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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Sponsor Sponsor Comments
APKEN, Anna Elisabeth07 Jan 189010 Jan 1890Apken, John HermanKRÜP (Kruep), CatherineApken, John AlbertKruep, Elisabeth---
APKEN, August Henry01 Sep 190708 Sep 1907Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineStuever, HenryHILLEN, Anna---
APKEN, Bernard Henry06 Aug 189412 Aug 1894Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineStuever, BernardDUMSTORFF, Anna---
APKEN, Henry Aloysius17 Sep 189522 Sep 1895Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineHELLMANN, Theodore HeinrichHellmann, Maria---
APKEN, John Albert28 Aug 190130 Aug 1901Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineApken, John AlbertMEIER, Catherine---
APKEN, John Henry02 Feb 189203 Feb 1892Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineWESSELMANN, Henry HOH, Theresa---
APKEN, Mathilda Bernadina02 Feb 190414 Feb 1904Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineStuever, BernardStuever, Mathilda---
APKEN, Rosa Christina06 Oct 189706 Oct 1897Apken, HermanSTUEVER, CatherineRENSING, Herman HeinrichRensing, ChristinaMarried Louis FELLHAUER 2 Oct 1913 in St Paul, Highland, IL; witnesses were John Apken & Elizabeth HILLEN
BARTH, Arnold Gerard23 Feb 190625 Feb 1906Barth, PhilipHOLTGRAEVE, ElisabethHoltgraeve, GerardBarth, Anna---
BARTH, Emilia Christina13 Sep 190314 Sep 1903Barth, PhilipHOLTGRAEVE, ElisabethHoltgraeve, BernardHoltgraeve, Christina---
BARTH, Francisca Elisabeth21 Nov 189922 Nov 1899Barth, PhilipHOLTGRAEVE, ElisabethBarth, JosephHoltgrave, Elisabeth---
BARTH, Oscar Joseph06 Sep 190207 Sep 1902Barth, PhilipHOLTGRAVE, ElisabethBarth, JosephHoltgrave, Catherine---
BARTH, William Henry08 Oct 189710 Oct 1897Barth, PhilipHOLTGRAVE, ElisabethHoltgrave, HenryBarth, Susanna---
BAUMGAERTNER, Alvina Anna10 Dec 190601 Jan 1907Baumgaertner, CarlWEINHEIMER, MargaretWeinheimer, EdwardWeinheimer, Anna---
BAUMGAERTNER, Caroline07 Nov 190409 Nov 1904Baumgartner, CarlWEINHEIMER, MargaretWESSELMANN, Henry TIMMERMANN, Caroline---
BAUMGAERTNER, Christina07 May 190509 May 1905Baumgaertner, OttoKREITER, ChristinaBaumgaertner, CarlKreiter, ChristinaChild died
BAUMGAERTNER, Johann Wilhelm11 Feb 188411 May 1884Baumgaertner, CarlSCHMIDT, JoannaWEINHEIMER, PeterWeinheimer, Augustina (Wife of Peter)He married Rosa HERBERS of Breese, IL in St Augustine Church Breese on 23 Feb 1938; Rosa died 2 Jan 1942; he married Anna BENHOFF 9 Jun 1943 in same church.
