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Ackermann, Elisabeth Irene14 Jun 189216 Jun 1892Ackermann, JohannGriesbaum, EmmaGriesbaum, HeinrichBillhartz, Elisabeth---
Arendsen, Anna Helena18 Feb 187819 Feb 1878Arensen, HeinrichNettemeier, AnnaFuene, MartinNettemeier, HelenaFather's last name is spelled differently than child's.
Arensen, Gerhard Lambert10 Apr 188611 Apr 1886Arensen, HeinrichNetemeyer, AnnaNetemeyer, GerhardDust, AnnaHe married Maria Korte, dau of Henry & Elisabeth Korte in Pierron, IL on 26 Oct 1821.
Arensen, Heinrich Otto02 Sep 187903 Sep 1879Arensen, HeinrichNettemeier, AnnaNettemeier, OttoFuene, Maria---
Arensen, Johann Arnold09 Feb 187610 Feb 1876Arensen, HeinrichNettemeier, AnnaArensen, ArnoldBaahlmann, Maria---
Arensen, Joseph Theodor14 Jan 188115 Jan 1881Arensen, HeinrichNettemeier, AnnaFuene, TheodorDust, MariaHe married Elisabeth Rensing on 18 Oct 1910 in Damiansville; Wit: G. Arensen & Sophia Rensing
Arentsen, Arnold Martin23 Apr 188824 Apr 1888Arentsen, HeinrichNetemeyer, AnnaFuene, MartinBaahlmann, Anna---
Arentsen, Emma Josephine19 Apr 189219 Apr 1892Arentsen, HeinrichNetemeyer, AnnaBrandmeyer, JohannFuehne, Margaretha---
Arentsen, Hildegard Helena17 Sep 189318 Sep 1893Arentsen, HeinrichNetemeyer, AnnaDust, BernhardNetemeyer, Helena---
Arentsen, Margaretha29 Mar 188401 Apr 1884Arentsen, HeinrichNetemeyer, AnnaHygen, EduardFuene, MargaretShe married Henry Schomacher on 11 Oct 19211 in St. Damian
Arentzen, Anna Elisabeth19 Apr 189020 Apr 1890Arentzen, HeinrichNetemeyer, AnnaLindenbusch, WilhelmNetemeyer, Elisabeth---
Arentzen, Maria Adelheid10 Feb 188310 Feb 1883Arentzen, HeinrichNetemeier, AnnaBaahlmann, WilhelmNetemeier (With Hygs written over last name), Maria ---
Athmer, Bernard04 Sep 188305 Sep 1883Athmer, BernardHelmes, AnnaHeimann, BernardKlockener, MariaHe married Teresia Korte on 7 Jul 1908 in Holy Family Church in St. Louis
Athmer, Cecilia Carolina20 Nov 190123 Nov 1901Athmer, FranzHoerchler, Anna MariaHoerchler, Gerhard Heinrich (Stand-in Bernard Athmer)Klostermann, Elisabeth---
Athmer, Franz30 Dec 187531 Dec 1875Athmer, JohannKoopmann, CarolinaKuper, FranzMittendorf, Maria---
Athmer, Franz Heinrich14 Jul 190115 Jul 1901Athmer, JohannWilken, AnnaHoerchler, Gerhard Heinrich (Stand-in Frank Athmer)Wilken, MariaHe married Maria Gebhart in St. Francis, Aviston, IL on 29 Aug 1923.
Athmer, Gerhard Heinrich26 Mar 188727 Mar 1887Athmer, BernardHelmes, AnnaBook, Gerard HeinrichKramer, Maria---
Athmer, Johann Bernard28 Dec 189629 Dec 1896Athmer, JohannWilken, Anna CatharinaAthmer, JohannWilken, AngelaHe married Lena Jansen, dau of Johann Jansen & Carolina nee Poelker on 25 Jul 1922 in Albers, IL
Athmer, Maria08 Oct 189809 Oct 1898Athmer, JohannWilken, AnnaWilken, AntonAthmer, Anna MariaShe married on 11 Aug 1919.
Baahlmann, Alice Maria08 Feb 190209 Feb 1902Baahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaRensing, AntonVieth, Maria---
Baahlmann, Anna Catharina20 Jul 187521 Jul 1875Baahlmann, WilhelmNorthhaus, MariaHeckenkemper, JosephArensen, Anna---
Baahlmann, Anna Elisabeth18 Nov 189719 Nov 1897Baahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaBaahlmann, GerhardFuehne, Anna---
Baahlmann, Anna Theresia02 Dec 189303 Dec 1893Baahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaRensing, Johann HermannBaahlmann, MariaShe married Bernard Heinrich Schomaker on 4 Aug 1920 in St. Bernard, Albers, IL
Baahlmann, Anton Franz26 Apr 190027 Apr 1900Baahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaRensing, AntonFuehne, Catharina---
Baahlmann, Herman Heinrich26 Nov 189527 Nov 1895Baahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaRensing, Johann HermanEilering, Anna---
Baahlmann, Josef13 Feb 187815 Feb 1878Baahlmann, WilhelmNorthhaus, MariaRenschen, JosefNettemeier, Maria---
Baahlmann, Margaretha Adelheid21 Feb 190221 Feb 1902Baahlmann, GerhardFuehne (Fuehe), AnnaBaahlmann, HermannFuehne, MargarethaShe married Wilhelm Michael Jackson in Cathedral Wichita, KS
Baahlmann, Maria Anna22 Dec 188024 Dec 1880Baahlmann, WilhelmNorthhaus, MariaNetemeyer, GerhardRenken, Maria Anna---
Baahlmann, Maria Catharina25 Nov 189125 Nov 1891Baahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaNetemeyer, GerhardRensing, MariaShe married Xavier O. Naegele in St. Bernard, Albers on 18 Nov 1914
Baahlmann, Maria Theodora Cecilia05 Jan 189905 Jan 1899Baahlmann, GerhardFuehne, AnnaFuehne, TheodorBaahlmann, MariaMarried to Harry Gaiser at the Cathedral Wichita, Kansas 13 Jul 1933; Wit: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gaiser
Bahlmann, Rosina Wilhelmina28 Aug 190629 Aug 1906Bahlmann, HeinrichRensing, AnnaFühne (Fuehne), HeinrichRensing, MinaMarried Rudolph Kolar at St. Bernard's Church, Albers, IL 25 Jun 1929
Berendsen, Anna Maria10 May 187911 May 1879Berendsen, HeinrichWinter, MariaBerendsen, FranzWinter, Anna---
Berendsen, Bernhard Heinrich05 Jul 187806 Jul 1878Berendsen, FranzStrotberens, MariaImming, Bernard HeinrichBüttmann (Buettmann), Maria Carolina---
Berendsen, Franz Heinrich31 Jan 187801 Feb 1878Berendsen, FranzDulle, Anna born WilkenWilken, HeinrichHeimann, Maria ---
Berendsen, Gertrud Franziska24 Dec 188824 Dec 1888Berendsen, HeinrichWinter, MariaHaar, AlbertWinter, Gertrud---
Berendsen, Joseph19 May 188120 May 1881Berendsen, HeinrichWinter, MariaWinter, JosephHaar, Margaretha---
Berendsen, Maria28 Oct 188328 Oct 1883Berendsen, HeinrichWinter, MariaWinter, JosefImming, Maria (Stand-in Adelheid Santel)---
Berendsen, Maria Anna30 Jan 187430 Jan 1874Berendsen, FranzHoeveken, AnnaBerendsen, LambertHoeveken, Maria Anna---
Berensen, Herman Heinrich02 Apr 187702 Apr 1877Berensen, FranzStrotberens, MariaBerensen, HeinrichStrotberens, Caroline---
Berentsen, Johann Herman24 Jun 188025 Jun 1880Berentsen, Franz HeinrichStrotberent, Maria AnnaSantel, Johann BernardImming, Anna Maria---
Berentsen, Margaretha Elisabeth20 Apr 188021 Apr 1880Berentsen, FranzWilken, ElisabethHaar, AlbertWilken, Margaret---
Berndsen, Johann Heinrich30 Sep 188601 Oct 1886Berndsen, HeinrichWinter, MariaImming, HeinrichWinter, AnnaHe married Elisabeth Hagen, dau of Georg Hagen & Anna born Kleier on 8 Oct 1918 in St. Dominic, Breese, IL
Billhards, Anna Carolina09 Feb 188115 Feb 1881Billhards, HermannPletz, SophiaSantel, HeinrichStuckenberg, Carolina---
Billhards, Clara Sophia16 Jan 187523 Jan 1875Billhards, GeorgWehrle, RosinaBillhards, HermannKuhn, Clara---
Billhards, Elisabeth Johanna26 Apr 187301 May 1873Billhards, HermannPletz, SofiaHeinzmann, MartinPletz, Elisabeth ---
Billhards, Friedrich August01 May 187809 May 1878Billhards, HermanPlaetz, SophiaTrenkle, FriedrichPlaetz, Anna Maria (Non Catholic)---
Billhards, Johann Hermann06 Jul 187518 Jul 1875Billhards, HermannPletz, SofiaPletz, JohannesWeneke, Anna---
Billhardz, Arthur Johann14 Jul 188821 Jul 1888Billhardz, HermanPletz, SophiaVollmer, JohannVollmer, EmmaHe married Martha Singler on 9 May 1911 in St. Georg, New Baden, IL
Billhardz, Josef Hermann15 Apr 188519 Apr 1885Billhardz, HermannPletz, SophiaGlatz, Josef (Stand-in Franz Marks)Richtner, Louisa---
Billhartz, Anna Mathilda19 Jun 189720 Jun 1897Billhartz, JakobDuennewald, AdelheidBillhartz, FriedrichBillhartz, Anna---
Billhartz, Anton Heinrich30 Mar 189631 Mar 1896Billhartz, HeinrichRensing, MariaRensing, AntonBillhartz, Elisabeth---
Billhartz, August Frederick28 May 190430 May 1904Billhartz, AugustTrenkle, MariaTrenkle, FrederickBillhartz, SophiaChild is illegitimate
Billhartz, Carolina Maria04 Oct 190605 Oct 1906Billhartz, AugustTrenkle, MariaBillhartz, JosephTrenkle, CarolinaMarried George Hackman in St. Francis Xavier, St. Louis, MO 4 Oct 1937; This marriage was annulled on 5 July 1941; Married Elmer Heggemeier Catholic at Coulterville, IL 22 Sep 1925
Billhartz, Emilia Elisabeth07 Apr 189809 Apr 1898Billhartz, WilhelmRicker, LouisaGriesbaum, Franz XavierGriesbaum, Elisabeth (Mrs. Franz Xavier)She married Johann Gerard Robben son of Herman & Maria Carolina Robben on 5 Nov 1919 in St. Damian.
Billhartz, Estella TheresiaMay 190521 May 1905Billhartz, JohannSchremp, AnnaSchremp, FriedrichKeim, TheresiaShe married Albert Golic on 26 Aug 1922 at Belleville Cathedral.
Billhartz, Franz Arthur13 Mar 190715 Mar 1907Billhartz, WilhelmRicker, LouisaRensing, FranzRensing, AnnaMarried to Pauline Winter at Germantown, IL 12 Nov 1935
Billhartz, Frida Anna12 Jun 190417 Jun 1904Billharz, HeinrichLodes, CoraRensing, FranzRensing, Anna---
Billhartz, Friederika Elisabeth06 Nov 189908 Nov 1899Billhartz, HeinrichLotis, CoraBillhartz, FriedrichGriesbaum, Elisabeth---
Billhartz, Friedrich Herman25 Sep 189726 Sep 1897Billhartz, FriedrichGriesbaum, MelinaBillhartz, HermanBillhartz, Sophie (Mrs. Herman)---
Billhartz, Heinrich02 Aug 190204 Aug 1902Billhartz, HeinrichLotes, KunigundeBillhartz, AugustFick, Maria---
Billhartz, Heinrich Arnold---06 Oct 1902Billhartz, WilhelmRicker, LouisaDieker, HeinrichDieker, Ida (Mrs. Heinrich)Birth date is listed as 30 October - not possible
Billhartz, Hermann Franz08 Jan 189210 Jan 1892Billhartz, JakobDuennewald, AdelheidBillhartz, HermanBillhartz, Sophie (Mrs. Herman)He married Emma Trippel in New Baden on 29 Feb 1916 (March 1?)
Billhartz, Irene Anna06 Mar 190008 Mar 1900Billhartz, JohannSchremp, AnnaBillhartz, AugustinBillhartz, AnnaShe married Anton Golick on 4 Jan 1919 in New Baden, IL
Billhartz, Joseph Robert30 Mar 190502 Apr 1905Billhartz, WilhelmRicker, LouisaBillhartz, JosephKeim, Theresia---
Billhartz, Louisa11 Sep 189613 Sep 1896Billhartz, FriedrichGriesbaum, MetinaBillhartz, JohannGriesbaum, LouisaShe married Allen Ad. Duffner (Non-Catholic) on 18 Nov 1919 in New Baden
Billhartz, Maria Martha04 Apr 189607 Apr 1896Billhartz, WilhelmRicker, LouisaBillhartz, HermanRicker, MariaShe married Anton Peltes of Albers, son of Herman & Anna Peltes on 9 May 1917 in St. Damian
Billhartz, Martha Emma08 Aug 190211 Aug 1902Billhartz, JohannSchremp, AnnaBillhartz, FriedrichSchremp, Mina---
Billhartz, Rosalie Elisabeth19 Dec 189021 Dec 1890Billhartz, JakobDuennewald, AdelheidBillhartz, HeinrichBillhartz, ElisabethShe married Arthur Ganz, son of Wilhelm Ganz & Maria Koenig on 16 Feb 1911 in St. Damian
Billhartz, Sophie Alwina15 Jun 189918 Jun 1899Billhartz, JacobDuenewald, AdelheidBillhartz, WilhelmBillhartz, SophiaShe married Delm. Freund (Baptized, Non-Catholic) of Breese in the Cathedral of Belleville in 1921
Billhartz, Sophie Lina17 May 189819 May 1898Billhartz, HeinrichLotes, CoraFikk, AdamBillhartz, SophiaShe married Elmer Singler on 22 Jun 1929 at New Baden, IL
Billhartz, Wilhelm Oliver21 Apr 190022 Apr 1900Billhartz, FriedrichGriesbaum, MelinaBillhartz, WilhelmBillhartz, Anna---
Billhartz, Xavier Erwin14 Aug 189417 Aug 1894Billhartz, JacobDuennewald, AdelheidGriesbaum, Franz XavierBillhartz, Elisabeth---
Bitter, Bernard07 Jun 190408 Jun 1904Bitter, BernardMeyer, AnnaRensing, BernardRensing, Margaretha---
Bitter, Bernard Heinrich10 Mar 190210 Mar 1902Bitter, BernardMeier, AnnaMeier, HeinrichBruckhoff, Anna---
Bitter, Herman Heinrich01 Mar 190602 Mar 1906Bitter, BernardMeyer, AnnaMeyer, HeinrichMeyer, Maria Anna---
Bitter, Maria Anna10 Aug 190010 Aug 1900Bitter, BernardMeier, AnnaMeier, HeinrichMeier, Anna (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Blum, Elisabeth Blondina03 Jun 188211 Jun 1890Blum, Joseph (Non-Catholic; non-believer)Westrig, Elisabeth Blondina----Hofart, CunigundaLast name written as Blume
Blum, Joseph06 Sep 188511 Jun 1890Blum, Joseph (Non-Catholic; non-believer)Westrig, Elisabeth BlondinaHofart, Joseph-------
Boeckmann, A. Margaretha Josephine19 Apr 188321 Apr 1883Boeckmann, FranzStrohmann, AnnaSüdhold (Suedhold), FranzPeters, MargarethShe married Peter Bach 12 Apr 1910 in St. Cecilia, Bartelso, IL
Boeckmann, Anna Maria14 Dec 187715 Dec 1877Boeckmann, FranzStrohmann, MariaStrohmann, GerhardHeckenkemper, Maria---
Boeckmann, Elisabeth05 Apr 188106 Apr 1881Boeckmann, FranzStrohmann, MariaHeckenkemper, HeinrichNettemeier, Elisabeth---
Boeckmann, Gerhard04 Jun 187906 Jun 1879Boeckmann, FranzStrohmann, MariaStrohmann, GerhardSudhold, Elisabeth---
Book, Anna Maria06 Nov 187806 Nov 1878Book, Gerhard HeinrichBüttmann (Buettmann), TheresiaBuettmann, BenedictBuettmann, Theresia (Mrs. Benedict)---
Book, Anton Clemens13 Jun 188413 Jun 1884Book, Gerhard HeinrichBüttmann (Buettmann), TheresiaSchroeder, ClemensBuettmann, Margaretha---
Book, Bernard Benedict05 Jul 188806 Jul 1888Book, Gerhard HeinrichBüttmann (Buettmann), TheresiaBuettmann, BenedictHilmes, CatharinaHe married Anna Luebke on 24 Jan 1912 in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
Book, Christina Rosa25 Feb 188025 Feb 1880Book, HeinrichButmann, TheresiaSchomacker, Johann HeinrichSchomacker, Christina---
Book, Hermann Heinrich09 May 188210 May 1882Book, Gerhard HeinrichBüttmann (Buettmann), TheresiaSchohmaker, HermanSchohmaker, Maria (Mrs. Herman)---
Book, Maria Theresia10 Aug 188614 Aug 1886Book, Gerhard HeinrichBüttmann (Buettmann), TheresiaBuettmann, BernardMittendorf, Maria---
Bröckling (Broeckling), Gerhard Wilhelm01 Feb 188607 Feb 1886Broeckling, JohannHohne, MariaWübbler (Wuebbler), GerhardJocisch, Helena---
Brügen (Bruegen), Maria Gesina17 May 188218 May 1882Bruegen, JohannWilkens, AnnaHilmes, BernardWilkens, Maria Adelheid---
Brüggemann (Brueggemann), Anna Catharina28 Jul 189729 Jul 1897Brueggemann, HermannStroot, MariaWiegmann, HeinrichWiegmann, Catharina---
Brüggen (Brueggen), Johann Wilhelm17 Sep 188517 Sep 1885Brueggen, HeinrichWilkens, Anna TheklaWilkens, WilhelmNiebuhr, Christina---
Brand, Jacob16 Oct 187930 Jul 1882Brand, Johann (Non-Catholic)Dreher, Hulda (Non-Catholic)Höhn (Hoehn), JohannLohmann, TheresiaJacob Brand was accepted as a son by Joseph Heinzman & Francisca nee Hartlieb.
Brandmeier, Bernhard17 Feb 187417 Feb 1874Brandmeier, HermannPohlmann, ElisabethKramer, BernhardMeier, MargarethaNote: Bernard Heinrich Brandmeier Baptized in Altus, Arkansas in 1876
Brandmeier, Hermann Heinrich30 Oct 187630 Oct 1876Brandmeier, HermanPohlmann, ElisabethKramer, JohannMeriels, Anna MariaHe was married to Anna Maria Foerges by Rev Placido Oechsle in Altus, AR on 1 Feb 1910; witnesses were: Herman Timmermann & Genoveve Brandmeyer.
Brandmeyer, Bernhard Jacob24 Jul 189424 Jul 1894Brandmeyer, HermannWellen, Margaretha born EmkeKramer, BernardTimmermann, Anna---
Brandmeyer, Cecilia Helena25 Jun 189226 Jun 1892Brandmeyer, HermannWellen, MargarethaKoetter, BernardLehrter, Anna---
Brandmeyer, Friedrich Wilhelm06 Jul 188508 Jul 1885Brandmeyer, HermannHoh, AmaliaTimmermann, FriedrichHoh, Rosina---
Brandmeyer, Genevieve Margaretha03 Jan 189004 Jan 1890Brandmeyer, HermannWellen, MargarethaFuene, MartinKramer, MariaShe married John A. Rensing, son of Hermann & Maria Adelh. Rensing on 8 Nov 1910 in this church
Brandmeyer, Herman Franz02 Dec 189603 Dec 1896Brandmeyer, HermannWellen, MargarethaEmke, HeinrichEmke, Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)He married Eugenia Beckmann at St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL on 6 Nov 1929
Brandmeyer, Maria Cath. Adelheid24 Sep 188025 Sep 1880Brandmeyer, HermannPohlmann, ElisabethJoenen, JohannWilken, Maria Adelheid---
Brandmeyer, Wilhelm Bernard12 Jun 188815 Jun 1888Brandmeyer, HermannWellen, Margaretha born EmkeTimmermann, WilhelmScheer, MariaHe married Mina Rensing on 2 Apr 1913 in this church
Breiner, Emilia10 Oct 189912 Oct 1899Breiner, MichaelBroeckling, MariaHaas, EmilHaas, Maria (Mrs. Emil)---
Breiner, Erwin Joseph03 Nov 189606 Nov 1896Breiner, MichaelSchremp, MinaKienzler, JosephSchremp, AnnaChild is illegitimate; parents not married. He married Estella Wombacher on 8 Oct 1919 in Mascoutah, IL
Breiner, Frederick Franz08 Sep 190410 Sep 1904Breiner, MichaelBroeckling, MariaEhrstein, FrederickBroeckling, MathildaMarried Marie Wobbe 21 Oct 1941 St Damian
Breiner, Johann Michael23 Aug 190624 Aug 1906Breiner, MichaelBroeckling, Maria N.Broeckling, JohannWegmann, MargaretMarried Irene Netemeyer on 9 Jun 1937 at Albers, IL
Breiner, Maria Catharina02 Aug 187605 Aug 1876Breiner, JakobKueter, TheresiaBreiner, PeterKueter, Maria---
Breiner, Michael14 Mar 187416 Mar 1874Breiner, JacobSchwaters, Theresia (born Kueter)Breiner, PeterFuene, Maria---
Breiner, Theresia26 Mar 190327 Mar 1903Breiner, MichaelBroeckling, MariaBroeckling, JohannBreiner, Theresia---
Breitenbach, Sophia14 May 188826 Oct 1888Breitenbach, RudolfWillstram, ElisabethBreitenbach, Johann AdamBreitenbach, SophiaBaptized in St. Peter & Paul Church Belleville by Rev. Joseph Spaeth
Broeckling, Bernard Hermann25 Jul 188827 Jul 1888Broeckling, JohannKohne, MariaKarhoff, HermanKohne, CatharinaHe married Clara Santel on 2 May 1916 in this church
Broeckling, Franz03 Nov 188305 Nov 1883Broeckling, JohannKohne, MariaKohne, HermanKohne, Catharina (Mrs. Herman)He married Louisa Wolters 12 Oct 1915 at St. Bernard in Albers, IL
Broeckling, Heinrich Wilhelm23 Feb 188124 Feb 1881Broeckling, JohannKohne, MariaKohne, HermannWübbler (Wuebbler), MariaHe married Maria Rosen in St. Francis Aviston, IL on 22 Sep 1909
Broeckling, Johann Hermann22 Sep 190622 Sep 1906Broeckling, JohannWellen, MariaBroeckling, JohannBrandmeyer, Margaretha---
Broeckling, Joseph25 Sep 187827 Sep 1878Broeckling, JohannKohne, MariaJocisch, JohannJocisch, Catharina (Mrs. Johann)---
Broeckling, Mathilda17 Nov 189119 Nov 1891Broeckling, JohannKohne, MariaKohne, HermannWiebler, MariaShe married Lucas Santel on 16 Nov 1915 in St. Damian
Bruckhoff, Heinrich21 Jun 187722 Jun 1877Bruckhoff, HeinrichRolfes, AnnaHoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichWobbe, Anna---
Bruckhoff, Heinrich29 Sep 187330 Sep 1873Bruckhoff, HeinrichRolfs, AnnaSchohmaker, HermannSantel, Maria Adelheid---
Bruckhoff, Maria23 Jan 187923 Jan 1879Bruckhoff, HeinrichRolfes, AnnaSchohmaker, HermannSantel, Adelheid---
Bruckhoff, Martin20 Aug 187520 Aug 1875Bruckhoff, HeinrichRolfes, AnnaJanssen, MartinArensen, Adelheid---
Bruegen, Franz Johann13 Jul 189213 Jul 1892Bruegen, HeinrichWilken, AnnaNiebuhr, JohannSantel, Catharina---
Brunner, Heinrich Josef23 Apr 187829 Apr 1878Brunner, JohannNot listed, BarbaraSantel, HeinrichSantel, CatharinaLast Rights given in Mancos, CO
Brunner, Sophie Elisabeth18 Nov 188019 Nov 1880Brunner, JohannKraus, BarbaraBillhards, HermanBillhards, Sophia (Mrs. Herman)---
Bub, Carolina---02 Dec 1883Bub, GottliebGardisier, HelenaHeimann, JohannGardisier, CarolinaBirth date is listed as 13 Dec which is impossible.
