECK, Anna Gertrud03 Jan 188004 Jan 1880Dumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaSOMMER, Gerhard JosephSommer, Anna Phillippina born Dumbeck---
DUMBECK, Anton Theodor13 Sep 187515 Sep 1875Dumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaKoch, AntonKoch, Elisabeth born SIEMERS---
DUMBECK, August30 Nov 186101 Dec 1861Dumbeck, Carl JosephMERSCHER, CarolinaHESSE, AugustALBERS, Theresia---
DUMBECK, Bernard Heinrich07 Dec 188309 Dec 1883Dumbeck, Carl TheodorKOCH, JosephinaKÖLTSCH (Koeltsch), HeinrichSOMMER, Anna born Dumbeck---
DUMBECK, Carl Joseph16 Aug 187317 Aug 1873Dumbeck, Carl TheodorKOCH, JosephinaDumbeck, Carl JosephHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
DUMBECK, Franz Joseph15 Jan 188620 Jan 1886Dumbeck, Carl TheodorKOCH, JosephinaSOMMER, Joseph for Francis KochMERSCHER, Antonia born THORBECKMarried Christina JONES 22 Aug 1916 in St. Vin__ Church St. Louis, MO
DUMBECK, Josephina Bernardina21 Jan 188822 Jan 1888Dumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaMERSCHER, AntonWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)Married Leon Heinrich MICHELS 27 Oct 1915
DUMBECK, Josephina Elisabeth23 Dec 188124 Dec 1881Dumbeck, TheodorKOCH, JosephinaDumbeck, Carl HEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born STUCKENKEMPER---
DUMBECK, Theresia Emma25 Sep 189028 Sep 1890Dumbeck, Theodor (From Muhlhausen, Baden, Germany)KOCH, Josephina (From Bochum, Prussia)Dumbeck, AntonKÖLSCH (Koelsch), Emma born Dumbeck---
DUST, Anna Catharina01 Nov 186406 Nov 1864Dust, Bernard HeinrichNot Listed, Anna CatharinaTINN, Johann HermanMEER, Anna Catharina---
DUST, Anna Christina12 Apr 188514 Apr 1885Dust, HeinrichHACKMANN, MariaHackmann, FranzDIETZ, Christina born BUSCHMarried Theodor GERLING (b. 20 Aug 1883 in Breese, IL) 10 Feb 1909
DUST, Anna Helena20 Feb 186121 Feb 1861Dust, Gerhard HeinrichTHIEN, Maria HelenaThien, Johann BernardUNGRUND, Anna Maria---
DUST, Anna Margareta21 Jul 185921 Jul 1859Dust, Gerhard HeinrichTIEN, Anna MariaDust, Johann HermanTien, Anna Gesina---
DUST, Anna Margaretha24 Aug 185625 Aug 1856Dust, HermanARSELAGE, MariaARENSEN, ArnoldKOPMANN, Anna Margaretha---
DUST, Anna Margaretha Adelheid16 Feb 185217 Feb 1852Dust, HermanORSLAGE, Anna MariaDust, Herman BernardMENKE, Margaretha Adelheid---
DUST, Anna Maria09 Sep 184817 Sep 1848Dust, Gerhard HeinrichKOPMANS, Anna MariaKOEBBE, Gerhard HeinrichDust, Anna Margaretha---
DUST, Anna Maria09 Sep 184515 Sep 1845Dust, Gerhard HeinrichKOPMANN, Anna MariaKÖBBE (Koebbe), Herman BernardRICKE, Anna Margaretha---
DUST, Anna Maria Catharina14 Dec 184916 Dec 1849Dust, Johann HermanARSELAGE, Anna MariaCOEBBE, Herman BernardHEIMANN, Catharina AdelheidCompare Koebbe
DUST, Anna Maria Margaretha28 Dec 187329 Dec 1873Dust, HeinrichSCHLEPER, Maria GesinaBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), HeinrichLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria born Dust---
DUST, Anton Herman15 Feb 188316 Feb 1883Dust, Johann HeinrichHARTMANN, MariaDIETZ, AntonDULLE, Maria born MUES---
DUST, Bernard Heinrich28 Nov 185328 Nov 1853Dust, Johann HermanNot Listed, Anna Maria UrsulaSCHÖNEFELD (Schoenefeld), Johann B.Not Listed, Maria Adel. Ursula---
DUST, Caspar Heinrich03 Mar 186104 Mar 1861Dust, Bernard HeinrichMEER, Maria AngelaEWES, Casper HeinrichPETERS, Anna Catharina---
DUST, Catharina Elisabeth24 Feb 188125 Feb 1881Dust, HeinrichHACKMANN, MariaDust, BernardHackmann, Catharina born DIETZ---
DUST, Clemens Joseph17 Dec 187819 Dec 1878Dust, HeinrichHACKMANN, Maria CatharinaHackmann, Clemens August JosephDIETZ, Christina born BUSCH---
DUST, Clement Henry16 Oct 190517 Oct 1905Dust, ClementKOHNEN, AnnaDust, John HenryKohnen, Maria TheresiaBaptized at birth due to medical emergency; married Adele VOSHOELLER 20 Jan 1932 in New Baden, IL
DUST, Dorothea Wilhelmina12 Aug 187812 Aug 1878Dust, Herman GerhardDETERMANN, Maria WilhelminaDust, Johann HeinrichDetermann, Dorothea born REKER---
DUST, Emma Mathilda12 Nov 188013 Nov 1880Dust, GeorgDETERMANN, WilhelminaLÖPKER (Loepker), HeinrichKOHRMANN, Mathilda born DetermannMarried Heinrich TRAME 16 Nov 1910 in St. Rose, IL
DUST, Franz Heinrich02 Oct 187004 Oct 1870Dust, Johann HeinrichBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Maria ChristinaDust, Gerhard HeinrichWESTERMANN, Anna Maria born SCHOENHOFF---
DUST, Gerhard Heinrich05 Nov 187207 Nov 1872Dust, Johann HeinrichSCHLEPER, Maria GesinaDust, Gerhard HeinrichTHIEN, Maria Anna Agnes ---
DUST, Gertrude Maria29 Nov 190530 Nov 1905Dust, AntonHELLMANN, ElisabethDust, HenryHellmann, Gertrude---
DUST, Herman Anton26 Feb 188028 Feb 1880Dust, Johann HeinrichHACKMANN, Maria GertrudDIETZ, Heinrich AntonHackmann, Catharina Elisabeth born Dietz---
DUST, Herman Bernard11 Mar 185912 Mar 1859Dust, B. HeinrichMEER, Maria AngelaDust, Herman B.Dust, Anna Maria---
DUST, Herman Eberhard05 Mar 186505 Mar 1865Dust, Gerhard HeinrichTINN, Anna HelenaBEHN, EberhardMARKUS, Adelheit---
DUST, Herman Gerhard05 Oct 185506 Oct 1855Dust, Gerhard HeinrichJOHANNING, Maria TheresiaDust, Herman BernardBERNSEN, Maria Catharina---
DUST, Herman Gerhard25 Mar 187726 Mar 1877Dust, Johann HeinrichSCHLEPER, Maria GesinaDust, Herman GerhardMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Christina born SCHONHOFF---
DUST, Herman Heinrich12 Feb 186314 Feb 1863Dust, Gerhard BEHNEN, Anna HelenaMARCUS, Herman HeinrichWILKEN, Anna Maria---
DUST, Johann Heinrich19 May 184320 May 1843Dust, GerhardKOPTMANN, Anna MariaRICKEN, Johann KasparALERS, Maria Adelheid---
DUST, Magdalena31 Jan 185901 Feb 1859Dust, Johann HermanOSLAGE, Anna MariaBURRICHTER, Herman HeinrichOslage, Magdalena---
DUST, Maria Adelheid03 Mar 185705 Mar 1857Dust, Bernard HeinrichMEER, Maria AngelaDust, Herman BernardJANNING, Maria Adelheid---
DUST, Maria Gesina25 Aug 185526 Aug 1855Dust, Bernard HeinrichMEER, Maria AngelaDust, Gerhard HeinrichEVERS, Maria Gesina---
DUST, Maria Josephina16 Apr 188418 Apr 1884Dust, GerhardDETERMANN, WilhelminaKOHRMANN, JosephLÖPKE (Loepke), Anna Maria born DustMarried 14 Jun 1911 in Trenton, IL
EFELD, Anna Margaretha24 Jan 188024 Jan 1880Efeld, GerhardWEILLER, AnnaGESENHUES, GerhardWaller, Anna Margaretha born ALERSCompare Eveld
EHFELD, Gerhard Wilhelm17 May 186518 May 1865Ehfeld, BernardKAISER, FranziskaEhfeld, GerhardSCHLOMAN, WilhelminaCompare Eveld
EHRNST, Anna Gertrud 15 May 185216 May 1852Ehrnst, Gerhard HermanJOANNING, Maria TheresiaHEIMAN, Bernard HeinrichWITTKAMP, Anna GertrudCompare Ernst
EILER, Johann Gerhard09 Mar 187811 Mar 1878Eiler, Franz JosephKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidKohnen, Johann GerhardKohnen, Maria Theresia born HILMES---
EILERING, Aloysius Heinrich21 Jun 189122 Jun 1891Eilering, Bernard (From Damiansville, IL)EVERS, AnnaEvers, HeinrichEilering, Margaretha born DUST---
EILERING, Anna Maria16 Oct 185820 Oct 1858Eilering, HermanDURST, MargaretaDUING, BernardVOLTERS, MariaCompare Dust & Wolters
EILERING, Anna Maria18 Feb 189419 Feb 1894Eilering, Bernard (From Damiansville, IL)EVERS, AnnaKREKE, FrederickKreke, Maria born Eilering---
EILERING, Anna Maria09 May 184911 May 1849Eilering, Johann HermanSANDEL, Anna CatharinaSandel, Johann HermanSandel, Anna Maria---
EILERING, Anna Maria24 Dec 186425 Dec 1864Eilering, HermanKRUSE, Anna CatharinaWelling, JohannWÖRSTMANN (Woerstmann), Maria---
EILERING, Bernard Heinrich24 Mar 185124 Mar 1851Eilering, HermanSANTEL, CatharinaSantel, Herman HeinrichHEIMANN, Catharina Adelheid---
EILERING, Gerhard Heinrich03 Jun 186004 Jun 1860Eilering, Johann HermanDUST, Anna MargarethaWOLTERS, Gerhard H.BERENSEN, Anna Maria---
EILERMAN, Anna Maria04 Jan 185205 Jan 1852Eilerman, Johann HeinrichDISTEL, Anna GesinaDistel, Bernard HeinrichCOPMAN, Anna Margaretha---
EILERS, Anna Adelheid12 Mar 189712 Mar 1897Eilers, HeinrichNORDHAUS, CatharinaRENSCHEN, JosephEilers, Christina---
EILERS, Anna Josephina13 Feb 188914 Feb 1889Eilers, Franz (From St. Louis, MO)KOHNEN, Anna (From Schonebeck, Holland)HILMES, JohannDÜING (Dueing), Maria Christina born EilersMarried Heinrich FRERKER 10 Nov 1909
EILERS, Anna Maria31 Dec 188402 Jan 1885Eilers, Franz JosephKONEN, Anna AdelheidKonen, Johann HeinrichWALLER, Anna Maria born GOERS---
EILERS, Bernard26 Oct 188627 Oct 1886Eilers, Franz KOHNEN, Anna AdelheidKohnen, BernardDÜING (Dueing), Christina born EILERS---
EILERS, Bernard Heinrich26 Apr 187226 Apr 1872Eilers, Franz JosephKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidWELLER, Bernard HeinrichKohnen, Anna Margaretha born DUST---
EILERS, Francis Heinrich23 Mar 189824 Mar 1898Eilers, Bernard HeinrichNORDHAUS, Maria CatharinaEilers, Francis JosephRENSCHEN, Maria Anna---
EILERS, Franz Lawrence29 Mar 187430 Mar 1874Eilers, Franz JosephKONEN, Anna AdelheidKonen, MathiasWALLER, Maria Anna born HILMES---
EILERS, Gerhard Heinrich23 Feb 187623 Feb 1876Eilers, Franz JosephKONEN, Anna KARHOFF, Gerhard HeinrichKonen, Maria Angelina---
EILERS, Joseph Herman09 Mar 188010 Mar 1880Eilers, Franz JosephKONEN, Anna AdelheidKonen, Herman HeinrichKARHOFF, Bernardina born THÖLE (Thoele)---
EILERS, Maria Anna27 Mar 188227 Mar 1882Eilers, Franz JosephKOHNEN, AnnaWALLER, Bernard HeinrichKohnen, Anna born DUST---
EILERS, Maria Carolina Sophia25 Mar 189327 Mar 1893Eilers, Franz (From St. Louis, MO)KOHNEN, Anna Adelheid (From Neu Schonebeck, Holland)THOELE, Johann AugustHILMES, Maria Carolina born KohnenMarried Heinrich SCHROEDER 27 Jan 1914 in Bartelso, IL
EILERS, Maria Rosa22 Jul 189522 Jul 1895Eilers, HeinrichNORDHAUS, Maria CatharinaEilers, FrancisRENSCHEN, Maria AnnaMarried Heinrich Arnold LAMPE 28 Oct 1919
EILERS, Maria Sophia19 Jan 189819 Jan 1898Eilers, FrancisDÜING (Dueing), Maria ChristinaEilers, FrancisMUELLER, Catharina born DueingMarried Heinrich HILMES 7 Oct 1919 in Damiansville, IL
EILERS, Wilhelmina Gertrud14 Nov 189915 Nov 1899Eilers, HeinrichNORDHAUS, CatharinaEilers, FrancisSTÜVER (Stuever), Wilhelmina born RENSCHENMarried Alvin BRAUER 28 Sep 1928 in Trenton, IL
ELIUS, Maria Elisabeth12 Dec 185617 Dec 1856Elius, GeorgNORTMANN, Maria CatharinaGROTE, Johann JosephEMMES, Maria Elisabeth---
EMKE, Gerhard06 Aug 186407 Aug 1864Emke, GerhardNot Listed, Anna MariaSCHNIEDERS, Johann GerhardHEIMANN, Anna Elisabeth---
EMKE, Johann Heinrich16 Feb 185717 Feb 1857Emke, HeinrichKOTTER, Anna MariaEmke, GerhardHAUKOP, Elisabeth---
EMKE, Margareta24 Jul 185925 Jul 1859Emke, HeinrichKÖTTER (Koetter), Anna MariaUSSELMANN, HeinrichKoetter, Margareta---
ENGBERS, Franz20 Jul 186323 Jul 1863Engbers, Bernard H.NABER, HelenaTHEISING, FranzHILMES, Maria AnnaChild died 15 Aug 1864
ENGBERS, Herman Heinrich27 Oct 186629 Oct 1866Engbers, Bernard HeinrichNABER, Anna HelenaLAMMERS, Herman HeinrichEngbers, Anna Regina Adelheid born JANSEN---
ENGELMAYER, Johann Philipp19 Jul 186220 Jul 1862Engelmayer, FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaEngelmayer, PhilippBRINKMANN, Maria---
ENGELMAYER, Maria Christina13 Oct 186415 Oct 1864Engelmayer, FranzNot Listed, FranciskaMILLER, JosephDITZ, Christina---
ENGELMAYER, Maria Elisabeth09 Mar 186010 Mar 1860Engelmayer, FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichEngelmayer, Elisabeth---
ENGELMEIER, Anna Theresia30 Apr 189630 Apr 1896Engelmeier, Bernard (From Delbrück, Hanover)DIESTEL, Elisabeth (From Breese, IL)WILKEN, HeinrichDiestel, Theresia Anna---
ENGELMEIER, Bernard Lucas13 Jul 188714 Jul 1887Engelmeier, BernardDIESTEL, ElisabethDiestel, BernardEngelmeier, Francisca born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
ENGELMEIER, Francis Herman08 Sep 189909 Sep 1899Engelmeier, Bernard (From Germany)DIESEL, Maria Elizabeth (From Breese, IL)MAUE, Herman------
ENGELMEIER, Herman Anton11 Sep 186912 Sep 1869Engelmeier, FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaDIETZ, Herman AntonSUDHOLT, Elisabetha born NEISEMEIER---
ENGELMEIER, Herman Heinrich 26 Oct 189227 Oct 1892Engelmeier, Bernard (From Delbrück, Germany)DIESTEL, Elisabeth (From Breese, IL)Diestel, HermanEngelmeier, Christina---
ENGELMEIER, Johann Anton13 Feb 189014 Feb 1890Engelmeier, Bernard (From Delbrück, Germany)DIESTEL, Elisabeth (From Breese, IL)Engelmeier, JohannDiestel, Theresia born MAUE---
ENGLER, Gerhard Bernard (Deceased)05 Feb 186509 Feb 1865Engler, HeinrichNABER, AnnaSPIEKER, Johann BernardWOERSTMAN, MariaCompare Engbers; Child died 6 Mar [1865]
ENGLERS, Bernard Heinrich09 May 185811 May 1858Englers, Bernard HeinrichNABER, Helena MariaWALLERS, HeinrichHESSE, Amalia---
EPLE, Carolina15 Aug 185204 May 1853Eple, TheodorIVERT, UthiliaWANGLER, LandolinIvert, Maria AnnaBirth year is a guess
ERHARD, Juliana23 Oct 185607 Dec 1856Erhard, AntonMETZGER, FranciscaVALLENTIN, JohannMetzger, Juliana---
ERNST, Anna Maria15 Sep 185516 Sep 1855Ernst, Bernard HeinrichSCHALKAMP, Maria AnnaWIEMANN, TheodorKRUIP, Anna Maria---
ERNST, Heinrich20 Jan 185221 Jan 1852Ernst, Bernard Heinrich AlbertSCHALCAMP, Maria AnnaSchalcamp, HeinrichWINKEL, Gertrud---
ERNST, Maria Catharina14 Jan 185015 Jan 1850Ernst, Bernard AlbertSCHALLCAMP, Maria AnnaALTEPETER, HermanSchallcamp, Maria Catharina---
ESS, Anna Elisabeth25 Feb 184201 Mar 1842Ess, Herman BernardRÜH (Rueh), Anna MargarethaALERS, Herman HeinrichHILMES, Anna Adelheid---
ESS, Anna Elisabeth01 Nov 186204 Nov 1862Ess, Johann BernardKAHRHOFF, Maria ElisabethKahrhoff, Diederich (Dietrich)SCHLOTH, Anna Adelheid---
ESS, Anna Maria10 Aug 186418 Aug 1864Ess, Johann BernardNot Listed, ElisabethKORTE, ConradEss, Maria---
ESS, Johannes Bernard02 Oct 186003 Oct 1860Ess, Johann BernardKAHRHOFF, ElisabethESS, Herman BernardGRETHAMAYER, Maria---
ETZKORN, Catharina---18 Jun 1843Etzkorn, Peter AntonSCHMIT, SusannaREGER, CarlReger, Margaretha ---
EVAS, Maria Elisabeth24 May 185031 May 1850Evas, Caspar HeinrichMENSEN, Maria ElisabethLODICKE, Herman HeinrichCOEBBE, Maria ElisabethCompare Koebbe.
EVELD, Anna Christina17 Mar 188418 Mar 1884Eveld, GerhardWALLER, AnnaSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), GerhardWaller, Christina born ALBERS---
EVELD, Herman Heinrich08 Jan 188209 Jan 1882Eveld, GerhardWALLER, Anna MariaWaller, HeinrichSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria---
EVELD, Joseph Bernard19 Mar 187819 Mar 1878Eveld, GerhardWALLER, Maria AnnaWaller, Johann BernardGESENHUES, Anna Maria born SCHWERING---
EVELD, Maria Francisca17 Dec 187618 Dec 1876Eveld, BernardKAYSER, FranciscaGESENHUES, GerhardGESENHUES, Anna born SCHWERING---
EVELD, Sylvester Heinrich29 Dec 186731 Dec 1867Eveld, BernardKEYSER, FranziskaEveld, HeinrichSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), Maria born MEIER---
EVELT, Anna02 Aug 186603 Aug 1866Evelt, BernardKAISER, Maria FranziskaKaiser, GeorgGESENHUES, Anna born SCHWERING---
EVELT, Anna Gertrud19 Dec 186921 Dec 1869Evelt, BernardKAISER, FranciscaGESENHUES, Gerhard for Bernard SCHLARMANNWESTERFELDHAUS, Anna Gertrud born HELLING---
EVELT, Eberhard Franz27 Jan 188801 Feb 1888Evelt, GerhardWALLER, Anna MariaKLEINEKORTE, EberhardHOFF, Sophia Maria---
EVELT, Heinrich11 Mar 187212 Mar 1872Evelt, BernardKAYSER, Anna Maria FranciscaSCHMITZ, Heinrich for Heinrich KayserSchmitz, Maria born WEFFER---
EVELT, Herman Heinrich21 Feb 189022 Feb 1890Evelt, Gerhard (From Epe, Prussia)WALLER, Anna MariaWaller, Bernard HeinrichGESENHUES, Maria Elisabeth born STOLTE---
EVELT, Maria Bernardina04 Jul 187407 Jul 1874Evelt, BernardKAISER, FranciscaALBERS, BernardKaiser, Maria ---
EVELT, Maria Francisca14 Feb 188616 Feb 1886Evelt, GerhardWALLER, AnnaWaller, ClemensGESENHUES, Maria---
EVERS, Anna Gertrud16 May 184321 May 1843Evers, H.GRUGMANN, Maria CatharinaWESTERMANN, H.HANEWINKEL, GertrudChild died
EVERSGERD, Angela Maria20 Jun 186321 Jun 1863Eversgerd, ChristophKORTE, LouisaHAGEN, DiederichRUWELKE, Angela Maria---
EVERSGERD, Anna Caroline14 Jul 190115 Jul 1901Eversgerd, WilhelmJANSEN, MariaKASSENS, JohannSTOCKMANN, Margaret born Eversgerd---
EVERSGERD, Bernard Heinrich14 Jul 189714 Jul 1897Eversgerd, WilhelmJANSEN, MariaJansen, BernardEversgerd, Maria born WILKEN---
EVERSGERD, Bernard Joseph07 Aug 187712 Aug 1877Eversgerd, ChristopherKURT, LouisaSCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephWESTERMANN, Maria Louisa born MEYER---
EVERSGERD, Caspar Wilhelm09 Jul 188410 Jul 1884Eversgerd, Johann ChristopherWILKEN, Maria GesinaEversgerd, Friederich WilhelmBERNSEN, Elisabeth born Wilken for Maria Agnes THIEN born LÖPKEMarried Anna BOEVING 12 Jul 1916 in Bartelso, IL
EVERSGERD, Emma Celestina12 Feb 188326 Feb 1883Eversgerd, ChristophKOERS, EliseMÜLLER (Mueller), DietrichLOBSINGER, Maria Celestina---
EVERSGERD, Francis August26 Aug 190328 Aug 1903Eversgerd, AugustHAUKAP, AnnaHaukap, FrancisHaukap, Sr., AnnaMarried Veronica NETEMEYER 3 May 1933 in Albers, IL
EVERSGERD, Friederich Wilhelm23 May 186626 May 1866Eversgerd, HeinrichRÜBBINER (Ruebbiner), Anna MariaWESTERMANN, Johann FriederichEversgert, Maria Louisa born KORTHCompare Rubbelke
EVERSGERD, Gerhard Heinrich03 Mar 188606 Mar 1886Eversgerd, ChristopherCOERS, LouisaPELTIES, Gerhard HeinrichLEONARD, Maria Helena born JÜDEN (Jueden)Married Christina Louisa WINKLER 21 Nov 1916 & Clara R. BECKER 2 May 1923 in Bartelso, IL
EVERSGERD, Heinrich03 Dec 188004 Dec 1880Eversgerd, ChristopherWILKEN, MariaWilken, HeinrichSTOCKMANN, Margaretha born Eversgerd---
EVERSGERD, Heinrich August (Deceased)26 Oct 186402 Nov 1864Eversgerd, Johann HeinrichNot Listed, AngelaFELDHAUS, HeinrichVOGELSANG, MargarethaChild died 12 Jan 1865
EVERSGERD, Henry Aloysius22 Jun 190422 Jun 1904Eversgerd, HenrySTAMMEN, JosephinaTHESSING, HenryEversgerd, MariaMarried Nelda HAUCKS 22 Jun 1949 St Mary's Carlyle, IL
EVERSGERD, Herman William29 Apr 190501 May 1905Eversgerd, WilhelmJANSEN, MariaHILMES, HermanEversgerd, Josephina---
EVERSGERD, Johann Christoph08 Oct 185308 Oct 1853Eversgerd, Johann HeinrichRÜBELKE (Ruebelke), Angela MariaEversgerd, Johann ChristophSCHLARMANN, Elisabeth---
EVERSGERD, Johann Christoph27 Feb 186528 Feb 1865Eversgerd, Johann ChristophKUES, LouisaEversgerd, Johann HeinrichEversgerd, Anna---
EVERSGERD, Johann Friederich Wilhelm13 May 187517 May 1875Eversgerd, Johann ChristophKOERS (Korte), LouiseWESTERMANN, Johann Friederich WilhelmLEONARD, Maria Helena born JÜDEN (Jueden)---
EVERSGERD, Johann Heinrich25 Jul 190326 Jul 1903Eversgerd, WilhelmJANSEN, MariaJansen, HeinrichSTOCKMANN, Anna Gertrud ---
EVERSGERD, Johann Theodor07 Oct 188608 Oct 1886Eversgerd, ChristopherWILKEN, Maria MÜLLER (Mueller), TheodorWilken, Maria born STEMPEL---
EVERSGERD, Joseph Herman04 Jul 188805 Jul 1888Eversgerd, ChristophorWILKEN, Maria GesinaHALLERMANN, JosephWilken, Anna born PÖLKE (Poelke)Married Maria Angela DIESEN 3 May 1916
EVERSGERD, Louis Lawrence Archibald22 Feb 190624 Feb 1906Eversgerd, AugustHAUKAP, AnnaEversgerd, LouisALBERS, Louisa born Eversgerd---
EVERSGERD, Margaretha---23 Apr 1856Eversgerd, Johann HeinrichRUBELKE, Angela MariaGAUSEPOHL, Christoph------
EVERSGERD, Margaretha Wilhelmina02 Oct 188203 Oct 1882Eversgerd, Johann ChristopherWILKEN, MariaPELTIES, Gerhard FAUKE, Maria born WilkenMarried Heinrich FICKER 25 May 1909
EVERSGERD, Maria Anna Margaret22 Jun 189923 Jun 1899Eversgerd, WilhelmJANSEN, Maria HelenaSTOCKMANN, AntonJansen, Anna Margaret born FELDMANNMarried Alexander W. HAAG 2 May 1922 Carlyle, IL
EVERSGERD, Maria Elisabeth09 Feb 189111 Feb 1891Eversgerd, ChristopherWILKEN, Maria (From Twiest, Hanover)STOCKMANN, AntonWilken, Maria born STEMPEL---
EVERSGERD, Maria Katharina Bertha20 Aug 190622 Aug 1906Eversgerd, HenrySTAMMEN, JosephinaDADERS, BernardTHESING, Katharina---
EVERSGERD, Maria Veronica07 Feb 188110 Feb 1881Eversgerd, Johann ChristopherKORT, LouiseFRERKER, Johann HeinrichKRUSE, Maria born FENNEMACHER---
EVERSGERDT, Anton Ludwig11 Aug 187318 Aug 1873Eversgerdt, ChristophKORT, LouisaLOBSINGER, AntonLobsinger, Elisabeth---
EWERS, Herman12 Mar 185613 Mar 1856Ewers, Heinrich CasparDUST, Maria GesinaDust, Herman BernardHORNBURG, AngelaCompare Ewes
EWERSGERD, Anna Gertrud22 Sep 186024 Sep 1860Ewersgerd, Johann HeinrichRÜBELKE (Ruebelke), AngelaHAGEN, DiederichHELLINGS, Gertrud---
EWERSGERD, Conrad Heinrich10 Nov 186712 Nov 1867Ewersgerd, Johann ChristophKÖRS (Koers), LouisaPELTIES, Gerhard HeinrichKRUSE, Angela Margaretha born VENNEMANNCompare Eversgerd
EWERSGERD, Maria Theresia09 Jun 185720 Dec 1857Ewersgerd, Fran. HeinrichRÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke), AngelaSCHLARMANN, Gerhard H.STENGER (?), Maria CatharinaCompare Eversgerd
EWES, Anna Maria26 Feb 186228 Feb 1862Ewes, Caspar HeinrichDUST, Maria GesinaHARENBURG, HeinrichDust, Maria AdelheidCompare Evers
EWES, Anna Maria12 Dec 185314 Dec 1853Ewes, Friederich HeinrichDUST, Anna M.LODDEKE, Herman HeinrichDust, A. M.---
EWES, Bernard Heinrich18 Apr 186402 May 1864Ewes, Caspar H.DUST, Maria GesinaSCHWAKE, HeinrichMILLER, Maria Anna---
EWES, Maria Elisabeth17 Jun 186721 Jun 1867Ewes, Caspar HeinrichDUST, Maria Gesina---Dust, Maria Angela born MEER---
EWESGERD, Anna Maria16 Sep 187817 Sep 1878Ewesgerd, ChristophorWILKEN, MariaFAUKE, WilhelmPelties, Anna Maria born RÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke)---
EWESGERD, August Heinrich28 Jun 187117 Jul 1871Ewesgerd, Johann ChristophKORTH, LouisaWESTERFELDHAUS, August HeinrichPelties, Angela Maria born RÜBBEKE (Ruebbeke)---
EWESGERD, Johann Heinrich Ferdinand09 Apr 187912 Apr 1879Ewesgerd, ChristophorCOERS, LouisaLEONARD, FerdinandEwesgerd, Maria Gesina born WILKEN---
EWESGERD, Margaretha Louisa28 Aug 186930 Aug 1869Ewesgerd, Johann ChristophKORT, LouisaLOBSINGER, AntonLobsinger, Margaretha born EwesgerdCompare Eversgerd
EWIS, Bernard Heinrich06 Sep 185907 Sep 1859Ewis, Caspar HeinrichKRUST, MariaDOSD_ (?), Bernard H.TIMMERMANN, E. JuliannaCompare Dust & Ewes
FÖCKE (Foecke), Heinrich10 Apr 186111 Apr 1861Foecke, Johann HeinrichFITLER, CatharinaJÜNKER (Juenker), HeinrichRIPPERDA, Anna Maria---
FÖLKER (Foelker), Anna Maria01 Oct 186804 Oct 1868Foelker, LambertTIMMER, Anna MariaGESENHUES, GerhardTimmer, Anna Maria born SLOOT---
FÖLLER (Foeller), Maria15 Aug 185831 Oct 1858Foeller, JohannBEIL, Maria AnnaSPEISER, MichaelSpeiser, Catharina---
FÜHNE (Fuehne), Martin Henry30 Jul 190630 Jul 1906Fuehne, Heinrich (From Damiansville, IL)WIEGMANN, Katharina (From Haselünne, Hannover, Germany)Fuehne, MartinNIEBUR, Maria---
FÜNE (Fuene), Johann Herman24 Jan 185226 Jan 1852Fuene, Johann HeinrichORSLAGE, Anna HelenaOrslage, JohannMENKE, Anna MargarethaCompare Arslage
FAREL, Johann Herman06 Oct 187608 Oct 1876Farel, HermanSCHEMEL, MargarethaSchemel, JohannKONNEN, Christina---
FARREL, Margaretha18 Feb 188201 Mar 1882Farrel, HermanSCHUMEL, MargarethaHALLERMANN, JosephBACH, Margaretha born SCHWARZ---
FAUKE, Bernard Wilhelm22 Jan 187124 Jan 1871Fauke, WilhelmWILKEN, MargarethaWilken, BernardREILMANN, Margaretha born Fauke---
FAUKE, Ferdinand Clemens12 Dec 187614 Dec 1876Fauke, WilhelmWILKEN, MargarethaFauke, ClemensDETERS, Maria Gesina born Wilken---
FAUKE, Herman Caspar06 May 187907 May 1879Fauke, WilhelmWILKEN, MargarethaWilken, Johann HermanWilken, Anna Maria born STEMPEL---
FAUKE, Johann Gerhard23 Jun 188126 Jun 1881Fauke, WilhelmWILKE, MargarethaWilke, JohannWilke, Anna born KÖLKE (Koelke)---
FAUKE, Johann Heinrich16 Aug 187217 Aug 1872Fauke, WilhelmWILKEN, MargarethaWilken, HeinrichMERSCHER, Anna---
FAUKE, Margaretha17 Oct 187418 Oct 1874Fauke, WilhelmWILKEN, MargarethaFauke, ClemensWilken, Margaretha born MENKE---
FAUKE, Margaretha Elisabetha11 Jun 187112 Jun 1871Fauke, ClemensHÖLLINGHOFF (Hoellinghoff), CatharinaFauke, WilhelmFEHRMANN, Margaretha born SCHLÖTER (Schloeter)---
FEDERER, Elisabeth25 Aug 184216 Oct 1842Federer, WilhelmTRUDNER, CatharinaRULLE, JacobESSENBREIN, Catharina---
FEHLKER, Anna Maria01 Oct 187402 Oct 1874Fehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaHUNDMANN, LambertGESENHUES, Anna Maria born SCHWERING---
FEHLKER, Anna Wilhelmina07 Apr 187907 Apr 1879Fehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaMAUE, ClemensBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Anna born HOMANN---
FEHLKER, Catharina Wilhelmina05 Mar 187206 Mar 1872Fehlker, LambertTIMMER, Anna MariaSUEDFELD, GeorgWESTERMANN, Maria Catharina born Timmer---
FEHLKER, Gerhard18 Feb 187020 Feb 1870Fehlker, LambertTIMMERS, MariaHOMANN, Gerhard HermanTIMPER, Maria Elisabetha born KLATTE---
FEHLKER, Herman Lucas13 Feb 186714 Feb 1867Fehlker, Heinrich LambertTIMMER, Anna MariaTimmer, Herman LucasWIETER, Elisabeth---
FEHLKER, Johann Heinrich01 Aug 187802 Aug 1878Fehlker, AntonRIPPERDA, WilhelminaWILDHABER, PeterKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Adelheid born DIECKMANN---
FEHLKER, Margaretha Elisabeth Gertrud24 Feb 187726 Feb 1877Fehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaHOMANN, HermanFehlker, Wilhelmina born RIPPERDA---
FEHR, Anna Maria17 Apr 187818 Apr 1878Fehr, BernardPÖLKER (Poelker), ClaraPoelker, BernardBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Christina born TELLKAMP---
FEHR, Maria Catharina16 Jan 188616 Jan 1886Fehr, ClemensALBES, ElisabethHUNDMANN, LambertAlbes, Maria Catharina born FEHNING---
FEHRMANN, Anna Maria03 Jun 186204 Jun 1862Fehrmann, Johann HermanSCHLÜTERS (Schlueters), Anna MargarethaHOLLERMANN, HermanHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria Catharina---
FELDHAUS, Anna Catharina05 May 187706 May 1877Feldhaus, BernardSPIEKER, ChristinaHORMANN, JosephROLFES, Carolina born Spieker---
FELDHAUS, Carolina Elisabetha01 Sep 188102 Sep 1881Feldhaus, BernardSPIEKER, ChristinaSCHLEPER, WilhelmROLFES, Carolina born Spieker---
FELDHAUS, Ferdinand Bernard25 Oct 187827 Oct 1878Feldhaus, BernardSPIEKER, ChristinaLEONARD, FerdinandLAGER, Theresia born ALBERS---
FELDHAUS, Josephina Theresia10 Nov 187912 Nov 1879Feldhaus, BernardENGEL, ChristinaLAGER, JohannMIDDENDORF, Anna Theresia born Lager---
FELDMANN, Bernard Heinrich10 Mar 185111 Mar 1851Feldmann, Johann GerhardROBBE, Maria ElisabethRIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichMERSCHER, Anna Maria---
FELDMANN, Bernard Wilhelm04 Apr 185605 Apr 1856Feldmann, Johann GerhardROBBE, ElisabethRIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichRobbe, Adelheid---
FELDMANN, Gerhard Heinrich13 Jan 185314 Jan 1853Feldmann, Gerhard HermanROBBEN, Maria ElisabethRobben, Gerhard HeinrichRIPPERDA, Helena---
FELDMANN, Gerhard Heinrich06 Oct 185807 Oct 1858Feldmann, Gerhard HermanROBBEN, ElisabethTÖNNIES (Toennies), G. HeinrichRobben, A. M.---
FELDMANN, Gerhard Herman15 Nov 184818 Nov 1848Feldmann, Gerhard HermanROBEN, Maria ElisabethRoben, Gerhard HermanPETER, Anna Maria---
FELDMANN, Johann Herman12 Mar 186217 Mar 1862Feldmann, Gerhard HermanROBBEN, Maria ElisabethTOENIES, HermanBUSELMANN, Maria Carolina---
FELLHAUER, Carolina27 Nov 184218 Jun 1843Fellhauer, SebastianEISENBREIS, MariaRECKER, FranzRecker, Francisca---
FELLKAMP, Maria Elisabeth---12 May 1840Fellkamp, BernardEVERS, MariaKÖBBE (Koebbe), Bernard Fellkamp, Elisabeth---
FELTMANN, Elisabeth21 Jun 184628 Jun 1846Feltmann, Gerhard HermanROBBEN, ElisabethSCHALKAMP, HeinrichSLATMAN, Elisabeth---
FERMANN, Bernard Joseph23 Feb 185904 Mar 1859Fermann, HermanSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), AdelGAUSEPOHL, B. JosephNORDMANN, Anna Gesina---
FERMANN, Elisabeth19 Mar 185426 Mar 1854Fermann, Johann HermanSCHRÖTER (Schroeter), Maria AdelheidBECKER, J. FerdinandEMMES, Maria Elisabeth---
FERMANN, Johann12 Jan 185312 Jan 1853Fermann, HermanSCHLARKAMP, MargarethaNORTHMANN, JohannGROTE, Helena---
FERWICK, Johann Theodor06 Nov 186407 Nov 1864Ferwick, BernardNot Listed, Anna MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorRÖLING (Roeling), Helena Maria---
FICKE, Maria Elisabeth18 Aug 186119 Aug 1861Ficke, BernardKEUTER, MargarethaPETERS, Johann HermanKRAMER, Maria Elisabeth---
FICKER, Maria Amelia Emma25 Oct 189426 Oct 1894Ficker, BernardNIEMANN, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Ficker, GerhardHACKMANN, Maria Amalia born MEYERING---
FICKER, Anna Adelheid Theodora03 Apr 189003 Apr 1890Ficker, Gerhard (From Haselünne, Hanover)WELLING, ElisabethaFicker, BernardSCHLARMANN, Theodora born WellingMarried Herman Theodor HEIDEL 26 Jul 1911
FICKER, Anna Gesina Maria (Twin)02 Dec 186902 Dec 1869Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaTIMPER, Gerhard TheodorMensing, Anna Gesina born NIEHAUS---
FICKER, Anna Margaret17 May 188717 May 1887Ficker, GerhardWELLING, ElisabethaWelling, JohannSCHLEPER, Margaretha born Ficker---
FICKER, Anna Margaretha11 Sep 186713 Sep 1867Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, Bernardina "Dina"---Ficker, Anna Margaretha born BAHLMANN & Bernardina Mensing---
FICKER, Anna Mathilda08 Feb 188608 Feb 1886Ficker, JohannLORAN, AdelheidSCHLEPER, BernardKOHRMANN, Mathilda born DETERMANN---
FICKER, Anton Aloysius07 May 189207 May 1892Ficker, Gerhard (From Kleinbersen, Hanover)WELLING, ElisabethaFicker, BernardMICHEEL, Anna born Welling---
FICKER, Bernard18 Jan 188418 Jan 1884Ficker, Johann BernardLORANT, AdelheidFicker, BernardSCHLEEPER, Margaret born Ficker---
FICKER, Bernard (Twin)19 Jul 188220 Jul 1882Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaKRÜP (Kruep), BernardKruep, Anna MariaMarried Rosalia SCHLARMANN 27 Apr 1910
FICKER, Bernard Heinrich (Twin)02 Dec 186902 Dec 1869Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaDIESTEL, Bernard HeinrichDUST, Maria Angela born MEER---
FICKER, Bernard Wilhelm16 Dec 184017 Dec 1840Ficker, LambertNot Listed, MargarethaDEVES, Johann BernardKUPER, Maria AngelaCompare Teves; mother's last name is Baahlmann
FICKER, Clara Elisabeth19 Sep 189219 Sep 1892FICKER, Johann (From Oldenburg, Germany)LORAN, Adelheid (From St. Louis, MO)SCHLEPER, HeinrichFicker, Elisabeth born WELLINGMarried Francis BROMANN 4 Apr 1918 in Des Moines, Iowa & it was revalidated; married John Joseph CURRAN 26 Sep 1938 in Cathedral, St. Louis, MO
FICKER, Elisabeth (Twin)19 Jul 188220 Jul 1882Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaDEIEN, HeinrichDeien, Elisabeth---
FICKER, Francis Bernard Cornelius08 Oct 190409 Oct 1904Ficker, J. Bernard (From St. Louis, MO)HECKMANN, MariaHeckmann, FrancisBECKMANN, Anna Carolina born GEERSMarried Laurie NOWOKOWAKI 25 Sep 1937 St Anthony's Toledo, OH
FICKER, Francisca Adelheid10 Oct 189911 Oct 1899Ficker, Johann Gerhard (From Germany)WELLING, ElizabethWelling, Johann T.Ficker, Maria Adelheid born LORAN---
FICKER, Gerhard Heinrich20 Feb 187320 Feb 1873Ficker, WilhelmMENSINK, DinaFicker, Gerhard HeinrichFicker, Maria AgnesMarried Wilhelmina EVERSGERD 25 May 1909
FICKER, Gerhard Heinrich24 Feb 184325 Feb 1843Ficker, LambertBALMANN, MargarethaWENDELIN, Herman GerhardBalmann, Gesina---
FICKER, Henry Victor Ambrose07 Dec 190208 Dec 1902Ficker, BernardHECKMANN, MariaHeckmann, HeinrichHeckmann, Anna (Mrs. Heinrich)Married Helen WELFER 7 Oct 1931 in Beechview, Pittsburgh, PA
FICKER, Henry Vincent17 Dec 190518 Dec 1905Ficker, Bernard (From St. Louis, MO)HECKMANN, Maria BECKMANN, HenryHALLERMANN, Anna born MEYER---
FICKER, Johann Bernard27 Jun 187728 Jun 1877Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaEILERMANN, BernardEilermann, Christina born FICKER---
FICKER, Johann Gerhard28 Dec 187928 Dec 1879Ficker, WilhelmMENSING, BernardinaMensing, Johann GerhardFicker, Margaretha born BAHLMANN---
FICKER, Johann Wilhelm27 Dec 187628 Dec 1876Ficker, Johann BernardHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), MariaSCHLEPER, WilhelmKLEYMANN, Catharina born Huelsmann---
FICKER, Johann Wilhelm20 Oct 186221 Oct 1862Ficker, Johann BernardKEUTER, MargarethaFicker, WilhelmKOCH, Teresia---
FICKER, Margaretha Elisabetha10 Aug 188110 Aug 1881Ficker, Johann BernardLORAN, MariaLoran, ThomasFicker, Elisabeth born WELTERMANN---
FICKER, Maria Henrietta15 Sep 188816 Sep 1888Ficker, JohannLOREM, AdelheidSCHLEPER, WilhelmGRAMANN, Henrietta born WELLING---
FICKER, Maria Josephina18 Feb 189919 Feb 1899Ficker, Bernard (From St. Louis, MO)NIEMANN, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)HACKMANN, JosephSCHLEPER, Josephina born HAHRENBURG---
FICKER, Sophia Elisabeth12 Oct 189013 Oct 1890Ficker, Johann (From Bessem, Hanover, Germany)LORAN, Adelheid (From St. Louis, MO)MENKE, AntonSCHLEPER, Sophia born VORNHOLT---
FICKER, Wilhelm Paul10 Jan 188010 Jan 1880Ficker, JohannLORAN, Anna AdelheidSCHLEPER, WilhelmFicker, Maria born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
FICKER, Wilhelmina02 Aug 188302 Aug 1883Ficker, GerhardWELLING, ElisabethaFicker, BernardWelling, WilhelminaMarried Heinrich BOHNENKEMPER 7 Oct 1908
FIDELER, Bernardina Catharina28 Oct 185829 Oct 1858Fideler, HeinrichBUSCHENMÜHL (Buschenmuehl), AnnaWESTERMANN, JosephFÖCKE (Foecke), Maria Catharina---
FIEKER, Elisabeth10 Sep 186411 Sep 1864Fieker, GerhardNot Listed, Ricka (?)BECKMANN, JosephFieker, Elisabeth---
FISCHER, Irene Francisca19 Jun 189920 Jun 1899Fischer, Dr. F. A. (From Basel, Switzerland)WAGNER, Helena (From Posen, Germany)SCHUERMANN, HeinrichMICHELS, Maria born GISSY---
FITZPATRICK, Alice Maria14 Jan 184924 Mar 1849Fitzpatrick, Franz XavierMOORE, MariaFitzpatrick, AlexBRENDEN, Emilia---
FITZPATRICK, Carl Aloysius03 Sep 185013 Oct 1850Fitzpatrick, Franz XavierMOUROIS, MariaKAESTLE, JosephWELLEN, Anna Christina---
FITZPATRICK, Johann Louis23 Oct 185216 Jan 1853Fitzpatrick, Franz XavierMURY, MariaWITTMER, LudwigWittmer, Ursula (Mrs. Ludwig)---
FLEIG, Catharina Angela15 Apr 186917 Apr 1869Fleig, EmilKÖNIG (Koenig), MariaKLEINEKORTE, Johann HeinrichOTTKE, Catharina---
FLEIG, Theodor Emil05 Nov 187006 Nov 1870Fleig, EmilKÖNIG (Koenig), MariaALBERS, TheodorHOFF, Christina---
FOCK, Maria Catharina Elisabeth27 Mar 185528 Mar 1855Fock, Johann BernardFINNER, Maria CatharinaHOLTGRAEVE, GerhardSTROT, Maria CatharinaSee Forck
FOPPE, Anna Catharina02 Nov 187703 Nov 1877Foppe, JohannGERLING, MariaBECKER, FriederichBecker, Catharina born KREKE---
FOPPE, Anna Christina26 Jan 186901 Feb 1869Foppe, ClemensHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), CatharinaBECKMANN, WilhelmSTROOT, Helena Angela born BURRICHTERBirth date is a guess; page torn.
FOPPE, Anna Josephina09 Feb 188411 Feb 1884Foppe, ClemensKÖLKEMEIER (Koelkemeier), ElisabethFoppe, ClemensFoppe, Anna Gertrud born BECKER---
FOPPE, Anna Maria18 Dec 189320 Dec 1893Foppe, Heinrich (From Lengerich, Hanover)KOHRMANN, Anna Maria (From Herzlake Amt Haselünne, Hanover)BÖVING (Boeving), BernardPEEK, Anna Maria born STROOT---
FOPPE, Anna Maria01 Nov 187702 Nov 1877Foppe, ClemensKÖLKEMEYER (Koelkemeyer), ElisabethLÜBKE (Luebke), HeinrichKoelkemeyer, Anna Maria born LINNENKEMP---
FOPPE, Anna Maria01 Feb 187506 Feb 1875Foppe, Johann HeinrichGERLING, Maria AnnaRÖTTERING (Roettering), Herman BernardLÜBKE (Luebke), Catharina born BENTEN---
FOPPE, Anna Maria Catharina30 Jun 188901 Jul 1889Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, AnnaWenneke, JosephFoppe, Maria Christina born HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler)Married Martin BRAND 23 Oct 1912
FOPPE, Anna Maria Catharina22 Aug 185423 Aug 1854Foppe, BernardBENTEN, CatharinaWESTERMANN, JosephFoppe, Anna Maria Catharina---
FOPPE, Anton Heinrich05 Dec 188107 Dec 1881Foppe, ClemensKOERKENMEYER, ElisabethKoerkenmeyer, Anton HeinrichLOEPKE, Catharina---
FOPPE, August Heinrich13 Jul 187915 Jul 1879Foppe, Bernard HeinrichBECKER, GertrudBecker, HeinrichLÜBKE (Luebke), Catharina born BENSEN---
FOPPE, Bernard10 Apr 185111 Apr 1851Foppe, BernardBEHNDEN, CatharinaKUPER, AntonFoppe, Maria Catharina---
FOPPE, Bernard August24 May 188825 May 1888Foppe, HeinrichKORMANN, JoannaFoppe, BernardALBES, Catharina born VEHNING (Fehning)---
FOPPE, Bernard Heinrich16 Apr 188617 Apr 1886Foppe, Bernard HeinrichKOHRMANN, JoannaLÜBKE (Luebke), Johann HeinrichHERMELING, BernardinaMarried Maria Elisabeth MUELLER 17 Jun 1908 in Breese, IL
FOPPE, Bernard Heinrich07 Oct 187208 Oct 1872Foppe, Johann HeinrichGERLING, MariaFOPPE, Bernard HeinrichKREKE, Henrietta born VELTRUP---
FOPPE, Carolina Emma16 Mar 189518 Mar 1895Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)SANTEL, Gerhard HeinrichHOLTKAMP, Carolina born Foppe---
FOPPE, Clara Anna09 Apr 190310 Apr 1903Foppe, Heinrich (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)KOHRMANN, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)MAUE, Johann HeinrichKohrmann, Maria AnnaMarried Roman J. KRODEL 19 Sep 1921 in Edwardsville, IL
FOPPE, Clemens04 Mar 184905 Mar 1849Foppe, BernardBENTEN, CatharinaFoppe, ClemensKNIPPMANN, Gertrud---
FOPPE, Clemens25 Sep 187626 Sep 1876Foppe, HeinrichBECKER, GertrudFoppe, ClemensGRAF, Maria Anna born DULLE---
FOPPE, Clemens Benedict28 Jul 188428 Jul 1884Foppe, Bernard HeinrichKOHRMANN, MariaFoppe, ClemensALBERS, Elisabeth---
FOPPE, Clement Frederick22 May 189123 May 1891Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Foppe, ClemensSTUCKENBERG, Carolina born STOCKMANNMarried Anna Sophia BECKMANN 18 Nov 1919
FOPPE, Dietrich26 Aug 185228 Aug 1852Foppe, ClemensHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), CatharinaHoercheler, DietrichFoppe, Not Listed---
FOPPE, Dietrich (Diederich)19 Oct 186322 Oct 1863Foppe, ClemensHÖCHLER (Hoechler), CatharinaHoechler, DietrichBENTEN, Catharina---
FOPPE, Eberhard Ferdinand06 Nov 188308 Nov 1883Foppe, HeinrichBECKER, GertrudRIBBING, EberhardFoppe, Elisabeth---
FOPPE, Edward Bernard04 Jul 189905 Jul 1899Foppe, Heinrich (From Lengerich, Germany)KOHRMANN, Eugenia (From Herzlager, Hannover, Germany)Kohrmann, AugustTHIEN, Anna Maria born SCHNIERSMarried Genevieve QUINN 19 Aug 1919 in Breese, IL
FOPPE, Emma Gertrud29 Dec 187931 Dec 1879Foppe, JohannGERLING, MariaWOBBE, HeinrichFoppe, Anna Gertrud born BECKER---
FOPPE, Ferdinand August14 Aug 188115 Aug 1881Foppe, BernardDIEKMANN, AnnaDiekmann, FerdinandFoppe, Anna born HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler)---
FOPPE, Francis Bartholomew20 Jan 190021 Jan 1900Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)STUCKENBERG, FrancisGERLING, Anna Catharina born HOERCHLER (Noerchler?)---
FOPPE, Gertrud26 Dec 187927 Dec 1879Foppe, ClemensKOELKEMEIER, ElisabethaFoppe, Bernard HeinrichHELLBUSCH, Gertrud born Koelkemeier---
FOPPE, Heinrich Clemens22 Jan 188023 Jan 1880Foppe, BernardDIECKMANN, ChristinaFoppe, ClemensDieckmann, Anna Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
FOPPE, Herman William06 Jul 190107 Jul 1901Foppe, Heinrich (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)KOHRMANN, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)HAGEN, HermanFoppe, Anna born WENEKE---
FOPPE, Johann31 Dec 184301 Jan 1844Foppe, Bernard A.BENTKEN, CatharinaSTROT, Johann H.Bentken, Gertrud---
FOPPE, Johann Friederich10 Aug 187412 Aug 1874Foppe, H.BECKER, GertrudBECKER, FriederichFoppe, Anna Maria---
FOPPE, Johann Heinrich08 Feb 187209 Feb 1872Foppe, Johann HeinrichBECKER, GertrudLÜBKE (Luebke), Johann HeinrichGRAWE, Anna Elisabetha born TEKE---
FOPPE, Johann Heinrich26 Dec 187028 Dec 1870Foppe, JohannGERLING, MariaLÜBKE (Luebke), Johann HeinrichTIMPER, Maria Elisabetha born KLATTE---
FOPPE, Johann Heinrich23 Aug 185823 Aug 1858Foppe, ClemensHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), CatharinaHORGLER, HeinrichSTROOT, Magdalena---
FOPPE, Johann Herman27 Feb 189027 Feb 1890Foppe, Bernard Heinrich (From Lengerich, Hanover)KOHRMANN, Maria (From Herzlake, Hanover)Foppe, HeinrichHERMELING, MariaMarried Elisabeth MAUE 23 Aug 1911 in Breese, IL
FOPPE, Johann Wilhelm29 Sep 188130 Sep 1881Foppe, HeinrichBECKER, GertrudFoppe, JohannGRAWE, Elisabeth born DULLE---
FOPPE, Josephina Catharina24 Aug 188725 Aug 1887Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, AnnaFoppe, ClemensWenneke, Catharina born BÖCKMANN (Boeckmann)Married Henry BRAND 25 May 1910
FOPPE, Leon Heinrich04 Dec 189705 Dec 1897Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Foppe, HeinrichFoppe, Eva---
FOPPE, Margareta02 May 188204 May 1882Foppe, JohannGERLING, MariaSCHMITZ, HeinrichHAGEN, MargaretaMarried Fred J. JUNKER 7 Feb 1934 in Breese, IL
FOPPE, Maria03 Apr 186104 Apr 1861Foppe, ClemensHOERCHLER, CatharinaBUDDE, HeinrichHoerchler, Maria Adelheid---
FOPPE, Maria Anna11 Dec 185212 Dec 1852Foppe, BernardBENTEN, CatharinaJANSEN, LambertSTROT, Anna Maria---
FOPPE, Maria Catharina16 Aug 186721 Aug 1867Foppe, ClemensHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), CatharinaFoppe, ClemensHoerchler, Maria Theresia born LÜBBERS (Luebbers)---
FOPPE, Rosa Christina04 Jul 189605 Jul 1896Foppe, HeinrichKOHRMANN, Maria KNIEPMANN, HeinrichFoppe, ChristinaThis entry is out of sequence; appears after Apr 1897. Married Edward MORRIS 4 May 1915 at St Jacob in Orlando FL
FOPPE, Sophia Maria28 Mar 189329 Mar 1893Foppe, HeinrichWENNEKE, AnnaHOLTKAMP, BernardSANDEL, Maria born STUCKENBERG---
FOPPE, Wilhelm August13 Jan 189214 Jan 1892Foppe, Heinrich (From Lengerich, Hanover)KOHRMANN, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover)FISCHER, WilhelmROLFES, Carolina born SPIEKER---
FOPPE, Wilhelm Joseph28 Dec 188329 Dec 1883Foppe, JohannGERLING, MariaRUMP, WilhelmRUMP, Elisabeth born BECKER---
FORCK, Joseph Bernard02 Aug 185802 Aug 1858Forck, BernardFINDER, Maria AnnaVEMEGEN, Joseph BernardHADENBURG, Anna AugustaSee Fock
FORMANN, Maria Adelheid15 Mar 185718 Mar 1857Formann, Johann HermanSCHLÖDERS (Schloeders), Margaretha AdelheidGROTE, JosephSCHUMACHER, Maria Adelheid---
FOSBINDER, Carl Heinrich26 Aug 186106 Oct 1861Fosbinder, PeterKRIEGER, Carolina Chr.MIDDENDORF, Herman HeinrichLAGER, Anna Theresia---
FRAECKER, Johann Dietrich14 Feb 185217 Feb 1852Fraecker, NicolausHALLERMANN, Maria ElisabethHallerman, HeinrichCOEBBE, Elisabeth---
FRAECKER, Johann Gerhard15 Feb 185017 Feb 1850Fraecker, NicolausHALLERMANN, Maria ElisabethKRUEPP, Johann GerhardSCHLAMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
FREANT, Maria Anna22 Aug 185605 Oct 1856Freant, Johann BaptistJAGER, Maria AnnaMARSLOFF, JohannMarsloff, Maria AnnaSee Friand
FREDERICK, Jacob20 Jan 185404 Jun 1854Frederick, NicolausKÜFER (Kuefer), AnnaGRIMMER, JohannGrimmer, Margaretha---
FREKER, Josephina11 Jul 186412 Jul 1864Freker, HeinrichDEIN, M. CatharinaDein, HeinrichKRIEGER, Maria Compare Frerker & Deien
FRERKE, Anna Margaretha07 Mar 184213 Mar 1842Frerke, NicolausHALLERMANN, Margaretha ElisabethKÖLKER (Koelker), H.ALERS, Maria Adelheid---
FRERKE, Anna Maria28 Jan 185531 Jan 1855Frerke, NicolausHALLERMANN, Margaretha ElisabethHallermann, JosephHallermann, Anna (Mrs. Joseph)---
FRERKE, Anna Maria25 Sep 184505 Oct 1845Frerke, NicolausHALLERMANN, Margaretha ElisabethMÜLLER (Mueller), HeinrichAhling, Anna Maria---
FRERKE, Johann Herman02 Mar 184405 Mar 1844Frerke, NicolausHALLERMANN, Margaretha ElisabethWESTERMANN, Johann HermanALERS, Maria ElisabethChild died
FRERKE, Maria Elisabeth---06 Jan 1840---------------
FRERKER, Anna Cecelia09 Apr 189710 Apr 1897Frerker, NicolausVIETH, Maria ALTGILBERS, Herman HeinrichVieth, Anna---
FRERKER, Anna Christina Josephina28 Feb 187102 Mar 1871Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaHALLERMANN, JosephMueller, Christina born SCHOENHOFF---
FRERKER, Anna Maria06 Dec 187707 Dec 1877Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaROBBEN, HeinrichALBERS, Anna born Mueller---
FRERKER, Anna Maria18 Feb 187219 Feb 1872Frerker, HeinrichWESTERMANN, MargarethaWestermann, WilhelmWIEGERS, Maria born Frerker---
FRERKER, Anna Sophia15 Nov 190116 Nov 1901Frerker, NicolausVIETH, MariaTHOELE, GerhardHALLERMANN, Anna born MEIER---
FRERKER, Arnold Bernard13 May 190414 May 1904Frerker, NicolausVIETH, MariaFrerker, Bernard JohnNORRENBERNS, Catharina born FrerkerMarried Philomena Nellie GANDEAN ? 8 Nov 1930 at Holy Family in St Louis, MO
FRERKER, Bernard16 Apr 186317 Apr 1863Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaFrerker, BernardDeien, Margaretha---
FRERKER, Bernard Heinrich25 Jul 188827 Jul 1888Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaFrerker, Johann HeinrichMueller, Maria Catharina born DÜING (Dueing)Married Josephina EILERS 10 Nov 1909
FRERKER, Bernard Herman14 Feb 189915 Feb 1899Frerker, Nicolaus VEITH, MariaVeith, BernardALTGELBERS, Catharina born DEIN---
FRERKER, Catharina Josephina24 Jan 188125 Jan 1881Frerker, Johann HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaFrerker, Johann BernardFRERKER, Catharina born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
FRERKER, Elisabeth Hermina06 Jul 189308 Jul 1893Frerker, NicolausVIETH, Maria Vieth, Bernard HermanTHOELE, Elisabeth born Frerker---
FRERKER, Francis Gerhard02 Jun 190503 Jun 1905Frerker, HermanDUEING, MariaDueing, FrancisSCHOENDIENST, Anna born Frerker---
FRERKER, Heinrich18 Mar 187818 Mar 1878Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, MariaDeien, HeinrichFrerker, Maria Anna born RUMP---
FRERKER, Herman Clemens15 Mar 187216 Mar 1872Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaHOLTMANN, Herman ClemensDeien, Anna Adelheid---
FRERKER, Herman Heinrich08 Feb 187408 Feb 1874Frerker, Johann HeinrichDEIEN, Maria ElisabethALTGILBES, Herman HeinrichHALLERMANN, Maria Anna born MEIER---
FRERKER, Herman Johann31 May 189401 Jun 1894Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaMueller, JohannKOCH, Maria Adelheid born WIETER---
FRERKER, Herman Leon01 Jan 189602 Jan 1896Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaMueller, HermanROBBEN, Carolina---
FRERKER, Johann Bernard16 Nov 188217 Nov 1882Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, CatharinaWOBBE, Johann BernardKOCH, Maria Adelheid born WIETERMarried Katharina BERGMANN 24 Nov 191_ in Bartelso, IL
FRERKER, Johann Bernard15 Oct 184717 Oct 1847Frerker, Johann NicolausHALLERMANN, Anna Maria ElisabethWÜBBE (Wuebbe), Bernard HeinrichDITTMANN, Maria Adelheid---
FRERKER, Johann Bernard 15y 3m---12 May 1858Frerker, Johann Bernard (Deceased)SCHABERG, Elisabeth (Non-Catholic; Deceased)Frerker, Franz Heinrich---The entry lists his age as 15 years and several months
FRERKER, Johann Gerhard20 Jul 186721 Jul 1867Frerker, Johann HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaFrerker, Johann GerhardDeien, Maria Elisabeth---
FRERKER, Johann Heinrich12 Jul 189913 Jul 1899Frerker, HermanDUEING, MariaFrerker, Johann H.THÖLE (Thoele), Anna Margaret born SCHLAUTMANN---
FRERKER, Johann Heinrich05 Sep 188905 Sep 1889Frerker, Johann NicolausVIETH, MariaFrerker, Johann HeinrichVieth, Carolina---
FRERKER, Johann Heinrich 17y---12 May 1858Frerker, Johann Bernard (Deceased)SCHABERG, Elisabeth (Non-Catholic; Deceased)Frerker, Franz Heinrich------
FRERKER, Johann Herman04 Jan 186905 Jan 1869Frerker, HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria MargarethaWestermann, Johann HermanFrerker, Elisabetha born HALLERMANNBirth date is a guess; page torn.
FRERKER, Johann Nicolaus16 Jan 187418 Jan 1874Frerker, Johann BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaFrerker, Johann NicolausWESTERMANN, Anna Maria born SCHOENHOFF---
FRERKER, Johann Nicolaus09 Jan 186009 Jan 1860Frerker, Johann HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaFrerker, Johann NicolausDeien, Maria Elisabeth---
FRERKER, Josephine Elisabeth21 Mar 189123 Mar 1891Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaMueller, HeinrichWOBBE, Anna born OLLIGES---
FRERKER, Margaretha Elisabetha29 Sep 187201 Oct 1872Frerker, Johann BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaMueller, CarlFrerker, Elisabetha born HALLERMANNBirth date is a guess; page torn.
FRERKER, Maria Agnes25 Feb 188326 Feb 1883Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaTHOELE, Gerhard Mueller, Agnes born GEISTTRUPMarried Franz DUEING 23 Mar 1912
FRERKER, Maria Anna04 May 190205 May 1902Frerker, HermanDÜING (Dueing), MariaTHÖLE (Thoele), AugustFrerker, Maria Anna---
FRERKER, Maria Anna14 Apr 186615 Apr 1866Frerker, HeinrichWESTERMANN, Anna MargarethaFrerker, NicolausWestermann, Maria Anna born HANEWINKEL---
FRERKER, Maria Carolina31 May 189101 Jun 1891Frerker, NicolausVIETH, Maria Carolina (From Aviston, IL)HALLERMANN, JosephVieth, Carolina born HETZKES (Hetzker?)Married Leo HEYER 1 Oct 1913
FRERKER, Maria Catharina28 Aug 189529 Aug 1895Frerker, NicolausVIETH, Maria Vieth, HeinrichFRERKER, Catharina born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
FRERKER, Maria Catharina04 May 187505 May 1875Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaWOBBE, Johann BernardMueller, Maria Christina born SCHONHOFF---
FRERKER, Maria Catharina01 Sep 186802 Sep 1868Frerker, Johann HeinrichDEIEN, Maria CatharinaHALLERMANN, JosephDeien, Maria Catharina---
FRERKER, Maria Catharina Elisabetha10 Dec 187611 Dec 1876Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, Catharina ElisabethHALLERMANN, JosephHOLTMANN, Elisabeth born Frerker---
FRERKER, Maria Elisabeth11 Jun 187512 Jun 1875Frerker, Johann HeinrichRUMP, Anna MariaFrerker, Johann HeinrichFÖCKE (Foecke), Maria Elisabeth born Rump---
FRERKER, Maria Elisabeth10 Apr 186211 Apr 1862Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, Maria ElisabethRAPIEN, BernardHALLERMANN, Elisabeth---
FRERKER, Maria Elisabetha19 Jun 187520 Jun 1875Frerker, HeinrichDEIEN, CatharinaKOCH, HermanFrerker, Maria Elisabeth born HALLERMANN---
FRERKER, Maria Josephina27 Jul 188028 Jul 1880Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaALBERS, JosephHOLTMANN, Elisabeth born Frerker---
FRERKER, Maria Sophia11 Nov 189512 Nov 1895Frerker, HermanDÜING (Dueing), MariaWIEGERS, FrancisDueing, ChristinaMarried Heinrich Theodor HEIDEMANN 9 Nov 1915
FRERKER, Maria Sophia19 Sep 188520 Sep 1885Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaMueller, FrederickHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIER---
FRERKER, Maria Wilhelmina21 Aug 188124 Aug 1881Frerker, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaKOCH, HermanKreke, Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
FREY, Catharina03 Jun 184323 Jul 1843Frey, Johann FranzSPECKERT, JosephinaSCHWARZ, Johann GerhardLENHART, Francisca---
FREY, Georg16 Jul 184223 Jul 1843Frey, MelckerSCHWARTZKOPF, MariaWEBER, BernardWeber, Wilhelmina---
FRIAND, Franz22 Jul 185817 Oct 1858Friand, Johann Bap.ZOEGER, MariaISAAC, FranzBARS, Maria A.See Freant
FRITZ, Anna M. Elisabeth09 Feb 186524 Feb 1865Fritz, FranzSCHMON, CatharinaFritz, JohannSchmon, Anna Maria---
FUEHNE, Maria Francisca22 Apr 190423 Apr 1904Fuehne, Heinrich (From Damiansville, IL)WIEGMANN, Catharina (From Germany)HEIMANN, FrancisWiegmann, Sr., Catharina---
FULER, Anna Maria12 Mar 188413 Mar 1884Fuler, JohannWESSEL, MariaJANSEN, LambertFicker, Maria born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
GÖERS (Goeers, Goers), Anna Maria (Twin)20 Nov 186720 Nov 1867Goers, DennisKUHL, Anna MariaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichWOERNER, Anna Maria---
GÖERS (Goeers), Johann Clemens (Twin)20 Nov 186720 Nov 1867Goers, DennisKUHL, Anna MariaKuhl, Johann ClemensMERSCHER, WilhelminaCompare Geers
GÖRGER (Goerger), Everhard11 Dec 184422 Dec 1844Goerger, J. H.LÖERS (Loeers), CatharinaTEKE, EverhardHÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), Maria Elisabeth---
GÖSTENKORS (Goestenkors), Heinrich15 Dec 186115 Dec 1861Goestenkors, StephanKRÖNING (Kroening), TheresiaSCHNITZMAYER, HeinrichKNIES, Anna Maria---
GÖWERT (Goewert), Anna10 Apr 188710 Apr 1887Goewert, HeinrichSTEIN, Josephina MariaFRERKER, HeinrichALBERS, Anna Maria born BRAUER---
GALLAGHER, Catharina BrigittaFeb 184803 Nov 1850Gallagher, AnthonyNot Listed, CatharinaTEEKE, EberhardTeeke, Catharina (Mrs. Eberhard)---
GALLAGHER, Helena19 Jan 190503 Nov 1850Gallagher, AnthonyNot Listed, CatharinaWITTCAMP, BernardMCMEHEARN, Paulina---
GALLAGHER, Zita 17 Mar 185011 Aug 1850Gallagher, AnthonyMADEN, CatharinaHONCAMP, AntonGLECKER, Maria Elisabeth---
GALLHAN, Maria---15 May 1842Gallhan, AntonMADDON, CatharinaHOMKAMP, AntonFAKE, Catharina---
GÜTHAUS (Guethaus), Bernard Joseph31 Jan 185203 Feb 1852Guethaus, ChristophKUPER, CatharinaBECKER, Bernard JosephHONCOMP, Carolina---
GÜTHAUS (Guethaus), Christina14 Oct 185515 Oct 1855Guethaus, ChristophKÜPER (Kueper), CatharinaBAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), FriederichDITSCH, Christina---
GÜTHAUS (Guethaus), Heinrich Johann26 Sep 184528 Sep 1845Guethaus, ChristophKÜPER (Kueper), CatharinaRECKEVERD, Johann HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
GÜTHAUS (Guethaus), Maria Catharina03 Jul 184316 Jul 1843Guethaus, AugustKÜPER (Kueper), CatharinaSCHLARMANN, GerhardMERSMANN, MariaChild died
GAUSEPOHL, A. M. Wilhelmina01 Mar 185804 Mar 1858Gausepohl, BernardHOELSCHER, CatharinaALTHOFF, J. Heinrich MERSCHER, A. M. Wilhelmina---
GAUSEPOHL, Anna Catharina---03 Jan 1858Gausepohl, ChristophorSTEMPEL, Anna M.GRAVE, ChristophorTEEKE, Anna Catharina---
GAUSEPOHL, Bernard Heinrich06 Jan 189207 Jan 1892Gausepohl, Heinrich JohannKUETER, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Gausepohl, Johann BernardKueter, CatharinaMarried Rosa FUEHNE 15 May 1915 in Damiansville, IL
GAUSEPOHL, Bernard Heinrich04 Mar 185206 Mar 1852Gausepohl, BernardCAULING, CatharinaRAUSCH, BernardRausch, Theresia (Mrs. Bernard)---
GAUSEPOHL, Bernard Heinrich16 Sep 185016 Sep 1850Gausepohl, ChristophSTEMPER, Anna MariaGausepohl, BernardHONCOMP, Catharina---
GAUSEPOHL, Bernard Johann29 Dec 185802 Jan 1859Gausepohl, Johann HeinrichROSEMANN, CatharinaGausepohl, BernardRAUSA, Theresia---
GAUSEPOHL, Catharina24 Feb 185625 Feb 1856Gausepohl, ChristophSTEMPEL, MariaStempel, FranzStempel, Catharina---
GAUSEPOHL, Catharina Elisabeth08 Mar 185208 Mar 1852Gausepohl, ChristophSTEMPEL, MariaHONCOMP, FranzGausepohl, Elisabeth---
GAUSEPOHL, Maria Angela31 Jan 184927 Mar 1849Gausepohl, BernardCAULIN, Anna CatharinaCaulin, BernardCaulin, Angela (Mrs. Bernard)Compare Gosepohl & Kauling.
GAUSEPOHL, Wilhelm29 Jan 185730 Jan 1857Gausepohl, BernardHOLSCHER, CatharinaMERSCHER, WilhelmGROTE, Helena---
GAUSEPOL, Johann Heinrich19 Jan 186023 Jan 1860Gausepol, BernardHOLSCHER, Anna CatharinaGausepol, Johann HeinrichFÖRMANN (Foermann), Margaretha Adel.---
GEBKE, August (Twin)09 Oct 186110 Oct 1861Gebke, JohannDIEDERICH, LouisaGEBKE, ConradWEBER, Bernardina---
GEBKE, Bernard16 Sep 186318 Sep 1863Gebke, JohannDIEDERICH, LouisaPETERS, BernardSCHULTE, Maria GertrudCompare DIETRICH
GEBKE, Conrad (Twin)09 Oct 186110 Oct 1861Gebke, JohannDIEDERICH, LouisaGEBKE, ConradWEBER, Bernardina---
GEBKE, Cunegunda29 Dec 185629 Dec 1856Gebke, JohannDIETRICH, LuciaMESKER, HeinrichGebke, Cunegunda---
GEBKE, Johann Herman30 Oct 185901 Nov 1859Gebke, JohannDIEDERICH, LouisaHOCHELBERG, Johann HermanSCHULLEN, Catharina M.---
GEBKE, Maria Elisabeth02 Apr 185803 Apr 1858Gebke, JohannDIETRICH, LouisaGebke, ConradSCHULTE, Catharina Maria---
GEERS, Maria Adelheid12 Aug 185513 Aug 1855Geers, Johann BernardHESSLER, Elisabeth---------
GEERS, Sophia Elisabeth06 Jun 186406 Jun 1864Geers, GerhardWEBERG, MariaALBERS, AntonWACHTEL, ElisabethCompare Veberg
GEHRES, Maria Catharina06 May 184907 May 1849Gehres, Johann GerhardFICKER, Maria AdelheidFicker, LambertWILKEN, Catharina---
GEHRS, Anna Antonia25 Oct 185402 Nov 1854Gehrs, GerhardWEBERG, CatharinaHONKOMP, AntonGRUNE, Maria Antonia---
GEHRS, Anna Gesina09 Aug 185910 Aug 1859Gehrs, Johann HeinrichHOLLENBACH, Anna Adel.HÖCHTEN (Hoechten), FredKÖBBE (Koebbe), A. Gesina---
GEHRS, August (Twin)21 Aug 185821 Aug 1858Gehrs, GerhardVEBERG, CatharinaOtke, Johann HeinrichHAGEN, MargaretaCompare Weberg
GEHRS, Bendina15 Dec 184917 Dec 1849Gehrs, GerhardWEBER, CatharinaWIDMER, AloysiusOTTKE, BendinaIllinois Marriage index shows 1846 Gehes + Weber
GEHRS, Catharina05 Jan 185613 Jan 1856Gehrs, DietrichREIDELMANN, CatharinaReidelmann, Herman HenryGehrs, Catharina---
GEHRS, Edward (Twin)21 Aug 185821 Aug 1858Gehrs, GerhardVEBERG, CatharinaGRAVE, Johann H.LAMPEN, Margareta---
GEHRS, Franz04 Mar 185620 Apr 1856Gehrs, HermanISACK, MariaIsack, FranzSCHNEIDER, Elisabeth---
GEHRS, Herman25 Apr 185404 Jun 1854Gehrs, Herman HeinrichISACK, MariaGehrs, Herman GerhardIsack, Susanna---
GEHRS, Johann Anton16 Mar 187117 Mar 1871Gehrs, GerhardWEBERG, CatharinaWIETER, Johann AntonHUSER, Maria Christina born KALL---
GEHRS, Johann Herman16 Oct 186620 Oct 1866Gehrs, GerhardWEGBERG, CatharinaDULLE, Johann HermanALBERS, Maria Catharina Elisabeth born KRAEMERBirth date is best guess Weberg?
GEHRS, Maria Carolina13 Sep 185215 Sep 1852Gehrs, GerhardWEBERG, CatharinaGehrs, Herman DietrichHONKOMP, Maria Carolina Gertrud---
GEHRS, Maria Elisabeth11 Mar 185713 Mar 1857Gehrs, GerhardWEBERS, CatharinaLAMPE, HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth---
GEHRS, Nicolaus26 Jul 185801 Aug 1858Gehrs, HermanISAAC, MariaIsaac, NicolausIsaac, Catharina---
GEIGER, Johann Baptist10 Feb 185417 Apr 1854Geiger, LaurentSALISCAMP, UrsulaGeiger, CarlSPEISER, Catharina---
GEIGER, Josephina31 Mar 185825 Jul 1858Geiger, CarlHIG, MagdalenaHig, JosephOSWALD, TheresiaBaptized same day as Rosa Hig
GEISTOR, Bernard14 Nov 185416 Nov 1854Geistor, BernardENGELMEIER, ElisabethMOSENBROCK, BernardSTUKENGURGENS, Anna Maria---
GEISTOR, Elisabeth02 Dec 184912 Dec 1849Geistor, BernardENGELMEIER, ElisabethHECKENCAEMPER, HermanEngelmeier, Elisabeth; Stand-in Gertrud KNIPPMANN---
GEISTOR, Elisabeth05 Jan 186007 Jan 1860Geistor, BernardENGELMAYER, ElisabethMUSENBRUCK, BernardEngelmayer, Elisabeth---
GEISTOR, Johann Philipp17 Sep 185219 Sep 1852Geistor, BernardENGELMEIER, ElisabethEngelmeier, Johann PhilippNEISMEIER, Anna Maria---
GENSING, Maria Helena 19 Aug 184631 Aug 1846Gensing, Johann HermanKRIEGER, Helena AdelheidFELSTINGER, Johann HermanFelstinger, Anna Maria (Mrs. Johann Herman)Baptismal date is a guess
GERBERSMANN, Maria Catharina23 Oct 185001 Nov 1850Gerbersmann, HeinrichBOECKE, Anna CatharinaHEIDEMAN, GerhardHeideman, Maria (Mrs. Gerhard)Compare Gerversmann
GERDES, Ephemia Maria20 May 185322 May 1853Gerdes, Johann HermanHOLENBACK, Anna MariaBERNSEN, Lambert H.Gerdes, Anna Maria---
GERDES, Herman Bernard14 Jan 185716 Jan 1857Gerdes, Johann HermanHOLENBECK, Anna AdelheidHILMES, Johann BernardKOBBE, Anna Gesina---
GERDES, Maria Catharina14 Mar 185515 Mar 1855Gerdes, HermanHOLLENBACH, Anna AdelheidKÖBBE (Koebbe), Gerhard HeinrichBERNSEN, Maria Catharina---
GERLING, August14 Mar 188415 Mar 1884Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaBÖHLING (Boehling), AugustNORDMANN, Anna born KORTEMarried Paulina THOELE 8 Feb 1910 at St Joseph in Clayton, MO
GERLING, Bernard Friederich01 Jun 188002 Jun 1880Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaGerling, Bernard FriederichBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Maria Anna born HOMANN---
GERLING, Catharina Josephina02 May 189303 May 1893Gerling, Bernard (From Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg)HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), CatharinaHoerchler, WilhelmGerling, Josephina born TIMMER---
GERLING, Cecelia Anna27 Mar 189728 Mar 1897Gerling, BernardHOERCHLER, CatharinaFOPPE, BernardHoerchler, Anna Maria---
GERLING, Franz Herman 20 Sep 187721 Sep 1877Gerling, HeinrichTIMBER, JosephineBÖHLING (Boehling), FranzHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
GERLING, Frederick Edward28 Oct 190528 Oct 1905Gerling, Heinrich (From Breese, IL)MOLITOR, PhilomenaGerling, BernardKLEINEKORTE, Elisabeth---
GERLING, Herman Heinrich29 Apr 188230 Apr 1882Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaBENNECKEN, HeinrichGerling, Catharina born HOERCHLER---
GERLING, Johann27 Jan 187328 Jan 1873Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaGerling, BernardFEHLKER, Anna Maria born Timmer---
GERLING, Johann Heinrich08 Sep 187509 Sep 1875Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Johann HeinrichTIMPER, Maria Elisabetha born KLATTE---
GERLING, Maria Agnes08 Mar 187409 Mar 1874Gerling, HeinrichTIMMER, JosephinaSCHÖNHOFT (Schoenhoft), GerhardMEIER, Maria Agnes born BECKMANN---
GERLS, Herman Heinrich---30 Jan 1847Gerls, GerhardWEBER, Maria CatharinaGerls, Johann Herman HeinrichSCHLAURMAN, ElisabethIllinois Marriage index shows 1846 Gehes + Weber
GERRTSEN, Gerhard27 Sep 186329 Sep 1863Gerrtsen, ReinardHOLTZEN, TheodoraJANSEN, Albert and Wilhelm WELLING------
GERS, Marc Edward13 Apr 186114 Apr 1861Gers, GerhardWEBERG, CatharinaBRÖMLAGE (Broemlage), Gerdrutis (Gertrud)WACHTEL, MariaIllinois Marriage index shows 1846 Gehes + Weber
GERSCHLER, Carl24 Nov 185812 Jun 1859Gerschler, SylvesterSCHAETZLE, CatharinaHERTENSTEIN, JohannHESSE, Amalia---
GERSTLER, Theresia24 Mar 186019 May 1860Gerstler, SylvesterSCHATZLI, CatharinaOSTWALD, MichaelOstwald, Theresia---
GERVERSMANN, Bernard Heinrich19 Sep 184020 Sep 1840Gerversmann, Johann HeinrichRÖNNEKER (Roenneker), Anna Margaretha BernardinaPEPPENHORST, BernardBÖRGER (Boerger), Gertrud---
GERVERSMANN, Catharina18 Aug 185226 Sep 1852Gerversmann, HeinrichBACKER, CatharinaMARKS, StephanROHR, CatharinaCompare Gerbersmann
GERVERSMANN, Maria Bernadina15 Oct 185425 Nov 1854Gerversmann, HeinrichBOCKEL, CatharinaKAULING, BernardROHR, Maria---
GERVERSMANN, Maria Francisca01 May 184229 May 1842Gerversmann, Johann HeinrichRENKER, BernardinaNETENMEIER, AntonSIEFKER, Maria---
GERVERSMANN, Susanna22 Sep 184405 Jan 1845Gerversmann, Not ListedRENKER, BernardinaTIMMERMANN, WilhelmISAACK, Susanna---
GESENHUES, Gerhard Gottfried01 Jan 187302 Jan 1873Gesenhues, GerhardSCHWERING, JoannaBREFELD, GerhardBÖVING (Boeving), Margaretha Anna born HOFSCHLAGBirth date is a guess; page torn.