BAUMGAERTNER, Margaret Elisabeth19 Jun 189921 Jun 1899Baumgaertner, CarlWEINHEIMER, MargaretWeinheimer, WilliamWeinheimer, Elisabeth (Mrs. William ?)Married Herman Fred FREY 22 Apr 1920 in St Paul Highland, IL; Married John PETERS in St. Paul in Highland, IL 29 Apr 1961
BAUMGARTNER, Carl Peter Bernard26 Mar 190128 Mar 1901Baumgaertner, CarlWEINHEIMER, MargaretPOLLMANN, HenryPollmann, MargaretChild died
BAUMGARTNER, John Ervin05 Sep 190207 Sep 1902Baumgartner, CarlWEINHEIMER, MargaretBaumgartner, CarlBaumgartner, Johanna---
BILLHARTZ, Elisabeth04 Feb 188910 Feb 1889Billhartz, GeorgeKANTNER, LouiseBillhartz, FrancisBillhartz, Elisabeth---
BILLHARTZ, Sophia Maria21 Feb 189305 Mar 1893Billhartz, GeorgeKANTNER, LouiseBillhartz, FrederickBillhartz, Sophia---
BILLHARTZ, Wilhelm Landolin03 Jan 189118 Jan 1891Billhartz, GeorgeKANTNER, LouiseHOH, LandolinKantner, Anna---
DETMER, August Dietrich02 Jun 188703 Jun 1887Detmer, TheodoreMEDDEKE, MargaretMeddeke, Theodore------
DETMER, John Gerhard22 Oct 190123 Oct 1901Detmer, TheodoreMIDDEKE, MargaretMiddeke, JamesOTKEN, AdelaidChild died
DETMER, Maria Catherine19 Apr 189020 Apr 1890Detmer, TheodoreMIDDEKE, MargaretWESSELMANN, Gerhard HeinrichWesselmann, M. CatherineChild died
DETMER, Maria Theresa29 Jul 189430 Jul 1894Detmer, TheodoreMIDDEKE, MargaretVOSS, JohnVoss, Maria Theresa---
DETMER, Theodore Heinrich09 Nov 188510 Nov 1885Detmer, TheodoreMEDDEKER, MargaretDetmer, HeinrichTEBBE, CatherineMarried Margaret HILMES 26 Apr 1910 in St Rose, IL; Herman Hilmes & Elisabeth Detmer witnesses
DETTMER, Herman Joseph23 May 189625 May 1896Dettmer, TheodoreMIDDEKE, MargaretMiddeke, BernardMiddeke, ClaraMarried Wilhelmina C. WESSELMANN 4 Apr 1923 in St Cecelia Bartelso, IL
DETTMER, Maria Elisabeth17 Aug 189221 Aug 1892Dettmer, TheodoreMIDDEKE, MargaretVOSS, HermanVoss, Anna Elisabeth born OTKE (Wife of Herman)---
DICKMANN, Dorothy04 Jan 190106 Jan 1901Dickmann, TheodoreWESSELMANN, CarolineWESSELMANN, Henry DIEKMANN, Dorothea---
DIEKMANN, Maria Elisabeth06 Sep 190407 Sep 1904Diekmann, TheodoreWESSELMANN, CarolineWESSELMANN, Henry VOSS, ElisabethMarried Bernard Joseph KAPPERS in St Anthony Beckemeyer, IL
DUMSTORFF, Bernard Gerhard14 Feb 189717 Feb 1897Dumstorff, GerhardKOHLBREKER, ChristinaDumstorff, BernardKohlbreker, Margaret---
DUMSTORFF, Bernard Henry17 Jan 190619 Jan 1906Dumstorff, HenryPOLLMANN, AnnaDumstorff, BernardPollmann, Rosa---
DUMSTORFF, Catherine Anna02 Jan 190403 Jan 1904Dumstorff, HenryPOLLMANN, AnnaPollmann, HermanHOH, CatherineMarried Fred LAUX
DUMSTORFF, Cecelia Maria07 Mar 190209 Mar 1902Dumstorff, HenryPOLLMANN, AnnaDumstorff, BernardREHKEMPER, MariaMarried Julius LAUX
DUMSTORFF, Edna Christina24 Feb 189503 Mar 1895Dumstorff, AntonRENSING, AnnaDumstorff, BernardRensing, ChristinaMarried Albert H. VAHLKAMP 8 Feb 1915 in St Anthony Beckemeyer, IL
FAEHLKER, Lambert Clemens20 Nov 189523 Nov 1895Faehlker, GerhardWESSELMANN, Anna TheresaFaehlker, LambertWesselmann, Maria Katharine---
