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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Sponsor Sponsor Comments
ACKERMAN, Joshua26 Sep 187129 Sep 1871Ackerman, JohnNot listed, Susanna---MURRAY, Beatrice---
ACKERMAN, Margaretha (Twin)06 Feb 187108 Feb 1871Ackerman, FrancisBRADY, RosaSCHUSTER, WenceslausSchuster, Margaretha---
ACKERMAN, Maria (Twin)06 Feb 187108 Feb 1871Ackerman, FrancisBRADY, RosaBrady, JamesBrady, Maria---
ACKERMAN, Maria Margaretha01 Dec 187001 Dec 1870Ackerman, StephanSCHLAFLY, Maria---SCHUSTER, Margaretha---
ACKERMANN, Adam Martin29 Nov 186930 Jan 1870Ackermann, PaulNot Listed, KatharinaAckermann, Martin------
ACKERMANN, Alexander Stephan13 Dec 188403 Apr 1885Ackermann, MichaelKEHLER, Sarah L. M.Ackermann, StephanAckermann, Emerentiana---
ACKERMANN, August Fridolin08 Nov 187112 Nov 1871Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, MariaSchlafly, AugustMEUER, Christina---
ACKERMANN, Catharina Josephina17 Sep 188019 Sep 1880Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, Catharina---Schlafly, CatharinaMarried non-Catholic Ralph P. Peck in Huodin MI or MA. Witnesses were N. Tournier & N A Rausch
ACKERMANN, Christina17 Sep 188302 Nov 1883Ackermann, FrancisBRADY, RosaBrady, PatrickMURRAY, Catharine---
ACKERMANN, Clara Cecelia12 Jun 188324 Jul 1883Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, Anna M.KURD, FrancisAckermann, Emma---
ACKERMANN, Francis Edward07 Jun 187810 Jun 1878Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, MariaAckermann, FrankAckermann, Rose---
ACKERMANN, Francis Michael25 Jan 187305 Feb 1873Ackermann, FrancisBRADY, RosaBrady, JohnBrady, Margaretha---
ACKERMANN, Helena Bertha25 Feb 187601 Mar 1876Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, Maria---KREBS, Maria---
ACKERMANN, Helena Isabella01 Nov 187308 Nov 1873Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, Maria---Schuster, Margaretha---
ACKERMANN, Helena Josephina25 Feb 188921 Jun 1889Ackermann, MichaelKEHLER, Sarah LouisaKURTH, M. F.Ackermann, Margaret---
ACKERMANN, Johann Stephan29 Sep 186607 Oct 1866Ackermann, StephanSCHLAFLY, MariaSchlafly, JohannSchlafly, Emma---
ACKERMANN, Johann Wilhelm23 Feb 186817 Mar 1868Ackermann, FrancisBRADY, RosaLYNCH, WilliamBrady, Katharina---
ACKERMANN, Louis Francis23 Jan 188717 Jul 1887Ackermann, MichaelKEHER, SarahSTEIN, LouisStein, Elisabeth---
ACKERMANN, Michael Wenceslaus13 Sep 188330 Sep 1883Ackermann, MichaelKELL, SarahSCHUSTER, WenceslausSchuster, Margaretha---
ACKERMANN, Rosa Elisabetha06 Jan 188111 Jan 1881Ackermann, FrancisBRADY, RosaBrady, PatrickO'NEAL, Bessie---
ACKERMANN, Sarah Maria19 May 186027 Jan 1883KELL, GeorgeROTHHAUPT, Maria---WEDEL, Maria J.---
ACKERMANN, Stephan Henry14 Sep 187413 Oct 1874Ackermann, FrancisBRADY, RosaO'CONNOR, PatrickO'Connor, Jane---
ACREBACK, Catharine Susanna25 Jun 189125 Mar 1892Acreback, EmilRIETHMANN, Maria---SCHRADER, ChristinaFrom, Huey, IL
ADAM, Anna Maria13 Jul 187220 Jul 1872Adam, JosephROHR, MariaSCHULTE, John HerbertRohr, Anna---
ADAM, Carolina23 Mar 188124 Mar 1881Adam, JosephROHR, Maria AnnaWEDEL, EdSCHULTE, Carolina---
ADAM, Carolina Josephina27 Jun 187409 Jul 1874Adam, JosephROHR, MariaSCHNEIDER, CasparSCHULTE, Carolina---
ADAM, Emma Magdalena29 Aug 187809 Sep 1878Adam, JosephROHR, MariaLODDEKE, BernardSCHNEIDER, Magdalena---
ADAM, Frederick George25 Aug 189828 Aug 1898Adam, JohnETTER, JosephinaSCHILLING, GeorgeLUEBBERS, AnnaMarried Loretta ADAMS who died 19 Jun 1946 and was buried at All Souls Church in Overland, MO. Married Elsie HUNT 16 Feb 1955 at St Mary in Bridgeton, MO. Married Mrs. Julia M. CLARK 19 Nov 1960 at All Souls in Overland, MO
ADAM, John Anthony12 Aug 190013 Aug 1900Adam, JohnETTER, JosephinaEtter, Sr. , MeinradSCHILLING, Anna---
ADAM, John Baptiste25 Jan 187129 Jan 1871Adam, JosephROHR, MariaRohr, JohnRohr, Katharina---
ADAM, Joseph Meinrad06 Feb 189407 Feb 1894Adam, JohnETTER, JosephinaAdam, JosephEtter, RosaMarried Alozia (Alice?) SACHS 17 Jun 1936 in Flinthall, MO
ADAM, Maria Clara13 Sep 187624 Sep 1876Adam, JosephROHR, Maria AnnaHOFFMANN, HenryHoffmann, Anna---
ADAM, Maria Lidvina22 Feb 189724 Feb 1897Adam, JohnETTER, JosephinaSCHILLING, LawrenceAdam, Maria---
ADAM, Maria Th. Cecelia29 Jun 188904 Jul 1889Adam, JosephROHR, MariaSCHAEFER, FrancisSchaefer, MariaMarried Isidore GROTHE 27 Aug 1927 in Greenville, IL
ADAM, Meinrad John01 Dec 189502 Dec 1895Adam, JohnETTER, JosephinaEtter, MeinradEtter, OliviaMarried Agnes SACHS 26 Apr 1932 in Flint Hill, MO
ADAM, Paulina Wilhelmina12 Dec 188520 Dec 1885Adam, JosephROHR, MariaRohr, JohnSCHULTE, Wilhelmina---
ADAM, Susanna Maria Catharine15 Sep 188316 Sep 1883Adam, JosephROHR, MariaFUEGNER, RichardWEDEL, Susanna---
ALBERS, D. Francis01 Jan 190003 Jan 1900Albers, FrancisWILLIAMS, Etty (Non-Catholic)WUELLER, NicolausMENKHAUS, Maria Married Florence HANLEY 14 Sep 1926
ALBERS, Paul Henry22 Dec 190203 Jan 1903Albers, FrancisWILLIAMS, EttaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HenrySchuermann, Elisabeth---
ALEXANDER, Maria Joanna22 Apr 182204 Apr 1880PARKER, MosesHEAD, MariaMCCABE, Winifried------
ALLEN, Anthony Joseph28 Sep 188830 Sep 1888Allen, ThomasRAMSAY, JemimaHUBERT, AnthonyHubert, Eva---
ALLEN, Barbara Elisabeth27 Apr 189225 Jun 1892Allen, EmmettRAMSAY, Barbara---FRERKER, EmerentianaPrivate Baptism
ALLEN, Francis Covington06 Jun 189310 Sep 1893Allen, ThomasRAMSAY, JemimaDIEKMANN, FrancisDiekmann, Elisabeth---
ALLEN, George Thomas10 Dec 188322 Dec 1883Allen, Thomas E. (Non-Catholic)RAMSAY, Mina (Non-Catholic)MCQUADE, GeorgeRamsay, Barbara---
ALLEN, Harietta13 Aug 186305 Nov 1880Allen, Thomas (Thombald)COOPER, Mary---WÜST (Wuest), Anna Maria---
ALLEN, Helena17 Nov 185922 Apr 1876Allen, ThomasCOOPER, Maria---REED, Joanna---
ALLEN, Maria13 Aug 183816 Dec 1881COOPER, William P.EARLY, Elisabeth---KLEIN, Maria---
ALLEN, Robert John24 Feb 188616 Mar 1886Allen, Thomas Earley (Non-Catholic)RAMSAY, Mina (Non-Catholic)MCQUADE, GeorgeHUTMEIER, Maria Agnes---
ALLEN, William Thomas22 Jun 186514 Dec 1897Allen, ThomasCOOPER, MariaMCHALE, Jacob------
AMAN, Louis26 Feb 187812 Mar 1878Amann, LandolinBORRAT, MariaSCHAEFER, JohnGIRARD, Magdalena---
AMAN, Samuel August22 Jul 187329 Jul 1873Aman, LandolinBARACK (Parack), MariaSCHLAFLY, FrederickGERHAUS, Magdalena---
AMANN, John30 Oct 187507 Nov 1875Amann, LandolinPORRAD, MariaISAAC, NicolausPEIFER, Maria Anna---
AMSINGER, Edward Herman16 Aug 188319 Aug 1883Amsinger, AnthonyDRENKPOHL, FloraDrenkpohl, HermanAmsinger, Magdalena---
AMSINGER, Emerentiana Rosa21 Jul 188131 Jul 1881Amsinger, GeorgeVIERLING, Maria TheresiaAmsinger, JosephAmsinger, Rosa Anna---
AMSINGER, George Francis13 Apr 188427 Apr 1884Amsinger, GeorgeVIERLING, MariaAmsinger, FrancisAmsinger, Magdalena---
AMSINGER, Gertrude Magdalena30 Oct 187916 Nov 1879Amsinger, JosephHAYDEN, RosaAmsinger, AnthonyAmsinger, Maria Magdalena---
AMSINGER, Leo Henry29 Apr 188207 May 1882Amsinger, JosephHAYDEN, RosaNIESEWITZ, HenryKOENTZ, Maria---
AMSINGER, Magdalena Francisca30 Nov 188611 Dec 1886Amsinger, FrancisDRENKPOHL, EmmaAmsinger, JosephAmsinger, Magdalena---
AMSINGER, Maria Magdalena17 Jan 188022 Feb 1880Amsinger, GeorgeVIERLING, Maria TheresiaAmsinger, WilliamVierling, Josephina---
AMSINGER, Rosa Elisabeth11 Jan 188607 Feb 1886Amsinger, AnthonyDRENCKPOHL, FloraAmsinger, JosephAmsinger, Rosa---
AMSINGER, William Franklin24 Jul 187727 Jul 1877Amsinger, JosephHAYDEN, RosaBEHLY, AlbertBehly, Joanna---
ANDREAS, Johann Nicolaus15 Nov 186215 Mar 1863Andreas, NicolausWEBER, KatharinaKEISER, JohannSCHMIDT, Marianna ---
ARMSINGER, Anna Carolina20 Feb 187408 Mar 1874Armsinger, GeorgeGROSS, LenaBOQUET, FrancisBoquet, Rosalia---
ARMSINGER, Francis19 Apr 186303 May 1863Armsinger, GeorgeGROSS, MagdalenaISAAK, Francis------
ARNOLD, Catharine Isabella04 Jun 187816 Jun 1878Arnold, GustaveNERING, TheresiaSCHNEIDER, LandolinSchneider, Catharine---
AUGET, August Henry08 Feb 188310 Feb 1883Auget, AugustGEOFFROY, Maria AnnaGeoffroy, HenryGeoffroy, MariaChild is illegitimate. Married Margaret MALLOY 15 Jun 1936 at St Luke's in Schenectady, N. Y.
BÖCKMANN (Boeckmann), Maria10 Jul 187113 Mar 1873Boeckmann, AloysiusFOYEL, Maria AnnaFoyel, CharlesSTOLZ, Maria---
BACH, Blasius25 Jul 186715 Aug 1867Bach, BlasiusSCHWARZ, MargarethaROHR, JohannRohr, Anna---
BACK, Frederick Joseph02 Aug 189910 Sep 1899Back, FrancisGRAEFF, MagdalenaBack, JosephLIST, TheresaMarried Mabel ROSENFIELD (Non-Catholic) at Holy Redeemer in Webster Groves, MO 7 Apr 1946
BAEHR, Theodore Frederick26 Dec 187909 May 1880Baehr, FrederickMORTER, CatharinaDOLISE, TheodoreDolise, Maria---
BAFELD, Francisca10 Sep 186410 May 1865Bafeld, JohannBECKER, BarbaraBafeld, Francis---O'Fallon Station
BANNING, Cyril01 Nov 189503 Nov 1895Banning, MichaelKAHRHOFF, MariaDOGLE, JohnDogle, Maria Anna---
BANNING, Hildegund18 Sep 189321 Sep 1893Banning, Michael ThomasKAHRHOFF, Maria G.Kahrhoff, GeorgeKahrhoff, Maria---
BÜHLER (Buehler), William Frederick05 Sep 187009 Oct 1870Buehler, AndrewALLGEIER, MariannaLAMP, JosephLamp, Fredericke---
BÜRGEN (Buergen), Ada Rosa24 Feb 187612 Apr 1890Buergen, JohnLIESER, Maria---HOULET, Rosa---
BÜRGEN (Buergen), Ida21 Jan 187227 Apr 1889Buergen, JohnLIESER, Maria Eva---HEDERLEIN, Caroline---
BÜRGEN (Buergen), John09 Oct 183120 Nov 1888Buergen, JacobBRAUN, Maria------Private Baptism
BÜRGEN (Buergen), Julia09 Jul 187412 Apr 1890Buergen, JohnLIESER, Maria---SCHMIDT, Anna---
BÜRGEN (Buergen), Magdalena02 Jan 188716 Dec 1888Buergen, JohnLIESER, Maria---SCHMINDER, Magdalena---
BÜRGEN (Buergen), Margaret08 Sep 188316 Dec 1888Buergen, JohnLIESER, Maria---SCHMINDER, Magdalena---
BAQUET, John Aloysius10 Oct 187405 Nov 1874Baquet, JohnMCGI___, Virginia JeanetteKLEBER, JohnKOHALL, Maria---
BARNES, Henry Joseph28 Oct 188301 Nov 1883Barnes, JohnO'CONNELL, MariaMCCLAIN, JosephMcClain, Catharine---
BARNES, John---13 Feb 1886Barnes, DavidHALE, SarahBRADY, MichaelBrady, MargaretNo birth date listed
BARNES, Katharina10 Jun 186723 Jun 1867Barnes, John, Sr.BORGIS, MargarethaSCHEHAN, JohnSchehan, Katharina---
BARNETT, A. Theodore---19 Feb 1885------------Private Baptism due to danger of death.
BASEL, Anna07 Apr 186225 May 1862Basel, NicolausNot listed, BarbaraROBERTZ, JacobBasel, Margaretha---
BASELER, Anna Maria Philippina23 Aug 187307 Sep 1873Baseler, HenrySMITH, MariaMÜHLING (Muehling), StanSmith, Gesina---
BASELER, Heinrich05 Aug 186618 Nov 1866Baseler, NicolausLECHTNER, KatharinaLechtner, HeinrichCONRAD, Elisabeth---
BASELER, Jacob11 Oct 186828 Jan 1869Baseler, NicolausLITTNER, KatharinaROBERTZ, JacobRobertz, Margaretha---
BASELER, Nicolaus28 Feb 186422 May 1864Baseler, NicolausLITTNER, KatharinaCONRAD, PhilippLittner, Katharina---
BASELER, Philipp13 Jan 187304 May 1873Baseler, NicolausLITTNER, KatharinaROBERTZ, PhilippSOUTIER, Clara---
BASELER, Philipp William17 Oct 187027 Nov 1870Baseler, NicolausNot listed, KatharinaCONRAD, PhilippConrad, Margaret ---
BASLER, John Benjamin21 Dec 187911 Apr 1880Basler, NicolasLITTNER, CatharinaHILDENER, NicolausROBERT, ChristineMarried Adaline McQUAD dau of Hugh McQuad and Sophia Childeran 30 Sep 1918 at St Felicitas in Beaver Prairie, IL
BASLER, Martha Elizabeth17 Sep 187709 Dec 1877Basler, NicolasLITNER, CatharinaROBERT, Jr., JacobHILDNER, Elizabeth---
BASSELER, Thomas Francis30 May 187521 Nov 1875Basseler, NicolausLITTNER, CatharinaKEIM, ThomasKeim, Gertrude---
BASSLER, Ida Catharina19 Jun 188230 Jul 1882Bassler, NicolausLITTNER, CatharinaHADERLEIN, JosephHILDNER, Anna---
BAUMGÄRTNER (Baumgaertner), Richard Florian31 May 188223 Jul 1882Baumgartner, CarlSCHMIDT, JoannaHÖFNER (Hoefner), JosephSEIFFERT, Catharina---
BAUMGARTNER, John William11 Feb 188411 May 1884Baumgartner, CarlSCHMIDT, JohannaWEINHEIMER, PeterWeinheimer, AugustinaBaptized in St. Felicitas Church
BAUSCH, Philomena Henrietta13 Feb 187212 Mar 1872Bausch, BenedictBERNHARD, ClaraBERGER, HenryKREBS, Philomena---
BAYLEY (Bahley), Margaret Helena25 Dec 188108 Jan 1882Bayley (Bahley), AlbertLUBY, JohannaMURPHY, WilliamBROWN, Margaret---
BECHTEL, Elisabeth15 Jan 188806 Jul 1888Bechtel, HenryWINHEIM, Ida---KOHLHOFF, Maria---
BECKER, Adam John27 Feb 188404 Mar 1884Becker, LawrenceHABERBERGER, CatharineZIRKEL, AdamZirkel, Rosa---
BECKER, Adolph13 Jan 188910 Feb 1889Becker, LawrenceHABERBERGER, Catharine---SCHULTE, Carolina---
BECKER, Albertina24 Oct 186413 Aug 1865Becker, PeterVOGT, Elisabetha---LACHMEYER, Albertina---
BECKER, Anna Henrietta29 May 186211 Jun 1862Becker, PeterPOECKER, Katharina---KOHL, Anna Maria---
BECKER, Christina Rosa11 Jun 188119 Jun 1881Becker, LawrenceHABERBERGER, CatharineSCHULTE, JohnBecker, Christina---
BECKER, Herman23 Jan 187902 Jun 1879Becker, HermanSCHWARTZE, CatharinaDIEKROETGER, TheodoreWESSELMANN, Magdalena---
BECKER, Isabella01 Mar 186315 Mar 1863Becker, ThomasNot listed, KatharinaLEWELN, JacobWARD, Elisabeth---
BECKER, John Henry16 Sep 186717 Sep 1867Becker, FrederickKREKE, KatharinaBecker, Heinrich------
BECKER, John Theodore22 Jan 187722 Jan 1877Becker, HermanSCHWARZ, CatharinaDOENNEWALD, TheodoreDoennewald, Elizabeth---
BECKER, Joseph11 Dec 188718 Dec 1887Becker, LawrenceHABERBERGER, CatharineHaberberger, Addy------
BECKER, Joseph26 Sep 187427 Sep 1874Becker, HermanSCHWARTZE, CatharinaSchwartze, JosephDOENNEWALD, Anna Christina---
BECKER, Lawrence Francis13 Jan 188314 Jan 1883Becker, LawrenceHABERBERGER, CatharineHaberberger, FrancisBecker, Christina---
BECKER, Maria Wilhelmina30 Mar 186801 Apr 1868Becker, HenryHÜNE (Huene), ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), AnthonyHuene, Maria Wilhelmina---
BECKER, Regina11 Nov 186512 Nov 1865Becker, HeinrichHÜNE (Huene), ElisabethHÜLSMANN (Huelsmann), TheodoreHuelsmann, Elisabeth---
BECKER, Wilhelm21 Apr 186822 May 1868Becker, JohnNot listed, Margaretha---MCLANE, Margaretha---
BECKMANN, Sophia Maria Anna02 Nov 185505 Aug 1876Beckmann, FrederickBLUMEYER, Louisa---DUNN, Maria Anna---
BEHLEY, Clara09 Nov 188018 Nov 1880Behley, AlbertLOUBY, Joanna---BROWN, Brigitta---
BEHLY, Adelaid Johanna27 Dec 188404 Jan 1885Behly, AlbertLUBY, JohannaMURPHY, PeterHODDER, Helena---
BEHLY, Emma Leonora03 Oct 187905 Oct 1879Behli, AlbertLUBY, JohannaHODDER, ThomasHodder, Emma---
BEHLY, Maria Catharina25 Mar 187831 Mar 1878Behly, AlbertLUBY, JohannaLuby, ThomasBURGESS, Maria---
BEHLYI, Rosa Anna 03 Feb 188304 Feb 1883Behlyi, AlbertLUBY, Johanna---HANLON, Maria---
BERF, Maria Francisca Wilhelmina22 Jun 186526 Jun 1865Berf, HeinrichMARSENT, JosephinaMarsent, FranzROHR, Maria---
BERGER, Agnes Helena Barbara27 Dec 188130 Dec 1881Berger, HenryKREBS, LouisaBerger, MatthewKrebs, Barbara---
BERGER, Arnold John 05 Mar 187711 Mar 1877Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmmaSCHLAFLY, John JosephHOLDENER, Francisca---
BERGER, August George22 Apr 188124 Apr 1881Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmmaSchlafly, August------
BERGER, Blanka Leontina19 Mar 188721 Mar 1887Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmerentianaBerger, HenryKREBS, Maria---
BERGER, Clara Paulina21 Aug 189023 Aug 1890Berger, GeorgeKLEIN, ElisabethHOLDENER, Everit (Evans?)Klein, PaulinaMarried Clinton D. Fisk 29 Jun 1920 in Carlyle, IL (mixed marriage)
BERGER, Dominic L.23 Sep 188426 Sep 1884Berger, HenryKREBS, LouisaHOLDNER, DominicROESE, Elisabeth---
BERGER, Edward George Nicolaus28 Jul 189631 Jul 1896Berger, GeorgeKLEIN, ElisabethWUELLER, NicolausWueller, Maria---
BERGER, Emerentiana Francisca14 Jul 189016 Jul 1890Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmerentianaKREBS, FerdinandACKERMANN, Emerentiana---
BERGER, Francisca Irene27 May 189428 May 1894Berger, GeorgeKLEIN, ElisabethHOLDENER, DominicHoldener, FranciscaMarried Othmar FELLNER (from Belleville, IL) on 6 Jun 1917
BERGER, Fridolin Carl Meriam02 Feb 189517 Feb 1895Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmerentianaSchlafly, FridolinSchlafly, CatharineMarried Elisabeth Barbara SOMMER 29 Sep 1920 at St. Familia (?) in St. Louis, MO
BERGER, George Edward09 Oct 189012 Oct 1890Berger, G. HenryKREBS, Anna LouiseBerger, George H.Berger, Elisabeth---
BERGER, Hugo Ferdinand15 Apr 187919 Apr 1879Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmmaBerger, GeorgeKREBS, Rosa---
BERGER, John Henry Hilbert19 Aug 188826 Aug 1888Berger, HenryKREBS, LouisaKrebs, JohnKrebs, Delphina---
BERGER, John Henry Joseph15 Mar 188019 Mar 1880Berger, HenryKREBS, LouisaKrebs, AdamHOLDENER, Francisca---
BERGER, Josephina Helena Maria18 Oct 188820 Oct 1888Berger, M.SCHLAFLY, EmerentianaHOLDENER, ErastusHoldener, Maria---
BERGER, Laura Agnes29 Jul 189131 Jul 1891Berger, W.SCHLAFLY, Em.KREBS, MatthewSchlafly, Helena---
BERGER, Magdalena Clara21 Sep 188625 Sep 1886Berger, HenryKREBS, Louisa AnnaCORCORAN, JohnYANDELL, Magdalena---
BERGER, Maria Adel03 Jul 189205 Jul 1892Berger, GeorgeKLEIN, ElisabethWUELLER, JohnWueller, SophiaMarried Joseph REIS 12 Jul 1938 at St Luke's in Belleville, IL
BERGER, Maria Cecelia16 Jun 188216 Jun 1882Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmerentianaSchlafly, FridolinSchlafly, Helena---
BERGER, Maria Elisabeth03 Jun 190306 Jun 1903Berger, GeorgeKLEIN, ElisabethWUELLER, EdgarWueller, MariaMarried Edward KARR 26 Apr 1934 at St Ignatius in Chicago, IL
BERGER, Olivia Catharina07 Feb 188408 Feb 1884Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmmerentianaKREBS, JohnSchlafly, Catharine---
BERGER, Otilia Helena28 Apr 187502 May 1875Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmmaHOLDENER, DominicSchlafly, Helena---
BERGER, Winifred Dorothea21 Nov 189823 Nov 1898Berger, MatthewSCHLAFLY, EmerentianaSchlafly, LouisSchlafly, Helena---
BERNER, Albertina Johanna14 Apr 188308 May 1883Berner, CarlBEIER, AntoniaLAMPEN, JohnLINGMEIER, Maria---
BERNER, Anthony Carl01 Aug 187601 Nov 1876Berner, CarlBEYER, Antonia---KROTTER, Maria---
BERNER, John Joseph03 Mar 187829 Sep 1879Berner, CarlBEIER, AntoniaLINSMEIER, JosephLinsmeier, Mary---
BERNER, Louis Daniel31 Dec 188027 Jan 1881Berner, CarlBAYER, Antonia HUBERT, AnthonyELLWANGER, Maria---
BERNER, Louis Otto01 May 187929 Sep 1879Berner, CarlBEIER, AntoniaLINSMEIER, JosephLinsmeier, Mary---
BERNER, Rudolph John04 Dec 187429 Apr 1875Berner, CarlBAYER, Antonia RUHLAND, JohnELLWANG, Maria---
BERNZEN, Catharine08 Oct 189613 Oct 1896Bernzen, BernardCORCORAN, FranciscaCorcoran, WilliamCorcoran, CatharineFamily is from Washington
BERRY, Louisa29 Apr 188209 Nov 1888Berry, MorrisPOTTER, Ruth---WEBER, Elisabeth---
BERTANIER, Bernard29 Apr 188418 Jun 1884Bertanier, Wolfgang J.HUENE, MariaSCHUCHTEL, PeterDAMM, MargaretThe last name has a "d" written over the "t" making the name Berdanier
BERTANIER, Joseph Nicolaus13 Feb 187821 Apr 1878Bertanier, JacobBECKMANN, SophiaHILDENER, NicolausRYAN, Elizabeth---
BEST, Francis15 Aug 186527 Aug 1865Best, FrancisHENRY, MariaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisGUIDHUES, Katharina---
BICARD, Magdalena01 Jan 188011 Apr 1880Bicard, ErnestMOORE, MariaBicard, MichaelBASLER, Annie---
BICH, Joseph Francis18 Jan 187425 Feb 1874Bich, JosephBERNHARD, Angela---KLEIN, Maria---
BILHARTZ, Anna Regina18 Feb 188316 Apr 1883Bilhartz, GeorgeWERLE, Josephina---HABUT, Regina---
BILHARTZ, Joseph Theodore08 Nov 187715 Nov 1877Bilhartz, GeorgeWERLE, JosephinaLAUFERMANN, DiderichLAUFERMANN, Apollonia---
BILHARZ, Maria Josephina15 Jun 188005 Jul 1880Bilharz, GeorgeWEHRLE, Rosina---HOE, Theresia---
BISH, Amanda Josephina Ida07 Feb 187913 Apr 1879Bish, JosephBERNARD, AngelinaLUBY, ThomasSELLIER, Adelina---
BISH, Maria L. Ellen Eugenia22 Aug 187610 Sep 1876Bish, JosephBURNET, AngelineBish, EugeneMALLET, Adeline---
BISHOF, Anna Christina17 Dec 186418 Dec 1864Bishof, BernhardNot listed, AnnaDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Engelbert Duennewald, Anna Christina---
BISHOP, Basilius Edwin17 Oct 188630 Oct 1887Bishop, EugeneMALLET, AdelinaMOTSCH, Carl------
BISHOP, Frederick Eugene10 Feb 188907 Apr 1889Bishop, EugeneMALLETT, AdeliaMallet, PaschalMallet, Clementina---
BISHOP, Henry Cornelius09 Aug 188419 Oct 1884Bishop, EugeneMALLET, AdaMallet, Henry SylvesterTHOUVENIN, MariaMarried 14 Sep 1912 to Florence ROSAN in East St. Louis, IL
BISHOP, Margaret Rachel Evelina06 Oct 189126 Nov 1891Bishop, EugeneMALLET, AdalineDEMARSE, FrancisDemarse, JohannaMarried Joseph H. MOORE son of N. Moore and Catharine SHEN on 30 Oct 1910 in East St. Louis, IL
BISHOP, Pascal16 Jul 188119 Oct 1884Bishop, EugeneMALLET, AdaLEVY, GeorgeDEHLER, Anna---
BLACKSCHMIDT, Louis Peter20 Feb 185904 Apr 1860Blackschmidt, PeterNot Listed, Anna BarbaraGANTER, Louis------
BLAKE, Jacob04 Apr 186610 Apr 1866Blake, JohannCOMEY, WinifredFLANIGAN, MichaelKANE, Rosa---
BLEYLER, Wilhelmina Katharina Josephina08 Oct 186315 May 1864Bleyler, EmilNot listed, KatharinaWILKER, Heinrich------
BOCKLITZ, Anna Catharina02 Apr 185927 Apr 1859Bocklitz, JosephASALAGE, JohannaHAVERCAMP, Anna------
BOERNER, Albert Joseph02 Aug 187324 Aug 1873Boerner, CharlesNot Listed, MariaKROTER, JosephBRÜMME (Bruemme), Maria---
BOERNER, Maria Sophia Albertina04 Nov 187110 Dec 1871Boerner, CarlBAYER, Antonia SophiaHESS, HenryKROTER, MariaChild died 10 Dec 1871
BOLLE, Eugenia Maria Carolina25 Aug 188028 Aug 1880Bolle, AugustSCHMIDT, CarolinaSCHNEIDER, JacobKOCH, Maria---
BOP, Heinrich05 Jul 186410 May 1865Bop, GerhardNot listed, ElisabethaKANSMANN, Nicolaus---O'Fallon Station
BOQUET, Elizabeth Lee10 Oct 187624 Dec 1876Boquet, JohnMCGINNIS, JeanetteFOHNE, JohnPRITCHARD, Elizabeth Joanna---
BOQUET, Isabella18 Mar 186826 Apr 1868Boquet, ChristopherFAHWINGER, MariannaKERN, NicolausKern, Johanna---
BOQUNET, Christina16 Apr 186317 May 1863Boqunet, ChristopherFONNI, Marianna---FRANTZEN, Gesina---
BORGELT, Anna M. Louisa15 Oct 190117 Oct 1901Borgelt, JosephWUEBBELS, AnnaWuebbels, JohnROTERING, LouiseFamily is from Wheatfield Twp., IL. Married Paul John LUEBBERS 24 Nov 1926 in Marydale, IL
BORGELT, Louisa Carolina28 Jan 186402 Feb 1864Borgelt, HeinrichNot listed, Katharina---SCHURMANN, Louisa Carolina---
BORGELT, Maria Elisabeth 16 Jul 189717 Jul 1897Borgelt, JosephWUEBBELS, AnnaWuebbels, BernardSCHULTE, Maria ElisabethMarried Francis J. MCQUADE 19 Aug 1919
BORGELT, Maria Elisabetha20 Oct 186520 Oct 1865Borgelt, Johann HeinrichNot listed, Katharina---WÜLLER (Wueller), Elisabeth---
BORGELT, Maria Theresa12 Apr 189514 Apr 1895Borgelt, JosephWÜBBELS (Wuebbels), AnnaBorgelt, HenryWuebbels, Maria TheresaMarried William LUEBBERS 26 Apr 1922
BORK, Johann Patrick26 May 186330 May 1863Bork, ThomasCAER, MargaretRODGERS, JohannLYNCH, Mary---
BOSMEIER, John01 Mar 186707 Sep 1875Bosmeier, JohnSCHROETMANN, MinaBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Herman------
BRADY, Infant27 Dec 185923 Jan 1860Brady, PatrickNot listed, Mary MANTIGAM, BernhardMURRAY, Maria---
BRANGE, Edward Julius18 Jul 187112 Nov 1871Brange, FrancisSIERE, HelenSiere, JuliusFRANZIS, Josephina---
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Laverne Bernard23 Jun 189827 Jun 1898Brueggemann, John HenryBASSLER, AnnaBrueggemann, Bernard H.Bassler, CatharineMarried Isabell STEIN 2 Jun 1938 at St Francis Xavier in St. Louis, MO
BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Lizetta14 Jul 187221 Jul 1872Brueggemann, BernhardBATKE, Maria AgnesSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), FrederickTAPPHORN, Lizetta---
BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), William Edgar22 Sep 189625 Sep 1896Bruemmer, JohnLEY, SusannaSCHMIDT, WilliamBruemmer, MariaMarried Amanda Elisabeth DONNEWALD 9 Nov 1920
BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Arthur Herman17 Jan 189520 Jan 1895Bruemmer, JohnLEY, SusannaBruemmer, HermanHOFFMANN, HelenaMarried Maria Julia CHRIST 6 Jun 1922
BRÜNNING (Bruenning), Henry William14 Feb 187716 Feb 1877Bruenning, AugustSIEVERS, Maria Theresia---Sievers, Anna Christina---
BRÜNNING (Bruenning), Johann Wilhelm08 Aug 186710 Aug 1867Bruenning, BernhardBATKE, Marianna AgnesRICHTER, Johann WilhelmMEIER, Maria Agnes---
BRASS, Jacob Frederick25 Nov 186725 Apr 1869Brass, JosephNot listed, BarbaraWIDMER, AloysiusSCHMIDT, Maria Eva---
BRASS, Maria Elizabeth12 May 187029 May 1870Brass, JosephNot listed, TheresiaSCHLAFLY, FrederickSCHMITZ, Carolina---
BREIER, John Baptist18 Apr 187322 Jun 1873Breier, JohnREITH, CeceliaRUHLARD, JohnRuhlard, Carolina---
BRETAYNIER, Francisca03 Nov 186010 Nov 1861Bretaynier, JosephNot listed, Marianna---ROHR, Mary---
BRETZ, Anthony John23 Jul 189429 Jul 1894Bretz, John NOLL, MariaBretz, AnthonyBretz, MargaretMarried Anna E. RATERMANN 8 Aug 1922
BRETZ, Catharine Magdalena16 Sep 189204 Oct 1892Bretz, John NOLL, Maria---KIFFMEIER, Catharine---
BRETZ, Henry John16 Jan 189101 Feb 1891Bretz, John NOLL, MariaBretz, HenryNoll, Anna---
BRETZ, Ida Anna02 Mar 189607 Mar 1896Bretz, John KNOLL, MariaLAMPE, JohnKnoll, AnnaMarried Martin DONLIN 27 Jan 1925 in Waukegan, IL
BRINKMANN, Alexander08 Apr 190520 Apr 1905Brinkmann, WilliamKOPP, CatharineHAAG, AlexanderSTAUDER, Carolina---
BROMBO, Elisabetha22 Oct 186322 Nov 1863Brombo, Not listedNot listed, Brigitta---COFFI, Urss---
BROSS, Alma Colette22 Mar 189927 Mar 1899Bross, CarlKUEPFERT, CatharineTOLL, AlbertToll, LouisaMarried Edward BELL 24 Dec 1936 at St. Anne's in Great Falls, MT
BROSS, Arthur William05 Mar 188815 Jul 1888Bross, JosephJANNETT, MariaBross, FrederickMUELLER, Sophia---
BROSS, Carl Albert William07 Jul 189316 Jul 1893Bross, CarlKÜPFERT (Kuepfert), CatharinePOLL, WilliamPoll, Carolina---
BROSS, Joseph31 Jan 188405 Feb 1884Bross, JosephJANNETT, Anna M.Bross, CharlesBross, Verena---
BROSS, Louisa Corina07 Apr 189112 Apr 1891Bross, CarlKUEPFERT, CatharineMUELLER, TheodoreKuepfert, LouisaMarried Bernard WILKEN 22 Feb 1916 in St. Louis, MO
BROSS, Raymond Meinrad18 Nov 189720 Nov 1897Bross, CarlKUEPFERT, CatharineETTER, MeinradSTAUDER, Carolina---
BROSS, Verena Wilhelmina26 Nov 188901 Dec 1889Bross, CarlKUEPFERT, CatharineKuepfert, WilliamBross, Verena---
BROWN, Francis07 Dec 186808 Dec 1868Brown, BernhardNot listed, KatharinaLEITSH, Francis XavierLeitsh, Katharina---
BROWN, June Katharina27 Dec 187029 Dec 1870Brown, PhilippNot listed, Katharina--- LEILST, Anna---
BROWN, Margaret Helen16 Dec 186729 Dec 1867Brown, CharlesTIMON, MariaMCLANE, Allen McLane, John---
BRUEGGEMANN, Frederick Francis08 Aug 190215 Aug 1902Brueggemann, HenryBASSLER, AnnaFEULNER, FrederickBassler, AmandaFamily is from Clement Twp., IL. Married Dorothea MUELLER 16 Apr 1929
BRUEGGEMANN, John Bernard14 Sep 189915 Sep 1899Brueggemann, TheodoreKOLMER, Maria C.LAMMERS, John BernardKolmer, Maria Gesina---
BRUEMMER, Leona Elisabeth04 Sep 189908 Sep 1899Bruemmer, JohnLEY, JuliaLUEPKE, HermanSCHMIDT, Louisa---
BRUGGEMANN, Anna Maria28 Apr 187001 May 1870Bruggeman, BernhardBATKE, MariaSTUWE, CarlRICHTER, Marianna HENKE---
BRUGGEMANN, Irene01 Jul 190404 Jul 1904Bruggemann, TheodoreKOLLMER, Anna MariaKOLMER, AnthonyKolmer, MariaMarried Carl TAYLOR (Non-Catholic) 13 Nov 1930 at St Margaret in St. Louis, MO
BRUMMER, John Harold (Twin)27 Jan 190431 Jan 1904Brummer, JohnLEY, SusannaROTERMOND, J. J.MEYER, Phil.---
BRUMMER, Veronica Anna (Twin)27 Jan 190431 Jan 1904Brummer, JohnLEY, SusannaZIEREN, John LUEPKE, AnnaMarried Melvin NICHOLSON 12 Sep 1928
BRYAN, Johanna19 Oct 187112 Dec 1871Bryan, DennisELIOTT, JohannaMCLAINE, Joseph------
BUEHLER, Angelina Eugenia20 Nov 188218 Mar 1883Buehler, AdolphSELLIER, MariaSellier, ClaudeSellier, Helena---
BUEHLER, Francis Adolph Peter13 Mar 188012 May 1880Buehler, AdolphSELLIER, MariaMALLET, Paul (?)JOYLE, Andelina---
BUEHLER, Maria Helena25 Aug 188101 Nov 1881Buehler, Adolph J.SELLIER, MariaLEVY, JohnSellier, Louisa---
BURGELT, Maria Katharina30 Sep 186203 Oct 1862Burgelt, HeinrichKLEIN, Maria Katharina---SAUTMANN, Maria Katharina---
BURGHARDT, Bernard Sylvester23 Sep 189725 Sep 1897Burghardt, HenryKIFFMEIER, ChristinaKiffmeier, Bernard------
BURGHARDT, Catharina16 Nov 189221 Nov 1892Burghardt, HenryKIFFMEIER, ChristinaEVELD, GerhardKiffmeier, Catharine---
BURGHARDT, Julius Henry06 Oct 189416 Oct 1894Burghardt, HenryKIFFMEIER, ChristinaHOLDENER, DominicHoldener, FranciscaThe name is written as BURKHARDT under the original
BURGUND, Elisabeth Helena03 Aug 189817 Aug 1898Burgund, GeorgeCHEZEN, ElisabethSTORKMANN, PeterDIEFFENAUER, Catharine---
BURTZ, Bernard Henry10 Dec 189111 Dec 1891Burtz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaKLEIN, BernardBurtz, Helena---
BURTZ, Caspar12 Jun 188115 Jun 1881Burtz, BernardREINHOLZ, WilhelminaROHRBACHER, CasparHOSTLER, Magdalena---
BURTZ, Catharine Th.24 Aug 189802 Sep 1898Burtz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaBurtz, TheodoreHEMPEN, Catharine---
BURTZ, Diedrich (Theo) Bernard04 Feb 187916 Feb 1879Burtz, J. B.FISCHER, WilhelminaBurtz, John TheodoreHASLER, Elisabeth---
BURTZ, Emmerentiana (Emma) Leona18 Oct 189521 Oct 1895Burtz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaSEIFFERT, LeoSeiffert, Emmerentiana---
BURTZ, John Henry24 Aug 187610 Sep 1876Burtz, BernardFISCHER, WilhelminaBurtz, John Henry ROHRBACHER, Magdalena---
BURTZ, John Theodore25 Jul 187828 Jul 1878Burtz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaWUEST, Theodore------
BURTZ, Paul Bernard25 Jul 189027 Jul 1890Burtz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaAUGET, PaulBurtz, Helena---
BURTZ, Rosa Catharina Bernardina18 Mar 188629 Mar 1886Burtz, John HenryJEKO, TheresiaBurtz, John BernardDIFFENAUER, Catharine---
BUTZ, Francis William01 Oct 188005 Oct 1880Butz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaGUNTHER, FrancisGEOFFROY, Maria---
BUTZ, Helena Wilhelmina04 Jan 187425 Jan 1874Butz, BernhardObscured, WilhelminaButz, BernhardButz, HelenaLast name is best guess
BUTZ, Maria Theresia19 Jan 188801 Feb 1888Butz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaROBERT, PhilippRobert, MariaMarried Hugh STARRETT 29 Jan 1928 in Sandoval, IL
BUTZ, Theodore John15 Aug 188322 Aug 1883Butz, HenryJEKO, TheresiaButz, TheodoreKUETER, Margaret---
CAEHN, Jacob08 Aug 186210 Aug 1862Caehn, TimothyNot listed, HenriettaNORTIN, MichaelCORKLES, Allen---
CAFFREY, Richard Patrick12 Aug 187801 Sep 1878Caffrey, JacobKENNEDY, MargarethaMALONEY, MichaelFLAHERTY, Anna---
CALLICO, Elisabetha02 Dec 187904 Jan 1880Callico, DavidSEAL, Helena---NORDMANN, Maria Anna---
CAMERON, Edith Helena24 Jun 190213 Jul 1902Cameron, William JosephPOTTS, Sarah J.FRIANT, FrancisFriant, Grace Helena---
CAMERON, Melvina Elisabeth29 May 190109 Jun 1901Cameron, William JosephPOTTS, Sarah (Non-Catholic)LEITSCH, FrancisROHR, Paulina---
CAMERON, William M. J.01 Apr 189815 Apr 1898Cameron, JosephWILSON, ElisabethTRIERWEILER, JosephCRAUSE, Anna---
CARLIN, Rosa11 Sep 185831 Jul 1859Carlin, A. J.KELLY, Rose---RODGES, Anna LDates appear in copy of entry.
CARMEL, Sara Helena20 Apr 186804 Jul 1868Carmel, JohnHALBING, Maria---FRANTZEN, Gesina---
CARPENTER, Edward08 Jun 183228 Apr 1892Carpenter, GeorgePUTNAM, Margaret------Private Baptism
CARPENTER, Sarah Anna 05 Mar 184108 Apr 1893LONG, GeorgeWADDLE, Jemima---DIEKMANN, ElisabethNew convert
CARTER, Agnes24 Jun 187425 Oct 1874Carter, WilliamWALSH, JohannaCARROLL, JacobCarroll, Maria---
CARTER, Julia09 Sep 187623 May 1880Carter, WilliamWELSH, Anna---ISAAC, Susanna---
CARTER, William19 Apr 187923 May 1880Carter, WilliamWELSH, Anna---HARTMANN, Elizabeth---
CASSING, Anna Katherina08 May 187116 May 1871Cassing, IgnatiusNot listed, KatharinaLÜBBER (Luebber), HermanLuebber, Anna Maria---
CECIL, Helena Gesina24 Feb 186914 Mar 1869Cecil, LawrenceDÜRBIN (Duerbin), HenriettaCecil, DennisFRANTZEN, Gesina---
CECIL, Maria14 Jan 187115 Feb 1871Cecil, LawrenceDURBIN, Henrietta---MEAGHER, Maria---
CECIL, Pius24 May 187029 May 1870Cecil, IsaiahBROWN, Louise---Cecil, Henrietta---
CEZICK, John Thomas18 Jan 190617 Jun 1906Cezick, WilliamMCLAREN, HelenaMCGAFFIGAN, MartinHEMPEN, Mrs. Fr.---
CHAMBERLAIN, Maria05 Aug 188407 Sep 1884Chamberlain, DavidSHIN, AnnaGEIGER, AlexanderGeiger, JosephinaChild is illegitimate. Parents not married.
CHILDERSON, Alice Ann26 Sep 186804 Oct 1868Childerson, WilsonNot listed, MariaFLYNN, WilliamCORKLE, Allen---
CHREBACK, August25 Mar 189006 Apr 1890Chreback, John E.RIETHMANN, MariaHECKELBECK, John B.------
CHRIST, Agnes Catharine (Twin)11 Oct 190219 Oct 1902Christ, JohnHOLDENER, Catharine---SCHNEIDERHAHN, Agnes---
CHRIST, Aloysius Jacob Ludwig18 Oct 190518 Oct 1905Christ, JohnHOLDENER, CatharineChrist, LudwigChrist, JosephinaMarried Dorothy KLUTHO 22 Jun 1927 in Beckemeyer, IL
CHRIST, Amanda Anna07 Jul 189710 Jul 1897Christ, JohnHOLDENER, Catharine---WALKER, Anna---
CHRIST, Anna Catharina10 Mar 187630 Apr 1876Christ, JohannBUSCHMANN, Sophia---SHANE, Catharina---
CHRIST, Bertha Maria25 Nov 189829 Nov 1898Christ, LouisHOLDENER, Josephina---ETTER, OliviaMarried John QUINLAN ?
CHRIST, Catharine Margaret29 Mar 189007 Apr 1890Christ, JohnHOLDENER, CatharinaChrist, LouisChrist, Margaret---
CHRIST, Cecelia Johanna (Twin)11 Oct 190219 Oct 1902Christ, JohnHOLDENER, Catharine---Holdener, Cecelia---
CHRIST, Christina11 Mar 186211 Jun 1862Christ, JohannNot listed, Sophia---Christ, Christina---
CHRIST, Christina Bernardina15 Jan 189428 Jan 1894Christ, JohnHOLDENER, Catharine---SCHRADER, ChristinaFather is from Lake Twp, IL
CHRIST, Clara Anna23 Dec 189526 Dec 1895Christ, JohnHOLDENER, Catharine---SCHNEIDERHAHN, Anna---
CHRIST, Emerentiana Olivia20 Apr 189225 Apr 1892Christ, JohnHOLDENER, CatharineSCHNEIDERHAHN, M.Holdener, Olivia---
CHRIST, Josephina02 Sep 186911 Apr 1870Christ, JohannNot listed, SophiaSCHÜSTER (Schuester), WenzeslausAckermann, Josephina---
CHRIST, Josephina Catharina09 Apr 188817 Apr 1888Christ, JohnHOLDENER, CatharineHoldener, JuliusHoldener, Josephina---
CHRIST, Louis03 Aug 186724 Nov 1867Christ, JohannNot listed, SophiaMONKEN, LouisMonken, Magdalena---
CHRIST, Louis Anthony02 Oct 190602 Oct 1906Christ, LouisHOLDENER, JosephinaChrist, John for Theo VOLLMERChrist, Mrs. Catharine---
CHRIST, Louisa Henrietta Sophia21 Nov 190222 Nov 1902Christ, LouisHOLDENER, Josephina---Christ, SophiaFamily is from Lake Twp., IL. Married Joseph GOOKY 25 Nov 1935 at St Edward in St. Louis, MO
CHRIST, Margaret Josephina17 Feb 190102 Mar 1901Christ, LouisHOLDENER, Josephina---SCHERIGER, MargaretFamily is from Lake Twp., IL
CHRIST, Maria Julia03 Apr 190006 Apr 1900Christ, John (From Lake Twp, IL)HOLDNER, Catharine---KUNKEL, JuliaMarried Arthur H. BRUEMMER 6 Jun 1922
CHRIST, Maria Sophia15 Aug 188521 Aug 1885Christ, JohnHOLDENER, CatharineChrist, JohnChrist, Sophia---
CHRIST, Olivia Catharine Cecelia14 Jan 189516 Jan 1895Christ, LouisHOLDENER, JosephinaChrist, JohnChrist, Catharine---
CHRIST, Paulina Julia26 May 189628 May 1896Christ, LouisHOLDENER, Josephina---KUNKEL, Julia---
CHRIST, Peter25 Aug 188003 Oct 1880Christ, JohnBUSCHMANN, SophiaSCHUSTER, Wenzel------
CHRIST, Sophia Maria07 Oct 183507 Sep 1873Bushmann, LudwigNot listed, Christina---FRANTZEN, GesinaWife of John Christ
CHRIST, Stella Agnes20 Jul 190227 Jul 1902Christ, PeterFRANCOIS, ClaraMONKEN, FrederickMonken, MariaFamily is from Lake Twp., IL. Married Arthur KRIEGER (Lutheran) 26 Jun 1922 at St Agatha in St. Louis, MO
CICEK, Anna Helena05 Sep 189728 Nov 1897Cicek, WilliamMCLAREN, Helena---MCGAFFIGAN, Anna---
CICHANSKI, Henry Joseph02 Nov 188913 Nov 1889Cichanski, GeorgeDAMM, MargaretDamm, HenryDamm, Maria Anna---
CICHANSKI, Maria Elisabeth16 Nov 189513 Dec 1895Cichansky, GeorgeDAMM, MargaretDRAS, JohnDras, Maria---
CICHANSKY, Amanda Anna09 Sep 189427 Sep 1894Cichansky, GeorgeDAMM, MargaretSCHICHTER, PeterSchichter, AnnaBecame Sr. Mary Marguerite of the Dominican Motherhouse in Adrian, MI
CICHANSKY, John Stephan14 Dec 189030 Dec 1890Cichansky, GeorgeDAMM, MargaretCHRIST, JohnDRENTER, PelagiaMarried Pearl YOUNGHAUS 26 Sep 1911 in Detroit, MI per Theo Carry.
CICHANSKY, Maria Theodora02 Jan 189317 Jan 1893Cichansky, GeorgeDAMM, MargaretBERDANIER, JacobVOLMER, TheodoraThe family is from Lake Township, IL. On 11 Oct 1952 she made her vows as a Dominican Nun at the monastery at 714 New Scotland Ave in Albany, NY
CICZEK, Florence Maria12 Aug 189819 Mar 1899Ciczek, WilliamMCLAREN, Helena---JUNKER, Margaret---
CIZEK, Agnes Mildred10 Sep 190111 May 1902Cizek, WilliamMCLAREN, Helena---SCHUSTER, JosephinaMarried Harry C. SKILBECK outside church. He died 1962 she was back in good standing in 1962
CIZEK, Celeste Genevieve29 Jun 190411 Dec 1904Cizek, WilliamMCLAREN, Helena---KENNEY, Maria---
CIZEK, Cora Ruth17 Oct 189608 Nov 1896Cizek, WilliamMCLAREN, Helena---DIEFFENAUER, Elisabeth---
CIZEK, George Bernard16 Nov 190211 Dec 1902Cizek, WilliamMCLAREN, Helena---KEAS, Christina---
CLASSMANN, Johann Herman21 Nov 186224 Nov 1862Classmann, BernhardSCHULTE, Anna Maria Schulte, Johann HermanSchulte, Anna Maria ---
CLEAR, Elisabeth24 Sep 186117 Nov 1861Clear, AgidisNot listed, JohannaSCHOFFRA, JosephSchoffra, Rosa---
CLEAR, Joseph29 Mar 186301 Apr 1863Clear, Agidis---DEITERMANN, Joseph------
CLIFTON, Amanda Ora09 Mar 188709 Nov 1895------ROBERT, PhilippRobert, AmandaOrphan in the custody of Frederick FEULNER
COCORAN, Helena13 Nov 187422 Nov 1874Corcoran, William F.MUELLER, CatharinaKELLERMANN, AntonKellermann, Anna---
COFFI, Elisabeth18 Aug 186026 Aug 1860Coffi, ThomasNot listed, JohannaMCLENARD, JosephLYNCH, Mary---
COFFRA, Katharina19 Mar 186519 Mar 1865---COFFRA, Rosa---HUBERT, KatharinaChild is illegitimate
COLLINS, Martha Magdalena07 Mar 188824 Apr 1890Collins, JohnMONKEN, AliceMonken, LouisMonken, Magdalena---
COLLINS, Phoebe Estella21 Nov 188924 Apr 1890Collins, JohnMONKEN, AliceMonken, LouisMonken, MagdalenaMarried Frank FRANCIS 4 Apr 1942 at St. Mary in Centralia, IL
CONNER, Michael18 Apr 186902 May 1869Conner, PatrickSCHEHAN, Margaretha---MCLANE, Margaretha---
CONRAD, Bernhard Joseph15 Dec 186226 Dec 1862Conrad, PhilippBASEL, ElisabethConrad, JosephROBERTZ, Margaretha---
CONRAD, Emma Bertha18 Dec 186831 Jan 1869Conrad, PhilippBASELER, ElizabethSCHLAFLY, FritzSchlafly, Emma---
CONRAD, Jacob22 Feb 186421 Mar 1864Conrad, PhilippBASELER, ElisabethaROBERTZ, JacobMERKEL, Maria---
CONRAD, Marianna 09 Apr 186111 Apr 1861Conrad, PhilippBASEL, ElisabethBasel, RobertBasel, Marianna (Mrs. Robert)---
CONRAD, Nicolaus William03 Mar 187119 Mar 1871Conrad, PhilippBASELER, ElizabethBaseler, NicolausBaseler, Katharina---
CONRAD, Rosalia Magdalena30 Aug 186608 Sep 1866Conrad, PhilippBASELER, ElisabethaMÜLLER (Mueller), JacobHALLER, Rosalia Magdalena---
COOK, Edward Thomas22 Jan 189009 Feb 1890Cook, SidneySHEEHAN, CatharineBURKE, ThomasBurke, Margaret---
COOK, Henry---24 Apr 1888Cook, SidneyNot listed, Catharina---MCHALE, Catharina---
COOS, Anna Maria08 Oct 186208 Dec 1866Cos, MatthewDUNN, LenaMARTIN, PatrickMartin, Winifred---
CORCORAN, Clemens21 Jul 187031 Jul 1870Corcoran, WilliamMÜLLER (Mueller), KatharinaETTER, MeinradEtter, Francisca---
CORCORAN, John William13 Jan 188316 Jan 1883Corcoran, JohnKREBS, BarbaraKrebs, AdamCorcoran, Catharina---
CORCORAN, Joseph07 Jan 187819 Feb 1878Corcoran, WilliamMUELLER, CatharinaMueller, MelchiorETTER, Josephina---
CORCORAN, Katharina26 Jul 187211 Aug 1872Corcoran, WilliamMÜLLER (Mueller), KatharinaMueller, HenryMueller, Augusta---
CORCORAN, Magdalena Viola26 Nov 188504 Dec 1885Corcoran, JohnKREBS, BarbaraBERGER, HenryROSE, Elisabeth---
CORCORAN, Maria Elisabeth24 Mar 188731 Mar 1887Corcoran, JohnKREBS, BarbaraMUELLER, MelchiorCONNER, Maria---
CORCORAN, Maria Lyda19 Oct 188421 Oct 1884Corcoran, WilliamKREBS, BarbaraCorcoran, PeterKrebs, Elisabeth---
CORCORAN, William22 Apr 186803 May 1868Corcoran, WilliamMÜLLER (Mueller), KatharinaMueller, GottfriedMueller, Sophia---
CORKLE, Carl 12 Oct 186522 Oct 1865Corkle, AnthonyLYNCH, HelenaCROSSGROVE, WilliamBUMSICH, Katharina---
CORKLE, JuliaJan 186124 Feb 1861Corkle, AnthonyNot listedHUGHES, Ronald------
CORNELIUS, Louisa Catharina14 Mar 187719 Mar 1877Cornelius, JosephDURBIN, Martha---CORCORAN, Catharina---
CRABBRED, August04 May 188308 Jun 1884---CRABBRED, Helena V.SCHIERMANN, GerhardSchiermann, CatharineChild is illegitimate
CRAMELICH, Johann11 Apr 186629 Apr 1866Cramelich, CarlNot listed, Magdalena MÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisPEPPENHORST, Gertrude---
CRAMELICH, Joseph28 Sep 186529 Apr 1866Cramelich, CarlNot listed, Magdalena HEINTZMANN, OswaldHeintzmann, Maria---
CRAMER, Anna Margaretha19 Mar 186922 Mar 1869Cramer, HermanNot listed, TheresiaKRAMER, BernhardKramer, Anna Margaretha---
CRAMER, Anna Margaretha01 Feb 186625 Nov 1866Cramer, BernhardKRAMER, Maria EliseREILMANN, Herman HeinrichCramer, Anna Margaretha---
CRAMER, Rudolph Bernhard03 Dec 186406 Dec 1864Cramer, GerhardNot listed, Maria ElisaCramer, BernhardREILMANN, Maria Gertrude---
CRAUSE, Leon11 Apr 189217 Apr 1892Crause, WilliamBRADY, AnnaO'CONNELL, JohnO'Connell, Clementine---
CRAUSE, Louisa Emilia07 Jan 188709 Mar 1887Crause, WilliamBRADY, AnnaSTOKES, ThomasStokes, Maria Helena---
CRAUSE, Ruth Edna27 May 188108 Jun 1881Crause, WilliamBRADY, AnnaMCGAFFIGAN, Dr. J. J.O'CONNELL, Catharine---
CROCKER, Paulina07 Aug 189721 Jan 1898Crocker, OranBAQUET, ElisabethGRIMES, WilliamGrimes, Anna---
CRONAN, Caroline E.17 Aug 190123 Aug 1901Cronan, DennisSCANLON, Maria---SCHRADER, CatharineMarried Porter ALTERSTICE (? From Virginia?) 6 Mar 1943 in Baltimore, MD
CROSS, Alvina Maria03 Jun 188804 Jul 1888Cross, JosephFLADER, Bertha---Cross, Maria---
CROTTER, Clara Josephina02 Jan 187006 Feb 1870Crotter, JosephLINSMEYER, MariaCONRUS, PhilippLinsmeyer, Maria---
CULNAN, John03 Dec 187628 Jan 1877Culnan, PatrickMCDERMOTT, BrigittaPITTEN, JohnMULCAHEY, Katharina---
CURTIN, Milton Scott Anthony26 Jun 187807 Mar 1879Curtin, William H.RUTHERFORD, ClaraSCHLAFLY, August------
CURTIN, William Henry Denton03 Feb 190213 Mar 1902Curtin, Milton L.BATHWELL, Julia E.MURRAY, PaulMurray, JuliaChild was near death.
DAMEN, Regina Margaretha14 Oct 186906 Mar 1870Daman, HeinrichNot listed, MariannaKUHR, JosephFRANTZEN, Gesina---
DÜNEWALD (Duenewald), Amanda17 Oct 186720 Oct 1867Duenewald, EngelbertTAHLKAMP, KatharinaROBERTZ, JacobGANZ, Elizabetha---
DÜNEWALD (Duenewald), Christina Katharina03 Aug 186513 Aug 1865Duenewald, EngelbertTALLKAMP, Christina---GUIDHUES, Katharina---
DÜNEWALD (Duenewald), Gertrude Maria20 Oct 186201 Nov 1862Duenewald, EngelbertNot listed, Christina---KEMPER, Gertrude (Diek written over Kemper)---
DAVIS, Benjamin---14 Apr 1883------SCHAEFER, Philipp------
DAVIS, Elisabeth Margaret18 May 187409 Jul 1881Davis, ThomasHEIER, MariaWESSELMANN, G. GerhardWESSELMANN, Magdalena---
DAVIS, Margaret Theresia27 Jul 187207 Apr 1888Davis, ThomasHEIL, Maria---SCHAEFER, Elisabeth---
DAVIS, Maria Helena06 Aug 187623 Apr 1892Davis, ThomasHEIL, Maria---SCHAEFER, Maria---
DAVIS, Martha16 Feb 188325 Feb 1883Davis, NathanFLANAGAN, CatharineFlanagan, ThomasFlanagan, Maria---
DAWN, James Michael23 Apr 187211 May 1872Dawn, MichaelRYAN, Margaretha---FAHY, Brigitta---
DEBADIN, Anna Catharina18 Aug 187501 Jun 1876Debadin, JohnHEIMS, Catharina---WEINHEIM, Catharina---
DEBADIN, Bertha Rosa02 Aug 187517 Oct 1875Debadin, SebastianMEIRY, VictoriaSCHLAFLY, John JosephKREBS, Rosa---
DEBADIN, Joseph26 Jan 188016 May 1880Debadin, LouisWITMER, ElisabethHEINZMANN, SebastianHeinzmann, Elisabeth---
DEBATIN, Emma24 Jul 187312 Oct 1873Debatin, SebastianMEURI, VictoriaHEINZMANN, JosephSCHLAFLY, Emma---
DEMMING, Antonia Josephina25 Sep 188125 Sep 1881Demming, WilliamHATZIG, ElisabethDemming, JohnBRENTENER, Antonia---
DEMMING, Johanna Gertrude25 Oct 187931 Oct 1879Demming, WilliamHATZIG, ElisabethDemming, John------
DEMMING, Johanna Maria Catharina22 Jun 188422 Jun 1884Demming, WilliamHATZIG, ElisabethDemming, JohnSCHMIDT, Maria C.---
DEPUTIN, Christian19 Nov 186905 Jun 1870Deputin, JohannNot listed, KatharinaDenutin, LouisDenutin, Louise---
DEPUTIN, Ludwig30 Apr 187211 Aug 1872Deputin, LudwigWIDMER, ElizabethWidmer, JosephWidmer, Barbara---
DETERS, Leopold16 May 190018 May 1900Deters, JosephILGES, JohannaDeters, LeopoldIlges, TheresiaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
DEWEN, Elisabeth Anna20 Feb 186120 Mar 1861Dewen, JohnKREBS, KatharinaKrebs, MatthewADAM, Maria---
DEYEN, Amanda Adeleida01 Jul 188118 Jul 1881Deyen, JohnHESSE, EmiliaLAMPEN, JohnOSKE, Adeleida---
DICKKAMPER, Anna Christina22 Dec 186725 Dec 1867Dickkamper, MathewVAHLKAMP, GertrudeWESSELMANN, GerhardDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Christina---
DICKROETER, George Matthew16 Dec 187318 Dec 1873Dickroeter, TheodoreBICKELMANN (Rickelmann), KatharinaDICKAMPER, MatthewDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Elisabetha---
DIDIER, Anna Augusta26 Aug 188208 Oct 1882Didier, AugustCOLSON, Anna---Didier, Anna---
DIDIER, Carl Gottfried14 Mar 187028 Mar 1872Didier, AugustCOLLEN, AnnaDidier, PhilbertDidier, Jane Clotilde---
DIDIER, Felicia Clara01 Apr 187828 Jul 1878Didier, PhilibertBERNARD, MariaDidier, AugustRICHARD, Victoria---
DIDIER, Francis Xavier24 Nov 187311 Jan 1874Didier, PhilippDILZE, FrancisLAMBERT, Felicia------
DIDIER, Joseph Philipp03 Sep 188130 Oct 1881Didier, PhilibertBERNARD, MariaLAMBLIN, FrancisDidier, Joanna---
DIDIER, Maria02 Feb 187228 Mar 1872Didier, AugustCOLLEN, AnnaRICHARD, AlfredRichard, Victoria---
DIDIER, Maria Eugenia06 Feb 187625 May 1876Didier, PhilippBIRNET, MariaLAMBLIN, FrancisLamblin, Eugenia---
DIDIER, Mary Margaret21 Nov 187509 Apr 1876Didier, AugustCOULSON, AnnaDidier, FrancisRICHARD, Margaret---
DIDIER, William Francis20 May 187315 Aug 1873Didier, AugustNot listed, AnnaMILLET, FrancisMillet, Josephina---
DIEDERICH, Maria Dorothea18 Sep 190521 Sep 1905Diederich, Dr. JosephMENKHAUS, CeceliaMenkhaus, Mr.Menkhaus, Mrs.---
DIEFENAUER, Magdalena Apollonia12 Nov 187718 Nov 1877Diefenauer, JosephSCHAEFER, CatharinaSCHURMANN, J. F.LAUFERMANN, Apollonia---
DIEFFENAUER, Bertha Dominica02 Sep 189903 Sep 1899Dieffenauer, JosephMAIBAUM, LouisaSEIFFERT, LeoDieffenauer, CatharineMarried Thomas BAUM (not Baptized) in St. Joseph Hospital in Breese, IL 29 Dec 1922. Revalidation!
DIEFFENAUER, Catharine Theresa Mathilda26 Mar 189728 Mar 1897Dieffenauer, JosephMAYBAUM, LouisaDieffenauer, JosephHÜLS (Huels), Mathilda---
DIEFFENAUER, Louisa Mathilda03 Jan 187816 Apr 1898MAIBAUM, ErnestJACOB, Theresia---HUELS, Mathilda---
DIEFFENAUER, Raymond Edwin02 Jul 190107 Jul 1901Dieffenauer, JosephMAIBAUM, LouisaHUELS, HenryDieffenauer, PaulinaFamily is from Irishtown Twp., IL
DIEKEMPER, Adam Adolph21 Feb 189623 Feb 1896Diekemper, StephanBECKER, MinaZINTEL, AdamDiekemper, Gertrude---
DIEKEMPER, Agnes Elisabeth10 Jan 189717 Jan 1897Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaDiekemper, StephanDiekemper, Anna---
DIEKEMPER, Anna Gertrude31 Dec 188001 Jan 1881Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Helena Wilken, HenryDiekemper, Gertrude---
DIEKEMPER, Bernard Henry14 Sep 188315 Sep 1883Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Helena Wilken, John BernardDIEKROETGER, AnnaMarried Ludena M. LIST 24 Nov 1922 in Carlyle, IL (year written as 19226)
DIEKEMPER, Catharine Mathilda05 Mar 189307 Mar 1893Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaDiekemper, HenryDIEKROETGER, CatharinaMarried on 27 May 1919 in Flora, IL to Alfred C GRUNOZ (?)
DIEKEMPER, Cecelia Olivia Anna02 Jan 188617 Jan 1886Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaDiekemper, MatthewSchroeder, Anna---
DIEKEMPER, Emerentiana Angela12 Apr 189216 Apr 1892Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Helena DIEKROETGER, JohnHILMES, Angela---
DIEKEMPER, Eugene Anthony16 Apr 190422 Apr 1904Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaDERKEN, AnthonyDerken, Elisabeth for Elisabeth Diekemper---
DIEKEMPER, Ferdinand H.02 May 189808 May 1898Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaDiekemper, FrederickDiekemper, Lina---
DIEKEMPER, Gerharda Bertha20 Mar 188924 Mar 1889Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaSCHULTE, JohnDiekemper, Gertrude---
DIEKEMPER, Henry Cleophas28 Aug 189501 Sep 1895Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaDiekemper, HenryDiekemper, Christina---
DIEKEMPER, Johanna Christina Maria21 May 188724 May 1887Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaDiekemper, MatthewBecker, Christina---
DIEKEMPER, John William19 Jan 189021 Jan 1890Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Helena Wilken, Jr., John BernardDIEKROETGER, Catharina---
DIEKEMPER, Josephina Elisabeth24 Apr 189303 May 1893Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaDIEKROETGER, JohnCONRAD, JosephinaMarried Robert J. KLUTH 29 Nov 1929 in Peoria, IL
DIEKEMPER, Leander Leo Herman29 Aug 188809 Sep 1888Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaSchroeder, HermanDiekemper, Catharine---
DIEKEMPER, Maria Carolina09 Oct 188511 Oct 1885Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Maria HelenaDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), TheodoreSIEMER, Maria Carolina---
DIEKEMPER, Maria Gertrude Ida26 Feb 188424 May 1884Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaNOTHAUS, AnthonyDiekemper, Gertrude---
DIEKEMPER, Maria Helena Christina29 Jan 188802 Feb 1888Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Maria HelenaSIEMER, WilliamDiekemper, Anna---
DIEKEMPER, Martha Rosa23 Feb 189503 Mar 1895Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaDiekemper, BernardZIRKEL RosaCivil marriage to Julius LOUIS of Kirkwood, MO. Marriage was possibly annulled.
DIEKEMPER, Mathilda Josephina22 Apr 189524 Apr 1895Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Helena HILMES, HermanDiekemper, ChristinaMarried Caspar J. KREBS 25 Oct 1922
DIEKEMPER, Matthew14 Mar 187917 Mar 1879Diekemper, HenryWILKEN, Helena Diekemper, MatthewWilken, Maria---
DIEKEMPER, Matthew Edwin12 Feb 189315 Feb 1893Diekemper, StephanBECKER, PhilomenaDiekemper, JohnBecker, ChristinaFather is from Wade Twp, IL
DIEKEMPER, Matthew Hilary26 Sep 189005 Oct 1890Diekemper, BernardSCHROEDER, AnnaDiekemper, MatthewNOTHAUS, Maria---
DIEKEMPER, Rosa Antonetta23 Jun 190229 Jun 1902Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaKUNST, CarlKunst, Rosa---
DIEKEMPER, Wilhelmina13 Dec 189015 Dec 1890Diekemper, FrederickBECKER, ChristinaDiekemper, JohnBecker, Wilhelmina---
DIEKMANN, Herman Joseph23 Nov 188325 Nov 1883Diekmann, FrancisDETERS, CatharineBRUEMMER, HermanLUEPKE, Maria---
DIEKMANN, Maria Cecelia02 Oct 188603 Oct 1886Diekmann, FrancisDETERS, CatharineLUPKE, HermanBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Maria---
DIEKROETGER, Francis20 Feb 188624 Feb 1886Diekroetger, TheodoreRICKELMANN, CatharineDIEKEMPER, FrancisDiekemper, Gertrude---
DIEKROETGER, Gertrude Florence12 Mar 190419 Mar 1904Diekroetger, MatthewETTER, RosaADAMS, JohnDIEKEMPER, Gertrude---
DIEKROETGER, Henry31 Jan 188301 Feb 1883Diekroetger, TheodoreRICKERMANN, CatharinaDIEKEMPER, HenryDiekroetger, Anna---
DIEKROETGER, John31 May 187902 Jun 1879Diekroetger, TheodoreRUKERMANN, CatharinaDiekroetger, JohnSAUTMANN, Maria---
DIEKROETGER, Maria Christina02 Jan 189605 Jan 1896Diekroetger, John (Deceased)RÜKELMANN (Ruekelmann), CatharineVAHLKAMP, StephanDIEKEMPER, Christina---
DIEKROETGER, Maria Gertrude06 Jun 189007 Jun 1890Diekroetger, JohnRICKELMANN, CatharineDOENNEWALD, TheodoreDIEKEMPER, Maria Gertrude---
DIEKROETGER, Stephan Bernard13 Jul 189315 Jul 1893Diekroetger, JohnRUCKERMANN, CatherineDIEKEMPER, StephanDiekemper, Helena---
DIENKPOHL, Heinrich Christopher27 Aug 185904 Sep 1859Dienkpohl, HermanNot listedGUTHAUS, Heinrich Christopher---Child is illegitimate
DIER, Jacob07 Oct 186409 Oct 1864Dier, JohannEISENBERG, MariaROBERTZ, JacobFRANTZEN, Gesina---
DIER, Margaretha Mathilda01 Sep 186306 Sep 1863Dier, JohannNot listed, MariaKREBS, KasparROBERG, Margaretha---
DIERKES, Catharina Christina20 Mar 188822 Mar 1888Dierkes, GerhardSAUTMANN, AnnaZieren, TheodoreSautmann, Catharine---
DIERKES, Henry Francis20 Apr 189021 Apr 1890Dierkes, John Gerhard (George)SAUTMANN, AnnaSautmann, HenrySCHROEDER, ElisabethMarried Margaret MOORE 26 Apr 1923 at Marydale, IL
DIERKES, John12 Aug 188213 Aug 1882Dierkes, John G.SAUTMANN, AnnaDierkes, John HenryZIEREN, Maria---
DIERKES, Maria09 Jun 188416 Jun 1884Dierkes, GerhardSAUTMANN, AnnaSautmann, Sr., HenrySautmann, Maria---
DIERKES, Theresa Cecelia15 Feb 189618 Feb 1896Dierkes, GeorgeSAUTMANN, AnnaSCHOMAKER, BernardZIEREN, Maria---
DIERKES, William06 Sep 189209 Sep 1892Dierkes, GerhardSAUTMANN, AnnaSautmann, WilliamBORGELT, LouisaMarried Ruby NORMAN a Methodist on 31 Oct 1919 in Belleville, IL
DIFFENAUER, Anna Margaretha21 Mar 187018 Apr 1870Diffenauer, JosephSCHAFER, CatharinaROBERTZ, JacobRobertz, Margaretha---
DIFFENAUER, Bernardina Em. W.28 Nov 190301 Dec 1903Diffenauer, Jr., JosephMAIBAUM, LouisaISAAC, Jr., FrancisSEIFFERT, Emerentiana---
DIFFENAUER, John Joseph19 Mar 190522 Mar 1905Diffenauer, JosephMAIBAUM, LouisaFRERKER, John Diffenauer, ElisabethMarried Sarah Amelia ESSINGTON 10 Dec 192_; validated 30 Aug 1974 at St John the Baptist in St. Louis, MO
DIFFENAUER, Joseph Louis04 Apr 187524 Apr 1875Diffenauer, JosephSCHAEFER, CatharinaSchaefer, louisSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Maria Elizabeth---
DIFFENAUER, Maria Josephina Katharina 18 Feb 186818 Feb 1868Diffenauer, JosephSCHÄFER (Schaefer), KatharinaSCHNEIDER, JosephLUTZ, Maria---
DIFFENAUER, Rosa07 Jul 187224 Jul 1872Diffenauer, JosephSCHAEFER, KatharinaCHRISTIAN, JosephSchaeffer, Marianna---
DIFFENAUR, John11 Aug 188015 Aug 1880Diffenaur, JosephSCHAEFFER, CatharinaLAMPEN, JohnMURRAY, Margaret---
DIVINE, Aloysia (Alice) Francisca25 Jun 189128 Jun 1891Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, EmiliaDivine, Jr., GeorgeKREBS, TheresiaMarried Edgar SMITH (Non-Catholic) 24 Oct 1917 in Muskogee, OK.
DIVINE, Angelina Susanna21 Mar 188525 Mar 1885Divine, GeorgeKAUS, EmiliaROHR, JohnHOTAPP, Susanna---
DIVINE, Anna Maria Rosa21 Nov 187708 Dec 1877Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, EmiliaKREBS, JacobKrebs, Rosa---
DIVINE, Emilia Elisabetha01 Mar 188127 Mar 1881Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, EmiliaKnaus, CarlHERZOG, Elisabeth---
DIVINE, Eugene Herman Paul01 Aug 189207 Aug 1892Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, EmiliaFRERKER, HermanFrerker, Anna MariaMarried LuLu O'BANN___ (non-Catholic) in Muskogee, OK (no date)
DIVINE, Ida Carolina15 Mar 187906 Apr 1879Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, EmiliaKnaus, JosephSCHMIDT, Carolina---
DIVINE, Joseph Philipp12 Mar 188714 Mar 1887Divine, GeorgeKAUS, EmiliaROBERT, PhilippRobert, Maria---
DIVINE, Margaret Adelina21 Sep 188224 Sep 1882Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, ElisabethAUGET, AugustKOCH, Margaret---
DIVINE, Rosalia Elisabeth19 Jun 188923 Jun 1889Divine, GeorgeKNAUS, EmiliaDEMMING, WilliamDemming, Elisabeth---
DIVINE, William Peter07 Jun 187611 Jun 1876Divine, GeorgeNot listed, EmiliaKREBS, PeterPEIFER, Maria ---
DOENNEWALD, Amanda Elisabeth21 Oct 189230 Oct 1892Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethDoennewald, HenryDoennewald, AmandaMarried Edgar W. BRUEMMER 9 Nov 1920
DOENNEWALD, Anna Adleheid26 Feb 187601 Mar 1876Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethDICKEMPER, MatthewZieren, Anna Adelheid---
DOENNEWALD, Anna Christina04 Mar 187806 Mar 1878Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethZieren, HenryDoennewald, A. C.---
DOENNEWALD, Catharine Maria29 Jun 188318 Nov 1883Doennewald, HenryCOLLIER, FannyDoennewald, TheodoreDIEKMETGER, Catharine---
DOENNEWALD, Engelbert William24 Dec 187430 Dec 1874Doennewald, John TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethDoennewald, Engelbert WilliamDICKROTTGER, CatharinaMarried Josephine BRADLEY 25 Aug 1948 in Beckemeyer, IL
DOENNEWALD, Francisca20 May 189521 May 1895Doennewald, HenryCOLLIER, Francisca---Doennewald, Elisabeth---
DOENNEWALD, John Henry28 Jan 188529 Jan 1885Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethZieren, Sr., HenrySAUTMANN, MariaMarried Cecelia LUEPKE 17 Oct 1917 in Carlyle, IL
DOENNEWALD, John Leo08 Nov 189010 Nov 1890Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethDIEKROETGER, JohnSCHILLING, Johanna---
DOENNEWALD, John Theodore26 May 188728 May 1887Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethZieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, Theresia---
DOENNEWALD, John Walter05 Apr 189105 May 1891Doennewald, HenryCOLLIER, FranciscaDIEKROETGER, JohnDoennewald, Elisabeth---
DOENNEWALD, Maria Gertrude27 Dec 188229 Dec 1882Doennewald, TheodoreZIEREN, ElizabethDIEKEMPER, TheodoreZieren, Maria G.---
DOENNEWALD, Theodore Eugene08 Dec 189226 Dec 1892Doennewald, HenryCOLLIER, FranciscaZIEREN, TheodoreZieren, Maria---
DOLISE, Maria Elisabetha Adelia06 Jan 188109 Jan 1881Dolise, NicolausHEIM, Wilhelmina---Heim, Elisabeth & Maria SEIER---
DOLISE, Theodore John07 Sep 187914 Sep 1879Dolise, NicolausHEIM, MariaDolise, TheodoreHeim, Elisabeth---
DORAN, Elisabetha Anna21 Nov 186622 Nov 1866Doran, RobertFLYNN, MariaFlynn, JohnFlynn, Elisabetha---
DORAN, Lawrence John09 Nov 186815 Nov 1868Doran, PatrickFLYNN, MariaFlynn, JacobOHARAN, Maria---
DOTY, L. Maria01 Sep 188209 Nov 1884Doty, GeorgeO'BRIEN, Susanna alias Angeline WEBSTERBRENTENER, Anthony------
DOTZMANN, Elisabetha Amanda08 Mar 188011 May 1880Dotzmann, John FrederickHERMAN, MariaO'HARE, PeterMIEHE, Elisabeth Amanda---
DOUGHERTY, John27 Jun 187204 Jul 1872Dougherty, ThomasMULCAHY, Elonory---Mulcahy, Susan---
DOWT, Margaret Jane10 Dec 186730 Dec 1867Dowt, FrancisNot listed, MariaO'CONNER, JohnDOYLE, Katharina---
DRENKPOHL, Anna Elisabeth07 Dec 189011 Mar 1891Drenkpohl, HenryGEIER, CeceliaDrenkpohl, HermanVOLMER, Maria---
DRENKPOHL, Anna Maria29 May 186722 Jul 1867Drenkpohl, HermanLESTE, Maria ElizabethKLEIN, PeterKlein, Maria---
DRENKPOHL, Balthasar Herman04 Aug 187206 Oct 1872Drenkpohl, HermanLESTE, ElizabethHOLTGREVE, BalthasarHoltgreve, Anna Maria---
DRENKPOHL, Flora Elisabeth01 Feb 186420 Mar 1864Drenkpohl, HeinrichLEAST, ElisabethaSCHNEYDER, BernhardWONDERLY, Flora---
DRENKPOHL, John Francis06 Jun 187023 Jul 1870Drenkpohl, HermanNot Listed, ElisabethMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisMuehling, Katharina---
DRENKPOHL, Louis John27 Aug 187803 Nov 1878Drenkpohl, JohnFRANCIS, IdaMONKEN, LouisMonken, Magdalena---
DRENKPOHL, Maria---04 Feb 1862Drenkpohl, HermanLESTE, MariannaWILLER, BernhardROHR, MariaChild is illegitimate
DRENKPOHL, Maria Agnes23 Dec 189223 Apr 1893Drenkpohl, HenryGEYER, Maria EmiliaSCHICHTEL, PeterFARRELL, Sarah---
DRENKPOHL, Maria Ida Louisa14 Jan 188917 Mar 1889Drenkpohl, Ph. HenryGEIGER, EmiliaDrenkpohl, John Fr.MEIER, Maria---
DRENKPOHL, William Frederick16 May 187520 Jun 1875Drenkpohl, Theodore HermanFRENTER, ElizabethKARHOFF, WilliamKUPER, Anna---
DRENKPOHL, William Henry---23 Apr 1893Drenkpohl, HenryGEYER, Maria EmiliaDrenkpohl, FrederickSCHICHTE, Anna---
DROVER, August09 Sep 187529 Oct 1875Drover, WilliamRAUCH, Theresia---KROTTER, Maria---
DUGHAN, Rosanna05 Feb 186215 Dec 1862Dughan, PeterTOOMY, MariaROGAN, WilliamToomy, Marianna---
DURBIN, Martin George31 Jan 186413 Mar 1864Durbin, Joseph CorneliusNot listed, MargarethaDETTERMANN, StephanDurbin, Lucy---
EISLAGE, Martin29 Dec 186001 Jan 1861Eislage, JohannBARKLETZ, JosephinaARENTZEN, ArnoldEislage, Adelheid---
ELIOTT, Joseph William01 Mar 186912 Dec 1871Eliott, WilliamHETKER, JohannaMCLAINE, Joseph------
ELLER, John D.11 Mar 190117 Mar 1901Eller, PeterMOHRMANN, AnnaEller, JohnHENKE, Adelaid---
ELLER, Laura Anna04 Mar 190512 Mar 1905Eller, PeterMOHRMANN, AnnaLAMPEN, John C.KLUTENKEMPER, LauraMarried John Joseph CAPRA 13 Dec 1930 at St Paul in St Louis, MO
ELLER, Maria Gertrude08 Aug 189615 Aug 1896Eller, PeterMOORMANN, AnnaEPPING, HenryMoormann, Maria---
ELLER, Theodore Paul15 Feb 189919 Feb 1899Eller, PeterMOHRMANN, AnnaVOLMER, TheodoreHABICH, Anna---
ELLIOTT, Maria Jessy Elisabeth22 Sep 188929 Sep 1889Elliott, JesseSAAL, CatharineTRIERWEILER JosephCRAUSE, Eloise---
ELLWANG, Emilia Barbara11 Aug 187603 Sep 1876Ellwang, LouisKROTTER, Anna MariaKrotter, JohnKrotter, Anna Maria---
ELWANY, Jacob John01 Oct 187319 Oct 1873Elwany, LouisKROTER, MariaKroter, JosephBESMER, Maria---
EMSINGER, Wilhelm31 Jul 186026 Aug 1860Emsinger, GeorgeGROSS, HelenaGUIDHUES, ChristopherGuidhues, Mrs. Christopher---
ERLINGER, Anna Maria23 Dec 188627 Dec 1886Erlinger, LouisHERZOG, LouisaGAUSEPOHL, BernardGausepohl, Maria---
ERLINGER, Elisabeth Margaret18 May 189321 May 1893Erlinger, LouisHERZOG, ElisabethHerzog, FrancisHerzog, MariaMarried Leon HODAPP 12 Apr 1932 in Sparta, IL
ERLINGER, Louisa Cecelia27 Aug 189130 Aug 1891Erlinger, LouisHERZOG, ElisabethRAUNLO, ConradErlinger, Louisa---
ERLINGER, Maria Mathilda16 Feb 189023 Feb 1890Erlinger, LouisHERZOG, ElisabethHerzog, AnthonyHerzog, Maria---
ERLINGER, Stella Rosa25 Sep 188527 Sep 1885Erlinger, LouisHERZOG, ElisabethHerzog, FrancisHerzog, MariaSee Irlinger
ESCH, August Francis27 Jul 188928 Jul 1889Esch, FrancisHOUSE, HenriettaNIEHOFF, A. H.Niehoff, Anna---
ESCH, Christina Helena20 Feb 188723 Feb 1887Esch, FrancisHOUSE, HenriettaSCHMIDT, WilliamROBERT, Christina---
ESCH, Francisca Philomena29 Mar 189105 Apr 1891Esch, FrancisHOUSE, HenriettaHAAG, AlexanderROBERT, Maria Fr.---
ESCH, John Bernard22 Feb 189503 Mar 1895Esch, FrancisHAUS, EttaLAMPEN, JohnHODAP, Elisabeth---
ESCH, Maria Henrietta20 Nov 188512 Jan 1887Esch, FrancisHOUSE, HenriettaMUEHLING, MarkMURRAY, Maria---
ETER, Joseph05 Dec 185911 Dec 1859Eter, Joseph MeinradKINGER, JosephineEter, Joseph PaulMÜLLER (Mueller), Maria---
ETTER, Anna Cecelia13 Feb 189816 Feb 1898Etter, MeinradHOLDENER, OliviaEtter, Sr., MeinradLUEBBERS, AnnaMarried John H. SAUTMANN 19 Oct 1931
ETTER, Anna Maria Josephina20 Feb 186104 Mar 1861Etter, MeinradKIEGER, JosephinaKieger, Joseph AntonKieger, Marianna---
ETTER, Francisca Josephina07 Mar 186822 Mar 1868Etter, MeinradGIEGER, JosephinaMUELLER, GottfriedEtter, Francisca---
ETTER, George Leonard28 Apr 186319 May 1863Etter, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), Francisca---DÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Christina---
ETTER, Helen Catharine05 Aug 189607 Aug 1896Etter, Jr., MeinradHOLDENER, OliviaCHRIST, JohnChrist, CatharineMarried Philip HERSTFELD 29 Apr 1919
ETTER, Henry Joseph Carl Meinrad06 Nov 189908 Nov 1899Etter, MeinradHOLDNER, OliviaEVERS, HenryHoldner, CarolinaMarried Leona KUEPER 9 Jun 1927
ETTER, Joseph Anton21 Jun 186008 Jul 1860Etter, JosephMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaMueller, GottfriedEtter, Josephine---
ETTER, Joseph Matthew09 Oct 190212 Oct 1902Etter, MeinradHOLDENER, OliviaDIEKROETGER, MatthewDiekroetger, RosaMarried Gladys INGELS 14 Jun 1920 at St. Barbara in St. Louis, MO
ETTER, Louis Robert01 Mar 190503 Mar 1905Etter, MeinradHOLDENER, AlvinaCHRIST, LouisChrist, Mrs. Joseph---
ETTER, Maria Rosa15 May 187029 May 1870Etter, MeinradGIEGER, JosephinaGieger, EligiusMÜLLER (Mueller), Augusta---
ETTER, Meinrad Aloysius25 Sep 187206 Oct 1872Etter, MeinradGIEGER, JosephinaEtter, AloysiusGieger, Theresia---
ETTER, Rosa Maria 23 Feb 187605 Mar 1876Etter, MeinradGIEGER, JosephinaEBERHARDT, DominicMUELLER, Sophia---
EVELD, Carl Leon11 Mar 189213 Mar 1892Eveld, GerhardWELLER, AnnaBONNER, CarlLEONARD, CatharineFrom Germantown, IL
EVELD, Maria Elisabeth Cecelia17 Nov 189820 Nov 1898Eveld, GerhardWALLER, AnnaJUNKER, John H.WESTERMANN, Maria ElisabethMarried Carl ESCHMANN 6 Sep 1922 in St. Louis, MO
EVERS, Joanna13 Feb 187607 Mar 1876Evers, JacobCUNNINGHAM, BridgetCunningham, JacobMCCONEL, Elizabeth---
EWERING, Joseph23 Apr 186530 Apr 1865Ewering, GeorgeNot listed, ElisabethWEBER, EligusFRANTZEN, Gesina---
FABICH, John Herman Louis11 May 187116 May 1871Fabich, JohnBODE, ReginaLÜBBER (Luebber), HermanBode, Louise---
FABICH, Maria Magdalena06 Jan 186714 Feb 1867Fabich, FrederickNot listed, AnnaGANTNER, LouisROHRBACHER, Magdalena---
FÜGENER (Fuegener), Clara Johanna02 Jul 188003 Jul 1880Fuegener, RichardTRIERWEILER, Anna MariaSCHULTE, JohnTrierweiler, Clara---
FARREL, Richard14 Oct 190223 Nov 1902Farrell, RichardSTEIN, RosaFITTON, JohnStein, RosaFamily is from Clement Twp., IL. Married Maria SCHWIERJOHANN 17 Aug 1927 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
FARREL, Stephan26 Feb 186321 Feb 1864Farrel, RichardNot listed, MariaMURPHY, PatrickFITTON, MargarethaBirth year is obscured. Could be 1862, etc.
FARRELL, Ida Helena02 Sep 190411 Sep 1904Farrell, RichardSTEIN, RosaStein, PeterStein, Ida---
FARRELL, Maria Salome31 Dec 190003 Mar 1901Farrell, Richard (From Clement Twp., IL)STEIN, Rosa (From Meridian Twp., IL)Farrell, JohnStein, SalomeMarried Harry REED (Non-Catholic) 29 May 1923 in Staunton, IL. Married John SPANGLER 10 Nov 1947
FAUKE, Anna Margaret26 Feb 189701 Mar 1897Fauke, John HenryGEERST, Anna M.Fauke, WilliamFauke, Anna Margaret---
FAUKE, Anna Paulina23 Jun 189826 Jun 1898Fauke, HenryGERSH, AnnaFauke, ClemensWILKEN, Anna---
FAUKE, Catharine12 Jan 189516 Jan 1895Fauke, Jr., WilliamROHR, SusannaFauke, Sr., WilliamRohr, CatharineMarried Edward GROSS 13 Oct 1914 in Bartelso, IL
FAUKE, Ferdinand Joseph09 Nov 189911 Nov 1899Fauke, WilliamROHR, SusannaFauke, FerdinandRohr, Paulina---
FAUKE, Francis Paul08 Feb 190410 Feb 1904Fauke, WilliamROHR, SusannaRohr, FrancisFauke, Anna---
FAUKE, John William02 May 189603 May 1896Fauke, WilliamROHR, SusannaRohr, JohnFauke, Margaret---
FAUKE, Margaret Susanna30 Nov 190101 Dec 1901Fauke, WilliamROHR, SusannaRohr, LawrenceFauke, Anna Margaret---
FAUKE, Peter Henry30 Jan 189801 Feb 1898Fauke, WilliamROHR, SusannaFauke, HenryGAUSEPOHL, Maria---
FAWING, Anna Regina Elizabeth11 Oct 187215 Oct 1872Fawing, JohnKOCH, ReginaZIEREN, HenryDIESEN, Elizabeth & Anna LÜBBES (Luebbes)---
FAWING, Barbara01 Oct 186322 Nov 1863Fawing, FrederickWIRKLE, Anna Barbara---KREBS, Barbara---
FAWING, John August (Twin)24 Aug 186726 Aug 1867Fawing, BernhardSCHAPP, Anna Maria KARKEL, John DidericHÜHNE (Huehne), Maria Elizabeth---
FAWING, Maria Magdalena02 Sep 186510 Oct 1865Fawing, FrederickNot listed, KatharinaWOLTER, MichaelSCHNEYDER, Lena---
FAWING, Marianna (Twin)24 Aug 186726 Aug 1867Fawing, BernhardSCHAPP, Anna Maria Schulte, HerbertROHR, Thecla---
FEHLKER, Anna Maria17 Sep 189418 Sep 1894Fehlker, HermanLAMMERS, Anna MariaFehlker, LambertLammers, Anna M.Married Herman G. Voss 15 May 1917 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
FEHLKER, Gertrude Margaret04 Sep 188105 Sep 1881Fehlker, LambertTIMMER, MariaFehlker, AnthonyHELLMANN, Gertrude---
FEHLKER, Henry Bernard06 Aug 190007 Aug 1900Fehlker, HermanLAMMERS, MariaLammers, Joseph BernardFehlker, Anna M.Married Florence MAIBAUM 1 Feb 1928 in Beckemeyer, IL
FEHLKER, John Bernard27 Feb 188429 Feb 1884Fehlker, LambertTIMME, Anna MariaLAMMERS, John B.Lammers, Maria A.---
FEHLKER, Maria Theresia30 Aug 188631 Aug 1886Fehlker, LambertTIMME, Anna M.KREBS, Gaspar (Caspar)Krebs, Theresia---
FELDMANN, Frederick Wilhelm24 Apr 187223 Jun 1872Feldmann, Joseph HenrySCHMIDT, MariaIRLIK, JohnIrlik, Katharina---
FENTER, Nicolaus Richard25 Jul 186415 Aug 1864Fenter, NicolausHESSLINGER, MagdalenaHUBERT, AnthonyHubert, Elisabeth---
FERREL, Richard Philipp20 Sep 187009 Oct 1870Ferrel, RichardNot listed, MariaRUSSEL, JohnRussel, Allen---
FERREL, Sara08 May 186719 May 1867Ferrel, RichardRUSSEL, MariaMARTIN, MichaelMartin, A.---
FESTENHAUER, Mathilda14 Feb 186618 Feb 1866Festenhauer, JosephSCHAEFER, KatharinaSchaefer, LouisSchaefer, Walburga---
FESTOR, Justina Francisca12 Jan 186729 Jan 1867Festor, NicolausHOOVELING, MagdalenaETTER, JosephEtter, Francisca---
FILLAX (Felox), Frederick Herman27 Sep 188624 Oct 1886Fillax, FrederickREINHOLZ, JuliaFRERKER, HermanHUBERT, Eva---
FILLAX, Carl Joseph14 Feb 189110 May 1891Fillax, FrederickREINHOLZ, Julia---SPENGLER, Emerentiana---
FILLAX, Elisabeth08 Mar 188931 Mar 1889Fillax, William FrederickREINHOLZ, Julia---REILMANN, Elisabeth---
FILLAX, Helena (Lena Felox)27 Aug 189310 Sep 1893Fillas, FrederickREINHOLZ, JuliaBURTZ, HenryBurtz, Helena---
FINK, Emilia Bertha12 Sep 187131 Dec 1871Fink, John AugustROHR, MargarethaRohr, JohnRohr, Maria---
FITTEN, Johann29 Dec 186204 Jan 1863Fitten, JacobFARREL, MargarethaRAILY, JohnROHR, Maria---
FITTON, Sera (Sarah) Jenna18 Nov 186427 Nov 1864Fitton, JacobFARREL, MargarethaBROWN, CarlMCLEANE, Margaretha---
FITZPATRICK, Edward21 Jun 187201 Aug 1872Fitzpatrick, MichaelCUNNINGHAM, Anna---MCCEWN, Maria---
FITZSIMMONS, Edward (Twin)04 Mar 186808 Mar 1868Fitzsimmons, PatrickLYNCH, HelenaBORK, ThomasBork, Margaretha---
FITZSIMMONS, Helena (Twin)04 Mar 186808 Mar 1868Fitzsimmons, PatrickLYNCH, HelenaMULLEN, JohnFORD, Maria---
FITZSIMMONS, John Edward14 Mar 189422 Mar 1894Fitzsimmons, EdwardFREY, GertrudeFRERKER, JohnRAUSCH, HelenaNote: Married Bertha WOODS in an Episcopal church in Terre Haute, IN. Marriage not revalidated as of 6 Apr 1954
FLAHERTY, Ellen15 Jul 187211 Aug 1872Flaherty, PeterBURNS, HenriettaSHOAKES, PatrickMCDARMICK, Maria---
FLAHERTY, Maria25 Jul 187423 Aug 1874Flaherty, PeterBUNYAN, AnnaSTOKES, ThomasFAREFF, Helena---
FLAHERTY, William05 Apr 187001 May 1870Flaherty, PeterNot listed, AnnaFlaherty, EdwardFARREL, Maria---
FLANAGAN, John Albert15 Oct 187931 Oct 1879Flanagan, PatrickKINNEY, Sarah JohannaFlanagan, MichaelHANLON, Mary---
FLANAGAN, Sarah Rosa Anna29 Mar 187604 Apr 1876Flanagan, PatrickKENNEY, SarahHOSTEAD, HenryHAYDEN, Rosa Anna---
FLANNIGAN, Seraphina26 Mar 187412 Apr 1874Flannigan, PatrickKENNY, SeraMCGOWN, WilliamHAYDEN, Maria---
FLANNIGAN, William Thomas21 Oct 186628 Oct 1866Flannigan, PatrickKENNY, Sera JaneLUTZ, AndrewLutz, Maria---
FLEMING, Edward Henry16 Feb 188022 Feb 1880Fleming, GeorgeLUTZ, Maria MargaretHALLERMANN, H. A.Hallermann, Elisabeth---
FLEMING, William Jacob Henry31 Jul 187705 Aug 1877Fleming, GeorgeLUTZ, Maria MargaretMICHAEL, WilliamWUDDER, Catherina---
FLEMMING, George William18 Mar 185301 Feb 1873Flemming, JamesNot listed, JosephinaLUTZ, WilhelmLutz, Maria---
FLEMMING, Maria Josephina24 Jan 187425 Jan 1874Flemming, WilliamLUTZ, MargarethaLutz, WilliamLutz, Maria Elizabeth---
FLESHEIM, Magdalena18 Mar 186601 Apr 1866Flesheim, JosephMEYER, MariannaHELTZLE, JohannMOLITOR, Magdalena---
FLIEDINGER, Caspar14 Mar 188917 Mar 1889Fliedinger, StephanWALTER, LouisaWalter, CasparVOSS, CatharineMarried E. E. KULD 5 Jul 1911 at St Ann in St. Louis, MO
FLIEDINGER, Catharine Barbara28 Jul 188401 Aug 1884Fliedinger, StephanWOLTER, LouisaWolter, MichaelWolter, Barbara---
FLIEDINGER, Maria Anna18 Jan 188222 Jan 1882Fliedinger, StephanWALTER, LouisaWEDEL, EdWalter, Maria---
FOELLER, Infant01 Jan 186006 Oct 1860Foeller, JohannJOSEPHUS, Paulina (?)GUIDHUES, Christopher------
FOPPE, Catharine Eugenia26 Jul 188827 Jul 1888Foppe, ClemensKÖRKEMEIER (Koerkemeier), ElisabethLAMPEN, HenryHENTECHEL, Catharine---
FOPPE, Clemens Wenceslaus01 Nov 189403 Nov 1894Foppe, ClemensKOERKEMEIER, ElisabethSCHUSTER, WenceslausHILMES, CatharineMarried Catharine GROSS 30 Oct 1928 at St Cecelia in Bartelso, IL
FOPPE, Henry Joseph20 Oct 189727 Oct 1897Foppe, ClementKOERKEMEYER, ElisabethKoerkemeyer, HenryKoerkemeyer, Maria---
FOPPE, Joseph William19 Mar 189020 Mar 1890Foppe, ClemensKORKEMEIER, ElisabethKUEPER, WilliamHALLERMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
FOPPE, Philipp Aloysius20 Jun 189121 Jun 1891Foppe, ClemensKÖRKEMEIER (Koerkemeier), ElisabethROBERT, PhilippWESTERMANN, Elisabeth---
FRANCIS, Louis John10 Jul 187328 Sep 1873Francis, LouisSIERS, MariaSiers, JohnSiers, Maria---
FRANCOIS, August Adam04 May 188324 Jun 1883Francois, August A.THOUVENIN, MariaHECKELBECK, GeorgeHeckelbeck, Paulina---
FRANCOIS, Clara Rosalia22 Apr 188013 Jun 1880Francois, AugustTHOUVENIN, MariaFrancois, LouisFrancois, Maria---
FRANCOIS, George Columbus21 Feb 187821 Apr 1878Francois, PeterZANDLE, LouisaHECKELBECH, GeorgeHeckelbech, Paulina---
FRANCOIS, Henry Peter05 Sep 188031 Oct 1880Francois, PeterZALIG, LouisaEBLE, LandolinRICHARD, Victoria---
FRANCOIS, Jacob Alexander25 Feb 187529 Aug 1875Francois, LouisSIERS, MariaLEGAND, LouisRICHARD, Mary---
FRANCOIS, John Bartholomew11 Jun 187726 Aug 1877Francois, LouisSERRE, MariaROHR, JohnRohr, Barbara---
FRANCOIS, Julia Maria Josephina11 Sep 187902 Nov 1879Francois, LouisSERRE, MariaFrancois, Joseph PeterSerre, Josephina---
FRANCOIS, Louis Philipp20 Dec 187721 Apr 1878Francois, AugustTHOUVENIN, MariaThouvenin, PhilippThouvenin, Elizabeth---
FRANCOIS, Maria Barbara23 Nov 187516 Apr 1876Francois, AugustTHOUVENIN, MariaROHR, JohnRohr, Barbara---
FRANZIS, Katharina Barbara06 Feb 186715 Feb 1868Franzis, PeterNot listed, LouisaFRANGE, JosephFrange, Barbara---
FREE, Elisabetha03 May 186331 May 1863Free, AbsalomNot listed, Elisabetha---KANTNER, Margaretha---
FREKE, John Henry03 Jul 187207 Jul 1872Freke, HermanKERN, EmmaFreke, HenryHUBERT, Eva---
FRERKER, Helena Maria Gertrude09 Aug 190210 Aug 1902Frerker, JohnVOLMER, ChristinaVolmer, TheodoreFrerker, Anna M.---
FRERKER, Paul Theodore John06 Oct 190409 Oct 1904Frerker, Jr., John H.VOLLMER, Christina JoannaFrerker, Sr., John H.Vollmer, Maria G.---
FRERKER, Philomena03 Dec 187413 Dec 1874FRERKER, John HermanKORN, Anna MariaRAUSCH, BenedictNIEHOFF, Anna Maria---
FREY, Anna Philippina02 Jan 187030 Jan 1870Frey, JohannPEPPENHORST, Gertrude Peppenhorst, BernhardBÜHLER (Buehler), Maria---
FREY, Catharina Philippina24 Jan 187206 Mar 1872Frey, JohannPEPPENHORST, Gertrude ---MÜHLING (Muehling), Katharina---
FREY, Gertrude Josephina14 Oct 187314 Nov 1873Frey, JohnPEPPENHORST, Gertrude Peppenhorst, BernhardPeppenhorst, Gertrude---
FREY, Ida Appolonia14 May 187618 Jun 1876Frey, JohnPEPPENHORST, Gertrude Peppenhorst, BernardLAUFERMANN, Appolonia---
FREY, John Henry06 Oct 188021 Nov 1880Frey, JohnPEPPENHORST, Gertrude Peppenhorst, John Henry ------
FREY, Magdalena Catharina22 Oct 188105 Nov 1881Frey, JohnPEPPENHORST, Gertrude ---MENKE, Maria---
FREY, Maria Elizabeth24 Sep 186813 Dec 1868Frey, JohannPEPPENHORST, Gertrude ---MÜHLING (Muehling), Katharina---
FRIANG, Alexander17 May 187213 Mar 1873Friang (Friant), JosephGIEGER, SophiaGieger, Alexander------
FRIANT, Francis Meinrad28 Nov 190101 Dec 1901Friant, FrancisWINTERS, TheresiaETTER, MeinradEtter, Olivia---
FRIANT, Francis Thomas19 Sep 188620 Sep 1886Friant, FrancisEVERS, Margaret (Adopted by Evers)FERNBACH, ThomasEvers, Catharina---
FRIANT, Henry John21 Aug 188424 Aug 1884Friant, John FrancisEWERS, Margaret (Adopted by Ewers)Ewers, HenryEwers, Catharina---
FRIANT, Margaret Leona16 Apr 188818 Apr 1888Friant, FrancisEVERS, Margaret (Adopted by Evers)---RAUSCH, Margaret---
FRIANT, Olivia Maria Francisca27 May 189720 Jun 1897Friant, FrancisEVERS, MargaretETTER, MeinradEtter, OliviaMarried Bernard WILKEN son of Herman Wilken and Maria FENLAGE on 24 Oct 1916 at St. Cecelia in Bartelso, IL
FRITZ, Anna Emilia07 Mar 186322 Mar 1863Fritz, Not listed---KIRSHNER, PeterKirshner, Mrs. Peter---
FRITZ, Frederick06 Nov 186413 Nov 1864Fritz, JosephFALBWANNER, MariaWIDMER, AloysiusWidmer, Maria Ursula---
FRITZ, Joseph (Twin)01 Jan 186207 Apr 1862Fritz, JosephTACKWEYER, MariannaOTTER, JosephWIDMER, Ursula---
FRITZ, Maria (Twin)01 Jan 186207 Apr 1862Fritz, JosephTACKWEYER, MariannaWIDMER, AloysiusFLOYD, Maria---
FUEGNER, Henry Richard28 Jan 188402 Feb 1884Fuegner, RichardWELLENDIEKE, Wilhelmina (Widow of)TRIERWEILER, HenryPREUT, EmiliaMarried Mollie CLARK 11 Jul 1948 at St Margaret of Holland in St. Louis, MO
FUEGNER, Maria28 Dec 188503 Jan 1886Fuegner, RichardMUELLER, WilhelminaSCHULTE, J. H.Fuegner, Maria---
FUHLER, Catharina05 Jan 188607 Jan 1886Fuhler, JohnWESSEL, CatharinaWUELLER, NicolausDIEKMANN, Catharina ---
FUHLER, Rosa Elisabeth04 Dec 188718 Dec 1887Fuhler, JohnWESSELS, Maria G.THIEN, HenryFOCKES, Rosa---
GÖTZ (Goetz), Elisabeth17 May 186119 May 1861Goetz, AndrewNot Listed, ElisabethHUBERT, AntonHubert, Mrs. Anton---
GÖTZ (Goetz), Emma Josephina30 Apr 187126 May 1871Goetz, AndrewFRE__, BarbaraSCHLAFLY, FrederickSchlafly, Emma---
GÖTZ (Goetz), Johann Joseph27 Jul 186513 Aug 1865Goetz, AndrewGÖTZ, (Goetz), ElisabethSCHLAFLY, JosephROHR, Maria---
GÖTZ (Goetz), John Louis23 Aug 187418 Oct 1874Goetz, AndrewFREY, BarbaraPEPPENHORST, John------
GÖTZ (Goetz), Joseph19 Mar 187912 Jul 1879Goetz, AndrewFREY, Barbara---WEBER, Catharina---
GÖTZ (Goetz), Maria Elisabeth03 Nov 186710 Nov 1867Goetz, AndrewNot listed, ElizabethHUBERTS, FrancisHuberts, Elizabeth---
GÖTZ (Goetz), Michael14 Feb 186026 Feb 1860Goetz, AndrewNot listed, ElisabethKARCHNER, Michael------
GALYON, Julia21 May 187127 Apr 1889Galyon, WilliamUNDERWOOD, Maria---LEONARD, Maria---
GANGER, Maria Elizabeth22 Feb 185919 Apr 1873Ganger, JacobNot listed, MariaDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), BernhardHUBERT, Josephina---
GANO, John Bernhard Louis17 Mar 187205 May 1872Gano, LouisCRAMER, Anna Cramer, JohnCramer, Maria Gesina---
GANZ, Clara22 Jan 186325 Jan 1863Ganz, JohannEIMER, Elisabetha---LORTORSUS, Maria---
GANZ, Clemens Dominic09 May 187114 May 1871Ganz, JohnEIMER, ElisabethaHOLDNER, DominicHUBERT, Delphina---
GANZ, Hermina Magdalena22 Sep 186928 Sep 1869Ganz, JohannEIMER, Elisabetha---WAGNER, Hermina---
GANZ, Katharina Elisabetha02 Jan 186706 Jan 1867Ganz, JohannEIMER, ElisabethaSAUER, AntonDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Elisabetha---
GANZ, Robert Eugene Theodore09 Nov 187411 Nov 1874Ganz, JohnEIMER, Elisabetha---DOENNEWALD, Anna Christina---
GANZ, Rudolph Frederick---20 Mar 1864Ganz, JohannEIMER, ElisabethaHOLLWEG, Frederick------
GANZ, Werner Henry John19 Jun 189121 Jun 1891Ganz, RudolphMUEHLING, ClaraNIEHOFF, HenryMuehling, CatharineMarried Maria BATRIGAN 2 Jul 1919
GÜNKER (Guenker), Elisabeth31 Dec 187121 Jan 1872Guenker (KINDER), FrancisGOFFRA, RosaSCHAEFER, JohnGoffra, Louise---
GÜNTHER (Guenther), Henry28 Jul 187423 Aug 1874Guenther, FrancisGEOFFROY, RosaGeoffroy, HenryGERAR, Magdalena---
GÜNTHER (Guenther), Marianna06 Sep 186827 Sep 1868Guenther, FrancisGOFFRA, RosaJASKE, AndrewGoffra, Marianna---
GARNIER, Justin Stephan25 Jun 186323 Aug 1863Garnier, JacobNot listed, KatharinaKLAUS, AndrewHESSLER, Justina---
GAROT, Louis Julius12 Apr 188015 Aug 1880Garot, LouisACHERBACH, MariaAcherbach, Emil JohnPETIT, Maria---
GARTEN, Anna Josephina01 May 188109 May 1881UnknownUnknownWILKEN, HenryDIEKROETGER, AnnaChild was about 8 days old when found on 8 May in Duerdott and the last name was given as Garten.
GAUSEPOHL, Anna Maria26 Oct 188129 Oct 1881Gausepohl, BernardPEIFER, AnnaBOLER, JohnHOLLERMANN, A. M.---
GAUSEPOHL, Catharina26 Dec 187928 Dec 1879Gausepohl, BernardPEIFER, AnnaGausepohl, WilliamROLY, Catharina---
GAUSEPOHL, Elisabeth Mathilda11 Feb 188414 Feb 1884Gausepohl, BernardPFEIFER, Anna MariaROHR, LawrenceIRLINGER, Elisabeth---
GAUSERICH, Wilhelm13 Sep 186024 Feb 1861Gauserich, WilhelmWEAKEFIELD, SeraHAVERN, _ans------
GEHR, Herman Heinrich30 Sep 186515 Oct 1865Gehr, HermanISAAK, MariaWINEELJOHN, ErnestHADE__, Maria Magdalena---
GEHR, Joseph04 Sep 186008 Sep 1860Gehr, HermanISAAK, MariaADAM, JosephROHR, Maria---
GEHRS, Adam LouisJan 189226 Mar 1892Gehrs, JosephSTEPHENSON, Maria HelenaJUNKER, AdamBAQUET, Elisabeth---
GEHRS, Bernard Henry03 Sep 189306 Sep 1893Gehrs, NicolausREVERMANN, AnnaRevermann, HenryROHR, CatharineMarried Pearl E. KOCH on 20 Sep 1919.
GEHRS, Christina22 Dec 187426 Dec 1874Gehrs, HermanISAAK, MariaIsaak, NicolausTEIF, Christina---
GEHRS, Ferdinand13 May 188901 Jun 1889Gehrs, JosephSTEPHENSON, Maria------Private Baptism
GEHRS, Herman Joseph10 Sep 189112 Sep 1891Gehrs, NicolausREVERMANN, AnnaGehrs, H. H.Revermann, LouisaMarried Bertha LAKE 14 Feb 1922 in Carlyle, IL
GEHRS, Katharina05 Sep 186707 Sep 1867Gehrs, HermanISAAK, MariaKREBS, KasparROHR, Katharina---
GEHRS, Maria Anna05 Jan 189806 Jan 1898Gehrs, NicolausREVERMANN, Anna MariaRevermann, John B. J.JUNKER, MariaMarried Fra___ NEWKIRK 18 Jun 1919
GEHRS, Maria Anna26 Apr 190627 Apr 1906Gehrs, NicolausREVERMANN, AnnaRevermann, B.MUELLER, Mrs. M.Married Bernard H. WUEBBELS 26 Jun 1934
GEHRS, Maria Louisa Elisabeth20 Aug 189522 Aug 1895Gehrs, NicolausREVERMANN, AnnaGehrs, HermanRevermann, LouisaMarried Edward Stevenson (from Vandalia, IL) 14 Jun 1921
GEHRS, Nicolaus John27 Sep 190128 Sep 1901Gehrs, NicolausREVERMANN, AnnaSCHLEPER, BernardMICHEL, SusannaMarried Veronica ERLINGER 23 Jun 1926
GEHRS, Peter14 Jun 186321 Jun 1863Gehrs, HermanISAAK, MariaROHR, PeterIsaak, Katharina---
GEHRS, Susanna25 May 187301 Jun 1873Gehrs, HermanISAAK, MariaNIEHENKER, HenryIsaak, Susanna---
GEHRS, Susanna Eva21 Sep 189301 Oct 1893Gehrs, JosephSTEPHENSON, Helena---Gehrs, Helena---
GEHRS, William24 Sep 189026 Mar 1892Gehrs, JosephSTEPHENSON, Maria HelenaSTAUDER, JosephKLEBER, Maria---
GEIGER, Albert William29 Jul 188904 Aug 1889Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaMUELLER, Albert JosephKoch, AnnaMarried Maria COLLINS 7 Oct 1911 in Carlyle, IL
GEIGER, Alexander06 Sep 188310 Sep 1883Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaKoch, JosephHÜLS (Huels), MatildaMarried Emma TIMMERMANN 24 Nov 1909 in Germantown, IL
GEIGER, Anna Maria15 Aug 188202 Nov 1882Geiger, CarlBAUER, Eva---ISAACS, Amanda---
GEIGER, Carl Alexander10 Jun 187711 Jun 1877Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaGeiger, CarlKoch, Louise---
GEIGER, Frederick Alexander20 Dec 187923 Dec 1879Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaKoch, FrederickGeiger, Theresia---
GEIGER, Genevieve Christina13 Feb 190315 Dec 1906Geiger, JohnHADERLEIN, BerthaHaderlein, FredHECK, ElisabethBaptized privately by Mrs. A. Leonard
GEIGER, Gerhard Henry08 Oct 188618 Oct 1886Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaHÜLSKAMP (Huelskamp), GerhardHuelskamp, MariaThe last name is spelled Gieger in this entry.
GEIGER, Joseph02 Sep 189409 Sep 1894Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaHÜLS (Huels), JosephFRIANT, AlvinaMarried Francisca KLEBER 29 Nov 1919
GEIGER, Malvin Henry08 Aug 190514 Aug 1905Geiger, JohnHADERLEIN, BertaSAUTMANN, HenryLEONARD, Catharine---
GEIGER, Maria Elisabeth18 May 188208 Jun 1882Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaHÜLS (Huels), HermanGIESTING, Maria---
GEIGER, Masella Catharine15 Jun 190414 Aug 1905Geiger, JohnHADERLEIN, BertaSAUTMANN, HenryLEONARD, Catharine---
GEIGER, Mildred Gertrude27 Nov 190602 Dec 1906Geiger, JohnHADERLEIN, BerthaHaderlein, FredHECK, Elisabeth---
GEIGER, Walter Alexander26 Nov 188503 Jan 1886Geiger, CarlBAUER, EvaGeiger, AlexanderGeiger, Josephina---
GEIGER, William Bernard03 Mar 189208 Mar 1892Geiger, AlexanderKOCH, JosephinaFOUKE, WilliamLANGHAUSER, Maria Johanna---
GEOFFROY, Anna Magdalena15 May 189417 May 1894Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, MagdalenaERLINGER, LouisFEHLKER, Anna Maria---
GEOFFROY, Catharina Maria04 Apr 188608 Apr 1886Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, MagdalenaGeoffroy, JosephRohrbacher, Catharina---
GEOFFROY, Emma Rosa27 Aug 187510 Sep 1875Geoffroy, FrancisJOST, ElizabethDIFFENAUER, JosephDiffenauer, Anna---
GEOFFROY, Gerhard Joseph27 Aug 189130 Aug 1891Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, HelenaFEHLKER, GerhardSchulte, Wilhelmina---
GEOFFROY, Henry Gerhard25 Feb 188803 Mar 1888Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, HelenaVAN DE LOO, GerhardVan De Loo, MariaMarried Catharine BRUECK 6 Jun 1917 at St Augustus in Chicago, IL
GEOFFROY, Henry Jacob18 Sep 188219 Sep 1882Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, MagdalenaRohrbacher, JacobGeoffroy, Maria A.---
GEOFFROY, Maria Magdalena23 Mar 187704 Apr 1877Geoffroy, FrancisJOST, ElizabethAUGET, PaulHEDECKER, Maria Magdalena---
GEOFFROY, Marianna Elizabeth08 Dec 187317 Dec 1873Geoffroy, FrankKORS, ElizabethGoffray, NicolausGoffray, Marianna---
GEOFFROY, Nicolaus14 Jan 188417 Jan 1884Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, MagdalenaGeoffroy, NicolausRohrbacher, Magdalena---
GEOFFROY, Paulina31 Mar 189005 Apr 1890Geoffroy, HenryROHRBACHER, MagdalenaAUGET, PaulRohrbacher, Maria---
GEOFFROY,Henry Nicolaus17 Apr 188319 Apr 1883Geoffroy, FrancisYOST, ElisabethYost, HenryLANGE, EugeniaMarried Francisca VOLMER at St Peters in Belleville, IL on 1 Jun 1918
GERDES, Paul Theodore16 Dec 190122 Dec 1901Gerdes, GeorgeMURPHY, MariaGerdes, TheodoreMurphy, Catharine---
GERDES, William Alfred13 Dec 189917 Dec 1899Gerdes, GerhardMURPHY, MariaMurphy, WilliamGerdes, Anna---
GERMAN, Adolph William 08 Mar 188212 Mar 1882German, DanielSCHMIDT, CatharinaBECKER, AdolphSchmidt, Elisabeth---
GERMAN, Edward07 Oct 188413 Oct 1884German, DanielSCHMIDT, CatharinaFITZSIMMONS, EdwardFitzsimmons, Helena---
GERMAN, Edward Daniel30 Sep 190427 Nov 1904German, FrancisORTMANN, TheresaGerman, DanielGerman, CatharineBirth date is listed as 31 Sep which is impossible.
GERMAN, Emerentiana Margaret03 Sep 188704 Sep 1887German, DanielSCHMIDT, CatharinaBARKE, ThomasBarke, Margaretha---
GERMAN, George21 Nov 187725 Nov 1877German, DanielSCHMIDT, CatharinaSCHNEIDER, LandolinSchneider, Catharina---
GERMAN, John Henry09 Mar 188020 Mar 1880German, DanielSCHMIDT, Eva CatharinaKREBS, John JosephKrebs, Rosa---
GERMAN, Louisa Margaret08 Apr 188914 Apr 1889German, DanielSCHMITT, CatharineSchmitt, JohnFAUKE, Margaret Fr.---
GIESING, Josephina (Twin)10 Nov 187011 Nov 1870Giesing, JohnHÜLS (Huels), Maria---KOCH, Margaret---
GIESING, Louise (Twin)10 Nov 187011 Nov 1870Giesing, JohnHÜLS (Huels), Maria---KOCH, Louise---
GIESTING, Frederick30 Mar 186901 Apr 1869Giesting, JosephHÜLS (Huels), MariaKOCH, FrederickDETERMANN, Dorothea---
GIESTING, John Henry16 Dec 186917 Dec 1869Giesting, JosephHÜLS (Huels), MariaHuels, Heinrich------
GIESTING, Joseph Henry 06 Dec 187909 Dec 1879Giesting, JosephHÜLS (Huels), MariaHALLERMANN, HeinrichHallermann, Maria---
GIESTING, Josephina06 Sep 187407 Sep 1874Giesting, JosephHÜLS (Huels), MariaHuls, HenryKOCH, Josephina---
GIESTING, Mathilda Barbara06 Aug 187706 Aug 1877Giesting, JosephHÜLS (Huels), MariaKOCH, JosephHuels, Mathilda---
GODDARD, Nanone28 Nov 190201 Feb 1903Goddard, George H. (From St. Louis, MO)LUCAS, Nanone---Lucas, Florence D.---
GOETZ, John Frederick24 Dec 188006 Feb 1881Goetz, AndrewFREY, BarbaraPEPPENHORST, JohnFrey, Gertrude---
GOFFRAY, Marianna19 Jan 186209 Mar 1862Goffray, Nicolaus---COMAS, PhilippGROSS, Marianna---
GOGERTY, Bernard18 Feb 186117 Mar 1861Gogerty, BryanCALLIHAN, KatharinaCOFFI, Johann------
GOGERTY, Edward21 Jun 186410 Jul 1864Gogerty, O'BryanCALLIHAN, KatharinaMANYAN, CarlManyan, Katharina---
GOGERTY, Katharina (Twin)06 Aug 186206 Aug 1862Gogerty, ObryanCALLIHAN, KatharinaMARCH, GerryNORTIN, Margaretha---
GOGERTY, Maria Anna12 Jun 186518 Jul 1865Gogerty, PatrickNot listed, MariaDONAHUE, BernardMAXIE, Katharina---
GOGERTY, Patrick (Twin)06 Aug 186206 Aug 1862Gogerty, ObryanCALLIHAN, KatharinaKEAHOSS, PatrickEWALEN, Brigitt---
GOGERTY, Thomas10 Nov 185920 Nov 1859Gogerty, Breyan (Brian?)Not listed, CatharinaJOSTY, MichaelGogerty, Johanna---
GOGERTY, William20 Jan 186729 Jan 1867Gogerty, BryanKALLAHAN, KatharineALSAMORPH, MichaelBADDEN, Brigitta---
GOUIOT, Edward11 Jun 186227 Oct 1862Gouiot, MichaelNot Listed, LeonoraBANK, August---The last name is also spelled Guiot
GOUIOT, Maria Elisabeth07 May 186027 Oct 1862Gouiot, MichaelNot Listed, Leonora---BANK, HelenaThe last name is also spelled Guiot
GRANT, Ethel26 Jul 187409 Aug 1874Grant, PeterSHARP, LaurenaHUBERT, JacobHubert, Josephina---
GRAY, Edward Jacob01 Nov 189305 Nov 1893UnknownUnknownPFISTERER, EdwardTAPHORN, LouisaChild was orphaned in Cincinnati, OH and named by James GRAY
GREELEY, Maria Joanna28 May 189713 Jun 1897Greeley, JohnCOFFEY, MariaBERGER, GeorgeBerger, Elisabeth---
GREEN, Johann17 Sep 186120 Oct 1861Green, ThomasNot listed, MariaKLAUS, Johann AndrewKlaus, Mrs. Johann Andrew---
GRIESBAUM, Theresia Frida02 Jul 187906 Oct 1880Griesbaum, JosephBAUER, Eva---GEIGER, Theresia---
GRIESBAUM, Wilhelmina14 Dec 188002 Nov 1882Griesbaum, JosephBAUER, Eva---ISAACS, Amanda---
GRIMES, E. Maria Rosa10 Mar 188713 Mar 1887Grimes, WilliamBAQUET, AnnaKLEBER, JacobBaquet, Isabella---
GRIMES, Francis Isidore13 Aug 189007 Sep 1890Grimes, WilliamBAQUET, AnnaBaquet, ChristopherBaquet, IsabellaMarried Francisca ESCH [Dau of Francis & Henrietta Esch] 12 Jun (no year) in Belleville, IL.
GRIMES, Irene Cecelia08 Aug 188812 Aug 1888Grimes, WilliamBAQUET, AnnaSCHRADER, Fr.Baquet, Elisabeth---
GRIMES, William28 Apr 185907 Apr 1888Grimes, WilliamSMITH, EmiliaFRERKER, HermanKOHLHAUFF, Maria---
GRIMMER, Appollonia24 Apr 187728 Apr 1877Grimmer, JohnSCHEMEL, Anna---LANGHAUSER, Appolonia---
GRINE, Bertha Adelheid09 Jul 188819 Aug 1888Grine, AlbertKINDEL, NancyGANZ, RudolphNIEHOFF, Catharine---
GRINE, Colletta Wilhelmina01 Dec 188527 Dec 1885Grine, AlbertKENDEL, AntoinetteMUEHLING, FrancisREIF, Wilhelmina---
GROSS, Dominic (Twin)11 Feb 187612 Feb 1876Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, Maria AnnaKENNEL, DominicSCHEMEL, Anna---
GROSS, Francisca11 Oct 186710 Nov 1867Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, MagdalenaKÖLKER (Koelker), FrancisKoelker, Margaretha---
GROSS, Jacob16 Apr 187001 May 1870Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, MariannaHUBERTZ, JacobHubert, Katharina---
GROSS, Johann16 Dec 185923 Jan 1860Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, MariannaMazelhoff, JohannGross, Maria Elisabeth---
GROSS, Joseph08 Jun 186321 Jun 1863Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, MariaHUBERT, AntonMazelhoff, Margaretha---
GROSS, Maria Anna (Twin)11 Feb 187612 Feb 1876Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, Maria AnnaSCHEMEL, JohnKENNEL, Christina---
GROSS, Nicolaus31 Mar 186516 Apr 1865Gross, JosephMAZELHOFF, MariannaJACOBS, AntonARMSINGER, Magdalena---
GUBSER, Anna Barbara09 Nov 188402 Feb 1885Gubser, EdwardKREMER, CatharineSTEINER, Christian------
GUBSER, Eleonora Henrietta26 Nov 189010 Jun 1891Gubser, EdwardKRAEMER, Catharine---SCHAEL, Maria---
GUBSER, Nicolaus Edward16 Nov 188802 Jun 1889Gubser, EdwardKREMER, Catharine---WEBER, CatharineBaptized in Beaver Prairie, IL
GUBSER, Walter Joseph15 Nov 188626 Apr 1887Gubser, EdwardKREMER, Antonia Catharine---MEYER, Anna---
GUIDHUES, Anna Theresia23 Feb 186026 Feb 1860Guidhues, ChristopherKUPER, KatharinaSCHAFFEN, NicolausROHR, Marianna---
GUIDHUES, Bernhard Heinrich20 Dec 186129 Dec 1861Guidhues, ChristopherKYPER, KatharinaWILLER, BernhardTRIERWEILER, Clara---
GUIDHUES, Maria Theresia19 May 186419 May 1864Guidhues, ChristopherKUPER, Katharina---ROHR, Thecla---
GULSER, Nicolaus Joseph Henry23 Mar 188319 Jun 1883Gulser, EdwardKREMER, CatharineGulser, JosephKremer, Anna---
GUS, Amalia02 Dec 187016 Apr 1871Gus, FrancisNot listed, KatharinaMUNCH, Francis JosephMunch, Barbara---
HAAG, Albert Philipp11 Jun 189314 Jun 1893Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaROBERT, PhilippSchmidt, LouisaMarried Rosa HECKELBECK dau of B Heckelbeck & P THOUVENIN 11 Oct 1916 or 1911 in St. Louis, MO
HAAG, Albertina Helena10 Aug 188911 Aug 1889Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaHaag, AlbertBLUM, Helena---
HAAG, Alexander William25 Sep 189627 Sep 1896Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaKONRAD, Nicolaus W.GERBER, FranciscaMarried Margaret A. M. EVERSGERD 2 May 1922 in Germantown, IL
HAAG, Amanda Leona24 Sep 190027 Sep 1900Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaBRUEMMER, JohnBASLER, Amanda---
HAAG, Anna Maria16 Aug 188520 Aug 1885Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaROBERT, PhilippSchmidt, AnnaMarried Benjamin ALLEN (Non-Catholic) son of William Allen & Bernadina ROGERS in East St Louis 11 Nov 1909
HAAG, August Francis Xavier18 Aug 187921 Aug 1879Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaBOLLE, H. AugustSCHMIDT, Maria Eva---
HAAG, Christina Cecelia21 Feb 188823 Feb 1888Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaSchmidt, ConradROBERT, Christina---
HAAG, Dominica Henrietta16 Feb 189119 Feb 1891Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaBASLER, HenryROBERT, Maria---
HAAG, Edward Robert05 Jul 189507 Jul 1895Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaHaag, AlbertROBERT, AmandaMarried Wilhelmina SPAETH 18 May 1920
HAAG, Maria Dominica28 Sep 188102 Oct 1881Haag, AlexanderSCHMIDT, WilhelminaSchmidt, WilliamTIBBITTS, Maria---
HABICH, Anna Josephina10 Oct 189314 Oct 1893Habich, JohnWATTS, Anna Josephina---------
HABICH, Johann Maria10 Jan 187524 Jan 1875Habich, JohnBODE, ReginaFORSTER, JosephSCHILLING, Johanna Maria---
HABICH, John Andrew27 Oct 188515 Nov 1885Habich, JohnWATTS, Anna JosephinaBAUER, AndrewWatts, Henrietta---
HABICH, Wilhelmina Martha16 Sep 188318 Sep 1883Habich, JohnWATTS, AnnaHAAG, AlexanderHaag, Wilhelm---
HABIG, Maria Catharina05 Apr 187707 Apr 1877Habig, JohnBODE, Regina---POLLMANN, Maria Catharina---
HABIG, Michael29 Jan 188508 Feb 1885Habig, JohnBOTE, ReginaSCHILLING, MichaelSchilling, JoannaMarried Maria DEUTSCH 14 Oct (no year) in Breese, IL
HABIG, Peter22 Mar 187927 Apr 1879Habig, JohnBODE, ReginaLINARD, Peter---Married Minnie ABELN 6 Apr 1918 in St Francis Xavier in St Louis, MO
HADERLEIN, Anna Maria (Twin)22 Nov 188424 Nov 1884Haderlein, HenryWACHTER, Anna---HILDNER, Maria---
HADERLEIN, Christina27 Jun 188210 Jul 1882Haderlein, HenryWACHTER, AnnaWEBER, George------
HADERLEIN, Francis15 May 187710 Jun 1877Haderlein, HenryWACHTER, Anna Maria ESCH, FrancisTIBBETTS, Maria---
HADERLEIN, Frederick11 Feb 188617 Feb 1886Haderlein, HenryWACHTER, AnnaFEULNER, FrederickFeulner, Margaretha---
HADERLEIN, John10 Aug 187529 Aug 1875Haderlein, HenryWACHTER, AnnaLAMPEN, JohnWachter, Maria---
HADERLEIN, Nicolaus Arthur (Twin)22 Nov 188424 Nov 1884Haderlein, HenryWACHTER, AnnaHILDNER, Nicolaus------
HADERLEIN, Virgil F. Joseph14 Aug 190316 Aug 1903Haderlein, FrancisSCHLOTT, EmerentianaHaderlein, Joseph------
HADERLIN, Bernhard Heinrich16 Dec 186831 Jan 1869Haderlin, HenryNot listed, Anna Maria WILLER, BernhardWiller, Elizabeth---
HADERLIN, Elizabetha19 Mar 186721 Apr 1867Haderlin, HenryWACHER, Anna Margaretha---FRINTZEN, Gesina---
HADERLIN, Hermina Elizabeth21 May 187118 Jun 1871Haderlin, HenryWACHTER, AnnaSEIFFERT, CosmosSeiffert, Elizabeth---
HADERLIN, Maria Paulina25 Oct 187309 Nov 1873Haderlin, HenryWACHER, Anna MargarethaRUSHLAND, JohnRushland, Carolina---
HAEMMER, Philomena Maria Louisa24 Mar 189007 Apr 1890Haemmer, GeorgeLUTZ, BernardinaFRERKER, JohnFrerker, Philomena---
HAGEN, Martin28 Jan 186131 Mar 1861Hagen, Not listed---SCHAEFER, MartinHUBER, Katharina---
HAHL, Henry29 Oct 187711 Nov 1877Hahl, ChristopherESCH, MariaHEDERLEIN, HenryDOENNEWALD, Elizabeth---
HAIN, Francis Joseph26 Jan 186820 Apr 1868Hain, LawrenceNot listed, ElizabethHEINTZMANN, ValentinHeintzmann, Carolina---
HALLERMANN, Adolph Henry Melchior06 Jan 189809 Jan 1898Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, EmerentianaHallermann, HenryLEONARD, Catharine---
HALLERMANN, August Nicolaus01 Nov 187702 Nov 1877Hallermann, H. A.FRERKER, ElizabethWESTERMANN, AugustHUBERT, Eva---
HALLERMANN, Beatrice Christina31 Aug 190603 Sep 1906Hallermann, August W.VOLLMER, LouisaHallermann, W. H.FRERKER, ChristinaMarried Terrence HUGHES 27 Nov 192_ in Guthrie, OK
HALLERMANN, Carl Frederick17 Feb 187418 Feb 1874Hallermann, John HenryFREKE, ElizabethFreke, HermanSCHULTE, Carolina---
HALLERMANN, Edward William Herman05 May 189508 May 1895Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, Emma EleonoraHallermann, Herman JosephArmleder, Maria Anna---
HALLERMANN, Elizabeth Julia23 Jan 189224 Jan 1892Hallermann, HenryGALYON, JuliaFRERKER, John HermanHallermann, Maria Elisabeth---
HALLERMANN, Francis Mark07 Jul 189309 Jul 1893Hallermann, HenryGALYON, JuliaDIEKMANN, FrancisFRERKER, Emerentiana---
HALLERMANN, Francis William29 Jan 187631 Jan 1876Hallermann, H. H. FRERKER, ElizabethLEONHARD, William HenryMUEHLING, Catharina---
HALLERMANN, Henry Herman07 Feb 189509 Feb 1895Hallermann, J. Cl. HenryGALLYON, Julia AnnaHallermann, HermanLEONARD, CatharinaFamily is from Aviston, IL
HALLERMANN, Herman Alphonse09 Aug 190012 Aug 1900Hallermann, HenryGALLION, JuliaFRERKER, John HermanFrerker, Gertrude---
HALLERMANN, Johann Clemens Heinrich02 Dec 186702 Dec 1867Hallermann, HeinrichFREKE, ElizabethFreke, JohannLEONHARD, Katharina---
HALLERMANN, John Bernhard03 Sep 187105 Sep 1871Hallermann, HeinrichFREKE, ElizabethFreke, John HenryFreke, Emma---
HALLERMANN, John Herman09 Feb 187310 Feb 1873Hallermann, John H.FREKE, ElizabethSCHULTE, HeribertLANGE, Maria---
HALLERMANN, John Paul02 Mar 190308 Mar 1903Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, JuliaFRERKER, JohnHallermann, Louisa---
HALLERMANN, Leander August26 Sep 190129 Sep 1901Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, JuliaHallermann, AugustFRERKER, Emerentiana---
HALLERMANN, Loretta Maria (Twin)29 Sep 189604 Oct 1896Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, EmerentianaCOSTELLO, John M.DIEKMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
HALLERMANN, Maria Elizabetha07 Jan 187008 Jan 1870Hallermann, HeinrichFREKE, ElizabethLEONHARD, HenryWIEGERS, Maria---
HALLERMANN, Maria Elizabetha20 Feb 186923 Feb 1869Hallermann, HeinrichFREKE, ElizabethaFreke, JohannDULLE, Elizabetha---
HALLERMANN, Violet Rosa Maria12 Mar 190410 Apr 1904Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, JuliaBERGER, GeorgeCOSTELLO, MariaChild was Baptized when born so this is to verify and validate that Baptism. See Hallermann, Violet Rosa Maria
HALLERMANN, Walter Vincent (Twin)29 Sep 189604 Oct 1896Hallermann, WilliamARMLEDER, EmerentianaHallermann, ArnoldArmleder, Julia---
HALLERMANN, Wilhelmina Carolina23 Mar 188229 Mar 1882Hallermann, H. A.FRERKER, M. ElisabethFrerker, H.SCHULTE, Carolina---
HALLERMANN, William Henry Arnold07 Jun 189009 Jun 1890Hallermann, John Henry ClemensGALYON, JuliaHallermann, Fr. William A.Hallermann, M. Elisabeth---
HAMMEL, Anna Maria Elisabeth06 Mar 185825 Jun 1864Hammel, EverhardMOHR, Maria Anna ---CRAMER, Margaretha---
HAMMEL, Gottfried Joseph21 Mar 185525 Jun 1864Hammel, EverhardMOHR, Maria Anna CRAMER, Joseph------
HAMMEL, Wilhelm Joseph21 Feb 186225 Jun 1864Hammel, EverhardMOHR, Maria Anna CRAMER, Joseph------
HANDLEY, John George06 Feb 188707 Apr 1887Handley, JacobKIFFMEYER, AnnaKiffmeyer, BernardKiffmeyer, Catharine---
HANDLEY, Xavier02 Jan 189502 Mar 1895Handley, JacobKIFFMEYER, AnnaSCHICHTEL, PeterSchichtel, Anna---
HANEKE, Joseph16 Nov 187528 Nov 1875Haneke, TheodoreHUBERT, CatharinaHELLMANN, JosephHellmann, Theresia---
HÜLS (Huels), Paul Joseph12 Nov 189312 Nov 1893Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaDIFFENAUER, JosephHOTAPP, MathildaMarried Elisabeth HEMPEN 19 Nov 1919
HÜLS (Huels), Anthony Joseph24 Feb 188701 Mar 1887Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaDIEFENAUER, JosephKOCH, AnnaMarried Clara KREBS 20 Apr 1921 in Carlyle, IL
HÜLS (Huels), Eugenia Elisabeth31 Oct 188804 Nov 1888Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaHOTTAPP, B.GIESTING, Elisabeth---
HÜLS (Huels), Francis Louis15 Nov 189115 Nov 1891Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MarthaSeiffert, Peter LeoHOTAPP, CatharinaMarried (2nd?) to Ellen E. FAVIER (widow) on 1 Jun 1932 in St Louis, MO
HÜLS (Huels), Gerhard Henry14 Sep 189017 Sep 1890Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaHUELSKAMP, GerhardGEIGER, Josephina---
HÜLS (Huels), Henry25 Dec 188002 Jan 1881Huels, HenrySEYFFERT, MathildaKOCH, FrederickKUNKEL, Margaretha---
HÜLS (Huels), John Henry09 Dec 187710 Dec 1877Huels, HenrySEIFERT, MathildaSeifert, LeoKOCH, Louise---
HÜLS (Huels), Joseph Henry07 Mar 187910 Mar 1879Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaHOTAP, JosephGIESTING, Maria---
HÜLS (Huels), Leo Bernard01 May 188405 May 1884Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaPEPPENHORST, B.Seiffert, Emma---
HÜLS (Huels), Maria Anna05 Mar 187610 Mar 1876Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaKoch, JosephSeiffert, Martha---
HÜLS (Huels), Rosa Walburga13 Feb 188313 Feb 1883Huels, HenrySEIFFERT, MathildaGEIGER, AlexanderSeiffert, Walburga---
HART, Isabella26 May 186912 Sep 1869Hart, HeinrichO'CONNEL, MargaretO'CONNEL, HugoO'Connel, Elizabeth---
HARTLIP, William Henry18 Jan 187923 Feb 1879Hartlip, AugustPLEY, HelenaPOEHLER, HenryBROS, ElisabethChild is illegitimate.
HARTMAN, George Ignatius18 Nov 186802 Dec 1868Hartman, JohnBAPTISTE, ElizabethHECK, Ignatius------
HARTMANN, Carolina Johann04 Aug 187425 Oct 1874Hartmann, JohnBAPTIST, Elisabeth---HECK, Carolina---
HARTMANN, Jacob Edward01 Sep 187923 May 1880Hartmann, JohnBAPTIST, ElisabethBARTH, JacobBarth, Sophia---
HAVEKAMP, Johann Bernhard26 Feb 186706 Mar 1867Havekamp, Heinrich---KELLERMANN, Johann BernhardROGEN, Lena---
HAVERKAMP, Anna Christina1 May 186x01 Apr 1869Haverkamp, HeinrichNot listed, GesinaWESSELMANN, GerhardDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), ChristinaHer birth dates is questionable as it lists a May birth and an April Baptism. No year for the birth is listed.
HAVERKAMP, Heinrich04 Aug 186415 Aug 1864Haverkamp, HeinrichHESSLINGER, Anna ChristinaHEITGERS, HeinrichNIEHAUS, Katharina---
HAVERKAMP, Johann Clement21 Jan 186225 Jan 1862Haverkamp, BernhardNot listed, CatharinaROHR, JohannWILLER, Catharina---
HAVERKAMP, Katharina03 Jan 186125 Jan 1861Haverkamp, HeinrichBARKLETZ, KatharinaEWERING, GeorgeKÜPER (Kueper), Katharina---
HAWIG, George Wilhelm06 Jan 186618 Nov 1866Hawig, FrancisCUMMINGS, MariaTOYTE, Gerhard Wilhelm------
HECKELBECH, George Philipp06 Dec 187721 Apr 1878Heckelbech, GeorgeTHOUVENIN, PaulinaThouvenin, PhilippThouvenin, Elizabeth---
HECKELBECH, Louis24 Sep 188712 Feb 1888Heckelbech, GeorgeTHOUVENIN, PaulinaThouvenin, LouisHeckelbech, Coelestina---
HECKELBECH, Paulina Maria06 Apr 187915 Jun 1879Heckelbech, GeorgeTHOUVENIN, PaulinaHeckelbech, JohnThouvenin, StephanieAfter becoming widowed of Mr. Stolle, married Conrad HELDORF 29 May 1923 at St Agatha in St Louis, MO
HEDERHORST, Edward George20 Apr 187927 Apr 1879Hederhorst, FrederickASSINGER, TheresiaHOH, LandolinHoh, Theresia---
HEGE, Anna Maria28 Sep 187030 Sep 1870Hege, HermanHOLTHAUS, AnnaKRÜP (Kruep), John HermanKARHOF, Margaretha Maria---
HEIDGERS, Herman Heinrich21 Aug 186324 Aug 1863Heidgers, Johann HeinrichTALLKAMP, Not listed---------
HEINICKEL, Katharina29 Jul 186710 Nov 1867Heinickel, GeorgeNot listed, Eva---LEMMERT, Katharina---
HEINTZMANN, Anna Maria20 Nov 186316 Apr 1864Heintzmann, OscarVOLMER, Anna MariaBETELER, John BaptisteBeteler, Francisca---
HEINTZMANN, Francis Joseph10 Nov 186107 Apr 1862Heintzmann, Oswald---NEITETER, FranzNeiteter, Mrs. Franz---
HEINTZMANN, Magdalena01 May 186504 Jun 1865Heintzmann, OscarGRYLBAUM, MariaBATELE, FrancisBatele, Johanna---
HEINTZMANN, Maria Ida29 Apr 186028 Oct 1860Heintzmann, OswaldCHRISTBAUM, Maria AnnaBEDELER, Johann BaptistBedeler, Francisca---
HEINTZMANN, Vera23 Jun 186706 Nov 1867Heintzmann, OswaldGRIESBAUM, Anna MariaBESELER, Johann BaptisteBeseler, Francisca---
HEINZMAN, Engelbert22 Jan 187204 Aug 1872Heinzman, ClemensDEPUTIN, ElizabethaDeputin, Ludwig------
HEINZMAN, Louise Barbara07 Aug 186924 Apr 1870Heinzman, MichaelNot listed, ElisabethSPEISER, JosephSpeiser, Barbara---
HEINZMANN, Helena Elisabeth03 Jan 188303 Jun 1883Heinzmann, SebastianHILDNER, Elisabeth---HADERLEIN, Elisabeth---
HEITGERS, Johann Baptiste22 Nov 186603 Jan 1867Heitgers, HeinrichNETTEMEYER, ElisabethaMULLER, Johann BaptisteKORHOFF, Margaretha Maria---
HEITGERS, Johann Bernhard03 Mar 186508 Mar 1865Heitgers, HeinrichNETTEMEYER, ElisabethaWILLER, BernhardHAVERKAMP, Gesina---
HELD, August28 Sep 187126 May 1872Held, JonasPERRI, ElizabethPerri, David------
HELLING, Laura Elisabeth Clara18 Nov 186223 Nov 1862Helling, FrederickEIMER, Paulina---GANZ, