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Marriage Date Groom Groom's Father Groom's Mother Maiden Bride Bride's Father Bride's Mother Maiden Witness Witness Comments
25 Oct 1888AARENS, WilhelmAarens, WilhelmSTERK, WilhelminaDEUTSCH, MariaDeutsch, HeinrichGLOSS, CatharinaGERVESMANN, HeinrichDEBEN, Bernard---
23 Jun 1914ABELN, George------HOFFMANN, Clara------------This marriage took place at Assumption Church in St. Louis, MO.
18 Apr 1882ABELN, HeinrichAbeln, Gerhard HeinrichBEHLMANN, Maria AnnaHANEKLAN, Maria Elisabetha------REVERMANN, B.Haneklan, Johanna---
2 Nov 1916AHLERS, Bernard J.------TIMMERMANN, Flora E.------Ahlers, AloysiusTimmermann, ReginaThis marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
22 Feb 1916AHLERS, Francis------HORENKAMP, Elisabeth------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
21 Nov 1906AHRENS, TheodorAhrens, BernardRUMP, CarolinaSCHWIERJOHN, CatharinaSchwierjohn, ClementSCHROER, ElisabethaAhrens, FranzSchwierjohn, Theresia---
5 May 1868ALBERS, Bernard------KAYSER, Maria------Kayser, HeinrichSCHRANDT, Anna---
27 Feb 1924ALBERS, EdwardAlbers, HeinrichNot Listed, CarolinaKOESTERER, Elsa BerthaKoesterer, LudwigNot Listed, Clara------This marriage took place in Freeburg, IL.
21 Apr 1920ALBERTERNST, Heinrich------KUHL, Maria Rosa------------This marriage took place in St. Francis, Aviston IL
27 May 1884ALBERTERNST, Johann Gerhard------HOLTGREVE, Elisabetha------Holtgreve, AntonELLING, Maria---
23 Oct 1883ALBERTERNST, Johann HeinrichAlberternst, HeinrichSCHALENCAMP, Anna MariaRICHTER, AdelheidRichter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaAlberternst, GerhardRichter, Maria---
26 Oct 1910ALGILBERS, Johann------HAGEN, Maria CatharinaHagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, Maria------Couple was married at St. Boniface in Germantown
18 Oct 1916ALMASY, CarlAlmasy, JohannSAIBURKY, SusannaHORANY, AnnaHorany, GeorgCHURLIK, ElisabethHILLEN, AloysiusPETERMEIER, Adelheid---
29 May 1900ALTEPETER, BernardAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaPETERMEIER, RosaPetermeier, JodociCLEMENT, ElisabethaPetermeier, BernardTIMMERMANN, Elisabetha---
15 Nov 1881ALTEPETER, GerhardAltepeter, HermanKRUEP, AdelheidHINCAMP, AnnaHincamp, HeinrichBALKE, MariaKruep, HeinrichBUHNE, Philomena---
13 Aug 1878ALTEPETER, HeinrichAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaHEIDEMANN, CatharinaHeidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaAltepeter, GerhardHeidemann, Anna---
15 Feb 1924ALTEPETER, HeinrichAltepeter, MartinNIEMANN, TheresiaNIEMEYER, CatharinaNiemeyer, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaAltepeter, JosephNiemeyer, Mildred---
1 Feb 1928ALTEPETER, Joseph MartinAltepeter, MartinNIEMANN, TheresiaRICHTER, Margareta MariaRichter, Heinrich GerhardELLING, CarolinaAltepeter, Martin A.Richter, Helen---
14 Nov 1899ALTEPETER, MartinAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaNIEMANN, TheresiaNiemann, JosephSCHROER, AnnaAltepeter, BernardSCHWIERJOHN, Theresia---
26 May 1863ALTPETER, Stephan------WINKEL, Maria------HEUCHLER, Gerhard HeinrichWinkel, Anna---
19 Aug 1890AMBROSE, ConradAmbrose, TheodorCORB, CarolinaCOARS, MariaCoars, ClementMEIER, CatharinaCoars, ClementMOHLEMANN, Catharina---
21 Apr 1923ANDERSON, William A.------BURMEISTER, FranziscaBurmeister, FerdinandNot Listed, Johanna ?------The groom is Non-Catholic. This marriage took place in St. Augustine in St. Louis, MO
12 Jan 1889ANHEUSER, JacobAnheuser, JacobTIMMERMANN, MargaritaSTUEBER, ElisabethaStueber, GeorgALBES, MagdalenaNot listed---Mixed religion marriage; dispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann Jansen.
26 Oct 1910APPEL, Alfred J.Appel, JohannERNEST, ChristinaVOGELSANG, Eugenia B.Vogelsang, AugustLEONARD, ElisabethaLeonard, FerdinandVogelsang, ElisabethGroom is a new convert.
12 May 1863AUFENORDE, Heinrich------BAX, Maria Anna------HAGEN, HeinrichKRAEMER, Elisabetha---
25 Apr 1865AUS DEM MORE, Joseph------FIEDELER, Carolina------WELAGE, AlbertWEBER, Maria Catharina---
6 Apr 1875BAHR, HieronymousBahr, JacobBRAUNSTEIN, CarolinaWANGLER, CarolinaWangler, SebastianMESSERSCHMIDT, MagdalenaWangler, FriederichHIRSCH, Elisabetha---
20 May 1908BARTH, HeinrichBarth, JohannHUMMERT, MargaretaVOGELSANG, EmiliaVogelsang, AugustLEONARD, ElisabethaBarth, Heinrich B.Vogelsang, Eugenia---
28 Oct 1908BARTH, Johann------TIMMERMANN, Anna------------Marriage took place in St. Rose, IL; entry appears just before 1912 entries.
21 Oct 1914BARTH, RudolphBarth, JosephWALLIS, SusannaLAGER, ElisabethLager, AugustPETERMEYER, MariaBarth, Phi.Lager, Josephine---
29 Dec 1922BAUER, ThomasBauer, NewtonMC NEAL, MabelleTIFFENAN, BerthaTiffenan, JosephMAIBAUM, ElisabethTiffenan, ElisabethMaibaum, BernardinaThe bride was born 2 Sep 1899?
24 Feb 1914BAUMGÄRTNER (Baumgaertner), RichardBaumgaertner, CarlNot Listed, JoannaGOLDSCHMIDT, EmmaGoldschmidt, LudwigNot Listed, AnnaBaumgartner, JohannGoldschmidt, CarolinaThis marriage took place in St. Felicitas, Beaver Prairie, IL
28 Nov 1929BECHTHOLD, Robert WilliamBechthold, WilliamTIEMANN, MagdalenaKREBS, Marcella WilhelminaKrebs, FriederichGOELLNER, MathildaBROCKMANN, Nelson FredericKrebs, Catherine M.---
24 Oct 1905BECKER, FriederichBecker, GeorgSTEILING, JosephinaHABICH, ErnestinaHabich, JohannBODE, ReginaHabich, PeterBecker, Sophia---
12 Mar 1925BECKER, Heinrich------BREIDENBACH, Bertha------------This marriage is to replace their 1914 Lutheran marriage?
21 Apr 1868BECKER, Herman------WENKEL, Anna------NIEMANN, HermanALTEPETER, Anna---
30 Jun 1864BEHNE, Anton------HOLTHAUS, Catharina------MORHINNERS, TheodorHolthaus, Anna Catharina---
4 Jun 1901BENTLER, JosephBentler, FranzWISEKE, CatharinaKNIES, MariaKnies, HeinrichPUTMEIER (Petermeier?), ElisabethaKnies, HeinrichKLUTHOS, Regina---
9 Oct 1918BERNDSEN, HeinrichBerndsen, HeinrichWINTER, MariaHAGEN, ElisabethHagen, GeorgKLEIER, AnnaBerndsen, JosephHagen, Genevieve---
28 Jul 1909BERNDSEN, J. HeinrichBerndsen, HeinrichWINTER, MariaBRUENING, ReginaBruening, HeinrichGEERS, AnnaWinter, FerdinandSCHEFE, Helen---
19 Jan 1920BINGHAM, JohannBingham, HaydenNot Listed, CatharinaHALLERMANN, Anna CaeciliaHallermann, HeinrichNot Listed, Maria Elisabeth------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
5 Oct 1861BIXLACH, Johann Gerhard------MAASS, Anna Maria------HAGEN, JohannHULS, Maria---
9 Apr 1861BIXSCHLACH, Johann------MAASS, Maria Elisabetha------Bixschlach, GerhardKÖCKELMEYER (Koeckelmeyer), Gertrude---
31 Jul 1900BLAKE, CarlBlake, EnochSCHULLY?, MariaGOEVERT, CarolinaGoevert, HeinrichSTEIN, AnnaGoevert, MaximilianBlake, Margarita---
24 Nov 1863BLASE, Franz------STUEVER, Anna Maria------MEYER, ConradALBERTERNST, Catharina---
23 Nov 1910BLUMENSTEIN, ReinholdBlumenstein, JohannBRANDT, BerthaMIDEKE, AnnaMideke, HeinrichRICHTER, CatharinaMiddeke, JohnABELN, Johanna---
21 Oct 1908BOCKEL, JosephVON BOCKEL, WilhelmWEHCAMP, MariaMIDDEKE, ClaraMiddeke, HeinrichRICHTER, CatharinaBACKE, BernardMiddeke, Anna---
16 Jul 1924BOENHOFF, Franz JosephBoenhoff, WilhelmNot Listed, MariaWEHLAGE, Maria F.Wehlage, JohannNot Listed, Anna------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
15 Apr 1913BOENHOFF, Johann Heinrich------VOSS, Maria Wilhelmina------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin, Breese, IL
8 Jan 1908BOHN, WilliamBohn, JacobSTRIFE, KatarinaBRAUER, EmmaBrauer, BernardSCHULTE, MariaBohn, JosephBrauer, ElizabethDispensation granted for a mixed religion marriage.
29 Dec 1925BOLK, Heinrich J.Bolk, HeinrichNot Listed, ChristinaLAGER, PaulinaLager, LudwigNot Listed, WilhelminaBolk, Leo J.SCHLUETER, Henrietta---
26 May 1874BRANDT, Christoph HeinrichBrandt, Johann AdolphLAMMER, DorotheaBRUENING, GertrudBruening, HeinrichGRUEZENMACHER, LouisaBruening, HeinrichREILMANN, Maria Elisabetha---
18 Oct 1904BRANDT, HermanBrandt, MartinWEMPE, HelenaHOHMANN, CatharinaHohmann, HermanMUSS, AnnaBrandt, BernardHAGEN, Angelina---
6 Apr 1869BRANDT, Martin------WEMPE, Maria Helena------Not ListedNot Listed---
25 Jun 1889BRAUER, BernardBrauer, BernardBOSSE, Maria GesinaSCHULTE, MariaSchulte, HeinrichSCHAEPER, HelenaREILMANN, HeinrichBUHNE, Adelheid---
16 Feb 1909BREIDENBACH, Paul ConradBreidenbach, FriederichSEEL, MariaKREITER, Anna (Non-Catholic)Kreiter, AdamWEIL, ChristinaTRUEMANN, WilhelmBreidenbach, BerthaDispensation granted for mixed religion marriage.
12 Jun 1883BRINKMANN, HeinrichBrinkmann, Bernard Heinrich---ELLING, ElisabethUHRMEISTER, FerdinandVOS, MargaretaVON BOCKEL, JohannLAGER, Anna---
26 Nov 1895BRINKMANN, WilhelmBrinkmann, FriederichNot listedKAPP, CatharinaKapp, NicolausSTAUDER, BarbaraCOARS, ClementROTH, Susanna---
23 Jun 1905BRUEGGE, HeinrichBruegge, TheodorBARTH, LouisaGOELLNER, JosephinaGoellner, FerdinandBUHNE, Catharina born STOLTEBENGoellner, FerdinandBarth, Caecilia---
25 Nov 1890BRUEGGEMANN, HeinrichBrueggemann, HeinrichHOMANN, Anna MariaSCHONEFELD, BernardinaSchonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaBrueggemann, HermanSchonefeld, Machtilde---
12 Jan 1892BRUEGGEMANN, Johann HermanBrueggemann, HeinrichHOMANN, MariaRAMING, BernardinaRaming, ClementSTRABORG, ElisabethaBrueggemann, Johann BernardHUELSMANN, Maria---
27 Jun 1923BRUENING, AntonBruening, Heinrich (Adoptive father)Not Listed, AnnaKAULIG, BerthaKaulig, AntonKELLNER, AnnaKaulig, JosephSCHLUETER, Henrietta---
2 Oct 1894BRUENING, BernardBruening, HeinrichGRUETZEMACHER, LouisaHOLTMANN, ElisabethaHoltmann, BernardBUELTEMEIER, TheresiaHOLLENCAMP, HeinrichHoltmann, Maria---
9 Nov 1880BRUENING, HeinrichBruening, HeinrichGRUETZENMACHER, LouisaGEERS, AnnaGeer, Johann GerhardHESSLER, ElisabethaGeers, WilhelmHAAR, Catharina---
17 Jun 1862BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Heinrich------HOMANN, Maria Anna------TELLAMP (Tellcamp?), HermanHomann, Louisa---
9 Apr 1861BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Herman Bernard------TELLCAMP, Christina------Brueggemann, HeinrichWIEMANN, Elisabetha---
26 Apr 1859BRUGGEMANN, Bernard Heinrich------BÄTKE (Baetke), Maria------SCHURMANN, FritzBaetke, Maria Elisabeth---
9 May 1865BRÜNING (Bruening), Conrad------HEITMANN, Elisabetha------Heitmann, FriederichMARKS, Catharina---
15 Feb 1876BUDDE, FranzBudde, HeinrichCHREIENBAUM, Carolina LouisaHAGEN, Maria------NIEMEIER, CarlHagen, Catharina---
28 Sep 1920BUDDE, Franz Henry------KRAUS, Mathilda A.------Budde, JosephSCHMIDT, JosephineThis marriage took place in St. Joseph in Detroit, MI.
11 Oct 1921BUDDE, JosephBudde, FranzHEYER, MariaTIMMERMANN, ReginaTimmermann, TheodorHABICH, AnnaBudde, AugustTimmermann, Olivia---
13 Apr 1915BUDDE, Theodor BernardBudde, HeinrichNot Listed, ElisabethDUST, FranziscaDust, HermanNot Listed, LouisaBudde, HenryDust, Emma---
3 May 1866BUERMANN, Friederich------SCHLARTMANN, Gertrud------ALBERS, BernardSCHNIER, Anna Maria---
14 Jan 1862BÜHNE (Buehne), Bernard------STOLTEBEEN, Catharina------HINCKAMP, Theodor & Bernard DUMSTORFFSUMPER, Carolina & Wilhelmina HOLLE ---
28 Apr 1891BUHNE, AugustBuhne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaBANN, CatharinaBann, ThomasHIGGINS, CatharinaBann, JosephBÜHNE (Buehne), Adelheid---
22 Sep 1897BUHNE, BernardBuhne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaFUNKE, TheresiaFunke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaFunke, AloysGOELLNER, Machtilde---
7 May 1919BULLER, HeinrichBuller, JosephHEMANN, WilhelminaVOGELSANG, Maria HelenaVogelsang, AugustLEONARD, ElisabethaVogelsang, Ferdinand J.DORRIES, (Miss) Bertha---
2 Oct 1900BURMEISTER, FerdinandBurmeister, FranzGERKEN, AnnaJASKE, GertrudJaske, WilhelmDIEKER, Maria AngelaBurmeister, AugustSCHNITKER, Anna---
10 Feb 1863BURMEISTER, Franz------GERKEN, Anna------HAGEN, BernardRUMP, Anna---
6 Feb 1918BURNETT, GeorgBurnett, JacobTODD, MariaSCHULTE, JesseSchulte, HeinrichSPANGLER, MariaHOFF, (Rev.) WilhelmBurnett, Milda---
15 Sep 1881BURST, OttoBurst, PhilippLUM, Anna MariaESS, AnnaEss, BernardKARHOFF, ElisabethaBurst, EmilEss, Maria---
28 Nov 1916BUSS, Johann BernardBuss, JohannWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), MariaKOCH, Clara FranziscaKoch, HermanWIETER, Maria AdelheidBuss, JohnKoch, Gertrude---
27 Nov 1883BUSSE, GeorgBusse, BernardNot Listed, Catharina LOCKHORN, CarolinaSCHNAT, AugustNot Listed, ErnestinaHAGEN, BernardPEEK, Maria Anna---
23 Oct 1917BUSSELMANN, BernardBusselmann, GerhardROLFES, BernardinaNORDMANN, WilhelminaNordmann, JohannHUELSMANN, AnnaNordmann, FerdinandHOLTKAMP, Wilhelmine---
20 Feb 1926BUTHEHER ?, Jacob M.------COYLE, Catherine Adeline------------This marriage took place in Chester, IL
7 Jan 1862CAHAN, Johann------WALSH, Serah------RODS, PatrickARCHER, Maria---
16 Jul 1918CAMERON, Johann Wilhelm------HORSTMANN, Anna Margarita------------The groom was a non-Catholic. This marriage took place in Carlyle, IL
27 Jun 1916CASEY, Carl T.Casey, Zorob...?WOODSIDE, SusannaKAUNE, Olivia M.KAUNE, WilhelmDONNE, SaraVOGELSANG, Ferd.Donne, Gertrude W.---
12 May 1874CAUNE, WilhelmCaune, CarlWEIDNER, ErnestinaDONNE, SeraDonne, RobertHEIDEMANN, GertrudCaune, HeinrichHeidemann, (Louisa) ElisabethaCompare Kaune
6 Oct 1920CLARK, Robert Lee------SCHLUETER, MariaSchlueter, BernardNot Listed, Maria------The groom is a Non-Catholic. This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO
10 Oct 1906COELLER, B. L.Coeller, LudwigSTRATMANN, JohannaIMMETHUN, MariaImmethun, HeinrichHAMPTMANN, LouisaCoeller, JosephVOSS, Catharina---
28 Apr 1859COFFEE, Thomas------OHANRANDT, J. B.------LAWAK, MaryNADERMANN, Joseph---
2 Oct 1861CORAN, Peter------RAFTERY, Maria------LAWELLE, JacobHANDMORY, MariaThe couple was from Lebanon, IL.
25 Jan 1911COSTELLO, JacobCostello, EduardMC GRATH, BrigittaSCHAUBER, EmmaWERNER, AugustCODY, AliceCostello, EdwardSTUKENBERG, (Miss) Annie---
16 Feb 1926CREPPS, Walter J.Crepps, Johann HAAS, LouisaKLEIN, Maria CatharinaKlein, HeinrichSLOTH, Maria------The groom was Baptized 21 Oct 1904 in St. Mary Trenton, IL. Compare Krebbs.
8 Jan 1862CRINE, Patrick------GORMAN, Maria ------WARD, PatrickGorman, Not listedThe couple was from Lebanon, IL.
27 Apr 1859DALY, John------CONNELLY, Brigitta------MACAEN, PatrickMacaen, Elisabet---
5 May 1908DANIEL, GeorgDaniel, JohannGERLING, Anna MariaHEIDEL, Anna MariaHeidel, JohannMEIBACH, Maria AnnaHeidel, BernardDaniel, MargaritaGroom was Baptized on 30 Jul 1881 in Germantown & bride was Baptized on 9 Aug 1881 in Aviston, IL
23 Nov 1869DANIEL, Ludwig------SCHMIDT, Theresia------Not ListedNot Listed---
26 Feb 1867DANIEL, Martin------SCHMIDT, Theresia------Schmidt, FranzMARKS, Catharina---
10 Nov 1902DANIELS, HeinrichDaniels, JohannGERLING, Anna MariaSCHMEDLE, MariaSchmedle, AugustBURTSCHI, BarbaraDaniels, GeorgBRUEGGE, Caecilia---
1 Apr 1914DAWKINS, WilhelmDawkins, WilhelmNot Listed, MariaDEUTSCH, CaeciliaDeutsch, AntonNot Listed, CatharinaTODD, BernardDeutsch, RosaGroom is non-Catholic & not Baptized
5 Jun 1873DEEBEN, TheodorDeeben, GerhardTEEBEN, CatharinaMEIBORG, ElisabethaMeiborg, Gerhard HeinrichSOMMERS, Anna MariaABEL, HeinrichKOBOLD, ElisabethaCompare Tebben.
10 Jan 1888DEEKEN, JohannDeeken, AugustPEEK, AnnaWIEBERG, ReginaWieberg, JosephKOEKEL, ReginaPeek, AugustPeek, Anna---
5 Sep 1917DEIEN, Bernard------SCHEVELING, Clara------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
10 Nov 1896DEIEN, GeorgDeien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaJANSSEN, MargaritaJanssen, MartinWELLEN, ChristinaDeien, JohannDumbeck, Catharina---
13 Feb 1872DEIEN, HeinrichDeien, BernardHOFSCHLACH, Anna MariaDUMBECK, JosephinaDumbeck, AntonSPRIES, ElisabethaDeien, LorenzANSCHLACH, Louisa---
15 Jul 1903DEIEN, HeinrichDeien, BernardJANSSEN, MariaKLEIER, ElisabethaKleier, JohannMUELLER, ElisabethaDeien, LaurenzDeien, Anna---
16 Nov 1886DEIEN, LorenzDeien, BernardHOFSCHLACH, MariaTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaNot listedTimmermann, CarolinaDeien, JohannREMPE, Maria---
19 May 1922DEIEN, Wilhelm------THIEN, Paulina------IMMETHUN, A.Deien, JosephinaThis marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
20 May 1919DEITERS, BernardDeiters, BernardNot Listed, CatharinaHILMES, AnnaHilmes, HermanNot Listed, ElisabethDeiters, HeinrichHAGEN, GenevieveThis marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
8 May 1917DEITERS, Herman------DETMER, Theresia------------This marriage took place at St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
12 Jun 1929DEITERS, Wilhelm BernardDeiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaKLUEMKE, CatharinaKluemke, GerhardJANSEN, CatharinaKluemke, Joseph H.SCHWARZ, Anna---
9 Apr 1872DETERMANN, Gerhard Friederich JosephDetermann, Gerhard FriederichGOEKE, Maria AnnaMEIER, Maria AnnaMeier, HermanTHOLE, Maria AnnaSCHWIERJOHN, FranzRATERMANN, Catharina---
20 Nov 1883DEUTSCH, AntonDeutsch, HeinrichGROSS, CatharinaBERNS, CatharinaBerns, Johann BernardSUNDERMANN, MargaritaTHEISING, BernardDeutsch, Anna---
28 Nov 1922DEUTSCH, Friederich Deutsch, AntonNot Listed, CatharinaBINGHAM, Camilla L.Bingham, HaydenNot Listed, CatharineOLDANI, JamesOldani, Velda---
7 Jun 1917DEUTSCH, Friederich NicolausDeutsch, AntonBERNS, CatharinaPOELKER, CatharinaPoelker, BernardSCHAVELING, MariaPoelker, FredDeutsch, Josephine---
5 Feb 1861DIEFENAUER, Joseph------SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Catharina------Diefenauer, JohannMORHINNERS, Catharina---
19 May 1863DIEKER, Heinrich------VODEMEYER, Maria Adelheid------BRÜNING (Bruening), ConradMORHINNERS, CatharinaCompare Wedemeyer
18 Apr 1899DIEKER, HeinrichDieker, BernardWEDEMEIER, Maria AdelheidRUKHER, IdaRukher, CarlHARTWIK, MariaDieker, LudwigRukher, EmmaThis could be the bride's parent's marriage: RUECHKOHR, Charles +  HARTWECK, Mary  3 Jul 1866 Madison County, IL  
17 Jan 1894DIEKMANN, TheodorDiekmann, BernardKREKE, ElisabethaWESSELMANN, CarolinaWesselmann, BernardBOURKE, AnnaDIEKEMANN, HeinrichRIBBING, Elisabetha---
13 Nov 1866DIERKES, Bernard Joseph------TÜNKES (Tuenkes), Anna Maria ------PEPPENHORST, BernardSCHMIDT, Theresia---
22 Feb 1870DIERS, Bernard------HUELSCAMP, Carolina------HAGEN, HeinrichMARKS, Catharina---
2 Jul 1912DIETERS, Bernard------BOKEL, Carolina------------This marriage took place at St. Mary in Carlyle, IL
10 Sep 1924DIETERS, Wilhelm Bernard------PEEK, Frieda M.------------This marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
5 May 1860DILLMANN, Heinrich------SCHULTE, Elisabeth------KLUTHO, TheodoreREINEKE, Thresia---
27 Jan 1926DINELT, Anton Gerhard------COOKE, Lilian------------This marriage took place in Toronto, Canada
25 Feb 1915DINELT, Gerhard Joseph------ROBERTSON, Margareta------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
22 Apr 1902DONALDSON, FrancisDONALSON, BernardMYERS, JohannaKUHLS, ElisabethaKuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudTIMMERMANN, HeinrichSCHLUETER, Mina---
7 Oct 1908DOYLE, BernardDoyle, JacobBROWN, BrigittaMASSEY, LethaMassey, JosephHENSON, Maria C.HIGGINS, PatrickDoyle, Mrs. AliceBride was not Catholic
19 Jun 1901DOYLE, PeterDoyle, JacobBROWN, BrigittaJANSSEN, TheresiaJanssen, MartinWELLEN, ChristinaSCHULTE, GeorgRIFF, Margarita---
25 Jun 1905DOYLE, PeterDoyle, JacobBROWN, BrigittaDOLLARS, SophiaDollars, LonzoBRIDGES, IdaDoyle, JacobDoyle, AliceBride is not Baptized & dispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann [Janssen] mentioned.
