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These baptism records were transcribed from St. Cecilia Church baptism records which were written in Latin. They are from the founding of the church in 1885 through 1906.

+ in the Comments section indicates the person is deceased

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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Sponsor Sponsor Comments
ATHMER, Bernard George26 Jul 190427 Jul 1904ATHMER, FrancisHOERCHLER, AnnaAthmer, BernardHoerschler, Elisabeth born KORTE
ATHMER, Theresia Rosa18 Jul 190319 Jul 1903ATHMER, FrancisHOERCHLER, AnnaHoerchler, GerhardHILMES, Theresia
BACH, Adelinda Margareta28 Aug 189929 Aug 1899BACH, PeterBOECKMANN, AnnaBoeckmann, FrancisVAREL, Margareta born SCHEMELMarried Bernard H. LOEPKER, 7 Nov 1922, Bartelso, IL
BACH, Aloysius Blasius John03 Dec 190605 Dec 1906BACH, BlasiusJOFFRAY, MariaVAREL, JohnBach, Anna born BOECKMANN1st Married Maria MECHAN, 6 Jun 1928, East St. Louis, IL, St. Joseph; 2nd Mary Clair POEFFING, 4 Oct 1947, St. Louis, MO, Old Cathedral
BACH, Alphonse Louis05 Feb 190506 Feb 1905BACH, BlasiusJOFFRAY, MariaBach, LouisJoffray, Louisa for Margaret Joffray
BACH, Anna Margareta27 Aug 189727 Aug 1897BACH, LouisISAAK, CatharineIsaak, FrancisVAREL, Margareta born SCHEMELMarried Martin B. HAAR, 16 Nov 1920, Bartelso, IL
BACH, Blasius Emil07 Dec 190308 Dec 1903BACH, PeterBOECKMANN, AnnaBach, BlasiusBoeckmann, Elisabeth
BACH, Cecelia Anna03 Mar 190104 Mar 1901BACH, LouisISAAK, CatharineSCHEMEL, JohnIsaak, AnnaMarried Henry RIPPERDA, 9 Jan 1920, Bartelso, IL
BACH, Helena Katharina23 Apr 189624 Apr 1896BACH, LouisISAAK, CatharineBach, BlasiusIsaak, Catharina born TIEMANN
BACH, Helena Margareta06 Mar 190208 Mar 1902BACH, BlasiusJOFFRAY, MariaVAREL, HermanJoffray, Margareta
BACH, Henry Joseph20 Jul 190620 Jul 1906BACH, PeterBOECKMANN, AnnaBoeckmann, HenrySchemel, Maria born FICKER1st Married Leona ALBERS, 16 Oct 1940, Germantown, IL; 2nd Emily (HAAS) ANDERSON, 30 May 1964, Belleville, IL, St. Mary
BACH, John Leo26 Nov 190127 Nov 1901BACH, PeterBOECKMANN, AnnaSCHEMEL, JohnBoeckmann, Maria born STROTHMANNMarried Regina BECKER, 27 Sep 1933, Bartelso, IL
BACH, Joseph Peter08 May 190309 May 1903BACH, BlasiusJOFFRAY, MariaBach, PeterVAREL, Margareta born SCHEMEL
BACH, Louisa Maria01 Aug 189903 Aug 1899BACH, LouisISAAK, CatharineBach, PeterIsaak, MariaMarried Gerh. RIPPERDA, 11 Feb, 1920, Bartelso, IL
BACH, Maria Petronella26 Feb 189826 Feb 1898BACH, BlasiusJOFFRAY, MariaSCHEMEL, JohnJoffray, Margareta born BachMarried Francis GAUSEPOHL, 20 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
BACH, Rosa Maria31 Jan 190301 Feb 1903BACH, LouisISAAK, CatharineIsaak, NicholasSCHEMEL, Maria born FICKER
BACH, Susanna Lucy13 Dec 190415 Dec 1904BACH, LouisISAAK, CatharinaIsaak, HenryBACH, Anna born BOECKMANN
BÜNNING (Buenning), Henry Gerhard18 Jan 189020 Jan 1890BUNNING, ChristianWEEKAMP, Margarita TeresiaJANSEN, Gerhard AlbertSCHEER, Catharina born ALBERTERNST
BECKER, Agnes Josephina23 Nov 188624 Nov 1886BECKER, GerhardSTEILING, JosephineBecker, HenrySteiling, Agnes Josephina
BECKER, Anna Catharina Eleonora04 Apr 190505 Apr 1905BECKER, Bernard Jr.HOLLENKAMP, ElisabethKREKE, GerhardHollenkamp, Anna born KORTEMarried Aloys LOEPKER, 4 May 1927, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Anna Elisabeth15 Feb 189117 Feb 1891BECKER, ElisabethJUNKER, JohnJunker, Catharina born BeckerMarried Bernard BOEVING, 22 Apr 1913, Bartelso, IL Illegitimate. Adopted by Herman Junker
BECKER, Anna Theresia03 Jul 188805 Jul 1888BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaREINERT, MichaelJunker, Theresia
BECKER, Bernard Henry 06 Jan 190006 Jan 1900BECKER, FrancisWELLINGHOFF, AgnesWellinghoff, HenryBecker, Catharina born KREKEMarried Caecilia JANSEN, 29 Oct 1924, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Bernard Joseph12 Jan 189914 Jan 1899BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaBecker, BernardJunker, Catharina born BeckerMarried Alvina G. FOPPE, 21 Aug 1928, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Carl Erwin Bernard19 Feb 190119 Feb 1901BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaBECKER, BernardFOPPE, Gertrude born Becker
BECKER, Catharina Josephina03 Feb 188504 Feb 1885BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaHEMANN, FrancisBecker, Catharina
BECKER, Clara Elisabeth03 Oct 189005 Oct 1890BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaRUMP, WilliamJunker, Elisabeth
BECKER, Clara Rosalia02 Jan 189703 Jan 1897BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaFOPPE, HenryHUELSMANN, Wilhelmina born KleinekorteMarried Ger. H. EVERSGERD, 2 May 1923, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Elisabeth Francisca31 Jan 190101 Feb 1901BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaBecker, Bernard, Sr.Junker, Elisabeth born ROTHENBURGERMarried Louis H. GRAWE, 10 Feb 1925, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Eugenia12 Jul 188712 Jul 1887BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaRUMP, WilliamKleinekorte, Elisabeth
BECKER, Francis George21 Mar 189521 Mar 1895BECKER, FrancisWELLINGHOFF, AgnesWellinghoff, GerhardGRAWE, Anna Elisabeth born TEKEMarried Helen MEYER, 22 Oct 1919, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Frederick William18 Aug 189219 Aug 1892BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaBecker, FrederickJunker, Maria born ISAAK
BECKER, Henry August28 Jul 189429 Jul 1894BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaBecker, HenryKleinekorte, Anna Maria born AHLERSDied 3 Jul 1960
BECKER, Henry Ferdinand06 Aug 189507 Aug 1895BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaBecker, FerdinandJunker, Elisabeth born HANLER (?)Married Kath. Elis. MENSING, 18 Aug 1920, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Henry Francis13 Dec 189513 Dec 1895BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaBecker, HenryJunker, Elisabeth
BECKER, Herman Gerhard28 Apr 189729 Apr 1897BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaBecker, John GerhardJunker, Anna born HEIDEMANNMarried Rosa Chr. MENSING, 16 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Herman Paul Anthony20 Jul 190621 Jul 1906BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaJunker, HermanJunker, Elisabeth born BeckerMarried Martha WELLINGHOFF, 29 May 1929, Bartelso, IL, St. Cecilia
BECKER, Ida Cornelia06 Aug 189807 Aug 1898BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaBecker, BernardJunker, Catharina born BeckerMarried August STEFF 22 Jun 1946 at St. Clare in O'Fallon, IL. Mixed religion marriage. Revalidated 14 Apr 1949?
BECKER, John August13 Dec 189513 Dec 1895BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaJunker, JohnBecker, Elisabeth
BECKER, John Gerhard08 Aug 189309 Aug 1893BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaBecker, GerhardRUMP, Elisabeth born Becker
BECKER, John Henry01 Dec 189302 Dec 1893BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaJunker, HenryBecker, Elisabeth born HUENEMarried Elenore MENSING, 24 Apr 1923, Beckemeyer, IL, St. Anthony
BECKER, John Henry30 Aug 188530 Aug 1885BECKER, FerdinandJUNKER, CatharinaJunker, HenryBecker, Catharina
BECKER, John Peter13 Sep 190313 Sep 1903BECKER, HenryJUNKER, TeresiaJunker, JohnJunker, CatharinaMarried Maria A. WICHMANN, 18 Aug 1926, Bartelso, IL
BECKER, Joseph Frederick01 Oct 189702 Oct 1897BECKER, FrancisWELLINGHOFF, AgnesBecker, FrederickWellinghoff, Anna born GRAWE1st Married Ottilia El. HOLLENKAMP, 9 Nov 1921, Aviston, IL; 2nd Mildred LANGHAUSER, 17 Oct 1968, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
BECKER, Leo Henry15 Oct 190216 Oct 1902BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaKleinekorte, Henry for Fred HUELSMANNRIBBING, Anna born THIEN
BECKER, Maria Gertrude Francisca16 Sep 189916 Sep 1899BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaSCHROEDER, FrancisFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKER
BECKER, Philipp Aloysius 15 Oct 188916 Oct 1889BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaKleinekorte, PhilippBecker, Elisabeth born HUENEMarried Agnete B. KRUSE, 17 May 1927, Dodge City, KS
BECKER, Regina Elisabeth13 Mar 189214 Mar 1892BECKER, BernardKLEINEKORTE, MariaMOLITOR, FrancisRUMP, Regina Elisabeth born Becker
BECKER, Regina Elisabeth03 Mar 189304 Mar 1893BECKER, FrancisWELLINGHOFF, AgnesMEYER, HenryRUMP, Elisabeth born BeckerMarried Bernard J. GEBKE, 9 Apr 1918, Bartelso, IL
BECKMANN, Anna Cecelia18 Oct 189719 Oct 1897BECKMANN, WilliamKREKE, MariaBECKER, FrederickHECKMANN, Anna born BeckmannMarried Louis N. SCHAEFFER, 25 Oct 1916, Bartelso, IL
BECKMANN, Clara Carolina11 Feb 190013 Feb 1900BECKMANN, WilliamKREKE, MariaKreke, FrederickBeckmann, Carolina born GEERS
BECKMANN, Gerhard Henry14 Nov 189518 Nov 1895BECKMANN, WilliamKREKE, MariaKreke, Gerhard HenryKLEINEKORTE, ElisabethMarried Lucia M. MEYER, 19 Nov 1919, Bartelso, IL
BECKMANN, William Frederick13 Oct 190113 Oct 1901BECKMANN, WilliamKREKE, MariaKreke, FrederickSchroeder, Elisabeth born DIERKESMarried Elisabeth WESSEL, 28 Oct 1925, Bartelso, IL
BEER, Anna17 Dec 188517 Dec 1885BEER, John Bapt.ZEHRER, TeresiaWICHMANN, GerardWichmann, Anna+
BEER, Anna Henrietta18 Nov 190618 Nov 1906BEER, HenryMENSING, BernardineBeer, John BaptisteMensing, Anna born GERKEN
BEER, Bernard17 Dec 188517 Dec 1885BEER, John Bapt.ZEHRER, TeresiaBECKER, BernardLAMPE, Anna Elisabeth+
BEER, John George04 Mar 189806 Mar 1898BEER, JohnHEET, GesinaHeet, John GerhardBeer, Theresia born ZEHRER
BEER, John Ignatius30 Jul 190131 Jul 1901BEER, JohnHEET, GesinaBeer, John BaptisteHeet, Helena born SCHNIEDERSMarried Adelaide LAMMERS, 14 Nov 1928, Beckemeyer, IL
BERGMANN, Anna Cecelia06 Nov 189607 Nov 1896BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaWELLINGHOFF, GerhardGrawe, Anna born DULLEMarried William GERDES, 1 Jun 1926, Bartelso, IL
BERGMANN, Bernard George10 Jun 190211 Jun 1902BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaGrawe, BernardTRAME, Regina
BERGMANN, Catharina Cecelia27 Oct 188629 Oct 1886BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, Anna MarieRIBBING, EberhardDIESEN, CatharinaMarried Bernard FRERKER, Bartelso, IL
BERGMANN, Francis Joseph15 Feb 189017 Feb 1890BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaBergmann, JosephBECKER, Catharina born TEKEMarried Clara E. MENSING, 25 Jun 1919, Bartelso, IL
BERGMANN, Francis Joseph30 Sep 190001 Oct 1900BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaGrawe, FrancisWELLINGHOFF, Catharina born TRAME
BERGMANN, George Christopher28 Apr 188830 Apr 1888BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaGRAWE, ChristopherTRAME, Maria born BECKER
BERGMANN, Gerhard Leo11 Apr 189513 Apr 1895BERGMANN, JosephBECKER, MariaBergmann, GerhardKREKE, Katharina
BERGMANN, John Henry21 May 189221 May 1892BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaGrawe, John EverhardLAMPE, Anna born BECKERMarried Maria SCHEMEL, 3 Jun 1924, Bartelso, IL
BERGMANN, Margareta Elisabeth27 Nov 189828 Nov 1898BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaBECKER, FrancisGrawe, Margareta El. born DULLE
BERGMANN, Maria Anna11 Feb 189412 Feb 1894BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaBECKER, BernardBergmann, Maria Elisabeth
BERGMANN, Maria Elisabeth19 Oct 188519 Oct 1885BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, Anna MarieTRAME, FrederickGrawe, Elisabeth
BERGMANN, Maria Elisabeth06 Mar 189708 Mar 1897BERGMANN, JosephBECKER, MariaHOFF, HenryBecker, Elisabeth born HUENEMarried Phillip MENSING, 5 Apr 1921, Bartelso, IL
BERGMANN, Maria Josephina23 Jan 189324 Jan 1893BERGMANN, JosephBECKER, MariaSCHROEDER, JosephSchroeder, Margareta born Becker
BERGMANN, Rosa Gertrude15 Jun 189116 Jun 1891BERGMANN, JosephTRAME, Maria, nee BECKERFOPPE, HenryFOPPE, Gertrude born BeckerMarried Francis THEISING, 24 Aug 1940, Bartelso, IL
BERGMANN, Stephan Henry31 May 189501 Jun 1895BERGMANN, GerhardGRAWE, MariaBergmann, StephanFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKERMarried Nicholas ERLINGER 18 Nov 1913 and he died 30 May 1930; married Henry SUNDRUP 18 Nov 1947 both at St. Cecelia
BOECKMANN, Agnes Maria01 Jun 190302 Jun 1903BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, MariaTOENNIES, HenrySUDHOLT, ElisabethMarried Isidore A. GEBKE, 23 May 1928, Bartelso, IL
BOECKMANN, Anna Catharina18 Nov 188719 Nov 1887BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, Anna MariaPETERS, JohnPeters, Anna
BOECKMANN, Cecelia05 Mar 189207 Mar 1892BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, MariaVOSHOLLER, FrancisVosholler, Elisabeth born StrothmannMarried John GRIMMER, 6 Aug 1919, Bartelso, IL
BOECKMANN, Francis Herman28 Mar 189029 Mar 1890BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, MariaLINNEMANN, HermanLinnemann, Maria born HECKENKEMPER
BOECKMANN, Joanna Theresia13 Jun 190013 Jun 1900BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, MariaStrothmann, ClemensBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERG
BOECKMANN, Joseph15 Feb 189416 Feb 1894BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, MariaHECKENKEMPER, HenryVOSHOLLER, Elisabeth born Strothmann
BOECKMANN, Louis28 Jul 188530 Jul 1885BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, Anna MariaJANTZEN, LouisJantzen, Maria born DAVIDMarried Christina JANSEN, 8 Oct 1913, Bartelso, IL
BOECKMANN, Margareta Francisca19 Sep 189619 Sep 1896BOECKMANN, FrancisSTROTHMANN, MariaStrothmann, ClemensStrothmann, Margareta
BOEVING, Catharina Bernardina11 Apr 189412 Apr 1894BOECKMANN, FrancisMEIRADKE, CatharineGESENHUES, GerhardBoeving, BernardinaMarried John H. BRUNS at St. Francis on 20 Nov 1948 in Aviston, IL. Both parties' previous spouses died and are buried in Aviston.
