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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
FAITZ, Arnold Jacob---- 20 Dec 1900 27 Sep 1930 29y10m7d Born in Sailor Springs, Clay Co., IL. Died in automobile accident East of Aviston, IL. 
FAITZ, Elsie T.---- ---- 18 Sep 1999 87y Died in the Caring First Nursing Home, Breese, IL. 
FAITZ, Herb W.---- ---- 27 Mar 2006 97y Died of cancer. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
FAITZ, John---- ---- 4 Aug 1958 89y Died in Trenton, IL. 
FAITZ, Martin---- ---- 17 Jun 1966 92y Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
FAITZ, Minne---- ---- 30 Nov 1962 88y9m8d Died in Highland Hospital. 
FAITZ, Rose MaryFELDMANN ---- 2 Dec 1990 49y Died in Belleville, IL. No burial, memorial service. 
FARRAR, Betty---- ---- 6 Dec 1984 46y Died at home. Buried in New Baden, IL Cemetery. 
FISCHER, Anna MariaLICHTENFELDER 9 Mar 1822 29 May 1904 82y20d ---- 
FISCHER, Anna MarieSCHOWALTER 19 Dec 1856 28 Jun 1931 74y6m7d Born in Germany; died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
FISCHER, Edna---- ---- 29 Apr 1977 89y7m29d Died in Breese, IL Hospital. 
FISCHER, Emma LouiseHENSS 4 Jul 1876 3 Mar 1934 57y7m29d Dau of Henry and Magdalena Henss. Born East of O'Fallon, IL on the farm. Died in Hospital in Highland, IL after an operation. 
FISCHER, Georg---- 21 Sep 1850 21 Nov 1923 73y2m Born in Grossniederheim, Bavaria. Came to America in 1874. Married Maria SCHOWALTER 19 Sep 1871, they had 8 children, 2 died. He died of paralysis. 
FISCHER, George P.---- 4 Jul 1850 1 Jul 1934 83y11m27d Born on the farm 2.5 miles S W of New Baden, IL; died at his home in Trenton, IL. Buried from his home. 
FISCHER, Ida M.---- 4 Apr 1893 12 Sep 1943 50y5m8d Daughter of Fredrich and Magdalena. Born on farm S.E. of Trenton. Died in Breese, IL Hospital. Died of cancer. 
FISCHER, MagdalenaMANN 4 Jan 1862 23 Feb 1934 72y1m19d Born near New Baden, IL. Died at State Hospital in Alton, IL. 
FISCHER, Margaret---- ---- 8 May 1940 54y Daughter of Geo. & Anna. Died at their home South of Trenton, IL. 
FISCHER, Maria CharlotteRIEMANN 10 Jun 1859 20 Oct 1921 62y4m10d Born in Trenton. Married Geo. P. Fischer 28 Oct 1880 and had 2 daughters. Was treasurer of Ladies Aid Soc. for 20 yrs. Died of inflamed bowels and septic pneumonia. 
FISCHER, Meta---- ---- 11 Sep 1979 97y Died in Highland, IL Manor. 
FISCHER, Philip---- 14 Oct 1862 17 May 1935 72y5m3d Son of Philip & Anna. Born in St. Clair County, IL. 
FISCHER, Philipp (Mr.)---- ---- 5 Jul 1890 64y1m ---- 
FISCHER, Rudolph---- ---- Mar 1970 77y Died in St. Elmo, IL. Burial date - 15 Mar 1970. 
FISCHER, Thomas---- 12 Jan 1867 4 Apr 1942 75y2m23d Born and died in Trenton, IL. Died of cancer. 
FISHER, Frederick---- ---- 26 Apr 1928 72y4m12d ---- 
FIX, MinnieSCHILLER 31 May 1863 27 Nov 1931 68y5m26d Born in Trenton, IL and died in Carlyle, IL at St. Mary's Home. Buried in Summerfield, IL. 
FOCHTMANN, Fritz---- 25 Oct 1887 31 May 1908 20y7m6d Son of Louis & Laura DIETZ. Born near Trenton, IL. Died in New Baden, IL. 
FOCHTMANN, Louis---- 3 Jan 1848 28 Nov 1905 57y10m25d Born in Chemwitz, Germany. Died in Trenton, IL. 
FOCHTMANN, Rosa---- ---- 10 Oct 1982 93y Died in Breese, IL Nursing home. Buried in New Baden Cemetery. 
FOERSTER, Catharina Louise---- 11 May 1825 17 Dec 1898 ---- ---- 
FOERSTER, Hans Friedrich---- ---- 7 Aug 1901 77y5m19d ---- 
FRICKER, Emma---- ---- 19 Feb 1899 65y1m4d ---- 
FRIEDRICH, H. A. W.---- Aug 1846 22 Oct 1924 78y3m Born at Bernstein, Province, Brandenburg, Germany. At age 6 he came to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. In Aviston for 50 years. Was a druggist & Postmaster for many years. A bachelor and eccentric. Brief service at house of Otto BREFELD. 
FRIESE, Ethel N.---- ---- 24 Jun 2007 94y Died at her home in Fenton, MO. Buried in Summerfield Cemetery Summerfield, IL. 
FUNK, Don---- ---- 23 Jul 2001 60y Died in Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, MO. Buried in Valhalla Cemetery (Belleville, IL ?) 
FURTWENGLER, Charles---- 7 May 1873 15 Oct 1918 45y5m8d Born in Staunton, IL; married Mary RODMAN in 1896 and died in Breese, IL of influenza. They had 5 children. 
FURTWENGLER, John William---- 12 Mar 1877 30 Jun 1938 ---- Born in Staunton, IL and died at his sister's, Mrs. E. H. THURMAN, in Trenton, IL. Burial from the funeral parlor. 

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