GESENHUES, Margaretha15 Nov 186916 Nov 1869Gesenhues, GerhardSCHWERING, Anna SÜTFELD (Suetfeld), GerhardHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
GESENHUES, Maria Francisca18 Nov 189018 Nov 1890Gesenhues, Gerhard (From Epe, Westfalen)STOLTE, Maria Elisabeth (From St. Libory, IL)Gesenhues, Gerhard HeinrichSCHNITTKER, Maria Angela born DIEKERMarried Joseph JANSSEN 8 Oct 1912
GESENHUES, Maria Gertrud27 Oct 186727 Oct 1867Gesenhues, GerhardSCHWERING, Anna MariaEVELD, GerhardSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria born MEIER---
GESSENHUS, Maria Francisca29 Jul 186429 Jul 1864Gessenhus, GerhardSCHWEING, AnnaLOEHRING, HeinrichEHFELD, M, FranciscaCompare Gesenhues & Schwering
GILLESHEIMER, Josephina15 Aug 185631 Aug 1856Gillesheimer, JohannZIMMER, Anna MariaHALLERMANN, HeinrichTANGEMANN, Bernadina---
GISSY, Emilia Sabina11 Dec 187214 Dec 1872Gissy, CarlAUGUSTIN, Justina---Gissy, Maria---
GLÖCKNER (Gloeckner), Margaret (Twin)11 Dec 188812 Dec 1888Gloeckner, JohannKREIMER, MariaWOBBE, BernardKreimer, MargaretMarried Wilhelm JANSEN 25 Oct 1910 in Bartelso, IL
GLÖCKNER (Gloeckner), Maria Christina (Twin)11 Dec 188812 Dec 1888Gloeckner, JohannKREIMER, MariaHEMANN, FerdinandHemann, Christina born WOBBEMarried August FRAME 23 Nov 1909 in Bartelso, IL
GLATZ, Edward22 Oct 185523 Nov 1855Glatz, JosephWANGELER, Maria AngelaRUMP, BernardGRIESBAUM, FranciscaFather's last name spelled Clartz
GOEBBE, Carolina07 Aug 184816 Aug 1848Goebbe, J. ClementTEVES, ElisabethTeves, ChristophBRUNNER, Anna MariaCompare Koebbe
GOERGEL, Anna Maria05 Nov 185207 Nov 1852Goergel, Johann HeinrichWENDELN, GesinaSANTEL, Johann HeinrichGERS, Maria Adelheid---
GOERGES, Bernard19 Jun 185520 Jun 1855Goerges, HeinrichWENDELN, GesinaMIGEL, BernardLANDWEHR, Gertrud---
GOERS, Anna19 Oct 187920 Oct 1879Goers, DennisSICKERER, MariaKOELLEN, HermanALBERS, Anna born Sickerer---
GOERS, Johann Wenzeslaus06 Dec 187510 Dec 1875Goers, DennisSICKA, Anna MariaSicka, Johann WenzeslausWERNER, Anna Maria born Goers---
GOERS, Joseph18 Jan 186919 Jan 1869Goers, DennisKULL, AnnaWERNER, JosephMERSCHER, Anna Helena---
GOEVERT, Maximilian16 Sep 188217 Sep 1882Goevert, HeinrichSTEIN, JosephinaStein, HeinrichFRERKER, Maria born RUMP---
GOEWERT, Herman Heinrich (Twin)18 Oct 188519 Oct 1885Goewert, HeinrichSTEIN, JosephinaWALLER, Bernard HeinrichWaller, Anna Maria---
GOEWERT, Sophia Elisabeth (Twin)18 Oct 188519 Oct 1885Goewert, HeinrichSTEIN, JosephinaKOEBBE, HeinrichKoebbe, Elisabeth---
GOOD, Catharina Louisa31 Jul 184204 Sep 1842Good, FriederichNot Listed, AmantiaWIDNER, LudwigPLEISE, Catharina---
GORMANN, Theodor16 May 186417 May 1864Gormann, HeinrichWELLING, CatharinaHOLTGREVEN, GerhardENGEL, Anna---
GOSEPOHL, Johann Everhard12 Mar 185419 Mar 1854Gosepohl, ChristophSTEMPEL, MariaTEKE, ChristophEMMES, Elisabeth---
GOSEPOHL, Maria Anna27 May 185529 May 1855Gosepohl, BernardHOLSCHER, Maria CatharinaKAULING, AntonHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria AnnaCompare Gausepohl
GRÖNE (Groene), Herman Joseph17 Sep 186017 Sep 1860Groene, HeinrichKORTE, MariaKorte, HermanRAWE, Maria Gesina---
GRÖNE (Groene), Johann Heinrich07 May 185709 May 1857Groene, Johann HeinrichKORTE, Anna MariaKorte, Johann HeinrichMARKUS, Margaretha Adelheid---
GRÖNE (Groene), Maria Catharina17 Jun 186318 Jun 1863Groene, Johann HeinrichKORTE, MariaOTKE, HeinrichGroene, Maria Catharina---
GRAMANN, Catharina Margarita02 Nov 187303 Nov 1873Gramann, HeinrichWELLING, Henrietta---ALTEPETER, Catharina Margarita born HOLLENKAMP---
GRAMANN, Francis August Aloysius23 Feb 189524 Feb 1895Gramann, JohannHEMANN, ElisabethHemann, FrancisGramann, Theresia born SCHEPPERLEMarried Louise FREY born SCHEICH at St Henry's in Belleville, IL
GRAMANN, Heinrich15 Mar 185716 Mar 1857Gramann, HeinrichWELLING, HenriettaALTEPETER, HeinrichHALLERMANN, Anna---
GRAMANN, Heinrich Anton27 Apr 189728 Apr 1897Gramann, JohannHEMANN, ElisabethGramann, HeinrichHemann, Catharina---
GRAMANN, Heinrich Anton Clement03 Jan 189904 Jan 1899Gramann, JohannHEMANN, ElizabethHEMANN, ClemensLAMPE, Elizabeth born GramannMarried Lioba RENCHERIE 14 Nov 1928 in Cathedral Belleville, IL
GRAMANN, Herman Anton19 Feb 186620 Feb 1866Gramann, HeinrichWELLING, HenricaMENKE, AntonALTPETER, Catharina born HOLLENKAMP---
GRAMANN, Johann Franz09 Mar 186809 Mar 1868Gramann, HeinrichWELLING, HendrinaWELLING, JohannMENKE, Catharina born Gramann---
GRAMANN, Johann Heinrich Joseph22 Jun 189323 Jun 1893Gramann, JohannHEMANN, ElisabethGramann, HeinrichHemann, Maria Anna born DANIEL---
GRAMANN, Maria Elisabetha16 Nov 187016 Nov 1870Gramann, HeinrichWELLING, HenriettaTIMPER, TheodorALTEPETER, Elisabetha born HELLMANN---
GRAMANN, Wilhelmina26 Sep 187526 Sep 1875Gramann, HeinrichWELLING, HenriettaREINKER, MartinWelling, Wilhelmina born Welling---
GRANSCHE, Alvina Christina01 Dec 188029 May 1881Gransche, MichaelSUPPÉ, CarolinaWILKEN, BernardGABELMANN, Christina---
GRÜN (Gruen), Maria Catharina30 Aug 185331 Aug 1853Gruen, HeinrichWEBERG, Maria AntonetteBECKMANN, JosephGEHRS, Maria Catharina---
GRÜNE (Gruene), Bernard03 Jul 185505 Jul 1855Gruene, HeinrichWEBERG, MariaKNUVE, Not ListedOTKEN, Bernardina---
GRAUMANN, Gerdus (Gerhard?)29 May 186030 May 1860Graumann, HeinrichWELLING, HenriettaWelling, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethCompare Gramann
GRAVE, Anna Catharina16 Mar 185520 Mar 1855Grave, ChristophTEKE, Anna ElisabethSCHRODER, FranzTeke, Anna Catharina---
GRAVE, Ferdinand29 Aug 184901 Sep 1849Grave, ChristophTEEKE, ElisabethBECKER, FerdinandGAUSEPOHL, Catharina Elisabeth---
GRAVE, Franz27 Sep 184527 Sep 1845Grave, ChristophTEKE, ElisabethHONKAMP, FranzDÖRNER (Doerner), Maria Anna---
GRAVE, Maria Margaretha08 Aug 187710 Aug 1877Grave, FranzDULLE, Margaretha ElisabethLAMPE, GerhardUSSELMANN, Maria Anna born Dulle---
GRAWE, Anna Elisabetha19 Apr 187721 Apr 1877Grawe, JohannDULLE, AnnaHEMANN, Herman for Heinrich DulleGrawe, Anna Elisabeth born THEKE---
GRAWE, Anna Helena21 Mar 187223 Mar 1872Grawe, FranzDULLE, ElisabethaWITTKAMP, BernardDulle, Anna Helena born ZOST---
GRAWE, Bernard28 Jun 185204 Jul 1852Grawe, ChristophTEKE, Anna ElisabethWITKAMP, BernardHONKOMP, Catharina---
GRAWE, Bernard Heinrich01 Mar 188002 Mar 1880Grawe, Johann EverhardDULLE, Maria AnnaGrawe, BernardGrawe, Maria Elisabeth born Dulle---
GRAWE, Catharina Eugenia13 Mar 188013 Mar 1880Grawe, BernardDULLE, Anna MariaHÜNE (Huene), Gerhard HeinrichGrawe, Anna Elisabeth born TEKE---
GRAWE, Ferdinand (Twin)02 Jan 186002 Jan 1860Grawe, ChristophTEEKE, Anna ElisabethBECKER, FerdinandSCHÖNEFELD (Schoenefeld), Anna Marg.---
GRAWE, Johann Christophor12 Jan 188213 Jan 1882Grawe, BernardDULLE, Anna MariaGrawe, ChristophorHÜNE (Huene), Maria ---
GRAWE, Johann Christophor05 Jun 187007 Jun 1870Grawe, JohannDULLE, AnnaGrawe, ChristophorDulle, Anna born HUNDMANN---
GRAWE, Johann Herman17 Aug 187218 Aug 1872Grawe, Johann EverhardDULLE, Maria AnnaDulle, Johann HermanBECKER, Catharina born TEKE---
GRAWE, Joseph Christopher26 Mar 188327 Mar 1883Grawe, FranzDULLE, Margaretha ElisabethGrawe, ChristophorDULLE, Maria born MUES---
GRAWE, Lathoria (Twin)02 Jan 186002 Jan 1860Grawe, ChristophTEEKE, Anna ElisabethHESSE, AugustBECKER, Catharina---
GRAWE, Maria Anna21 Nov 186224 Nov 1862Grawe, ChristophTECKE, Anna ElisabethKLEINEKORTE, HeinrichBERING, Maria Anna---
GRAWE, Maria Catharina26 Sep 187528 Sep 1875Grawe, FranzDULLE, Margaretha ElisabethDulle, Johann HermanGrawe, Catharina Elisabeth---
GRAWE, Maria Emma19 Jun 187922 Jun 1879Grawe, FranzDULLE, Margaretha ElisabethHÜNE (Huene), Gerhard HeinrichGrawe, Maria Anna---
GRAWE, Maria Emma Francisca07 Mar 188208 Mar 1882Grawe, JohannDULLE, Anna MariaRIBBING, EberhardHÜNE (Huene), Maria born Dulle---
GRAWE, Maria Regina Cecelia17 Apr 188418 Apr 1884Grawe, JohannDULLE, AnnaDulle, GerhardGrawe, Maria Anna---
GRAWE, Regina Amalia16 Jan 188117 Jan 1881Grawe, FranzDULLE, Margaretha FOPPE, Bernard HeinrichWIEGMANN, Anna born Dulle---
GRAWE, Rosa Maria12 Feb 188412 Feb 1884Grawe, BernardDULLE, Anna MariaRIBBING, Johann EberhardDulle, Euphemia Maria born MUESMarried Johann HUENE 13 Apr 1910 in Bartelso, IL
GREMINGER, Herman Edward16 May 190516 May 1905Greminger, Maurice (From Zell, MO)GRIFFITH, Sara (Non-Catholic)------Child Baptized by doctor at birth due to medical emergency.
GREMMINGER, George John Henry17 Oct 190318 Oct 1903Gremminger, Henry (From Zell, MO)GRIFFIN, Sara (Non-Catholic)BÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), GeorgKLEINEKORTE, Maria---
GREMMINGER, Maria Sara Adelheid11 Jul 190615 Jul 1906Gremminger, Henry (From Zell, MO)GRIFFITH, Sara (Non-Catholic)MEIER, HermanMeier, Maria born WELLINGMarried Elsworth SIES ? 17 Mar 1943 mixed religion marriage dispensation ? 2 May 1936
GRENZER, Maria04 Apr 184318 Jun 1843Grenzer, JohannROMEISING, Anna Maria---HENKEL, Maria---
GREPS, Johann06 Jan 185104 May 1851Greps, CasparPFEIFFER, CatharinaGreps, JohannPfeiffer, Maria AnnaCompare Krebs
GRIEB, Emma13 Sep 187918 Apr 1900Grieb, Johann (From Germany)KAUFMANN, Christina---MICHEEL, Anna born WELLINGShe is a new convert born in Cape Girardeau, MO
GRIESBAUM, Ita (Ida)16 Oct 185431 Dec 1854Griesbaum, GeorgGRIESBAUM, CatharinaWANGLER, LandolinGriesbaum, Francisca---
GRIESSBAUM, Barbara Elisabeth17 Jan 185911 Sep 1859Griessbaum, AntonJOST, Elisabeth---Griessbaum, Barbara---
GRIMMER, Georg28 Jan 185404 Jun 1854Grimmer, JohannSCHEIMMEL, MagdalenaFREDERICK, PeterGrimmer, Margaretha---
GRIMMER, Maria Anna25 Sep 185528 Sep 1856Grimmer, JohannSCHEMEL, MagdalenaNICOLEIN, ChristophorGrimmer, Magdalena---
GROSSKETTLER, Herman Bernard11 Apr 186825 Apr 1868Grosskettler, JosephNABLER, ElisabethROTTERING, Herman BernardLAMMERS, Maria Anna born VOSKOERS---
GROSZHOLZ, Carl02 Apr 185806 Aug 1858Groszholz, ConstantinSCHWARTZ, CarolinaNAU, HeinrichVACHTEL, Elisabeth---
GROSZHOLZ, Carl Ferdinand31 Mar 185407 Jun 1854Groszholz, HermanKÜHN (Kuehn), AugustaHART, DanielDOERNER, Carolina---
GUDWIL, Wilhelm Daniel21 Aug 187420 Dec 1874Gudwil, JohnMCDONNEL, KatharinaSPAETH, DanielLAKE, Maria Susanna---
GUETHAUS, August H.01 Nov 184702 Nov 1847Guethaus, ChristophKUPER, CatharinaWESTERFELDHAUS, HeinrichWÖSTEMANN (Woestemann), Maria---
GUTHAUS, Theodor24 Dec 184926 Dec 1849Guthaus, ChristophKUPER, CatharinaVORNHOLD, Theodor AdolphSCHWACKE, Angela---
HÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Anna Margaretha12 Feb 185516 Feb 1855Hoeckelberg, JohannBEHNE, MargarethaBECKMANN, JosephSCHULTE, Catharina Maria---
HÖKELBERG (Hoekelberg), Bernard Heinrich22 Aug 185222 Aug 1852Hoekelberg, HermanBEHNE, MargarethaBehne, BernardWOESTMANN, Maria---
HÖKELBERG (Hoekelberg), Maria Amalia08 Jul 186110 Jul 1861Hoekelberg, HermanSCHULTEN, Maria GertrudKOCH, TheodorTRENER, Clara---
HÖRCHELER (Hoercheler), Anna Maria27 Oct 185227 Oct 1852Hoercheler, Johann HeinrichLÜBERS (Luebers), TheresiaWUBBES, Bernard HeinrichALERS, Anna Maria---
HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Gerhard Heinrich18 Feb 184421 Feb 1844Hoerchler, J. Dietrich (Diderich)ROLFS, Maria ElisabethHELMANN, Johann HeinrichGORGES, Catharina---
HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Josephina Cecelia02 Feb 189403 Feb 1894Hoerchler, TheodorGERLING, AnnaFOPPE, HeinrichGerling, Josephina born TIMMERMarried Wilbur SELLERS 26 Oct 1916 in Breese, IL
HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Maria Anna---01 Feb 1840Hoerchler, Dietrich (Diderich)MÖLLER (Moeller), ElisabethTIMMER, GerhardDEPENWIESE, Maria Anna---
HÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), Wilhelm Heinrich10 Oct 187510 Oct 1875Hoerchler, HeinrichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), TheresiaBECKMANN, WilhelmKNIEPMANN, Anna born HERMELINGMarried Helena SANTEL in New Baden, IL 30 Apr 1908
HÖRGLER (Hoergler), M. Catharina19 Feb 185821 Feb 1858Hoergler, J. HyLÜBBERS (Luebbers), TheresiaMEYER, J. HyWELLEN, Maria CatharinaCompare Hoerchler
HÖRSCHLER (Hoerschler), Bernard Heinrich (Twin)28 Oct 184229 Oct 1842Hoerschler, B. H. Dietrich (Diderich)MÖLLER (Moeller), ElisabethGÖRYES (Goeryes), B. H.TIMMER, MariaChild died
HÖRSCHLER (Hoerschler), Infant (Twin)28 Oct 184229 Oct 1842Hoerschler, B. H. Dietrich (Diderich)MÖLLER (Moeller), Elisabeth---MARAM, AnnaChild died
HÖTING (Hoeting), Anna Maria Rosalia27 Feb 188128 Feb 1881Hoeting, Lambert HeinrichMEIER, Maria RosaBRUNS, Herman HeinrichFORK, Maria Anna born FINDER---
HÖTING (Hoeting), Maria Rosa22 Nov 187922 Nov 1879Hoeting, Lambert HeinrichMEIER, RosaFORCK, Johann BernardREICHERT, Carolina born HERPSTRITH---
HAACKE, Christina Eugenia04 Oct 189905 Oct 1899Haacke, Heinrich (From Neuenkirchen, Germany)WESTERMANN, CeceliaWestermann, WilhelmMUELLER, Christina born SCHONHOFFMarried Aloysius MOLITOR 16 Jun 1926 in Albers, IL
HAACKE, Maria Anna15 Jul 189817 Jul 1898Haacke, Johann (From Westphalia, Germany)ALBERS, AnnaGERS, FriederichAlbers, Maria Anna born BRAUER---
HAAKE, Alphonse Henry18 Feb 190520 Feb 1905Haake, Heinrich (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia, Germany)WESTERMANN, CeceliaMueller, HenryDREES, Margaret born DUEPMANN---
HAAKE, Anna Carolina31 Aug 189101 Sep 1891Haake, Johann (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)ALBERS, AnnaNETTEMEIER, ConradNettemeier, Carolina born LAGER---
HAAKE, Anna Catharine07 Apr 190501 Apr 1905Haake, Johann (From Neuenkirchen, Germany)ALBERS, AnnaAlbers, BernardHEIER, Catharina born Albers---
HAAKE, Anna Christina12 Jul 188613 Jul 1886Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaROBBEN, Gerhard HermanWALLER, Christina born Albers---
HAAKE, Anna Francisca16 Jun 190217 Jun 1902Haake, Heinrich (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)WESTERMANN, CeceliaSCHOENDIENST, Jr., JohannSchoendienst, Anna (Mrs. Johann, Jr.)---
HAAKE, Arnold Heinrich06 Jan 189608 Jan 1896Haake, Johann (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia, Germany)ALBERS, AnnaAlbers, HeinrichHACKMANN, Amalia born MEYERING---
HAAKE, Arnold Johann19 Feb 189420 Feb 1894Haake, Heinrich (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)WESTERMANN, CeceliaHaake, JohannWestermann, Maria Louisa born MEIERMarried Jacobina NETEMEYER 15 Feb 1928 in Albers, IL
HAAKE, Bernard Heinrich12 Apr 189613 Apr 1896Haake, Heinrich (From Fahrenzell, Prussia)WESTERMANN, CeceliaSCHONHOFF, BernardHaake, Anna born ALBERSMarried Clara M. FUEHNE 10 Jun 1930 in Damiansville, IL
HAAKE, Bernard Joseph16 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Haake, Johann (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)ALBERS, AnnaAlbers, JosephHaake, Cecelia born WESTERMANNMarried Margaret KANNELL 23 Nov 1915 in Bartelso, IL
HAAKE, Francis Bernard29 Jan 190131 Jan 1901Haake, Johann (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia)ALBERS, AnnaBOHNENKEMPER, BernardGEERS, Anna born NETTEMEIERMarried Elisabeth GROSS 7 Jul 1925 in Bartelso, IL
HAAKE, Heinrich07 Aug 188407 Aug 1884Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaHaake, HeinrichAlbers, Anna born MÜLLER (Mueller)Married Wilhelmina SCHNIERS 25 Nov 1908
HAAKE, Herman Joseph10 Apr 188311 Apr 1883Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaHaake, JosephAlbers, Catharina Agnes born AlbersMarried Eugenia STRAETER 12 Oct 1920 in Breese, IL
HAAKE, Johann Herman05 Aug 189007 Aug 1890Haake, Johann (From Rietberg, Westfalia)ALBERS, AnnaAlbers, HermanAlbers, Margaret born DUST---
HAAKE, Lawrence Herman08 Feb 190309 Feb 1903Haake, Johann (From Neuenkirchen, Westphalia, Germany)ALBERS, AnnaAlbers, Herman HeinrichAlbers, Wilhelmina---
HAAKE, Maria Elisabeth29 Aug 188801 Sep 1888Haake, JohannALBERS, AnnaBECKMANN, TheodorBeckmann, Maria Anna born AlbersMarried Heinrich RENSING 30 Jun 1908
HAAR, Gerhard01 Mar 185605 Mar 1856Haar, B. DietrichKREKE, ElisabethSCHLARMANN, GerhardHOLTGREVE, Elisabeth---
HAAR, Herman14 Jun 185415 Jun 1854Haar, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethSTOCKMANN, HermanUSSELMANN, Dina---
HAAR, Johann Bernard09 Jan 185410 Jan 1854Haar, AlbertBERNSEN, Anna MargarethaHaar, BernardBernsen, Anna Catharina---
HAAR, Johann Herman03 Jan 185105 Jan 1851Haar, BenedictGREEKE, ElisabethHaar, Johann HermanTIMPER, Maria---
HAAR, Maria Alice22 Jan 185226 Jan 1852Haar, BenedictCREEKE, ElisabethCreeke, GerhardHaar, Maria Angela---
HACKMANN, Anton Gerhard14 Feb 189814 Feb 1898Hackmann, Joseph (From Davies County, Indiana)MEYERING, AmaliaFICKER, Johann GerhardFicker, Elizabeth born Welling---
HACKMANN, George Edward (Twin)05 Aug 190605 Aug 1906Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEIRING, AmaliaBOEVINGLOH, GeorgeBoevingloh, Maria born KLEINKORTEBaptized at birth due to medical emergency; Married Caroline BILLHARTZ a divorcee 4 Oct 1937 at College Church in St. Louis, MO; married Mrs. Olica? EVANS 4 Sep 1961 Belleville, IL Cathedral, mixed marriage
HACKMANN, Heinrich Theodor13 Jan 189213 Jan 1892Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEYERING, AmaliaMeyering, TheodorHAAKE, Anna born ALBERSMarried Rosa FREDERICKS 4 Jun 1919 in Belleville, IL
HACKMANN, Herman Joseph (Twin)05 Aug 190605 Aug 1906Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEIRING, AmaliaROBBEN, HermanRobben, Christina born KAHRHOFF---
HACKMANN, Johann Bernard02 Jan 189402 Jan 1894Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEYERING, AmaliaFICKER, Johann BernardNIEMANN, Margaret---
HACKMANN, Johann Joseph21 Oct 190122 Oct 1901Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEIRINK, AmaliaHAAKE, JohannDUST, Catharina---
HACKMANN, Louis Henry16 Nov 190316 Nov 1903Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEIRING, AmaliaHackmann, Heinrich ClemensRICHTER, MariaMarried Estelle JACK ? 28 Nov 1929 in Belleville, IL
HACKMANN, Rosa Theresia16 Apr 189617 Apr 1896Hackmann, Joseph (From Ferdinand, Indiana)MEYERING, AmaliaHAAKE, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), Theresia ---
HAGEN, Anna Angela10 Jun 185312 Jun 1853Hagen, W.SOMMER, AngelaVORNHOLD, ConradHOLTHAUS, Maria Angela---
HAGEN, Anna Josephina11 Mar 190521 Jun 1897Hagen, HermanHERMELING, Maria (From Bersen, Germany)KARHOFF, HeinrichHermeling, Maria Anna born KOHRMANNNo birth date listed. Married August TIMMERMANN 26 Sep 1916
HAGEN, Anna Maria15 Jun 189817 Jun 1898Hagen, HermanHERMELING, Maria (From Amt Haselüne, Hanover, Germany)Hagen, HermanHagen, Anna Maria born THIEN---
HAGEN, Anna Maria30 Oct 186830 Oct 1868Hagen, AntonBLAY, CatharinaMENKE, Gerhard HeinrichHagen, Anna Maria born THIEN---
HAGEN, Anton Herman22 Aug 190124 Aug 1901Hagen, Bernard (From Teutopolis, IL)SCHOMAKER, Maria (From Haseluenne, Germany)BOLK, HermanDETERMANN, Anna born Schomaker---
HAGEN, Catharina11 Sep 187113 Sep 1871Hagen, TheodorKREKE, MargarethaMENKE, AntonBECKER, Catharina born Kreke---
HAGEN, Catharina Bernardina04 Apr 189805 Apr 1898Hagen, BenedictSCHLICH, Margaret (From Okawville, IL)SCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Catharina born HALLERMANNMarried Heinrich Ferdinand HEMANN Oct 1916
HAGEN, Elisabetha06 Nov 186807 Nov 1868Hagen, DiederichKREKE, MargarethaMENKE, Gerhard HeinrichHAAR, Elisabetha born Kreke---
HAGEN, Eva Cecelia Gertrud18 Jan 189419 Jan 1894Hagen, BenedictSCHLICH, Margaret (From Okawville, IL)HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), GerhardSchlich, EvaMarried Herman Heinrich HEMANN 20 Nov 1919
HAGEN, Franz Heinrich14 May 187515 May 1875Hagen, HeinrichTHIEN, MariaHEMANN, FranzFINKE, Maria Elisabeth born KLAKE---
HAGEN, Gerhard Heinrich17 Oct 187318 Oct 1873Hagen, HeinrichTHIEN, AnnaSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), GerhardWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)---
HAGEN, Heinrich22 Apr 186123 Apr 1861Hagen, Dietrich (Diderich)KREKE, MargarethaHagen, HeinrichHOLDMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
HAGEN, Heinrich Theodor Aloysius08 Jan 189609 Jan 1896Hagen, BenedictSCHLICH, Margaret (From Okawville, IL)Hagen, HeinrichHagen, Maria born SCHLARMANN---
HAGEN, Helena Catharina17 Aug 186818 Aug 1868Hagen, HeinrichTHIEN, Anna MariaMENKE, Gerhard HeinrichHagen, Helena Catharina born BLEY---
HAGEN, Herman Anton27 Mar 187027 Mar 1870Hagen, Johann HeinrichTHIEN, Anna MariaHagen, Herman AntonMENKE, Maria born HEIERMANN---
HAGEN, Herman Anton28 Sep 186629 Sep 1866Hagen, Dietrich (Diderich)KREKER, MargarethaHagen, Herman AntonGERLING, Elisabeth born RICKERMANN---
HAGEN, Johann Gerhard24 Nov 1858---Hagen, Dietrich HeinrichKREKE, MargarethaKreke, Johann GerhardMENKE, CatharinaPage damaged; Bap. Between 18 Nov & 9 Dec 1858
HAGEN, Johann Heinrich10 Sep 184521 Sep 1845Hagen, Johann WolfgangSOMMER, Maria AngelaHINKAMP, Herman HeinrichSommer, Maria AngelaChild died
HAGEN, Johann Heinrich09 Oct 190310 Oct 1903Hagen, HermanHERMELING, Maria (From Wachtum, Oldenburg, Germany)Hagen, HeinrichWOBBE, Anna---
HAGEN, Joseph Benedict01 Oct 188702 Oct 1887Hagen, BenedictSCHLICH, MargaretSchlich, JosephHagen, Margaret born KREKE---
HAGEN, Margaret Henrietta28 Jan 189129 Jan 1891Hagen, BenedictSCHLICH, Margaret (From Okawville, IL)Schlich, HeinrichHagen, Margaret born KREKE---
HAGEN, Margaretha05 May 186506 May 1865Hagen, HeinrichTIEL, Anna MariaMENKE, AntonKREEK, MargarethaCompare Thien & Kreke
HAGEN, Maria---14 Jul 1844Hagen, W.SOMMER, AngelaHOLTHAUS, JohannLAMPE, Helena MariaChild died
HAGEN, Maria Elisabetha04 Mar 187205 Mar 1872Hagen, Johann HeinrichTHIEN, Anna MariaHagen, Herman AntonSCHLAAHMANN, Maria ElisabethCompare Schlarmann
HAGEN, Rosa Bernardina05 Nov 190006 Nov 1900Hagen, HermanHERMELING, MariaLAKENBURGES, HeinrichBOEVING, Bernardina born HermelingMarried Alvin L. GODAR ? 31 Mar 1928 in St. Patrick Church in St Louis, MO
HAGEN, Theodor Heinrich22 Aug 186723 Aug 1867Hagen, HeinrichTHIEN, Anna MariaHagen, Dietrich (Diederich)MENKE, Catharina born GRAHMANN---
HAGEN, Theodor Heinrich13 Sep 186614 Sep 1866Hagen, AntonBLEI, CatharinaHagen, TheodorMENKE, Catharina born GRAMANN---
HAGEN, Wilhelm Heinrich21 Apr 188923 Apr 1889Hagen, BenedictSCHLICH, Margaret (From Okawville, IL)Hagen, Rev. HeinrichSchlich, EvaMarried Cecelia HUELSMANN 27 Oct 1915 in Breese, IL
HAGENRECKE, Maria Josephina25 Dec 185027 Dec 1850Hagenrecke, Johann BernardTECKLENBORG, MagdalenaMOLITOR, WilhelmSTUCKENCAEMPER, Maria Josephina---
HAIDEMANN, Cecelia Henrietta Maria 05 Nov 188208 Nov 1882Haidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaSCHLARMANN, Theodor H.JÜDEN (Jueden), Maria Helena---
HALLERMAN, Maria Catharina28 Mar 186529 Mar 1865Hallerman, HermanHOELZKE, Maria CatharinaRENZING, Gerhard HeinrichKNAUL, CatharinaLast name written as Hollermann in this entry.
HALLERMANN, Anna Louisa07 Apr 185808 Apr 1858Hallermann, HeinrichWELLING, AnnaFRERKER, NicolausENGEL, Johanna---
HALLERMANN, Anna Maria27 Feb 186201 Mar 1862Hallermann, Herman HeinrichHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Anna MariaFEHRMANN, Johann HermanALTHOFF, CatharinaLast name spelled Hollermann in this entry.
HALLERMANN, Catharina Wilhelmina29 Sep 186129 Sep 1861Hallermann, HeinrichFRERKER, ElisabethROBBEN, HeinrichFrerker, Catharina---
HALLERMANN, Franz Conrad10 Aug 187911 Aug 1879Hallermann, JosephMEIER, Maria AgnesMeier, Franz ConradFRERKER, Maria Catharina born DEIEN---
HALLERMANN, Heinrich08 Feb 186010 Feb 1860Hallermann, JosephKRIEGER, Anna MariaHallermann, HeinrichKrieger, Maria Anna---
HALLERMANN, Heinrich Herman09 Mar 186412 Mar 1864Hallermann, HermanHOLSCHER, CatharinaALTHOFF, HeinrichNORTMANN, Anna Gesina---
HALLERMANN, Heinrich Wilhelm17 Oct 186217 Oct 1862Hallermann, Heinrich ArnoldFRERKER, Maria ElisabethWESTERMANN, Johann F. W.MERSCHER, Carolina---
HALLERMANN, Herman Nicolaus10 Apr 186211 Apr 1862Hallermann, JosephKRIEGER, Maria GesinaFRERKER, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Adelheid---
HALLERMANN, Johann Bernard Joseph17 Nov 185723 Nov 1857Hallermann, JosephKRÜGER (Krueger), Gesina MariaKrueger, Johann BernardHallermann, Anna---
HALLERMANN, Joseph Carl15 Aug 187416 Aug 1874Hallermann, JosephMEIER, Anna MariaSTÜVER (Stuever), KarlHOLTMANN, Elisabeth born FREREKER (Frerker)---
HALLERMANN, Joseph Heinrich18 Apr 185919 Apr 1859Hallermann, Heinrich A.FRERKER, Maria ElisabethHallermann, JosephFrerker, Maria Catharina---
HALLERMANN, Josephina06 Feb 187306 Feb 1873Hallermann, JosephMEIER, Anna MariaFrerker, Johann HeinrichMEIER, Maria Agnes born BECKMANN---
HALLERMANN, Margaretha Elisabeth27 Apr 186028 Apr 1860Hallermann, Heinrich ArnoldFRERKER, Maria ElisabethWELLING, JohannFrerker, Margaretha---
HALLERMANN, Maria05 Jul 185505 Jul 1855Hallermann, JosephWÜLLER (Wueller), Anna CarolinaFRERKE, HeinrichMULLER, Maria---
HALLERMANN, Maria Anna15 Dec 188117 Dec 1881Hallermann, JosephMEIER, Maria AnnaFRERKER, Johann BernardSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria---
HALLERMANN, Maria Anna Wilhelmina27 Aug 187628 Aug 1876Hallermann, JosephMEYER, Anna MariaKOCH, HermanSTUEVER, Elisabeth born Meyer---
HALLERMANN, Maria Elisabeth16 Jan 186319 Jan 1863Hallermann, JosephKRIEGER, Maria GesinaKrieger, Johann HermanHallermann, Elisabeth---
HALLERMANN, Theodor Edward28 Jun 186529 Jun 1865Hallermann, HeinrichFREKER, ElisabethHAGEN, Dietrich (Diederich)RATHENBERG, Sophia---
HALVING, Anna Maria08 Oct 184301 Nov 1851Halving, Michael J.REEVE, Eliza JohannaHOUPERT, LaurentHoupert, Catharina (Mrs. Laurent)Compare Hubert. Baptism was at Franz Wist home
HALVING, Heinrich27 Sep 184501 Nov 1851Halving, Michael J.REEVE, Eliza JohannaSTEHLE, Nicolaus (The priest who Baptized all 4 children on 1 NovMARZLOFF, MariaBaptism was at Franz Wist home
HALVING, Maria16 Oct 184701 Nov 1851Halving, Michael J.REEVE, Eliza JohannaWIST, FranzHERHOLZER, MariaBaptism was at Franz Wist home
HALVING, Maria E.19 Dec 184901 Nov 1851Halving, Michael J.REEVE, Eliza JohannaWIST, VictorBRANDSTÄTER (Brandstaeter), MariaBaptism was at Franz Wist home
HÜGEN (Huegen), Edward Bernard26 Mar 185828 Mar 1858Huegen, JacobBUTING, TheodoraJANSEN, EngelbertHuegen, Petronella---
HÜLS (Huels), Dorothea Elisabeth12 Nov 185320 Nov 1853Huels, JohannGRÜNE (Gruene), PhilippinaTOMBACH, Carl JosephDETTERMANN, Dorothea---
HÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), Isador Heinrich28 May 190229 May 1902Huelskamp, Herman (From Breese, IL)PETERMEIER, Maria Katharina (From Aviston, IL)Huelskamp, Johann HeinrichPetermeier, Bernardina---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anton02 Jan 185703 Jan 1857Huelsmann, BernardWIETER, Maria CatharinaHuelsmann, AntonOVERBECK, Catharina---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Catharina Elisabeth12 Feb 186319 Feb 1863Huelsmann, AntonBECKER, Regina LouisaHAGEN, Dietrich (Diederich)TEEKE, Catharina Elisabeth---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Franz Joseph22 Jan 186224 Jan 1862Huelsmann, AntonBECKER, ElisabethHuelsmann, FriederichKREKE, Margaretha---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Heinrich17 Jan 186017 Jan 1860Huelsmann, AntonBECKER, ElisabethHuelsmann, TheodorKRECKE, Catharina---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Johann Heinrich11 Sep 186713 Sep 1867Huelsmann, AntonBECKER, ElisabethBecker, Johann HeinrichHÜNE (Huene), Maria Wilhelmina---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Johann Silvester31 Dec 186902 Jan 1870Huelsmann, AntonBECKER, ElisabethaRIBBING, Johann EverhardHÜNE (Huene), Maria born DULLE---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Johann Theodor10 Nov 185411 Nov 1854Huelsmann, Johann BernardWITERS, CatharinaHuelsmann, J. TheodorRATHERMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Johann Wilhelm28 Mar 187228 Mar 1872Huelsmann, AntonBECKER, Regina ElisabethaBecker, HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth born KLATTE---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Maria Anna24 Jul 187725 Jul 1877Huelsmann, Gerhard HeinrichWIETER, Maria WilhelminaSCHLAUTMANN, HeinrichKOCH, Maria Adelheid born Wieter---
HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Maria Catharina18 Sep 186918 Sep 1869Huelsmann, Gerhard HeinrichWIETER, Maria WilhelminaFEHLKER, LambertLAGER, Catharina born Wieter---
HÜNE (Huene), Anna Catharina24 May 188424 May 1884Huene, Gerhard DULLE, MariaGRAWE, BernardRIBBING, Anna---
HÜNE (Huene), Clara Catharina31 Dec 188201 Jan 1883Huene, Gerhard DULLE, MariaGRAWE, FranzHuene, Catharina born WOESTMANN---
HÜNE (Huene), Gerhard August06 Aug 187007 Aug 1870Huene, GerhardDULLE, MariaHuene, Theodor AugustDulle, Helena born ZOST---
HÜNE (Huene), Heinrich08 Aug 187209 Aug 1872Huene, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaWoestmann, HeinrichHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Elisabetha born BECKER---
HÜNE (Huene), Johann Eberhard01 Feb 188103 Feb 1881Huene, Gerhard DULLE, MariaGRAVE, Johann EberhardRUMP, Elisabeth born BECKER---
HÜNE (Huene), Johann Heinrich13 Feb 186915 Feb 1869Huene, GerhardDULLE, MariaHuene, HeinrichDulle, Anna born HUNDSMANN---
HÜNE (Huene), Maria Elisabeth21 Nov 186622 Nov 1866Huene, Gerhard HeinrichDULLE, Maria AdelheidDulle, Bernard HeinrichHuene, Maria Elisabeth born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
HÜNE (Huene), Maria Elisabetha12 Oct 187013 Oct 1870Huene, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaLAMPEN, HeinrichHuene, Maria Elisabeth born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
HÜNE (Huene), Maria Regina24 Jan 187426 Jan 1874Huene, GerhardDULLE, MariaDulle, Heinrich JohannBECKER, Maria Elisabetha born HueneMarried Heinrich GEBHART in Trenton, IL 17 Aug 1909 (Groom's name from St Mary's records)
HÜNE (Huene), Maria Veronica11 Jul 187913 Jul 1879Huene, Gerhard DULLE, Maria AdelheidBECKER, HeinrichDulle, Theresia born WUEST---
HÜNE (Huene), Maria Wilhelmina07 Aug 187508 Aug 1875Huene, GerhardDULLE, Maria AdelheidDulle, GerhardRIBBING, Maria Wilhelmina born HÜNE (Huene)---
HÜNE (Huene), Peter Joseph30 Oct 187601 Nov 1876Huene, Gerhard HeinrichDULLE, Maria AdelheidHuene, Georg JosephGRAWE, Margaretha Elisabeth born Dulle---
HARENBURG, Catharina Josephina29 Nov 187701 Dec 1877Harenburg, Johann HeinrichLANGE, Maria CatharinaSCHUERMANN, HeinrichSTOFF, Catharina Josephina born SURMANN---
HARTÖBBEN (Hartoebben), Maria Anna07 Mar 184510 Mar 1845Hartoebben, JohannHAAR, Maria TheresiaKRUIP, Bernard H.Haar, Maria Angela---
HAUCAP, Anna Catharina10 Jan 185220 Jan 1852Haucap, FranzHEMAN, Catharina ElisabethHeman, FranzHeman, Anna Catharina---
HAUCAP, Elisabetha Carolina23 Sep 188124 Sep 1881Haucap, FranzVONDERHA, CarolinaHEMANN, FranzLEONARD, Anna born STOCKMANN---
HAUCAP, Franz25 Feb 188426 Feb 1884Haucap, ConradWEISSE, ElisabethHaucap, FranzLEONARD, Maria born JÜDEN (Jueden)Married Helena KORTE 27 Apr 1910 in Albers, IL
HAUCAP, Johann Conrad07 Apr 184916 Apr 1849Haucap, FranzHEMANN, Catharina ElisabethVORNHOLD, ConradELBES, Maria Elisabeth---
HAUKAP, Anna Carolina24 Jan 188325 Jan 1883Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANDT, AnnaJANSEN, LambertHaukap, Maria Carolina---
HAUKAP, Anna Catharina Gertrud16 Apr 188218 Apr 1882Haukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethHEMANN, Ferdinand FELDMANN, Gertrud---
HAUKAP, Anna Maria11 Jul 187413 Jul 1874Haucap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethHEMANN, HermanLeonard, Anna MariaLast name spelled Haucap in this entry
HAUKAP, Anna Maria07 Sep 187708 Sep 1877Haukap, Franz VON DER AHE, CarolinaHEMANN, HermanHaukap, Anna born SCHRANDT---
HAUKAP, Anna Maria25 Jul 187326 Jul 1873Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANT, Maria AnnaHEMANN, HermanSCHRANT, Angela born TAUBHORN---
HAUKAP, Anna Sophia08 Nov 188909 Nov 1889Haukap, HeinrichSCHRAND, AnnaWIEGERS, Johann FranzJANSEN, Maria Anna---
HAUKAP, Anna Wilhelmina13 Jul 187514 Jul 1875Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANT, AnnaHEMANN, Franz WilhelmHaukap, Maria---
HAUKAP, Bernard Heinrich28 Mar 188129 Mar 1881Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANT, AnnaMÜLLER (Mueller), TheodorHemann, Catharina Elisabeth born STUKENKEMPER---
HAUKAP, Bernard Henry20 Aug 190420 Aug 1904Haukap, Johann FrancisALBERS, Christina ElisabethHaukap, HeinrichAlbers, ChristinaBaptized at birth due to medical emergency
HAUKAP, Carolina Elisabetha01 Jan 187603 Jan 1876Haukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethLeonard, GeorgHaukap, Carolina born VON DER AHRMarried Clemens MAUE 12 Apr 1910
HAUKAP, Catharina Elisabeth 01 Oct 1813---HEMANN, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface 27 Dec 1834 with husband Franz Michael Haukap. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
HAUKAP, Catharina Elisabeth 16 Dec 184225 Dec 1842Haukap, F.HEEMANN, Catharina ElisabethLEONARD, EverhardWIEGERS, Catharina Maria---
HAUKAP, Catharina Elisabetha20 Mar 188521 Mar 1885Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANDT, AnnaHEMANN, Ferdinand HeinrichHaukap, Elisabeth born Haukap---
HAUKAP, Catharina Maria24 Sep 187926 Sep 1879Haukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethHEMANN, Franz WilhelmHIRTH, Maria born Leonard---
HAUKAP, Conrad13 Sep 187014 Sep 1870Haukap, Franz VON DER AA, CarolinaHaukap, Johann ConradJANSEN, Catharina Maria born HEMANN---
HAUKAP, Edward Heinrich01 Sep 187703 Sep 1877Haukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethLeonard, Edward HeinrichHEMANN, Catharine Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
HAUKAP, Elisabetha13 Dec 187114 Dec 1871Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANT, AnnaTAPPHORN, GerhardUSSELMANN, Elisabeth born HEMANN---
HAUKAP, Franz26 Nov 184029 Nov 1840Haukap, Franz HEMANN, Not ListedWIEGERS, FranzSOMMER, Maria ---
HAUKAP, Franz Heinrich06 Jul 187207 Jul 1872Haukap, Franz VON DER AA, CarolinaUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichHEMANN, Elisabeth Catharina born STUCKENKEMPER---
HAUKAP, Franz Michael10 Dec 1805---------------Came to St. Boniface 27 Dec 1834 with wife Catharina Elisabeth born Hemann. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
HAUKAP, George Alphonse24 Oct 190525 Oct 1905Haukap, ConradKREKE, Wilhelmina Christina (From Breese, IL)Kreke, Gerhard HeinrichHaukap, Anna born SCHRANDTConfirmed in Breese in 1921
HAUKAP, Heinrich30 May 186930 May 1869Haukap, Franz VON DER AA, CarolinaHaukap, HeinrichHemann, Catharina Elisabetha born BECKMANN---
HAUKAP, Heinrich Herman06 Apr 188606 Apr 1886Haukap, ConradLEONARD, ElisabethHaukap, HeinrichFELDHAUS, Christina born SPIEKER---
HAUKAP, Herman Aloysius20 Jun 190621 Jun 1906Haukap, Johann FrancisALBERS, ElisabethAlbers, HermanHaukap, WilhelminaMarried Hildegard Mary SCHENKELBERG 3 Feb 1931 at S S Heart church in Templeton, IA
HAUKAP, Johann Conrad03 Jul 187904 Jul 1879Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANT, AnnaHaukap, ConradLEONARD, Maria born STOCKMANN---
HAUKAP, Johann Ferdinand12 Apr 189213 Apr 1892Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANK, Anna (From Altenburg, Hanover)LEONARD, Johann FerdinandHEMANN, Christina born WOBBE---
HAUKAP, Johann Franz15 Apr 187718 Apr 1877Haukap, Herman HeinrichSCHRANT, AnnaHaukap, FranzHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
HAUKAP, Johann Heinrich22 Feb 1838---Haukap, Franz MichaelHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth------His parents came to St. Boniface in Dec 1834. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
HAUKAP, Joseph Ferdinand27 Jan 184531 Jan 1845Haukap, FranzHEEMANN, Catharina Maria BÖHNE (Boehne), FerdinandHeemann, ElisabethChild died
HAUKAP, Louisa Francisca04 Sep 188705 Sep 1887Haukap, HeinrichSCHRANDT, AnnaHUNDMANN, LambertTAPPEHORN, Louisa born LEUWEKAMPMarried Gerhard S. SCHOMAKER 29 Jan 1913
HAUKAP, Maria Angela31 Jul 185402 Aug 1854Haukap, Franz (Deceased)HEEMANN, ElisabethJANSEN, LambertSCHRADER, Maria Angela---
HAUKAP, Maria Caroline07 Sep 187409 Sep 1874Haucap, FranzVON DER AA, CarolinaLEONARD, EberhardHaucap, MariaLast name spelled Haucap in this entry
HAUKAUP, Joseph Anton30 Apr 1803---------------His birth year could be 1813. This entry is crossed out. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
HAVERMANN, Anna Christina04 Sep 188605 Sep 1886Havermann, HermanWELLING, MariaWelling, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria Christina born SCHONHOFF---
HAVERMANN, Euphemia Maria17 Jul 188818 Jul 1888Havermann, HermanWELLING, Anna MariaHOFF, Johann HeinrichWELLING, Euphemia Adelheid born KRUSE---
HAVERMANN, Philomena Maria20 Jan 189122 Jan 1891Havermann, Wilhelm (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)ALBES, Elisabeth (From Herzlake, Haselünne, Hanover)KORTE, HermanAlbes, Philomena born SCHRAGE---
HAVERMANN, Theodor Edward12 Apr 189513 Apr 1895Havermann, Wilhelm (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)ALBES, Elisabeth (From Herzlake, Hanover)ALBERS, TheodorHoff, Maria born HOLLENKAMP---
HECKENCAEMPER, Johann Bernard27 Oct 185001 Nov 1850Heckencaemper, HermanDINGWERT, Maria AnnaDingwerth, Johann ErnstGEISTOR, ElisabethCompare Hekenkemper
HECKENKEMPER, Elisabeth10 Apr 185911 Apr 1859Heckenkemper, HermanNEISEMEYER, Anna MariaMUSENBROCK, BernardNeisemeyer, Elisabeth---
HECKENKEMPER, Maria21 Dec 186024 Dec 1860Heckenkemper, Johann HermanNEISEMAYER, Anna M.SUDHOLT, Franz Mart.LIESER, Anna Maria---
HECKENKEMPER, Paulina21 May 185723 May 1857Heckenkemper, HermanNEISEMEIER, Anna MariaROSE, JacobHEINSMANN, Paulina---
HECKMANN, Anna Catharina23 Aug 188924 Aug 1889Heckmann, Heinrich (From Visbeck, Oldenburg)BECKMANN, AnnaHEMANN, Herman HeinrichBeckmann, Catharina born LINNEMANN---
HECKMANN, Carolina Catharina23 Oct 188724 Oct 1887Heckmann, HeinrichBECKMANN, AnnaTIMMERMANN, TheodorBeckmann, Carolina born GEERS---
HECKMANN, Clara Wilhelmina21 Apr 189222 Apr 1892Heckmann, Heinrich (From Visbeck, Oldenburg)BECKMANN, AnnaBeckmann, WilhelmHUNDMANN, Catharina born HEMANNMarried Armin (Herman) SANTEL 15 Nov 1911
HECKMANN, Franz Joseph28 Nov 188228 Nov 1882Heckmann, HeinrichBECKMANN, AnnaBeckmann, JosephSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria born MEYERMarried Elisabeth PICKEL born WINKLER 6 Apr 1926 in St Louis, MO
HECKMANN, Johann Leon05 Apr 189406 Apr 1894Heckmann, Heinrich (From Oldenburg, Germany)BECKMANN, AnnaBeckmann, JohannTIMMERMANN, Anna born HOECKELBERG---
HECKMANN, Maria Catharina19 Mar 188020 Mar 1880Heckmann, HeinrichBECKMANN, AnnaSCHROEDER, Franz HeinrichDEMKER, Maria born Beckmann---
HECKMANN, Maria Eugenia24 Apr 188525 Apr 1885Heckmann, HeinrichBECKMANN, AnnaDEMKER, HeinrichBeckmann, Maria born KREKE---
HEEMANN, Christophor Heinrich18 Jul 184420 Jul 1844Heemann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethHeemann, ChristophMEIER, Maria Agnes---
HEEMANN, Ferdinand05 Oct 185507 Oct 1855Heemann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethHeemann, FerdinandBeckmann, Thimothea---
HEEMANN, Franz Heinrich25 Sep 185627 Sep 1856Heemann, Franz WilhelmSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria Schroeder, Franz HeinrichJANSEN, Catharina Maria---
HEEMANN, Johann Heinrich30 Aug 184204 Sep 1842Heemann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethHemann, Johann H.SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria Child died
HEEMANN, Maria Anna06 Feb 184408 Feb 1844Heemann, FriederichKLEIN SIEBENBURGEN, Maria ElisabethHAUKAP, FranzOTKEN, Maria CatharinaCompare Hemann
HEEMANN, Maria Catharina---21 Nov 1841Heemann, FriederichKLEIN SIEBENBURGEN, Maria ElisabethBÖHNE (Boehne), FerdinandHAUKAP, Catharina ElisabethChild died
HEET, Anna Helena Aurelia25 Jun 189625 Jun 1896Heet, Herman (From Holland)JANSEN, JosephinaJansen, HenrichHeet, HelenaThis entry is out of sequence; appears after Apr 1897
HEET, Cecelia Elisabeth21 Apr 190022 Apr 1900Heet, Herman (From Holland)JANSEN, JosephinaHeet, Johann BernardJansen, Elisabeth---
HEET, Christina Adelheid30 Jun 189801 Jul 1898Heet, Gerhard Lambert (From Hanover, Germany)VON OMMEN, Maria Adelheid (From Holland)BRUNS, Herman HeinrichBÄR (Baer), Euphemia born Heet---
HEET, Eleanore Anna20 Mar 189822 Mar 1898Heet, Herman (From Twist, Germany)JANSEN, JosephinaHeet, Johann GerhardROLFES, Anna---
HEGEL, Anna Christina27 Aug 187331 Aug 1873Hegel, Johann AlbertWINKLER, Anna ChristinaBÖTTRING (Boettring), Herman BernardWinkler, Anna Christina born WELLEN---
HEGEL, Anna Margareta09 Jun 188210 Jun 1882Hegel, AlbertWINKLER, Anna ChristinaKRULL, Bernard for Albert WinklerWinkler, Margareta---
HEGEL, Anna Maria23 Dec 187823 Dec 1878Hegel, AlbertWINKLER, AnnaHEMANN, HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Margaretha Agnes born OVER---
HEGEL, Catharina06 Mar 187609 Mar 1876Hegel, AlbertWINKELER, Anna ChristinaWinkeler, BernardROTERING, Catharina born GERLING---
HEGENKEMPER, Catharina Elisabeth22 Oct 186401 Nov 1864Hegenkemper, HermanNot Listed, MariaDITZ, AntonBRÜNKMANN (Bruenkmann), ElisabethCompare Heckenkemper
HEHEMANN, Johann Ferdinand06 Nov 1803---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1834 with his wife Maria Elisabeth born Klein Siebenburgen. Recorded on first page of 1847 record book.
HEHEMANN, Maria Elisabeth17 May 1814---KLEIN SIEBENBURGEN, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1834 with her husband Johann Ferdinand Hehemann. Recorded on first page of 1847 record book.
HEIDEMANN, Aloysius Theodor21 Jan 190521 Jan 1905Heidemann, August (From Breese, IL)NIEBUR, MariaHeidemann, TheodorEVERSGERD, Maria born WILKENMarried Joanna HAAKE 21 May 1930 St Margaretha St Louis, MO
HEIDEMANN, Anna Elisabeth15 Jan 185818 Jan 1858Heidemann, Theodor HeinrichJOHNS, MariaDONNE, RobertVACHTEL, Elisabeth---
HEIDEMANN, August26 Sep 187126 Sep 1871Heidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaHESSE, AugustTIMPER, Maria Elisabetha born KLATTE---
HEIDEMANN, Edward Heinrich13 Oct 190214 Oct 1902Heidemann, August NIEBUR, MariaHeidemann, HeinrichNiebur, Maria---
HEIDEMANN, Francis Joseph09 Jul 190610 Jul 1906Heidemann, August (From Breese, IL)NIEBUR, MariaHeidemann, FrancisNiebur, Rosa---
HEIDEMANN, Gerhard Heinrich13 Aug 185115 Aug 1851Heidemann, Theodor HeinrichSCHLARMAN, Maria ElisabethSchlarman, HeinrichWOTMAN, Catharina---
HEIDEMANN, Herman Heinrich25 Jul 184927 Jul 1849Heidemann, Theodor HeinrichSCHLAMANN, Maria ElisabethHEIDEMANN, Herman HeinrichSchlamann, Maria ElisabethCompare Heitmann.
HEIDEMANN, Hildegard Anna10 Dec 190512 Dec 1905Heidemann, Francis (From Breese, IL)BOENHOFF, Rosa (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, AugustRICHTER, Anna born BoenhoffMarried Lawrence DIERKES 11 Jan 1934 in Belleville, IL
HEIDEMANN, Laura Catharina13 Mar 190415 Mar 1904Heidemann, Francis (From Breese, IL)BOENHOFF, Rosa (From St. Rose, IL)Heidemann, TheodorBoenhoff, Catharina---
HEIDEMANN, Leo Heinrich17 Nov 190218 Nov 1902Heidemann, HeinrichKOHLBRECHER, ChristineKohlbrecher, HeinrichHOLTGREVE, Elisabeth---
HEIDEMANN, Maria Elizabeth24 Jul 189725 Jul 1897Heidemann, Theodor DIESTEL, WilhelminaFILDEROERT, AntonHeidemann, Maria born JONESMarried Victor BAUMANN (non-Baptized) 30 Apr 1927 at St Augustin in St Louis, MO
HEIDEMANN, Regina Maria Katharina14 Jun 190416 Jun 1904Heidemann, Theodor (From Breese, IL)DIESTEL, Wilhelmina (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, August for Herman WILKENEVERSGERD, Maria for Katharina Wilken---
HEIDEMANN, Theodor Gerhard11 Apr 185416 Apr 1854Heidemann, Theodor HeinrichSCHLARMANN, Maria ElisabethHeidemann, GerhardSchlarmann, Maria Angela---
HEIDEMANN, Theodor Heinrich02 Mar 189104 Mar 1891Heidemann, Theodor (From Breese, IL)DIESTEL, Wilhelmina Gesina (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, HeinrichDiestel, Theresia born MAUEMarried Sophia Christina FRERKER 9 Nov 1915
HEIDEMANN, Theodor Herman22 Dec 189223 Dec 1892Heidemann, Theodor (From Breese, IL)DIESTEL, Wilhelmina Heidemann, HermanHeidemann, Maria born JONESMarried Dora KORTE 9 Sep 1919
HEIDEMANN, Verena Helena09 Nov 190110 Nov 1901Heidemann, TheodorDIESTEL, WilhelminaWILKEN, HeinrichNEFF, Philomena born HeidemannMarried Perry POINTER 3 Jun 1924 in St Augustin in St Louis, MO
HEIDEMANN, Wilhelmina Theresia26 Mar 189527 Mar 1895Heidemann, Theodor (From Breese, IL)DIESTEL, Wilhelmina Gesina NEFF, PeterDiestel, Theresia Anna Maria born MAUE---
HEIDGERS, Herman BernardNov 186313 Nov 1863Heidgers, Johann HeinrichSCHMACKER, ThekelaFORK, Johann Bernard BUSCHMANN, CarolinaBirth date hidden; page folded.
HEIDMANN, Maria Elisabeth17 Nov 184622 Nov 1846Heidmann, TheodorSCHLAERMANN, Maria ElisabethSchlaermann, GerhardHeidemann, Maria Anna---
HEIDMANN, Wilhelm18 Aug 185019 Aug 1850Heidmann, HermanHENNERGES, AgnesTIMMERMANN, WilhelmTHEISING, Maria ---
HEIER, Heinrich Paul18 Mar 189318 Mar 1893Heier, Edmund (From Mason County, IL)OLTMANN, Carolina (From Dortmund, Oldenburg)SCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichHeier, Paulina Francisca---
HEIER, Maria Paulina20 Feb 189621 Feb 1896Heier, Edmund OLTMANN, Maria (From Bösel, Oldenburg)WILKEN, WilhelmHeier, Maria---
HEIMAN, Martin31 Oct 185001 Nov 1850Heiman, BernardNot Listed, Anna CatharinaEILERING, Johann HermanMENGEN, Margaretha Adelheid---
HEIMANN, Bernard Heinrich31 Jul 184101 Aug 1841Heimann, Bernard HeinrichMENKEN, Catharina AdelheidSANTEL, Herman HeinrichWELLEN, Maria Gesina---
HEIMANN, Elisabeth---18 Jan 1847Heimann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethBeckmann, JohannELMES, Elisabeth---
HEIMANN, Johann Heinrich01 Jun 184304 Jun 1843Heimann, Bernard HeinrichMENKEN, Catharina AdelheidSANTEL, HeinrichSantel, Maria AdelheidChild died
HEIMANN, Maria Catharina12 Nov 186013 Nov 1860Heimann, Bernard HeinrichWELLEN, Maria CatharinaHeimann, Johann BernardLÜBERS (Luebers), Maria Gesina---
HEIMANN, Timothy19 Dec 184722 Dec 1847Heimann, Bernard HeinrichMENSEN, Catharina AdelheidSANDEL, JohannEILRING, MariaCompare Menken
HEINLEIN, Theodor Harvey Aloysius25 Dec 189826 Nov 1899Heinlein, Frederick (Non-Catholic from Herman, MO)LAUER, Paulina (From Herman, MO)TREUTLEIN, TheodorHALLERMANN, Maria---
HEINRICH, A. Maria---20 Jan 1847Heinrich, JohannWENDEL, MagdalenaBENZEN, FranzSANDEL, Catharina---
HEINSMAN, Carolina23 Mar 185230 May 1852Heinsman, Philipp JacobFELLHAUER, PaulinaHART, MartinHart, Carolina (Mrs. Martin)---
HEINSMAN, Heinrich29 Dec 185102 May 1852Heinsman, AugustFRAEVELE, AnnaREDLER, GeorgRedler, Maria Josephina (Mrs. Georg)---
HEINSMAN, Martin26 Oct 185019 Mar 1851Heinsman, JacobFELLHAUER, PaulinaHATT, MartinHatt, Carolina (Mrs. Martin)Compare Heinzmann
HEINSMANN, Maria Catharina12 Jun 185409 Jul 1854Heinsmann, Philipp JacobFELDHAUER, PaulinaHART, MartinKLATZE, Josephina---
HEINZMANN, Anna Francisca24 May 185825 Jul 1858Heinzmann, OswaldGRIESBAUM, Maria AnnaRÖDLER (Roedler), JohannGriesbaum, Friederica---
HEINZMANN, Anna Maria30 May 185801 Jun 1858Heinzmann, Th. JacobFELLHAUER, PaulinaGEISTOR, BernardHECKENKEMPER, Anna Maria---
HEINZMANN, Johann Herman06 Apr 186007 Apr 1860Heinzmann, Philipp JacobFELLHAUER, PaulinaHECKENKEMPER, Johann HermanNOTHAUS, Anna Maria---
HEINZMANN, Maria Christina06 Oct 184717 Oct 1847Heinzmann, Philipp JacobFELLHAUER, PaulinaRÖDLER (Roedler), GeorgRoedler, Maria JosephinaChild died 22 Nov 1847
HEITGERS, Anna Maria09 Sep 186809 Sep 1868Heitgers, HermanSCHOEMACHER, TheclaSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), Franz Wilhelm HermanSuetfeld, Maria born MEIER---
HEITMANN, Anna Maria18 May 184920 May 1849Heitmann, HeinrichJANSEN, Maria GesinaHeitmann, HermanKRIEGER, Anna Helena---
HEITMANN, Bernard Heinrich10 Jun 185520 Jun 1855Heitmann, HermanHENRICKS, AgnesECKELMANN, BernardGERVERSMANN, Catharina---
HEITMANN, Heinrich---07 Apr 1847Heitmann, HeinrichNot Listed, Maria GesinaDEIMANN, HeinrichJANSEN, Maria Helena---
HEITMANN, Herman Clement20 Dec 185214 Jan 1853Heitmann, HermanHENRICKS, AgnesTESING, ClemensESS, Maria ---
HEKENKEMPER, Catharina09 Apr 185511 Apr 1855Hekenkemper, Johann HermanNEISEMEIER, MariaGEISTOR, BernardKNÜVER (Knuever), CatharinaCompare Heckenkemper
HELLMANN, Anna Francisca15 Feb 189115 Feb 1891Hellmann, AlbertWIEBERG, Anna (From Mary's County, MO)WINKLER, JohannLISCHWI, Francisca born WiebergMarried Gerhard RAKERS 9 Apr 1913 in St. Rose, IL
HELLMANN, Gertrud Catharina16 Jul 189517 Jul 1895Hellmann, AlbertWIEBERG, Maria Anna (From Germany)GESTENKOERS, GeorgHellmann, Gertrud born LEONARDMarried Bernard RAKERS 13 Apr 1915 in St. Rose, IL
HELLMANN, Johann Albert19 Mar 185620 Mar 1856Hellmann, Johann HeinrichAPKEN, ElisabethApken, Johann AlbertHellmann, Maria Elisabeth---
HELLMANN, Johann Bernard Herman04 Oct 189405 Oct 1894Hellmann, Johann WilhelmLEONARD, GertrudeHellmann, Johann Albert HermanLeonard, Maria H.---
HELLMANN, Johann Heinrich23 Feb 188923 Feb 1889Hellmann, Johann AlbertWIEBER, Anna Maria (From Osage, MO)Hellmann, HeinrichHellmann, Gertrud born LEONARDMarried Elisabeth OTTENSMEIER 25 Jan 1921in St. Rose, IL
HELLMANN, Johann Wilhelm16 Oct 185217 Oct 1852Hellmann, Johann HeinrichAPKEN, Margaretha ElisabethRICHTER, Johann WilhelmTEISING, Helena Maria---
HELLMANN, Josephina Elisabetha08 May 187910 May 1879Hellmann, WilhelmLEONARD, GertrudALTEPETER, HeinrichLeonard, Elisabeth born POHLMANN---
HELLMANN, Maria Anna18 Mar 189318 Mar 1893Hellmann, AlbertWIEBERG, Anna Maria (From Osage County, MO)Wieberg, AntonHellmann, Maria Anna born SCHONEFELD---
HELLMANN, Maria Elisabeth30 Jan 188130 Jan 1881Hellmann, Johann WilhelmLEONARD, GertrudLeonard, FerdinandHellmann, Margaretha Elisabeth born AAPKEN---
HELLMANN, Maria Josephina10 Jan 188711 Jan 1887Hellmann, AlbertWIEBERG, Anna MariaALTEPETER, HeinrichBRUNE, Josephina for Maria HEMANN born WEBERMarried Theodor KNIEPMANN 13 Apr 19__ in St. Rose, IL
HELLMANN, Theodor19 Jan 185019 Jan 1850Hellmann, HeinrichABGEN, Margaretha ElisabethHORCHELER, TheodorALBERS, Gesina Maria---
HELMANN, Gerhard Heinrich01 Jan 184402 Jan 1844Helmann, G. H.ABKEN, Maria ElisabethAbken, Gerhard HeinrichGÖDDEN (Goedden), Anna Maria---
HELMES, Anna Adelheid26 Jun 186028 Jun 1860Helmes, Johann HermanFELDMANN, MargarethaFeldmann, Gerhard HermanESS, Anna Adelheid---
HELMES, Anna Maria17 Sep 184818 Sep 1848Helmes, HeinrichOFENS, Anna ElisabethHERMES, Gerhard BernardOfens, Anna Maria---
HELMES, Anna Maria21 Mar 186023 Mar 1860Helmes, Johann BernardGERDES, Anna MargarethaESS, Herman BernardGerdes, Adelheid---
HEMANN, Alex Clement Sylvester30 Dec 190531 Dec 1905Hemann, Francis MeinulfBLOMS, Maria Gertrud (From Staat Kanal, Holland)Heman, ClemensHemann, Catharina---
HEMANN, Aloysius09 Apr 190209 Apr 1902Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, Margaret---WESSEL, Louisa---
HEMANN, Alphonse Henry05 Oct 190405 Oct 1904Hemann, BernardALBERS, Elisabeth (From Herzlake, Germany)Hemann, HenryKOHRMANN, Maria Anna born ROLWES---
HEMANN, Alvina Maria20 Nov 190520 Nov 1905Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargaretHemann, BernardMaue, Maria born GEERS---
HEMANN, Anna Christina30 Sep 187001 Oct 1870Hemann, FranzSTUKENKEMPER, ElisabethaKLEINEKORTE, PhilippHemann, Anna Christina born WOBBE---
HEMANN, Anna Margaretha05 Dec 188006 Dec 1880Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargarethaHemann, FranzMaue, Margaretha born BEKERMarried J. KROEN 22 Aug 1923 in St. Henry; St. Louis, MO. (Widow Harol Earl Reinhardt?)
HEMANN, Anna Margaretha01 Jan 186102 Jan 1861Hemann, Johann BernardBERENSEN, Anna MariaHemann, Bernard HeinrichBerensen, Margaretha---
HEMANN, Anna Maria03 Mar 185805 Mar 1858Hemann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethJANSEN, LambertHemann, Maria---
HEMANN, Bernard Heinrich09 Apr 186210 Apr 1862Hemann, FerdinandWOBBE, Anna ChristinaWOBBE, Herman BernardBECKMANN, Catharina Elisabeth---
HEMANN, Bernard Heinrich (Twin)23 Feb 189923 Feb 1899Hemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaHemann, HeinrichAltgilbers, Catharina---
HEMANN, Caspar Heinrich13 Mar 186214 Mar 1862Hemann, FranzSTUKENKEMPER, ElisabethStukenkemper, CasparHemann, Elisabeth---
HEMANN, Caspar Johann Claud11 Mar 190112 Mar 1901Hemann, MeinulphBLOWS, Maria (From Minnesota)GRAMANN, Johann for Caspar Johann BlowsHemann, Anna born DANIELMarried Josephina CAPISKY 17 Aug 1934 in Old Cathedral St Louis, MO
HEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth10 May 189111 May 1891Hemann, ClementeDANIEL, Anna MariaKNIEPMANN, HeinrichHemann, Catharina Elisabeth born STUCKENKEMPERMarried Otto Johann LAGNET 30 Nov 1911 in St. George in New Baden, IL
HEMANN, Catharina Elisabetha04 Oct 186804 Oct 1868Hemann, FranzSTUKENKEMPER, Catharina ElisabethaSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), GerhardHemann, Catharina Elisabetha born BECKMANN---
HEMANN, Catharina Francisca29 Dec 187530 Dec 1875Hemann, FranzSTUKENKEMPER, ElisabethaMOLITOR, FranzHUENTMANN, Catharina born HemannMarried Wilhelm BELT from Marion, CA? 1 Jul 1908
HEMANN, Catharina Margaret12 May 188813 May 1888Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargarethaHemann, Heinrich HermanHUNDMANN, Catharina born Hemann---
HEMANN, Cecelia Christina22 Nov 189823 Nov 1898Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargaretHAUKAP, FrancisMaue, Christina born ROLFESMarried William John RICKERT 31 May 1922 at St George in New Baden, IL
HEMANN, Christina Bernardina10 Sep 190010 Sep 1900Hemann, HermanKAHRHOFF, Maria ROBBEN, HermanHemann, Christina born WOBBE---
HEMANN, Edward Herman05 Feb 189305 Feb 1893Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargaretHemann, Francis HermanHAVERMANN, Elisabeth born ALBERSMarried Helena CINKUS 14 Oct 1914 in New Baden, IL
HEMANN, Elisabeth Catharina21 Oct 188222 Oct 1882Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargarethaMAUEN, JosephHemann, Elisabeth---
HEMANN, Ferdinand Edward10 Jul 189811 Jul 1898Hemann, Herman HeinrichKAHRHOFF, Anna MariaHemann, Ferdinand HeinrichTHÖLE (Thoele), Elizabeth born FRERKER---
HEMANN, Ferdinand Heinrich27 Mar 189227 Mar 1892Hemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaHemann, FerdinandOSTENDORF, Margaret born EILERSMarried Catharina Bernardina HAGEN Oct 1916
HEMANN, Francis Joseph21 May 189422 May 1894Hemann, ClementeDANIEL, Anna MariaHemann, FrancisKNIEPMANN, Maria born Daniel---
HEMANN, Francisca Christina Cecelia02 Jan 189802 Jan 1898Hemann, ClementeDANIEL, AnnaHAUKAP, FrancisMEIER, Christina born Daniel---
HEMANN, Franz Ferdinand30 Jul 188731 Jul 1887Hemann, Franz HermanWEBER, Anna MariaHemann, FerdinandWeber, Anna born KRAKE---
HEMANN, Franz Heinrich17 Sep 185019 Sep 1850Hemann, HermanBECKMANN, Catharina ElisabethSCHROODER, Franz HeinrichROLFES, Anna Maria---
HEMANN, Franz Meinulf12 Mar 187313 Mar 1873Hemann, FranzSTUKENKEMPER, ElisabethaSchroeder, Franz HeinrichSUDFELD, Maria born MEIER---
HEMANN, Heinrich Conrad19 Oct 186022 Oct 1860Hemann, HermanBECKMANN, ElisabethMAYER, Heinrich ConradHemann, Maria---
HEMANN, Heinrich Ferdinand10 Dec 186912 Dec 1869Hemann, Heinrich FerdinandWOBBE, Anna ChristinaWobbe, Johann HeinrichHemann, Catharina Elisabetha born STUCKENKEMPERMarried Anna LANZENHORST 29 Jan 1913 in Bartelso, IL & Catharina Maria NIEHENKE (from Carlyle, IL) on 24 Nov 1915
HEMANN, Heinrich Herman16 Oct 188316 Oct 1883Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargarethaHemann, HermanWIEGERS, Christina born KALL---
HEMANN, Henry Gerhard03 May 190403 May 1904Hemann, HermannKAHRHOFF, MariaKahrhoff, HeinrichHemann, Elisabeth ---
HEMANN, Herman03 Jul 184005 Jul 1840Hemann, HermanBECKMANN, Catharina MariaBeckmann, Franz ConradWIEGERS, CatharinaChild is 2 days old.
HEMANN, Herman Heinrich05 Apr 187606 Apr 1876Hemann, Franz HermanWEBER, MariaHemann, HermanHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Maria born OTTKEMarried Maria BRUNS 9 Sep 1908
HEMANN, Herman Heinrich06 Jul 189307 Jul 1893Hemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaAltgilbers, Herman HeinrichHemann, Catharina Elisabeth born BECKMANNMarried Cecelia Eva HAGEN 26 Nov 1919; Gladys MONTEITH 10 Aug 1957 in Breese, IL
HEMANN, Herman Heinrich15 Mar 186518 Mar 1865Hemann, Ferdinand HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHemann, HermanWIELER, Elisabeth---
HEMANN, Herman Leon18 Mar 189619 Mar 1896Hemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaHemann, HermanAltgilbers, AnnaMarried Francisca Maria VOSS 25 Jan 1922 in Breese, IL
HEMANN, Infant16 Feb 185318 Feb 1853Hemann, HermanBECKMANN, Catharina ElisabethHemann, FranzBeckmann, Thimothea---
HEMANN, Johann Clemens17 Feb 188617 Feb 1886Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargarethaMaue, Johann ClemensHemann, Catharina ElisabethMarried __ DIERKER from Lively Grove, IL 29 Jul 1908
HEMANN, Johann Clemens14 Jan 186615 Jan 1866Hemann, FranzSTUKENKEMPER, ElisabethFOPPE, ClemensDUMBECK, Maria Carolina born MERSCHER---
HEMANN, Johann Heinrich05 Nov 189506 Nov 1895Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargaretMaue, Johann HeinrichHemann, Anna MariaMarried Cecelia HARPSTREITH 27 Feb 1924 at St. George Church in New Baden, IL
HEMANN, Johann Herman21 Nov 187822 Nov 1878Hemann, Franz WilhelmSTUKENKEMPER, ElisabethaHemann, Herman HeinrichJANSSEN, Maria Anna born LENGERS---
HEMANN, Johann Leon12 Aug 189513 Aug 1895Hemann, ClementeDANIEL, AnnaDaniel, JohannGRAMANN, Elisabeth born Hemann---
HEMANN, Johann Theodor20 Mar 188121 Mar 1881Hemann, Franz HermanWEBER, MariaWeber, TheodorHemann, Catharina Elisabeth born STUKENKEMPERMarried Anna Maria BRUNS 17 Apr 1912
HEMANN, Joseph Francis (Twin)23 Feb 189923 Feb 1899Hemann, BernardALTGILBERS, MariaAltgilbers, JosephWOBBE, Christina---
HEMANN, Joseph Heinrich31 Oct 186302 Nov 1863Hemann, HermanBECKMANN, Maria ElisabethBeckmann, JosephSTUCKENKEMPER, Catharina Elisabeth---
HEMANN, Katharina Elisabeth28 Aug 187429 Aug 1874Hemann, Franz HermanWEBER, Anna MariaWEBER, TheodorHemann, Katharine Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
HEMANN, Maria26 Sep 183906 Oct 1839Hemann, FriederichSIEBENBURGEN, AnnaHemann, HeinrichSOMMER, Maria Anna Compare Heemann
HEMANN, Maria Clara07 Feb 188908 Feb 1889Hemann, ClementeDANIEL, Anna MariaHemann, Ferdinand HeinrichDaniel, Maria Anna born GERLING---
HEMANN, Maria Clementine Gertrude08 Nov 190308 Nov 1903Hemann, Francis MeinulfBLOMS, Maria Gertrud (From Stroot Kanal, Holland)Hemann, Llammers JohannBloms ?, Maria Gertrude ---
HEMANN, Maria Elisabeth16 Feb 188416 Feb 1884Hemann, Franz HermanWEBER, Anna MariaHUNDMANN, LambertRITTERHOLZ, Maria Elisabeth born Weber---
HEMANN, Maria Engel13 Nov 185914 Nov 1859Hemann, FranzSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), MariaHemann, HermanSchroeder, Maria Engel---
HEMANN, Maria Louisa06 Mar 186407 Mar 1864Hemann, FranzSTUCKENCAMPER, ElisabethJANSSEN, LambertStuckencamper, Maria LouisaChild died 30 Jan 1865
HEMANN, Wilhelm August14 Sep 189014 Sep 1890Hemann, FerdinandMAUE, MargarethaMaue, Clemens AugustTIMPER, Catharina Elisabeth born HUNDMANNMarried Hedwiga NAGELE 16 Oct 1912 in New Baden, IL
HEMELGARN, Heinrich Clemens03 Nov 187403 Nov 1874Hemelgarn, Bernard TheodorSTERNBERG, JosephineMAUE, ClemensTHEISSING, Maria born WEMPE---
HEMKER, Francisca Katharina17 Oct 190519 Oct 1905Hemker, Bernard (From Thüne, Hanover, Germany)FRERKER, SophiaLANGENHORST, HeinrichFrerker, Katharina---
HEMME, Herman Bernard13 Jul 187214 Jul 1872Hemme, Johann BernardTHIEN, Anna MargarethaThien, Johann BernardHILMES, Anna Margaretha born GERDES---
HEMMELGARDEN, Helena Maria29 Aug 187830 Aug 1878Hemmelgarden, Bernard TheodorSTERNBERG, Maria Catharina JosephinaRÖBKE (Roebke), Johann HermanSIEFERS, Helena Maria born MAUE---
HEMMELGAREN, Anna Gesina07 Aug 186309 Aug 1863Hemmelgaren, Johann BernardKALL, Anna ChristinaMAUE, Johann ClemensMaue, Anna GesinaCompare Hemmelgarn
HEMMELGARN, Bernard Theodor28 Dec 188028 Dec 1880Hemmelgarn, TheodorSTERNBERG, Maria SIEVERS, HeinrichWIEGERS, Christina born KALL---
HEMMELGARN, Carolina Josephina22 Dec 186723 Dec 1867Hemmelgarn, Johann BernardKALL, Anna ChristinaHemmelgarn, Bernard TheodorKOLKER, Margaretha Carolina born Kall---
HEMMELGARN, Heinrich August25 Nov 187025 Nov 1870Hemmelgarn, Bernard TheodorSTERNBERG, Maria Catharina JosephinaHemmelgarn, Johann HeinrichRAUSE, Maria Theresia born KAULING---
HEMMELGARN, Heinrich August15 Jun 187016 Jun 1870Hemmelgarn, BernardKALL, ChristinaHemmelgarn, Johann HeinrichTHEISSING, Maria Elisabeth---
HEMMELGARN, Herman Heinrich05 Mar 187707 Mar 1877Hemmelgarn, Bernard TheodorSTERNBERG, Maria Catharina JosephineMAUE, HeinrichMaue, Margaretha Adelheid born BECKER---
HEMMELGARN, Johann Bernard26 Apr 186226 Apr 1862Hemmelgarn, Johann BernardKAL, Anna ChristinaTHEISING, BernardMERSCHER, Maria Carolina---
HEMMELGARN, Maria Anna25 Feb 187226 Feb 1872Hemmelgarn, Bernard TheodorSTERNBERG, Maria Catharina MAUE, Johann ClemensHemmelgarn, Anna Gesina born Maue---
HEMMEN, Anna Maria31 Jan 187402 Feb 1874Hemmen, Johann BernardTHIEN, MargarethaRIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichThien, Anna Maria born KORTE---
HEMMEN, Johann Bernard27 Aug 187028 Aug 1870Hemmen, Johann BernardTHIEN, Anna MargarethaHILMES, Johann BernardThien, Maria Anna---
HEMPE, Wilhelmina14 Jan 188116 Jan 1881Hempe, HeinrichHERMANN, CatharinaHUBERT, LorenzHubert, Wilhelmina born KRAUSCompare Hempen
HEMPEN, Anna Maria Catharina22 Oct 188222 Oct 1882Hempen, HeinrichHERMANN, CatharinaBOEVING, HeinrichDEERHACKE, Anna---
HEMPEN, Catharina Margaretha24 May 187525 May 1875Hempen, HeinrichHERMANN, CatharinaSPETH, DanielHONKAMP, Catharina born HECHT---
HEMPEN, Franz Herman Heinrich08 Jun 187708 Jun 1877Hempen, HeinrichHERMANN, CatharinaSPREHE, Franz Herman HeinrichHARENBURG, Maria born LANGE---
HEMPEN, Heinrich Anton05 Oct 187306 Oct 1873Hempen, HeinrichHERRMANN, CatharinaHONKAMP, AntonHECHT, Catharina---
HEMPEN, Johann Heinrich25 Feb 187926 Feb 1879Hempen, Johann HeinrichHERMANN, CatharinaHARENBURG, Johann HeinrichSPREHE, Sophia Elisabeth born VORNHOLT---
HEMPEN, Leo Conrad06 May 188507 May 1885Hempen, HeinrichHERMAN, CatharinaMETZER, LeoBACK, Mathilda born SCHMELER---
HEMPEN, Mathilda Cecelia02 Sep 188704 Sep 1887Hempen, HeinrichHERMAN, CatharinaOTTKE, HermanMETZGER, Maria born SCHMÖLE (Schmoele)Married Bernard STRAKE Sep 1908 in St Dom in Breese, IL
HENKEN, Anna Maria09 Sep 186212 Sep 1862Henken, WilhelmRISAU, Maria HelenaWILKEN, Herman WilhelmWIEGMANN, Anna Maria---
HENKEN, Gerhard Heinrich George16 Dec 187618 Dec 1876Henken, Johann BernardBROCKMANN, Maria HelenaHUSSMANN, GerhardLAMMERS, Theresia born VOSKOERS---
HENKEN, Herman Heinrich06 Feb 187307 Feb 1873Henken, Johann BernardBROCKMANN, Maria HelenaJUNCKER, HeinrichJuncker, Elisabeth born ROTHENBURGER---
HENKEN, Johann Bernard04 Sep 187007 Sep 1870Henken, Johann BernardBROCKMANN, Maria HelenaRÖTTERING (Roettering), Herman BernardBrockmann, Theresia---
HENKEN, Johann Norbert06 Jun 187408 Jun 1874Henken, Johann BernardBROCKMANN, Maria HelenaROHR, Johann Rohr, Maria Anna born BROCKMANN---
HENKEN, Maria Antonia29 Aug 190329 Aug 1903Henken, GerhardTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTimmermann, HeinrichTimmermann, Antonia---
HENKEN, Maria Helena03 Jul 190504 Jul 1905Henken, GerhardTIMMERMANN, Bernardina (From Breese, IL)Henken, John BernardHenken, Maria Helena---
HENKEN, Maria Helena19 Apr 188321 Apr 1883Henken, Johann BernardBROCKMANN, Maria HelenaSCHAEFER, NicolausROHR, Maria Helena ---
HENNIG, Johann Bernard Heinrich10 May 185811 May 1858Hennig, JohannDUST, Maria AdelaisDust, Bernard HeinrichWELLING, Wilhelmina---
HENNING, Herman Isador12 Mar 185714 Mar 1857Henning, JohannDUST, Maria AdelheidDust, Herman BernardHALLERMANN, Anna---
HENSCHEL, Anna Margaretha20 Nov 187121 Nov 1871Henschel, WilhelmHERZOG, CatharinaHESS, AugustHerzog, Margaretha---
HENSCHEL, CatharinaFeb 186911 Feb 1869Henschel, WilhelmHERZOG, CatharinaHerzog, Georg TheoboldHONKOMP, Catharina born HECHTBirth date is a guess; page torn.
HENSCHEL, Georg03 Feb 186705 Feb 1867Henschel, WilhelmHERZOG, CatharinaHerzog, Georg TheobaldHerzog, Margaretha---
HENTSCHEL, Maria Franziska27 Sep 186429 Sep 1864Hentschel, WilhelmNot Listed, CatharinaHAUKAMP, AntonSCHMIT, Maria Eva---
HENTSCHEN, Georg (Twin)19 May 186201 Jun 1862Hentschen, WilhelmHERZOG, CatharinaFÖRSTER (Foerster), MichaelSTEINER, Anna M.---
HENTSCHEN, Michael (Twin)19 May 186201 Jun 1862Hentschen, WilhelmHERZOG, CatharinaFÖRSTER (Foerster), MichaelSTEINER, Anna M.---
HERBSTREIT, Johann14 Aug 185111 Apr 1852Herbstreit, AntonOBMEIER, CatharinaHerbstreit, EdwardROEMER, Carolina---
HERBSTREIT, Maria18 Sep 185704 Apr 1858Herbstreit, AntonOPMEYER, CatharinaHALL, MartinBUB, ClaraBaptized same day as Carl Kuhner
HERMELING, Anna04 Mar 188906 Mar 1889Hermeling, Wilhelm (From Herzlake, Amt Meppen, Hanover)RIPPERDA, MariaKNIEPMANN, TheodorWEIER, Anna born RipperdaMarried August LINNEMANN 28 Apr 1909
HERMELING, Bernard Frederick15 Sep 188415 Sep 1884Hermeling, WilhelmRIPPERDAA, Maria AdelheidRipperdaa, Bernard HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Anna born Hermeling---
HERMELING, Gerhard Heinrich24 Oct 188025 Oct 1880Hermeling, Johann WilhelmRIPPERDAA, MariaKNIEPMANN, Gerhard HeinrichRipperdaa, Adelheid born FELDMANNMarried Eleonora MASTERSON in Altoho, KS
HERMELING, Herman Heinrich22 Jan 188323 Jan 1883Hermeling, WilhelmRIPPERDAA, Maria AnnaHermeling, HeinrichRipperdaa, Maria Catharina---
HERMELING, Johann Wilhelm15 Dec 189316 Dec 1893Hermeling, Wilhelm (From Herzlake, Hanover)RIPPERDA, MariaRipperda, BernardKNIEPMANN, Maria born DANIEL---
HERMELING, Josephina04 Jan 188706 Jan 1887Hermeling, WilhelmRIPPERDA, MariaKNIEPMANN, HeinrichRipperda, Helena Adelheid born MEMANN---
HERMELING, Margaret17 Feb 189118 Feb 1891Hermeling, Wilhelm (From Herzlake, Haselünne, Hanover)RIPPERDA, MariaWOBBE, BernardKORTE, Margaret born Ripperda---
HERMES, Bernard Joseph05 Nov 184719 Nov 1847Hermes, BernardESS, Anna AdelheidHermes, BernardRIBBERDA, M.---
HERMES, Elisabeth---20 Jan 1847Hermes, PeterFICKER, AnnaKOERSTERS, ChristophALBERS, Tecla---
HERMES, Gerhard Mathais14 Mar 184319 Mar 1843Hermes, B.KÜTER (Kueter), Anna MariaKRUIP, MathiasLAMPE, CatharinaChild died
HERZLER, Johann21 Dec 189523 Dec 1895Herzler, Johann (Non-Catholic from Aviston, IL)TOENNIES, MariaToennies, HeinrichTHESSING, Catharina born ToenniesChild is illegitimate
HERZOG, Catharina24 May 185524 Jun 1855Herzog, FranzPFEIFER, MariaHerzog, MichaelHerzog, Catharina (Mrs. Michael)---
HESS, Johann August05 Sep 186408 Sep 1864Hess, CarlNot Listed, AmaliaRÜKEN (Rueken), Johann HeinrichWOLF, Maria Kunigunda---
HESSE, Anna Gertrud14 Feb 185916 Feb 1859Hesse, AugustKAPPMEYER, AmeliaGRAVE, Christ.WESTERFELDHAUS, Anna Gesina---
HESSE, August (Twin)10 Aug 186112 Aug 1861Hesse, AugustKAPMAYER, WilhelminaWESTERFELHAUS, Heinrich------
HESSE, Catharina Emilia12 May 185514 May 1855Hesse, AugustKAPPMEIER, AmaliaHONKOMP, AntonHonkomp, Catharina---
HESSE, Clara24 Oct 185626 Oct 1856Hesse, AugustKAPMEIER, AmaliaKNIEPMANN, Johann HeinrichSCHONEFELD, Anna Margaretha---
HESSE, Heinrich (Twin)10 Aug 186112 Aug 1861Hesse, AugustKAPMAYER, WilhelminaWESTERFELHAUS, Heinrich------
HESSE, Joseph Edward20 Feb 186723 Feb 1867Hesse, AugustMAAS, MariaHALLERMANN, Gerhard JosephROECKENHAUS, Anna Margaretha born ASELAGE---
HESTERBER, Johann Philipp20 Mar 185911 Sep 1859Hesterber, PhilippGRIESSBAUM, BarbaraVOLLMER, Johann BaptistVollmer, Francisca---
HESTERS, Anna Maria Thecla30 Dec 184504 Jan 1846Hesters, ChristophBICKMAIR, TheresiaHERMES, GerhardALBERS, Theckla---
HETTEN, Martin Jacob02 Apr 187413 Apr 1874Hetten, WilhelmWESSBECHER, FranciscaSCHÄFER (Schaefer), MartinSchaefer, Theresia born OBERLE---
HEUGEN, Joanna Bernadina03 Feb 185504 Feb 1855Heugen, GerhardBUDDE, JoannaHeugen, BernardHOLLENBACH, EphemiaEntry reads Jan but is probably Feb
HEUMANN, Johann Herman07 Dec 184509 Dec 1845Heumann, B. HeinrichMENKEN, Catharina AdelheidEHRNST, Gerhard Herman------
HEUMANN, Lambert Heinrich01 Nov 185402 Nov 1854Heumann, Johann BernardBERNSEN, Anna MariaBernsen, Lambert HeinrichSANTEL, Anna Maria Adelheid---
HEYER, Bernard Anton22 May 189123 May 1891Heyer, Edmund (From St. Rose, IL)OLTMANN, Maria Carolina (From Bösel, Oldenburg)Oltmann, AntonMÜLLER (Mueller), Theresia born EVERSGERD---
HEYER, Johann Leon12 Sep 188913 Sep 1889Heyer, EdmundOLTMANN, Carolina (From Bösel, Oldenburg)PEEK, Johann AbelFRERKER, Anna born RUMPMarried Maria Carolina FRERKER 1 Oct 1913
HIG, Rosa26 May 185725 Jul 1858Hig, JosephGEIGER, CeciliaGeiger, CarlGRIESBAUM, CatharinaBaptized same day as Josephina Geiger
HILLEBRAND, Maria29 Mar 186130 Mar 1861Hillebrand, Herman GerhardWÜBBELMANN (Wuebbelmann), Maria ElisabethBURTZ, BernardWEFER, Anna Maria---
HILLEN, Johann Gerhard04 Feb 185704 Feb 1857Hillen, Johann BernardGEERS, Maria GesinaGeers, Johann BernardMARKUS, Margaretha Adelheid---
HILLEN, Maria Adelais11 Apr 185812 Apr 1858Hillen, Johann BernardGERS, A. M.ROBBEN, HermanGers, M. Adel.---
HILLMERS, Theodor Friederich28 Jun 184707 Jul 1847Hillmers, Johann HeinrichOTHENS, ElisabethOthens, Theodor FriederichKNIEPMANN, Gertrud born JANFRANS---
HILMES, Adolph Theodor16 May 190516 May 1905Hilmes, August (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)ALBERS, ElisabethAlbers, Jr., TheodorAlbers, Elisabeth born DUMBECK---
HILMES, Anna Adelais19 Oct 185720 Oct 1857Hilmes, Johann BernardGERS, Euphemia MargaretKÖBBE (Koebbe), Johann BernardTEISLING, Anna Adel.---
HILMES, Anna Adelheid27 Aug 186428 Aug 1864Hilmes, Johann HeinrichNot Listed, AnnaALTHOFF, HeinrichTHEISING, Anna Adelheid---
HILMES, Anna Catharina06 Sep 189207 Sep 1892Hilmes, GerhardRICKE, Catharina Ricke, TheodorWEBER, AnnaMarried Joseph ? WINKLER 4 Jun 1913 in St. Nicolaus Church, St. Louis, MO
HILMES, Anna Catharina09 Jul 189310 Jul 1893Hilmes, Heinrich (From Aviston, IL)ILGES, Maria (From Aviston, IL)Ilges, FrancisHilmes, Margaret born GERDESMarried Albert F. JUDD, Jr. 25 Sep 1912
HILMES, Anna Christina18 Jan 185419 Jan 1854Hilmes, Johann HeinrichOTTENS, ElisabethWINKLER, Johann AlbertOttens, A. M.---
HILMES, Anna Maria Carolina21 Mar 188722 Mar 1887Hilmes, Johann BernardKOHNEN, Maria CarolinaHilmes, Johann BernardKohnen, Anna Margaret born DUST---
HILMES, Anna Maria Theresia06 Mar 188306 Mar 1883Hilmes, JohannDIESTEL, Maria ChristinaHilmes, BernardDiestel, Anna born MAUE---
HILMES, Bernard12 Nov 186013 Nov 1860Hilmes, HeinrichBÜTMANN (Buetmann), CarolinaTHEISLING, Herman BernardHilmes, Maria Anna---
HILMES, Bernard August15 Sep 190315 Sep 1903Hilmes, August (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)ALBERS, ElisabethHilmes, Bernard (From Bartelso, IL)Hilmes, Regina (From Bartelso, IL)Married Regina FELDMAN 11 May 1932 in Bartelso, IL; married Minnie HARDEKOPF (Baptist, Non-Catholic) 27 Apr 1938 in Beckemeyer, IL
HILMES, Bernard Heinrich18 Sep 189919 Sep 1899Hilmes, Johann (From Lengerich, Germany)KOHNEN, Carolina (From Lengerich, Germany)Hilmes, BernardHilmes, Regina born BECKER---
HILMES, Eleonore Maria15 Dec 189816 Dec 1898Hilmes, August (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)ALBERS, ElizabethKNIEPMANN, TheodorHilmes, Anna Maria born MEIER---
HILMES, Emilia Caroline30 Sep 190101 Oct 1901Hilmes, August (From Gersten, Hanover, Germany)ALBERS, ElisabethAlbers, HermanKNIEPMANN, Carolina born Albers---
HILMES, Herman Benedict25 Jan 186231 Jan 1862Hilmes, Johann HermanFELDMANN, Anna MargarethaTHEISLING, Herman BenedictWELLING, Adelheid---
HILMES, Hermina Catharina02 Oct 189603 Oct 1896Hilmes, Johann (From Lengerich, Germany)KOHNEN, Angela Carolina (From Neuenhaus, Germany)Kohnen, HermanKohnen, Theresia born Hilmes---
HILMES, Johann Bernard20 Dec 189321 Dec 1893Hilmes, Johann (From Lengerich, Hanover)KOHNEN, Maria Carolina (From Neu Schonebeck, Holland)Hilmes, Johann BernardEILERS, Anna Adelheid born KohnenMarried Anna Maria KNIEPMANN 12 Sep 1916. Entry appears with Jul 1894 entries
HILMES, Johann Heinrich28 Mar 184123 Mar 1842Hilmes, Johann BernardESS, Anna AdelheidHilmes, Johann HeinrichKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Anna---
HILMES, Johann Wilhelm05 Dec 184308 Dec 1843Hilmes, Johann BernardESS, Maria AdelheidWELAGE, Johann HeinrichHilmes, Maria Elisabeth---
HILMES, Josephina Francisca07 May 189108 May 1891Hilmes, Johann (From Lengerich, Hanover)KOHNEN, CarolinaEILERS, Franz JosephEilers, Anna Adelheid born KohnenMarried Bernard SCHLAUTMANN 16 Nov 1909
HILMES, Maria Catharina07 Aug 189108 Aug 1891Hilmes, Gerhard (From Lengerich, Hanover)RICKE, Catharina (From Breese, IL)LANDOLT, Caspar MelchiorHilmes, Catharina born HUNTELAR---
HILMES, Maria Sophia06 Jan 188906 Jan 1889Hilmes, Johann KOHNEN, AngelinaKohnen, MathiasKohnen, Theresia born Hilmes for Anna Maria Hilmes born MEIER Married Benedict MARKUS 11 Aug 1909
HILMES, Theodor Friederich25 Mar 185126 Mar 1851Hilmes, Johann HeinrichOTTENS, ElisabethOttens, Theodor FriederichWINKELER, Adelheid Christina---
HILMES, Theodor Leon08 Apr 189709 Apr 1897Hilmes, Johann August (From Lengerich, Germany)ALBERS, ElisabethAlbers, TheodorKOHNEN, Theresia born Hilmes---
HINCAMP, Maria Elisabeth19 Jul 184922 Jul 1849Hincamp, Herman HeinrichTIMPER, GertrudBOEHNE, Gerhard HeinrichTimper, Maria Elisabeth---
HINKAMP, Gerhard Theodor13 Oct 184019 Oct 1840Hinkamp, Herman HeinrichTIMPE, Maria GertrudSCHLARMANN, Gerhard JodocusHOLLENKAMP, Elisabeth---
HINKAMP, Johann Bernard14 Aug 184521 Sep 1845Hinkamp, Herman HeinrichTIMPER, Maria GertrudMEDEKE, J. B.Timper, Maria ElisabethChild died
HINKAMP, Johann Bernard09 Feb 184412 Feb 1844Hinkamp, Herman HeinrichTIMPER, Maria GertrudTimper, Johann TheodorBÜHNE (Buehne), Margaretha Adelheid---
HINKAMP, Johann Herman---04 Mar 1847Hinkamp, Herman HeinrichNot Listed, Maria GertrudHOLTHAUS, Johann HermanENGELHASSEN, Maria---
HIRSCH, Louisa23 Dec 185729 May 1859Hirsch, FelixROHR, Maria AnnaSCHULE, LudwigSchule, Catharina---
HIRSCH, Maria Elisabeth08 Jun 185620 Jul 1856Hirsch, GregoryAMANN, ElisabethAmann, JosephAmann, Maria Eva---
HOECHLEV, Maria Catharina22 Aug 186423 Aug 1864Hoechlev, HeinrichNot Listed, TheresiaDETERS, ChristianHoechlev, Elisabeth---
HOECKELBERG, Herman Heinrich20 Jan 185021 Jan 1850Hoeckelberg, Johann HermanBEHNEN, Anna MargarethaOttke, Johann HeinrichBECKMANN, Thimothea---
HOECKERBERG, Georg (Deceased)01 Jan 186503 Jan 1865Hoeckerberg, HermanSCHULTE, GertrudSchulte, Gerhard TILMAN, ElisabethChild died 11 Jan 1865
HOEHN, Johann05 Jan 185316 May 1853Hoehn, AmbroseREDER, AgathaSPEISER, LaurentReder, Helena---
HOEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth09 Nov 184812 Nov 1848Hoemann, HermanBECKMANN, CatharinaBeckmann, Heinrich WilhelmHAUCAP, Elisabeth---
HOERCHELER, Johann Dietrich24 Sep 185525 Sep 1855Hoercheler, Johann HeinrichLÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria GesinaHorcheler, Johann DietrichHAAR, Gesina---
HOERCHELER, Maria Elisabeth05 Jun 185407 Jun 1854Hoercheler, HeinrichLÜBERS (Luebers), TheresiaAHLERS, Herman HeinrichHoercheler, Maria Elisabeth---
HOERCHLER, Johann Heinrich05 May 189607 May 1896Hoerchler, Theodor (Dietrich)GERLING, AnnaHoerchler, HeinrichGerling, Catharina---
HOERCHLER, Theodor Alphonse11 Dec 189912 Dec 1899Hoerchler, TheodorGERLING, AnnaGerling, HeinrichHEMANN, Maria born WEBER for Elisabeth Hoerchler born KORTE---
HOFF, Clara Maria14 Feb 189615 Feb 1896Hoff, Clement (From Lively Grove, IL)KALLAGE, AnnaMAUE, ClemensHoff, Maria born HOLLENKAMP---
HOFF, Clemens August06 Jan 188407 Jan 1884Hoff, Clemens AugustKALAGE, AnnaKalage, ClemensALBERS, Christina born Hoff---
HOFF, Clement August11 Dec 189012 Dec 1890Hoff, Clement (From Lively Grove, IL)KALLAGE, AnnaSCHO, Johann for Heinrich HoffPOHLMANN, Christina born ALBERS---
HOFF, Francis Wilhelm (Twin)11 Jun 189312 Jun 1893Hoff, Clement (From St. Libory, IL)KALAGE, AnnaHoff, Bernard for Clement KalageHAGEN, Anna born THIEN---
HOFF, Gerhard09 Feb 188410 Feb 1884Hoff, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, MariaHollenkamp, GerhardALBERS, Christina born Hoff---
HOFF, Herman Heinrich13 Oct 188814 Oct 1888Hoff, ClemensKALAGE, AnnaSCHOO, Herman locally Heinrich SchooROLFES, Anna Maria born ALBERS---
HOFF, Johann Heinrich30 Oct 188131 Oct 1881Hoff, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, MariaHollenkamp, HeinrichFISCHER, MariaMarried Maria MICHEEL 25 Oct 1911
HOFF, Maria Elisabeth10 Nov 188811 Nov 1888Hoff, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, MariaHoff, ClemensIMMING, Elisabeth born Hollenkamp---
HOFF, Maria Theresia15 Feb 188615 Feb 1886Hoff, ClemensKALLAGE, AnnaHoff, HeinrichKALLAGE, Theresia born ALBERS---
HOFF, Monica Christina02 May 189904 May 1899Hoff, Clement (From Lively Grove, IL)KALLAGE, AnnaPOLLMANN, JohannPollmann, Christina born ALBERS---
HOFF, Theodor21 May 187721 May 1877Hoff, Johann HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, MariaALBERS, TheodorHollenkamp, Elisabeth born HAVERMANN---
HOFF, Wilhelm Edward (Twin)11 Jun 189312 Jun 1893Hoff, Clement (From St. Libory, IL)KALAGE, AnnaTHEISSING, ClemensHoff, Maria born HOLLENKAMP---
HOFFMANN, Carl Heinrich19 Nov 190221 Nov 1902Hoffmann, Georg (Non-Catholic from Nashville, IL)BONNER, CarolinaSÜTTHOFF (Suetthoff), HermanSuetthoff, Elisabeth---
HOFFMANN, Ernest Carl24 Apr 189824 Apr 1898Hoffmann, Georg (Non-Catholic from Nashville, IL)BONNER, CarolinaBonner, CarlBonner, Sophia born NUMMERICH---
HOFFMANN, Heinrich Georg29 Jul 190030 Jul 1900Hoffmann, Georg (Non-Catholic from Nashville, IL)BONNER, CarolinaSUETHOFF, HeinrichSuethoff, Elisabeth born Bonner---
HOFFMANN, Leo Arnold13 Feb 190614 Feb 1906Hoffmann, Georg (Non-Catholic from Nashville, IL)BONNER, CarolinaMICHELS, A. B. for Leo BonnerMichels, Maria born GISSY---
HOFFMANN, Sophia Martha25 Nov 189625 Nov 1896Hoffmann, Georg (Non-Catholic from Nashville, IL)BONNER, CarolinaROBBEN, HermanBonner, Sophia born NUMMERICH---
HOHE, Landolin04 Mar 185420 Aug 1854Hohe, LandolinIVICK, MagdalenaVOGT, FerdinandEBLE, Utilia---
HOLDHAUS, Maria Margaretha17 Mar 184623 Apr 1846Holdhaus, HeinrichBÜHNER (Buehner), ElisabethHoldhaus, JohannBuehner, Margaretha---
HOLDKAMP, Gerhard Heinrich29 Jun 186330 Jun 1863Holdkamp, Johann H.MIDDENDORF, Maria AdelheidSCHULTE, Gerhard M.BURGRICHTER, Helena A.He married Maria Angela KAPP at St. Augustine Church 15 Oct 1912
HOLDMANN, Bernard Benedict23 Nov 186127 Nov 1861Holdmann, Franz JosephLENGERS, Anna AngelaHoldmann, BenedictMUELLERS, Maria---
HOLDMANN, Franz Clemens24 Apr 186025 Apr 1860Holdmann, JosephSCHOTMANN, ElisabethHoldmann, Herman ClemensMAYERING, Elisabeth---
HOLDMANN, Herman Nicolaus17 Feb 186118 Feb 1861Holdmann, ClemensFRERKER, Maria ElisabethFrerker, NicolausLANDWEHR, Anna Maria---
HOLDMANN, Maria Elisabeth06 Jul 186207 Jul 1862Holdmann, ClemensFRERKER, ElisabethDÜING (Dueing), Johann GerhardHALLERMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
HOLHAUS, Catharina Wilhelmina---13 Feb 1847Holhaus, JohannNot Listed, CatharinaWESSELHAWESS, JohannMORHENNER, Maria Anna---
HOLLENCAMP, Maria Elisabeth27 Apr 185007 May 1850Hollencamp, Johann HeinrichHAUERMANN, Maria CatharinaHEIDEMANN, GerhardTIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
HOLLENCAMP, Theodor05 Dec 184807 Dec 1848Hollencamp, HeinrichHAVERMANNS, ElisabethTimper, Johann TheodorHOLTGRAVE, Maria Elisabeth---
HOLLENKAMP, Bernard Heinrich24 Oct 188824 Oct 1888Hollenkamp, HeinrichBRÜNING (Bruening), CatharinaHOFF, Johann HeinrichHoff, Maria born HollenkampMarried Olga G. GESTNER 30 Jun 1911/1912 in Carlyle, IL
HOLLENKAMP, Gerhard29 Dec 185601 Jan 1857Hollenkamp, HeinrichHAVERMANN, ElisabethHOLTGREVE, GerhardDONNE, Gertrud---
HOLLENKAMP, Heinrich20 Dec 184226 Dec 1842Hollenkamp, HeinrichHAVERMANN, Maria ElisabethALTEPETER, HeinrichSCHULTE, Maria Elisabeth---
HOLLENKAMP, Johann Heinrich03 May 184511 May 1845Hollenkamp, J. H.HAVERMANN, Maria ElisabethHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), J. H.ALTEPETER, Catharina---
HOLLENKAMP, Johann Herman13 Dec 184119 Dec 1841Hollenkamp, Johann HeinrichHAWERMANN, Maria ElisabethHINKAMP, Herman HeinrichHEIDEMANN, A. MariaCompare Havermann
HOLLENKAMP, Maria27 Nov 185227 Nov 1852Hollenkamp, HeinrichHAVERMANN, ElisabethTIMMERMANN, WilhelmWACHTEL, Elisabeth---
HOLTCAMP, Johann Heinrich27 Feb 185802 Mar 1858Holtcamp, HeinrichMIDDENDORF, MariaALTHOFF, Johann H. (Best guess; page folded)SCHUT__, M. Catharina---
HOLTGRAVE, Heinrich02 Nov 184904 Nov 1849Holtgrave, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethALTEPETER, HeinrichFLOTGETTER, Gertrud---
HOLTGRAVE, Johann Stephan16 Mar 185817 Mar 1858Holtgrave, GerhardVOGT, Maria ElisabethALTPETER, StephanVOSS, Maria---
HOLTGREVE, Johann Gerhard13 Jun 185513 Jun 1855Holtgreve, Johann GerhardVOGT, ElisabethGRAMANN, Johann HeinrichVogt, Maria Elisabeth---
HOLTGREVE, Johann Herman15 Dec 185216 Dec 1852Holtgreve, GerhardVOGT, Anna Maria ElisabethALTEPETER, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, Anna Maria---
HOLTHAUS, Anna Margaretha25 Dec 184928 Dec 1849Holthaus, JohannMORHINNES, CatharinaMorhinnes, DietrichHAGEN, Angela---
HOLTHAUS, Anna Maria25 Oct 185129 Oct 1851Holthaus, Johann HeinrichBOEHNE, ElisabethBoehne, Johann NepomuckDETTMAR, Susanna---
HOLTHAUS, Bertha05 Sep 185410 Sep 1854Holthaus, JosephKRETSHAUSMANN, RosinaPRISKE, FranzPriske, Julia---
HOLTHAUS, Catharina22 Apr 1811---MORHINNERS, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with husband Johann Holthaus and 2 children. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
HOLTHAUS, Catharina21 Oct 184421 Oct 1844Holthaus, JohannMOREHENNERS, CatharinaLANGENMEIER, J. H.HAGEN, Maria Angela---
HOLTHAUS, Elisabeth05 Jan 1838---Holthaus, JohannMORHINNERS, Catharina------Parents came to St. Boniface in 1836. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
HOLTHAUS, Heinrich14 Feb 185619 Feb 1856Holthaus, Johann HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), ElisabethHUMERT, HeinrichHolthaus, Maria---
HOLTHAUS, Herman Heinrich15 Sep 185418 Sep 1854Holthaus, Johann HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), ElisabethBuehne, HermanKRUIP, Elisabeth---
HOLTHAUS, Johann14 Jul 1810---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with wife Catharina born Morhinners and 2 children. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
HOLTHAUS, Johann06 Aug 1835---Holthaus, JohannMORHINNERS, Catharina------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with parents. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
HOLTHAUS, Johann Bernard01 Mar 185811 Mar 1858Holthaus, Johann HeinrichBÜHNE (Buehne), ElisabethBuehne, Johann BernardHAGEN, Angelica---
HOLTHAUS, Maria12 May 184215 May 1842Holthaus, JohannMOREHENNERS, MariaMorehenners, FranzBÜHNE (Buehne), Elisabeth---
HOLTHAUS, Maria Anna14 Aug 184018 Aug 1840Holthaus, Johann Dietrich (Diderich)MORHINNERS, CatharinaWESSELHAGEN, JohannWASCHEFORT, Maria Anna born Morehinners---
HOLTHAUS, Susanna26 May 1833---Holthaus, JohannMORHINNERS, Catharina------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with parents. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
HOLTKAMP, Herman Bernard (Twin)09 Sep 185910 Sep 1859Holtkamp, Johann HeinrichMIDDENDORF, Anna MariaHÜGELBERG (Huegelberg), HermanOEVEMÜHLE (Oevemuehle), Anna Maria (Best guess)---
HOLTKAMP, Johann Wilhelm (Twin)09 Sep 185910 Sep 1859Holtkamp, Johann HeinrichMIDDENDORF, Anna MariaSCHULTE, FriederichDO__ (?), Maria Gertrud---
HOLTMANN, Anna Elisabeth04 Feb 186806 Feb 1868Holtmann, JosephLENGER, AnnaDÜING (Dueing), GerhardLenger, Margaretha born HÖMEKEN (Hoemeken)---
HOLTMANN, Anna Maria06 Nov 187107 Nov 1871Holtmann, ClemensFRERKER, Maria ElisabethHALLERMANN, JosephFrerker, Maria Catharina born DEIEN---
HOLTMANN, Bernard15 Oct 188516 Oct 1885Holtmann, Herman HAGEN, CatharinaHoltmann, BernardHoltmann, Theresia born BÜLTEMEIER (Bueltemeier)---
HOLTMANN, Carl Heinrich23 Dec 189723 Dec 1897Holtmann, Joseph RÖBKE (Roebke), Anna Roebke, Carl HeinrichTHÖLE (Thoele), Elizabeth---
HOLTMANN, Clemens Benedict23 Mar 187425 Mar 1874Holtmann, ClemensFRERKER, Maria ElisabethHoltmann, BenedictKOCH, Maria Adelheid born WIETER---
HOLTMANN, Francis Herman08 Jan 190509 Jan 1905Holtmann, Joseph RÖBKE (Roebke), AnnaRoebke, Francis HermanFRERKER, Katharina---
HOLTMANN, Franz Joseph15 May 186816 May 1868Holtmann, Herman ClemensFRERKER, ElisabethHoltmann, Franz JosephHALLERMANN, Maria born KRIEGER---
HOLTMANN, Gerhard Heinrich24 Jul 189525 Jul 1895Holtmann, Joseph RÖBKE (Roebke), Anna MariaTHOELE, GerhardRoebke, Anna Maria Dorothea born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
HOLTMANN, Heinrich 11 Apr 186712 Apr 1867---Holtmann, AnnaSCHOENDIENST, JohannMEIER, Maria Agnes born BECKMANNChild is illegitimate
HOLTMANN, Johann Heinrich25 Apr 187726 Apr 1877Holtmann, Herman ClemensFRERKER, ElisabethFrerker, Johann HeinrichWOBBE, Anna born OLLIGES---
HOLTMANN, Johann Stephan29 Aug 190130 Aug 1901Holtmann, Joseph ROEBKE, AnnaRobke, JohannNORDHAUS, Maria born Holtmann---
HOLTMANN, Margaretha Helena04 Nov 188305 Nov 1883Holtmann, Herman HAGEN, CatharinaHagen, JohannHagen, Margaretha born KREKE---
HOLTMANN, Maria Catharina05 Dec 186506 Dec 1865Holtmann, JosephLENGERS, Anna Maria AngelinaMEIER, Herman HeinrichHoltmann, Maria Catharina born LANDWEHRS---
HOLTMANN, Maria Catharina16 Aug 186419 Aug 1864Holtmann, BernardNot Listed, Maria ElisabethROBBEN, HeinrichHoltmann, Maria Catharina---
HOLZER, Friederich03 Mar 185826 Sep 1858Holzer, AntonDIDICHER, Maria AnnaKRUB, Jos. A.Krub, FranciscaPage is damaged; sponsors' last name a guess.
HONCOMP, Catharina Elisabeth28 Sep 185130 Sep 1851Honcomp, AntonVIERE, Carolina Maria GertrudGUTHOUS, ChristophHoncomp, Catharina---
HONCOMP, Catharina Maria Gertrud03 Feb 185104 Feb 1851Honcomp, FranzBUSCHE, CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, BernardHoncomp, Catharina Maria Gertrud---
HONGCOMP, Maria Catharina16 Oct 184821 Oct 1848Hongcomp, FranzBUSCHE, CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, ChristophHUPETT, Maria CatharinaCompare Honkamp
HONKAMP, Anna Elisabeth16 Aug 184517 Sep 1845Honkamp, FranzBUSCHE, CatharinaKNIEPMANN, H. Ernst HeinrichGRAWE, Anna Elisabeth---
HONKAMP, Catharina Elisabeth03 Dec 184310 Dec 1843Honkamp, Franz BUSCHE, CatharinaDEPENWIESE, BernardRIBBING, Catharina ElisabethChild died
HONKAMP, Elisabeth20 Aug 185821 Aug 1858Honkamp, Johann AntonHECHT, CatharinaSCHMITZ, HeinrichHUPPERT, Catharina---
HONKAMP, Franz Joseph24 Dec 184525 Jan 1846Honkamp, AntonUNKRAUT, ElisabethHonkamp, FranzGRODE, Helena---
HONKAMP, Friederich Anton26 Mar 184228 Mar 1842Honkamp, Franz H.BUSCHE, Catharina E.Honkamp, Carl AntonTEKE, Anna C.---
HONKOMP ?, Franz---07 Mar 1869------------Mentions emigrations from Missouri and Cairo, IL together with Maria Schnitz
HONKOMP, Franz Christophor20 Aug 185321 Aug 1853Honkomp, FranzBUSCHE, CatharinaGRAVE, ChristophorWITTKAMP, Anna Gertrud---
HOOKE, Herman Heinrich25 Sep 184704 Oct 1846Hooke, FranzHEHEMANN, Catharina ElisabethHehemann, HermanBOEHNE, Margaretha---
HORCHLER, Eleonore Katharina19 Jan 190420 Jan 1904Horchler, TheodorGERLING, AnnaHorchler, WilliamGerling, KatharinaMarried Andrew HERBERGER 27 Jul 1923
HORSTMANN, Herman06 Jun 188408 Jun 1884Horstmann, HermanLEISE, ElisabethMERIANS, StephanHorstmann, Margaretha born KORTE---
HORSTMANN, Herman Heinrich26 Jul 187827 Jul 1878Horstmann, Herman UlrichTIMPER, ElisabethHorstmann, Herman BernardMERIANS, Anna Maria---
HORSTMANN, Maria Elisabetha08 Oct 187509 Oct 1875Horstmann, Herman UlrichTIMME, ElisabethHorstmann, Herman BernardMERIANS, Anna Maria born ESSMarried Bernard SCHOMAKER 21 May 1912
HORSTMANN, Stephan18 Dec 188220 Dec 1882Horstmann, HermanTIMPER, ElisabethMERIANS, StephanVORSKORS, Anna Maria---
HOSEY, Michael Jacob16 Aug 186725 Aug 1867Hosey, RobertDONNAVAN, TheresiaHosey, WilhelmHosey, Theresia---
HOTZ, Georg21 Apr 184318 Jun 1843Hotz, Christ.WEBER, MariaTRAUTNER, BernardWeber, Maria---
HOUPERT, Maria Genoveve27 Feb 185210 Mar 1852Houpert, JacobSAUTAIRE, MariaSautaire, LouisSautaire, Maria Josephina---
HOYER, Anna Maria11 Oct 185612 Nov 1856Hoyer, VincentNot Listed, RosaliaWÜEST (Wueest), JacobWuest, Maria (Mrs. Jacob)---
HUBER, Andreas26 Dec 1857Jan 1858Huber, AndreasZIEGLER, MagdalenaMEYER, AntonHAFER, TheresiaBirth date is a guess; page torn.
HUBER, Andreas02 Feb 185513 May 1855Huber, AndreasZIEGLER, MagdalenaSPEISER, FranzSpeiser, Catharina (Mrs. Franz)---
HUBERT, Anton30 Jan 185030 Jan 1850Hubert, LaurentHONCAMP, CatharinaHubert, AntonWUEST, Catharina---
HUBERT, Anton Jacob11 May 185326 Jun 1853Hubert, AntonHERZOG, ElisabethHubert, JacobPFEIFER, Maria Anna---
HUBERT, Catharina22 Jul 185114 Sep 1851Hubert, LaurentHONCOMP, CatharinaHoncomp, FranzHoncomp, Catharina (Mrs. Franz)---
HUBERT, Franz30 Nov 185125 Jul 1852Hubert, AntonHERZOG, ElisabethHerzog, FranzMARZLOF, Maria Anna---
HUBERT, Josephina Christina01 Aug 185308 Oct 1853Hubert, JacobSUTERE, CatharinaSutere, Johann Erl.Hubert, Elisabeth---
HUBERT, Maria Catharina (Twin)31 Oct 185431 Dec 1854Hubert, AntonHERZOG, ElisabethHubert, JacobSANTE, Catharina---
HUBERT, Maria Elisabeth Jan 185505 Feb 1855Hubert, LaurentHONKOMP, CatharinaHonkomp, AntonHubert, CatharinaEntry reads Jan but is probably Feb
HUBERT, Maria Elisabeth (Twin)31 Oct 185431 Dec 1854Hubert, AntonHERZOG, ElisabethHubert, LaurentBERING, Maria---
HUBERT, Nicolaus08 Sep 185605 Oct 1856Hubert, LaurentHONKOMP, CatharinaSCHOFFRA, NicolausROHR, Catharina---
HUEGEN, Evedina29 Jul 185530 Jul 1855Huegen, HermanDEHER, NettaEILERING, HermanRÜTHSIMES (Ruethsimes), Elisabeth---
HUEHNE, Johann Herman (Twin)16 Feb 187219 Feb 1872Huehne, GerhardDULLE, MariaDulle, Johann HermanHUELSMANN, Maria born OTKEN---
HUEHNE, Maria Anna (Twin)16 Feb 187219 Feb 1872Huehne, GerhardDULLE, MariaHUELSMANN, TheodorGRAF, Maria born Dulle---
HUELSMANN, Bernard Aloysius04 Mar 190206 Mar 1902Huelsmann, John Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover)SCHOMAKER, Rosa Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Schomaker, BernardSchomaker, Maria Katharine born BECKMANNMarried Myrtle BETSCH 9 Apr 1953 in New Smyrna Beach, FL
HUG HANEWINKEL, Anna Gertrud---14 Mar 1840Hug Hanewinkel, FriederichHERLER, GertrudNIEWÖRNER (Niewoerner), BernardHug Hanewinkel, Anna GertrudChild's birth date is listed as 26 March but no year is listed.
HUGHANEWINKEL, Margaretha26 Feb 184328 Feb 1843Hughanewinkel, FriedrichHELLING, GertrudNETEMEIER, HeinrichBÖHNE (Boehne), MargarethaChild died
HULFSMAN, Anna Maria22 Dec 185124 Dec 1851Hulfsman, BernardWITER, CatharinaFARWIG, HeinrichHulfsman, Anna Maria---
HULSMANN, Ferdinand16 Aug 185620 Aug 1856Hulsmann, AntonBECKER, LouisaBecker, FerdinandHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna Maria---
HUNDMANN, Anna Ephemia28 Sep 187429 Sep 1874Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, KatharinaBECKMANN, Joseph FranzDULLE, Anna born Hundmann---
HUNDMANN, Catharina Elisabeth01 Jun 186802 Jun 1868Hundmann, Lambert HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina ElisabethDULLE, Heinrich JohannHemann, Catharina Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
HUNDMANN, Catharina Margaret31 Mar 188801 Apr 1888Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, Catharina WOLTERS, AlbertHemann, Margaret---
HUNDMANN, Clemens Lambert09 Jul 187610 Jul 1876Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaFEHR, ClemensHOMANN, Anna Maria born MUES---
HUNDMANN, Ferdinand Heinrich10 Apr 187911 Apr 1879Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaHemann, Ferdinand HeinrichSCHROEDER, Catharina Maria born BECKMANN---
HUNDMANN, Franz Herman30 Jan 187330 Jan 1873Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, Catharine Hemann, Franz HermanRICKHOFF, Maria born MUS---
HUNDMANN, Franz Wilhelm21 Jan 188222 Jan 1882Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaHemann, FranzHemann, Maria born WEBER---
HUNDMANN, Heinrich Herman01 Jun 188501 Jun 1885Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, Catharina ElisabethHemann, HermanFEHR, Elisabeth born FEHRMarried Josephina GUITH__ at St. Henry on 30 Jun 1909 in East St. Louis, IL
HUNDMANN, Herman Heinrich07 Nov 187008 Nov 1870Hundmann, LambertHEMANN, Catharine ElisabethHemann, Herman HeinrichKRAEMER, Anna Catharina born KOCH---
HUNDMANN, Johann Clement10 May 190311 May 1903Hundmann, ClementWELLING, WilhelminaWelling, Johann TheodorTIMPER, ElisabethMarried R__ Mae NILES (Baptist, Non-Catholic) 6 Jun 1933 in Knoxville, TN
HUNIKE, Franz01 Sep 186904 Sep 1869Hunike, TheodorHUBERT, CatharinaHubert, FranzHubert, Josephina---
HUSER, Christina Bertha16 Feb 190017 Feb 1900Huser, GerhardLENZES, Margaret (From St. Louis, MO)HEMMELGARN, AugustWIEGERS, Maria Christina born KOHLMANN---
HUSER, Edmund Heinrich25 Sep 190326 Sep 1903Huser, GerhardLENSES, Margaret (From St. Louis, MO)Huser, HeinrichWILKEN, Bernardina ---
HUSER, Francis Rudolph09 Jun 189812 Jun 1898Huser, Georg Joseph LENZES, Margaret (From St. Louis, MO)WIGGERS, FrancisWELLING, Wilhelmina born Welling---
HUSER, Gerhard (George)30 Oct 187230 Oct 1872Huser, GerhardKALL, ChristinaKREKE, GerhardSIEVES, Helena Maria born MAUE---
HUSER, Heinrich Johann30 Jan 187701 Feb 1877Huser, BernardKALL, ChristinaMAUE, HeinrichROBBEN, Carolina born BUSSMANN---
HUSER, Herman Anton27 Nov 187428 Nov 1874Huser, BernardKALLMANN, ChristinaDIETZ, Herman AntonMAUE, Margaretha Adelheid born REEKE---
HUSER, Johann Bernard18 Jan 186319 Jan 1863Huser, GerhardHOLLENKAMP, CatharinaHuser, Johann BernardHollenkamp, Catharina---
HUSMANN, Gerhard Heinrich13 May 188216 May 1882Husmann, Gerhard HeinrichBROCKMANN, TheresiaHENKEN, Johann BernardBrockmann, Maria Helena born Henken---
HUSMANN, Gerhard Heinrich21 Jan 187622 Jan 1876Husmann, Gerhard HeinrichBROKMANN, TheresiaBrokmann, TobiasBECKER, Catharina born KREKE---
HUSMANN, Maria Helena 26 Jan 188129 Jan 1881Husmann, GerhardBROCKMANN, TheresiaJUNKER, HeinrichHENKEN, Maria born Brockman---
HUSSMANN, Bernard Heinrich06 Sep 187708 Sep 1877Hussmann, GerhardBROKMANN, TheresiaHussmann, Bernard HeinrichHussmann, Anna Maria born SCHULTE---
HUSSMANN, Gerhard Heinrich30 Nov 188606 Dec 1886Hussmann, HeinrichIBIG, ClaraHussmann, GerhardKOCH, Anna Maria born VOSSKOERS---
HUSSMANN, Heinrich23 Feb 187901 Mar 1879Hussmann, GerhardBROCKMANN, TheresiaHussmann, HeinrichROHR, Anna born BrockmannMarried Catharine WAPPELHORST in St Peter Church in St Charles, MO 25 Jan 1910
HUSSMANN, Johann Nicolaus18 Jun 188320 Jun 1883Hussmann, GerhardBROCKMANN, TheresiaSCHAEFER, NicolausHussmann, Clara born IBIG---
HUSTEDDE, Anna Maria21 Mar 187523 Mar 1875Hustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaSchroeder, Franz HeinrichTIMMERMANN, Anna born BRANDMEIER---
HUSTEDDE, Franz August08 Dec 187710 Dec 1877Hustedde, GeorgVOSS, AnnaHustedde, FranzVoss, Anna Elisabeth born OTKE---
HUSTEDDE, Franz Heinrich22 Oct 187623 Oct 1876Hustedde, Franz HeinrichTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTimmermann, Theobald HeinrichMAUE, Catharina Maria born Hustedde---
HUSTEDDE, Georg05 Nov 187106 Nov 1871Hustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaHustedde, GeorgTimmermann, Elisabeth born THEISSING---
HUSTEDDE, Johann Heinrich04 Oct 187005 Oct 1870Hustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaMEIER, Johann Heinrich FriederichSCHROEDER, Maria born BECKMANN---
HUSTEDDE, Wilhelm02 Apr 187303 Apr 1873Hustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTimmermann, WilhelmALBERS, Maria---
HUSTEDDE, Wilhelmina03 Aug 186805 Aug 1868Hustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaMAUE, HeinrichMEIER, Wilhelmina born KUHLMANN---
HUTTELMANN, Gerhard10 Jul 185713 Jul 1857Huttelmann, HeinrichOTKEN, CatharinaOtken, Gerhard KLEINEKORTE, Catharina---
IBIG, Carl26 Aug 185212 Dec 1852Ibig, JosephGEIGER, CeceliaHART, MathiasDORNICE, Carol---
ILGES, Johannes09 Apr 186012 Apr 1860Ilges, FranzNORDMANN, CatharinaNordmann, JohannVON KRAEGER (?), Anna Helena ---
ILSKEN, Anna Gertrud05 Feb 186509 Feb 1865Ilsken, GerhardBUSENBRUK, MariaGROGMAN, HeinrichRÜHHOLT (Ruehholt), GertrudCompare Musenbrock
ILSKEN, Gerhard Heinrich14 Dec 186015 Dec 1860Ilsken, Stephan ConradSCHIER, Anna MariaIlsken, Ferdinand GerhardBUSCH, Christina---
ILSKEN, Heinrich31 Mar 186306 Apr 1863Ilsken, GerhardMUSENBRUCK, TheodoraIlsken, ConradBUSCH, Christina---
ILSKEN, Heinrich23 Oct 185924 Oct 1859Ilsken, GerhardNEISEN, Anna MariaIlsken, ConradLEONARD, Anna Maria---
ILSKEN, Johann Bernard12 Dec 186114 Dec 1861Ilsken, GerhardMUSENBRUCK, TheodoraMusenbruck, Johann BernardBUSCH, Christina---
ILSKEN, Johann Gerhard13 Jan 186326 Jan 1863Ilsken, ConradSANDMAYER, Anna MariaIlsken, GerhardROCKENHUS, Gertrud---
ISAAC, Johann Baptist02 Sep 185817 Oct 1858Isaac, J. BaptistSCHMITTER, ElisabethZOEGER, Johann BaptistACKERMANN, Maria Anna---
ISACK, Maria Elisabeth04 Jun 185510 Jun 1855Isack, Johann BaptistSCHNIEDER, ElisabethIsack, FranzGEHRS, Maria Anna---
ISACK, Nicolaus17 Oct 185320 Oct 1853Isack, Johann BaptistSCHNIEDER, ElisabethIsack, NicolausIsack, Catharina (Mrs. Nicolaus)---
ISACK, Sebastian12 Mar 185703 May 1857Isack, Johann BaptistSCHMEDER, ElisabethSchmeder, SebastianARMBRUSTER, Rosa---
ISMERT, Amalia Francisca06 Oct 187013 Nov 1870Ismert, JohannBERNARD, AmaliaROHR, JohannHERZOG, Francisca born FOERSTER---
IVIG, Clara26 Jun 185424 Sep 1854Ivig, JosephGEIGER, CeciliaHURT, MartinBUB, ClaraCompare Ibig
JÄGER (Jaeger), Carl Heinrich27 Aug 185528 Aug 1855Jaeger, AndreasSTEIN, FredericaTANGEMANN, BernardLAMPE, Margaretha---
JAEGER, Amalia Henrietta10 Nov 185811 Nov 1858Jaeger, AntonSTEIN, HenriettaKLEINEKORTE, PhilippWOESTMANN, Maria---
JANSEN / JOHNSON, Maria Carolina20 Sep 190521 Sep 1905Johnson, John (From Damiansville, IL)POELKER, Maria CarolinaKORTE, JohnSCHAPER, Maria ChristinaFather's last name was written as JANSEN and then Johnson written over it. Married Bernard ATHMER 25 Jul 1922 in Albers, IL
JANSEN, Anna Catharina 20 Feb 187421 Feb 1874Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, MargarethaTÖNNIES (Toennies), Johann HermanRICHTER, Catharina born FELDMANNMarried Anton RENSING 14 Apr 1915 in St Bernard Albers, IL; Bernard PETERS witness
JANSEN, Anna Josephina11 Feb 188413 Feb 1884Jansen, WilhelmHILMES, AnnaTHEISSING, HermanTheissing, Christina born Hilmes---
JANSEN, Catharina24 Aug 184404 Sep 1844Jansen, JohannBALMANN, GesinaMENKE, J. TheodorFICKER, Margaretha Child died
JANSEN, Ferdinand Heinrich31 May 185802 Jun 1858Jansen, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaHemann, Ferdinand HeinrichHemann, Catharina Elisabeth---
JANSEN, Franz Wilhelm08 Jul 185310 Jul 1853Jansen, LambertHEEMANN, Anna CatharinaHeemann, F. W.FOPPE, Catharina---
JANSEN, Friederich Wilhelm12 Feb 188413 Feb 1884Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, MargarethaFeldmann, BernardTHIEN, Elisabeth born FeldmannMarried Margaretha KLOECKENER 25 Oct 1910 in Bartelso, IL
JANSEN, Gerhard Heinrich14 May 187014 May 1870Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, Anna MargarethaRICHTER, Johann GerhardJansen, Friederica born Jansen---
JANSEN, Heinrich13 Jul 188614 Jul 1886Jansen, WilhelmHILMES, AnnaHilmes, HeinrichHilmes, Catharina born KAULING---
JANSEN, Heinrich Anton13 Jun 189714 Jun 1897Jansen, August (From Breese, IL)LUECKING, Helena (From Bösel, Germany)Luecking, Gerhard HeinrichLuecking, Gesina Maria born LANGEMarried Theresa KORKENMEIER 20 May 1924 in St. Rose, IL-she died; married Catherine CONNELLY 27 Sep 1949 at St Mary's in Coxsackie, NY
JANSEN, Heinrich Lambert15 Jun 188416 Jun 1884Jansen, Heinrich FerdinandDÜING (Dueing), Anna HelenaJansen, LambertDueing, Maria Anna born DUST---
JANSEN, Johann19 May 188120 May 1881Jansen, LambertLÄNGERS (Laengers), Maria AnnaLaengers, TobiasHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born STUKENKEMPER---
JANSEN, Johann Bernard24 Oct 188124 Oct 1881Jansen, WilhelmHILMES, AnnaHilmes, Johann BernardTHEISSLING, Christina born Hilmes---
JANSEN, Johann Bernard12 Jul 185015 Jul 1850Jansen, LambertHEMAN, Catharina HAUCAP, FranzHeman, Anna Maria Elisabeth---
JANSEN, Johann Heinrich13 Jan 190114 Jan 1901Jansen, Johann Bernard (From Damiansville, IL)POELKER, Maria CarolinaSTEIN, HeinrichPoelker, Catharina born Jansen---
JANSEN, Johann Heinrich30 Jan 187231 Jan 1872Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, MargarethaJansen, HeinrichRICHTER, Catharina born FELDMANN---
JANSEN, Johann Wilhelm19 Feb 188220 Feb 1882Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, Anna MargarethaFeldmann, JohannHILMES, Anna Margaretha---
JANSEN, Johann Wilhelm08 Feb 186009 Feb 1860Jansen, AlbertNot Listed, Henericka JansenWERLING, JohannDIETZ, Sr., Christina ---
JANSEN, Joseph06 Mar 188007 Mar 1880Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, Anna MargarethaFeldmann, HeinrichTÖNNIES (Toennies), Margaret Adelheid born DUSTMarried Francisca GESENHUES 8 Oct 1912
JANSEN, Josephina Christina14 Aug 190214 Aug 1902Jansen, EdwardDEIEN, MargaretSTEIN, HeinrichDeien, Josephina---
JANSEN, Maria Anna Christina26 Jun 189127 Jun 1891Jansen, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), AnnaMÜLLER (Mueller), HeinrichWIEGERS, Anna Christina born KALLMarried Ludwig BOECKMANN 8 Oct 1913 in Bartelso, IL
JANSEN, Maria Catharina12 Feb 188912 Feb 1889Jansen, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Anna WIEGERS, FranzDueing, Maria Anna born DUST---
JANSEN, Maria Catharina28 Mar 187329 Mar 1873Jansen, Joseph CorneliusSTROT, Maria TheresiaWOBBE, Herman BernardROLWES, Maria Catharina born TIMMER---
JANSEN, Maria Elisabeth28 Oct 188230 Oct 1882Jansen, LambertLENGERS, Maria AnnaWIGMANN, WilhelmDÜING (Dueing), Maria Anna born DUST---
JANSEN, Maria Friederica30 Jan 186630 Jan 1866Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, MargarethaHILMES, BernardJANSEN, Friederica born Jansen---
JANSEN, Maria Helena13 Feb 186813 Feb 1868Jansen, BernardFELDMANN, Anna MargarethaJansen, AlbertRIPPERDA, Helena Adelheid born Feldmann---
JANSEN, Maria Josephina19 Oct 188619 Oct 1886Jansen, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Helena AnnaDueing, BernardJansen, Maria Anna born LENGERSMarried Mr. FOPPE 14 Oct 1908 in Bartelso, IL
JANSEN, Martin Bernard25 Aug 185527 Aug 1855Jansen, AlbertJANSEN, FredericaHUEGEN, JacobHuegen, Theodora (Mrs. Jacob)---
JANSSEN, Anna Carolina27 Jun 187828 Jun 1878Janssen, LambertLENGERS, Maria AnnaHEMANN, FranzLengers, Carolina---
JANSSEN, Anna Josephina17 Apr 187418 Apr 1874Janssen, LambertLENGER, Anna MargaretaHEMANN, HermanLengers, Anna Margaretha born HEMKEN---
JANSSEN, Emma Maria24 Jan 187625 Jan 1876Janssen, HeinrichKEMPER, Maria MargarethaJanssen, AlbertJanssen, Anna Margaretha born FELDMANN---
JANSSEN, Herman Bernard24 Sep 187625 Sep 1876Janssen, BernardFELDMANN, Anna MargarethaFeldmann, HermanKEMPER, Maria Margaretha---
JANSSEN, Johann22 Nov 187822 Nov 1878Janssen, BernardFELDMANN, MargarethaJanssen, JohannFeldmann, Carolina born BUSS---
JANSSEN, Maria Anna21 Sep 187921 Sep 1879Janssen, WilhelmHILMES, Maria AdelheidHilmes, HeinrichHilmes, Maria---
JANSSEN, Maria Margaretha09 Jun 187710 Jun 1877Janssen, Johann WilhelmHILMES, Anna AdelheidBONNING, ChristianHILMES, Anna Margaretha born GERDES---
JANSSEN, Maria Theresia18 Jul 187519 Jul 1875Janssen, Joseph CorneliusSTROOT, Maria TheresiaDIETZ, Herman AntonHILMES, Anna Maria born MEIER---
JASKA, Anna Catharina26 Nov 186208 Dec 1862Jaska, Johann WilhelmDIEKER, AngelaWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), HeinrichDieker, Maria CatharinaCompare Jaske
JOHANFRANS, Jakob14 Mar 1802---------------Came to St. Boniface 22 Sep 1838. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
JOHNS, Jacob WilhelmJan 186128 Jan 1869Johns, WilhelmSPARKS, Maria ElisabethaLEONARD, FerdinandHEIDEMANN, Maria Catharina born JohnsDay of birth is torn off.
JOHNS, Maria ElisabethMar 185928 Jan 1869Johns, WilhelmSPARKS, Maria ElisabethaLEONARD, FerdinandHEIDEMANN, Maria Catharina born JohnsDay of birth is torn off.
JORDAN, Anna Maria Christina13 Nov 185707 Dec 1857Jordan, Adam JosephVELIG / SCHIG, Barbara (Best guess; page torn)KAULING, BernardKauling, Maria A. (Mrs. Bernard)---
JOST, Carolina08 May 185528 May 1855Jost, FranzHEINRICK, MargarethaJost, NicolausMEIER, Carolina---
JUNCKER, Anna Maria Theresia16 Apr 186825 Apr 1868Juncker, HeinrichROTHENBURGER, ElisabethRICKGERS, JosephJuncker, Theresia born PÖPPING (Poepping)---
JUNCKER, Catharina Elisabeth27 Aug 188228 Aug 1882Juncker, Johann BECKER, Catharina Juncker, JosephBecker, Catharina born KREKE---
JUNCKER, Heinrich Vincent25 Jul 188026 Jul 1880Juncker, Johann HeinrichGRAWE, CatharinaJuncker, HeinrichBecker, Catharina born TEEKE---
JUNCKER, Johann Bernard25 Oct 187026 Oct 1870Juncker, HeinrichRUTHENBURG, ElisabethaHENNE, Johann BernardROHR, Anna born BROCKMANN---
JUNCKER, Johann Heinrich21 Jan 188322 Jan 1883Juncker, JosephHASSLER, ElisabethJuncker, HeinrichJuncker, Catharina Elisabetha---
JUNCKER, Johann Heinrich26 Feb 185827 Feb 1858Juncker, JosephPEPPING, A. M. TheresiaJunker, HyHECKENKEMPER, A. M.---
JUNKER, Anna Elisabetha10 Jul 188111 Jul 1881Junker, Johann HeinrichGRAWE, Catharina ElisabethaJunker, JohannGrawe, Anna Elisabeth born TEKE---
JUNKER, Elisabetha10 Sep 187611 Sep 1876Junker, HeinrichRUTENBURGES, ElisabethaSCHULTE, TheodorSchulte, Anna Theresia born WEHLAGE---
JUNKER, Friederich Wilhelm12 May 187313 May 1873Junker, HeinrichROTTENBURGERS, ElisabethaWestermann, Friederich WilhelmWÜST (Wuest), Anna Maria born BRANDSTÄTTER (Brandstaetter)---
JUNKER, Gerhard Heinrich17 Jan 186219 Jan 1862Junker, Bernard HeinrichVÖCKE (Voecke), ElisabethVoecke, Gerhard HeinrichHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna CatharinaCompare Foecke
JUNKER, Herman Bernard10 Aug 186318 Aug 1863Junker, HermanRUTHENBURGERS, ElisabethROTTRING, Heinrich BernardBROCKMANN, Anna ElisabethBirth date from burial records; page folded.
JUNKER, Herman Heinrich04 Feb 186609 Feb 1866Junker, HeinrichRUTENBORGES, ElisabethWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Herman HeinrichRÖTERING (Roetering), Bernardina born BROCKMANN---
JUNKER, Johann Heinrich30 Nov 188401 Dec 1884Junker, Johann BECKER, Catharina Junker, Johann HeinrichBecker, Anna Catharina born THEKE---
JUNKER, Johann Joseph07 Apr 186113 Apr 1861Junker, HeinrichRUTHENBURGER, ElisabethJunker, JosephHUNKAMP, Catharina---
JUNKER, Maria Sophia06 Jul 189908 Jul 1899Junker, WilhelmHEIDEMANN, Eugenia (From Breese, IL)Junker, HeinrichHeidemann, Maria born JONESMarried Edward DUST 28 Mar 1921
JUNKERJOST, Johann05 Apr 185612 Apr 1856Junkerjost, HeinrichRUTENBURG, ElisabethHOLTHAUS, Johann HeinrichSCHULTE, ElisabethLast name is spelled Junkerÿost in this entry
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Gertrud22 Dec 185424 Dec 1854Kobbe, ClemensTEVES, ElisabethKobbe, J. B.STUKENGURGENS, Anna Gertrud ---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Maria 08 Dec 186210 Dec 1862Koebbe, HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), ElisabethWESTERMANN, JosephHAUCAP, Catharina Elisabeth---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Maria 20 Aug 1831---Koebbe, Johann BernardKRIEGER, Maria Anna------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1841. Recorded on eighth page of 1847 record book.
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Maria22 Dec 185524 Dec 1855Koebbe, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), ElisabethHORCHELER, DietrichWESTERMANN, Anna MariaEntry is out of sequence; appears after Jan 1856
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna Maria Catharina16 Jul 185318 Jul 1853Koebbe, Bernard HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), ElisabethKobbe, Gerhard HeinrichKRUIP, Maria Adelheid---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Bernard Leon10 Apr 185311 Apr 1853Koebbe, ClementTEVES, ElisabethKobbe, BernardSCHLATMANN, Margaretha---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Gerhard Heinrich Anton05 Jul 1839---Koebbe, Johann BernardKRIEGER, Maria Anna------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1841. Recorded on eighth page of 1847 record book.
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Herman Bernard01 Apr 187602 Apr 1876Koebbe, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria ElisabethaBÖKMANN (Boekmann), BernardKORTE, Elisabetha born HAVERMANN---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Herman Friederich30 Sep 187301 Oct 1873Koebbe, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), ElisabethMueller, TheodorHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Herman Heinrich08 Aug 186708 Aug 1867Koebbe, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria ElisabethALBERS, Bernard HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth born KREKE---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Johann Bernard19 Apr 1826---Koebbe, Johann BernardKRIEGER, Maria Anna------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1841. Recorded on eighth page of 1847 record book.
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Johann Bernard27 Nov 1904---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1841 with wife Maria Anna born Krieger and 4 children. Recorded on eighth page of 1847 record book.
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Anna 19 Jun 1835---Koebbe, Johann BernardKRIEGER, Maria Anna------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1841. Recorded on eighth page of 1847 record book.
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Anna 04 Dec 1904---KRIEGER, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1841 with husband Johann Bernard Koebbe and 4 children. Recorded on eighth page of 1847 record book.
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Catharina09 Jul 186010 Jul 1860Koebbe, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria ElisabethMAYER, Johann HeinrichVOSS, Anna Catharina---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Elisabeth19 Mar 185820 Mar 1858Koebbe, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), ElisabethAHLERS, H. H.MEYER, M. Adelais---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Josephina04 Mar 187105 Mar 1871Koebbe, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria ElisabethaWALLERS, Johann BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Adelheid born DIEKMANN---
KÖBBE (Koebbe), Sophia Josephina13 Oct 186814 Oct 1868Koebbe, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria ElisabethHALLERMANN, JosephWESTERMANN, Maria Louisa born MEIER---
KÖBE (Koebe), Maria Bernardina24 Feb 186525 Feb 1865Koebe, HeinrichMILLER, ElisabethTÖNIES (Toenies), Johann HermanKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Anna---
KÖLKE (Koelke), Johann Nicolaus14 Dec 184020 Dec 1840Koelke, Johann BernardFELKAMP, Maria ElisabethFRERKE, Johann NicolausFelkamp, Anna Maria---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Gesina Maria21 Feb 184326 Feb 1843Koelker, HermanTELKAMP, ElisabethNIEWORNER, HenryDEPPEWIESE, Gesina---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Herman28 Oct 187830 Oct 1878Koelker, TheodorREMSE, TheresiaKoelker, HermanWILKEN, Anna born POLKE---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Maria Anna22 Apr 186826 Apr 1868Koelker, FranzMARSLOH, MargarethaGROSS, JosephGross, Maria Anna born Marsloh---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Maria Christine26 Sep 186827 Sep 1868Koelker, Johann BernardKALL, Maria CarolinaALTEPETER, HeinrichHEMMELGARN, Christina born Kall---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Maria Theresia06 Apr 187312 Apr 1873Koelker, TheodorHEMANN, TheresiaHemann, HermanDIEKER, Maria born WEDEMEIER---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Theodor Franz21 Feb 187123 Feb 1871Koelker, TheodorHEMANN, TheresiaKoelker, FranzKoelker, Margaretha born MARTZLOFF---
KÖLKER (Koelker), Theresia Philomena12 Jan 187515 Jan 1875Koelker, TheodorHEMANN, TheresiaPRIESHOFF, JohannBULLER, Philomena born Hemann---
KÖLLEN (Koellen), Anna Maria 25 Oct 185426 Oct 1854Koellen, HeinrichGOERS, Anna MariaMAUEN, ClemensGoers, Anna Angela---
KÖLLEN (Koellen), Carl Joseph10 Apr 188111 Apr 1881Koellen, HermanWESTERMANN, LouiseWestermann, JosephGOERS, Maria born SIKKA---
KÖLLEN, Herman Dennis15 Nov 185716 Nov 1857Koellen, Johann HeinrichGOERS, Anna MariaGÖERS (Goeers), DennisKRÜBMANN (Kruebmann), Francisca---
KÖRKEMEIER (Koerkemeier), Anna Maria Gertrud (Twin)14 May 185514 May 1855Koerkemeier, HeinrichLINNENKAMP, Anna MariaWINKEL, Heinrich STEINKE, Maria---
KÖRKEMEIER (Koerkemeier), Maria Elisabeth (Twin)14 May 185514 May 1855Koerkemeier, HeinrichLINNENKAMP, Anna MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), BernardVOSHOLLER, Anna Elisabeth---
KÖSTER (Koester), Anna Maria18 Mar 184123 Mar 1841Koester, ChristophPICKMEIER, TheresiaALBERS, FranzPATMEIER, Maria Catharina---
KÖSTER (Koester), Herman05 Nov 184312 Nov 1843Koester, ChristophPICKMEIER, TheresiaALBER, PeterHERMES, Elisabeth---
KÖTTING (Koetting), Gesina Josephina19 May 187021 May 1870Koetting, BernardHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria CatharinaHEMMELGARN, Johann HeinrichKAULING, Anna Adelheid born AHE---
KÖTTING (Koetting), Joseph Boniface30 Sep 186702 Oct 1867Koetting, BernardHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria CatharinaGROOTE, JosephNIEHENKE, Theresia born KAULING---
KAHRHOFF, Anna Maria28 Jan 187529 Jan 1875Kahrhoff, GerhardTHÖLE (Thoele), BernardinaThoele, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna Adelheid born KOHNEN---
KAHRHOFF, Anna Rosalia21 Nov 189021 Nov 1890Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, CatharinaWALLER, Bernard HeinrichHagen, Anna Maria born THIENMarried Heinrich Ferdinand WINTER 12 May 1914
KAHRHOFF, Bernard Heinrich09 Dec 186011 Dec 1860Kahrhoff, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna MariaWALLERS, Bernard HeinrichMEERS, Margaretha M.---
KAHRHOFF, Clara Josephina23 Aug 189524 Aug 1895Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, CatharinaEILERS, FrancisHagen, MariaMarried Johann Heinrich HOLTKAMP from Breese, IL 12 May 1914
KAHRHOFF, Friederich Wilhelm27 Jun 185929 Jun 1859Kahrhoff, Joseph D.MERSCHER, Margareta MariaKahrhoff, Gerhard HeinrichALTPETER, Elisabeth---
KAHRHOFF, Gerhard Heinrich09 Jun 188909 Jun 1889Kahrhoff, Bernard HeinrichHAGEN, CatharinaKahrhoff, Gerhard HeinrichHagen, Margaret born KREKEMarried Anna THOELE 7 May 1913
KAHRHOFF, Herman Edward26 Jan 190627 Jan 1906Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, CatharinaROBBEN, HermanLAKENBURGES, Maria born Hagen---
KAHRHOFF, Johann Heinrich21 Aug 190222 Aug 1902Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, KatharineHagen, HeinrichROBBEN, Christina---
KAHRHOFF, Maria Anna Theresia14 Oct 186215 Oct 1862Kahrhoff, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna MariaKahrhoff, Johann DiederichHILMES, Maria Anna---
KAHRHOFF, Maria Catharina04 Oct 189705 Oct 1897Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, CatharinaHagen, HermanHEMANN, Maria born Kahrhoff---
KAHRHOFF, Maria Christina25 Mar 189326 Mar 1893Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, CatharinaTHIEN, Johann BernardROBBEN, Maria Christina born KahrhoffMarried Bernard KREKE 7 May 1913
KAHRHOFF, Maria Christina28 Jul 186528 Jul 1865Kahrhoff, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna M.RICHTER, BernardSEILER, Anna Maria---
KAHRHOFF, Maria Elisabeth26 Apr 190027 Apr 1900Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, Maria CatharinaROBBEN, HermanHagen, Maria born HERMELING---
KAHRHOFF, Wilhelmina Elisabeth24 Sep 190326 Sep 1903Kahrhoff, HeinrichHAGEN, KatharinaLAKENBURGES, HeinrichKahrhoff, Elisabeth---
KALAR, Carolina10 Oct 186410 Oct 1864Kalar, ClemensNot Listed, TheresiaKRÜP (Kruep), AlbertHILMES, Carolina---
KALLAGE, Anna Theresia27 Jul 186228 Jul 1862Kallage, ClemensALBERS, TheresiaMAUE, HeinrichKOCK, Theresia---
KALMER, Johann Herman13 Feb 185916 Feb 1859Kalmer, Johann HermanSANTEL, Anna MariaSantel, HermanWELLEN, Anna---
KALMER, Margaretha Adelheid01 Feb 184107 Feb 1841Kalmer, Bernard HeinrichKRIEGER, Anna MariaSANDER, Herman HeinrichKrieger, Maria AnnaChild was Baptized after death.
KAMPLING, Clemens Herman08 Mar 188509 Mar 1885Kampling, ChristianFOPPE, Not namedFoppe, ClemensFELDMANN, Caroline born (blank)Married Louisa SANDWEHR 9 Jan 1912 in Garden Plains, KS
KANE, Maria Gesina11 Jun 184315 Jun 1843Kane, HermanBITTER, Anna MariaSCHNIEDERS, Johann GerhardSANTEL, Anna MariaChild died
KANTNER, Nicolaus01 Jun 185522 May 1856Kantner, JohannBANDNER, MargarethaHERBSTREIT, M.Kantner, Maria---
KÜHTER (Kuehter), Anna Margaretha15 Dec 187717 Dec 1877Kuehter, Theodor HeinrichBURTZ, Maria MargarethaHAGEN, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Margaretha born PEISTRUP---
KÜHTER (Kuehter), Carl Joseph25 May 187527 May 1875Kuehter, Dietrich HeinrichBURTZ, Maria MargarethaMÜLLER (Mueller), Carl HeinrichBurtz, Wilhelmina---
KÜTE (Kuete), Herman Friederich30 Jul 186031 Jul 1860Kuete, HeinrichOEVERMÜLE (Oevermuele), MariaSCHULTE, Herman HeinrichMAUE, Maria Adelheid---
KÜTE (Kuete), Johann Heinrich03 May 186306 May 1863Kuete, HeinrichOEWERMÖHLE (Oewermoehle), MariaJUNKER, HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), Maria---
KÜTER (Kueter), Bernard Heinrich16 Aug 185517 Aug 1855---Kueter, Maria TheresiaKueter, Bernard HeinrichTONNIES, Gesina MariaChild is illegitimate
KÜTER (Kueter), Gesina Maria09 Jun 186212 Jun 1862Kueter, Dieterich (Diederich)BURTZ, Margaretha MariaKURMANN, HeinrichBurtz, Helena M.---
KÜTER (Kueter), Maria Elisabeth19 Aug 187121 Aug 1871Kueter, TheodorBURTZ, MariaMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), JosephKorte, Anna Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
KÜTMANN (Kuetmann), Johann Heinrich02 Dec 186505 Dec 1865Kuetmann, BenedictKASSEN, Theresia MargarethaHILMES, Johann HeinrichRIPPERDA, Maria Wilhelmina---
KARHOFF, Anna07 Aug 188608 Aug 1886Karhoff, Gerhard THÖLE (Thoele), Maria BernardinaKarhoff, HermanThoele, Elisabeth born FRERKERMarried Franz HECKMANN 26 Oct 1921 in Okawville, IL
KARHOFF, Anna Catharina25 Dec 185227 Dec 1852Karhoff, Johann TheodorMERS, MargarethaLAMPE, Johann TheodorHONKOMP, Catharina---
KARHOFF, Anna Maria04 Nov 188905 Nov 1889Karhoff, Johann Herman (From Schwagsdorf, Hanover, Germany)WIEBLER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Karhoff, Gerhard HeinrichHAGEN, Anna Maria born THIENMarried A (Herman) LANGENHORST 9 Feb 1911
KARHOFF, Carl28 Jun 185730 Jun 1857Karhoff, Johann DietrichLAMPEN, MariaKarhoff, Gerhard HeinrichKLEINEKORTE, Catharina---
KARHOFF, Johann Franz10 Oct 187011 Oct 1870Karhoff, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna MariaKarhoff, Johann HeinrichRICHTER, Anna Theresia born HILMES---
KARHOFF, Johann Gerhard15 Mar 186815 Mar 1868Karhoff, Gerhard HeinrichEILERS, Anna MariaKarhoff, BernardWALLER, Maria Anna born HILMES---
KARHOFF, Maria Elisabeth11 Mar 187712 Mar 1877Karhoff, Gerhard TÖLLE (Toelle), BernardinaDÜING (Dueing), GerhardWALLER, Anna---
KARHOFF, Maria Elisabeth21 Feb 185525 Feb 1855Karhoff, Johann DietrichMERS, Margaretha---------
KASSEN, Francis William02 Aug 190203 Aug 1902Kassen, Johann (From St. Louis, MO)HILMES, MariaEVERSGERD, WilliamJANSEN, WilhelminaMarried Catharine HILMES born LUEBKE 27 Mar 1940 in Albers, IL
KASSENS, Aloysius Herman09 Sep 189809 Sep 1898Kassens, Johann (From St. Louis, MO)HILMES, Anna MariaHilmes, HermanJANSEN, Maria born KEMPER---
KASSENS, Herman Joseph25 Nov 189225 Nov 1892Kassens, Johann (From St. Louis, MO)HILMES, AnnaFELDMANN, HermanBOHNENKEMPER, Maria born KassensMarried Gertrude RADEMACHER 12 Oct 1921 in Albers, IL; she was the dau of Theodor & Gertrude born GOEBEL
KASSENS, Johann Wilhelm29 Apr 188929 Apr 1889Kassens, Johann Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HILMES, AnnaKassens, Johann BernardJANSEN, Margaret born FELDMANN---
KASSENS, Margaret Rosa06 Aug 189506 Aug 1895Kassens, JohannHILMES, AnnaHilmes, BernardJANSEN, MargaretMarried Francis RADEMACHER 3 Oct 1923 in Albers, IL
KAULING, Franz08 Feb 187608 Feb 1876Kauling, BernardAHE, GesinaBRINKMANN, FranzBrinkmann, Elisabeth born BERKEMEIER---
KEMPER, Maria Carolina12 Apr 186213 Apr 1862Kemper, HeinrichKLEKER, ElisabethHANKAMP, Carl AntonSMÖLER (Smoeler), Maria---
KEMPER, Mathilda Cecelia18 Oct 187420 Oct 1874Kemper, HeinrichKLEKER, ElisabethHAMILTON, JohannBACK, Mathilde born SMELE---
KLÖCKNER (Kloeckner), Anna Carolina (Twin) 20 Dec 189321 Dec 1893Kloeckner, Johann (From Westenfeld, Westfalia)KREIMER, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)JANSEN, BernardJansen, Margaret born FELDMANNEntry appears with Jul 1894 entries
KLÖCKNER (Kloeckner), Maria Catharina (Twin) 20 Dec 189321 Dec 1893Kloeckner, Johann (From Westenfeld, Westfalia)KREIMER, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)WALLER, ClemensWaller, Catharina born WELLENEntry appears with Jul 1894 entries
KLÖCKNER (Kloeckner), Maria Rosa 28 Nov 189029 Nov 1890Kloeckner, Johann (From Germany)KREIMER, Maria Elisabeth (From St. Louis, MO)RIPPERDA, Bernard JosephKreimer, Elisabeth born KOTTER for Anna Ripperda born Kreimer---
KLÜSENER (Kluesener), Christoph Heinrich---19 Feb 1847Kluesener, Bernard (Deceased)Widow of Bernard also deceasedKluesener, Christoph Heinrich (Guardian)ENGEL, MariaBoth sponsors might be the child's guardians.
KLEINEKORTE, Anna Carolina18 Feb 186620 Feb 1866Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), ElisabethSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), GeorgSchroeder, Agnes---
KLEINEKORTE, Anna Maria Wilhelmina25 Jan 186826 Jan 1868Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHROEDER, ElisabethBECKMANN, WilhelmKleinekorte, Anna---
KLEINEKORTE, Catharina Elisabetha25 Mar 187026 Mar 1870Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHROEDER, Catharina ElisabethaHUNDMANN, LambertHEMANN, Catharina Elisabetha born BECKMANN---
KLEINEKORTE, Conrad (Twin)14 Sep 186115 Sep 1861Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), ElisabethKleinekorte, ConradBECKMANN, Maria Agnes---
KLEINEKORTE, Eugene Sylvester Heinrich29 Dec 186231 Dec 1862Kleinekorte, Johann HeinrichOTKE, Anna CatharinaOtke, Gerhard HeinrichSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria Elisabeth---
KLEINEKORTE, Eugenia Wilhelmina08 Mar 186010 Mar 1860Kleinekorte, HeinrichOTKEN, CatharinaWESTERMANN, Friederich WilhelmMAYER, Maria Elisabeth---
KLEINEKORTE, Heinrich Franz12 Sep 187812 Sep 1878Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHROEDER, ElisabethaSchroeder, Franz HeinrichSchroeder, Elisabeth born DIERKES---
KLEINEKORTE, Henrica Cornelia22 Feb 186428 Mar 1864Kleinekorte, HeinrichOTKEN, CatharinaLAMPE, HeinrichWOESTMANN, Margaretha---
KLEINEKORTE, Josephina Catharina12 Jul 186413 Jul 1864Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHROEDER, ElisabethBECKMANN, JosephKleinekorte, Catharina ---
KLEINEKORTE, Maria Elisabeth02 Oct 186203 Oct 1862Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria ElisabethHEMANN, FranzBECKMANN, Maria---
KLEINEKORTE, Maximilian (Twin)14 Sep 186115 Sep 1861Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), ElisabethKleinekorte, ConradBECKMANN, Maria Agnes---
KLEINEKORTE, Philipp Franz Heinrich20 Dec 187520 Dec 1875Kleinekorte, PhilippSCHROEDER, ElisabethaSchroeder, Franz HeinrichKleinekorte, Eugenia---
KLEINEKORTE, Philipp Maximilian30 Mar 185801 Apr 1858Kleinekorte, HeinrichOTKE, CatharinaKleinkorte, TheodorWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Maria---
KLEINKORTE, Anna Eugenia29 Feb 185602 Mar 1856Kleinkorte, Johann HeinrichOTKEN, CatharinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorHuelsmann, Anna Maria (Mrs. Theodor)---
KLEINKORTE, Johann Heinrich02 Mar 185425 Mar 1854Kleinkorte, J. H.OTKEN, CatharinaKleinkorte, EdwardOtken, Maria Catharina---
KLUKIS, Maria Agnes15 Mar 190416 Mar 1904Klukis, JohannBÜHNE (Buehne), Maria (From Bottrof, Westphalia, Germany)SCHLUETER, HermanSchlueter, Maria born MUELLER---
KLUKIS, William11 Mar 190313 Mar 1903Klukis, JohannBÜHNE (Buehne), Agnes (From Gladbeck, Westphalia, Germany)Buehne, WilhelmBuehne, Cordelia---
KLUMPE, Johann Heinrich (Twin)12 Mar 185112 Mar 1851Klumpe, Johann GeorgMARTEN, AgnesLAMPE, HeinrichLampe, Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)---
KLUMPE, Wilhelm (Twin)12 Mar 185112 Mar 1851Klumpe, Johann GeorgMARTEN, AgnesDEIE, WilhelmMÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina---
KNÜVE (Knueve), Anna Angela27 Mar 184409 Apr 1844Knueve, B.SCHNITKER, Angela MariaWALTER, F.BRUNERT, Anna Angela---
KNÜVE (Knueve), Johann Heinrich22 Sep 184824 Sep 1848Knueve, BernardGRUNE, CatharinaGrune, Johann Heinrich SNITZMAIER, Angela Maria---
KNIEPMANN, Anna Cecelia29 May 189630 May 1896Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaAlbers, HermanKniepmann, Anna born HERMELING---
KNIEPMANN, Anna Gertrud14 Sep 1831---Kniepmann, Johann HermanJOHANFRANS, Anna Gertrud------Came to St. Boniface with parents 22 Sep 1838. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
KNIEPMANN, Anna Gertrud09 Dec 1804---JOHANFRANS, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface 22 Sep 1838 with husband Johann Herman Kniepmann & 4 children. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
KNIEPMANN, Anna Gertrud22 Apr 185724 Apr 1857Kniepmann, GerhardHERMELING, Maria AnnaHAAR, BernardKniepmann, Anna Gertrud---
KNIEPMANN, Anna Maria24 Aug 186126 Aug 1861Kniepmann, HeinrichLEONARD, GertrudMEIERING, AntonHEIMELING, Anna---
KNIEPMANN, August Heinrich19 Aug 185620 Aug 1856Kniepmann, HeinrichLEONARD, GertrudHESSE, AugustSCHÖNEFELD (Schoenefeld), MargarethaEntry appears after Sep 1856 entry on new page. Dates could be Sep
KNIEPMANN, Bernard03 Jan 186625 Jan 1866Kniepmann, GerhardHERMELING, Maria AnnaHermeling, Bernard HeinrichKniepmann, Gertrud born LEONHARD---
KNIEPMANN, Bernard Arthur29 Aug 190030 Aug 1900Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaWOBBE, BernardAlbers, Catharina born AlbersMarried Theresia Bernardina DUEPMANN 2 May 1923
KNIEPMANN, Bernard Heinrich06 Jul 1828---Kniepmann, Johann HermanJOHANFRANS, Anna Gertrud------Came to St. Boniface with parents 22 Sep 1838. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
KNIEPMANN, Bernard Heinrich20 Jan 189720 Jan 1897Kniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaWOBBE, BernardMEIER, Christina born Daniel---
KNIEPMANN, Christina Eugenia21 May 189222 May 1892Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaHERMELING, WilhelmAlbers, Christina born HOFFMarried Gerhard HOLLENKAMP 22 Apr 1914
KNIEPMANN, Clara Anna11 Mar 190512 Mar 1905Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaAlbers, TheodorWOBBE, Anna born Kniepmann---
KNIEPMANN, Ernst Heinrich17 Jan 1826---Kniepmann, Johann HermanJOHANFRANS, Anna Gertrud------Came to St. Boniface with parents 22 Sep 1838. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
KNIEPMANN, Everhard Heinrich09 Apr 185411 Apr 1854Kniepmann, HeinrichLEONARD, GertrudLeonard, Everhard HeinrichJOLK, Sophia---
KNIEPMANN, Gerhard Heinrich03 Apr 1834---Kniepmann, Johann HermanJOHANFRANS, Anna Gertrud------Came to St. Boniface with parents 22 Sep 1838. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
KNIEPMANN, Gerhard Heinrich14 Apr 186416 Apr 1864Kniepmann, HeinrichLENARD, Anna GertrudKniepmann, Gerhard HeinrichMAIERING, Elisabeth---
KNIEPMANN, Heinrich Edward04 Jun 189805 Jun 1898Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaKniepmann, HeinrichSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Elizabeth born Albers---
KNIEPMANN, Heinrich Theodor06 Oct 189506 Oct 1895Kniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaKniepmann, TheodorHEMANN, Anna born Daniel---
KNIEPMANN, Helena Elisabeth13 Sep 190214 Sep 1902Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaHAGEN, HermanHILMES, Elisabeth---
KNIEPMANN, Herman Joseph13 Mar 186114 Mar 1861Kniepmann, Gerhard HeinrichHERMELING, Maria AnnaKniepmann, Herman JosephHOCHLER, Maria Theresia---
KNIEPMANN, Johann Friederich18 Jul 184322 Jul 1843Kniepmann, HermanJOHANFRANS, GertrudHUGHANEWINKEL, Johann FriederichNETEMEIER, Maria CatharinaChild died
KNIEPMANN, Johann Gerhard16 Mar 189016 Mar 1890Kniepmann, Heinrich ErnstDANIEL, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)Daniel, JohannWOBBE, Anna born Kniepmann---
KNIEPMANN, Johann Heinrich19 Jun 185919 Jun 1859Kniepmann, GerhardHERMELING, Anna MariaKniepmann, HeinrichHAAR, Maria Gesina---
KNIEPMANN, Johann Herman17 Sep 1802---------------Came to St. Boniface 22 Sep 1838 with wife Anna Gertrud born Johanfrans & 4 children. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
KNIEPMANN, Johann Herman Edward30 Aug 186701 Sep 1867Kniepmann, Heinrich ErnstLEONARDT, GertrudKniepmann, Johann HermanLeonardt, Christina born SPIEKER---
KNIEPMANN, Johann Julius02 May 190004 May 1900Kniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, MariaHERMELING, WilhelmDaniel, Margaret---
KNIEPMANN, Johann Theodor18 Jan 189418 Jan 1894Kniepmann, TheodorALBERS, CarolinaAlbers, TheodorKniepmann, Maria born DANIEL---
KNIEPMANN, Joseph17 Dec 184017 Dec 1840Kniepmann, Johann HeinrichJOHANFRANS, GertrudJohanfrans, JacobHAUKAMP, ElisabethBorn and died same day
KNIEPMANN, Maria Anna30 Sep 189130 Sep 1891Kniepmann, Heinrich DANIEL, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)HEMANN, ClemensKniepmann, Maria Anna born HERMELINGMarried Johann Bernard HILMES 12 Sep 1916
KNIEPMANN, Maria Francisca09 Mar 189309 Mar 1893Kniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)ROBBEN, HermanDaniel, Anna Maria born GERLING---
KNIEPMANN, Rosa Christina09 Sep 190311 Sep 1903Kniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)Kniepmann, TheodorMEIER, Christina---
KNIEPMANN, Sophia Wilhelmina12 Jun 189813 Jun 1898Kniepmann, HeinrichDANIEL, Maria (From St. Louis, MO)HERMELING, WilhelmKUHLS, Sophia born Daniel---
KNIPMAN, Anna Gertrud03 Mar 185205 Mar 1852Knipman, HeinrichLENARD, GertrudLenard, GeorgKnipman, Anna Gertrud---
KNIPPMANN, Anna Maria01 Jan 185902 Jan 1859Knippmann, HeinrichLEONARD, Anna GertrudKnippmann, GerhardLeonard, A. M.---
KNIPPMANN, Johann Herman05 May 184907 May 1849Knippmann, Ernst HeinrichLEONARD, GertrudKnippmann, Johann HermanLEONARD, Anna Maria---
KNOPF, Jacob28 Dec 184419 Apr 1845Knopf, JohannHARDLIEB, FranciscaZOPF, JacobZopf, Elisabeth---
KNUE, Angela Francisca20 Jul 190021 Jul 1900Knue, Bernard (From Germany)PEECK, MathildaKnue, HeinrichPeeck, Angela born OLTMANN---
KNUE, Anna Margaret14 Jul 189515 Jul 1895Knue, Heinrich (From Bouhelte, Amt Meppen, Hanover)SCHLAUTMANN, CatharinaKnue, BernardSchlautmann, Anna Margaret born SCHALKAMP---
KNUE, Bernard Anton06 Jul 190407 Jul 1904Knue, Heinrich (From Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)SCHLAUTMANN, KatharinaKnue, BernardSTROOTJOHANN, Helena---
KNUE, Elisabeth Philomena21 May 189722 May 1897Knue, Heinrich (From Buckel, Germany)SCHLAUTMANN, CatharinaSchlautmann, HeinrichHAVERMANN, Elisabeth born ALBES---
KNUE, Helena Henrietta22 Dec 190623 Dec 1906Knue, Bernard (From Bokeloh, Hanover, Germany)OLLIGES, MariaKnue, HenryOlliges, HelenaMarried Joseph Eli Pitts SLADE In Our Lady of Perp Help Church P. O. Lumberton, MS
KNUE, Joseph27 May 190128 May 1901Knue, Heinrich (From Germany)SCHLAUTMANN, CatharinaSchlautmann, JosephKOHRMANN, Maria born ROLFES---
KNUE, Mark Johann07 Oct 189808 Oct 1898Knue, Bernard (From Bueckholde, Germany)PEEK, MechtildePeek, JohannKnue, Maria Catharina born SCHLAUTMANNMarried Maria Anna DOYLE 2 Aug 1922 in Breese, IL
KNUE, Wilhelm Gerhard04 Apr 189905 Apr 1899Knue, Heinrich (From Hanover, Germany)SCHLAUTMANN, CatharinaSchlautmann, HeinrichKnue, Mathilde born PEEK---
KNUEVE, Bernard Heinrich09 Mar 185110 Mar 1851Knueve, BernardGROENE, CatharinaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichKNIPMAN, Gertrud---
KNUEVE, Johann Herman05 Sep 184704 Oct 1846Knueve, BernardGRÖNE (Groene), CatharinaGroene, Johann Herman & Franz MARX------
KNUEVE, Maria Carolina13 Dec 184914 Dec 1849Knueve, BernardGRUEN, CatharinaMARCUS, GerhardMERSCHER, Maria---
KNUVE, Anna Maria19 Nov 185220 Nov 1852Knuve, BernardGRÜNE (Gruene), CatharinaPETERS, BernardGrune, Maria Anna---
KNUVER, Johann Herman28 Jan 185502 Feb 1855Knuver, Johann BernardGROENE, Maria CatharinaHECKENKEMPER, Johann HermanSCHÖNEFELD (Schoenefeld), Maria---
KOBBE, Anna Margaretha28 Mar 184230 Mar 1842Kobbe, Gerhard HeinrichKRIEGER, Maria AnnaHILMES, Johann BernardALERS, Maria Adelheid---
KOBBE, Bernard Heinrich06 Nov 185207 Nov 1852Kobbe, Johann BernardNot ListedKobbe, Gerhard HeinrichKOPMANN, Anna MaryThese dates are probably Dec. Entry appears at end of Nov entries.