BOEVING, John George05 Sep 189607 Sep 1896BOEVING, FrancisMEIRADKE, CatharineSUEDFELD, GerhardSuedfeld, Maria born MEYER
BOLK, Henry20 Sep 189021 Sep 1890BOLK, CharlesTHIEN, MariaBolk, HenrySCHOMAKER, Bernardina born Bolk
BOLK, Maria Anna Agnes11 Jan 189312 Jan 1893BOLK, CharlesTHIEN, MariaSCHOMAKER, JohnThien, Agnes born LOEPKER
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Bernardina Maria08 Nov 189119 Nov 1891BRUEGGEMANN, HenrySCHONEFELD, BernardineLAMMERS, John BernardSchonefeld, Maria Catharina born PETERMEIERMarried Bernard HILMES, 25 Nov 1913, Bartelso, IL
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Catharina Maria16 Jan 190217 Jan 1902BRUEGGEMANN, HenrySCHONEFELD, BernardineBrueggemann, BernardMEYER, Catharina born SCHONEFELDMarried Herman DEITERS, 19 Oct 1932, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), John Bernard16 Sep 189417 Sep 1894BRUEGGEMANN, John BernardOVERBERG, Anna TeresiaLAMMERS, John BernardTHEISSING, Theresia born VOSKORSMarried Louisa WEGMANN, 23 Sep 1925, St. Louis, MO, B.M.V. de Dolore
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), John Bernard20 Sep 189421 Sep 1894BRUEGGEMANN, HenrySCHONEFELD, BernardineSchonefeld, BernardLAMMERS, Anna Maria
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Maria Josephina Anna 14 Apr 189414 Apr 1894BRUEGGEMANN, BernardBEULIGMANN, TeresiaSTRICKER, JosephStricker, Anna born LOECKEMANN
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Theresia Bertha23 Mar 189625 Mar 1896BRUEGGEMANN, HenrySCHONEFELD, BernardineSchonefeld, MartinBrueggemann, Theresia born OVERBERG
BRETZ, Anna Margareta08 Oct 189410 Oct 1894BRETZ, MathiasSCHNIERS, AnnaBretz, HenrySchniers, Anna born HOLTMANN
BRETZ, Anna Maria27 Dec 189829 Dec 1898BRETZ, JohnNOLL, MariaJOFFRAY, NicholasJoffray, Anna Maria born JAECKELSMarried H. Clem. DIEKEMPER, 11 Apr 1923, Belleville, IL, St. Luke
BRETZ, Anna Maria13 Mar 190014 Mar 1900BRETZ, MathiasSCHNIERS, AnnaBretz, JohnJoffray, Anna Maria born JAECKELS
BRETZ, Anna Maria Amelia14 Aug 189915 Aug 1899BRETZ, ClemensMEISTER, AmiliaBretz, MathiasBretz, Anna born SCHNIERSMarried Bernard GRAWE, 19 May 1920, Bartelso, IL
BRETZ, Clara Gertrude27 Jan 190301 Feb 1903BRETZ, JohnNOLL, MariaLANGHAEUSER, FrederickMEISTER, Clara Gertrude born BretzMarried Leon RHODES, 29 Oct 1934, Waukegan, IL, Immac. Con.
BRETZ, Clemens Matthew10 Feb 189812 Feb 1898BRETZ, MathiasSCHNIERS, AnnaBretz, ClemensBretz, Amelia born MEISTER
BRETZ, Helena Cecelia26 Feb 189627 Feb 1896BRETZ, MathiasSCHNIERS, AnnaSchniers, JohnBretz, HelenaMarried Wilfred Joseph THIBODEAUX, 26 Feb 1924, Detroit, MI
BRETZ, Margareta Cecelia07 Aug 189511 Aug 1895BRETZ, ClemensMEISTER, AemiliaBretz, HenryBretz, Margareta born HUEBER for Catharina BretzMarried Joseph SCHULTE, 6 Sep 1927, Bartelso, IL
BRETZ, Scholastica Maria16 Jul 189621 Jul 1896BRETZ, AnthonySCHMITZ, CatharineBretz, HenrySchmitz, Maria Anna
BRIESHOFF, Anna Maria30 Jul 188530 Jul 1885BRIESHOFF, JohnGAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaFEHRMANN, JohnHALLERMANN, Anna
BRIESHOFF, John Henry02 Jan 188703 Jan 1887BRIESHOFF, JohnGAUSEPOHL, PhilomenaGausepohl, Henry HALLERMANN, Catharina
BUNNING, Maria Josephina14 May 188815 May 1888BRUNING, ChristianWEEKAMP, Maria TeresiaRICHEMANN, FrancisGERLING, Josephina born TIMBER
BUSS, Anna Carolina30 Sep 188901 Oct 1889BUSS, JohnWUEBBELS, MariaKUHL, ClemensFELDMANN, Carolina born BussMarried Herman VOSHOLLER, 19 Apr 1910, Germantown, IL, St. Boniface
BUSS, John Frederick17 Jul 188718 Jul 1887BUSS, JohnWUEBBELS, MariaTRAME, FrederickTrame, Maria born BECKER
DÜING (Dueing), Anna Wilhelmina31 Jul 190602 Aug 1906DUING, FrancisEILERS, Anna M.Eilers, FrancisJANSEN, Anna born DueingMarried Edward ALBERS, 22 Jun 1927, Germantown, IL
DETERMANN, August Leo11 May 190012 May 1900DETERMANN, HenrySCHOMAKER, AnnaKOHRMANN, JosephBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born BEULIGMANNMarried Catharine M. TOENNIES, 9 Jun 1925, Damiansville, IL
DETERMANN, Bernard Francis25 Apr 190326 Apr 1903DETERMANN, HenrySCHOMAKER, AnnaHAGEN, BernardLOEPKER, Maria born DUST
DETERMANN, Bernardina Rosa27 May 189427 May 1894DETERMANN, HenrySCHOMAKER, AnnaKOHRMANN, JosephSchomaker, Bernardina born BOLK
DETERMANN, John Henry19 May 189819 May 1898DETERMANN, HenrySCHOMAKER, AnnaSchomaker, John H.Schomaker, Rosa born HAGENMarried Anna MOSS 20 Sep 1921 in New Baden, IL. This statement appears for John Wm Schomaker as well.
DETERMANN, Maria Wilhelmina03 May 189603 May 1896DETERMANN, HenrySCHOMAKER, AnnaHEGGER, GerhardDUST, Wilhelmina born DetermannMarried Herman KUHN 17 Oct 1916 in New Baden, IL
DIESEN, Christopher04 Dec 188805 Dec 1888DIESEN, HermanGRAWE, CatharinaGrawe, ChristopherGrawe, Anna born DULLE
DIESEN, Henry01 Apr 188819 Jun 1888DIESEN, BernardFERRIGA, MargaritaWILKEN, HenryWilken, Maria born STEMPELbaptized in Germantown, IL
DIESEN, John Bernard31 Mar 189201 Apr 1892DIESEN, HermanGRAWE, Catharine ElisabethDiesen, BernardOVERBERG, TheresiaMarried Wilhelmina BRANGER, 17 Apr 1917, Highland, IL
DIESEN, Maria Catharina22 Oct 188523 Oct 1885DIESEN, HenryGRAWE, CatharinaRIBBING, EberhardDiesen, Maria Margareta
DOEMKER, Anna Eugenia08 Jul 189309 Jul 1893DOEMKER, AugustMERSCHER, JosephineLAMPE, GerhardKRUSE, Anna born Merscher
DOEMKER, Francisca Elisabeth04 May 189805 May 1898DOEMKER, AugustMERSCHER, JosephineKRUSE, BernardMerscher, Elisabeth born EILERING
DULLE, Cecelia Veronica03 May 189404 May 1894DULLE, HermanWEAST, TeresiaWICHMANN, GerhardWeast, Cecelia for Maria HUENE born Dulle
DULLE, Eleonora Francisca10 Dec 189612 Dec 1896DULLE, HermanWEAST, TeresiaKORTE, HermanHUENE, ReginaMade Solemn Profession on 11 Apr 1949, as Sister Emmanuel of the Immaculate Conception Disealed Carmelite at Carmelite Monastery in Bettendorf, IA
DULLE, Elisabeth23 Dec 188826 Dec 1888DULLE, HermanWEAST, TeresiaGRAWE, FrancisGrawe, Anna in place of Elisabeth Weast
DULLE, Jacob Alphonse10 Jan 189211 Jan 1892DULLE, HermanWEAST, TeresiaWeast, Jacob for John GRAWEWICHMANN, Anna born Dulle
DULLE, John Leo03 Nov 188504 Nov 1885DULLE, HermanWEAST, TeresiaGRAWE, JohnGrawe, Margareta born DulleIndiana
DULLE, Veronica Rosalia07 Dec 190207 Dec 1902DULLE, HermanWEAST, TeresiaROHR, John PeterRohr, Veronica born HUENE
DUST, Francisca Anna23 Feb 189523 Feb 1895DUST, GerhardDETERMANN, WilhelminaJANTZEN, LouisJANSEN, Anna born DUEING
DUST, Gerhard Henry02 Mar 188904 Mar 1889DUST, GerhardDETERMANN, WilhelminaLOEPKER,HenryHUSSMANN, Theresia born BROCKMANN1st Married Caecilia LOEPKER, 15 Sep 1914, Bartelso, IL; 2nd Elis. Peiler, 6 Feb 1924, Beckemeyer, IL
DUST, Henry31 Oct 188501 Nov 1885DUST, GerhardDETERMANN, WilhelminaDetermann, HenryLOEPKER, Anna born Dust
DUST, Joseph12 Aug 188714 Aug 1887DUST, GerhardDETERMANN, WilhelminaDetermann, JosephSTILL, Francisca born PRENGER
EILERING, Anna Elisabeth01 Mar 189803 Mar 1898EILERING, BernardIVES, AnnaRIBBING, EverhardMERSCHER, Elisabeth born EileringMarried Carl E. MICHAELIS, 18 Feb 1942, St. Louis, MO, Holy Family
EILERING, Emma Francisca16 Sep 190318 Sep 1903EILERING, HermanHAAR, RosaEilering, FrancisTENNEFELD, Emma born Haar
EILERING, John Herman27 Oct 190028 Oct 1900EILERING, HermanHAAR, RosaHaar, JohnEilering, Margareta born DUST
EILERING, Margareta Eugenia23 Jul 189623 Jul 1896EILERING, HermanHAAR, RosaEilering, HenryHAAR, Margareta born IMMINGMarried August OVERBECK 4 Jun 1918 in Lively Grove, IL
EILERING, Margareta Josephina11 Nov 189412 Nov 1894EILERING, HermanHAAR, RosaHaar, JohnEilering, MargaretaMarried Bernard OVERBECK, 28 Apr 1915, St. Louis, MO, Sts. Peter & Paul
EILERS, Anna Christina27 Jul 190428 Jul 1904EILERS, FrancisDUING, ChristinaJANSEN, HenryJansen, Anna born DueingMarried Anthony Clement JANSEN (b 22 Apr 1906 in Breese) 29 Oct 1930 at St Dominic in Breese, IL
EILERS, Clara Francisca14 Apr 189915 Apr 1899EILERS, FrancisDUING, ChristineJANSEN, HenryEilers, Catharina born NORDHAUSMarried Bernard H. RIPPERDA, 25 Apr 1922, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
EILERS, Francis Edward10 Jun 190211 Jun 1902EILERS, FrancisDUING, ChristineEilers, Francis JosephKREKE, Anna Maria born EILERINGMarried Cath. M. RICHTER (born 11 May 1901, Illiopolis, IL), 7 Sep 1932, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
EILERS, Francis Joseph13 Oct 190614 Oct 1906EILERS, FrancisDUING, ChristineDueing, FrancisDueing, Maria born EilersMarried Bertha T. DEIMECKE, 29 Aug 1928, St. Rose, IL
ERLINGER, Alphonse William20 May 189822 May 1898ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaErlinger, LouisBECKER, Elisabeth born HUENEMarried Bertha GROSS, 2 Jul 1923, Belleville, IL, St. Luke
ERLINGER, Anna Rosa27 May 189627 May 1896ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaHUSSMANN, GerhardSCHAEFFER, Anna born BrockmannMarried John FELDMANN, 17 Oct 1916, Bartelso, IL
ERLINGER, Bernard Anthony30 Jan 190530 Jan 1905ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaBRUEGGEMANN, John BernardBUDDE, Elisabeth born WEIHERMarried Helena O. JANNETT (Non Catholic) 21 Nov 1929 in St. Mary's parsonage Carlyle, IL
ERLINGER, Bernard Leo25 Jul 190026 Jul 1900ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaHENKEN, BernardHenken, Helena born BROCKMANNMarried Maria O'BRIEN 26 Jan 1926 in BMV in Carlyle, IL
ERLINGER, Edward01 Sep 188802 Sep 1888ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaSCHAEFFER, Anna born BROCKMANN
ERLINGER, John Dominic01 Mar 189402 Mar 1894ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaRohr, John PeterPEPPENHORST, ElisabethMarried Helen GEOFFRAY, 6 Jul 1915, Beckemeyer, IL
ERLINGER, Louis Joseph31 Jan 189207 Feb 1892ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaSCHAEFFER, NicholasErlinger, Elisabeth born HERTZOGMarried Sophia Louisa SCHMIDT 3 Nov 1915; Mrs. Evelyn C. LEE on 12 Jun 1946 (This civil marriage was declared null and void on 27 Mar 1948); Mrs. Catharina VON ALST 17 Apr 1948 (St. Boniface in St. Louis, MO) and Camilla L. DEUTSCH 15 Nov 1951 in Breese, IL
ERLINGER, Nicholas Francis01 Jun 188806 Jun 1888ERLINGER, LouisHERTZOG, ElisabethErlinger, NicholasHertzog, MargaretaMarried Caecilia NIEHENKE, 29 Oct 1913, Bartelso, IL
ERLINGER, Nicholas Robert31 Jul 189001 Aug 1890ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaISAAK, NicholasIsaak, Helena born RohrMarried Maria GERLING, 18 Nov 1913, Bartelso, IL
ERLINGER, Veronica Theresia15 Oct 190216 Oct 1902ERLINGER, NicolausROHR, LouisaRohr, WilliamRohr, Veronica born HUENEMarried Nicholaus GEHRS, 22 Jun (no year), Carlyle, IL, St. Mary
FAUKE, Anna Helena18 Aug 190518 Aug 1905FAUKE, GeorgeMENSING, ChristinaFauke, WilliamMensing, Anna born GERKENMarried George MEIER (Non Catholic) 18 Aug 1921 at St. Luke's in Belleville, IL
FAUKE, Susanna Isabella04 Sep 189905 Sep 1899FAUKE, HenryGEERS, AnnaFauke, WilliamFauke, Susanna born ROHR
FEHRMANN, August Gerhard09 Nov 190210 Nov 1902FEHRMANN, BernardHUENE, MariaHuene, August, Jr.KRUSE, Anna born NORDMANNMarried Irena HILMES (from Germantown) 28 Jul 1931 at St. Theresia in Marydale, IL
FEHRMANN, Henry Bernard12 Jan 190114 Jan 1901FEHRMANN, BernardHUENE, MariaHuene, HenryKORTE, Maria born Fehrmann
FEHRMANN, John Aloysius30 May 189830 May 1898FEHRMANN, BernardHUENE, MariaFehrmann, JohnGRAWE, Anna born DULLEMarried Edna DICKMANN, 24 Oct 1937, St. Louis, MO, Rock Church
FEHRMANN, Margareta Adelheid09 Apr 190510 Apr 1905FEHRMANN, BernardHUENE, MariaGRAWE, JohnHUENE, Maria born DULLEMarried Victor H. ALBERTERNST, 30 Apr 1924, St. Rose, IL
FISCHER, Carl Ferdinand09 Jan 189408 Jun 1897FISCHER, FerdinandBESS, MargaretGOELZ, PeterTimmermann, Emma born BECKERMarried Isabella Chr. LAMPEN, 12 Sep 1922, Carlyle, IL
FISCHER, Clara Margareta 03 Dec 189608 Jun 1897FISCHER, FerdinandBESS, MargaretGOELZ, PeterTimmermann, Emma born BECKER
FISCHER, Joseph07 Aug 190208 Aug 1902FISCHER, FerdinandBESS, MargaretGOELZ, PeterJUNKER, Catharina born BECKERMarried Virginia FERRERO 10 Sep 1929 at St. Agatha in New Athens, IL
FISCHER, Leo Paul20 Aug 190022 Aug 1900FISCHER, FerdinandBESS, MargaritaGOELZ, PeterJUNKER, Catharina born BECKERMarried Verena M. KREBS, 26 Dec 1923, Carlyle, IL, St. Mary
FISCHER, William Henry12 Jul 189008 Jun 1897FISCHER, FerdinandBESS, MargaretGOELZ, PeterTimmermann, Emma born BECKERHe possibly became a priest.
