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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
LANCHAN, MyrtleTSCHUDY 15 Oct 1894 19 Jul 1946 ---- Born in Pocahontas, IL. Died at the home of her parents (A. Tschudy). Funeral from the funeral home. 
LANG, Olga W.WILSON ---- 15 May 1984 90y Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
LARENZ, John---- 4 Feb 1852 22 Nov 1924 72y9m18d Born in St. Louis, MO. Married Christine GRAESSER in Trenton, IL on 4 Nov 1880. They had 2 children. He died suddenly (paralysis). 
LARNZ, ChristineGRASSER 4 May 1862 24 Sep 1938 ---- Born in Trenton, IL. Buried from Glanzner Funeral Home. 
LAUER, Charles R.---- ---- 10 Dec 1989 72y Died in Belleville, IL. Buried in College Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
LAUNER, Charles W.---- ---- 27 Jun 1972 42y9m29d Died in St. Mary's Hospital, Clayton, MO. Buried in Highland, IL Cemetery. Age could be 92y. 
LAUTER, Wilhelmine (Mrs.)---- ---- 5 Oct 1890 73y7m ---- 
LEONHARD, Charles Curt---- ---- 18 Sep 1903 8m20d Son of Edwin & Franziska L. GRIESBAUM 
LEUTWEILER, John H.---- 10 Mar 1860 20 Feb 1941 80y Born in Highland, IL but spent over 50 years in Trenton, IL. Died of old age complications. 
LEUTWEILER, Rosa (Mrs.)---- ---- 27 May 1953 92y Died in Trenton, IL. 
LEUTWILER, Florence Stella---- 25 Jul 1888 9 Apr 1933 44y8m15d Born in Highland, IL, Died in Trenton, Il from an illness that started in her 13th year. 
LOEBEL, AntoniaWAGNER 24 Feb 1858 17 Jan 1927 68y10m13d Born in Aussig on the Elbe, Austria. Married Joseph Loebel in 1878. Came to (Trenton) America in March 1882. They had 2 children, one died 5 years ago. Her husband died 2 Jul 1905 
LUETTINGER, Esther L.---- ---- 9 Dec 2006 84y Died in Memorial Hospital Belleville, IL. Buried in Mascoutah Cemetery Mascoutah, IL. 
LUTWIELER, Verena---- ---- 31 Jul 1898 86y2m ---- 

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