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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
PAHLMAN, Glenn Weber---- ---- 14 Sep 1972 56y10m11d Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
PAHLMAN, Mable---- ---- 23 Apr 2000 82y Died in Vencor Hospital, St. Louis, MO. 
PAPPROTH, AdaSCHAPER 14 Aug 1897 19 Feb 1920 22y8m11d Born in Summerfield, IL & died in St. Louis, MO. Dau of John & Anna. Married Wm. Papproth 17 Apr 1917. Died of pneumonia. 
PEGG, John E.---- ---- 7 Mar 1984 66y Died in Scott Air Force Base Medical Center, IL. 
PEGG, Ruthellen---- ---- 8 Nov 2000 74y Died of a heart attack in Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, MO. 
PENNELL, Deborah---- 12 Oct 1959 1 Jun 1977 ---- Died of an accident in Belleville, IL. 
PENNELL, George F.---- ---- 14 Dec 1994 69y Died in Trenton, IL. No burial. 
PENNINGTON, James R.---- ---- 6 Aug 1982 88y Died in Memorial Convalescent Center, Belleville, IL. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, IL. 
PENNINGTON, Myron M.---- ---- 20 May 2005 75y Died in St. John's Hospital Springfield, IL. Buried in McCliman's Cemetery Hallsville, IL. 
PENNINGTON, Ward B.---- 2 Apr 1961 18 Apr 1979 ---- Died in Madison County, IL. 
PERSCHBACHER, AliceKRUGER ---- 7 Jul 1984 86y Died in the Mar Kay Nursing Home. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
PERSCHBACHER, Clara---- ---- 1 Jan 1987 102y Died in Chastains Nursing Home, Highland, IL. Buried Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
PERSCHBACHER, Philipp---- 27 Sep 1857 19 May 1912 54y7m22d Born in Shiloh Valley, died in Trenton and buried in Summerfield, IL. 
PERSCHBAKER, Oliver---- 18 Mar 1897 7 Dec 1973 ---- Died in Breese, IL Hospital. SSDI gives birth date as 26 Jan 1894. Death year out of sequence 
PETER, Charles W.---- 18 Feb 1898 13 Oct 1963 65y7m25d Died in Trenton, IL. Buried in Green Mount Cemetery in New Baden, IL. 
PETER, HelenaRIEDER 22 May 1832 8 Jun 1914 82y17d Born in Muenchweier, Grossherzogtum, Hessen, Germany. 
PETER, Louis C.---- ---- 4 May 1895 27y8m29d ---- 
PETER, Margaret Caroline---- ---- 31 Dec 1980 78y Died at the Highland, IL Manor. Buried in the Greenmount Cemetery New Baden, IL. 
PETERS, Dora---- ---- 30 Jun 1986 ---- Died in Breese, IL Nursing Home. 
PETERS, Edward J.---- 25 Aug 1857 20 May 1926 68y8m25d Born in Lebanon, IL, came to Trenton at early age. At age of 4 years suffered from Infantile Paralysis, which crippled his legs. He could walk with great difficulty. He was a tailor by trade, cheerful and kind-hearted. He made many friends. A week prior he suffered a scratch on his hand which brought on Tetanus which caused his death. 
PETERS, Ethel S.---- ---- 14 Oct 2002 76y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. Possible no burial. 
PETERS, Harold---- ---- 2 Nov 1984 77y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Highland, IL. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
PETERS, Harvel H.---- ---- 14 Oct 2006 84y Died in Barnes Hospital St. Louis, MO from complications of a fall. Cremation. 
PETERS, Henry---- ---- 15 Jun 1958 69y Died in Highland, IL. Buried in Summerfield, IL. 
PETERS, Leo---- 17 Oct 1908 23 Oct 1908 6d Son of Hermann and Laura KUHNER. 
PETERS, Rose Agnes---- ---- 1 May 2004 91y Died in Faith Care Center Highland, IL Buried in Summerfield Cemetery Summerfield, IL 
PFEFFER, Marion---- ---- 2 Sep 1998 83y Died in Memorial Hospital, Belleville, IL. Buried in Valhalla Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Belleville, IL. 
PFEIFFER, Frank---- ---- 9 Jul 1954 61y Non-member. Died in Highland, IL. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. 
PFEIFFER, Ida Mae---- ---- 4 Dec 1986 86y Died in Humana Hospital, Pompano Beach, FL. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. 
PFEIFFER, Joe---- ---- 6 Oct 1956 11y Died in Florida. 
PLETCHER, John---- 1 Mar 1854 24 Aug 1930 76y5m23d Born in Yorktown, NY; died at home of his daughter in Highland, IL. 
POHLMAN, Emelie---- 8 Dec 1890 25 Aug 1966 ---- Died in Trenton, IL. 
POHLMAN, Oliver---- ---- 24 Jan 1952 65y Died in St. Louis, MO. 
POOLE, Louis---- ---- 29 May 1980 82y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. Buried in Cottage Hills Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
POOLE, MargaretGRISLEY ---- 20 Jan 1988 90y Died in Leigh Acres, FL. Buried in College Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
POOS, Frank Louis---- 28 Apr 1860 14 Oct 1933 73y5m16d Died at his home South East of Trenton, IL. 
POOS, Irene W.---- ---- 18 Sep 1982 91y Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
POOS, Johanne Christine WilhelmineMEERHOFF 16 Aug 1828 2 Apr 1914 85y7m17d Born in Petershagen, Westfalen, Germany. 
POOS, Susan---- ---- 30 Dec 1957 91y Died in Trenton, IL. 
PRACHT, Charles P.---- 23 Feb 1868 18 Aug 1946 78y Born in St. Louis, MO. Died at his home in Trenton, IL. Buried in St. Louis. 

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