FOPPE, Anna Christina16 May 188617 May 1886FOPPE, ClemensKOERKEMEIER, ElisabethSTEMPEL, FrancisStempel, Maria Christina
FOPPE, Anna Gertrude14 Nov 189816 Nov 1898FOPPE, Henry Jr.GEBKE, PaulineGEBKE, BernardFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKER
FOPPE, Bernard Henry05 Apr 190106 Apr 1901FOPPE, FrederickGEBKE, WilhelminaFoppe, Henry, Jr.Gebke, Anna born DIERKES
FOPPE, Catharina Cecelia19 Oct 188519 Oct 1885FOPPE, HenryBECKER, GertrudeGRAWE, ChristopherLUEBKE, Catharina
FOPPE, Catharina Josephina29 Oct 188729 Oct 1887FOPPE, HenryBECKER, GertrudeGRAWE, JohnBecker, Catharina1st Married George LAMPE,6 Oct 1908, Aviston, IL; 2nd Louis A. HAGEN, 9 Feb 1927 Breese, IL, St. Augustine
FOPPE, Cornelius Henry07 Feb 190607 Feb 1906FOPPE, ClemensGAUSEPOHL, AnnaFoppe, Henry, Sr.Gausepohl, Theresia born LAMMERS
FOPPE, Francis09 Jan 189210 Jan 1892FOPPE, HenryBECKER, GertrudeBecker, FrancisGRAWE, Christina born KORTE
FOPPE, Francisca Regina17 Dec 188518 Dec 1885FOPPE, JohnGERLING, MariaBECKER, HenryBecker, Elisabeth
FOPPE, Henry Joseph16 Jul 189617 Jul 1896FOPPE, Henry Jr.GEBKE, PaulineFoppe, Henry, Sr.Gebke, Anna born DIERKES
FOPPE, Herman Joseph30 Nov 190630 Nov 1906FOPPE, FrederickGEBKE, WilhelminaFoppe, HenryGebke, Catharina born LOEPKERMarried Mamie Ethel JACKSON, 15 Jul 1972, Denver, CO, St. Dominic
FOPPE, John Frederick27 May 190330 May 1903FOPPE, FrederickGEBKE, WilhelminaGebke, JohnRIBBING, Anna Married Mary Cath. MC CONVILLE, 19 Feb 1936, Sidney, NE, St. Patrick
FOPPE, Laurentia Anna02 Nov 190303 Nov 1903FOPPE, ClemensGAUSEPOHL, AnnaRIBBING, EverhardGAUSEPOHL, Anna Maria born PFEIFFER
FOPPE, Paul29 Jun 189030 Jun 1890FOPPE, HenryBECKER, GertrudeBecker, BernardFoppe, Maria born GERLINGBreese, IL
FOPPE, Regina Elisabeth31 Jul 189301 Aug 1893FOPPE, HenryBECKER, GertrudeRUMP, WilliamRUMP, Regina Elisabeth born BeckerMarried August WESSEL, 26 Jan 1915, Bartelso, IL
FOPPE, Wilhelmina Gertrude15 Jan 190016 Jan 1900FOPPE, FrederickGEBKE, WilhelminaGebke, BernardFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKER
FRÉANT, Louis22 Mar 189426 Mar 1894FREANT, FrancisEVERS, MargaritaJANTZEN, LouisBecker, Elisabeth born HUENE
FREANT, John Baptiste05 Jun 189107 Jun 1891FREANT, FrancisEVERS, MargaritaFreant, John BaptisteLANGHAUSEN, Maria Joanna born FreantMarried Eva ZIRKEL, 7 Jun 1916, Beaver Prairie, IL
FREANT, Joseph21 Aug 189221 Aug 1892FREANT, FrancisEVERS, MargaritaGROSS, JosephGross, Maria Anna born MARZLOFF
GÖLZ (Goelz), Blasius Emmanuel30 Nov 190502 Dec 1905GOELZ, PeterBROSS, ClaraBACH, BlasiusGoelz, Anna born GOELLERMarried Dorothy Rose MC CARTHY, 15 Oct 1935, East St. Louis, IL, St. Elisabeth
GÖLZ (Goelz), Elisabeth Maria04 Apr 190304 Apr 1903GOELZ, PeterBROSS, ClaraKLEINEKORTE, PhilippKleinekorte, Elisabeth
GÖLZ (Goelz), John Louis04 Oct 189606 Oct 1896GOELZ, Peter PaulBROSS, ClaraGoelz, John Adam for Louis JANTZENGoelz, Anna born GOELLER
GÖLZ (Goelz), Martha Anastasia22 Apr 190024 Apr 1900GOELZ, PeterBROSS, ClaraMUELLER, John H.Goelz, Anna born GOELLER
GAUSEPOHL, Amelia Anna17 Mar 190517 Mar 1905GAUSEPOHL, PeterLAMMERS, TeresiaTHEISSING, Francis, Sr.FOPPE, Anna born GausepohlMarried Walter VEIMER, 27 Feb 1924, Belleville, IL, St. Peter
GAUSEPOHL, Anna Wilhelmina30 Sep 190301 Oct 1903GAUSEPOHL, HenryKUETER, MargaritaSANTEL, HermanPILLE, Anna Maria
GAUSEPOHL, Bernard Henry14 Oct 188617 Oct 1886GAUSEPOHL, BernardPFEIFFER, Anna MariaGausepohl, Henry JohnROHR, Catharina born ISAAK
GAUSEPOHL, Francis01 Mar 189402 Mar 1894GAUSEPOHL, BernardPFEIFFER, AnnaISAAK, FrancisGausepohl, Margareta born KUETERMarried Petronilla BACH, 20 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
GAUSEPOHL, Francisca Anna26 Jul 190327 Jul 1903GAUSEPOHL, PeterLAMMERS, TeresiaLammers, HermanGausepohl, A. Maria born PFEIFFERMarried Eldon BROWN (Non Catholic) 21 Apr 1927 in Belleville, IL
GAUSEPOHL, Henry John09 Mar 189710 Mar 1897GAUSEPOHL, HenryKUETER, MargaritaKueter, HenryGausepohl, Maria Anna born PFEIFFERMarried Soloma KIRCHOFF, 27 Oct 1926, Flinthill, MO
GAUSEPOHL, Margareta Theresia26 Aug 190027 Aug 1900GAUSEPOHL, HenryKUETER, MargaritaGRAPPERHAUS, GeorgeKueter, Theresia
GAUSEPOHL, Maria Catharina25 Sep 190630 Sep 1906GAUSEPOHL, HenryKUETER, MargaritaKueter, HermanKueter, Maria
GAUSEPOHL, Maria Susanna01 Apr 189103 Apr 1891GAUSEPOHL, BernardPFEIFFER, AnnaROHR, FrancisRohr, SusannaMarried Joseph BRUEGGEMANN, 16 May 1914, Bartelso, IL, St. Cecilia
GAUSEPOHL, Theresia Rosa23 Sep 190124 Sep 1901GAUSEPOHL, PeterLAMMERS, TeresiaGausepohl, BernardTEISING, Theresia born VOSKORS
GEBKE, Anna Regina05 Mar 190305 Mar 1903GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineFOPPE, Henry, Jr.Loepker, Anna
GEBKE, Anthony Henry21 Aug 190522 Aug 1905GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineLoepker, Henry for Bernard LoepkerFOPPE, Paulina born GebkeMarried Regina WELLINGHOFF, 1 May (no year), Bartelso, IL
GEBKE, Isidor August29 Jun 189930 Jun 1899GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineGebke, AugustLoepker, Anna born RICKHOFFMarried Maria BOECKMANN, 23 May 1928, Bartelso, IL
GEBKE, John19 Aug 189030 Aug 1890GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineGebke, JohnTHIEN, Agnes born Loepker1st Married Theresa BEULIGMANN, 17 Apr 1917, Bartelso, IL; 2nd Maria E. MUELLER, 31 May (no year), Bartelso, IL A note by the priest states his birthday is actually 29 Aug due to testimony from Christina GRAWE.
GEBKE, John Bernard20 Dec 189420 Dec 1894GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineLoepker, BernardGebke, Maria ElisabethMarried Elisabeth BECKER, 9 Apr 1918, Bartelso, IL
GEBKE, Josephina Catharina06 Apr 190106 Apr 1901GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineFOPPE, FrederickLoepker, Josephina+
GEBKE, Louisa Francisca08 Jul 189709 Jul 1897GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineLoepker, HenryGebke, Maria FranciscaMarried August JUNKER, 4 Jul 1944, Bartelso, IL, St. Cecilia
GEBKE, Maria Catharina14 Feb 189314 Feb 1893GEBKE, BernardLOEPKER, CatharineGebke, ConradLoepker, Anna Maria born DUSTMarried Henry KREKE, 5 May 1915, Bartelso, IL
GEOFFROY, Catharina Helena25 Apr 190427 Apr 1904GEOFFRAY, JacobHEMPEN, AnnaHempen, John HenrySTEMPER, Catharina born HEMANN
GEOFFROY, Elisabeth26 Jan 189630 Jan 1896GEOFFRAY, HenryROHRBACHER, MagdaleneKANNALL, DominicKannall, Elisabeth born LIST
GEORGY, Anna Helena02 Jul 189003 Jul 1890GEORGY, MichaelJOST, ElisabethALBERS, BernardBECKER, Maria
GEORGY, John Henry14 Oct 188815 Oct 1888GEORGY, MichaelJOST, ElisabethBECKER, HenryBecker, Elisabeth born HUENE
GEORGY, Louis12 Nov 188614 Nov 1886GEORGY, MichaelJOST, ElisabethJANTZEN, LouisJOFFRAY, Maria
GERLING, Anna Catharina16 Nov 188518 Nov 1885GERLING, HenryTIMPER, JosephineHOERCHLER, HenryGerling, Anna Katharina
GERLING, Anna Josephina03 Jun 189204 Jun 1892GERLING, HenryTIMBER, JosephineMUELLER, John HenryOVERBERG, TheresiaMarried Andres CHARLES, 15 Aug 1916, Beckemeyer, IL
GERLING, Francis Christian10 Jul 188711 Jul 1887GERLING, HenryTIMPER, JosephineBUNNING, ChristianHERLLING, Maria Theresia
GERLING, Gerhard31 Aug 189031 Aug 1890GERLING, HenryTIMBER, JosephineSCHOENHOEFT, GerhardKRUSE, Anna born MERSCHERMarried Wilhelmina HEIDEMANN, 4 Nov 1914, Germantown, IL
GERLING, Maria Theresia25 Apr 189526 Apr 1895GERLING, HenryTIMBER, JosephineHUENE, JosephJantzen, Maria born DAVID1st Married Nicolas ERLINGER, 18 Nov 1913, Bartelso, IL, died 30 May 1924; 2nd Henry SUNDRUP, 18 Nov 1947, Bartelso, IL
GOELZ, Joseph Christopher03 Jan 189904 Jan 1899GOELZ, PeterBROSS, ClaraBross, Joseph for Joseph HUENEBross, Anna
GRAMANN, Anna Maria Hendrina26 Aug 190527 Aug 1905GRAMANN, JohnHEMANN, ElisabethHemann, HermanGramann, Hendrina born WELLING
GRAMANN, August Leo16 Jan 190117 Jan 1901GRAMANN, JohnHEMANN, ElisabethLAMPE, AugustHemann, Maria born BLOMSMarried Maria LOEPKER, 7 May 1924, Bartelso, IL
GRAMANN, Maria Elisabeth24 Sep 190324 Sep 1903GRAMANN, JohnHEMANN, ElisabethWELLING, JohnHEMANN, Elisabeth born STUCKENKEMPER
GRAMANN, Memulphus Leo25 Oct 190225 Oct 1902GRAMANN, JohnHEMANN, ElisabethHemann, MemulphusWELLING, Euphemia Adelheid born KRUSE
GRAWE, Anna Cecelia22 Aug 188723 Aug 1887GRAWE, FrancisDULLE, MargaritaTRAME, FrederickGrawe, AnnaNote: This entry appears after November 1887 entries.
GRAWE, Anna Gesina02 Feb 189203 Feb 1892GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaFOPPE, HenryKorte, Maria Anna born ESS
GRAWE, Anna Margareta01 Mar 188602 Mar 1886GRAWE, BernardDULLE, Anna MariaLAMPE, GerhardGrawe, Margareta born Dulle
GRAWE, Bernard Conrad20 Aug 189021 Aug 1890GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaKorte, ConradBECKER, Catharina born TEKEMarried Anna E. BRETZ, 19 May 1920, Bartelso, IL
GRAWE, Francis Stephan26 Dec 189828 Dec 1898GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaGrawe, FrancisMEIER, Margareta born MERIANSMarried Elenora NIEHENKE, 17 May 1927, Bartelso, IL
GRAWE, George Alphonse23 Jul 190323 Jul 1903GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaBergmann, GerhardBergmann, Maria born BECKERMarried Lillian CARMEN, 1 Jun 1925, Belleville, IL, St. Peter Cathedral
GRAWE, Gerard Henry 19 Aug 188521 Aug 1885GRAWE, FrancisDULLE, MargaritaDulle, John GerardBECKER, Catharina
GRAWE, Gerhard George09 Apr 188610 Apr 1886GRAWE, JohnDULLE, Maria AnnaBERGMANN, GerhardDulle, Theresia
GRAWE, Henry Everhard01 May 189602 May 1896GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaGrawe, JohnMERIANS, Anna Maria born ESS
GRAWE, Herman Louis21 Oct 190022 Oct 1900GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaKorte, HermanFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKERMarried Frances BECKER, 10 Feb (no year), Bartelso, IL
GRAWE, John Everhard17 Aug 190518 Aug 1905GRAWE, HermanRIBBING, AgnesGrawe, John EverhardRIBBING, Anna born THIENMarried Mary E. SCHLEPER, 7 Aug 1946, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
GRAWE, Joseph Gerhard26 Jan 190627 Jan 1906GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaWICHMANN, GerhardSCHROEDER, Margareta born BECKER
GRAWE, Maria Bernardina Gesina29 Jan 189430 Jan 1894GRAWE, BernardKORTE, ChristinaBECKER, BernardNORDMANN, Anna Gesina born KorteMarried Andrea W. SPINNER, 16 Apr 1918, Bartelso, IL
GRAWE, Maria Veronica06 Sep 188907 Sep 1889GRAWE, FrancisDULLE, MargaritaBECKER, BernardHUENE, Maria born Dulle
GROSS, Bertha14 Nov 190216 Nov 1902GROSS, JosephLIST, WilhelminaKOCH, HenryList, EmmaMarried Alphonse W. ERLINGER (Confirmed 18 Apr 1926 in Carlyle, IL) 2 Jul 1923 at St. Luke in Belleville, IL
GROSS, Catharina Maria16 Feb 190117 Feb 1901GROSS, NicolausHEMPEN, CatharineHempen, John HenryHempen, Catharina born HERMANNMarried Clemens W. FOPPE, 30 Oct 1928, Bartelso, IL
GROSS, Elisabeth22 Aug 188922 Aug 1889GROSS, JohnHUSSMANN, MariaHussmann, BernardGROSS, Maria Anna born MARZLOFFMarried Frederick JUNKER, 20 Oct 1914, Bartelso, IL
GROSS, Francisca Elisabeth27 Dec 190030 Dec 1900GROSS, JosephLIST, WilhelminaKANALL, DominicKanall, Elisabeth born ListMarried Gerhard J. VAN DE LOO, 18 Aug 1925, Bartelso, IL
GROSS, Henry Leo16 Jan 190417 Jan 1904GROSS, NicolausHEMPEN, CatharinaHempen, LeoGross, ElisabethMarried Louise Anna Agnes KOCH, 24 Jan 1942, Centralia, IL, St. Mary
GROSS, Irena Maria Joanna02 Oct 190603 Oct 1906GROSS, FrancisLANGHAUSER, AnnaGross, NicholasLanghauser, Maria Joanna born FREANTMarried Henry V. DRAKE, 30 Dec 1936, Bartelso, IL
GROSS, John (Clarence)26 May 189928 May 1899GROSS, NicolausHEMPEN, CatharineHempen, JohnRAUSCH, ClaraMarried Ruth LYTLE, 25 Oct 1933, Bartelso, IL
GROSS, John Edward26 Apr 189227 Apr 1892GROSS, JohnHUSSMANN, MariaHussmann, JohnGross, Christina
GROSS, Joseph Francis15 Dec 188716 Dec 1887GROSS, JohnHUSSMANN, MariaGross, FrancisHussmann, Anna Maria
GROSS, Joseph Leo05 Oct 189306 Oct 1893GROSS, JosephLIST, WilhelminaGross, Joseph, Sr.List, Maria born SCHMIDT
GROSS, Joseph Nicholas24 Jun 189726 Jun 1897GROSS, NicolausHEMPEN, Catharine MargaretGross, JosephHempen, Catharina
GROSS, Josephina20 Aug 190622 Aug 1906GROSS, NicolausHEMPEN, CatharineHUNICKE, Joseph LawrenceHunicke, Wilhelmina born Hempen
GROSS, Julius19 Mar 189922 Mar 1899GROSS, JosephLIST, WilhelminaGross, FrancisList, Maria
GROSS, Maria Christina12 Nov 190215 Nov 1902GROSS, NicolausHEMPEN, CatharineJOFFRAY, NicholasGross, Maria Anna born MARZLOFF
GROSS, Maria Rosina10 Oct 190310 Oct 1903GROSS, FrancisLANGHAUSER, AnnaLanghauser, JosephGross, Anna Maria born MARZLOFFMarried Anthony J. HILMES, 25 Oct 1932, Bartelso, IL
GROSS, Philipp24 Mar 189026 Mar 1890GROSS, JosephLIST, WilhelminaGross, Maria Anna born MARZLOFF
HAGEN, Eleonora Rosa24 Nov 190625 Nov 1906HAGEN, HenryBEHRMANN, CatharineHOFF, HenryBOLK, Rosa born HagenMarried Leon H. HAAR, 6 Feb 1923, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
HEGGER, Bernard Carl11 Aug 189212 Aug 1892HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaBolk, CarlOVERBERG, TheresiaMarried Anna WELLEN, 21 Jul 1915, Damiansville, IL
HEGGER, Edward Henry12 Aug 190012 Aug 1900HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaSCHNIERS, HenryBolk, Rosa born HAGENMarried Catharina WALLER, 18 Aug 1926, St. Louis, MO, St. Boniface
HEGGER, Gerhard Henry06 Jun 189107 Jun 1891HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaBolk, HenryWINKELER, Anna born Bolk
HEGGER, Herman Gerhard08 Feb 189509 Feb 1895HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaBolk, HermanSCHNIERS, Maria born THEISSING1st Married Carolina STOCKMANN, 2 Jun 1926, St. Louis, MO, St. Francis de Sales (she died in Aug 1929, as testified by Joseph P. McMahon); 2nd Mary Ethel HORTON, nee LANHAM, 15 Feb 1954, St. Louis, MO, St. Francis Xavier. Mr. Horton died 15 Apr 1949.