20 Apr 1920DREES, Bernard Joseph------OVERBERG, Wilhelmina------------This marriage took place in St. Francis, Aviston IL
---DREES, HermanDrees, HermanNot Listed, MargaritaOVERBERG, ElisabethOverberg, HermanNot Listed, Elisabeth------This entry appears between 8 & 30 Aug 1916. This marriage took place at St. Francis, Aviston IL
13 Nov 1888DRENTEN, BernardDrenten, BernardTOEBBE, MariaFOECKE, AnnaFoecke, HeinrichFOCKES, CarolinaFIEDELER, JosephFoeke, ElisabethaPlease contact compiler if connected to this family.
9 May 1872DUMBECK, Anton------LOW, Francisca Regina------PEEK, GerhardSCHARFENBERGER, Regina---
8 May 1900DUMBECK, GeorgDumbeck, AntonLOW, FranciscaSCHMIDLE, RosaSchmidle, AugustBURTSCHI, BarbaraHAGEN, FranzSchmidle, Maria---
26 Jan 1909DUST, Heinrich AntonDust, HermanKOLBE, LouisaKERKEMEIER, Anna MariaKerkemeier, StephanSPIELMANN, FranciscaKRUEP, TheodorDust, Margaretha---
31 Dec 1918EILERING, MartinEilering, HeinrichBAAHLMANN, AnnaJANSEN, DorothyJansen, Johann BernardPOELKER, Maria Carolina------This marriage took place in Damiansville, IL
27 Oct 1903EILERS, HermanEilers, Franz JosephKOHNEN, Anna AdelheidFOSTER, AnnaFOPPE, HeinrichAHLERS, MariaEilers, BernardAhlers, Catharina---
17 Jan 1860EKELMANN, Fritz------BÄTKE (Baetke), Lisette------SCHIERMANN, Johann Fri.SCHULTE, Anna Maria---
10 Jan 1905ELLING, TheodorElling, HermanURMEISTER, ElisabethaHUENE, CatharinaHuene, GerhardDULLE, Not listedZURLINE, JosephHuene, Regina---
13 May 1924ENDRES, Anton------HAAR, Maria------------This marriage took place in the Cathedral in Belleville, IL
25 Nov 1920ENKELMANN, RobertEnkelmann, HeinrichNot Listed, EmmaMEISNER, HenriettaMeisner, GustavNot Listed, ElenaMeisner, Louis A.DIEKER, Mary---
20 Aug 1895ERVAN, PeterErvan, MathiasWEILER, CatharinaZEHRER, ElisabethaSCHULTE, HeinrichSCHAEFER, HelenaJANSEN, JohannBRAUER, Maria---
14 Sep 1927ESCHMANN, FrancisEschmann, Johann HeinrichWELSCH, AnnaNIEBUR, Regina MariaNiebur, ChristianDIEKER, ElisabethNiebur, George H.Eschmann, Elizabeth---
11 Sep 1907ESCHMANN, HeinrichEschmann, AdamMILLER, MariaMEIRINKE, AnnaMeirinke, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaMeirinke, HeinrichEschmann, Clara---
18 May 1886ESS, BernardEss, Johann BernardKARHOFF, ElisabethaNORDMANN, MargaritaNordmann, LeonardSCHUMACHER, GesinaEss, Heinrich & Heinrich BENKENordmann, Maria & Maria Ess---
1 Sep 1915ESS, Bernard------BRAUER, Rose Anna------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
27 Nov 1912ESS, Johann------ALBERS, Anna------------This marriage took place at Germantown, IL
23 Apr 1918ESS, Johann BernardEss, Bernard JohannKAHRHOFF, ElisabethGANNON, CaeciliaGannon, ThomasWELDRON, CaeciliaEss, LennyEss, Barbara---
16 May 1917ESS, WilhelmEss, BernardSCHULTE, MariaBRAUER, ElisabethaBrauer, BernardSCHULTE, MariaEss, BernardKLUSE, Estella---
18 Sep 1922ESSENPREISS, Heinrich------SCHULTE, Mathilda------------This marriage took place in St. Louis, MO.
27 Nov 1901EULBERG, CarlEulberg, ChristianNEUMULLER, CatharinaRICKHER, EmmaRickher, CarlHARTWICK, MariaSMITH, JosephEulberg, Maria---
25 Mar 1880EULBERG, Christian------NEUMILLER, Catharina------FUNKE, FranzMARKS, ThresiaThis entry appears between 8 Apr & 27 Apr 1880; Ferdinand Eulberg is listed as a witness and his name is crossed out.
8 Feb 1918EWALD, OttoEwald, BernardNot Listed, PhilippinaFLENTROP, MariaFlentrop, AntonNot Listed, Maria------This marriage took place in Osage City, Kansas
13 Oct 1897FANGMEIER, AugustFangmeier, Johann ClementMUELLER, Maria TheresiaWIEGERT, MariaWiegert, FranzHAGGE, Anna MariaBENTLER, JosephWiegert, Catharina---
6 May 1925FANGMEYER, Albert B.------SCHLARMANN, Loretta------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
4 May 1921FAUKE, Alvin------DEIEN, Margarita------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
27 Sep 1899FAUKE, HeinrichFauke, ClementHOELLINGHOFF, ElisabethaHAGEN, LinaHagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaHagen, Franz---Marriage date could be 21 Sep 1899
21 Feb 1900FECHTEL, GeorgFechtel, HermanRUESSE, AgnesPEEK, CarolinaPeek, GerhardSTROHT, AnnaFechter, Heinrich & Jacob BURRICHTERFechtel, Anna & Elisabetha Peek---
8 Aug 1876FEHER, BernardFeher, BernardLAMMERS, MariaPOELKER, ClaraPoelker, BernardHOFFROGG, CatharinaPoelker, BernardPoelker, Carolina---
10 Jan 1893FEHLKER, GerhardFehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaWESSELMANN, TheresiaWesselmann, Johann BernardBURKE, Anna MariaFehlker, HermanWesselmann, Carolina---
9 Oct 1883FELDMANN, BernardFeldmann, GerhardROBBE, ElisabethaBRINKER, MargaritaBrinker, HeinrichALBERS, Maria AnnaFeldmann, JohannJANSEN, Maria---
19 Aug 1903FELDMANN, BernardFeldmann, HermanBUHS, CarolinaGRAVE, AnnaGrave, FranzESS, Maria Feldmann, FranzEss, Anna---
27 Apr 1880FELDMANN, GerhardFeldmann, GerhardROBBEN, ElisabethaRICHTER, MariaRichter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaFeldmann, BernardRichter, Adelheid---
17 May 1864FELDMANN, Gerhard Heinrich------DUST, Anna Maria------Feldmann, Bernard JosephDust, Anna Maria---
10 Feb 1925FELDMANN, Herman------TIMMERMANN, Anna Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Francis in Aviston, IL.
8 Sep 1868FELDMANN, Joseph------SCHIERMANN (Schurmann?), Dora------Feldmann, GerhardSchiermann (Schurmann?), Louisa---
25 Jun 1918FELDMANN, WilhelmFeldmann, GeorgeNot Listed, AngelaKRUSE, AdellaKruse, HeinrichNot Listed, RosaPILLIE, BenFeldmann, Adele---
31 Oct 1921FELTROP, Franz (Arthur)------THIEN, Elisabeth (Lilian)------------This marriage took place at St. Alphonse in St. Louis, MO
18 Jan 1921FELTROP, Wilhelm------METZLER, Etta------------This entry appears after the Oct 1921 entries. This marriage took place in Detroit, MI
15 Nov 1899FELTRUP, AntonFeltrup, EngelbertIMMIG, CatharinaESS, CatharinaEss, BernardKENEBECK, Anna MargaritaBOCK, WilhelmEss, Catharina---
22 Feb 1870FIEDELER, Heinrich------MACKE, Elisabetha------Macke, FranzFOECKE, Catharina---
30 Dec 1908FIEDLER, EngelbertFiedler, JohannNEINER, KunnigundaSINGLER, Louisa (Non-Catholic)Singler, JohannBAUMANN, CatharinaHIGGENS, PatrickGERBERSMANN, Henry / Henrietta---
18 Jan 1910FISCHER, WilhelmFischer, WilhelmLEHRTER, AnnaFELDMANN, MariaFeldmann, BernardBRINKER, MariaLehrter, Bernard E.KUHL, WilhelminaWilhelm Fischer is from Herzlake, County Meppen, Hannover
5 Apr 1894FLORIAN, AntonFlorian, JohannNot listedGISTING, ElisabethaGisting, JosephHÜELS, MariaHUELSCAMP, TheodorGisting, Machtilde---
7 May 1867FOCKES, Bernard------FUHLER, Helena------Fockes, HeinrichUBBEN, Gesina---
26 Jan 1869FOCKES, Heinrich------SUMPER, Anna Maria------STOKMANN, HermanHAAR, Elisabetha---
23 Nov 1875FOCKES, HeinrichFockes, BernardENNEKEN, MargaritaKRUSE, Maria GesinaHANEKE, WenceslausJENNINK, Maria GesinaFockes, BernardWILKE, Margarita---
27 Apr 1871FOECKE, Gerhard HeinrichFoecke, Bernard HeinrichRUMKER, Maria GertrudRUMP, Maria LisettaRump, Johann BernardSCHNEIDER, Maria MargaritaFIEDELER, HeinrichRump, Anna Maria---
5 Nov 1867FOECKE, Johann Heinrich------FOCKES, Carolina------Not ListedNot ListedRelatives of compiler.
26 Oct 1904FOPPE, AugustFoppe, HenrichBECKER, GertrudRENSCHEN, MariaRenschen, JosephSCHAHLKAMP, MariaRenschen, AugustFoppe, Catharina---
16 May 1909FOPPE, BernardFoppe, HeinrichKORMAN, MariaKRUSE, AmandaKruse, HeinrichHOH, RosaKruse, FranzFoppe, Maria---
19 Aug 1919FOPPE, EduardFoppe, HeinrichKOHRMANN, MariaQUINN, GenevieveQuinn, Jacob (Adoptive father)---HAAR, FrankFoppe, Clara---
8 Jan 1875FOPPE, HeinrichFoppe, BernardVOLBERS, AdelheidALES, Maria HelenaAles, BernardHONIGFORTH, AdelheidFEHR, BernardREILMANN, Elisabetha---
17 Jun 1908FOPPE, HeinrichFoppe, HenrichKORMANN, Maria A.MUELLER, ElisabethaMueller, FriederichTURMAN, ElisabethMueller, BernardFoppe, Maria---
23 Aug 1911FOPPE, JohannFoppe, HeinrichKOHRMANN, MariaHAAR, ElisabethHaar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaFoppe, GusHaar, Caecilia---
15 Feb 1876FRAME, Bernard AugustFrame, Bernard GeorgLAGEMANN, Maria ElisabethaREBBEL, Christina born KRUEPKruep, TheodorRECHTING, Gesina MariaBERGMANN, GeorgBUHNE, Carolina---
16 Feb 1926FRERKER, Paul J.Frerker, Johann H.---HEYER, Leona P.Heyer, Johann---Frerker, Leo B.Heyer, Dorothy T.---
24 May 1921FUHLER, Bernard------HAAR, Rosa Elisabeth------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
23 Nov 1920FUHLER, Wilhelm GeorgFuhler, JohannKAMPWERTH, TheresiaBECKMANN, Sophia MariaBeckmann, WilhelmHENRICHS, Maria AnnaFuhler, BenBeckmann, Alvina---
6 Feb 1918FUNKE, Aloysius F.Funke, FrancisMARKS, CatharinaFELDEWERTH, HelenaFeldewerth, AntonALBRECHT, DorotheaALBRIGHT, W. J.Funke, Elisabeth---
24 Nov 1870FUNKE, FranzFunke, AntonNot Listed, MariaMARKS, CatharinaMarks, FranzKNUWE, TheresiaFunke, Heinrich; Heinrich Knuwe & Heinrich BUSCHERKOHLMEYER, Maria; Henrietta MUELLER & Maria RICHARDT---
10 Jun 1925FURTWENGLER, ElmerFurtwengler, CarlRODMANN, MariaKRUSE, Catharina Kruse, HeinrichHOH, RosaKruse, RobertFOPPE, Viola---
18 Oct 1921FURTWENGLER, Raymond------ENGELMEIER, Rosa Elisabeth---------------
24 Aug 1921FURTWENGLER, Roy G.Furtwengler, CarlNot Listed, MariaSCHULTE, Regina C.Schulte, FriederichNot Listed, MargaritaSchulte, AlvinENGELMEIER, RoseThe groom is Non-Catholic. Dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
28 Nov 1889GARNER, Franz------BALL, MariaBall, CarlO'NEAL, GertrudBall, CarlMILLER, LauraMixed religion marriage; dispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann Jansen.
25 Oct 1922GARRITY, CarlGarrity, CarlNot Listed, AnnaRENNGIER, ElisabethRenngier, FranzNot Listed, Anna------This marriage took place at Sts. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO.
18 May 1904GEBHARD, TheodorGebhard, JohannCLEMENS, TheresiaTHIEN, CatharinaThien, AntonMOHRMANN, MariaThien, JosephNIEMANN, Maria---
24 Apr 1860GEERS, Gerhard------GEERS, Elisabetha------Geers, WilhelmNIEHAUS, CatharinaNo comment about relationship.
3 Oct 1871GEERS, Johann WilhelmGeers, Johann BernardLUPKE, MariaWELLING, Euphemia MariaWelling, Johann HeinrichMEIER, Maria EuphemiaNot ListedNot Listed---
31 Jul 1923GEERS, Joseph Wilhelm------EBERT, Henrietta------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
14 Oct 1890GEERS, WilhelmGeers, GerhardWESSLER, ElisabethaBULLER, MariaBuller, JosephHEMANN, PhilominaHILLE, JohannBuller, Catharina---
6 May 1902GEOFFRAY, JacobGeoffray, HeinrichROBACHER, MagdalenaHEMPEN, AnnaHempen, Johann HeinrichHERMANN, CatharinaBECKER, AlbertKOLMER, Ida---
21 Jan 1863GERARDI, Johann------HAAS, Catharina------Haas, Georg JohannBAAR, JohannThe couple was from Lebanon, IL
9 May 1865GERLING, Heinrich------THEVES, Elisabetha------Gerling, GerhardGROVE, Theresia---
6 Aug 1867GIESTRING, Joseph------HÜLS (Huels), Anna Maria------Huels, HeinrichMARKS, Catharina---
23 Apr 1918GILLEN, Dominic------LAMPE, Anna Wilhelmina------------This marriage took place in Willow Dale, Kansas
28 Aug 1888GISSY, Alphonse HeinrichGissy, CarlAUGUSTINE, JustinaALTEPETER, PhilomenaAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaGissy, GustavAltepeter, Machtilde---
10 Jan 1893GISSY, Carl JosephGissy, Carl JosephAUGUSTIN, JustinaSCHLARMANN, ClaraSchlarmann, BernardKAYSER, WilhelminaSchlarmann, HeinrichGissy, Carolina---
20 Oct 1885GLAUB, Carl JosephGlaub, JohannGEBHARD, MariaHARBERS, Margarita AdelheidHarbers, JohannDETERS, MargaritaHarbers, HeinrichGebhard, Maria---
3 Jul 1883GLAUB, Franz JacobGlaub, JohannGEBHARD, BarbaraLUNKENHEIMER, AnnaLunkenheimer, WilhelmCLEMENT, Maria ThresiaGlaug, GeorgPETERMEIER, Elisabetha---
8 Nov 1911GLAUB, HeinrichGlaub, CarlHERBES, MargarethaSCHLUETER, ElisabethaSchlueter, JosephGEERS, MariaSchlueter, GeorgeGlaub, Rose---
7 Oct 1886GLAUBER, CarlGlauber, Johann BernardFOSSELMANN, CatharinaSCHAFFNER, CatharinaSchaffner, DanielSADLER, ElisabethaSchaffner, WilhelmSchaffner, Catharina---
10 Jun 1862GLEICH, Georg------ZAHN, Anna------HOHE, ChristianGleich, BarbaraAlso witness: Adam Gleich
25 Jan 1876GOELLNER, FerdinandGoellner, HermanDECKENBROCK, BernardinaBUHNE, CatharinaSTOLTEBEEN, JosephSCHLUETER, WilhelminaBUERMANN, FriederichISRAEL, Josephina---
25 Jan 1899GOEVERT, BernardGoevert, Johann HeinrichSTEIN, Anna JosephinaHILLEN, CatharinaHillen, BernardGEERS, Maria AdelheidHillen, JohannGoevert, Lena---
22 Aug 1925GOEVERT, FerdinandGoevert, MaximilianMOSS, MariaMORSTAIN, Elisabeth "Elsie"Morstain, CarlGUNDLACH, IdaHAUSKINS, TheoHauskins, LillianThe bride is Non-Catholic.
10 Jul 1907GOEVERT, HermanGoevert, JohannSTEIN, JosephinaMALERI, TheresiaMaleri, CarlHOWE, MariaGoevert, JohannWEBER, Helena---
16 Sep 1913GOEVERT, Johann HeinrichGoevert, JohannSTEIN, JosephinaFRANZ, EmmaFranz, Christopher JohannROSS, FridericaBLAKE, Charles E.Blake, CarolineThe bride is a non-Catholic & her maiden name could be Granz
1 Jul 1903GOEVERT, MaximilianGoevert, JohannSTEIN, JosephinaMOSS, MariaMoss, HermanHILLEN, ElisabethGoevert, HermanMoss, Elisabeth---
20 Oct 1927GOLDSCHMIDT, CarlGoldschmidt, HeinrichGAUSSMANN, MariaHILGEMANN, HuldaHilgemann, HeinrichBLOCKENKER, CatharinaGoldsmith, HermanGoldsmith, HildaThe bride is Non-Catholic; dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
9 Oct 1894GOLDSCHMIDT, FranzGoldschmidt, JohannDUMER, MagdalenaHINCAMP, MariaHincamp, HeinrichRICHTER, Maria ElisabethaGoldschmidt, HeinrichFOCKES, Elisabetha---
3 Jun 1919GOLDSCHMIDT, Franz------WESSLING, Rosa------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
26 Feb 1924GOLDSCHMIDT, FranzGoldschmidt, MichaelDUMMERT, MagdalenaMAUE, Anna M.------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
3 May 1887GOLDSCHMIDT, JohannGoldschmidt, MichaelINNMUTH, MagdalenaHEITGERS, MariaHeitgers, HermanSCHUMACHER, TeklaGoldschmidt, JacobBUHNE, Adelheid---
26 Nov 1867GOTSCHALK, Bernard Heinrich------WEBER, Adelheid------Gotschalk, WilhelmBRÜNING (Bruening), Catharina---
25 Nov 1920GRAPPERHAUS, August J.------HUELSMANN, Franzisca Elisabeth------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
27 Jun 1928GRASER, Aloysius LudwigGraser, JosephPIERRIGER (Tierriger?), VeronicaHOLTGRAVE, Maria TheresiaHoltgrave, GerhardHEYER, TheresiaHoltgrave, Robert W.ZERGS, Evelyn L.---
16 Jan 1883GRAVE, FranzGrave, HeinrichBROKMANN, ElisabethaESS, MariaEss, BernardKARHOFF, ElisabethaNIEMEIER, OttoEss, Mina---
6 May 1903GRAVE, FranzGrave, JohannDOHLE, AnnaHUSTEDE, MariaHustede, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaGrave, HermanHustede, Catharina---
20 Aug 1928GRIESBAUM, Johann George------JACOBS, Emma Barbara------HUELSMANN, Bernard AntonMEYER, Loretta FrancesThis marriage appears to have taken place in a hospital.
26 Nov 1930GROEBER, Jacob AlvanGroeber, WilhelmWILLIE, TinnieVON BOKEL, Angela CatharinaVon Bokel, JosephMIDDEKE, ClaraBOKEL, HenryBokel, CatherineThe groom was Bap in St. Louis 18 May 1929; the bride 27 Oct 1911
29 Sep 1909GUENTHER, LudwigGuenther, BenedictKASCHMIRZACK, HedvigaZEHRER, ElisabethaDIEKER, HermanMEIER, CatharinaJUCKI, AntonKOHERS, Bernardina---
26 Jul 1881GUTH, JacobGuth, JosephSPECKTING, Anna MariaKAMENZIND, MariaKamenzind, MarcellSUTTER, TheresiaGuth, PeterKamenzind, Maria Anna---
26 Jul 1881GUTH, PeterGuth, JosephSPECKTING, Anna MariaKAMENZIND, Anna MariaKamenzind, MarcellSUTTER, TheresiaGuth, JacobKamenzind, Maria---
18 Feb 1914GÜTTERMANN (Guettermann), FriederichGuettermann, DanielMEIER, Anna MariaHOLTGRAVE, CatharinaHoltgrave, GerhardHEYER, TheresiaHoltgrave, Leo A.Holtgrave, Mary---
23 Apr 1919GUTTERSOHN, Walter WilhelmGuttersohn, FriederichKECK, MariaREICHERT, CatharinaReichert, OscarALTGILBERS, Anna SusannaGuttersohn, ElwarReichert, Rosa PaulinaThis marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
12 Oct 1920HAAKE, HermanHaake, JohannALBERS, AnnaSTRAETER, Eugenia Clara LouisaStraeter, TheodorLOHMANN, MariaHaake, BernardStraeter, Katharine---
7 Feb 1923HAAR, Franz BernardHaar, HeinrichNot Listed, CatharinaVAN ALST, Olivia CatharinaVan Alst, JohannNot Listed, Anna---------
2 Jun 1891HAAR, FriederichHaar, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaHUELSMANN, CatharinaHuelsmann, HeinrichWIDDER, WilhelminaHaar, TheodorHuelsmann, Maria---
21 Jun 1921HAAR, Friederich------LINNEMANN, Caecilia------------This marriage took place in St. Louis, MO.
28 Feb 1905HAAR, GeorgHaar, GeorgSCHMITH, AnnaWIETER, ElisabethWieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethHAAKE, HermanWieter, Marg.---
10 Feb 1885HAAR, HeinrichHaar, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaKRUEP, CatharinaKruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, MariaHaar, FriederichKruep, Carolina---
31 Jul 1917HAAR, Johann------HENK (Henke?), Gertrud------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
6 Feb 1923HAAR, Leo HermanHaar, TheodorNot Listed, CatharinaHAGEN, EleonoraHagen, HeinrichNot Listed, Catharina---------
24 Apr 1894HAAR, TheodorHaar, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaHINCAMP, CatharinaHincamp, HermanSCHULTE, MariaBECKER, BernardHincamp, Maria---
28 Nov 1923HAAR, Theodor AugustHaar, HeinrichNot Listed, CatharinaROHR, LuciaRohr, Johann P.Not Listed, Veronica------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
12 Sep 1899HABICH, HermanHabich, HermanBODE, ReginaHUELSMANN, JosephinaHuelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, WilhelminaHabich, PeterHuelsmann, Caecilia---
25 May 1909HABICH, MichaelHabich, JohannBODE, ReginaESS, AnnaEss, BernardNORDMANN, MargarethaHabich, PeterEss, Wilhelmina---
14 Oct 1914HABICH, MichaelHabich, JohannBODE, ReginaDEUTSCH, MariaDeutsch, AntonBERN, CatharinaBERNS, WilliamDeutsch, Josephine---
6 Apr 1910HABICH, Peter------ABELN, Minnie------------This marriage appears to have taken place in St. Louis, MO
12 Mar 1859HAGEMEYER, Martin------SCHNEIDER, Anna Thekla------FÜHNE (Fuehne), MartinTEKELBORG, Maria Anna---
28 Nov 1917HAGEN, Aloysius------TIMMERMANN, Regina------Timmermann, AloysiusHagen, CaeciliaThis marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
25 Nov 1919HAGEN, AlphonseHagen, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaSPIHLMANN, Carolina------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
24 Nov 1914HAGEN, AlvinHagen (Jansen), GeorgKLEIER, AnnaJANSEN, MariaJansen, HeinrichHILMES, AnnaALBERS, JohnHagen, LizzieThis entry lists the groom's father as Jansen. This is probably an error.
---HAGEN, BernardHagen, BernardROESLEIN, JosephinaSMITH, Ruth------SHETERS, P.---There is no date on this entry which appears after 3 Oct and before 24 Oct 1911. This marriage appears to have taken place in Santa Ana, CA. The witness may be the priest
22 Jun 1871HAGEN, Bernard Hagen, WenceslausSOMMERS, AngelaROESLEIN, JosephinaRoeslein, FriederichLESQUID, RosaliaRoeslein, Wilhelm & Heinrich HagenMEIBORG, Elisabetha & Maria Hagen ---
19 Jan 1910HAGEN, CarlHagen, TheodorNIEMEYER, MariaNIEMEYER, ElisabethNiemeyer, OttoBUEHNE, CatharinaHagen, HenryNiemeyer, JosephineCarl Hagen is from Aviston, IL
25 Feb 1908HAGEN, FranzHagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaFEHLKER, TheresiaFehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaHOLTMANN, BernardBRUENING, Regina---
15 Oct 1923HAGEN, George (Gerhard)------GOUY, Caroline------------This marriage took place in Zeigler, IL. Married the same day as John Von Bokel & Marie O'Brien.
19 Oct 1886HAGEN, GerhardHagen, Herman AntonBLEI, MargaritaKLEIER, Anna CatharinaKleier, JohannMUELLER, Catharina ElisabethaHagen, TheodorKleier, Elisabetha---
2 Jun 1874HAGEN, HeinrichHagen, Johann WenzeslausSOMMER, Maria AngelaSCHLARMANN, Maria ElisabethaSchlarmann, GerhardKREKE, MargarethaHagen, TheodorBECKER, Margaretha---
29 May 1923HAGEN, Heinrich AntonHagen, GerhardNot Listed, AnnaBOENHOFF, Bertha MargaritaBoenhoff, WilhelmNot Listed, Maria------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
21 May 1913HAGEN, Heinrich WilhelmHagen, TheodorNIEMEYER, MariaHOLTGRAVE, Elisabeth RosaHoltgrave, AntonGEERS, Catharina------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
17 Oct 1915HAGEN, Heinrich Wilhelm------HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Caecilia------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
24 Sep 1867HAGEN, Johann------VORNHOLT, Carolina------Hagen, BernardVornholt, Elisabetha---
10 Sep 1907HAGEN, JohannHagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaTIMMERMANN, CatharinaTimmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaHagen, CarlTimmermann, Josephine---
24 Jun 1913HAGEN, JohannHagen, TheodorNIEMEYER, MariaHABICH, Josephina born HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann)Huelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, WilhelminaHagen, HenryREILMANN, Elisabeth---
15 Feb 1876HAGEN, TheodorHagen, WenceslausSOMMERS, AngelaNIEMEIER, MariaNiemeier, GerhardHAAR, TheresiaMARX, MarcusNiemeier, Elisabetha---
24 Jun 1924HAGEN, Theodore F.Hagen, TheodoreNIEMEYER, MarySTRAETER, KatharinaStraeter, TheodorLOHMAN, MaryHUELSMANN, August, Jr.Straeter, (Miss) Elisabeth---
12 Apr 1921HALLERMANN, FranzHallermann, HeinrichNot Listed, ElisabethSCHEVELING, VeronicaScheveling, HeinrichNot Listed, Catharina---------
9 May 1906HALLERMANN, Franz ConradHallermann, JosephMEIER, AnnaSCHWARZ, CatharinaSchwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaSchwarz, JosephHallermann, Anna---
23 Nov 1880HAMM, PhilippHamm, PeterNot ListedSCHULTE, Maria CatharinaSchulte, HermanCRAMER, Anna MariaOFFER, ChristianMUELLER, Francisca---
13 Aug 1864HANNEKEN, Heinrich------Unknown, Elisabetha------THEISMANN, JosephWIEMANN, Elisabetha---
22 Nov 1881HARBERS, GerhardHarbers, GerhardWUEBELS, TeklaKOBOLD, Elisabetha------Harbers, RudolphHANENKLAN, Maria---
10 May 1921HARRIS, Paul R.Harris, EdwardSMITH, ElisabethKREKE, EugeniaKreke, GerhardMILLER, MariaKreke, AlphonseSCHULTE, ReginaThe groom was a Non-Catholic newly baptized.
30 May 1911HARTLAGE, TheodorHartlage, GerhardLOHMANN, ElisabethSPIHLMANN, Maria AngelaSpihlmann, Johann BernardSTORM, HelenaSTRAETER, FrankSpihlmann, Mary---
23 Jan 1924HASELHORST, AntonHaselhorst, StephanDEIMEKE, MariaNORDMANN, ElisabethNordmann, JohannHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AnnaNordmann, Ferd.Haselhorst, Rosa---
24 Jan 1911HASELHORST, Bernard------LAMPE, Margaretha------Lampe, BernardHaselhorst, TheresiaCouple was married in St. Rose, IL
11 Aug 1903HAUCAP, ConradHaucap, HeinrichSCHRANDT, AnnaKREKE, WilhelminaKreke, GerhardMUELLER, MariaHaucap, J. F.FRERKER, Maria Agnes---
15 Jul 1925HAUSKINS, Carl TheodorHauskins, CarlNot Listed, MathildaGOEVERT, Lilian JosephinaGoevert, Mathias BernardHILLEN, CatharinaGOEWERT, CharlesGEERS, AlvinaThe groom is Non-Catholic. Dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
11 Feb 1904HAWLEY, ClydeHawley, SylvesterHEADLY, RosaMILLER, ElisabethMiller, TheodorEVERSGERT, TheresiaHAGEN, FranzWILKEN, CatharinaDispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann Janssen mentioned.
14 Apr 1915HEAD, Jacob OttoHead, NicolausNot Listed, FranciscaKLUTHO, JosephinaKlutho, TheodorNot Listed, MaryHead, Joseph H.Klutho, Anna---
26 Oct 1869HEGE, Herman------HOLTHAUS, Anna Maria------Hege, BenedictHolthaus, Anna Maria---
28 May 1913HEIDEL, BernardHeidel, FriederichKAPP, BarbaraKOHRMANN, Anna MathildaKohrmann, AugustROLWES, MariaNEEDHAM, WilliamKohrmann, Josephine---
29 Apr 1890HEIDEL, FriederichHeidel, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaKAPP, BarbaraKapp, JohannHURTER, MariaWASMANN, JosephKapp, Catharina---
12 Sep 1905HEIDEL, HeinrichHeidel, JohannMAYBACH, MariaTIMMERMANN, MariaTimmermann, TheobaldBIXSCHLAG, MariaTimmermann, HeinrichHeidel, Anna---
28 Apr 1926HEIDEL, Herman TheodorHeidel, JohannMEIBURG, MariaMENSEN, MariaMensen, BernardWUEBKE, CatharinaBOHNENKEMPER, HeinrichMensen, AnnaThe bride was Baptized in Aviston, IL
29 Apr 1903HEIDEMANN, FranzHeidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaBOENHOFF, RosaBoenhoff, CasparCLEMENT, CatharinaNEFF, TheodorBARTH, Rosa---
2 May 1893HEIDEMANN, JosephHeidemann, GerhardHUGGENBERG, CatharinaHUSTEDDE, PhilominaHustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaHustedde, GeorgHuggenberg, Maria---
10 Oct 1899HEIER, BernardHeier, HermanSCHULTE, Maria AnnaKAPP, AnnaKapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaKapp, HeinrichSCHNIDDI, Rosa---
12 Nov 1924HEIMANN, Herman------RICHTER, Rosa AnnaRichter, BernardNot Listed, Elisabeth------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
1 Sep 1925HEINE, Herbert------DANIELS, RosaliaDaniels, HeinrichNot Listed, Maria------This marriage took place in St. Theresia in St. Louis, MO
12 Jan 1869HEITMANN, Friederich------DANIEL, Elisabetha------Heitmann, WilhelmMARKS, Catharina---
13 Apr 1915HEITMANN, Herman------WEDDING, Ethel------------This entry appears in the 1918 entries. This marriage may have taken place in Canada.
7 Jul 1915HELBACH, Joseph A.------SCHAEFER, ElisabethSchaefer, LudwigNot listed, Maria ------This marriage took place in Chicago, IL
19 Feb 1895HELBUS, HeinrichHelbus, FranzKÖRKEMEIER (Koerkemeier), GertrudJANSEN, MariaJansen, JosephSTROT, TheresiaJansen, BernardHelbus, Carolina---
24 Feb 1925HELDORFER, Otto C.------VANDER PLUYM, Florence M.------------This marriage took place in St. Mary in Trenton, IL
17 Oct 1871HELLMANN, HeinrichHellmann, Johann HeinrichAPKE, Maria ElisabethaSCHONEFELD, MariaSchonefeld, BernardREINEKE, MariaHellmann, TheodorVEMKES, Maria---
29 Jan 1913HEMANN, Heinrich---Langenham, GerhardLANGENHAM, AnnaNot Listed, Margarita---------This marriage took place at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
25 Jan 1922HEMANN, Leo H.Hemann, BernardNot Listed, MariaVOSS, MariaVoss, BernardNot Listed, Maria---------
26 Apr 1859HENERICHS, Bernard------KOLENBRIKER, Maria------RUMP, BernardSCHROEDER, Maria Elisabeth---
7 May 1924HENTSCHEL, GeorgeHentschel, Franz GeorgeHAUPTMANN, CarolinaSTRAKE, AnnaStrake, AlbertÜBBEN (Ubben), MariaStrake, Frank Jr.Strake, Genevieve A.---
30 Jun 1925HERBERS, Gerhard------BENTLER, Elisabeth M.------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
8 May 1883HESS, HeinrichHess, AugustKATMEIER, AmaliaDONNE, ElisabethaDonne, RobertHEIDEMANN, GertrudDonne, HeinrichDonne, Catharina---
16 Aug 1859HESSELER, Heinrich------SEIFERT, Catharina------STEIMET, PhilippGEERS, Gerhard---
10 Oct 1906HETZEL, CharlesHENZEL, J.FRAEGER, MariaWORATZECK, MariaWoratzeck, W.BROWN, L.BECKER, FriederichBecker, ErnestinaNote that groom and father's last names are spelled differently. Groom is not Catholic.
18 Feb 1925HEYER, Edward P.------KUNEKE, Margareta B.------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony, Beckemeyer, IL
14 Jun 1892HEYER, JohannHeyer, HermanSCHULER, MariaGISSING, JosephinaGissing, JosephHUELS, MariaHeyer, HermanGissing, Louisa---
27 Feb 1862HILBUSE, Franz------KÖKELMEYER (Koekelmeyer), Gertrude------PRANGE, JohannWINKEL, Maria---
6 Apr 1926HILLEN, GeorgeHillen, GeorgeSTUEVER, AnnaHENNEMANN, MargueriteHennemann, CarlWINKLER, AlmaHillen, AloysiusZINCK, IrenaThe bride is Non-Catholic.
23 Feb 1892HILMES, ClementHilmes, HeinrichMANEMANN, ChristinaNORDMANN, AnnaNordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaHilmes, BernardILGES, Maria---
11 Nov 1890HILMES, GerhardHilmes, HeinrichMENEMANN, ChristinaRICKE, CatharinaRicke, HeinrichWEBER, CatharinaHilmes, ClementTHEISING, Anna---
5 Jun 1917HILMES, HeinrichHilmes, HermanHAGEN, ElisabethDEITERS, AnnaDeiters, BernardKORTE, CatharinaHilmes, WilhelmDeiters, Kathrina---
25 Feb 1916HILMES, Herman------DIEKMANN, Anna------------This marriage took place at St. Mary's in Carlyle, IL
4 Jul 1871HILMES, Johann JosephHilmes, Gerhard HeinrichKOLMANN, Maria AnnaGEERS, Maria AnnaGeers, Johann BernardLAGE, Maria AdelheidHilmes, BernardRICHTER, Anna---
11 Nov 1924HILMES, LeopoldHilmes, ClementNot Listed, AnnaKÜNEKE (Kueneke), RosaliaKueneke, WilhelmNot Listed, Carolina------This marriage took place in St. Anthony, Beckemeyer, IL
22 Oct 1919HILMES, Wilhelm JosephHilmes, HermanNot Listed, ElisabethDEITERS, CatharinaDeiters, BernardNot Listed, CatharinaHilmes, JosephDeiters, Mary---
26 Aug 1860HILTNER, Friederich------FEULNER, Elisabetha------NADERMANN, JosephREINEKE, Theresia---
17 May 1927HINKAMP, Alphonse BernardHinkamp, BernardFELDHAUS, CarolinaFANGMEYER, Caecilia LeannaFangmeyer, AugustWIEGER, MariaHinkamp, VictorFangmeyer, Clara---
28 Nov 1922HINKAMP, Franz J.------HAAR, Elisabeth------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
22 Aug 1865HINKAMP, Heinrich------WILKE, Maria Elisabetha------MIDDEKE, BernardRICHTER, Anna---
22 Sep 1908HINKAMP, HeinrichHinkamp, HermanSCHULTE, MariaWELLING, AugustaWelling, BernardBITTER, AnnaHinkamp, Fr.SCHLARMANN, Rosalia---
18 Sep 1860HINKAMP, Herman Heinrich------BALKE, Anna Maria------Hinkamp, TheodorKRÜP (Kruep), Elisabetha---
21 Sep 1869HINKAMP, Herman Theodor ------SCHULTE, Maria Gertrud------Schulte, FranzHOLTHAUS, Margarita---
27 Jul 1869HINKAMP, Theodor------REILMANN, Bernardina------HOLTGREVE, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, Margarita---
17 Aug 1868HOFF, Bernard------PETERS, Anna Maria------Hoff, HeinrichREISS, Adolphina---
3 Feb 1869HOLLENCAMP, Heinrich------BRUENING, Catharina------WANDENBURG, HeinrichHollencamp, Elisabetha---
1 May 1912HOLLENKAMP, Johann------WILKEN, Maria------------This marriage took place at Carlyle, IL
29 Aug 1893HOLTCAMP, JohannHoltcamp, HeinrichMISTENDORF, MariaTHIEN, MariaThien, BernardKORTE, MariaHoltcamp, HermanKorte, Wilhelmina---
12 May 1914HOLTCAMP, Johann Heinrich------KAHRHOFF, Clara Josephina------------This marriage took place in Germantown, IL
24 Nov 1908HOLTGRAEVE, GerhardHoltgraeve, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, ElisabethAHLERS, Catharina PhilomenaAhlers, HermanSTAMMANN, MargarethaAhlers, PeterHoltgraeve, Josephina---
7 Apr 1926HOLTGRAVE, Alphonse BernardHoltgrave, GerhardHEYER, TheresiaHORENKAMP, Gertrude CatharinaHorenkamp, HeinrichHACKMEISTER, MariaHorenkamp, HermanHoltgrave, Irene---
13 Oct 1926HOLTGRAVE, Alvin A.Holtgrave, GerhardHEYER, TheresiaBINGHAM, Eleonore CaeciliaBingham, EduardKENDALL, MariaHoltgrave, J. G.Holtgrave, Mary---
10 Sep 1912HOLTGRAVE, August Stephan------LENGERMANN, Maria Catharina------Holtgrave, JosephLengermann, ChristinaThis marriage took place at Aviston, IL
6 May 1914HOLTGRAVE, Joseph H.Holtgrave, GerhardHEIER, TheresiaLENGERMANN, ChristinaLengermann, HeinrichMARKUS, Anna------This marriage took place in Aviston, IL
13 Aug 1878HOLTGREVE, GerhardHoltgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaALTEPETER, ElisabethaAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaHoltgreve, StephanAltepeter, Anna---
17 Oct 1871HOLTGREVE, HeinrichHoltgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaSCHONEFELD, Maria ElisabethaSchonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaHOLTGREVE, HermanRICHTER, Anna---
20 Apr 1875HOLTGREVE, HermanHoltgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaHEIDEMANN, ElisabethaHeidemann, TheodorJOHNS, MariaHoltgreve, GerhardHeidemann, Catharina---
21 May 1889HOLTGREVE, Paul AntonHoltgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaGEERS, Catharina------TIMPE, TheodorGEERS, MariaBride is not mentioned; her name is from Baptisms database.
16 Nov 1880HOLTGREVE, StephanHoltgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaTimmermann, HermanKARHOFF, AnnaKarhoff, Johann BernardHoltgreve, Elisabetha---
12 Feb 1918HOLTHAUS, Anton GeorgHolthaus, HeinrichNot Listed, HelenaZINSCHLAGE, Gesina MargaretaZinschlage, FranzNot listed, Margarita------This marriage took place in Belleville, IL
5 Aug 1884HOLTHAUS, Bernard------SCHAVESDIEK, Catharina------Schavesdiek, GustavHolthaus, Anna---
1 Aug 1881HOLTHAUS, HeinrichHolthaus, HeinrichBUHNE, ElisabethaKUHLS, HelenaKuhls, FranzMUELLER, GertrudHolthaus, BernardHOLTNER, Anna---
---HOLTKAMP, Gerhard HeinrichHoltkamp, Johann HeinrichMIDDENDORF, MariaHAGEN, Maria AngelaHagen, JohannNot Listed, Carolina------This entry appears after 23 Oct and before 24 Nov 1912. The couple was married at St. Augustin in Breese
19 Sep 1893HOLTMANN, AdolphHoltmann, BernardBÜLTEMEIER (Bueltemeier), TheresiaBRUENING, AnnaBruening, HeinrichGRÜTZEMACHER (Gruetzemacher), LouisaBruening, BernardHoltmann, Elisabetha---
20 May 1924HOLTMANN, George H.------HÜNE (Huene), Anna Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
18 May 1892HOLTMANN, HeinrichHoltmann, BernardBÜLTEMEIER (Bueltemeier), TheresiaKLEIER, ElisabethaKleier, JohannMUELLER, ElisabethaKleier (Kleirer), JohannHoltmann, Elisabetha---
1 Jun 1892HOMANN, GerhardHomann, HermanMUSS, AnnaRATERMANN, AnnaRatermann, WilhelmSALER, ChristinaHomann, HermanLAGER, Josephina---
30 May 1864HOMANN, Johann Herman------MAS, Anna Maria------Homann, TheodorMARKS, Catharina---
23 Apr 1867HOMANN, Johann Theodor------THEISMANN, Anna Maria------TIMMER, LucasTheising, Maria Elisabetha---
26 Jul 1911HORSTMANN, Heinrich C.Horstmann, Heinrich BernardKORTE, MargarethaOLLIGES, Helena------------Bride is from Damiansville
30 Aug 1916HORSTMANN, Herman B.Horstmann, HermanKORTE, MargaretaROHR, CatharinaRohr, PeterRohr, Minnie------This marriage took place at St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
22 Oct 1912HORSTMANN, Johann Bernard------MIDDEKE, Clara------------This marriage took place at St. Rose, IL
10 Jun 1902HUELSCAMP, TheodorHuelscamp, GerhardHANENKLAU, AngelaHINCAMP, AnnaHincamp, HermanSCHULTE, MariaHuelscamp, FranzHincamp, Elisabetha---
6 May 1890HUELSMANN, AugustHuelsmann, FriederichWOBBE, MargaritaALTEPETER, MachtildeAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaHuelsmann, BernardHellmann, Catharina---
21 Apr 1891HUELSMANN, GerhardHuelsmann, FriederichWOBBE, MargaritaHAGEN, CatharinaHagen, TheodorKREKE, MargaritaHuelsmann, BernardDIEKER, CatharinaMarried by Rev Heinrich Hagen
19 Apr 1898HUELSMANN, JohannHuelsmann, FriederichWOBBE, MargaritaHAGEN, ElisabethaHagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaHuelsmann, BernardHagen, Lina---
26 Feb 1878HUELSMANN, TheodorHuelsmann, BernardWEDDER, CatharinaRICHTER, AnnaRichter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaHuelsmann, AntonRichter, Maria---
6 Apr 1926HUELSMANN, Theodor AloysiusHuelsmann, JohannPOETTKER, MariaHOMANN, Wilhelmina AnnaHomann, GerhardRATERMANN, AnnaHuelsmann, O. H. Ratermann, E. A.---
25 Apr 1899HUENE, JosephHuene, GerhardDULLE, MariaMEIER, ElisabethaMeier, TheodorDRINKPOHL, MariaHuene, HermanMeier, Bernardina---
28 Oct 1908HUESMANN, JosephHuesmann, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaMOSS, ElisabethaMoss, HermanHILLE, ElisabethHuesmann, NicolausMoss, Josephina---
9 Sep 1869HÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Heinrich------ALTEPETER, Anna------HOLTGREVE, HeinrichHuelscamp, Carolina---
4 Oct 1862HULSCAMP, Gerhard------KOBOLD, Maria Angela------HAGEN, BernardHÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Lisetta ---
23 Nov 1858HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Friederich------WOBBEN, Catharina------HÜNE (Huene), GerhardWOBBE, Anna Christina---
10 Sep 1919HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), JosephHuelsmann, BernardNot Listed, RosaKOHRS, AldinaKohrs, AntonNot Listed, AnnaKohrs, HenryBeckmann, Alvina---
4 May 1904HUMMERT, AugustHummert, HeinrichKLUTHO, MariaRICKHER, MariaRickher, CarlHARDWICK, MariaPETERMEIER, JosephKlutho, Elisabetha---
13 Sep 1881HUMMERT, HeinrichHummert, HeinrichBUHNE, CatharinaKLUTHO, MariaKlutho, JosephTHEBEN, JosephinaHolthaus, Bernard & August KluthoBuhne, Catharina & C. FELTAM---
26 Nov 1913HUMMERT, Victor J.------GISSY, Eulalia B.------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
5 Sep 1865HÜNE (Huene), Gerhard------DULLE, Maria Adelheid------Hune, Theodor AugustDulle, Maria Anna---
18 May 1904HUNTMANN, FerdinandHuntmann, LambertHEMANN, CatharinaSCHLUETER, WilhelminaSchlueter, FranzHEMANN, Anna Hemann, FranzSchlueter, Anna---
19 Oct 1904HUSMANN, BernardHusmann, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaRICHTER, AnnaRichter, Bernard WilhelmBENHOFF, AnnaHusmann, JosephANDRES, Cecilia---
16 Jan 1917HUSMANN, NicolausHusmann, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaMOSS, CatharinaMoss, HermanHILLEN, ElisabethMoss, BenRHODE, Anna---
23 Jan 1877HUSTEDDE, GeorgHustedde, WilhelmHACKMANN, Anna MariaVOSS, Anna MariaVoss, BernardESS, Maria Voss, JohannHOLTGRAEVE, Catharina---
8 May 1923HUSTEDDE, George------HILMES, Gertrude Mathilde------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
27 May 1902HUSTEDDE, HeinrichHustedde, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaTimmermann, GerhardALTEPETER, CatharinaHustedde, WilhelmTimmermann, CatharinaNo mention of relationship made.