KOBBE, Herman Heinrich11 Apr 185714 Apr 1857Kobbe, Johann B.HOLLENBACH, Maria GesinaBERNSEN, Lambert HeinrichTONNIES, Anna Maria---
KOBBE, Maria Catharina17 Oct 185418 Oct 1854Kobbe, Johann BernardHOLLENBACH, Maria GesinaTOENIES, Johann HermanBERNSEN, Maria Catharina---
KOCH, Alphonse Bernard08 Mar 189309 Mar 1893Koch, Herman (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalen)WIETER, Maria (From Südmerzen, Hanover)LAGER, Johann BernardWESTERFELHAUS, Gertrud born MARTENMarried Maria BETZ 26 Nov 1928 in Schnellville, Indiana
KOCH, Bernard Heinrich09 Mar 188511 Mar 1885Koch, HermanWIETER, MariaROSSMANN, Johann HeinrichALBERS, Maria born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
KOCH, Bernard Heinrich01 Sep 187802 Sep 1878Koch, BernardVOSKOERS, Anna MariaKRUIP, BernardTIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabeth born THEISSING---
KOCH, Catharina07 Dec 187110 Dec 1871Koch, HermanWIETER, MariaLAGER, Johann BernardKOCH, Catharina born SCHROEDER---
KOCH, Clara Francisca11 Aug 189112 Aug 1891Koch, Herman (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalen)WINTER, Maria Adelheid (From Merzen, Hanover)WESTERFELHAUS, HeinrichTHEISSING, Catharina born HEIDACKERMarried Johann Bernard BUSS 28 Nov 1916 in Breese, IL
KOCH, Elisabeth04 Mar 186709 Mar 1867Koch, HermanLAMPEN, Elisabeth (Deceased)Koch, Johann FriederichLAMPEN, Lucia Margaretha born WÖSTMANN (Woestmann)The mother was buried the same day as the Baptism
KOCH, Emma Catharina30 Mar 187501 Apr 1875Koch, HermanWIETER, MariaHALLERMANN, JosephLAGER, Katharina Maria born Wieter---
KOCH, Ernest Heinrich14 May 188315 May 1883Koch, HermanWIDDER, AdelheidSCHLAUTMANN, Ernst HeinrichHALLERMANN, Maria Anna born MEIERMarried Cecelia GRAMANN 28 Jul 1909 in Aviston, IL. She was Baptized in Highland, IL 16 Jun 1909
KOCH, Friederich Johann16 Sep 187018 Sep 1870Koch, HermanWIETER, Maria KRAEMER, Lambert HeinrichWIETER, Elisabetha born VORNHOLT---
KOCH, Heinrich18 Aug 186919 Aug 1869Koch, JohannWOESTMANN, MargarethaWoestmann, HeinrichKoch, Anna---
KOCH, Heinrich Aloysius03 Jul 190104 Jul 1901Koch, FrederickWESTERFELHAUS, JosephinaWesterfelhaus, HeinrichKoch, Maria born WIETER---
KOCH, Heinrich Edward14 Jan 188716 Jan 1887Koch, HermanWIETER, MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Johann HeinrichLAGER, Josephina---
KOCH, Herman Nicolaus25 Sep 187828 Sep 1878Koch, HermanWIETER, Maria AdelheidFRERKER, NicolausTHEISSING, Anna---
KOCH, Hermina Gertrud23 Jun 189924 Jun 1899Koch, FrederickWESTERFELHAUS, JosephinaKoch, HermanWesterfelhaus, Gertrud born MARTEN---
KOCH, Johann26 Nov 188027 Nov 1880Koch, HermanWIETERS, MariaKoch, JohannKOLLEN, Louisa born WESTERMANN---
KOCH, Johann Anton06 Sep 187307 Sep 1873Koch, HermanWIETER, MariaWieter, Johann AntonBOECKMANN, Anna Maria born KRÜP (Kruep)---
KOCH, Joseph18 Apr 185918 Apr 1859Koch, FredNot Listed, LouisaDETERMANN, JosephHAUCAP, Elisabeth---
KOCH, Louisa Josephina09 May 185710 May 1857Koch, FriederichGRÖNE (Groene), LouisaDETTERMANN, JosephVORNHOLD, Maria---
KOCH, Margaretha15 Nov 188015 Nov 1880Koch, ClemensVOSKOERS, Anna MariaRÖBKE (Roebke), Johann HermanKÜTER (Kueter), Margaretha born BURTZ---
KOCH, Maria Adelheid09 Jul 190309 Jul 1903Koch, FrederickWESTERFELHAUS, JosephinaWesterfelhaus, HeinrichKoch, Maria---
KOCH, Maria Elisabetha03 Dec 187605 Dec 1876Koch, HermanWIETER, MariaBOEKMANN, BernardSCHLAUTMANN, Elisabeth born Wieter---
KOCH, Maria Rosa26 Mar 188928 Mar 1889Koch, Herman (From Ritberg, Germany)WIETER, Maria Adelheid (From Fürstenau, Germany)THEISSING, BernardKoch, Maria Anna born DONNE---
KOELKER, Anna Angela Margaretha27 Dec 187631 Dec 1876Koelker, TheodorHEMANN, TheresiaKoelker, HermanKoelker, Margaretha born SCHEVELING---
KOELLEN, Anna Maria Regina19 Jul 188320 Jul 1883Koellen, HermanWESTERMANN, LouiseWALLER, Bernard H.GOERS, Anna Maria---
KOERGERS, Anna Margaretha24 Aug 185027 Aug 1850Koergers, HeinrichWENDELEN, GesinaDIETZ, AntonSANTEL, Anna Margaretha---
KOERS, Ferdinand Clemens17 May 187517 May 1875Koers, ClemensMÖHRMANN (Moehrmann), Maria ElisabethLEONARD, Ferdinand------
KOHENEN, Anna Catharina (Twin)08 May 184704 Jul 1847Kohenen, Johann HermanHASELBERGER, CatharinaOSTENDORF, JosephSANDER, Catharina---
KOHENEN, Herman Heinrich (Twin)08 May 184704 Jul 1847Kohenen, Johann HermanHASELBERGER, CatharinaSANDEL, Herman HeinrichHANDER, Catharina---
KOHNEN, Anna Maria Sophia13 Feb 188213 Feb 1882Kohnen, HermanHILMES, Maria TheresiaHilmes, Bernard AlbertKohnen, Anna born DUST---
KOHNEN, Bernard Francis19 Aug 189020 Aug 1890Kohnen, Herman HeinrichHILMES, TheresiaKohnen, BernardHilmes, Regina---
KOHNEN, Francis Bernard06 Dec 189207 Dec 1892Kohnen, Bernard (From Amt. Neuenhausen, Prussia)BRAUER, Anna Carolina (From Amt Freren, Hanover)EILERS, Franz JosephHILMES, Carolina born KohnenMarried Maria BOES 9 Sep 1919 in Sts. Peter & Paul Collinsville, IL
KOHNEN, Gerhard Herman04 Mar 190605 Mar 1906Kohnen, HeinrichKAHRHOFF, ElisabethKohnen, HermanTHOELE, Elisabeth born FRERKERMarried Florence SULLIVAN 10 Nov 1942 at Sacred Heart East St. Louis, IL
KOHNEN, Herman Bernard06 Feb 189107 Feb 1891Kohnen, Bernard (From Neuenhausen, Hanover)BRAUER, Carolina (From Lengerich, Hanover)Kohnen, HermanALBERS, Maria Anna born Brauer---
KOHNEN, Herman Heinrich16 Aug 188917 Aug 1889Kohnen, Bernard AlbertBRAUER, Carolina (From Lengerich, Hanover)Kohnen, MatthewBrauer, Maria born SCHULTE---
KOHNEN, Johann AugustApr 189510 Apr 1895Kohnen, Herman (From Schonebeke, Holland)HILMES, Maria Theresia (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)Hilmes, Johann BernardLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria born DUSTDay of birth not listed. Probably between 7 and 10 April
KOHNEN, Johann Herman16 Jul 189717 Jul 1897Kohnen, BernardKAULING, Anna (From Aviston, IL)Kauling, Johann BernardKOHNEN, Theresia born HILMES---
KOHNEN, Johann Herman12 Feb 188713 Feb 1887Kohnen, Herman HILMES, Maria TheresiaHilmes, Johann BernardEILERS, Anna Adelheid born Kohnen---
KOHNEN, Josephina Theresia10 Feb 189311 Feb 1893Kohnen, Herman Heinrich (From Neu Schonebeck, Holland)HILMES, Theresia (From Lengerich, Hanover)Hilmes, BernardEILERS, Anna Adelheid born Kohnen---
KOHNEN, Maria Catharina24 Aug 188425 Aug 1884Kohnen, Herman HeinrichHILMES, Anna Maria TheresiaKohnen, MathiasHilmes, Anna Maria born MEIERMarried Jos. THIEN 13 Oct 1907
KOHRMANN, Catharina Bernardina20 Mar 189321 Mar 1893Kohrmann, August (From Fürstenau, Hanover)ROLFES, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover)BUSSELMANN, GerhardSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Catharina born BECKMANN---
KOHRMANN, Clara Cecelia04 Sep 189705 Sep 1897Kohrmann, August (From Fürstenau, Hanover, Germany)ROLFES, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)HAVERMANN, WilhelmFOPPE, Maria Anna born KohrmannMarried Conrad WINTER 10 Jun 1925 in St Louis Cathedral, MO
KOHRMANN, Ernest August25 Nov 187926 Nov 1879Kohrmann, JosephDETERMANN, MathildaKohrmann, AugustDetermann, Dorothea born REKER---
KOHRMANN, Josephine Bernardina22 Mar 189123 Mar 1891Kohrmann, August (From Ankum, Hanover)ROLFES, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover)ALTGILBERS, Herman HeinrichHAVERMANN, Elisabeth born ALBES for Catharina Albes born WEHNING---
KOHRMANN, Margaret Francisca25 Jan 190026 Jan 1900Kohrmann, August (From Fürstenau, Hanover, Germany)ROLFES, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), JosephSchroeder, Margaret born BECKERMarried Bernard WELLINGHOFF 7 May 1929 in Beckemeyer, IL
KOHRMANN, Maria Catharina Wilhelmina25 Jul 188728 Jul 1887Kohrmann, AugustROLFES, Maria AnnaBECKMANN, WilhelmALBES, Maria Catharina born FEHNINGMarried Johann H. TIMMERMANN 26 Jun 1912
KOHRMANN, Maria Wilhelmina06 Jan 188407 Jan 1884Kohrmann, JosephDETERMANN, MathildaSIEBENBURGER, HeinrichDUST, Wilhelmina born Determann---
KOHRMANN, Wilhelm Joseph20 Mar 189520 Mar 1895Kohrmann, August (From Ankum, Hanover)ROLFES, Maria Anna (From Herzlake, Amt Meppen, Hanover)Kohrmann, JosephBeckmann, Carolina---
KOLKEMEIER, Maria Elisabeth18 Mar 185719 Mar 1857Kolkemeier, HeinrichLINKAMP, MariaOVERBECKER, DietrichGEHRS, Maria Adelheid---
KONEN, Anna Elisabeth06 Feb 188807 Feb 1888Konen, BernardBRAUER, Maria CarolinaEILERS, Franz JosephALBERS, Anna Maria born BRAUERMarried Arthur BILYEN 14 Jun 1953 in St Peter Church in Collinsville, IL
KONEN, Bernard Johann05 May 188006 May 1880Konen, Herman HILMES, Maria TheresiaHilmes, BernardKonen, Margaretha born DUST---
KONEN, Herman Heinrich09 Jan 188510 Jan 1885Konen, Johann HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria SophiaKonen, MathiasWESTERMANN, Anna Maria born SCHONHOFF---
KONEN, Herman Heinrich13 May 187814 May 1878Konen, Herman HeinrichHILMES, Maria TheresiaKonen, MathiasHILMES, Anna Maria born MEIER---
KONEN, Johann Theodor13 Feb 188814 Feb 1888Konen, Herman HeinrichHILMES, Maria TheresiaHilmes, Johann BernardHilmes, Maria CarolinaMarried Anna WOBBE 30 Oct 1912; compare Kohnen
KOOPMANN, Anna Maria (Twin)26 Aug 188127 Aug 1881Koopmann, JosephDUST, Helena---Dust, Anna Maria born OSLAGE---
KOOPMANN, Gerhard Heinrich21 Jan 188522 Jan 1885Koopmann, JosephWILDHABER, Maria AnnaWALLER, Bernard HeinrichWildhaber, Anna Catharina---
KOOPMANN, Johann Bernard Joseph12 Mar 188712 Mar 1887Koopmann, JosephWILDHABER, Maria Wildhaber, Johann HeinrichWALLER, Anna Christina born ALBERS---
KOOPMANN, Johann Joseph11 Feb 188312 Feb 1883Koopmann, JosephWILDHABER, MariaWildhaber, PeterWALLER, Anna born GOERS---
KOOPMANN, Joseph Bernard (Twin)26 Aug 188127 Aug 1881Koopmann, JosephDUST, HelenaWALLER, Bernard------
KOORS, Friederich Clemens06 Dec 186707 Dec 1867Koors, ClemensMÖHRMANN (Moehrmann), ElisabethMoehlmann, FriederichMoehlmann, Anna Maria born SANTELCompare Coers
KOPMANN, Johann Heinrich02 Dec 184406 Jan 1845Kopmann, GerhardWILKING, Lucia G. Margaretha------This entry is crossed out.
KOPMANN, Maria Catharina12 Jun 185513 Jun 1855Kopmann, ClemensDUST, Anna Margaretha NIEBUR, Johann HeinrichBERNSEN, Maria Catharina---
KOPPMANN, Johann Clement17 Jul 185218 Jul 1852Koppmann, Johann ClementDUST, Anna Margaretha Dust, Bernard HermanGERRIS, Maria Adelheid---
KORMANN, Anna Mathilda01 Sep 188901 Sep 1889Kormann, AugustROLFES, MariaKormann, JosephKormann, MathildaMarried Bernard HEIDEL 26 May 1913 in Breese, IL
KORTE, Anna Cecelia22 Nov 189524 Nov 1895Korte, HermanRIPPERDA, MargaretSCHULTE, GerhardWEIER, Anna---
KORTE, Anna Margaret (Twin)04 Sep 188805 Sep 1888Korte, Gerhard ConradFEHRMANN, Anna---Korte, Anna Margaret locally Susanna M. A. SCHLÖTER (Schloeter)---
KORTE, Anna Maria17 May 185718 May 1857Korte, ConradNot Listed, Maria Anna G.LAMPE, HeinrichEPE, Anna Adelheid---
KORTE, Anna Maria Catharina15 Dec 186617 Dec 1866Korte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaMAERIANS, StephanEss, Maria Anna born STORM---
KORTE, Anna Philomena19 Jul 187620 Jul 1876Korte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaHALLERMANN, JosephVOSS, Anna---
KORTE, Anton09 Apr 188410 Apr 1884Korte, HermanHAVERMANN, ElisabethaSCHAPER, HermanHOFF, Maria---
KORTE, Bernard Heinrich12 Jun 186416 Jun 1864Korte, HeinrichDULLE, GertrudDulle, BernardKorte, Anna Maria---
KORTE, Bernard Joseph16 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Korte, HermanFEHRMANN, MariaFehrmann, BernardKorte, Elisabeth---
KORTE, Bernard Wilhelm15 Nov 187016 Nov 1870Korte, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaBOECKMANN, BernardKorte, Maria Gesina born LÜBE (Luebe)---
KORTE, Caspar August14 Feb 186815 Feb 1868Korte, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MargarethaROHLING, Johann CasparHOCHLER, Theresia born LÜBBERS (Luebbers)---
KORTE, Edward Leon24 Oct 189626 Oct 1896Korte, Herman (From Ankum, Germany)HAVERMANN, Elisabeth (From Ankum, Germany)STOCKMANN, AntonNORRENBERNS, Catharina born FRERKER---
KORTE, Elisabeth28 Dec 185429 Dec 1854Korte, ConradJANSEN, MargarethaJansen, WilhelmKRUIP, TheresiaCompare Corte
KORTE, Euphemia Margaretha25 Nov 186026 Nov 1860Korte, Johann ConradESS, Maria AnnaFICKER, BernardESS, Anna Maria---
KORTE, Franz29 Jul 188231 Jul 1882Korte, HermanHAGERMANN, ElisabethHAVERMANN, HermanKRÜP (Kruep), TheresiaMarried Sophia WOBBE 24 May 1910 in Damiansville, IL; Francisca SCHOENKAMP 25 Jul 1935 in Marydale, IA
KORTE, Georg11 May 189611 May 1896Korte, AugustRÖBKE (Roebke), ChristinaKorte, HermanRoebke, Anna Maria Dorothea born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
KORTE, Georg Johann (Twin)04 Sep 188805 Sep 1888Korte, Gerhard ConradFEHRMANN, AnnaKorte, Johann G.------
KORTE, Georg Theodor30 Oct 187301 Nov 1873Korte, HermanHAFERMANN, ElisabethaHafermann, Herman GerhardPOELKE, Maria Anna born Korte---
KORTE, Gerdes Heinrich26 Jan 186230 Jan 1862Korte, HermanMÜLLERS (Muellers), MariaKorte, HeinrichROLWES, Maria Elisabeth---
KORTE, Gerhard17 Jul 189017 Jul 1890Korte, Herman (From Ankum, Hanover)HAVERMANN, Elisabetha (From Ankum, Hanover)SCHULTE, GerhardHavermann, Elisabeth born ALBES---
KORTE, Gerhard Conrad08 Mar 186409 Mar 1864Korte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaMERIANS, StephanKARHOFF, Maria Elisabeth---
KORTE, Gerhard Heinrich16 Jan 189817 Jan 1898Korte, Herman (From Damiansville, IL)RIPPERDA, MargaretRipperda, HeinrichKorte, MariaMarried Elisabeth RAPP 18 Apr 1922 in Belleville, IL
KORTE, Gerhard Heinrich26 Dec 186227 Dec 1862Korte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaEss, Johann BernardFIECKER, Christina---
KORTE, Gesina Christina01 Dec 186902 Dec 1869Korte, ConradESS, Anna MariaVOSS, Johann BernardHALLERMANN, Gesina Maria born KRIEGER---
KORTE, Heinrich Francis27 May 189128 May 1891Korte, WilhelmHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), CarolinaHoerchler, HeinrichHoerchler, Theresia born LÜBBERS (Luebbers)---
KORTE, Herman Bernard23 Feb 188224 Feb 1882Korte, HermanFAEHRMANN, MariaTHIEN, BernardMAUE, Anna born Korte---
KORTE, Herman Conrad25 Aug 188025 Aug 1880Korte, HermanFEHRMANN, Maria Korte, ConradSIKA, Elisabeth born FehrmannMarried Maria STEINMANN 7 Oct 1908 in Breese, IL
KORTE, Johann Bernard19 Jun 185920 Jun 1859Korte, J. ConradESS, A. M.Ess, BernardTHEISING, Helena Maria---
KORTE, Johann Dietrich (Diederich)15 Feb 186319 Feb 1863Korte, HermanMÖLLER (Moeller), Anna MariaMoeller, Johann DietrichDULLE, Anna Gertrud---
KORTE, Johann Edward16 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Korte, Herman (From Damiansville, IL)RIPPERDA, MargaretKorte, JohannHERMELING, Maria born Ripperda---
KORTE, Johann Ferdinand22 May 188622 May 1886Korte, HermanFEHRMANN, MariaNORDMANN, FerdinandNordmann, Agnes Gesina born Korte---
KORTE, Johann Frederick04 May 188006 May 1880Korte, HermanHAVERSMANN, ElisabethaHaversmann, FrederickKorte, Maria born LUEBE---
KORTE, Johann Heinrich21 Nov 189122 Nov 1891Korte, HermanFEHRMANN, Maria AdelheidFehrmann, JohannFICKER, Bernardina born MENSING---
KORTE, Johann Herman20 Nov 188821 Nov 1888Korte, Gerhard RIPPERDA, MargaretSCHAPER, HermanWEIER, Anna born Ripperda---
KORTE, Johann Herman13 Dec 188414 Dec 1884Korte, HermanFEHRMANN, MariaFehrmann, Johann HermanKorte, Maria Anna born ESS---
KORTE, Johann Herman07 Dec 185908 Dec 1859Korte, J. HermanMÖLLERS (Moellers), Maria AnnaRENSING, Johann HermanMAYERS, Maria Adelheid---
KORTE, Johann Wilhelm15 Apr 185817 Apr 1858Korte, HeinrichDULLE, GertrudeDulle, HermanKorte, Maria Anna---
KORTE, Joseph Heinrich03 Jan 189004 Jan 1890Korte, HermanRIPPERDA, MargaretKorte, Wilhelm HeinrichSCHULTE, Anna Elisabeth born Korte---
KORTE, Margaret Dorothea03 Nov 189703 Nov 1897Korte, AugustROEBKE, ChristinaHOLTMANN, JosephRoebke, ChristinaMarried Theodore HEIDEMANN 9 Sep 1919
KORTE, Margaretha Elisabetha03 Nov 187204 Nov 1872Korte, ConradESS, Maria AnnaEss, Johann BernardHÖNNEN (Hoennen), Anna Margaretha born THIEN---
KORTE, Maria Catharina12 Jun 189012 Jun 1890Korte, ConradFEHRMANN, AnnaFehrmann, HermanKorte, Maria born Fehrmann---
KORTE, Maria Elisabetha25 Mar 187227 Mar 1872Korte, ConradMUELLER, Anna MariaKorte, HeinrichBOCKMANN, Anna Maria born KRUEP---
KORTE, Maria Gertrude17 Apr 189118 Apr 1891Korte, Herman (From Damiansville, IL)RIPPERDA, MargaretRipperda, HeinrichSCHAPER, Maria Gesina born LÜBE (Luebe)Married Johann Bernard HAAR 19 Nov 1912 in St. Anthony's in Lively Grove, IL
KORTE, Maria Helena29 Mar 188830 Mar 1888Korte, HermanHAVERMANN, ElisabethaHOFF, Johann H.KOEBBE, Maria Elisabeth born MOELLERMarried Francis HAUKAP 27 Apr 1910 in Albers, IL
KORTE, Maria Sophia31 Oct 187601 Nov 1876Korte, HermanHAVERMANN, ElisabethaKÖBBE (Koebbe), HeinrichHavermann, Elisabeth born GREVENKAMP---
KORTE, Wilhelm25 Oct 189326 Oct 1893Korte, Heinrich (From Ankum, Hanover)HAVERMANN, Elisabeth (From Ankum, Hanover)RENSING, WilhelmMueller, Christina born SCHONHOFFMarried Clara Catharina BECKMANN 14 May 1919 in Albers, IL
KORTE, Wilhelm04 Sep 190005 Sep 1900Korte, Herman (From Damiansville, IL)RIPPERDA, MargaretHERMELING, WilhelmRipperda, Barbara born SPENGLER---
KORTE, Wilhelm Heinrich30 Jun 188601 Jul 1886Korte, HermanHAVERMANN, ElisabethaHavermann, WilhelmRENSING, Anna---
KORTMANN, Maria Elisabeth27 Apr 186028 Apr 1860Kortmann, HeinrichBLEI, MariaMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), ClemensSCHÖNING (Schoening), Elisabeth---
KORVES, Herman Bernard22 May 186824 May 1868Korves, Herman HeinrichHUMBERT, Gesina AdelheidRÖTTERING (Roettering), Herman BernardFeldmann, Maria Elisabeth born ROBBEN---
KORVES, Maria AgnesApr 186616 Apr 1866Korves, Herman HeinrichHUMBERT, Gesina AdelheidDEIEN, BernardMEIER, Maria Agnes born BECKMANNPage torn at birth date
KRAMER, Anna Catharina23 Aug 186924 Aug 1869Kramer, Lambert HeinrichKOCH, Anna CatharinaDULLE, Heinrich JohannKoch, Anna Catharina born SCHROEDER---
KRAMER, Herman22 Oct 186724 Oct 1867Kramer, Lambert HeinrichKOCH, CatharinaKoch, HermanHUNDMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born HEMANN---
KRÜIP (Krueip), Catharina Elisabeth01 Apr 184104 Apr 1841Krueip, HeinrichWACHTEL, CatharinaWachtel, MartinVORNHOLD, Catharina Elisabeth---
KRÜP (Kruep), Anna Catharina19 Jul 187320 Jul 1873Kruep, BernardSCHNIERS, Anna MariaPINGSTERHAUS, WilhelmKruep, Theresia born KOCK---
KRÜP (Kruep), Bernard Heinrich30 Jan 186830 Jan 1868Kruep, BernardSCHNIERS, Anna MariaSchniers, Bernard HeinrichKruep, Anna Adelheid born DIECKMANN---
KRÜP (Kruep), Herman25 Sep 185527 Sep 1855Kruep, Bernard AlbertKOCK, Maria TheresiaKUPER, LambertFICKER, Margaretha ---
KRÜP (Kruep), Maria Theresia23 Feb 185325 Feb 1853Kruep, Bernard HeinrichWACHTEL, CatharinaWachtel, MarcusKruep, Maria Theresia---
KRÜPP (Kruepp), Adolph Theodor13 Aug 184820 Sep 1848Kruepp, Bernard HeinrichWACHTEL, CatharinaVORNHOLD, Adolph TheodorALTEPETER, Catharina---
KREBS, Jacob15 May 185524 Jun 1855Krebs, CasparPFEIFER, CatharinaRABACHER, JacobPfeifer, ChristinaCompare Greps & Kreps
KREBS, Maria18 Aug 185826 Sep 1858Krebs, JohannSCHLEFFLY, MariaKrebs, CasparA___M, Maria Cath.Page is damaged
KREIMER, Bernardina (Twin)17 Nov 189418 Nov 1894Kreimer, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)KÖTTER (Koetter), Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Koetter, BernardKoetter, Joanna born LEHMKESee Dorothea Kreimer. Her mother is listed as Anna but they were born and Baptized the same day and have the same father.
KREIMER, Dorothea (Twin)17 Nov 189418 Nov 1894Kreimer, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)KÖTTER (Koetter), Anna (From Damiansville, IL)LEHRTER, HermanSCHLARMANN, Dorothea born WELLINGSee Bernardina Kreimer. Her mother is listed as Elisabeth but they were born and Baptized the same day and have the same father.
KREIMER, Margaret08 Aug 189809 Aug 1898Kreimer, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)KOETTER, Elizabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Koetter, BernardKreimer, Margaret---
KREIMER, Maria Dorothea19 Sep 189621 Sep 1896Kreimer, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)KOETTER, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)KUHN, GeorgKLOECKNER, Maria born Kreimer---
KREKE, Anna Barbara27 Aug 188728 Aug 1887Kreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, MariaRIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichRipperda, Anna Barbara born Spengler---
KREKE, Anna Maria07 Jul 188208 Jul 1882Kreke, Herman HeinrichSPENGLER, Anna MariaSTAMMEN, Peter JohannKERS, Maria (GOERS)---
KREKE, Catharina04 Dec 186906 Dec 1869Kreke, GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaSCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephBECKER, Catharina born Kreke---
KREKE, Frederick Heinrich12 May 189412 May 1894Kreke, FrederickEILERING, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)KREKE, HeinrichMERSCHER, Elisabeth born Eilering---
KREKE, Friederich (Twin)09 Mar 186110 Mar 1861Kreke, GerhardVELTROP, HenricaBECKER, FriederichBAHLMANN, Margaretha---
KREKE, Georg Leon06 Nov 189607 Nov 1896Kreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, Maria (From Millstadt, IL)Kreke, Gerhard HeinrichKreke, Anna Maria born MUELLERMarried Elisabeth Gertrude POLLMANN 3 Jun 1919
KREKE, Gerhard Heinrich24 Dec 189226 Dec 1892Kreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, Maria (From Millstadt, IL)Kreke, GerhardSCHLAUTMANN, Elisabeth born WIETERMarried Justina Helena BRUNS 21 Oct 1919
KREKE, Gerhard Heinrich25 Mar 185627 Mar 1856Kreke, GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaGERLING, Johann HeinrichDUST, Maria---
KREKE, Herman Heinrich22 Mar 185423 Mar 1854Kreke, Johann GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaHAAR, BenedictHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Margaretha---
KREKE, Johann (Twin)09 Mar 186110 Mar 1861Kreke, GerhardVELTROP, HenricaBECKER, FriederichBAHLMANN, Margaretha---
KREKE, Johann Gerhard03 Oct 188805 Oct 1888Kreke, Frederick EILERING, MariaKreke, GerhardDÜING (Dueing), Maria Anna born DUST---
KREKE, Josephina Elisabeth17 Jan 188519 Jan 1885Kreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, MariaBECKMANN, WilhelmKreke, Maria Elisabeth born REMPEMarried Anton HORSCHLER 17 Jan 1912
KREKE, Margaretha28 May 187230 May 1872Kreke, GerhardFELTRUP, HenriettaBECKMANN, JohannKreke, Margaretha---
KREKE, Margaretha Henrietta17 Apr 188417 Apr 1884Kreke, FriederichEILERING, Maria AnnaKreke, GerhardEilering, Margaretha born DUST---
KREKE, Maria Elisabeth11 Jul 188611 Jul 1886Kreke, Frederick JohannEILERING, Anna MariaEilering, BernardKreke, Maria Elisabeth born REMPE---
KREKE, Maria Elisabeth25 Aug 187826 Aug 1878Kreke, HeinrichSTAMMEN, Philomena MathildaKreke, GerhardStammen, Maria Elisabeth born HATINGS---
KREKE, Maria Elisabeth04 Jul 185805 Jul 1858Kreke, GerhardFELDTROP, HenricaUSSELMANN, HeinrichTIMPE, Maria---
KREKE, Maria Eugenia14 Apr 189115 Apr 1891Kreke, FrederickEILERING, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Eilering, HeinrichBECKMANN, Maria born Kreke---
KREKE, Maria Wilhelmina18 May 189019 May 1890Kreke, HeinrichSPENGLER, Maria (From Millstadt, IL)GOERS, DennisBECKMANN, Maria born Kreke---
KREKE, Theodor Heinrich10 Jan 186712 Jan 1867Kreke, GerhardVELTROP, HenricaHAGEN, Dietrich (Diederich)Gerling, Elisabeth born RICKELMANN---
KREPS, Philipp Jacob08 May 185319 Jun 1853Kreps, CasparPFEIFER, CatharinaPfeifer, PhilippKreps, MagdalenaCompare Krebs
KRETSCHMANN, Georg Wolfgang27 May 185605 Feb 1885Kretschmann, GeorgWINKLER, MargaretWinkler, Johann------
KRIE, Anna Margareta12 Sep 185715 Aug 1858Krie, JohannBASLER, CarolinaCOTTERER, PhilippKERCHER, Margareta---
KRIEGER, Anna Adelheid08 Mar 184312 Mar 1843Krieger, J. H.POL, Maria AnnaHEUMANN, B. H.RENSING, Helena Adelheid---
KRIEGER, Anna Gertrud10 Jul 185210 Jul 1852Krieger, Johann BernardSTRAM, Maria AnnaALBERS, Bernard HeinrichKrieger, Anna Gertrud---
KRIEGER, Anna Margaretha01 Nov 184910 Nov 1849Krieger, Johann HermanPOHL, Maria AnnaSPEISER, LaurentPohl, Anna MargarethaBaptism was at parents' home
KRIEGER, Anna Maria25 Apr 185126 Apr 1851Krieger, Herman BernardSTORM, Maria AnnaALBERS, Bernard HeinrichKNIPMAN, Gertrud---
KRIEGER, Heinrich Anton (Twin)24 Feb 185027 Feb 1850Krieger, AlbertJANSEN, Anna HelenaRENZING, HermanJansen, Maria HelenaBaptism was at parents' home
KRIEGER, Johann Bernard23 Jan 185325 Jan 1853Krieger, Johann AlbertCONE, TecklaRENSING, Johann HermanBENEN, Helena---
KRIEGER, Johann Heinrich13 Dec 184514 Dec 1845Krieger, HermanPOHL, Maria AnnaKrieger, AlbertKEMPER, Catharina Elisabeth---
KRIEGER, Johann Herman24 Aug 184727 Aug 1847Krieger, Johann HermanTOHL, Maria AnnaRENSING, Johann Herman H.PELSLERING, Anna Maria ---
KRIEGER, Johann Herman---03 Mar 1847Krieger, AlbertJANSEN, Anna HelenaDEILMANN, HeinrichBELSTRID, Anna Maria---
KRIEGER, Johann Herman14 Aug 184514 Aug 1845Krieger, AlbertJANSEN, Anna HelenaKrieger, Johann HermanJansen, Maria Helena---
KRIEGER, Johann Wilhelm01 Feb 185102 Feb 1851Krieger, AlbertCONEN, TheclaPELSRING, HeinrichMOELLER, Anna Maria---
KRIEGER, Maria Adelheid (Twin)24 Feb 185027 Feb 1850Krieger, AlbertJANSEN, Anna HelenaRENZING, HermanJansen, Maria HelenaBaptism was at parents' home
KRIEGER, Theodor13 Jun 184705 Jul 1847Krieger, TheodorSTURM, MariaHELMING, TheodorREY, Shennan Maria---
KRUEPP, Anna Maria22 Feb 185223 Feb 1852Kruepp, Bernard AlbertHILBERS, Maria TheresiaKRUEPP, Johann GerhardKruepp, Gesina (Widow)---
KRUEPP, Anna Maria07 Jan 185108 Jan 1851Kruepp, Bernard AlbertHILBES, TheresiaKruepp, Bernard HeinrichKruepp, Maria Adelheid---
KRUEPP, Anna Maria21 May 185022 May 1850Kruepp, Johann GerhardDITTMANN, Maria AdelheidWOEBBE, Bernard HeinrichKruepp, Anna Adelheid---
KRUEPP, Johann Bernard17 Feb 185118 Feb 1851Kruepp, Bernard HeinrichWACHTEL, CatharinaKruepp, Bernard AlbertWachtel, Elisabeth---
KRUIP, Anna Elisabeth22 Dec 185624 Dec 1856Kruip, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Anna ElisabethALTEPETER, HermanDETMER, Susanna---
KRUIP, Anna Maria Theresia05 Nov 185406 Nov 1854Kruip, HeinrichKNIES, Anna MariaSCHNITZMEIER, HeinrichKruip, Maria Gesina---
KRUIP, Gerhard Heinrich15 Oct 185416 Oct 1854Kruip, J. HeinrichHOLTHAUS, ElisabethKruip, Gerhard HeinrichMOREHENNERS, Catharina Wilhelmina---
KRUIP, Johann Heinrich22 Dec 184226 Dec 1842Kruip, B. H.WACHTEL, CatharinaHAARTÖBBEN (Haartoebben), Johann HeinrichWachtel, Maria Anna---
KRUIP, Maria Theresia18 Dec 184420 Dec 1844Kruip, B. H.WACHTEL, CatharinaWachtel, MartinHURTÖBE (Hurtoebe), Maria Theresia---
KRUKENKAMP, Anna Catharina15 Oct 187116 Oct 1871Krukenkamp, AntonECKERT, ElisabethaNORDMANN, JohannBECKER, Catharina born TEEKE---
KRUKENKAMP, Anna MariaMar 187608 Mar 1876Krukenkamp, AntonECKERT, ElisabethaHALLERMANN, JosephTHEISSING, Maria Angela born HEGGERPage torn at birth date
KRUKENKAMP, Bernard Anton15 Oct 186917 Oct 1869Krukenkamp, Bernard AntonECKERT, ElisabethaTÖNNIES (Toennies), BernardLÖPKER (Loepker), Catharina born DUST---
KRUSE, Anna Francisca10 Jan 187712 Jan 1877Kruse, Gerhard HeinrichVENNEMANN, MargarethaWESTERMANN, JosephKruse, Anna born MERSCHER---
KRUSE, Anna Maria29 Apr 188330 Apr 1883Kruse, Herman BernardMERSCHER, Anna HelenaVOGELSANG, HeinrichMerscher, Anna Maria ---
KRUSE, Anna Wilhelmina21 Sep 187522 Sep 1875Kruse, Herman BernardMERSCHER, Anna HelenaKruse, Gerhard HeinrichMerscher, Anna Wilhelmina born GROTE---
KRUSE, Bernard Heinrich04 Dec 187705 Dec 1877Kruse, Herman BernardMERSCHER, Anna Helena---GROOTE, Anna Helena born UNKRAUT---
KRUSE, Bernard Heinrich06 Mar 187409 Mar 1874Kruse, Gerhard HeinrichVENNEMANN, Maria MargarethaKruse, Herman BernardGROTE, Anna Helena born Vennemann? (Smudge over maiden name)---
KRUSE, Bernard Heinrich18 Feb 186919 Feb 1869Kruse, Gerhard HeinrichVENNEMANN, Maria MargarethaKruse, Johann BernardMERSCHER, Anna Helena---
KRUSE, Johann Gerhard16 Jun 187216 Jun 1872Kruse, Gerhard HeinrichVENNEMANN, Maria MargarethaWELLING, JohannHESSE, Amalia born KAPPMEIER---
KRUSE, Johann Heinrich30 Oct 188031 Oct 1880Kruse, Herman BernardMERSCHER, Anna HelenaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichVOGELSANG, Anna Catharina---
KRUSE, Johann Wilhelm11 Feb 187912 Feb 1879Kruse, Gerhard VENNEMANN, MargarethaMERSCHER, Johann WilhelmREICHERT, Paulina born HERBSTREIT---
KRUSE, Johann Wilhelm19 Oct 187319 Oct 1873Kruse, Herman BernardMERSCHER, Anna HelenaMerscher, Johann WilhelmKruse, Margaretha born VENNEMANN---
KRUSE, Louisa05 Dec 186607 Dec 1866Kruse, Gerhard HeinrichVENNEMAN, Maria MargarethaKruse, Herman BernardEVERSGERD, Louisa born KORTE---
KUHL, Gerhard Herman23 Oct 187324 Oct 1873Kuhl, ClemensBUSCH, WilhelminaFELDMANN, Gerhard HermanMERSCHEL, Anna Wilhelmina born GROTE---
KUHL, Heinrich Joseph13 Apr 186914 Apr 1869Kuhl, ClemensBUSCH, WilhelminaKuhl, Bernard JosephPETERS, Adelheid born KORTE---
KUHLS, Johann Wilhelm09 Jul 187110 Jul 1871Kuhls, ClemensBUSCH, WilhelminaREMPE, JosephMERSCHER, Anna---
KUHN, Herman19 Feb 186008 Apr 1860Kuhn, HermanWERDELER, ClaraBILLHARTZ, HermanWerdeler, RosinaBaptized same day as Johann Georg Billhartz
KUHN, Johann18 Feb 185725 Apr 1857Kuhn, JohannWERHLE, ClaraHEINSMANN, Philipp JohannNot Listed, Sophia Ruth---
KUHN, Johann Joseph09 Nov 185803 Jul 1859Kuhn, JohannWEHRLE, ClaraJUNKER, JosephNORDHAUS, Maria---
KUHNER, Carl28 Oct 185704 Apr 1858Kuhner, JosephRINGWALD, Eva RosaMEYER, AmandHERBSTREIT, MariaBaptized same day as Maria Herbstreit
KUNKEL, Anna Margaretha24 Feb 185321 Mar 1853Kunkel, PeterKOSCHER, MargarethaGEHRS, Herman Koscher, Maria---
KUNKEL, Johann Baptist16 Jun 185117 Aug 1851Kunkel, PeterACKERMAN, MargarethaISAAC, Johann BaptistIsaac, Catharina (Mrs. Johann Baptist)---
KUPER, Anna Maria31 Jan 186003 Feb 1860Kuper, AntonFOPPE, TheresiaFoppe, ClemensKAITER, Anna Theresia---
KUPER, Catharina01 Feb 184902 Feb 1849Kuper, AntonFOPPE, TheresiaSTROOT, Johann HeinrichFoppe, Catharina---
KUPER, Franz21 Apr 184323 Apr 1843Kuper, AntonFOPPE, TheresiaKuper, LambertFoppe, Catharina---
KUPER, Gertrud09 Mar 185411 Mar 1854Kuper, AntonFOPPE, TheresiaHILMES, J. HeinrichWITTKAMP, Gertrud---
KUPER, Louisa---04 May 1841Kuper, AntonFOPPE, Maria TheresiaDIERKES, LambertFoppe, Anna Christina---
KUPER, Maria25 Feb 185102 Mar 1851Kuper, AntonFOPPE, TheresiaBAHLMANN, Wilhelm AntonSTROOT, Maria Anna---
KUPER, Maria Dina01 Aug 185603 Aug 1856Kuper, AntonFOPPE, TheresiaTEKE, EverhardBERNSEN, Maria Catharina---
KURMANN, Anna Maria17 Jan 186418 Jan 1864Kurmann, HeinrichBLEY, MariaKurmann, BernardBUTZS, Maria---
KURMANN, Maria10 Mar 186211 Mar 1862Kurmann, HeinrichBLEI, Anna MariaBlei, Gerhard WilhelmSTOFF, Helena---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria 28 Aug 188029 Aug 1880Loepker, Johann AntonOVER, Anna Maria AgnesKONEN, MathiasLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Helena born DUST---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria Carolina03 Apr 187805 Apr 1878Loepker, BernardDUST, Anna MariaDust, GerhardLoepker, Anna Maria Agnes born OVEN---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria Catharina22 Feb 188323 Feb 1883Loepker, HeinrichDUST, AnnaRIBBING, EberhardLÖPKER (Loepker), Catharina born Dust---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria Josephina10 Aug 188211 Aug 1882Loepker, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaEVES, Caspar HeinrichKONEN, Anna Margaretha born Dust---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anton Gerhard Heinrich 18 Nov 187319 Nov 1873Loepker, Johann AntonOVER, Maria AgnesLoepker, Gerhard HeinrichMARCUS, Anna Theresia---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Gerhard Heinrich 24 Aug 188126 Aug 1881Loepker, HeinrichDUST, AnnaDust, GerhardTHIEN, Agnes born Loepker---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Gerhard Heinrich 26 Aug 187127 Aug 1871Loepker, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaDust, Gerhard HeinrichTHIEN, Maria Anna Agnes born Loepker---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Johann Bernard Heinrich06 Jan 187407 Jan 1874Loepker, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaLoepker, Gerhard HeinrichDust, Anna Margaretha---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Johann Gerhard09 Oct 190210 Oct 1902Loepker, Gerhard Heinrich (From Bawinkel, Hanover, Germany)RICKHOFF, Anna FriederickaDULLE, JohannALBERS, Margaret---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Johann Herman Anton04 Oct 187504 Oct 1875Loepker, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaLoepker, Johann AntonDust, Maria Gesina---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Maria Catharina12 May 187713 May 1877Loepker, Johann AntonOVEN, Anna Maria AgnesTHIEN, Johann HermanLoepker, Anna Maria born DUST---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Maria Catharina28 Feb 187001 Mar 1870Loepker, Johann BernardDUST, Maria AnnaDust, Johann HeinrichLoepker, Maria Catharina born Dust---
LÖPKER (Loepker), Maria Helena Josephina11 Dec 188413 Dec 1884Loepker, Gerhard HeinrichDUST, Anna HelenaROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichLoepker, Anna Maria born DustMarried August SUNDRUP 16 Jun 1908 or 1918
LABEN, Maria20 Apr 185619 Jun 1856Laben, JohannKREBS, CatharinaKrebs, JohannSCHMIDT, Maria---
LACKENBORGERS, John Henry10 Dec 190610 Dec 1906Lackenborgers, Henry (From Aviston, IL)HAGEN, MariaHagen, HenryHagen, Maria---
LAGER, Anna Margaretha19 Apr 184623 Apr 1846Lager, GerhardWOBBE, Maria AnnaBODDE, Herman GerhardWobbe, Margaretha---
LAGER, Herman Theodor03 May 188404 May 1884Lager, JohannRUMP, AnnaALBERS, HermanFRERKER, Anna born RUMP---
LAGER, Johann Friederich06 May 186308 May 1863Lager, JosephHEMANN, Anna MariaLager, JohannHemann, Anna Catharina---
LAGER, Johann Herman Theodor (Twin)01 Aug 186702 Aug 1867Lager, JosephKUHLMANN, Maria AgnesLAMPE, Johann Herman TheodorWOBBE, Anna Margaretha born WIENHOFF---
LAGER, Joseph Franz (Twin)01 Aug 186702 Aug 1867Lager, JosephKUHLMANN, Maria AgnesSCHOLL, JosephSCHMITZ, Margaretha born GROOTE---
LAKE, Bertha Catharina04 Jun 189405 Jun 1894Lake, Heinrich (From St. Libory, IL)WEIER, Maria Rosa (From Thüne, Freren, Hanover)BUDDE, Johann HeinrichTHEISSING, Catharina born Lake---
LAKE, Emma Maria22 Jan 186822 Jan 1868Lake, BernardHOFF, CarolinaBURGHARTZ, HeinrichHoff, Christina---
LAKE, Francis Clement03 Nov 189604 Nov 1896Lake, Johann HeinrichWEYER, RosaWeyer, ClemensHOFF, Anna born KALLAGE---
LAKE, Johann Albert01 Jul 186502 Jul 1865Lake, Johann BernardHOFF, M. CarolinaHOCHLER, Ernst FriederichBRÜGEN (Bruegen), Helena---
LAKE, Johann Clemens05 May 187006 May 1870Lake, Herman BernardHOFF, CarolinaHoff, HeinrichLake, Maria---
LAKE, Theodor01 Jan 187601 Jan 1876Lake, BernardHOFF, CarolinaALBERS, TheodorAlbers, Christina born HOFF---
LAKE, Theodor14 Sep 187215 Sep 1872Lake, BernardHOFF, CarolinaALBERS, TheodorFISCHER, Maria born Hoff---
LAKENBURGES, Anna Maria19 Apr 190320 Apr 1903Lakenburges, Heinrich (From Aviston, IL)HAGEN, MariaHagen, HeinrichHagen, Anna Maria---
LAKENBURGES, Gerhard01 Apr 186204 Apr 1862Lakenburges, Heinrich GeorgRISSE, Anna FranciscaTOBE, GerhardBUSCH, Christina---
LAMBES, Anna Helena11 May 184913 May 1849Lambes, Johann HeinrichHEMMELGARE, Maria AnnaRITTEL, Johann CasparCOEBBE, Anna HelenaCompare Lampe & Koebbe.
LAMMERS, Angela Theresia22 Jan 188023 Jan 1880Lammers, ClemensVOSKOERS, TheresiaHUNDMANN, LambertTHEISSING, Maria Angela born HEGGER---
LAMMERS, Anna Elisabetha12 Aug 187513 Aug 1875Lammers, HermanVOSKOERS, Anna MariaKUPER, GerhardLammers, Anna Maria born HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher)---
LAMMERS, Anna Elisabetha31 Dec 187101 Jan 1872Lammers, HeinrichHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Maria HAGEN, TheodorLammers, Anna Adelheid born Hoelscher---
LAMMERS, Anna Maria08 Jul 187709 Jul 1877Lammers, ClemensVOSKUHL, TheresiaFEHR, ClemensLammers, Maria born HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher)---
LAMMERS, Anna Maria Theresia31 Jan 187406 Feb 1874Lammers, Johann ClemensVOSKOERS, Anna Maria TheresiaKUPER, GerhardLammers, Anna Maria born Voskoers---
LAMMERS, Clemens Heinrich10 Feb 187911 Feb 1879Lammers, HeinrichHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), TheklaFEHR, ClemensLammers, Theresia born VORSKORS---
LAMMERS, Herman Heinrich29 Jan 187130 Jan 1871Lammers, Johann ClemensVOSKOERS, Maria TheresiaLammers, Herman HeinrichVoskoers, Maria Christina---
LAMMERS, Johann Bernard12 Mar 186914 Mar 1869Lammers, ClemensVOSKOERS, MariaVoskoers, BernardLammers, Maria Adelheid born KLOSTER---
LAMMERS, Johann Clemens11 Jun 187412 Jun 1874Lammers, Johann HeinrichTEKELOH, MariaLammers, Johann ClemensNot Listed, Maria Elisabeth born KLATE---
LAMMERS, Johann Clemens10 Dec 186711 Dec 1867Lammers, Herman HeinrichVOSKORS, Anna MariaLammers, Johann ClemensVoskors, Anna Maria born RICKE---
LAMMERS, Johann Heinrich17 Apr 186518 Apr 1865Lammers, Herman HeinrichOLIGES, Maria AnnaKEUCHLEN, HeinrichLammers, Maria---
LAMMERS, Maria Christina04 Aug 187305 Aug 1873Lammers, Herman HeinrichVOSKOERS, Anna MariaTHEISSING, BernardARENS, Maria Christina born Voskoers---
LAMMERS, Maria Theresia15 Jun 187118 Jun 1871Lammers, HermanVOSKOERS, Anna MariaWINKLER, AlbertLammers, Theresia born Voskoers---
LAMPE, Anton Bernard28 Sep 190028 Sep 1900Lampe, August (From Merzen, Hanover)GRAMANN, ElisabethLampe, BernardGramann, Elisabeth born HEMANNMarried Caroline EILERMANN 30 May 1934 in Albers, IL
LAMPE, Arnold Heinrich06 Aug 189507 Aug 1895Lampe, August (From Merzen, Hanover, Germany)GRAMANN, ElisabethGramann, HeinrichWESSEL, Elisabeth born LampeMarried Rosa Maria MEIER born EILERS 28 Oct 1919, she died; married Elizabeth KREKE born MAUE 30 Jan 1960
LAMPE, Catharina Eugenia15 Dec 187017 Dec 1870Lampe, GerhardBECKER, Anna ElisabethaGRAWE, ChristophorBecker, Catharina Elisabetha born TEEKE---
LAMPE, Christian29 Oct 185902 Nov 1859Lampe, DietrichHEMANN, MargarethaBAX, ChristianMORTOP (?), Margaretha---
LAMPE, Clara Katharina17 Oct 190517 Oct 1905Lampe, August (From Merzen, Hanover, Germany)GRAMANN, ElisabethWESSEL, AugustWELLING, Katharina---
LAMPE, Ferdinand Anton15 Oct 190616 Oct 1906Lampe, HenryTHIEN, AnnaNORDMANN, FerdinandLampe, Maria---
LAMPE, Friederich17 Jan 186918 Jan 1869Lampe, GerhardBECKER, Anna ElisabethaBecker, FriederichGRAWE, Anna Elisabetha born TEEKE---
LAMPE, Gerhard August17 Feb 189817 Feb 1898Lampe, August (From Süd-Merzen, Germany)GRAMANN, ElizabethLampe, Gerhard HeinrichGramann, Theresia---
LAMPE, Heinrich Everhard23 Oct 187525 Oct 1875Lampe, Johann Gerhard FriederichBECKER, Anna ElisabethaRIBBING, Heinrich EverhardGrav, Catharina Elisabeth---
LAMPE, Heinrich Theodor08 Jan 184216 Jan 1842Lampe, Dietrich (Diederich)FRERKER, CatharinaDETMER, Bernard HeinrichALTEPETER, CatharinaChild died
LAMPE, Henrietta Wilhelmina02 Nov 190203 Nov 1902Lampe, August (From Merzen, Hanover, Germany)GRAMANN, ElisabethKAHRHOFF, GerhardGramann, Hendrina (Henrietta?)---
LAMPE, Herman Theodor30 Oct 184301 Nov 1843Lampe, TheodorTAKE, CatharinaHEIDEMANN, HermanSCHERDER, Anna MariaChild died
LAMPE, Herman Wilhelm07 Jan 186208 Jan 1862Lampe, Dietrich (Diederich)HEMANN, MariaHemann, Herman H.HEMANN, Elisabeth---
LAMPE, Hugo Heinrich11 Oct 190013 Oct 1900Lampe, Wilhelm (From Bartelso, IL)WILKEN, MargaretWilken, HeinrichLampe, Anna---
LAMPE, Johann Bernard13 Feb 188016 Feb 1880Lampe, GerhardBECKER, Anna ElisabethaBecker, BernardGRAWE, Maria Anna---
LAMPE, Johann Franz12 Sep 188214 Sep 1882Lampe, GerhardBECKER, AnnaBecker, FranzDÖMBKE (Doembke), DinaMarried Francisca SICKA 13 Oct 1909 in Piqua, KS
LAMPE, Johann Heinrich---30 Apr 1843Lampe, J. H.WINKELER, Helena MariaMERSMANN, BernardWILKEN, Catharina---
LAMPE, Johann Heinrich02 Jun 187303 Jun 1873Lampe, GerhardBECKER, Anna Becker, Johann HeinrichGRAWE, Anna Maria born DULLE---
LAMPE, Johann Heinrich02 Mar 185803 Mar 1858Lampe, DietrichHEMANN, MariaSIEBENBORGEN, J. HeinrichJANSEN, Catharina---
LAMPE, Maria Elisabeth03 Feb 184512 Feb 1845Lampe, TheodorDUKEN, CatharinaALTEPETER, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, Maria ElisabethThis entry appears at the end of the 1845 entries.
LAMPE, Regina Elisabeth08 Sep 188410 Sep 1884Lampe, GerhardBECKER, AnnaDEMPKE, AugustRUMP, Elisabeth born Becker---
LAMPEN, Clemens Wilhelm30 Dec 187731 Dec 1877Lampen, GerhardBECKER, AnnaRUMP, WilhelmGRAVE, Margaretha Elisabeth born DULLE---
LAMPEN, Johann Conrad08 Feb 185222 Feb 1852Lampen, HeinrichWOESTMAN, MargarethaVORNHOLD, ConradWoestman, Maria---
LANDHOLT, Anna Maria11 Oct 188116 Oct 1881Landholt, Caspar WEBER, MariaTRENTEN (Drenten), BernardHEMANN, Anna born Weber---
LANDHOLT, Bernard Melchior (Twin)22 Nov 187822 Nov 1878Landholt, Caspar MelchiorWEBER, Maria CatharinaRITTERHOLZ, BernardBECKER, Catharina born KOLKE---
LANDHOLT, Maria Bernardina19 Oct 188425 Oct 1884Landholt, MelchiorWEBER, CatharinaHEMANN, Franz HermanKAHRHOFF, Maria Bernardina born THOELE---
LANDHOLT, Maria Elisabetha (Twin)22 Nov 187823 Nov 1878Landholt, Caspar MelchiorWEBER, Maria CatharinaHALLERMANN, JosephRITTERHOLZ, Elisabeth born Weber---
LANDWEHR, Bernard10 Mar 185613 Mar 1856Landwehr, HeinrichKIEFMEIER, Gertrud Kiefmeier, BernardGÖRGES (Goerges), Gesina---
LANDWEHR, Bernard31 Aug 185801 Sep 1858Landwehr, HeinrichKIFFMEYER, GertrudWITCAMP, BernardWENEKE, Catharina---
LANDWEHR, Catharina02 Feb 184212 Feb 1842Landwehr, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, CatharinaHELMES, BernardBAUMHUTER, GertrudChild died 25 May 1842
LANDWEHR, Catharina11 Feb 184615 Feb 1846Landwehr, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, CatharinaKOEBLER, HeinrichGRIBMANN, Gertrud---
LANDWEHR, Elisabeth18 May 184325 May 1843Landwehr, HeinrichSCHLARMANN, CatharinaGRAVEN, CasparOTTENS, Anna Maria---
LANDWEHR, Heinrich02 Oct 185305 Oct 1853Landwehr, HeinrichKIEFFMANN, GertrudKieffmann, HeinrichJANSEN, Theodora---
LANFERMANN, Catharina (Twin)09 Mar 186211 Mar 1862Lanfermann, Dietrich (Diederich)BAUMANN, AppoloniaMERSCHER, WilhelmLanfermann, Elisabeth---
LANFERMANN, Elisabeth (Twin)09 Mar 186211 Mar 1862Lanfermann, Dietrich (Diederich)BAUMANN, AppoloniaMERSCHER, WilhelmLanfermann, Elisabeth---
LANG, Lucia Margaretha03 Apr 186306 Apr 1863Lang, AugustLAMPEN, Helena MariaWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), HeinrichWoestmann, Lucia Margaretha---
LANGE, Heinrich22 Apr 184318 Jun 1843Lange, VincentMEIER, Maria EvaMeier, Franz JosephKÖPFLE (Koepfle), Louisa---
LANGENHORST, Anna Wilhelmina Josephina09 Dec 189311 Dec 1893Langenhorst, Gerhard Clement (From Thüne, Hanover)PETERS, Margaret (From Germany)Langenhorst, Herman Heinrich IMMING, Anna born Peters---
LANGENHORST, Bernard Herman26 Dec 188426 Dec 1884Langenhorst, Johann GerhardPETERS, MariaLangenhorst, Herman Heinrich for Johann Bernard SCHWEGMANNAlbers, Anna born MÜLLER (Mueller)Married Maria KAHRHOFF 18 Oct 19__
LANGENHORST, Francis Georg02 Aug 189903 Aug 1899Langenhorst, Gerhard (From Thüne, Germany)PETERS, Margaret (From Germany)Langenhorst, Heinrich for Francis IMMINGImming, Anna born PetersThis entry is slightly out of order appearing after 22 Aug.
LANGENHORST, Gerhard Bernard19 Jun 188819 Jun 1888Langenhorst, GerhardPETERS, MargaretMICHELS, Arnold for Gerhard Bernard LangenhorstKÖBBE (Koebbe), Elisabeth born MÜLLER (Mueller)Married Rosalia LEONARD 27 Jan 1915 ?
LANGENHORST, Gerhard Bernard27 Nov 189028 Nov 1890Langenhorst, Gerhard (From Freren, Hanover)PETERS, Margaret (From Hümmeling, Hanover)HEMKER, Gerhard BernardPeters, Maria---
LANGENHORST, Heinrich Joseph03 Sep 189604 Sep 1896Langenhorst, Gerhard (From Germany)PETERS, Margaret (From Germany)KUHL, Heinrich JosephPeters, Anna born KEITER---
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Anna Maria02 May 185903 May 1859Luebbers, HermanBECKMANN, Anna MariaBeckmann, WilhelmHOCHER, A. M.---
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Bernard Wilhelm04 Jan 186305 Jan 1863Luebbers, HermanBECKMANN, Anna MariaHAAR, BernardSANDMAYER, Catharina---
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Johann Bernard07 Feb 186109 Feb 1861Luebbers, HermanBECKMANN, Anna MariaMENKE, Johann BernardSTUWER, Maria Elisabeth---
LÜBKE (Luebke), Anna Helena 21 Apr 189321 Apr 1893Luebke, Wilhelm (From Löningen, Oldenburg)DÜING (Dueing), ElisabethROBBEN, HermanJANSEN, Anna born DueingMarried Bernard B. BOOCK 24 Jan 1912
LÜBKEN (Luebken), Anna Margaretha Elisabeth10 Mar 184312 Mar 1843Luebken, WilhelmOLLEGES, ThecklaHEUMANN, B. H.FECKE, CatharinaChild died
LÜBKEN (Luebken), Maria Anna27 Jul 189128 Jul 1891Luebken, Wilhelm (From Löningen, Oldenburg)DÜING (Dueing), ElisabethHAUKAP, HeinrichDueing, Maria Anna born DUSTMarried George WOBBE 10 May 1911
LEHRTER, Georg Alphonse09 Jul 190011 Jul 1900Lehrter, Herman (From Herzlake, Hanover)EMKE, Anna Maria Helena (From Damiansville, IL)LUEBKE, Johann Wilhelm---Married Cecelia Maria TOENNIES 30 Nov 1922 in Albers, IL
LEHRTER, Heinrich Alexander26 Feb 189027 Feb 1890Lehrter, Herman (From Herzlake, Hanover)EMKE, Anna Helena (From Damiansville, IL)HALLERMANN, HeinrichKRAMER, Anna Maria born KÖTTER (Koetter)---
LEHRTER, Herman Bernard14 Oct 189414 Oct 1894Lehrter, Herman (From Herzlake, Amt Haselünne, Hanover)EMKE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)BRANDMEIER, Johann HermanHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIER---
LEHRTER, Johann Wilhelm30 Jul 189631 Jul 1896Lehrter, Herman (From Herzlake, Germany)EMKE, Anna Helena (From Damiansville, IL)FISCHER, WilhelmKRAMER, Anna MariaMarried Nelda GOODALL born HARTLIEB 10 Dec 1955 in St. George in New Baden, IL
LEHRTER, Joseph Heinrich23 Nov 189224 Nov 1892Lehrter, Herman (From Herzlake, Amt Haselünne, Hanover)EMKE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Emke, HeinrichALBES, Catharina born FEHNING ---
LENARD, Catharina Elisabeth08 Jan 184918 Jan 1849Lenard, EberhardSTOCKMANN, CatharinaStockmann, Johann HermanHAUCAP, Catharina Elisabeth---
LENARD, Franz Georg19 Feb 186422 Feb 1864Lenard, GeorgPOHLMANN, ElisabethLenard, FranzVORNHOLD, MariaCompare Leonard
LENARD, Maria Anna13 Mar 185215 Mar 1852Lenard, GeorgPOHLMAN, ElisabethKNIPMAN, HeinrichLenard, Anna Maria---
LENHART, Franz03 Jan 184323 Jul 1843Lenhart, MathiasKNOEBEL, JosephinaFREY, Joseph------
LEONARD, Anna Christina (Twin)28 Jul 185530 Jul 1855Leonard, EdwardSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), MariaStoeckmann, HermanStoeckmann, Henrietta (Mrs. Herman)---
LEONARD, Anna Elisabetha02 Mar 186104 Mar 1861Leonard, GeorgPOHLMANN, ElisabethLAMPEN, DiederichMEIERING, Anna Elisabeth---
LEONARD, Anna Gertrud20 Aug 186021 Aug 1860Leonard, FerdinandMAYERING, ElisabethMayering, HeinrichLeonard, GertrudMother & male sponsor's last name also spelled Meierink
LEONARD, Anna Gertrud01 Mar 185606 Mar 1856Leonard, GeorgPOLMANN, ElisabethTANGEMANN, BernardKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
LEONARD, Anna Maria18 Feb 185821 Feb 1858Leonard, FerdinandMEIRING, ElisabethSCHLAUTMANN, Johann GeorgLeonard, A. MariaCompare Meierink
LEONARD, Anna Sophia17 Jan 186818 Jan 1868Leonard, FranzSPIEKER, Christina AngelaMIDDENDORF, Herman HeinrichMiddendorf, Anna Theresia born LAGER---
LEONARD, Bernard Franz06 Apr 187208 Apr 1872Leonard, FranzSPIEKER, Anna ChristinaROLFES, Johann BernardFELDMANN, Gertrud born Leonard---
LEONARD, Catharina Rosalia (Twin)09 Jan 189510 Jan 1895Leonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaLeonard, FerdinandAlbers, CatharinaMarried Bernard LANGENHORST 27 Jan 1915
LEONARD, Conrad22 Jun 187522 Jun 1875Leonard, FerdinandJÜDEN (Jueden), Maria HAUKAP, ConradMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Maria Anna born MENKE---
LEONARD, Conrad (Twin)28 Jul 185530 Jul 1855Leonard, EdwardSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), MariaVORNHOLD, ConradVornhold, Maria (Mrs. Conrad)---
LEONARD, Eberhard13 Jan 185115 Jan 1851Leonard, EberhardSTOCKMAN, MariaStockman, HermanHAUCAP, ElisabethBaptism was at parents' home
LEONARD, Edward Heinrich29 Jan 185930 Jan 1859Leonard, FerdinandMEIRINKE, ElisabethLeonard, EberhardSCHLAUTMANN, Maria---
LEONARD, Elisabeth11 Nov 186213 Nov 1862Leonard, FerdinandMAIERING, ElisabethHOLDMANN, JosephPOHLMANN, ElisabethCompare Meierink
LEONARD, Francis Conrad21 Jan 189922 Jan 1899Leonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaHAUKAP, ConradAlbers, Anna born MUELLER---
LEONARD, Georg02 Jan 185805 Jan 1858Leonhardt, GerhardPOHLMANN, ElisabethLIENHARDT, FerdinandSCHWARZ, CatharinaNote: last name spelled 3 different ways in this entry.
LEONARD, Georg Wilhelm23 Jul 187024 Jul 1870Leonard, FranzSPILKER, ChristinaLeonard, GeorgROLFES, Carolina born Spilker---
LEONARD, Heinrich28 Feb 186001 Mar 1860Leonard, Eberhard STOCKMANN, MariaALTEPETER, HeinrichHOLLENKAMP, Catharina---
LEONARD, Herman07 Dec 185809 Dec 1858Leonard, Eberhard HeinrichSTOCKMANN, MariaStockmann, Johann HermanLAMPEN, Maria---
LEONARD, Herman Wilhelm23 Mar 189723 Mar 1897Leonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaAlbers, HermanROLFES, Carolina---
LEONARD, Johann Bernard (Twin)09 Jan 189510 Jan 1895Leonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaFELDHAUS, BernardAlbers, Margaret born DUST---
LEONARD, Johann Edward01 Oct 190102 Oct 1901Leonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaHINKAMP, HermanBOHNENKEMPER, Christine born AlbersMarried Vera ALBERS 14 May 1930 ? in Albers, IL
LEONARD, Johann Heinrich30 Oct 186801 Nov 1868Leonard, FerdinandMEIRINK, ElisabethaMeirink, Johann HeinrichLeonard, Maria born STOCKMANN---
LEONARD, Josephina Christina20 Sep 190421 Sep 1904Leonard, WilhelmALBERS, AnnaHAUKAP, Johann FrancisFELDHAUS, Christina---
LEONARD, Louisa13 Jul 185218 Jul 1852Leonard, EdwardSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), MariaMÜLLER (Mueller), CarlStoeckmann, Louisa---
LEONARD, Maria Elisabeth27 Sep 184704 Oct 1846Leonard, EverhardNot ListedHAKOP, FranzBEHNE, Maria Elisabeth---
LEONARD, Maria Elisabeth12 Mar 186015 Mar 1860Leonard, G. HeinrichPOHLMANN, ElisabethLeonard, HeinrichAAPKEN, Gesina Maria---
LEONARD, Maria Helena28 Mar 190029 Mar 1900Leonard, ConradKORTE, SophiaKorte, HermanLeonard, Helena born JUEDENMarried Henry L. DEERHAKE 22 Sep 1920
LEONARD, Wilhelm Heinrich28 Feb 186702 Mar 1867Leonard, FerdinandMEIERING, ElisabethLeonard, Wilhelm HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Christina born EILERS---
LEONARDT, Heinrich06 Feb 185413 Feb 1854Leonardt, GeorgPOLMANN, ElisabethLeonardt, Everhard H.HAUKOP, Elisabeth---
LEONHARD, Anna Gertrud08 Jul 187110 Jul 1871Leonhard, FerdinandMEYERING, ElisabethaLeonhard, FranzBUERMANN, Maria born SLAUTMANN---
LEONHARD, Georg Ferdinand14 Dec 186415 Dec 1864Leonhard, FerdinandMEIERING, ElisabethLeonhard, GeorgSCHLARMANN, Gertrud---
LEONHARD, Johann Gerhard12 May 186613 May 1866Leonhard, GeorgPOHLMANN, ElisabethPohlmann, GerhardLeonhard, ElisabethBirth date from cemetery records; page torn.
LESTE, Ferdinand10 Jan 185316 Jan 1853Leste, AntonFRENSER, ElisabethBAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), FriederichSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Louisa---
LIENHARD, Eberhard30 Oct 186430 Oct 1864Lienhard, Franz HeinrichNot Listed, ChristinaLienhard, EberhardLienhard, Maria (Mrs. Eberhard)---
LINNEMANN, Anna Elisabeth28 Feb 189301 Mar 1893Linnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, Elisabeth (From Oldenburg, Germany)KREKE, GerhardLinnemann, Anna Christina born WOBBE---
LINNEMANN, Anna Maria23 Jun 186124 Jun 1861Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, Anna ChristinaWobbe, Herman BernardWobbe, Anna Margaretha---
LINNEMANN, Anton Theodor28 Oct 187730 Oct 1877Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, Anna ChristinaWIEBERG, AntonWobbe, Anna born OLLIGES---
LINNEMANN, Bernard Heinrich16 Aug 185419 Aug 1854Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaWobbe, BernardTESING, Maria Anna---
LINNEMANN, Bernardina Rosalia29 Mar 189630 Mar 1896Linnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, Elisabeth (From Beten, Oldenburg)BECKMANN, HeinrichHeckmann, Rosalia---
LINNEMANN, Catharina Christina13 Feb 187213 Feb 1872Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, Anna ChristinaTHEISSING, BernardHEMANN, Christina born Wobbe---
LINNEMANN, Clara Elisabeth23 May 189325 May 1893Linnemann, HermanHECKENKEMPER, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)SCHULTE, FrancisNETTEMEIER, Elisabeth born Heckenkemper---
LINNEMANN, Edward August10 Jan 190212 Jan 1902Linnemann, HermanHECKENKAMPER, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Linnemann, AugustHeckenkemper, Francisca---
LINNEMANN, Ferdinand Heinrich04 Jan 187005 Jan 1870Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHEMANN, Ferdinand HeinrichPILLE, Maria born AAKA---
LINNEMANN, Francis Heinrich09 Apr 189110 Apr 1891Linnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, Elisabeth (From Beten, Oldenburg)Linnemann, Herman HeinrichKREKE, Elisabeth born REMPE---
LINNEMANN, Francis Joseph04 Jun 189505 Jun 1895Linnemann, Herman B.HECKENKEMPER, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)BOECKMANN, Francis J.Linnemann, Elisabeth born HECKMANNMarried Caroline STEWART 4 Aug 1920 At St Elizabeth's in East St. Louis, IL
LINNEMANN, Franz21 Feb 185925 Feb 1859Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), FredTHEISING, Maria Anna---
LINNEMANN, Gerhard Johann06 Nov 189907 Nov 1899Linnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, Elisabeth (From Germany)KREKE, GerhardSCHULTE, Anna born Linnemann---
LINNEMANN, Herman Heinrich27 Jan 188528 Jan 1885Linnemann, Bernard HermanHECKENKEMPER, MariaLinnemann, Herman HeinrichSUDHOLT, Elisabeth born NEISEMEIER for Anna Christina Linnemann b---
LINNEMANN, Johann August28 Apr 186729 Apr 1867Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaWobbe, JohannTHEISSING, Elisabeth born WIETER---
LINNEMANN, Johann Bernard08 Oct 189009 Oct 1890Linnemann, Bernard HermanHECKENKEMPER, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)WOBBE, Johann BernardBOECKMANN, Maria born STROOTMANN---
LINNEMANN, Johann Herman Bernard27 Dec 185628 Dec 1856Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaWobbe, Johann BernardWobbe, Margaretha---
LINNEMANN, Josephina Christina20 Jan 188821 Jan 1888Linnemann, Herman HeinrichHECKENKEMPER, MariaBECKMANN, HeinrichLinnemann, Anna Christina born WOBBE---
LINNEMANN, Maria Anna19 Mar 190321 Mar 1903Linnemann, FrancisHECKMANN, Elisabeth (From Bethen, Oldenburg, Germany)Linnemann, WilhelmKREKE, Elisabeth---
LINNEMANN, Maria Catharina08 Oct 186309 Oct 1863Linnemann, HeinrichWOBBE, ChristinaTHEISING, FranzKREKE, Maria Christina---
LINNEMANN, Maria Elisabeth13 Mar 186615 Mar 1866Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, Anna ChristinaWobbe, Bernard HeinrichTHEISSING, Helena Maria born WEMPE---
LINNEMANN, Theodor Aloysius24 Jan 190625 Jan 1906Linnemann, TheodorTHÖLE (Thoele), ElisabethThoele, HermanLinnemann, Christina---
LINNEMANN, Theresia Cecelia20 Apr 189721 Apr 1897Linnemann, HermanHECKENKEMPER, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)NETTEMEIER, GerhardHeckenkemper, Theresia born BRINKMANNMarried Theodor HAAR 21 Jun 1921
LINNEMANN, Wilhelm Franz24 Sep 187425 Sep 1874Linnemann, Herman HeinrichWOBBE, Anna ChristinaMACKE, Bernard FranzMacke, Maria Bernardine---
LIST, Maria15 Jun 185907 Aug 1859List, PhilippSCHMITT, MariaSchmitt, PeterMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria---
LODDEKE, Anna Maria 31 Oct 185602 Nov 1856Loddeke, Herman HeinrichBROCKMEIER, Dorothea DETTERMANN, JosephTIMME, Anna Maria---
LODDEKE, Anna Maria 29 Aug 184514 Sep 1845Loddeke, H. H.DETERMANN, Anna MariaWILLKE, Gerhard WilhelmWÜBBE (Wuebbe), Maria Adelheid---
LODDEKE, Herman Heinrich09 Sep 185325 Sep 1853Lodeke, HermanBROCKMEIER, Dorothea Sophia M.EVERS, Carl HeinrichTANGEMANN, Bernadina---
LODDEKE, Wilhelm13 Jan 185217 Jan 1852Loddeke, Herman HeinrichBROECKMEIER, Dorothea Sophia MariaDEIEN, WilhelmHÜLS (Huels), Dorothea---
LOEPKER, Johann Bernard Herman28 Feb 188029 Feb 1880Loepker, Johann BernardDUST, Anna MariaTHIEN, Johann HermanLoepker, Anna Helena born Dust---
LOLLMANN, Carl Heinrich01 Jun 185113 Jul 1851Lollmann, Johann PeterWILLHELM, AdelheidPOHL, Johann HeinrichDORNER, Carolina---
LORICHEN, Bernard Joseph03 May 184707 Jul 1847Lorichen, Herman HeinrichTENTOMANS, Anna MariaWEBER, Bernard HeinrichELBIS, Maria Elisabeth---
LUEBKE, Maria Catharina22 Jan 189722 Jan 1897Luebke, WilhelmDUEING, ElisabethLEHRTER, HermanMUELLER, CatharinaMarried Bernard HILMES 25 Sep 1917 in Beckemeyer, IL; married Frank KASSENS 27 Mar 1940 in Albers, IL
LUEBKE, Maria Francisca18 Aug 190119 Aug 1901Luebke, Wilhelm (From Oldenburg, Germany)DUEING, ElisabethDueing, BernardEILERS, Christina born Dueing---
LUGER, Joseph26 Aug 185027 Aug 1850Luger, FranzBROEGGEN, AngelaBroeggen, TobiasHAGEREGGER, Magdalena---
LUGERS, Anna Gesina19 Dec 185123 Dec 1851Lugers, FranzBROEGGEN, AngelaHAGENRECKE, BernardBroeggen, Anna Gesina---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Anna Maria Angelina13 Sep 186914 Sep 1869Moehlmann, JosephSANTEL, MariaSantel, HeinrichMoehlmann, Maria Anna born MENKE---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Gerhard Heinrich30 Aug 187731 Aug 1877Moehlmann, JosephSANTEL, MariaWOLTERS, Gerhard HeinrichKOERS, Elisabeth born Moehlmann---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Johann Clemens Friederich30 Nov 186801 Dec 1868Moehlmann, HeinrichJÜDEN (Jueden), Maria HelenaMoehlmann, FriederichJueden, Maria Helena born ABEL---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Johann Friederich02 Mar 186703 Mar 1867Moehlmann, JosephSANTEL, Anna MariaMoehlmann, Johann FriederichSantel, Anna Margaretha born WENDELN---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Joseph25 Sep 186026 Sep 1860Moehlmann, ClemensHOFF, HelenaMoehlmann, JosephSCHÖNING (Schoening), Maria Elisabeth---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Margaretha11 May 187213 May 1872Moehlmann, JosephSANTEL, Anna MariaSantel, Johann HeinrichSantel, Anna Margaretha born WENDELERS---
MÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), Maria Katharina12 Sep 187413 Sep 1874Moehlmann, JosephSANTEL, MariaKOERS, ClemensSANTEL, Margaretha ---
MÖLLER (Moeller), Johann Heinrich12 Dec 186213 Dec 1862Moeller, Dietrich (Diederich)HAUCAP, ElisabethKÖBBE (Koebbe), Bernard HeinrichHEMANN, Maria Catharina---
MÖLLER (Moeller), Maria Catharina08 Sep 184409 Sep 1844Moeller, Johann HeinrichDIEKMANN, AdelheidHÖNKELER (Hoenkeler), Dietrich RIPERDA, Elisabeth---
MAIE, Catharina15 Nov 184816 Nov 1848Maie, ConradANNES, MariaHOEHMANN, JosephAnnes, Catharina---
MAIERING, Anna Maria10 Jul 186512 Jul 1865Maiering, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaGESENHUS, GerhardWIEMANN, Maria---
MAIERING, Gertrud Catharina27 Nov 186329 Nov 1863Maiering, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaMARTEN, FranzSCHRAKE, GertrudCompare Meiering
MANHARD, Anna Gertrud06 Feb 185107 Feb 1851Manhard, JosephWILDHABER, AngelaHOECKELBERG, HermanKNIPMAN, Anna Gertrud---
MANHARD, Magdalena23 Dec 184926 Dec 1849Manhard, JosephWILTHABER, AngelaVOGELSANG, JosephWilthaber, MagdalenaCompare Wildhaber.
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernardina Katharina08 Nov 190609 Nov 1906Mueller, John HermanHAUKAP, MariaKREKE, Gerhard HeinrichHaukap, KatharinaMarried Anthony KUHL 6 Apr 1948 Aviston, IL
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Dorothea02 May 187503 May 1875Mueller, DietrichDETERMANN, MargarethaMEIER, Johann HeinrichDetermann, Dorothea born RECKER---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Helena28 Oct 186329 Oct 1863Mueller, Johann B. H.GROTHE, Anna HelenaMueller, CarlGrothe, Helena---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Helena07 Mar 186208 Mar 1862Mueller, Carl PEISTROP, AngelaKREMER, Johann HeinrichGROTE, Anna Helena---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Josephina12 Jan 186914 Jan 1869Mueller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, ChristinaWESTERMANN, HeinrichSchonhoff, Anna born LOCKHORN---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria31 Aug 188901 Sep 1889Mueller, FrederickSURMANN, ElisabethNIEMANN, Johann HermanRÖBKE (Roebke), Anna Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria16 Jan 188216 Jan 1882Mueller, Johann FriederichSURMANN, Maria ElisabethCOERS, Johann ClemensMueller, Anna Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria20 Apr 188121 Apr 1881Mueller, TheodorEVERSGERD, TheresiaHUNDMANN, LambertPELTIES, Anna born Eversgerd---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria25 Feb 185728 Feb 1857Mueller, CarlPASTRUP, AngelaMueller, BernardMuller, Anna Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Wilhelmina (Twin)13 Sep 186913 Sep 1869Mueller, BernardGRÖTE (Groete), HelenaMERSCHER, WilhelmMerscher, Wilhelmina born Grote---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernadina Helena19 Dec 185719 Dec 1857Mueller, Johann AugustJANSEN, Joanna MariaHAAR, BenedictWIMANN, Bernadina Helena---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard Heinrich29 Jul 188930 Jul 1889Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Maria CatharinaDueing, Johann BernardMueller, Agnes born BEISTRUPMarried Margaret HAGEN 28 May 1913; Regina E. HAAR 26 Apr 1922 in Breese, IL
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard Heinrich24 Aug 188724 Aug 1887Mueller, FriederichSUHRMANN, ElisabethMueller, BernardCOERS, Maria Carolina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard Heinrich03 Aug 186304 Aug 1863Mueller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, ChristinaSchonhoff, Johann Bernard GROTHE, Anna Helena---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard Heinrich (Twin)29 Mar 186129 Mar 1861Mueller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, ChristinaSchonhoff, Bernard H.PEISTROPP, Agnes---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard Heinrich August29 Jun 186101 Jul 1861Mueller (Miller), Johann AugustJANSEN, Anna MariaESS, Herman NETTEMEYER, Anna Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard Wilhelm29 Jan 187930 Jan 1879Mueller, Johann Bernard HeinrichGROOTE, Anna HelenaMERSCHER, WilhelmMerscher, Wilhelmina born Groote---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Christina06 Oct 188707 Oct 1887Mueller, Johann HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaDueing, Johann BernardMueller, Christina born SCHONHOFF---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Elisabeth12 Jul 185613 Jul 1856Mueller, FriederichJANSEN, Anna MariaWALLERS, Bernard HeinrichMuller, Agnes---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Elisabeth17 May 184216 Oct 1842Mueller, Carl TRUPPEL, MariaMueller, TheodorMueller, Maria Anna---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Elisabeth Christina11 Jul 190211 Jul 1902Mueller, JohannHAUKAP, MariaHaukap, FrancisMueller, Christina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Francisca02 Sep 186303 Sep 1863Mueller, JosephSCHREIVOGEL, LouisaBRINKMANN, FranzMueller, Francisca---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Franz Bernard17 Dec 187017 Dec 1870Mueller, Bernard HeinrichGROOTE, HelenaFRERKER, Johann BernardMERSCHER, Anna Helena---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Franz Herman26 Oct 187627 Oct 1876Mueller, Bernard HeinrichGROTE, Anna HelenaSCHMITZ, Franz HermanMueller, Maria Christina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Franz Joseph27 Mar 188428 Mar 1884Mueller, Johann BernardHALLERMANN, ElisabethHallermann, JosephMueller, Anna born PEISTRUP---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Friederich06 May 187607 May 1876Mueller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, ChristinaMueller, Johann FriederichDUST, Maria Gesina born SCHLEPER---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Gerhard Frederick (Twin)30 Jan 189431 Jan 1894Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaMueller, FrederickTHOELE, Anna born SCHLAUTMANN---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Gerhard Heinrich27 Jul 188928 Jul 1889Mueller, Johann Theodor (From Freren, Hanover, Germany)EVERSGERD, Maria TheresiaPELTIES, Gerhard HeinrichKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria Elisabeth born Mueller---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Heinrich Francis08 May 189509 May 1895Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaDueing, BernardFRERKER, Catharina born MuellerMarried Christina SCHULTE 10 Oct 1916 in Breese, IL
MÜLLER (Mueller), Herman Clemens23 Aug 186624 Aug 1866Mueller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, ChristinaSchonhoff, ClemensMEIER, Maria Adelheid born MÖLLER (Moeller)---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Herman Heinrich04 Nov 189205 Nov 1892Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaMueller, HermanDueing, Christina born EILERS---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Herman Johann28 May 189129 May 1891Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaMueller, JohannEILERING Margaretha born DUST---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Bernard Heinrich02 Jun 187403 Jun 1874Mueller, BernardGROTE, Anna HelenaMueller, Johann Bernard HeinrichGOERS, Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Bernard Heinrich21 Jan 185923 Jan 1859Mueller, FriederichJANSEN, Anna MariaMueller, Johann B. HeinrichKRÜB (Krueb), Maria Adelai---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Carl Heinrich29 Jul 185430 Jul 1854Mueller, Johann FriederichJANSEN, Anna MariaMueller, Carl HeinrichWALLER, Not Listed---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Clemens14 Jul 188315 Jul 1883Mueller, FrederickSÜRMANN (Suermann), ElisabethCOERS, ClemensMueller, Elisabeth born HALLERMANN---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Ferdinand16 May 185421 May 1854Mueller, Carl HeinrichPASTRUP, AngelaMueller, Johann FerdinandHEIMANN, Josephina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Friederich25 Jan 186627 Jan 1866Mueller, Johann Bernard HeinrichGROTE, Anna HelenaMueller, Johann FriederichSCHMITZ, Margaretha Elisabeth born Grote---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Heinrich10 Oct 189111 Oct 1891Mueller, FrederickSUHRMANN, Elisabeth (From Wisbeke, Oldenburg)Mueller, Johann Bernard HeinrichAMBROS, Maria Elisabeth born COERS---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Heinrich11 Aug 186714 Aug 1867Mueller, Johann BernardGROOTE, Anna HelenaMueller, Johann HeinrichGÖHRS (Goehrs), Anna Maria born KUHL---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Herman06 Jan 187108 Jan 1871Mueller, FriederichSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaSchoenhoff, JohannRÖBKE (Roebke), Maria Dorothea born Mueller---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Joseph26 Mar 186027 Mar 1860Mueller, BernardGROTHE, HelenaGrothe, Johann JosephPEISTROP, AgnesChild could be a girl: Joanna Josephina
MÜLLER (Mueller), Joseph (Twin)22 Jan 186223 Jan 1862Mueller, BernardGROTHE, HelenaGrothe, JosephSCHONHOFF, Christina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaretha Elisabeth13 Jul 188314 Jul 1883Mueller, DietrichEVERSGERD, TheresiaKOHRMANN, JosephSTOCKMANN, Margaretha born Eversgerd---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria (Twin)29 Mar 186129 Mar 1861Mueller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, Christina---MAYER, Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Adelheid01 Oct 186902 Oct 1869Mueller, DiederichHAUKAP, Maria ElisabethaHEMANN, HermanKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Adelheid born DIEKMANN---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Anna13 Apr 186715 Apr 1867Mueller, Dietrich (DieterichHAUKAP, ElisabethHOLTMANN, ClemensRIPPERDA, Adelheid born FELDMANN---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Christina21 Dec 185923 Dec 1859Mueller, CarlPEISTRUP, AgnesLeonard, EberhardMueller, Christina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Dorothea (Twin)13 Sep 186913 Sep 1869Mueller, BernardGRÖTE (Groete), HelenaROBKE, Johann HermanRobke, Maria Dorothea born Mueller---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Elisabeth (Twin)30 Jan 189431 Jan 1894Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaFRERKER, BernardDueing, Elisabeth---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Elisabetha17 Sep 188517 Sep 1885Mueller, FrederickSURMANN, ElisabethRÖPKE (Roepke), Johann HermanKOERS, Elisabeth born MOEHLMANNMarried Bernard Heinrich FOPPE 17 Jun 1908 in Breese, IL
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Elisabetha25 Feb 187326 Feb 1873Mueller, TheodorHAUKAP, Maria ElisabethaHOLTMANN, ClemensKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Adelheid---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Eugenia 03 Aug 189204 Aug 1892Mueller, Theodor (Dietrich from Mersen, Hanover)EVERSGERD, TheresiaFICKER, BernardEversgerd, Maria born WILKEN---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Eugenia 25 Jun 187926 Jun 1879Mueller, TheodorDETERMANN, MargarethaHUNDMANN, LambertDUST, Wilhelmina born Determann---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Josephina24 Jul 188625 Jul 1886Mueller, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), CatharinaSCHONHOFF, BernardDueing, Maria Anna born DUST---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Ottilia05 Jan 185221 Feb 1852Mueller, Edward (Non-Catholic)OTTKE, CatharinaHULFSMANN, TheodorHulfsmann, Anna Maria (Mrs. Theodor)Baptism was at parents' home
MÜLLER (Mueller), Vincent (Twin)22 Jan 186223 Jan 1862Mueller, BernardGROTHE, HelenaGrothe, JosephSCHONHOFF, Christina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), William Bernard12 Oct 190313 Oct 1903Mueller, JohannFEHLKER, PhilomenaMueller, BernardFehlker, Maria---
MARCUS, Anna Maria27 Apr 185104 May 1851Marcus, Herman HeinrichSCHNEIDERS, Margaretha AdelheidESS, Herman BernardDUST, Maria Anna---
MARCUS, Franz02 May 184703 May 1847Marcus, Herman HeinrichSCHNIEDERS, Margaretha AdelheidSPECKMANN, FranzSCHALLENCAMP, CatharinaEntry appears at beginning of 1848 entries
MARCUS, Gerhard Heinrich23 Dec 184924 Dec 1849Marcus, Herman HeinrichSCHNEIDER, Margaretha AdelheidDUST, Gerhard HeinrichESZ, Anna Adelheid---
MARCUS, Herman Heinrich15 Jan 187815 Jan 1878Marcus, HeinrichBOLK, Gerharda MariaRAVE, HermanBOLK, Ida Elisabeth born WELLING---
MARCUS, Maria Elisabeth22 Jan 188022 Jan 1880Marcus, HeinrichBOLK, MariaBolk, Johann HeinrichRAVE, Maria Catharina born SCHULTE---
MARDZLOFF, Johann---21 Jun 1840Mardzloff, AntonQUI, CatharinaFRINT, JohannRERRING, MariaChild is 1 year old
MARIANS, Herman Bernard04 May 185306 May 1853Marians, HermanESS, Maria AnnaEss, Herman BernardTIMMER, Anna Maria---
MARIEN, Johann Bernard 26 Sep 185628 Sep 1856Marien, StephanESS, Anna MariaEss, Johann BernardTEISLING, Anna Adelheid---
MARING, Maria Margaretha16 Dec 184520 Dec 1845Maring, GeorgTHEBIS, ElisabethSCHONENFELD, GeorgThebis, Maria Margaretha---
MARKS, Franz Bernard20 Nov 184523 Nov 1845Marks, FranzKNUVE, TheresiaKnuve, B.ISACK, Susanna---
MARKS, Maria02 Oct 184318 Oct 1843Marks, FranzKNÜWE (Knuewe), TheresiaMICHEL, GerhardKnuever, Maria---
MARKS, Maria Catharina01 Sep 186103 Sep 1861Marks, HeinrichGRÖNE (Groene), Maria CatharinaKLUTHA, TheodorSCHÖMER (Schoemer), Maria Katharina---
MARKUS, Anna Theresia04 Apr 185806 Apr 1858Markus, Bernard HeinrichSCHNEIDER, Maria Adel.ERNST, B. H.MARX, M. Theresia---
MARKUS, Heinrich28 Feb 188201 Mar 1882Markus, HeinrichBOLCK, Grada MariaBolck, HeinrichPELTIES, Bernardina---
MARKUS, Herman Bernard21 May 185322 May 1853Markus, HeinrichSCHNEIDER, Margaretha AdelheidESS, Herman BernardGEHRS, Maria Adel---
MARKUS, Johann Heinrich17 Jan 188417 Jan 1884Markus, HeinrichBOLCK, MariaBolck, HeinrichBolck, Dina born RAPPIENMarried in St. Liborius Church in St. Louis 1 Feb 1910
MARKUS, Johann Heinrich05 Apr 185606 Apr 1856Markus, Herman HeinrichSCHNEIDER, Margaretha AdelheidSCHALKAMP, J. HeinrichKNÜVER (Knuever), Catharina---
MARKUS, Johann Heinrich Gerhard16 Oct 185417 Oct 1854Markus, Herman HeinrichSCHNIEDERS, Margaretha AdelheidWEMPE, Johann HermanESS, Anna Adelheid---
MARTEN, Agnes Bertha12 Nov 186314 Nov 1863Marten, FranzSCHMACKER, ThekelaSPREHE, FerdinandMarten, Agnes---
MARTEN, Heinrich August22 Feb 187222 Feb 1872Marten, FranzMEYER, SophiaWESTERFELDHAUS, Heinrich AugustWesterfeldhaus, Gertrud born Marten---
MARTEN, Maria Franzisca16 Dec 186618 Dec 1866Marten, FranzMEIER, SophiaVORNHOLT, ConradVornholt, Maria born SOMMERS---
MARTEN, Maria Philomena24 Dec 186126 Dec 1861Marten, FranzMAYER, SophiaVORNHOLT, ConradMayer, Maria---
MARTEN, Rosa Gertrude09 Aug 186910 Aug 1869Marten, FranzMEYER, SophiaWESTERMANN, Friederich WilhelmMarten, Anna Gertrude---
MARTEN, Sophia Amalia22 Mar 187123 Mar 1871Marten, FranzMEIER, SophiaMeier, MaximilianSPREE, Sophia born VORNHOLT---
MARTZLOFF, Georg24 Apr 185103 Oct 1851Martzloff, JohannBERINGER, Maria AnnaHERZOG, FranzMartzloff, Maria Anna---
MARX, Heinrich Stephan05 Nov 185807 Nov 1858Marx, GeorgWEHE, Maria TheresiaMarx, Henrich StephanALBERS, Anna Maria---
MARZELOF, Magdalena24 May 184602 Nov 1847Marzelof, JohannFARING, MariaWACHTEL, Victor ?BRANDSTÄTTER (Brandstaetter), Maria---
MARZLOFF, Christoph Nicolaus25 Feb 185406 Sep 1854Marzloff, JohannBERINGE, Maria AnnaISACK, NicolausIsack, Catharina---
MARZLOFF, Margaretha23 Dec 184804 Jun 1849Marzloff, JohannBOHRING, Maria AnnaWICHT, FranzWicht, Maria (Mrs. Franz)---
MATZEN, Maria Anna03 Jul 186403 Jul 1864Matzen, ArnoldARRENLAGER, Magdalena AdelheitDust, Johann HermanDEKELBERG, Maria Anna---
MAU, Anna Gesina29 Dec 186429 Dec 1864Mau, ClemensBECKER, Adelheid MargarethaDISTEL, BernardMau, GesinaCompare Maue
MAUE, Agness Adelheid22 Aug 189322 Aug 1893Maue, ClementROLFES, Christina (From Lengerich, Hanover)KALLAGE, ClemensMaue, Margaret Adelheid born BEKER---
MAUE, Aloysius Lucas (Twin)17 Oct 189917 Oct 1899Maue, ClementROLFES, Christina (From Lengerich, Germany)WESSELS, LucasWessels, Maria born Maue---
MAUE, Anna Adelheid02 Jun 189103 Jun 1891Maue, HeinrichSTOLTE Carolina (From St. Libory, IL)MICHELS, ArnoldMaue, Anna Margaret Adelheid born BEKERMarried Wendolin KUENEKE 20 Feb 1912 in Beckemeyer, IL
MAUE, Anna Alice16 Nov 190218 Nov 1902VON ALST, Heinrich (From Altamont, IL)MAUE, TheresiaVon Alst, JohannMaue, AnnaChild is illegitimate
MAUE, Anna Clara02 Jun 189803 Jun 1898Maue, Johann HeinrichSTOLTE, Carolina Margaret (From St. Libory, IL)HEMANN, Ferdinand HeinrichKINKLER, Anna---
MAUE, Anna Margaret04 Sep 189006 Sep 1890Maue, HermanKORTE, Anna MariaMERIANS, HermanKorte, Anna born DETERSMarried Arthur GILERCASE 23 May 1913 in Notre Dame in Chicago, IL
MAUE, Anna Maria31 Mar 189001 Apr 1890Maue, ClementROLFES, Christina (From Lengerich, Hanover)Maue, Johann JosephRolfes, Anna Maria born ALBERSMarried Anton KNIES 11 May 1921 in Breese, IL
MAUE, Anna Maria27 May 190428 May 1904Maue, JohannSCHULTE, Maria ChristinaMaue, HermanSchulte, Anna MariaChild is illegitimate but parents subsequently married
MAUE, Anna Maria08 Apr 188309 Apr 1883Maue, Johann HermanKORTE, Maria AnnaDIESTEL, BernardKorte, Maria Anna born ESS---
MAUE, Bernard Heinrich10 Mar 188811 Mar 1888Maue, Clemens August ROLFES, ChristinaMaue, Johann HeinrichKARLAGE, Theresia born ALBERS---
MAUE, Bernard Philipp07 Mar 188608 Mar 1886Maue, ClemensROLFES, ChristinaRolfes, PhilippKAHRHOFF, Maria Bernardina born THÖLE (Thoele)Married Carolina ROBBEN 11 Oct 1911
MAUE, Carolina Christina20 Feb 189320 Feb 1893Maue, Johann HeinrichSTOLTE, Carolina Margaret (From St. Libory, IL)WESSELS, Lucas AloysiusMaue, Christina born ROLFES for Carolina KINKLAR born DIEKER ---
MAUE, Carolina Margaret16 Sep 189317 Sep 1893Maue, JohannKORTE, AnnaDIETERS, ConradHORSTMANN, Margaret born Korte---
MAUE, Cecelia Margaret15 Jul 190216 Jul 1902Maue, ClementROLVES, Christina (From Lingen, Hanover, Germany)HEMANN, FerdinandHemann, Margaret---
MAUE, Clemens August23 May 188724 May 1887Maue, Johann HeinrichSTOLTE, Carolina MargaretMaue, ClemensWIEGERS, Anna Christina born KALLE---
MAUE, Gerhard Joseph04 May 189604 May 1896Maue, ClementROLFES, Christina MENSING, GerhardMensing, AnnaMarried Sophia Leona HOLLENKAMP 8 Sep 1920 in Aviston, IL
MAUE, Heinrich Herman23 Oct 187624 Oct 1876Maue, HermanKORTE, Anna MariaMaue, HeinrichTHIEN, Maria born Korte---
MAUE, Herman Conrad12 Jan 188814 Jan 1888Maue, HermanKORTE, AnnaKorte, ConradKorte, Maria born FEHRMANNMarried Maria KRUEPP 24 Jan 1912 in Breese, IL
MAUE, Herman Heinrich05 Jun 188106 Jun 1881Maue, HermanKORTE, Maria AnnaKorte, Johann HermanMAUE, Catharina Maria born HUSTEDDE---
MAUE, Johann09 Feb 184512 Feb 1845Maue, AlbertWEMBBEN, Helena MariaWembbe, JohannALBERS, MariannaThis entry appears at the end of the 1845 entries.