HEGGER, Ida24 Jun 190325 Jun 1903HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaJANTZEN, LouisBolk, Ida ElisabethMarried Frank STOCKMANN, 19 Sep 1922, Albers, IL
HEGGER, John Joseph15 Jun 189816 Jun 1898HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaSCHOMAKER, JohnBolk, Maria born THIENMarried Helen WELLEN, 19 Nov (no year), Damiansville, IL
HEGGER, William18 Jun 188819 Jun 1888HEGGER, GerhardBOLK, MariaBolk, HenryTHEISSING, Angela born Hegger1st Married Elisabeth W. DANIEL, 8 Feb 1916, Aviston, IL; 2nd Mary Josephine TIMMERMANN nee DEIEN, 14 Jan 1948, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
HEMPEN, Anthony Edward07 Jun 189029 Jun 1890HEMPEN, HenryHERMANN, CatharinaHUBERT, AnthonyTHEISSING, Theresia born VOSKORS
HEMPEN, Henry Paul18 Oct 189920 Oct 1899HEMPEN, HenryRAUSCH, EvaHempen, John HenryHempen, CatharinaMarried Ivan M. KOEHLER (Non Catholic) 18 Oct 1921 in Carlyle, IL
HENKEN, Nicholas03 Apr 188604 Apr 1886HENKEN, John BernardBROCKMANN, Maria HelenaISAAK, NicholasJUNKER, Theresia
HOFF, Anna Maria10 Sep 189311 Sep 1893HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaBECKER, FrederickRUMP, Elisabeth born BeckerMarried d KRENTZMANN, 26 Jun 1917, Bartelso, IL
HOFF, Catharina Wilhelmina04 Aug 189704 Aug 1897HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaFOPPE, HenryHUELSMANN, Wilhelmina born KLEINEKORTEMarried Thomas M. GARRIGHAN, 15 Sep 1925, Bartelso, IL
HOFF, Gertrude Rosalia17 Mar 190018 Mar 1900HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaBERGMANN, JosephRUMP, ElisabethMarried Anthony WILLIAMS, 5 Jun 1923, Bartelso, IL
HOFF, Laurentia Agnes27 Apr 190328 Apr 1903HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaHUENE, LawrenceHuelsmann, Catharina born ALBERSMarried RENSING, Belleville, IL
HOFF, Maria Anna30 Sep 189401 Oct 1894HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaBECKER, Henry, Sr.Huelsmann, Maria born USSELMANNMarried Ed J. KREUTZMANN, 26 Jun 1917, Bartelso, IL
HOFF, Regina Elisabeth02 Oct 188903 Oct 1889HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaHoff, John HenryRUMP, Elisabeth born BECKERMarried David FINK, 16 Oct 1913, Bartelso, IL
HOFF, William20 Jul 189121 Jul 1891HOFF, HenryHUELSMANN, CatharinaRUMP, WilliamHoff, Maria born HOLLENKAMP
HOLTHAUS, Adelheid08 Oct 189209 Oct 1892HOLTHAUS, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharineHUMMERT, HenryVOSS, Elisabeth born Schavisdick
HOLTHAUS, Anna Maria Francisca11 May 189413 May 1894HOLTHAUS, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharineSCHWIERJOHANN, FrancisSchwierjohann, Anna born Holthaus
HOLTHAUS, Herman Bernard08 May 189909 May 1899HOLTHAUS, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharineSchavesdiek, HermanBUEHNE, Carolina for Teresia OVERBERGMarried Hazel HOOD, 16 Feb 1931, East St. Louis, IL, St. Joseph
HOLTHAUS, Louis Anthony02 Jan 190202 Jan 1902HOLTHAUS, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharineBUEHNE, John Nep.BARTH, Margareta born HUMMERTMarried Caecilia KAMPWERTH, 1 Mar 1927, Beckemeyer, IL
HOLTHAUS, Maria26 Apr 189628 Apr 1896HOLTHAUS, BernardSCHAVESDICK, CatharineTIMMERMANN, HermanVOSS, Maria
HUBERT, Anthony Bernard25 Nov 189928 Nov 1899HUBERT, JacobDONNEWALD, AnnaHubert, AnthonyZIEREN, Maria
HUELSMANN, Anna Helena Margareta14 Jul 189617 Jul 1896HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaBECKER, BernardSTEILING, Anna Helena born Usselmann
HUELSMANN, Anthony Henry09 Nov 189010 Nov 1890HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaUsselmann, WilliamBECKER, Catharina born TEKE
HUELSMANN, Bernard Henry16 Jun 189617 Jun 1896HUELSMANN, BernardSCHUMACHER, RosaSchumacker, John HenrySchumacker, Maria Angela
HUELSMANN, Bernard Herman22 Feb 190023 Feb 1900HUELSMANN, BernardSCHUMACHER, RosaHuelsmann, HermanHuelsmann, Maria born LANGE
HUELSMANN, Bernard Joseph20 Mar 190322 Mar 1903HUELSMANN, HermanLANGE, MariaTHIEN, BernardSCHLEPER, Josephina
HUELSMANN, Catharina Francisca21 Aug 189422 Aug 1894HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaSCHLARMANN, Bernard J.HOFF, Catharina born Huelsmann
HUELSMANN, Edward Alphonse02 Aug 189803 Aug 1898HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaHuelsmann, WilliamUsselmann, Anna born SCHROEDER
HUELSMANN, Elisabeth09 Oct 188809 Oct 1888HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaHUENE, AugustRUMP, Elisabeth born BECKERMarried Frederick BOHNENKEMPER, 19 Nov 1912, Bartelso, IL
HUELSMANN, Francis Henry04 Aug 189205 Aug 1892HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaHuelsmann, FrederickBAHLMANN, Maria born NORDHAUS
HUELSMANN, Frederick Henry05 Jul 190406 Jul 1904HUELSMANN, FrederickKLEINEKORTE, WilhelminaHuelsmann, HenryKleinekorte, Regina born TRAMEMarried Carolina EVERSGERD, 28 Apr 1936, Germantown, IL
HUELSMANN, Frederick Philipp03 Sep 189004 Sep 1890HUELSMANN, FrederickKLEINEKORTE, WilhelminaKleinekorte, PhilippHuelsmann, Maria born OTKE
HUELSMANN, Gerhard Henry13 Nov 190615 Nov 1906HUELSMANN, HermanLANGE, MariaLUECKING, Gerhard HenryLuecking, Gesina Maria born LangeMarried Anna WOBBE, 15 Nov 1936, Fairmont City, IL
HUELSMANN, Joanna Gertrude09 Sep 189309 Sep 1893HUELSMANN, BernardHEGEL, AnnaHuelsmann, HermanWINKELER, Joanna born OPGENORTH
HUELSMANN, Joanna Gertrude20 Nov 190421 Nov 1904HUELSMANN, HermanLANGE, MariaLUECKING, Gerhard HenryWINKELER, Joanna born OPGENWORTHMarried A. H. EVERSGERD, 16 Oct 1928, Bartelso, IL
HUELSMANN, John Bernard24 Oct 189925 Oct 1899HUELSMANN, HermanLANGE, MariaHUELSMANN, BernardTHIEN, Maria born LANGE
HUELSMANN, John William08 Feb 189309 Feb 1893HUELSMANN, FrederickKLEINEKORTE, WilhelminaRUMP, WilliamKleinekorte, Anna Maria born AHLERS
HUELSMANN, Joseph02 Feb 189803 Feb 1898HUELSMANN, BernardSCHUMACHER, RosaWinkeler, HenrySchumacker, ChristinaMarried Adeline SCHRAGE nee KOHRS, 10 Sep 1919, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
HUELSMANN, Leo Henry06 Apr 189807 Apr 1898HUELSMANN, WilliamALBERS, M. CatharineHuelsmann, HenryLIPSMEIER, Maria born AlbersMarried Angela PHILIPPS, 3 Sep 1919, Belleville, IL, St. Peter
HUELSMANN, Louis Francis17 Mar 189418 Mar 1894HUELSMANN, FrederickKLEINEKORTE, WilhelminaKleinekorte, Philipp, Jr.Huelsmann, Maria born USSELMANN
HUELSMANN, Margareta Crescentia14 Sep 190015 Sep 1900HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaHOFF, HenryRUMP, Elisabeth
HUELSMANN, Maria Agnes02 Mar 189603 Mar 1896HUELSMANN, WilliamALBERS, Maria CatharineHuelsmann, HenryAlbers, Anna Maria born Huelsmann
HUELSMANN, Maria Elisabeth01 Mar 189901 Mar 1899HUELSMANN, FrederickKLEINEKORTE, WilhelminaHOFF, HenryKleinekorte, Elisabeth born SCHROEDER
HUELSMANN, Maria Rosa01 Jul 190102 Jul 1901HUELSMANN, HermanLANGE, MariaWINKELER, HenryHuelsmann, Rosa born SCHUMAKERMarried John G. MENSING, 20 Feb 1924, Bartelso, IL
HUELSMANN, William Anton23 Oct 188624 Oct 1886HUELSMANN, HenryUSSELMANN, MariaRUMP, WilliamNETEMEIER, Helena
HUENE, Aloysius Bernard05 Nov 190405 Nov 1904HUENE, EdwardGRAWE, EugeniaGRAWE, BernardBECKER, Elisabeth born HueneMarried Helena Margaret MARCUS 9 Sep 1933 in the Old Cathedral in St. Louis, MO
HUENE, Alphonse August27 Jul 190327 Jul 1903HUENE, LawrenceRUMP, ElisabethHuene, AugustFISCHER, Anna TheresiaMarried Zelma MEYER, 25 Oct 1937, Carlyle, IL
HUENE, Ferdinand Stephan02 Sep 188903 Sep 1889HUENE, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharineHUELSMANN, FrederickHuelsmann, Maria born OTKENMarried Anna IMMING, 30 May 1916, Germantown, IL
HUENE, Henry Edward29 Dec 190530 Dec 1905HUENE, LawrenceRUMP, ElisabethHUELSMANN, HenryHuene, Eugenia born GRAWEMarried Elvera C. LIENING, 8 Apr 1942, St. Rose, IL
HUENE, Leo August16 May 190316 May 1903HUENE, EdwardGRAWE, EugeniaHuene, August, Sr.Grawe, Christina born KORTEMarried Henrietta STEIN, 17 Jun 1931, Centralia, IL
HUSMANN, Francis Nicholas03 Aug 188605 Aug 1886HUSMANN, GerhardBROCKMANN, TeresiaISAAK, NicholasROHR, Louisa
HUSMANN, John Herman17 Feb 188519 Feb 1885HUSMANN, GerhardBROCKMANN, Teresia
HUSSMANN, Aloysius Nicholas03 Jun 189304 Jun 1893HUSSMANN, GerhardBROCKMANN, TeresiaERLINGER, NicholasErlinger, Louisa born ROHR
HUSSMANN, Anna Elisabeth22 Sep 189022 Sep 1890HUSSMANN, GerhardBROCKMANN, TeresiaSCHAEFFER, NicholasSCHAEFFER, Anna born Brockmann
HUSSMANN, Anna Maria28 Feb 189602 Mar 1896HUSSMANN, HenryWOODS, ElisabethHussmann, GerhardHussmann, Anna Maria born SCHULTE
HUSSMANN, Anthony Joseph29 Oct 188831 Oct 1888HUSSMANN, GerhardBROCKMANN, TeresiaHACKER, John BernardSTILL, Francisca born PRENGER
HUSSMANN, Catharina Rosa12 Feb 190414 Feb 1904HUSSMANN, HenryWOODS, ElisabethHussmann, HermanHussmann, Catharina
HUSSMANN, Clara Bernardina08 Jan 189110 Jan 1891HUSSMANN, HenryIBIG, ClaraBOLK, CarlSchomaker, Bernardina born BOLK
HUSSMANN, Henry Nicholas27 Aug 188629 Aug 1886HUSMANN, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaNIEHENKE, HenryVAN ARCUSBERGHER, Adelgunda born HENSKENSMarried Catharina MOSS, 16 Jan (no year) Breese, IL, St. Dominic
HUSSMANN, Herman Henry17 Dec 189219 Dec 1892HUSSMANN, HenryIBIG, ClaraHussmann, GerhardLOEPKER, Maria born DUST
HUSSMANN, John August15 Sep 189717 Sep 1897HUSSMANN, HenryWOODS, ElisabethHussmann, JohnSchomaker, Bernardina born BOLK
HUSSMANN, Maria Elisabeth14 Nov 188817 Nov 1888HUSSMANN, HenryIBIG, ClaraGROSS, JohnGross, Maria born Hussmann
HUSSMANN, Maria Elisabeth26 Sep 189428 Sep 1894HUSSMANN, HenryWOODS, ElisabethLUETJOHANN, AnthonyLuetjohann, Maria born Hussmann
HUSSMANN, Maria Elisabeth28 Dec 190131 Dec 1901HUSSMANN, HenryWOODS, ElisabethSCHULTE, HermanSchulte, Maria Elisabeth
HUSSMANN, Stephan Henry19 Feb 190002 Mar 1900HUSSMANN, HenryWOODS, ElisabethHussmann, HenryHussmann, Clara born IBIG
ISAAK, Anna Catharina22 Sep 188723 Sep 1887ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenSCHAEFFER, NicholasIsaak, CatharinaMarried Joseph HODAPP,16 Nov 1915, Beckemeyer, IL
ISAAK, Anna Cecelia23 Jun 188624 Jun 1886ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenIsaak, FrancisSCHAEFFER, Anna born BROCKMANN
ISAAK, Francis Xavier01 Oct 189104 Oct 1891ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenIsaak, FrancisSCHAEFFER, AnnaMarried Josephine KUHL, 24 Oct 1922, Beckemeyer, IL
ISAAK, John Henry16 Jun 189318 Jun 1893ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenIsaak, HenryBECKER, Maria1st Married Margareta KUHL, 6 May 1924, Beckemeyer, IL; 2nd Maria KUHL, 18 Oct 1927, Beckemeyer, IL
ISAAK, Louisa Regina11 Nov 188912 Nov 1889ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenHENKEN, John BernardERLINGER, Louisa born RohrMarried Martin HOLTGRAVE, 2 Jun 1913, Beckemeyer, IL
ISAAK, Nicholas Ferdinand29 May 189730 May 1897ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenERLINGER, NicholasIsaak, Maria born SCHWIERJOHANN
ISAAK, Susanna Maria06 Aug 189507 Aug 1895ISAAK, NicolausROHR, HelenRohr, WilliamBACH, Catharina born Isaak
JANSEN, Cecelia Josephina01 Sep 190102 Sep 1901JANSEN, HenryDUING, AnnaLUEBKE, WilliamHEET, Josephina born JansenMarried Henry BECKER, 29 Oct 1924, Bartelso, IL
JANSEN, Eugenia Anna13 Sep 189315 Sep 1893JANSEN, HenryDUING, Anna MariaHEMANN, FrancisMUELLER, Catharina born DueingMarried Henry JUNKER, 5 May 1915, Bartelso, IL
JANSEN, John Bernard06 May 189707 May 1897JANSEN, HenryDUING, AnnaDueing, John BernardBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERG+
JANSEN, Maria Christine06 May 189707 May 1897JANSEN, HenryDUING, AnnaHEMANN, FerdinandEILERS, Christina born DueingMarried Joseph C. MUELLER, 12 Oct 1920, Bartelso, IL
JANTZEN, Anna Maria15 Feb 188717 Feb 1887JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaBOECKMANN, FrancisBoeckmann, Anna Maria
JANTZEN, Emil Nicholas08 Aug 188508 Aug 1885JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaGRIMMLER, EmilJUNKER, Elisabeth+
JANTZEN, Leo Henry12 Oct 190314 Oct 1903JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaWINKELER, HenryWinkeler, Joanna born OPGENWORTHMarried Elenora HUENE, 18 Sep 1934, Bartelso, IL
JANTZEN, Louis John04 Mar 188905 Mar 1889JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaMUELLER, John HenryMueller, Elisabeth born HALLERMANNMarried Rosa POIROT, Oct 1915, Belleville, IL, St. Luke
JANTZEN, Lucy Anna14 May 189617 May 1896JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaDavid, HenryDavid, Anna for Anna Wellinghoff born GRAWE
JANTZEN, Margareta Agnes10 Jan 189912 Jan 1899JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaSCHAEFFER, NicholasSchaeffer, Anna born BROCKMANN
JANTZEN, Rosa Maria02 Apr 189105 Apr 1891JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaDavid, RichardJantzen, Anna born ENDRESMarried William SCHILLER, 16 Nov 1921, Bartelso, IL
JANTZEN, Rudolph Francis11 Mar 189415 Mar 1894JANTZEN, LouisDAVID, MariaKOHN, RudolphKohn, Carolina born David
JASPER, Louis16 Aug 189918 Aug 1899JASPER, FrederickKINDER, CatharineJANTZEN, LouisBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERG
JOFFRAY, Arnold Philipp31 May 189803 Jun 1898JOFFRAY, Peter HenryLIST, JosephineList, PhilippJoffray, Anna Maria born JAECKELSMarried Emma ZACHARY (non Catholic) 28 Nov 1934 in Carlyle, IL
JOFFRAY, Eva Cecelia11 Oct 188927 Oct 1889JOFFRAY, Nicolaus S.JAECKELS, Anna MariaBRETZ, MathiasLEY, Eva
JOFFRAY, John Francis14 Apr 188829 Apr 1888JOFFRAY, Nicolaus S.JAECKELS, Anna MariaBRETZ, JohnHODAPP, Martha born SEIFERT
JOFFRAY, Paul Nicholas16 Aug 189920 Aug 1899JOFFRAY, Henry PeterLIST, JosephineJoffray, Nicholas S.