19 Jan 1869ICKENROTH, Caspar------DEUTSCH, Catharina------SAX, WilhelmMUELLER, ElisabethaIllinois Statewide Marriage site lists groom as Tickenroth
14 Jun 1919ILGES, BernardIlges, JohannFISTER, RosaTIMMERMANN, BernardinaTimmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaIlges, AdamIlges, Mary---
9 Oct 1912ILGES, MichaelIlges, JohannPFISHER, RosaTRIERWEILER, MariaTrierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CharlotteTrierweiler, AlwinIlges, AnnaThis marriage took place at Aviston, IL
31 Aug 1921IMMETHUN, AlphonseImmethun, LudwigBUHNE, AdelineBLAKE, LeonaBlake, CarlGOEVERT, LenaBlake, LeoBUEHNE, Teresa---
20 Apr 1898IMMETHUN, HeinrichImmethun, HeinrichHACKMANN, ElisabethaNIEHAUS, ElisabethaNiehaus, AntonSCHAVESDIEK, ElisabethaBRUNS, Anton & Anton VosVOS, Maria & Maria Immethun---
26 Nov 1867IMMETHUN, Johann Gerhard------NIEMEYER, Anna Maria------HÜNE (Huene), AugustMEIBACH, Elisabetha---
15 Sep 1891IMMETHUN, LudwigImmethun, HeinrichHAAKMANN, ElisabethaBÜHNE (Buehne), AdelheidBuehne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaBuhne, BernardImmethun, Maria---
24 Oct 1922ISAAC, Franz X.------KREBBS, Josephina------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
13 Jan 1880ISAAK, JosephIsaak, JacobMUELLER, AnnaANDELAR, MariaAndelar, EmanuelGUTH, CatharinaKAUNE, CarlHOFSOMMER, Catharina---
29 Oct 1930JANSEN, Anton ClementJansen, ClementSPIELMANN, Anna MariaEILERS, Anna ChristinaEilers, FrancisDUEING, ChristinaJansen, LeoEilers, MaryThe groom was Bap 22 Apr 1906; the bride Bap 28 Jul 1904 in St. Caecilia in Bartelso
26 Jan 1897JANSEN, AugustJansen, JosephSTROHT, TheresiaLUCKING, HelenaLucking, Gerhard HeinrichLANG, MariaJansen, BernardHARENBURG, Josephina---
27 May 1925JANSEN, Bernard------JANSEN, Franzisca M.------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
11 Sep 1923JANSEN, Bernard Martin------DULLE, Rosa------------This marriage took place in St. Bernard in Albers, IL
17 Jun 1902JANSEN, HeinrichJansen, MartinWELLEN, JustinaDEIEN, MargaritaDeien, HeinrichDUMBECK, JosephinaDeien, HeinrichSTEIN (?), Anna ---
30 Oct 1925JANSEN, Herman------HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Agnes E.------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
17 Apr 1923JANSEN, Herman C.Jansen, HeinrichNot Listed, WilhelminaKUHLS, Catharina ReginaKuhls, HermanNot Listed, Theresia------This marriage took place in St. Bernard in Albers, IL.
24 Apr 1917JANSEN, Joseph------VANDERHAAR, Elisabeth------------This marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
14 May 1924JANSEN, Joseph August------SCHMIDT, Rosa B.------------This marriage took place in St. Bernard in Albers, IL
29 Apr 1924JANSEN, Wilhelm Gerhard------TIMMERMANN, Anna M.------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
24 Oct 1893JANSSEN, ClementJanssen, JosephSTROHT, TheresiaSPIELMANN, Anna MariaSpielmann, BenedictSTORM, Maria AnnaJanssen, BernardSpielmann, Anthonia---
23 Aug 1898JANSSEN, Heinrich JohannJanssen, HeinrichLAKE, MariaFOCKES, ElisabethaFockes, HeinrichLUMPER, MariaJanssen, BernardRICHTER, Carolina---
16 Nov 1897JANSSEN, Johann BernardJanssen, MartinWELLEN, ChristinaPOELKER, Maria CarolinaPoelker, GodliebKORTE, AnnaHEITGERS, AntonSTEIN, Theresia---
17 Apr 1917JASPER, Franz------HORSTMANN, Maria------------This marriage took place at St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
13 Nov 1866JÜDEN (Jueden), Heinrich------AUSDEMMORE, Maria Adelheid------Ausdemmore, HeinrichROESLEIN, JosephinaCompare Aus Dem More
9 Jun 1925KALERT, Wilhelm B.Kalert, GeorgNot Listed, RosinaWARD, Ruth C.Ward, JamesHOH, ElisabethWard, RoyWUEST, Hilma---
11 Nov 1924KAMPWERTH, August T.Kampwerth, GeorgeHÜNE (Huene), ElisabethBECKMANN, Alvina B.Beckmann, WilhelmHENDRICKS, AnnaKampwerth, HermanBuehne, Eleanore---
10 Apr 1883KAMPWERTH, HermanKampwerth, BernardTENSCHAEFER, GertrudRICHTER, MariaRichter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidRichter, WilhelmKampwerth, Theresia---
17 Feb 1925KAMPWERTH, Herman G.------SCHMUCK, Joanna Wilhelmina------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony, Beckemeyer, IL
6 Sep 1892KAPP, GeorgKapp, JohannHUSTER, Anna MariaHAGEN, MariaHagen, JohannVORNHOLT, CarolinaKapp, JacobHagen, Angelina---
10 Jun 1902KAPP, HeinrichKapp, JohannHUTTER, Anna MariaKERKERMEIER, Anna MargaritaNETEMEIER, ConradSCHROEDER, AnnaKapp, GeorgKapp, Maria---
11 Jan 1905KAPP, HeinrichKapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaWALBERG, CatharinaWalberg, BernardWEBER, MargaritaKapp, GeorgALBERTERNST, Caecilia---
2 Oct 1894KAPP, JacobKapp, JohannHUTTIR, Maria AnnaSCHNIDLER, LinaSchnidler, AugustBARTCHE, BarbaraDIEKER, HeinrichSchnidler, Rosa---
24 Nov 1915KAPP, Ludwig JosephKapp, HeinrichVON HATTEN, CatharinaGROENE, RosaGroene, HeinrichSTOFF, ElisabethSCHLUETER, JosephMEYER, AnnaThis marriage took place at St. Francis in Aviston, IL
8 Aug 1916KAPP, Otto G.Kapp, JosephGOTH, MariaKRUEP, MariaKruep, HeinrichSTRATMANN, HelenaKERKREMEIER, JohnKruep, Sophie---
3 Oct 1911KASSEN, BernardKassen, JohannHILMES, AnnaHILMES, Maria------MEIER, Otto---The bride is from Damiansville, IL.
2 Oct 1900KAUFMANN, ChristianKaufmann, ChristianMUELLER, CatharinaADAM, Anna (Possibly born THAMES)------FELDEWERT, AntonFeldewert, Dorothea (Anton's wife?)Bride's name from Illinois Statewide Marriage Index; It appears this is the second marriage for both.
28 Sep 1927KAULIG, JosephKaulig, GustavKELLNER, ElisabethNEUMANN, Ida CarolinaNeumann, FriederichHOHOLI, BarbaraKaulig, FrancisBLUMENSTEIN, Catherine---
17 Apr 1866KAULING, Bernard------MÜLLER (Mueller), Johanna Louisa------RAUSCH, BernardBENTLER, Helena---
27 Nov 1894KAULING, BernardKauling, BernardSCHREIVOGEL, LouisaREILMANN, ElisabethaReilmann, HeinrichKARHOFF, AnnaGOEVERT, HeinrichFOPPE, Catharina---
23 Jun 1922KEATING, John J.Keating, Walter F.O'MALLEY, CatharineSCHÜSSEL (Schuessel), ClementinaSchuessel, ConradFELDEWERTH, Clara------This marriage took place in St. Henry in East St. Louis, IL
4 Nov 1924KERKEMEIER, Anthony D.Kerkemeier, IgnatiusNETTEMEIER, AnnaSNYDER, MarySnyder, JacobKOCH, MaryHEYER, LouisPOHLMANN, Anna---
22 Aug 1893KESSEN, Johann HeinrichKessen, BernardTRIPOHL, Maria AnnaHILLEN, Maria AdelheidHillen, BernardGEERS, Maria GesinaPOHLMANN, HeinrichHillen, CatharinaCompare Kassen
5 Apr 1910KEYS, Theodor Ralph------HUELSMANN, Maria Wilhelmina (b. 1 Apr 1875)Huelsmann, HeinrichWEITER, Wilhelmina------The groom is non-Catholic. The marriage took place in St. Louis, MO
27 Oct 1896KLEIER, JohannKleier, JohannMUELLER, ElisabethaFELTRUP, MariaFeltrup, JohannSTAMMEN, MariaWAGNER, CarlHEIER, Elisabeth---
23 Aug 1921KLEIER, Johann Heinrich------ROSEN, Christina A.------RATERMANN, AntonKleier, IdaThis marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
13 May 1879KLEINHOFFER, JohannKleinhoffer, MichaelLEINNING, ElisabethaDEUTSCH, MargaritaDeutsch, HeinrichKLOS, CatharinaOFFER, ChristianDeutsch, Anna---
3 Feb 1864KLOSTERMANN, Johann Bernard------MEIRINKE, Maria------THEVES, JohannKOEBBE, Carolina---
7 Feb 1893KLUMKE, GerhardKlumke, HermanCOTTMANN, CarolinaJANSEN, CatharinaJansen, JosephSTROHT, TheresiaJansen, ClementGOELLENER, Machtilde---
17 Oct 1882KLUTHO, AugustKlutho, JosephTHELEN, JosephinaALTEPETER, AnnaAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaKlutho, VictorAltepeter, Philomena---
16 Jun 1915KLUTHO, Joseph H.Klutho, AugustALTEPETER, AnnaNEEDHAM, ElenoraNeedham, DanielNORMANSOLL, SaraNeedham, James & Victor KluthoHuelsmann, Caecilia & Catharina Buehne---
21 Oct 1862KLUTHO, Theodor------MARKS, Maria------MÜLLER (Mueller), IgnatiusMarks, Catharina---
22 Oct 1889KLUTHO, TheodorKlutho, JosephTHELEN, JosephinaPEEK, MariaPeek, GeorgSTROHT, AnnaWICHMANN, HeinrichKlutho, Catharina---
16 May 1923KLUTHO, Victor T.Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaVON BOKEL, ElisabethVon Bokel, JohannKLÜMKE (Kluemke), MariaVon Bokel, Theo H.Klutho, Leona---
19 Oct 1921KNIEPMANN, Heinrich------HUELSMANN, Philomena K.---------------
11 May 1921KNIES, Anton------MAUE, Anna Maria------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
8 Jun 1910KNIES, AugustKnies, HeinrichPOTTMEIER, ElisabethaWARD, GertrudWard, JacobCOERS, ElisabethaKnies, JohnWard, Henrietta---
29 May 1907KNIES, HeinrichKnies, HeinrichPOTTMEIER, ElisabethaNIEMEIER, Maria AnnaNiemeier, JosephSCHROER, AnnaNiemeier, FranzKnies, Catharina & Elisabeth FUNKE---
15 May 1918KNIES, JohannKnies, HeinrichPOTMEYER, ElisabethVOGELSANG, ElisabethVogelsang, AugustLEONARD, ElisabethaKnies, GeorgeVogelsang, Helen---
3 Oct 1866KNOBBE, Bernard------HOVER, Maria------HANEKE, BernardROESLEIN, Josephina---
2 Aug 1922KNUE, Johann MarcusKnue, BernardNot Listed, MachtildeDOYLE, Maria AnnaDoyle, PeterNot Listed, Theresia------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
17 Jun 1902KOCH, BernardKoch, GeorgTHEVES, AnnaWIENKEN, ElisabethaWienken, HeinrichHAAR, LouisaKoch, TheodorWienken, Rosa---
5 Jul 1870KOCH, Johann Friederich------DONNE, Maria------Donne, RobertKoch, Not listed---
10 Nov 1863KOCH, Theodor------KOEBBE, Anna Gesina------Koch, GerhardBURICHTER, Maria---
2 May 1865KOELKER, Herman------SCHÄFERLING (Schaeferling), Elisabetha------Koelker, TheodorPELSTRING, Maria Anna---
14 May 1867KOELKER, Theodor------HEMANN, Theresia------MORHINNERS, JohannBROWN, Anna---
9 Sep 1919KOERKEMEYER, Franz BernardKoerkemeyer, JohannNot Listed, RosinaJANSEN, Anna MariaJansen, ClementNot Listed, Anna MariaKOERKENMEYER, HenryJansen, Christina---
4 Sep 1923KOHLMEYER, Heinrich------RENGIER, Maria------------This marriage took place in Alton, IL
29 Oct 1902KOHNEN, HermanKohnen, TheodorSCHUMACHER, MargaretaHUSTEDE, AnnaHustede, FranzTIMMERMANN, BernardinaHustede, WilhelmKohnen, Helena---
10 Feb 1915KOHRS, AdamKohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaWARNECKE, ElisabethWarnecke, FranzELLING, MariaWarnecke, TheodoreKohrs, Adelaide---
6 May 1919KOHRS, AntonKohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaBECKMANN, EugeniaBeckmann, WilhelmHENDRIX, AnnaKohrs, JacobBeckmann, Alvina---
8 Nov 1919KOHRS, AntonKohrs, AdamNot Listed, ChristinaHEILIGENSTEIN, Emma Louisa------------This entry appears in the 1920 entries. This marriage took place in Pinckneyville, IL
22 Oct 1919KOHRS, Jacob------VENHAUS, Clara------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
10 Nov 1920KOHRS, JohannKohrs, AdamWEHLAGE, ChristinaJANSEN, Anna Jansen, HeinrichHILMES, AnnaKohrs, HenryJansen, Regina---
19 Oct 1886KORTE, BernardKorte, HeinrichDULLE, GertrudBROCKSCHMIDT, CarolinaBrockschmidt, ClementMUELLER, MariaKorte, JohannALBERS, Catharina---
7 Oct 1908KORTE, ConradKorte, HermanFEHRMANN, MariaSTEINMANN, MariaSteinmann, FranzHOLTGRÄVE (Holtgraeve), CatharinaKorte, HermanHoltgrave, Rosa---
3 Aug 1886KORTE, HermanKorte, HeinrichDULLE, Maria GesinaRIPPERDA, MargaritaRipperda, JosephMEERMANN, Helena AdelheidKorte, BernardWIELTHAROW, Catharina---
4 May 1869KRAMER, Johann------BRANDMEYER, Maria Gesina------Kramer, JosephBrandmeyer, Anna---
29 Jun 1910KRAMER, Johann G.------BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Anna Angela------------This entry appears in the Oct 1912 entries. This marriage took place at Piqua, Kansas.
22 Feb 1870KRAMER, Joseph------BRANDMEYER, Anna------SCHULTE, HermanBrandmeyer, Christina---
2 May 1900KREBS, FerdinandKrebs, JohannMARIAN, MariaGOELLNER, MathildaGoellner, FerdinandSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaKrebs, MatthewGoellner, Josephina---
12 Jun 1907KREBS, LeonKrebs, JohannSCHLAFLY, Maria KLUTHO, ReginaKlutho, TheodorMOLITOR, AnnaSchlafly, H. J. & L. A.; Clement REGERTDOLLMEIER, Dora---
12 Sep 1900KREBS, MatthewKrebs, JohannSCHLAFLY, Maria AnnaPEEK, ElisabethaPeek, GerhardSTROHT, Maria AnnaPeek, Heinrich & Leon KochSchlafly, Clara & Rosalia Peek---
19 Apr 1922KREKE, Aloysius F.Kreke, GerhardMILLER, MariaMAUE, Maria ElisabethMaue, Johann HermanKORTE, Maria AnnaKreke, AlphonseVAN ALST, Rosa---
30 Nov 1922KREKE, Alphonse------FUEHNE, Paulina------------This marriage took place in St. Damian in Damiansville, IL
7 May 1913KREKE, Bernard------KAHRHOFF, Christine------------This marriage took place at St. Boniface
27 Apr 1910KREKE, HeinrichKreke, GeorgMÜLLER (Mueller), MariaKUENEKE, CatharinaKueneke, WilhelmMERIANS, ElisabethKueneke, WendelinKreke, Josephina---
3 Jun 1919KREKE, Leo Georg------POLLMANN, Elisabeth Gertrude------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
27 May 1913KREKE, Wilhelm Bernard Heinrich------MERSCHER, Rosalia------------The groom's first name appears to be lined out. This marriage took place in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
24 Jan 1894KRUEP, BernardKruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, MariaSCHLUETER, JosephinaSchlueter, GustavLATAR, AmaliaKruep, HermanGOELLNER, Mactilde---
30 Oct 1888KRUEP, HeinrichKruep, HermanHOLTHAUS, MariaSTRAHTMANN, LinaStrahtmann, Johann HeinrichGERKEN, MariaStrahtmann, GeorgBUHNE, Carolina---
25 Oct 1921KRUEP, Heinrich J.Kruep, HeinrichSTRATMANN, HelenaRICHTER, Elisabeth A.Richter, Heinrich G.ELLING, CarolinaRichter, Henry J.Kruep, Clara E.---
18 Oct 1910KRUEP, IgnatiusKruep, HeinrichDOPPES, AnnaHAGEN, AngelinaHagen, TheodorNIEMEIER, MariaKruep, Clement B.Hagen, Bertha---
24 Nov 1868KRUEP, Johann Heinrich------LAGER, Maria Anna------Lager, JohannKruep, Anna---
23 May 1893KRUEP, NepomucKruep, HeinrichDIEKMANN, Maria AnnaWIEGERT, ElisabethaWiegert, FranzHEGER, Anna MariaWiegert, FranzKruep, Anna---
8 Oct 1913KRUSE, Franz AntonKruse, HeinrichHOHNE, RosaREILMANN, CatharinaReilmann, TheodorHENNEBECK, GertrudeReilmann, AntonKruse, Helen---
10 Jul 1900KUENEKE, WilhelmKueneke, HeinrichBLANKE, GesinaWANNEKE, CarolinaKLUMPKER, HermanCOTMANN, CarolinaKueneke, HeinrichREILING, Johanna---
28 Oct 1908KUENEKE, WilhelmKueneke, WilhelmMERIANS, ElisabethaKREKE, ElisabethaKreke, GeorgMILLER, MariaKreke, HeinrichKueneke, Catharina---
6 Feb 1900KUEPER, Johann TheodorKueper, WilhelmKARHOFF, AnnaSCHLUETER, AnnaSchlueter, FranzHEMANN, Anna MariaKueper, WilhelmSchlueter, Maria---
9 Jan 1901KUES, GerhardKues, WilhelmDULLE, MariaVOSS, RosaVoss, HermanOTKE, ElisabethaVoss, AugustKues, Anna---
9 May 1911KUES, HeinrichKues, GerhardTÖBBENOTKE (Toebbenotke), WilhelminaRATERMANN, CatharinaRatermann, BernardSCHNITKER, AnnaKues, OttoRatermann, ElisabethDispensation for 4th grade blood lineage relationship granted.