Bub, Emil Nikolaus15 Nov 188118 Dec 1881Bub, Gottlieb (Non-Catholic)Gardisier, HelenaKienzle, JosephKienzle, Barbara (Mrs. Joseph)---
Bub, Franz Joseph10 Feb 188014 Mar 1880Bub, GottliebGatiser, MagdalenaKünstler (Kuenstler), JosephBilhards, Sophie---
Bub, Hermann Joseph20 Sep 187727 Oct 1877Bub, GottliebGardisier, HelenaBillhards, HermanGardisier, Catharina---
Budde, Anna Elisabeth08 Nov 188309 Nov 1883Budde, HeinrichWheier, ElisabethToenies, Gerhard HeinrichWheier, Anna---
Budde, Bernard Theodor07 Nov 188507 Nov 1885Budde, HeinrichWeiher, ElisabethFuene, TheodorBudde, AnnaHe married Francisca Dust on 13 Apr 1915 in St. Dominic, Breese, IL
Budde, Gerhard Clemens23 Sep 187925 Sep 1879Budde, HeinrichWeiher, ElisabethWeiher, ClemensToenies, Maria---
Budde, Herman Heinrich13 Sep 188114 Sep 1881Budde, HeinrichWheier, ElisabethBudde, HeinrichRippendah, Helena Adelheid---
Budde, Maria Catharina10 Oct 187510 Oct 1875Budde, HeinrichWeiher, ElisabethWeiher, ClemensBudde, Catharina---
Budde, Maria Elisabeth23 Mar 188823 Mar 1888Budde, HeinrichWheiher, ElisabethSantel, HermanBudde, MariaShe married Georg Hermeling in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL on 19 Oct 1910
Budde, Rosa11 Nov 187711 Nov 1877Budde, HeinrichWeiher, Maria ElisabethBudde, HeinrichWeiher, Rosa---
Constanz, Francisca Rosa17 Aug 188704 Sep 1887Constanz, Karl EduardScheltgen, HenriettaScheltgen, Johann (Stand-in Albert Toennies)Scheltgen, Rosa (Mrs. Johann) [Stand-in Maria Scheltgen]---
Constanzer, Elisabeth Henrietta22 Aug 188323 Aug 1883Constanzer, KarlSchoeltgen, HenriettaKuhn, JosephKuhn, Bertha---
Corillian, Carl18 Jul 190525 Jul 1905Corillian, Not listedDammert, Mina--------Child baptized privately. Child died on 26 Jul 1905. Mother Dammert is a widow (?)
Dünnewald (Duennewald), Anna Catharina10 May 188311 May 1883Duennewald, AndreasKoetter, CatharinaMewers, FriedrichSantel, Carolina---
Dünnewald (Duennewald), Helena Christina05 Dec 187806 Dec 1878Duennewald, AndreasKoetter, CatharinaKienzle, JosefJanssen, Christina---
Danck, Johann Hermann08 May 188214 May 1882Danck, FranzNot listed, ElisabethKohne, HermanKohne, Catharina (Mrs. Herman)---
Davis, Maria Antonetta---03 Feb 1884Davis, AlonzoSchwarz, Purcella----Janssen, ChristinaAge: 5y 8m
Deien, Anna Maria02 May 188804 May 1888Deien, BernardJansen, MariaImming, BernardDeien, Anna Maria---
Deien, Heinrich Martin23 Nov 188324 Nov 1883Deien, BernardJanssen, MariaJanssen, MartinRemke, Margaretha---
Diedrich, Karl02 Mar 188107 Mar 1881Diedrich, KarlKienzle, HelenaKienzle, RudolphKienzle, Maria Anna (Mrs. Rudolph)He married Joan. J. McGuerney in Humboldt, KS on 14 Dec 1910; Wit: Roy Phebus & Anna Dietrich (not related).
Diedrich, Landolin29 Nov 187802 Dec 1878Diedrich, KarlKienzle, MagdalenaKienzle, LandolinKienzle, Theresia---
Diekemper, Anna Christina03 Sep 188704 Sep 1887Diekemper, FranzRickelmann, MargarethaVahlkamp, BernardVahlkamp, Christina---
Diekemper, Bernard13 Oct 188914 Oct 1889Diekemper, FranzRickelmann, MargarethaKoetter, BernardWeneke, CatharinaHe married Emilia Herzing on 14 Apr 1920 in St. George, New Baden
Diekemper, Franz Heinrich10 Dec 189610 Dec 1896Diekemper, FranzRickelmann, MargarethaHeckenkemper, HeinrichHeckenkemper, Theresia---
Diekemper, Gerhard Heinrich26 Oct 189126 Oct 1891Diekemper, FranzRickermann, MargarethaHoffmann, Gerhard HeinrichKoetter, Johanna---
Diekemper, Johann Heinrich20 Jul 188325 Jul 1883Diekemper, FranzRickelmann, MargarethaFahlkam, HeinrichFahlkam, IdaHe married Josephine Fuehne on 10 Oct 1911 in this church.
Diekemper, Johann Wilhelm06 Feb 189407 Feb 1894Diekemper, FranzRickermann, MargarethaTimmermann, WilhelmTimmermann, Anna (Mrs. Wilhelm)Married to Catharina Vaninger on 15 Jun 1936 at Sacred Heart Parish, E. St. Louis, IL; Wit: Henry & Irene Niebur
Diekemper, Joseph Franz07 Jul 190309 Jul 1903Diekemper, FranzRickelmann, MargarethaMiddendorf, FranzKuhn, MargarethaHe married Hildegarde Kuhn 26 Nov 1925
Diekemper, Leon Anton03 Dec 190004 Dec 1900Diekemper, FranzRickemann, MargarethaGoebel, FranzDiekemper, Gertrud (Stand-in Louisa Wegmann)---
Diekemper, Mathias22 Jun 188223 Jun 1882Diekemper, FranzRickermann, MargaretDiekemper, MathiasHoffmann, AdelheidDied 15 Jul 1936
Diekemper, Theodor18 Aug 188523 Aug 1885Diekemper, FranzRickelmann, MargarethaDiekrötger (Diekroetger), TheodorDiekroetger, Catharina (Mrs. Theodor)He married Francisca Fuehne on 30 Oct 1912 in this church
Dreien, Maria Catharina25 May 187629 May 1876Dreien, JohannSmereka, MariaMeinerisch, MathiasTefaire, Catharina---
Drolshagen, Anna Sofie17 Nov 187305 Jul 1874Drolshagen, WilhelmHoh, ElisabethSchremp, JosefTrenkler, Rosina ---
Duennewald, Rosa Elisabeth30 Mar 188102 Apr 1881Duennewald, AndreasKoetter, CatharinaJanssen, MartinBrandmeier, Elisabeth---
Duepmann, Margaretha Carolina18 Jun 190120 Jun 1901Duepmann, Johann HeinrichMoeller, JosephineMeiering, TheodorDuepmann, Anna Margaret---
Dulle, Franz Gerhard01 Apr 190002 Apr 1900Dulle, GeorgKoetter, AnnaHoffmann, Gerhard HeinrichKoetter, Johanna---
Dulle, Georg A.23 Nov 190225 Nov 1902Dulle, GeorgKoetter, AnnaKuhn, GeorgHoffmann, GertrudMarried to Mrs. Margaret M. Smalley, Catholic, Dec 3, 1955, St. Joseph's Church, Kimmswick, MO
Dulle, Heinrich Joseph11 Dec 190418 Dec 1904Dulle, GeorgBathe, MariaBathe, HeinrichBathe, Adelaid---
Dust, Anna Margaretha06 Oct 188707 Oct 1887Dust, BernardStrotberens, Maria AnnaFuene, MartinPelties, Anna---
Dust, Anna Maria02 Apr 188502 Apr 1885Dust, BernardStrotberens, Maria AnnaLindenbusch, WilhelmDust, Anna Maria---
Dust, Bernard Heinrich17 Jul 189118 Jul 1891Dust, BernardStrotberens, AnnaArentzen, HeinrichFuehne, Margaretha---
Dust, Caroline Elisabeth23 Jul 189424 Jul 1894Dust, BernardStrotberens, AnnaDust, Johann HeinrichSantel, Carolina---
Dust, Herman Heinrich20 Jun 187421 Jun 1874Dust, HermanArelage, Anna MariaDust, Johann HeinrichFuene, Maria---
Dust, Johann Herman13 Jun 188314 Jun 1883Dust, BernardStrotberens, AnnaDust, HermanDust, Margaretha---
Ehrstein, Anna Magdalena13 Dec 188617 Dec 1886Ehrstein, FriedrichSwaters, AnnaEhrstein, AntonEhrstein, MagdalenaMarried to Edward Kliwgenfus, 30 Sep 1944 at St. Peter's Cathedral Belleville, IL
Eilering, Anna Margaretha28 Jul 190229 Jul 1902Eilering, HeinrichBaahlmann, AnnaBaahlmann, JohannesEilering, MargarethaMarried Emil A. Baumann (See marriage records - must be after 1932)
Eilering, Caecilia Maria21 Nov 190423 Nov 1904Eilering, HeinrichBahlmann, AnnaKreke, FriedrichBahlmann, Maria---
Eilering, Franz Eduard13 Oct 189714 Oct 1897Eilering, HeinrichBaahlmann, AnnaEilering, FranzFuehne, CatharinaMarried Mary Rickhoff on 2 Jun 1931 at St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL
Eilering, Franz Ludwig28 Apr 187729 Apr 1877Eilering, HermannDust, MargarethaTholen, HermanHaar, MargarethaHe married Anna Stockmann 23 Nov 1910 in Albers, IL
Eilering, Heinrich Joseph06 Dec 190508 Dec 1905Eilering, HeinrichBahlmann, AnnaFühne, HeinrichMesker, Elisabeth---
Eilering, Heinrich Martin06 Feb 189508 Feb 1895Eilering, HeinrichBaahlmann, AnnaBaahlmann, Heinrich (Stand-in Johann Gerhard Baahlmann)Eilering, MargarethaHe married Dora Jansen, dau of John B. Jansen & Carolina Poelker on 31 Dec 1918, St. Damian, Damiansville
Eilering, Johann Gerhard05 Feb 190006 Feb 1900Eilering, HeinrichBaahlmann, AnnaBaahlmann, John Gerhard (Stand-in Heinrich Baahlmann)Kreker, MariaHe married Anna Haar on 5 Apr 1921 in St. Damian.
Eilering, Johann Herman10 Dec 189211 Dec 1892Eilering, HeinrichBaahlmann, AnnaEilering, HermanBaahlmann, MariaHe married Lena Middendorff on 4 Apr 1923 in St. Damian
Eilering, Maria Catharina26 Dec 187327 Dec 1873Eilering, HermannDust, MargarethaSantel, HeinrichDuening, Maria Anna---
Eilering, Wilhelm Anton07 Sep 189107 Sep 1891Eilering, HeinrichBaahlmann, AnnaBaahlmann, WilhelmEilering, Margaretha---
Eilermann, Anna Paulina03 Feb 190706 Feb 1907Eilermann, JohannArentsen, MariaEilermann, JohannArentsen, AnnaMarried Bernard A. Lampe at Albers, IL 30 Mar 1934
Eilers, Franz Benedict15 Apr 190717 Apr 1907Eilers, HermanHoerchler, ElisabethAthmer, FranzAthmer, Anna---
Eilers, Gerhard Heinrich16 Sep 190116 Sep 1901Eilers, HermannHoerchler, ElisabethAthmer, FranzReidelmann, Catharina---
Eilers, Herman Heinrich06 Aug 189907 Aug 1899Eilers, HermannHoerchler, ElisabethHoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichHoerchler, Elisabeth (Mrs. Gerhard Heinrich)---
Einhoff, Anna Maria10 Apr 190315 Apr 1903Einhoff, JosephSantel, MariaRademacher, TheodorSantel, Anna---
Einhoff, Hermann Joseph20 Nov 190021 Nov 1900Einhoff, JosephSantel, MariaSantel, HermannEinhoff, Gertrud---
Einhoff, Maria Gertrud16 Jun 190517 Jun 1905Einhoff, JosephSantel, MariaSantel, GeorgeEinhoff, Gertrud---
Emke, Anna Carolina16 Jun 189118 Jun 1891Emke, JosefHillebrand, MariaHillebrand, HermannKramer, Maria---
Emke, Anna Margaretha20 Aug 188521 Aug 1885Emke, HeinrichJüding (Jueding), MargarethaKramer, BernardWinter, Anna---
Emke, Anna Maria24 Jan 189025 Jan 1890Emke, HeinrichJueden, MargarethaImming, BernardKramer, Maria---
Emke, Anna Maria01 Jan 188101 Jan 1881Emke, JosephMohrmann, MargarethaKramer, BernhardMohrmann, Anna Maria---
Emke, Bernard Aloysius01 Sep 189102 Sep 1891Emke, HeinrichJueden, MargarethaKramer, BernardLehrter, Maria---
Emke, Clara Margaretha03 May 189304 May 1893Emke, HeinrichJuedden, MargarethaReichert, HeinrichBrandmeyer, MargarethaShe married Nicolaus Middendorff on 12 Nov 1919
Emke, Heinrich01 Dec 188302 Dec 1883Emke, JosefMohrmann, MargarethaEmke, HeinrichThien, MariaHe married Catharina Rothluebbers on 26 Apr 1910 in St. Libory, IL
Emke, Heinrich17 Mar 187817 Mar 1878Emke, JosephMohrmann, MargarethaMohrmann, HeinrichEmke, Maria---
Emke, Heinrich Joseph19 Jan 188820 Jan 1888Emke, HeinrichJüden (Jueden), MargarethaWinter, JosephBrandmeyer, Margaret---
Emke, Hermann Gerhard28 May 189629 May 1896Emke, JosephHillebrand, MariaHillebrand, HermanWiegmann, Catharina---
Emke, Johann Heinrich26 Nov 189426 Nov 1894Emke, HeinrichJuedden, MargarethaImming, BernhardKoetter, Johanna---
Emke, Maria Catharina27 Feb 189427 Feb 1894Emke, JosephHillebrand, MariaBook, Gerhard HeinrichWiegmann, CatharinaShe married Richard G. Rister on 29 Apr 1918 in the Cathedral of Salt Lake City, Utah
Emke, Theresia Helena14 Oct 189815 Oct 1898Emke, HeinrichJuedden, MargarethaImming, HeinrichLehrter, Anna---
Enderle, Adolph22 Feb 187323 Mar 1873Enderle, FranzNegele, AnnaNegele, AdolphSingler, FranzHe married Anna David on 9 Feb 1909 in Salisbury, MO
Enderle, Anna19 Oct 187921 Oct 1879Enderle, FranzNegele, AnnaNegele, HugoHerbstreit, Anna---
Enderle, Franz Jacob17 Sep 188116 Oct 1881Enderle, FranzNaegele, MariaBillhards, JacobWeneke, Anna---
Enderle, Sophie Catharina01 Jul 188329 Jul 1883Enderle, FranzEnderle, Anna MariaBillharz, JacobRensing, Catharina---
Enderle, Wilhelm21 Nov 187519 Dec 1875Enderle, FranzNegele, Maria AnnaSpeiser, WilhelmSingler, FranciscaNote about his brother Adolph's marriage appears here as well as at Adolph's Baptism entry but with wrong birth year.
Fühne (Fuehne), Anna Wilhelmine20 Jan 190521 Jan 1905Fuehne, HeinrichBahlmann, CatharinaFuehne, FranzEilering, AnnaMarried to Francis H. Heimann, in Marriage register after 1932
Feger, Maria09 Jul 187814 Jul 1878Feger, FriedrichSpecht, ElisabethStrupphard, NicolausSpecht, Maria---
Fidner, Bernhard Wilhelm24 Jan 187325 Jan 1873Fidner, EmilWerner, MagdalenaHeimann, BernardPeter, Regina---
Fleckenstein, Agnes Elisabeth23 Jan 188031 Jan 1880Fleckenstein, JohannDonnewald, ElisabethJoenen, JohannFaulstich, Theresia---
Frohboese, Christina Elisabeth29 Mar 188729 Mar 1887Frohboese, AugustHillebrand, MariaTholen, HermannJanssen, ChristinaChild is illegitimate
Fuehne, Anna Adelheid Catharina15 Jun 189917 Jun 1899Fuehne, TheodorSantel, MargarethaHohlmann, JosephSantel, Anna---
Fuehne, Catharina Carolina15 Sep 190016 Sep 1900Fuehne, TheodorLehrter, MargarethaKueter, HeinrichSantel, CarolinaShe married Joseph Richardson on 22 Mar 1920 at Holy Family Church in St. Louis
Fuehne, Clara Margaretha17 Aug 189818 Aug 1898Fuehne, Jr., Heinrich Baahlmann, MariaBaahlmann, HeinrichFuehne, Margaretha---
Fuehne, Emma Helena07 Apr 190108 Apr 1901Fuehne, HeinrichBaahlmann, CatharinaFuehne, MartinNetemeier, Helena---
Fuehne, Emma Margaretha04 Sep 189605 Sep 1896Fuehne, HeinrichWiegmann, CatharinaWiegmann, Herman BernardFuehne, Margaretha---
Fuehne, Margaretha Elisabeth07 Jan 189407 Jan 1894Fuehne, HeinrichWiegmann, CatharinaWiegmann, HeinrichFuehne, Margaretha---
Fuehne, Margaretha Francisca11 Jun 189112 Jun 1891Fuehne, TheodorLehrter nee Santel, MargarethaMoehlmann, JosephArentzen, AnnaShe married Theo Diekemper on 30 Oct 1912 in St. Damian
Fuehne, Maria Theodora10 Mar 189611 Mar 1896Fuehne, TheodorLehrter, Margaretha born SantelSantel, HermanMoehlmann, MariaNotre Dame Convent
Fuehne, Maria Theresia22 Dec 189523 Dec 1895Fuehne, HeinrichBaahlmann, CatharinaFuehne, TheodorBaahlmann, MariaShe married Heinrich Toennies on 18 Oct 1916 in St. Damian
Fuehne, Martin Theodor29 Apr 189830 Apr 1898Fuehne, TheodorLehrter, Margaretha born SantelFuehne, MartinKohlmann, Maria---
Fuehne, Paulina Elisabeth01 Jun 190302 Jun 1903Fuehne, TheodorLehrter, Margaretha born SantelToennies, Sr., Gerhard Toennies, Anna (Mrs. Gerhard Sr.)She married Alphonse Kreke, son of Gerhard Kreke & Maria Mueller on 30 Nov 1922 in St. Damian; The Holy See granted dispensation from her marriage to Alphonse Kreke on 2 Feb 1933; she married Loyd Schoenhoff 16 Feb 1935 - St. Anthony's Church St. Louis, MO
Fuehne, Rosa Margaretha15 Sep 189316 Sep 1893Fuehne, TheodorLehrter, MargarethaSantel, BernardSantel, MargarethaRosa Fuehne married Bernard Gausepohl on 19 May 1915
Fuehne, Sophie Catharina15 Jun 189215 Jun 1892Fuehne, HeinrichWiegmann, CatharinaFuehne, MartinMohrmann, Gesina---
Fuehne, Theodor Heinrich23 Jun 189823 Jun 1898Fuehne, Sr., Heinrich Wiegmann, CatharinaFuehne, TheodorToennies, Anna---
Fuene, Amelia Aurelia27 Dec 188328 Dec 1883Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargaretBrandmeier, HermannKrebs, Aurelia---
Fuene, Anna Margaretha10 Oct 188011 Oct 1880Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargaretWinkler, AlbertWinkler, Margaret (Mrs. Albert)---
Fuene, Anna Maria30 Mar 187730 Mar 1877Fuene, TheodorStüve (Stueve), MariaFuene, MartinToenies, MariaShe married Carl Stueve on 27 Oct 1909 in St. Felicis, Ponca, OK. Witnesses: Heinrich Eilermann & Maria Fuehne
Fuene, Bernard Martin22 Feb 188924 Feb 1889Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargarethaDust, BernardFuene, MargarethaHe married Emma Rensing in St. Bernard, Albers, Ill. On 8 Nov 1916
Fuene, Catharina Margaretha12 Sep 188112 Sep 1881Fuene, TheodorStueve, MariaToenies, Gerhard HeinrichFuene, Margaret---
Fuene, Elisabeth29 Apr 187630 Apr 1876Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargarethaKimm, JacobKimm, Elisabeth (Mrs. Jacob)---
Fuene, Franz Heinrich02 Jan 188403 Jan 1884Fuene, TheodorWellen, MariaToenies, Gerhard HeinrichWewers, Maria HelenaHe married Anna Hilmes, 14 Apr 1915 in this church.