MAUE, Johann Clemens05 Jun 188409 Jun 1884Maue, ClemensROLFES, ChristinaMaue, Johann ClemensPOHLMANN, Christina born ALBERSMarried Elisabeth HAUKAP 12 Apr 1910
MAUE, Johann Clemens12 Jan 1858Jan 1858Maue, Johann ClemensBECKER, Maria Adel.THEISING, Clemens---Birth date is from grave marker; page torn.
MAUE, Johann Clemens18 Jun 184320 Jun 1843Maue, JohannWEMPE, Helena MariaMAUE, Johann ClemensWELAGE, Maria Catharina---
MAUE, Johann Heinrich29 Mar 186031 Mar 1860Maue, Johann ClemensBECKER, Margaretha Adel.NIEBUR, Johann HeinrichLÜBERS (Luebers), Anna Maria---
MAUE, Johann Herman25 Mar 187927 Mar 1879Maue, Johann HermanKORTE, Anna MariaMAUE, Johann ClemensKorte, Maria Anna born ESS---
MAUE, Johann Herman13 Jun 187515 Jun 1875Maue, HermanKORTE, Anna MariaKorte, ConradMaue, Margaretha Adelheid born BEKER---
MAUE, Johann Leon (Twin)17 Oct 189917 Oct 1899Maue, ClementROLFES, Christina (From Lengerich, Germany)MENSING, JohannMensing, Elizabeth born RolfesMarried Regina R. HEYER 25 May 1926 in Breese, IL
MAUE, Margaret Josephina08 Apr 189608 Apr 1896Maue, Johann HeinrichSTOLTE, Carolina Margaret (From St. Libory, IL)STRATHMANN, JohannHEMANN, MargaretMarried Richard SCHULTE 26 Apr 1919
MAUE, Margaretha03 May 186203 May 1862Maue, Johann ClemensBECKER, Margaretha AdelheidTHEISING, FranzTHEWES, Margaretha---
MAUE, Maria Anna24 Aug 190524 Aug 1905Maue, JohnSCHULTE, Maria LINNEMANN, FrancisMaue, Anna born KORTEBaptized at birth due to medical emergency
MAUE, Maria Carolina20 Aug 188920 Aug 1889Maue, Johann HeinrichSTOLTE, Carolina (From St. Libory, IL)HAAKE, JohannNIEBUR, Maria born StolteMarried J. Henry HILMES in St. Henry Church St. Louis, MO 23 Nov 1944
MAUE, Maria Elizabeth06 Oct 189907 Oct 1899Maue, Johann HermanKORTE, Maria AnnaENDREES, AntonTHIEN, Maria Catharina born LANGEMarried Aloysius KREKE 19 Apr 1922 in Breese, IL - he died; married Henry LAMPE 30 Jan 1960 in Trenton, IL
MAUE, Maria Theresia09 Oct 188410 Oct 1884Maue, HermanKORTE, AnnaTHIEN, BernardDIESTEL, Theresia born Maue for Maria Anna Korte---
MAUEN, Johann Heinrich15 Aug 184417 Aug 1844Mauen, J. B.KÖBBE (Koebbe), ChristinaUSTERMANN, JosephSCHNIERS, MariaChild died
MAUEN, Johann Theodor17 Jan 185427 Jan 1854Mauen, ClementBECKERS, MargarethaWEBER, J. TheodorROBBE, Elisabetha---
MAUEN, Joseph Johann---07 Jul 1847Mauen, Bernard (Deceased)BECKER, Anna AdelheidOSTERMANN, Johann JosephVEMPE, Helena MariaCompare Tempe & Wempe
MAUEN, Maria23 Oct 185525 Oct 1855Mauen, ClementBECKER, Margaretha AdelheidALBERS, Bernard HeinrichMauen, Helena Maria---
MAYER, Maria Magdalena12 May 186714 May 1867Mayer, CarlOBERLE, Catharina---KREKE, Maria Elisabeth for Salome BRANDT born Oberle---
MAYERHOFER, Wilhelm Conrad30 Sep 187204 Oct 1872Mayerhofer, FranzSTARKLAUF, AnnaGEBKE, ConradGebke, Kunigunda born SAUER---
MAYRHOFER, Franz Carl13 Feb 187514 Feb 1875Mayrhofer, FranzSTARKLAUF, AnnaBONNER, CarlHEMANN, Catharina born BECKMANN---
MAYRHOFER, Franz Theodor13 Oct 187006 Nov 1870Mayrhofer, FranzSTARKLAUF, AnnaTIMPER, TheodorTimper, Maria born ALTEPETER---
MCCLEAN, Johann Thomas31 Mar 185301 May 1853McClean, JosephOCONNEL, MargarethaHONKOMP, AntonHonkomp, Carolina---
MCCLEANE, Maria Carolina22 May 185502 Sep 1855McCleane, JosephOCONNEL, MargarethaHONKOMP, AntonHonkomp, Maria Anna Carolina (Mrs. Anton)---
MCMEHEARN, Joseph Anton Carl14 Feb 184611 Aug 1850McMEHEARN, MichaelNot Listed, PaulinaHONCAMP, AntonGLECKER, Maria Elisabeth---
MEDEKE, Bernard Heinrich02 Jan 185626 Jan 1856Medeke, BernardLEVEKAMP, ClaraHOLTHAUS, Johann HeinrichLevekamp, Maria---
MEDEKE, Johann Theodor21 Mar 185429 Mar 1854Medeke, BernardLAUSEKAMP, ClaraTIMPE, TheodorHOLTHAUS, Maria ElisabethCompare Middeke
MEDEKE, Maria Margaretha02 Mar 185305 Mar 1853Medeke, BernardTIMPE, ElisabethKREKE, Johann GerhardHOLTHAUS, Maria ElisabethEntry is dated 5 Feb
MEERINK, Bernard Heinrich20 Mar 184223 Mar 1842Meerink, GeorgRUNDELTAPE, Anna MariaSCHLATMANN, BernardTIMME, Anna MariaCompare Meierinke
MEERSMANN, Fenena Maria15 Aug 1814---RÜVE (Rueve), Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1839 with husband Johann Bernard Meersmann. Recorded on seventh page of 1847 record book.
MEERSMANN, Johann Bernard28 Sep 1811---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1839 with wife Fenena Maria born Rüve (Rueve). Recorded on seventh page of 1847 record book.
MEIER, Anna Josephina04 May 188412 May 1884Meier, Johann OLTMANN, Maria HALLERMANN, JosephJANSEN, Anna born LANGERS---
MEIER, Anna Maria02 Sep 185204 Sep 1852Meier, ConradBECKMANN, AgnesBeckmann, JosephRICHTER, Maria Anna---
MEIER, Bernard Heinrich18 Jun 187819 Jun 1878Meier, ConradRATERMANN, ElisabethRatermann, BernardSCHROEDER, Catharina Maria born BECKMANN---
MEIER, Carolina Hermina29 Nov 188730 Nov 1887Meier, JohannEVERS, AdelheidVIETH, BernardMeier, Maria Carolina---
MEIER, Catharina Friedolina08 Apr 189809 Apr 1898Meier, August (From Oltdorf, Germany)GILLING, Joanna (From Neuenkirchen, Germany)BECKMANN, JosephMERSCHER, Antonia born TORBECK---
MEIER, Elisabeth07 Jan 184309 Jan 1843Meier, ConradBECKMANN, Maria AgnesSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), FranzHEEMANN, Elisabeth---
MEIER, Florence Maria25 Feb 190627 Feb 1906Meier, JohannDANIEL, Christina (From St. Louis, MO)Meier, BernardDaniel, Anna Maria born GERLINGMarried Henry A. MOLLET 22 Apr 1925 at St Luke's Belleville, IL
MEIER, Franz Conrad19 Sep 184520 Sep 1845Meier, ConradBECKMANN, Maria AgnesBeckmann, ConradLÜBERS (Luebers), Catharina MariaThis entry appears between Oct & Nov 1845.
MEIER, Franz Joseph20 Jun 188421 Jun 1884Meier, Franz ConradRADEMANN, ElisabethHALLERMANN, JosephRademann, Anna born SCHNITKE Married Marian BUGKAMP 9 Jun 1915 at St. Anthony in Fowler, KS
MEIER, Heinrich Conrad17 Mar 188818 Mar 1888Meier, ConradALBES, CatharinaHALLERMANN, HeinrichSUEDFELD, Maria born Meier---
MEIER, Heinrich Johann21 Sep 190022 Sep 1900Meier, JohannDANIEL, ChristinaDaniel, JohannDIEKMANN, Magdalena born Meier---
MEIER, Herman Heinrich26 May 188227 May 1882Meier, Johann HeinrichOLTMANN, Maria CarolinaMeier, Herman HeinrichPEEK, Maria Angela---
MEIER, Herman Raymund09 Dec 190209 Dec 1902Meier, JohannDANIEL, Christina Meier, HermanKNIEPMANN, Maria---
MEIER, Herman Tobias30 Jul 187931 Jul 1879Meier, JohannEVENS, AdelheidLENGERS, TobiasWELLEN, Maria born HOLTMANN---
MEIER, Johann Friederich05 Apr 187305 Apr 1873Meier, Franz ConradLEISE, Maria ElisabethaRATERMANN, FriederichRICHTER, Anna Maria born Meier---
MEIER, Johann Heinrich22 Mar 187423 Mar 1874Meier, JohannEVERS, Adelheid---Meier, Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
MEIER, Johann Herman19 Sep 184920 Sep 1849Meier, Gerhard HermanLILIENBECKE, Maria CatharinaSANTEL, Johann HermanSantel, Anna Maria---
MEIER, Joseph Wilhelm02 Feb 189303 Feb 1893Meier, ConradALBERS, Catharina (From Germany)Albers, WilhelmHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born Meier---
MEIER, Leon Johann (Dewey)30 May 189830 May 1898Meier, Johann H.DANIEL, Christina (From St. Louis, MO)Meier, JohannHEMANN, Anna born DanielMarried Florence COERS 18 Jun 1919 in Breese, IL
MEIER, Maria24 Aug 184026 Aug 1840Meier, ConradBECKMANN, Maria AgnesHEMANN, HermanSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria born Beckmann---
MEIER, Maria Anna26 Oct 184116 Oct 1842Meier, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria AnnaMueller, TheodorTRÜPEL (Truepel), Maria---
MEIER, Maria Elisabeth Wilhelmina04 Oct 188605 Oct 1886Meier, ConradRATERMANN, ElisabethRatermann, WilhelmSTÜVER (Stuever), Elisabeth born Meier---
MEIER, Maria Elisabetha30 Jun 188101 Jul 1881Meier, ConradRATTERMANN, MariaSTIEVER, CarlRattermann, Elisabeth born WOEST---
MEIER, Maria Josephina05 May 188106 May 1881Meier, HeinrichSCHÖNEFELD (Schoenefeld), CatharinaWESSLING, JosephSchoenefeld, Maria born PETERMEIER---
MEIER, Maria Louisa11 Sep 188913 Sep 1889Meier, WendelinMERIANS, MariaTHÖLE (Thoele), Herman for Arnold MICHELSMerians, Maria born ESSMarried Herman NORDMANN 27 Apr 1910 in Breese, IL
MEIER, Maria Magdalena01 Jul 187603 Jul 1876Meier, JohannEVERS, AdelheidMeier, Johann HeinrichNIEMEYER, Maria born RICHTER---
MEIER, Maurice Wendelin28 Aug 188629 Aug 1886Meier, WendelinMERIANS, Anna MargaretREICHERT, MauriceKORTE, Maria Anna born ESS---
MEIERING, Maria Amalia09 Dec 186910 Dec 1869Meiering, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaGEBKE, ConradHESSE, Amalia born KAPPMEIER---
MEIERINKE, Infant---10 Feb 1840Meierinke, GeorgWIENHOFF, Anna MargarethaWOBBE, HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
MEIRING, Antonia Josephina26 Sep 190327 Sep 1903Meiring, TheodorMÜLLER (Mueller), WilhelminaHACKMANN, JosephHackmann, Maria---
MEIRING, Heinrich29 Mar 186130 Mar 1861Meiring, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaRICKER, HeinrichLEONARD, Anna Gertrud ?Compare Meyering
MEIRINK, Edward Heinrich09 Oct 190310 Oct 1903Meirink, Bernard (From Breese, IL)BECKER, Francisca (From Bartelso, IL)Meirink, HeinrichHUENE, Katharina---
MEIRINK, Laura Cecelia21 Jul 190022 Jul 1900Meirink, Bernard (From Breese, IL)BECKER, Francisca (From Bartelso, IL)LEONARD, FerdinandBecker, Elisabeth born HUENE---
MENGE, Theodor Bernard_6 Dec 184502 Jan 1846Menge, TheodorBEKMANN, CatharinaMERSMANN, BernardMAIR, AgnesPage torn at birth date.
MENKE, Anna Elisabetha28 Mar 187030 Mar 1870Menke, AntonGRAMANN, Catharina Menke, Gerhard HeinrichALTEPETER, Maria Elisabetha born HELLMANN---
MENKE, Catharina Elisabeth10 Aug 186111 Aug 1861Menke, AntonGRAMANN, CatharinaHAGEN, HeinrichVOGT, Elisabeth---
MENKE, Catharina Margaretha07 Apr 185708 Apr 1857Menke, AntonGRAMANN, Catharina MargarethaHAGEN, DietrichALTEPETER, Catharina Margaretha---
MENKE, Gerhard Johann14 Nov 187914 Nov 1879Menke, AntonGRAMANN, Catharina Gramann, GerhardHAGEN, Helena Catharina---
MENKE, Heinrich26 Mar 185827 Mar 1858Menke, AntonGRAMANN, CatharinaALTPETER, HeinrichMenke, M. Elisabeth---
MENKE, Heinrich04 Mar 185904 Mar 1859Menke, AntonGRAMANN, CatharinaALTPETER, HeinrichHAGEN, Margareta---
MENKE, Johann Gerhard05 Apr 186506 Apr 1865Menke, AntonGROMANN, CatharinaGromann, HeinrichHAGEN, Anna Maria---
MENKE, Maria17 Jul 184420 Jul 1844Menke, Johann TheodorBECKMANN, Anna MariaHERMES, GerhardSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria Angela---
MENKE, Maria13 Jun 186713 Jun 1867Menke, AntonGRAHMANN, CatharinaHagen, Herman AntonTIMPER, Maria born ALTEPETER---
MENKE, Maria Catharina14 Apr 185215 Apr 1852Menke, Bernard HeinrichCOEBBE, Anna MariaDUST, Gerhard HeinrichCoebbe, Maria Gesina---
MENKE, Martin16 Dec 187517 Dec 1875Menke, Martin AntonGRAMANN, Catharina REINEKE, MartinWINKEN, Louise born HAAR---
MENKE, Wilhelm Anton14 Feb 187415 Feb 1874Menke, AntonGRAMANN, Catharina WIENKEN, HeinrichGramann, Henrietta born WELLING---
MENSING, Anna Bernardina24 Dec 187328 Dec 1873Mensing, BernardBUTZ, Helena MariaButz, Johann BernardFICKER, Bernardina born Mensing---
MENSING, Anna Maria06 Sep 188606 Sep 1886Mensing, JohannROLFES, ElisabethFICKER, WilhelmRolfes, Maria Anna born ALBERS---
MENSING, Anna Maria05 Sep 187806 Sep 1878Mensing, GerhardROLVES, Maria TheresiaFICKER, WilhelmRolves, Maria born ALBERS---
MENSING, Anna Maria20 Aug 187627 Aug 1876Mensing, BernardBUTZ, HelenaButz, DiederichKÜTER (Kueter), Anna---
MENSING, Anna Maria Christina04 Mar 188004 Mar 1880Mensing, GerhardROLWES, Anna MariaMensing, BernardRolwes, A. Christ.---
MENSING, Anna Theresia16 Jun 188018 Jun 1880Mensing, BernardBURTZ, Maria AnnaMensing, GerhardMensing, Anna Theresia born ROLWES---
MENSING, Bernardina Anna18 Jan 187718 Jan 1877Mensing, GerhardROLVES, TheresiaRolves, PhilippFICKER, Bernardina born Mensing---
MENSING, Dorothea Josephina07 Oct 187810 Oct 1878Mensing, BernardBURTZ, HelenaDETERMANN, JosephDetermann, Dorothea born REKER---
MENSING, Johann Bernard25 Oct 188326 Oct 1883Mensing, GerhardROLFES, TheresiaMensing, BernardKALLAGE, Theresia---
MENSING, Maria Helena06 Feb 187208 Feb 1872Mensing, BernardBURTZ, Maria HelenaMensing, JohannBurtz, Helena Maria born ELSEN---
MENSING, Philipp01 Nov 188103 Nov 1881Mensing, GerhardROLFES, TheresiaRolfes, PhilippMensing, Helena Maria---
MERIAN, Gerhard Heinrich08 Jul 185409 Jul 1854Merian, StephanESS, Anna MariaTIMMER, Gerhard HermanEss, Anna Adelheid---
MERIANS, Bernard Wilhelm17 Dec 189018 Dec 1890Merians, HermanMEYER, Ida KÜNNEKE (Kuenneke), WilhelmKorte, Anna born DETERS---
MERIANS, Clara Elisabeth Christina07 May 190208 May 1902Merians, HermanMEYER, IdaTHIEN, BernardTHÖLE (Thoele), Elisabeth---
MERIANS, Edward Oscar24 Jun 189626 Jun 1896Merians, HermanMEIER, Ida (From Mascoutah, IL)REICHERT, OscarReichert, Anna born ALTGILBERS---
MERIANS, Elizabeth Margaret26 Sep 189928 Sep 1899Merians, HermanMEIER, Ida (From Mascoutah, IL)Meier, WendelinMeier, Margaret born Merians---
MERIANS, Herman01 Nov 188902 Nov 1889Merians, HermanMEYER, Ida (From Looking Glass Prairie, IL)Meyer, WendelinKORTE, Maria Anna born ESSMarried Josephina Benedicta JANSEN 9 Oct 1912 in Breese, IL
MERIANS, Herman Stephan03 May 189203 May 1892Merians, HermanMEIER, IdaTHÖLE (Thoele), HermanMAUE, Anna born KORTEMarried Ethel TRAALER in Detroit, Michigan
MERIANS, Ida23 Mar 189423 Mar 1894Merians, HermanMEYER, Ida (From Mascoutah, IL)KORTE, ConradMerians, Maria born ESSMarried August BRUEGGEMANN 16 Jan 1923 in Breese, IL
MERIANS, Maria Anna13 Aug 185814 Aug 1858Merians, StephanESSE, Anna MariaDENSELTHINGMAN (?), HarmanEsse, Maria Anna---
MERIANS, Maria Elisabeth20 Sep 186021 Sep 1860Merians, StephanESS, Anna MariaKORTE, ConradSCHLOT, Anna Adel---
MERIANS, Martin Boniface05 Jun 190305 Jun 1903Merians, HermanMEYER, Ida (From Mascoutah, IL)MAUE, HermanMaue, Anna---
MERIANS, Rosa Paulina07 Oct 189708 Oct 1897Merians, HermanMEIER, Ida (From Mascoutah, IL)THÖLE (Thoele), HermanMeier, RosaMarried John BRUEGGEMANN 15 Jun 1922 in Breese, IL
MERIENS, Gerhard Bernard02 Jan 186303 Jan 1863Meriens, StephanESS, Anna MariaKORTE, ConradKAHRHOFF, Maria Elisabeth---
MERSCHER, Anna Helena13 Jun 189814 Jun 1898Merscher, HermanFEHLKER, MariaFehlker, LambertKRUSE, Anna Helena born MerscherMarried Bernard A. IMMING 8 Sep 1926 at St Mary in Carlyle, IL
MERSCHER, Anna Maria20 Jun 185922 Jun 1859Merscher, WilhelmKROTE, WilhelminaMerscher, J, HeinrichMerscher, A. MariaCompare Grote for mother's last name
MERSCHER, Anna Maria28 Mar 185229 Mar 1852Merscher, Johann HeinrichLANDWEHR, Anna MariaVELAGE, AlbertALBERS, Anna Maria---
MERSCHER, Anna Maria Philomena12 Nov 185414 Nov 1854Merscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaGrote, JosephMerscher, Maria---
MERSCHER, Bernard Heinrich21 Jan 185622 Jan 1856Merscher, Johann HeinrichLANDWEHER, Anna MariaHOLTMANN, Johann BernardMerscher, Anna Maria Philomena---
MERSCHER, Carl Anton29 Nov 188930 Nov 1889Merscher, Anton (From Lengerich, Hanover)TORBECK, Antonia (From Lengerich, Hanover)DUMBECK, Carl JosephWIENHOFF, Maria Catharina born LANGE---
MERSCHER, Christina Josephina10 Oct 189710 Oct 1897Merscher, Anton (From Lengerich, Hanover)TORBECK, Antonia (From Lengerich, Hanover)SOMMER, JosephDUMBECK, Josephina---
MERSCHER, Francis Bernard16 Jul 189916 Jul 1899Merscher, Anton (From Hanover, Germany)THORBECK, Antonia (From Lengerich, Germany)BEH, BernardBUSS, Maria born WÜBBLES (Wuebbles)---
MERSCHER, Heinrich Wilhelm07 Mar 189407 Mar 1894Merscher, WilhelmEILERING, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Eilering, HeinrichKRUSE, Anna---
MERSCHER, Helena Wilhelmina17 Jan 185719 Jan 1857Merscher, Johann WilhelmGROTE, A. M. WilhelminaWELAGE, Johann JosephGrote, Anna Helena---
MERSCHER, Herman Heinrich18 Aug 189119 Aug 1891Merscher, AntonTORBECK, AntoniaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichALBERS, Catharina---
MERSCHER, Herman Heinrich26 May 187427 May 1874Merscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaMersher, Bernard HeinrichMersher, Maria Caroline---
MERSCHER, Johann Bernard HeinrichFeb 187303 Feb 1873Merscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaMÜLLER (Mueller), BernardSCHULTE, Anna Theresia born WELAGEPage torn at birth date
MERSCHER, Johann Heinrich28 May 186230 May 1862Merscher, Johann WilhelmGROTHE, Anna WilhelminaMerscher, Johann H.MAUE. Anna Maria---
MERSCHER, Johann Herman19 Apr 189220 Apr 1892Merscher, Joseph WilhelmEILERING, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Merscher, Herman HeinrichEilering, Margaret born DUSTBaptized in St. Cecelia in Bartelso, IL; priest was Bartholomew Bartels
MERSCHER, Johann Wilhelm04 Dec 185305 Dec 1853Merscher, Johann WilhelmLANDWEHR, Anna MariaMerscher, Johann WilhelmKNÜVE (Knueve), Maria Catharina---
MERSCHER, Joseph Wilhelm02 Jan 187003 Jan 1870Merscher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaGrote, JosephKruse, Maria Margaretha born VENNEMANN---
MERSCHER, Maria Catharina17 Jun 189318 Jun 1893Merscher, Anton (From Lengerich, Hanover)TORBECK, Antonia (From Lengerich, Hanover)WEEH, BernardWIENHOFF, Maria Catharina born LANGEMarried Joseph Heinrich WOLF 7 Oct 1919 in Breese, IL
MERSCHER, Maria Francisca07 Oct 190308 Oct 1903Merscher, Anton (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)THORBECK, Antonia (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)DÜPMANN (Duepmann), HeinrichBUSS, MariaBaptized at birth due to medical emergency
MERSCHER, Maria Franzisca17 Feb 186725 Feb 1867Merscher, WilhelmGROTE, Anna WilhelminaMÜLLER (Mueller), Johann Bernard HeinrichKUHL, Anna Maria---
MERSCHER, Maria Rosa Helena25 Dec 189525 Dec 1895Merscher, AntonTORBECK, AntoniaBUSS, Johann BernardWEH, Maria Christina---
MERSCHER, Maria Theresia16 Nov 188717 Nov 1887Merscher, AntonTORBECK, AntonettaDUMBECK, TheodorSIEBENBURGER, Theresia born WÜBBELS (Wuebbels)---
MERSCHER, Maria Wilhelmina08 Aug 189609 Aug 1896Merscher, HermanFEHLKER, Anna MariaMerscher, WilhelmFehlker, Anna Maria born TIMMER---
MERSMANN, Clement August03 Jan 184127 Jan 1841Mersmann, BernardRÜFE (Ruefe), Anna MariaGÜTTHAUS (Guetthaus), Christoph A. SCHWAKE, Maria AngelaCompare Rueve
MERSMANN, Maria Elisabeth05 Mar 184311 Mar 1843Mersmann, BernardRÜVE (Rueve), MariaSCHLARMANN, GerhardLAMPE, HelenaChild died
MESCHER, Anna Helena06 Sep 185309 Sep 1853Mescher, WilhelmGROTE, WilhelminaWEHLAGE, AlbertGrote, Anna Helena---
MESHER, Maria Josephina03 Aug 186404 Aug 1864Mesher, WilhelmGRUTE, Anna PhilomenaGrute, JosephMesher, Anna Maria---
MEST, Anna Margaretha31 Dec 185401 Jan 1855Mest, Johann HeinrichHORMANN, AdelheidUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichBOGE, Angela---
METSCH, Herman17 Jan 185913 Feb 1859Metsch, JohannNot Listed, Maria MetschMÜLLER (Mueller), HermanLUCK, Anna---
MEYER, Ida Anna16 Sep 190217 Sep 1902Meyer, HeinrichALBERS, KatharinaMeyer, ConradAlbers, Anna---
MEYER, Johann Heinrich24 May 187625 May 1876Meyer, ConradRATERMANN, ElisabethSUETFELD, Gerhard HeinrichRatermann, Christina born SALLER---
MEYER, Laura Elisabeth22 Aug 190422 Aug 1904Meyer, HenryALBERS, CatharinaAlbers, JosephLINNEMANN, Maria Elisabeth born MeyerMarried Carl John WEBER 28 Nov 1940 in Topeka, KS
MEYER, Maria Elisabeth09 Feb 189210 Feb 1892Meyer, WendelinMERIANS, MargaretKÜNNEKE (Kuenneke), WilhelmKuenneke, Elisabeth born Merians---
MEYER, Maria Emma04 Jan 188305 Jan 1883Meyer, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, CatharinaMEYERINKE, HeinrichPETERMEIER, Maria for Maria Schonefeld---
MEYER, Wilhelm Lambert23 Nov 188424 Nov 1884Meyer, JohannEVERS, AdelheidJansen, LambertJansen, Maria Anna born LANGERSMarried Clara WELLING 24 Jun 1908; Eugenia JANSEN 5 May 1915 in Bartelso, IL & Anna WELLING 14 Jan 1920;
MEYERING, Maria Wilhelmina22 Mar 189823 Mar 1898Meyering, TheodorMÜLLER (Mueller), WilhelminaFICKER, BernardHACKMANN, Maria---
MEYERING, Theodor01 Apr 186702 Apr 1867Meyering, AntonHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), CatharinaGORMANN, TheodorSTUKENKEMPER, Maria born TIMMERBERGHe married Maria RAMMING in Bartelso, IL on 26 Oct 1900
MEYERING, Theodor Heinrich17 Aug 190018 Aug 1900Meyering, TheodorMUELLER, WilhelminaDUEPMANN, HeinrichMueller, Josephina---
MICHAEL, Bernard01 Nov 185104 Nov 1851Michael, GerhardWALTER, Maria AnnaMichael, BernardDIETZ, Christina---
MICHEEL, Bernard23 Apr 187824 Apr 1878Micheel, BernardWELLINGS, AnnaMicheel, BernardWellings, Wilhelmina born Wellings---
MICHEEL, Catharina Elisabetha03 Apr 186904 Apr 1869Micheel, JohannSIEVENECK, ElisabethaMicheel, BernardHACKMANN, Catharina Elisabetha born DIETZ---
MICHEEL, Dora Maria25 Oct 188225 Oct 1882Micheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaFICKER, GerhardSCHLARMANN, Dora Maria born WellingMarried Heinrich HOFF 25 Nov 1911
MICHEEL, Gertrude Josephina19 Mar 189019 Mar 1890Micheel, BernardWELLING, Anna (From Brighton, IL)WESTERFELHAUS, HeinrichWelling, Maria for Gertrud HERBERS born Welling---
MICHEEL, Johann Bernard25 Aug 187525 Aug 1875Micheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaWelling, JohannDIETZ, Christina born BUSCH---
MICHEEL, Johann Heinrich05 Sep 187606 Sep 1876Micheel, JohannRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), GertrudRoekenhaus, Johann HeinrichMOLITOR, Maria born BECKMANN---
MICHEEL, Johann Herman26 Dec 187928 Dec 1879Micheel, JohannRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Anna (Micheel)Roeckenhaus, Johann HeinrichHACKMANN, Maria born LENARTZ---
MICHEEL, Johann Wilhelm09 Dec 184513 Dec 1845Micheel, GerhardWALTER, Maria AnnaWalter, JohannWalter, Maria Theresia---
MICHEEL, Maria Catharina11 Jun 188712 Jun 1887Micheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaMOLITOR, FranzWelling, Catharina born KEMPER---
MICHEEL, Maria Elisabeth27 Mar 188528 Mar 1885Micheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaSCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichFICKER, Elisabeth born Welling---
MICHEEL, Maria Gertrud14 Jun 187414 Jun 1874Micheel, JohannRÖKENHAUS (Roekenhaus), Anna GertrudSCHMITZ, HeinrichMOLITOR, Gertrud born Roeckenhaus---
MICHEEL, Theodor Joseph12 Jan 189312 Jan 1893Micheel, BernardWELLING, Anna (From Alton, IL)Welling, Johann TheodorWelling, Euphemia born KRUSE---
MICHEEL, Wilhelmina01 Jun 188002 Jun 1880Micheel, BernardWELLING, AnnaDIETZ, AntonWelling, Wilhelmina born Welling---
MICHEL, Anna Gertrud10 Feb 184418 Feb 1844Michel, GerhardWALTER, Maria AnnaMARX, FranzMOLITOR, Anna Gertrud ---
MICHEL, Bernard13 Mar 187113 Mar 1871Michel, JohannSIEVENECK, ElisabethaMichel, BernardDIETZ, Christina born BUSCHER---
MICHEL, Theodor22 Feb 187322 Feb 1873Micheel, JohannRÖKENHAUS (Roekenhaus), GertrudRoekenhaus, TheodorRoekenhaus, Anna Margareta born SCHONBECKFather's last name is spelled with ee in this entry.
MICHELS, Alphonse Peter30 Oct 188801 Nov 1888Michels, Arnold GISSY, MariaGissy, AlphonseGissy, Philomena born ALTEPETER---
MICHELS, Carl Boniface05 Jun 189506 Jun 1895Michels, Arnold (From Herman, MO)GISSY, MariaGissy, CarlGissy, Clara born SCHLARMANN---
MICHELS, Carl Heinrich Leon19 Nov 189020 Nov 1890Michels, Arnold (From Herman, MO)GISSY, Maria (From Williamsburg, PA)SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichAUGUSTINE, Maria---
MICHELS, Carolina Catharina28 Dec 188631 Dec 1886Michels, Arnold GISSY, Maria Gissy, GustavNIEHOFF, Catharina---
MICHELS, Heinrich Carl22 Feb 188123 Feb 1881Michels, Arnold B.GISSY, Maria SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichGissy, Justina born AUGUSTIN---
MICHELS, Johann17 Nov 188219 Nov 1882Michels, Arnold GISSY, Maria Michels, JohannGissy, Lina---
MICHELS, Rosalia Christina01 Dec 188402 Dec 1884Michels, Arnold GISSY, Maria JustinaGissy, Carl EugeneGissy, Christina born ALBERS---
MIDDEKE, Anna Catharina01 Feb 185806 Feb 1858Middeke, BernardLEIVECAMP, ClaraBÜHNE (Buehne), NepomuckLeivecamp, A. CatharinaCompare Medeke
MIDDENDORF, Franz03 Nov 186905 Nov 1869Middendorf, TobiasSCHROEDER, MariaMiddendorf, BernardSchroeder, Gesina---
MIDDENDORF, Gerhard Herman05 Oct 185506 Oct 1855Middendorf, HermanLAGER, TheresiaKNIEPMANN, Gerhard HeinrichLager, Carolina---
MIDDENDORF, Johann Herman24 Oct 184101 Nov 1841Middendorf, NicolausHARDBECK, Anna AdelheidMESCHER, BernardSANTEL, Maria---
MIDDENDORF, Maria Anna21 Oct 185922 Oct 1859Middendorf, HermanLAGER, TheresiaSPICKER, BernardTHEISING, Maria Anna---
MIDDENDORF, Maria Gesina23 Nov 184326 Nov 1843Middendorf, NicolausHARBECK, AdelheidSANTEL, J. H.Santel, A. Maria---
MIDDENDORF, Maria Sophia14 May 185715 May 1857Middendorf, HermanLAGER, TheresiaDIPMANN, HermanLager, Maria Anna ---
MIDDENDORF, Tobias16 Oct 184519 Oct 1845Middendorf, NicolausHARDBECK, AdelheidSANTEL, Johann HeinrichSantel, Maria Adelheid---
MIDECKE, Margaretha Elisabeth16 Oct 185118 Oct 1851Midecke, BernardTIMPER, ElisabethTimper, Gerhard TheodorHAAR, Elisabeth---
MIDECKE, Maria Elisabeth10 Oct 185012 Oct 1850Midecke, BernardTIMPER, ElisabethHOLTHAUS, Johann HeinrichTimper, Maria Elisabeth---
MILLER, Catharina Elisabeth (Deceased)25 Dec 186426 Dec 1864Miller, DietrichHAUKAPF, ElisabethMAYER, HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina---
MILLER, Johann Friederich02 Apr 186306 Apr 1863Miller, Johann AugustJANSEN, Anna MariaBYRMANN, Johann FriederichLANDWEHRS, Anna Maria---
MILLER, Maria Elisabeth28 Apr 186529 Apr 1865Miller, FriederichSCHONHOFF, ChristinaMAYER, Johann HeinrichSchonhoff, Anna Maria---
MOELLER, Catharina Gertrud26 Feb 185027 Feb 1850Moeller, DietrichJANSEN, Anna MariaHEIDMANN, HeinrichKNIPPMANN, Gertrud---
MOELLER, Johann Heinrich28 Feb 185228 Feb 1852Moeller, FriederichJANSEN, Anna MariaKRIEGER, AlbertDUST, Anna Maria---
MOLITOR, Anna Margaret25 Nov 189025 Nov 1890Molitor, FranzSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), AgnesMICHEEL, BernardSchroeder, Margaret born BECKERMarried Francis WICHMANN 10 Sep 1913 in Bartelso, IL
MOLITOR, Anna Maria Sophia23 May 188424 May 1884Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaHEMANN, HermanKLUTHO, Anna Maria born Molitor---
MOLITOR, Boniface16 Mar 187316 Mar 1873Molitor, FranzSCHROEDER, AgnesSchroeder, Franz HeinrichROECKENHAUS, Francisca---
MOLITOR, Carolina Sophia12 Oct 188814 Oct 1888Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaBeckmann, HeinrichBeckmann, Carolina born FISCHERMarried Bernard GAUSEPOHL 20 Oct 1910
MOLITOR, Caspar16 Jan 184801 Feb 1848Molitor, WilhelmROECKENHAUS, GertrudOSTLANGENBERG, Caspar (Rev) from Belleville, ILWEBER, Anna Maria---
MOLITOR, Catharina Regina27 May 188328 May 1883Molitor, FranzSCHROEDER, AgnesKLUTHO, TheodorSchroeder, Catharina---
MOLITOR, Elisabeth Josephina01 Feb 188702 Feb 1887Molitor, FranzSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), AgnesBECKMANN, JosephKLEINEKORTE, Elisabeth born Schroeder---
MOLITOR, Franz Heinrich31 Mar 187701 Apr 1877Molitor, FranzSCHROEDER, AgnesSchroeder, Franz HeinrichMolitor, Anna Maria born BECKMANN---
MOLITOR, Franz Joseph20 Dec 188020 Dec 1880Molitor, FranzSCHROEDER, AgnesSchroeder, Franz JosephHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born STUCKENKEMPER---
MOLITOR, Franz Wilhelm08 Mar 187609 Mar 1876Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaMolitor, FranzSCHROEDER, Maria born Beckmann---
MOLITOR, Gertrud26 Oct 187927 Oct 1879Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, Anna MariaBeckmann, JosephRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Margaretha for Gertrud Molitor---
MOLITOR, Heinrich Wilhelm24 Feb 188225 Feb 1882Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaBeckmann, Sr., WilhelmMolitor, Agnes born SCHRÖDER (Schroeder)Married Carolina LAMPE 8 Sep 1909 in Aviston, IL
MOLITOR, Heinrich Wilhelm25 Jan 187525 Jan 1875Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, Anna MariaBeckmann, WilhelmROECKENHAUS, Anna Margaretha born SCHOENEBECK---
MOLITOR, Johann02 Nov 189204 Nov 1892Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaMolitor, Francis for Rev. Johann MolitorSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), Maria born MEIER---
MOLITOR, Johann06 Dec 184513 Dec 1845Molitor, FranzROCKENHAUS, Maria GertrudWALTER, JohannKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
MOLITOR, Johann Joseph14 Oct 187916 Oct 1879Molitor, FranzSCHROEDER, Maria AgnesMolitor, JohannSchroeder, Maria Elisabeth born DIERKES---
MOLITOR, Josephina Philomena13 Feb 190414 Feb 1904Molitor, BonifaceKOHLBRECHER, Maria (From St. Rose, IL)Kohlbrecher, BernardMolitor, Philomena---
MOLITOR, Maria Francisca23 May 188524 May 1885Molitor, FranzSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), AgnesHEMANN, FranzKLUTHO, Anna Maria born Molitor---
MOLITOR, Maria Philomena15 Feb 187515 Feb 1875Molitor, FranzSCHROEDER, Anna AgnesKLEINEKORTE, PhilippRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Anna Margaretha born SCHOENEBECKE---
MOLITOR, Maria Wilhelmina04 Dec 187705 Dec 1877Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, Maria AnnaKLUTHO, TheodorBeckmann, Maria Adelheid born HÖRCHELER (Hoercheler)---
MOLITOR, Theodor03 Jul 188605 Jul 1886Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, Anna MariaBeckmann, TheodorBeckmann, Maria Anna born ALBERS---
MOLITOR, Wilhelm21 May 185030 May 1850Molitor, WilhelmROECKENHAUS, GertrudMOLITOR, Franz Wilhelm Stand-in Caspar STUBENCAEMPERHAGENREGGE, Magdalena---
MOLITOR, Wilhelm Edward09 Jan 189909 Jan 1899Molitor, CasparBECKMANN, MariaBeckmann, WilhelmBeckmann, Anna born HENRICHS---
MOLTON, Johann Heinrich16 Sep 184119 Sep 1841Molton, WilhelmREKENKHAUS, GertrudRekenhaus, AntonBAUMHUTER, Gertrud---
MOLTON, Maria Anna08 Oct 184315 Oct 1843Molton, WilhelmRÖKENHAUSE (Roekenhause), GertrudeSTÖCKMANNN (Stoeckmann), HermanMICHEL, Maria Anna---
MOREHENNERS, Anna Frederica05 Nov 185407 Nov 1854Morehenners, FranzWASKEFORT, Anna Maria DETMER, HeinrichSCHAVESDICK, Frederica---
MOREHENNERS, Franz Heinrich17 Dec 184423 Dec 1844Morehenners, F.WASKEFORT, Maria AnnaSTÖCKMANNN (Stoeckmann), Johann HermanHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
MOREHENNERS, J. Heinrich27 Mar 184129 Mar 1841Morehenners, T. HeinrichWASKEFORT, MariaHOLTHAUS, J. HeinrichWaskefort, Maria TheresiaThis entry is lined through.
MOREHENNERS, Johann Heinrich07 Jun 184212 Jun 1842Morehenners, F.WASKEFORT, Maria AnnaHOLTHAUS, JohannSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), TheresiaChild died 23 Nov 1842
MORHENNERS, Heinrich Dominic30 Apr 185801 May 1858Morhenners, FranzWARGEFORT, Maria AnnaREILMANN, HeinrichDONNE, Gertrude---
MORHENNES, Johann Caspar Heinrich16 Mar 184623 Apr 1846Morhennes, FranzWASCHFORT, Maria AnnaSCHAVESDICK, J. Caspar HeinrichWaschfort, Catharina---
MORHINNERS, Johann Heinrich30 Aug 185102 Sep 1851Morhinners, FranzWASCHFORT, Maria AnnaHOLTHAUS, Johann HeinrichHolthaus, Susanna---
MORHINNES, Maria Anna18 Mar 184923 Mar 1849Morhinnes, FranzWASCHEFORT, Maria AnnaHOLTHAUS, JohannSCHAVEDICK, Maria Anna---
MUELLER, Aloysius Gerhard10 Oct 190010 Oct 1900Mueller, HeinrichDUEING, CatharinaKREKE, Gerhard HeinrichKreke, Maria Anna born MuellerMarried Dorothea VAN DE LOO 14 Feb 1922 in Breese, IL
MUELLER, Alphonse Frederick25 Sep 190426 Sep 1904Mueller, JohnHAUKAP, MariaMueller, FrederickHaukap, Elisabeth born ALBERSMarried Olivia J. HENKEN 17 Oct 1934 in Aviston, IL
MUELLER, Anna Maria Rosa15 Jul 189616 Jul 1896Mueller, FrederickLAMMERS, TheresiaFRERKER, BernardKOCH, Anna Maria---
MUELLER, Anna Wilhelmina30 Jan 187731 Jan 1877Mueller, DiederichDETERMANN, MargarethaSIEBENBUERGER, HeinrichKRUEP, Anna Adelheid born DICKMANN---
MUELLER, Barbara Gertrud04 Dec 189805 Dec 1898Mueller, JohannHAUKAP, MariaFRERKER, BernardHaukap, Anna born SCHRANDT---
MUELLER, Bernard Herman29 Sep 187330 Sep 1873Mueller, FriederichSCHOONHOF, ChristinaMueller, Bernard Johann HeinrichHALLERMANN, Maria Anna born MEIER---
MUELLER, Heinrich Aloysius06 Oct 190008 Oct 1900Mueller, JohannHAUKAP, MariaMueller, HeinrichHaukap, Anna born SCHRANDT---
MUELLER, Herman Ferdinand06 Apr 189706 Apr 1897Mueller, JohannHAUKAP, MariaHaukap, HeinrichMueller, Christina born SCHONHOFFMarried Anna MARKUS 24 Oct 1934 in Aviston, IL
MUELLER, Herman Frederick03 Apr 190104 Apr 1901Mueller, FrederickALBERS, JosephinaAlbers, HermanMueller, Christina born SCHONHOFFMarried Rosa OTTENSMEIER 16 Oct 1923 in St. Rose, IL
MUELLER, Irene Anna15 Feb 190517 Feb 1905Mueller, John H.VOELKER, WilhelminaMueller, John Bernard HenryKREBS, Anna born VoelkerMarried Joseph NORDHAUS 15 Feb 1928
MUELLER, Louis Lambert08 Sep 190610 Sep 1906Mueller, Johann HeinrichFEHLKER, PhilomenaFehlker, LambertROBKE, Dorothea---
MUELLER, Maria Cecelia11 May 189712 May 1897Mueller, HeinrichDUEING, CatharinaALBERS, JosephEILERS, Maria Christina born DueingMarried Francis Joseph POSHLING? from Breese, IL 13 Jun 1916
MULLIGEN, Fanna01 Mar 185007 Oct 1852Mulligen, PatrickBRADLY, MariaARCHER, PatrickArcher, Margaretha (Mrs. Patrick)---
MULLIGEN, Felice---19 Oct 1852Mulligen, JohnNot Listed------She is 2 years 2m old
MULLIGEN, Hanna03 Aug 184807 Oct 1852Mulligen, PatrickBRADLY, MariaARCHER, PatrickArcher, Margaretha (Mrs. Patrick)---
MULLIGEN, Maria Anna---19 Oct 1852Mulligen, JohnNot Listed------She is 4.5 years old
MURRAY, Margareta Anna Diamond10 Jul 185811 Aug 1858Murray, PeterMC CLAINE, MaryVON BESEN, LaurentSCHUDHAUS, M, CatharinaEntry is confusing; child's last name could be DIAMOND; parents were married 17 May 1857
MUSENBROCK, Johann Heinrich07 Apr 185808 Apr 1858Musenbrock, BernardTHEVES, GertrudeTheves, Christ.GEISTOR, Elisabeth---
MUSENBRUCK, Margaretha20 Aug 186021 Aug 1860Musenbruck, BernardTHEWES, GertrudKniepmann, HeinrichThewes, Margaretha---
NEBEL, Anna Josephina15 Oct 187716 Oct 1877Nebel, JohannHEINRICH, SophieBÖVINGLOH (Boevingloh), JosephSOMMER, Anna born DUMBECK---
NEBEL, Georg16 Feb 187918 Feb 1879Nebel, JohannHEINRICHS, SophieHERZOG, Georg HENSCHEL, Maria---
NEBEL, Maria Heinrich Franz08 Jan 187511 Jan 1875Nebel, JohannHEINRICHS, SophieBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria Louise born MEIER---
NEDELMEYER, Catharina---02 Feb 1847Nedelmeyer, AntonLORK, CatharinaHUEB, HeinrichBUSCHE, CatharinaMother's maiden name could be ZORK
NEDEMEYER, Elisabeth19 Jun 185821 Jun 1858Nedemeyer, HeinrichWEHLAGE, ChristinaSTÜBER (Stueber), CarlNedemeyer, Elisabeth---
NEDEMEYER, Maria Gertrud19 Feb 185923 Feb 1859Nedemeyer, OttoWEHRMANN, HelenaNedemeyer, HeinrichNedemeyer, MariaMother's name could be Weshrmann
NEFF, August Johann20 Apr 189224 Apr 1892Neff, Peter (From St. Louis, MO)HEIDEMANN, Wilhelmina (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, AugustHeidemann, Wilhelmina born DIESTELMarried Margaret ROSEN 9 May 1917 in St. Rose, IL
NEFF, Edward Heinrich03 May 188806 May 1888Neff, PeterHEIDEMANN, PhilomenaHeidemann, TheodorBONENKEMPER, Maria born KASSENS---
NEFF, Maria Wilhelmina30 Jan 188601 Feb 1886Neff, PeterHEIDEMANN, WilhelminaHOLTGRÄWER (Holtgraewer), HermanHeidemann, Maria born JONESMarried Bernard SPILLMANN 28 J__ 1913 in St. Rose, IL
NEFF, Philomena Cecelia15 Apr 189016 Apr 1890Neff, Peter (From St. Louis, MO)HEIDEMANN, Philomena (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, HeinrichHOLTGREWE, Elisabeth born HeidemannMarried Jacob MC QUADE 18 Nov 1913 in St. Rose, IL
NEFF, Theodor Peter30 Mar 188401 Apr 1884Neff, PeterHAIDEMANN, PhilomenaHaidemann, Theodor SCHLARMANN, Wilhelmina born WELLING---
NEFF, Wilhelm Francis25 Apr 189427 Apr 1894Neff, PeterHEIDEMANN, Wilhelmina (From Breese, IL)Heidemann, FrancisHeidemann, Anna---
NETEMEIER, Anna Gertrud29 Dec 184201 Jan 1843Netemeier, AntonNot Listed, Maria CatharinaNetemeier, HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Anna GertrudChild died
NETEMEIER, Bernard26 Feb 185728 Feb 1857Netemeier, Johann HeinrichWELAGE, ChristinaWelage, BernardSCHALKAMP, Maria CatharinaThe dates for this entry are reversed
NETEMEIER, Infant22 Dec 185624 Dec 1856Netemeier, Heinrich Otto BALMANN, HelenaKUPER, LambertNetemeier, Christina---
NETEMEIER, Maria Anna11 Nov 185412 Nov 1854Netemeier, Otto HeinrichBAHLMANN, HelenaSCHALKAMP, HeinrichKÜPER (Kueper), Gesina---
NETEMEYER, Anton (Twin)22 Jan 186123 Jan 1861Netemeyer, Heinrich OttoBAHLMANN, Anna HelenaBahlmann, WilhelmNetemayer, Maria Catharina---
NETEMEYER, Wilhelm (Twin)18 Jan 186122 Jan 1861Netemeyer, Heinrich OttoBAHLMANN, Anna HelenaBahlmann, WilhelmNetemayer, Maria Catharina---
NETTEMEIER, Anna Catharina Eugenia15 Jun 188915 Jun 1889Nettemeier, Conrad (From Neuenkirchen, Westfalia, Germany)LAGER, CarolinaHAACKE, JohannHaacke, Anna born ALBERS---
NETTEMEIER, Herman Gerhard22 Sep 190123 Sep 1901Nettemeier, Gerhard HECKENKEMPER, ElisabethLINNEMANN, HermanNettemeier, Maria AnnaReceived Sub-deaconship 28 May 1925
NETTEMEIER, Johann Heinrich06 Aug 189607 Aug 1896Nettemeier, ConradLAGER, CarolinaALBERS, HeinrichAlbers, Anna born MUELLER---
NETTEMEIER, Johann Heinrich15 Nov 189516 Nov 1895Nettemeier, Gerhard (From Damiansville, IL)HECKENKEMPER, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Heckenkemper, HeinrichOHNSEN, Anna---
NETTEMEIER, Joseph12 Oct 189113 Oct 1891Nettemeier, Conrad LAGER, Carolina (From Hanover, Germany)ALBERS, JosephROLFES, Carolina born SPIEKERMarried Elisabeth WINTER 5 May 1915
NETTEMEIER, Maria Gertrud11 Dec 189312 Dec 1893Nettemeier, Gerhard (From Damiansville, IL)HECKENKEMPER, Elisabeth (From Damiansville, IL)Heckenkemper, HeinrichHOEGEN, Maria born NettemeierMarried Walter INGRAM 15 Jun 1926 in Albers, IL
NETTEMEYER, Edward Aloysius25 Sep 189926 Sep 1899Nettemeyer, Gerhard (From Damiansville, IL)HECKENKEMPER, Elizabeth (From Damiansville, IL)HUEGEN, EdwardHeckenkemper, Theresia born BRINKMANN---
NETTEMEYER, Gerhard Heinrich10 Sep 184410 Oct 1844Nettemeyer, AntonNot Listed, CatharinaNettemeyer, Gerhard HeinrichKNIPMANN, GerdruthaChild died
NIEBUER, Clemens Heinrich15 Apr 186318 Apr 1863Niebuer, Bernard ClemensALBERS, Maria AnnaNiebuer, Johann HeinrichHELLING, Gertrud---
NIEBUHR, Maria Elisabetha04 Aug 188105 Aug 1881Niebuhr, Johann BernardBENDER, Maria ChristinaALBERS, Johann HeinrichNiebuhr, Maria Anna born Albers---
NIEBUR, Carolina Gesina07 May 188508 May 1885Niebur, JosephSTOLTE, Maria ElisabethALBERS, JosephStolte, Carolina---
NIEBUR, Christina Cecelia28 Apr 189929 Apr 1899Niebur, JohannBENDER, Maria (From Würtemberg, Germany)HAACKE, JohannBOHNENKEMPER, Christine born ALBERS---
NIEBUR, Clement Francis09 Apr 189510 Apr 1895Niebur, Johann BENDER, Maria (From Ahlen, Würtemburg)Niebur, ClemensAlbers, Margaret born DUSTMarried Catharine SCHNEIDER 24 Jun 1924 at Cathedral in Belleville, IL
NIEBUR, Franz25 Nov 186527 Nov 1865Niebur, ClemensALBERS, MariaAlbers, FranzNiebur, Gesina---
NIEBUR, Johann Francis04 Dec 189205 Dec 1892Niebur, Johann (From Lengerich, Hanover)BENDER, Maria Christina (From Aalen, Würtemburg)GESENHUES, GerhardLAAKE, Joanna born BUSCHMarried Thomas Leon FITZGERALD 23 Jun 19__ in St Columkille St Louis, MO
NIEBUR, Rosa Maria26 Feb 188727 Feb 1887Niebur, JosephSTOLTE, MariaStolte, Gerhard HeinrichNiebur, Maria Christina born BENDER---
NIEMANN, Anna Theresia24 Jan 185025 Jan 1850Niemann, HeinrichSCHROEDER, MariaSchroeder, BernardKNIPMANN, Anna Gertrud---
NIEMANN, Johann Heinrich18 Dec 184119 Dec 1841Niemann, H.LILLIENBECK, ElisabethWELLEN, B. JohannPELSERING, A. Maria---
NIEMANN, Johann Herman27 Sep 188328 Sep 1883Niemann, JohannSILKE, Catharina AnnaSilke, Johann HermanKOERS, Elisabeth born MOEHLMANNChild is illegitimate
NIEMANN, Joseph Heinrich20 Feb 184322 Feb 1843Niemann, HeinrichSCHRÖER (Schroeer), MariaNiemann, JosephSchroeer, Gesina---
NIEMANN, Maria---22 Nov 1845Niemann, HeinrichSCHROEER, MariaBAALMAN, HermanNiemann, Maria Anna---
NIEMEIER, Anton Caspar15 Feb 185518 Feb 1855Niemeier, Gerhard HeinrichHAAR, Maria TheresiaSTÜVER (Stuever), HeinrichSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Not Listed---
NIEMEYER, Elisabeth Maria18 Feb 185822 Feb 1858Niemeyer, Gerhard H.HAAR, M. TheresiaALBERS, Johann H.Haar, Elisabeth---
NOBE, Herman06 Jan 184606 Jan 1846Nobe, BernardBENTE, CatharinaJANSEN, HermanSCHROTT, Maria Anna---
NOLIN, Helena---13 Jul 1842Nolin, MichaelSHORT, Pale (?) BANNON, JamesGOLLEHER, CatharinaChild is 6y 10m of age.
NOLIN, James---13 Jul 1842------GOLLEHER, AntonGolleher, CatharinaChild is 5y 3m of age
NOLIN, Mary---13 Jul 1842------BALYER, JamesGOLLEHER, CatharinaChild is 3y 7m of age.
NOLIN, Michael20 Aug 184218 Sep 1842Nolin, JamesNot ListedBANNON, JamesBUSCHE, A. Elisabeth---
NOLIN, Seria---13 Jul 1842------------Child is 2y 14d of age.
NORDHAUS, Francis Joseph17 Aug 190418 Aug 1904Nordhaus, JohnHOLTMANN, MariaHoltmann, JosephRENSCHEN, Maria Married Irene MUELLER 15 Feb 1928
NORDHAUS, Francis Joseph29 Dec 190630 Dec 1906Nordhaus, JohnHOLTMANN, MariaSTÜVE (Stueve), JosephFRERKER, Katharina---
NORDHAUS, Gerhard Heinrich01 Mar 190002 Mar 1900Nordhaus, HeinrichHOLTMANN, MariaTHOELE, GerhardEILERS, Catharina born Nordhaus---
NORDHAUS, Heinrich Joseph04 Mar 190205 Mar 1902Nordhaus, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaRENSCHEN, Heinrich JosephHoltmann, Anna Maria---
NORDHAUS, Johann06 May 184510 May 1845Nordhaus, HermanDINGWERTH, Maria AnnaDingwerth, Johann ErnstLANDWEHR, Catharina---
NORDHAUS, Johann Herman31 Dec 186901 Jan 1870Nordmann, JohannSCHALLKAMP, MariaHECKENKEMPER, Johann HermanALBERTERNST, Maria Anna born Schallkamp---
NORDHAUS, Maria Catharina28 Nov 186730 Nov 1867Nordhaus, JohannSCHALKAMP, MariaSTROOT, CasparSchalkamp, Maria Catharina born NETEMEIER---
NORDHAUS, Maria Elisabeth02 May 189603 May 1896Nordhaus, Johann HermanHOLTMANN, Anna MariaRENSCHEN, JosephTHOELE, Maria Elisabeth---
NORDHAUS, Maria Theresia05 Jan 184315 Jan 1843Nordhaus, HermanDINGWERTH, Maria AnnaVOGELSANG, JosephDingwerth, Theresia---
NORDMAN, Maria Adelheid01 Jan 185201 Jan 1852Nordman, JohannSCHUMACHER, GesinaFEHRMAN, HermanSchumacher, Gesina---
NORDMANN, Anna Gesina08 Jan 188009 Jan 1880Nordmann, FerdinandKORTE, Anna GesinaWEHLAGE, BernardTHIEN, Anna Maria born Korte---
NORDMANN, Bernard Heinrich09 Nov 188110 Nov 1881Nordmann, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaKorte, BernardKorte, Maria---
NORDMANN, Bernard Heinrich13 Sep 186615 Sep 1866Nordmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna GesinaDULLE, Bernard HeinrichBECKER, Catharina born TEEKE---
NORDMANN, Bernard Heinrich06 Sep 186407 Sep 1864Nordmann, JohannNot Listed, Anna GesinaDULLE, Bernard HeinrichVONHOLD, Margaretha---
NORDMANN, Johann Conrad19 Oct 187220 Oct 1872Nordmann, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaKorte, Johann ConradNordmann, Maria Anna born STORM---
NORDMANN, Johann Ewerhard (Everhard)12 Feb 186213 Feb 1862Nordmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna GesinaRIBBING, Johann EwerhardBrockmann, Bernardina---
NORDMANN, Johann Ferdinand03 Mar 187404 Mar 1874Nordmann, Johann FerdinandKORTE, Anna ChristinaNordmann, JohannTHIEN, Anna Maria born Korte---
NORDMANN, Johann Ferdinand09 Feb 185018 Mar 1850Nordmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna GesinaBECKER, FerdinandGROTE, Helena---
NORDMANN, Johann Herman19 Jul 187620 Jul 1876Nordmann, Johann FerdinandKORTE, Anna GesinaKorte, Johann HermanILIGES, Anna Maria---
NORDMANN, Johann Joseph14 Dec 186715 Dec 1867Nordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranziskaNordmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna Gesina---
NORDMANN, Margaretha22 Sep 186823 Sep 1868Nordmann, JohannSCHUHMACHER, Anna GesinaHESSE, AugustTIMPER, Maria Elisabetha born KLATTE---
NORDMANN, Maria Anna Catharina28 Nov 187029 Nov 1870Nordmann, Johann FerdinandKORTE, Anna GesinaNordmann, JohannKorte, Maria Anna born ESS---
NORDMANN, Maria Gesina Elisabeth23 Sep 188323 Sep 1883Nordmann, FerdinandKORTE, Maria GesinaKorte, ConradNordmann, Maria born STORM---
NORRENBERNS, Catharina Bernardina20 May 189420 May 1894Norrenberns, Francis (From Ankum, Hanover)FRERKER, CatharinaKORTE, HermanFRERKER, Catharina born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
NORRENBERNS, Catharina Rosa10 Jun 189911 Jun 1899Norrenberns, Francis (From Hanover, Germany)FRERKER, CatharinaDERHACKE, AndreasFrerker, Catharina born MUELLERMarried Francis Heinrich USSELMANN 14 Sep 1921
NORRENBERNS, Christina Josephina10 Apr 189710 Apr 1897Norrenberns, Francis (From Germany)FRERKER, CatharinaKORTE, AugustMUELLER, Christina born SCHONHOFF---
NORRENBERNS, Henry Herman14 Sep 190616 Sep 1906Norrenberns, Francis Henry (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)FRERKER, KatharinaFrerker, HenryKORTE, ElisabethMarried Josephine BAAHLMANN 11 Nov 1931 in Albers, IL
NORRENBERNS, Johann Bernard08 May 190209 May 1902Norrenberns, Francis (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)FRERKER, CatharinaFrerker, BernardTHÖLE (Thoele), Sr. , ElisabethMarried Paulina BAAHLMANN 16 Feb 1927 in Albers, IL
NORRENBERNS, Maria Agnes17 Mar 190417 Mar 1904Norrenberns, Francis (From Ankum, Germany)FRERKER, CatharinaTHÖLE (Thoele), GerhardFrerker, MariaMarried Francis H. USSELMANN 14 Sep 1921 (This marriage is crossed out)
NORTHMANN, Elisabeth11 Feb 185728 Feb 1857Northmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna GesinaGROTE, JosephEMMES, Maria Elisabeth---
NORTHMANN, Johann Heinrich01 Apr 185408 Apr 1854Northmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna GesinaBECKER, Johann Becker, Catharina (Mrs. Johann)---
NORTMANN, Johann Bernard26 Nov 187728 Nov 1877Nortmann, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaTHIEN, FerdinandFÄHRMANN, Margaretha born SCHLOETER---
O'CONNELL, Hugh16 Jun 185130 Aug 1851O'Connell, HughSMITH, ElisabethHONCOMP, AntonWOBBE, Anna Christina---
OBERLE, Maria12 Oct 185824 Apr 1859Oberle, WilhelmHERBSTREIT, MariaHerbstreit, JosephOberle, Bertha---
OCONLY, Johann28 Nov 185227 Mar 1853Oconly, HughSCHMITT, ElisabethMCJAFFIGAN, AndrewLAFFATY, MariaCompare O'Connelly
OHLMANN, Johann Heinrich Gerhard 21 Jun 188522 Jun 1885Ohlmann, Heinrich AntonTAPKEN, Maria AngelaPEEK, Johann AbelFicker, Maria born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
OHLMAYER, Gerhard15 Sep 186416 Sep 1864Ohlmayer, HermanNot Listed, MariaGELLIG, GerhardDULLE, Anna---
OHLMAYER, Heinrich08 Aug 186209 Aug 1862Ohlmayer, HermanGERLING, MariaGerling, HeinrichWEFER, Anna Maria---
OHLMEIER, Maria Elisabeth01 Dec 186602 Dec 1866Ohlmeier, HermanGERLING, MariaKREKER, GerhardGerling, Elisabeth born RICKELMANN---
OHLMEYER, Catharina14 Feb 186915 Feb 1869Ohlmeyer, Herman (Deceased)GERLING, MariaBECKER, FriederichGerling, Catharina---
OLLIGES, Anna Maria 01 Nov 188703 Nov 1887Olliges, Johann HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria HelenaBIENHOFF, AntonSCHUMACHER, Maria---
OLLIGES, Anna Maria (Twin)14 Aug 188415 Aug 1884Olliges, Johann HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), HelenaHAGEN, HeinrichLANGE, Maria born STOFF---
OLLIGES, Bernard Nicolaus09 Apr 187310 Apr 1873Olliges, Johann HeinrichWENDELEN, MariaWÖBBE (Woebbe), Johann BernardSANTEL, Margaretha ---
OLLIGES, Catharina Elisabeth21 Feb 189023 Feb 1890Olliges, Heinrich (From Neu Arnsberg, Hanover)MÖLLER (Moeller), Helena (From Altenöthe, Oldenburg)HALLERMANN, JosephHORSTMANN, Elisabeth born TIMPE---
OLLIGES, Helena Gesina (Twin)01 Jun 189203 Jun 1892Olliges, Heinrich (From Neu Arnsberg, Hanover)MÖLLER (Moeller), Helena Maria (From Altenöthe, Oldenburg)LÜCKING (Luecking), Gerhard HeinrichLuecking, Gesina Maria born LANGEMarried Heinrich C. HORSTMANN 26 Jul 1911
OLLIGES, Johann Heinrich26 Feb 187728 Feb 1877Olliges, Johann HeinrichVENDELEN, Anna MariaSANTEL, Johann HeinrichWOBBE, Anna born OlligesCompare Wendelen
OLLIGES, Joseph (Twin)04 Jun 188206 Jun 1882Olliges, HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), Maria HelenaDÜPMANN (Duepmann), HeinrichDuepmann, Margareta---
OLLIGES, Joseph Nicolaus (Twin)01 Jun 189203 Jun 1892Olliges, Heinrich (From Neu Arnsberg, Hanover)MÖLLER (Moeller), Helena Maria (From Altenöthe, Oldenburg)WOBBE, NicolausWIENHOFF, Josephina born LANGE---
OLLIGES, Maria23 Nov 187424 Nov 1874Olliges, Johann HeinrichWENDELN, MariaOlliges, NicolausWILKEN, Maria born STEMPEL---
OLLIGES, Maria Catharina (Twin)04 Jun 188206 Jun 1882Olliges, HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), Maria HelenaHARENBURG, HeinrichHarenburg, Maria Catharina---
OLLIGES, Nicolaus (Twin)14 Aug 188415 Aug 1884Olliges, Johann HeinrichMÖLLER (Moeller), HelenaHAAR, BernardWOBBE, Elisabeth---
OLTMANN, Maria Paulina Gabriela24 Mar 188424 Mar 1884OLTMANN, Heinrich AntonTOPKEN, Maria AngelaHARENBURG, HeinrichPEEK, Angela born Oltmann---
ONEILL, Johann18 Oct 185607 Dec 1856Oneill, BernardBOYLE, MariaOCONNELL, HughOconnell, Elisabeth (Mrs. Hugh)---
OSTENDORF, Maria Catharina15 Dec 185720 Dec 1857Ostendorf, AugustHOLLE, TheresiaGARHOF, Johann Dietrich KOHNE, Catharina---
OSTERMANN, Bernard28 Feb 187521 Mar 1875Ostermann, TheodorBEINING, Anna GesinaOstermann, BernardBULLE, Philomena born HEMANN---
OSTERMANN, Johann Bernard07 Mar 184707 Jul 1847Ostermann, Johann JosephLIBCHE, Margaretha AdelheidRAUS, BernardBRUNHART, Anna Angela---
OSTERMANN, Johann Theodor22 Apr 185027 Apr 1850Ostermann, JosephLUPKE, Margaretha AdelheidMORHINNERS, TheodorMARX, Anna Maria Catharina---
OSTERMANN, Maria03 Apr 184603 May 1846Ostermann, JosephMAUEN, Theresia (Deceased)THEISING, Johann BenedictMauen, Maria Adelheid---
OSTWALD, Joseph22 Jan 185721 Jun 1857Ostwald, MichaelSTEPHAN, TheresiaOstwald, JosephIBIG, Magdalena---
OSTWALD, Rosina11 Nov 185310 Jun 1855Ostwald, Vos (?)TRENKLE, CatharinaANGSTER, JosephOstwald, MagdalenaBirth year is a guess
OSWALD, Amilia06 Jul 185713 Dec 1857Oswald, JosephEVENGLE, CatharinaOswald, Mich.Oswald, Magdalena---
OTKE, Bernard Heinrich22 Sep 186024 Sep 1860Otke, GerhardSMÜHLE (Smuehle), MariaOtke, Johann H.BAHLMANN, Margaretha---
OTKE, Gerhard August30 Oct 185931 Oct 1859Otke, Johann H.WEIBERS, CatharinaOtke, GerhardGRÖNE (Groene), Maria---
OTKE, Heinrich25 Oct 185727 Oct 1857Otke, GerhardSCHMÖLL (Schmoell), MariaOtke, Johann HeinrichSCHMIDT, Louisa---
OTKE, Johanna Susanna Adlais27 Jan 185830 Jan 1858Otke, Gerhard HeinrichDETMER, Maria CatharinaKLEINKORTE, D.REILMANN, Susanna---
OTKEN, Anna12 Nov 185213 Nov 1852Otken, Johann HeinrichWEBERG, BernardinaUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichGRÜN (Gruen), Maria Antonette---
OTKEN, Anna Elisabeth12 Dec 185414 Dec 1854Otken, Gerhard HeinrichDETMER, Maria CatharinaDetmer, H.KLEINKORTE, C.---
OTKEN, Franz20 Sep 186321 Sep 1863Otken, GerhardSMELE, MariaHONCAMP, AntonROTHLUBBERS, MariaCompare Schmoele
OTKEN, Johann Gerhard06 Oct 1820---Otken, Johann HeinrichWIGGERS, Maria Catharina------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with parents. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
OTKEN, Johann Heinrich------------------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with wife Maria Catharina born Wiggers and 3 children.
OTKEN, Maria Adelheid03 Apr 185507 Apr 1855Otken, HeinrichWEBERG, BernardinaGROENE, HeinrichWOESTMANN, Maria---
OTKEN, Maria Catharina------WIGGERS, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with husband Johann Heinrich Otken and 3 children. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
OTKEN, Maria Catharina Adelheid11 Oct 1817---Otken, Johann HeinrichWIGGERS, Maria Catharina------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with parents. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
OTKEN, Maria Margaretha02 Oct 1819---Otken, Johann HeinrichWIGGERS, Maria Catharina------Came to St. Boniface in 1836 with parents. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
OTKENS, Wilhelm16 Jan 184228 Jan 1842Otkens, Gerhard HeinrichUSTERMANN, Maria AnnaTIMMERMANN, WilhelmBÜHNE (Buehne), Margaretha---
OTTKE, Maria02 Jun 184903 Jun 1849Ottke, HeinrichWEBER, LeodinaWUESTMANN, HeinrichGEHRS, Maria Catharina---
OTTKE, Maria Catharina30 Aug 185002 Sep 1850Ottke, Johann Gerhard HeinrichDETTMAR, MariaHULFSMAN, TheodorDettmar, Maria Catharina---
OTTMANN, Franz Georg10 Oct 185911 Oct 1859Ottmann, JohannSCHUMACHER, Anna ChristinaILGES, FranzFERMANN, Margaretha---
OVERBERG, Anna Maria Francisca14 Jul 190414 Jul 1904Overberg, Herman (From Hanover, Germany)WUEBBELS, Teresia (From Hanover, Germany))HALLERMANN, Francis C.MERSCHER, Anna Maria ---
OVERBERG, Johann Herman23 Apr 190324 Apr 1903Overberg, Herman Rudolph (From Altenlingen, Hanover, Germany)WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Theresia (From Herzlake, Hanover, Germany)DÜPMANN (Duepmann), HeinrichDuepmann, JosephinaMarried Helena OVERTON 9 Aug 1928 at St. Joseph's in East St. Louis, IL
OVERBERG, Maria Teresia Henrietta11 Feb 190211 Feb 1902Overberg, Herman (From Altenlengen, Hanover, Europe)WUEBBELS, Teresia (From Wetrup, Hanover)HILMES, HeinrichHilmes, Maria (Mrs. Heinrich)Married Elmer John HAAS 9 Jun 1925 in Mascoutah, IL
OVERBERG, Wilhelm Georg15 Oct 189816 Oct 1898Overberg, Herman (From Altenlingen, Amt. Lingen, Hanover, GermanyBLASE, Elizabeth (From Aviston, IL)LAMPE, Gerhard STUEVE, Wilhelmina born RENSCHEN---
PÖLKE (Poelke), Anna Gertrud08 Dec 185811 Dec 1858Poelke, TheophilKORTE, AnnaRENSING, Johann HermanKorte, Anna Gertrud---
PÖLKE (Poelke), Godlieb---01 Mar 1855------GROTE, J.---Adult Baptism; 27 years old
PÖLKE (Poelke), Johann Heinrich22 Nov 186128 Nov 1861Poelke, GottliepKORTE, AnnaKorte, HeinrichLEHNS, Anna MariaCompare to Poelker
PÖLKER (Poelker), Bernard Herman Clemens08 Oct 189509 Oct 1895Poelker, Frederick Joseph (From St. Louis, MO)TOENNIES, Anna Maria (From Carlyle, IL)KUPER, ClemensToennies, Maria---
PÖLKER (Poelker), Herman Joseph29 Dec 189230 Dec 1892Poelker, Frederick Joseph (From St. Louis, MO)TÖNNIES (Toennies), Anna Maria (From Carlyle, IL)Toennies, HermanToennies, Anna born FELD.Married Anna WEINERTH 9 May 1916 in Lebanon, IL
PÖLKER (Poelker), Maria Carolina18 Sep 187220 Sep 1872Poelker, Gottlieb (Decamaus) AmadeusKORTE, AnnaKorte, HeinrichKorte, Maria Gesina born LÜBE (Luebe)---
PEARDEE, David20 Sep 184819 Jun 1852Peardee, DavidCRONEN, HelenaALBERS, FranzGRAW, Margaretha---
PECK, Johann Baptist11 Jan 185425 May 1854Peck, PeterHIMMELSBACH, CatharinaHART, MartinDÖRNER (Doerner), Carolina---
PEECK, Maria Mathilda10 Apr 187810 Apr 1878Peeck, Johann AlbertALTMANN, Maria AngelaFICKER, BernardHARENBURG, Maria Catharina born LANGE---
PEEK, Heinrich30 Nov 187101 Dec 1871Peek, Johann AbelOLTMANN, Maria AngelaHAGEN, HeinrichBOLK, Ida Elisabeth born WELLING---
PEER, Johann Heinrich03 Jun 188304 Jun 1883Peer, Johann BaptistZIERER, TheresiaPeer, JohannWIEGMANN, Anna Carolina born LAENGERS---
PELSERING, Anna Gertrud06 Mar 184312 Mar 1843Pelsering, H.KRIEGER, MariaRENSING, J. H.MIDDENDORF, Anna AdelheidChild died
PELSERING, Johann Heinrich26 Aug 184402 Sep 1844Pelsering, HeinrichKRIEGER, MariaRENSING, Johann HeinrichKEMPLER, Maria ElisabethChild died
PELSERING, Maria Helena22 Jul 185225 Jul 1852Pelsering, HeinrichKRIEGER, Anna MariaKOBBE, ClemensKrieger, Teckla---
PELTIES, Anna Christina17 Oct 188918 Oct 1889Pelties, Herman HACKMANN, Catharina (From Ferdinand, Indiana)STOCKMANN, AntonDIETZ, Christina born BUSCH---
PELTIES, Anton Herman08 Apr 189309 Apr 1893Pelties, Herman (From Breese, IL)ROETTKEN, Helena (From Fayetteville, IL)DIETZ, AntonROLFES, Carolina born Roettken---
PELTIES, Edward Benedict01 Apr 190301 Apr 1903Pelties, HermanRÖTTGE (Roettge), Helena (From Fayetteville, IL)STOCKMANN, BenedictStockmann, Margaret---
PELTIES, Francis Herman24 Jul 189725 Jul 1897Pelties, HermanRÖTGER (Roetger), Helena (From Fayetteville, IL)ROLFES, FrancisMÜLLER (Mueller), Theresia born EVERSGERD---
PELTIES, Gerhard Heinrich14 Dec 188015 Dec 1880Pelties, AntonBOLK, CorneliaPelties, Gerhard HeinrichMARKUS, Maria born BolkMarried Anna BITTER born MEIER 21 Apr 1909
PELTIES, Gerhard Herman12 Nov 189513 Nov 1895Pelties, HermanROETKER, HelenaRoetker, HeinrichDIETZ, Christina---
PELTIES, Gerhard Wilhelm17 Feb 190018 Feb 1900Pelties, HermanRÖTKER (Roetker), Helena (From Fayetteville, IL)EVERSGERD, WilhelmDUST, CatharinaMarried Francisca BROCKLING 27 Oct 1925 in Albers, IL
PELTIES, Heinrich Gerhard18 Feb 188818 Feb 1888Pelties, Herman HeinrichHACKMANN, CatharinaPelties, Gerhard HeinrichDIETZ, Christina born BUSCHERMarried Teresia B. OTTO 20 Sep 1921 in St. Visitation in Vienna, MO
PELTIES, Johann Heinrich06 Aug 187707 Aug 1877Pelties, AntonBOLK, Henrietta CorneliaBOLK, HeinrichPelties, Angela Maria born RÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke)---
PELTIES, Maria Elisabeth15 Sep 188217 Sep 1882Pelties, Anton (Deceased)POLKE, CarolinaGRAMANN, HeinrichMARKUS, Maria born Polke---
PELTIES, Maria Elisabeth02 Mar 187903 Mar 1879Pelties, AntonBOLK, Henrietta CorneliaPelties, Gerhard HeinrichBolk, Ida Elisabeth born WELLING---
PELTIES, Theodor07 Aug 189408 Aug 1894Pelties, HermanRÖTTKER (Roettker), Helena (From Fayetteville, IL)ROLFES, TheodorKORTE, Anna Gesina born Roettker---
PEPENHORST, Catharina Gertrud19 Sep 184808 Oct 1848Pepenhorst, BernardBOERGER, GertrudWOELLER, BernardKOHN, Catharina---
PEPPENHORST, Bernard Heinrich---09 Apr 1803------------Came to St. Boniface in 1839 with wife Gertrud born Burger and son Herman Heinrich. Recorded on seventh page of 1847 record book.
PEPPENHORST, Catharina Bernardina16 Jan 184220 Mar 1842Peppenhorst, Bernard HeinrichBÖRGER (Boerger), M. G.MARZELER, JohannRENKER, Catharina Bernardina---
PEPPENHORST, Gertrud------BURGER, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1839 with husband Bernard Heinrich Peppenhorst and son Herman Heinrich. Recorded on sixth page of 1847 record book.
PEPPENHORST, Herman Heinrich15 Apr 1833---Peppenhorst, Bernard HeinrichBURGER, Gertrud------Came to St. Boniface in 1839 with parents. Was born when parents were not yet married. Recorded on sixth page of 1847 record book.
PEPPENHORST, Johann Heinrich17 Jun 185002 Aug 1850Peppenhorst, Bernard HeinrichBURGER, GertrudWEBERG, Johann HeinrichWeberg, Elisabeth (Mrs. Johann Heinrich)---
PEPPENHORST, Maria12 Feb 184507 Apr 1845Peppenhorst, Bernard Not Listed, GertrudISACK, NicolausSIEFKE, Maria---
PEPPENHORST, Nicolaus Bernard29 Mar 184330 Jul 1843Peppenhorst, Bernard HeinrichBÖRGER (Boerger), GertrudISACK, NicolausIsack, Susanna---
PETERS, Anna Maria31 May 186001 Jun 1860Peters, BernardKOTTE, AdelheidTEISLING, HermanPeters, Anna Maria---
PETERS, Anna Maria16 Nov 185818 Nov 1858Peters, BernardKORTE, Adel.ESS, BernardPeters, A. Maria ---
PETERS, Anna Maria Josephina24 Dec 187927 Dec 1879Peters, JohannWELLING, AnnaROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichPeters, Anna Margaretha born KORTE---
PETERS, Bernard Heinrich14 May 187115 May 1871Peters, JohannWELLING, AnnaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichWelling, Maria---
PETERS, Euphemia Rosalia21 Nov 188122 Nov 1881Peters, JohannWELLING, AnnaWelling, BernardLAGER, Euphemia born Welling---
PETERS, Gerhard Herman23 Dec 187226 Dec 1872Peters, JohannWELLING, Anna EuphemiaROBBE, Gerhard HermanMERSCHER, Maria born LANDWEHR---
PETERS, Heinrich08 Apr 186209 Apr 1862Peters, BernardKOTTE, Margaretha GesinaPeters, HeinrichKotte, Anna AdelheidFather's last name spelled Beters in this entry.