18 Aug 1891KÜETER, ClementKueter, ClementCLAAS, TheresiaFOPPE, Maria born AHLERSAhlers, BernardHONIFORTH, AdelheidKueter, BenedictHUMBURG, Catharina---
19 May 1925KUHL, Albert Franz------HOLTGRAVE, Maria Adelheid------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
19 May 1924KUHL, George------WELLING, Regina------------This marriage took place in Vincennes, IN
11 Jan 1898KUHL, HeinrichKuhl, ClementBURG, WilhelminaSTRAKE, LouisaStrake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaKuhl, FranzKuhl, Anna---
27 Oct 1925KUHL, Johann C.------HOLTHAUS, Elisabeth------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
15 Oct 1924KUHL, Joseph Herman------VOSS, Maria Caecilia------------This marriage took place in Immaculate Conception in Carlyle, IL
18 Jul 1899KUHLS, GeorgKuhles, FranzMUELLER, GertrudKLEIN, Anna MariaKlein, BernardSCHURMANN, Louisa CarolinaHOLTHAUS, HeinrichKuhls, Elisabetha---
23 Nov 1897KUHLS, JosephKuhls, FranzMULLER, GertrudDANIEL, SophiaDaniel, JohannGERLING, Anna MariaKuhls, GeorgDaniel, Margarita---
28 Oct 1903KUHLS, JosephKuhls, FranzMULLER, GertrudMEIER, CatharinaMeier, BernardFOCKES, TheresiaDIEKER, LudwigMEIRINKE, Anna---
24 Nov 1914KUTER, Bernard------RICHTER, Adelheid------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
31 Jan 1923KYLE, Raymond AlbertKyle, AlbertTELLHAUER, CarolinaKLUTHO, Helena E.Klutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaKlutho, Henry R.Kyle, Mary E.---
2 Jun 1916LAGER, Albin JohannLager, AugustPETERMEYER, MariaWARD, Henrietta ElisabethWard, JacobCOERS, ElisabethWard, LeroyCoers, Henrietta---
5 May 1885LAGER, AugustLager, JohannWIETER, CatharinaPETERMEIER, MariaPetermeier, JodociCLEMENT, ElisabethaMAUE, HeinrichCOERS, Carolina---
25 Oct 1922LAGER, AugustLager, AugustPETERMEYER, MaryKLUTHO, MariaKlutho, TheodorPEEK, MaryPeek, AugustKlutho, Leonora---
3 May 1859LAGER, Johann------HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), Catharina------Lager, BenedictWIETER, Elisabeth---
2 May 1916LAGER, Leo------REILING, Rosa Joanna------------This marriage took place at St. Francis, Aviston IL
19 Jun 1918LAGER, Wilhelm JohannLager, BernardNot Listed, MariaKNIES, CatharinaKnies, HeinrichNot Listed, Elisabeth------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
21 Aug 1923LAKENBURGER, Anton------HORSTMEYER, Etta------------The bride is a Non-Catholic. This marriage took place in Belleville, IL Dispensation for a mixed religion marriage given.
12 May 1868LAMMERS, Clement------VOSCORS, Theresia------Lammers, Johann BernardVoscors, Christina---
3 Feb 1869LAMMERS, Johann Bernard------HOELSCHER, Adelheid------Hoelscher, BernardRATERMANN, Elisabetha---
26 Apr 1881LAMMERS, Johann Herman Bernard------BRUEGGEMANN, Maria Anna born HOMANN------Lammers, HeinrichREVERMANN, Louisa---
29 Jul 1919LAMPE, August------DEIMEKE, Theresia------------This marriage took place in Covington, KY
11 Apr 1893LAMPE, BernardLampe, HeinrichFRANZ, WilhelminaMENKE, Maria AnnaMenke, Johann BernardTHOELE, Maria ElisabethaLampe, AugustKARHOFF, Maria Anna---
1 Feb 1916LAMPE, Bernard J.------KUTE, Catharina------------The bride is from Waterloo, Kansas. This marriage took place in St. Louis, MO.
7 May 1889LAMPE, Gerhard HeinrichLampe, GerhardFRANZ, WilhelminaRICHTER, Anna MariaRichter, HeinrichPOHLMANN, MargaritaHEIDEMANN, JosephRichter, Anna---
16 Sep 1902LAMPE, HeinrichLampe, BernardOVERBERG, MariaTHIEN, AnnaThien, BernardKORTE, Anna MariaLampe, JohannThien, Katharina---
27 Oct 1908LAWSER, FranzLawser, JosephTINTARE, MariaMALERY, RosaMalery, CarlHOH, MariaMalery, FrancisGERLING, Catharina---
26 Apr 1859LEHEN, Ludwig------KRAMER, Helena------Kramer, HermanLehen, Maria---
27 May 1924LEIENDECKER, Emil JacobLeiendecker, AdamNot Listed, MariaWOLTERING, Bertha AnnaWoltering, HeinrichNot Listed, FranziscaWoltering, FrankSPITZ, Clara---
25 Oct 1864LEONARD, Franz------SPIEKER, Christina------HACAP, FranciscaMENZING, Bernardina---
21 Nov 1899LIENING, BernardLiening, HeinrichLUTTMER, MargaritaKRUEP, BernardinaKruep, HeinrichDIEKMANN, AnnaWELLING, GerhardTIMMERMANN, Elisabetha---
13 Oct 1925LIENING, Edward------SCHULTE, Theresia Louisa------------This marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
28 Jun 1921LINING, Heinrich------KAPP, Maria------------This marriage took place in Highland, IL
24 Nov 1912LITTLE, HarrisonLittle, John B.WIENER, RachelWIETER, Rosa Wieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethWieter, ConradWieter, JosephGroom is non-Catholic; dispensation is dated Jan 1908
25 Sep 1907LODDEKE, Wilhelm JosephLoddeke, BernardSCHUMACHER, AngelaPILLE, ElisabethaPille, HeinrichHAAR, CatharinaLoddeke, HeinrichPille, Maria---
17 Nov 1931LODDIKE, Raymond HeinrichLoddike, WilhelmPILLE, ElizabethMUELLER, Maria CatherineMueller, JohannLEONARD, WilhelminaLOWE, RoyLeonard, Gertrude HallieGroom Bap 14 Oct 1909; bride Bap in St. Mary Carlyle 6 Sep 1910
2 Apr 1913LOHMAN, Bernard H.------CORS (KOHERS), Anna Maria Franzisca------------The groom is from St. Libory. This marriage took place at St. Augustin, Breese, IL
2 Oct 1915LOHMANN, HeinrichLohmann, HeinrichNot Listed, AnnaHOLTKAMP, RosaHoltkamp, JohannNot Listed, MariaHoltkamp, BenLohmann, AgnesThe marriage date could be 20 Oct
6 Aug 1868LOKHORN, Bernard------SCHNADT, Carolina---------STOLTEBEEN, JosephinaDispensation for mixed religion marriage given by Bishop Heinrich Damian Juncker.
17 Apr 1866LOPKE, Johann Anton------OVES, Anna Maria Agnes------MARCUS, HermanLopke, Agnes---
24 Oct 1911LUECKING, JohannLuecking, HeinrichLANGE, MariaTIMMERMANN, AnnaTimmermann, WilhelmSPIHLMANN, Anna ChristinaOLLIGES, JosephTimmermann, Flora---
24 Nov 1915LYMANN, FranzLymann, George W.MAY, HelenaMEIER, Maria Wilhelmina CatharinaMeier, TheodorDRINKPOHL, Maria------This marriage took place in Carlyle, IL
28 Jul 1926MACKE, Anton FrancisMacke, FrancisFIEDLER, CatharinaKUES, MariaKues, GeorgeVOSS, RosaKues, AugustWEHLAGE, Catharina---
25 Jan 1881MACKE, FranzMacke, FriederichLINNEMANN, ElisabethaFIEDELER, Maria CatharinaFiedeler, HeinrichBUSTHAMEHL, CatharinaLinnemann, BernardFiedeler, Anna---
26 Apr 1892MARKS, HeinrichMarks, FranzKNUEVE, TheresiaKLUTHO, CatharinaKlutho, JosephTHELEN, JosephinaKlutho, HeinrichFUNKE, Theresia---
16 Sep 1913MARKUS, Heinrich B.------COYLE, Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Francis, Aviston IL
15 Oct 1919MARKUS, Otto F.Markus, JohannNETTEMEIER, CatharinaHOLTGRAVE, Franzisca Holtgrave, GerhardHEYER, TheresiaHoltgrave, Leo Markus, Josephine---
24 Jan 1912MAUE, ConradMaue, HermanKORTE, AnnaKRUEP, CatharinaKruep, HeinrichSTRATMANN, HelenaKruep, BenMaue, Lena---
19 Sep 1899MAUE, HeinrichMaue, HermanKORTE, Anna MariaFAUKE, Maria ElisabethaFauke, ClementHOELLINGHOFF, ElisabethaFauke, HeinrichMaue, Theresia---
23 May 1894MAUE, Johann HeinrichMaue, HeinrichHUSTEDDE, CatharinaNIEMANN, ElisabethaNiemann, JosephSCHROER, Maria AnnaNiemann, JosephMaue, Theresia---
25 May 1926MAUE, Leo JohannMaue, ClementROLFES, ChristinaHEYER, Regina CatharinaHeyer, PeterBOENHOFF, TheresiaMaue, AloysiusHEIDEMANN, Laura---
18 Jan 1921MC ALLISTER, Elmer------MAUE, ClementinaMaue, HeinrichNot Listed, Elisabeth------The groom is a Non-Catholic. This marriage took place in Belleville, IL
16 Aug 1920MC GEE, JohnMc Gee, JosephCARMEN, StellaLAKENBURGER, EuphemiaLakenburger, AntonHÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), AnnaWALKER, RollenKREITER, CatherineThe groom is a Non-Catholic.
23 Jan 1861MCGEE, Johann------STAFFORD, Margaretha------Stafford, ThomasRAFTERY, MariaDispensation for a mixed religion marriage given by Rev. H. D. Junker of Alton, IL. The couple was from Lebanon, IL.
18 Jul 1882MEIER, HermanMeier, FriederichKUHLMANN, WilhelminaOTKE, AdelheidOtke, HeinrichDETMER, MariaOtke, CasimirHUSTEDDE, Philomina---
18 Jun 1919MEIER, Leo J.Meier, Johann H.DANIEL, ChristinaCOERS, FlorentiaCoers, DominicSCHNITKER, ClaraMeier, HarryCoers, Ingrie---
6 Nov 1866MEINERS, Bernard------OSTERMANN, Maria Elisabetha------HENRICHS, Johann GerhardHEMANN, Theresia---
10 Nov 1868MEIRING, Heinrich------SCHONEFELD, Anna------Schonefeld, GeorgSchonefeld, Maria---
12 May 1909MEIRINKE, HeinrichMeirinke, HeinrichSCHONEFELD, AnnaWIRSCHING, MariaWirsching, JosephSTAHL, DorotheaWirsching, JosephMeirinke, Catharina---
17 Aug 1898MEISSNER, GustavMeissner, LudwigSPILKER, MariaRICKHER, ElisabethaRickher, CarlHARTBICH, MariaDIEKER, HeinrichRickher, IdaThe groom was Non-Catholic & signed a certificate promising to raise their children Catholic.
2 Sep 1925MENSING, JohannMensing, GerardGERKEN, AnnaZEHRER, Franzisca AnnaZehrer, MichaelDUEPMANN, Anna ChristinaFAUKE, Geo.Zehrer, Elisabeth---
19 May 1927MERIANS, George TheodorMerians, HermanMEYER, IdaJOHNSON (JANSEN), Lilian ChristinaJohnson (Jansen), EduardDEIEN, MargaretaDeien, AntonMerians, PaulineThe groom was Baptized in Germantown on 20 Jan 1908; the bride Baptized at St. Dom on 11 May 1909.
---MERIANS, HermanMerians, HermanNot Listed, IdaJANSEN, Josephina BernardinaJansen, Bernard HeinrichNot listed, Maria Anna------This entry appears after 23 Oct and before 24 Nov 1912.
27 Aug 1902MEYER, AlexanderMeyer, FranzMUELLER, HenriettaPEEK, RosaPeek, GerhardSTROHT, Anna MariaBURRICHTER, NicolasWITFELT, Emma---
22 Oct 1878MEYER, AloysMeyer, MartinBOLLING, HelenaKREMPEL, MariaKrempel, ThomasKOLMANN, Maria MagdalenaHAGEN, GerhardRICHTER, Maria---
5 Feb 1861MEYER, Bernard------FOCKES, Anna Maria Theresia------Fockes, BernardKRÜP (Kruep), Catharina Elisabetha---
16 Apr 1872MEYER, FranklinMeyer, FranzKLATZ, JosephinaMILLER, HenriettaMiller, BurchardHAFKEMEYER, AgnesDROEGE, Wilhelm; August WESTERMANN & Carl MillerMeyer, Elisabetha; Machtilde Droege & Sera DONNE---
24 Jul 1925MEYER, Franz------SCHLUETER, Florian------------This marriage took place in St. Peter in Belleville, IL
8 Apr 1880MEYER, HeinrichMEIER, ChristophHONSCHEMEYER, Maria AgnesSCHONEFELD, CatharinaSchonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaMeier, FerdinandPetermeier, MariaGroom's and father's last names are spelled differently in this entry.
7 Jul 1861MEYER, Johann Gerhard------AHE, Elisabetha------DIESSEL, BernardDiessel, Anna Maria TheresiaMentions proclamation dispensation from Reverend Heinrich D. Juncker, Bishop of Alton.
17 Nov 1909MEYER, JosephMeyer, LudwigKRAMPEL, MariaVOSS, WilhelminaVoss, AntonSCHAVESDIK, ElisabethKrampel, ThomasVoss, Josephina---
25 Oct 1922MEYER, Vernie HeinrichMeyer, FriederichKINDER, ElisabethKOCHER, SelomaKocker, SamuelSCHUETTE, RiekeSCHERFGEN, JohannLAUFER, SusannaThe bride is Non-Catholic; dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
26 Jul 1911MEYER, WendelMeyer, WendelMERIANS, MargarethaKOHERS, CatharinaKohers, JohannWEHLAGE, ChristinaKohers, AntonMerians, Ida---
4 May 1909MEYER, WilhelmMeyer, UrsiKLEIN, AnnaKUETER, Maria (Widow) born AHLERSAhlers, BernardHONIGFORT, AdelheidWEHLAGE, JohannAhlers, Maria---
12 Oct 1921MICHELS, Alphonse Peter------ALTEPETER, Elisabetha Martha------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
27 Nov 1925MIDDEKE, Bernard V.------WEHLAGE, Anna------------This marriage took place in St. Philipine In St. Louis, MO
19 May 1915MIDDEKE, Johann Gerhard------HOLTGRAVE, Regina Elisabeth------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
14 May 1919MIDDEKE, Johann HeinrichMiddeke, JohannHENRICH, MariaKOHRS, Barbara RosaKohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaKohrs, JacobTENHAUS, Clara---
26 Apr 1864MILLER, Joseph------RADLER, Anna------FREY, AdamRadler, Baltasar---
10 Nov 1909MITSCHKE, PaulMitschke, JosephFILGNER, CarolinaTHOELE, MariaThoele, HermanMEIER, RosaHEMPKE, HeinrichThoele, Josephina---
25 Nov 1908MOENSTER, Bernard J.Moenster, AntonKRUEP, Anna MariaBOKEL, CarolinaBokel, WilhelmWEHKAMP, AngelaBokel, BernardDETEMANN, Catharina---
28 Feb 1865MOSCHECK, Andreas------SCHREIVOGEL, Johanna------WILKER, HeinrichMARKS, Theresia---
19 May 1920MOSS, AugustMoss, GerhardOTTENSMEIER, ElisabethDORRIES, Lilie AnnaDorries, FriederichKAUFMANN, HelenaPOELKER, GeorgeOttensmeier, Elisabeth---
20 May 1913MOSS, BernardMoss, GerhardOTTENSMEIER, ElisabethWESSLING, Maria CarolinaWessling, LudwigREVERMANN, WilhelminaMoss, JoeSCHEVELING, Clara---
23 Jun 1920MOSS, BernardMoss, HermanHILLEN, ElisabethHEYER, BerthaHeyer, PeterBOENHOFF, TheresiaHeyer, WilliamHeyer, Regina---
22 Jun 1915MOSS, GeorgeMoss, GeorgeOTTENSMEIER, MariaMOSS, Maria ElisabethMoss, EduardTAYLOR, AliceOttensmeier, FrankMoss, Rose---
21 Nov 1916MOSS, Herman JosephMoss, GerhardOTTENSMEYER, ElisabethDIESEN, Anna CaeciliaDiesen, HermanGRAWE, CatharinaMoss, AugustDiesen, Kate---
6 Oct 1920MOTTIN, Franz A.Mottin, FelixLA ROSE, AgathaKRUEP, IdaKruep, Johann W.WIEGERS, ElisabethMottin, ElmerWARD, Ruth---
14 Feb 1922MUELLER, Aloys GerardMueller, HeinrichNot Listed, CatharinaVAN DE LOO, Theresia DorotheaVan De Loo, GerhardGEOFFRAY, MariaVan De Loo, NicolausJUNKER, Agnes---
22 Sep 1927MUELLER, LeonardMueller, JohannLEONARD, WilhelminaMORGAN, FernMorgan, ThomasWILLEBY, NoraVON ALST, AlfredMueller, MarieThe bride is Non-Catholic; dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
20 Oct 1885MUELLER, MarcelMueller, JosephSTEINER, TheresiaLIBERT, EleonoraLibert, HeinrichSPIN, VictoriaKLUTHO, TheodorALTEPETER, Mina---
24 Feb 1881MUELLER, PeterMueller, FriederichRIES, ElisabethaBALLSTEIN, MargaritaBallstein, FriederichESSINGER, TheresiaHOLTHAUS, HeinrichKUHLS, Helena---
28 May 1913MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard------HAGEN, Margarita------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
26 Apr 1922MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernard H.Mueller, BernardNot Listed, CatharinaHAAR, ReginaHaar, FriederichNot Listed, Catharina------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
30 Sep 1859NADERMANN, Joseph------ASCHEMANN, Sophia------MULLER, IgnatiusREINEKE, Theresia---
9 Nov 1871NEBEL, JohannNebel, MichaelLANNGLIN, FranciscaHEINRICHS, SophiaHeinrichs, WilhelmNot listed, CatharinaWIEBERG, Anton & Franz STEILINGOVERBERG, Maria & Helena HEIL---
---NEEDHAM, Joseph WilhelmNeedham, DanielNORMANSELL, SaraKOHRMANN, Josephina BernadinaKohrmann, AugustROLFES, Anna Maria------This entry appears between 21 Oct & 24 Nov 1914. This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
19 Nov 1895NIEBUR, ChristianNiebur, ErnestLENARZ, Anna MariaDIEKER, Maria ElisabethaDieker, BernardVEDEMEIER, Maria AdelheidDieker, LudwigKEMPER, Caecilia---
6 Jan 1861NIEBUR, Ernest------COTTE, Frederica------PRANGE, JohannLEONARZ, Anna Maria---
27 Aug 1861NIEBUR, Ernest------LENARTZ, Anna Maria ------CORTE, JohannHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
29 Dec 1927NIEBUR, George H.Niebur, ChristianDIEKER, ElisabethWIENKEN, Lillian MariaWienken, WilhelmHEINZMANN, MariaKOCH, EdwardZINSCHLAG, Eleonore---
29 Oct 1895NIEBUR, JosephNiebur, ClementALBERS, MariaHUELSMANN, AnnaHuelsmann, FriederichWOBBE, MargaritaHuelsmann, JohannNiebur, Elisabetha---
24 Oct 1923NIEBUR, JosephNiebur, JosephNot Listed, AnnaMAUE, MargaritaMaue, ClementNot Listed, ChristinaMaue, LeoNiebur, Elisabeth---
15 Feb 1898NIEBUR, TheodorNiebur, ClementALBERS, MariaFEHLKER, ElisabethaFehlker, LambertTIMMERGERT, MariaFehlker, HeinrichNiebur, Elisabetha---
21 Nov 1900NIEDHAM, DanielNiedham, MatthewWILLIAMSON, MarthaNIEMEIER, WilhelminaBÜHNE (Buehne), BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaBuhne, BernardKREBS, Machtilde---
21 May 1912NIEMANN, Clemens August------STEFFEN, Julia------------This marriage took place at St. Marcus in St. Louis, MO.
5 May 1885NIEMANN, Johann HeinrichNiemann, Alardi ?MOHLMANN, BernardinaMAUE, AnnaMaue, ClementBEKER, AnnaLAGER, BenedictPETERMEIER, Anna---
22 Apr 1869NIEMANN, Joseph------SCHROEER, Anna------Schroeer, FranzBECKERMANN, Elisabetha---
14 Jun 1887NIEMEIER, AntonNiemeier, GerhardHAAR, TheresiaPETERMEIER, AnnaPetermeier, JodociCLEMENT, ElisabethaHaar, TheodorPetermeier, Elisabetha---
5 Feb 1884NIEMEIER, CarlNiemeier, GerhardHAAR, TheresiaBUHNE, WilhelminaBuhne, BernardSTOLTEBEN, CatharinaNiemeier, AntonBuhne, Catharina---
23 Oct 1912NIEMEIER, Joseph A.------BOHNENKEMPER, Sophia ------------This marriage took place at Germantown, IL
22 Jan 1884NIEMEIER, OttoNiemeier, HeinrichDEKEN, AnnaBUHNE, CatharinaBuhne, HermanREBEL, CarolinaNiemeier, BernardBuhne, Wilhelmina---
10 Oct 1920NIEMEYER, Aloysius A.------LIEDEL, Anna------Niemeyer, JosephLiedel, MariaThis marriage took place in St. Joseph in Maybee, MI
10 Sep 1919NIEMEYER, Bernard A.Niemeyer, AntonNot Listed, AnnaBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaBuehne, BernardNot Listed, TheresiaNiemeyer, Aloys A.Buehne, Teresa M.---
7 Feb 1912NIEMEYER, Ferdinand CarlNiemeyer, CarlBÜHNE (Buehne), WilhelminaSTRAKE, ElisabethStrake, AlbertUBBELN, MariaNiemeyer, JosephStrake, Anna---
11 Oct 1921NIEMEYER, Franz Joseph------HÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), Anna Maria---------------
26 May 1909NIEMEYER, FriederichNiemeyer, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaKERKEMEIER, MariaKerkemeier, StephanBERNS, SusannaNiemeyer, WilhelmKerkemeyer, Anna---
26 Sep 1923NIEMEYER, Joseph A.Niemeyer, AntonPETERMEYER, AnnaVANDER PLUYM, Gertrude C.Vander Pluym, LudwigSCHWARZ, CatharinaNiemeyer, AlvinVander Pluym, Florence---
14 Nov 1923NIEMEYER, Theodor Heinrich------HUSTEDDE, Emma------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
17 Jan 1912NIEMEYER, WilhelmNiemeyer, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaHAGEN, AnnaHagen, TheodorNIEMEYER, MariaNiemeyer, HenryHagen, Bertha---
24 Nov 1920NIEWÖHNER (Niewoehner), Albert------HOLTKAMP, EugeniaHoltkamp, GeorgNot Listed, Anna------This marriage took place in St. Anthony's in St. Louis, MO
26 Apr 1910NORDMAN, HermanNordman, FerdinandKORTE, MariaMEYER, LouisaMeyer, WendelinMERIANS, MargarethaNordman, HeinrichMeyer, LouisaGroom is from Bartelso, IL
7 May 1895NORDMANN, JohannNordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaHUELSMANN, AnnaHuelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, WilhelminaNordmann, FranzHuelsmann, Maria---
17 Apr 1907NORDMANN, JosephNordmann, FranzKALTNER, FranciscaHOFFMANN, MariaHoffmann, HeinrichDEITERS, AnnaKORTE, ConradFAELE, Catharina---
17 Jul 1912OBERNEUFERMANN, Wilhelm------CAHIL, Bertha Margaretha------------This marriage took place at O'Fallon, IL
24 Apr 1873OSTERMANN, BernardOstermann, JosephLUEPKE, MargaritaGROSS, ElisabethaGross, HermanOVERBECK, Maria ElisabethaLANWERT, HeinrichBRUENING, Gertrud---
24 Apr 1860OSTERMANN, Joseph------HEITMANN, Catharina------MORHINNERS, FranzHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
27 Apr 1871OSTERMANN, TheodorOstermann, JosephLUEPKE, MargaritaBEINING, Anna GesinaBeining, HeinrichTIMMER, AdelheidOstermann, BernardROBERG, Bertha---
3 May 1893OTKE, Casimir Otke, HeinrichDETMER, MariaRICHTER, AnnaRichter, HeinrichPOHLMANN, MargaritaVOS, HermanRichter, Elisabetha---
19 Jul 1887OTKE, Casimir Gerhard HeinrichOtke, HeinrichDETMER, CatharinaHAAR, MargaritaHAAR, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaHaar, FriederichNIEBUR, Maria---
30 Nov 1865OTKE, Wilhelm------KOBBES, Anna Maria------JÜDEN (Jueden), HermanRATERMANN, Elisabetha---
29 Aug 1921OVERTURF, Arley WilliamOverturf, Anurico ?Not Listed, MariaKAPP, MariaKapp, JosephNot Listed, MariaAHRENS, ElisabethHELLIZE, EmmaThe groom is Non-Catholic.