JUNKER, Anna Magdalena06 Aug 189306 Aug 1893JUNKER, JosephHASSLER, ElisabethBECKER, GerhardHUBERT, Magdalena born Hassler
JUNKER, Anna Wilhelmina04 Nov 189105 Nov 1891JUNKER, JohnBECKER, CatherineRUMP, WilliamBecker, Catharina born JUNKER
JUNKER, Bernard Leo August21 Apr 189922 Apr 1899JUNKER, JohnBECKER, CatharinaJunker, BernardBECKER, Elisabeth born HUENEMarried Louise GEBKE, 4 Jul 1944, Bartelso, IL, St. Cecilia
JUNKER, Bernard Paul Cornelius27 Oct 190628 Oct 1906JUNKER, HermanBECKER, ElisabethJUNKER, BernardBecker, Elisabeth born HUENEMarried Dorothy WIESE, 5 Mar 1935, Beckemeyer, IL
JUNKER, Elisabeth19 May 188620 May 1886JUNKER, JosephHASSLER, ElisabethJunker, JosephJunker, Elisabeth
JUNKER, Elisabeth Rosa12 Jul 190013 Jul 1900JUNKER, HermanBECKER, ElisabethBecker, BernardJunker, Elisabeth born ROTHENBURGERMarried George SCHROEDER, 28 Jun 1921, Bartelso, IL
JUNKER, Francisca Catharina01 Apr 190002 Apr 1900JUNKER, ElisabethJunker, JohnJunker, Catharina born BECKERillegitimate
JUNKER, Francisca Elisabeth29 Nov 188830 Nov 1888JUNKER, JohnBECKER, CatharinaBECKER, HenryJunker, Elisabeth born ROTHENBURGER
JUNKER, John Frederick31 Aug 188602 Sep 1886JUNKER, JohnBECKER, CatharinaBecker, FrederickJunker, Theresia1st Married Elisabeth GROSS, 20 Oct 1914, Bartelso, IL; 2nd Marg. FOPPE, 7 Feb 1934 Breese, IL, St. Augustine
JUNKER, John Henry Rudolph07 Jun 189808 Jun 1898JUNKER, HermanBECKER, ElisabethJunker, Henry, Sr.Becker, Catharina born KREKEMarried Anna Rosalie MENSING, 2 Oct 1923, Bartelso, IL
JUNKER, Margareta Agnes Martha 22 Dec 190323 Dec 1903JUNKER, HermanBECKER, ElisabethBecker, FrancisBecker, MargaretaMarried Alphonse POELKER, 17 Apr 1923, Belleville, IL, St. Vincents Hospital Chapel
KÖSTER (Koester), Catharina Helena04 Sep 190105 Sep 1901KOESTER, PhillipBECKER, CatharineBecker, FerdinandKoester, CatharinaMarried Earl BURNETT, 25 Jul 1924, Beckemeyer, IL
KÖSTER (Koester), Elisabeth Cecelia07 Oct 190509 Oct 1905KOESTER, PhillipBECKER, CatharinaJUNKER, JohnNIEHENKE, Elisabeth born BeckerMarried Clifford HARPER, 16 Oct 1926, St. Louis, MO
KAMPWERTH, Alphonse Bernard28 Oct 190530 Oct 1905KAMPWERTH, HenryFOCKES, BarbaraKampwerth, BernardKampwerth, Anna born FockesMarried Maria A. RICHTER, 19 Sep 1933, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
KAMPWERTH, Bernard Henry08 Jul 189510 Jul 1895KAMPWERTH, HenryFOCKES, BarbaraFockes, BernardKampwerth, Maria born RICHTER+
KAMPWERTH, Catharina Helena01 Jun 190002 Jun 1900KAMPWERTH, HenryFOCKES, BarbaraWESSEL, BernardHUENE, Catharina born WOESTMANN
KAMPWERTH, Herman Henry03 Mar 189805 Mar 1898KAMPWERTH, HenryFOCKES, BarbaraKampwerth, HermanFockes, Helena
KAMPWERTH, Wilhelmina Theresia24 Oct 190325 Oct 1903KAMPWERTH, HenryFOCKES, BarbaraKOERKEMEYER, JohnFUHLER, Theresia born Kampwerth
KANALL, John Dominic18 Mar 189221 Mar 1892KANALL, DominicLIST, ElisabethLAMPE, John HenryJOFFRAY, Ida
KANALL, Maria Francisca25 Jan 188928 Jan 1889KANALL, DominicLIST, ElisabethList, FlorianGROSS, Maria Anna born MARZLOFFMarried Edward PEPPENHORST, 20 Jun 1916, Bartelso, IL
KANALL, Maria Margareta16 Aug 188718 Aug 1887KANALL, DominicLIST, ElisabethGROSS, JosephList, MargaretaNote: This entry appears after November 1887 entries.
KANALL, Wilhelmina06 Nov 188508 Nov 1885KANNALL, DominicLIST, ElisabethSCHEMEL, GeorgeList, Mina
KLEINEKORTE, Maria Agnes09 May 190510 May 1905KLEINEKORTE, PhillipTRAME, ReginaBECKER, BernardBERGMANN, Maria born Becker
KLIER, Bernard Henry10 Feb 189211 Feb 1892KLIER, JosephOHLMEYER, CatharinaFOPPE, BernardROETTERING, ElisabethMarried Lucia DIVELL, 23 Mar 1916, East St. Louis, IL, St. Patrick
KLIER, Elisabeth29 Aug 189330 Aug 1893KLEIR, JosephOHLMEYER, CatharinaRAUSCH, PaulRausch, Elisabeth born Klier
KLIER, Frederick27 Sep 188828 Sep 1888KLEIR, JosephOHLMEYER, CatharinaBECKER, FrederickFOPPE, Maria born GERLING
KLIER, Gerhard Joseph29 Jun 189001 Jul 1890KLIER, JosephOHLMEYER, CatharinaOhlmeyer, GerhardBECKER, Catharina born KREKE (TEKE)
KLOECKENER, Henry Theodore 04 Jul 190204 Jul 1902KLOECKENER, JohnKREIMER, MariaBUDDE, HenryBudde, Elisabeth born WEITER
KLOECKENER, John Conrad30 Mar 189630 Mar 1896KLOECKENER, JohnKREIMER, MariaGEBKE, ConradKloeckener, GertrudeMarried Maria WELLINGHOFF, 28 Jul 1921, Bartelso, IL
KLOECKENER, John Joseph14 Jan 189916 Jan 1899KLOECKENER, JohnKREIMER, MariaSTRICKER, JosephLOECKEMANN, Anna
KLUTHO, John Robert29 Aug 190329 Aug 1903KLUTHO, AugustDULLE, DorothyKlutho, TheodoreDulle, Theresia born WEAST
KOCH, Amelia Catharina02 Aug 190203 Aug 1902KOCH, GeorgeHERTZOG, Margarita nee. LISTList, NicholasKoch, Catharina born PFEFFEROTMarried Louis G. BEHRMANN, 2 May 1922, Okawville, IL, St. Barbara
KOESTER, Genoveva Catharina02 Sep 190304 Sep 1903KOESTER, PhillipBECKER, CatharinaKoester, GerhardBecker, Katharina
KOHRMANN, Henry Edward07 Jul 189108 Jul 1891KOHRMANN, JosephDETERMANN, MathildaDetermann, HenryBECKER, Catharina born KREKEMarried Emma HOLLENKAMP, 15 Feb 1916, Aviston, IL
KOLMER, Clemens Theodore12 Jul 190513 Jul 1905KOLMER, HenryCAMPBELL, HenriettaBRUEGGEMANN, TheodoreKolmer, Maria born KLEINMarried Catharina HEMPEN, 23 Nov 1926, Carlyle, IL
KOLMER, Herman Anthony09 Feb 190411 Feb 1904KOLMER, HenryCAMPBELL, HenriettaKolmer, Herman AnthonyBRUEGGEMANN, TheresiaThis is a mixed marriage.
KOLMER, Maria Theresia born CAMPBELL25 Mar 187814 Apr 1906BRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERGWife of Henry Kolmer
KOLP, Henry Clemens09 Jun 184216 Jun 1905KOLP, GeorgeMariaBRETZ, ClemensNew Convert
KOOPMANN, Anna Elisabeth19 Nov 188820 Nov 1888KOOPMANN, JosephWILDHABER, Anna MariaWALLER, HenryWildhaber, Anna Maria born RIPPERDA
KOOPMANN, Clara Cecelia17 Jul 189418 Jul 1894KOOPMANN, JosephWILDHABER, MariaLOEPKER, HenryEWELT, Anna
KOOPMANN, Herman Clemens08 Sep 189509 Sep 1895KOOPMANN, JosephWILDHABER, MariaWALLER, ClemensWildhaber, ElisabethMarried Caeciila VAREL, 7 Sep 1926, Bartelso, IL
KOOPMANN, John Bernard20 Jul 189121 Jul 1891KOOPMANN, JosephWILDHABER, MariaLOEPKER, John BernardHUENE, Maria born DULLEMarried Frances C. VAREL, 15 May 1935, Bartelso, IL
KOOPMANN, Maria Clara11 Feb 189811 Feb 1898KOOPMANN, JosephWILDHABER, MariaBEER, John B.LOEPKER, Maria born DUST
KREKE, Catharina Wilhelmina Elisabeth25 Jun 189825 Jun 1898KREKE, FrederickEILERING, MariaBECKMANN, WilliamMERSCHER, Elisabeth born Eilering
KREKE, Frederick Aloysius08 Dec 189609 Dec 1896KREKE, FrederickEILERING, MariaKreke, Gerhard HenryEilering, Anna born BAHLMANN
KREKE, Maria Regina Josephina23 Sep 189924 Sep 1899KREKE, FrederickEILERING, MariaSTUCKENBERG, JosephStuckenberg, Catharina born Eilering
KRUSE, Agnes Bernardina09 Dec 190109 Dec 1901KRUSE, HermanWELLINGHOFF, LouisaKruse, Bernard, Sr.BECKER, Agnes born WellinghoffMarried Aloysius BECKER 17 May 1927 in Dodge City, KS
KRUSE, Francis Bernard13 May 188813 May 1888KRUSE, BernardMERSCHER, AnnaMUELLER, John H.BECKER, Catharina born TEKE
KRUSE, Francis Bernard11 Dec 190212 Dec 1902KRUSE, Bernard Jr.NORDMANN, AnnaKruse, Bernard, Sr.GRAWE, Christina born KORTE
KRUSE, Gerhard Henry11 Nov 190512 Nov 1905KRUSE, HermanWELLINGHOFF, LouisaWellinghoff, GerhardWELLING, Euphemia born KRUSE+
KRUSE, Joseph William20 Nov 188521 Nov 1885KRUSE, BernardMERSCHER, AnnaMerscher, Joseph WilliamWELLING, Adelheid+
KRUSE, Joseph William08 May 190509 May 1905KRUSE, Bernard Jr.NORDMANN, AnnaMERSCHER, WilliamFEHRMANN, Maria born HUENE
KRUSE, Josephina22 Jul 188923 Jul 1889KRUSE, BernardMERSCHER, AnnaJANTZEN, LouisMUELLER, Anna Helena born GROOTEMarried Henry SUHL, 21 May 1930 Bartelso, IL
KRUSE, Maria Elisabeth18 Feb 189319 Feb 1893KRUSE, BernardMERSCHER, Anna HelenKruse, HermanDOEMKER, Josephina born Merscher
KRUSE, Maria Regina19 Oct 189521 Oct 1895KRUSE, BernardMERSCHER, Anna HelenDOEMKER, AugustWELLING, Euphemia Adelheid born Kruse
KRUSE, Theresia Maria20 Aug 190321 Aug 1903KRUSE, HermanWELLINGHOFF, LouisaKruse, BernardWellinghoff, Maria born MENSINGMarried Herman JANSEN, 23 Oct 1951, Bartelso, IL, St. Cecilia
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Cecelia25 Jun 189326 Jun 1893LOEPKER, Gerhard HenryRICKHOFF, AnnaGEBKE, BernardDULLE, Euphemia born MUESMarried Gerhard DUST, 15 Sep 1914, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Francisca07 Dec 190408 Dec 1904LOEPKER, HenryNIEHENKE, AnnaNiehenke, HenryHOERR, Anna born Loepker
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria20 Jan 190220 Jan 1902LOEPKER, Henry J.ROETTERING, ElisabethWOBBE, HenryLoepker, Anna Maria born DUSTMarried August L. GRAMANN, 7 May 1924, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria Elisabeth05 Apr 188706 Apr 1887LOEPKER, Gerhard HenryDUST, Anna HelenDust, GerhardLoepker, Agnes
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria Lena07 Nov 188508 Nov 1885LOEPKER, John BernardDUST, Anna MariaHENNING, IsadoreLoepker, Anna HelenaMarried Francis THIEN, 30 Sep 1913, Louisville, KY, St. Boniface
LÖPKER (Loepker), Anna Maria Margareta09 Nov 190310 Nov 1903LOEPKER, AnthonyGRAWE, CatharinaGrawe, JohnLoepker, Maria born DUSTMarried A. Henry HIMSTEDT, 30 Sep 1931, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Bernard Aloysius14 Apr 190315 Apr 1903LOEPKER, HenryROETTERING, ElisabethLoepker, BernardRoettering, Theresia born LAMMERS1st Married Elenora A. BECKER, 4 May 1927, Bartelso, IL; 2nd Rose FURTWENGLER, 26 Dec 1964, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
LÖPKER (Loepker), Bernard Henry25 Feb 189527 Feb 1895LOEPKER, HenryRICKHOFF, AnnaLoepker, BernardGRAWE, Christina born KORTEMarried Adelinda M. BACH, 7 Nov 1922, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Bernard John11 Jul 190011 Jul 1900LOEPKER, AnthonyGRAWE, CatharineLoepker, BernardGrawe, Margareta El. Born DULLENote corrected name to Bernard John LOEPKER
LÖPKER (Loepker), Dorothea Theresia01 Mar 190002 Mar 1900LOEPKER, HenryNIEHENKE, AnnaLoepker, BernardNiehenke, Theresia born KAULINGMarried Francis W. MERSCHER, 25 Oct 1922, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Elisabeth Maria15 Aug 190516 Aug 1905LOEPKER, John HenryROETTERING, ElisabethLoepker, HenryWIEGERS, Maria born Roettering
LÖPKER (Loepker), Francis Joseph05 May 190205 May 1902LOEPKER, AnthonyGRAWE, CatharineGrawe, FrancisLoepker, Elisabeth born ROETTERINGMarried Augusta J. HABIG, 17 Aug 1926, Jasper, IN
LÖPKER (Loepker), Gerhard Joseph18 Oct 189619 Oct 1896LOEPKER, HenryRICKHOFF, AnnaRickhoff, JosephGEBKE, Katharina born LoepkerMarried Isabella WICHMANN, 14 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Henry Anthony29 Sep 190529 Sep 1905LOEPKER, AnthonyGRAWE, CatharineLoepker, HenryGRAWE, Josephina
LÖPKER (Loepker), Henry Isidor15 May 189816 May 1898LOEPKER, HenryRICKHOFF, AnnaLoepker, Henry J., Jr.WICHMANN, Anna born DULLEMarried Margaret PEILER, 11 May 1927, Beckemeyer, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Irene Catharina19 Jul 190219 Jul 1902LOEPKER, HenryNIEHENKE, AnnaLoepker, AnthonyNiehenke, CatharinaMarried Henry MERSCHER, 22 Sep 1920, Bartelso, IL
LÖPKER (Loepker), Rosa Catharina16 Mar 190017 Mar 1900LOEPKER, Henry J.ROETTERING, ElisabethGEBKE, BernardWOBBE, Catharina born GERLINGMarried William J. HERMELING, 21 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
LAMMERS, Maria Thecla28 Feb 188728 Feb 1887LAMMERS, BernardLAMMERS, Anna MariaWINKELER, JosephWinkeler, Maria Thecla born LammersIllegitimate. Mother married on 4 Apr 1887 and baby adopted by Henry HEITMANN subsequently
LAMMERS, Peter Clemens18 Dec 190619 Dec 1906LAMMERS, Herman ClemensPELTIS, ElisabethGAUSEPOHL, PeterDETERMANN, Anna born SCHOMAKER
LAMPE, Anna Gertrude09 Mar 188709 Mar 1887LAMPE, GerhardBECKER, AnnaGRAWE, JohnFOPPE, Gertrude born Becker
LAMPE, Anthony Henry30 Jun 189102 Jul 1891LAMPE, GerhardBECKER, AnnaFOPPE, HenryGRAWE, Christina born KORTE
LAMPE, Helena Bernardina Anna14 Nov 189816 Nov 1898LAMPE, JohnJOFFRAY, IdaBECKER, BernardBRETZ, HelenaMarried Francis K. ANDERSON, 13 Dec 1920, Antlers, OK, St. Agnes
LAMPE, Maria Elisabeth17 Dec 188918 Dec 1889LAMPE, GerhardBECKER, AnnaGRAWE, FrancisTRAME, Maria born BECKER
LANDOLT, Bernard Louis04 Mar 188606 Mar 1886LANDOLT, MelchiorWEBER, CatharineRITTENHOLZ, BernardJantzen, Maria born DAVID
LANDOLT, Maria Rosa30 Aug 190331 Aug 1903LANDOLT, MariaLandolt, MelchiorSchaeffer, Anna born BROCKMANNChild is illegitimate. Child made legitimate by subsequent marriage to William ROHR