PETERS, Heinrich26 Jun 190127 Jun 1901Peters, Johann (From Florissant, MO)HECKMANN, Rosalia (From Amt Kloppenburg, Germany)Peters, HeinrichKREKE, Maria Elisabeth born REMPE---
PETERS, Heinrich28 Sep 186929 Sep 1869Peters, JohannWELLING, Anna AdelheidPeters, Gerhard HeinrichROBBE, Anna Maria born MERSCHER---
PETERS, Johann Bernard31 Jan 187831 Jan 1878Peters, JohannWELLING, AnnaPeters, BernardMERSCHER, Anna Maria born LANDWEHR---
PETERS, Johann Clemens13 Aug 187415 Aug 1874Peters, JohannWELLING, Anna AdelheidWelling, Bernard HeinrichMERSHER, Anna Maria born LANDWEHR---
PETERS, Johann Heinrich Gerhard16 Aug 190317 Aug 1903Peters, Gerhard (From Aviston, IL)WINKLER, KatharinaWinkler, JohannPeters, KatharinaMarried Elizabeth RICHTER 31 May 1933 in Breese, IL
PETERS, Maria Catharina10 Feb 190111 Feb 1901Peters, Gerhard (From Aviston, IL)WINKLER, CatharinaPeters, HeinrichWinkler, Catharina born STROOTMarried Wilhelm HERMES 19 Jun 1923 in St Louis, MO
PFIFFNER, Joseph Alexander28 Nov 184423 Mar 1845Pfiffner, Joseph AntonNot Listed, Maria AnnaPfiffner, Alexander JosephPfiffner, Maria Anna---
PFINGSTERHAUS, Herman Heinrich11 Nov 188412 Nov 1884Pfingsterhaus, Bernard W.KÜTER (Kueter), Maria GertrudMIDDENDORF, TobiasWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Theresia born KueterMarried Anna SCHLEPER 21 Apr 1915 in Breese, IL
PFINGSTERHAUS, Wilhelm Clemens12 Sep 188213 Sep 1882Pfingsterhaus, BernardKÜTER (Kueter), Maria GertrudSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), ClemensKRÜP (Kruep), Anna born SCHNIERS---
PFIRSTER, Maria Louisa02 Oct 185916 Oct 1859Pfirster, JosephAMANN, CeciliaWANKER, LandolinSCHREMP, Louisa---
PFISTERER, Rosa03 Jun 185720 Dec 1857Pfisterer, JosephAMANN, CeciliaTRENKLE, SebastianTrenkle, Rosina---
PHILIPPS, Rosalind Margaret21 Aug 189922 Aug 1899Philipps, Ludwig (From Sedalia, MO)SCHADEN, Josephina (From Warrenton, MO)Philipps, LeopoldMICHELS, Maria Augusta born GISSY for Margaret Philipps born MUEL---
PHILIPS, Paulina Angela17 Jul 188820 Jul 1888Philips, AloysiusSCHADER, JosephinaGESENHUES, GerhardSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), AnnaMarried Leon HUELSMANN 3 Sep 1919/1910 in Belleville, IL
PHILLIPS, Isabella Othilia15 Dec 189317 Dec 1893Phillips, Aloysius (From Sedalia, MO)SCHADEN, Josephina (From Warren, MO)Phillips, LinusPhillips, Othilia---
PHILLIPS, Joseph Wilhelm Leo27 Jul 188528 Jul 1885Phillips, LudwigSCHADEN, Josephina B.ALBERS, BernardSCHUERMANN, AnnaMarried Lucinda GRAY 29 Nov 1911 in St. Elisabeth E. St. Louis, IL
PHILLIPS, Josephine Beatrice (Mrs. Ludwig)01 Jan 186307 Feb 1885SCHADEN, WilhelmLENNEBACH, Margaret---SCHUERMANN, Elisabeth born ALBERS---
PHILLIPS, Lawrence Aloysius21 Jan 189122 Jan 1891Phillips, Aloysius (From Sedalia, MO)SCHADE, Josephina (From Warrenton, MO)DUEBER, AloysiusSCHOENDIENST, Joanna for Adelheid DueberMarried Catharina WINKLER 24 Sep 1919 in St. Nicolaus Church in St. Louis, MO
PHISTER, Georg27 Jan 185506 May 1855Phister, JosephNot Listed, Sicilia AnnaSCHRADER, GeorgHEINSMANN, Paulina---
PILLE, Anna Henrietta (Twin)30 Mar 190131 Mar 1901Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, Maria BRUENING, HeinrichBruening, Anna born GEERS---
PILLE, Anna Maria23 Dec 189724 Dec 1897Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HALLERMANN, Anna Maria PRIESHOFF, JohannHallermann, Anna Maria---
PILLE, Anna Maria Catharina06 Jun 188906 Jun 1889Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, JoannaSCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichKÖTTING (Koetting), Maria Catharina born HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher)---
PILLE, Clara Anna Maria08 Jan 189710 Jan 1897Pille, FrancisSCHMITZ, Anna---Schmitz, Anna Maria born WEFER---
PILLE, Francis Heinrich31 Jan 189731 Jan 1897Pille, Johann HeinrichHOLLERMANN, AnnaROBBEN, HermanLUECKING, Gesina Maria ---
PILLE, Gerhard Herman18 Mar 189519 Mar 1895Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, Maria Anna GEERS, Gerhard DIESTEL, Maria Catharina---
PILLE, Heinrich Johann28 Oct 189030 Oct 1890Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, JoannaGAUSEPOHL, HeinrichGEERS, Elisabeth born HESSLER---
PILLE, Henry Bernard20 Jul 190422 Jul 1904Pille, Johann Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, Anna MariaHILMES, HenryHilmes, Maria born JANSEN---
PILLE, Johann Edward05 May 189306 May 1893Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, Anna MariaHEIER, EdwardMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Theresia born EVERSGERDMarried Catharina BOEVING 4 Sep 1917 in Bartelso, IL
PILLE, William Martin (Twin)30 Mar 190131 Mar 1901Pille, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HOLLERMANN, Maria GEERS, WilhelmGeers, Maria born BULLER---
PINGSTERHAUS, Clement Joseph19 Sep 189420 Sep 1894Pingsterhaus, Wilhelm (From Rafeld, Hanover, Germany)KUETER, Maria (From Thuene, Hanover)WEIER, ClemensWeier, Anna born RipperdaWas ordained at St. Meinrad, IN 25 May 1926; became a priest Spring 1927 Belleville, IL
PINGSTERHAUS, Franz Heinrich29 Sep 188601 Oct 1886Pingsterhaus, WilhelmKÜTER (Kueter), Maria GertrudTHOLEN, Franz HermanTholen, Elisabeth born PingsterhausMarried Louisa SCHLEPER 28 Nov 1917 in Breese, IL
PINGSTERHAUS, Herman Wilhelm27 Aug 188029 Aug 1880Pingsterhaus, Bernard WilhelmKUETER, Maria GertrudTHOLEN, Franz HermanTholen, Catharina Elisabeth born Pingsterhaus---
PINGSTERHAUS, Johann Bernard23 Aug 187824 Aug 1878Pingsterhaus, Bernard WilhelmKÜTER (Kueter), Maria GertrudWIBBELS, Johann BernardBOOK, Theresia born BÜTTMANN (Buettmann)---
PINGSTERHAUS, Johann Wilhelm01 May 189203 May 1892Pingsterhaus, Wilhelm (From Grafeld, Amt Fürstenau, Hanover)KUETER, Maria Gertrud (From Thüne, Amt Freren, Hanover)SCHOMAKER, Johann HeinrichBUDDE, Maria Elisabeth born WEIERMarried Agnes WELLINGHOFF 10 Sep 1919 in Bartelso, IL
PINGSTERHAUS, Maria Anna21 Feb 189722 Feb 1897Pingsterhaus, Wilhelm (From Gravelde, Amt Fuerstenau, Germany)KUETER, Maria (From Thuene, Amt Freren, Germany)BUSS, Johann Buss, Maria born WUEBBELS---
PINGSTERHAUS, Maria Catharina26 Jun 187627 Jun 1876Pingsterhaus, WilhelmKÜTER (Kueter), Maria GertrudSTOLTE, WilhelmDIERKSEN, Gesina Catharina born Pingsterhaus---
PINGSTERHAUS, Maria Theresia09 May 189010 May 1890Pingsterhaus, Wilhelm (From Rafeld, Hanover)KUETER, Maria (From Thuene, Hanover)KORTE, ConradWUEBBELS, Maria Theresia born Kueter---
PLUME, Christina Rosalia21 Sep 188725 Sep 1887Plume, Theodor JosephHEMMELGARN, Carolina MariaMAUE, Johann HeinrichWIEGERS, Anna Christina born KALL---
PLUME, Edward16 Aug 189018 Aug 1890Plume, Theodor (From St. Louis, MO)HEMMELGARN, HelenaJANSEN, LambertJansen, Maria Anna born LENGERS---
PLUME, Franz Theodor07 Sep 188307 Sep 1883Plume, TheodorHEMMELGARN, MariaWIEGERS, Johann FranzTIMPER, Maria Elisabeth born ALTEPETER---
PLUME, Ludwig04 Sep 188506 Sep 1885Plume, TheodorHEMMELGARN, MariaVAN DER PLEYM, LudwigHemmelgarn, Josephine---
PLUME, Maria Josephina11 Dec 189214 Dec 1892Plume, Theodor Joseph (From St. Louis, MO)HEMMELGARN, Carolina MariaWIEGERS, Johann HeinrichJANSEN, Josephina---
PLUME, Maria Wilhelmina20 May 189523 May 1895Plume, Theodor Joseph (From St. Louis, MO)HEMMELGARN, Helena MariaHUSER, GerhardPlume, Maria---
POELKE, Angela Maria15 Jan 187026 Jan 1870Poelke, GottliebKORTE, AnnaPELTIES, Gerhard HeinrichPelties, Angela Maria born RÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke)---
POELKER, Agnes Margaret (Twin)18 Sep 190120 Sep 1901Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)SCHAPER, HermanDEYEN, Margaret born Jansen---
POELKER, Alphonse Bernard21 Jul 190022 Jul 1900Poelker, Joseph (From St. Louis, MO)TOENNIES, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Poelker, BernardPoelker, Maria born SCHEVELINGMarried Agnes JUNKER 17 Apr 1923 in St. Vincent Hospital Chapel Belleville, IL
POELKER, Bernard Joseph04 Aug 189806 Aug 1898Poelker, Frederick Joseph (From St. Louis, MO)TOENNIES, Anna Maria (From Carlyle, IL)HILMES, BernardHilmes, Catharina born Toennies---
POELKER, Carolina Catharina09 Nov 189910 Nov 1899Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)STEIN, HeinrichJansen, CarolinaMarried Ralph W. SAMPLE (Non-Catholic) 6 Jun 1925 in St. Louis, MO
POELKER, Elisabeth Catharina21 Sep 190522 Sep 1905Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)KORTE, HermanKorte, Elisabeth born HAVERMANN---
POELKER, Heinrich Martin (Twin)18 Sep 190120 Sep 1901Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)STEIN, HeinrichSCHAPER, Maria Gesina born LUEBE---
POELKER, Herman Heinrich05 Jul 190307 Jul 1903Poelker, WilhelmJANSEN, Katharina (From Damiansville, IL)WILKEN, HeinrichKORTE, Maria---
POELKER, Johann Wilhelm05 Jun 186709 Jun 1867Poelker, GottliebKORTE, Anna MariaTHIEN, Johann HermanKorte, Anna Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
POHL, Franz12 May 185201 Aug 1852Pohl, Johann HeinrichLOCMANN, MargarethaHONKOMP, FranzHonkomp, Margaretha (Mrs. Franz)---
POHLMANN, Herman30 Jun 185713 Mar 1858Pohlmann, August Christ.Not Listed, Maria AnnaWESTERMANN, WilhelmWestermann, Louisa---
POHLMANN, Johann Bernard04 Sep 185008 Sep 1850Pohlmann, Johann HermanHAGEMEIER, Anna CatharinaSTUEVER, Johann BernardEILERING, Anna Catharina---
POLK, Heinrich09 Nov 188110 Nov 1881Polk, HeinrichRAPPIEN, DinaPolk, HeinrichTHIEN, Agnes born LÖPKER (Loepker)---
POLLMANN, Josephina Elisabetha (Twin)14 Apr 190515 Apr 1905Pollmann, Heinrich (From Breese, IL)REILMANN, Margaret (From Breese, IL)PETERS, GerhardReilmann, Elisabeth born HUELSMANN---
POLLMANN, Maria Catharina (Twin)14 Apr 190515 Apr 1905Pollmann, Heinrich (From Breese, IL)REILMANN, Margaret (From Breese, IL)WINKLER, JohnWinkler, Catharina born STROOT---
POLMANN, Gesina Adelheid25 Mar 185626 Mar 1856Polmann, JohannESS, Gesina AdelheidEss, Herman BernardTHEISLING, Anna Adelheid---
POTTS, Margaret20 Dec 186814 Jul 1888Potts, GeorgLINNEBERG, Elisabeth---SCHMITZ, Maria---
PRENGER, Anton Conrad18 Jan 184227 Feb 1842Prenger, BernardSCHRANT, AngelaVORNHOLD, ConradMOREHENNERS, Maria A.---
PRENGER, Johann Theodor08 Feb 184516 Feb 1845Prenger, BernardSCHRANT, AngelaBEHNEN, JohannBehnen, Margaretha---
PRIESHOFF, Anna Maria18 Nov 187819 Nov 1878Prieshoff, Johann GAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaGausepohl, BernardGausepohl, Anna Maria born PFEIFFER---
PRIESHOFF, Anna Maria Catharina04 Jul 187505 Jul 1875Prieshoff, Johann Theodor GAUSEPOHL, Anna MariaKÖTTING (Koetting), BernardKoetting, Maria Catharina born HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher)---
PRIESHOFF, Bernard11 May 188312 May 1883Prieshoff, JohannGAUSSPOHL, PhilomenaGausspohl, BernardPFEIFER, Anna Maria---
PRIESHOFF, Herman Anton 30 Sep 189401 Oct 1894Prieshoff, Johann (From Ferdinand, Indiana)GAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaTHIEN, AntonNETTEMEIER, Carolina born LAGER---
PRIESHOFF, Johann Heinrich26 Apr 188927 Apr 1889Prieshoff, Johann (From Ferdinand, Indiana)GAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaHILMES, HeinrichHilmes, Catharina born KAULING---
PRIESHOFF, Johann Heinrich20 Dec 187921 Dec 1879Prieshoff, JohannGAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaGausepohl, HeinrichKÖTTING (Koetting), Maria Catharina born HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher)---
PRIESHOFF, Johann Wilhelm11 Nov 188112 Nov 1881Prieshoff, JohannGAUSEPOHL, WilhelminaGausepohl, WilhelmHOLLERMANN, Anna---
PRIESHOFF, Peter Conrad24 Mar 189725 Mar 1897Prieshoff, Johann GAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaGausepohl, PeterGausepohl, Anna Maria for Margaret Gausepohl---
PROBST, Bernard August24 Feb 184719 Dec 1903Probst, Carl Christian (From Ziegenrück, Prov. Saxon, Prussia)LEIDIGER, Emma Josephina (From Ziegenrück, Prov. Saxon, Prussia)WILKEN, Bernard---New convert from Lutheran
PURDEE, Thomas16 Mar 184502 Nov 1845Purdee, DevendCRANEN, HelenaDORNER, PeterFORTMANN, Maria---
PUTNEY, Friederich (Twin)21 Nov 187014 Apr 1871Putney, JosephGEHRS, BernardinaGehrs, Gerhard------
PUTNEY, Gerhard (Twin)21 Nov 187014 Apr 1871Putney, JosephGEHRS, BernardinaGehrs, Gerhard------
QUINN, Anna Maria Dorothea24 May 190518 Nov 1906Quinn, John (Non-Catholic)LAMMERS, MariaFRERKER, HenryKOCK, Anna Maria born VOSKORS---
RÖBKE (Roebke), Anna Helena01 Jan 189201 Jan 1892Roebke, Johann Herman (From Freren, Hanover)MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria Dorothea (From Osnabrück, Hanover)Roebke, BernardMueller, Anna Helena born GROTE---
RÖBKE (Roebke), Anna Maria22 Mar 187222 Mar 1872Roebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), TheodoraDEERHAKE, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria born PEISTRUP---
RÖBKE (Roebke), Johann Frederick13 Jul 188115 Jul 1881Roebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaMueller, FrederickMueller, Susanna born SURMANN---
RÖBKE (Roebke), Johann Herman26 Dec 187728 Dec 1877Roebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), TheodoraMueller, FriederichHEMMELGARN, Maria born STERNBERG---
RÖBKE (Roebke), Maria12 Jan 188412 Jan 1884Roebke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaSCHÖNHÖFT (Schoenhoeft), GerhardSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria born Mueller---
RÖDLER (Roedler), Maria Ursula05 Dec 184309 Dec 1843Roedler, Johann DietrichHEINZMANN, Maria JosephinaWIDMER, AloysiusWidmer, UrsulaChild died
RÖLLING (Roelling), Anna Maria (Deceased)11 May 186411 May 1864Roelling, Johann WilhelmRÖTTERING (Roettering), BernardinaRoelling, Johann WilhelmROHR, Anna---
RÖPKE (Roepke), Anna Elisabetha26 Jan 188727 Jan 1887Roepke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaAPKEN, TheodorSCHMIDT, Anna born Mueller---
RÖPKE (Roepke), Johann Friederich05 Jan 187607 Jan 1876Roepke, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaMueller, Johann FriederichWELLEN, Maria born HOLTMANN---
RÖTTERING (Roettering), Catharina Elisabetha20 Jan 187420 Jan 1874Roettering, Herman BernardGERLING, CatharinaOVERBERG, Johann AlbertGerling, Catharina Elisabeth born RICKELMANN---
RÖTTERING (Roettering), Johann Heinrich13 Jun 187816 Jun 1878Roettering, BernardGERLING, CatharinaFOPPE, JohannRAWE, Catharina born SCHULTE---
RÖTTERING (Roettering), Maria Agnes Helena28 Dec 190228 Dec 1902Roettering, Herman LAMMERS, Theresia (From Breese, IL)WOBBE, HeinrichLammers, Maria AnnaShe was Baptized at birth due to a medical emergency
RADERMANN, Maria Christina17 Jul 185818 Jul 1858Radermann, FriederichWOESTEN, MariaLAGER, TheodorSALER, Christina---
RAMPLING, Maria Anna02 Oct 188203 Oct 1882Rampling, ChristianFOPPE, MariaRampling, GerhardFoppe, Anna Maria---
RÜBBING (Ruebbing), Johann Bernard13 Apr 187814 Apr 1878Ruebbing, EdwardHÜNE (Huene), Maria WilhelminaBECKER, BernardHuene, Maria born DULLE---
RATERMANN, Friederich04 Jun 185805 Jun 1858Ratermann, WilhelmNot Listed, ChristinaRatermann, FriederichTHEISSING, Helena MariaTranscriber's note: Mother's maiden name is SALLER
RATHERMANN, Catharina02 Jan 185603 Jan 1856Rathermann, WilhelmHAVETEPEN, ChristinaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), BernardHavetepen, Catharina---
RATHERMANN, Gerhard Heinrich04 Aug 185505 Aug 1855Rathermann, FriederichWOSTEN, ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), BernardRathermann, Christina---
RATHERMANN, Wilhelm10 Feb 185313 Feb 1853Rathermann, FriederichWOESTEN, MariaRathermann, WilhelmVOSHOELLER, Clara---
RAUSCH, Bernard30 Dec 185310 Jan 1854Rausch, BernardKAULING, TheresiaKauling, AntonTORMANN, Theresia---
RAUSCH, Johann Heinrich30 Jun 185106 Jul 1851Rausch, BernardCAULING, TheresiaCauling, Johann BernardGAUSEPOHL, Anna Catharina---
RAWE, Anna Elisabetha22 May 187024 May 1870Rawe, FranzDULLE, ElisabethaDulle, Heinrich JohannGRAWE, Anna Elisabetha born TEEKE---
RAWE, Catharina Josephina02 Apr 187404 Apr 1874Rawe, FranzDULLE, ElisabethaRIBBING, EverhardROSEN, Helena born Dulle---
RAWE, Franz02 Apr 187503 Apr 1875Rawe, JohannDULLE, Anna MariaRAVE, FranzDulle, Helena born ZOST---
REICH, Joseph Wilhelm17 Feb 188719 Feb 1887Reich, JohannDÖMKER (Doemker), ElisabethMERSCHER, WilhelmDoemker, Josephina born Merscher---
REICHERT, Anna Maria (Twin)04 Jul 186805 Jul 1868Reichert, AndreasJÜDEN (Jueden), AnnaMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), HeinrichJueden, Maria Helena born ABEL---
REICHERT, Bernardina Amelia20 Nov 190221 Nov 1902Reichert, Heinrich (From Carlyle, IL)ALTGILBERS, KatharineEMIG, BernardAltgilbers, Katharina---
REICHERT, Carl Albert02 Apr 185919 Jun 1859Reichert, Johann GustaveWEIDNER, AlbertaDUMBECK, Carl------
REICHERT, Catharina Hermina18 Aug 189619 Aug 1896Reichert, OscarALTGILBERS, Anna SusannaMERIANS, HermanAltgilbers, Catharina born DEIEN---
REICHERT, Catharine Elisabeth28 Aug 190429 Aug 1904Reichert, Henry (From Carlyle, IL)ALTGILBERS, Maria CatharinaEMKE, John HenryAltgilbers, Maria CatharinaMarried James A. DAVIS 29 Dec 1935 St Margaret in St Louis, MO
REICHERT, Edward Joseph20 Jan 190621 Jan 1906Reichert, OscarALTGILBERS, AnnaAltgilbers, JosephMEYER, Margaret born MERIANS---
REICHERT, Herman (Twin)04 Jul 186805 Jul 1868Reichert, AndreasJÜDEN (Jueden), AnnaJueden, HermanJUNCKER, Elisabeth born RUTHENBURGES---
REICHERT, Herman Aloysius11 Oct 190112 Oct 1901Reichert, OscarALTGILBERS, Anna SusannaAltgilbers, Herman HeinrichMERIANS, Ida born MEIER---
REICHERT, Maria Louisa18 Mar 187423 Mar 1874Reichert, MauriceHERBSTREIT, Carolina---GOEHRS, Maria born SICKA---
REICHERT, Oscar20 Jan 187104 Nov 1871Reichert, MauriceHARPSTRITT, PaulinaHarpstritt, AdolphBONNETT, Maria Anna---
REICHERT, Rosa Paulina29 Jan 189930 Jan 1899Reichert, OscarALTGILBERS, AnnaHEMANN, BernardTHOELE, Rosa born MEIERMarried Joseph HINKELER 17 Jan 1925 in St. Louis, MO
REIDELMANN, Maria Elisabeth10 Mar 185712 Mar 1857Reidelmann, Herman HeinrichSCHULTE, GertrudALTEPETER, HeinrichSchulte, Elisabetha---
REILMANN, Bernard August26 Mar 190227 Mar 1902Reilmann, Gerhard (From Breese, IL)HOERCHLER, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)GERLING, BernardGerling, Katharina born HoerchlerName obscured; Info from previous transcription.
REILMANN, Edwin Bernard16 Aug 190517 Aug 1905Reilmann, Gerhard (From Breese, IL)HOERCHLER, Catharina from Damiansville, IL)Reilmann, BernardEILERS, Elisabeth born Hoerchler---
REILMANN, Friederich Wilhelm14 Oct 185816 Oct 1858Reilmann, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, SusannaReilmann, DietrichMORHENNERS, Maria A.---
REILMANN, Heinrich Alphonse07 Mar 190009 Mar 1900Reilmann, Gerhard (From Breese, IL)HOERCHLER, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichReilmann, Maria---
REILMANN, Herman Heinrich26 Jul 186327 Jul 1863Reilmann, GerhardFAUKE, Maria MargarethaReilmann, Herman HeinrichWELLING, Henrica---
REILMANN, Maria Carolina Elisabetha19 May 186920 May 1869Reilmann, GerhardWIEGARD, CarolinaMENKE, AntonReilmann, Maria Margaretha born FAUKE---
REILMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich03 Apr 186205 Apr 1862Reilmann, Johann HermanVAUKE, MargarethaVauke, WilhelmALTEPETER, MariaCompare Fauke
REISER, Carl30 May 184318 Jun 1843Reiser, MathaisTAVERNER, MariaVÖGELE (Voegele), PeterVoegele, Magdalena---
RENKEN, Joseph Heinrich 17 Oct 187224 Oct 1872Renken, JosephSCHALKAMP, MariaREMPE, JosephNETEMEIER, Christina---
RENSCHEN, Anna Margaretha09 Apr 188210 Apr 1882Renschen, JosephSCHALLKAMP, MariaNETTERMEYER, OttoSCHLAUTMANN, Anna born SCHALLENKAMPNote: Mother's maiden name has "EN" crossed out while sponsor's name has the letters left in.
RENSCHEN, August Martin08 Jul 187809 Jul 1878Renschen, JosephSCHALLKAMP, MariaKLOCKE, MartinNIEMEYER, ElisabethMarried Maria HAAR 6 May 1924 in Damiansville, IL
RENSCHEN, Maria Theresia18 Apr 188419 Apr 1884Renschen, JosephSCHALLENKAMP, MariaNETTEMEYER, HeinrichBALMER, Maria born NORDHAUSMarried Bernard THOMASCEWSKI a.k.a THOMAS 11 Jan 1911 in Breese, IL
RENSCHEN, Maria Wilhelmina07 Sep 187508 Sep 1875Renschen, JosephSCHALKAMP, MariaALBERTERNST, BernardKLOCKE, Wilhelmina born Schalkamp---
RENSCHEN, Wilhelm Joseph04 Sep 188905 Sep 1889Renschen, JosephSCHALKAMP, MariaBAAHLMANN, WilhelmSCHEER, Catharina---
RENSING, Anna Catharina05 Jul 184907 Jul 1849Rensing, Johann HermanKRIEGER, Helena AdelheidWELLEN, Johann GerhardKRIEGER, Anna Helena---
RENSING, Herman Heinrich29 Dec 184111 Jan 1842Rensing, Johann HermanKREIEGER, HelenaPELSERING, HeinrichSANTEL, Anna Maria---
RENSING, Johann Bernard21 Dec 186022 Dec 1860Rensing, Johann BernardKORTE, Maria CatharinaKorte, HermanRensing, Anna Maria---
RENSING, Johann Herman06 Nov 186007 Nov 1860Rensing, Johann HermanHEIDEMANN, Maria AdelheidRensing, Johann HermanRensing, Anna Maria---
RENSING, Johann Wilhelm08 May 185709 May 1857Rensing, Johann HermanKORTE, Maria CatharinaDULLE, Heinrich JohannDulle, Anna Gertrud---
RENSING, Maria02 Nov 185902 Nov 1859Rensing, Johann HermanKORTTE, CatharinaSTEVENS, BernardKortte, Gertrud---
RENSING, Maria Adelheid (Twin)16 Aug 184418 Aug 1844Rensing, Johann HermanKRIEGER, Helena AdelheidKrieger, AlbertKNIEPMANN, GertrudChild died
RENSING, Maria Anna29 Oct 185430 Oct 1854Rensing, J, H.CORTE, Maria CatharinaKORTE, HeinrichWELLEN, Maria Anna---
RENSING, Maria Anna (Twin)16 Aug 184418 Aug 1844Rensing, Johann HermanKRIEGER, Helena AdelheidSANTEL, J. H.Krieger, Maria AnnaChild died
RIBBING, Catharina Wilhelmina05 Jan 187007 Jan 1870Ribbing, Johann EverhardHÜNE (Huene), WilhelminaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorBECKER, Catharina born TEEKE---
RIBBING, Johann Bernard Heinrich16 Sep 188117 Sep 1881Ribbing, EverhardBECKER, AnnaTHIEN, Johann BernardGRAWE, Anna born TEKEMarried Rosa POHLMANN 23 Apr 1912
RIBBING, Johann Everhard28 Apr 184430 Apr 1844Ribbing, TheodorTEKE, Catharina ElisabethTEKE, Johann EverhardBUSCHE, Anna Elisabeth---
RIBBING, Johann Herman20 Dec 187921 Dec 1879Ribbing, EverhardTHIEN, Anna CatharineThien, Johann HermanRAWE, Maria Anna born DULLE---
RIBBING, Maria Agnes02 Feb 188403 Feb 1884Ribbing, Johann EberhardTHIEN, Anna CatharineGRAWE, JohannThien, Maria born LÖPKE (Loepke)---
RIBBING, Theodor Heinrich31 Aug 187501 Sep 1875Ribbing, EduardHÜNE (Huene), Maria WilhelminaHuene, Gerhard HeinrichTEKE, Anna Catharina---
RIBBLING, Maria Elisabetha27 Jan 187328 Jan 1873Ribbling, EverhardHÜNE (Huene), Maria WilhelminaGRAWE, ChristophorHuene, Maria Elisabeth born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)---
RICHART, Georg08 Oct 185626 Oct 1856Richart, JacobSPEISER, VictoriaSpeiser, JosephECK, TheresiaSee Baptism of Anna Maria Speiser
RICHERT, Carl28 Jan 185816 May 1858Richert, JacobSPECHT, VictoriaFISCHER, AntonECK, Theresia---
RICHTER, Bernard Wilhelm03 Jun 185504 Jun 1855Richter, Herman BernardHILMES, Maria TheresiaRichter, Johann WilhelmWALLERS, Anna Maria ---
RICHTER, Maria Anna02 May 185703 May 1857Richter, BernardHILMES, Maria TheresiaWALLERS, HeinrichRichter, Maria Anna---
RICHTER, Maria Elisabeth10 Apr 185411 Apr 1854Richter, Johann GerhardNot ListedRichter, Johann WilhelmFELTMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
RICHTERS, Maria Anna18 Sep 185619 Sep 1856Richters, GerhardFELDMANN, Anna AdelheidFeldmann, GerhardRichters, Maria Anna---
RICKE, Gerhard Heinrich10 Dec 184511 Dec 1845Ricke, Caspar JohannDUST, Anna MargarethaDust, Gerhard HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Gertrud---
RICKE, Johann Heinrich09 Jan 184412 Jan 1844Ricke, Johann CarlDUST, Anna Marg.Dust, Gerhard HeinrichALERS, MariaChild died
RICKER, Carl07 Feb 184318 Jun 1843Ricker, FranzHINDEL, FranciscaFELLHAUER, SebastianFellhauer, MariaCompare Recker
RICKHOFF, Anna Carolina18 Dec 186919 Dec 1869Rickhoff, Johann GerhardMUES, Maria AnnaMEIER, Johann HeinrichKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Adelheid born DIECKMANN---
RICKHOFF, Anna Henrietta20 Oct 187220 Oct 1872Rickhoff, GerhardMUSS, Anna MariaHUNDMANN, LambertSCHOENHOFF, Anna born LOCKHORN---
RICKHOFF, Anna Margaretha04 Aug 186405 Aug 1864Rickhoff, GerhardNot Listed, EphemiaRickhoff, Johann BernardHOMANN, Anna M.---
RICKHOFF, Anna Maria15 Oct 186815 Oct 1868Rickhoff, GerhardMUSS, EuphemiaHOMANN, HermanRickmann, Maria---
RICKHOFF, Gerhard Heinrich (Twin)06 Oct 189906 Oct 1899Rickhoff, JosephWOBBE, Emma (From Damiansville, IL)DULLE, HeinrichDulle, Maria born MOES---
RICKHOFF, Johann Bernard (Twin)06 Oct 189906 Oct 1899Rickhoff, JosephWOBBE, Emma (From Damiansville, IL)Wobbe, Johann BernardWobbe, Anna born OLIGES---
RICKHOFF, Johann Gerhard24 Feb 186625 Feb 1866Rickhoff, GerhardMUSS, Euphemia MariaLOCKHORN, Johann BernardJANSEN, Catharina Maria born HEMANN---
RICKHOFF, Johann Wilhelm06 Jun 186207 Jun 1862Rickhoff, GerhardMUSS, Ephemia MariaDULLE, Heinrich JohannRickhoff, Maria Adelheid---
RIEHEMANN, Anna Elisabeth30 Sep 189301 Oct 1893Riehemann, Franz (From Osnabrück, Hanover)MERSCHER, MariaRiehemann, MartinKRUSE, Anna born Merscher---
RIEHEMANN, Franz Wilhelm07 Jul 188708 Jul 1887Riehemann, Franz HeinrichMERSCHER, Anna MariaMerscher, Joseph WilhelmMÖLLE (Moelle), Anna Helena---
RIEHEMANN, Herman Heinrich30 Sep 189001 Oct 1890Riehemann, Franz (From Hanover, Germany)MERSCHER, MariaMerscher, HermanHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIER---
RIEKHOF, Gerhard Joseph08 Jan 187508 Jan 1875Riekhof, GerhardMAUS, MariaHALLERMANN, JosephWALLERS, Margaretha born AHLERS---
RIPERDA, Margaretha08 Apr 186510 Apr 1865Riperda, JosephRIPERDA, HelenaWELAGE, AlbertWOBBE, Margaretha---
RIPPERDA, Anna Maria26 Jul 188827 Jul 1888Ripperda, HeinrichSPENGLER, BarbaraRipperda, Bernard HeinrichGEERS, Anna Maria born SIKA---
RIPPERDA, Bernard Heinrich29 Jan 189329 Jan 1893Ripperda, Bernard HeinrichSPENGLER, Barbara (From Millstadt, IL)Ripperda, BernardWALLER, Anna Maria born GOERSMarried Clara Francisca EILERS 25 Apr 1922 in Breese, IL
RIPPERDA, Bernard Heinrich02 Feb 185403 Feb 1854Ripperda, B. H.MEMANN, Helena AdelheidRipperda, Bernard Heinrich Ripperda, Maria Ruth---
RIPPERDA, Bernard Joseph18 Jun 185619 Jun 1856Ripperda, Johann JosephMEMANN, Helena AdelheidRipperda, Bernard AlbertRipperda, Adelheid---
RIPPERDA, Catharina Eugenia04 Oct 189805 Oct 1898Ripperda, HeinrichSPENGLER, Barbara (From Millstadt, IL)GOERS, DennisWEIER, Anna Helena Catharina born RipperdaMarried Johann Bernard THUENEMANN 9 May 1922
RIPPERDA, Dennis27 Jul 190128 Jul 1901Ripperda, HeinrichSPENGLER, Barbara (From Millstadt, IL)GOERS, DennisKORTE, Margaret born Ripperda---
RIPPERDA, Heinrich06 Feb 189607 Feb 1896Ripperda, BernardKREIMER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Ripperda, HeinrichKreimer, Elisabeth born KÖTTER (Koetter)Married Cecelia BACH 9 Jun 1922 in Bartelso, IL
RIPPERDA, Herman28 Jan 185430 Jan 1854Ripperda, Bernard FELDMANN, Helena AdelheidFELDMANN, Gerhard HermanRipperda, Catharina---
RIPPERDA, Johann Heinrich24 May 189125 May 1891Ripperda, BernardKREIMER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Ripperda, HeinrichWOBBE, Anna born OLLIGES---
RIPPERDA, Johann Joseph20 Oct 185121 Oct 1851Ripperda, Bernard HeinrichFELDMAN, Helena AdelheidRipperda, Johann JosephFeldman, Maria Elisabeth---
RIPPERDA, Joseph Bernard21 Jun 189222 Jun 1892Ripperda, BernardKREIMER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)WOBBE, Johann BernardRipperda, Barbara born SPENGLERMarried Margaret L. GERDES 6 Nov 1923 in Bartelso, IL
RIPPERDA, Maria Adelheid10 Apr 186011 Apr 1860Ripperda, JosephMEMANN, Helena AdelheidRipperda, Bernard AlbertFELDMANN, Helena Adelheid---
RIPPERDA, Maria Josephina12 Dec 189013 Dec 1890Ripperda, HeinrichSPENGLER, Barbara (From Millstadt, IL)WEIER, ClemensKREKE, Maria born Spengler---
RIPPERDA, Wilhelm06 Apr 189407 Apr 1894Ripperda, BernardKREIMER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Kreimer, Wilhelm JacobWEIER, Anna Helena Catharina born Ripperda---
RIPPERDAHL, M. Anna Helena Catharina21 Feb 185822 Feb 1858Ripperdahl, JosephMEMANN, HelenaWILDHABER, PeterRipperdahl, Catharina---
RIPPERDAL, Johann Heinrich26 Mar 184401 Apr 1844Ripperdal, BernardFIDDELER, ElisabethFiddeler, Johann PhilippMOLLERS, Adelheid---
RITTERHOLZ, Herman Bernard13 Feb 187914 Feb 1879Ritterholz, Johann Bernard Friederich HeinrichWEBER, Anna MariaHEMANN, Franz HermanALBERS, Elisabetha---
RITTERHOLZ, Johann Anton27 Nov 188328 Nov 1883Ritterholz, BernardWEBER, Maria ElisabethWeber, AntonHALLERMANN, Maria born MEIER---
RITTERHOLZ, Johann Heinrich29 Dec 188130 Dec 1881Ritterholz, HeinrichWEBER, Maria ElisabethMEYER, JohannHAGEN, Anna born THIEN---
RITTERHOLZ, Johann Theodor08 Jul 187709 Jul 1877Ritterholz, BernardWEBER, Maria ElisabethWeber, TheodorFRERKER, Anna born RUMP---
ROBBE, Gerhard Heinrich29 Aug 185330 Aug 1853Robbe, Gerhard HermanWELLING, Helena AdelheidFELDMANN, Gerhard HermanRobben, M. A.---
ROBBE, Gerhard Heinrich (Twin)07 Aug 185409 Aug 1854Robbe, Bernard HeinrichFRERKE, Maria AnnaRobbe, Gerhard HermanRICHTER, Catharina Adel.---
ROBBE, Johann Herman Nicolaus (Twin)07 Aug 185409 Aug 1854Robbe, Bernard HeinrichFRERKE, Maria AnnaFrerke, Johann Herman NicolausFELTMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
ROBBE, Maria Adelheid15 Oct 185116 Oct 1851Robbe, HermanWELLERING, Francisca AdelheidRobbe, HeinrichMERSCHER, Anna Maria---
ROBBEN, Anna Carolina03 Mar 188704 Mar 1887Robben, Gerhard HermanKAHRHOFF, Maria ChristinaWALLER, Bernard HeinrichRobben, Anna Carolina born BUSSMANNMarried Clemens MAUE 11 Oct 1911
ROBBEN, Anna Carolina (Twin)07 Apr 187608 Apr 1876Robben, Bernard HeinrichBUSSMANN, Maria CarolinaFELDMANN, Gerhard HermanFeldmann, Maria Carolina born Bussmann---
ROBBEN, Anna Eugenia17 Mar 190518 Mar 1905Robben, HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaWIEGERS, JohnWiegers, Anna born Robben---
ROBBEN, Anna Gesina06 Feb 185907 Feb 1859Robben, Bernard HeinrichTIEN, Anna MariaFRERKER, HeinrichTien, Anna Gesina---
ROBBEN, Anna Odilia20 Apr 190021 Apr 1900Robben, AugustWIEBLER, Theresia (From Damiansville, IL)FICKER, BernardTHIEN, Anna born Wiebler---
ROBBEN, Bernard Heinrich30 Jun 188901 Jul 1889Robben, Gerhard Herman KAHRHOFF, Maria ChristinaRobben, Bernard HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Maria Christina born EILERSMarried Rosa KAPP 28 Apr 1915 in Breese, IL; married Elisabeth NIEMEYER born KREKE 19 Jul 1938 in Breese, IL
ROBBEN, Bernard Heinrich12 Jul 186013 Jul 1860Robben, Bernard TIEN, Maria AnnaTien, Johann BernardFREKER, Maria Anna---
ROBBEN, Bernard Heinrich (Twin)07 Apr 187608 Apr 1876Robben, Bernard HeinrichBUSSMANN, Maria CarolinaFRERKER, Johann BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina---
ROBBEN, Bernard Herman20 Sep 190021 Sep 1900Robben, HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaKahrhoff, Bernard HeinrichRobben, Carolina born BUSSMANN for Maria Robben born JENCHEN---
ROBBEN, Bernard Wilhelm16 Nov 187817 Nov 1878Robben, Bernard HeinrichBUSSMANN, Maria CarolinaJANSSEN, BernardTHIEN, Anna---
ROBBEN, Christina Elizabeth13 May 189814 May 1898Robben, Gerhard HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaHEMANN, Herman HeinrichSCHMITZ, Maria Elizabeth born RobbenMarried Herman J. SCHOENDIENST 29 Sep 1920
ROBBEN, Franz Clemens22 Dec 187923 Dec 1879Robben, Bernard HeinrichBUSSMANN, Maria CarolinaHOLTMANN, Herman ClemensHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIER---
ROBBEN, Gerhard Herman03 Jul 186204 Jul 1862Robben, HeinrichBUSMANN, CarolinaRobben, Gerhard H.FRERKER, Elisabeth---
ROBBEN, Herman Francis19 Sep 189720 Sep 1897Robben, AugustWIEBLER, Theresia (From Damiansville, IL)Robben, HermanTHIEN, Anna born Wiebler---
ROBBEN, Johann Gerhard29 Oct 189530 Oct 1895Robben, HermanKAHRHOFF, ChristinaKahrhoff, GerhardFELDMANN, Maria CarolinaMarried Emilia BILLHARTZ 5 Nov 1919 in Damiansville, IL
ROBBEN, Joseph August17 Dec 186717 Dec 1867Robben, HeinrichBUSCHMANN, Maria CarolinaHALLERMANN, JosephRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Anna Margaretha born ASELAGE---
ROBBEN, Maria Carolina26 Jun 190227 Jun 1902Robben, Joseph AugustWIBLER, Teresia (From Damiansville, IL)WIEGERS, Johann HeinrichRobben, M. Anna CarolinaMarried Harry E. GEORGAN 8 Jun 1946 in Pine Lawn, MO
ROBBEN, Maria Cecelia28 May 189229 May 1892Robben, HermanKARHOFF, ChristinaFELDMANN, HermanKarhoff, MariaMarried Louis SCHOENDIENST 10 Nov 1915
ROBBEN, Maria Elisabetha23 Jan 187324 Jan 1873Robben, Bernard HeinrichBUSZMANN, Maria CarolinaHUNDMANN, LambertKOCH, Maria Adelheid born WIETER---
ROBBEN, Maria Elisabetha10 May 187011 May 1870Robben, HeinrichBUSZMANN, Maria CarolinaBuszmann, Johann CarlFrerker, Elisabetha born HALLERMANN---
ROBER, Heinrich Arnold23 Jan 186425 Jan 1864Rober, HeinrichBUSCHMANN, M. CarolinaHALLERMANN, ArnoldSÜRMANN (Suermann), Josephina---
ROBERG, Maria Elisabeth29 May 184501 Jun 1845Roberg, J. B.LÜBKE (Luebke), ElisabethHOLTHAUS, JohannHolthaus, Maria Elisabeth---
ROBIN, Johann Gerhard15 Aug 186515 Aug 1865Robin, HeinrichBUSCH, M. CarolinaDUST, GerhardRobin, AdelheidCompare Robben
ROBKE, Gerhard Herman11 Sep 190211 Sep 1902Robke, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), ElisabethRobke, HermanDueing, Christina---
ROBKEN, Maria Christina24 Jan 187025 Jan 1870Robken, Johann HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria DorotheaRobken, Johann BernardMueller, Maria Christina born SCHOENHOFF---
ROBKER, Carl Heinrich13 May 187413 May 1874Robker, JohannMÜLLER (Mueller), DorotheaMueller, KarlDERHAKE, Christina born Robker---
ROCKENHAUS, Joseph Heinrich05 Jan 185706 Jan 1857Rockenhaus, GeorgBECKMANN, CatharinaBeckmann, Joseph HeinrichHEEMANN, Maria---
RODLER, Johann Anton11 Jan 184614 Jan 1846Rodler, Johann GeorgNot ListedHENGE, Anton RichardKOAS, Anna Maria---
ROEBKE, Edward Johann05 Feb 189906 Feb 1899Roebke, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), ElizabethRoebke, JohannFRERKER, Maria born DueingMarried Mary C. TIMMERMANN 29 Apr 1924 in Breese, IL
ROEBKE, Francis Heinrich29 Sep 190030 Sep 1900Roebke, HeinrichDUEING, ElisabethDueing, FrancisRoebke, Anna---
ROEBKE, Franz Herman21 Jan 188022 Jan 1880Roebke, Johann HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria DorotheaSCHMITZ, Franz HermanSchmitz, Gertrud born DECKSTEIN---
ROEBKE, Henry Frederick22 Mar 190523 Mar 1905Roebke, HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), ElisabethRoebke, FrederickTHOELE, Anna---
ROETTERING, Henrietta Catharina30 Dec 187601 Jan 1877Roettering, BernardGERLING, CatharinaFOPPE, JohannKREKE, Henrietta born VELTRUP---
ROHLING, Catharina Elisabeth23 Mar 185825 Mar 1858Rohling, Johann CasparKORTE, Maria ElisabethRENSING, Johann Th.Rensing, Maria Catharina---
ROHR, Anna Catharina29 Dec 184620 Apr 1847Rohr, JohannKUHN, CatharinaALTPETER, HeinrichISAAC, Maria---
ROHR, Anna Maria Gertrud13 Jan 185501 Apr 1855Rohr, JohannSCHULTE, MariaPEPPENHORST, BernardPeppenhorst, Catharina (Mrs. Bernard)---
ROHR, Bernardina31 Dec 186125 Jan 1862Rohr, JohannBROCKMANN, AnnaWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), HeinrichBrockmann, Bernardina---
ROHR, Johann18 Apr 185101 Jun 1851Rohr, JohannKUHN, CatharinaRohr, JohannPEPENHORST, Gertrud---
ROHR, Johann Baptist16 Dec 185026 Dec 1850Rohr, JohannNot Listed, MariaRohr, JohannHUBERT, CatharinaBaptism was at parents' home
ROHR, Johann Baptist24 Jul 184511 Nov 1845Rohr, Johann BaptistJAKOB, JohannaJakob, AntonGROSZ, Magdalena---
ROHR, Johann Peter26 Nov 187401 Dec 1874Rohr, JohannBROKMANN, AnnaJUNKER, FriederichJunker, Wilhelmina born KRAUT---
ROHR, Maria Catharina13 Apr 184404 May 1844Rohr, JohannKOGER, CatharinaHUBERT, LaurentSUTER, CatharinaChild died
ROHR, Maria HelenaMar 186602 Apr 1866Rohr, JohannBROCKMANN, AnnaKUHN, PeterBrockmann, HelenaPage torn at birth date
ROHR, Maria Louisa29 Aug 186830 Aug 1868Rohr, JohannBROCKMANN, AnnaROTHRING, Herman BernardWÜST (Wuest), Anna Maria born BRANDSTÄTTER (Brandstaetter)---
ROHR, Wilhelm Bernard30 Oct 187105 Nov 1871Rohr, JohannBROCKMANN, Maria AnnaHENKEN, Johann BernardBrockmann, Theresia---
ROHRMANN, Heinrich26 Sep 188126 Sep 1881Rohrmann, JosephDETERMANN, Anna MariaDetermann, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), Theresia born EVERSGERD---
ROLFERS, Catharina Elisabeth11 Oct 184717 Oct 1847Rolfers, HeinrichBECKMANN, Anna MariaSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Franz HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth---
ROLFES, Anna Christina01 Aug 186902 Aug 1869Rolfes, Johann BernardSPIEKER, CarolinaRolfes, Gerhard Heinrich LEONARD, Christina born SPE__---
ROLFES, Anna Theresia Rosa15 Feb 187417 Feb 1874Rolfes, Johann BernardSPIEKER, CarolinaJANSEN, LambertMIDDENDORF, Anna Theresia born LAGER---
ROLFES, Catharina Timothea25 Nov 184927 Nov 1849Rolfes, Gerhard HeinrichBECKMANN, CatharinaCORDES, Theodor HeinrichBECKMANN, Thimothea---
ROLFES, Herman Heinrich24 Nov 187125 Nov 1871Rolfes, Johann BernardSPIEKER, ChristinaSOMMER, Gerhard Joseph for Herman Heinrich MIDDENDORFLAGER, Theresia born ALBERS---
ROLFES, Johann Heinrich11 Nov 187311 Nov 1873Rolfes, PhilippALBERS, Anna MariaHILMES, Johann HeinrichSTUKENKEMPER, Maria born TIMMERBERG---
ROLFS, Franz Conrad06 Apr 185308 Apr 1853Rolfs, Gerhard HeinrichBECKMANN, Anna MariaBeckmann, Franz ConradBeckmann, Maria Adelheid---
ROLWES, Elisabeth CatharinaApr 186627 Apr 1866Rolwes, PhilippALBERS, Maria AnnaSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), GeorgHEMANN, Elisabeth Catharina born STUCKENKEMPERPage torn at birth date
ROLWES, Johann Theodor12 Sep 187512 Sep 1875Rolwes, PhilippALBERS, Maria AnnaBEENE, Johann TheodorWOBBE, Margaretha born WIENHOFF---
ROLWES, Maria10 Jan 187110 Jan 1871Rolwes, PhilippALBERS, MariaKALLAGE, ClemensSCHROEDER, Maria Angela born BECKMANN---
ROSE, Bernardina Helena10 Aug 186211 Aug 1862Rose, JacobWIEMANN, Maria CatharinaSCHALKAMP, HeinrichTHÖLE (Thoele), Bernardina Helena---
ROSE, Bernardina Helena16 Jun 186018 Jun 1860Rose, JacobWIEMANN, MariaSCHMITZ, HeinrichTHÖLE (Thoele), Bernardina Helena---
ROSE, Joseph Heinrich12 Sep 186412 Sep 1864Rose, JacobNot Listed, MariaWIEMANN, Joseph HeinrichWESMANN, Catharina---
ROSE, Theodor HeinrichMar 185829 Mar 1858Rose, JacobWIEMANN, M. CatharinaWiemann, Ch. HeinrichBAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), Gertrude---
ROSEN (Rose), Carolina Elisabeth03 Nov 188204 Nov 1882Rosen, ClemensHILMES, Anna ChristinaWALLER, HeinrichHAGEN, Elisabeth---
ROSEN, Anna Theresia29 Jul 187829 Jul 1878Rosen, Anton ClemensHILMES, Gesina ChristinaAHLERS, HermanRICHTER, Anna Theresia born Hilmes---
ROSEN, Maria Christina29 Dec 187629 Dec 1876Rosen, Anton ClemensHILMES, Gesina ChristinaEILERS, Franz JosephHilmes, Maria Theresia---
ROSEN, Maria Elisabeth31 Mar 188131 Mar 1881Rosen, ClemensHILMES, ChristinaHilmes, JohannHilmes, Maria born MEIER---
ROTHENBERGER, Louisa Theresia12 Apr 186213 Apr 1862Rothenberger, HeinrichBRECHT, SophiaKLEINEKORTE, Johann HeinrichLAGER, Anna Theresia---
ROTHRING, Herman HeinrichOct 187221 Oct 1872Rothring, Johann BernardGERLING, CatharinaGerling, Herman HeinrichTIMPER, Maria Elisabeth---
ROTTERING, Catharina Leonora21 Aug 190522 Aug 1905Rottering, HermanLAMMERS, Theresia (From Buxton, IL)Lammers, HermanWOBBE, Catharina---
ROTTERING, Herman Bernard10 Oct 187112 Oct 1871Rottering, Herman BernardBROCKMANN, BernardinaHENKEN, Johann BernardBrockmann, Theresia---
ROTTERING, Maria Elisabetha10 Jun 187510 Jun 1875Rottering, BernardGERLING, CatharinaROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichFOPPE, Maria born Gerling---
ROTTERING, Maria Elisabetha01 Jun 186918 Jul 1869Rottering, Herman BernardBROCKMANN, BernardinaSTAUTMANN, HeinrichGROSSKETTLER, Maria Elisabetha---
ROTTERING, Maria Helena03 Nov 186710 Nov 1867Rottering, Herman BernardBROCKMANN, BernardinaJUNKER, Johann HeinrichBrockmann, Maria Helena---
ROTTRING, Bernard Tobias12 Oct 186212 Oct 1862Rottring, Heinrich BernardBROCKMANN, BernardinaBrockmann, Bernard TobiasRottring, EuphemiaCompare Roettering
RUMP, Anna Elisabeth10 Mar 187713 Mar 1877Rump, WilhelmBECKER, Regina ElisabethaFRERKER, HeinrichLAMPE, Anna Elisabeth born Becker---
RYAN, Catharina Lovina24 Oct 188926 Oct 1889Ryan, William (From Cook County, IL)HANRAHAN, MariaRyan, ThomasRyan, Anna---
SANTEL, Anna Maria15 Oct 184519 Oct 1845Santel, Herman HeinrichWOLKEN, Anna Maria KONE, Johann HermanSantel, Anna CatharinaChild died
SANTEL, Bernard Heinrich04 Dec 184905 Dec 1849Santel, Johann HermanWESTER, Maria AdelheitEILERING, Johann HermanSantel, Anna Margaretha---
SANTEL, Conrad26 Nov 185527 Nov 1855SANTEL, Johann HermanVESTER, Maria AdelheidBERNSEN, Herman HeinrichWOLTERS, Anna Maria---
SANTEL, Johann09 Aug 185910 Aug 1859Santel, Johann HermanWESTER, Maria AdelSantel, Johann HeinrichDUST, Margaret Adel---
SANTEL, Johann Albert03 Nov 185404 Nov 1854Santel, Johann HeinrichWENDELN, Anna MargarethaHAAR, Johann AlbertSantel, Maria Adelheid---
SANTEL, Johann Heinrich31 Mar 185001 Apr 1850Santel, Johann HeinrichWENDELN, Anna MargarethaGEORGES, Johann HeinrichHEIMANN, Catharina Adelheid---
SANTEL, Johann Herman15 Nov 184617 Nov 1846Santel, Johann HermanWESTER, Maria AdelheitHEIMANN, Bernard HeinrichSantel, Anna Maria born WOLKENThis entry appears at the end of the 1847 entries.
SANTEL, Johann Herman07 Dec 185009 Dec 1850Santel, HeinrichEILERING, Anna MariaSANTEL, Johann HermanEilering, Anna Catharina---
SANTEL, Josephina02 Jan 189104 Jan 1891Santel, Johann (From Damiansville, IL)RIEKHOFF, AnnaTIMPER, Jr., TheodorHOMANN, Anna born MUESParents were not married
SANTEL, Margaretha28 Oct 185530 Oct 1855Santel, AntonALTGILBERS, Anna MariaSantel, Johann HermanSantel, Margaretha---
SANTL, Johann Herman23 Dec 185124 Dec 1851Santl, Johann HeinrichWINDEL, Anna MargarethaSantl, Johann HermanGOERGES, Gesina---
SÜDTFELDT (Suedtfeldt), Johann Heinrich Conrad17 Nov 186118 Nov 1861Suedtfeldt, GeorgMAYER, MariaMayer, ConradTIMMERBERG, Maria---
SCHÖENDIENST, Heinrich09 Apr 186913 Apr 1869Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaHoltmann, HeinrichHARENBURG, Anna Angela born BELLMANN---
SCHÖNDIENST (Schoendienst), Heinrich Johann01 Nov 186203 Nov 1862Schoendienst, JohannHOLDMANN, MariaSCHLARMANN, Gerhard H.WILKEN, Catharina Elisabeth---
SCHÖNDIENST (Schoendienst), Theodor Heinrich 15 Feb 186418 Feb 1864Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, Anna MariaHAGEN, TheodorSCHLARMANN, Maria Louisa---
SCHÖNDIENST (Schoendienst), Theresia08 Jun 188109 Jun 1881Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaHoltmann, BernardBRÜGGEMEIER (Brueggemeier), Theresia---
SCHÖNDINST (Schoendinst), Joseph Heinrich12 Mar 186117 Mar 1861Schoendinst, JohannSCHUSTER, AntonetteLAMPEN, HeinrichFRIEDERENT, Maria---
SCHÖNEFELD (Schoenefeld), Johann Bernard---08 Sep 1854Schoenefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, Maria CatharinaSchoenefeld, Johann BernardKRINERD, Maria Catharina---
SCHÖNHOFF (Schoenhoff), Maria Christina30 Nov 186401 Dec 1864Schoenhoff, Johann BernardRÜCKHOFF (Rueckhoff), Maria AdelheidRueckhoff, GerhardMILLER, Maria Christina---
SCHÖNING (Schoening), Anna Maria08 Sep 185809 Sep 1858Schoening, FerdMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaDIETZ, AntonSTOCKMANN, A. M.---
SCHAEFER, Ludwig---23 Feb 1855---------ROHR, Not ListedAdult Baptism; 23 years old
SCHAEFER, Ludwig Nicolaus21 Mar 188224 Mar 1882Schaefer, NicolausBROCKMANN, AnnaSchaefer, LudwigHENKEL, Helena born Brockmann---
SCHAEFFER, Itta (Ida)29 Jun 186516 Jul 1865Schaeffer, LudwigREINHARDT, WalburgaDÜFFNER (Dueffner), JohannDueffner, Catharina---
SCHALCAMP, Anna Margaretha20 Jan 185221 Jan 1852Schalcamp, HeinrichNETEMEIER, CatharinaWIMAN, TheodorALTEPETER, Catharina Margaretha---
SCHALCAMP, Catharina13 Apr 184915 Apr 1849Schalcamp, HeinrichNETEMEIER, CatharinaLEMBECK, LucasNetemeier, Catharina---
SCHALLY, Anna Adelheid23 Apr 185724 Apr 1857Schally, PatrickRIPPERDA, Maria AnnaRipperda, Bernard AlbertRipperda, Anna Adelheid (Mrs. Bernard Albert)---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Aloysius Leo29 Jun 188801 Jul 1888Schuermann, HeinrichALBERS, ElisabethPHILIPPS, AloysiusPhilipps, Josephina born SCHADER---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Anna Angela18 Feb 187119 Feb 1871Schuermann, HeinrichALBERS, ElisabethaDIERKES, JohannHARENBURG, Anna Angela born BELLMANN---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Cecelia Agnes16 Mar 188417 Mar 1884Schuermann, HeinrichALBERS, ElisabethAlbers, HermanDIERKES, Agnes born DIECKMANN---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Christina Ida Eleanor21 Dec 189423 Dec 1894Schuermann, HeinrichALBERS, ElisabethMICHELS, ArnoldAlbers, Christina born HOFF---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Johann Heinrich17 Dec 187218 Dec 1872Schuermann, HeinrichALBERS, ElisabethaHARRENBURG, Johann HeinrichDIECKMANN, Maria born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Maria Catharina15 Apr 185916 Apr 1859Schuermann, Johann BernardHERMES, Anna MariaWOLTERS, TheodorRensing, Maria Catharina---
SCHATMANN, Elisabeth09 Apr 184212 Apr 1842Schatmann, Johann HeinrichMEIRING, MargarethaHANEWINKEL, Johann GerhardMeiring, Elisabeth---
SCHAVESDECK, Carl15 Dec 185722 Dec 1857Schavesdeck, CasperSCHLÜDER (Schlueder), FredericaSchlueder, GustaveSchluder, Maria---
SCHAVESDICK, Anna Maria Elisabeth16 Jun 185218 Jun 1852Schavesdick, Caspar HeinrichSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), FriedericaMOREHENNER, DietrichHÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Anna Maria---
SCHAVESDICK, Franz15 Oct 184823 Oct 1848Schavesdick, CasparHOELSKER, Maria AnnaMOHRHENNES, FranzHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Anna Maria---
SCHAVESDICK, Herman Heinrich29 Jun 185007 Jul 1850Schavesdick, CasparHOELSKE, Maria Hoelske, Herman HeinrichDETTMAR, Maria---
SCHAVESDICK, Herman Julius11 Nov 185413 Nov 1854Schavesdick, Caspar HeinrichSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), FriedericaSchlueter, Herman JuliusMOREHENNERS, Wilhelmina---
SCHEIPERS, Anna Appollonia24 Aug 186125 Aug 1861Scheipers, JohannesLANFERMANN, ElisabethGEBKE, ConradBAUMANN, Appollonia---
SCHEIPERS, Maria Elisabeth30 Mar 186301 Apr 1863Scheipers, JohannLAMFFERMANN, ElisabethSTOFF, HeinrichLamffermann, MariaCompare Lanfermann
SCHEMEL, Georg Francis26 Feb 189827 Feb 1898Schemel, GeorgDIEKEMPER, Anna (From Carlyle, IL)Diekemper, FrancisGRIMMER, Apollonia for Anna Grimmer---
SCHEMEL, Leon Johann13 Dec 189515 Dec 1895Schemel, GeorgDIEKEMPER, AnnaSchemel, JohannBACH, Maria ---
SCHIRMANN, Johann Heinrich12 Nov 184720 Nov 1847Schirmann, PeterPOELMANN, AngelaMELLER, Johann HeinrichLANDWEHR, Catharina---
SCHLAMAN, Johann Theodor13 Jul 185014 Jul 1850Schlamann, Gerhard USSELMANN, Maria ElisabethTIMPER, TheodorUsselmann, Bernardina---
SCHLAMANN, Gerhard Heinrich19 Aug 184920 Aug 1849Schlamann, Gerhard TheodorUSSELMANN, ElisabethSchlamann, Gerhard HeinrichTIMPER, Maria Elisabeth---
SCHLÜDER (Schlueder), Anna Angelica06 Mar 185808 Mar 1858Schlueder, Herman JuliusSCHWACKE, Anna MariaSCHAWESDECK, CasperHARRENBURG, Anna Angelica---
SCHLÜDER (Schlueder), Thomas Herman30 Apr 185901 May 1859Schlueder, Herman SCHWACKE, MariaLAMPEN, DietrichHEMANN, Maria---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Alphonse John31 Aug 190231 Aug 1902Schlueter, HermanMÖLLER (Moeller), Maria ROBKE, JohannTIMPER, Maria---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Angela Maria04 Apr 187105 Apr 1871Schlueter, GustaveLATHAN, WilhelminaWESTERFELDHAUS, HeinrichSCHNIETZMEIER, Angela Maria born KNIES---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Anna Catharina17 Oct 187518 Oct 1875Schlueter, HermanFEGEMEIER, CatharinaVOSS, AntonHEMANN, Elisabeth Catharina born STUCKENKEMPER---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Anna Gertrude26 Sep 186827 Sep 1868Schlueter, GustaveLATHAN, WilhelminaSCHAVERSDICK, CasperFELDHAUS, Anna Gertrude born HELLING---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Anton Herman13 Aug 186914 Aug 1869Schlueter, Herman JuliusFIEGENMEIER, CatharinaFiegenmeier, AntonFiegenmeier, Elisabetha born KEMPER---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Bernard Aloysius28 Nov 189429 Nov 1894Schlueter, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaKRUEP, BernardSCHMITZ, Anna born Mueller---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Catharina Elisabeth05 Jan 186706 Jan 1867Schlueter, HermanFIGGEMEYER, CatharinaHEMANN, FranzSCHAVESDICK, Elisabeth---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Catharina Wilhelmina Bernardina25 Dec 187126 Dec 1871Schlueter, HermanFIGGEMEIER, CatharinaSCHWAKE, BernardBÜHNE (Buehne), Catharina born STOLTEBENN---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Franz Herman14 Aug 188715 Aug 1887Schlueter, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaSCHMITZ, HermanSchlueter, Catharina born FIGGEMEIER---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Heinrich07 Dec 186208 Dec 1862Schlueter, HermanSCHWACKE, MariaSchwacke, HeinrichLATTHAHN, Emilia---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Heinrich Edward05 Feb 189006 Feb 1890Schlueter, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaTIMMERMANN, HermanRÖBKE (Roebke), Anna Maria born Mueller---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Herman August10 Oct 186110 Oct 1861Schlueter, GustaveLATER, EmeliaSchlueter, HermanKAPMAYER, Amalia---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Herman Joseph18 Sep 186019 Sep 1860Schlueter, HermanSCHWAKE, Anna MariaSchlueter, Franz GustaveMERSCHER, Maria Carolina---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Johann Friederich13 Mar 188514 Mar 1885Schlueter, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaMueller, FrederickKALLAGE, Theresia born ALBERS---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria Augustina28 May 187429 May 1874Schlueter, GustaveLATHAN, WilhelminaSchlueter, AugustISRAEL, Josephine---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria Friederica08 Sep 186109 Sep 1861Schlueter, HermanSCHWAKE, Maria AnnaBÜHNE (Buehne), BernardBuehne, Friederica born Schlueter---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria Josephina04 Dec 187805 Dec 1878Schlueter, HermanFIGEMEIER, CatharinaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichSÜDFELD (Suedfeld), Maria born MEIER---
SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria Veronica02 Feb 190002 Feb 1900Schlueter, Herman MUELLER, MariaROEBKE, HeinrichTIMMERMANN, Maria born Schlueter---
SCHLÜTTER (Schluetter), Maria Louisa24 Sep 186425 Sep 1864Schluetter, HermanNot Listed, CatharinaHALLENBURG, HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria Louisa---
SCHLARMAN, Maria Anna17 Nov 185122 Nov 1851Schlarman, GerhardUSSELMAN, ElisabethALTEPETER, HeinrichLAGER, Maria Anna ---
SCHLARMANN, Alphonse Gregory14 Jul 189515 Jul 1895Schlarmann, HeinrichAUG, Catharina (From Trenton, IL)Schlarmann, Bernard JosephAug, Philippina born WILDING---
SCHLARMANN, Anna29 Mar 185402 Apr 1854Schlarmann, GerhardEVERSGERD, Anna CatharinaEversgerd, Johann ChristophSchlarmann, Anna Angela---
SCHLARMANN, Bernard Aloysius17 Dec 186119 Dec 1861Schlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichHOLDMANN, ElisabethaSchlarmann, Bernard AloysiusJOHNS, Maria---
SCHLARMANN, Bernard Heinrich14 Jun 187420 Jun 1874Schlarmann, BernardKAISER, WilhelminaKaiser, HeinrichKaiser, Anna born MOORMANN---
SCHLARMANN, Bernard Joseph07 Mar 184311 Mar 1843Schlarmann, GerhardUSSELMANN, ElisabethMERSMANN, BernardSchlarmann, Maria---
SCHLARMANN, Bernardina07 Mar 187110 Mar 1871Schlarmann, Bernard JosephKAISER, WilhelminaALBERS, Johann BernardKaiser, Anna Rosalia born MERMANN---
SCHLARMANN, Carl Joseph11 Apr 187613 Apr 1876Schlarmann, BernardKAISER, WilhelminaDÖBBENER (Doebbener), CasparWESTERMANN, EugeniaMarried Maria FICK in New Baden 17 Feb 1909
SCHLARMANN, Catharina Louise13 Jun 186018 Jun 1860Schlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichWILKEN, AngelaEWERSGERD, H.Wilken, Catharina Elisabeth---
SCHLARMANN, Cecelia Amalia25 Oct 189626 Oct 1896Schlarmann, HeinrichAUG, Catharina (From Trenton, IL)Schlarmann, Bernard JosephSchlarmann, Philomena born KAISER---
SCHLARMANN, Clara Carolina20 Mar 189822 Mar 1898Schlarmann, HeinrichAUG, Catharina (From Trenton, IL)---GISSY, Clara born Schlarmann---
SCHLARMANN, Elisabeth Dorothea Adelheid27 Dec 189628 Dec 1896Schlarmann, Theodor Heinrich WELLING, Maria DorotheaWILKEN, WilhelmFICKER, Elisabeth born WellingMarried Bernard Herman REILMANN from Breese, IL on 12 Jan 1916
SCHLARMANN, Georg August11 Nov 188419 Nov 1884Schlarmann, Theodor HeinrichWELLING, Maria DorotheaSchlarmann, Georg HeinrichMICHEEL, Anna born Welling---
SCHLARMANN, Gerhard03 Jul 185404 Jul 1854Schlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichWILKEN, Anna AngelaSchlarmann, Gerhard HEIDEMANN, Maria---
SCHLARMANN, Heinrich08 Jan 184109 Jan 1841Schlarmann, GerhardUSELMANN, ElisabethUselmann, Herman HeinrichALTEPETER, Elisabeth---
SCHLARMANN, Heinrich Joseph23 Feb 187925 Feb 1879Schlarmann, BernardKAYSER, WilhelminaHAGEN, HeinrichHagen, Maria born SchlarmannAppointed Bishop Elect of Peoria, IL 19 Apr 1930; consecrated by Archbishop of Chicago in Belleville Cathedral 17 Jun 1930
SCHLARMANN, Herman Heinrich03 Apr 186704 Apr 1867Schlarmann, BernardKAISER, WilhelminaUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichEVELT, Maria Franzisca born Kaiser---
SCHLARMANN, Hugo Joseph04 Dec 190404 Dec 1904Schlarmann, Bernard HeinrichALBERS, EugeniaSchlarmann, Bernard J.Schlarmann, Philomena born KAISER---
SCHLARMANN, Isabell Cecelia Christina22 Nov 190223 Nov 1902Schlarmann, BernardALBERS, EugeniaAlbers, TheodorAlbers, Christina (Mrs. Theodor)Married Leo YAKLIN 15 Apr 1961 in Breese, IL
SCHLARMANN, Johann Wilhelm21 Dec 187921 Dec 1879Schlarmann, HeinrichWELLING, MariaWelling, Johann WILKE, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)---
SCHLARMANN, Lauretta Philomena27 Dec 190529 Dec 1905Schlarmann, Bernard H.ALBERS, EugeniaSchlarmann, Bernard J.Schlarmann, Philomena---
SCHLARMANN, Louisa Henrietta 26 Feb 187826 Feb 1878Schlarmann, BernardKAYSER, WilhelminaUSSELMANN, Johann HeinrichUsselmann, Louisa born RÜTTER (Ruetter)---
SCHLARMANN, Lucy Catharina17 Jun 190018 Jun 1900Schlarmann, HeinrichAUG, Catharina (From Trenton, IL)---Aug, Wilhelmina born WILDING ?---
SCHLARMANN, Ludwig Wilhelm05 Sep 185806 Sep 1858Schlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichWILKEN, A. Ang.Wilken, HermanHAGEN, Margareta---
SCHLARMANN, Maria Clara13 Aug 186513 Aug 1865Schlarmann, BernardKAYSER, WilhelminaSchlarmann, HermanKayser, Maria---
SCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth28 Feb 185601 Mar 1856Schlarmann, Theodor GerhardKREKE, Anna MargarethaSchlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth---
SCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabetha18 Jul 187219 Jul 1872Schlarmann, HeinrichKAISER, WilhelminaBECKER, HeinrichBecker, Elisabeth born HUEHNE---
SCHLARMANN, Maria Lucia23 Sep 189028 Sep 1890Schlarmann, Theodor HeinrichWELLING, Maria TheodoraHEIDEMANN, HeinrichSchlarmann, Maria Lucia born HOLTMANN---
SCHLARMANN, Maria Wilhelmina25 May 186926 May 1869Schlarmann, BernardKAISER, WilhelminaEVELT, BernardSchlarmann, Maria Elisabetha---
SCHLARMANN, Theodor03 Jan 184605 Jan 1846Schlarmann, GerhardUSSELMANN, ElisabethHEIDEMANN, TheodorLAMKEN, CatharinaBirth date is best guess; page torn
SCHLARMANN, Theodor Heinrich02 Feb 188203 Feb 1882Schlarmann, Theodor WELLING, MariaHAIDEMANN, Theodor HeinrichWelling, Wilhelmina ---
SCHLARMANN, Theodor Heinrich05 Apr 185606 Apr 1856Schlarmann, Gerhard HeinrichWILKEN, Anna AngelaHEIDEMANN, Theodor HeinrichTIMPE, Maria Elisabeth---
SCHLARMANN, Theodor Wilhelm16 Dec 187716 Dec 1877Schlarmann, Theodor HeinrichWELLING, MariaWILKEN, Herman WilhelmWelling, Catharina born KEMPER---
SCHLARMANN, Wilhelmina Rosalia02 Sep 188704 Sep 1887Schlarmann, Theodor HeinrichWELLING, Theodora MariaSchlarmann, BernardWelling, Wilhelmina born WellingMarried Bernard FICKER 27 Apr 1910; married Herman IMMING 6 May 1950 at St Mary Magdalene in St. Louis, MO; she died 25 Feb 1952
SCHLATTMANN, Maria Gertrud29 Sep 184801 Oct 1848Schlattmann, HeinrichMEIERING, MargarethaKNÜPPMANN (Knueppmann), HermanSHONEFELD, Maria Gertrud---
SCHLAUTMANN, Anna Catharina21 Jul 188921 Jul 1889Schlautmann, Friederich (From Herzebrock, Westfalia)SCHALKAMP, Anna MargaretTHEISSING, BernardSCHEER, Catharina born ALBERTERNSTMarried Bernard FELDMANN 27 Oct 1909
SCHLAUTMANN, Anna Margaretha29 Oct 186330 Oct 1863Schlautmann, Johann GeorgEILERS, Anna ChristinaWALLER, Bernard H.MAIRING, Anna Margaretha---
SCHLAUTMANN, Anna Rosalia19 Nov 190021 Nov 1900Schlautmann, FrederickSCHMITZ, ElisabethKOCH, HermanEISLE, AnnaMarried Oscar H. LIPSMEIER 20 Jul 1921 in Aviston, IL
SCHLAUTMANN, Bernard Heinrich02 May 188402 May 1884Schlautmann, FriederichSCHALLENKAMP, Anna ERNST, BernardHARENBURG, Maria Married Josephina HILMES 16 Nov 1909
SCHLAUTMANN, Bernard Martin22 Nov 187723 Nov 1877Schlautmann, FriederichSCHALKAMP, AnnaKLOCKE, MartinSCHLAUTMANN, Elisabeth born WIETER---
SCHLAUTMANN, Catharina Margaret13 Jun 189214 Jun 1892Schlautmann, Friederich (From Herzebrock, Westfalia)SCHALKAMP, Maria AnnaSTROTJOHANN, HeinrichNORDHAUS, Catharina---
SCHLAUTMANN, Ernest Henry30 Jan 190431 Jan 1904Schlautmann, FrederickSCHMITZ, ElisabethSchlautmann, Ernest HenrySchlautmann, Anna born SCHALLKAMPMarried Marie RAUSCH 12 Oct 1971in Waterford, Michigan
SCHLAUTMANN, Ernst Heinrich26 Jul 187427 Jul 1874Schlautmann, Friederich "Fritz"SCHALLKAMP, AnnaSchlautmann, HeinrichALBERTERNST, Maria Anna born Schallkamp---
SCHLAUTMANN, Francisca21 Feb 189824 Feb 1898Schlautmann, FrederickSCHMITZ, ElizabethSchlautmann, HeinrichSHERMAN, Francisca born SchmitzMarried LeRoy SITTIG 21 Nov 1923 in St. Louis, MO
SCHLAUTMANN, Heinrich Clemens21 Jun 187722 Jun 1877Schlautmann, Ernest HeinrichWIETER, ElisabethaTHEISSING, ClemensMEYER, Adelheid born EWERS---
SCHLAUTMANN, Helena Gertrude03 May 190504 May 1905Schlautmann, FrederickSCHMITZ, ElisabethSHERMAN, WilliamSTROTJOHANN, Helena---
SCHLAUTMANN, Herman11 Feb 187413 Feb 1874Schlautmann, HeinrichWIETER, ElisabethaKOCH, HermanSchlautmann, Margaretha born SCHALLKAMP---
SCHLAUTMANN, Johann Friederich02 Jun 187203 Jun 1872Schlautmann, Ernest HeinrichWIETER, Maria ElisabethSchlautmann, Johann FriederichWieter, Elisabetha born VORNHOLT---
SCHLAUTMANN, Johann Heinrich24 Mar 187626 Mar 1876Schlautmann, HeinrichWIETER, ElisabethaLUEPKE, Johann BernardSCHMITZ, Anna Maria born WEBER---
SCHLAUTMANN, Johann Heinrich (Twin)03 Dec 188604 Dec 1886Schlautmann, FriederichSCHALKAMP, AnnaNETTEMEIER, HeinrichALBERS, Maria Catharina Elisabeth born KRAMER---
SCHLAUTMANN, Johann Joseph18 Nov 188119 Nov 1881Schlautmann, Johann FrederickSCHALLENKAMP, Anna MargarethaRENSCHEN, JosephSchlautmann, Elisabeth---
SCHLAUTMANN, Johann Joseph24 Jan 188125 Jan 1881Schlautmann, HeinrichWIETER, Maria ElisabethSCHMITT, JosephDEISING, Maria Catharina born LACKE---
SCHLAUTMANN, Maria Anna (Twin)03 Dec 188604 Dec 1886Schlautmann, FriederichSCHALKAMP, AnnaERNST, Gerhard AlbertRENSCHEN, Maria Anna born Schalkamp---
SCHLAUTMANN, Maria Catharina10 Jun 187210 Jun 1872Schlautmann, FriederichSCHALLKAMP, AnnaBRÜGGER (Bruegger), TheodorSchallkamp, Maria Catharina born NETEMEIER---
SCHLAUTMANN, Maria Elisabetha19 Nov 189919 Nov 1899Schlautmann, FrederickSCHMITZ, ElisabethSchmitz, FrancisKOCH, Maria born WIETER---
SCHLAUTMANN, Maria Elisabetha05 Sep 187006 Sep 1870Schlautmann, HeinrichWIETER, Maria WilhelminaSchlautmann, Johann FriederichHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Maria born Wieter---
SCHLAUTMANN, Maria Wilhelmina 14 May 187915 May 1879Schlautmann, FriederichSCHALLKAMP, AnnaERNST, Bernard AlbertKLOCKE, Wilhelmina born Schallkamp---
SCHLEPER, Anna Margaret11 Dec 189511 Dec 1895Schleper, ArnoldTOENNIES, Margaret (From St. Louis, MO)HALLERMANN, JosephHallermann, Anna born MEIER---
SCHLEPER, Heinrich Edward08 Sep 189609 Sep 1896Schleper, BernardNIEMANN, Margaret (From Damiansville, IL)Schleper, HeinrichFICKER, Elisabeth born WELLING---
SCHLEPER, Henrietta Margaret19 Jul 190420 Jul 1904Schleper, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HARENBURG, JosephinaLUEKING, Gerhard HeinrichSchleper, Margaret---
SCHLEPER, Johann Heinrich Francis03 Dec 189903 Dec 1899Schleper, HeinrichHARENBURG, JosephinaFICKER, BernardTHIEN, Maria Catharina born STOFF---
SCHLEPER, Maria Eleonora22 Feb 190223 Feb 1902Schleper, Johann Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HARENBURG, JosephinaFICKER, Sr., Johann Ficker, Maria Katharina born LANGEMarried Frederick WEIER 30 May 1923 in Damiansville, IL
SCHLEPER, Wilhelm Anton Bernard02 Sep 189803 Sep 1898Schleper, Heinrich (From St. Louis, MO)HAHRENBURG, JosephinaTHIEN, BernardSchleper, Margaret born FICKER---
SCHLICH, Maria Bernadette22 May 190423 May 1904Schlich, Heinrich (From Okawville, IL)HAGEN, ElisabethHUELSMANN, GeorgHagen, Maria---
SCHLOCKMANN, Herman Johann03 Aug 184816 Aug 1848Schlockmann, HermanHAHR, LouisaHahr, Herman JohannLEONARD, Anna Maria---
SCHLOMANN, Anna Maria16 Jan 186418 Jan 1864Schlomann, Gerhard HeinrichHOLTMANN, Anna M.HOKEN, DieterichHALLERMANN, Anna M.Compare Schlarmann
SCHLUETER, Anna Maria06 Aug 188306 Aug 1883Schlueter, HermanMUELLER, MariaSchlueter, HermanMueller, Anna Maria born PEISTRUP---
SCHLUETER, Herman Julius14 Mar 189715 Mar 1897Schlueter, Herman GustavMUELLER, MariaSchlueter, HermanTIMMERMANN, MariaMarried Hilda JAEGER 19 Jul 1922 in Belleville, IL
SCHMID, Johann Wilhelm29 Jul 186230 Jul 1862Schmid, FranzJUNK, AnnaHENTSCHEL, WilhelmHECHT, Catharina---
SCHMIDT, Anna Augusta Philomena30 Mar 185801 Apr 1858Schmidt, FranzNot Listed, MariaSCHLARMANN, G. HeinrichHARENBURG, Augusta---
SCHMIDT, Carl18 May 185720 May 1857Schmidt, AntonCLECKER, LouisaOTKEN, Gerhard ---Dates could be June 1857. Entries on page before lack dates & this entry is out of sequence.
SCHMIDT, Catharina (Twin)10 Jun 184628 Jun 1846Schmidt, BernardLAMMERS, ElizabethGUITHUES, Christoph HeinrichWILKEN, Catharine---
SCHMIDT, Gerhard Heinrich15 Jul 185918 Jul 1859Schmidt, AntonKLEKER, LouisaLAMPEN, HeinrichGUSTMANN (?), Maria Elisabeth ---
SCHMIDT, Johann Heinrich26 Jun 184628 Jun 1846Schmidt, HeinrichBECKER, Catharina Maria Becker, Johann GerhardSCHLARMANN, Maria Elizabeth---
SCHMIDT, Margaretha (Twin)28 Jun 184628 Jun 1846Schmidt, BernardLAMMERS, ElizabethHONKAMP, Franz JosephNABER, Margaretha---
SCHMIDT, Maria Catharina23 Feb 186425 Feb 1864Schmidt, HeinrichSANDER, MariaTHEISING, FranzDINGWERTH, Anna Catharina---
SCHMIDTS, Johann Heinrich15 Mar 185719 Mar 1857Schmidts, Johann HeinrichWEFUR, Anna MariaHORNBURG, JohannWefur, Elisabeth---
SCHMIT, Conrad13 Apr 186515 Apr 1865Schmit, FranzNot Listed, MariaGEBKE, ConradHÄNSCHEL (Haenschel), Catharina---
SCHMIT, Maria Anna28 Jan 187701 Feb 1877Schmit, ReinardGOCKEL, FranciscaSCHLEPER, WilhelmKNIEPMANN, Maria Anna born HERMELING---
SCHMITT, Elisabeth27 Jan 185302 Apr 1853Schmitt, PeterMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaROHR, JohannRohr, Catharina---
SCHMITT, Maria ---13 Jun 1855Schmitt, FranzFRIEDLAND, Maria Everlae---------
SCHMITT, Maria Carolina03 Jun 185308 Oct 1853Schmitt, FranzFRIEDLAND, Maria EverlaeHONKOMP, AntonKLECKER, Louisa---
SCHMITZ, Agnes CatharinaFeb 187305 Feb 1873Schmitz, JohannGOCKEL, FranciscaRÖBKE (Roebke), Johann HermanTIMMERMANN, Agnes for Catharina KLUTIPage torn at birth date
SCHMITZ, Agnes Elisabeth19 Mar 187720 Mar 1877Schmitz, FranzDECKSTEIN, GertrudWOBBE, BernardTIMMERMANN, Agnes---
SCHMITZ, Anna Gertrud25 Nov 186129 Nov 1861Schmitz, HeinrichWEFER, Anna MariaSCHEIPERS, JohannSCHRAKER, Gertrud---
SCHMITZ, Anna Margaretha13 May 186817 May 1868Schmitz, ReinardGOCKEL, FranziskaKLUTE, CasparKlute, Anna Margaretha born WOLF for Anna Maria Elisabeth TIMPER Compare Kockel
SCHMITZ, Anna Margaretha07 Dec 188008 Dec 1880Schmitz, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaMueller, Johann BernardTHÜNKER (Thuenker), Agnes born PEISTRUP---
SCHMITZ, Anna Maria04 Jul 186913 Jul 1869Schmitz, HeinrichWEBER, Anna MariaRÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), HeinrichWeber, Anna Maria born STROOTMANNBirth date is a guess; page torn.
SCHMITZ, Anna Maria12 Mar 187513 Mar 1875Schmitz, FranzDECKSTEIN, GertrudMENKE, AntonKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Adelheid born DICKMANN---
SCHMITZ, Anna Maria Margaretha11 Aug 188712 Aug 1887Schmitz, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaKNIEPMANN, GerhardRÖPKE (Roepke), Dorthea born Mueller---
SCHMITZ, Anna Wilhelmina25 Apr 188526 Apr 1885Schmitz, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaALBERS, JosephMERSCHER, Wilhelmina born GROTE---
SCHMITZ, Bernard Joseph07 Jul 187209 Jul 1872Schmitz, HeinrichWEFER, MariaWENNEKE, JosephEVELT, Francisca born KAISER---
SCHMITZ, Carl Heinrich13 Jan 187914 Jan 1879Schmitz, Johann HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna MariaMueller, Carl HeinrichSCHLEPER, Margaretha born FICKER---
SCHMITZ, Catharina Gertrud22 Nov 187024 Nov 1870Schmitz, ReinhardGOCKEL, Francisca---FELDMANN, Catharina Gertrud born LEONARD---
SCHMITZ, Francisca23 Oct 186025 Oct 1860Schmitz, FranzFRIEDERANG, MariaSchmitz, HeinrichSCHUSTER, Francisca---
SCHMITZ, Franzisca AugustaMar 186604 Mar 1866Schmitz, ReinardKOCKEL, FranziscaKLUTE, HeinrichKlute, AugustaPage torn at birth date
SCHMITZ, Johann Bernard23 Aug 185924 Aug 1859Schmitz, HeinrichWEFER, MariaBEHNEN, Johann BernardHAGEN, Margaretha---
SCHMITZ, Lucia Margaretha25 Sep 186627 Sep 1866Schmitz, HeinrichWEFER, Anna MariaKOCH, HermanLAMPEN, Lucia Margaretha born WÖSTMANN (Woestmann)---
SCHMITZ, Maria Christina15 Feb 188316 Feb 1883Schmitz, Herman FranzMÜLLER (Mueller), AnnaFRERKER, JohannSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Maria Christina born Mueller---
SCHMITZS, Johann Carl Anton08 Oct 185412 Oct 1854Schmitzs, HeinrichWEVER, Anna MariaHONKOMP, Johann Carl AntonSCHWAKE, Angela---
SCHNEIDER, A. Liemann Nicolaus05 Aug 185318 Aug 1853Schneider, JosephROEHRIG, BarbaraSchneider, NicolausLEHNUDER, Magdalena---
SCHNEIDER, Caspar27 Mar 185206 May 1852Schneider, NicolausKREPS, MagdalenaKreps, CasparPFEIFER, Catharina---
SCHNEIDER, Catharina01 Jan 185106 Jan 1851Schneider, NicolausGREPS, MagdalenaSchneider, JosephGreps, Catharina---
SCHNEIDER, Elisabeth Francisca04 Apr 189005 Apr 1890Schneider, Alonzo (From Carlyle, IL)BONNER, Friderica (From St. Libory, IL)MICHELS, ArnoldBonner, Elisabeth---
SCHNEIDER, Georg01 Mar 185411 Jun 1854Schneider, NicolausKREPS, MagdalenaSchneider, GeorgSchneider, Barbara---
SCHNEIDER, Johann Gerhard Nicolaus01 May 184603 May 1846Schneider, GerhardWESSEL, Anna MariaFRERKER, NicolausPELSLING, Anna Maria Rosa---
SCHNEIDER, Matthew Peter24 Sep 185718 Oct 1857Schneider, JosephRÖHRIG (Roehrig), BarbaraRoehrig, MatthewPFISTERER, Catharina---
SCHNEIDER, Philipp24 May 185502 Jun 1855Schneider, JosephREHRIG, BarbaraRehrig, PhilippZINK, Maria Anna---
SCHNEIDERS, Maria Gertrud17 Feb 185018 Feb 1850Schneiders, Johann GerhardWESSEL, Anna MariaFADMANN, GerhardSCHONEFELD, Gertrud---
SCHNELL, Joseph06 Jul 185310 Jul 1853Schnell, NicolausMÜLLER (Mueller), CatharinaBASTEN, JosephBasten, Anna Maria---
SCHNIEDER, Johann Bernard15 Jun 186417 Jun 1864Schnieder, GustavLATTANN, EmiliaBÜHNE (Buehne), BernardSCHAUFENSDICK, Friederick---
SCHNIEDERS, Maria Anna09 Jul 185209 Jul 1852Schnieders, GerhardWESSEL, Anna MariaGRAWE, ChristophSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria---
SCHNIER, Maria Elisabeth---12 Jun 1853Schnier, Bernard HeinrichEICKHOFF, C. ElisabethDUST, GerhardDust, Anna Maria---
SCHNIERS, Anna Francisca Alfreda15 Dec 190117 Dec 1901Schniers, BernardLAMMERS, TheresiaTHEISSING, FrancisSchniers, Anna---
SCHNIERS, Catharina Veronica29 Oct 190430 Oct 1904Schniers, BernardLAMMERS, TheresiaSCHLUETER, HermanSchniers, Catharina---
SCHNIERS, Franz26 Jun 188228 Jun 1882Schniers, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaSCHLAUTMANN, HeinrichRENSING, Christina---
SCHNIERS, Gerhard Theodor16 Jul 185017 Jul 1850Schniers, Bernard HeinrichEICKHOFF, ElisabethSCHLAMANN, Gerhard TheodorALBERS, Anna Maria---
SCHNIERS, Heinrich Franz Bernard25 Dec 187326 Dec 1873Schniers, Herman HOLTMANN, AnnaHÖRCHLER (Hoerchler), HeinrichHUNDMANN, Catharina born HEMANN---
SCHNIERS, Henry William Aloysius04 Jul 190205 Jul 1902Schniers, HeinrichFRERKER, ElisabethSchniers, HeinrichWIEGERS, Christina Married Catharine WEHLAGE 25 Sep 1928 in Breese, IL
SCHNIERS, Herman Bernard07 Aug 187008 Aug 1870Schniers, Herman BernardHOLTMANN, AnnaKRÜP (Kruep), BernardHÖRSCHLER (Hoerschler), Theresia born LÜBBERS (Luebbers)---
SCHNIERS, Herman Bernard08 Sep 184110 Sep 1841Schniers, BernardJANNING, Anna Maria G.NORDHAUS, Herman BernardWOBBE, Margaretha---
SCHNIERS, Herman Heinrich Bernard30 Aug 186831 Aug 1868Schniers, Herman BernardHOLTMANN, Anna AngelaSchniers, Bernard HeinrichKRÜP (Kruep), Maria Theresia born KOCK---
SCHNIERS, Herman Heinrich Joseph05 Jan 190005 Jan 1900Schniers, BernardLAMMERS, TheresiaSchniers, HeinrichKOCH, Anna---
SCHNIERS, Johann Heinrich Edward 28 Apr 190029 Apr 1900Schniers, HermanFRERKER, ElisabethFrerker, Johann HeinrichSCHOENDIENST, Maria born HOLTMANN---
SCHNIERS, John Herman13 Aug 190514 Aug 1905Schniers, HermanFRERKER, ElisabethFrerker, HermanSchniers, CatharinaMarried Christine WEHLAGE 27 Nov 1929 in Breese, IL
SCHNIERS, Lambert21 Oct 187522 Oct 1875Schniers, Herman HOLTMANN, Anna Maria HUNDMANN, LambertWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock)---
SCHNIERS, Maria Anna30 Oct 184301 Nov 1843Schniers, B. H.JANNING, Anna M.MAUEN, Johann B.ALERS, Maria Adelheid---
SCHNIERS, Maria Anna Veronica01 Jan 189702 Jan 1897Schniers, HermanFRERKER, ElisabethSCHOENDIENST, GeorgFrerker, Maria Anna---
SCHNITZ, Maria---07 Mar 1869------------Mentions emigrations from Missouri and Cairo, IL together with Franz Honkomp
SCHOENDIENST, Anna Maria22 Apr 186723 Apr 1867Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaSCHNIERS, Herman BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria born Schniers---
SCHOENDIENST, Friederich Joseph21 Mar 188922 Mar 1889Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaSchoendienst, FrancisWIEGERS, Christina born KALLMarriage with Elis Lindenbusch 20 Oct 1909 crossed out.