28 Oct 1900OWENS, Johann------DEIEN, Anna------Deien, LorenzJANSSEN, MargaritaThey appear to have been married 16 Aug 1894 & this may be a church wedding to make it official. Dispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann Janssen mentioned.
7 Jul 1874PATRON, ArnoldPatron, HeinrichBARO, CatharinaWILLINBRINK, JosephinaWillinbrink, Friederich ArnoldEVERS, MargaritaVON BOCKEL, JohannKRUEP, Anna---
15 Oct 1908PEART, CharliePeart, JacobBOWGS, MarthaESS, RosaEss, BernardNORDMANN, MargarethaEss, FranzGRABOW, KatieGroom was not Catholic.
21 Apr 1874PEEK, AugustPeek, Johann GerhardMEYER, Anna MariaKNUEVE, AnnaKRUEP, HeinrichKNIES, Anna MariaBALKE, HeinrichPeek, Maria---
12 Feb 1863PEEK, Theodor Gerhard------ARCHERS, Maria------CORRAL, JacobBOCKERS, Elisabetha---
7 Jan 1919PELTIES, TheodorPelties, HermanRUTGIS, HelenePERKS, LucillaPerks, JohannRICKHER, Emilia------This marriage took place in St. Bernard's in Albers, IL
27 Nov 1924PEPPENHORST, Franz B.Peppenhorst, JohannNot Listed, PhilipinaVOSS, EulaliaVoss, HermanOTKE, ElisabethTAPHORN, FrankKUES, (Miss) Mary---
20 Feb 1919PERKES, RaymondPerkes, WilhelmNot Listed, MariaSCHLUETER, AdelinaSchlueter, BernardNot Listed, Maria------The groom was a Non-Catholic. Dispensation for mixed religion marriage given. This marriage took place in St. Mary's in Carlyle, IL.
12 Oct 1904PETERMEIER, JosephPetermeier, JodociCLEMENT, ElisabethaKLUTHO, ElisabethaKLUTHO, AugustALTEPETER, AnnaPetermeier, BernardTIMMERMANN, Catharina---
26 Sep 1928PETERMEYER, August JosephPetermeyer, Joseph J.KLUTHO, ElizabethBRUEGGE, Louisa FerdinandinaBruegge, HeinrichGOELLNER, JosephinaSCHUETTE, Joseph F.Bruegge, Marie---
22 Nov 1870PETERMEYER, GeorgPetermeyer, ConradNot Listed, MariaHINKAMP, Bernardina REILMANN, FriederichNot listed, Anna MariaSCHONEFELD, GeorgReilmann, Maria AnnaBernardina was probably married to Theodor Hinkamp Jul 1869 (listed as Finkamp in IL Statewide Marriages)
3 Feb 1909PETERMEYER, RobertPetermeyer, GeorgREILMANN, BernardinaFIE, MariaFie, JohannMOHR, AnnaPetermeyer, HeinrichPetermeyer, BernardinaBride's mother's last name could be Moor.
21 Jun 1864PETERS, Clement------TEVES, Elisabetha------Peters, JohannTeves, Anna---
7 Feb 1923PETERS, Johann H.------DIECHNER, CaeciliaDiechner, HeinrichNot Listed, Magdalena------This marriage took place in Beckemeyer, IL
14 Nov 1882PILLE, HeinrichPille, HermanAKA, MariaHAAR, CatharinaHAAR, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaPille, FranzHaar, Margarita---
28 Nov 1917PINGSTERHAUS, Franz HeinrichPingsterhaus, WilhelmKUETER, Maria GertrudeSCHLEPER, LouisaSchleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaPingsterhaus, Wilhelm J.Schleper, Catharina Maria---
21 Apr 1915PINGSTERHAUS, HermanPingsterhaus, BernardRÜTER (Rueter), Maria GertrudeSCHLEPER, AnnaSchleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaPingsterhaus, Hy.Schleper, Louisa---
10 Sep 1889PLUM, LudwigPlum, JohannSCHULTE, GertrudSCHWARZ, CatharinaSchwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaSchwarz, BernardPlum, MariaCompare Pluym & Van Der Pluym
13 Jun 1916POEHLING, Franz JosephPoehling, HermanMOHRMANN, ElisabethMILLER, Caecilia MariaMiller, HeinrichDUEING, CatharinaPoehling, HermanLUEBKE, Katy---
18 Nov 1879POELING, HermanPoeling, Johann Herman BernardKNIPPE, Anna Maria ElisabethaWENDEL, ElisabethaMORMANN, CarlWELLEN, Anna AdelheidBURST, OttoLEHRTER, Margarita---
12 Nov 1878POELING, Johann BernardPoeling, Johann BernardKNIPPE, Anna MariaBENUS, Helena BernardinaBenus, WilhelmWIEMANN, MariaPoeling, HermanBenus, Elisabetha---
21 Oct 1920POELKER, GeorgePoelker, BernardSCHEVELING, MariaKRUSE, Catharina (Widow)REILMANN, TheodorKENNEBECK, GertrudROOF, AlvinHOLWECK, AnnaThis marriage took place in St. Louis, MO.
30 Sep 1908POELKER, HermanPoelker, BernardSCHEVLING, MariaBRANDT, AnnaBrandt, HeinrichBRUENING, GertrudePoelker, JosephHOLTMANN, Anna---
7 Oct 1913POELKER, JosephPoelker, BernardSCHEVELING, MariaPETERMEIER, BernardinaPetermeier, Joseph P.KREITER, CarolinaPoelker, GeorgePetermeier, _elia---
2 May 1918POELKER, RudolphPoelker, Fred---PILLE, Catharina------------This marriage took place at St. Peter's in Belleville
16 Sep 1890POHLMANN, Bernard H.Pohlmann, JohannFASTABEND, AdelheidREILMANN, MargaritaReilmann, Herman H.SCHULTE, GertrudSchulte, HeinrichBENE, Anna---
6 Apr 1869POLLMANN, Bernard------RICKHOFF, Margarita------Pollmann, HermanLOKHORN, Carolina---
21 Jul 1874POLLMANN, Bernard HermanPollmann, Johann HeinrichHERBES, Maria GesinaRAKES, Anna Maria TeklaRakes, Gerhard HermanWUEBLES, Maria GesinaRakes, Gerhard HeinrichRakes, Maria Helena---
9 May 1922POLLMANN, FriederichPollmann, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaSCHULTE, Maria R.Schulte, Heinrich J.Not Listed, Anna------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
28 Nov 1865POLLMANN, Herman Heinrich------DULLE, Maria Adelheid------KRAEMER, JohannDulle, Margarita Adelheid---
25 Jun 1867POLLMANN, Herman Heinrich------SUMMER, Maria Catharina------Pollmann, Bernard HermanSummer, Maria Helena---
16 Aug 1875POLLMANN, Johann HeinrichPollmann, Johann HeinrichFELKEN, Maria Helena SWAKE, Anna Maria FriedericaSwake, Johann HeinrichWESTER, Maria MargarethaPollmann, Johann HermanREILMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
3 Jun 1879POLLMANN, Johann HeinrichPollmann, Johann HeinrichTHENKEN, Anna HelenaBEENE, ChristinaALBERS, Johann HeinrichBUDDE, AngelaBOLLMANN, HeinrichKALLAGE, Theresia---
3 Jun 1924POLLMANN, Johann Heinrich------THIEN, Anna Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
16 Jun 1908POTTSMEYER, HermanPottsmeyer, WilhelmKNIES, ElisabethaFUNKE, GertrudeFunke, FranzMARKS, CatharinaKnies, JohannFunke, Caecilia---
1 Oct 1925QUIRINOS, Wilhelm------BOUER, Wilhelmina Emma------------This marriage took place in Sts. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO.
19 Nov 1872RATERMANN, BernardRatermann, FriederichWOESTE, Maria ElisabethaKORTE, Anna MariaKorte, HeinrichDULLE, GertrudRatermann, WilhelmRENZING, Anna---
10 Nov 1875RATERMANN, BernardRatermann, FriederichWOESTE, ElisabethaSCHNITKER, Anna CatharinaSchnitker, Johann HeinrichSCHRICHTER, Anna Maria Ratermann, WilhelmRatermann, Catharina---
21 Apr 1920RATERMANN, FerdinandRatermann, WilhelmRICHTER, AnnaFELTROP, VeronicaFeltrop, HermanKREKE, MargaritaRatermann, BernardFeltrop, Bertha---
14 Apr 1885RATERMANN, FriederichRatermann, WilhelmSALER, ChristinaHECKMANN, AnnaHeckmann, Franz JosephWEMPE, Maria ElisabethaRatermann, TheodorHeckmann, Elisabetha---
20 Jan 1903RATERMANN, FriederichRatermann, BernardSCHNITKER, ElisabethaVOS, TheresiaVos, BernardVOS, MariaVos, FranzRatermann, Elisabetha---
13 May 1903RATERMANN, FriederichRatermann, WilhelmRICHTER, AnnaBRANDT, MariaBrandt, HeinrichBRUENING, GertrudRatermann, GerhardSCHEER, Catharina---
3 May 1892RATERMANN, HeinrichRatermann, FriederichWOESTE, ElisabethaHUGGENBERG, BernardinaHuggenberg, BernardUPHOFF, CatharinaMEIER, Gerhard HeinrichHuggenberg, Wilhelmina---
20 Oct 1914RATERMANN, Heinrich SylvesterRatermann, WilhelmRICHTER, AnnaFELTROP, Catharina ElisabethFeltrop, HermanKREKE, MargaritaRatermann, W. G.Kreke, Wilhelmina---
10 Nov 1903RATERMANN, JohannRatermann, WilhelmSALER, ChristinaROSEN, ElisabethaRosen, ClementHILMES, ChristinaRosen, AntonRatermann, Elisabeth---
17 May 1911RATERMANN, Johann GerhardRatermann, WilhelmRICHTER, AnnaPEEK, BernardinaPeek, AugustKRUEP, AnnaRatermann, HeinrichPeek, MargarethaGroom Baptized 15 Aug 1882-St. Dominic; Bride 1 Dec 1884 in Aviston.
25 Oct 1921RATERMANN, Joseph FriederichRatermann, HeinrichNot Listed, BernardinaWOLTERING, Wilhelmina------------This marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
14 May 1878RATERMANN, WilhelmRatermann, FriederichWOESTE, ElisabethaRICHTER, AnnaRichter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidRatermann, HeinrichRichter, Maria---
9 May 1916RATERMANN, Wilhelm G.------PEEK, Margarita------------This marriage took place at St. Francis, Aviston IL
28 Sep 1897REAGEN, WilhelmReagen, PatrickBRADY, SusannaBENTLER, ElisabethaBentler, FranzWISKENRATH, CatharinaBentler, JosephHORNER, Catharina---
17 Feb 1870REBBEL, Gerhard------KRUEP, Christina------Rebbel, BernardNIEMEYER, Anna Maria---
27 Nov 1895REILING, HeinrichReiling, BernardGOEDEKE, FriedericaKLUMKE, BernardinaKlumke, Johann HermanKOTTMANN, Anna CarolinaReiling, BernardWILKE, Bernardina---
9 Feb 1909REILMANN, BernardReilmann, HeinrichKAHRHOFF, AnnaLAWSON, Emma (Widow) (Non-Catholic)BOBBETT, JacobTOLLE, SarahMUELLER, HubertMueller, MariaDispensation granted for mixed religion marriage.
12 Jan 1916REILMANN, Bernard Herman------SCHLARMANN, Adeline Elisabeth------------This marriage took place at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
2 Jun 1908REILMANN, GeorgReilmann, TheodorKENNEDIK, GertrudDANIEL, MargaretaDaniel, JohannGERLING, AnnaReilmann, AntonDaniel, Elisabetha---
1 Mar 1859REILMANN, Gerhard------FOCKE, Margarita------BEKERMANN, HermanALTPETER, Maria---
22 Oct 1889REILMANN, Gerhard HeinrichReilmann, HeinrichDETMER, SusannaHORCHLER, CatharinaHorchler, Gerhard HeinrichHAWERTH, TheresiaDetmer, HeinrichBROKHOFF, Theresia---
29 Jun 1869REILMANN, Heinrich------KARHOFF, Maria Anna------MORHINNERS, TheodorKarhoff, Elisabetha---
12 Nov 1889REILMANN, Johann Heinrich------HÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), ElisabethaHuelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, WilhelminaSCHULTE, HeinrichHuelsmann, CatharinaGroom's parents not listed but this entry appears just after Gerhard Heinrich Reilmann's 22 Oct 1889 marriage with his parents listed.
10 Feb 1909REILMANN, Johann HeinrichReilmann, TheodorKENNEBECK, GertrudeDEIEN, CaeciliaDeien, BernardJANSEN, MariaReilmann, AntonDeien, Rosa---
13 Jun 1899REILMANN, Johann TheodorReilmann, TheodorKENEBECK, GertrudGOEVERT, Johanna MariaGoevert, HeinrichSTEIN, Anna JosephinaGoevert, MaximilianESS, Elisabetha---
17 Jan 1926REILMANN, Paul------VAN ALST, Rosa------------This marriage took place in the Cathedral in Belleville, IL
23 Jan 1866REILMANN, Theodor------HOLLÄNDER (Hollander), Anna Maria------PETERMEYER, GeorgHollander, Elisabetha---
16 Apr 1872RENEKE, MartinReneke, AntonBODING, Anna MariaHOLTGRAEVE, Elisabetha ------SCHONEFELD, GeorgMENKE, CatharinaBride was the wife of Gerhard Holtgraeve.
25 Oct 1898RENGIER, FranzRengier, FranzPOMME, ElisabethaLANGE, AnnaLange, FriederichWASMUS, LouisaRengier, JohannMEIER, Maria---
26 Jul 1864REVERMANN, Bernard------HOMANN, Louisa------Homann, TheodorMARX, Catharina---
23 Apr 1912RIBBING, Heinrich------POHLMANN, Anna Rose------------This marriage took place at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
2 May 1904RIBBING, TheodorRibbing, EduardHUEHNE, MinaHAGEN, AngelinaHagen, HeinrichHAGEN, MariaHagen, JosephRibbing, Mina---
30 Sep 1908RIBING, Joseph------HOELLMAN, R. Josephina------------Marriage took place in Buxton (Beckemeyer, IL); entry appears just before 1912 entries.
7 May 1892RICHTER, BernardRichter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaBONHOFF, ElisabethaBonhoff, CasparCLEMENT, ElisabethaRichter, HeinrichBOENHOFF, CatharinaThe marriage date could be 10 May.
4 May 1920RICHTER, Bernard L.------HEIMANN, Margarita------------This marriage took place in Damiansville, IL
8 May 1917RICHTER, Caspar Aloysius------HEIMANN, Rosa------------This marriage took place in Damiansville, IL
6 Nov 1860RICHTER, Clement------PETERMEYER, Anna------Richter, Johann HeinrichMARX, Maria---
16 Sep 1919RICHTER, Franz Heinrich------PEEK, Elisabeth Josephina------------This marriage took place in St. Francis, Aviston IL
24 Jan 1899RICHTER, Gerhard HeinrichRichter, HeinrichPOHLMANN, MargaritaELLING, CarolinaElling, HermanURMEISTER, ElisabethaElling, TheodorRichter, Elisabetha---
26 Apr 1864RICHTER, Heinrich------POLMANN, Margarita Adelheid------Richter, WilhelmMUSS, Anna Maria---
21 May 1867RICHTER, Heinrich------RICHTER, Anna------PETERMEYER, GeorgSCHONEFELD, Anna MariaNo mention of relationship made.
12 Oct 1897RICHTER, HeinrichRichter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidMAUE, TheresiaMaue, HeinrichHUSTEDDE, CatharinaRichter, HermanMaue, Maria---
19 Apr 1927RICHTER, Heinrich JohannRichter, Heinrich GerhardELLING, CarolinaHUENE, Caecilia ReginaHuene, JosephMEIER, ElisabethRichter, Theodore JohnHuene, Wilhelmina B.---
20 May 1902RICHTER, HermanRichter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidTIMMERMANN, ElisabethaTimmermann, WilhelmKRUEP, AnnaTimmermann, HeinrichRichter, Carolina---
6 Feb 1907RICHTER, HermanRichter, HeinrichPOLLMANN, MargaritaBRINKMANN, ElisabethaBrinkmann, HeinrichUHRMEISTER, ElisabethaBrinkmann, JosephRichter, Elisabetha---
9 Apr 1861RICHTER, Johann Heinrich------SCHWENNEN, Anna Maria------Schwennen, BernardREVERMANN, Adelheid---
17 May 1921RICHTER, Joseph------HOLTGRAVE, Anna Veronica------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
18 Nov 1879RICHTER, WilhelmRichter, BernardHILMES, TheresiaBOENHOFF, AnnaBoenhoff, CasparCLEMENT, CatharinaBoenhoff, WilhelmRichter, Maria---
15 Apr 1890RICHTER, WilhelmRichter, GerhardFELDMANN, AdelheidMAUE, AnnaMaue, HeinrichHUSTEDDE, CatharinaMaue, JohannRichter, Anna---
25 Oct 1905RICHTER, WilhelmRichter, HeinrichPOHLMANN, MargaritaALBERTERNST, ChristinaAlberternst, GerhardHOLTGREVE, ElisabethaRichter, HermanSTEINMANN, Maria---
29 Jan 1913RICKE, Anton------HEUER, Maria Elisabeth------------This marriage took place at St. Augustina in St. Louis, MO.
20 Nov 1883RICKE, HeinrichRicke, Georg AntonMUGGEBIER, Catharina Maria NIEMEIER, ElisabethaNiemeier, GerhardHAAR, TheresiaNiemeier, CarlNiemeier, Catharina---
28 Nov 1871RICKER, HeinrichRicker, CasparDUST, Anna MariaWEBER, CatharinaWeber, TheodorTHOELE, ElisabethaWeber, TheodorDust, Anna Margarita---
1 Mar 1859RINGBECK, Heinrich------ALTPETER, Anna Adelheid------OHLMEYER, HermanKRUP, Maria Anna---
17 Jun 1862RINGBECK, Heinrich------REVERMANN, Adelheid------Revermann, BernardMARA, Maria---
30 Jun 1863RINGBECK, Heinrich------HÜLSCAMP (Huelscamp), Elisabetha------Not ListedNot listedDispensation given by Bishop Heinrich of Alton
25 Apr 1922RIPPERDA, Bernard HeinrichRipperda, Bernard HeinrichSPENGLER, BarbaraEILERS, Clara FranziscaEilers, FranzDÜING (Dueing), ChristinaEilers, EdwardRipperda, Eugenia---
18 Dec 1921ROACH, PatrickRoach, LarryNot Listed, MaryCOMMINGS, MariaCommings, BasilNot Listed, JaneKREBS, Ferd.SUESS, MarySomeone gets Baptized on 28 may 1922
28 Apr 1915ROBBEN, Bernard HeinrichRobben, Gerhard Herman---KAPP, RosaKapp, JacobSCHMEDLY, MagdalenaRobben, GeorgeRobben, Elizabeth---
8 Nov 1922ROBBEN, Francis HermanRobben, AugustTHIEN, AnnaCOERS, AmeliaCoers, ClementWILKEN, BernardinaCoers, OliverRobben, Mary---
11 Feb 1868ROBERG, Joseph------FUHLER, Elisabetha------OSTERMANN, BernardALTEPETER, Anna---
29 Apr 1924ROBKE, Edward Johann------TIMMERMANN, Maria Carolina------------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
6 May 1924ROHR, Heinrich J. Isaac------KUHL, Margareta------------This marriage took place in St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
1 Mar 1924ROHR, JohannRohr, PeterNot Listed, WilhelminaCOWELL, AnnaCowell, CarlNot Listed, Mathilda------This marriage took place in Beckemeyer, IL
24 May 1859ROHRBACHER, Jakob------FISCHER, Lena------KREPS, CasparFABING, Fri.---
10 May 1905ROLFINGMEYER, FriederichRolfingmeyer, FriederichROSENBAUM, MariaGOEVERT, AnnaGoevert, JohannSTEIN, JosephinaGoevert, HermanWIETER, MariaMixed religion marriage. Dispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann Janssen mentioned.
14 Sep 1907ROLFINGSMEIER, ChristRolfingsmeier, FriederichROSENKRANZ, MariaSTEIN, AnnaStein, HenryWELLING, ChristinaRolfingsmeier, HeinrichABELN, Anna---
21 Apr 1909ROLFINGSMEYER, HeinrichRolfingsmeyer, FriederichROSENBAUM, MariaWEBER, Helen (Non-Catholic)Weber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaWeber, JosephHEMANN, MariaDispensation granted for mixed religion marriage.
26 Oct 1921ROSEN, HeinrichRosen, HeinrichGERDES, AnnaHOLTKAMP, ElisabethHoltkamp, JohannTHIEN, MariaRosen, BernardHoltkamp, Mathilda---
11 Sep 1912ROSEN, JohannRosen, HeinrichGERDES, AnnaJANSEN, RosaJansen, HeinrichHILMES, AnnaBULLER, HenryJansen, Mary---
25 Nov 1926ROSEN, Joseph EdwardRosen, WilhelmRHEINSCHMIDT, MollyHEYER, Loretta TheresiaHeyer, JohannGISSING, JosephinaRAUSCH, JohnTIMMERMANN, Olivia---
13 Aug 1859RUSSEL, John------WALSH, Helena------FANNEN, NicolasBLÄKEN (Blaeken), Winifred---
24 Jul 1860RUWALD, Carl------MUSSENBROCK, Gertrud------GEHRS, WilhelmMussenbrock, Theodora---
7 Feb 1893SAAL, HeinrichSaal, Apollinar (Apollo?) SAHL, GertrudFRIEDRICHS, TheresiaFriedrichs, AugustMURKOSTER, TheresiaKUHLS, JosephSCHWARZ, Carolina---
28 Nov 1865SCHAAP, Johann Bernard------MERSCHER, Maria Clara------DUMBECK, TheodorMerscher, Anna Maria---
26 Jul 1911SCHAEFER, AugustSchaefer, LudwigNot Listed, MariaWAHLHEIM, Maria Rosa------Wahlheim, FelixSchaefer, ElisabethThis couple was married in another church - St. ?