Fuene, Joseph30 Dec 187330 Dec 1873Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargarethaDust, HermannFuene, Maria---
Fuene, Julius19 Dec 187820 Dec 1878Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargarethaDust, BernhardSantel, Adelheid---
Fuene, Ludwig23 Sep 187723 Sep 1877Fuene, MartinKrebs, MargarethaEhrhold, LudwigArensen, Anna---
Fuene, Margaretha Josephina02 Jun 188903 Jun 1889Fuene, TheodorLehrter, MargarethaSantel, Johann HeinrichFuene, MargarethaShe married Henry Diekemper on 10 Oct 1911 in this church
Fuene, Maria Margaretha22 Dec 188523 Dec 1885Fuene, TheodorWellen, MariaWewers, HeinrichSantel, Margaretha---
Glatz, Bertha Ottilie30 Oct 188502 Nov 1885Glatz, EduardKienzler, BerthaGlatz, JosephKalmer, Bertha---
Glatz, Oskar08 Jul 188409 Jul 1884Glatz, EduardSchwaters, Emilia born KienzlerKienzler, JosephKienzler, Barbara (Mrs. Joseph)---
Goebel, Franz05 Sep 189206 Sep 1892Goebel, FranzStempel, CatharinaGrapperhaus, FranzEinhoff, GertrudHe married Catharina Wiegmann on 18 Apr 1917 in St. Damian, Damiansville
Goebel, Heinrich19 Nov 190020 Nov 1900Goebel, FranzStempel, CatharinaStempel, HeinrichRademacher, Gertrud---
Goebel, Joseph Heinrich07 Mar 189808 Mar 1898Goebel, FranzStempel, CatharinaEinhoff, JosephStempel, AnnaHe married Anna Wegmann dau of Herman & Marg. Wegmann on 26 Apr 1922 in Damiansville
Goebel, Margaretha Josephine16 Apr 188918 Apr 1889Goebel, FranzStempel, CatharinaSchuette, Peter (Stand-in Joseph Schuette)Schuette, MargarethaShe married Heinrich Toennies on 28 Apr 1919, son of Albert & Augusta Toennies, in this church
Goebel, Maria Anna Gertrud18 Jan 189520 Jan 1895Goebel, FranzStempel, CatharinaStempel, HeinrichSchohmaker, Maria (Stand-in Gertrud Rademacher)---
Goebel, Maria Catharina08 Sep 190609 Sep 1906Goebel, FranzStempel, CatharinaRademacher, Theodor C.Stempel, Maria---
Grapperhaus, Aloysious Bernard Heinrich13 Jul 190415 Jul 1904Grapperhaus, GeorgeEmke, MariaWalter, AloysiousWiegmann, Catharina---
Grapperhaus, Bernardine Catharina23 Sep 189824 Sep 1898Grapperhaus, GeorgKueter, CatharinaKueter, HeinrichWalter, Bernardina---
Grapperhaus, Franz Bernard24 Apr 190125 Apr 1901Grapperhaus, GeorgKueter, CatharinaKueter, Bernard (Stand-in Herman Santel)Rechtg, Anna (Stand-in Bernadina Walter)---
Grapperhaus, Franz Georg03 Apr 189304 Apr 1893Grapperhaus, FranzEinhoff, FranziskaGrapperhaus, GeorgEinhoff, GertrudHe married Teresia C. Abeln, dau of Wilhelm & Elisabeth Abeln on 10 Apr 1923 in Salisbury, MO
Grapperhaus, Georg Bernard25 Aug 189626 Aug 1896Grapperhaus, GeorgKueter, CatharinaGrapperhaus, FranzGausepohl, Margaretha---
Grapperhaus, Heinrich August07 Mar 190608 Mar 1906Grapperhaus, GeorgEmke, MariaGausepohl, Johann HeinrichWilken, Maria---
Grapperhaus, Heinrich Franziskus15 Sep 189515 Sep 1895Grapperhaus, FranzEinhoff, FranciscaGoebel, FranzGoebel, Catharina (Mrs. Franz)---
Grapperhaus, Josephine Bernardine05 Oct 189706 Oct 1897Grapperhaus, FranzEinhoff, FranciscaEinhoff, JosephWalter, Bernardina---
Griesbaum, Anna Augustina28 Aug 189729 Aug 1897Griesbaum, Franz XavierBillhartz, ElisabethGriesbaum, PeterBillhartz, AnnaShe married Edward Singler on 17 Jan 1919
Griesbaum, Caecilia Elisabeth04 Mar 188202 Apr 1882Griesbaum, XavierRipplinger, MariaRipplinger, KarlHertenstein, Elisabeth---
Griesbaum, Edwina Magdalena29 Sep 189202 Oct 1892Griesbaum, EmilZink, LouisaGriesbaum, XavierZink, MagdalenaShe married Raymund Arth on 10 Jun 1914 in New Baden
Griesbaum, Elisabeth Sophie29 Mar 190231 Mar 1902Griesbaum, Franz XaverBillhartz, ElisabethBillhartz, HermanBillhartz, Sophie (Mrs. Herman)She married Heinrich Franz Overberg on 5 May 1920 in New Baden, IL
Griesbaum, Erwin Johann17 Oct 189101 Nov 1891Griesbaum, XavierRipplinger, MariaLohmann, Franz Joseph (Stand-in Johan Ackermann)-------
Griesbaum, Fr. Xaver Arthur26 Nov 189827 Nov 1898Griesbaum, Franz XavierBillhartz, ElisabethGriesbaum, Fr. XavierBillhartz, SophiaHe married Francisca Ithensohn on 24 Nov 1920 in New Baden
Griesbaum, Franz22 Aug 187624 Dec 1876Griesbaum, JosephBauer, EvaHeinzmann, MartinHeinzmann, Ida (Mrs. Martin)---
Griesbaum, Franz Xavier19 Jan 187421 Mar 1874Griesbaum, Franz XavierRipplinger, MariaGriesbaum, Franz XavierWerner, Adelheid---
Griesbaum, Heinrich27 Dec 187531 Jan 1876Griesbaum, XavierRipplinger, MariaRipplinger, ElisabethHummel, Heinrich---
Griesbaum, Ludwig Peter22 Jul 187821 Jul 1878Griesbaum, XavierRipplinger, MariaRipplinger, PeterRipplinger, Margarethe (Mrs. Peter)---
Griesbaum, Maria Margaretha24 Mar 188025 Apr 1880Griesbaum, XavierRipplinger, MariaKiefer, LeopoldRipplinger, Margaretha---
Griesbaum, Philipp31 Dec 188304 Feb 1884Griesbaum, Franz XavierRipplinger, MariaRipplinger, PhilippHummel, Carolina---
Grimme, Johann Ludwig28 Jun 188519 Jul 1885Grimme, JohannSchemel, AnnaGrimme, JosefKienzle, MariaHe married Cecilia Boeckmann on 6 Aug 1919 in Bartelso, IL
Grimme, Margaretha18 Nov 188722 Dec 1887Grimme, JohannSchemel, AnnaGrimme, GeorgBach, Margaretha---
Grimme, Maria19 Aug 189021 Sep 1890Grimme, JohannSchemel, AnnaKünzler (Kuenzler), JosephKuenzler, Barbara (Mrs. Joseph)---
Grimme, Maria Magdalena12 Sep 188313 Sep 1883Grimme, JohannSchemel, AnnaSchemel, JohannSchemel, Magdalena---
Haar, Anna Catharina06 Mar 188108 Mar 1881Haar, BernhardWobbe, ElisabethHaar, AlbertFrerker, Elisabeth---
Haar, Anna Cecilia03 Nov 189804 Nov 1898Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethImming, Bernard (Stand-in Franz Goebel)Wobbe, AnnaShe married Gerard J. Eilering on 5 Apr 1921 in St. Damian.
Haar, Anna Clara28 Apr 189228 Apr 1892Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaEilering, HeinrichEilering, Anna (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Haar, Anna Margaretha10 Feb 187916 Feb 1879Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethWobbe, BernardHaar, Anna Margaretha---
Haar, Anna Margaretha28 Oct 187629 Oct 1876Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaImming, HermannHeimann, Catharina---
Haar, Anna Margaretha27 Nov 188028 Nov 1880Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaJanssen, MartinHaar, MargarethaShe married Fred. C. Budde son of Wilhelm Budde & Louisa Magaude on 8 Apr 1913 in St. Damian
Haar, Anna Maria17 Sep 188718 Sep 1887Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaStein, HeinrichHoffmann, Adelheid---
Haar, Anna Maria21 Feb 189022 Feb 1890Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaHoffmann, Gerhard HeinrichImming, Anna---
Haar, Bernard Martin03 Nov 189504 Nov 1895Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaHaar, BernardHaar, Elisabeth (Mrs. Bernard)He married Anna Bach on 16 Nov 1920 in Bartelso.
Haar, Catharina Margarethe14 Mar 187516 Mar 1875Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaImming, HeinrichImming, Maria---
Haar, Emma Christina01 Mar 187901 Mar 1879Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaWolters, AlbertJanssen, Christina---
Haar, Franz Herman26 Aug 189626 Aug 1896Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethDierkes, HermanHeimann, Maria---
Haar, Gerhard Heinrich16 Apr 188817 Apr 1888Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethWobbe, BernardHaar, MargarethaGerhard (called George) married Maria Middendorff on 2 May 1911 in this church.
Haar, Gesina07 Nov 187308 Nov 1873Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaImming, BernardHaar, Gesina---
Haar, Heinrich Albert09 Dec 188510 Dec 1885Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaHaar, AlbertHaar, Margaretha (Mrs. Albert)---
Haar, Hermann Joseph15 Mar 189015 Mar 1890Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethHaar, HermannWobbe, Margaretha---
Haar, Johann Albert11 Nov 188511 Nov 1885Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethHaar, AlbertWobbe, Anna---
Haar, Johann Bernhard09 Jun 188310 Jun 1883Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaImming, BernardImming, Maria (Mrs. Bernard)He married Gertrud Korte 19 Nov 1912 in Lively Grove, IL.
Haar, Josephine22 Mar 189222 Mar 1892Haar, BernhardWobbe, ElisabethHeimann, BernardWobbe, Emma---
Haar, Louisa19 Mar 189720 Mar 1897Haar, JohannImming, MargarethaWellen, AndreasHoffmann, Anna---
Haar, M. Elisabeth10 Apr 188311 Apr 1883Haar, BernhardWobbe, ElisabethLiening, FranzWobbe, Anna---
Haar, Margaretha Francisca09 Mar 190112 Mar 1901----Haar, AnnaHaar, JohnHaar, Margaretha (Mrs. John)Child is illegitimate
Haar, Maria Theresia28 May 189429 May 1894Haar, BernardWobbe, ElisabethHaar, JohannWobbe, Maria---
Haas, Anna08 Nov 190509 Nov 1905Haas, EmilBreiner, MariaBreiner, MichaelEhrstein, Anna---
Haas, Arthur Edward10 Jun 190412 Jun 1904Haas, JohannSchremp, MariaSchremp, EdwardHaas, MargarethaMarried to Cecilia Kalmer 27 May 1936 St Damian
Haas, Herman06 Sep 190008 Sep 1900Haas, EmilBreiner, MariaWegmann, HermanWegmann, Margaret (Mrs. Herman)He married Petronella Schotler on 6 Apr 1920 in St. Joseph IA ?
Haas, Michael07 Jul 189909 Jul 1899Haas, EmilBreiner, MariaBreiner, MichaelBreiner, Maria (Mrs. Michael)---
Haas, Theresia13 Mar 190314 Mar 1903Haas, EmilBreiner, MariaHaas, Johann BernardBreiner, TheresiaShe married Alfred Miller of Trenton on 8 Feb 1921 in Albers; was confirmed in Albers Nov 1917
Haas, Thomas Michael08 May 188111 May 1881Haas, LaurenzHopfinger, CatharinaHopfinger, ThomasHopfinger, Maria (Mrs. Thomas)---
Hallermann (Wewes), Julius Anton10 Aug 189111 Aug 1891----------------See Wewes, Julius Anton
Hallermann, Joseph Heinrich11 Oct 189315 Oct 1893Hallermann, HeinrichWellen, ElisabethHallermann, JosephHallermann, Anna Maria (Mrs. Joseph)---
Hartlieb, Bertha Johanna24 Jul 188403 Aug 1884Hartlieb, JohannWeithner, Maria JohannaFoener, FriedrichFoener, Johanna---
Hartlieb, Eduard Joseph20 Jul 188230 Jul 1882Hartlieb, JohannWeithuer, Maria JohannaHeinzmann, JosephHeinzmann, Francisca (Mrs. Joseph)---
Hartlieb, Nella Emma11 May 188919 May 1889Hartlieb, JohannWeithuer, JohannVollmer, JohannesFedler, EmmaMarried to Wm. J. Lehrter, 10 Dec 1955; New Baden, IL
Hartwick, Anna Margaretha22 Dec 187826 Jan 1879Hartwick, JacobMeier, MargaretHartwick, JohannHerbstreit, Anna---
Hartwick, Mina19 Jan 187619 Feb 1876Hartwick, JakobMeier, MargarethHoh, GustavHoh, Maria (Mrs. Gustav)---
Heckenkemper, Anna Maria17 Mar 188019 Mar 1880Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaBoeckmann, FranzHeckenkemper, Anna Maria---
Heckenkemper, Anna Theresia16 Oct 188127 Oct 1881Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaHeckenkemper, FranzHeckenkemper, Anna---
Heckenkemper, Bernard Friedrich25 Dec 187926 Dec 1879Heckenkemper, JosephWolters, AnnaWolters, BernardHeckenkemper, Elisabeth---
Heckenkemper, Bernard Heinrich01 Nov 190401 Nov 1904Heckenkemper, FranzKalmer, MariaKalmer, HermannHeckenkemper, BinaMarried to Adeline Albers 6 Apr 1932 St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
Heckenkemper, Catharina Elisabeth12 Jan 188513 Jan 1885Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaBaahlmann, WilhelmNetemeyer, Elisabeth---
Heckenkemper, Clara Anna M.28 Feb 189401 Mar 1894Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaNetemeyer, HeinrichEilermann, MariaClara A. Heckenkemper married Tito Brendel on 30 Jun 1915 in Albers
Heckenkemper, Elisabeth06 May 187807 May 1878Heckenkemper, JosephWolters, AnnaHeckenkemper, HeinrichWolters, Elisabeth---
Heckenkemper, Franz Joseph14 May 189215 May 1892Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaDiekemper, FranzDiekemper, Margaretha (Mrs. Franz)---
Heckenkemper, Franz Joseph07 Aug 188407 Aug 1884Heckenkemper, JosephWolters, AnnaHeckenkemper, FranzBaahlmann, Anna---
Heckenkemper, Franz Leo04 Apr 190204 Apr 1902Heckenkemper, FranzKalmer, MariaHeimann, HermannToennies, ElisabethMarried Mary Dingwerth on 10 April 1929 at St. Liborius Church, St. Libory, IL
Heckenkemper, Gerhard Lambert27 Nov 188628 Nov 1886Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaNetemeyer, GerhardLinnemann, Maria---
Heckenkemper, Hermann Heinrich30 May 189810 Jun 1898Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaBrinkmann, Johann HeinrichHeckenkemper, Maria---
Heckenkemper, Jacobina18 Aug 188819 Aug 1888Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaHeckenkemper, JosephKalmer, JacobinaJacobina Heckenkemper married Franz Toennies on 6 Apr 1910 in St. Bernard, Albers Ill.
Heckenkemper, Johann Heinrich11 Jun 188315 Jun 1883Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaBrinkmann, Johann HeinrichBrinkmann, Maria Theresia (Mrs. Johann Heinrich)---
Heckenkemper, Johann Hermann05 Nov 190006 Nov 1900Heckenkemper, FranzKalmer, MariaKalmer, HermannNetemeier, Elisabeth---
Heckenkemper, Johann Wilhelm01 Jan 188702 Jan 1887Heckenkemper, JosephWolters, AnnaSantel, JohannKalmer, Jacobina---
Heckenkemper, Maria Francisca12 Mar 187814 Mar 1878Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaSudhold, FranzBrinkmann, Maria Francisca---
Heckenkemper, Maria Paulina30 Jun 189901 Jul 1899Heckenkemper, FranzKalmer, MariaHeckenkemper, HeinrichKalmer, Sr., Maria She married Eugene Meier (23y) son of Wilhelm and Catharina Meier on 14 Sep 1921 in St. Bernard, Albers.
Heckenkemper, Maria Theresia04 Nov 189505 Nov 1895Heckenkemper, HeinrichBrinkmann, TheresiaToennies, HeinrichLinnemann, MariaMarried to Francis H. Stukenberg on 28 Mar 28 1929 at Albers, IL
Heckenkemper, Maria Theresia10 Apr 188211 Apr 1882Heckenkemper, JosefWolters, AnnaBaahlmann, WilhelmHeckenkemper, Theresia---
Heckenkemper, Maria Theresia30 Apr 187501 May 1875Heckenkemper, JosephWolters, AnnaWolters, Gerhard Baahlmann, Maria---
Heimann, Anna Carolina13 May 190514 May 1905Heimann, HermanKalmer, CarolinaKalmer, BernardToennies, AnnaMarried to Cyril Huelsmann, St. Bernard's Church, Albers, IL 13 April 1932
Heimann, Anna Catharina10 Jun 190110 Jun 1901Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaKalmer, HermannToennies, Anna---
Heimann, Anna Maria05 Jan 187405 Jan 1874Heimann, MartinSantel, RosinaHeimann, Johann BernardSantel, Maria ---
Heimann, Anna Rosina06 Feb 187307 Feb 1873Heimann, HermannSantel, MariaHeimann, MartinSantel, Rosina---
Heimann, Bernard30 Aug 189701 Sep 1897Heimann, HermannKalmer, CarolinaHeimann, John BernardKalmer, MariaHe married Anna M. Rakers on 10 Nov 1920 in Aviston. Born 13 Jul 1893 dau of Albert & Josephine Rakers
Heimann, Bernard Heinrich (Twin)15 Dec 190231 Dec 1902Heimann, FranzFuehne, MargarethaHeimann, BernardHeimann, Maria (Mrs. Bernard)---
Heimann, Franz Xavier30 May 190601 Jun 1906Heimann, FranzFühne (Fuehne), MargarethaHeimann, Johann BernardFuehne, Margaretha---
Heimann, Franz Xavier09 Nov 187410 Nov 1874Heimann, Johann BernardBerensen, MariaBerensen, FranzSantel, Anna Maria---
Heimann, Herman Martin08 Jul 190208 Jul 1902Heimann, HermanKalmer, CarolinaKalmer, HermanKalmer, Margaretha (Mrs. Herman)---
Heimann, Hermann17 Dec 189918 Dec 1899Heimann, HermanKalmer, CarolinaKalmer, HermanHeimann, MariaHe married Rosa Anna Richter on 12 Nov 1924 at St. Augustin, Breese, IL
Heimann, Infant06 Feb 190506 Feb 1905Heimann, FranzFühne (Fuehne), Margaret--------Baptized privately by Doctor Meirink, infant died
Heimann, Johann16 Nov 188317 Nov 1883Heimann, BernardKuper, Maria born AthmerHeimann, Johann BernardHeimann, Maria (Mrs. Johann Bernard)---
Heimann, Johann Bernard15 Dec 189616 Dec 1896Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaHeimann, Johann BernardToennies, Theresia---
Heimann, Joseph Gerhard20 Nov 190321 Nov 1903Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaToennies, Gerhard J.Heimann, CarolinaMarried to Emelia Ph. Spihlmann 13 Sep 1933
Heimann, Joseph Herman19 Jun 190619 Jun 1906Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaHeimann, HermannToennies, Anna---
Heimann, Margaretha26 Dec 189826 Dec 1898Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaToennies, GerhardKalmer, MargarethaShe married Leo B. Richter on 4 May 1920
Heimann, Maria Anna24 Jun 189225 Jun 1892Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaHeimann, Johann BernardHeimann, Maria (Mrs. Johann Bernard)She married Franz Netemeyer on 14 Oct 1913 in Damiansville
Heimann, Maria Rosa03 Sep 189405 Sep 1894Heimann, JosephToennies, CatharinaToennies, AlbertHeimann, Maria born AthmerShe married Caspar Richter on 8 May 1917 son of Wilhelm & Anna Richter in St. Damian, Damiansville
Heimann, Martin Alphons (Twin)15 Dec 190231 Dec 1902Heimann, FranzFuehne, MargarethaFuehne, MartinFuehne, Margaretha (Mrs. Martin)---
Heins, Heinrich---21 Sep 1874Heins, HeinrichNiehaus, AnnaEmke, JosephPeter, ReginaAge 29y
Heins, Heinrich Franz19 Feb 187821 Feb 1878Heins, HeinrichSchulte, MariaKuper, FranzKuper, Theresia---
Heins, Helena Adelheid24 Sep 187524 Sep 1875Heins, HeinrichSchulte, MariaBerensen, LambertArensen, Helena Adelheid---
Heins, Johann Bernard07 Jan 188008 Jan 1880Heins, HeinrichSchuhmacher, MariaMittendorf, BernardSantel, Maria Adelheid---
Heinzmann, Anna Ida30 Sep 188702 Oct 1887Heinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, Ida----Santel, Catharina---
Heinzmann, Catharina Paulina22 Feb 188402 Mar 1884Heinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, IdaHeinzmann, JosephGriesbaum, LouisaCatharina Heinzmann married Herman Mank, 3 Jun 1913 in New Baden.
Heinzmann, Elisabeth Maria02 Feb 188905 Feb 1889Heinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, IdaBillhartz, HeinrichBillhardz, Elisabeth (Mrs. Heinrich)She married Heinrich Rensing on 24 May 1910 in St. Georg, New Baden, IL
Heinzmann, Jacob Franz07 May 187710 May 1877Heinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, IdaGriesbaum, FranzHeinzmann, Maria---
Heinzmann, Joseph12 Sep 187813 Sep 1878Heinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, IdaHeinzmann, JosephHeinzmann, Francisca (Mrs. Joseph)---
Heinzmann, Louisa Helena16 Mar 188426 Mar 1884Heinzmann, JosephHartlieb, FranciscaHeinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, Louisa---
Heinzmann, Maria Paulina03 Apr 189408 Apr 1894Heinzmann, JosefHartlieb, FranziskaRensing, Johann HermannRensing, MariaShe married Elmer Rickher on 22 Oct 1913 in New Baden
Heinzmann, Philipp Johann30 Apr 189107 May 1891Heinzmann, MartinGriesbaum, IdaVollmer, JohannHartlieb, Ida---
Hemmen, Hermann Heinrich19 Sep 187921 Sep 1879Hemmen, HermannThien, MargarethaStockmann, HermannStockmann, Elisabeth (Mrs. Herman)He married M. Josephine Farris in St. Joseph, Lawrence Co. TN on 11 Aug 1914. Wit: Herman & Elizabeth Stockmann
Hemmen, Johann Friedrich15 Apr 188317 Apr 1883Hemmen, BernardThien, MargarethaHemmen, Johann BernardKorte, M. AnnaHe married Roxie Catherine Farris 11 Aug 1914 in St. Joseph, TN
Hemmen, Johann Heinrich12 Apr 188212 Apr 1882Hemmen, BernardThien, MargarethaMeier, HeinrichHygen, Gesina---
Herbstreit, Franz Xavier13 Mar 189422 Apr 1894Herbstreit, HeinrichHook, JuliaKiefer, JosephMank, Anna---
Herbstreit, Heinrich18 Apr 189205 Jun 1892Herbstreit, HeinrichHogg, JuliaGlatz, JosephWangler, Louisa---
Herbstreit, Joseph10 Dec 188728 Jan 1888Herbstreit, HeinrichHogg, JuliaGlatz, JosephHerbstreit, Ida (Non-Catholic)---
Herbstreit, Juliana13 Oct 189014 Dec 1890Herbstreit, HeinrichHogg, JulianaKiefer, KarlRicher, Ida---
Herbstreit, Louisa28 Dec 188810 Feb 1889Herbstreit, HeinrichHogg, JuliaHerbstreit, Herman (Non-Catholic)Rickher, Louisa---
Hermsen, Hermann Joseph31 Jul 188031 Jul 1880Hermsen, JosephGoothard, HenriettaMiddendorf, TobiasSantel, Maria Adelheid---
Hilmes, Anna Catharina30 Aug 189701 Sep 1897Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaPoelker, JosephPoelker, AnnaCatharina Hilmes married Joseph F. Kuper of Aviston on 1 Oct 1919
Hilmes, Anna Josephina04 Nov 187605 Nov 1876Hilmes, BernardGerdes, Anna MargarethaTheisling, Hermann BenedictHemmen, Margaretha---
Hilmes, Anna Maria07 Apr 189108 Apr 1891Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaWigmann, JosephToennies, AnnaShe married Franz Fuehne son of Theo. Fuehne & Marg. Wellen on 14 Apr 1915 in St. Damian, Damiansville
Hilmes, Bernard Albert06 Jun 189507 Jun 1895Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaToennies, AlbertWaller, CatharinaHe married Catharina Diebke ? of Beckemeyer, daughter of Wilh. & Elisabeth Duing on 25 Sep. 1917 in St. Anthony, Beckemeyer, IL
Hilmes, Carolina Catharina14 Apr 190215 Apr 1902Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaWaller, ClemensWaller, Catharina (Mrs. Clemens)She married Herman Rensing on 10 Jan 1923 at St. Damian with dispensation for 3rd degree blood relationship
Hilmes, Clemens Franz Roman28 Feb 190501 Mar 1905Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaWaller, ClemensToennies, Francisca---
Hilmes, Herman Joseph06 May 190006 May 1900Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaToennies, HermanMiddendorf, ChristinaMarried Rosalia Daniels on 16 Jun 1931 at St. Mary Church, Trenton, IL
Hilmes, Johann Heinrich18 Jun 189319 Jun 1893Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaHilmes, HeinrichWiegmann, GesinaHe married Sophie Eilers of Bartelso on 7 Oct (no year)
Hilmes, Joseph Frederick17 Sep 190618 Sep 1906Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaFrad, JosephPoelker, Anna Maria---
Hilmes, Margaretha Agnes01 Jan 188702 Jan 1887Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaBook, Gerh. HeinrichToennies, MargarethaShe married Bernard Imming on 12 Apr 1910 in this church.
Hilmes, Maria Catharina13 Mar 188914 Mar 1889Hilmes, BernardToennies, CatharinaSchohmaker, HermannToennies, MariaShe married Bernard Kassen on 3 Oct 1911 in St. Damian, Damiansville
Hoehn, Johann Joseph24 Aug 187726 Aug 1877Hoehn, JohannHeinzmann, CatharinaHeinzmann, JosephHeinzmann, Francisca (Mrs. Joseph)---
Hoehn, Johann Martin02 Oct 188110 Oct 1881Hoehn, JohannHeinzmann, CatharinaHeinzmann, JosephHeinzmann, Francisca (Mrs. Joseph)---
Hoehn, Maria Anna01 Feb 187606 Feb 1876Hoehn, JohannHeinzmann, CatharinaHeinzmann, MartinHeinzmann, Maria---
Hoen, Johann Philipp03 Jan 188006 Jan 1880Hoen, JohannHeinsmann, Maria CatharinaHeinsmann, JosephHeinsmann, Francisca---
Hoerchler, Anna Maria22 Sep 188123 Sep 1881Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethHoerchler, Johann TheodorKorte, Anna Maria---
Hoerchler, Clemens Augustin12 May 189513 May 1895Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethFoppe, ClemensFoppe, Catharina (Mrs. Clemens)He married Maria Niehaus on 8 Oct 1919 in Arcadia, IA
Hoerchler, Francisca Elisabeth28 Feb 187802 Mar 1878Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethKlostermann, Johann BernardKlostermann, Elisabeth (Mrs. Johann Bernard)---
Hoerchler, Heinrich Anton18 Nov 188819 Nov 1888Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethKorte, AntoniusGerling, CatharinaHe married Josephine Kreke on 17 Jan 1912 in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
Hoerchler, Heinrich Bernard19 Dec 187920 Dec 1879Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, Maria ElisabethKlostermann, Johann BernhardFoppe, Anna Maria Catharina---
Hoerchler, Johann Dietrich17 Jun 188618 Jun 1886Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethHoerchler, Johann DietrichKlostermann, Louisa---
Hoerchler, Johann Wilhelm17 Apr 189118 Apr 1891Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethRensing, WilhelmKlostermann, Margaretha (Stand-in Elisabeth Klostermann)He married Elisabeth Jansen on 28 Oct 1914 in Damiansville.