LIST, Alexander John08 Aug 189511 Aug 1895LIST, NicolausBACK, TeresiaBack, JohnKANALL, Elisabeth born List
LIST, Anna Alwina (GROSS)02 Oct 190405 Oct 1904LIST, MariaBretz, ClemensGROSS, Anna born LANGHAEUSERChild is illegitimate. Father is Jacob GROSS
LIST, Anna Maria26 May 190330 May 1903LIST, NicolausBACK, TeresiaBack, LouisLUDDICKE, Maria
LIST, Clotilda Antoinette21 Sep 189823 Sep 1898LIST, NicolausBACK, TeresiaBack, AnthonyList, Emma
LIST, Joanna Margareta09 Oct 190010 Oct 1900LIST, NicolausBACK, TeresiaKANALL, DominicHERTZOG, Margareta born ListMarried John SCHEMEL, 27 Oct 1931, Bartelso, IL
LIST, Leona Maria19 Mar 190122 Mar 1901LIST, AndrewGUTH, HelenList, PhilippGuth, Maria born HEILMANNMarried John A. WICHMANN, 20 Sep 1927, Carlyle, IL
LIST, Louis Dominic16 Mar 190218 Mar 1902LIST, MariaKANNALL, DominicKannall, Elisabeth born LISTillegitimate
LIST, Margareta L.10 Sep 189912 Sep 1899LIST, AndrewGUTH, HelenMUELLER, John, Jr.HERTZOG, Margareta born ListMarried Bernard H. DIEKEMPER, 24 Nov 1926, Carlyle, IL
LIST, Philipp Joseph24 Sep 189627 Sep 1896LIST, NicolausBACK, TeresiaBack, JosephGROSS, Wilhelmina born List
MACKE, Francis11 Mar 189812 Mar 1898MACKE, FrancisFIEDLER, CatharineSCHUMACKER, HenryWOBBE, Catharina born GERLINGMarried Frances E. SCHROER, 19 May 1920, St. Rose, IL
MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina21 Nov 188524 Nov 1885MUELLER, PeterJACKELS, Anna Marg.SCHUH, MathiasBRETZ, Catharina
MÜLLER (Mueller), Cornelius Joseph31 Mar 189201 Apr 1892MUELLER, John HenryHALLERMANN, ElisabethHallermann, JosephJUNKER, Elisabeth born ROTHENBURGERMarried Maria C. JANSEN, 12 Oct 1920, Bartelso, IL
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Josephina14 Apr 189515 Apr 1895MUELLER, John HenryHALLERMANN, ElisabethMueller, John HenryHallermann, Josephina
MENSING, Anna Rosalia08 Jul 189308 Jul 1893MENSING, BernardBURTZ, HelenBurtz, John TheodoreMensing, Anna born GERKENMarried Rudolph JUNKER, 2 Oct 1923, Bartelso, IL
MENSING, Bernard26 Sep 189027 Sep 1890MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethMensing, BernardKALLAGE, Theresia born ALBERS1st Marriage Margaret HERMELING, 14 Nov 1916, Germantown, IL, St. Boniface; 2nd Rosa M. THUENEMANN, 29 Jan 1929, Germantown, IL
MENSING, Bernardina Wilhelmina13 Sep 188614 Sep 1886MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaWILKEN, WilliamWilken, BernardinaMarried Henry BEER, 6 Feb 1906, Bartelso, IL
MENSING, Catharina Elisabeth18 Jan 188620 Jan 1886MENSING, BernardBURTZ, HelenMensing, JohnMensing, Elisabeth born ROLFESMarried William H. SCHLESS, 7 Jul 1910, Parsons, KS, St. Patrick
MENSING, Catharina Elisabeth31 Jan 190001 Feb 1900MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaMensing, JohnMensing, Elisabeth born ROLWESMarried Ferdinand BECKER, 18 Aug 1920, Bartelso, IL
MENSING, Clara Christina04 Mar 189606 Mar 1896MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethMAUE, ClemensMaue, Christina born RolwesMarried F. Joseph BERGMANN, 25 Jun 1919, Bartelso, IL
MENSING, Clemens Henry17 Jun 189417 Jun 1894MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaMAUE, ClemensMaue, Anna Maria born ROLWES
MENSING, Eleonora Maria25 May 190526 May 1905MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaSCHEMEL, JohnSchemel, Maria born FICKERMarried J.H. BECKER, 24 Apr 1923, Beckemeyer, IL, St. Anthony
MENSING, Frederick John25 Jan 189626 Jan 1896MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaPOLMANN, John HenryPolmann, Christina
MENSING, Helena Maria13 Jul 189814 Jul 1898MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethMensing, Helena born BURTZ
MENSING, John05 Oct 188806 Oct 1888MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaMensing, JohnLOEPKER, Anna Maria born DUSTMarried A. Francis ZEHRER, 2 Sep 1925, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
MENSING, John Gerhard12 Jun 189014 Jun 1890MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaSCHOMAKER, JohnSchomaker, Bernardina born BOLKMarried Theresia MC GETTIGAN, 2 Jul 1913, Venice, IL, St. Marcus
MENSING, John Gerhard known as George02 Jul 189303 Jul 1893MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethMensing, GerhardMensing, Anna born GERKENKnown as George; Married Rosa HUELSMANN, 20 Feb 1924, Bartelso, IL
MENSING, John Henry28 Feb 189802 Mar 1898MENSING, GerhardGERKEN, AnnaBAUMHUETER, HenryBaumhueter, Maria born SCHOOMarried Anna Maria DEERHAAKE, 8 May 1923, Germantown, IL
MENSING, Lucy14 Feb 190416 Feb 1904MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethWELLINGHOFF, HenryWellinghoff, Maria born MensingMarried Henry HOLTMAN 27 Oct 1926 in Germantown, IL
MENSING, Maria Cecelia21 Oct 188923 Oct 1889MENSING, BernardBURTZ, HelenBAUMKUETER, HenryBaumhueter, Maria born SCHOOMarried Fred KALL - unofficial?
MENSING, Philipp20 Jul 188822 Jul 1888MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethRolwes, PhilippMensing, Helena born BURTZMarried Maria BERGMANN, 5 Apr 1921, Bartelso, IL
MENSING, Rosa Christina03 Jul 190104 Jul 1901MENSING, JohnROLVES, ElisabethPOLMANN, JohnPolmann, Christina born ALBERSMarried Herm. Gerard BECKER, 16 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
MERSCHER, Bernard William09 Feb 189711 Feb 1897MERSCHER, WilliamEILERING, ElisabethEilering, HermanDOEMKER, Josephina born Merscher
MERSCHER, Francis William22 Sep 190023 Sep 1900MERSCHER, WilliamEILERING, ElisabethEilering, FrancisRICHEMANN, Maria born Merscher
MEYER, Anna Henrietta24 Dec 188725 Dec 1887MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaWESSELING, HenryMEIRINKE, AnnaMarried Henry SUHL, 20 Oct 1908, Bartelso, IL
MEYER, Bernard27 Jun 188528 Jun 1885MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaSchonefeld, BernardMeyer, Elisabeth1st Married Anna TRAME, Bartelso, IL; 2nd Catharine Bonnie JACKSON, 29 Jun 1954 at Our Lady of Perp. Help, Downey, CA
MEYER, Cecelia Catharina16 Jul 189017 Jul 1890MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaHELLMANN, HenryHellmann, Anna Maria born SchonefeldMarried Francis BROECKLING, 4 May 1920, St. Louis, MO, St. Anthony
MEYER, Elisabeth12 Nov 189213 Nov 1892MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaHOLTGREVE, HenryHoltgreve, Elisabeth born SchonefeldMarried Henry SUHL, 16 Oct 1912, Bartelso, IL
MEYER, Joseph Matthew20 Mar 190320 Mar 1903MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaSchonefeld, Joseph MatthewSchonefeld, Maria born DRUETCHENMarried Maria WESSEL, 18 May 1927, Bartelso, IL
MEYER, Maria Helena13 Sep 189514 Sep 1895MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaWELLINGHOFF, GerhardBRUEGGEMANN, BernardinaMarried Francis G. BECKER, 22 Oct 1919, Bartelso, IL
MEYER, Mathilda Lucy11 Feb 189812 Feb 1898MEYER, HenrySCHONEFELD, CatharinaWELLINGHOFF, HenryWellinghoff, Mathilda born SchonefeldMarried George BECKMANN, 19 Nov 1919, Bartelso, IL
MUELLER, Anna Josephina16 Feb 188819 Feb 1888MUELLER, PeterJACKELS, Anna MargaritaACKERMANN, AugustGEOFFROY, JosephinaMarried Basilio HOPPE, 28 Jan 1914, Belleville, IL, St. Peter
MUELLER, Anna Regina05 Mar 188606 Mar 1886MUELLER, JohnHALLERMANN, ElisabethMueller, FrederickHallermann, Anna Maria
MUELLER, John Bernard10 Feb 188811 Feb 1888MUELLER, John HenryHALLERMANN, ElisabethMueller, BernardSUEDFELD, Maria
MUELLER, Maria Elisabeth16 Apr 189018 Apr 1890MUELLER, John HenryHALLERMANN, ElisabethMueller, BernardNORDMANN, Maria Anna born STORMMarried John GEBKE, 31 May (no year), Bartelso, IL
NEFF, Alphonse Bernard03 Jun 190305 Jun 1903NEFF, PeterHEIDEMANN, PhilomenaJUNKER, BernardHeidemann, EugeniaMarried Margaret KAHRHOFF, 3 Apr 1948, Carlyle, IL, St. Mary
NEFF, Emma Eleonora Verena30 Nov 190002 Dec 1900NEFF, PeterHEIDEMANN, PhilomenaSTEILING, AugustSteiling, Emma born Heidemann
NIEHENKE, Catharina Eleonora22 May 190424 May 1904NIEHENKE, BernardBECKER, ElisabethNIEHENKE, HenryBecker, Catharina born JUNKER
NIEHENKE, Herman Aloysius24 May 190625 May 1906NIEHENKE, BernardBECKER, ElisabethNIEHENKE, HenryJUNKER, Katharina born BeckerMarried Theresia Eleonora BEER 21 Nov 1929 at St. Theresia in Belleville, IL
NIEHENKE, John Henry27 Jul 188628 Jul 1886NIEHENKE, HenryKAULING, TeresiaHILMES, HenryHUSSMANN, Anna+
NIEHENKE, Matilda Cecelia26 Nov 188927 Nov 1889NIEHENKE, HenryKAULING, TeresiaBECKER, FerdinandKOHRMANN, Matilda born DETERMANNMarried Francis N. ERLINGER, 29 Oct 1913, Bartelso, IL
NORDMANN, Aloysius Bernard15 Dec 189516 Dec 1895NORDMANN, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaHORSTMANN, BernardHorstmann, MargaretaMarried Vela Irene BERLIN, July 1927, New Orleans, LA , St. Alphonse
NORDMANN, Bernard Ferdinand28 Apr 188929 Apr 1889NORDMANN, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaESS, John BernardGrawe, Anna born DULLEMarried Beatrice KELLY from Lakeville, Conn. 30 Jan 1912 in New Smyrna, FL and Jennie Ruth DRESSNER (non Catholic) at Brendon Church in Ormond Beach, FL on 2 Jul 1963
NORDMANN, Bernard Joseph10 Feb 189211 Feb 1892NORDMANN, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaFEHRMANN, BernardMueller, Elisabeth born HALLERMANNMarried Anna Clara SCHMIDT, 3 Jul 1917, De Loud, FL
NORDMANN, John06 Sep 188508 Sep 1885NORDMANN, FerdinandKORTE, Anna GesinaFEHRMANN, John HermanKorte, Christina
NORDMANN, John Francis13 Sep 188714 Sep 1887NORDMANN, FerdinandKORTE, Anna GesinaMUELLER, JohnFEHRMANN, Anna
NORDMANN, John Leo10 May 189411 May 1894NORDMANN, FerdinandKORTE, GesinaNordmann, JohnMAUE, Anna born Korte
PFISTERER, John Joseph02 May 189902 May 1899PFISTERER, EdwardFOPPE, MariaTAPHORN, John GerhardREPPEN, Maria born GERLING
PFISTERER, Margareta Martha30 Dec 190331 Dec 1903PFISTERER, EdwardFOPPE, MariaFoppe, HenryFoppe, Margareta
PFISTERER, Maria Agnes07 Sep 190108 Sep 1901PFISTERER, EdwardFOPPE, MariaROHR, LawrenceFoppe, Maria born GERLING
PFISTERER, William Leo29 Aug 190630 Aug 1906PFISTERER, EdwardFOPPE, MariaFoppe, WilliamBRETZ, Catharina
REINERT, Catharina Elisabeth29 May 188630 May 1886REINERT, MichaelBECKER, Anna MariaBecker, HenryBecker, Catharina El.Married John W. DANIELS, 2 Oct 1917, Quincy, IL, St. Boniface
REINERT, John Fredericks Joseph16 Nov 188716 Nov 1887REINERT, MichaelBECKER, Anna MariaBecker, FrederickBecker, Catharina (Widow)
RIBBING, Anna Cecelia13 Nov 188514 Nov 1885RIBBING, EberhardTHIEN, AnnaLOEPKER, BernardLAMPE, Anna ElisabethMarried Theodore William BECKMANN, 27 Jan 1909, Bartelso, IL
RIBBING, Anna Maria04 Dec 190305 Dec 1903RIBBING, HermanTOEBBEN, AnnaWILKEN, BernardRIBBING, Anna born THIENMarried Aloys KUPER, 24 Nov 1927, New Baden, IL
RIBBING, Edward Henry27 Nov 189828 Nov 1898RIBBING, EverhardTHIEN, AnnaThien, HenryBECKER, Maria born KLEINEKORTEMarried Rose Mary SCHLEPER, 29 Aug 1945, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
RIBBING, Francis B.13 Sep 188713 Sep 1887RIBBING, EberhardTHIEN, AnnaBECKER, FrancisLOEPKER, Anna MariaMarried Clara HENRICHS, 15 Oct 1913, St. Rose, IL
RIBBING, Gertrude Cecelia20 Jan 190121 Jan 1901RIBBING, EverhardTHIEN, AnnaDUST, HenryFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKERMarried Vince R. DOBELMANN, 4 Jun 1924, Bartelso, IL
RIBBING, John24 Feb 189325 Feb 1893RIBBING, EverhardTHIEN, AnnaThien, John HermanOVERBERG, TheresiaMarried Maria Agnes HENRICHS, 9 Oct 1917, Highland, IL
RIBBING, Maria Helena09 Apr 189010 Apr 1890RIBBING, EberhardTHIEN, AnnaGRAWE, FrancisBOLK, Maria born ThienMarried Benedict THEISMANN 3 Jul 1919 at St. Engelbert in St. Louis, MO
RIBBING, Theresia Crescentia28 Sep 190528 Sep 1905RIBBING, HermanTOEBBEN, AnnaRibbing, EberhardToebben, Theresia born WESSELMANN
ROHR, Bernardina Wilhelmina02 Apr 190603 Apr 1906ROHR, WilliamLANDOLT, MariaSCHAEFFER, NicholasLandolt, BernardinaMarried Herman VAREL, 27 Sep 1927, Bartelso, IL
ROHR, Lucy Maria 16 May 190316 May 1903ROHR, John PeterHUENE, VeronicaSCHAEFFER, NicholasHUENE, Maria born DULLEMarried August HAAR, 28 Nov 1923, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
SCHEMEL, Anna Magdalena08 Mar 189709 Mar 1897SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaBACH, BlasiusGRIMMER, Anna born SchemelMarried Bernard A. WICHMANN, 28 Jul 1920, St. Cascilian The dates may be in May as they appeared after April.