SCHOENDIENST, Gerhard12 Jun 187513 Jun 1875Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaGESENHUES, GerhardHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
SCHOENDIENST, Heinrich August (Twin)27 Mar 187128 Mar 1871Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichHUNDMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born HEMANN---
SCHOENDIENST, Heinrich Edward19 Mar 187319 Mar 1873Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaWOESTMANN, HeinrichWoestmann, Maria born ROTHLOEBBERS---
SCHOENDIENST, Herman Heinrich (Twin)27 Mar 187128 Mar 1871Schoendienst, JohannHOLTMANN, MariaHoltmann, Herman HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
SCHOENDIENST, Herman Louis30 Jan 189501 Feb 1895Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaSchoendienst, HermanFrerker, MariaMarried Maria ROBBEN 10 Nov 1915
SCHOENDIENST, Johann Heinrich08 Sep 188711 Sep 1887Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaFrerker, Johann HeinrichSCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth born HOLTMANN---
SCHOENDIENST, Johann Herman17 Mar 189319 Mar 1893Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaFrerker, HermanHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIERMarried Elisabeth Christina ROBBEN 29 Sep 1920
SCHOENDIENST, Johann Wilhelm21 Mar 188622 Mar 1886Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaSchoendienst, JohannFrerker, Elisabetha born HALLERMANNMarried Francisca L. ZAHN 19 May 1926
SCHOENDIENST, John16 Feb 190417 Feb 1904Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaSchoendienst, TheodorSCHLARMANN, Clara born RICHARZ---
SCHOENDIENST, Maria Amilia Elizabeth29 Aug 189929 Aug 1899Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaSCHNIERS, HermanSchniers, Elizabeth born Frerker---
SCHOENDIENST, Maria Anna Cecelia17 Feb 189719 Feb 1897Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaSCHNIERS, BernardFrerker, Anna---
SCHOENDIENST, Maria Francisca23 Jul 189124 Jul 1891Schoendienst, JohannFRERKER, AnnaWIEGERS, FrancisSchoendienst, Maria born HOLTMANNMarried Frederick Johann LAGER 21 Oct 1915 in Aviston, IL (he died 2 May 1926); married Frank KORTE 25 Jul 1935 in Marydale, IL
SCHOENEFELD, Maria Anna05 Feb 185311 Feb 1853Schoenefeld, BernardRENEKE, Anna D. MariaVOSS, Johann BernardRICHTERS, Maria Anna---
SCHOGRAVE, Elisabeth---30 Mar 1856Schograve, NicolausGREISER, MariaGROSE, JosephGrose, Elisabeth---
SCHOLL, Ignatius Joseph (Twin)19 May 186720 May 1867Scholl, JosephKUHLMANN, Maria ElisabethLAGER, Bernard JosephSCHMITZ, Margaretha Elisabeth born Grote---
SCHOLL, Joseph Peter (Twin)19 May 186720 May 1867Scholl, JosephKUHLMANN, Maria ElisabethGROTE, Johann JosephGrote, Anna Helena born UNKRAUT---
SCHOMAKER, Anna Elisabeth18 May 189521 May 1895Schomaker, Johann Heinrich (From Geeste, Amt Meppen, Hanover)ENGELER, Maria (From Dohren, Amt Haselünne, Hanover)MICHELS, Arnold for Wilhelm PINGSTERHAUSBUDDE, Maria Elisabeth born WEIER---
SCHOMAKER, Caroline Veronica09 Oct 190210 Oct 1902Schomaker, Bernard (From Damiansville, IL)BECKMANN, MariaSchomaker, Johann HeinrichBeckmann, Caroline---
SCHOMAKER, Gerhard Heinrich26 Sep 188327 Sep 1883Schomaker, Johann HeinrichHILLING, MariaSCHROER, Gerhard HeinrichTHEISSING, Maria AngelaMarried Francisca HAUKAP 29 Jan 1913
SCHOMAKER, Ida Elisabetha04 Nov 188406 Nov 1884Schomaker, Johann BOLCK, Henrietta CorneliaKÖNNEKE (Koenneke), WilhelmBolck, Ida Elisabeth born WELLINGMarried Johann Heinrich WALLER 21 Oct 1908
SCHONEFELD, Anna Maria Gertrud10 Sep 185015 Sep 1850Schonefeld, BernardRENECKEE, Anna MariaHEIDEMANN, TheodorHeidemann, Elisabeth (Mrs. Theodor)---
SCHONEFELD, Georg01 Sep 185107 Sep 1851Schonefeld, BernardRENEKE, Anna AngelaSchonefeld, GeorgHOLTGRAWE, Elisabeth---
SCHONEFELD, Joseph10 Oct 185718 Oct 1857Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEYER, M. CatharinaPetermeyer, Joseph------
SCHONEFELD, Maria Elisabeth19 Aug 185520 Aug 1855Schonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, CatharinaKNUVER, BernardSTEINKER, Maria Elisabeth---
SCHOPHRA, Laurent Nicolaus19 May 185721 Jun 1857Schophra, NicolausKEISER, Maria AnnaHUBERT, LaurentSTEPHAN, Theresia---
SCHOULDE, Peter Theodor26 Apr 184703 Jul 1847Schoulde, Johann BernardBOKART, Catharina MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Johann TheodorSCHNIER, Catharina ElisabethCompare Schulte
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Anna Maria08 Jan 184511 Jan 1845Schroeder, FranzBECKMANN, Maria AngelaHAUKAP, FranzMENKE, Anna MariaChild died
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Catharina Engel07 May 1813---BECKMANN, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface 15 Aug 1836 with husband Franz Heinrich Schroeder. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Catharina Eugenia15 Jun 188415 Jun 1884Schroeder, JosephBECKER, Margaretha HEMANN, Sr., HermanBecker, Catharina born THEKE---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Conrad27 Jul 1839---Schroeder, Franz HeinrichBECKMANN, Catharina Engel------Parents came to St. Boniface 15 Aug 1836. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Eleonore Elisabeth12 Nov 190314 Nov 1903Schroeder, JosephBECKER, Margaret (From Bartelso, IL)RIBBING, EverhardKLEINEKORTE, ElisabethMarried Henry ALBERS 22 May 1946 in St. Louis, MO
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Elisabeth15 Feb 184319 Feb 1843Schroeder, Franz BECKMANN, Maria AngelaWIEGERS, F.HEEMANN, Elisabeth---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Ferdinand Heinrich31 Aug 188131 Aug 1881Schroeder, JosephBECKER, MariaSchroeder, Franz HeinrichBecker, Catharina born KREKEMarried Francisca NIEHOFF 24 Jun 1908 in Carlyle, IL
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Franz Heinrich14 Oct 1817---------------Came to St. Boniface 15 Aug 1836 with wife Catharina born Beckmann. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Heinrich Edward19 Jun 189520 Jun 1895Schroeder, JosephBECKER, MargaretBecker, HeinrichHEMANN, Elisabeth born STUCKENKEMPER---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Herman Heinrich25 Oct 185626 Oct 1856Schroeder, Franz BECKMANN, Maria AngelaHEEMANN, HermanSTUNKER, MariaDates of entry are reversed
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Herman Joseph19 May 187906 May 1881Schroeder, Johann TheodorSIEBE, Margaretha Rebekka (Non-Catholic)---GEBKE, Maria---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Johann Edward28 Jun 188128 Jun 1881Schroeder, FranzDIERKES, ElisabethaDierkes, HermanKLEINEKORTE, Catharina born Schroeder---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Johann Franz28 May 187606 May 1881Schroeder, Johann TheodorSIEBE, Margaretha Rebekka (Non-Catholic)---GEBKE, Maria---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Johann Heinrich08 Mar 184113 Mar 1841Schroeder, Franz HeinrichBECKMANN, Maria AgnesHEMANN, J. HeinrichMEIER, Maria Agnes---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Joseph Franz18 Dec 185318 Dec 1853Schroeder, Franz HeinrichBECKMANN, A. AngelaBeckmann, Joseph FranzBeckmann, Maria Angela (Mrs. Joseph Franz)---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria 05 Sep 1836---Schroeder, Franz HeinrichBECKMANN, Catharina Engel------Parents came to St. Boniface 15 Aug 1836. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Maria Wilhelmina21 Apr 187206 May 1881Schroeder, Johann TheodorSIEBE, Margaretha Rebekka (Non-Catholic)---WOLKING, Wilhelmina born INGENDAA---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Theodor Aloysius23 Mar 187406 May 1881Schroeder, Johann TheodorSIEBE, Margaretha Rebekka (Non-Catholic)---WOLKING, Wilhelmina born INGENDAA---
SCHROEDER, Anna Agnes22 Sep 187323 Sep 1873Schroeder, Franz DIERKES, ElisabethaKLEINKORTE, PhilippDierkes, Agnes born DICKMANN---
SCHROEDER, Anna Theresia25 Aug 185825 Aug 1858Schroeder, BernardMEYER, TheresiaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorKRÜB (Krueb), Anna MariaCompare Kruep
SCHROEDER, Catharina Maria27 Mar 188627 Mar 1886Schroeder, JosephBECKER, Margaretha RUMP, WilhelmSCHROEDER, Catharina Maria born BECKMANNMarried Johann THEISMANN 22 Oct 1913
SCHROEDER, Catharina Thimothea24 Dec 184826 Dec 1848Schroeder, Franz HeinrichENGL, MariaHEMANN, HermanBECKMANN, Thimothea---
SCHROEDER, Franz Joseph27 Mar 187827 Mar 1878Schroeder, Franz JosephBECKER, Margaretha Schroeder, Franz HeinrichGRAVE, Anna Elisabeth born TEEKE---
SCHROEDER, Franz Joseph03 Jan 187604 Jan 1876Schroeder, Franz HeinrichDIERKES, Maria ElisabethaSchroeder, Sr., Franz HeinrichDierkes, Catharina---
SCHROEDER, Johann Friederich22 Sep 187923 Sep 1879Schroeder, JosephBECKER, Margaretha Becker, Johann FriederichHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
SCHROEDER, Maria Agnes15 Jan 185116 Jan 1851Schroeder, Franz HeinrichBECKMAN, Maria AngelaKLUMPE, Gerhard Heinrich MAIER, Maria Agnes---
SCHROEDER, Maria Catharina06 May 187907 May 1879Schroeder, Franz HeinrichDIERKES, ElisabethaDierkes, GerhardSchroeder, Catharina born BECKMANN---
SCHROEDER, Regina Elisabeth08 Apr 188809 Apr 1888Schroeder, JosephBECKER, Margaretha BECKMANN, JosephRUMP, Elisabeth born Becker---
SCHROEDER, Sophia Regina02 Oct 188302 Oct 1883Schroeder, FranzDIERKES, ElisabethaMOLITOR, FranzDierkes, Sophia---
SCHROETER, Franz Heinrich---25 Oct 1846Schroeter, Franz HeinrichBECKMANN, Maria AngelaALBERS, HeinrichBeckmann, Elisabeth---
SCHUERMANN, Henry Leon Maurice15 Aug 190404 Sep 1904Schuermann, HeinrichALBERS, MargaretSchuermann, HeinrichAlbers, Elisabeth born KRAMERBaptized at birth due to medical emergency
SCHUERMANN, John07 Aug 190507 Aug 1905Schuermann, Edward (From Carlyle, IL)ROLFES, Anna------Child Baptized by doctor at birth due to medical emergency.
SCHUHMACHER, Johann Bernard15 Sep 188116 Sep 1881Schuhmacher, Johann HeinrichUnknown, MariaHAIMANN, Johann BernardWobbe, Anna born OLLIGES---
SCHULTE, Anna Catharina11 Jul 185815 Jul 1858Schulte, Johann GerhardTHEVES, MariaTheves, ChristianSCHULTE, Catharina Maria---
SCHULTE, Anna Catharina18 Feb 189120 Feb 1891Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Maria Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Korte, Gerhard HermanSchulte, Anna Margaret born LINNEMANNMarried William JOHNSON 22 Oct 1913 in Albers, IL
SCHULTE, Anna Maria14 Oct 184315 Oct 1843Schulte, Johann BernardCORMANN, Anna MariaJANSEN, JohannMAUE, Anna ChristinaChild died
SCHULTE, Anna Wilhelmina11 Sep 187312 Sep 1873Schulte, TheodorWELAGE, Anna TheresiaJUNKER, HeinrichMERSCHER, Anna Wilhelmina born GROTE---
SCHULTE, Bernard08 Jan 187610 Jan 1876Schulte, TheodorWELAGE, Anna TheresiaWelage, BernardJUNKER, Elisabeth born ROTENBURGEMarried Maria Adelheid KOHN 10 May 1911 in Breese, IL
SCHULTE, Bernard Herman06 Apr 188507 Apr 1885Schulte, GerhardKORTE, AnnaSCHAPER, HermanHINKAMP, Maria born Schulte---
SCHULTE, Dina---17 Jan 1845------------Spouse of Wiberg (?); 19 years old
SCHULTE, Elisabeth (Twin)02 Feb 185203 Feb 1852Schulte, BernardBOCKHOST, Maria CatharinaJANSEN, JohannFICKER, Margaretha ---
SCHULTE, Elisabeth Catharina27 Aug 189527 Aug 1895Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)HINKAMP, HermanKorte, ElisabethMarried Michael BUSS from Lively Grove, IL 26 Oct 1921
SCHULTE, Francis Joseph04 Jun 189505 Jun 1895Schulte, FrancisLINNEMANN, AnnaLinnemann, Herman B.HINKAMP, Maria---
SCHULTE, Franz Heinrich23 Sep 188624 Sep 1886Schulte, GerhardKORTE, AnnaSchulte, FranzSCHAPER, Maria Gesina born LÜBE (Luebe)---
SCHULTE, Franz Joseph (Twin)02 Feb 185203 Feb 1852Schulte, BernardBOCKHOST, Maria CatharinaHONCOMP, FranzMEIER, Maria A.---
SCHULTE, Helena Elisabeth18 Oct 190019 Oct 1900Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)RENSING, AugustKorte, Elisabeth born HAVERMANNThe father is listed as Korte in error in this entry.
SCHULTE, Herman Heinrich06 Feb 188709 Feb 1887Schulte, FranzLINNEMANN, AnnaLinnemann, Herman HeinrichHINKAMP, Maria Gertrud born Schulte---
SCHULTE, Johann Albert18 Feb 188121 Feb 1881Schulte, Johann TheodorWELAGE, Anna RIPPERDAA, AlbertMERSCHER, Anna Maria ---
SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard25 Aug 189325 Aug 1893Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Maria Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Korte, JohannFELDMANN, Carolina born BUSSMarried Christina E. BECKMANN 1 Sep 1920
SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard03 Oct 188305 Oct 1883Schulte, TheodorWELAGE, Anna TheresiaKRUSE, Herman BernardWIEST, Roda born STEPHAN---
SCHULTE, Johann Gerhard28 May 185303 Jun 1853Schulte, BernardBOCKHOSS, Maria AnnaGEHRS, Johann GerhardMEIER, Anna---
SCHULTE, Johann Theodor15 Nov 187818 Nov 1878Schulte, TheodorWEHLAGE, Anna TheresiaMIDDENDORF, BernardWILKEN, Bernardina born MÜNTZEBROCK (Muentzebrock)---
SCHULTE, Johann Wilhelm15 Oct 187116 Oct 1871Schulte, TheodorWEHLAGE, TheresiaMERSCHER, Johann WilhelmKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria born SCHNIERS---
SCHULTE, Maria Christina25 Mar 188525 Mar 1885Schulte, FranzLINNEMANN, AnnaDULLE, GerhardLinnemann, Anna Christina born WOBBE---
SCHULTE, Maria Elisabeth11 Jan 188912 Jan 1889Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Anna ElisabethKorte, HermanSCHAPER, Maria Gesina born LÜBE (Luebe)Married Herman Heinrich LANGENHORST 2 Jun 1908
SCHULTE, Maria Gertrud15 Feb 184917 Feb 1849Schulte, BernardBOCKOST, Maria CatharinaSCHNIERS, Bernard HeinrichHINCAMP, Maria Gertrud---
SCHULTE, Maria Sophia09 Mar 190311 Mar 1903Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)HINKAMP, BernardKorte, MariaMarried Aloysius DEIMEKE 28 Aug 1929 in Albers, IL
SCHULTE, Theodor Joseph14 Nov 189714 Nov 1897Schulte, GerhardKORTE, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Korte, TheodorKorte, Margaret ---
SCHWACKE, Bernard22 Feb 185222 Feb 1852Schwacke, ChristophBELLMAN, AngelaSTEILING, HeinrichSCHLARMAN, Elisabeth---
SCHWACKE, Herman Bernard (Twin)16 Aug 185017 Aug 1850Schwacke, Christoph [Deceased]SCHUERMANN, Angela (Widowed)COEBBE, Herman BernardGUTHAUS, Maria CatharinaCompare Koebbe.
SCHWACKE, Maria Elisabeth (Twin)16 Aug 185017 Aug 1850Schwacke, Christoph [Deceased]SCHUERMANN, Angela (Widowed)STEILIG, Johann HeinrichCOEBBE, Maria ElisabethCompare Koebbe.
SCHWAKE, Anna Christina18 Feb 186926 Dec 1869Schwake, HeinrichROHR, MariaSchwake, BernardRohr, Maria born BROOKMANN---
SCHWAKE, August18 Nov 185321 Nov 1853Schwake, ChristophBEHLMANN, AngelaWESTERFELDHAUS, Heinrich AugustTIMPER, Maria Anna---
SCHWAKE, Catharina12 Jan 1905---Schwake, ChristophHANEBRINK, Maria Anna------Parents came to St. Boniface in 1835. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
SCHWAKE, Christoph25 Jul 1804---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1835 with wife Maria Anna born Hanebrink. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
SCHWAKE, Elisabeth11 Aug 187127 Aug 1871Schwake, HeinrichROHR, MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AntonHuelsmann, Elisabetha born BECKER---
SCHWAKE, Johann HeinrichMay 184112 Jun 1841Schwake, ChristophHANERBRINK, Maria AngelaFORTMANN, Johann H. [Pastor]FICKER, Margaretha ---
SCHWAKE, Maria11 Jan 1905---Schwake, ChristophHANEBRINK, Maria Anna------Parents came to St. Boniface in 1835. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
SCHWAKE, Maria Anna------HANEBRINK, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1835 with husband Christoph Schwake. Recorded on third page of 1847 record book.
SCHWAKE, Maria Elisabeth22 Jan 184427 Jan 1844Schwake, ChristophHANEBRINK, AngelaWEVERS, BernardSCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
SCHWAKE, Maria Regina26 Mar 187429 Mar 1874Schwake, HeinrichROHR, MariaBECKER, HeinrichBecker, Maria Elisabeth born HÜNE (Huene)---
SCHWARZ, Clemens Heinrich31 Oct 185602 Nov 1856Schwarz, JosephSTRÖKER (Stroeker), CatharinaTEISING, ClemensTIMME, Anna Maria---
SCHWARZ, Heinrich27 Jun 184323 Jul 1843Schwarz, Johann GerhardLENHART, FranciscaBENDER, WendelinBender, Maria Josephina---
SCHWARZ, Josephina05 Sep 185207 Sep 1852Schwarz, JosephKRÖGER (Kroeger), CatharinaVOGELSANG, JosephTEISING, Anna---
SCHWARZ, Maria Catharina22 Dec 185426 Dec 1854Schwarz, JosephSTRÖKER (Stroeker), CatharinaMARIENS, StephanSCHALKAMP, Maria Catharina---
SCHWARZE, Helena Maria08 Apr 186009 Apr 1860Schwarze, JosephSTRÜCKE (Struecke), Maria CatharinaEPES, Bernard AlbertWEMPE, Helena Maria---
SCHWER, Johann Herman07 Aug 188709 Aug 1887Schwer, JohannBOHLMANN, Anna MariaHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Johann HermanDEMKER, Maria born BECKMANN---
SCULLY, Margaretha01 May 185313 May 1853Scully, DennisSULLEVEN, CatharinaLAMPE, TheodorRUMP, Anna---
SHEAHAN, Bernard Heinrich15 Sep 185916 Sep 1859Sheahan, PatrickRIPPERDA, Maria AnnaRipperda, Bernard HeinrichWILDHABER, Anna Maria---
SHERMAN, Cecelia Elisabeth13 Apr 190614 Apr 1906Sherman, William (From Vincennes, IN)SCHMITZ, Frances (From Damiansville, IL)SCHLAUTMANN, FrederickSchlautmann, Elisabeth born Schmitz---
SICKA, Heinrich Dennis28 Jan 187631 Jan 1876Sicka, WenzeslausFEHRMANN, Maria ElisabethGOEHRS, DennisNORDMANN, Anna Gesina born KORTE---
SICKA, Johann Herman27 Jun 187427 Jun 1874Sicka, WenzelTEHRMANN, Maria ElisabethTehrmann, Johann HermanBECKER, Katharina born KEKE---
SICKA, Margaretha Elisabeth06 Jan 187807 Jan 1878Sicka, WenzeslausFAEHRMANN, ElisabethaKORTE, HermanKorte, Maria Adelheid born Faehrmann---
SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), Anna Antonia06 May 188508 May 1885Siebenbuerger, HeinrichWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Maria TheresiaKOHRMANN, JosephMERSCHER, Antonia born THORBECKMarried Cornelius JACOBS 26 Jun 1920
SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), Heinrich Joseph09 Jan 188710 Jan 1887Siebenbuerger, HeinrichWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), TheresiaDETERMANN, JosephWELAGE, Theresia born MÖLLER (Moeller)---
SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), Johann Benedict13 Jan 188914 Jan 1889Siebenbuerger, HeinrichWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), TheresiaWuebbels, HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Theresia born EVERSGERD---
SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), Mechtilda Christina17 Nov 189018 Nov 1890Siebenbuerger, Heinrich (From Wettrup, Hanover)WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), TheresiaMERCHER, AntonKOHRMANN, Mathilda born DETERMANN---
SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), Philomena Carolina25 Apr 189426 Apr 1894Siebenbuerger, Heinrich WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), TheresiaHEYER, EdmundHEIER, Carolina ---
SIEFKER, Anna Maria14 May 184302 Jul 1843Siefker, GeorgGRÖNE (Groene), Anna MariaBecker, FerdinandGroene, Anna Maria---
SIEVERS, Anna Christina (Deceased)08 Jan 186510 Jan 1865Sievers, BernardKLOSTERMAN, SophiaHEMMELGARN, Johann HeinrichHemmelgarn, Anna ChristinaChild died 30 Jan 1865
SIKA, Bernard Joseph04 Feb 188005 Feb 1880Sika, WenzeslausFEHRMANN, Maria ElisabethFehrmann, Bernard JosephKRUSE, Anna Helena born MERSCHER---
SINGLER, Francisca02 Jan 185905 Jun 1859Singler, MathiasOCHSNER, FranciscaVOLMER, J. BaptistBILLHARTZ, Francisca---
SNIERS, Maria Anna01 Mar 187203 Mar 1872Sniers, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaHoltmann, HermanKRUEP, Anna Maria born SniersMarried Jan 1910 at St. Libory in St. Louis, MO
SOMMER, Anna Maria Carolina10 May 187710 May 1877Sommer, JosephDUMBECK, Anna PhilippinaHERZOG, Georg Dumbeck, Anna Maria born MERSCHER---
SOMMER, Anna Wilhelmina15 Aug 188416 Aug 1884Sommer, JosephDUMBECK, Anna SIEBENBÜRGEN (Siebenbuergen), HeinrichHOFF, Anna born KALLAGE---
SOMMER, Anton Joseph28 Aug 189229 Aug 1892Sommer, Joseph (From Telgte, Westfalen)DUMBECK, Anna MERSCHER, AntonBÖVING (Boeving), Catharina born MEIERRATHKENMarried Rosa Anna MOSS 10 Oct 1917 in Breese, IL
SOMMER, Carl Joseph Gerhard19 May 188021 May 1880Sommer, JosephDUMBECK, Anna Dumbeck, Carl JosephHERZOG, Francisca born FOERSTER---
SOMMER, Carl Theodor02 Oct 188805 Oct 1888Sommer, Gerhard JosephDUMBECK, Anna PhilippinaDumbeck, Carl TheodorMERSCHER, Antonia born TORBECK---
SOMMER, Elisabeth Emma12 Sep 187812 Sep 1878Sommer, Gerhard JosephDUMBECK, Anna PhilippinaKÖLSCH (Koelsch), HeinrichKoelsch, Emma born Dumbeck---
SOMMER, Heinrich Joseph01 Dec 189003 Dec 1890Sommer, Joseph (From Telgte, Westfalen)DUMBECK, AnnaKÖLSCH (Koelsch), HeinrichDumbeck, Josephina born KOCH---
SOMMER, Josephina Wilhelmina23 Feb 188224 Feb 1882Sommer, JosephDUMBECK, Anna Dumbeck, TheodorDumbeck, Josephina born KOCH---
SOMMER, Maria Antonia01 Mar 189502 Mar 1895Sommer, Joseph (From Telgte, Westfalia, Germany)DUMBECK, AnnaDumbeck, TheodorMERSCHER, Antonia born TORBECK---
SOMMER, Maria Elisabeth Gertrud09 Jul 1819---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1835. Recorded on second page of 1847 record book.
SPAETH, Johann Bernard17 May 188218 May 1882Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, Anna MariaHEGGER, Johann BernardWELLING, Catharina---
SPAETH, Maria Catharina22 Jun 188424 Jun 1884Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, MariaWELLING, Jr., TheodorHEGER, Maria born AHLERS---
SPAHNLE, Louisa21 Mar 185824 Apr 1859Spahnle, SebastianHOLCKER, Maria Anna---EBLE, Louisa---
SPECHT, Carolina08 Nov 185318 Jun 1854Specht, JosephBIEHL, ElisabethGRABMEIER, MichaelSpecht, Catharina---
SPECKMANN, Heinrich17 Jun 184317 Jun 1843Speckmann, F.HAR, MariaSpeckmann, HeinrichALBERS, Maria ElisabethThis entry appears with the Baptism of her child in Nov 1843
SPECKMANN, Maria Elisabeth04 Nov 184305 Nov 1843Speckmann, F.HAR, MariaSpeckmann, HeinrichALBERS, Maria Elisabeth---
SPEISER, Anna Maria05 Sep 185626 Oct 1856Speiser, JosephREIHL, ElisabethRICHART, JacobSpeiser, VictoriaSee Baptism of Georg Richart
SPEISER, August28 Dec 185212 Jun 1853Speiser, AugustSPRING, CatharinaSpeiser, LaurentSpeiser, Louise---
SPEISER, Barbara05 Feb 185417 Apr 1854Speiser, FranzSTADLER, CatharinaSpeiser, JosephHEINSMANN, Barbara---
SPEISER, Catharina28 Sep 185019 Mar 1851Speiser, LaurentEMMERS, AliceHATT, MartinKRIEGER, Maria Anna---
SPEISER, Joseph13 Mar 185127 Mar 1853Speiser, LaurentEMMES, LouisaSpeiser, JosephHEINSMANN, Barbara---
SPEISER, Michael20 Sep 185831 Oct 1858Speiser, MichaelSTADLER, CatharinaFÖLLER (Foeller), JohannFoeller, Maria Anna---
SPEISER, Michael Anton26 Feb 185418 May 1856Speiser, LaurentEMMES, LouisaWINGEDER, JohannSEGELER, Anna Maria---
SPEISER, Wilhelm03 Mar 185513 May 1855Speiser, FranzSTADLER, CatharinaSpeiser, AugustSpeiser, Catharina (Mrs. August)---
SPENGLER, Anna Catharina24 Jan 189526 Jan 1895Spengler, Adam WINTER, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)LEONARD, FerdinandHOLTKAMP, Anna---
SPENGLER, Anton Bernard30 Dec 190430 Dec 1904Spengler, Adam (From Millstadt, IL)SIKA, Maria (From Bohemia)STOCKMANN, AntonRIPPERDA, Barbara There is a note by the mother's name that says "wrong"
SPENGLER, Cecelia Margaret06 Sep 190206 Sep 1902Spengler, Adam (From Millstadt, IL)STOCKMANN, ElisabethKREKE, HeinrichSTOCKMANN, Margaret born Eversgerd---
SPENGLER, Dennis Edward09 Sep 190010 Sep 1900Spengler, Adam (From O'Fallon, IL)STOCKMANN, ElisabethGEERS, DennisStockmann, Margaret born EVERSGERDMarried Maria A. AHLES 2 Jun 1931 in Omaha, Nebraska
SPENGLER, Maria Anna31 Dec 189202 Jan 1893Spengler, Adam (From Millstadt, IL)WINTER, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)RIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichBERNSEN, Maria born Winter---
SPETH, Maria Catharina21 Apr 187422 Apr 1874Speth, DanielLAQUEIT, MariaHEMPEN, HeinrichHempen, Catharina born HERRMANN---
SPIELMANN, Johann Wilhelm14 May 189314 May 1893Spielmann, Johann (From Lengerich, Hanover)STORM, Maria Helena (From Lingen, Hanover)TIMMERMANN, WilhelmKRÜP (Kruep), Anna Maria born SCHNIERS---
SPIELMANN, Maria Anna16 Feb 189516 Feb 1895Spielmann, Johann (From Lingen, Hanover, Germany)STORM, Maria (From Lingen, Hanover)NORDMANN, JohannNordmann, Maria Anna born StormMarried Bernard BRUEGGEMANN 19 Feb 1930 in St Anthony in St Louis, MO
SPREE, Franz Heinrich19 Jul 186820 Jul 1868Spree, FranzVORNHOLT, SophiaLAMPEN, HeinrichHAGEN, Carolina born Vornholt---
SPREE, Marc Aloysius Theodor20 Jun 186222 Jun 1862Spree, FranzVORNHOLT, SophiaWACHTEL, MarcSOMMER, Maria---
SPREER, Margaretha (Twin)11 Feb 185011 Feb 1850Spreer, Gerhard HeinrichMATTEM, Agnes---LAMPE, Margaretha---
SPREER, Maria (Twin)11 Feb 185011 Feb 1850Spreer, Gerhard HeinrichMATTEM, Agnes---VORNHOLD, Maria Elisabeth---
SPREHE, Agnes Sophia17 Dec 187119 Dec 1871Sprehe, FranzVORNHOLT, SophiaHAGEN, JohannSTEILING, Agnes born MARTEN---
SPREHE, Heinrich Augustin09 Feb 188110 Feb 1881Sprehe, Franz VORNHOLT, SophiaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HeinrichHARENBURG, Catharina born LANGE---
SPREHE, Johann Georg10 Sep 187610 Sep 1876Sprehe, Franz HeinrichVORNHOLT, SophiaHANENBURG, Johann HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria Louisa born MEYER---
SPREHE, Johann Heinrich07 Feb 187409 Feb 1874Sprehe, FranzVORNHOLT, SophiaSTEILING, Johann HeinrichLAMPEN, Maria born Vornholt---
SPRENGEL, Philipp14 Oct 184216 Oct 1842Sprengel, GeorgHORNHUT, FranciscaHIRNHUT, PhilippHIRSCH, Magdalena---
SRIBELHORN, Caspar Bernard Gustav19 May 187121 May 1871Sribelhorn, MD, Johann Georg BernardTECKLENBORG, Anna ChristinaSTUKENKEMPER, CasparMOLITOR, Gertrud born RÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus)---
STÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Heinrich30 Sep 185501 Oct 1855Stoeckmann, Herman HeinrichTÖNNIES (Toennies), FredericaBAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), FriederichHAAR, Elisabeth---
STÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Maria Carolina21 Nov 185323 Nov 1853STOECKMANN, HermanHAAR, LouisaLEONARDT, GeorgNIEMEIER, Louisa---
STAEHR, Gertrud Aloysia (Alice) Maria17 Jan 186221 Jan 1862Staehr, ErnstKELLER, AnnaKNIEPMANN, HeinrichLEONARD, Gertrud---
STAHR, Heinrich Ernst24 Oct 186428 Oct 1864Stahr, ErnstNot Listed, AnnaHALLERMANN, HeinrichWELLIG, Wilhelmina---
STALLE, Agnes Sophia16 May 186418 May 1864Stalle, HeinrichMARTIN, AgnesSPREE, FranzMAYER, Sophia---
STAMM, Herman Heinrich21 Nov 186424 Nov 1864Stamm, Johann HeinrichGOEBEL, JosephinaTINN, Bernard HeinrichMEHR, Anna Maria---
STAMMEN, Maria Margareta Josephina15 Sep 188315 Sep 1883Stammen, AlbertTOENNIES, CatharinaStammen, Peter Toennies, Margaret Adelheid born DUST---
STÜCKER (Stuecker), Maria Agnes---26 Apr 1840Stuecker, ChristophTEVES, Anna MargarethaKNIEPMANN, HermanMEIER, Maria Agnes---
STÜVER (Stuever), Anna Maria18 Mar 185619 Mar 1856Stuever, CarlMEIER, ElisabethBECKMANN, ConradStuever, Anna Maria---
STEILING, Agnes Josephina10 Nov 185813 Nov 1858Steiling, HeinrichMATTEN, AgnesDIERKES, Johann HeinrichDierkes, Agnes---
STEILING, August Franz31 Oct 186601 Nov 1866Steiling, HeinrichMARTEN, AgnesSPREHE, FranzSprehe, Sophia born VORNHOLT---
STEILING, Franz Heinrich02 Jan 187904 Jan 1879Steiling, FranzMERSCHER, WilhelminaSteiling, Franz HeinrichGROOTE, Helena born UNKRAUT---
STEILING, Franz Heinrich27 Sep 185328 Sep 1853Steiling, HeinrichMATTEN, AgnesMEIER, Franz HeinrichVORNHOLD, Maria Elisabeth---
STEILING, Heinrich17 Jan 185519 Jan 1855Steiling, HeinrichMATTEN, AgnesWESTERFELDHAUS, Heinrich Westerfeldhaus, Gertrud (Mrs. Heinrich)---
STEILING, Heinrich Joseph06 Mar 189807 Mar 1898Steiling, TheodorSCHLUETER, CatharinaSteiling, HeinrichSchlueter, AnnaMarried Estella HERKENHOFF 10 Sep 1919 in St. Louis, MO
STEILING, Herman Heinrich07 Jan 185707 Jan 1857Steiling, HeinrichMATTEN, AgnesOHLMEIER, HermanHORNBURG, Angela---
STEILING, Johann Wilhelm19 Jan 188020 Jan 1880Steiling, FranzMERSCHER, WilhelminaMerscher, Johann WilhelmWESTERFELDHAUS, Gertrud born MARTEN---
STEILING, Theodor Franz17 Oct 186019 Oct 1860Steiling, HeinrichMARTEN, AgnesMarten, FranzENGEL, Maria---
STEMPEL, Anna Maria11 Nov 187215 Nov 1872Stempel, FranzSCHÜTTE (Schuette), TheresiaBEHNEN, GerhardWILKEN, Anna Maria born Stempel---
STEMPEL, Anna Theresia15 Mar 187515 Mar 1875Stempel, FranzSCHÜTTE (Schuette), TheresiaMAUE, JohannLAMMERS, Theresia born VOSKOERS---
STEMPEL, Heinrich Franz15 Oct 188116 Oct 1881Stempel, FranzSCHUETTE, TheresiaWILKEN, HeinrichKÖLKER (Koelker), Theresia born HEMANN---
STEMPEL, Johann Herman05 Feb 187807 Feb 1878Stempel, FranzSCHÜTTE (Schuette), TheresiaTHIEN, Johann HermanKOELKER, Theresia born HEMANN---
STEMPEL, Maria Catharina10 Jul 186812 Jul 1868Stempel, Johann HeinrichGOCKEL, JosephinaHESSE, AugustStempel, Maria Catharina born LÖHN (Loehn)---
STEMPEL, Maria Elisabeth30 Nov 187903 Dec 1879Stempel, FranzSCHÜTTE (Schuette), Theresia (Stempel)SCHLAUTMANN, HeinrichWIETER, Elisabetha---
STEVENS, Bernard23 Feb 187425 Feb 1874Stevens, Johann BernardRIPPERDA, WilhelminaRipperda, Bernard HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria born PEISTRUP---
STIEWES, Bernard25 Jan 186026 Jan 1860Stiewes, BernardRIPPERDA, WilhelminaRipperda, Bernard H.MÜLLERS (Muellers), Maria Adel.---
STIVER, Georg Friederich Wilhelm Carl10 Mar 184707 Jul 1847Stiver, JosephKIRCHHOF, MariaWEBER, BernardBENKE, Catharina born OTKEN---
STOCKMANN, Angela Maria06 Aug 188007 Aug 1880Stockmann, BernardEVERSGERD, GertrudStockmann, AntonPELTIES, Angela MariaMarried Francis EILERING 10 Dec 1910 in Albers, IL
STOCKMANN, Anna Maria16 Jun 187817 Jun 1878Stockmann, AntonEWESGERD, MargarethaPELTIES, Gerhard HeinrichPelties, Anna Maria born RÜBBELKE (Ruebbelke)---
STOCKMANN, Anton06 Apr 185007 Apr 1850Stockmann, HermanHAAR, AliceLENARD, EberhardHaar, Maria Angela---
STOCKMANN, Anton Edward13 Sep 189313 Sep 1893Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, GertrudStockmann, AntonBERNS, Maria born BADKEMarried Frieda HUEGEN 3 Jul 1929 in Albers, IL, widowed in 1949; married Caroline HORSTMANN born HENKE 7 Apr 1951 in St Agnes Church St Louis, MO
STOCKMANN, Benedict29 May 188530 May 1885Stockmann, AntonEVERSGERD, MargarethaStockmann, BenedictKORTE, Elisabeth born HABERMANN---
STOCKMANN, Benedict12 May 185714 May 1857Stockmann, HermanTOENSE, MariaHAAR, BenedictLEONARD, Maria---
STOCKMANN, Carolina Theresia16 Feb 189016 Feb 1890Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, GertrudEversgerd, WilhelmSTUCKENBERG, Carolina born StockmannMarried J. HEGGER 2 Jun 1926 in St. Francis De Sales Church St. Louis, MO
STOCKMANN, Catharina Gertrud 24 Feb 189124 Feb 1891Stockmann, AntonEVERSGERD, Anna MargaretSTUCKENBERG, FranzStockmann, Anna Gertrud born EversgerdMarried Johann JANSSEN 24 Apr 1912
STOCKMANN, Elisabeth Veronica19 Jul 190120 Jul 1901Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, GertrudSTUCKENBERG, Carl AntonSPENGLER, Elisabeth born StockmannMarried Gerhard Fred TOENNIES 21 Apr 1937 in St Francis DeSales in St Louis, MO
STOCKMANN, Francis Leon26 Dec 189728 Dec 1897Stockmann, BernardEVERSGERD, GertrudSTUCKENBERG, FrancisEversgerd, Maria---
STOCKMANN, Heinrich Gerhard22 Feb 188723 Feb 1887Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, Anna GertrudPELTIES, Gerhard HeinrichPelties, Angela Maria born RÜBBELKE(Ruebbelke) for Catharina ..---
STOCKMANN, Herman Gerhard08 Oct 187508 Oct 1875Stockmann, AntonHAVERMANN, Anna MargarethaHavermann, Herman GerhardBATKE, Maria born TOENNIES---
Stockmann, Herman Heinrich05 Feb 188307 Feb 1883Stockmann, AntonEVERSGERD, MargarethaStockmann, HermanMILLER, Theresia born Eversgerd---
STOCKMANN, Johann Frederick09 Jul 188110 Jul 1881Stockmann, AntonEVERSGERD, MargarethaMÜLLER (Mueller), DietrichEversgerd, Maria born WILKEN---
STOCKMANN, Johann Herman11 Mar 188213 Mar 1882Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, GertrudStockmann, HermanStockmann, MargarethaMarried Anna WEINHEIMER 14 Nov 1911 in Albers, IL
STOCKMANN, Margaretha Elisabeth02 Jun 188403 Jun 1884Stockmann, BenedictEVERSGERD, GertrudBERNS, NicolausStockmann, Margaret born EversgerdMarried Herman DIESEN 16 Apr 1912
STOCKMANN, Margaretha Elisabeth18 Aug 187919 Aug 1879Stockmann, AntonEWESGERD, MargarethaStockmann, BernardStockmann, Elisabeth born TÖNSEN (Toensen)---
STOCKMANN, Maria Catharina09 Nov 184220 Nov 1842Stockmann, HermanBUCHHOLZ, TheresiaMOREHENNERS, FranzBAUMHÜTER (Baumhueter), GertrudChild died
STOCKMANN, Maria Christina30 Jan 184509 Feb 1845Stockmann, Johann HermanBUCHHOLS, TheresiaMOLITOR, Franz WilhelmSTÖCKMANN (Stoeckmann), Maria ChristinaChild died
STOCKMANN, Maria Elisabeth14 Jan 187717 Jan 1877Stockmann, AntonHAVERMANN, MargarethaStockmann, HermanHavermann, Elisabeth born GREVENKAMP---
STOCKMANN, Maria Theresia16 Aug 188716 Aug 1887Stockmann, AntonEVERSGERD, MargarethaHALLERMANN, JosephEversgerd, Theresia---
STOFF, Johann Heinrich02 May 186305 May 1863Stoff, Gerhard HeinrichHOMANN, Maria TheresiaStoff, HeinrichHomann, Maria Anna---
STOFF, Maria Elisabeth02 Aug 186005 Aug 1860Stoff, Gerhard HeinrichSCHÖNIG (Schoenig), ElisabethMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), ClemensStoff, Josephina---
STOFF, Maria Theresia21 Dec 186223 Dec 1862Stoff, Johann HeinrichSURMANN, JosephinaMÖHLMANN (Moehlmann), ClemensHOMANN, Maria Theresia---
STRANT, Maria Anna---14 Feb 1847Strant, Maria AnnaNot Listed, Maria AnnaFOPPE, Johann AlbertFoppe, Catharina (Mrs. Johann Albert)Child died
STRATHMANN, Aloysius Bernard13 Jan 190314 Jan 1903Strathmann, Johann (From St. Libory, IL)DIEKER, Maria Katharina (From St. Libory, IL)SCHLARMANN, Bernard Joseph------
STRATHMANN, Alvina Anna12 Apr 190013 Apr 1900Strathmann, Johann (From Fayetteville, IL)DIEKER, Maria Catharina HALLERMANN, JosephALBERS, Catharina born FEHNING for Catharina Anna Dieker born ..---
STRATHMANN, Bernard Heinrich05 Feb 189307 Feb 1893Strathmann, Johann (From St. Libory, IL)DIEKER, Maria Catharina (From St. Libory, IL)KOCH, Herman for Bernard DierkerMAUE, Carolina born STOLTE---
STRATHMANN, Lawrence Gerhard12 Sep 189713 Sep 1897Strathmann, Johann (From St. Libory, IL)DIEKER, Maria Catharina (From St. Libory, IL)GESENHUES, GerhardKINKELAAR, AnnaMarried Wilhelmina GUSSMANN (Non-Catholic) 9 Sep 1918 in Aledo, IL
STRATHMANN, Leon Heinrich08 Jun 189509 Jun 1895Strathmann, Johann DIEKER, Catharina MAUE, Heinrich for Bernard Heinrich DiekerKOCH, MariaMarried Madoline VOLENTINE 28 Jun 1919 in Aledo, IL
STRAUB, Victor09 Apr 185425 Jun 1854Straub, GeorgMETSCHER, MariaWIEST, VictorWiest, Maria---
STROOT, Herman Anton05 May 185906 May 1859Stroot, J. HeinrichBURRICHTER, AngelaBurrichter, B. AntonFOPPE, A. M.---
STROOT, Johann Clemens01 Sep 185102 Sep 1851Stroot, Johann HeinrichFOPPE, Maria AnnaFoppe, ClemensKNIPPMANN, Gertrud---
STROOT, Susanna Margaretha05 Mar 186806 Mar 1868Stroot, Bernard HeinrichSCHULTE, MariaENGELMEIER, FranzWOBBE, Margaretha born WIENHOFF---
STROOTMANN, Maria Anna15 Dec 185720 Dec 1857Strootmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaMEST, Johann HeinrichPeters, Anna M.---
STROT, Bernard07 Feb 184408 Feb 1844Strot, Johann HeinrichFOPPEN, Maria AnnaFoppe, BernardKUPER, Theresia---
STROT, Bernard Heinrich08 Nov 185608 Nov 1856Strot, Bernard H.BURRICHTER, Anna AngelaFOPPE, Bernard HeinrichMEIER, Maria Agnes---
STROT, Johann Heinrich27 Jun 185528 Jun 1855Strot, Johann CasparDINGWERTH, CatharinaStrot, Bernard HeinrichTEISING, Helena Maria---
STROTHMANN, Clemens04 May 186806 May 1868Strothmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaPeters, ClemensDIETZ, Dina born MONDT---
STROTMANN, Anna Adelheid19 Nov 186128 Nov 1861Strotmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaROBBEN, Gerhard HermanKORTE, Anna Adelheid---
STROTMANN, Anna Maria23 Jan 185302 Feb 1853Strotmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaOSTERMANN, JosephPeters, Anna MariaEntry is dated 2 Jan
STROTMANN, Bernard Heinrich08 May 186309 May 1863Strotmann, Gerhard HeinrichPETERS, Anna MariaMERSCHER, Johann HeinrichKNIES, Angela Maria---
STROTMANN, Heinrich18 Dec 185920 Dec 1859Strotmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaSCHNITZMAYER, HeinrichROBEN, Adelheid---
STROTMANN, Johann03 Nov 185505 Nov 1855Strotmann, Johann GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaPeters, JohannKNÜVER (Knuever), CatharinaEntry is out of sequence; could be Dec 1855
STROTMANN, Maria21 May 185422 May 1854Strotmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaPeters, BernardMERSCHER, Anna Maria---
STROTMANN, Maria Elisabeth13 Jul 186514 Jul 1865Strotmann, GerhardPETERS, Anna MariaPeters, WilhelmSTEVES, Elisabeth---
STUCKENBERG, Anna Catharina15 Jan 187317 Jan 1873Stuckenberg, FranzSTOCKMANN, CarolinaBATKE, Johann HeinrichWEMKE, Anna Catharina born BECKMANN---
STUEVE, Anna Margaretha Adelheid05 Feb 185106 Feb 1851Stueve, Johann BernardRHEINES, Maria Elisabeth SusanneKUETER, Bernard HeinrichBODDE, Margaretha Adelheid---
STUVE, Joseph---21 Nov 1846------------Catholic convert; husband of Maria
STUVE, Maria---04 Apr 1841Stuve, JosephKIRCHHOFF, MariaKNIEPMANN, HeinrichTEVES, Margaretha---
SUDHOFF, Anna Christina23 Aug 186524 Aug 1865Sudhoff, FranzNEISENMAYER, ElisabethHEGENKEMPER, HermanDIETZ, Christina---
SUDHOLD, Johann Herman24 Sep 185826 Sep 1858Sudhold, FranzNEISENMEYER, ElisabethHECKENKEMPER, HermanDIETZ, Christena---
SUDHOLT, Anna Maria26 Feb 186927 Feb 1869Sudholt, FranzNEISEMEYER, ElisabethaHECKENKEMPER, Johann HermanHeckenkemper, Anna Maria born Neisemeyer---
SUDHOLT, Elisabeth12 Apr 186713 Apr 1867Sudholt, FranzNEISENMEYER, ElisabethHECKENKEMPER, JosephBRINKMANN, Elisabeth born BERKEMEIER---
SUDHOLT, Johann Heinrich22 Dec 186223 Dec 1862Sudholt, FranzNEISEMAYER, ElisabethMARKS, HeinrichLIESER, Maria---
SUDHOLT, Maria27 Mar 186129 Mar 1861Sudholt, FranzNEISEMAYER, ElisabethBRINKMANN, FranzNeisemayer, Maria---
SUHL, Johann Heinrich06 Nov 188107 Nov 1881Suhl, AntonBECKER, Margaretha Becker, Johann HeinrichHAGEN, MargarethaMarried Anna MEYER 20 Oct 1908; Elisabeth MEYER 16 Oct 1912 & Josephina KRUSE 21 May 1930 all in Bartelso, IL
SUHL, Maria Elisabeth28 Nov 188330 Nov 1883Suhl, AntonBECKER, ElisabethBecker, FrederickBecker, Elisabeth born HÜNE (Huene)---
SWATERS, Engelbert Bernard19 Oct 185020 Oct 1850Swaters, JohannHOEER, AntoniaMEIER, Gerhard HermanEILERING, Anna Catharina---
SWATERS, Herman08 Oct 185809 Oct 1858Swaters, JacobKÜTER (Kueter), TheresiaHÜGEN (Huegen), HermanKueter, Margareta---
SWATERS, Johann Gerhard26 Mar 185228 Mar 1852Swaters, JohannHEER, AntoniaSCHÜGEN (Schuegen), GerhardSANTEL, Anna Maria---
SWOLLER, Maria Anna18 Dec 184818 Dec 1848Swoller, BernardAHLERS, MargarethaWOEBBE, Bernard HeinrichAhlers, Maria---
TÖNIES (Toenies), Anna Margaretha04 Oct 186005 Oct 1860Toenies, HermanKOBBEN, Anna MariaToenies, BernardKobben, Anna Margaretha---
TÖNIES (Toenies), Johann Gerhard12 Nov 186413 Nov 1864Toenies, Johann HermanKÖPE (Koepe), Anna M.Tonies, Johann BernardFELDMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
TÖNNESSEN (Toennessen), Anna Dorothea07 Sep 186808 Sep 1868Toennessen, GerhardWIEGMANN, Anna MariaTÖNNIES (Toennies), AlbertToennies, Dorothea born Toennessen---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Albert Heinrich30 Jan 185931 Jan 1859Toennies, Gerhard HeinrichREINES, SusannaToennies, Gerhard AlbertToennies, Anna Maria---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Anna Maria21 Apr 185822 Apr 1858Toennies, HermanKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaKoebbe, Johann BernardToennies, Susanna Maria---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Bernard Heinrich20 Jan 187026 Jan 1870Toennies, Johann HermanKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaSCHULTE, Gerhard HeinrichJANSEN, Margaretha born FELDMANN---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Herman Heinrich16 Oct 185516 Oct 1855Toennies, Johann HermanKOBBE, Anna MariaToennies, Gerhard HeinrichKRÜIP (Krueip), Maria Anna---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Johann Albert16 Jul 186818 Jul 1868Tonnies, Johann HermanKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaTonnies, AlbertRIPPERDA, Adelheid born FELDMANN---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Johann Gerhard05 Nov 187206 Nov 1872Toennies, Johann BernardDUST, Margaretha AdelheidFELDMANN, Gerhard HeinrichKONEN, Anna Margaretha born Dust---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Johann Heinrich23 Jul 185624 Jul 1856Toennies, Gerhard HeinrichREINERS, Susanna MariaToennies, Johann BernardKÜTER (Kueter), Theresia---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Maria Agnes12 Dec 186714 Dec 1867Toennies, Johann BernardDUST, Margareth AdelheidToennies, AlbertLÖBNER (Loebner), Maria Catharina born Dust---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Maria Catharina24 Nov 186326 Nov 1863Toennies, Johann BernardDUST, MargarethaToennies, HermanDust, Maria Catharina---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Maria Christina21 Jul 186224 Jul 1862Toennies, Johann HermanKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaFELDMANN, Gerhard HermanDUST, Maria Adelheid---
TÖNNIES (Toennies), Maria Julia Adelheid16 Jun 186719 Jun 1867Toennies, Johann BernardKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaSCHULTE, Gerhard HeinrichToennies, Maria Agnes born WIEGMANN---
TÖNNISSEN (Toennissen), Anna Maria18 Sep 186519 Sep 1865Toennissen, GerhardWIEGMANN, Anna MariaBATKE, HeinrichBUDDE, Johanna Hendrina---
TÖNSEN (Toensen), Johann Heinrich31 Jul 186301 Aug 1863Toensen, GerhardWIGMANN, Anna MariaBATKE, Johann HeinrichWigmann, Maria Ang.---
TANGEMAN, Anna Maria14 Aug 185115 Aug 1851Tangeman, BernardMENKE, BendinaJAEGER, AndreasMenke, Anna Maria---
TANNERMAN, Joseph---17 Mar 1847Tannerman, BernardNot Listed, BernardinaHENGE, JosephKNAPPE, Catharina---
TEISING, Anna Maria11 Jan 186013 Jan 1860Teising, FranzWOBBE, Maria AnnaWobbe, Conrad HeinrichTeising, Helena Maria---
TELKAMP, Anna Christina15 Feb 184418 Feb 1844Telkamp, Johann B.EVERS, Anna MariaSCHNIERS, Bernard HeinrichMAUEN, Anna Christina---
TELYKAMP, Johann Herman28 Jan 184201 Feb 1842Telykamp, Herman BernardEVERS, Anna MariaKÖLKER (Koelker), J. HermanWELLEN, Maria GesinaCompare Telkamp
TENFELDE, Anna Carolina26 Oct 186926 Oct 1869Tenfelde, Johann HeinrichALBERS, Anna TheresiaKALLAGE, ClemensHILMES, Anna Carolina born BÜTTMANN (Buettmann)---
TENFELDE, Maria Theresia07 Sep 187107 Sep 1871Tenfelde, Johann HeinrichALBERS, Anna TheresiaHILMES, Johann HeinrichKALLAGE, Maria Theresia born Albers---
TEVES, Anna Maria31 Jan 185302 Feb 1853STUCKENJURGEN, ChristophTeves, Anna MariaWEBER, TheodorTIMMER, Anna MariaChild has mother's last name. Entry is dated 2 Jan
TEVES, Elisabeth08 Nov 184509 Nov 1845STUCKER, ChristophTeves, MargarethaTIMMERMANN, WilhelmMEIERINK, ElisabethThe child has the mother's last name.
TEVES, Friederich Clemens31 Oct 184802 Nov 1848STÜCKERJOERG (Stueckerjoerg), ChristophTeves, Anna MargarethaKOEBBE, Johann ClemensFUS, Maria ElisabethMother's last name also spelled Deves; Child has mother's last name
TEVES, Johann Heinrich19 Feb 184326 Feb 1843STÜCKING (Stuecking), Christoph F.Teves, MargarethaKNIEPMANN, E. HeinrichTeves, ElisabethChild has mother's last name
THÖLE (Thoele), Anna Elisabeth07 Oct 190208 Oct 1902Thoele, August (From Südmerzen, Hanover, Germany)SCHLAUTMANN, Anna Maria Thoele, GerhardRÖBKE (Roebke), Elisabeth---
THÖLE (Thoele), Gerhard Heinrich10 Aug 188610 Aug 1886Thoele, Johann AugustSCHLAUTMANN, Anna MargaretThoele, Gerhard HeinrichWALLER, Anna Maria born GOERS---
THÖLE (Thoele), Herman August24 Jun 189825 Jun 1898Thoele, Johann Herman (From Südmerzen, Germany)MEIER, Rosa (From Baden, Germany)Thoele, Johann AugustMeier, Anna Margaret born MERIANS---
THÖLE (Thoele), Joseph Johann13 Nov 189214 Nov 1892Thoele, Johann August (From Südmerzen, Hanover)SCHLOTMANN, MargaretEILERS, Franz JosephThoele, Elisabeth born FRERKER---
THÖLE (Thoele), Maria Cecelia26 Mar 189826 Mar 1898Thoele, August (From Hanover, Germany)SCHLAUTMANN, AnnaKAHRHOFF, HeinrichFRERKER, Maria---
THÜNEMANN (Thuenemann), Anna Christina Magdalena16 Dec 190419 Dec 1904Thuenemann, Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)THEISSELING, AnnaMIDDENDORF, BernardMiddendorf, ChristinaMarried Rudolph GEVERMUEHLE 7 Sep 1926 in Albers, IL
THÜNEMANN (Thuenemann), Bernard Anton07 Nov 189909 Nov 1899Thuenemann, Bernard (From Germany)THEISSLING, AnnaHILMES, BernardThuenemann, Josephina born Hilmes---
THÜNEMANN (Thuenemann), Herman Benedict11 Jun 189312 Jun 1893Thuenemann, Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover)THEISSLING, Anna Theissling, Herman for Benedict Johann ThuenemannTheissling, Maria Christina born HILMES---
THÜNEMANN (Thuenemann), Herman Bernard14 Sep 189114 Sep 1891Thuenemann, Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover)THEISSLING, Anna MariaHUNDMANN, LambertKorte, Anna born DETERS---
THÜNEMANN (Thuenemann), Johann Bernard05 Sep 189722 Sep 1897Thuenemann, Bernard (From Drope, Hanover)THEISSLING, AnnaThuenemann, BenedictTheissling, Maria Christina born HILMES---
THÜNEMANN (Thuenemann), Maria Anna Christina01 Aug 189403 Aug 1894Thuenemann, Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover)THEISSLING, AnnaTheissling, Herman BenedictTheissling, Maria Christina born HILMESMarried Johann Albert WELLEN 2 Sep 1913 in Albers, IL
THÜNKER (Thuenker), Gerhard Joseph18 Aug 188018 Aug 1880Thuenker, BernardBOHNENKEMPER, ElisabethHALLERMANN, JosephHallermann, Anna Maria born MEIER---
THÜNKER (Thuenker), Joseph17 Jul 187717 Jul 1877Thuenker, Bernard HeinrichBOHNENKEMPER, Maria ElisabethHALLERMANN, JosephKÖTTING (Koetting), Catharina born KAULING---
THÜNKER (Thuenker), Joseph Heinrich23 Feb 187025 Feb 1870Thuenker, BernardFOECKE, ElisabethaDIERKES, JosephFoecke, Carolina born VOCKES---
THÜNKER (Thuenker), Maria Adelheid31 Oct 187402 Nov 1874Thuenker, Bernard HeinrichFOECKE, ElisabethaWEBER, TheodorWeber, Maria Adelheid born Foecke---
THÜNKER (Thuenker), Wilhelm Heinrich29 Aug 187831 Aug 1878Thuenker, Bernard BOHNENKEMPER, ElisabethRICHTER, Wilhelm ------
THEISING, Benedict Clemens21 Mar 185122 Mar 1851Theising, BenedictBUTER, HelenaTheising, ClemensALBERS, Anna Maria---
THEISING, Elisabeth Benefrida08 Jul 189710 Jul 1897Theising, BernardHEIDACKER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)SCHLAUTMANN, FriederichSchlautmann, Elisabeth---
THEISING, Johann Bernard20 Feb 186221 Feb 1862Theising, FranzWIETTER, Maria ElisabethWOBBE, Herman BernardLINNEMANN, Anna Christina---
THEISING, Maria Catharina30 Aug 186301 Sep 1863Theising, FranzWIETER, Maria ElisabethLINNEMANN, Herman HeinrichWieter, Maria Catharina---
THEISING, Maria Elisabeth11 May 187412 May 1874Theising, BernardEGGE, MariaEgge, Gerhard HeinrichSCHLAUTMANN, Maria Elisabeth born WIETER---
THEISING, Maria Elisabeth16 May 184917 May 1849Theising, ClemensWOEMPE, Maria MagdalenaALBERS, Bernard HeinrichTheising, Maria Helena---
THEISLING, Anna Christina19 Mar 186819 Mar 1868Theisling, HermanHILMES, Anna ChristinaHilmes, Johann HeinrichHilmes, Anna Margaretha born GERDES---
THEISLING, Anna Maria Josephina17 Aug 187618 Aug 1876Theisling, Herman HILMES, ChristinaHilmes, Johann BernardJanssen, Anna Margaretha born FELDMANN---
THEISLING, Bernard09 Apr 188109 Apr 1881Theisling, Bernard HeinrichHILMES, Christina---------
THEISLING, Maria Bernardina04 Jul 187204 Jul 1872Theisling, Herman HILMES, ChristinaHilmes, Johann BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Christina born SCHOENHOFF---
THEISSING, A. Maria03 Jun 185804 Jun 1858Theissing, FranzNot Listed, Maria AnnaEILERING, ClemensWOBBE, MargarethaTranscriber's note: Mother's maiden name is Wobbe
THEISSING, Aloysius Heinrich16 Nov 189218 Nov 1892Theissing, BernardHEIDACKER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)SCHLAUTMANN, HeinrichKOCH, Maria Adelheid born WIETER---
THEISSING, Anna Theresia (Twin)07 Aug 188907 Aug 1889Theissing, ClementeLAKE, Catharina (From St. Libory, IL)---HOFF, Anna Theresia born KALAGE---
THEISSING, Bernard (Twin)07 Aug 188907 Aug 1889Theissing, ClementeLAKE, Catharina (From St. Libory, IL)Theissing, Bernard------
THEISSING, Bernard Clemens25 Apr 188026 Apr 1880Theissing, ClemensLAKE, CatharinaLake, BernardMAUE, Helena Maria born Theissing---
THEISSING, Catharina Elisabeth30 Sep 187701 Oct 1877Theissing, ClemensLAKE, CatharinaLake, HeinrichSCHLAUTMANN, Elisabeth born WIETER---
THEISSING, Franz Joseph16 Dec 188117 Dec 1881Theissing, ClemensLAKE, CatharinaSCHLAUTMANN, HeinrichROSEN, Christina---
THEISSING, Gerhard Johann02 Jul 188003 Jul 1880Theissing, BernardHEGGER, AngelaMAUE, JohannWOBBE, Susanna born ALTGILBES---
THEISSING, Helena Maria23 Jul 186424 Jul 1864Theissing, Johann BernardWILKE, Maria ElisabethSCHLARMANN, Gerhard HeinrichWEMPE, Helena Maria---
THEISSING, Johann Anton26 Jan 186527 Jan 1865Theissing, FranzWIELER, ElisabethWieler, Johann AntonHOEHMANN, Anna Elisabeth---
THEISSING, Johann Bernard09 Sep 189111 Sep 1891Theissing, BernardHEIDACKER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)Heidacker, Johann HeinrichSCHLAUTMANN, Maria Elisabeth born WIETER---
THEISSING, Johann Franz09 Apr 187810 Apr 1878Theissing, BernardHEGER, AngelaTHEISMANN, Johann FranzLAMMERS, Theresia born VOSSKOERS---
THEISSING, Johann Franz23 Dec 188324 Dec 1883Theissing, FranzVOSSKOHR, TheresiaTheissing, Johann BernardSCHLAUTMANN, Elisabeth---
THEISSING, Johann Heinrich20 Jan 187621 Jan 1876Theissing, ClemensLAKE, CatharinaLake, Johann HeinrichTheissing, Anna---
THEISSING, Johann Heinrich07 Apr 1895Apr 1895Theissing, BernardHEIDACKER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)Heidacker, Johann ARENDES, Maria born BECKERBaptism day not listed.
THEISSING, Johann Heinrich Clemens19 Jan 188420 Jan 1884Theissing, ClemensLAKE, CatharinaHOFF, ClemensLINNEMANN, Anna Christina born WOBBEMarried Rosa BERGMANN 24 Aug 1910 in Bartelso, IL
THEISSING, Maria28 Jun 187529 Jun 1875Theissing, BernardHEGGER, AngelaCOOPER (Kuper), GerhardTheissing, Maria---
THESSING, Johann Bernard24 Nov 189825 Nov 1898Thessing, Heinrich (From Westphalia, Germany)TOENNIES, CatharinaSTROTHMANN, BernardKREKE, Maria born SPENGLER---
THESSING, Johann Heinrich22 Jul 189122 Jul 1891Thessing, Johann Heinrich (From Epe, Westfalen)TOENNIES, CatharinaToennies, HeinrichSTAMMEN, Maria born HARTINGSMarried Anna MARKUS 17 Oct 1916 in Alber, IL
THESSING, Margaret Louisa30 Oct 189331 Oct 1893Thessing, Heinrich (From Hörstel, Westfalia)TOENNIES, CatharinaSTAMMEN, Peter for Theodor ThessingToennies, Margaret---
THESSING, Maria Elisabeth13 Apr 189614 Apr 1896Thessing, Heinrich (From Epe, Westfalia)TOENNIES, CatharinaKREKE, HeinrichToennies, MariaMarried Johann Bernard REINKEN from Petersdorf, Germany 8 Jun 1915
THIEN, Agnes Bernardina21 Oct 190322 Oct 1903Thien, AntonWOBBE, Katharina (From Bartelso, IL)ALBERS, BernardThien, AgnesMarried Elmer SCHILLING 25 Jun 1936 in Belleville, IL
THIEN, Anna Catharina04 Mar 186005 Mar 1860Thien, Johann HermanMEER, Anna MariaDust, Bernard HeinrichThien, Anna Gesina---
THIEN, Anna Gesina01 Sep 187102 Sep 1871Thien, Johann BernardKORTE, Maria AnnaHEMMEN, Johann BernardNORDMANN, Anna Gesina born Korte---
THIEN, Anna Katharine 24 Jul 190225 Jul 1902Thien, AntonWOBBE, KatharineThien, HermanWobbe, Katharine---
THIEN, Anna Margareta14 Sep 188315 Sep 1883Thien, JohannFELDMANN, ElisabethaFeldmann, HermanThien, Anna Maria born Korte---
THIEN, Anna Margareta26 Aug 189126 Aug 1891Thien, Bernard (From Lingen, Hanover)PETERS, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)LEHRTER, HermanKORTE, Maria Anna born ESS---
THIEN, Anna Maria14 Aug 190515 Aug 1905Thien, AntonWOBBE, Catharina (From Bartelso, IL)Wobbe, HenryRIBBING, Anna born Thien---
THIEN, Anna Wilhelmina 04 Oct 188205 Oct 1882Thien, BernardKORTE, MariaThien, JohannMAUE, Anna born Korte---
THIEN, Bernard Albert15 Mar 189516 Mar 1895Thien, Bernard (From Lingen, Hanover)PETERS, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)TOENNIES, AlbertMERIANS, Maria born ESSMarried Regina HARTNETT 29 May 1917 at St Theresia Church in St. Louis, MO
THIEN, Bernard Joseph28 Feb 188302 Mar 1883Thien, Johann HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), Maria AnnaRAPPIEN, BernardPOLK, Dina born RappienMarried Maria KOHNEN 13 Oct 1909
THIEN, Carolina Elisabeth19 Mar 188620 Mar 1886Thien, HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna AgnesROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichVIETH, Maria Caroline born HENSKER---
THIEN, Carolina Maria03 Nov 189204 Nov 1892Thien, Bernard (From Lingen, Hanover)PETERS, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)MERIANS, HermanKRAMER, Maria born KÖTTER (Koetter)Married Theodor LAGER 8 Aug 1911 in Aviston, IL
THIEN, Catharina04 Aug 186905 Aug 1869Thien, JohannFELDMANN, ElisabethaPage torn, Johann BernardPage torn, Catharina Adelheid (wife of Johann Bernard)---
THIEN, Conrad Bernard23 Jan 186824 Jan 1868Thien, Johann BernardKORTE, Maria AnnaKorte, Johann ConradThien, Anna Margaretha---
THIEN, Gerhard Heinrich Wilhelm01 Jul 187801 Jul 1878Thien, Johann HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria AgnesLoepker, Gerhard HeinrichKOHNEN, Anna Maria born DUST---
THIEN, Heinrich Anton19 Jun 187520 Jun 1875Thien, BernardKORTE, MariaThien, Heinrich AntonEILERMANN, Christina born FICKER---
THIEN, Herman August26 Apr 188827 Apr 1888Thien, Johann HermanLOEPKER, Maria AgnesROBBEN, Gerhard HermanLoepker, Anna Maria Agnes born OVERMarried Maria Agnes LOEPKER 17 Oct 1911 in Bartelso, IL
THIEN, Herman Bernard23 Mar 187724 Mar 1877Thien, BernardKORTE, MariaKorte, HermanFELKER, Wilhelmina born RIPPERDA---
THIEN, Herman Bernard14 Apr 186215 Apr 1862BENEN, Bernard EverhardDULLE, Maria HelenaRAPIEN, BernardBennen, Maria HelenaChild's last name spelled Thein
THIEN, Herman Everhard23 May 186325 May 1863Thien, Johann HermanMEER, Anna MariaBEHNE, EverhardMeer, Maria---
THIEN, Johann Anton21 Jan 187622 Jan 1876Thien, Johann HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria AgnesLoepker, Johann AntonLoepker, Anna Maria born DUST---
THIEN, Johann Bernard19 Nov 186128 Nov 1861Thien, Johann HermanMEER, Anna MariaThien, Johann BernardMeer, Maria Catharina---
THIEN, Johann Bernard12 Aug 188412 Aug 1884Thien, BernardKORTE, MariaThien, Johann BernardKorte, Maria born FAEHRMANN---
THIEN, Johann Bernard Heinrich04 May 187104 May 1871Thien, Johann HermanLOEPKER, Anna Maria AgnesLoepker, Johann BernardSCHLEPER, Maria Gesina---
THIEN, Johann Herman02 Mar 189403 Mar 1894Thien, BernardWIEBLER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)Thien, Johann HermanThien, Maria Agnes born LÖPKER (Loepker)---
THIEN, Johann Theodor Franz04 Nov 188005 Nov 1880Thien, Johann HermanLÖPKER (Loepker), Maria AgnesKONEN, MathiasLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Helena born DUST---
THIEN, Margaretha Elisabetha22 Sep 188023 Sep 1880Thien, BernardKORTE, MariaHILMES, BernardHOMMEN, Margaretha born Thien---
THIEN, Margaretha Wilhelmina14 Jan 187915 Jan 1879Thien, BernardKORTE, Maria AnnaMAUE, HermanKorte, Margaretha---
THIEN, Margarita23 Oct 187325 Oct 1873Thien, Johann BernardKORTE, Anna MariaNORDMANN, Johann FerdinandMEYER, Maria Anna---
THIEN, Maria Anna14 Oct 186616 Oct 1866Thien, Bernard HeinrichFÖCKE (Foecke), ElisabethFoecke, Herman HeinrichTHÜNKER (Thuenker), Maria Anna---
THIEN, Maria Anna Agnes09 Jul 190510 Jul 1905Thien, HenryKOCH, Anna MargaretBRUEGGEMANN, AugustThien, Maria Anna Agnes---
THIEN, Maria Anna Catharina05 Jan 187006 Jan 1870Thien, BernardKORTE, Maria AnnaThien, AntonKorte, Maria Anna born ESS---
THIEN, Maria Catharina06 Jan 190006 Jan 1900Thien, HeinrichSTIER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)SCHLEPER, HeinrichThien, Maria Catharina born LANGE---
THIEN, Maria Catharina05 May 188806 May 1888Thien, BernardKORTE, MariaESS, Johann BernardDEITERS, Maria Anna C. born KorteMarried George SCHMIDT 27 Nov 1908 in Aviston, IL
THIEN, Maria Catharina Agnes06 Feb 187306 Feb 1873Thien, Johann HermanLÖBKER (Loebker), Maria AgnesThien, Johann BernardLoebker, M. Catharina born DUSTCompare Loepker
THIEN, Maria Elisabeth13 Aug 186714 Aug 1867Thien, Johann HermanFELDMANN, ElisabethRIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichFeldmann, Maria Elisabeth born ROBBEN---
THIEN, Maria Francisca10 Apr 189211 Apr 1892Thien, BernardWIEBLER, Anna (From Damiansville, IL)KARHOFF, HeinrichWiebler, Francisca---
THIEN, Maria Helena20 Dec 186621 Dec 1866Thien, Johann HermanMEER, Anna MariaThien, Bernard HeinrichWÜBBLES, Maria Helena born Meer---
THIEN, Maria Rosa13 Oct 188513 Oct 1885Thien, JohannFELDMANN, ElisabethaThien, BernardJANSEN, Maria---
THOELE, Anna Josephina25 Feb 189026 Feb 1890Thoele, Johann August (From Südmerzen, Hanover)SCHLATMANN, Anna MargaretKAHRHOFF, Gerhard HeinrichDÜING (Dueing), Christina born EILERSMarried Gerhard H. KAHRHOFF 7 May 1913
THOELE, Anna Sophia19 Feb 189621 Feb 1896Thoele, Herman (From Merzen, Hanover)MEIER, Rosa (From New Baden, IL)MERIANS, HermanThoele, Anna born SCHLAUTMANN---
THOELE, Gerhard Heinrich25 Jul 189026 Jul 1890Thoele, Herman (From Mersen, Hanover)MEIER, Rosa (From Baden, IL)Thoele, GerhardBRUNS, Maria born FORCK---
THOELE, Gerhard Wilhelm06 Nov 189507 Nov 1895Thoele, AugustSCHLOTMANN, AnnaKAHRHOFF, GerhardDÜING (Dueing), Elisabeth---
THOELE, Herman Heinrich16 Nov 188717 Nov 1887Thoele, AugustSCHLAUTMANN, Anna MargaretThoele, Herman HeinrichEILERS, Adelheid---
THOELE, Josephina Wilhelmina05 Feb 189307 Feb 1893Thoele, Herman (From Fürstenau, Hanover, Germany)MEIER, Rosa (From New Baden, IL)MICHELS, ArnoldMerians, Maria born ESSMarried George B, MEIERING 29 Nov 1911
THOELE, Maria Anna01 Jan 188802 Jan 1888Thoele, HermanMEIER, RosaHEMANN, Franz HermanThoele, Elisabeth---
THOELE, Maria Catharina17 Apr 188617 Apr 1886Thoele, Johann HermanMEYER, RosaFORCK, Johann BernardKAHRHOFF, Maria Bernardina born Thoele---
THOELE, Paulina Rosalia15 Jun 188416 Jun 1884Thoele, HermanMEIER, RosaliaKAHRHOFF, Gerhard HeinrichHERBSTRITH, PaulinaMarried August GERLING 8 Feb 1910 in St. Joseph in Clayton, MO
THOELE, Rosa Elisabeth17 Aug 188218 Aug 1882Thoele, HermanMEIER, RosaThoele, GerhardMeier, Ida---
THOMAS, Noel Albert10 Feb 185631 Oct 1885Thomas, PaulLOWE, JoannWEBER, Theodor------
TICKERT, Christina03 Apr 184603 May 1846Tickert, Sabert BAALMANN, Anna Margaretha BEELMANN, Johann BernardNABER, Anna Gesina---
TIMERMANN, Wilhelm11 Oct 184416 Oct 1844Timermann, WilhelmNot Listed, ElisabethOTGEN, HeinrichTHEBES, Margaretha---
TIMMER, Anna Gertrud14 May 185015 May 1850Timmer, GerhardSLOTH, Anna MariaWEBER, TheodorKNIPPMANN, Gertrud---
TIMMER, Anna MariaJan 184608 Jan 1846Timmer, GerhardSCHLOOT, AnnaDOERNER, PeterLODEGE, Maria Page torn at birth date.
TIMMER, Elisabeth18 Apr 184222 Apr 1842Timmer, GerhardSCHLOOT, MariaWILKEN, G.HERMES, ElisabethChild died
TIMMER, Gerhard Heinrich15 Mar 184417 Mar 1844Timmer, C. GerhardSCHLOOT, Anna MariaMÜLLER (Mueller), HeinrichWILKEN, Catharina---
TIMMERMANN, Anna Maria06 Dec 187308 Dec 1873Timmermann, Gerhard CarlTHEISSING, M. ElisabethaHUSTEDDE, FranzTheissing, Helena Maria born WEMPE---
TIMMERMANN, Anna Maria15 Jul 190015 Jul 1900Timmermann, Wilhelm (From Breese, IL)VON HATTEN, Catharina (From St. Rose, IL)Timmermann, CarlVon Hatten, Anna born NIEMEYER---
TIMMERMANN, August03 Jan 190604 Jan 1906Timmermann, Wilhelm (From Breese, IL)VON HATEN, Catharina (From St. Rose, IL)Timmermann, AugustTimmermann, Bernardina born WELLINGMarried Anna DIEKMANN 22 Oct 1930 in St. Rose, IL
TIMMERMANN, Bernardina07 Sep 190207 Sep 1902Timmermann, Herman (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)SCHLÜTER (Schlueter), MariaTimmermann, TheodorTimmermann, BernardinaMarried Bernard ILGES 14 Jun 1919 in Breese, IL
TIMMERMANN, Bertha Antonia23 Dec 189724 Dec 1897Timmermann, Herman Heinrich (From Ankum, Germany)SCHLUETER, MariaKOEP, BernardTimmermann, Maria Antonia---
TIMMERMANN, Catharina01 Jun 185406 Jun 1854Timmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethSCHULTE, HeinrichGRAMANN, Catharina---
TIMMERMANN, Catharina Philomena24 Sep 190625 Sep 1906Timmermann, Herman (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)SCHLUETER, MariaTimmermann, CarlTimmermann, CatharinaConfirmed in Breese, IL 1921
TIMMERMANN, Elisabeth01 Aug 1815---VOGT, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1838 with husband Wilhelm Timmermann and possibly son Herman. Recorded on sixth page of 1847 record book.
TIMMERMANN, Emilia Maria19 Jul 188620 Jul 1886Timmermann, TheodorHOECKELBERG, AnnaTimmermann, HeinrichHoeckelberg, Maria Gertrud born SCHULTEMarried Alexander GEIGER from Carlyle, IL 24 Nov 1909
TIMMERMANN, Friederich11 Nov 187513 Nov 1875Timmermann, CarlTHEISSING, Maria ElisabethaMEIER, FriederichMeier, Catharina Maria born HUSTEDDEMarried Catharina DUST in Aviston, IL 25 Jan 1910
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard20 Dec 184923 Dec 1849Timmermann, WilhelmVOCHT, ElisabethHOLTGRAVE, GerhardHOLLENCAMP, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard30 Jul 185103 Aug 1851Timmermann, WilhelmVOGTS, ElisabethTimmermann, HeinrichHEIDMAN, Maria ---
TIMMERMANN, Heinrich21 Nov 184025 Nov 1840Timmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethALTEPETER, HeinrichOTKEN, Maria---
TIMMERMANN, Heinrich10 Oct 185612 Oct 1856Timmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethGRAMANN, HeinrichMARKS, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Herman22 Jul 1838---Timmermann, WilhelmVOGT, Elisabeth------Parents came to St. Boniface in 1838 & he was either already born or he was born after they arrived. Recorded on sixth page of 1847 record book.
TIMMERMANN, Herman Heinrich09 Sep 187910 Sep 1879Timmermann, TheodorHOECKELBERG, AnnaTimmermann, HermanHOLTHAUS, Catharina born Hoeckelberg---
TIMMERMANN, Herman Heinrich01 Apr 190402 Apr 1904Timmermann, Wilhelm (From Breese, IL)VON HATEN, Catharina (From St. Rose, IL)Timmermann, HermanTimmermann, Maria born SCHLUETERBaptized at birth due to medical emergency
TIMMERMANN, Herman Heinrich11 Apr 190211 Apr 1902Timmermann, Wilhelm (From Breese, IL)VONHATEN, Maria Katharina (From St. Rose, IL)Timmermann, HeinrichTimmermann, Maria Antonia born RAMING (Mrs. Heinrich)Married Anna Mary RICHTER 25 Sep 1940 in Breese, IL
TIMMERMANN, Johann Bernard27 Apr 189327 Apr 1893Timmermann, TheodorHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Anna (From Aviston, IL)Hoeckelberg, Wilhelm---Married Anna KLUTHO 23 Jan 1922 in Breese. IL
TIMMERMANN, Johann Frederick11 Oct 189512 Oct 1895Timmermann, Herman HeinrichSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), MariaTimmermann, Heinrich FrederickTimmermann, Maria Antonia---
TIMMERMANN, Johann Herman07 Jun 187708 Jun 1877Timmermann, TheodorHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Anna MargarethaHoeckelberg, Johann HermanMEYER, Wilhelmina born HULLMANNMarried Katharina KOHRMANN 26 Jun 1912
TIMMERMANN, Joseph Gerhard10 Apr 188910 Apr 1889Timmermann, TheodorHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Anna MariaTimmermann, GerhardBECKMANN, Carolina born GEERSMarried Olga C. HILMES 30 Nov 1916
TIMMERMANN, Josephina Amelia02 Sep 190002 Sep 1900Timmermann, Herman (From Breese, IL)SCHLUETER, MariaHUSTEDE, FrancisKRUEP, Josephina born SchlueterMarried Eugene F. WERNLE 25 Aug 1920 in Breese, IL
TIMMERMANN, Maria Augusta27 Oct 190428 Oct 1904Timmermann, Herman Heinrich (From Ankum, Hanover, Germany)SCHLUETER, MariaTimmermann, AugustTimmermann, Antonia born SPIELMANNMarried Bernard J. KAULING 6 Oct 1926 in Beckemeyer, IL; confirmed in Breese, IL
TIMMERMANN, Maria Elisabeth15 Apr 188416 Apr 1884Timmermann, TheodorHÖCHELBERG (Hoechelberg), Anna MariaBECKMANN, JosephTimmermann, Elisabeth born VOGT---
TIMMERMANN, Seraphina Francisca Cecelia14 Apr 189614 Apr 1896Timmermann, Theodor (From Breese, IL)HOECKELBERG, Anna (From Aviston, IL)HUSTEDDE, FrancisBECKER, Seraphina born Hoeckelberg---
TIMMERMANN, Theodor13 Jun 184705 Jul 1847Timmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorVogt, Elisabeth---
TIMMERMANN, Theodor Wilhelm07 Apr 188208 Apr 1882Timmermann, TheodorHÖCHELBERG (Hoechelberg), Anna MargarethaTimmermann, WilhelmHECKMANN, Anna born BECKMANN---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm01 Feb 187302 Feb 1873Timmermann, TheodorHÖCKELBERG (Hoeckelberg), Anna MargarethaTimmermann, WilhelmSCHULTE, Catharina born Hoeckelberg---
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm02 Feb 1802---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1838 with wife Elisabeth born Vogt and possibly son Herman. Recorded on sixth page of 1847 record book.
TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm Joseph16 Sep 189917 Sep 1899Timmermann, Herman (From Breese, IL)SCHLUETER, MariaTimmermann, WilhelmKRÜP (Kruep), Josephine born Schlueter---
TIMPE, Heinrich29 May 186129 May 1861Timpe, TheodorALTEPETER, MariaAltepeter, HeinrichTimpe, Maria Elisabeth---
TIMPER, Aloysius Francis17 Jun 190219 Jun 1902Timper, BernardHUNDMANN, ElisabethHundmann, ClemensTimper, Maria---
TIMPER, Anna Maria Antonia28 Jun 190029 Jun 1900Timper, TheodorDULLE, Anna (From Aviston, IL)Dulle, Johann GerhardHOFFMANN, Anna born HUNDMANNMarried Gottfried KURPF 27 Apr 1921 in East St Louis, IL
TIMPER, Anna Maria Gertrud23 Aug 187224 Aug 1872Timper, TheodorALTEPETER, MariaAltepeter, HeinrichBOCKHOLT, Anna Maria Gertrud born Timper---
TIMPER, Catharina Maria10 Oct 189212 Oct 1892Timper, BernardHUNDMAN, CatharinaALTEPETER, HeinrichHundman, Catharina born HEMANN---
TIMPER, Catharina Regina24 Jul 186925 Jul 1869Timper, TheodorALTEPETER, MariaHINCAMP, HeinrichMENKE, Catharina born GRAMANN---
TIMPER, Clement Bernard Lambert22 Nov 189523 Nov 1895Timper, BernardHUNDMANN, ElisabethHundmann, LambertWARDEIN, Maria born TimperMarried Mary BRENNAN 3 Sep 1924 in East St. Louis, IL
TIMPER, Elisabeth Clara23 Jun 187524 Jun 1875Timper, TheodorALTEPETER, MariaGRAHMANN, HeinrichMIDDEKE, Clara born LEUWEKAMP---
TIMPER, Gerhard Bartholomew24 Aug 189425 Aug 1894Timper, TheodorDULLE, Anna (From Aviston, IL)HOFFMANN, Gerhard HeinrichTimper, Elisabeth born HUNDMANN---
TIMPER, Gerhard Theodor20 Oct 186621 Oct 1866Timper, Gerhard TheodorALTEPETER, MariaHINKAMP, Gerhard TheodorAltepeter, Catharina born HOLLENKAMP---
TIMPER, Hendrina (Henrietta) Philomena11 Apr 188311 Apr 1883Timper, TheodorALTPETER, MariaGRAMANN, HeinrichWELLING, Hendrina---
TIMPER, Herman Heinrich23 Jun 184430 Jun 1844Timper, TheodorBECKMANN, Maria ElisabethHINKAMP, Herman HeinrichUSSELMANN, M. Elisabeth---
TIMPER, Johann Bernard10 Sep 186312 Sep 1863Timper, TheodorALTEPETER, MariaMIDDEKE, Johann BernardVOGT, Elisabeth---
TIMPER, Johann Bernard27 Dec 189727 Dec 1897Timper, TheodorDULLE, Anna (From Aviston, IL)Timper, BernardTimper, Louisa born DEPENHARDT---
TIMPER, Johann Theodor23 Feb 189024 Feb 1890Timper, BernardHUNDMAN, ElisabethTimper, TheodorHEMANN, Catharina Elisabeth born BECKMANN---
TIMPER, Joseph Edward13 Mar 190613 Mar 1906Timper, BernardHUNDMANN, ElisabethTimper, TheodorHEMANN, Maria born WEBERMarried Ada YATES 7 Apr 1928 East St. Louis, IL
TIMPER, Joseph Theodor12 Jun 189813 Jun 1898Timper, BernardHUNDMANN, ElizabethTimper, TheodorHOFFMANN, Anna born HundmannMarried Anna O'BRIEN 4 Sep 1922 in East St. Louis, IL
TIMPER, Lambert Joseph18 Sep 190623 Sep 1906Timper, Theodore G.DULLE, Anna (From Aviston, IL)Dulle, LambertDulle, Bertha ---
TIMPER, Margaretha Elisabetha16 Jul 188017 Jul 1880Timper, TheodorALTEPETER, MariaMENKE, AntonHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKEMarried Alvin SIREB (?) 10 Feb 1926 in New Almelo, KS
TIMPER, Maria Josephina19 Mar 190322 Mar 1903Timper, TheodorDULLE, Anna (From Aviston, IL)Timper, BernardTimper, Maria---
TIMPER, Thomas Herman06 Mar 187807 Mar 1878Timper, Johann GerhardALTPETER, MariaHONKAMP, Johann HermanAltpeter, Maria Elisabeth born HELLMANN---
TINN, Bernard Heinrich15 Jul 186516 Jul 1865Tinn, Johann HermanMEHR, MariaWIBELS, BernardDUST, Maria HelenaCompare Thien and Meer
TOBE, Maria Anna04 Oct 186404 Oct 1864Tobe, ClemensNot Listed, CatharinaLÜBKE (Luebke), Johann HeinrichMILLERS, M. Adelheid---
TOEBEN, Bernard26 May 190527 May 1905Toeben, Herman (From St. Louis, MO)WESSELMANN, Theresia (From Germany)WILKEN, BernardWesselmann, Katharina born RIBBING---
TOENIES, Anna Maria14 Nov 185915 Nov 1859Toenies, Johann BernardDUST, Margaret AdelheidDust, Herman BernardToenies, Anna---
TOENIES, Gerhard Herman14 Jan 185417 Jan 1854Toenies, Gerhard HeinrichREINERS, Anna M.Toenies, Johann GerhardBUDDE, Anna Maria---
TOENNIES, Bernard Herman (Twin)22 Jan 187026 Jan 1870Toennies, Johann BernardDUST, Margaretha AdelheidToennies, Johann HermanRIPPERDA, Adelheid born FELDMANN---
TOENNIES, Gerhard Albert (Twin)22 Jan 187026 Jan 1870Toennies, Johann BernardDUST, Margaretha AdelheidToennies, Gerhard AlbertToennies, Susanna born REIN___ (tape over last name)---
TOMBACH, Anna Philippina09 Mar 185711 Mar 1857Tombach, Carl FranzMERCHER, Anna Maria CarolinaMercher, Johann HeinrichHALLERMANN, Anna---
TOMBACH, Anton11 Nov 185320 Nov 1853Tombach, Carl JosephWAGNER, PhilippinaTombach, AntonTombach, Elisabeth (Mrs. Anton)---
TONNIES, Margaretha Adelheid13 Sep 186516 Sep 1865Tonnies, Johann BernardDUST, Margaretha AdelheidWECAMP, Johann BernardWecamp, Anna Margaretha---
TONNIES, Maria Anna12 Jan 187513 Jan 1875Tonnies, BernardDUST, Margaretha AdelheidRIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichFELDMANN, Anna Maria---
TOOL, Laurent03 Sep 185318 Sep 1853Tool, JacobCONDON, AliceTool, PatrickTool, Antonette---
TORMANN, Aurelia Angela Climpia02 Jan 185612 Apr 1856Tormann, FriederichBRANSTÄTTER (Branstaetter), Maria JosephinaBranstaetter, JosephBranstaetter, Catharina (Mrs. Joseph)---
TRAME, Anna Cecelia13 Dec 188314 Dec 1883Trame, FriederichBECKER, Maria ElisabethLAMPE, GerhardBecker, Anna---
TRAME, August Bernard20 Mar 187821 Mar 1878Trame, FriederichBECKER, MariaTrame, AugustGRAWE, Anna Maria born DULLEMarried Christina KLOECKNER 23 Nov 1909 in Bartelso, IL
TRAME, Catharina Eugenia20 Mar 187421 Mar 1874Trame, FriederichBECKER, Maria ElisabethGRAWE, ChristophorBecker, Catharina born TEEKE---
TRAME, Johann Friederich05 Jan 187605 Jan 1876Trame, Johann FriederichBECKER, Maria ElisabethBecker, FriederichGRAVE, Anna Elisabeth born TEEKE---
TRAME, Johann Heinrich01 Feb 188203 Feb 1882Trame, FriederichBECKER, MariaBecker, HeinrichGRAWE, Margaretha Elisabeth ---
TRAME, Regina Elisabeth11 Jan 188012 Jan 1880Trame, FriederichBECKER, MariaBERGMANN, GerhardRUMP, Elisabeth born Becker---
TRENKE, Amalia25 Jul 185424 Sep 1854Trenke, SebastianGÜRTZ (Guertz), Maria AnnaFULMER, Johann BaptistFulmer, Francisca---
TRESTER, Anna Carolina14 Dec 187704 Aug 1878Trester, JohannCZERNY, Carolina---WOLKING, Dominica born INGENDAA---
TROESTER, Maria Paulina06 Nov 187513 Jan 1876Troester, JohannCZERNY, CarolinaLÜBKE (Luebke), Heinrich------
TUENTSER, Maria Elisabetha31 Jul 187201 Aug 1872Tuentser, GerhardTOETSEN, Maria ElisabethaWEBER, TheodorToetsen, Maria born RUMP---
TULLER, Anna Wilhelmina09 Dec 184115 Dec 1841Tuller, J. HeinrichDUST, Anna MargarethaKOEBBE, HermanDust, Anna MariaLast name could be Taller
URBAN, Anna Maria02 Mar 190204 Mar 1902Urban, Johann (From Okawville, IL)TOENNIES, MariaKOHNEN, HermanSANTEL, Katharine---
URBAN, Anna Maria Margaret20 Aug 190017 Dec 1900Urban, Johann (From Waterloo, IL)TOENNIES, MariaSTROTHMANN, BernardToennies, Margaret born DUSTChild is illegitimate; married Andrew Nicolaus STRUBHART 29 Oct 1919 in Aviston, IL
URBAN, Heinrich Joseph28 Dec 190329 Dec 1903Urban, Johann (From Okawville, IL)TOENNIES, MariaToennies, HeinrichEVERSGERD, Maria---
URBAN, Johann15 Apr 187030 Dec 1898Urban, JohannOSBORN, MariaMICHELS, Arnold---Born in Waterloo, IL
URBAN, Margaret Martha30 Dec 190431 Dec 1904Urban, Johann (From Waterloo, IL)TOENNIES, MariaJANSEN, BernardSTROTHMANN, MariaMarried Frederick SPI___? 12 Feb 1931? In St. Louis, MO
URBAN, Rosa Elisabeth25 Oct 190626 Oct 1906Urban, Johann (From Waterloo, IL)TOENNIES, MariaTHESING, HenryToennies, Elisabeth---
URPAN, Wilhelm01 Feb 184323 Jul 1843Urpan, FranzKLEIN, Maria UrsulaLANGE, WilhelmLange, ElisabethCompare Urban
USELMANN, Anna Maria17 Apr 186417 Apr 1864Uselmann, HeinrichPOHLMANN, MargarethaNETENMAYER, HeinrichDINIGER, Anna Maria---
USSELMANN, Anna13 Apr 186014 Apr 1860Usselmann, HeinrichBAHLMANN, MargarethaKREKE, GerhardWESTERMANN, Anna Gesina---
USSELMANN, Anna Helena22 Nov 186128 Nov 1861Usselmann, Herman HeinrichBAHLMANN, Anna MargarethaWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), HeinrichBahlmann, Anna Helena---
USSELMANN, Heinrich04 Aug 184908 Aug 1849Usselmann, Herman HeinrichOTTKE, CatharinaOttke, Johann HeinrichTIMPER, Maria Elisabeth---
USSELMANN, Heinrich Ludwig16 Dec 188018 Dec 1880Usselmann, HeinrichRITTER, LouisaOTKE, HeinrichWEHBERG, Bernardina---
USSELMANN, Helena Catharina29 Jun 187730 Jun 1877Usselmann, Herman HeinrichDULLE, Maria AnnaWOESTMANN, HeinrichDulle, Helena Catharina born LOEST for Margaretha HAGEN born K..---
USSELMANN, Johann Gerhard04 Nov 185208 Nov 1852Usselmann, Herman HeinrichOTKEN, CatharinaSCHLARMANN, Johann GerhardWÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Maria---
USSELMANN, Louise Gertrud25 Jul 187427 Jul 1874Usselmann, HeinrichRUITER, LouiseBAUMANN, AntonRuiter, Gertrud born KLASMEIER---
USSELMANN, Ludwig13 Aug 185419 Aug 1854Usselmann, Herman HeinrichOTKEN, CatharinaOtken, HeinrichKREKE, Friederica---
USSELMANN, Ludwig Heinrich Theodor03 Oct 187703 Oct 1877Usselmann, Johann HeinrichRÜTTER (Ruetter), LouisaUsselmann, Ludwig for Theodor Heinrich RuetterUsselmann, Anna Helena---
USSELMANN, Maria Bernardina28 Aug 190128 Aug 1901Usselmann, WilhelmSCHROEDER, Anna (From Bartelso, IL)SCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephSchroeder, Maria---
USSELMANN, Maria Catharina30 Dec 187904 Jan 1880Usselmann, Johann HeinrichRUETER, LouisaWOESTMANN, HeinrichBAHLMANN, Maria Catharina born RÜTER (Rueter)---
USSELMANN, Maria Elisabeth23 Jan 186723 Jan 1867Usselmann, Herman HeinrichBAHLMANN, MargarethaSCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephBahlmann, Maria Theresia born NORDHAUS---
USSELMANN, Wilhelm Anton10 Dec 186913 Dec 1869Usselmann, Herman HeinrichBAAHLMANN, MargarethaBaahlmann, Wilhelm AntonSCHLARMANN, Wilhelmina born KAISER---
USTERMANN, Johann Bernard15 Feb 184417 Feb 1844Ustermann, Johann JosephMAUEN, Maria TheresiaMauen, Johann BernardWOBBE, MargarethaChild died
USTERMANN, Johann Gerhard08 Feb 184509 Feb 1845Ustermann, JosephMAUEN, Maria TheresiaWOBBE, Johann GerhardMEIER, Margaretha---
VAN ALST, Johann Theodor05 Apr 188205 Apr 1882Van Alst, TheodorSCHRÖDER (Schroeder), ChristinaWELLING, JohannLÖPKER (Loepker), Anna---
VANDERHAAR, Johann Albert21 Feb 185125 Feb 1851Van Der Haar, Johann BernardLOEBES, Anna Maria GesinaVan Der Haar, Johann AlbertWELLEN, Anna Adelheid---
VAREL, Herman17 Jul 187917 Jul 1879Varel, HermanSCHEMEL, MargarethaKANNEL, DominicSchemel, Magdalena---
VELAGE, Anna Maria25 Nov 185027 Nov 1850Velage, Johann AlbertMERSCHER, Anna MariaWEMPE, Johann HermanMerscher, Anna MariaCompare Wehlage.
VELAGE, Anna Theresia17 Apr 185218 Apr 1852Velage, AlbertMERSCHER, Anna MariaLAGER, TheodorWEMPE, Theresia---
VELEN, Helena Christina16 May 184704 Jul 1847Velen, Johann AlbertLEBERS, Maria GesinaVONDERHAR, BernardVelen, Anna HelenaCompare Wellen & Lubbers
VENHAUS, Herman28 Sep 187430 Sep 1874Venhaus, HeinrichJANSEN, ChristinaKOCH, HermanROBBEN, Katharina born BUSZMANN---
VENHAUS, Johann Anton16 Nov 186818 Nov 1868Venhaus, HeinrichJANSEN, ChristinaWIETER, AntonHEMMELGARN, Anna Christina born KALL---
VENHAUS, Maria Elisabeth06 Oct 186707 Oct 1867Venhaus, HeinrichJANSEN, ChristinaSPREE, FranzTHEISSING, Maria Elisabeth born WIETER---
VENHAUS, Maria Wilhelmina06 Jan 187206 Jan 1872Venhaus, HeinrichJANSEN, SophiaHAUKAP, FranzSCHLARMANN, Wilhelmina born KAISER---
VENHAUS, Otto Heinrich26 Feb 187028 Feb 1870Venhaus, HeinrichJANSEN, ChristinaSCHMITZ, Otto HeinrichHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
VIETH, Anna Maria07 Aug 187808 Aug 1878Vieth, HermanHEUSKENS, Maria CarolinaMÜLLER (Mueller), Johann FriederichEVELD, Anna Maria born WALLER---
VIETH, Bernard Herman28 Oct 189831 Oct 1898---Vieth, AnnaVieth, Bernard HermanFRERKER, Anna Maria born ViethChild is illegitimate
VIETH, Ernst Heinrich11 Dec 188012 Dec 1880Vieth, HermanHENSKEN, MariaSCHLAUTMANN, Ernst HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina born STUCKENKEMPER---
VIETH, Josephina Gertrud15 Mar 188317 Mar 1883Vieth, HermanHENSKEN, M. CarolinaKÖLLEN (Koellen), HermanDRUIDING, Josephina Th.---
VIETH, Maria Anna Agnes14 Apr 187715 Apr 1877Vieth, Bernard HermanHENSCHEN, Maria CarolinaCOERS, ClemensTHIEN, Maria Anna Agnes born LOEPKER Compare FAETH
VILKER, Maria Catharina Margaretha---03 Jul 1847Vilker, Gerhard WilhelmKNOBE, CatharinaMENTHE, JosephWESTMANN, Catharina MargarethaBirth date is listed only as 9.
VOCKE, Anna Catharina06 Jan 185707 Jan 1857Vocke, Gerhard HeinrichFIDLER, CatharinaKÖBBE (Koebbe), HeinrichRipperda, AdelheidCompare Focke
VOECKE, Christina29 Aug 185929 Aug 1859Voecke, Gerhard HeinrichFIDDELER, Maria CatharinaRIPPERDA, Bernard H.FICKER, MargaretCompare Foecke
VOELKER, Anna Maria28 Sep 187629 Sep 1876Voelker, Anton AdolphRIPPERDA, WilhelminaWILDHABER, PeterVelker, Anna Maria born TIMMERCompare Foelker
VOGELSANG, Anna Maria17 Feb 186027 Feb 1860Vogelsang, Franz WilhelmTENNEMANN, Maria MargarethEWERS, HeinrichGAUSSEPOHL, Anna Maria---
VOGELSANG, Johann Franz05 Sep 186208 Sep 1862Vogelsang, Franz WilhelmTIMMERMANN, Maria MargarethaHESSE, AugustDUST, Maria Gesina---
VOGELSANG, Wilhelmina31 Mar 186508 Apr 1865Vogelsang, Franz VENNEMAN, Maria MargarethaEVERSGERD, HeinrichMESHER, Wilhelmina---
VOGT, Herman17 Nov 1904---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1838. He is possibly the father of Elisabeth Timmermann born Vogt. Recorded on sixth page of 1847 record book.
VOPPE (Foppe), Catharina26 Dec 187527 Dec 1875Voppe (Foppe), ClemensKÜRKENMEYER (Kuerkenmeyer), ElisabethaKuerkenmeyer, HeinrichLÜBKE (Luebke), Catharina born BENTEN---
VOPPE, Bernard12 Oct 185413 Oct 1854Voppe, BernardHORCHELER, CatharinaVoppe, BernardBECKMANN, Maria AdelheidCompare Foppe
VORDERBRUYE, Heinrich Franz29 Dec 185601 Jan 1857Vorderbruye, HermanSCHULTE, ElisabethJUNKER, HeinrichGROCHMANN, Francisca---
VORNHOLD, Adolph Theodor---07 Feb 1803------------Came to St. Boniface in 1835 with his wife Elisabeth & son Conrad. Recorded on second page of 1847 record book.
VORNHOLD, Conrad10 Jun 183802 Jul 1838Vornhold, Adolph TheodorWACHTEL, Elisabeth------His parents came to St. Boniface in 1835. Recorded on second page of 1847 record book.
VORNHOLD, Elisabeth01 Jul 185103 Jul 1851Vornhold, TheodorWACHTL, Maria Elisabeth---Vornhold, Maria Elisabeth---
VORNHOLD, Elisabeth------WACHTEL, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface in 1835 with her husband Adolph & son Conrad. Recorded on second page of 1847 record book.
VORNHOLD, Infant30 May 184008 Jun 1840Vornhold, TheodorWACHTEL, ElisabethWachtel, MartinBUROCHHARD, Anna Maria---
VORNHOLD, Johann Anton Conrad25 Apr 1818---------------Came to St. Boniface in 1835. Recorded on second page of 1847 record book.
VORNHOLD, Maria Carolina22 Feb 184510 Mar 1845Vornhold, TheodorWACHTEL, Maria ElisabethBUDDE, HeinrichBudde, Maria Carolina---
VORNHOLD, Maria Elisabeth---28 Nov 1841---------------
VORNHOLT, Maria26 Aug 184702 Sep 1847Vornholt, TheodorWACHTEL, Maria ElisabethVornholt, ConradVornholt, Maria Elisabeth---
VORNHOLT, Sophia Elisabeth11 Jul 184330 Jul 1843Vornholt, TheodorWACHTEL, ElisabethWachtel, MarcREHAGE, Elisabeth---
VOSHOLTER, Johann Dietrich06 Feb 185607 Feb 1856VOSHOLTER, HeinrichNERVERING, ClaraOVERBECKER, Johann DietrichRATHERMANN, Elisabeth---
VOSS, Anna Gesina24 Feb 185725 Feb 1857Voss, Johann BernardESS, Anna GesinaHOLTGREVE, GerhardEss, Gesina Adelheid---
VOSS, Bernard Herman31 Aug 185301 Sep 1853Voss, BernardESS, Anna GesinaHILMES, HermanEss, Anna Maria---
VOSS, Dietrich Christoph Heinrich29 Jun 185102 Jul 1851Voss, DietrichWESTERHOUS, MariaGUTHOUS, ChristophGuthous, Catharina (Mrs. Christoph)---
VOSS, Herman Bernard02 Feb 185203 Feb 1852Voss, Johann BernardESZ, Maria GesinaEsz, Herman BernardHELLMAN, Margaretha Elsiabeth---
VOSS, Johann Bernard05 Sep 185406 Sep 1854Voss, JohannWICHARD, Maria AngelaVoss, Johann BernardMOREHENNERS, Wilhelmina---
VOSS, Johann Bernard09 Apr 185510 Apr 1855Voss, Johann BernardESS, Maria AdelheidVoss, Johann BernardEss, Anna Adelheid---
VOSS, Johann Herman29 Dec 185702 Jan 1858Voss, Johann BernardWIEGHARD, Maria JuliannaKRÜB (Krueb), HermanKrueb, ElisabethCompare Kruep
VOSSELLER, Bernard (Twin)25 Mar 185226 Mar 1852Vosseller, Bernard HeinrichNEIDEMAN, ClaraHUTSMAN, BernardHutsman, Catharina (Mrs. Bernard)---
VOSSELLER, Catharina (Twin)25 Mar 185226 Mar 1852Vosseller, Bernard HeinrichNEIDEMAN, ClaraRATTERMAN, Johann FriederichOVERBECKE, Catharina---
VOSSELLER, Maria Elisabeth24 Mar 185027 Mar 1850Vosseller, HeinrichNEUTELLMANN, ClaraCOEBBE, BernardHELMES, ElisabethCompare Koebbe.
WÖRMANN (Woermann), Lawrence Justin Thaddeus05 Sep 190406 Sep 1904Woermann, Carl H. (From Vechta, Oldenburg, Germany)ANSELM, Rosa (From Apple Creek, MO)MEIRINK, Bernard J.Meirink, Francisca---
WÖRMANN (Woermann), Maria Angela Philomena03 Sep 190205 Sep 1902Woermann, Carl Herman (From Welpe, Oldenburg, Germany)ANSELM, Rosa Anna (From Apple Creek, MO)HALLERMANN, FrancisHallermann, Maria---
WÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Anna Catharina13 Sep 186617 Sep 1866Woestmann, Johann HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), MariaWESTERVELHAUS, HeinrichKOCH, Anna Catharina born SCHRÖDER (Schroeder)---
WÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Franz07 Nov 186009 Nov 1860Woestmann, HeinrichROTHLÜBBER (Rothluebber), Anna MariaRothluebber, Herman Heinrich------
WÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Georg14 Sep 186216 Sep 1862Woestmann, HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), MariaOTKEN, GerhardBAHLMANN, Margaretha---
WÖSTMANN (Woestmann), Herman Heinrich28 Oct 186801 Nov 1868Woestmann, Herman HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), Anna MariaBIERMANN, HeinrichBiermann, Maria Adelheid born Rothluebbers---
WALLER, Anna Carolina16 Feb 187617 Feb 1876Waller, ClemensHILMES, AnnaEILERS, Franz JosephHILMES, Anna Carolina born BÜTTMANN (Buettmann)---
WALLER, Anna Maria04 Mar 188805 Mar 1888Waller, ClemensWELLEN, CatharinaJANSEN, LambertWaller, Anna Maria born GOERS---
WALLER, Catharina Bernardina Christina18 Dec 190520 Dec 1905Waller, Clement (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)WELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)HILMES, BernardHilmes, Catharina born TOENNIESMarried Edward HEGGER 18 Aug 1926 St Boniface St Louis, MO
WALLER, Catharina Elisabeth19 Mar 188920 Mar 1889Waller, Clement (From Lengerich, Amt Feren, Hanover)WELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)EVELT, GerhardHEIER, Carolina born OLTMANN---
WALLER, Francis Clement25 Mar 189825 Mar 1898Waller, Clement (From Hanover, Germany)WELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)KALLAGE, ClemensKallage, TheresiaMarried Catharina Maria SCHENKELBERG 16 Jan 1923 in Templeton, IA; married by Rev. C. Schenkelberg
WALLER, Herman Frederick22 Apr 189624 Apr 1896Waller, Clement (From Lengerich, Hanover)WELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)LÜKE (Lueke), FrederickWOBBE, Anna---
WALLER, Johann Andrew05 Apr 189005 Apr 1890Waller, Clement (From Lengerich, Hanover)WELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)Wellen, AndrewWaller, Anna Christina born ALBERS---
WALLER, Johann Bernard19 Oct 188120 Oct 1881Waller, ClemensHILMES, AnnaWaller, J. B.DÜING (Dueing), Christina---
WALLER, Johann Heinrich23 Apr 187924 Apr 1879Waller, ClemensHILMES, AnnaHilmes, Johann HeinrichWaller, Anna Margaretha born ALERSMarried Ida SCHOMAKER 21 Oct 1908
WALLER, Maria Anna17 Sep 185018 Sep 1850Waller, BernardAHLERS, MargarethaCOEBBE, Gerhard HeinrichWaller, Maria AnnaCompare Koebbe.
WALLER, Maria Catharina06 Sep 188607 Sep 1886Waller, ClemensWELLEN, CatharinaWaller, HeinrichWellen, Maria born SCHULTE---
WALLER, Monica Francisca03 May 189404 May 1894Waller, Clement (From Lengerich, Hanover)WELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)BOHNENKAMP, BernardHAUKAP, Maria Anna born SCHRANDT---
WALLER, Theodor Aloysius22 Jun 190324 Jun 1903Waller, Clement (From Lengerich, Hanover, Germany)WELLEN, Katharina (From Damiansville, IL)WOBBE, BernardWellen, MariaBaptized at birth due to medical emergency
WALLER, William Vincent05 Apr 190106 Apr 1901Waller, ClementWELLEN, Catharina (From Damiansville, IL)ROEBKE, HeinrichHEGEL, Margaret---
WALLERS, Anna Maria31 Oct 185702 Nov 1857Wallers, BernardAHLERS, Anna M.KÖBBE (Koebbe), HeinrichWELLEN, Anna M.---
WALLERS, Herman Bernard20 Nov 185321 Nov 1853Wallers, J. B.ALERS, MargarethaWallers, Herman BernardWallers, Anna Maria (Mrs. Herman Bernard)---
WALLERS, Herman Heinrich22 Nov 185124 Nov 1851Wallers, BernardAHLERS, Maria AdelheidAhlers, Herman HeinrichWOEBBE, Maria Adelheid---
WALLERS, Maria Theresia10 Jan 185612 Jan 1856Wallers, Johann BernardALERS, Maria AdelheidHALLERMANN, JosephHORCHELER, Maria Theresia---
WALLRATH, Anna Josephina26 Apr 187826 Apr 1878Wallrath, PeterPORGELT, CatharinaHALLERMANN, JosephHALLERMANN, Anna Maria born MEIER---
WALLRATH, Franz Joseph29 Feb 188429 Feb 1884Wallrath, PeterPURZELT, CatharinaHEMANN, FranzWESTERMANN, Maria Louisa born MEIERMarried 30 May 1909 in Spreckels, CA
WALLRATH, Gertrud Margaretha18 Jul 188220 Jul 1882Wallrath, PeterPORZELT, CatharinaWESTERMANN, WilhelmKERSTING, GertrudMarried Jacob Eckert 12 Apr 1915 in Evansville, IN
WALRATH, Johann Heinrich20 May 187521 May 1875Walrath, PeterPORTZELT, CatharinaWalrath, Johann [Heinrich LÜBKE (Luebke)]DICKER, Maria CatharinaMarried Harriet M COG (Non-Catholic) in North Platte Nebraska 8 Mar 1912
WALTNER, Maria24 Jun 186409 Jul 1865Waltner, JohannSCHURMAN, ElisabethLAMPE, HeinrichWORSTMANN, Maria---
WÜBBE (Wuebbe), Anna Maria03 Nov 184503 Nov 1845Wuebbe, B. A.JANSEN, Anna MariaDEIMANN, HeinrichWuebbe, Anna Maria---
WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Anna Maria Apr 186601 May 1866Wuebbels, BernardMEER, Maria HelenaLAKE, HeinrichTHIEN, Anna Maria born MEERPage torn at birth date; Compare Woebels
WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Johann Herman18 Feb 188419 Feb 1884Wuebbels, GerhardKRÜGER (Krueger), TheresiaWuebbels, BernardSIEBENBURGER, Theresia born Wuebbels---
WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Maria Catharina11 Feb 186111 Feb 1861Wuebbels, Johann BernardMEHR, Maria HelenaDUST, HermanMehr, Maria Catharina---
WÜBBLE (Wuebble), Anna07 Jan 184212 Jan 1842Wuebble, Johann BernardLÜBKE (Luebke), Anna AngelaDUST, GerhardALERS, Maria Adelheid---
WÜLLER (Wueller), Johann Baptist16 Dec 185322 Feb 1854Wueller, BernardWOSTMANN, ElisabethISACK, J. BaptistPEPPENHORST, Gertrud---
WÜLLER (Wueller), Nicolaus08 Mar 185726 May 1857Wueller, B.WORTMANN, ElisabethISACK, NicolausPEPPENHORST, Catharina---
WÜST (Wuest), Maria Elisabeth16 Feb 185229 Feb 1852Wuest, FranzHERHOLZER, Maria HUPERT, LaurentHupert, Catharina (Mrs. Laurent)Baptism was at parents' home
WARDEIN, Alexander Theodor25 Mar 189926 Mar 1899Wardein, Mathias (From Austria)TIMPER, Maria Timper, TheodorTimper, Elizabeth born HUNDMANN---
WARDEIN, Francisca Maria Theodora10 May 189611 May 1896Wardein, Mathias (From Austria)TIMPER, Maria GertrudTimper, TheodorTIMPER, Maria born POLKLESENER---
WASKEFORT, Johann Franz15 Dec 184020 Dec 1840Waskefort, Johann CasparBUCHHOLS, TheresiaBuchhols, Franz HeinrichWaskefort, Maria Anna---
WASMANN, Aloysius Joseph02 May 190403 May 1904Wasmann, Henry JosephFOEKE, Maria (From Breese, IL)HAAKE, JohnDRENTEN, Anna born FOEKEPlease contact Gloria Dettleff if related to the this family
WASMANN, Anna Maria10 Mar 186711 Mar 1867Wasmann, ConradBRECKWEG, Maria AnnaESS, Herman BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria born PEISSTRUP---
WASMANN, Heinrich Joseph02 Sep 186003 Sep 1860Wasmann, ConradBRECKWEG, Anna MariaWESTERMANN, Carl JosephESS, Maria Anna---
WASMANN, Herman Lucas26 Dec 186128 Dec 1861Wasmann, ConradBRECKWEG, Anna MariaTIMMER, Herman LucasSTORM, Maria Anna---
WATSON, Jacob J.17 Oct 183601 Nov 1851Watson, JacobNot Listed, ElisabethWIST, AmbroseMARZLOFF, MariaBaptism was at Franz Wist home by Rev Nicolaus Stehle
WEBER, Anna Margaretha16 Nov 186217 Nov 1862Weber, AntonVONDERHAR, WilhelminaHULSMANN, TheodorWOLTERS, Anna Margaretha---
WEBER, Anna Maria11 Oct 188412 Oct 1884Weber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaTHOELE, GerhardHEMANN, Maria born Weber---
WEBER, Anna Maria 03 Feb 185405 Feb 1854Weber, DietrichLÜBERS (Luebers), Anna MariaTEVES, ChristophHILSMANN, Anna Maria---
WEBER, Anna Wilhelmina12 Apr 186314 Apr 1863Weber, TheodorWOLTERS, Anna MargarethaENGBERS, Bernard HeinrichVONDEHAAR, Anna Wilhelmina---
WEBER, Anton23 Mar 185124 Mar 1851Weber, TheodorTOELEN, Maria ElisabethHULFSMAN, AntonTEEVES, Margaretha---
WEBER, Bernard18 Mar 184522 Mar 1845Weber, BernardKOORS, Anna M.RUÜ (Ruue), AlbertSCHLARMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
WEBER, Christoph---30 Jan 1847Weber, ChristophNot Listed, AnnaSWAGE, ChristophMESCHMANN, MariaThis entry lists the year as 1846 in error.
WEBER, Johann Theodor05 Sep 184519 Oct 1845Weber, TheodorTHÖLE (Thoele), Maria AdelheidHULSMANN, TheodorBRUNNERT, Anna Angela---
WEBER, Margaretha03 Oct 186005 Oct 1860Weber, TheodorLÜBERS (Luebers), Anna MariaENGELMAYER, PhilippTHEWES, Margaretha---
WEBER, Maria Catharina29 Oct 188330 Oct 1883Weber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaTIMMERMANN, TheodorLANDHOLT, Catharina born Weber---
WEBER, Maria Elisabeth08 May 188609 May 1886Weber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaKARHOFF, GerhardRITTERHOLZ, Maria Elisabeth born Weber---
WEBERG, Anna Gesina21 Aug 185131 Aug 1851Weberg, JohannKLUSENER, Elisabeth---AHLERS, Anna Maria---
WEBERG, Christina04 Jul 184910 Jul 1849Weberg, JohannCLUSENER, Elisabeth---KLUSENER, Christina---
WEBERG, Johann Nicolaus12 Dec 185324 Dec 1853Weberg, JohannKLÜSENER (Kluesener), ElisabethNELSEN, NicolausKluesener, Christina---
WECAMP, Margaretha Adlais25 Dec 185727 Dec 1857Wecamp, Bernard HeinrichKRUSE, ElisabethKruse, Gerhard HeinrichWOLTERS, Margaretha Adel.---
WEEH, Antonia Theresia08 Jun 189308 Jun 1893Weeh, Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover)TORBECK, Christina (From Lengerich, Hanover)MERSCHER, AntonMerscher, Antonia born Torbeck---
WEHE, Anton29 Nov 189430 Nov 1894Wehe, Bernard (From Lengerich, Hanover)TORBECK, Christina (From Lengerich, Hanover)MERSCHER, AntonMerscher, Antonia born TorbeckMarried Theresia WEHLAGE 16 May 1923 in Breese, IL
WEHLAGE, Johann Albert12 Oct 184513 Oct 1845Wehlage, Johann HeinrichESS, Anna MariaWehlage, J. AlbertEss, E. Margaretha---
WEHRLE, Maria29 May 185518 May 1856Wehrle, NicolausKOCH, AgathaWINGEDER, JohannSEGELER, Anna Maria---
WEIDNER, Johann10 Apr 185919 Jun 1859Weidner, Hieronymus (Jerome)HIRSCH, MagdalenaMIDDENDORF, Herman------
WEIER, Bernard09 Feb 188710 Feb 1887Weier, ClemensRIPPERDA, AnnaRipperda, Bernard AlbertRipperda, Maria Catharina born MEMANN---
WEIER, Johann Wilhelm05 Jul 189506 Jul 1895Weier, Clement (From Freren, Hanover)RIPPERDA, AnnaHERMELING, WilhelmLAKE, Rosa born Weier---
WEIER, Maria Josephina24 Aug 188925 Aug 1889Weier, Clement (From Freren, Hanover)RIPPERDA, AnnaBUDDE, Johann HeinrichHERMELING, Maria born RipperdaThis entry is out of sequence, appears with Nov 1889 entries.
WELAGE, Anna Christina27 Dec 185302 Jan 1854Welage, Johann AlbertMERSCHER, Anna MariaMAUE, ClemensWelage, A. Christina---
WELAGE, Anna Maria26 Feb 184401 Mar 1844Welage, Johann HeinrichESS, Maria AnnaRICKEN, J. CasparALERS, Anna AdelheidChild died
WELAGE, Bernard Heinrich11 Jan 184613 Jan 1846Welage, Johann AlbertWEH, Anna CatharinaALBERS, Bernard STAUT, Maria---
WELAGE, Johann Heinrich02 Jan 184428 Jan 1844Welage, J. AlbertWEHE, CatharinaWelage, G. H.ALBERS, Maria Anna---
WELEN, Maria Elisabeth06 Jul 184708 Jul 1847Welen, Bernard AntonJANSEN, MariaWelen, Bernard HeinrichJansen, Margaretha ElisabethLast name written as Velen on the side
WELING, Bernard23 Sep 186123 Sep 1861Weling, JohannJANSEN, MariaJansen, AlbertENGEL, AnnaCompare Welling
WELLEN, Andreas16 Jan 1837---Wellen, Bernard JohannLAMMERS, Anna Helena------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Angela Catharina18 Mar 185619 Mar 1856Wellen, John BernardRENSING, Anna MariaWellen, Johann GerhardRensing, Maria Catharina---
WELLEN, Anna Catharina13 Apr 185416 Apr 1854Wellen, J. BernardRENSING, Anna MariaRensing, J. HermanWellen, Anna Adel.---
WELLEN, Anna Christina25 Jan 1829---Wellen, Bernard JohannLAMMERS, Anna Helena------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Anna Helena10 Nov 1802---LAMMERS, Not Listed---------Came to St. Boniface with husband Bernard Johann Wellen and children in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Anna Margaretha20 Jul 186021 Jul 1860Wellen, JohannWÜBE (Wuebe), Anna MariaWINKELER, Johann AlbertMÜLLERS (Muellers), MariaCompare Woebbe for mother's last name
WELLEN, Anna Maria27 Jan 186128 Jan 1861Wellen, AndreasHOLDMANN, Anna Maria AngelaWINKELER, AlbertMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Anna---
WELLEN, Anna Maria23 Oct 184423 Oct 1844Wellen, A.LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria GesinaHEIMANN, Bernard HeinrichLuebers, Anna Maria---
WELLEN, Bernard19 Oct 1833---Wellen, Bernard JohannLAMMERS, Anna Helena------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Bernard Heinrich08 Feb 184311 Feb 1843Wellen, AlbertLÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria GesinaLuebers, J. HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina AdelheidChild died
WELLEN, Bernard Johann20 Mar 1799---------------Came to St. Boniface with wife Anna Helena born Lammers & children in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Carl12 Jul 1835---Wellen, Bernard JohannLAMMERS, Anna Helena------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Johann Bernard26 Feb 1839---Wellen, Bernard JohannLAMMERS, Anna Helena------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Johann Heinrich05 Nov 1831---Wellen, Bernard JohannLAMMERS, Anna Helena------Came to St. Boniface with parents in 1836. Recorded on fifth page of 1847 record book.
WELLEN, Johann Heinrich08 Aug 189308 Aug 1893Wellen, Bernard Heinrich (From Südwalde, Holland)THOLE, Maria (From Bihue, Lingen, Hanover)Wellen, Johann HeinrichThole, Susanne MariaMarried Rosa FEHLKER 3 Jun 1919 in St. Rose, IL
WELLEN, Margaretha09 Jul 185816 Jul 1858Wellen, Johann BernardRENSING, Anna MariaRensing, Gerhard HeinrichWOLTERS, Margaretha ---
WELLEN, Maria Catharina13 Mar 184118 Mar 1841Wellen, AlbertLÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria GesinaBURRICHTER, Bernard HeinrichHEISMANN, Catharina Adelheid---
WELLEN, Maria Helena07 Aug 185809 Aug 1858Wellen, Johann HeinrichWEBER, Anna MariaMEYER, Johann HeinrichLAMBERT, Anna Helena---
WELLING, Adelheid (Twin)07 Sep 189008 Sep 1890Welling, Bernard (From Aviston, IL)BITTER, Anna (From St. Louis, MO)Welling, Johann TheodorWelling, Euphemia Adelheid born KRUSE---
WELLING, Anna Christina10 Mar 186011 Mar 1860Welling, JohannJANSEN, MariaJansen, Johann BernardDIETZ, Christina---
WELLING, Anna Gertrud08 Oct 186910 Oct 1869Welling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaBOLK, HeinrichWESTERFELDHAUS, Gertrud born HELLING---
WELLING, Anna Gesina22 Nov 186224 Nov 1862Welling, GerhardDUST, Maria AdelheidDust, Herman BernardDust, Maria Gesina---
WELLING, Anna Maria28 May 189029 May 1890Welling, Johann Theodor (From Holland)KEMPER, Maria Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)FICKER, GerhardSPAETH, Anna Maria born KemperMarried Wilhelm MEIER 14 Jan 1920
WELLING, Anna Maria (Twin)07 Sep 189008 Sep 1890Welling, Bernard (From Aviston, IL)BITTER, Anna (From St. Louis, MO)Welling, Johann HAVERMANN, Maria born LUEKE---
WELLING, Cecelia Theodora22 Nov 189823 Nov 1898Welling, Johann (From Holland)KEMPER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)Welling, GerhardSCHLARMANN, Theodora born Welling---
WELLING, Clara Christina Henrietta23 Oct 188525 Oct 1885Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaSCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichZURMÜHLEN (Zurmuehlen), ChristineMarried Wilhelm MEIER 24 Jun 1908
WELLING, Conrad Johann20 Nov 189220 Nov 1892Welling, Johann Theodor (From Holland, Europe)KEMPER, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO)SPAETH, ConradSCHLARMANN, Theodora born Welling---
WELLING, Elisabeth Maria11 Jan 186211 Jan 1862Welling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaGRAUMANN, HeinrichFRERKER, Maria---
WELLING, Emma Euphemia28 May 189729 May 1897Welling, Bernard (From Aviston, IL)BITTER, Anna (From St. Louis, MO)GRAMANN, JohannWelling, Frederica---
WELLING, Frederick Wilhelm19 Feb 189520 Feb 1895Welling, Bernard (From Aviston, IL)BITTER, Anna (From Aviston, IL)LUEKE, FrederickBAURICHTER, Augusta MariaCompare Burrichter
WELLING, Heinrich Joseph30 Jun 186401 Jul 1864Welling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaHALLERMANN, HermanWelling, Johanna---
WELLING, Herman Heinrich17 Oct 189218 Oct 1892Welling, Bernard (From Aviston, IL)BITTER, Anna (From St. Louis, MO)GRAMANN, Heinrich for Heinrich BURRICHTERWelling, Euphemia born KRUSE---
WELLING, Johann Bernard16 May 188117 May 1881Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaHEGGER, BernardMICHEEL, Anna born Welling---
WELLING, Johann Heinrich28 May 186430 May 1864Welling, JohannJANSSEN, MariaWelling, JohannJanssen, Bernardina---
WELLING, Johann Heinrich05 Feb 186706 Feb 1867Welling, JohannKRUSE, Euphemia AdelheidJANSEN, HeinrichDEERHAKE, Maria Adelheid born Kruse---
WELLING, Johann Heinrich28 Sep 188330 Sep 1883Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaWelling, HeinrichSPAETH, Anna Maria born Kemper (Kempen)---
WELLING, Johann Theodor18 Nov 186020 Nov 1860Welling, GerhardDUST, Maria AdelheidWelling, Johann------
WELLING, Johann Theodor31 Oct 188701 Nov 1887Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaWelling, JohannWESTERFELHAUS, Gertrud born MARTENMarried Paulina Carolina BREFELD 16 Jun 1915 in Aviston, IL
WELLING, Johann Wilhelm21 Jul 185826 Jul 1858Welling, JohannJANSEN, Maria HenricaWelling, GerhardJansen, Friederica---
WELLING, Johann Wilhelm02 Apr 187903 Apr 1879Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPER, CatharinaWelling, Johann WilhelmKemper, Anna Maria---
WELLING, Maria Catharina11 Jan 187612 Jan 1876Welling, JohannKEMPER, CatharinaMICHEEL, BernardHAEGERS, Catharina born ALERS---
WELLING, Maria Theresia08 Jan 187209 Jan 1872Welling, GerhardDUST, Maria Adelheid---FICKER, Bernardina born MENSING---
WELLING, Theodora Henrica15 Feb 185816 Feb 1858Welling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaHALLERMANN, HenryHallermann, Henrica---
WELLING, Theodora Maria27 Apr 185929 Apr 1859Welling, JohannWELLING, WilhelminaWelling, GerhardLAMPEN, Maria---
WELLING, Veronica Cecelia01 Nov 189502 Nov 1895Welling, JohannKEMPER, Maria CatharinaLAMPE, AugustMICHEEL, AnnaMarried Joseph Bernard DUNCAN 19 Nov 1919
WELLING, Wilhelm Caspar20 Feb 186523 Feb 1865Welling, GerhardDUST, Anna AdelheidGEERS, Caspar HeinrichWelling, Wilhelmina---
WELLING, Wilhelmina02 May 187702 May 1877Welling, Johann TheodorKEMPE, CatharinaGRAMANN, HeinrichWelling, Wilhelmina born Welling---
WELLING, Wilhelmina Catharina03 Oct 186804 Oct 1868Welling, JohannKRUSE, Euphemia AdelheidKruse, Gerhard HeinrichWelling, Wilhelmina born Welling---
WELLINGS, Maria Catharina24 Sep 186624 Sep 1866Wellings, JohannWELLINGS, WilhelminaHAGEN, HeinrichFRERKER, Catharina---
WEMPE, Helena Maria04 Oct 185005 Oct 1850Wempe, HermanWEHE, Maria TheresiaVELAGE, Johann AlbertTHEISING, Helena MariaCompare Wehlage.
WEMPE, Herman Clemens24 Nov 185225 Nov 1852Wempe, Johann HermanWEE, Maria TheresiaTEISING, ClemensWELAGE, Anna Maria---
WEMPE, Maria Catharina09 Jun 184911 Jun 1849Wempe, HermanWEE, TheresiaALBERS, Bernard HeinrichWELAGER, Maria Catharina---
WEMPEN, Johann Bernard06 Jan 185507 Jan 1855Wempen, Johann HermanWEHE, Maria TheresiaDISTEL, Bernard HeinrichLAGER, Anna Maria---
WENDELEN, Johann Gerhard13 Jun 184315 Jun 1843Wendelen, GerhardBOCK, Anna MargarethaJANSEN, JohannKNIEPMANN, Anna GertrudMother's last name crossed out with other name written above: Mansloff?
WENEKE, Bernard Joseph01 Jan 186302 Jan 1863Weneke, JosephBÖCKMANN (Boeckmann), CatharinaFORK, Bernard and Conrad KORTE------
WENNEMANN, Anna Gertrud (Twin)17 Jul 185217 Jul 1852Wennemann, ChristophBECKER, DorotheaWIDMER, AloysiusWidmer, Ursula (Mrs. Aloysius)---
WENNEMANN, Matilda Ursula (Twin)17 Jul 185217 Jul 1852Wennemann, ChristophBECKER, DorotheaWIDMER, AloysiusWidmer, Ursula (Mrs. Aloysius)---
WERNEKE, Anna Angela12 Mar 186014 Mar 1860Werneke, JosephBÖCKMANN (Boeckmann), CatharinaSTUCKENKEMPER, CasparBOLLMANN / BELLMANN, Anna Angela---
WERNER, Maria Amalia07 Jan 186408 Jan 1864Werner, JodocusGEERS, ElisabethMÜLLER (Mueller), CarlHESSE, Amalia---
WERRIES, Amalia Francisca28 Nov 187330 Nov 1873Werries, Franz HeinrichALBERS, CarolinaWerries, Gerhard HeinrichWerries, Emma born REINDERS---
WERRIES, Gerhard Anton (Twin)05 May 186906 May 1869Werries, Franz HeinrichALBERS, Carolina AgnesDIETZ, Herman AntonDietz, Christina born BUSCHE---
WERRIES, Johann Heinrich (Twin)05 May 186906 May 1869Werries, Franz HeinrichALBERS, Carolina AgnesDIERKES, Johann HeinrichDIECKMANN, Catharina Agnes---
WERRIES, Rosa Theodora Catharina16 Mar 187117 Mar 1871Werries, Franz HeinrichALBERS, Carolina Wilhelmina ChristinaALBERS, TheodorAlbers, Catharina Agnes born Albers---
WESSELHAGEN, Herman Bernard02 Jul 184210 Jul 1842Wesselhagen, Johann SOMMER, Maria AngelaSommer, Johann BernardTEMPERS, Maria Anna---
WESSELHAGEN, Johann Heinrich23 Jan 184127 Jan 1841Wesselhagen, Johann HeinrichSOMMER, AngelaLANGENMEIER, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
WESSELHAGEN, Maria Elisabeth05 May 185210 May 1852Wesselhagen, Johann SOMMER, Maria AngelaHOLTHAUS, J. H.RIPPER, Maria Elisabeth---
WESSELHAGEN, Theodor11 Oct 184914 Oct 1849Wesselhagen, JohannSOMMER, Maria AngelaHINCAMP, Herman HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Susanna---
WESSELMANN, Cecelia18 Apr 189519 Apr 1895Wesselmann, Gerhard Herman (From Herzlake, Hanover)HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), MariaWesselmann, Johann BernardHuelsmann, Wilhelmina born WIETER---
WESSELS, Herman Lucas18 Oct 187719 Oct 1877Wessels, LucasMAUE, MariaWILKENS, WilhelmMaue, Margaret born BEKERMarried Elisabeth BELKER 28 Sep 1910 in Bartelso, IL
WESSELS, Johann Herman10 Dec 187511 Dec 1875Wessels, LucasMAUE, MariaMAUE, Johann ClemensHEMANN, Catharina Elisabetha born BECKMANN---
WESSELS, Margaret Catharina11 Nov 189412 Nov 1894Wessels, Ludwig (From Germany)MAUE, MariaWIEGERS, FrancisHEMANN, Margaret born Maue---
WESSELS, Maria Louisa04 Sep 189005 Sep 1890Wessels, Lucas Aloysius (From Esterwege, Hanover, Germany)MAUE, MariaHAAKE, JohannWESTERMANN, Louisa born MEIERMarried Francis MAIBES 23 Nov 1910 in New Baden, IL
WESSELS, Paulina Wilhelmina18 Nov 190619 Nov 1906Wessels, LiboriusMOLITOR, GertrudeBECKMANN, WilliamJANSEN, Wilhelmina---
WESSELS, Wilhelmina Elizabeth22 Aug 189722 Aug 1897Wessels, August (From Süd-Merzen, Meppen, Hanover)LAMPE, Elizabeth (From Süd-Merzen, Meppen, Hanover)KARHOFF, HeinrichLampe, Elizabeth born GRAMANN---
WESSLES, Lucas11 Feb 187311 Feb 1873Wessles, HeinrichESTERWEGE, Anna MariaWessles, LucasRAWE, Catharina born SCHULTE---
WESTELHOFEN, Herman Heinrich23 Apr 184706 Jul 1847Westelhofen, JohannENGELMANN, MariaLAMPENT, HeinrichHENKE, Catharina born OTCHER---
WESTEMANN, Johann Herman16 Mar 1816---------------Compare Westermann. Came to St. Boniface in 1836. Recorded on fourth page of 1847 record book.
WESTERFELDHAUS, Heinrich28 Sep 187328 Sep 1873Westerfeldhaus, HeinrichMARTEN, GertrudWESTMANN, Heinrich alias RECKEWERDSTEILING, Agnes born Marten---
WESTERFELDHAUS, Josephina09 Dec 187510 Dec 1875Westerfeldhaus, HeinrichMARTEN, GertrudRECKEWERD, WilhelmSTEILING, Josephina---
WESTERFELHAUS, Maria Angelina15 Aug 190316 Aug 1903Westerfelhaus, HeinrichKOCH, MariaSTIRLING, TheodorKoch, Sr., MariaMarried Felice L. KARPINSKI 2 Sep 192_ in St George Church in New Baden, IL
WESTERMAN, Anna Maria Elisabeth10 May 185111 May 1851Westerman, Johann HermanHANENWINKEL, Maria AnnaWESTERFELDHAUS, HeinrichWesterman, Anna Maria Elisabeth---
WESTERMANN, Anna Augusta Josephina08 Mar 187908 Mar 1879Westermann, Johann HermanVOGELSANG, Maria CatharinaVogelsang, August FranzWestermann, Maria Anna born KÖBBE (Koebbe)---
WESTERMANN, Anna Josephina04 Jun 186806 Jun 1868Westermann, Friederich WilhelmMAYER, Maria LouisaWestermann, JosephWestermann, Maria Anna born HAHNEWINKEL---
WESTERMANN, Anna Maria Louisa25 Dec 185726 Dec 1857Westermann, JosephKÖBBE (Koebbe), M. AnnaWALLERS, BernardWestermann, A. M. Louisa---
WESTERMANN, Anna Mathilda16 Mar 187617 Mar 1876Westermann, Johann HeinrichSCHONHOFF, Anna MariaFRERKER, Johann HeinrichMÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Maria born Schonhoff---
WESTERMANN, Bernard Clemens28 Apr 187329 Apr 1873Westermann, Johann HeinrichSCHONHOFF, Anna MariaSchonhoff, ClemensWestermann, Maria Louisa born MEIER---
WESTERMANN, Bernard Heinrich15 Apr 185516 Apr 1855Westermann, JosephKOBBE, Maria AnnaKobbe, Bernard HeinrichWestermann, Maria Anna---
WESTERMANN, Carl Wilhelm24 Jan 186627 Jan 1866Westermann, Carl JosephKÖBBE (Koebbe), Anna MariaWestermann, Johann FriederichWestermann, Anna Maria born Koebbel (?) Best guess; Page torn.
WESTERMANN, Catharina Josephina24 Oct 187125 Oct 1871Westermann, Johann Friederich WilhelmMEIER, Maria LouisaMeier, MaximilianKLEINEKORTE, Catharina born OTKEN---
WESTERMANN, Conrad Theodor24 Dec 186226 Dec 1862Westermann, Friederich WilhelmMAYER, MariaVORNHOLT, ConradOTKEN, Maria---
WESTERMANN, Edward Heinrich28 May 186431 May 1864Westermann, WilhelmNot Listed, Maria AnnaKLEINEKORTE, Johann HeinrichKleinekorte, Catharina (Mrs. Johann Heinrich)---
WESTERMANN, Friederich Franz18 Jul 187019 Jul 1870Westermann, WilhelmMEIER, MariaMARTEN, Franz HeinrichKÖBBE (Koebbe), Elisabeth born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
WESTERMANN, Friederich Wilhelm18 Sep 186019 Sep 1860Westermann, Carl JosephKÖBE (Koebe), Maria AnnaWestermann, F. WilhelmVOSS, Catharina Adel.---
WESTERMANN, Gerhard Heinrich26 Mar 188028 Mar 1880Westermann, Johann HeinrichSCHONHOFF, MariaWestermann, Gerhard Friederich WilhelmFRERKER, Catharina Gertrud born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
WESTERMANN, Gerhard Wilhelm Heinrich28 Oct 185301 Nov 1853Westermann, H.OTKEN, ElisabethOtken, Gerhard HeinrichWestermann, A. Maria---
WESTERMANN, Johann Bernard13 Mar 186215 Mar 1862Westermann, Carl JosephKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria AnnaRUMP, BernardMÜLLER (Mueller), Elisabeth---
WESTERMANN, Johann Heinrich13 Feb 184201 Mar 1842Westermann, Johann HermanHUGHANEWINKEL, Maria AnnaHughanewinkel, Johann GerhardALERS, Maria Adelheid---
WESTERMANN, Johann Herman 05 Jun 185305 Jun 1853Westermann, Carl JosephKOBBE, Maria AnnaWestermann, Johann HermanKRUIP, Maria Adelheid---
WESTERMANN, Johann Herman 10 Feb 187012 Feb 1870Westermann, Johann HeinrichSCHONHOFF, Anna MariaWestermann, Johann HermanMEIER, Maria Adelheid born MÜLLER (Mueller)---
WESTERMANN, Johann Herman August17 Mar 185122 Mar 1851Westermann, Friederich WilhelmOTTKE, ElisabethWestermann, Johann HermanOttke, Maria---
WESTERMANN, Maria Amelia09 Feb 185910 Feb 1859Westermann, WilhelmMEYER, Maria ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorVORNOLD, Maria---
WESTERMANN, Maria Anna13 Jan 185416 Jan 1854Westermann, HermanHANEWINKEL, Maria AnnaJOBSKLEIGRAVE, FriederichWestermann, Maria Anna---
WESTERMANN, Maria Anna20 Mar 186422 Mar 1864Westermann, JosephKÖBBE (Koebbe), Maria AnnaDÖNIES (Doenies), Johann HermanWestermann, Maria AnnaCompare Toenies
WESTERMANN, Maria Cecelia21 Nov 186622 Nov 1866Westermann, Johann HeinrichSCHONHOFF, Anna MariaMÜLLER (Mueller), FriederichWestermann, Maria Anna born HANEWINKEL---
WESTERMANN, Maria Francisca24 Dec 187726 Dec 1877Westermann, Johann HeinrichVOGELSANG, Maria CatharinaWestermann, Johann HermanKruse, Maria Margaretha born VENNEMANN---
WESTERMANN, Maria Gertrud15 Aug 184418 Aug 1844Westermann, HermanHANEWINKEL, Anna MariaALERS, H. H.Hanewinkel, Maria G.Child died
WESTERMANN, Maria Margaretha---07 Feb 1847Westermann, HermanHANWINKEL, Maria AnnaKAITMAN, HermanBÖHNE (Boehne), Margaretha---
WESTERMANN, Maria Sophia03 Aug 186105 Aug 1861Westermann, Johann HeinrichHANEWINKLER, Maria AnnaRUMP, Johann BernardMAYER, Maria---
WESTERMANN, Sophia Eugenia15 Jan 186117 Jan 1861Westermann, WilhelmMAYER, MariaMARTEN, FranzMayer, Sophia---
WESTERMANN, Theodor Silvester---May 1866Westermann, WilhelmMEIER, MariaHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodorHuelsmann, Anna Maria born OTKENPage torn at birth date
WESTERWINTER, Heinrich Joseph18 Oct 186020 Oct 1860Westerwinter, JosephSANDMAYER, Anna MariaSandmayer, GeorgENGEL, MariaLast name may have changed to Winter.
WESTERWINTER, Johann Heinrich27 Aug 185528 Aug 1855Westerwinter, JosephLANDMEIER, Anna MariaKRUIP, Bernard HeinrichKONE, M. Catharina---
WESTERWINTER, Maria Anna05 Mar 185806 Mar 1858Westerwinter, JosephLANDMEYER, Anna MariaROBBEN, HeinrichHEMANN, Maria---
WEVER, Maria Elisabeth17 Oct 184223 Oct 1842Wever, Srididerich (?)SÖLE (Soele), Maria ElisabethHÖRSCHLER (Hoerschler), G. DieterichHEMANN, Maria ElisabethChild died
WIBELER, Gertrud15 Feb 184425 Feb 1844Wibeler, F.HASSELMEIER, Anna CatharinaEVERS, Wilhelm GerhardHasselmeier, Gertrud---
WIBERG, Catharina24 May 185726 May 1857Wiberg, JohannKLÜSENER (Kluesener), ElisabethLAGER, JohannKlusener, Catharina---
WICHMANN, Margaretha Elsiabeth16 Mar 188116 Mar 1881Wichmann, GerhardDULLE, AnnaFLERLAGE, GeorgeGRAVE, Maria Elisabetha born Dulle---
WICHMANN, Maria Emma21 Jan 188322 Jan 1883Wichmann, GerhardDULLE, AnnaDulle, Johann HermanDulle, Euphemia Maria born MUES---
WICKAMP, Anna Catharina18 Apr 184919 Apr 1849Wickamp, BernardTEEKE, Anna GertrudHONCAMP, FranzTeeke, Anna Catharina---
WIDMER, Joseph Aloysius23 Jan 184526 Jan 1845Widmer, AloysiusSCHNEIDER, UrsulaTIMMER, Gerhard HermanSchneider, MariaChild died
WIEBERG, Johann Gerhard30 Dec 185501 Jan 1856Wieberg, JohannKLÜSENER (Kluesener), ElisabethRICHTER, Johann GerhardLAGER, Maria Anna ---
WIEGERS, Anna Carolina Cecelia06 Aug 190606 Aug 1906Wiegers, JohnROBBEN, Anna FRERKER, HenryRobben, Carolina---
WIEGERS, Catharina Elisabeth16 Dec 1840Jan 1841Wiegers, FranzHEMANN, Not ListedHANEWINKEL, FriederichHAUKAP, CatharinaChild died
WIEGERS, Georg Joseph19 Jul 190224 Jul 1902Wiegers, JohannROBBEN, AnnaRobben, Johann Gerhard for Herman RobbenFRERKER, Maria---
WIEGERS, Heinrich03 Mar 187405 Mar 1874Wiegers, FranzFRERKER, MariaJANSEN, HeinrichFrerker, Maria Anna born RUMP---
WIEGERS, Johann Franz26 Feb 184305 Mar 1843Wiegers, FranzHEEMANN, Catharina Heemann, HeinrichVORNHOLT, Maria---
WIEGERS, Johann Heinrich08 Jun 187110 Jun 1871Wiegers, FranzFRERKER, MariaFrerker, Johann HeinrichHEMANN, Catharina Elisabetha---
WIEGERS, Johann Herman30 Jul 187531 Jul 1875Wiegers, FranzFRERKER, Anna MariaFrerker, Johann Heinrich for Johann Herman FrerkerHEMANN, Elisabeth Catharina born STUCKENKEMPER---
WIEGERS, Joseph August30 May 190430 May 1904Wiegers, Johann HeinrichROBBEN, Anna CarolinaRobben, Joseph AugustWiegers, Maria born ROTTERINGMarried Edna MCKENZIE born BROCK 16 Jan 1947 at St Barbara Dearborn, MI
WIEGERS, Lambert04 May 187005 May 1870Wiegers, FranzFRERKER, MariaJANSEN, LambertFrerker, Elisabetha born HALLERMANN---
WIEGERS, Margaretha Elisabetha07 Jan 187308 Jan 1873Wiegers, FranzFRERKER, MariaHEMANN, HermanFrerker, Elisabetha born HALLERMANNBirth date is a guess; page torn.
WIEGERS, Maria Catharina07 Sep 188008 Sep 1880Wiegers, FranzKALLMANN, MariaKOLKE, BernardHALLERMANN, Maria born FRERKER---
WIESE, Gerhard Heinrich14 Jul 187515 Jul 1875Wiese, Johann HeinrichMENKE, Anna MariaMenke, Heinrich for Gerhard WieseHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
WIEST, Jacob26 Jun 185801 Aug 1858Wiest, JacobBRAUN, MariaROHR, JohannBEHRING, Maria Anna---
WIETER, Anton Heinrich27 Apr 187128 Apr 1871Wieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaSCHLAUTMANN, Ernst HeinrichSPREHE, Sophia born Vornholt---
WIETER, Franz Herman Heinrich31 Jan 187331 Jan 1873Wieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaSPREHE, Franz Herman HeinrichWESTERMANN, Maria Louisa born MEIER---
WIETER, Mark Johann12 Nov 186913 Nov 1869Wieter, Johann AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaWACHTEL, MarkWachtel, Elisabetha born REHAGE---
WIGMANN, Gerhard Heinrich09 Dec 188410 Dec 1884Wigmann, GerhardDULLE, AnnaDulle, GerhardHUENE, Maria---
WIGMANN, Johann Heinrich28 Nov 188328 Nov 1883Wigmann, Herman WilhelmLENGERS, CarolinaWigmann, Johann HeinrichJANSSEN, Maria Anna born Lengers---
WILDHABER, Anna Sophia09 Oct 190310 Oct 1903Wildhaber, HeinrichKORTE, ElisabethKorte, AugustWildhaber, Anna Maria ---
WILDHABER, August27 Jun 190627 Jun 1906Wildhaber, HeinrichKORTE, ElisabethKorte, AugustSCHROERS, Anna born Wildhaber---
WILDHABER, Carolina01 Sep 187003 Sep 1870Wildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna KARHOFF, Gerhard HeinrichRipperda, Helena Adelheid born FELDMANN---
WILDHABER, Herman Edward20 Sep 189821 Sep 1898Wildhaber, HeinrichKORTE, ElizabethKorte, HermanWildhaber, Anna Maria born RIPPERDA---
WILDHABER, Herman Joseph10 May 190112 May 1901Wildhaber, HeinrichKORTE, ElisabethKorte, Herman JohannKOOPMANN, Maria born Wildhaber---
WILDHABER, Johann Heinrich29 Jun 186030 Jun 1860Wildhaber, Johann PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaWildhaber, Johann MeinhardRipperda, Catharina---
WILDHABER, Maria Adelheid07 Sep 186209 Sep 1862Wildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaRipperda, Bernard AlbertFELDMANN, Maria Adelheid---
WILDHABER, Maria Anna22 May 186923 May 1869Wildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaRipperdaa, Bernard HeinrichKNIEPMANN, Anna born HERMERLINGEN---
WILDHABER, Maria Elisabeth29 Jan 185731 Jan 1857Wildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaWildhaber, Joseph AntonRipperda, Helena Adelheid---
WILDHABER, Maria Josephina01 Jun 187303 Jun 1873Wildhaber, PeterRIPPERDA, Anna MariaRipperda, Bernard HeinrichKNIPPMANN, Anna Maria born HERMELING---
WILDHABER, Paulina Maria30 Jun 189501 Jul 1895Wildhaber, HeinrichKORTE, ElisabethRIPPERDA, AlbertKorte, ElisabethMarried Wilhelm WIEBLER 19 Oct 1915 in Damiansville, IL
WILDHABER, Peter Meinulf29 Jun 189330 Jun 1893Wildhaber, HeinrichKORTE, ElisabethWildhaber, PeterKorte, Elisabeth born HAVERMANN---
WILDHOF, Anna Catharina01 Jun 186502 Jun 1865Wildhof, PeterRIPERDA, Anna MariaWildhof, AlbertSTEVENS, CatharinaCompare Wildhaber
WILKE, Anna Maria12 Mar 185814 Mar 1858Wilke, Herman H.OSTERMANN, M. GertrudeHUMMERT, BernardSTEMKER, M. Elisabeth---
WILKE, Gerhard Heinrich23 Sep 188024 Sep 1880Wilke, WilhelmMENSEBRUCK, BernardinaSÜTFELD (Suetfeld), GerhardSCHLARMANN, Maria born WELLING---
WILKE, Maria Elisabeth15 Jul 187516 Jul 1875Wilke, WilhelmMÜNZELBRUCK (Muenzelbruck), BernadinaHAGEN, HeinrichTIMPER, Maria Elisabetha born KLATTE---
WILKEN, Aloysius Henry23 Sep 190423 Sep 1904Wilken, WilliamHEYER, Paulina (From St. Louis, MO)Wilken, HenryHeyer, Carolina---
WILKEN, Anna Margaretha22 Feb 187322 Feb 1873Wilken, HeinrichDISTEL, AnnaTHEISSING, BernardWilken, Margaretha born MENKE---
WILKEN, Anna Margaretha27 Sep 188029 Sep 1880Wilken, HeinrichPOELKE, AnnaPoelke, GottliebFAUKE, Margaretha born Wilken---
WILKEN, Anna Maria07 Dec 187810 Dec 1878Wilken, HeinrichPOELKE, AnnaKORTE, HermanEVESGERD, Maria Gesina born Wilken---
WILKEN, Anna Maria Elisabeth12 Sep 189114 Sep 1891Wilken, Heinrich (From Meppen, Hanover)PÖLKER (Poelker), Anna KORTE, Herman GerhardWilken, Anna Maria born STEMPELMarried Heinrich HAEN 8 Oct 1908 in Piqua. KS
WILKEN, Anna Maria Theresia18 Feb 187819 Feb 1878Wilken, Johann HermanDIESTEL, Maria CatharinaEWERSGERD, Johann ChristophorDiestel, Anna Maria Theresia born MAUE---
WILKEN, Bernard22 Jul 188024 Jul 1880Wilken, HermanDIESTEL, Maria CatharinaWilken, BernardDiestel, Maria Christina---
WILKEN, Bernard Heinrich15 Sep 188416 Sep 1884Wilken, WilhelmMÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock), BernardinaBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), HeinrichFEHR, Elisabeth born ALBERS---
WILKEN, Bernardina Philomena Henrietta11 Nov 187712 Nov 1877Wilken, WilhelmMÜNZELBRUCK (Muenzelbruck), BernadinaSCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Philomena born COLLER---
WILKEN, Caspar Heinrich25 Nov 188227 Nov 1882Wilken, HermanDIESTEL, Theresia CatharinaWilken, Johann HeinrichWilken, Maria Gesina---
WILKEN, Catharina Elisabeth12 Apr 184216 Apr 1842Wilken, Not ListedKNOBBE, Anna CatharinaLORREKE (?), H. H.USSELMANN, Catharina Elisabeth---
WILKEN, Heinrich August20 May 188720 May 1887Wilken, WilhelmMÜNZEBROCK (Muenzebrock), BernardinaWESTERFELDHAUS, HeinrichFRERKER, Anna born RUMPMarried Elisabeth BRAND 3 May 1910; Margaret FICKER 11 Nov 1943 in Perryville, MO
WILKEN, Heinrich Wilhelm24 Feb 187325 Feb 1873Wilken, WilhelmMENZENBROCK, BernadinaNETTELER, HeinrichNetteler, Josephina---
WILKEN, Hildegard Ursula19 Aug 190220 Aug 1902Wilken, WilhelmHEYER, Paulina (From St. Rose, IL)SMITH, CarlHeyer, Anna Maria---
WILKEN, Johann Caspar16 May 188517 May 1885Wilken, HermanDIESTEL, Maria CatharinaWilken, JohannWILKEN, Anna born PÖLKER (Poelker)---
WILKEN, Maria Catharina16 Jan 184530 Jan 1845Wilken, Gerhard WilhelmKNOBBE, CatharinaLAMPE, HeinrichTIMMER, Anna Maria---
WILKEN, Maria Catharina27 Jul 188228 Jul 1882Wilken, Herman WilhelmMÖNZENBROCK (Moenzenbrock), BernardinaPelties, Gerhard HeinrichALBERS, Maria Catharina---
WILKEN, Maria Elisabetha03 Jul 187004 Jul 1870Wilken, Herman WilhelmMÜNZELBROECK (Muenzelbroeck), BernadinaFRERKER, Johann HeinrichKRAMER, Maria born WARNDORFF---
WINGERTER, Johann20 May 185728 Jun 1857Wingerter, NicolausCOCH, AgathaWingerter, JohannWingerter, Anna Maria (Mrs. Johann)Compare Koch
WINKEL, Johann Heinrich14 Apr 185514 Apr 1855Winkel, HeinrichKÖRKEMEIER (Koerkemeier), GertrudKorkermeier, HeinrichOVERBECK, Catharina---
WINKEL, Maria Anna01 Mar 185102 Mar 1851Winkel, HeinrichNot Listed, GertrudHULFSMAN, BernardERNST, Maria Anna Alberta---
WINKELER, Anna Catharina04 Aug 187805 Aug 1878Winkeler, JohannSTROOT, CatharinaSCHLARMANN, Bernard JosephStroot, Anna Catharina born DINGWERTH---
WINKELER, Anna Christina12 Sep 185514 Sep 1855Winkeler, Johann AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaHAAR, BernardLAMMERS, Helena---
WINKELER, Anna Maria08 Sep 187908 Sep 1879Winkeler, BernardWELLEN, Maria CatharinaWinkeler, JosephWellen, Maria Helena born MARS---
WINKELER, Christina Theresia16 May 189917 May 1899Winkeler, JosephLAMMERS, Maria (From Aviston, IL)ROEBKE, HeinrichBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERGMarried Michael KAMMEN 21 Nov 1947 in Cleveland, OH
WINKELER, Johann01 Mar 186704 Mar 1867Winkeler, AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaHAAL, AlbertWELLEN, Maria born HOLTMANN---
WINKELER, Johann Albert27 Dec 185701 Jan 1858Winkeler, AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaHAAR, J. AlbertWELLEN, Anna M.---
WINKELER, Johann Heinrich19 Dec 185120 Dec 1851Winkeler, Johann AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaHILMES, Johann HeinrichHAAR, Maria Gesina---
WINKELER, Johann Herman26 Jan 185928 Jan 1859Winkeler, AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaWellen, JohannBERNTZEN, MargaretChild is listed as Wellen in error.
WINKELER, Joseph07 May 186209 May 1862Winkeler, AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaWellen, AndreasBÜTTMANN (Buettmann), Carolina---
WINKLER, Bernard Albert06 Jul 188107 Jul 1881Winkler, Bernard AlbertWELLEN, CatharinaWinkler, AlbertBUSCHMANN, Anna born Wellen---
WINKLER, Conrad (Lutheran)25 Dec 185803 Apr 1877Winkler, Johann GeorgREBEHN, Maria DorotheaWinkler, Johann------
WINKLER, Conrad Aloysius17 Jul 189418 Jul 1894Winkler, Johann (From Schleswig-Holstein)STROOT, CatharinaHUNDMANN, Lambert for Conrad WinklerWinkler, Carolina born GRAMANN---
WINKLER, Emil Nicolaus10 Apr 186624 Mar 1883Winkler, Johann GeorgREBEHN, CatharinaWinkler, Johann------
WINKLER, Francisca Theresia09 Mar 189510 Mar 1895Winkler, JosephLAMMERS, MariaWinkler, HeinrichTHEISSING, Theresia born VOSSKOERSMarried Mathew BALOCA 21 Nov 1947 Ascension Church in Cleveland, OH
WINKLER, Franz23 Nov 186425 Nov 1864Winkler, AlbertWELLEN, ChristinaHAAR, BernardHEIMANN, Catharina---
WINKLER, George Conrad04 Nov 189006 Nov 1890Winkler, Johann (From Kellinghusen, Holstein)STROOT, CatharinaWinkler, WilhelmWIENHOFF, Maria Catharina born LANGE---
WINKLER, Heinrich Albert01 Dec 188402 Dec 1884Winkler, JosephLAMMERS, AnnaLammers, HeinrichWinkler, Anna Adelheid for Anna BUSSMANN---
WINKLER, Herman Albert21 Sep 185322 Sep 1853Winkler, AlbertWELLEN, Anna ChristinaKÖBBE (Koebbe), BernardHILMES, Elisabeth---
WINKLER, Ida Maria03 Feb 189704 Feb 1897Winkler, JosephLAMMERS, MariaWinkler, FrancisWinkler, Ida---
WINKLER, Johann14 Sep 185631 Mar 1875Winkler, Johann GeorgREPEHN, CatharineSCHLARMANN, Bernard------
WINKLER, Johann Caspar02 Feb 188102 Feb 1881Winkler, Johann STROOT, CatharinaStroot, Johann CasparLINNEMANN, Anna Christina born WOBBE---
WINKLER, Johann Caspar31 Jan 188501 Feb 1885Winkler, JohannSTROOT, CatharinaStroot, CasparWinkler, Catharina born THUENKERMarried Clara BRUEGGEMANN 19 Apr 1921 in Bartelso, IL
WINKLER, Johann Heinrich05 Jul 188306 Jul 1883Winkler, BernardWELLEN, CatharinaWinkler, HeinrichWellen, Margaret born EMKE---
WINKLER, Maria Anna Catharina25 Sep 188726 Sep 1887Winkler, ConradTHÜNKER (Thuenker), CatharinaWinkler, EmilDIERKES, Anna born Thuenker---
WINKLER, Maria Elisabeth31 Jan 188601 Feb 1886Winkler, FranzBOLK, AnnaWinkler, JosephWinkler, Maria born LAMMERS for Elisabeth Bolk born WELLINGMarried Alexander PICKEL 9 Sep 1914 in St Louis, MO
WINKLER, Maria Theresia13 Apr 188214 Apr 1882Winkler, JohannSTROOT, CatharinaWinkler, ConradBAALMANN, Maria Theresia born NORDHAUSMarried Martin OSTMANN 20 Oct 1915 in Sts Peter & Paul Church in St. Louis, MO
WINKLER, Wilhelm Georg17 Oct 188718 Oct 1887Winkler, JohannSTROOT, CatharinaWinkler, EmilHUNDTMANN, Catharina born HEMANN---
WINKLER, Wilhelm Nicolaus28 Mar 186408 Apr 1882Winkler, Johann GeorgREHPEN, Magdalena Dorothea CatharinaWinkler, Conrad------
WINTER, Amelia Catharina06 Nov 190508 Nov 1905Winter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudeROBBEN, HermanMUELLER, Philomena born FEHLKER---
WINTER, Conrad (Twin)04 May 189706 May 1897Winter, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)LEONARD, GertrudeLeonard, ConradHECKMANN, Anna born BECKMANNMarried Clara C. KOHRMANN 10 Jun 1925 in St Louis, MO
WINTER, Elisabeth27 Oct 189428 Oct 1894Winter, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)LEONARD, GertrudeHOLTKAMP, GerhardLeonard, Anna Maria born STOCKMANNMarried Joseph NETTEMEYER 5 May 1915
WINTER, Eugenia Elisabeth25 Aug 190026 Aug 1900Winter, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)LEONARD, GertrudeVOGELSANG, August FrancisVogelsang, Elisabeth born Leonard---
WINTER, Francis Edward22 Dec 189223 Dec 1892Winter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudeWinter, FrancisHELLMANN, Gertrud born Leonard---
WINTER, Gertrud Maria25 Aug 190225 Aug 1902Winter, JosephLEONARD, GertrudeHELLMANN, WilliamBERNDSEN, Maria---
WINTER, Heinrich Ferdinand04 Apr 189105 Apr 1891Winter, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)LEONARD, GertrudeLeonard, FerdinandWinter, CatharinaMarried Anna KAHRHOFF 12 May 1914
WINTER, Maria Catharina (Twin)04 May 189706 May 1897Winter, Joseph (From Damiansville, IL)LEONARD, GertrudeSPENGLER, AdamLeonard, Maria Helena born JUEDENMarried Vincent Wilhelm ALBERS 21 May 1919
WOBBE, Anna M. Elisabeth25 Aug 185826 Aug 1858Wobbe, Johann BernardFRERKER, CatharinaWobbe, Bernard HeinrichFrerker, Elisabeth---
WOBBE, Anna Margareta28 Feb 187301 Mar 1873Wobbe, HeinrichLEHMKUHL, ElisabethVOSS, AntonWobbe, Anna Margareta born WIENHOFF---
WOBBE, Anna Margaretha24 Apr 187925 Apr 1879Wobbe, HermanALTGILBES, SusannaAltgilbes, Herman HeinrichWobbe, Anna Margaretha born WIENHOFF---
WOBBE, Bernard Heinrich14 Apr 189515 Apr 1895Wobbe, BernardKNIEPMANN, AnnaWobbe, HeinrichKniepmann, Carolina born Albers---
WOBBE, Bernard Heinrich28 Nov 189629 Nov 1896Wobbe, BernardKNIEPMANN, AnnaKniepmann, HeinrichHEMANN, Maria born ALTGILBERS---
WOBBE, Bernard Joseph10 Dec 187211 Dec 1872Wobbe, Johann HermanALTGILBES, Susanna AdelheidWobbe, Herman BernardAltgilbes, Maria Catharina born DEIEN---
WOBBE, Catharine Bernardina05 May 190606 May 1906Wobbe, Nicolaus (From Damiansville, IL)ALBERS, SophiaWobbe, BernardAlbers, Catharina born Albers---
WOBBE, Christina Margaret06 Jan 189006 Jan 1890Wobbe, BernardKNIEPMANN, AnnaKniepmann, HeinrichHEMANN, Christina born WobbeMarried Alphonse S. BECKMANN 26 Sep 1923
WOBBE, Emma Christina28 Jan 188530 Jan 1885Wobbe, HeinrichGERLING, CatharinaKREKE, HeinrichLINNEMANN, Anna Christina born Wobbe---
WOBBE, Heinrich19 Dec 184523 Dec 1845Wobbe, Herman BernardWINHOF, Anna MargarethaWobbe, Bernard HeinrichHERMES, Maria Lena---
WOBBE, Helena Maria 26 Jun 188227 Jun 1882Wobbe, HermanALTGILBERS, Susanna AdelheidHEMANN, FerdinandOSTENDORF, Maria Margareta---
WOBBE, Herman Bernard14 Mar 188617 Mar 1886Wobbe, Johann BernardKNIEPMANN, Anna GertrudWobbe, Herman BernardHERMELING, Maria born RIPPERDA---
WOBBE, Johann13 Jan 188414 Jan 1884Wobbe, HeinrichGERLING, CatharinaWobbe, BernardBECKER, Catharina born KREKE---
WOBBE, Johann Bernard11 Sep 188211 Sep 1882Wobbe, HeinrichGERLING, CatharinaWobbe, BernardTHEISSING, Angela ---
WOBBE, Johann Heinrich16 Dec 184218 Dec 1842Wobbe, Johann GerhardTEISMANN, MargarethaWobbe, HeinrichSCHNIER, Anna Maria---
WOBBE, Johann Theodor12 Jun 185213 Jun 1852Wobbe, BernardWINHOFF, MargarethaSTROT, CasparLAGER, Maria Anna ---
WOBBE, Joseph17 Dec 187417 Dec 1874Wobbe, HermanALTGILBES, Susanna AdelheidOSTENDORF, JosephHEMANN, Christina born Wobbe---
WOBBE, Margaretha12 Mar 188014 Mar 1880Wobbe, HeinrichGERLING, CatharinaWobbe, BernardHAGEN, Margaretha born KREKE---
WOBBE, Maria Anna14 Nov 188715 Nov 1887Wobbe, Johann BernardKNIEPMANN, Anna HEMANN, FerdinandKniepmann, AnnaMarried Johann KOHNEN 30 Oct 1912
WOBBE, Maria Catharina14 Aug 187416 Aug 1874Wobbe, HeinrichLEHMKUHL, ElisabethHEMANN, Ferdinand Lehmkuhl, Anna---
WOBBE, Maria Christina---19 Jan 1840Wobbe, Herman BernardWINHOFF, MargarethaKNIEPMANN, HermanFOPPE, Maria Christina---
WOBBE, Maria Margaret06 Dec 189307 Dec 1893Wobbe, BernardKNIEPMANN, AnnaKniepmann, TheodorKOHLBRECKER, Margaret born Wobbe---
WOBBE, Maria Margaretha---04 Apr 1841Wobbe, Johann GerhardTEISMANN, Maria TheresiaTeismann, BenedictNot Listed, Anna Margaretha---
WOBBE, Susanna Catharina28 May 188129 May 1881Wobbe, HeinrichGERLING, CatharinaKREKE, GerhardWobbe, Susanna born ALTGILBES---
WOBBEN, Christina Philomena23 Dec 187624 Dec 1876Wobben, HeinrichLEHMKUHL, ElisabethLINNEMANN, Herman HeinrichHEMANN, Anna Christina born Wobben---
WOBBEN, Johann Herman29 Oct 184930 Oct 1849Wobben, Herman BernardWINHOF, Anna MargarethaLAGER, Johann BenedictBROEGGEN, Anna Gesina---
WOBBEN, Margaretha02 Jan 184213 Jan 1842Wobben, BernardWINHOFF, CarolinaLAGE, BenedictWobben, MargarethaChild died
WOEBBELS, Johann Herman07 Sep 186209 Sep 1862Woebbels, Johann BernardMEER, Anna Maria HelenaTHIEN, Johann HermanMeer, Maria Angela---
WOEBELS, Emilia08 Apr 186512 Apr 1865Woebels, Johann BernardNot Listed, Anna LenaWENNIKE, JosephMEER, EmiliaCompare Wuebbels
WOERMANN, Fridolin John Mario26 Apr 190627 Apr 1906Woermann, Carl Herman (From Vechta, Oldenburg, Germany)ANSELM, Rosa (From Apple Creek, MO)HOFF, HenryHoff, Maria born HOLLENKAMPMarried Alice SUR 8 Nov 1939 St Anthony's Effingham, IL
WOESTMANN, Catharina Maria14 Nov 184621 Nov 1846Woestmann, HeinrichOTKEN, Catharina MariaLAMPE, HeinrichOtken, Catharina Maria---
WOESTMANN, Everhard01 Sep 185503 Sep 1855Woestmann, Herman HeinrichOETKEN, MariaUSSELMANN, Herman HeinrichOtken, Dina---
WOESTMANN, Franz Heinrich21 Aug 187622 Aug 1876Woestmann, HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), MariaRothluebbers, Herman HeinrichRothluebbers, Elisabeth born SUMPMEIER---
WOESTMANN, Gerhard24 Feb 185427 Feb 1854Woestmann, HeinrichOETKEN, MariaOetken, HeinrichWESTERFELDHAUS, Gertrud---
WOESTMANN, Heinrich August03 Mar 187105 Mar 1871Woestmann, HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), MariaHÜNE (Huene), HeinrichWALTON, Elisabetha born SCHLARMANN---
WOESTMANN, Johann Otho26 Sep 187330 Sep 1873Woestmann, HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), MariaWEGMANN, GerhardWegmann, Helena born Rothluebbers---
WOESTMANN, Margaretha11 Sep 184817 Sep 1848Woestmann, HeinrichOTKEN, MariaOtke, Gerhard HeinrichWoestmann, Margaretha---
WOESTMANN, Maria Anna23 Jan 185125 Jan 1851Woestmann, Herman HeinrichOTTKE, MariaOttke, Gerhard HermanUsselmann, Bernardina---
WOESTMANN, Maria Elisabeth02 Mar 186412 Mar 1864Woestmann, HeinrichROTHLÜBBERS (Rothluebbers), MariaKLEINKORTE, Johann HeinrichLANGE, Maria---
WOLF, August Johann30 Jun 186403 Jul 1864Wolf, Franz GeorgDÜRBECK (Duerbeck), KunigundaHESSE, AugustHesse, Amalia---
WOLF, KunigundaMar 186619 Mar 1866Wolf, Franz GeorgDÜRBECK (Duerbeck), Maria KunigundaGEBKE, ConradGebke, Kunigunda born SAUERPage torn at birth date
WOLF, Lambert Heinrich03 Jan 186306 Jan 1863Wolf, Franz GeorgDUERLAK, Maria CunigundeKRAMER, Lambert HeinrichHUNDMANN, Anna---
WOLKERS, Anna Adelheid04 Feb 185105 Feb 1851Volkers, Johann AlbertWEGCAMP, Margaretha AdelheidVolkers, Gerhard HeinrichWELLEN, Anna AdelheidChild and father's last names spelled differently
WOLTERS, Johann Bernard19 Nov 185521 Nov 1855Wolters, Johann AlbertWEEKAMP, Maria AdelheidWeekamp, Gerhard HermanSCHNIEDERS, Margaretha---
WOLTERS, Johann Gerhard10 Feb 185313 Feb 1853Wolters, Johann AlbertWEKAMP, Margaretha AdelheidWELLEN, Johann GerhardWolters, Maria Adelheid---
WOSTMANN, Conrad---11 Feb 1855------WESTERMANN, Joseph--Adult Baptism; 32 years old
WOWES, Juliana27 Aug 185427 Aug 1854Wowes, MathiasTURETSCHKOVA, CatharinaPLISCHKE, FranzPlischke, Juliana (Mrs. Franz)---
WREDE, Ludwig---25 Apr 1857------BEHNEN, J. BernardPILLE, Maria CatharinaHe is 13 years old. He was Baptized Protestant previously.
WUEST, Maria Cecilia03 Feb 185111 May 1851Wuest, FranzHERHOLZER, Maria UrsulaROHR, JohannHONCOMP, Maria Carolina---
WUST, Theresia26 Feb 185726 May 1857Wust, JacobBRAUN, MariaROHR, JohannHOYA, Ursela---
ZAHN, Gerhard Heinrich11 Aug 186814 Aug 1868Zahn, Gerhard HeinrichMEST, Maria GesinaKNIEPMANN, Gerhard HeinrichBRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Helena born TEKLENBURG---
ZEHRER, Anna Frances20 Feb 189722 Feb 1897Zehrer, MichaelDUEPMANN, Anna ChristinaZehrer, FrancisDuepmann, Anna MargaretMarried John MENSING 2 Nov 1925 in Breese, IL
ZUM COLLAR, Maria Ursula---18 Jul 1841Zum Collar, JohannNot Listed, CarolinaBLEICH, ChristianSCHNEIDER, Maria Ursula---
ZUM KELLER, Johann20 Jan 184318 Jun 1843Zum Keller, JohannESCHBACK, CarolinaKoot, JacobKoot, Amantia (Amanda?)---

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