Hoerchler, Maria Theresia03 Jan 188404 Jan 1884Hoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichKorte, ElisabethKorte, Gerhard HeinrichBruckhoff, Anna---
Hofart, Ludwig Otto01 Nov 188514 Nov 1885Hofart, JosephMueller, CunigundaHofart, LudwigMüller (Mueller), Maria---
Hofart, Thomas Julius25 Jul 189115 Aug 1891Hofart, JosephMueller, CunigundaHopfinger, ThomasSchober, Anna---
Hoffart, Anna Carolina19 Oct 189405 Dec 1894Hoffart, JosephMoehler, CunigundaHoffart, Ludwig (Stand-in Heinrich Arentsen)Hoffart, Anna---
Hoffart, Clara23 Dec 188812 Jan 1889Hoffart, JosephMehler, CunigundaHoffart, LudwigMehler, Maria---
Hoffart, Herman Peter27 Apr 189727 May 1897Hoffart, LudwigLink, MathildeKuhn, HermanKehrer, Albertine---
Hoffart, Philipp Heinrich27 Nov 190006 Jan 1901Hoffart, LudwigLink, MathildeWaigant, PhilippHoffart, Kunigunde---
Hoffart, Wilhelm04 May 189516 May 1895Hoffart, LudwigLink, MathildeHoffart, JosephBlume, Blandina He married Ida Barbara Krieg, dau of Georg & Barbara Krieg born 8 Oct 1898 on 20 Apr 1922 in Freeburg, IL
Hoffarth, Olivia Wilhelmina29 Jun 190619 Jul 1906Hoffarth, JosephMehler, KunigundeCorillian, Heinrich (Absent)Corillian, Wilhelmina---
Hogg, Anna29 Aug 188704 Sep 1887Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaGlatz, JosephWoerner, Ida---
Hogg, Bertha Mathilda26 Jun 189401 Jul 1894Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaWoerner, WilhelmRensing, Theresia---
Hogg, Catharina Theresia25 Nov 187626 Dec 1876Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaVolmer, WilhelmVolmer, Theresia (Mrs. Wilhelm)---
Hogg, Elisabeth13 Apr 187912 May 1879Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaKuhn, HermannWoerner, Elisabeth---
Hogg, Emma09 Apr 188413 Apr 1884Hogg, FriedolinWoerner, CatharinaVolmer, JohannWoerner, Maria---
Hogg, Franz Andreas10 Oct 189216 Oct 1892Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaWangler, AndreasWangler, Louisa (Mrs. Andreas)He married Maria Schaeffer, dau of Stephan & Maria Schaeffer in the catholic church of Mascoutah, IL on 28 Nov 1918
Hogg, Georg22 Jul 188230 Jul 1882Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaVitt, PeterSpaeth, AdelheidHe married Magdalena Anna Eswein from Piopolis, daughter of Ludwig and Maria Eswein, on 25 Oct 1922 in Piopolis
Hogg, Joseph18 Mar 188127 Mar 1881Hogg, FridolinGans, CatharinaKuhn, JosephWoerner, Elisabeth---
Hogg, Maria Othilia06 Oct 189012 Oct 1890Hogg, FridolinWoerner, CatharinaMank, PeterWoerner, Maria---
Hoh, Emma20 Feb 188125 Feb 1881Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaTrenkler, FriedrichHummel, Amalie---
Hoh, Franz (or Franziska?)12 Feb 187715 Feb 1877Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaReisacher, FranzSingler, Francisca---
Hoh, Franz (Twin)07 Jun 187508 Jun 1875Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaReisacher, FranzSingler, Franziska---
Hoh, Georg (Twin)07 Jun 187508 Jun 1875Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaReisacher, GeorgTrenkle, Rosina---
Hoh, Gustav Friedrich15 Mar 189402 Apr 1894Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaTrenkler, FriedrichSchremp, BarbaraHe married Anna Kleiner (Baptized, Non-Catholic) in Belleville, 28 Jun 1916
Hoh, Johann24 Feb 187909 Mar 1879Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaMeier, JohannMeier, Maria (Mrs. Johann)He married Elisabeth Wolters on 1 Sep 1914 in this church. Wit: Heinrich Wolters & Anna Bohn.
Hoh, Louisa11 Oct 189125 Oct 1891Hoh, GustavReisacher, MariaGlatz, JosephWangler, LouisaShe married Heinrich Mitt in Belleville on 17 Jul 1916
Holtkamp, Joseph Andreas17 Feb 188617 Feb 1886Holtkamp, GeorgDünnewald (Duennewald), JosephinaMewers, JosephDuennewald, CatharinaChild was illegitimate; not listed with father's last name but listed here for research purposes.
Hopfinger, Theresa15 May 188216 May 1882Hopfinger, ThomasWübler (Wuebler), MariaKuper, AntonKuper, Theresia (Mrs. Anton)---
Hygen, Anna Theodora30 Nov 189102 Dec 1891Hygen, EduardNetemeyer, MariaEilering, HeinrichArentzen, AnnaShe married Heinrich Haake on 17 Oct 1911 in St. Bernard, Albers
Hygen, Gertrud Elisabeth26 Feb 189728 Feb 1897Hygen, EduardNetemeyer, MariaNetemeyer, HeinrichNetemeyer, ElisabethMarried Leonard Bauer on 11 Sep 1929 at St. Bernard, Albers, IL This entry appears in late 1896 entries.
Hygen, Heinrich Otto07 Apr 188409 Apr 1884Hygen, EduardNetemeyer, MariaNetemeyer, OttoHygen, Gesina---
Hygen, Maria Francisca20 Jul 189421 Jul 1894Hygen, EduardNetemeyer, MariaNetemeyer, GerhardJanssen, Maria---
Hygen, Maria Helena25 Apr 188626 Apr 1886Hygen, EduardNetemeyer, MariaJanssen, BernardNetemeyer, HelenaShe married Theodor Rolves, son of Theo. & Caroline Roelker, 17 May 1911 in Albers, IL.
Hygen, Wilhelm Jacob12 Oct 188813 Oct 1888Hygen, EduardNetemeyer, MariaBaahlmann, WilhelmStein, ChristinaHe married Cecilia Haake on 26 Apr 1911 in St. Bernard, Albers, IL. Compare Huegen. Entry appears between two September entries.
Imming, Anna Adelheid05 Dec 188406 Dec 1884Imming, BernardWellen, MariaHaar, AlbertHoffmann, Adelheid---
Imming, Anna Maria12 Mar 189813 Mar 1898Imming, HeinrichLehrter, MariaHaar, JohannImming, AnnaShe married Ferdinand Stephan Huehne at St. Boniface, Germantown, on 30 May 1916
Imming, Bernard03 May 187904 May 1879Imming, BernardWellen, MariaHaar, JohannHaar, Margaretha (Mrs. Johann)He married Margaretha Hilmes on 12 Apr 1910 in in this church. Wit: Johann Imming & Maria Hilmes
Imming, Francisca Maria04 Sep 190306 Sep 1903Imming, HermanBerenzen, AnnaImming, JohannBerenzen, Maria---
Imming, Franz Heinrich (Twin)20 Apr 190122 Apr 1901Imming, HeinrichJuedden, MariaReichert, Heinrich (Stand-in Johann Haar)Haar, Margaretha---
Imming, Heinrich10 Oct 189315 Oct 1893Imming, HeinrichLehrter, MariaImming, BernardImming, Anna (Mrs. Bernard)---
Imming, Hermann Bernard23 Jul 187525 Jul 1875Imming, BernardWellen, MariaImming, HermannJanssen, Christina---
Imming, Hermann Heinrich 05 Apr 189508 Apr 1895Imming, HeinrichJuedden, MariaImming, HermannEmke, MargarethaHe married Maria Henkeinas on 22 Nov 1916 in St. John Church, Arcadia, IA
Imming, Joseph22 Nov 187322 Nov 1873Imming, BernardWellen, MariaWolters, TheodorHeimann, Catharina---
Imming, Ludwig Bernard09 Jul 190210 Jul 1902Imming, HermanBerentsen, AnnaImming, BernardBerentsen, Maria---
Imming, Maria Catharina (Twin)20 Apr 190122 Apr 1901Imming, HeinrichJuedden, MariaImming, BernardReichert, Catharina---
Imming, Maria Margaretha25 Sep 190228 Sep 1902Imming, HeinrichLehrter, MariaImming, BernardEmke, MargarethaShe married Bernard Hy Albers on 21 Nov 1922 in Germantown
Imming, Rosina11 Apr 188111 Apr 1881Imming, BernardWellen, Maria GesinaJanssen, MartinHaar, Gesina---
Jansen, Gerhard Heinrich10 Jul 188010 Jul 1880Jansen, BernardWolters, MariaHoffmann, Gerhard HeinrichTenefelde, MariaHe married Catherine Behrmann on 12 Sep 1912 in St. Libory, IL
Jansen, Johann Wilhelm25 Jul 188826 Jul 1888Jansen, WilhelmHilmes, AnnaHilmes, BernardHilmes, Maria Angela (Mrs. Bernard)He married Maria Moss daughter of Clem. Moss & Anna Kalmer on 5 Sep 1917 in this church.
Janssen, Anna Catharina30 Dec 188801 Jan 1889Janssen, BernardWolters, MariaJanssen, BernardHeckenkemper, Anna---
Janssen, Anna Catharina24 Apr 187424 Apr 1874Janssen, MartinWellen, ChristinaHygen, JacobWellen, Maria---
Janssen, Anna Christina04 Oct 187404 Oct 1874Janssen, BernardMoss, MariaHaar, AlbertJanssen, Christina---
Janssen, Anna Maria Adelheid31 Jan 188201 Feb 1882Janssen, BernardWolters, MariaHygen, EduardHoffmann, AdelheidShe married on 6 Feb 1918 in cathedral St. Louis; Wit: Francis & Catharina Janssen but no spouse listed.
Janssen, Bernard Heinrich06 Feb 187607 Feb 1876Janssen, MartinWellen, ChristinaHeimann, Bernard HeinrichJanssen, Maria---
Janssen, Eduard17 Sep 188019 Sep 1880Janssen, MartinWellen, ChristinaHygen, EduardHaar, Margaret---
Janssen, Hermann Wilhelm21 Mar 189422 Mar 1894Janssen, WilhelmHilmes, AnnaUntiedt, WilhelmHilmes, JosephineMarried to Mary Kruse, 23 Oct 1951, Bartelso, IL
Janssen, Johann Bernard14 Mar 187314 Mar 1873Janssen, MartinWellen, ChristinaHaar, JohannJanssen, Friederica---
Janssen, Johann Heinrich22 Jul 189123 Jul 1891Janssen, WilhelmHilmes, AnnaMeyer, HeinrichKohlmann, Maria---
Janssen, Johann Wilhelm04 May 188606 May 1886Janssen, BernardWolters, MariaKamschroer, John WilhelmJanssen, ChristinaHe married Anna Schulte on 22 Oct 1913 in Albers, IL.
Janssen, Margaretha12 Apr 187912 Apr 1879Janssen, BernardMoss, MariaJanssen, MartinHaar, Margaretha---
Janssen, Margaretha25 Mar 187825 Mar 1878Janssen, MartinWellen, ElisabethImming, BernhardHaar, Margaretha---
Janssen, Maria Francisca09 Mar 188411 Mar 1884Janssen, BernardWolters, MariaWolters, AlbertHygen, Maria---
Janssen, Maria Theresia23 Sep 188323 Sep 1883Janssen, MartinWellen, ChristinaHaar, AlbertJanssen, Maria---
Jocisch, Franz21 Jul 187328 Jul 1873Jocisch, JohannKohne, CatharinaJocisch, EmmanuelKohne, Maria---
Jocisch, Julius14 Sep 187715 Sep 1877Jocisch, JohannKohne, CatharinaBrockling, JohannKohne, Catharina---
Joenen, Heinrich Aloisius13 Nov 187813 Nov 1878Joenen, JohannHaar, CatharinaBook, Gerhard HeinrichSantel, Adelheid---
Joenen, Leon Gregor27 May 187527 May 1875Joenen, JohannHaas, CatharinaHaas, XavierHaar, Catharina (Mrs. Xavier)---
Jokes, Georg21 Jan 188024 Jan 1880Jokes, JohannKohnen, CatharinaKohnen, HermanKohnen, CatharinaHe (as Georg Yokisch) married Laura Backer from St. Louis, on 29 Nov 1917, Cathedral Belle_Cle?, Wit: Mathias Baeker & Louise Yokisch
Kaelin, Eugene Joseph24 Aug11 Apr 1890Kaelin, JohannFeien, SophiaKuenzler, JosephKuenzler, Barbara (Mrs. Joseph)Birth year not listed (1884); He married Hilda Jonneg (?) on 17 Nov 1909 in Gillespie, IL
Kaelin, Karl Johann02 Aug 187921 Sep 1879Kaelin, Johann MeinradFeyen, SophieTholen, Hermann------
Kain, Elisabeth18 Dec 187921 Dec 1879Kain, NikolausJaeger, ElisabethBroeckling, JohannKohn, Elisabeth---
Kain, Valentin02 Oct 187330 Nov 1873Kain, NikolausJaeger, ElisabethHebenstreit, ValentinHebenstreit, Elisabeth (Mrs. Valentin)---
Kalin, Johann Jacob28 Aug 188203 Dec 1882Kalin, JohannFeyen, SophieBillhartzs, JacobSpaeth, BarbaraLast name also spelled Calin
Kalmer, Anna Maria26 Jul 189027 Jul 1890Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JakobinaNetemeyer, GerhardKalmer, MariaShe married Wilhelm Wiegmann on 8 Sep 1914 in St. Damian
Kalmer, Anna Maria16 Dec 188318 Dec 1883Kalmer, HermanHeimann, MargarethaKalmer, HermanHeimann, Anna Maria---
Kalmer, Clara Elisabeth25 May 190726 May 1907Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JacobinaHeimann, HermanNetemeyer, Elisabeth---
Kalmer, Emma Anna24 Sep 189725 Sep 1897Kalmer, HermanHeimann, MargarethaMoss, ClemensToennies, Anna---
Kalmer, Franz15 Aug 189115 Aug 1891Kalmer, HermanHeimann, MargarethaKalmer, BernardHeimann, Maria---
Kalmer, Heinrich Wilhelm15 May 189216 May 1892Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JacobinaHeckenkemper, HeinrichKalmer, Margaretha---
Kalmer, Heinrich Wilhelm09 Feb 190710 Feb 1907Kalmer, HeinrichHeckenkemper, BerthaHeckenkemper, HeinrichHeckenkemper, Theresia---
Kalmer, Hermann Heinrich04 Sep 190505 Sep 1905Kalmer, HeinrichHeckenkemper, BerthaKalmer, HermanKalmer, Maria---
Kalmer, Jacoba Josepha09 Jan 189510 Jan 1895Kalmer, HermanHeimann, MargarethaToennies, GerhardKalmer, JacobinaShe married Bernard J. Schleper of Breese on 18 Jun 1919
Kalmer, Jacobina Francisca04 Aug 189705 Aug 1897Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JacobinaHeckenkemper, FranzMoss, Anna---
Kalmer, Johann24 Dec 188827 Dec 1888Kalmer, HermannHeimann, MargarethaHeimann, BernardMoss, Anna (Kalmer)---
Kalmer, Johann Bernard14 Feb 189915 Feb 1899Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JacobinaKalmer, HermannHeckenkemper, Theresia---
Kalmer, Johann Heinrich26 Sep 187827 Sep 1878Kalmer, HermanSantel, MariaSantel, JohannRensing, Magdalena---
Kalmer, Johann Herman02 Sep 188703 Sep 1887Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JacobinaKalmer, HermanNetemeyer, Elisabeth---
Kalmer, Margaretha20 May 190220 May 1902Kalmer, BernardHeckenkemper, JacobinaMoss, ClemensKalmer, Margaretha---
Kalmer, Maria Margaretha11 Feb 188612 Feb 1886Kalmer, HermannHeimann, MargarethaHeimann, Joh. BernhardKalmer, Maria---
Kalmer, Theresia30 Jul 187402 Aug 1874Kalmer, HermannSantel, MariaSantel, BernardSantel, Adelheid (Mother of Bernard)---
Kamschroer, Anna Margaretha16 Feb 187418 Feb 1874Kamschroer, WilhelmJanssen, FriedericaHygen, JacobJanssen, Maria---
Kehrer, Andreas Matthias19 Jul 189324 Jun 1894Kehrer, MartinDuennewald, CeciliaDuennewald, AndreasDuennewald, Catharina (Mrs. Andreas)---
Kehrer, Anna Paulina06 Feb 188907 Apr 1889Kehrer, PeterSchupp, AlbertineWewers, JosephKehrer, Anna MariaShe married Benjamin Schwartz on 4 Feb 1913 in New Baden, IL
Kehrer, Bernard Heinrich Hieronymus21 Mar 189201 May 1892Kehrer, PeterSchupp, AlbertineKoelker, BernardKoelker, Caroline (Mrs. Bernard)He married Julia Monken (Non-Catholic) on 4 Feb 1913 in New Baden. Last name written as Keeher in this entry and as Kehrer when wed.
Kehrer, Emilia Maria05 May 189810 May 1898Kehrer, MartinDuennewald, CeciliaWegmann, HermannSwaters, Emilia---
Kehrer, Emma Rosalia02 Jan 190305 Apr 1903Kehrer, MartinBrüggen (Brueggen), MariaBruggen, HeinrichBruggen, Anna (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Kehrer, Heinrich Georg17 Feb 189124 Jun 1894Kehrer, MartinDuennewald, CeciliaWiegmann, HeinrichWiegmann, Catharina (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Kehrer, Johann Adam17 Apr 188630 May 1886Kehrer, PeterSchupp, AlbertineDele, JohannDele, Catharina (Mrs. Johann)---
Kehrer, Johann Wilhelm---17 Oct 1887Kehrer, Johann (Non-Believer)Dünnewald (Duennewald), JosephinaDünnewald, AndreasKienzler, BerthaIt appears that the parents have a civil marriage. Birth date is listed as 24 Oct which is after Baptism date.
Kehrer, Joseph Simon06 Oct 188730 Oct 1887Kehrer, PeterSchupp, AlbertineHarty, JosephHarty, Clara---
Kehrer, Maria Alwine22 May 189424 Jun 1894Kehrer, MartinDuennewald, CeciliaJanssen, BernardJanssen, Maria (Mrs. Bernard)---
Kehrer, Maria Caecilia14 Nov 188615 Nov 1886Kehrer, GabrielSchmit, Anna Maria (Non-Catholic)Kienzler, JosephDünnewald (Duennewald), Caecilia---
Kehrer, Michael ErvinJan 190504 Mar 1905Kehrer, MartinBrüggen (Brueggen), MariaBreiner, MichaelBreiner, (Mrs. Michael)---
Kerharr, Maria Josephine28 Jul 189518 Aug 1895Kerharr, MartinDuennewald, CeciliaGriesbaum, AntonKindermann, Josephine---
Kiefer, Alfonse13 Jan 187619 Jan 1876Kiefer, LeopoldHuber, BarbaraZimmerer, AlfonseRipplinger, Elisabeth---
Kiefer, Anna Helena13 Aug 187624 Sep 1876Kiefer, MelchiorMertz, ReginaWangler, JosephWangler, Anna (Mrs. Joseph)---
Kiefer, Barbara Cecilia09 May 188220 May 1882Kiefer, LeopoldScheibel, Maria AnnaKiefer, HeinrichKiefer, Barbara---
Kiefer, Elisabeth Magdalena05 Apr 188126 Apr 1881Kiefer, LeopoldScheebe, MariaHertenstein, LazarusHertenstein, Elisabeth (Mrs. Lazarus)---
Kiefer, Erwin Heinrich05 Apr 189316 Apr 1893Kiefer, GeorgVollmer, EmmaVollmer, HeinrichKiefer, Maria---
Kiefer, Franz Leopold18 Oct 187326 Oct 1873Kiefer, LeopoldHuber, BarbaraErnst, GeorgErnst, Maria Rosa (Mrs. Georg)---
Kiefer, Franz Xavier02 Jul 188309 Jul 1883Kiefer, LeopoldScheibel, Anna MariaGriesbaum, Franz XavierGriesbaum, Maria (Mrs. Franz Xavier)---
Kiefer, Friedrich Karl21 Jan 188903 Feb 1889Kiefer, GeorgVollmer, EmmaKiefer, Karl LeopoldGriesbaum, Emma---
Kiefer, Heinrich (Twin)07 Jul 187715 Jul 1877Kiefer, LeopoldHuber, BarbaraZimmerer, AlphonsHuber, Carolina---
Kiefer, Johanna Margaretha07 Dec 187826 Jan 1879Kiefer, MelchiorMaerz, ReginaHartwick, JacobHartwick, Margaretha (Mrs. Jacob)---
Kiefer, Leopold Alphonse26 Nov 187407 Dec 1874Kiefer, LeopoldHuber, Not ListedZimmer, Alphonse------
Kiefer, Maria (Twin)07 Jul 187715 Jul 1877Kiefer, LeopoldHuber, BarbaraGriesbaum, XavierGriesbaum, Maria (Mrs. Xavier)---
Kiefer, Mathilda Ida01 Jan 189111 Jan 1891Kiefer, GeorgVollmer, EmmaVollmer, JohannHartlieb, IdaShe married Fred Stull (Non-Catholic) on 12 Jan 1909 in Dahlgren, IL
Kiefer, Wilhelm21 Dec 188419 Feb 1885Kiefer, LeopoldScheibel, Anna MariaKiefer, WilhelmVolmer, Theresia---
Kienzle, Anna Maria11 Sep 188028 Sep 1880Kienzle, RudolfWelsch, Anna MariaWelsch, JohannWelsch, Maria (Mrs. Johann)---
Kienzle, Karl Friedrich10 Apr 187715 Apr 1877Kienzle, RudolphWelsch, MariaKienzle, FriedrichKienzle, Magdalena---
Kienzler, Catharina09 Jan 188309 Feb 1883Kienzler, RudolfWelsch, MariaWelsch, JohannWelsch, Maria (Mrs. Johann)She married Adolph Golsch 5 Jul 1910 in New Baden, IL
Kienzler, Elisabeth Sophie14 Dec 188619 Dec 1886Kienzler, RudolfWelsch, AnnaBillhards, HermanBillhards, Sophia (Mrs. Herman)---
Kienzler, Ottilie Catharina01 Oct 188405 Oct 1884Kienzler, RudolfWaelsch, Maria AnnaBillhardz, WilhelmRensing, Catharina---
Kinzle, Amalia10 Jul 187814 Jul 1878Kienzle, RudolfWaelsch, AnnaKienzle, AmalieKienzle, Landolin---
Kinzle, Friedrich15 Oct 187617 Oct 1876Kinzle, FriedrichSchnieders, GertrudKinzle, RudolfSchnieders, Margaretha---
Kinzle, Johann Gerhard16 Jul 187819 Jul 1878Kienzle, FriedrichSchnieders, GertrudSchnieders, Johann GerhardKienzle, Amalia---
Kinzle, Joseph19 Jul 187320 Jul 1873Kinzle, FriedrichSchnieders, GertrudSchnieders, GerhardKinzle, Amalia---
Kinzle, Joseph14 Dec 187514 Dec 1875Kinzle, RudolphWelsch, MariaKinzle, FriedrichKinzle, Gertrud (Mrs. Friedrich)---
Kinzle, Maria Magdalena18 Sep 187419 Sep 1874Kinzle, FriedrichSchnieders, GertrudKoetter, JohannKinzle, Magdalena---
Klockener, Anna Emma02 Dec 188503 Dec 1885Klockener, JohannKreimer, MariaVan Alst, JohannKreimer, AnnaShe married Joseph Roberg in St. Anthony's, Beckemeyer, IL on 29 Sep 1908
Klus, Maria Catharina27 Jan 187428 Jan 1874Klus, BernhardSchroeder, MargarethaSchroeder, ClemensMittendorf, Maria---
Koetter, Anna Theresia31 May 187602 Jun 1876Koetter, BernardLemke, JohannaHeimann, Hermann HeinrichHeimann, Anna Catharina---
Koetter, Anna Wilhelmina11 Feb 187411 Feb 1874Koetter, BernhardLemke, JohannaPeters, WilhelmKramer, Maria---
Koetter, Bernard13 Mar 187914 Mar 1879Koetter, JohannWellen, AnnaKoetter, BernardWellen, Margaretha---
Koetter, Johann Gerhard30 Sep 187430 Sep 1874Koetter, JohannWellen, AnnaSchnieders, Johann GerhardWellen, Anna---
Koetter, Margaretha13 Dec 187513 Dec 1875Koetter, JohannWellen, AnnaWellen, BernardSchnieders, Margaretha---
Kohlmann, Anna Gesina06 Nov 187608 Nov 1876Kohlmann, JosephWendel, MariaMoss, JosephSantel, Margaretha---
Kohlmann, Clemens Joseph03 Feb 188604 Feb 1886Kohlmann, JosephWendel, MariaMoss, ClemensLehrter, Margaretha---
Kohlmann, Maria Gesina26 Jan 187827 Jan 1878Kohlmann, JosephWendel, Maria GesinaSantel, HeinrichMohrmann, Maria Gesina---
Kolmann, Catharina06 Sep 188010 Sep 1880Kolmann, JosefWendel, MariaSantel, HeinrichSantel, Catharina---
Korte, Anna Catharina24 Feb 188425 Feb 1884Korte, WilhelmHoerchler, CarolinaKorte, HermanHoechler, Catharina---
Korte, Anna Maria26 May 187928 May 1879Korte, HeinrichLuebe, MariaHolthaus, Johann AlbertDetemann, Anna---
Korte, August04 Aug 187308 Aug 1873Korte, HeinrichLübbe (Luebbe), MariaPoelke, GottliebPoelke, Maria Anna (Mrs. Gottlieb)---
Korte, Francisca Clementine30 Mar 190331 Mar 1903Korte, HermannRipperdah, MargarethaWeiher, ClemensSchaper, Marie Gesina---
Korte, Infant08 Jan 190608 Jan 1906Korte, HermannRipperda, Margaretha--------Emergency baptism. Child died.
Korte, Johann Heinrich (Twin)04 Aug 188205 Aug 1882Korte, WilhelmHoerchler, CarolinaHoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichHoerchler, Elisabeth (Mrs. Gerhard Heinrich)---
Korte, John Wilhelm16 Feb 188617 Feb 1886Korte, WilhelmHoerchler, CarolinaDulle, John GerhardKorte, Elisabeth---
Korte, Maria Elisabeth05 Sep 187507 Sep 1875Korte, HeinrichLübe (Luebe), Maria GesinaHaar, BernardKorte, Elisabeth---
Korte, Maria Theresia (Twin)04 Aug 188205 Aug 1882Korte, WilhelmHoerchler, CarolinaSchaper, HermanSchaper, Maria Gesina (Mrs. Herman)She married Bernard Athmer on 7 Jul 1908 in Holy Family, St. Louis, MO
Kramer, Aloysius Arnold31 Mar 188001 Apr 1880Kramer, BernardKötter (Koetter), MariaArentsen, ArnoldSchnieders, Margaretha---
Kramer, Bernard15 Jul 187516 Jul 1875Kramer, BernardEmke, Maria born KoetterKoetter, BernardKoetter, Johanna (Mrs. Bernard)---
Krebs, Christian Joseph17 Mar 188021 Mar 1880Krebs, WilhelmKimm, AureliaEhrhold, LudwigKrebs, Elisabeth---
Kreimer, Paulina Johanna19 May 190220 May 1902Kreimer, JosephKoetter, ElisabethDulle, GeorgKuhn, Margaretha---
Kretener, Crescentia Bertha04 Sep 187909 Oct 1879Kretener, AugustVock, BerthaFleckenstein, JohannLorenz, Crescentia---
Kueter, Heinrich Martin09 Jun 189410 Jun 1894Kueter, HeinrichFuehne, HelenaFuehne, MartinFuehne, Margaretha (Mrs. Martin)---
Kueter, Jacob Bernard17 Apr 187918 Apr 1879Kueter, BernardSantel, MariaBreiner, JacobSantel, Margaretha---
Kueter, Johann Hermann06 Sep 187607 Sep 1876Kueter, BernardSantel, MariaSantel, HermannBreiner, Theresia---
Kueter, Maria05 Feb 188606 Feb 1886Kueter, BernardSantel, MariaSantel, HermanSantel, Margaretha (Mrs. Herman)---
Kueter, Maria Catharina25 Nov 187326 Nov 1873Kueter, BernhardSantel, MariaWolters, Gerhard HeinrichWolters, Maria (Mrs. Gerhard Heinrich)---
Kueter, Theresia03 Aug 188103 Aug 1881Kueter, BernardSantel, MariaSantel, HermanBreiner, Theresia---
Kuhn, Anna Margaretha09 Aug 187517 Aug 1875Kuhn, AdamMank, MariaMank, JohannKuhn, Margaretha---
Kuhn, Anna Wilhelmine13 Dec 189415 Dec 1894Kuhn, GeorgKoetter, MargarethaKoetter, BernardKoetter, Anna---
Kuhn, Emilia Francisca12 Dec 188216 Jan 1883Kuhn, JohannZimmermann, BerthaKuhn, AdamKuhn, Maria (Mrs. Adam)---
Kuhn, Emma Margaretha14 Jul 189716 Jul 1897Kuhn, GeorgKoetter, MargarethaKuhn, HermannMank, EmmaShe married Emil Spaeth on 10 Sep 1919
Kuhn, Francisca Johanna05 Mar 189307 Mar 1893Kuhn, GeorgKoetter, MargarethaKuhn, JosephKoetter, JohannaMarried Carl Eisenmann on 23 Jan 1932 at St. Aloysius Church, St. Louis, MO
Kuhn, Friedrich Adam13 Jan 187818 Jan 1878Kuhn, AdamMank, MariaKuhn, JohannKuhn, Clara (Mrs. Johann)---
Kuhn, Georg Wilhelm06 Sep 188224 Sep 1882Kuhn, AdamMank, MariaKuhn, GeorgBillhartz, Elisabeth---
Kuhn, Herman Heinrich12 Jul 188217 Jul 1882Kuhn, JosephWoerner, ElisabethKuhn, GeorgWoerner, MariaHe married Margaret Friedrich 2 May 1917 in New Baden, IL
Kuhn, Hilda Aloisia22 Nov 190624 Nov 1906Kuhn, GeorgKoetter, MargarethaSchwartz, Frederick GebhardKuhn, Hilda Elisa---
Kuhn, Ida Elisabeth26 Feb 188007 Mar 1880Kuhn, AdamMank, MariaMank, NikolausMank, Elisabeth---
Kuhn, Mathilda05 Feb 188522 Feb 1885Kuhn, JosefWoerner, ElisabethMank, NicolausMank, Elisabeth (Mrs. Nicolaus)---
Kuhn, Otto Hermann08 Oct 190409 Oct 1904Kuhn, GeorgKoetter, MargarethaBillhartz, HermannBillhartz, SophiaMarried to Theresia M. Richter, 27 May 1936 at St. Dominic's Church, Breese, IL.; married Ida M. Foster 14 Nov 1970 St. Dominic, Breese; 2nd Marriage
Kuhn, Peter Heinrich06 Nov 188414 Nov 1884Kuhn, AdamMank, MariaMank, PeterMank, Elisabeth (Mrs. Peter)---
Kuhn, Wilhelm Georg03 Feb 189905 Feb 1899Kuhn, GeorgKoetter, MargarethaBillhartz, WilhelmKoetter, Anna---
Kuper, Catharina07 Apr 187808 Apr 1878Kuper, FranzWittkamp nee Athmer, MariaKuper, AntonKuper, Theresia (Mrs. Anton)---
Kuper, Franz Heinrich16 Feb 188017 Feb 1880Kuper, FranzAthmer, MariaSchniers, HermanHeimann, Maria ---
Kuper, Friedrich Anton05 Jul 187505 Jul 1875Kuper, FranzWittkamp, Maria born AthmerKuper, AntonKuper, Theresia (Mrs. Anton)---
Kuper, Maria Carolina06 Oct 190508 Oct 1905Kuper, FranzSantel, MargarethaFühne, TheodorHeimann, MariaShe married Herman Toennies on 28 Nov 1922 in St Damian
Landauer, Anna Francisca24 Dec 190426 Dec 1904Landauer, AugustHerbstreit, Emma----Dunnewald, CatharinaShe married Sylvester Weber on 3 Mar 1924 at St Mary, Trenton, IL
Landauer, Elisabeth08 Oct 189906 Nov 1899Landauer, August (Non-Catholic)Herbstreit, Emma----Wegmann, LouisaShe married Philipp Scheneres (Non-catholic) on 20 Feb 1923 in St. Joseph Lebanon, IL
Landauer, Louisa30 Jan 189825 Feb 1898Landauer, August (Non-Catholic)Herbstreit, Emma----Wegmann, Louisa---
Landauer, Theresia14 Jun 190229 Jun 1902Landauer, AugustHerbstreit, EmmaWiegmann, HeinrichWiegmann, Catharina (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Lehrter, Anna Maria29 Aug 188430 Aug 1884Lehrter, AntonJüding (Jueding), MariaLehrter, HermanWinter, Anna Maria---
Lehrter, Bernard Eduard13 Oct 188614 Oct 1886Lehrter, HermanEmke, AnnaKramer, BernardLehrter, MariaMarried Clara Cannell, 3 Mar 1951 in Presentation Church, Overland, MO
Lehrter, Heinrich Wilhelm07 Mar 188908 Mar 1889Lehrter, AntonJueden, MariaEmke, HeinrichBerendsen, Maria---
Lehrter, Johann Bernhard29 Dec 189029 Dec 1890Lehrter, AntonJueden, MariaImming, BernardImming, Anna (Mrs. Bernard)---
Lehrter, Johann Heinrich27 Oct 188027 Oct 1880Lehrter, AugustSantel, MargaretSantel, HeinrichSantel, Catharina---
Lehrter, Joseph01 Jul 188701 Jul 1887Lehrter, AntonJüding (Jueding), MariaWinter, JosephLehrter, AnnaHe married Gertrude Henkenins in St. Johann Arcadia, IA on 11 Feb 1920
Lehrter, Maria Margaretha05 Nov 188506 Nov 1885Lehrter, AntonJüding (Jueding), MariaEmke, HeinrichLehrter, Margaretha---
Lehrter, Maria Wilhelmina13 May 187914 May 1879Lehrter, AugustSantel, MargarethaSantel, HeinrichSantel, Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Lehrter, Wilhelm Anton21 Feb 188322 Feb 1883Lehrter, AugustSantel, MargaretLehrter, AntonMoehlmann, Maria---
Linch, Dennis Gerhard13 Feb 188514 Mar 1885Linch, PatrickKainzy, DorotheaNetemeyer, Gerhard-------
Lindenbusch, Bernard Heinrich20 Mar 189020 Mar 1890Lindenbusch, WilhelmDust, MargarethaDust, BernhardArentzen, Anna---
Lindenbusch, Johann Heinrich01 Feb 188602 Feb 1886Lindenbusch, WilhelmDust, MargarethaDust, HermanFuene, MargarethaHe married Sophia Gerling on 3 Jun 1908 in St. Dominic, Breese
Lindenbusch, Maria Elisabeth18 Feb 188819 Feb 1888Lindenbusch, WilhelmDust, MargarethaDerhake, JohannDust, Elisabeth---
Lindenbusch, Wilhelm Heinrich24 Apr 189225 Apr 1892Lindenbusch, WilhelmDust, MargarethaArentsen, HeinrichDust, Anna---
Mann, Clara Catharina14 May 188119 Jun 1881Mann, HeinrichLink, SophiaBurgmeier, WilhelmFriederich, Catharina---
Mattern, Maria17 May 190508 May 1906Mattern, LudwigEmke, ElisabethEmke, BernardWilken, Maria---
Meier, Anna Gesina02 Oct 187802 Oct 1878Meier, HeinrichThien, Maria AnnaHilmes, BernhardHygen, Anna Gesina---
Meier, Francisca31 Dec 187318 Jan 1874Meier, JohannSingler, MariaReisacher, FranzSingler, Francisca---
Meier, Joseph03 Mar 188210 Mar 1882Meier, JohannSingler, MariaHoh, GustavHoh, Maria (Mrs. Gustav)---
Meier, Ludwig10 Apr 187715 Apr 1877Meier, JohannSingler, MariaReisacher, FranzSingler, Francisca---
Meiering, Margaretha Josephina (Twin)22 Mar 190222 Mar 1902Meiering, TheodorMüller (Mueller), WilhelmineDüppmann (Dueppmann), Heinrich (Stand-in Heinrich Toennies)Dueppmann, Josephina (Stand-in Elisabeth Tonnies)---
Meiering, Mathilda Christina (Twin)22 Mar 190222 Mar 1902Meiering, TheodorMüller (Mueller), WilhelmineStuckenberg, FranzStroot, Christina---
Meyer, Johann Franz04 Apr 188018 Apr 1880Meyer, JohannSingler, MariaReisacher, FranzSingler, Francisca---
Middendorf, Anna Francisca19 Dec 190520 Dec 1905Middendorf, FranzDust, ElisabethDiekemper, FranzKramer, Maria---
Middendorf, Anna Maria01 May 190102 May 1901Middendorf, FranzDust, ElisabethFuehne, MartinDust, Anna (Stand-in Elisabeth Wegmann)Married to George P. Haugy? At St. Agnes, St. Louis, Mo. Mar 11, 1961
Middendorf, Anna Regina14 Nov 189616 Nov 1896Middendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaEmke, HeinrichIlges, Theresia---
Middendorf, Bernard Franz03 Dec 190503 Dec 1905Middendorf, HermannHaar, ElisabethHaar, BernardMiddendorf, ChristinaChild is illegitimate; parents not married.
Middendorf, Bernard Heinrich18 Oct 189518 Oct 1895Middendorf, FranzDust, ElisabethDust, BernardDust, Anna Maria---
Middendorf, Bernard Heinrich13 Jan 189913 Jan 1899Middendorf, FranzDust, ElisabethDust, BernardMiddendorf, MariaHe married Maria Fanger (Non-Catholic) on 19 May 1922 at St. Vincent, St. Louis, MO
Middendorf, Bernard Julius21 Apr 189622 Apr 1896Middendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaWuebbels, BernardWuebbels, Theresia (Mrs. Bernard)---
Middendorf, Carolina17 Mar 190518 Mar 1905Middendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaTünnemann (Tuennemann), BernardMiddendorf, MariaShe married Hermann Eilering on 4 Apr 1923 at St. Damian.
Middendorf, Herman Johann31 May 189731 May 1897Middendorf, FranzDust, ElisabethMiddendorf, TobiasDerhake, Helena---
Middendorf, Herman Wilhelm13 Nov 189515 Nov 1895Middendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaSantel, HermannSantel, Elisabeth---
Middendorf, Johann Aloysius26 Oct 189826 Oct 1898Middendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaThuenemann, JohannThuenemann, Josephine (Mrs. Johann)---
Middendorf, Maria Catharina18 Feb 190019 Feb 1900Middendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaHilmes, BernardHilmes, Catharina (Mrs. Bernard)She married Leo J. Pope on 31 Jan 1922
Middendorf, Wilhelm Georg25 Mar 190427 Mar 1904Middendorf, Jr., BernardSantel, MariaMiddendorf, Bern.Middendorff, TheresiaMarried Frances Kassen, Albers, IL on 30 Nov 1939
Middendorff, Maria Elisabeth17 Apr 190717 Apr 1907Middendorff, BernardSantel, MariaMiddendorff, HermanSantel, Elisabeth---
Mittendorf, Anna Margaretha22 Dec 188123 Dec 1881Mittendorf, BernhardWehlage, AnnaWehlage, BernardWehlage, Anna Maria (Mrs. Bernard)---
Mittendorf, Anna Maria16 Mar 187516 Mar 1875Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaSchroeder, ClemensMittendorf, Anna---
Mittendorf, Anton Heinrich05 Feb 188606 Feb 1886Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaBook, G. HeinrichBook, Theresia (Mrs. G. Heinrich)---
Mittendorf, Catharina19 Apr 187320 Apr 1873Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaKlus, BernhardSantel, Maria Adelheid---
Mittendorf, Clemens17 Feb 188418 Feb 1884Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaSchoeder [Schroeder?], ClemensSuedhoff, MargarethaHe married Anna Gruetmann on 24 Nov 1908 in St. Bernard, Breda, IA
Mittendorf, Elisabeth18 Mar 188219 Mar 1882Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaWübbels (Wuebbels), BernardSantel, Adelheid---
Mittendorf, Friedrich Herman06 Mar 189307 Mar 1893Mittendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaWaller, ClemensWaller, Catharina (Mrs. Clemens)He married Johanna Maria Sander, dau of Joseph & Maria Sander on 17 Jan 1922
Mittendorf, Gerhard Heinrich30 Oct 188931 Oct 1889Mittendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaHilmes, Johann HeinrichBook, Theresia---
Mittendorf, Helena21 Oct 187723 Oct 1877Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaStrot, HeinrichStrot, Helena (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Mittendorf, Herman Bernhard03 Mar 188003 Mar 1880Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaMittendorf, BernardSantel, Maria ---
Mittendorf, Herman Nicolaus11 Jul 189412 Jul 1894Mittendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaMittendorf, TobiasMittendorf, Maria (Mrs. Tobias)He married Clara Emke on 12 Nov 1919
Mittendorf, Hermann Nicolaus06 Dec 187607 Dec 1876Mittendorf, BernardWehlage, AnnaMittendorf, TobiasRobbe, Anna Maria---
Mittendorf, Johann Bernhard08 Mar 187409 Mar 1874Mittendorf, BernhardWehlage, AnnaMetger, Johann HeinrichSantel, Adelheid---
Mittendorf, Johann Heinrich04 Apr 189105 Apr 1891Mittendorf, BernardHilmes, ChristinaHilmes, BernardHilmes, MargarethaHe married ____ Okner on 25 Jul 1915 St. Mary of Carlyle.
Mittendorf, Joseph12 Sep 189413 Sep 1894Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaSantel, HermannWuebbels, Theresia---
Mittendorf, Margaretha Josephina29 Aug 188829 Aug 1888Mittendorf, BernardHilmes, Anna ChristinaMittendorf, BernardMittendorf, Margaretha (Mrs. Bernard)---
Mittendorf, Maria Rosa26 Mar 189127 Mar 1891Mittendorf, TobiasSchroeder, MariaOttke, GeorgKampling, MariaShe married Georg Haar on 2 May 1911 in St. Damian
Mittendorf, Teresia17 Sep 187918 Sep 1879Mittendorf, BernhardWehlage, AnnaMittendorf, TobiasMittendorf, Maria (Mrs. Tobias)She married Georg Santel, son of Herman & Marg. Santel, on 26 Nov 1912 in Damiansville. Wit: Johann Middendorff & Maria Heimann
Moehlmann, Herman Friedrich11 Nov 188012 Nov 1880Moehlmann, JosephSantel, MariaSantel, HermanWellen, Maria---
Moehlmann, Josephine20 Mar 188622 Mar 1886Moehlmann, JosephSantel, MariaHaar, AlbertSantel, Catharina---
Moehlmann, Maria Helena12 Jul 188313 Jul 1883Moehlmann, JosephSantel, MariaLehrter, AugustJüden (Jueden), Maria Helena---
Mollet, Emil Anton01 Apr 187211 Aug 1902Mollet, Michael----Toennies, Heinrich (Stand-in Gerhard Toennies of New Baden)Toennies, Elisabeth (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Moss, Anna Maria07 Feb 189509 Feb 1895Moss, ClemensKalmer, AnnaKalmer, Sr., Herman Kalmer, Maria (Mrs. Herman, Sr.)A. Maria Moss married Wilhelm Jansen, son of Wilh. & Anna Jansen on 5 Sep 1917 in St. Damian
Moss, Anna Maria08 May 190209 May 1902Moss, ClemensKalmer, AnnaKalmer, HeinrichKohlmann, Anna MariaShe married Heinrich Dettermann on 20 Sep 1921in New Baden; he is the son of Heinrich and Anna Determann born 19 May 1898 of Bartelso
Moss, Jacobina Francisca07 Jan 190008 Jan 1900Moss, ClemensKalmer, AnnaHeckenkemper, FranziskusKalmer, Jacobina---
Moss, Johann Joseph21 Mar 189322 Mar 1893Moss, ClemensKalmer, AnnaMoss, JosephKalmer, Maria---
Moss, Theresia Margaretha20 Nov 189721 Nov 1897Moss, ClemensKalmer, AnnaMoss, ClemensKalmer, Margaretha---
Moss, Wilhelm Otto25 Jun 190426 Jun 1904Moss, ClemensSantel, Maria BrigittaSantel, Johann BernardSantel, MariaChild is illegitimate. He married Sophie Heidemann on 5 Feb 1929 at St. Bernard Church, Albers, IL
Naegele, Joseph16 Jun 187926 Jun 1879Naegele, AdolfKuhner, CarolineKuhner, JosephKuhner, Maria---
Netemeier, Aloysius Friedrich21 Feb 188024 Feb 1880Netemeier, OttoBaahlmann, HelenaSchlautmann, Johann FriedrichUsselmann, Aloisia---
Netemeier, Louisa Helena10 Oct 190312 Oct 1903Netemeier, JosephHeckenkemper, FranziskaBrinkmann, HeinrichNetemeier, HelenaShe joined the religious order of P.S S. ? in Ruma IL on 27 Jun 1922
Netemeier, Theresia Clara24 Jan 190526 Jan 1905Netemeier, JosephHeckenkemper, FranciscaNetemeier, GerhardHeckenkemper, Theresia---
Netemeyer, Anna Helena28 Jun 189028 Jun 1890Netemeyer, GerhardHeckenkemper, ElisabethKalmer, BernhardNetemeyer, HelenaShe married Heinrich Marcus, son of Heinrich Marcus & Maria Mondt on 20 Jul 1917 in St. Bernard, Albers
Netemeyer, Anna Maria30 Oct 188731 Oct 1887Netemeyer, GerhardHeckenkemper, ElisabethArensen, HeinrichLinnemann, Maria---
Netemeyer, Anna Mathilda07 Mar 190608 Mar 1906Netemeyer, JosephHeckenkemper, FranciscaHeckenkemper, FranzArentsen, AnnaMarried to Emil A. Baumann, 11 Sep 1940 at Albers, IL
Netemeyer, Franz Martin03 Feb 188408 Feb 1884Netemeyer, GerhardHeckenkemper, ElisabethSüdhold (Suedhold), FranzNetemeyer, HelenaMarried Maria Heimann 14 Oct 1913 in Damiansville; married Mrs. Herman Heimann, Jr 28 Dec 1939 in Carlyle, IL.
Netemeyer, Wilhelm Anton20 Nov 188520 Nov 1885Netemeier, GerhardHeckenkemper, ElisabethBaahlmann, WilhelmHeckenkemper, JacobinaHe married Agnes Dieckes on 3 May 1916 in St. Bern. Albers
Nettemeier, Heinrich Otto24 Oct 188225 Oct 1882Nettemeier, GerhardHeckenkemper, ElisabethNettemeier, OttoSüdhold (Suedhold), ElisabethMarried 27 Nov 1906 to Catherine Rolwes at Germantown, IL
Nettemeier, Helena Adelheid01 Jan 187603 Jan 1876Nettemeier, OttoBaahlmann, HelenaJunker, JosephArensen, Helena Adelheid---
Nettemeier, Theodor Joseph14 Mar 187316 Mar 1873Nettemeier, OttoBaahlmann, HelenaRenschen, JosephSchlautmann, Anna Margaretha---
Niemann, Joseph09 Sep 187312 Sep 1873Niemann, HermannWolters, MargarethaBorgelt, HeinrichBorgelt, Anna Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Oliges, Franz Heinrich24 Feb 190224 Feb 1902Oliges, BernardHaar, CatharinaOliges, HeinrichHaar, Margaretha---
Olliges, Aloysius Bernard02 Dec 190603 Dec 1906Olliges, BernardHaar, CatharinaHaar, BernardWobbe, AnnaOrdained June 1931; died in Phoenix, Arizona 12 Mar 1943
Olliges, Caecilia Helena10 Mar 190412 Mar 1904Olliges, BernardHaar, CatharinaHaar, BernardOlliges, Helena---
Peter, Franz Wilhelm04 Oct 188110 Oct 1881Peter, MichaelHeinzmann, MariaSeger, WilhelmHeinzmann, Theresia---
Peter, Maria Theresia02 Aug 188005 Aug 1880Peter, MichaelHeinsmann, MariaHeinsmann, Theresia------
Peters, Johann18 Jun 190319 Jun 1903Peters, JohannBroekling, JosephineBroekling, JohannPeters, AnnaMarried Rosa Anna Petermeyer at Breese, IL St. Dominic Church on 19 Nov 1934
Peters, Johann12 Apr 187312 Apr 1873Peters, WilhelmKoetter, MargarethaKoetter, JohannKoetter, Johanna---
Quickmeier, Anna Maria16 May 188129 May 1881Quickmeier, HeinrichSiebert, CatharinaMeier, JohannMeier, Maria (Mrs. Johann)---
Quitmeier, Elisabeth Anna19 Dec 188207 Jan 1883Quitmeier, HeinrichSiebert, CatharinaMeier, JohannMeier, Maria (Mrs. Johann)She married Herman Rochell 9 Oct 1912 in Cathedral St. Peter, Belleville, IL
Rademacher, Friedrich Joseph20 Jun 189922 Jun 1899Rademacher, TheodorGoebel, GertrudEinhoff, JosephGoebel, Catharina---
Rademacher, Georg Heinrich11 Dec 190212 Dec 1902Rademacher, TheodorGoebel, GertrudGrapperhaus, GeorgEinhoff, Maria---
Rademacher, Gertrud Franziska22 May 189523 May 1895Rademacher, TheodorGoebel, GertrudGoebel, FranzEinhoff, GertrudShe married Herman Kassen, son of Johann & Anna Kassen in Albers on 12 Oct 1921
Rademacher, Joseph Anton08 Mar 190710 Mar 1907Rademacher, TheodorGoebel, GertrudEinhoff, JosephGoebel, Josephine---
Rademacher, Joseph Heinrich26 Dec 189727 Dec 1897Rademacher, TheodorGoebel, GertrudUnkrüer, JosephSchuette, Margaretha (Stand-in Louisa Wegmann)---
Rademacher, Joseph Heinrich16 Mar 190517 Mar 1905Rademacher, TheodorGoebel, GertrudToennies, HeinrichHaas, Maria (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Raef, Wilhelm Joseph16 Apr 190117 Apr 1901Raef, WilhelmMiddendorf, TheresiaSantel, HermannMiddendorf, ChristinaChild is illegitimate; parents not married.
Rapp, Blandina Elisabeth13 Jan 190114 Jan 1901Rapp, JohannSontiek, ElisabethToennies, AlbertBlume, BlandinaShe married Gerhard Heinrich Korte on 18 Apr 1922 at St. Lucas, Belleville, IL
Rapp, Isidor30 Jan 189106 Feb 1891Rapp, JohannSouthcheck, MariaBroeckling, JohannBroeckling, Maria (Mrs. Johann)He married Elisabeth Otilia Roesch on 5 1916 in St. Johann Piopolis, IL
Rapp, Johann04 Nov 189207 Nov 1892Rapp, JohannSouthcheck, Maria Klein, JohannKlein, Catharina (Mrs. Johann)He married Odilie Anna Walter on 28 Oct 1919 in Dahlgren (Dalgreen sic), IL
Rapp, Joseph05 Sep 190309 Sep 1903Rapp, JohannSautscheck, MariaHoffarth, JosephRapp, ChristinaMarried Lena Haas, Piopolis, IL on 28 xxx 1934 [no month listed]
Rapp, Karl25 Aug 189606 Sep 1896Rapp, JohannSouthceck, MariaKalmer, BernardBlume, Blandina ---
Rapp, Wilhelm14 Dec 189818 Dec 1898Rapp, JohannSouthcek, MariaBroeckling, JohannBlume, BlandinaCompare Souzek for mother's maiden name.
Reinhard, Ida Maria Mina29 Sep 190420 Oct 1904Reinhard, HeinrichSteinkamp, IdaCorillian, HeinrichCorillian, Mina---
Reisacher, Eduard18 Feb 188402 Mar 1884Reisacher, FranzSingler, FranciscaWehrner, WilhelmWehrner, Augusta (Mrs. Wilhelm)Married Margaretha Daly, dau of Theo. Daly and Honora O'Neil on 11 Jul 1917 in St. Louis Church, Nokomis, IL
Reisacher, Franz19 Jun 187823 Jun 1878Reisacher, FranzSingler, FranciscaSingler, AugustaSingler, John (Non Catholic)---
Reisacher, Julius Heinrich25 Nov 188104 Dec 1881Reisacher, FranzSingler, FranciscaMeyier, JohannHoh, Maria---
Reisacker, Emma Magdalena31 Oct 187909 Nov 1879Reisacker, FranzSingler, FranziskaSingler, OttoGerstle, Magdalena---
Rencing, Aloisius06 Jan 187406 Jan 1874Rencing, HermannHeidemann, MariaApken, AlbertSchnieders, MargarethaCompare Rensing
Rencing, Anna Maria03 Nov 187405 Nov 1874Rencing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaWellen, Johann BernhardRencing, Anna MariaCompare Rensing
Rencing, Friedrich29 Mar 187530 Mar 1875Rencing, HeinrichHeitsmann, ChristinaRencing, HermannRencing, Maria Compare Rensing
Rencing, Martin13 Apr 187413 Apr 1874Rencing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, AnnaHilmes, HeinrichRencing, Maria Compare Rensing
Rencing, Theresia26 Sep 187527 Sep 1875Rencing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, AnnaRencing, HermannKalmer, MariaCompare Rensing
Rensing, Anna11 Feb 187916 Feb 1879Rensing, HermanStelzing, MagdalenaRensing, Johann HermanWolters, Anna---
Rensing, Anna27 Sep 188828 Sep 1888Rensing, WilhelmKorte, AnnaRensing, AugustHoerchler, Elisabeth---
Rensing, Anna Elisabeth24 Jun 189126 Jun 1891Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaBaahlmann, HeinrichKalmer, AnnaShe married Wilhelm Toennies on 22 Apr 1914 in St. Damian
Rensing, Anna Elisabeth17 Nov 188518 Nov 1885Rensing, WilhelmKorte, AnnaKlostermann, BernardKlostermann, Elisabeth (Mrs. Bernard)She married Theodor Arentsen on 18 Oct 1910 in this church.
Rensing, Anna Mathilda05 Jan 189016 Jan 1890Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, Maria AnnaTimmermann, WilhelmTimmermann, Anna (Mrs. Wilhelm)---
Rensing, August06 Dec 189507 Dec 1895Rensing, WilhelmKorte, AnnaRensing, AugustKlostermann, MargarethaHe married Elisabeth Santel on 18 Oct 1922 in St. Damian
Rensing, Bernard Joseph20 Nov 188521 Nov 1885Rensing, Johann HermanPelstering, MariaKalmer, BernardToennies, Maria TheresiaHe married Maria Roedler on 21 Aug 1912 in St Mary's Church, Trenton, IL
Rensing, Bernhard03 Feb 189304 Feb 1893Rensing, AugustinBuettmann, MargarethaRensing, WilhelmBook, Theresia---
Rensing, Catharina28 Feb 190002 Mar 1900Rensing, WilhelmKorte, AnnaHoerchler, Gerhard HeinrichRensing, CatharinaShe married Joseph Herman Kalmer 10 Oct 1923 in St Damian
Rensing, Emma21 Aug 189522 Aug 1895Rensing, AugustinBuettmann, MargarethaBook, Gerhard HeinrichBuettmann, TheresiaShe married Martin Fuehne, son of Martin & Margaretha Fuehne on 8 Nov 1916 in St. Bernard, Albers, IL
Rensing, Emma Catharina19 May 188421 May 1884Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, AnnaRensing, AugustRensing, CatharinaShe married Charles Rodden (born 12 Mar 1882 in Streator) in St. Boniface Germantown, IL on 28 Oct 1908
Rensing, Franz25 Jan 188427 Jan 1884Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaKalmer, HermanToennies, Maria---
Rensing, Franz Hermann Heinrich20 May 190522 May 1905Rensing, FranzBillhartz, AnnaBillhartz, HermanBillhartz, Sophia---
Rensing, Georg12 Sep 187614 Sep 1876Rensing, HermannStoelzing, MagdalenaRensing, Gerhard HeinrichPilgrim, Bertha---
Rensing, Gerhard Heinrich28 Feb 187802 Mar 1878Rensing, HeinrichHeitsmann, ChristinaWolters, GerhardWolters, Anna (Mrs. Gerhard)---
Rensing, Heinrich02 Feb 188805 Feb 1888Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, AnnaHilmes, HeinrichHilmes, Catharina (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Rensing, Helena18 Dec 187620 Dec 1876Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaRensing, HermannFriskemeier, Helena---
Rensing, Hermann08 Mar 189409 Mar 1894Rensing, AugustinBuettmann, MargarethaRensing, Johann HermanRensing, Maria (Mrs. Johann Herman)He married Carolina Hilmes on 10 Jan 1923 in Damiansville
Rensing, Hermann Heinrich24 Sep 188025 Sep 1880Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaKalmer, HermanKalmer, Maria (Mrs. Herman)He married Elisabeth Heinzmann on 24 May 1910 in St. Georg New Baden, IL
Rensing, Johann Albert18 Sep 187819 Sep 1878Rensing, Johann HermanPelstering, MariaToenies, AlbertRensing, MagdalenaHe married Genevieve Brandmeyer 8 Nov 1910 in this church. Witnesses: Bernard J. Rensing & Cecilia Brandmeier.
Rensing, Johann Herman17 Jan 188418 Jan 1884Rensing, WilhelmKorte, AnnaKlostermann, Johann BernhardRensing, Catharina---
Rensing, Johann Joseph18 Oct 188219 Oct 1882Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaApen, AlbertPelstering, Maria---
Rensing, Julius Gerhard23 Dec 188124 Dec 1881Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, AnnaWolters, AlbertHoh, MariaHe married Eugenie Bohnenkemper on 19 Jan 1910 in Germantown, IL
Rensing, Martin09 Jun 187810 Jun 1878Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, AnnaWolters, GerhardWolters, Anna (Mrs. Gerhard)---
Rensing, Sophie28 Oct 189129 Oct 1891Rensing, WilhelmKorte, AnnaKorte, Heinrich (Stand-in Gerhard Heinrich Hoerchler)Wolters, AnnaShe married Friedrich Wegmann on 4 Apr 1915 in St. Damian, Damiansville.
Rensing, Theresia18 Sep 187619 Sep 1876Rensing, Gerhard HeinrichKauling, Maria AnnaRencing, Johann HermanNiehenke, Theresia---
Rensing, Theresia Louisa20 May 188921 May 1889Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaBaahlmann, WilhelmBaahlmann, Maria (Mrs. Wilhelm)---
Rensing, Wilhelmina26 Oct 189128 Oct 1891Rensing, AugustinBuettmann, MargarethaBook, Gerhard HeinrichRensing, MarinaShe married Theo Rademacher on 7 Jul 1914 in St. Bernard, Albers, IL
Rensing, Wilhelmina Catharina12 May 188813 May 1888Rensing, Johann HermannPelstering, MariaHanrath, JohannRensing, CatharinaShe married Wilhelm Brandmeyer on 2 Apr 1913
Rheinard, Erwin Joseph07 Sep 190115 Sep 1901Rheinhard, HeinrichSteinkamp, Ida----Rheinhard, Johanna---
Rheinhart, Maria14 Aug 189920 Aug 1899Rheinhart, HeinrichSteinkamp, IdaRheinhart, GeorgRheinhart, Maria (Mrs. Georg)---
Rickher, Elmer Theodor22 Sep 188922 Nov 1889Rickher, KarlHartwig, MariaBillhartz, HeinrichBillhartz, Elisabeth (Mrs. Heinrich)He married Paulina Heinzmann on 22 Oct 1913 in New Baden
Rickher, Maria Franziska09 Nov 188416 Nov 1884Rickher, KarlHartwick, MariaBillhardz, JakobVolmer, Emma---
Ripplinger, Ludwig Michael30 Nov 187702 Dec 1877Ripplinger, MichaelKiefer, TheresiaHertenstein, Lazarus LudwigRipplinger, Elisabeth---
Santel, Albert Hermann11 Nov 188612 Nov 1886Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethWolters, AlbertWolters, Anna (Mrs. Albert)---
Santel, Aloisius Heinrich24 Sep 187926 Sep 1879Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaSantel, HeinrichWeneke, Catharina---
Santel, Anna Carolina07 Aug 188408 Aug 1884Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaLehrter, HermanSantel, Carolina---
Santel, Anna Carolina12 Oct 188713 Oct 1887Santel, HermanStrotberens, CarolinaSantel, HeinrichLehrter, MargarethaShe married G. Hoerchler on 30 Apr 1908 in the New Baden church.
Santel, Anna Catharina13 Mar 187714 Mar 1877Santel, HermannStüver (Stuever), MargarethaWolters, Gerhard HeinrichToenies, Maria---
Santel, Anna Clara13 Sep 189614 Sep 1896Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethWolters, LucasWolters, Anna (Mrs. Lucas)She married Hermann Broeckling on 2 May 1916 in St. Damian
Santel, Anna Elisabeth01 Jan 189901 Jan 1899Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethWolters, GerhardSantel, MariaShe married August Rensing on 18 Oct 1922 at St. Damian.
Santel, Anna Margaretha09 Nov 190411 Nov 1904Santel, FriderichArentzen, HelenaSantel, BernardArentzen, Anna---
Santel, Anna Margaretha01 Oct 187502 Oct 1875Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaSantel, HeinrichSantel, Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Santel, Anna Margaretha13 Sep 187913 Sep 1879Santel, HermannStrotberens, CarolinaBerendsen, FranzSantel, Margaretha---
Santel, Anton11 Aug 189312 Aug 1893Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethWolters, LucasWolters, Anna (Mrs. Lucas)Married second time to Mrs. Sophia Vossholler on 1, Dec 1945 at New Baden, IL
Santel, Bernard Franz01 Dec 190402 Dec 1904Santel, Johann Herm.Kohlmann, Maria GesinaSantel, Bernard HeinrichKohlmann, Maria---
Santel, Bernhard Theodor06 Oct 188507 Oct 1885Santel, BernardWellen, AnnaFuene, TheodorSantel, ElisabethHe married Philomena Mukrie ? In Maryhill, IA - no date
Santel, Catharina Josephine22 Jan 188223 Jan 1882Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaKohlmann, JosefMoehlmann, Maria---
Santel, Clara Henrietta01 Dec 189304 Dec 1893Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaHilmes, BernardHilmes, Margaretha (Mrs. Bernard)---
Santel, Clemens Franz22 Dec 190622 Dec 1906Santel, JohannKohlmann, MariaKohlmann, ClemensSantel, Helena born ArentzenMarried to Sarah Linnemann, Germantown, IL 31 Jan 1934
Santel, Emil Heinrich27 Sep 189329 Sep 1893Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaFoppe, HeinrichWeneke, CatharinaHe married Mildred McGrath on 23 Nov 1920 in New Baden, IL
Santel, Emma Francisca05 Feb 187407 Feb 1874Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaSantel, JohannWeneke, Anna---
Santel, Franz15 Nov 187518 Nov 1875Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaStuckenberg, FranzWeneke, Anna Catharina---
Santel, Gerhard Heinrich26 May 188326 May 1883Santel, HermanStüve (Stueve), MargarethaToenies, Gerhard HeinrichWolters, MariaHe married Teresia Middendorf 26 [Nov] 1912 in Damiansville
Santel, Heinrich11 Jan 188313 Jan 1883Santel, BernhardWellen, AnnaWewers, HeinrichSantel, Margaret---
Santel, Heinrich21 Jan 188122 Jan 1881Santel, HermanStuever, MargarethaWolters, HeinrichSantel, Adelheid---
Santel, Heinrich01 Oct 187701 Oct 1877Santel, HermannStrotberens, CarolinaSantel, HeinrichSantel, Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Santel, Heinrich Damian02 Jul 188703 Jul 1887Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaWeneke, JosephWeneke, Catharina (Mrs. Joseph)---
Santel, Heinrich Friedrich06 Jan 187907 Jan 1879Santel, BernhardWellen, AnnaKalmer, HermanKalmer, Maria (Mrs. Herman)---
Santel, Heinrich Gerhard31 Jan 188931 Jan 1889Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethSantel, Gerh. HeinrichHeckenkemper, Anna---
Santel, Herman Otto06 May 188607 May 1886Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaSantel, Herman & Philip SantelCourt, Josephina---
Santel, Herman Theodor07 Jan 189008 Jan 1890Santel, Hermann (Deceased)Strotberens, CarolinaFuene, TheodorMoehlmann, MariaHe married Clara Beckmann in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL on 15 Nov 1911
Santel, Johann Franz22 Oct 188323 Oct 1883Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethSantel, HermanSantel, Adelheid (Mrs. Herman)---
Santel, Johann Heinrich22 Jan 188223 Jan 1882Santel, HermannStrotberens, CarolinaSantel, HeinrichDust, Anna---
Santel, Johann Joseph19 Oct 187721 Oct 1877Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaMoehlmann, Johann JosephBillhards, Sophia---
Santel, Johann Lucas16 Oct 187717 Oct 1877Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaSantel, HermannSantel, Margaretha---
Santel, Joseph Andreas02 Feb 190303 Feb 1903Santel, JohannKohlmann, MariaKohlmann, JosephSantel, Anna---
Santel, Josephine Carolina17 Jul 188320 Jul 1883Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaStuckenberg, FranzStuckenberg, Carolina (Mrs. Franz)---
Santel, Louisa Maria10 Dec 188411 Dec 1884Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaKueter, BernardKueter, Maria (Mrs. Bernard)---
Santel, Lucas18 Aug 189018 Aug 1890Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethWolters, HeinrichSantel, AnnaHe married Mathilda Broeckling on 16 Nov 1915 in St. Damian
Santel, Maria31 Mar 187401 Apr 1874Santel, HermannStüwe (Stuewe), MargarethaToenies, Gerhard HeinrichWolters, Maria---
Santel, Maria07 Dec 188108 Dec 1881Santel, JohannWolters, ElisabethWolters, AlbertSantel, Adelheid---
Santel, Maria Anna27 Mar 188127 Mar 1881Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaWeneke, JosephSantel, Adelheid---
Santel, Maria Birgitta07 Oct 188008 Oct 1880Santel, BernardWellen, Anna AdelheidWellen, Bernard HeinrichSantel, Adelheid---
Santel, Maria Catharina01 Feb 188502 Feb 1885Santel, HermannStrotberens, CarolinaMoehlmann, JosephSantel, Catharina---
Santel, Maria Helena14 Jan 188817 Jan 1887Santel, BernardWellen, AnnaSantel, JohannWellen, Elisabeth---
Santel, Martin Heinrich05 Oct 189005 Oct 1890Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaSantel, Gerhard HeinrichSantel, Maria (Mrs. Heinrich)Married Nora Morgan on Dec 26, 1934 at St. Mary's, Moline, IL; Wit: Harry DeBarr & Mary DeBarr
Santel, Mathilda Catharina28 Jul 189129 Jul 1891Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaSantel, Heinrich AntonSantel, Marina (Mrs. Heinrich Anton)---
Santel, Philipp Otto22 Mar 188925 Mar 1889Santel, Gerhard HeinrichStuckenberg, MariaNetemeyer, OttoNetemeyer, Helena (Mrs. Otto)He married Wilhelmina Kauling on 27 Sep 1916 in St. George, New Baden, IL
Santel, Theodor Walter27 Nov 188828 Nov 1888Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaFuene, TheodorAckermann, EmmaHe married Bernardina Schomaker on 26 May 1914 at St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
Santel, Wilhelm August25 Jan 188025 Jan 1880Santel, HeinrichAckermann, CatharinaLehrte, AugustSantel, Margaretha---
Schütz (Schuetz), Franz Eduard20 Feb 190419 Mar 1904Schuetz, HeinrichFriedrich, Maria (From New Baden)Friedrich, HeinrichFriedrich, Rosa---
Schmitt, Georg Emil24 Mar 188118 Apr 1881Schmitt, AdolfKaiser, TheresiaKiefer, GeorgSingler, Maria---
Schmitt, Julius Johann21 Feb 188423 Mar 1884Schmitt, AdolfKailer, TheresiaVolmer, JohannVolmer, Emma---
Schniers, Gerhard26 Sep 187729 Sep 1877Schniers, HermannHoltmann, AnnaKuper, FranzKuper, Maria (Mrs. Franz)---
Schohmaker, Bernard21 Sep 188722 Sep 1887Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaHilmes, BernardHilmes, Catharina (Mrs. Bernard)He married Lillian A. White, baptized with the name Anna E. Kochner, on 6 Jun 1923 in St. Innocence in St. Louis
Schohmaker, Bernhard13 Mar 187314 Mar 1873Schohmaker, HeinrichBook, MariaHaar, BernhardKlus, MargarethaHe was married by Rev M Koch of Germantown on 21 May 1912 to Maria Elisabeth Horstmann
Schohmaker, Caroline28 Feb 188128 Feb 1881Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaBook, HeinrichBuettmann, Carolina---
Schohmaker, Christina03 Nov 187504 Nov 1875Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaBuettmann, BenedictBuettmann, Margaretha (Mrs. Benedict)---
Schohmaker, Christina08 Apr 187409 Apr 1874Schohmaker, HermannMahnemann, ChristinaBruckhoff, HeinrichSantel, Adelheid---
Schohmaker, Heinrich10 Jul 187711 Jul 1877Schohmaker, HeinrichHilling, MariaBook, Gerhard HeinrichHeimann, Maria ---
Schohmaker, Heinrich05 Dec 189906 Dec 1899Schohmaker, MartinBruckhoff, TheresiaSchohmaker, HeinrichSchohmaker, Maria Angela---
Schohmaker, Hermann Heinrich29 Apr 188329 Apr 1883Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaBook, HeinrichBuettmann, MargarethaHe married Margaret Arentsen 11 Oct 1911 in Damiansville
Schohmaker, Hermann Joseph20 May 190120 May 1901Schohmaker, MartinBruckhoff, TheresiaHeimann, John Bernard (Stand-in Franz Goebel)Heimann, Maria (Stand-in Elisabeth Wegmann)Baptized at home. .
Schohmaker, Margaretha20 Sep 188520 Sep 1885Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaBook, Gerhard HeinrichBuettmann, Margaretha---
Schohmaker, Margaretha Christina24 Sep 187926 Sep 1879Schohmaker, HeinrichHilling, Maria CatharinaSchohmaker, HermanSchohmaker, Christina (Mrs. Herman)---
Schohmaker, Maria20 Apr 187920 Apr 1879Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaSchohmaker, HeinrichSchohmaker, Maria (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Schohmaker, Maria Catharina30 Jul 187401 Aug 1874Schohmaker, HeinrichBook, Maria GesinaSchroeder, ClemensHaar, Gesina---
Schohmaker, Martin Heinrich03 Apr 189704 Apr 1897Schohmaker, MartinBruckhof, TheresiaSchohmaker, HeinrichBruckhof, AnnaDied 22 Mar 1935 R.I.P.
