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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
TAYLOR, MarthaSWAIN ---- 2 Jun 1993 68y Died in St. Louis, MO. No burial. 
THALGOTT, Anna---- 27 Oct 1881 12 Dec 1975 94y Died in Lutheran Hospital, St. Louis, MO. 
THALGOTT, Fredrick William---- 14 Apr 1841 29 Apr 1932 91y15d Born in Alsace Lorraine, Germany; died in St. Louis, MO. Buried with his wife Helena (double funeral). 
THALGOTT, HelenaBASSLER 21 Oct 1862 28 Apr 1932 89y6m7d Born in Neustadt, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria; died in St. Louis, MO. Buried with her husband Fredrick (double funeral). 
THALGOTT, Henry Paul---- 13 Oct 1879 3 Oct 1916 36y11m20d Son of F. & Helene born BASSLER. Married Joyce UPCHURCH on 10 Jun 1908; 1 dau who died in infancy. Worked for MO Pacific RR at St. Louis office for 14 yrs. Died at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, MO of brain hemorrhage. 
THIEMEYER, Ina---- ---- 13 Apr 1996 94y Died in Faith Countryside, Highland, IL. Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. 
THOMAS, (Dr.)---- ---- ---- ---- Dr. Thomas was from Bloomington, IN. Dr. Taylor of the Bloomington M. E. church paid tribute to the deceased. Cause of death was a brain tumor. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. This entry between 29 Feb and 20 Mar 1940 entries. 
THORMANN, Eduard Louis---- ---- 25 Dec 1896 3y6m Died of Diphtheria 
THURMAN, Caroline Louise---- ---- 11 Sep 1973 78y Died in Barnes Hospital St. Louis, MO. 
THURMAN, Ella---- ---- 24 Jan 1967 75y2m29d Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
THURMAN, Ernest H.---- 11 Feb 1866 12 May 1941 75y3m2d Born in St. Charles, MO. Died of heart trouble. 
THURMAN, JohannaFURTWENGLER 17 Apr 1869 10 Jun 1950 ---- Born in Huey, IL. 
THURMAN, Ralph---- ---- 7 Mar 1997 80y Died in Belleville (IL) Memorial Hospital. 
THURMANN, Alfred Roland---- 8 Sep 1902 16 Feb 1927 24y6m14d Youngest son of Ernst & Johanna born FURTROENGLER. Born in Trenton, IL. For two years bedfast with tuberculosis of the bones. His brother died in 1925. Tubercular meningitis developed 1.5 weeks ago. 
THURMANN, Arthur William---- 9 Jun 1900 4 Dec 1925 25y5m25d Son of Ernst & Johannia born FURTROENGLER. Born in Trenton, IL. Married Emma KRUMP 28 Oct 1922. Died of tuberculosis. 
THURMANN, Henry John---- 25 Oct 1890 7 Jul 1927 36y8m22d Oldest son of Ernst and Johana born FURHOENGLER. Born in Litchfield, IL. Came to Trenton at age 6y. Worked at carpentering and later as a miner. Married at Carlyle, IL to Ella MEINROTH 18 Dec 1912. They had 2 children. Oldest a helpless cripple. He died of tuberculosis as his two brothers did, one in 1925 and the other on 16 Feb 1927. 
TIMMERMANN, WilhelmineSTAHL 6 May 1870 2 Feb 1924 53y7m28d Born in St. Louis, MO. [Parents are Mary & William.] Married Joe Timmermann who died in 1918. Her mother died 12 Dec 1923. She died of pneumonia. Funeral from M. E. Church. 
TRAEGER, Georg---- 3 Sep 1824 18 May 1904 79y8m15d ---- 
TRIPPEL, AnnaSINGLER 26 Apr 1864 18 Oct 1944 ---- Born south of Trenton, IL. Died at her home in Trenton, IL. 
TRIPPEL, Arthur J.---- ---- 23 Feb 1973 75y2m7d Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
TRIPPEL, Arthur Jr.---- ---- 29 Mar 2006 72y Died in St. Joseph Hospital Highland, IL. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
TRIPPEL, Esther Ida---- ---- 15 Aug 1990 82y Died in Belleville, IL 
TRIPPEL, EvaKOOB 22 Feb 1835 30 May 1910 75y3m8d Born in Lambsheim, Germany. Died in St. Louis, MO. 
TRIPPEL, Eva---- 6 Oct 1838 17 May 1927 88y7m11d Born at Goderstein, Landau, Rheine Palatinate, Bavaria. Came to America (near New Baden, IL) in 1847. Married Philip Trippel 14 Jun 1857. They had 9 children, 6 died. Retired from farming and moved to Trenton in 1905. She was one of the earliest members of the Ladies Aid Society. Her husband died 18 Jul 1908. For the last 6 years she made her home with her children in Shattuc, St. Jacob, Edwardsville, IL. 
TRIPPEL, Friedrich---- ---- 12 Jan 1900 60y6m12d ---- 
TRIPPEL, Henry Phillip---- ---- Feb 1971 71y10m10d Died in Chastains Nursing Home, Highland, IL 
TRIPPEL, Otillia---- ---- 26 Mar 1965 81y5m20d Died in Doctor's office. Buried in Sandoval, IL. 
TRIPPEL, Otto---- 24 Nov 1873 31 May 1906 32y6m7d Born near and died in Trenton, IL. 
TRIPPEL, Philip (Dr.)---- 6 Aug 1856 14 Oct 1927 71y2m8d Born at Trenton, IL. Married Anna SINGLES 19 Mar 1888. They had 12 children, 1 died 6 years ago. He was a veterinarian. His end came suddenly (paralysis of the heart). 
TRIPPEL, Philipp---- 7 Dec 1828 18 Jul 1908 79y7m11d Born in Litzelhausen, Kurhessen, Germany. Died in St. Louis, MO. 
TRIPPEL, Robert---- ---- 3 Sep 1998 83y Died in Aviston (IL) Nursing Home. Buried in Belleville, IL. 
TRIPPEL, Verlie---- ---- 8 Oct 1990 82y Died in Trenton, IL. 
TRIPPLE, George---- 2 Jan 1881 2 Oct 1929 48y9m Born near Trenton, IL. Buried from home. 
TROEGER, Anna (Mrs.)---- ---- 18 Sep 1895 72y1m Compare Traeger 
TROST, Anna MariaSAUTER / SANTER 1 Oct 1848 2 Jan 1933 84y3m1d Born in Lachen near Neustadt an der Haard, Rheinpfalz, Germany. Died in Trenton, IL. 
TROST, Christian---- 19 Dec 1839 4 Jun 1917 77y5m15d Born in Imsbach, Rheinpfalz, Germany. Came to Philadelphia, PA in 1861. Joined in Jan 1862 the 11 Bat. Ind. Light Artillery. In Jan 1865 to Mascoutah, IL. He married Anna Maria SAUTER on 19 Aug 1866. They had 1 son in Summerfield and then moved to Trenton in 1887. 
TROST, Theodor Heinrich---- 15 Dec 1867 22 Mar 1927 59y3m5d Born in Summerfield, IL. Son of Christian and Maria born SAUTER. He went to Elmhurst, Province? in 1883, graduated? in Jun 1887. Then for 28 years he went to Chicago; New Orleans; Washington, MO; St. Louis; Trenton (1893-1899), Waterloo; Freeport, IL; Ann Arbor, Mich. Chamber of Commerce Ann Arbor, MI. Manager of Chamber of Conservation? Manager of Auto License Bureau. Married Louisa OLDENDORF 20 Oct 1904 in Waterloo. They had one son. He died of a heart attack maybe in Ann Arbor. 
TSCHUDY, Alice---- ---- 31 May 2006 93y Died in St. Joseph Hospital Highland, IL. Buried in Trenton Cemetery. 
TSCHUDY, Clarence C.---- ---- 1 Feb 1994 94y Died in Aviston, IL. 
TSCHUDY, Lora---- ---- 1 Jul 1955 74y Died in Highland, IL. 
TSCHUDY, Louisa A.---- 21 Aug 1871 30 Jan 1966 ---- Died in Highland, IL Hospital. 
TSCHUDY, Robert---- ---- 1 Mar 1974 66y Died at Breese, IL Hospital. 
TSCHUDY, Robert Christian---- 25 Mar 1875 5 Jun 1936 62y2m11d Born in Highland, IL and died in the Breese, IL Hospital. 
TSCHUDY, Thelma A.---- ---- 4 May 1995 92y Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Highland, IL. 

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