SCHEMEL, Anna Maria20 Mar 189521 Mar 1895SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaVAREL, HermanSchemel, Anna born DIEKEMPER
SCHEMEL, Christopher Lawrence22 Dec 190023 Dec 1900SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaFicker, John WilliamBACH, Anna born BOECKMANN
SCHEMEL, Herman Gregory17 Nov 190317 Nov 1903SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaVAREL, Herman, Jr.BACH, Catharina born ISAAK
SCHEMEL, John William11 Jun 189312 Jun 1893SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaFicker, John WilliamVAREL, Margareta born SchemelMarried Joanna LIST, 27 Oct 1931, Bartelso, IL
SCHEMEL, Louis Aloysius06 Nov 190207 Nov 1902SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaBACH, LouisBach, Maria born JOFFRAY
SCHEMEL, Margareta Elisabeth12 May 190613 May 1906SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaBACH, PeterFicker, Elisabeth
SCHEMEL, Maria Margareta03 Feb 189903 Feb 1899SCHEMEL, JohnFICKER, MariaFicker, HenryGRIMMER, ApolloniaMarried John BERGMANN, 3 Jun 1924, Bartelso, IL
SCHMIDT, Clara29 Mar 189430 Mar 1894SCHMIDT, PeterPHILIPPS, MariaJANTZEN, LouisGAUSEPOHL, Anna Maria born PFEIFFERMarried Joseph L. HUSTEDDE, 18 May 1920, Bartelso, IL
SCHMIDT, Joseph Leo16 Jul 189118 Jul 1891SCHMIDT, PeterPHILIPPS, MariaGROSS, JosephLIST, JosephinaMarried Helen Emma HODAPP, 28 Nov 1922, Carlyle, IL
SCHMIDT, Linus Florian28 Oct 188531 Oct 1885SCHMIDT, PeterPHILIPPS, MariaLIST, FlorianWEAST, Rhoda
SCHMIDT, Maria Agnes24 Nov 188726 Nov 1887SCHMIDT, PeterPHILIPPS, MariaGROSS, FrancisLIST, MargaretaMarried Earl DAVIS (Non Catholic) 7 Jan 1915 in Beckemeyer, IL
SCHMIDT, Sophia Louisa29 Oct 189631 Oct 1896SCHMIDT, PeterPHILIPPS, MariaKANNALL, DominicLIST, Maria born SchmidtMarried Louis ERLINGER, 3 Nov 1915, Bartelso, IL
SCHNIERS, Bernard Henry John23 Jun 189524 Jun 1895SCHNIERS, HenryTHEISSING, MariaSchniers, BernardBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERG
SCHNIERS, Francis Joseph27 Feb 190328 Feb 1903SCHNIERS, HenryTHEISSING, MariaTheissing, FrancisSchniers, Josephina born BECKMANNMarried Emma ULRICH, 8 Nov 1927, Rowena, TX
SCHNIERS, Henry William14 Jul 190216 Jul 1902SCHNIERS, GerhardBECKMANN, JosephineBeckmann, WilliamSCHNIERS, Maria born THEISSINGMarried Thomas TAYLOR 30 Apr 1928 at St. Monica in Detroit, MI
SCHNIERS, Maria Henrietta Louisa30 Apr 190401 May 1904SCHNIERS, GerhardBECKMANN, JosephineBECKMANN, Maria born KREKE
SCHNIERS, Theresia Bernardina20 Sep 189121 Sep 1891SCHNIERS, HermanHOLTMANN, AnnaHoltmann, Theresia born BULTEMEIER
SCHOMAKER, Anna Dina11 Jan 188912 Jan 1889SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, DinaHEGGER, GerhardWINKELER, Anna born BolkMarried Theodore W. SANTEL, 26 May 1914, Germantown, IL
SCHOMAKER, Bernard Henry28 Nov 189429 Nov 1894SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, BernardineBolk, HenryBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born BEULIGMANNMarried Theresia BAAHLMANN, 4 Aug 1920, Albers, IL
SCHOMAKER, Francis Henry14 Oct 189616 Oct 1896SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, BernardineWINKELER, FrancisJANTZEN, Maria born DAVID
SCHOMAKER, Gesina Cecelia15 Feb 190117 Feb 1901SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, BernardineHEGGER, GerhardBolk, Gesina born THIENMarried Herman HARDT, 12 Apr 1975, St. Louis, MO, St. Boniface
SCHOMAKER, Herman John18 Apr 189119 Apr 1891SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, BernardineBolk, HenryBolk, Maria born THIEN
SCHOMAKER, John William15 May 189817 May 1898SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, BernardineWELLING, John, Sr.WINKELER, Ida born MERSMANNMarried Anna MOSS 20 Sep 1921 in New Baden, IL. This statement appears for John Henry Determann as well.
SCHOMAKER, Joseph21 Jul 189322 Jul 1893SCHOMAKER, JohnBOLK, BernardineHEGGER, GerhardMensing, Anna born GERKEN
SCHROEDER, Francis George02 Sep 189303 Sep 1893SCHROEDER, FrancisDIERKES, ElisabethHUSTEDDE, GeorgeFOPPE, Christina born DICKMANNMarried Rosa JUNKER, 28 Jun 1921, Bartelso, IL
SCHROEDER, Henry10 Apr 189111 Apr 1891SCHROEDER, Francis HenryDIERKES, ElisabethDierkes, John HenrySchroeder, Margareta born BECKERMarried Carolina EILERS, 27 Jan 1914, Bartelso, IL
SCHROEDER, Joseph Paul15 Jan 188616 Jan 1886SCHROEDER, Francis HenryDIERKES, ElisabethSchroeder, JosephDICKMANN, M. Catharina
SCHROEDER, Maria Catharina14 Jul 190615 Jul 1906SCHROEDER, JohnHUENE, MariaUSSELMANN, WilliamHUENE, Catharina born WOESTMANN+
SCHROEDER, Rosa Catharina02 Apr 188804 Apr 1888SCHROEDER, Francis HenryDIERKES, ElisabethHEMANN, FrancisALBERS, CatharinaMarried Henry HUENE, 14 May 1907, Bartelso, IL
STILL, Francis August25 May 189126 May 1891STILL, MathiasPRENGER, FranciscaSCHROEDER, Francis HenryMUELLER, Elisabeth born HALLERMANN
STILL, Gerhard07 Nov 188713 Nov 1887STILL, MathiasPRENGER, FranciscaGESENHUES, GerhardVAN AVENSBERGER, Adelgunda born MUSKENSMarried Maria Theresia SPITZNAGEL, 14 Jun 1911, Council Bluffs, IA, St. Peter
STILL, John Henry02 Apr 189003 Apr 1890STILL, MathiasPRENGER, FranciscaMUELLER, John H.Jantzen, Maria born DAVID
STILL, Joseph August22 Feb 189323 Feb 1893STILL, MathiasPRENGER, FranciscaDOEMKER, John AugustJantzen, Maria born DAVID
STILL, William29 Jan 189529 Jan 1895STILL, MathiasPRENGER, FranciscaTIMMERMANN, WilliamTimmermann, Emma born BECKER
SUNDRUP [BEER], Eugenia Genevieve25 Aug 190626 Aug 1906SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, CatharineHUENE, EdwardHuene, Eugenia born GRAWEMarried August B. WESSEL, 5 Oct 1932, Bartelso, IL; adopted by Jos. BEER
SUNDRUP, Anna14 Oct 189614 Oct 1896SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, KatharineBRUEGGEMANN, BernardGRAWE, Christina born KORTEMarried Herman KOESTER, 1920, Carlyle, IL
SUNDRUP, August William31 Jan 190201 Feb 1902SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, CatharineUsselmann, WilliamStricker, Anna born LOECKEMANN
SUNDRUP, Bernard Henry Ferdinand22 Dec 189823 Dec 1898SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, CatharineGRAWE, BernardGrawe, Margareta born DULLE
SUNDRUP, John Leo11 Jun 190512 Jun 1905SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, CatharinaGRAWE, John, Jr.BRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born BEULIGMANN
SUNDRUP, Joseph Herman10 Dec 190011 Dec 1900SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, CatharineWESSEL, BernardWICHMANN, Anna born DULLE
SUNDRUP, Maria Josephina27 Dec 190329 Dec 1903SUNDRUP, AugustUSSELMANN, CatharinaHUELSMANN, HenryHuelsmann, Maria born USSELMANN
THEISSING, George Bernard15 Feb 190515 Feb 1905THEISSING, FrancisMENSING, MariaTheissing, GerhardMensing, Elisabeth born ROLWES
THEISSING, Maria Francisca30 Aug 190631 Aug 1906THEISSING, Francis Jr.MENSING, MariaTheissing, Francis, Sr.Mensing, Elisabeth born ROLWESMarried Bernard HILMES, 1 Nov 1926, Germantown, IL, son of John HILMES and Carol KOHNEN.
THIEN, Herman Anthony22 Nov 190623 Nov 1906THIEN, AnthonyWOBBE, CatharineThien, John HermanLOEPKER, Elisabeth born ROETTERING (Roettering)Died in Carrol, IA 7 Aug 1988; buried in Bartelso 10 Aug 1988
TIMMERMANN, Paul Theodore10 Jan 190611 Jan 1906TIMMERMANN, HenryBARTH, BerthaTimmermann, TheodoreBarth, Susanna born WALLISCHEKMarried Mabel Claire LEGENDRE 3 Jun 1947 at St. John's in RFD Thibodaux, LA
TIMMERMANN, Theodora Francisca Elisabeth20 Sep 189521 Sep 1895TIMMERMANN, WilliamBECKER, EmmaTimmermann, HermanBecker, Elisabeth born HUENE
TIMMERMANN, William Theodore17 Feb 189719 Feb 1897TIMMERMANN, WilliamBECKER, EmmaTimmermann, TheodoreBecker, Catharina born KREKEMarried Margareta WIRTH 21 May 1918 at St. Augustine in Breese, IL
TRAME, Edward08 Dec 188609 Dec 1886TRAME, FrederickBECKER, MariaRIBBING, EberhardGRAWE, Maria AnnaMarried Margaretha BUDDE, 21 Oct (no year), Germantown, IL
USSELMANN, Elisabeth Margareta Cecelia06 Jul 189206 Jul 1892USSELMANN, WilliamSCHROEDER, AnnaBAHLMANN, WilliamSchroeder, Elisabeth born DIERKESMarried Henry ALBERS, 10 May 1916, Bartelso, IL
USSELMANN, Francis Henry23 Sep 189524 Sep 1895USSELMANN, WilliamSCHROEDER, AnnaSchroeder, Francis HenryNETEMEYER, Helena born BAHLMANNMarried Catharine NORRENBERNS, 14 Sep 1921, Germantown, IL
USSELMANN, Henry William12 Sep 189712 Sep 1897USSELMANN, WilliamSCHROEDER, AnnaHUELSMANN, Henry KLEINEKORTE, Elisabeth born SchroederMarried Wilhelmina Cath. DEERHAKE, 3 Oct 1922, Germantown, IL
USSELMANN, Martha Laurentina07 Aug 190607 Aug 1906USSELMANN, WilliamSCHROEDER, AnnaSUNDRUP, AugustSchroeder, RosaMarried Francis HUSTEDDE, 17 Sep 1929, Germantown, IL
VAN DE LOO, Anna Maria04 Dec 188805 Dec 1888VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaGeoffroy, NicholasGeoffroy, Magdalena born ROHRBACKERMarried Bernard ISAAK, 16 May 1911, Bartelso, IL
VAN DE LOO, Gerhard Joseph01 Apr 189602 Apr 1896VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaGESENHUES, GerhardSTAMMEN, Maria Elisabeth born HARTINGSMarried Frances E. GROSS, 18 Aug 1925, Bartelso, IL
VAN DE LOO, Ida Maria21 Feb 189423 Feb 1894VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaHUBERT, AnthonyJOFFRAY, IdaMarried Edward H. HACKER, 30 May 1922, Bartelso, IL
VAN DE LOO, Jacob09 Feb 189010 Feb 1890VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaMASSRANG, JacobGROSS, Maria Anna born MARZLOFF
VAN DE LOO, Joseph Cornelius01 May 190101 May 1901VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaBERGMANN, JosephJoffray, Anna Maria born JAECKELSMarried Gertrude ROHR, 9 Nov 1926, Beckemeyer, IL
VAN DE LOO, Maria Cecelia03 Apr 189205 Apr 1892VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaJOFFRAY, NicholasBERGMANN, Maria born BECKER
VAN DE LOO, Nicholas Louis24 Sep 189825 Sep 1898VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaSCHAEFFER, NicholasJANTZEN, Maria born DAVID
VAN DE LOO, Theresia Dorothea17 Nov 190318 Nov 1903VAN DE LOO, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaJANTZEN, LouisBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERGMarried Aloys Gerhard MUELLER, son of Henry and Cath. MUELLER, 14 Feb 1922, Breese, IL, St. Dominic
VAN DER ALST, Anna Cecelia11 Jan 188523 Jan 1885VAN DER ALST, TheodoreSCHROEDER, ChristinaMICHEEL, BernardBUSSMANN, Anna
VAN DER ALST, Theodore05 Aug 188606 Aug 1886VAN DER ALST, TheodoreSCHROEDER, ChristinaHENNING, HenryMENSING, Elisabeth
VAREL, Anna17 Apr 188818 Apr 1888VAREL, HermanSCHEMEL, MargaritaBACH, BlasiusMAIFELD, Anna
VAREL, Cecelia Anna01 Aug 190502 Aug 1905VAREL, JohnROBERG, CarolinaVarel, Herman, Jr.WESSEL, Anna born Roberg
VAREL, Herman Victor23 Dec 190123 Dec 1901VAREL, JohnROBERG, CarolineVarel, HermanRoberg, Catharina born FUHLERMarried Wilhelmina B. ROHR, 27 Sep 1927, Bartelso, IL
VAREL, Joseph Bernard09 Mar 190410 Mar 1904VAREL, JohnROBERG, CarolinaWESSEL, BernardVAREL, Margareta born SCHEMELMarried Elisabeth TILLMANN, 27 Nov 1929, Centralia, IL
VAREL, Louis25 Mar 188525 Mar 1885VAREL, HermanSCHEMEL, MargaritaBACH, LouisROHR, SusannaMarried Maria PINGSTERHAUS, 1917, Germantown, IL
VOSHOLLER, Aloysius Louis03 Feb 190204 Feb 1902VOSHOLLER, FrancisSTROTHMANN, ElisabethStrothmann, ClemensBOECKMANN, Maria born Strothmann