Schohmaker, Theresia14 Oct 187714 Oct 1877Schohmaker, HermannBüttmann (Buettmann), ChristinaTenefelde, HeinrichBook, Theresia---
Schohmaker, Wilhelm27 Jan 187628 Jan 1876Schohmaker, HeinrichBook, Maria GesinaStolte, WilhelmStolte, Elisabeth (Mrs. Wilhelm)---
Schomacher, Joseph Bernard05 Jun 190506 Jun 1905Schomacher, MartinBrockhoff, TheresiaSchomacher, BernardHeimann, Sr., Maria Married Josephine Dietz at St. Augustin, St. Louis, MO on 26 Nov 1936
Schonhoff, Anna Maria Theresia10 Jan 189612 Jan 1896Schonhoff, GeorgWittruer, MargarethaWaschefort, FranzSchonhoff, Anna Theresia---
Schonhoff, Bernard Heinrich26 Aug 189427 Aug 1894Schonhoff, GerhardWittmann, MariaSchonhoff, BernardDuening, Catharina---
Schonhoff, Theresia Carolina23 Mar 189824 Mar 1898Schonhoff, GeorgWittmer, MargarethaToennies, HeinrichWehkamp, Theresia (Stand-in Christina Stroot)---
Schoo, Anna Catharina18 Aug 189519 Aug 1895Schoo, HermannBudde, MariaBudde, Heinrich (Stand-in Gerhard Toennies)Budde, Catharina---
Schremp, Anna Mathilda (Twin)13 Mar 187716 Mar 1877Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraWangler, GeorgIbert, Anna Maria---
Schremp, Arthur Joseph18 May 188027 May 1880Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraKüntzle (Kuentzle), JosephWangler, Alicia---
Schremp, Barbara29 Mar 188131 Mar 1881Schremp, FerdinandUtine, MariaSchremp, JosephSchremp, Barbara (Mrs. Joseph)---
Schremp, Eduard Joseph (Twin)13 Mar 187716 Mar 1877Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraWangler, JosephWangler, Maria Louisa---
Schremp, Friedrich Wilhelm----6 Sep 1885Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraTrenkler, FriedrichTrenkler, Anna (Mrs. Friedrich)---
Schremp, Johann Georg05 Jun 187408 Jun 1874Schremp, JosefWangler, BarbaraWangler, GeorgIbert, Maria---
Schremp, Johann Heinrich08 Feb 187909 Feb 1879Schremp, FerdinandUtinet, MariaZahn, Johann HeinrichHebenstreit, ElisabethHe became a priest and was known as Rev. Vincent Schrempp, O.F.M. He died 31 May 1941in St. Louis, MO
Schremp, Josef Gustaf01 Dec 187628 Jan 1877Schremp, FerdinandUtiné, MariaUtiné, GustavUtiné, Christina (Mrs. Gustav)---
Schremp, Joseph Martin03 Mar 188712 Mar 1887Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraTrenkler, FriedrichLouis, Maria---
Schremp, Maria Magdalena17 Jul 187519 Jul 1875Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraWangler, JosephTrenkle, Rosina---
Schremp, Mina Margaret22 Jan 187926 Jan 1879Schremp, JosephWangler, BarbaraWangler, JosephWangler, Anna (Mrs. Joseph) Best guess---
Schwartz, Anna Theresia05 Jun 190105 Jun 1901Schwartz, AdamPilger, LouisaFrenkler, FriedrichFrenkler, Anna (Mrs. Friedrich)---
Seiser, Friedrich25 Aug 187529 Aug 1875Seiser, Johann (Non-Catholic)Hoffart, MariaKinzle, LandolinKinzle, Magdalena (Mrs. Landolin?)Child is illegitimate
Singler, Emma Carolina15 Jun 187322 Jun 1873Singler, VictorKuhner, RosaSingler, OttoKuhner, Carolina---
Singler, Friedrich Wilhelm22 Feb 187528 Feb 1875Singler, VictorKuhner, RosaReisacher, FranzKuhner, Caroline---
Singler, Joseph Julius20 Oct 188229 Oct 1882Singler, VictorKuhner, RosaKuhner, JosephMeier, Maria---
Singler, Maria Anna11 Dec 187626 Dec 1876Singler, VictorKuhner, RosinaKuhner, JosephKuhner, Maria (Mrs. Joseph)---
Singler, Melvin ?12 Jan 187919 Jan 1879Singler, VictorKuhner, RosaKuhner, JosephKuhner, Maria (Mrs. Joseph)---
Singler, Victor Karl23 Jan 188117 Feb 1881Singler, VictorKuhner, RosaKuhner, JosephSingler, Augusta---
Sniers, Johann Bernard27 Nov 187928 Nov 1879Sniers, HermanHoltmann, Anna MariaThole, HermanThole, Elisabeth---
St. John, Rosa14 Jul 190231 May 1903St. John, Not listedPerten, MariaSchwartz, WilhelmToennies, Elisabeth---
Stein, Anna Christina30 Oct 188831 Oct 1888Stein, Maximilian HeinrichJanssen, Christina born WellenTholen, HermannBruckhoff, AnnaShe married John B. Rosen on 17 Oct 1944 at St. Augustin, Breese, IL as Mrs. Anna Chr. Rolfingsmeyer born Stein
Stempel, Anna Catharina06 Jun 189310 Jun 1893Stempel, HeinrichWheidner, AnnaSchohmaker, Bernard (Stand-in Franz Goebel)Goebel, Catharina---
Stockmann, Anna Maria22 Aug 187522 Aug 1875Stockmann, HermannPark, Elisabeth born ToensenBattke, Johann HeinrichBattke, Maria (Mrs. Johann Heinrich)---
Stroot, Clara Elisabeth04 May 189905 May 1899Stroot, AntonSudhold, ChristinaToennies, HeinrichToennies, Elisabeth (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Stroot, Eduard Heinrich15 Oct 189716 Oct 1897Stroot, AntonSüdhold (Suedhold), ChristinaToennies, HeinrichFoppe, Christina---
Stuckenberg, Anna Maria25 Mar 188526 Mar 1885Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaStockmann, BenedictSantel, Maria ---
Stuckenberg, Bernard Joseph30 Dec 187431 Dec 1874Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaWeneke, JosephStuckenberg, Anna Maria---
Stuckenberg, Catharina Gertrud13 Aug 188714 Aug 1887Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaStockmann, HermanStockmann, Gertrud---
Stuckenberg, Emma Catharina19 Sep 188020 Sep 1880Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaSantel, Gerhard HeinrichWeneke, Anna Catharina---
Stuckenberg, Franz Benedict21 May 189222 May 1892Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaStockmann, BenedictWeneke, Catharina---
Stuckenberg, Franz Herman05 Jun 190008 Jun 1900Stuckenberg, JosephEilering, CatharinaStuckenberg, FranzEilering, MargarethaMarried to Maria T. Heckenkemper, Albers, IL 28 May 1929
Stuckenberg, Franz Joseph (Twin)06 Mar 187608 Mar 1876Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaWeneke, JosephBillhards, Sophia---
Stuckenberg, Franziska Margaretha17 Feb 188918 Feb 1889Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaFoppe, HeinrichStockmann, Margaretha---
Stuckenberg, Gerhard Heinrich (Twin)06 Mar 187608 Mar 1876Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaSantel, Gerhard HeinrichWeneke, Anna---
Stuckenberg, Heinrich11 Oct 189712 Oct 1897Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaSantel, HeinrichStockmann, AnnaMarried to Eva V. Dietz Oct 16, 1943 St. Augustin Church, St. Louis, MO
Stuckenberg, Johann Baptist28 Jul 187830 Jul 1878Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaSantel, JohannWeneke, Anna---
Stuckenberg, Karl Anton04 Jan 188306 Jan 1883Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaNiemeyer, KarlWeneke, AnnaHe married Anna Jansen 14 Jul 1908 in Damiansville
Stuckenberg, Louisa Franziska22 Apr 189023 Apr 1890Stuckenberg, FranzStockmann, CarolinaSantel, Bernhard JosephSantel, Emma---
Stuckenberg, Veronica Carolina03 Dec 190204 Dec 1902Stuckenberg, JosephEilering, CatharinaEilering, HeinrichStuckenberg, CarolinaMarried to Anthony Vollmer, 26 Nov 1936, Albers, IL
Stuckenberg, Wilhelm Franz02 Feb 190603 Feb 1906Stuckenberg, JohannWegmann, MariaStuckenberg, FranzWegmann, Louisa---
Sudholter, Bernard15 Jan 190208 Aug 1902Sudholter, CharlesEmke, Maria----Wiegmann, CatharinaChild is illegitimate; parents not married.
Swaters, Emilie Theresia 13 Feb 188215 Feb 1882Swaters, HermanKienzler, AmiliaSchremp, JosephKienzler, Theresia---
Tüning (Tuening), Johanna Clara15 Dec 188317 Dec 1883Tuening, JohannStevens, CatharinaSüdhoff (Suedhoff), HermannKoetter, Johanna---
Tünnemann, Anna Josephina13 Nov 190514 Nov 1905Tünnemann, JohannHilmes, JosephineJansen, WilhelmJansen, Marg.---
Tünning (Tuenning), Margaretha01 Apr 187502 Apr 1875Tuenning, JohannStevens, Maria CatharinaMohrmann, HeinrichSüdhoff (Suedhoff), Margareth Adelheid---
Tenefeld, Clara Margaretha12 Apr 190313 Apr 1903Tenefeld, HeinrichHaar, EmmaAthmer, BernardHaar, Margaretha---
Tenefeld, Herman23 Jan 188125 Jan 1881Tenefeld, Gerhard HeinrichHelmes, AnnaSchohmaker, HermannJanssen, Maria---
Tenefeld, Johann Franz14 Feb 190214 Feb 1902Tenefeld, HeinrichHaar, Emma ChristinaHaar, JohannAthmer, Anna---
Tenefelde, Bernard Heinrich27 Feb 187927 Feb 1879Tenefelde, HeinrichHelmes, AnnaJanssen, BernardBook, Theresia---
Tenefelde, Hermann Clemens20 Feb 187820 Feb 1878Tenefelde, Gerhard HeinrichHelmes, AnnaWaller, Herman ClemensJanssen, Maria---
Tenefelde, Johann Heinrich22 Mar 187323 Mar 1873Tenefelde, Johann HeinrichAlbers, TheresiaHylmes, HeinrichHylmes, Caroline (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Tenefelde, Maria Theresia26 Mar 187527 Mar 1875Tenefelde, HeinrichAlbers, TheresiaSchohmaker, HermanBüttmann (Buettmann), Theresia---
Tennefeld, Rosina Paulina25 Jan 190627 Jan 1906Tennefeld, HeinrichHaar, EmmaWaller, ClemensEilering, Not listed---
Thünemann (Thuenemann), John Bernard15 Oct 189717 Oct 1897Thuenemann, John BernardHilmes, JosephineHilmes, BernardMiddendorf, ChristinaHe married Catharina Eugenia Ripperda on 9 May 1922 in St. Boniface, Germantown
Thünemann (Thuenemann), Wilhelmina Christina10 Aug 190211 Aug 1902Thuenemann, JohannHilmes, JosephineMitten, BernardMitten, Christina (Mrs. Bernard)---
Thüning (Thuening), Heinrich13 Apr 188014 Apr 1880Thuening, JohannStevens, CatharinaSüdhof (Suedhof), HeinrichStevens, Margaretha---
Thien, Anna Catharina17 Feb 188118 Feb 1881Thien, AntonMohrmann, MariaMohrmann, BernardMohrmann, Catharina---
Thien, Anna Margaretha01 Mar 187402 Mar 1874Thien, AntonMohrmann, MariaMeier, HeinrichMohrmann, Margaretha---
Thien, Anna Maria03 Oct 187704 Oct 1877Thien, AntonMohrmann, MariaHemmen, BernardThien, Maria Anna---
Thien, Gerhard Heinrich01 Apr 187502 Apr 1875Thien, AntonMohrmann, MariaMohrmann, HeinrichMaiyr, Maria Anna---
Thien, Heinrich02 Aug 189003 Aug 1890Thien, AntonStroot, A. MariaMeyer, HeinrichMohrmann, Maria---
Thien, Joseph11 Oct 187812 Oct 1878Thien, AntonMohrmann, MariaEmke, JosephHygen, Anna Gesina---
Thien, Maria Anna23 Mar 188825 Mar 1888Thien, AntonStroot, MariaEmke, JosephMeyer, Anna---
Thien, Michael28 Jan 189530 Jan 1895Thien, AntonStrot, A. MariaBreiner, MichaelBerendsen, Elisabeth---
Thuenemann, Anna Margaretha16 Oct 189617 Oct 1896Thuenemann, Benedict JohannHilmes, JosephineTheisling, Hermann BenedictHilmes, Anna Marg.---
Thuenemann, Anna Maria Rosa15 Jun 189917 Jun 1899Thuenemann, Johann HermannHilmes, JosephineThuenemann, John BernardThuenemann, Maria Christina (Mrs. John Bernard)---
Timmermann, Clara Bernardina25 Dec 189426 Dec 1894Timmermann, WilhelmBrandmeyer, AnnaKoetter, BernardKoetter, Clara Johanna (Mrs. Bernard)---
Timmermann, Hermann Bernard12 Apr 188713 Apr 1887Timmermann, WilhelmBrandmeyer, Anna ChristinaBrandmeyer, HermannMeyer, AnnaHe married Maria Cordes on 28 Nov 1911 in St. Maria in Altus, AR
Timmermann, Margaretha Josephina01 May 189202 May 1892Timmermann, WilhelmBrandmeyer, Anna ChristinaDiekemper, FranzBrandmeyer, Margaretha---
Timmermann, Maria Anna16 Oct 188917 Oct 1889Timmermann, WilhelmBrandmeyer, AnnaHustette, FranzKramer, ChristinaShe married Urban Sprug on 22 Jun 1920 in the catholic church of Altus, AR
Toenies, Bernhard Heinrich23 May 187825 May 1878Toenies, AlbertWigmann, AgnesWigmann, BernhardMohrmann, GesinaHe married Josephine Goebel 28 Apr 1909 at this church; witnesses: Franz Goebel & Marg. Hilmes.
Toenies, Gerhard Albert07 Sep 187510 Sep 1875Toenies, AlbertWigmann, AgnesToenies, Gerhard HeinrichBudde, Carolina---
Toenies, Johann Joseph31 Aug 188401 Oct 1884Toennies, AlbertPeters, Margaretha born KoetterSchnieders, Johann GerhardToennies, MariaHe married Josephine Wiegmann on 14 Oct 1908 in New Baden.
Toennies, Albert Joseph10 May 190612 May 1906Toennies, HermannFeld, AnnaToennies, Sr., Albert Toennies, AnnaMarried Mary Marg. Heimann, May 3, 1933, see Regist. Matrim. Pag.44
Toennies, Alois Franz30 Jul 189631 Jul 1896Toennies, HeinrichSudhold, ElisabethSudhold, FranzToennies, AdelheidHe married Maria Francisca Hilmes on 3 Jul 1917 in St. Boniface, Germantown
Toennies, Anna Carolina Agnes08 Jan 190508 Jan 1905Toennies, Georg Alb.Kuper, AnnaToennies, HermannKuper, Carolina---
Toennies, Anna Maria04 Dec 189605 Dec 1896Toennies, GerhardHeimann, AnnaKalmer, HermanHeimann, MariaShe married Bernard Korte of Pierron, IL on 18 Nov 1919
Toennies, Anna Maria Bernardina16 Apr 190517 Apr 1905Toennies, HermanFeld, AnnaToennies, BernardPoelker, Anna---
Toennies, Bernard Joseph04 Dec 188006 Dec 1880Toennies, AlbertWiegmann, AgnesMohrmann, BernardToennies, Margaretha Adelheid---
Toennies, Bertha Elisabeth21 Nov 189822 Nov 1898Toennies, HeinrichSudhold, Elisabeth (Stand-in Maria Sudhold)Toennies, Sr., Albert Sudhold, Elisabeth TheresiaShe married Wilhelm Boeving of Germantown, son of Bernard Boeving & Bernardine born Hermeling, in St. Bernard on 26 Jun 1917
Toennies, Catharina Josephine10 Jul 190511 Jul 1905Toennies, GerhardHeimann, AnnaHeimann, HermanHeimann, Catharina---
Toennies, Clara Catharina Emilia07 Mar 190308 Mar 1903Toennies, HeinrichSudhold, ElisabethMollet, Emil AntonTessing, Catharina---
Toennies, Emma20 Sep 190220 Sep 1902Toennies, GerhardHeimann, AnnaSantel, HermannKalmer, Margaretha---
Toennies, Franz Albert25 Apr 188826 Apr 1888Toennies, Albert Heinrich Lohmann, Maria TheresiaLohmann, Franz Joseph (Stand-in Albert Toennies)Santel, MargarethaHe married Jacobina Heckenkemper on 6 Apr 1910 in St. Bernard, Albers, IL
Toennies, Franz Heinrich31 Jan 188531 Jan 1885Toennies, AlbertLohmann, TheresiaLohmann, Franz J. (Stand-in Heinrich Toennies)Toennies, Maria---
Toennies, Friedrich Gerhard (Twin)30 Sep 189001 Oct 1890Toennies, Albert HeinrichLohmann, Maria TheresiaToennies, GerhardToennies, MariaBirth date listed as 30 Oct, which seems to be a mistake
Toennies, Georg Albert03 Aug 190605 Aug 1906Toennies, GerardKuper, AnnaToennies, Albert seniorKuper, Carolina---
Toennies, Gerhard Albert21 Nov 189923 Nov 1899Toennies, BernardEilermann, FranciscaToennies, AlbertEilermann, Maria---
Toennies, Gerhard Friedrich26 Jan 189227 Jan 1892Toennies, Albert HeinrichLohmann, Maria TheresiaToennies, GerhardToennies, Anna (Mrs. Gerhard)He married Euphemia Markus in St. Francis Assisi, Aviston, IL. On 13 Sep. 1923; married Elisabeth Stockmann on 21 Apr 1937 at St. Francis de Sales Church, St. Louis, MO
Toennies, Gesina Francisca10 Feb 188611 Feb 1886Toennies, AlbertKoetter, MargarethaKramer, BernardMohrmann, Gesina---
Toennies, Heinrich07 Jan 190407 Jan 1904Toennies, HeinrichSuthold, Elisabeth--------Private baptism at home was necessary. The child died.
Toennies, Heinrich Albert26 Nov 189427 Nov 1894Toennies, GerhardHeimann, AnnaToennies, Heinrich AlbertHeimann (Athmer), MariaHe married Maria Fuehne, dau of Heinrich and Catharina Fuehne on 18 Oct 1916 in St. Damian
Toennies, Herman Anton08 Nov 190109 Nov 1901Toennies, BernardEilermann, FranziskaEilermann, HeinrichPoelker, Anna---
Toennies, Herman Bernard19 Aug 190020 Aug 1900Toennies, HeinrichSudhold, ElisabethSudhold, HermanSudhold, Maria (Mrs. Herman)He married Maria Kuper dau of Franz & Margaret Kuper on 28 Nov 1922
Toennies, Johann Heinrich20 Aug 189220 Aug 1892Toennies, Gerhard HeinrichHeimann, AnnaHeimann, Johann BernardHeimann, Maria (Mrs. Johann Bernard)---
Toennies, Johanna Agnes25 Oct 188726 Oct 1887Toennies, AlbertPeters, MargarethaKramer, BernardKoetter, Johanna---
Toennies, Joseph02 Apr 190003 Apr 1900Toennies, GerhardHeimann, AnnaHeimann, JosephToennies, Theresia---
Toennies, Katharina Maria Josephina19 Aug 190319 Aug 1903Toennies, HermanFeld, AnnaWiegmann, JosephHilmes, Katharina---
Toennies, Maria Caecilia11 Oct 190512 Oct 1905Toennies, HeinrichSuthold, ElisabethToennies, Gerhard J.Rohling, MariaShe married Georg Alphons Lehrter son of Herman and Anna Maria Lehrter on 30 Nov 1922 in Albers.
Toennies, Wilhelm Heinrich22 May 188623 May 1886Toennies, Albert HeinrichLohmann, Maria TheresiaToennies, Gerhard Heinrich & Wilhelm LohmannToennies, Maria & Bernadina Becker born Lohmann---
Toennies, Wilhelm Hermann (Twin)30 Sep 189001 Oct 1890Toennies, Albert HeinrichLohmann, Maria TheresiaToennies, HermannToennies, CatharinaHe married Elisabeth Rensing, dau of Herman & Maria Adelh. Rensing on 22 Apr [no year listed] in St. Damian
Trenkle, Friedrich Herman23 Dec 190431 Dec 1904Trenkle, FriedrichRensing, AnnaWegmann, HermannWegmann, MargaretMarried to Mrs. Nannie Gilter nee Reynolds, 6 Mar 1941 at St. John's Catholic Church St. Louis, MO
Trenkle, Maria Carolina09 Jul 188018 Jul 1880Trenkle, GeorgBreitbeil, MagdalenaTrenkle, FriedrichHoen, CarolinaChild is illegitimate
Trenkler, Adolph22 Dec 188827 Dec 1888Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaHilmes, HeinrichHilmes, Catharina (Mrs. Heinrich)---
Trenkler, Alwine Rosina25 Aug 189527 Aug 1895Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaRensing, JohannesHoh, Maria---
Trenkler, Anna Mathilda23 May 189705 Jun 1897Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaRensing, FranzRensing, TheresiaShe married Joseph Grimmer on 29 Nov 1916 in St. Damian. Son of Johann Grimmer & Catharina Zimmermann.
Trenkler, Friedrich16 May 189321 May 1893Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaHoh, GustavHoh, Maria (Mrs. Gustav)---
Trenkler, Georg Friedrich02 Jan 187905 Jan 1879Trenkler, GeorgBreitbeil, MagdalenaTrenkler, FriedrichPletz, SofiaChild is illegitimate
Trenkler, Julius23 Jun 189029 Jun 1890Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaRensing, BernhardRensing, Catharina (Mrs. Bernard)He married Emma Grimmer on 29 Nov 1916 in St. Damian, daughter of Johann Grimmer & Cath. Zimmermann; Compare Trankle
Trenkler, Maria06 Aug 188312 Aug 1883Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaHoh, AdolphRensing, Maria---
Trenkler, Sebastian05 Jun 188611 Jun 1886Trenkler, FriedrichRensing, AnnaHoh, FranzRensing, CatharinaHe married Mathilde Raef, 23 Oct 1912 in St. Damian , Damiansville Ill.
Tuening, Anna Maria04 Apr 189106 Apr 1891Tuening, JohannStevens, CatharinaMohrmann, HeinrichMohrmann, MariaShe married Ambrose Turner in St. Boniface Elgin, Neb. on 20 Apr 1909
Tuening, Bernard02 Oct 188103 Oct 1881Tuening, JohannStewens, CatharinaKoetter, BernardSüdhoff (Suedhoff), Margaretha---
Tuening, Catharina10 Feb 188613 Feb 1886Tuening, JohannStevens, CatharinaBudde, HeinrichSüdhoff (Suedhoff), Anna---
Tuening, Johann Hermann01 Apr 187702 Apr 1877Tuening, Johann HermannStevens, CatharinaSüdhoff (Suedhoff), HermanBerensen, M. Elisabeth---
Tuening, Margaretha04 Aug 187804 Aug 1878Tuening, JohannStevens, CatharinaBrandmeier, HermannSüdhoff (Suedhoff), Margaretha---
Utiné, Maurice Hermann25 Sep 187329 Sep 1873Utiné, GustavBreiner, ChristinaSantel, HermannHeimann, Maria ---
Utine, Otilia Regina19 Jul 187623 Jul 1876Utine, GustavBreiner, ChristinaBreiner, PeterBreiner, Otilia (Mother of Peter)---
Utiner, Elisabeth Christina31 Jul 187931 Jul 1879Utiner, GustavBreiner, ElisabethHebenstreit, JosephHebenstreit, Elisabeth (Mrs. Joseph)Compare Utinet & Hutinet
Van Alst, Gerhard Wilhelm05 Mar 188005 Mar 1880Van Alst, TheodorSchroeder, ChristinaVan Alst, WilhelmKorte, Maria---
Van Klosters, Eduard Joseph06 Feb 187308 Mar 1873Van Klosters, PeterHylly, PhilomenaVerheiden, EduardHylly, Catharina---
Vollmer, Georg Oscar14 Jun 188801 Jul 1888Vollmer, WilhelmSpaeth, TheresiaKiefer, GeorgBillhartz, Elisabeth---
Vollmer, Margaretha Franziska25 Jul 188911 Aug 1889Vollmer, JohannJost, MagdalenaGriesbaum, AntonGriesbaum, Francisca (Mrs. Anton)---
Volmer, Anna Maria04 Aug 188213 Aug 1882Volmer, WilhelmSpaeth, MariaSpaeth, DanielLace, Maria---
Volmer, Francisca Magdalena05 Jan 188607 Feb 1886Volmer, WilhelmSpaeth, TheresiaVolmer, JohannVolmer, Magdalena (Mrs. Johann)She married Heinrich Geoffray in Cathedral of Belleville on 1 Jul 1918
Volmer, Franz27 Aug 187707 Oct 1877Volmer, WilhelmSpaeth, TheresiaHogg, FriedolinHogg, Catharina (Mrs. Friedolin)---
Volmer, Franz Joseph20 Jan 188025 Jan 1880Volmer, Johann BaptistJost, MagdalenaGlatz, JosephGriesbaum, Maria---
Volmer, Heinrich19 Feb 187529 Mar 1875Volmer, WilhelmSpaeth, TheresiaSpaeth, JosephSpaeth, Theresia (Mrs. Joseph)---
Volmer, Johann Anton22 Jun 188131 Jul 1881Volmer, JohannJost, Maria MagdalenaGriesbaum, AntonGriesbaum, Barbara---
Volmer, Magdalena Louisa18 Jul 188329 Jul 1883Volmer, JohannJost, MagdalenaJost, FranzJost, Louisa---
Volmer, Maria Elisabeth30 Jan 188701 Mar 1887Volmer, JohannJost, MagdalenaGriesbaum, AntonGriesbaum, Elisabeth (Mrs. Anton)She married Ludwig Hefer in New Baden, 24 Oct 1916
Volmer, Maria Theresia10 Sep 189111 Oct 1891Volmer, JohannJost, MagdalenaJost, JohannVolmer, Theresia---
Volmer, Philipp David31 Dec 188427 Feb 1885Volmer, JohannJost, MagdalenaGriesbaum, AntonGriesbaum, Elisabeth (Mrs. Anton)---
Wübbele (Wuebbele), Franz (Twin)11 Feb 187613 Feb 1876Wuebbele, WilhelmKuper, ElisabethKuper, FranzKohne, Catharina---
Wübbele (Wuebbele), Johann15 Dec 187204 Feb 1873Wuebbele, StephanWangelpohl, AdelheidBrockler, Johannes------
Wübbele (Wuebbele), Theresia (Twin)11 Feb 187613 Feb 1876Wuebbele, WilhelmKuper, ElisabethBrockling, JohnBrockling, Maria (Mrs. John)---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Bernard Clemens04 Mar 188505 Mar 1885Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaSchroeder, ClemensTholen, ElisabethHe married Francisca Spitz in Carlyle, IL on 17 Jan 1910.