9 Jan 1872SCHAEFER, LudwigSchaefer, PhilippLIST, ElisabethaSCHAEFFER, Anna MariaSchaeffer, DominicBORVE, Anna MariaDUFENAUER, JosephWELFERT, Anna---
4 Feb 1914SCHAEFER, WilhelmSchaefer, OttoVOGT, WilhelminaKRUEP, MariaKruep, BernardSCHLUETER, JosephinaSchlueter, EdwardKruep, Caecilia---
9 Sep 1911SCHÄFER (Schaefer), ErnestSchaefer, AlbertWOOD, ClaraMILLER, JaneMiller, DietrichEVERSGARD, TheresiaFRESE, MariaROVETE, Therese W.Groom is Non-Catholic.
25 Oct 1859SCHÄFERLING (Schaeferling), Gerhard Herman------PETERS, Helena Adelheid------SCHALCAMP, Anna Maria WilhelminaPeters, Johann Herman---
25 May 1875SCHARFENBERGER, GeorgScharfenberger, AntonANSELMANN, ReginaBUETLER, CatharinaBuetler, MartinBASSEMEIER, CatharinaKAUNE, HeinrichScharfenberger, Catharina---
20 Apr 1910SCHAUBER, JohnSchauber, HeinrichBICKEY, SaraWERNER, EmilyWerner, AugustCODY, AliceLODECKE, AnnaDOYLE, AliceThis couple was married in a civil ceremony in Jan 1908
14 Jun 1881SCHEER, HeinrichScheer, BernardZOLLE, MariaHELLING, Catharina born ALBERTERNSTAlberternst, HeinrichSCHALCAMP, Anna MariaScheer, AugustRENZING, Anna Maria---
27 Feb 1924SCHEVELING, Herman Johann------MOLITOR, Rosa Irene------Molitor, AloysiusScheveling, Emma---
14 Apr 1863SCHIERMANN, Johann Friederich------ECKELMANN, Lisetta------Schiermann, Johann HeinrichBRUGGEMANN, Maria Agnes---
15 Nov 1922SCHILDROTH, JohannSchildroth, ConradELSTER, TheresiaCOERS, CatharinaCoers, DominicSCHNEIDER, ClaraMEIER, LeoMeier, FlorenceThe groom is Non-Catholic. Dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
9 Apr 1861SCHLARMANN, Gerhard Heinrich------HOLTMANN, Maria Elisabetha------HEIDEMANN, TheodoreHoltmann, Maria Anna---
16 Oct 1906SCHLARMANN, Theodor HeinrichSchlarmann, HeinrichWELLING, MariaRITTER, LinaRitter, DominickHERZOG, JohannaRitter, AugustSchlarmann, Rosa---
12 May 1925SCHLEPER, Bernard H.------ROLVES, Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Bernard in Albers, IL
22 Apr 1914SCHLEPER, Gerhard HeinrichSchleper, Johann Bernard---BAKERS, CatharinaBakers, AlbertSTOFF, Josephina------This marriage took place in Aviston, IL
5 Jul 1887SCHLEPER, Johann BernardSchleper, HeinrichBEHNE, MargaritaREVERMANN, CatharinaRevermann, BernardHOHMANN, LouisaBehne, BernardRevermann, Anna---
18 Jun 1919SCHLEPER, Johann JosephSchleper, BernardNot Listed, CatharinaKALMER, Josephina------------This marriage took place in Damiansville, IL
24 Apr 1888SCHLUETER, BernardSchlueter, JosephHEMANN, AnnaKAPP, MariaKapp, JohannHUTHER, MariaSchlueter, JosephKapp, Catharina---
25 Nov 1890SCHLUETER, JosephSchlueter, FranzHEMANN, AnnaGEERS, Maria Geers, GerhardHESSLER, ElisabethaGeers, GerhardSchlueter, Maria---
29 Oct 1901SCHMIDT, FriederichSchmidt, WilhelmJANSSEN, DinaTAPHORN, LinaTaphorn, GerhardLEUWEKAMP (Leuvenkamp), LouisaTaphorn, AntonKRUEP, Friederica---
23 Oct 1923SCHMIDT, FriederichSchmidt, FranzNot Listed, GertrudeRICHTER, Caecilia AnnaRICHTER, WilhelmNot Listed, AnnaSchmidt, AloysiusRichter, CatherineThis marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
2 Dec 1924SCHMIDT, HerbertSchmidt, Henry E.---HALLERMANN, JosephinaHallermann, HenryWELLEN, ElisabethSUESS, MariaAHRENS, ElisabethGroom is Non-Catholic. Dispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
2 Jun 1931SCHMITT, FrancisSchmitt, JacobWACHLER, JosephineLAKENBURGER, Maria Blanca JosephinaLakenburger, AntonHUELSKAMP, AnnaLILLIE, EdwardHEYER, DorothyGroom Bap in O'Fallon, IL 13 Jun 1906; Bride Bap 12 Sep 1909 in St. Mary Trenton, IL
26 Nov 1902SCHMITT, HeinrichSchmitt, HeinrichPLUMER, MargaretaBARTH, LouisaBarth, JohannHUMMERT, MargaretaHummert, AugustBRUEGGE, Caecilia---
25 Sep 1928SCHNIERS, Heinrich Wilhelm AloysSchniers, HermanFRERKER, ElisabethWEHLAGE, Catharina MariaWehlage, FrancisMACKE, MariaSchniers, HermanWehlage, Christine---
27 Nov 1929SCHNIERS, Herman JohannSchniers, HermanFRERKER, ElisabethWEHLAGE, Christina AnnaWehlage, JohannMACKE, MariaWehlage, EdwardSchniers, Caecilia---
14 Oct 1884SCHNITKER, HeinrichSchnitker, JohannSCHRIFTEN, Anna MariaJASKE, MariaDIEKER, TheodorBUTMANN, Catharina AdelheidRATERMANN, TheodorNIEBUR, Maria---
2 Nov 1898SCHOENFELD, AugustSchoenfeld, HermanBAMBERG, CarolinaSTUEVER, MachtildeStuever, BernardKRUEP, ElisabethaStuever, HeinrichKASTING, MariaDispensation for mixed religion marriage given. Something about "cancelerio vander Sanden St. Louis" ? Bride & groom both signed promissory certificate
16 Aug 1859SCHÖNDINST (Schoendinst), Johann------SCHUSTER, Franzisca------ROBERT, JakobWILFERT, Andrew---
22 Feb 1905SCHONEBECK, Georg Joseph AntonSchonebeck, RobertSTRICK, ElisabethFELDEWERT, GertrudFeldewert, AntonALBRECHT, DorotheaNot Listed------
22 Oct 1889SCHONEFELD, HeinrichSchonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaVOSS, WilhelminaVoss, BernardBRUEGGEMANN, MariaVos, HeinrichSchonefeld, Bernardina---
22 May 1894SCHONEFELD, MartinSchonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaTRUETKEN, MariaTruetken, HeinrichLOHMANN, MariaHARTLAGE, HeinrichSchonefeld, Machtilde---
14 Nov 1917SCHRAGE, Heinrich T.Schrage, JohannKRUEP, CarolinaKOHRS, Adeline M.Kohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaSchrage, AntonKohrs, Bertha---
23 Nov 1871SCHREIBER, JohannSchreiber, JohannKREVET, MargaritaHEIER, Maria ElisabethaHeier, HeinrichSELLMANN, Maria GertrudMUELLER, IgnatiusREINEKE, TheresiaMarried by Franz Schreiber, pastor
17 Nov 1922SCHROEDER, Alphonse C.Schroeder, EmilRIFF, TheresiaMENSEN, CaeciliaMensen, BernardWÜBKE (Wuebke), CatharinaSchroeder, CharlesMensen, CatherineThe groom is Non-Catholic
18 Apr 1899SCHROEDER, FranzSchroeder, FranzSCHROER, TheresiaBUDDE, RosaBudde, FranzHAGEN, MariaBudde, HeinrichSchroeder, Maria---
13 Oct 1870SCHROEDER, Heinrich Anton------KRAMER, Anna Maria------SCHULTE, HermanKramer, Maria Catharina---
14 Jun 1899SCHUESSEL, ConradSchuessel, JosephHERZING, CatharinaFELDEWERT, ClaraFeldewert, AntonALBRECHT, DorotheaFeldewert, HeinrichPEEK, Catharina---
13 May 1902SCHUETTE, JosephSchuette, PeterMUELLER, MargaritaPETERMEIER, ElisabethaPetermeier, JodociCLEMENT, ElisabethaPetermeier, JosephSTEMPEL, Josephina---
10 May 1911SCHULTE, Bernard Schulte, TheodorWEHLAGE, TheresiaKOHRS, MariaKohrs, AntonSTOCK, AnnaSchulte, JohnKohrs, Barbara---
10 Sep 1913SCHULTE, Bernard ------DUST, Rosa AugustaDust, HermanNot Listed, Louisa------This marriage took place in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL
1 Jul 1862SCHULTE, Friederich------LÜBBE (Luebbe), Maria Agnes------Schulte, Gerhard HeinrichHEMSING, Maria---
16 Nov 1886SCHULTE, FriederichSchulte, Herman HeinrichSCHAEFERS, HelenaSCHULTE, MargaritaSchulte, GerhardTEVES, MariaSchulte, HeinrichSchulte, GertrudNo mention of relationship made.
10 May 1864SCHULTE, Gerhard Heinrich------KOEBBE, Margarita------SCHROEHE (Schmoele?), HeinrichSchmoele, Mathilde---
6 Oct 1891SCHULTE, HeinrichSchulte, HeinrichSCHAEPER, HelenaBEHNE, HelenaBehne, TheodorALBERS, ChristinaSchulte, HermanFOCKES, Elisabetha---
26 Nov 1859SCHULTE, Herman------SCHÄFERS (Schaefers), Helena------DILLMANN, HeinrichSchulte, Elisabetha---
21 Jun 1860SCHULTE, Herman------KRAMER, Anna Maria------GROGMANN, HeinrichLEHEN, Helena---
9 Aug 1898SCHULTE, HermanSchulte, HeinrichSCHÄPER (Schaeper), HelenaSCHOENHOFF, ChristinaSchoenhoff, BernardLIPSMEIER, AnnaSchulte, GerhardSchoenhoff, Anna Maria---
17 Jan 1899SCHULTE, JohannSchulte, GerhardTHEVES, MariaWEHLAGE, CatharinaWehlage, BernardALTEPETER, CatharinaWehlage, HeinrichKOCH, Elisabetha---
12 Jan 1904SCHULTE, JohannSchulte, HeinrichSCHEPER (Schleper?), HelenaMCCOY, MariaMcCoy, StantonCONNINGTON, Maria------Dispensation from Belleville Bishop Johann Janssen mentioned.
30 Aug 1916SCHULTE, JohannSchulte, TheodorWEHLAGE, TheresiaHORSTMANN, ElisabethHorstmann, HermanKORTE, Margareta------This marriage took place at St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
22 Apr 1879SCHULTE, Johann HeinrichSchulte, HermanSCHULTE, Anna Maria ElisabethaPOHLMANN, Susanna AnnaPohlmann, HermanRICKHOFF, Johanna MariaBORG, JosephPohlmann, Maria---
7 Jun 1916SCHULTE, Joseph F.Schulte, JosephLAKENBURGER, TheresiaGLAUB, Rosa ElisabethGlaub, Carl JosephHERBERS, Magdalena AdelheidGlaub, CharlesSchulte, Lillian---
5 Oct 1920SCHULTE, Theodor Johann------HOLLENCAMP, Anna Leonore------------This marriage took place in St. Mary in Carlyle, IL
18 Oct 1921SCHUMACHER, HeinrichSchumacher, HeinrichDANIEL, AnnaDORRIES, BerthaDorries, JuliusBULLER, CatharinaDorries, AlvinSchumacher, (Miss) LorettaThis marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
24 May 1887SCHWAKE, BernardSchwake, Johann HeinrichWESTER, MargaritaWIENKE, LouisaHAAR, BenedictKREKE, ElisabethaPOLLMANN, HeinrichPILLE, Catharina---
26 Nov 1895SCHWARZ, BernardSchwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaBOENHOFF, CatharinaBoenhoff, CasparCLEMENT, CatharinaSchwarz, FranzBoenhoff, Rosa---
23 Feb 1922SCHWARZ, FranzSchwarz, BernardBOENHOFF, CatharinaSCHAUBERT, PearlSchaubert, JohannPARKER, HelenaSchwarz, Alphons C.Schwarz, Frances---
16 Jun 1920SCHWARZ, George Bernard------TIMMERMANN, Seraphia------------This marriage took place in St. Patrick's in St. Louis, MO
17 Apr 1877SCHWIERJOHAN, Johann FranzSchwierjohan, Herman HeinrichREVERMANN, Maria GesinaRATTERMANN, CatharinaRattermann, Johann WilhelmVARBERTEPE, ChristinaRattermann, FriederichBLANK, Anna---
16 Jan 1894SCHWIERJOHANN, FranzSchwierjohann, HeinrichREVERMANN, GesinaHOLTHAUS, AnnaHolthaus, HeinrichBUHNE, ElisabethaHolthaus, HeinrichSchwierjohann, Anna---
15 Apr 1896SCHWIERJOHN, FranzSchwierjohn, ClementSCHROER, ElisabethaDEBEN, BernardinaDeben, TheodorMEIBORG, ElisabethaHAGEN, FranzSchwierjohn, Catharina---
12 Apr 1910SCHWIERJOHN, Wilhelm------HOLTHAUS, Josephina------Holthaus, GeorgSchwierjohn, ElisabethThis marriage took place in Beckemeyer
16 Feb 1915SEELHOEFER, HeinrichSeelhoefer, HeinrichTHEILING, TheresiaDUST, ElisabethDust, HeinrichWOBBERING, CatharinaTIMMERMANN, FritzTimmermann, Catharina---
26 Oct 1916SELLERS, WilburSellers, FrankMC GEE, EddaHOERCHLER, CaeciliaHoerchler, TheodorGERLING, AnnaHoerchler, HeinrichSUESS, MariaDispensation for mixed religion marriage given.
14 Jan 1922SHERWOOD, Joseph E.Sherwood, H. E.ALLEN, JosephineBINGHAM, JosephineBingham, HaydenMC BROYER, CatharinaAHRENS, ElisabethSUESS, Mary---
8 Oct 1867SIRKEL, Wilhelm------WELTE, Theresia------Welte, RichardMARKS, CatharinaCompare Zirkel
10 Oct 1917SOMMER, Anton JosephSommer, Gerhard Joseph---MOSS, Rosa A.Moss, GerhardOTTENSMEYER, ElisabethSommer, TheodorPUMPMEIER, Theresia---
29 Aug 1899SPENGLER, AdamSpengler, MichaelSIKA, MariaSTOCKMANN, ElisabethaStockmann, AntonEVERGERT, MargaritaRIPPERDA, HeinrichStockmann, Anna---
10 Apr 1918SPETLIN, Wilhelm JohannSpetlin, JohannNot Listed, Maria HelenaREILMANN, Elisabeth RosaReilmann, JohannNot Listed, Elisabeth------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
11 Jan 1876SPIELER, BernardSpieler, JohannWEHRSTEIN, Maria EvaMEIER, Regina CatharinaWIESENBERG, JohannSUSTER, ReginaKLUTHO, TheodorUSSELMANN, Louisa---
28 Sep 1869STALLBORIES, Heinrich------MENKE, Elisabetha------WIENKEN, HeinrichMenke, Anna---
12 Nov 1878STEINMANN, FranzSteinmann, PhilippOLIGSCHLAEGER, MariaHOLTGREVE, (Elisabetha) CatharinaHoltgreve, GerhardVOGT, ElisabethaWILDE, JosephHoltgreve, Elisabetha---
24 Jan 1900STEPHAN, MichaelStephan, JacobKERNEL, AnnaKOCH, ElisabethaKoch, GeorgTHEVES, AnnaKoch, TheodorKoch, Helena (wife of Theodor?)---
30 Apr 1913STOLTE, Heinrich Conrad------BERTHE, Sophia------------This marriage took place at St. Libory, IL
17 Feb 1874STRAKE, AlbertStrake, FranzREVERMANN, LouisaUBBEN, MariaUbben, GerhardBERENS, GesinaUbben, BernardPURLMANN, Maria---
31 Oct 1911STRAKE, AntonStrake, AlbertUBBEN (Ubeen), MariaHAAR, MariaHaar, HeinrichKRUEP, CatharinaFOPPE, GusStrake, Elisabetha---
9 Sep 1908STRAKE, Bernard JohannStrake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaHEMPEN, Mathilda CatharinaHempen, Johann Hry (Henry?)HERMAN, CatharinaHempen, AntonStrake, Elisabetha---
10 Feb 1909STRAKE, FranzStrake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaLAGER, Anna JosephinaLager, JohannWIETER, CatharinaStrake, HeinrichLager, Elisabeth---
24 Apr 1917STRAKE, George------WILKEN, Maria------------This entry appears in the 1920 entries. This marriage took place in St. George in New Baden, IL
11 Jun 1913STRAKE, Johann BernardStrake, AlbertUBBEN, MariaABELN, Joanna ElisabethAbeln, HeinrichHANEKLAN, Maria Elisabeth------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
15 Nov 1922STRET, Aloysius------GRAVE, Bernardina------------This marriage took place in Resurrection in Chicago, IL
21 May 1861STROT, Bernard Heinrich------SCHULTE, Maria------HELMANN, BernardHOLTHAUS, Catharina---
21 Jan 1862STÜVER (Stuever), Bernard------KRÜP (Kruep), Elisabetha------Kruep, Johann HeinrichStuever, Margarita---
3 Sep 1861TAPHORN, Johann Gerhard------WENNER, Lisetta------AUFENORDE, HeinrichMARX, Maria---
14 Nov 1906TAPHORN, TheodorTaphorn, GerhardLEUVENKAMP, LouisaSTEINMANN, ElisabethSteinmann, FranzHOLTGREVI, ElisabethTaphorn, AntonSteinmann, MariaGroom's name from Baptism database is Johann Theodor.
21 Nov 1871TEBBE, HeinrichTebbe, TheodorSELEMEIER, Anna MariaHOLTHAUS, ElisabethaHolthaus, HeinrichBUHNE, MargaritaHUELSMANN, TheodorHolthaus, Margarita---
4 Feb 1862TEIPEL, Friederich------DUMBÄCK (Dumbaeck), Theresia------WEINDEL, JosephWIEMANN, Louisa---
3 Jun 1862TELLCAMP, Bernard------TRAENER, Clara------Tellcamp, HermanOTKE, Catharina---
23 Jun 1925THELAN, Johann------LAKENBURGER, Bernardina------------This marriage took place in St. Libory in St. Louis, MO
15 Oct 1901THIEN, BenedictThien, JohannFELDMANN, ElisabethaVOS, TheresiaVos, AntonSCHAVESDIEK, ElisabethaThien, JosephVos, Catharina---
23 Sep 1902THIEN, BernardThien, JohannFELDMANN, ElisabethaVOSS, MariaVoss, AntonSCHAVESDIECK, ElisabethaVoss, AntonThien, Rosa---
15 Jun 1897THIEN, Conrad JohannThien, BernardKORTE, MariaSCHWARZ, CarolinaSchwarz, GeorgWOLF, ChristinaThien, HeinrichSchwarz, Elisabetha---
22 Oct 1907THIEN, JosephThien, AnthonyMOORMANN, MariaFOPPE, CatharinaFoppe, HenryBECKER, GertrudWIEGMANN, WilhelmFoppe, Margareta---
16 Oct 1926THIEN, MichaelThien, AntonSTOTES, MariaFRANK, MargarethaFrank, FriederichBAUER, MariaFrank, Friederich------
29 May 1923THOLE, Aloysius H.Thole, BernardREHKEMPER, AnnaJANSEN, ChristinaJansen, ClementSPIEHLMANN, MariaJansen, AloysThole, Anna---
4 May 1869THOLE, Bernard------MOSS, Maria Theresia------BONHOFF, WilhelmMARKS, Catharina---
11 Jan 1911THOMASCEWSKI, RichardThomascewski, CarlKOSLOWSKI, GertrudFOPPE, MariaRENSCHEN, JosephSCHELLKAMP, MariaFoppe, JohnMAUE, Mary---
3 Apr 1894TIMMERMANN, AugustTimmermann, HeinrichRAMING, AntonettaSPIELMANN, AntoniaSpielmann, BenedictSTORM, Anna MariaTimmermann, FriederichTimmermann, Elisabetha---
30 Oct 1900TIMMERMANN, AugustTimmermann, HermanKARHOFF, ElisabethaHABICH, MariaHabich, JohannBOLDER, ReginaTimmermann, HeinrichHabich, Catharina---
21 Oct 1924TIMMERMANN, Benedict Aloysius------DUENING, Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
23 Jan 1918TIMMERMANN, Bernard J.Timmermann, TheodorHUCKLEBERG, AnnaKLUTHO, AnnaKlutho, TheodorPEEK, MariaKlutho, Victor T.Timmermann, Sarah---
27 Apr 1871TIMMERMANN, CarlTimmermann, GerhardKUHLBACH, MinaTHEISING, Maria ElisabethaTheising, ClementWENTE, Helena MariaTimmermann, WilhelmDIESTEL, Helena---
1 May 1928TIMMERMANN, EdwinTimmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaKOHLBRECHER, AlvinaKohlbrecher, BernardHOLTGRAVE, WilhelminaTimmermann, EugeneKohlbrecher, Bertha---
23 Nov 1921TIMMERMANN, FriederichTimmermann, HeinrichNot Listed, MariaDEIEN, Maria JosephinaDeien, HeinrichNot Listed, Josephina------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
10 Feb 1926TIMMERMANN, George R.------WELLEN, Catharina Joanna------------This marriage took place in St. Francis in Aviston, IL.
26 Jan 1875TIMMERMANN, GerhardTimmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethaALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, HeinrichHELLMANN, ElisabethaAltepeter, HeinrichAltepeter, Elisabetha---
31 May 1892TIMMERMANN, GerhardTimmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethaVON HATTEN, MariaVon Hatten, LudwigNIEMEIER, AnnaTimmermann, TheodorVon Hatten, Catharina---
26 Nov 1919TIMMERMANN, GerhardTimmermann, GerhardVON HATTEN, MariaLAGER, JosephinaLager, AugustPETERMEYER, MariaTimmermann, VictorALTEPETER, ElizabethThis entry appears in the 1920 entries.
19 Apr 1904TIMMERMANN, Heinrich W.Timmermann, HermanKAHRHOFF, ElisabethWIENKEN, RosaWienken, HeinrichHAAR, LouisaWienken, AntonTimmermann, Anna---
11 Feb 1873TIMMERMANN, HermanTimmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethaKARHOFF, ElisabethaKarhoff, Johann HeinrichWOLTHAUS, Maria ElisabethaTimmermann, TheodorSAUER, Anna---
30 Jul 1889TIMMERMANN, HermanTimmermann, HeinrichRAMING, Maria AntoniaSCHLUETER, MariaSchlueter, GustavLATHAN, EmiliaTimmermann, AugustSchlueter, Josephina---
25 Nov 1919TIMMERMANN, Herman GustaveTimmermann, HermanNot Listed, MariaHORENKAMP, Maria AnnaHorenkamp, HeinrichNot Listed, Maria------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
9 Apr 1872TIMMERMANN, Johann WilhelmTimmermann, Johann GerhardKUHLMANN, WilhelminaBRANDMEYER, Anna ChristinaBrandmeyer, HermannESS, Maria AdelheidTimmermann, GerhardVOS, Anna---
25 Jan 1925TIMMERMANN, LaurentTimmermann, TheobaldBIST, MariaOLIVIER, Maria AugustaOlivier, JosephNot Listed, MariaHEIDEL, HenryHeidel, Mary---
13 Jan 1885TIMMERMANN, TheobaldUnknownTimmermann, CarolinaBICKSCHLAG, MariaBickschlag, JohannMAAR, Maria ElisabethaLINDENBUSCH, HeinrichTimmermann, Elisabetha---
20 Nov 1895TIMMERMANN, TheodorTimmermann, HermanKARHOFF, Maria Anna HABICH, AnnaHabich, JohannBODE, ReginaTimmermann, AugustHabich, Maria---
12 Sep 1906TIMMERMANN, Theodor WilhelmTimmermann, TheodorHOECKELBERG, AnnaLAGER, ClaraLager, BernardWELLING, MariaLager, FriederichTimmermann, Emma---
15 Apr 1925TIMMERMANN, Victor Theodor------SCHRAGE, Emilia------------This marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
9 Nov 1875TIMMERMANN, WilhelmTimmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethaKRUEP, AnnaKruep, HeinrichHOLTHAUS, ElisabethaALTEPETER, GerhardTimmermann, Elisabetha---
13 Jan 1891TIMMERMANN, WilhelmTimmermann, WilhelmVOGT, ElisabethaSPIELMANN, Anna ChristinaSpuelmann, BenedictSTORM, Anna MariaTimmermann, TheodorPULBEL, CarolinaBride & father names spelled differently. Correct spelling for bride from Baptism database.
11 Apr 1899TIMMERMANN, WilhelmTimmermann, HeinrichRAMING, AntoniaVON HATTEN, CatharinaVon Hatten, LudwigNIEMEIER, AnnaTimmermann, CarlVon Hatten, Helena---
29 May 1918TIMMERMANN, Wilhelm TheodorTimmermann, WilhelmNot Listed, EmmaWERTH, MargaritaWerth, HeinrichNot Listed, Anna------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
16 Apr 1861TÖNNESSEN (Toennessen), Gerhard------WIEGMANN, Anna Maria------Tonnessen, TheodorMARX, Maria---
13 Jun 1865TRAENER, Joseph------JACOBSMEYER, Elisabetha------Traener, BernardWINKEL, Anna---
1 Sep 1920TRAUFLER, Anton------BOUR, Adeline------------This marriage took place in Sts. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO. (By Rev. J. F. Stevens)
3 Jun 1913TRÜTKEN (Truetken), Heinrich HermanTruetken, JohannKÖRUPER (Koeruper), HelenaMACKE, Maria CatharinaMacke, FranzFIDLER, CatharinaMacke, AntonTruetken, Josephina---
18 Jul 1865TUCKE, Gerhard Heinrich------SCHWEGMANN, Maria Clara------SCHROEDER, FranzWESLING, Catharina---
14 Apr 1874UBBEN, GerhardUbben, Gerhard HeinrichARENS, GesinaSCHUR, Anna MariaSALLER, PhilippALBERS, GesinaSTRAKE, AlbertRATERMANN, Christina---
19 Apr 1908UHLINGER, Joseph HarryUhlinger, Johann---SCHLUETER, AnnaSchlueter, Bernard---HUNDMAN, Ferdinand H.Hundman, MariaThe groom is from St. Louis, MO; bride was Baptized 15 Feb 1889 at St. Dominic. Their father's sponsored them.
13 Apr 1904VAN ALST, JohannVan Alst, TheodorSCHROEDER, ChristinaSCHEER, AnnaScheer, HeinrichALBERTERNST, CatharinaVan Alst, TheodorScheer, Rosa---
11 Jun 1910VAN ALST, TheodorVan Alst, TheodorSCHROEDER, JohannaSCHLUETER, CatharinaSchlueter, BernardKAPP, Maria------Married at St. Nicholas in St. Louis, MO
24 Nov 1921VAN DER PLUYM, AlphonseVan Der Pluym, LudwigSCHWARZ, CatharinaHOLTKAMP, Maria FriedericaHoltkamp, HermanFELDMANN, CatharinaSCHWARTZ, Frank A.Holtkamp, (Miss) Clara---
21 Oct 1914VAN DER PLUYM, Ludwig------ABELN, Bertha------------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
3 Feb 1903VANALST, HeinrichVanalst, TheodorSCHROEDER, ChristinaMAUE, TheresiaMaue, HermanKORTI, AnnaVanalst, JohannKort, Wilhelmina---
29 Oct 1919VENHAUS, HeinrichVenhaus, HeinrichNot Listed, EmmaNIEBUR, Agnes ElisabethNiebur, TheodorNot Listed, ElisabethNiebur, AugustKAULING, Katherina---
26 Apr 1870VON BOCKEL, Bernard------NIEMEYER, Maria------Von Bokel, JohannMEIBACH, Elisabetha---
24 Nov 1864VON BOCKEL, Wilhelm------WEKAMP, Maria Anna------Von Bockel, LambertWekamp, Elisabetha---
24 Nov 1914VON BOKEL, Bernard------DETERMANN, Catharina------------This marriage took place in St. Louis, MO
1 Feb 1893VON BOKEL, JohannVon Bokel, BernardNIEMEIER, MariaKLUMKE, MariaKlumke, HermanCOTTMANN, CarolinaVon Bokel, TheodorJANSSEN, Catharina---
15 Oct 1923VON BOKEL, Johann------O'BRIEN, Marie------------This marriage took place in Zeigler, IL. Married the same day as George Hagen & Caroline Gouy.
5 Feb 1924VON BOKEL, Johann BernardVon Bokel, JohannNot Listed, MariaFUHLER, CatharinaFuhler, JohannNot Listed, Theresia------This marriage took place in St. Rose, IL
19 Jan 1909VON HATTEN, JosephVon Hatten, LudwigNIEMEYER, AnnaHINKAMP, Maria GertrudeHinkamp, HermanSCHULTE, MariaVon Hatten, GeorgSchulte, Anna---
2 Sep 1873VOS, AntonVos, StephanHUESTER, AngelaNIEHAUS, ElisabethaSCHAVESDIEK, CasparSCHLUETER, FredericaHUELSMANN, TheodorSchlueter, Catharina---
21 Apr 1874VOS, TheodorVos, TheodorSTROBE, MariaEMMERICH, HelenaEmmerich, CarlKOENIG, AntonettaVos, HeinrichREILMANN, Maria Elisabetha---
12 May 1908VOSS, AntonVos, AntonSCHAVESDIK, ElisabethaMEYER, MariaMeyer, AloysiusKREMPEL, MariaMeyer, JosephVoss, Wilhelmina---
26 Feb 1908VOSS, AugustVoss, HermanOTKE, ElisabethaNIEMEIER, MariaNiemeier, OttoBÜHNE (Buehne), CatharinaNiemeyer, FerdinandVoss, Eulalia---
23 Jan 1877VOSS, BernardVoss, BernardESS, MariaVOSS, MariaVoss, StephanKUCKUCK, TheresiaVoss, HermanGREMBEL, MariaNo mention of relationship between bride & groom made.
19 May 1908VOSS, FranzVos, BernardVOS, MariaKOHRMANN, ElisabethKohrmann, AugustROLVERS, MariaVos, JohannKohrmann, Catharina---
8 Feb 1877VOSS, HermanVoss, BernardESS, MariaOTKE, Anna ElisabethaOtke, Gerhard HeinrichDETMER, Maria CatharinaVoss, JohannOtke, Susanna Adelheide---
16 May 1859VOSS, Johann Bernard------BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Maria------Voss, JohannMEER, Maria Helena---
29 Nov 1909VOSS, Johann Bernard------PEEK, Maria born NIEMEIER------Voss, MartinWEISENFELD, WilhelminaThis entry appears after 19 Jan 1910.
29 Aug 1916VOSS, Joseph W.Voss, BernardNot Listed, MariaHAAR, Caecilia LouisaHaar, HeinrichHaar, Catharina------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
28 Nov 1911VOSS, MartinVoss, BernardVOSS, MariaGEERS, CaeciliaGeers, WilhelmBULLER, MariaGeers, George Jr.Voss, Wilhelmina---
10 May 1922VOSS, Theodor B.Voss, HermanOTKE, ElisabethaHUENE, Clara J.Huene, JosephMEIER, ElisabethKUES, AugustHuene, Mary---
31 Jul 1912VRABEL, JohannVrabel, JohannHAMUSKIN, CatharinaZWAKE, AnnaZwake, BernardHAAR, LouisaSEMAN, JohnHaar, Caecilia---
11 Feb 1890VUNKE, Bernard AugustVunke, Johann BernardSCHINMOELLER, Maria GertrudKORTE, CatharinaKorte, Franz HeinrichLUEBBE, Maria GesinaRICHTER, JosephKorte, ElisabethCompare Funke
18 Sep 1929WADE, Eugene WilhelmWade, FriederichBAILY, PearlO'BRIEN, Helen GertrudeO'Brien, BernardMELVIN, CarolinaJANSEN, AloisWIERSCHEM, AnnaThe groom is Non-Catholic & this marriage is to validate a civil marriage in Carlyle dated 7 or 17 Aug 1929.
7 Apr 1922WADE, Friederich------LAGER, Helena M.------------This marriage took place in St. Francis Xavier in St. Louis, MO.
7 Nov 1922WAGNER, Albert------ZEHRER, Catharina------------This marriage took place in Immaculate Conception in Montrose, MO
16 Nov 1911WALKEN, Johann B.Walken, JohannSMITH, HildaASH, Maria IdaLOWS ?, JacobNot listed, Hester AnnHUCKMANN, Conrad H.Ash, Anne B.---
15 Jan 1924WALKER, Rollin W.Walker, JohnSMITH, EllaKREITER, Catharina M.Kreiter, AndreasPETERMEYER, MariaKreiter, Andrew, Jr.Walker, Genell---
20 May 1890WARD, JacobWard, SamuelSATTIN, MariaCOARS, ElisabethaCoars, ClementMOHLMANN, DinaAMBROSE, ConradCoars, MariaDispensation for mixed religion marriage mentioned.
2 May 1859WARD, Patrick------MACKIN, Elisabeth------SHAUHANYSE, ThomasMackin, Catharina---
21 Apr 1885WARNECKE, FranzWarnecke, HeinrichSCHWALENBERG, MariaREVERMANN, MariaRevermann, BernardHOHMANN, LouisaWarnecke, ChristianRevermann, Cathrina---
17 May 1892WARNECKE, FranzWarnecke, HeinrichSCHWALENBERG, Anna MariaELLING, MariaElling, HermanBURMEISTER, ElisabethaWarnecke, ChristianElling, Elisabetha---
3 Oct 1923WARNECKE, Heinrich------HENKEN, Agnes Anna------------This marriage took place in St. Theresia, Marydale, Clinton County, IL
4 Apr 1923WARNSTON, FranzWarnston, FranzNot Listed, MariaHILDORFER, Cunigunde VeronicaHildorfer, JosephNot Listed, Louisa------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
4 Mar 1924WASHFORT, Alvin------WEMPE, Paulina------------This marriage took place in St. Francis in Aviston, IL.
18 Jun 1901WASMANN, JosephWasmann, ConradBRIKWEH, Maria AnnaFOECKE (Foeke), MariaFoecke, HeinrichFOCKES, CarolinaGOEVERT, MaximilianJUNKER, ElisabethRelated to compiler.
6 Feb 1912WEBER, JosephWeber, AntonKRAKE, AnnaROLFINGSMEYER, Maria ReginaRolfingsmeyer, FriederichROSENBAUM, MariaHEMANN, TheoBRUNS, Annie---
25 Feb 1868WECAMP, Gerhard Herman------HILMES, Carolina------Hilmes, Johann HeinrichLUPKE, Anna Maria Agnes---
4 Sep 1866WECAMP, Johann Bernard------TIMPER, Clara------Wecamp, Gerhard HermanMARKS, Catharina---
6 May 1884WEHLAGE, BernardNot listedSCHMIT, MariaFANGMEIER, TheresiaMUELLER, Johann BernardWEHLAGE, HelenaALTEPETER, GerhardNETEMEIER, ChristinaDispensation for second degree blood relation granted.
30 Jun 1914WEHLAGE, BernardWehlage, Bernard---MEYER, Maria born AHLERS------STOLTE, G. H.Stolte, Trebor---
1 Feb 1876WEHLAGE, Bernard HeinrichWehlage, BernardSCHMIDT, MariaALTEPETER, CatharinaAltepeter, HermanKRUEP, AdelheidNEDEMEIER, JosephAltepeter, Elisabetha---
24 Oct 1893WEHLAGE, FranzWehlage, BernardILGES, AnnaKRAMER, MargaritaKramer, JohannBRANDMEIER, GesinaWehlage, HeinrichBrandmeier, Anna---
15 Jan 1902WEHLAGE, HeinrichWehlage, BernardILGES, AnnaHOLTMANN, AnnaHoltmann, BernardBULTEMEIER, TheresiaWehlage, JohannHoltmann, Maria---
20 Oct 1909WEHLAGE, JohannWehlage, BernardILGES, AnnaMACKE, Maria GertrudeMacke, FranzFIEDLER, CatharinaWehlage, BernardMacke, (Maria) Catharina---
16 Apr 1861WEINDEL, Stephan------WEINDEL, Frederica------TOMBÄCK (Tombaeck), Not listedDIEFENAUER, CatharinaFirst degree relations; permission to marry given by Reverend Heinrich Damian Juncker
28 Apr 1903WELLING, BernardWelling, Johann HenryMEIER, EuphemiaREILING, JohannaKLUMPKE, HermanKORTMANN, CarolinaKUENEKE, WilhelmPETERS, Anna---
21 Apr 1896WELLINGHOFF, HeinrichWellinghoff, FerdinandBURMEISTER, AgnesSCHONEFELD, MachtildeSchonefeld, BernardPETERMEIER, MariaWellinghoff, WilhelmMEIRINK, Anna---
11 Feb 1868WELTE, Richard------GRUPP, Waldburga------SCHREIBER, JohannMARKS, Catharina---
1 Oct 1924WEMBERLY, Friederich------PETERS, Elisabeth Catharine------------This marriage took place in Carlyle, IL
25 Aug 1920WERNLE, EugeneWernle, JosephWIEMANN, MagdalenaTIMMERMANN, JosephinaTimmermann, HermanSCHLUETER, MariaTimmermann, FredJANSEN, Regina---
1 May 1888WERTH, HeinrichNot listedWerth, MargaritaPEEK, AnnaPeek, GeorgSTROHT, AnnaBOENHOFF, WilhelmPeek, Maria---
21 Jun 1916WERTH, Theodor Heinrich------MENKE, Helena Elisabeth------GANZ, V. H.Werth, MargaritaThis marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL
10 Oct 1911WESSEL, HeinrichWessel, Theodor AugustLAMPE, Maria ElisabethRATERMANN, ElisabethRatermann, BernardSCHNITKER, AnnaWessel, AugustFELDMANN, Mary---
25 Oct 1892WESSELMANN, BernardWesselmann, BernardBIRKE, MariaRIBBING, CatharinaRibbing, EverhardHUENE, WilhelminaWesselmann, GerhardRibbing, Elisabetha---
9 Oct 1922WESSELMANN, Bernard JosephWesselmann, BernardNot Listed, CatharinaSCHULTE, Emilia AnnaSchulte, GeorgNot Listed, Anna Maria------This marriage took place in St. Augustin, Breese, IL
8 Aug 1893WESSELMANN, Gerhard HeinrichWesselmann, BernardBURKE, MariaHUELSMANN, ElisabethaHuelsmann, HeinrichWIETER, WilhelminaDIKMANN, TheodorWesselmann, Carolina---
29 Aug 1923WESSELMANN, Heinrich AntonWesselmann, Johann BernardRIBBING, CatharinaSCHLEPER, CatharinaSchleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharinaWessellmann, HermanSchleper, Mary---
7 Jan 1925WESSELMANN, Herman Joseph------DALL, Clara M.------------This marriage took place in St. Francis in Aviston, IL.
27 May 1924WESSELMANN, Joseph Franz------DICKMANN, Maria Elisabeth------------This marriage took place in St. Francis in Aviston, IL.
3 Jul 1917WESSLING, Georg------KAPP, Catharina Josephina------------This marriage took place at St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
18 Jan 1876WIEBERG, AntonWieberg, Johann HeinrichSCHULTE, BernardinaMACKE, AgnesMacke, FriederichLINNEMANN, Anna MariaMacke, Bernard FranzLinnemann, Maria Anna---
11 May 1880WIECZORECK, EduardWieczoreck, PeterSTORKA, FranciscaPLUYM, ElisabethaPluym, JohannSCHULTE, GertrudPluym, TheodorPluym, MariaCompare Vanderpluym
14 May 1872WIENKEN, HeinrichWienken, Bernard AntonMENKE, Maria ElisabethaHAAR, LouisaHaar, BenedictKRAEKE, ElisabethaWienken, JohannHaar, Maria---
21 Jan 1873WIESE, Johann HeinrichWiese, Johann HermanGEERS, Maria ElisabethaMENKE, Maria AnnaMenke, GerhardHEIERMANN (Heurmann?), Anna MariaWiese, Johann GerhardNIEMEIER, Lisetta---
9 May 1900WIETER, FranzWieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaHEFNER, RosaHefner, JosephMUELLER, AnnaRATERMANN, FriederichWieter, Elisabeth---
18 Apr 1899WIETER, HeinrichWieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaKLEIN, Louisa CarolinaKlein, Johann BernardSCHERMANN, CarolinaWieter, ConradKlein, Anna---
30 Apr 1924WIETER, Johann Anton------SCHULTE, Helena J.------------This marriage took place in St. Francis in Aviston, IL.
4 Sep 1900WIETER, Johann ConradWieter, AntonVORNHOLT, ElisabethaKREKE, ElisabethaKreke, HeinrichSTAMMEN, MathildeRATERMANN, FriederichKreke, Maria---
6 Oct 1908WILLI, AugustWilli, AntonACKERMANN, MariaZIMMERMANN, BerthaZimmermann, HeinrichJOHN, Maria H.Willi, AugustKERKERMEIER, Maria---
29 Jan 1924WILLINGHAM, Lloyd John------FELTROP, Bertha Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Brigitt in St. Louis, MO
27 Nov 1924WIRSCHING, ArthurWirsching, JosephNot Listed, DorotheaHOGAN, Helena------------This marriage took place in St. Theresia in St. Louis, MO
7 Oct 1919WOLF, Joseph Heinrich------MERSCHER, Catharina Maria------------This marriage took place in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
20 Jun 1928WOLF, Vincent FrancisWolf, Vincent C.SCHAEFER, AnnaHOLTKAMP, Clara AnnaHoltkamp, HermanFELDMANN, CatharinaHoltkamp, Ferdinand H.Wolf, Veronica M.---
6 Oct 1920WOLTERS, HeinrichWolters, HermanTIETZ, ElisabethKRUEP, TheklaKruep, Johann W.WIEGERS, ElisabethWolters, BernardFANGMEYER, Caecilia---
10 Nov 1885WUBBELS, Johann GerhardWubbels, Bernard HeinrichREVERMANN, Maria AnnaMATER, AnnaKAULING, JosephHOLSCHER, AnnaHILMES, HenrichNIEHEN, Anna---
19 Oct 1910YUCZKEWITCH, AntonYuczewitch, AntonMERIERWILL, TheresiaTRIERWEILER, AliceTrierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CarolinaTrierweiler, AlvinTrierweiler, Clara---
10 Nov 1931ZAHNER, Clarence PaulZahner, RichardKNEBEL, IdaRATERMANN, Emma AnnaRatermann, JohannROSEN, ElizabethZahner, Norbert H.Ratermann, Clara C.Groom Bap in St. Gertrude in Grantford, IL on 11 Feb 1906; Bride Bap on 27 Mar 1907.
12 May 1917ZEHRER (Scherer), Franz ------KORT, Elisabeth------------The groom's last name is written both ways. The bride's last name could be Koch. This marriage took place in Tulsa, OK.
26 Apr 1899ZEHRER, Franz GeorgZehrer, GeorgFAHNNBAUER, TheresiaDIEKER, Maria ElisabethaDieker, HermanMEIER, CatharinaHAGEN, FranzDieker, Catharina---
21 Feb 1889ZEHRER, GeorgZehrer, JosephFORMBAUER, TheresiaSCHULTE, AnnaSchulte, HermanSCHAEPERS, HelenaZehrer, MichaelSchulte, MariaMarriage date could be 26 Feb.
26 Jul 1910ZINN, GeorgZinn, GeorgFREY, MariaPOELKER, MariaPoelker, BernardSCHEVELING, MaryPoelker, JosephRENSING, TillyGroom is Non-Catholic.
13 Oct 1908ZINSCHLAG, AndrewZinschlag, WilhelmSCHULTE, LizzieVAN DER PLUYM, RosaVan Der Pluym, Theodor JosephHIMMELGARTEN, Maria H.Van Der Pluym, LouisZinschlag, DolaGroom was not Catholic.
21 Sep 1920ZIRKEL, Roland AudrainZirkel, JohannVOLAND, MargaritaHOFFMANN, AliciaHoffmann, JacobFOCHNER, JosephineFOLLMER ?, DelmarZirkel, VeraThe bride is a non-Catholic & dispensation for a mixed religion marriage is given.
18 Nov 1861ZOLK, Sebastian------RULLA, Rosa------TEIPEL, FriederichTOMBACK, TheresiaMentions dispensation from Reverend Heinrich D. Juncker, Bishop of Alton.
23 Sep 1930ZURLIENE, GeorgeZurliene, GeorgeVONLSAR, CatharinaFELTROP, AgnesFeltrop, HermanKREKE, MargaritaFeltrop, Edward H.GEBHORT, Alma The groom was Bap. 12 Feb 1909 in St. Francis, Aviston & the bride Bap at St. Dom 22 Jul 1910
4 Feb 1919ZURLIENE, JohannZurliene, GeorgSAAR, CatharinaRICHTER, FranziscaRICHTER, WilhelmWOLTERING, Anna------This marriage took place at St. Augustin in Breese, IL

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