VOSHOLLER, Anna Maria Clara12 Sep 189313 Sep 1893VOSHOLLER, FrancisSTROTHMANN, ElisabethBOECKMANN, FrancisVosholler, Clara born NETEMEYERMarried Alvin TRIERWEILER 7 Jun 1916 and Clyde J. HOBERT (non Catholic) 11 Feb 1932 both at St. Lucas in Belleville, IL
VOSHOLLER, Gerhard Henry22 Aug 189022 Aug 1890VOSHOLLER, FrancisSTROTHMANN, ElisabethStrothmann, HenryVosholler, Maria Clara born NETEMEYERMarried Loretta RALPH nee REYBURN, 19 Oct 1940, Belleville, IL, Cathedral
VOSHOLLER, Leo Joseph18 Dec 190520 Dec 1905VOSHOLLER, FrancisSTROTHMANN, ElisabethStrothmann, ClemensBOECKMANN, Josephina
VOSHOLLER, Maria Amelia25 Sep 189727 Sep 1897VOSHOLLER, FrancisSTROTHMANN, ElisabethVOSHOLLER, FrancisBOECKMANN, Maria born StrothmannMarried Valentine KAISER, 5 Feb 1914, Belleville, IL, St. Peter
WEAST, Agnes Wilhelmina27 Mar 188927 Mar 1889WEAST, TheodoreSTEPHENS, RhodaHUBERT, LawrenceHubert, Wilhelmina born KRAUSS
WEAST, Francisca Gertrude21 Oct 188722 Oct 1887WEAST, TheodoreSTEPHENS, RhodaDULLE, HermanDulle, Theresia born Weast
WELLINGHOFF, Agnes Josephina05 Mar 189905 Mar 1899WELLINGHOFF, HenrySCHONEFELD, MathildaBERGMANN, JosephBECKER, Agnes born WellinghoffMarried Gerh. PINGSTERHAUS, 10 Sep 1919, Bartelso, IL
WELLINGHOFF, Aloysius01 Jan 190602 Jan 1906WELLINGHOFF, HenryMENSING, MariaMensing, BernardWELLINGHOFF, Catharina born TRAMEMarried Verena SCHMIDT, 31 Aug 1937, Albers, IL
WELLINGHOFF, Aloysius Bernard08 Aug 190009 Aug 1900WELLINGHOFF, HenrySCHONEFELD, MathildaSchonefeld, BernardWellinghoff, Anna born GRAWEMarried Frances M. KOHRMANN, 7 May 1923, Beckemeyer, IL
WELLINGHOFF, Alphonse William02 Mar 189803 Mar 1898WELLINGHOFF, GerhardGRAWE, AnnaWellinghoff, WilliamWICHMANN, Anna born DULLE
WELLINGHOFF, Anna27 Jul 189728 Jul 1897WELLINGHOFF, HenrySCHONEFELD, MathildaBECKER, FrancisMEIRINKE, Anna
WELLINGHOFF, Anna Agnes26 Jul 190126 Jul 1901WELLINGHOFF, GerhardGRAWE, AnnaGrawe, JohnBECKER, Agnes born WellinghoffMarried Albert FOERSTER 25 Nov 1935 in the Cathedral at Belleville, IL
WELLINGHOFF, Francis George11 Aug 189311 Aug 1893WELLINGHOFF, GerhardGRAWE, AnnaGrawe, FrancisMEYER, Catharina born SCHONEFELDMarried Ruth ZIMMERMANN 14 Feb 1931 at the Cathedral in Belleville, IL
WELLINGHOFF, Helena Martha22 Sep 190322 Sep 1903WELLINGHOFF, HenryMENSING, MariaKRUSE, HermanMensing, Helena born BURTZMarried Anthony H. BECKER, 29 May 1929, Bartelso, IL, St. Cecilia
WELLINGHOFF, John Leo02 Nov 189902 Nov 1899WELLINGHOFF, GerhardGRAWE, AnnaBECKER, FrancisGrawe, Josephina1st Married Lillian BREITWIESER, 30 Oct 1923, Bartelso, IL; 2nd Loretta M. NIEMEYER, 18 Feb 1947, Louisville, KY, St. Charles Romeo
WELLINGHOFF, Joseph Henry26 Apr 189627 Apr 1896WELLINGHOFF, GerhardGRAWE, AnnaWellinghoff, HenryGrawe, Anna Maria born DULLE
WELLINGHOFF, Josephina Catharina19 Mar 190320 Mar 1903WELLINGHOFF, WilliamTRAME, CatharineRIBBING, EverhardBECKER, Agnes born Wellinghoff
WELLINGHOFF, Margareta Elisabeth05 Nov 189405 Nov 1894WELLINGHOFF, GerhardGRAWE, AnnaBURMEISTER, FrancisGrawe, Margareta El. Born DULLE
WELLINGHOFF, Maria Francisca08 Apr 190109 Apr 1901WELLINGHOFF, WilliamTRAME, CatharineBECKER, FrancisBERGMANN, Maria born BeckerMarried John C. KLOECKNER, 27 Jul 1921, Bartelso, IL
WELLINGHOFF, Regina Wilhelmina20 Oct 190421 Oct 1904WELLINGHOFF, WilliamTRAME, CatharinaKRUSE, HermanKLEINEKORTE, Regina born TrameMarried Anthony GEBKE, 1 May (no year), Bartelso, IL
WESSEL, Bernard Joseph29 Sep 190130 Sep 1901WESSEL, BernardROBERG, AnnaRoberg, JosephStricker, Anna born LOECKEMANN
WESSEL, Carolina Cecelia22 Nov 190223 Nov 1902WESSEL, BernardROBERG, AnnaBRUEGGEMANN, BernardVAREL, Carolina born Roberg
WESSEL, Catharina Elisabeth15 Dec 190315 Dec 1903WESSEL, John BernardROBERG, AnnaVAREL, JohnSUNDRUP, Catharina born USSELMANNMarried Frederick BECKMANN, 28 Oct 1925, Bartelso, IL
WESSEL, Catharina Elisabeth07 Nov 190008 Nov 1900WESSEL, BernardROBERG, AnnaKAMPWERTH, HenryRoberg, Catharina born FUHLER
WESSEL, Francis Bernard04 Jun 190604 Jun 1906WESSEL, BernardROBERG, AnnaSTRICKER, JosephBRUEGGEMANN, Theresia born OVERBERG
WESSEL, Maria Theresia12 Apr 190513 Apr 1905WESSEL, BernardROBERG, AnnaKOERKEMEYER, JohnFUHLER, Theresia born KAMPWERTHMarried Joseph M. MEYER, 18 May 1927, Bartelso, IL
WESSELMANN, George Gerhard31 Oct 190001 Nov 1900WESSELMANN, BernardRIBBING, CatharineWesselmann, GerhardFOPPE, Gertrude born BECKERMarried Catharine BOEING, 26 Nov 1925, Aviston, IL
WESSELMANN, Herman John19 Apr 190320 Apr 1903WESSELMANN, BernardRIBBING, CatharineRibbing, HermanBERGMANN, Maria born BECKERMarried Bernardine A. REICHERT, 14 Apr 1941, Germantown, IL, St. Boniface
WESSELMANN, Theodor Gerhard20 Oct 189821 Oct 1898WESSELMANN, BernardRIBBING, CatharineRibbing, TheodoreDICKMANN, Carolina born WesselmannMarried Chr. Johanna DICKMANN, 10 Apr 1923, St. Rose, IL
WESSELMANN, Wilhelmina Crescentia17 Jan 190519 Jan 1905WESSELMANN, BernardRIBBING, CatharineTOEBBE, HermanRIBBING, Anna born THIENMarried Joseph DETMER, 4 Apr (no year), Bartelso, IL
WICHMANN, Anna Maria21 Feb 190622 Feb 1906WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaSUNDRUP, AugustJANTZEN, Maria born DAVIDMarried John P. BECKER, 18 Aug 1926, Bartelso, IL
WICHMANN, Bernard Anthony26 Jan 189627 Jan 1896WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaGRAWE, BernardWELLINGHOFF, Anna born GraweMarried Magdelena SCHEMEL, 28 Jul 1920, Bartelso, IL
WICHMANN, Francis Otto07 Aug 189108 Aug 1891WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaGRAWE, FrancisGrawe, Christina born KORTEMarried Margarita MOLITOR, 10 Sep 1913, Bartelso, IL
WICHMANN, Gerhard17 Dec 188617 Dec 1886WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaDulle, WilliamGRAWE, Maria Anna
WICHMANN, Henry Joseph24 Jul 188924 Jul 1889WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaDulle, HenryDulle, Theresia born WEAST
WICHMANN, John Aloysius25 Feb 190126 Feb 1901WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaDulle, JohnGRAWE, JosephinaMarried Leona W. LIST, 20 Sep 1927, Carlyle, IL
WICHMANN, Louis Leo23 Aug 190323 Aug 1903WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaJANTZEN, LouisDulle, CarolinaMarried Catharine FRUECKE, 10 May 1932, Bartelso, IL
WICHMANN, Maria Isabella06 Aug 189806 Aug 1898WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaLOEPKER, HenrySABELHAUS, Catharina born WichmannMarried Joseph G. LOEPKER, 14 Apr 1920, Bartelso, IL
WICHMANN, William Joseph13 Sep 189314 Sep 1893WICHMANN, GerhardDULLE, AnnaSABELHAUS, William for Joseph BERGMANNSabelhaus, Catharina for Theresia BRUEGGEN born OVERBERGMarried Frances MOLITOR, 15 Oct 1919, Breese, IL, St. Augustine
WIGMANN, Francis06 Jul 188606 Jul 1886WIGMANN, WilliamLENGERS, CarolinaBOECKMANN, FrancisBoeckmann, Anna Maria
WILKEN, Albert18 Jan 189220 Jan 1892WILKEN, Herman HenryFENSLAGE, MariaDIESEN, BernardDiesen, Catharina
WILKEN, Anthony Frederick24 Jul 190424 Jul 1904WILKEN, HermanKREKE, MargaritaWilken, AnthonyKreke, Maria born EILERING
WILKEN, Bernard16 Nov 188517 Nov 1885WILKEN, Herman HenryFENSLAGE, Maria GesinaWilken, BernardTHEISING, AngelaMarried Francis SUDHOFF, 24 Oct 1916, Bartelso, IL
WILKEN, Herman10 Mar 188912 Mar 1889WILKEN, Herman HenryFENZLAGE, Maria GesinaDIESEN, HermanWOBBE, Catharina born GERLING
WILKEN, Maria Rosa29 Aug 190530 Aug 1905WILKEN, WenceslausBECKMANN, WilhelminaWilken, Herman HenryBECKMANN, Maria born KREKE
WINKELER, Anna12 Mar 188813 Mar 1888WINKELER, JosephLAMMERS, MariaWinkeler, FrancisLammers, Maria
WINKELER, Anna Bernardina25 Oct 189326 Oct 1893WINKELER, FrancisBOLK, AnnaHUELSMANN, BernardSCHOMAKER, Bernardina born Bolk
WINKELER, Anna Maria06 Feb 189306 Feb 1893WINKELER, JosephLAMMERS, MariaLammers, John B.Lammers, Anna Maria
WINKELER, Bernard John06 May 190408 May 1904WINKELER, FrancisMERSMANN, IdaWinkeler, Bernard for Joseph WinkelerWinkeler, Joanna born OPGENWORTH
WINKELER, Christina Lucy29 Jul 189029 Jul 1890WINKELER, HenryOPGENOORTH, JoannaOpgenoorth, Henry for Joseph WinkelerOpgenoorth, Maria for Catharina DIESENMarried Gerhard H. EVERSGERD, 21 Nov 1916, Bartelso, IL
WINKELER, Francis Aloysius24 Mar 190424 Mar 1904WINKELER, JosephLAMMERS, MariaWinkeler, FrancisWinkeler, Joanna born OPGENWORTH
WINKELER, Henry12 Sep 188814 Sep 1888WINKELER, FrancisBOLK, AnnaBolk, HenryWinkeler, Margareta born OSLAGE
WINKELER, Joanna Cecelia22 Jun 189123 Jun 1891WINKELER, JosephLAMMERS, MariaLAMPE, JohnWinkeler, Joanna born OPGENOORTH
WINKELER, Joanna Gertrude20 May 190321 May 1903WINKELER, FrancisMERSMANN, IdaWinkeler, HenryWinkeler, Joanna
WINKELER, John Henry27 Dec 189128 Dec 1891WINKELER, FrancisBOLK, AnnaWinkeler, HenrySCHOMAKER, Bernardina born BolkMarried Mrs. Mabel KAMER, 4 Apr 1923, St. Louis, MO, St. Cronan
WINKELER, Joseph Albert20 Dec 190022 Dec 1900WINKELER, FrancisMERSMANN, IdaWinkeler, JosephMersmann, Maria AnnaMarried Paulina REICHERT 17 Jan 1925 in the St. Louis Cathedral, St. Louis, MO
WINKELER, Joseph Henry11 Apr 188612 Apr 1886WINKELER, JosephLAMMERS, MariaWinkeler, HenryLammers, Maria Thekla
WINKELER, Leo Bernard29 Mar 189329 Mar 1893WINKELER, HenryOPGENORTH, JoannaHUELSMANN, John BernardHuelsmann, Anna born HEGELMarried Helen MENSING, 12 Feb 1920, Bartelso, IL
WINKELER, Margareta Christina22 Apr 189023 Apr 1890WINKELER, FrancisBOLK, AnnaBolk, CarlWinkeler, Margareta born OSLAGEMarried Herman AUTERHAUS, 27 Nov 1912, St. Louis, MO, Church of the Nativity
WINKELER, Maria Anna24 Oct 190526 Oct 1905WINKELER, FrancisMERSMANN, IdaHEGGER, GerhardHegger, Maria born BOLKMarried Edward G. FLYNN, 19 Oct 1946, St. Louis, MO, St. Stephen Church
WINKELER, Rosa Maria11 Oct 189717 Oct 1897WINKELER, FrancisMERSMANN, IdaMERS, ClemensMers, Emma Maria born MersmannMarried William SCHLEROTH 24 Aug 1917 at Holy Family in Tulsa, OK
WOBBE, Anthony (Twin)05 Jul 189206 Jul 1892WOBBE, HenryGERLING, CatharinaWIENHOFF, AnthonyWienhoff, Maria Catharina born LANGEMarried Rosa VOSHOLLER, 27 Jul 1915, St. Rose, IL
WOBBE, Cecelia Philomena27 May 189029 May 1890WOBBE, HenryGERLING, CatharinaWobbe, HermanKLIER, Catharina born OHLMEYERMarried John CODY, non catholic, 6 May 1955, St. Louis, MO, St. John the Baptist
WOBBE, Christina12 Feb 188513 Feb 1885WOBBE, HermanALTGILBERS, SusannaWINHOFF, AntonHEMANN, Christina
WOBBE, Francisca Maria (Twin)05 Jul 189206 Jul 1892WOBBE, HenryGERLING, CatharinaWobbe, HermanFOPPE, MariaMarried Edward J. SCHNIERS, 13 May 1924, Germantown, IL
WOBBE, Gertrude Bernardina24 Jun 188825 Jun 1888WOBBE, HenryGERLING, CatharinaOHLMEIER, GeorgeWobbe, Anna born KNIEPMANN
WOBBE, Herman Bernard07 Aug 189208 Aug 1892WOBBE, HermanALTGILBERS, SusannaWobbe, BernardOVERBERG, TheresiaMarried Edna Elis. HUBELI 24 Dec 1927 at St. Thomas Aquinas in St. Louis, MO. She was confirmed 19 May 1929 in same church.
WOBBE, Herman Henry04 Nov 188705 Nov 1887WOBBE, HermanALTGILBERS, SusannaWobbe, HenryAltgilbers, Maria
WOBBE, John04 Sep 188606 Sep 1886WOBBE, HenryGERLING, CatharinaHEMANN, FerdinandBECKER, Catharina
ZWAKE, Bernard Frederick16 Mar 188817 Mar 1888ZWAKE, BernardHAAR, LouisaHaar, FrederickHOLLENKAMP, Catharina

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