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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
MAIER, Carl Wilhelm---- ---- 4 Oct 1897 82y8m7d ---- 
MALARE, W. (Mrs.)---- ---- 31 Jan 1956 82y Non-member. Died in Trenton, IL. 
MALINA, James S.---- ---- 30 Nov 1997 56y Died in Missouri Baptist Hospital, St. Louis, MO. Buried in Greenmount Cemetery, New Baden, IL. 
MALLRICH, Heinrich---- 10 Jul 1868 26 Nov 1910 42y4m16d Born in Mascoutah, IL. 
MANN, Armand B.---- 3 Mar 1886 22 May 1943 ---- Son of David and Ida. Died at home. 
MANN, Bess A.---- ---- 7 Dec 1974 ---- Died at her residence in Trenton, IL. 
MANN, Carl---- ---- 7 Apr 1968 81y3m26d Died at home. 
MANN, Carrie---- ---- 30 Jul 1967 87y8m5d Died in Moberly, MO. 
MANN, CharlotteLEUTHEUSER 15 Sep 1864 22 Sep 1906 42y7d Born in Oberkaufhungen near Hessenkassel, Germany. Died in Trenton, IL. 
MANN, David---- 7 Aug 1853 13 Jul 1947 ---- Son of Phillip & Mary. Born in Mascoutah, IL. Died of a stroke at the home of his daughter in Lebanon, IL. Funeral from Glanzner Funeral Home in Trenton, IL. 
MANN, Emma---- ---- 25 Oct 1978 92y Died at George Washington Home ? 
MANN, Harold Sebastian---- 15 Jul 1908 30 May 1932 23y10m15d Born and died in Trenton, IL. 
MANN, Harvey Roy---- ---- 23 Sep 1998 86y Died in Aviston (IL) Nursing Home. 
MANN, MarieHUEBSCH 10 Mar 1829 3 May 1909 80y1m23d Born in Lamheim, Germany 
MANN, Philip Adam---- 29 Dec 1859 14 Jun 1916 56y5m15d Born & died in New Baden, IL. Married Charlotte LEUTHAUSER on 4 May 1886. Survivors: 5 dau, 1 son?, 1 grandchild, 1 great-grandchild & 2 bro-in-law. 
MANN, Philipp---- 21 Apr 1823 26 Sep 1905 82y5m 5d Born in Albisheim Rheinpfalz, Germany. Died in Trenton, IL. 
MARSH, Evelyn Alice---- ---- 21 Nov 1985 69y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. 
MARSH, Harvey---- ---- 28 May 1997 83y Died in Highland, IL 
MAYFARTH, Elisabeth---- 1 Jan 1827 20 Mar 1904 77y1m19d ---- 
MCALLISTER, Harry W.---- ---- 9 Jun 1979 94y Died in Breese, IL Hospital. 
MCALLISTER, Irene---- ---- 15 Mar 1995 97y Died in Countryside Manor, Aviston, IL. 
MCGINNESS, Michael Edward---- 23 Dec 1999 23 Dec 1999 ---- Stillborn died at St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. Buried in Grantfork UCC Cemetery. 
MCINTYRE, Mary I.---- ---- 16 Feb 1997 81y Died in Trenton, IL. Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Fairview Heights, IL. 
MCLEOD, Mildred---- ---- 6 Jan 1992 77y Died in Trenton, IL. Buried in Shiloh City (IL) Cemetery. 
MCLEOD, Richard C.---- ---- 29 Sep 1995 39y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. 
MEINHARDT, John---- 11 Nov 1898 7 Aug 1945 ---- Born in St. Louis, MO. Funeral services were at the Meyer Funeral Home, Lebanon, IL with burial in the Lebanon Cemetery. (In the absence of a Lebanon Pastor.) 
MENZI, Albert---- 20 May 1872 26 Oct 1917 45y5m6d Born in Trenton, IL. Became a coal miner and in later years a farmer. Died in Kansas City, Mo as a result of an accident. 
MENZI, Anna Emilie---- ---- 3 Mar 1900 30y9m18d Died of lock jaw 
MENZI, John---- 23 Jul 1865 14 Feb 1915 50y7m14d Born in Trenton, IL. Married Anna GREB in Highland, IL and had 3 children. His wife died 16 yrs ago - 1899? He died from exposure to cold in St. Louis, MO. 