FEHLKER, Anna Theresa20 Dec 189325 Dec 1893Fehlker, GeorgeWESSELMANN, TheresaFehlker, LambertWesselmann, Anna MariaMarried Henry RAKERS, son of Henry Rakers and Agnes born REINEMANN, 7 Jan 1919 in St Rose, IL; witnesses were Herman Rakers & Rosa Wesselmann
GERMANN, Caroline Johanna07 Apr 189111 Apr 1891German, DanielSCHMITT, KatherineBAUMGAERTNER, CarlBaumgaertner, Johanna---
GLAUS, Joseph Francis04 Aug 188718 Sep 1887Glaus, Joseph Ant.GESNER, ElisabethHOH, LandolinHoh, Mrs. Landolin---
HABICH, Michael29 Jan 188508 Feb 1885Habich, JohannBOTE, ReginaSCHILLING, MichaelSchilling, Joanna (Wife of Michael)---
HARBERS, Anton Bernard18 Jan 189722 Jan 1897Harbers, GerhardKOBOLT, ElisabethHUELSKAMP, BernardPOLLMANN, Helena---
HARBERS, Gerhard Heinrich (Twin)11 Feb 189115 Feb 1891Harbers, GerhardKOBOLT, ElisabethHÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), GerhardHuelskamp, MariaMarried Elizabeth M BENTLER 30 Jun 1925 St Augustine Breese, IL
HARBERS, Herman Heinrich (Twin)11 Feb 189115 Feb 1891Harbers, GerhardKOBOLT, ElisabethPOLLMANN, HermanHÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), Anna---
HARBERS, John Gerhard22 Nov 188823 Nov 1888Harbers, GerhardKOBOLD, MariaHOH, LandolinPOLLMANN, Maria---
HARBERS, Rosa Angela10 Mar 188713 Mar 1887Harbers, GerhardKOBOLT, ElisabethHÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), Gerhard------
HELDORFER, Anna10 May 190012 May 1900Heldorfer, JohnKOHLE, AnnaHOH, GeorgeHoh, Juliana---
HELDORFER, Caroline Kunigunda09 Nov 190411 Nov 1904Heldorfer, JosephLUTZ, LouisaHOH, GeorgeHoh, JulianaMarried Francis WARNECKE 4 Apr 1923 St Augustine Breese, IL
HELLDÖRFFER (Helldoerffer), Leo17 Aug 189321 Aug 1893Helldoerffer, Carl Leon JoachimKOHLE, AnnaBAUMGÄRTNER (Baumgaertner), CarlBaumgaertner, Johanna---
HELLDORFFER, Margaret Katherine07 Mar 189510 Mar 1895Helldorffer, JohnKOHLE, AnnaFICK, AdamFick, Margaret (Wife of Adam)---
HENKEN, Herman Bernard25 Feb 190227 Feb 1902Henken, NorbertPOLLMANN, HelenaHenken, John BernardREHKEMPER, Maria---
HILBERS, Francis Stephan John23 Jun 190225 Jun 1902Hilbers, StephanPETERS, JosephineHilbers, HenryPeters, AnnaMarried Amelia ROLLINGSMEYER 29 Nov 1939 in St Bernard Albers, IL
HILBUS, Anton Bernard26 Feb 190428 Feb 1904Hilbus, StephanPETERS, JosephinePeters, BernardHilbus, Gertrude---
HILBUS, Cecelia Josephina29 Apr 190629 Apr 1906Hilbus, StephanPETERS, JosephineHilbus, FrancisPeters, Anna---
HILBUS, Friederich Francis15 Oct 189718 Oct 1897Hilbus, HenryJANSSEN, MariaHilbus, FrancisJanssen, MariaChild died
HILBUS, Joseph Henry27 Nov 189501 Dec 1895Hilbus, HenryJANSEN, Caroline MariaJansen, JosephHilbus, Caroline---
HILBUS, Stephan John11 Sep 189913 Sep 1899Hilbus, HenryJANSEN, MariaHilbus, StephanJansen, HelenaChild died
HOH, Albert John Henry16 Apr 190623 Apr 1906Hoh, GeorgeHELDOFER, JulianaKRUSE, HenryKruse, Rosa (Mrs. Henry)---
HOH, Alvina Rosa19 Aug 189525 Aug 1895Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineHoh, GeorgeDumstorff, Rosa---
