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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
RABE, Mayme V.---- ---- 25 May 1987 95y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Highland, IL. Buried in College Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, IL. 
RABE, William H.---- ---- 6 Jul 1975 88y10m19d Died in Chastains Nursing Home, Highland, IL. Buried in Cottage Hills Cemetery Lebanon, IL. 
RAITH, Edwin J.---- 28 Feb 1854 17 Jan 1909 54y10m20d Born in St. Louis, MO. Died in Trenton, IL. Buried in Highland, IL. 
RAMSEY, Robert Mason---- ---- 16 Nov 2001 80y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville, IL. No burial. 
RANZ, Howard L.---- ---- 8 Aug 1995 72y Died in Port Orange, FL. Possibly buried in FL. 
RASCH, August Friedrich---- 19 Sep 1871 18 Oct 1913 42y29d Born in Trenton, IL. Died in St. Louis, MO. 
RASCH, Friedrich Wilhelm---- 1 May 1847 17 Nov 1915 68y6m6d Born in Stapelburg, Prussia. Came to America at age 5. He married Gertrud SCHOWALTER in 1870 and they had 5 children. 
RASCH, GertrudeSCHOWALTER 24 May 1852 16 Oct 1918 64y4m27d Born in Dirmstein, Bavaria. Married Fried. Rasch 20 Dec 1870; he died in 1915. They had 5 children. 
RASCH, Milfred Felton Charles---- 29 Nov 1912 13 Jan 1913 ---- Son of Arnold and Mildred born KOEHLER 
RATHMANN, KatharineHILDEBRAND 28 Jan 1836 3 Jan 1911 74y11m5d Born in Osnabrueck, Germany. 
RAUSCH, Ralph---- ---- 16 May 1981 69y Died in Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, MO. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. 
REBLING, Albert Ottomar Caeser---- 7 Sep 1866 13 Nov 1950 ---- Born in Breese, IL. Died in Trenton, IL. 
REBLING, Emil Johann Wilhelm---- 1 Mar 1860 21 Jan 1927 ---- Born in Aviston, IL. Confirmed in Breese, IL. Died of Bright's Disease. 
REBLING, Laura---- ---- 15 Jan 1978 93y Died in Breese, IL nursing home. 
REBLING, Malvina E. L.---- 8 Aug 1869 13 Apr 1929 59y8m5d Born near Aviston, IL; died in Trenton, IL. 
REDER, Charlotte---- ---- 8 Dec 1894 71y11m ---- 
REHBERGER, Andrew---- ---- 24 Feb 1977 99y5m17d Died in Breese, IL Hospital. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
REHBERGER, Kathyrn---- ---- 27 May 1980 83y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville, IL. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. First name may be misspelling of Kathryn. 
REHG, BarbaraKRAUS ---- 24 Jul 1895 61y4m24d ---- 
REHG, Eugen Peter---- ---- 25 Nov 1898 13y9m28d ---- 
REICHMAN, CatherineORTH 30 May 1876 16 Feb 1941 64y Born in Marissa, IL; died in Breese, IL Hospital. Died of peritonitis caused by appendectomy. 
REICHMAN, William (Mrs.)---- 23 Sep 1879 8 Feb 1945 ---- Born in Mascoutah, IL. Died at her home in Trenton, IL. Funeral from funeral home. 
REICHMANN, Catherine Cordelia---- 26 Jul 1909 22 Apr 1925 15y8m26d Youngest daughter of George and Catherine born ORTH. She was born in Trenton, IL. A faithful member of S. S. & League. Her sister Eleonore died 2 Oct 1924. Frail of body but brave of spirit. Since Christmas she suffered very much and then suddenly passed away. 
REICHMANN, Eleanor Sophia Theresa---- 18 Dec 1901 2 Oct 1924 22y9m14d Daughter of George and Catherine born ORTH. She was born in St. Louis, MO. Baptized and confirmed in Trenton, IL. She died of Tuberculosis after a 20 month battle, "Very patiently she bore the cross. 'I am not afraid.' Quietly she went to sleep." 
REITHER, Lorenz---- 18 Jul 1832 10 Mar 1904 71y7m22d ---- 
REITTER, Elisabeth---- ---- 26 May 1897 66y10m18d ---- 
REITTER, Emma---- ---- 31 Jan 1985 91y Died in the Faith Countryside Nursing Center. 
REITTER, Johann Jacob---- ---- 31 Jan 1897 36y6m15d ---- 
REITTER, Roland---- ---- ---- ---- Non-member burial service with Edgar VOGES by Rev. FREY of St. Louis, MO. on 2 Aug 1957. No other data. 
RENSPURGER, Ray---- ---- 21 Feb 1952 59y Non-member. Died in St. Louis, MO. 
RICHTER, Clarence---- ---- 3 Aug 1983 74y Died in Memorial Convalescent Center, Belleville, IL. Buried in Lakeview Memorial Cemetery. 
RICHTER, Vera C.---- ---- 5 Nov 1996 87y Buried in Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery. 
RIEGER, Marian---- ---- 6 May 2004 79y Died in St. Joseph Hospital Breese, IL. Buried in Trenton Cemetery 
RIEMAN, Alvina---- 23 Mar 1876 21 Aug 1947 ---- Dau of John & Mary. Born in Trenton, IL. Died from a heart attack at the home of her niece in New York. 
RIEMAN, ChristineKURZ ---- 24 Jun 1975 72y Died in Grayville, IL. 