MENZI, KatharinaLEUTWILER 29 Feb 1840 19 Jul 1929 89y4m20d Born in Canton Glorus, Switzerland. Died in Hoquiam, Washington. Her body was shipped from there for burial in Trenton, IL. 
MERZDORF, Minnie HildaWERNER 3 Jul 1889 3 Mar 1930 40y8m Beloved wife of Pastor J. Merzdorf. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Died at the Evang. Deaconess Home & Hospital in St. Louis, MO after an operation. Burial services at Trenton with Rev. Baur, Broedehoeft and Zimmerman officiating. Burial from Friedens Evang. Church in Milwaukee with Rev. Niefer, Schlinkmann and Bratzel officiating. Burial in Pinelawn Cemetery (County Loop & Lisbon Ave.) Wanwatosa, WI. 
METZER, Barbara---- ---- 7 Apr 1955 82y Non-member. Died in Highland, IL. 
MEYER, Heinrich---- 20 Jan 1869 18 Jul 1907 38y5m28d Born in Hanover, Germany. Died in Granite City, IL. 
MEYER, MagdalenaSOUDELL ---- 19 Dec 1901 70y6m4d ---- 
MEYERS, Daniel R.---- ---- 24 Feb 2006 79y Died of a heart. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
MEYERS, Elaine---- ---- 4 Nov 2006 71y Died of cancer in Laurie Henderson Home Germantown, TN. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
MIENER, Adolph Wilhelm---- 14 May 1880 8 Sep 1905 25y3m24d Son of H and Maria SENN? Born and died in Trenton, IL. 
MIENER, Charles---- ---- ---- ---- No other data recorded. Entry appears between 24 July and 7 Nov, 1950 entries. 
MIENER, ElizabethSCHRAG 30 Oct 1879 25 Oct 1927 47y11m25d Born in Aviston, IL. Married Charles J. Miener. They had 6 children. Her marriage was not happy. Two years ago she suffered mental derangement and tried to kill her husband and herself. He divorced her. She spent time in Anna, IL. She died suddenly. 
MIENER, John A. (Pfc.)---- 29 Sep 1917 12 Nov 1943 ---- Son of Charles & Elizabeth. Born in Trenton, IL. Enlisted in Army in Sep 1942. Died while on duty as M.P. Given military funeral. 
MIENER, Mary AnnaSENN 12 Oct 1853 21 Jul 1934 80y9m9d Born in Shoal Creek, IL; died in East St. Louis, IL. 
MIENERS, Johann Heinrich---- 7 Apr 1846 14 Dec 1915 69y8m7d Born in Wollrod, Kurhessen, Germany. Came to America in 1870? And then married Maria SENN on 1 Oct 1874. They had 7 children, 1 died before him. 
MILLER, AntoinetteLOEBEL 23 Mar 1881 9 Nov 1921 40y8m16d Born in Austria, married Theodore Miller 21 May 1903. They had 4 children. She died of carcinoma in Baptist Sanitarium, St. Louis, MO. 
MILLER, Charles---- ---- 14 Jun 1945 ---- Born in Venedy, IL. Died of a heart condition at his home in Trenton, IL. Funeral from the funeral home. 
MILLER, Georg---- ---- 28 Jul 1893 1y6m Entered as M ller. 
MILLER, Jakob Albert---- 14 Nov 1855 6 Apr 1910 54y4m23d ---- 
MILLER, John---- 1829 16 Jun 1909 ---- Born in Rheinpfalz, Germany. Died in Highland, IL. 
MILLER, KathrynHERSTEIN 11 Jul 1885 9 Jan 1946 ---- Born in Trenton, IL. Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL. 
MILLER, Theodore---- ---- 26 Jul 1952 73y Non-member. Died in New Memphis, IL. 
MILLIGAN, Sarah R.---- ---- 22 Oct 2007 74y Died at Countryside Manor Aviston, IL. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
MINTON, Alma (Joellen K. Molle? mother.)---- ---- 4 Nov 1987 78y Died in Union County Hospital, Anna, IL. Buried in Anna, IL. 