HOH, Anna Alma25 Feb 189728 Feb 1897Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineDumstorff, AntonDUMSTORFF, Anna---
HOH, Bernard Francis26 Feb 189404 Mar 1894Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineDumstorff, BernardHoh, Theresa---
HOH, Christina Bertha (Twin)21 Sep 190524 Sep 1905Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORF, CatherineRENSING, HermanRensing, ChristinaMarried John STUMP 29 Dec 1948 in Lebanon, IL
HOH, Francis21 Feb 190024 Feb 1900Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineDumstorff, FrancisSCHROEDER, Paulina---
HOH, George Henry (Twin)21 Sep 190524 Sep 1905Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORF, CatherineHoh, GeorgeHoh, JulianaMarried Cecelia KOOPMANN 31 Jan 1934
HOH, Louisa Rosa23 Jan 190431 Jan 1904Hoh, GeorgeHELDOFER, JulianaHeldorfer, JosephHeldorfer, Louisa---
HOH, Maria Helena01 Jan 190003 Jan 1900Hoh, GeorgeHELDOFER, JulianaHeldofer, JohnHoh, TheresaChild died
HOH, Olivia Catherine18 Apr 190220 Apr 1902Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineDumstorff, HenryDumstorff, AnnaMarried Melvin John SCHROEDER 28 Jun 1947 in St Bridget's St Louis, MO
HOH, Paulina Theresa Stella06 Aug 189807 Aug 1898Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineHoh, AndrewSCHROEDER, PaulinaMarried Conrad WIETER 30 Oct 1935 at St Felicitas, witnesses were Louis Wieter & Olivia Hoh
HOH, Regina Maria18 Sep 190421 Sep 1904Hoh, FrancisDUMSTORFF, CatherineDumstorff, HenryDumstorff, RosaChild died
HOH, Theresia Veronica12 Mar 190214 Mar 1902Hoh, GeorgeHELLDORFER, JulianaHoh, LandolinHoh, TheresaChild died
HOLTGRAVE, Frederick Bernard09 Feb 190717 Feb 1907Holtgrave, BernardTEBBE, ChristinaDEBE, BernardBARTH, Elisabeth---
KAPP, Carl12 Feb 189002 Mar 1890Kapp, MatthewLEVELER, LouiseBAUMGAERTNER, CarlKapp, Barbara---
KLÜMKE (Kluemke), Gerhard Heinrich13 Feb 189616 Feb 1896Kluemke, GerhardJANSEN, KatherineBUSSELMANN, Gerhard HeinrichJansen, Anna Maria---
KLÜMKE (Kluemke), Joseph Herman11 Jan 189412 Jan 1894Kluemke, GerhardJANSSEN, CatherineJanssen, Cornelius JosephBUSCHELLMANN, Bernardina---
LAUX, Frederick William03 Jan 190212 Jan 1902Laux, CarlRENSING, MariaRensing, Frederick------
LAUX, Julius Henry15 Apr 190018 Apr 1900Laux, CarlRENSING, MariaRensing, Henry------
LINDENER, Anna Maria11 Oct 189329 Oct 1893Lindener, ?miaHAGEMANN, MariaHELLDÖRFFER (Helldoerffer), JosephHelldoerffer, Anna---
LUTZ, Louisa Maria (New Convert)24 Jun 188414 Nov 1903Lutz, WilliamGEIRS, Emilia---HELDORFER, Anna---
MCGOWAN, Folsom Iowa Anton12 Apr 189812 Jun 1898McGowan, WilliamFRAZIER, CatherineMCQUADE, George, Jr.McQuade, IsabellaMarried Inez GRIMES 8 Apr 1968 St Cath Laboure in Sappington, MO; second entry on p41 says he was born on 2 Apr 1898.
MCQUADE, Adelaid03 Jun 189105 Jul 1891McQuade, HugoCHILDERSON, SophiaMCGOWAN, MariaMcQuade, CatherineMarried John Benjamin BASLER son of Nicolaus Basler & Katherine born LITNER 30 Sep 1918 in St Felicitas.
MCQUADE, Andrew20 Jul 189926 Jul 1899McQuade, RobertWALLER, MariaHOH, AndrewHoh, Theresa (Mrs. Andrew ?)Married Viola Margaret PEPPENHORST 28 Dec 1921 in St Theresa Carlyle, IL; George McQuade & Lena GREGORIUS witnesses.
MCQUADE, Catherina Maria20 Oct 188901 Dec 1889McQuade, HugoCHILDERSON, SophiaMCGOWAN, JohnMcGowan, Maria---
MCQUADE, Eleanor Adelheide27 Aug 190708 Sep 1907McQuade, RobertWALLHER, MariaMcQuade, HarryMcQuade, Adelheide---
MCQUADE, Elisabeth09 Jun 189211 Jul 1892McQuade, George CHILDERSON, Elisabeth---MCGOWAN, Maria---
MCQUADE, Elisabeth20 Jan 189313 Feb 1893McQuade, RobertWALKER, Maria---MCGOWAN, Maria---
MCQUADE, Elisabeth (New Convert)26 Oct 186603 Jun 1901CHILDERSON, RichardKEHL, Adelaid---VOLMER, LouiseEntry indicates she died
MCQUADE, Francis Joseph25 Apr 189011 May 1890McQuade, Robert JohnWALHER, MariaHOH, Francis JosephHoh, PaulinaMarried Elisabeth M. BORGELT dau of Joseph Borgelt & Anna born Wuebbles on 19 Aug 1919 in St Mary's Carlyle, IL
MCQUADE, George30 Mar 189515 Apr 1895McQuade, RobertWALKER, MariaRENSING, H. H.Rensing, Christina (Wife of H. H.)---
MCQUADE, George Wilhelm12 Feb 189404 Mar 1894McQuade, George WilhelmWILSON, Eise born CHILDERSONWESSELMANN, Henry WEBER, CatherineMother is listed as Elisabeth Wilson in this entry
MCQUADE, Hugo Joseph03 May 188708 May 1887McQuade, HugoCHILDSON, SophieMCGOWAN, RichardMcQuade, Catherine---
MCQUADE, James Walter31 Aug 189021 Sep 1890McQuade, George WilliamWILSON, Eise born CHILDERSONMcQuade, GeorgeMcQuade, CatherineMarried Philomena NEFF 9 Nov 1912 /1913; St Rose, IL, Ed Neff & Lydia McQuade witnesses
MCQUADE, Joseph Alfred01 Jun 190603 Jun 1906McQuade, HugoHELDORFER, AmaliaHeldorfer, JosephHOH, Juliana---
MCQUADE, Margaret14 Dec 188830 Dec 1888McQuade, Robert JohnWALHER, MariaZIRKEL, JohannHOH, Theresa---
MCQUADE, Margaret Maria08 Sep 189924 Sep 1899McQuade, GeorgeCHILDERSON, ElisabethBARTH, PhilipKAPP, ClaraMarried Henry BRUNSMANN 13 Aug 1918 St Rose, IL; Wm Brunsmann & Mary MCGOWAN witnesses
MCQUADE, Maria Eva Anna23 Sep 188603 Oct 1886McQuade, Robert JohnWALLHER, Maria AnnaMcQuade, Robert JohnZIRKEL, Eva---
MCQUADE, Richard Hugo21 May 188810 Jun 1888McQuade, HugoCHILDERSON, SophiaMCGOWAN, RichardMcGowan, Maria---
MCQUADE, Robert John19 Dec 188425 Dec 1884McQuade, RobertWALLHER, MariaMcQuade, RobertPOLLMANN, Maria---
MCQUADE, Rosa Anna21 Jul 189609 Aug 1896McQuade, Robert JohnWALLER, MariaHELLDORFFER, JohnHelldorffer, Anna---
MCQUADE, William (Jackson)14 Oct 190727 Oct 1907McQuade, George WilliamBROWN, MariaMcQuade, FrancisMcQuade, Adelheide---
MCQUAID, Susanna11 Sep 189506 Oct 1895McQuaid, GeorgeCHILDERSON, ElisabethHELLDORFFER, JosephHelldorffer, JulianaMarried Walter Fried. STEFFAN 3 Jul 1915 St. Peter's Church Belleville, IL
MEIER, Anna Katharine (Twin)31 Mar 189023 Nov 1890Meier, JohnWEINHEIMER, KatherineGNEDINGER, WilhelmGnedinger, MariaSponsors last name could be Gredinger
MEIER, Bernard Henry18 Nov 189222 Oct 1894Meier, JohnWEINHEIMER, CatherineWESSELMANN, Gerhard Heinrich------
MEIER, Katharine Anna (Twin)31 Mar 189023 Nov 1890Meier, JohnWEINHEIMER, KatherineWeinheimer, PeterWeinheimer, Augusta (Wife of Peter)---
MEIER, Louise17 May 189422 Oct 1894Meier, JohnWEINHEIMER, Catherine---WESSELMANN, Maria Catherine---
MEYER, Joanna Mathilda17 Mar 189603 May 1896Meyer, JohnWEINHEIMER, CatherineBAUMGARTNER, CarlBaumgartner, Joanna---
MEYER, Salome Rosa13 Nov 190223 Nov 1902Meyer, JohnWEINHEIMER, CatherineHOH, FrancisSTEIN, Salome---
MILLER, Maria Elisabeth (Illegitimate)17 Apr 188626 Apr 1886MEIER, Gustave VincentMiller, Anna---Miller, Margaret---
MILLER, Peter Friederich25 Dec 188426 Apr 1885Miller, AugustJENNE, ElisabethMILLER, PeterMiller, Margaret (Wife of Peter)---
NIEMANN, Johann (Illegitimate)27 Feb 188818 Mar 1888Niemann, JohannHOPP, BarbaraKOPP, MatthewKOERS, ElisabethMarried Frida WINKLER 14 Oct 1908 in Trenton, IL
ORTENSMEIER, Francis12 Apr 189214 Apr 1892Ortensmeier, HenryTHOLE, LouiseOrtensmeier, FrancisThole, TheresaBaptized at St. Rose due to absent priest at St Felicitas.
PETERS, John Henry05 Aug 190207 Aug 1902Peters, HermanHILBERS, SusannaHilbers, Stephan for Henry PetersTIMMERMANN, Caroline---
POLLMANN, Anton Bernard04 Jul 190405 Jul 1904Pollmann, HermanHILBUS, JosephineHilbus, Bernard for Henry HilbusPollmann, Rosa for Anna Pollmann---
POLLMANN, Bernard Henry07 Apr 190109 Apr 1901Pollmann, HenryREILMANN, MargaretKORTE, HenrySHULTE, Anna---
POLLMANN, Bernard Joseph22 Nov 188423 Nov 1884Pollmann, Bernard HermanWINHEIM, Maria A.Pollmann, Herman H.RENSING, Christina---
POLLMANN, Herman Henry10 Nov 190115 Nov 1901Pollmann, HermanHILBUS, JosephinePollmann, HermanHilbus, GertrudeMarried Anna Maria SEELHOEFFER 21 Feb 1923 in St Felicitas.
POLLMANN, Maria Rosa20 Jul 188421 Jul 1884Pollmann, HermanSOMMERS, CatherineHERBERS, GerhardPollmann, Anna M.---
RENSING, Christian Henry24 Dec 190325 Dec 1903Rensing, FrederickKOELKER, CarolineRensing, HenryRensing, Christina---
RENSING, Theresa27 Dec 188503 Jan 1886Rensing, HeinrichHEITSMANN, ChristinaAPKEN, Herman JohnHOH, Theresa---
TIMMERMANN, Charlesl Henry01 Dec 190302 Dec 1903Timmermann, FrederickHILBUS, CarolineTimmermann, HenryHilbus, GertrudeMarried Elizabeth ZOBINST (?) 2 Jan 1957 St Paul in Highland, IL
TIMMERMANN, Francis Frederick06 Jun 189908 Jun 1899Timmermann, FrederickHILBUS, CarolineHilbus, FrancisTimmermann, Antonetta---
WEINHEIMER, Adolph02 Jul 189306 Aug 1893Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaWESSELMANN, Gerhard HeinrichMAYER, Catherine---
WEINHEIMER, Alois Erwin (Twin)10 Aug 189620 Sep 1896Weinheimer, PeterGRABLEVER, AugustinaWeinheimer, WilhelmSTEIN, Rosa---
WEINHEIMER, Anna26 Jun 188601 Aug 1886Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaWeinheimer, PeterHABICH, ReginaMarried Herman STOCKMANN 14 Nov 1911 in St Bernard (Albers, IL)
WEINHEIMER, Edward25 Jun 188829 Jul 1888Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaROTHMANN, EdwardRothmann, MinnaMother's name written as Krobleben with correction written below.
WEINHEIMER, Edwin Herman (Twin)10 Aug 189620 Sep 1896Weinheimer, PeterGRABLEVER, AugustinaVOSS, HermanWeinheimer, Margaret---
WEINHEIMER, Joan29 May 190709 Jun 1907Weinheimer, PeterKIFFMEIER, MariaWeinheimer, EdwardWeinheimer, Elisabeth ---
WEINHEIMER, John12 Jul 190523 Jul 1905Weinheimer, PeterKIEFMEIER, MariaWESSELMANN, John for Herman VOSSKiefmeier, Catherine---
WEINHEIMER, Louis Herman28 Feb 189010 May 1890Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaVOSS, John HermanVoss, Anna---
WEINHEIMER, Maria26 Oct 190301 Nov 1903Weinheimer, PeterKIEFMEIER, MariaWESSELMANN, Henry Meyer, Catherine---
WEINHEIMER, Peter27 Oct 188408 Feb 1885Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaMILLER, PeterMiller, Margaret (Wife of Peter)---
WESSELMANN, Bernard Henry Aloysius10 Apr 189514 Apr 1895Wesselmann, HenryVOSS, KatherineWesselmann, John BernardVoss, Maria Elisabeth---
WESSELMANN, John Henry Joseph03 Mar 189713 Mar 1897Wesselmann, HenryVOSS, CatherineVoss, JohnVoss, Theresa---
WESSELMANN, John Henry Peter18 Jan 189218 Jan 1892Wesselmann, Gerhard HeinrichVOSS, Maria KatherineAPKEN, John AlbertVoss, Maria Theresa---
WESSELMANN, Maria Angela Catherine27 Sep 189327 Sep 1893Wesselmann, HenryVOSS, CatherineWesselmann, BernardVoss, Angela---
WESSELMANN, Maria Theresa04 Jan 189905 Jan 1899Wesselmann, HenryVOSS, CatherineVoss, HermanDIEKMANN, Carolina for Theresa FAEHLKER---
WUEBBELS, John Henry28 Apr 189010 May 1890Wuebbels, GeorgeKAULINK, AnnaHILMES, HenryHilmes, Catherine---
YENNE, Anton Albert (Illegitimate)21 Sep 190706 Oct 1907Yenne, EmilHELDORFER, HelenaHeldorfer, JosephHeldorfer, Louisa---
ZIRKEL, Henrietta Maria01 Oct 188409 Nov 1884Zirkel, NicolausGOLDSTEIN, Catherine---HOH, Theresa---
ZIRKEL, Rowland Andrew16 Jun 189704 Jul 1897Zirkel, JohnVOLAND, MargaretHOH, AndrewHoh, MargaretMarried Alice HOFFMANN 21 Sep 1920 in St Dominic Breese, IL; Delmar ? & Vera Zirkel were witnesses.
ZIRKEL, Vera Henrietta14 May 190419 May 1904Zirkel, JohnVOLAND, Margaret---Zirkel, MargaretMarried 10 Oct 1923 to ?, he died 26 Feb 1938; she married Leroy DOYLE of Breese, IL 14 Feb 1942 in Marydale (IL)

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