RIEMAN, Ethel---- ---- 22 Apr 1952 58y Non-member. Died in E. St. Louis, IL. 
RIEMAN, Louis C.---- ---- 19 Jan 1956 89y Died in Trenton, IL. 
RIEMANN, Anna MarySIMEN 26 Jan 1850 12 Feb 1931 80y7m16d Born in Lookingglass Prairie, IL; died in Dallas, TX. Her body was shipped to Trenton and she was buried from the church. Her age is not correct if these dates are correct. 
RIEMANN, CatharineVANINGER 5 Jul 1844 26 Aug 1924 80y1m21d Born in Neustadt, Rheinpfalz. Came to America as a child. Married Louis Riemann in Trenton, IL on 2 Apr 1864. They had 1 child who died & possibly 2 more children? On 5 Oct 1920 she entered Altenheim in Highland, IL. She and her husband celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on 2 Apr 1924. She died of suppurative parotitis [peritonitis]. 
RIEMANN, Charles---- 23 May 1841 30 Jun 1921 80y1m7d Born in Oberkauefungen Hessen, Germany. Married Anna SIMMERS 17 Oct 1868, they had 12 children, 4 died. He died of sclerosis. 
RIEMANN, CharlotteEISENBERG ---- 12 Oct 1894 90y9m24d ---- 
RIEMANN, Clarence Alfred---- ---- 23 May 1891 5y4m27d Son of Carl & Maria. Died of Diphtheria 
RIEMANN, Gertrud Friederike---- ---- 6 Aug 1891 2y10m Dau of Carl & Maria. Died of Diphtheria 
RIEMANN, John---- 23 Jan 1829 6 May 1916 87y3m13d Born in Oberkauefungen near Cassel-Hessen, Germany. He went to New York and then Pittsburg, PA from 1851-54; Feb 1855 - St. Louis & then Mascoutah, IL, MO; 1856 - Trenton, IL where he was a building contractor?. In 1858 he married Maria BASSLER who died in 1902. They had 7 children. Survivors: 3 dau, 2 sons, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 7 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. 
RIEMANN, John---- ---- 29 Jun 1928 58y Student Pastor. Buried in Catholic Cemetery, service from home. 
RIEMANN, John Milton---- ---- 5 Aug 1896 7m1d ---- 
RIEMANN, LenaSTEINMETZ 7 Dec 1869 26 May 1937 67y5m17d Born and died in Trenton, IL. 
RIEMANN, Louis---- 9 Feb 1839 24 May 1928 89y3m15d Born in Cassel-Kuhrhessen, Germany. Came to America in 1855 and located in Trenton, IL. Went to Highland Home in 1919. Married Katharine born VANINGER 7 Feb 1864 in Trenton. He died in Highland Home. Service at Turner Hall on Trenton Cemetery. 
RIEMANN, MarieBASSLER ---- 9 Jun 1902 64y28d ---- 
RINDERER, Douglas James---- ---- 16 Dec 1998 20y Died at scene of car accident 1200 Block of St. Rose Rd, S. E. of Highland, IL. Buried in Highland City Cemetery. 
RITZHEIMER, EmmaWEHRLE 26 Mar 1861 23 Apr 1929 68y28d Born in Summerfield, IL; died in Trenton, IL. Buried from home. 
RITZHEIMER, Hilda M.---- ---- 23 Apr 2003 94y ---- 
RITZHEIMER, Leslie H.---- 12 Jul 1904 16 May 1989 84y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville, IL. 
ROCHELL, Herman A.---- ---- 28 Jan 1992 70y Died in Aviston, IL. Buried in Lake View Memorial Gardens Cemetery. 
RODE, MargaretheBASSLER 21 Jul 1834 3 Mar 1914 79y7m10d Born in Mussbach, near Neufhardt, Rheinpfalz, Germany. Died in St. Louis, MO. 
RODMAN, AnnieHEUBERGER 20 Jan 1876 3 Jan 1939 61y11m13d Born near Trenton, IL. Wife of Ed. Died at Breese, IL Hospital from cancer. 
RODMAN, John---- 27 Jun 1875 3 Nov 1921 46y4m6d Born in Trenton, IL. At age of 3 he suffered a stroke of paralysis which left him partially helpless. For many years he worked as a gateman in the local mines until they closed. He fell over dead in the street (paralysis.) 
RODMANN, Edward---- 17 Jun 1869 22 Oct 1942 73y4m5d Born in St. Jacob, IL; died in Old Folks Home in Aviston, IL. Died of old age. Funeral from Glanzner Funeral Home. 
RONIGER, Gilmer F.---- ---- 27 Dec 1977 61y Died in Barnes Hospital St. Louis, MO. Buried in Highland, IL Cemetery. 
RONIGER, Junior Floyd---- ---- 20 Feb 1969 22y11m19d Died in Viet Nam; killed in action. Buried in Highland, IL Cemetery. 
ROTHMANN, Christian---- ---- 24 Dec 1901 75y11m25d ---- 
RUDOLPH, John (Dr. / Pastor)---- 18 Apr 1818 22 Nov 1904 86y7m4d Pastor of St. John's 1889-1901. Born in Jauer in Schlesein, Germany. Died in Trenton, IL. 
RUTH, Hazel I.PETERS ---- 10 Oct 1991 85y Died in Belleville, IL. Buried in Summerfield, IL Cemetery. 
RUTZ, Harrison---- ---- 5 Nov 1894 1y7m ---- 
RUTZ, Maria---- ---- 28 Nov 1896 17y5m4d ---- 

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