MINTON, Jean I. (Joellen K. father)---- ---- 7 Sep 1987 --- Died in Union Hospital, Anna, IL. Buried in Anna, IL. 
MOHME, Lee C.---- ---- 23 Jul 2007 43y Died of liver & kidney failure at St. Elizabeth Hospital Belleville, IL. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
MONKEN, Don L.---- ---- 14 Aug 1967 25y7m25d Died in Highland, IL Hospital. Died from an accident. Buried in Highland City Cemetery. 
MONKEN, Rudolf Louis---- ---- 23 May 1894 2m7d Died of bronchitis. 
MUELLER, AliceBUNKER ---- 28 Mar 1978 79y2m27d Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville, IL. Maiden name might be BRAKER 
MUELLER, Charlotte Bertha (Miss)---- 17 Aug 1890 7 Feb 1948 ---- Born in Trenton, IL. Date and cause of death are uncertain. 
MUELLER, Emil---- 21 Apr 1879 9 Jan 1939 59y8m18d Born in New Baden, IL. Died at Breese, IL Hospital from tuberculosis. 
MUELLER, Emma---- 1878 1961 ---- Dates from cemetery reading. No data in church records. 
MUELLER, Estelle LouiseHEUBERGER ---- 29 May 1984 82y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL 
MUELLER, Fred Charles---- 2 Jun 1882 9 Dec 1945 ---- Born in Trenton, IL. Died in Breese, IL. Funeral from funeral home. 
MUELLER, Henry---- 25 Dec 1876 19 Apr 1942 65y3m24d Born in New Baden, IL. Died of a heart attack. 
MUELLER, Lenore Edith---- 24 May 1912 16 Oct 1931 19y4m23d Dau of Matthew and Emma Mueller. Born in Trenton, IL. Died in St. Mary's Hospital, East St. Louis, IL after automobile accident. 
MUELLER, Louis Ralph---- 7 Apr 1894 12 Apr 1923 29y5d Born in Trenton, IL. With the 1st Div A. E. F. with Pershing in France. Gassed. Tuberculosis and meningitis. Military funeral. 
MUELLER, Marcella Jeanette---- 8 Mar 1910 20 Mar 1911 1y12d Dau of Matthias and Emma born STRUBHART. 
MUELLER, MarySCHWARZTRAUBER 29 Aug 1854 13 Mar 1924 69y6m14d Born in Neustadt Hardl?, Rheinpfalz. Came to America in 1862. Married Matth Mueller 9 Jun 1874. They had 10 children, 2 died. Her husband was killed by R.R. in 1913. She was member of the Ladies Aid. She died of meningitis. 
MUELLER, Matthaeus---- 31 Jul 1842 17 Mar 1913 70y7m17d Born in Mussbach, Germany. 
MUELLER, Matthew---- 21 Aug 1877 1 Nov 1938 61y2m11d Born at New Baden, IL. Died suddenly, buried from Glanzner Funeral Home. 
MUGELE, BarbaraFUELL 15 Sep 1826 19 Jan 1922 95y4m4d Born F ll in Krispurhasen, W rtemberg, Germany. Married G. A. Mugele in 1807. They had 8 children, 3 died. Her husband died in 1878 
MUGELE, Edna B.---- ---- 4 Oct 1995 76y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Highland, IL. 
MUGELE, ErnestinaHEARTING 29 Sep 1864 12 Dec 1950 ---- Daughter of Karl & Caroline. Wife of Fred. Died at the home of her daughter in Mascoutah, IL. 
MUGELE, Fred---- 10 Mar 1859 12 Aug 1940 81y5m2d Born near Trenton, IL. Died of heart trouble and age. 
MUGELE, Lizzie Ida---- ---- 13 Jul 1891 9m29d Dau of John & Philippine 
MUGELE, Louis---- ---- ---- ---- No other data recorded. Entry appears between 24 July and 7 Nov, 1950 entries. 
MUGELE, Louis---- ---- 21 Jul 2001 90y Died at Countryside Manor, Aviston, IL. 
MUGELE, Nellie---- ---- 27 May 1972 91y8m27d Died in Greenville, IL Hospital. 
MUGELE, Roy Herman---- 9 Aug 1914 1 Aug 1932 17y11m22d Born near Trenton, IL. Died in the hospital at Highland, IL. 

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