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Bernard Heinrich11 Sep 187712 Sep 1877Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaPinsterhaus, WilhelmMittendorf, Maria---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Bernard Heinrich08 Aug 188708 Aug 1887Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaStroot, HeinrichStroot, Anna Maria (Mrs. Heinrich)He married Elisabeth Kloeckner on 23 Nov 1910 in St. Cecilia, Bartelso
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Bernard Joseph29 Nov 190530 Nov 1905Wuebbels, JohannBook, MariaWuebbels, BernardWuebbels, Margareth---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Franz30 Jul 187903 Aug 1879Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaMittendorf, TobiasPingsterhaus, M. Gertrud---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Franz Josef17 Jun 187517 Jun 1875Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaKueter, Franz JosephPinksterhaus, Catharina Elisabeth---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Johann25 Feb 187426 Feb 1874Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaStroot, Johann HeinrichStroot, Augusta (Mrs. Johann Heinrich)---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Maria Helena07 Sep 188107 Sep 1881Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaWubbels, Johann GerhardStroth, Maria Anna---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Maria Theresia Emma24 Nov 190325 Nov 1903Wuebbels, JohannBook, MariaWuebbels, Johann Bern.Wuebbels, Maria Theresia---
Wübbels (Wuebbels), Theodor02 Sep 188903 Sep 1889Wuebbels, BernardKueter, TheresiaFuene, TheodoreFuene, Margaretha (Mrs. Theodore)He married Maria Rakel on 16 Apr 1913 in St. Francis, Aviston, IL
Wübbels, Bernard Joseph29 Nov 188330 Nov 1883Wübbels (Wuebbels), BernardKueter, TheresiaWheier, ClemensBook, Theresia---
Wübbler (Wuebbler), Elisabeth (Twin)13 Mar 187815 Mar 1878Wuebbler, WilhelmKuper, ElisabethKuper, AntonKuper, Theresia (Mrs. Anton)---
Wübbler (Wuebbler), Gesina (Twin)13 Mar 187815 Mar 1878Wuebbler, WilhelmKuper, ElisabethKohne, HermanKohne, Catharina (Mrs. Herman)---
Wübbles (Wuebbles), Clemens14 Jan 187315 Jan 1873Wuebbels, BernhardSchroeder, MariaSchroeder, ClemensBook, Rosina---
Waigand, Georg Johann09 Sep 188814 Oct 1888Waigand, FranzWaither, BarbaraHartlieb, JohannHartlieb, Ida---
Waigand, Ida Louisa13 Apr 189016 Apr 1890Waigand, FranzWether, BarbaraSantel, Bernard JosephSchmidt, Ida---
Walthes, Magdalena Margaretha07 Feb 188805 Mar 1888Walthes, JacobBreitbeil, MagdalenaTrenkler, FriedrichKohlmann, MariaThe mother has had two other illegitimate children with George Trenkler & this child is illegitimate also.
Wangler, Adam13 Feb 187521 Feb 1875Wangler, GeorgBrender, RosinaKuhn, AdamTrenkle, Rosina---
Wangler, Albert26 Jan 187323 Jan 1873Wangler, GeorgBrender, RosinaTrenkle, SebastianTrenkle, Rosina (Mrs. Sebastian)---
Wangler, Heinrich Andreas19 Oct 188007 Nov 1880Wangler, AndreasWangler, LouisaHummel, HeinrichGriesbaum, Louisa---
Wangler, Johann02 Oct 187429 Oct 1874Wangler, AntonGraf, LouisaVolmer, JohannGriesbaum, Barbara---
Wangler, Joseph26 Aug 187931 Aug 1879Wangler, GeorgPhysterer, CarolineSchremp, JosephPhysterer, Rosa---
Wangler, Lidia Otilia18 Mar 188216 Apr 1882Wangler, AndreasWangler, LouisaWolf, AlbertSingler, Maria---
Wangler, Louisa04 Dec 188629 Dec 1886Wangler, AndreasGraf, LouisaVolmer, JohannesWangler, Louisa---
Wangler, Maria Emma08 Nov 188412 Nov 1884Wangler, AndreasGraf, LouisaGlatz, JosephVolmer, Emma---
Wangler, Philipp Joseph14 Aug 187801 Sep 1878Wangler, AndreasGraf, LouisaGlatz, JosefKienzle, Magdalena---
Wangler, Wilhelm27 Mar 187616 Apr 1876Wangler, AndreasBrender, Louisa born GrafVolmer, WilhelmVolmer, Theresia (Mrs. Wilhelm)---
Wangler, Wilhelm13 Apr 187623 Apr 1876Wangler, GeorgBrender, RosinaKuhn, AdamTrenkle, Rosina---
Wegmann, Elisabeth Johanna06 Apr 188709 Apr 1887Wegmann, HermannBreiner, MargarethaBillhartz, WilhelmBillhartz, Elisabeth (Sister of Wilhelm)---
Wegmann, Friedrich27 Nov 189130 Nov 1891Wegmann, HermannBreiser, MargarethaWegmann, FriedrichBreiner, MariaHe married Sophia Rensing on 21 Apr 1915 in St. Damian, Damiansville
Wegmann, Herman Heinrich (Illegitimate)28 Aug 188205 Sep 1882Wegmann, HermannBreiner, MargaretSantel, HeinrichSchopp, ChristinaHe married Viola Clowry (widow) on 8 Oct 1910 in St. Michael Wheaton, IL
Wegmann, Maria Anna14 Aug 189615 Aug 1896Wegmann, HermannBreiner, MargarethaEngel, NicolausKienzler, BerthaShe married Joseph Goebel on 26 Apr 1922 in Damiansville
Wegmann, Theresia31 Aug 188803 Sep 1888Wegmann, HermannBreiner, MargarethaBreiner, MichaelBreiner, Theresia---
Weihle, Heinrich09 Apr 187519 May 1875Weihle, PhilippRust, PaulinaRust, WilhelmHummel, Carolina---
Weile, M. Anna26 Mar 187304 May 1873Weile, PhilippRost, PaulinaEpler, LandolinEpler, Maria (Mrs. Landolin)---
Wellen, Andreas21 Mar 188922 Mar 1889Wellen, JohannHilmes, MariaWellen, AndreasTholen, ElisabethHe married Isabella Magdalena Kaercher, dau of Aug. & Maria Kaercher in St. Johann Piopolis on 8 Jun 1921
Wellen, Anna (Twin)02 Feb 188502 Feb 1885Wellen, BernardEmke, MargarethaLehrter, HermannKramer, Maria---
Wellen, Anna Christina19 Feb 189520 Feb 1895Wellen, AndreasSchulte, ElisabethHaar, BernardHaar, Elisabeth (Mrs. Bernard)---
Wellen, Anna Maria04 Jun 189307 Jun 1893Wellen, AndreasSchulte, ElisabethGevermuehle, HermanGevermuehle, Elisabeth (Mrs. Herman)She married Bernard Hegger of Bartelso, son of Gerhard & Maria Hegger, on 21 Jul 1915 in St. Damian
Wellen, Anna Maria15 Jun 188316 Jun 1883Wellen, Johann GerhardBook, HelenaBook, WilhelmBook, Anna Maria---
Wellen, Elisabeth20 Aug 187821 Aug 1878Wellen, AndreasHoltmann, MariaImming, BernhardBudde, Catharina---
Wellen, Gerhard Heinrich15 Nov 189116 Nov 1891Wellen, AndreasSchulte, ElisabethHilmes, HeinrichHilmes, Margaretha---
Wellen, Herman22 Mar 188823 Mar 1888Wellen, AndreasSchulte, Maria ElisabethTholen, HermanTholen, Elisabeth (Mrs. Herman)---
Wellen, Herman Edward12 Oct 189913 Oct 1899Wellen, AndreasSchulte, Maria ElisabethDierkes, HermanHaar, Margaretha---
Wellen, Hermann17 Nov 187718 Nov 1877Wellen, JohannRensing, Anna MariaRensing, HeinrichRensing, Magdalena---
Wellen, Johann09 Apr 187410 Apr 1874Wellen, Johann BernardRencing, Anna MariaKoetter, JohannRencing, Maria ---
Wellen, Johann Albert08 Mar 189008 Mar 1890Wellen, AndreasSchulte, MariaHaar, AlbertWobbe, AnnaHe married Anna Christ. Tnemann (Tuenemann). On 2 Sep 1913 in Albers, IL
Wellen, Johann Bernard15 Sep 188616 Sep 1886Wellen, AndreasSchulte, MariaWobbe, BernardMohlmann, MariaHe married Carolina Kaufmann 20 years, daughter of Carl & Catharine Kaufmann on 26 Apr 1911 in St. Johann, Piopolis, IL
Wellen, Johann Heinrich03 Aug 187504 Aug 1875Wellen, AndreasHoltmann, MariaMeier, Johann HeinrichHaar, Margaretha---
Wellen, Johann Hermann21 Sep 189110 Sep 1891Wellen, JohannHilmes, MariaTholen, HermanRensing, Anna---
Wellen, Margaretha13 Aug 187313 Aug 1873Wellen, AndreasHoltmann, MariaRobke, JohannLengers, Margaretha---
Wellen, Margaretha (Twin)02 Feb 188502 Feb 1885Wellen, BernardEmke, MargarethaLehrter, HermannSchnieders, Margaretha---
Wellen, Maria Elisabeth15 Feb 188716 Feb 1887Wellen, JohannHilmes, MariaWellen, AndreasWellen, Elisabeth (Mrs. Andreas)She married Johann Alex. Haas on 19 Apr 1910 in Piopolis, IL
Wellen, Maria Helena20 May 189722 May 1897Wellen, AndreasSchulte, ElisabethBrüggemann (Brueggemann), BernardBrueggemann, Theresia (Mrs. Bernard)She married Johann Joseph Hegger of Albers on 14 Nov 1922 in St. Damian
Wellen, Theresia24 May 189226 May 1892Wellen, Johann GerhardLange nee Gerstner, MariaJocisch, JohannWolters, AnnaShe married Johann Scheibel on 29 Jun 1909 in St. Clara, O'Fallon, IL
Wendel, Johann Bernard02 Feb 187303 Feb 1873Wendel, GerhardWellen, ElisabethaWellen, John BernardSantel, Margaretha---
Wendel, Margaretha31 Dec 187501 Jan 1876Wendel, GerhardNot listed, ElisabethSantel, HeinrichSantel, Margaretha (Mrs. Heinrich)Emergency baptism
Wessels, Anna Maria07 Aug 187608 Aug 1876Wessels, HeinrichDust, Anna MariaArensen, HeinrichDust, Maria---
Wessels, Helena Margaretha22 Dec 187824 Dec 1878Wessels, HeinrichDust, AnnaKramer, BernhardDust, Helena---
Wessels, Herman Heinrich26 Apr 187427 Apr 1874Wessels, HeinrichDust, Maria AnnaDust, HermanArensen, Adelheid---
Wessels, Johann Bernhard14 Feb 188115 Feb 1881Wessels, HeinrichDust, AnnaDust, BernhardKramer, Maria---
Wessels, Johann Hermann05 Aug 188305 Aug 1883Wessels, HeinrichDust, AnnaDeerhake, HermanDeerhake, Maria Anna (Mrs. Herman)---
Wewes (Hallermann), Julius Anton10 Aug 189111 Aug 1891Wewes, HeinrichWellen, ElisabethSantel, BernardSantel, Anna (Mrs. Bernard)Child was illegitimate. Adopted son of Heinrich Hallermann and Elisabeth Hallermann born Wellen.
Wheiher, Bernard Friedrich (Twin)10 Jul 188410 Jul 1884Wheiher, ClemensRippendah, Anna CatharinaRippendah, Bernard HeinrichRippendah, Helena Adelheid---
Wheiher, Gerhard Heinrich (Twin)10 Jul 188410 Jul 1884Wheiher, ClemensRippendah, Anna CatharinaBook, Gerhard HeinrichSantel, Adelheid---
Wiebbele, Maria Franziska15 Dec 187318 Dec 1873Wiebbele, WilhelmKuper, ElisabethKuper, FranzKuper, Maria (Mrs. Franz)Compare Wuebbler
Wiebler, Anna Carolina01 Jan 189303 Jan 1893Wiebler, WilhelmNiemann, MariaBroeckling, JohannSantel, CarolinaShe married Gerhard Hilmes in St. Rose, IL on 24 Apr 1912
Wiebler, Anna Maria28 Feb 189701 Mar 1897Wiebler, WilhelmNiemann, MariaEmke, JosephEmke, Maria (Mrs. Joseph)---
Wiebler, Francisca Elisabeth24 Jan 189627 Jan 1896Wiebler, BernardWellen, Maria born GerstnerTholen, HermanBerentsen, Elisabeth---
Wiebler, Hermann08 Feb 189108 Feb 1891Wiebler, WilhelmNiemann, MariaBroeckling, JohannNiemann, Margaretha---
Wiebler, Josephine14 Feb 188115 Feb 1881Wiebler, WilhelmKuper, ElisabethKohne, HermanKohne, Catharina (Mrs. Herman)Wiebler written over Wbbler last name.
Wiebler, Wilhelm31 Aug 189431 Aug 1894Wiebler, WilhelmNiemann, MariaJanssen, WilhelmSantel, CarolinaHe married Carolina Wildhaber in Germantown on 19 Oct 1915
Wiegmann, Anna Maria18 Feb 190119 Feb 1901Wiegmann, HeinrichMohrmann, CatharinaWiegmann, JosephEmke, MariaMarried Jos. Cl. Kollmann on 23 Jan 1935
Wiegmann, Bernard Wilhelm27 May 190629 May 1906Wiegmann, BernardJansen, MariaJansen, WilhelmWiegmann, Catharina---
Wiegmann, Herman Heinrich21 Jun 189322 Jun 1893Wiegmann, HeinrichMohrmann, CatharinaWiegmann, Herman BernardThien, Maria---
Wiegmann, Maria Catharina10 Jan 189611 Jan 1896Wiegmann, HeinrichMohrmann, CatharinaKramer, BernardFuehne, CatharinaShe married Franz Goebel on 18 Apr 1917 in St. Damian, Damiansville
Wiegmann, Maria Julia19 Jun 189819 Jun 1898Wiegmann, HeinrichMohrmann, CatharinaFuehne, Sr., Heinrich Kramer, Maria---
Wiegmann, Sophia Maria23 Aug 190425 Aug 1904Wiegmann, HeinrichMohrmann, CatharinaToennies, AlbertWiegmann, MargaretMarried Raymond B. Imming on 23 Jan 1935 St Damian
Wigmann, Wilhelm Heinrich03 Mar 189004 Mar 1890Wigmann, HeinrichMohrmann, CatharinaMohrmann, HeinrichMohrmann, GesinaHe married Anna Kalmer, dau of Bern & Bina Kalmer on 8 Sep 1914 in St. Damian
Winckler, Franz Joseph (Twin)23 Oct 188525 Oct 1885Winckler, HeinrichOpgenorth, JohannaWinckler, FranzWinckler, Maria (Mrs. Franz)He married Maria A. Bergmann in St. Cecilia Bartelso, IL on 12 Jun 1917.
Winckler, Johann Albert (Twin)23 Oct 188525 Oct 1885Winckler, HeinrichOpgenorth, JohannaWinkler, JosephWinkler, Anna (Mrs. Joseph)Child died
Winkler, Bernard Heinrich16 Oct 188226 Oct 1882Winkler, HeinrichOpgenorth, JohannaWinkler, BernardWellen, MariaBirth date written after Baptism date; probable error.
Winkler, Joseph17 Mar 188118 Mar 1881Winkler, HeinrichOpgenoerth, JohannaWinkler, AlbertWinkler, Margaret (Mrs. Albert)He married Elisabeth Bergmann in St. Cecilia, Bartelso, IL on 24 Nov 1909.
Winkler, Maria Cecilia05 May 188406 May 1884Winkler, HeinrichOpgenoerth, JohannaWellen, AndreasImming, Maria---
Winkler, Petronella21 Aug 188722 Aug 1887Winkler, HeinrichOpgenöhrt (Opgenoehrt), JohannaOpgenoehrt, Theodor (Stand-in Bernard Imming)Opgenoehrt, Petronella (Mrs. Theodor) [Stand-in Adelheid Santel]She married Joseph Winter on 26 May 1909 in St. Cecilia, Bartelso, IL
Winter, Anna Elisabeth24 Jan 189025 Jan 1890Winter, JosephLeonhard, GertrudLeonhard, JohannHoltkamp, Anna---
Winter, Ferdinand14 Apr 188815 Apr 1888Winter, JosephLeonhard, GertrudLeonhard, FerdinandBerendsen, MariaMarried Barbara Middeke, widow of Franz Middeke, dau of Anton Kohrs and Anna born Stock, on 26 Jun 1934 in St. Dominic, Breese, IL
Winter, Joseph07 Sep 188508 Sep 1885Winter, JosephLeonhard, GertrudWinter, JosephWinter, Anna (Mrs. Joseph)He married Petronella Winkeler on 26 May 1909 in St. Cecilia; Bartelso. IL
Winter, Maria Helena17 Nov 188617 Nov 1886Winter, JosephLeonhard, GertrudBerndsen, HeinrichLeonhardt, Maria Helena---
Wobbe, Anna Josephina29 Dec 188330 Dec 1883Wobbe, BernardOliges, AnnaWellen, AndreasBruckhoff, Anna---
Wobbe, Anna Margaretha24 Feb 187426 Feb 1874Wobbe, BernardOliges, AnnaLinnemann, Herman HeinrichLinnemann, Christina (Mrs. Herman Heinrich)---
Wobbe, Bernard05 Mar 188107 Mar 1881Wobbe, BernhardOliges, AnnaFrerker, BernhardFrerker, Catharina (Mrs. Bernard)Married to Rosalia Langenhorst nee Leonard on 6 Feb 1934 at Damiansville, IL; Wit: Herman Dierkes & Veronica Leonard
Wobbe, Emma Anna Wilhelmina14 Dec 187517 Dec 1875Wobbe, BernardOliges, AnnaOliges, NicolausHülsmann (Huelsmann), Margaretha---
Wobbe, Gerhard Albert21 Jul 188222 Jul 1882Wobbe, BernardOliges, AnnaHaar, AlbertHaar, Margaret (Mrs. Albert)He married Maria Luebke, daughter of Wilh. & Elis. Luebke on 10 May 1911 in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
Wobbe, Johann Nikolaus26 Nov 187728 Nov 1877Wobbe, BernhardOliges, AnnaFrerker, NicolausFrerker, Elisabeth (Mrs. Nicolaus)---
Wobbe, Maria11 Sep 187912 Sep 1879Wobbe, BernardOliges, AnnaHuelsmann, FriedrichOliges, Maria---
Wobbe, Sophie01 Dec 188802 Dec 1888Wobbe, BernardOliges, AnnaOliges, HeinrichOliges, Maria Helena (Mrs. Heinrich)She married Franz Korte, son of Herman & Elisabeth Korte on 24 May 1910 at St. Damian
Wolters, Anna Christina14 Dec 189814 Dec 1898Wolters, LucasMiddendorf, AnnaWolters, GerhardMiddendorf, Christina---
Wolters, Anna Elisabeth18 Jan 188520 Jan 1885Wolters, GerhardRensing, AnnaRensing, AugustSantel, ElisabethShe married Johann Hoh 1 Sep 1914 in this church
Wolters, Anna Gesina27 Jan 189028 Jan 1890Wolters, BernardWübbels (Wuebbels), CatharinaWuebbels, HermanStrot, Anna MariaHe married Joseph Zurliene on 8 May 1912 in St. Francis, Aviston, IL
Wolters, Barbara Louisa08 Nov 189609 Nov 1896Wolters, HeinrichGerdes, ElisabethWolters, LucasGerdes, BarbaraShe married Franz Broeckling on 12 Oct 1915 in St. Bernard, Albers, IL
Wolters, Bernard Herman28 Jun 188129 Jun 1881Wolters, BernardWübbels (Wuebbels), CatharinaWuebbels, BernardNiemann, Maria---
Wolters, Bernhard19 Jun 189419 Jun 1894Wolters, LouisMittendorf, AnnaMittendorf, BernardMittendorf, Christina (Mrs. Bernard)---
Wolters, Catharina08 Aug 187910 Aug 1879Wolters, GerhardRensing, AnnaWolters, AlbertRensing, Catharina---
Wolters, Emilia Regina02 Jan 190202 Jan 1902Wolters, LucasSwaters, EmiliaWolters, HeinrichSantel, Elisabeth---
Wolters, Gerhard Heinrich01 Aug 187403 Aug 1874Wolters, BernardWehkamp, MariaHoffmann, Gerhard HeinrichWolters, Margaretha---
Wolters, Helena Theresia08 Jan 188509 Jan 1885Wolters, BernardWuebbels, CatharinaWolters, AlbertWübbels, ThersiaShe married Johann Feldmann on 12 May 1909 in St. Francis, Aviston, IL
Wolters, Hermann Franz05 Oct 188706 Oct 1887Wolters, BernardWübbels (Wuebbels), CatharinaNiemann, HermannHoffmann, AdelheidHe married Maria Kuhl on 16 Apr 1912 in St. Francis, Aviston, IL
Wolters, Hermann Heinrich20 Dec 188923 Dec 1889Wolters, GerhardRensing, AnnaSchaper, HermannRensing, Anna---
Wolters, Johann Bernard06 May 189208 May 1892Wolters, BernardWuebbels, CatharinaBuss, Johann BernardBuss, Anna Maria (Mrs. Johann Bernard)---
Wolters, Johann Heinrich08 Feb 189510 Feb 1895Wolters, HeinrichGerdes, ElisabethSantel, JohannSantel, Elisabeth (Mrs. Johann)---
Wolters, Joseph01 Aug 188301 Aug 1883Wolters, BernardWübbels (Wuebbels), CatharinaWolters, TheodorWuebbels, Theresia---
Wolters, Margaretha Elisabeth22 Feb 189924 Feb 1899Wolters, HeinrichGerdes, ElisabethWolters, GerhardWolters, Anna (Mrs. Gerhard)---
Zahn, Johann Bernhard27 Mar 187301 Apr 1873Zahn, HeinrichMers, GesinaRencing, Johann HermanRencing, Caroline (Mrs. Johann Herman)He married Anna Gintes ? on 22 Sep 1921 St. Elisabeth Church in East St. Louis, IL
Zimmermann, Rheimund (Raymond?) Anton20 Sep 190023 Sep 1900Zimmermann, WilhelmMiddendorf, ClaraHaar, AntonWegmann, Louisa---

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