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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
DALHAUS, Franz Christoph---- 18 Feb 1856 6 Aug 1910 54y5m19d Born in St. Louis, MO. Died in Picton, Colorado. Buried in Beckemeyer, IL 
DARRACH, Ian "Mike"---- ---- 13 Feb 1999 62y Died in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Belleville, IL. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. 
DAVID, Anna Elisabeth---- ---- 15 Jun 1899 53y5m8d ---- 
DAVID, Ferdinand---- 29 May 1837 1 Sep 1907 70y3m2d Born in Murg Kanton St. Gallen, Switzerland. Died in St. Louis, MO. 
DAVIS, Richard---- ---- 11 Jul 1983 30y Died at home. 
DEUTCHMAN, Clara E.OETTEL ---- 8 Apr 1984 93y Died in Alton (IL) Memorial Hospital. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
DEUTSCHMANN, Ruth E.---- ---- 20 Nov 1995 57y Died in Belleville Memorial Hospital. 
DICK, CatharinaARNHOLD ---- 6 Jul 1891 74y10m ---- 
DICK, Philipp---- ---- 14 Mar 1893 79y1m29d ---- 
DITTMER, (Mrs. Emil)VANINGER 18 Oct 1895 16 Sep 1943 ---- Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Born in Trenton, IL. Died in Hospital in Highland, IL. Cause of death was cancer. Her first name might be Lydia per IL online 1919 marriage info. 
DITTMER, Emil---- ---- 26 Feb 1959 70y Died in Mascoutah, IL. 
DITTMER, George---- 4 Jan 1853 25 Oct 1940 87y9m28d Born in St. Louis, MO. Was a member of the board of trustees before age kept him away. Died of heart attack and age. 
DITTMER, GertrudeVANINGER ---- 13 Apr 1993 91y Died in Breese, IL. 
DITTMER, Herman F.---- ---- 20 Jul 1966 80y4m20d Died in Highland, IL. 
DITTMER, Ida C.---- ---- 6 Feb 1978 73y3m6d Died in Burnsville, MN. Months in age was written over; best guess. 
DITTMER, Julius---- ---- 23 Apr 1962 71y9m11d Died at home. 
DITTMER, June Edith---- 15 Mar 1930 15 Mar 1930 6.5 hours Dau of Julius and Ida born SEIBERT. Born & died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, IL. 
DITTMER, Maria E. A.REBLING 24 Dec 1857 22 Jul 1932 74y6m28d Born near Aviston, IL; died at her home in Trenton, IL. 
DITTMER, Oscar A.---- ---- 12 Jan 1967 72y8m2d Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
DITTMER, Sadie B.---- ---- 28 Sep 1982 92y Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
DOELLING, Hugo---- ---- 19 Nov 1959 66y7m6d Died in Highland, IL. Buried in Nashville, IL. 
DOELLING, TillieMARQUARD ---- 14 Sep 1984 91y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. Buried in Masconce ? Nashville, IL. 
DORRIES, Maxine A.---- ---- 17 May 2005 94y Died in Countryside Manor Aviston, IL. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
DORRIES, Wilson---- ---- 13 Apr 2000 92y Died at Countryside Manor, Aviston, IL. 
DRESSEL, Edward---- ---- 18 Mar 1974 94y Died at Breese, IL Hospital. Buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, IL. 
DRESSEL, Emma Mary---- 15 Apr 1884 26 Jul 1918 34y3m11d Born in O'Fallon Twp.; married Ed. Dressel on 6 Feb 1906. They had 3 children. She died of toxic goiter at St. Mary's Hospital. Buried in College Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
DRESSEL, Glen---- ---- 21 May 1977 63y4m2d Died at his home in Trenton, IL. Buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
DRESSEL, Irma J.EICHER 4 Dec 1919 27 Aug 1989 79y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Highland, IL. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
DRESSEL, Martha---- ---- 27 Sep 1981 86y Died in Colonial Home, O'Fallon, IL. Buried in College Hills Lebanon, IL 
DRESSEL, Minnie---- 1 Aug 1883 28 Aug 1961 ---- Died in St. Jacob Sheltered Care Home. Buried in Lebanon, IL. 
DRESSEL, Omar Kendal---- ---- 30 Dec 1999 92y Died in Richland Memorial Hospital, Olney, IL. Buried in College Hills Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
DRESSEL, Roy---- 26 Dec 1911 9 Mar 1977 65y Died at home. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
DRESSEL, William A.---- ---- 9 Jun 1966 84y Died in Milledgeville, Georgia. Buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
DRESSLER, Louisa Marie (Mrs.)---- ---- 24 Feb 1951 ---- Pastor in charge was Rev. O.C. Bassler. 

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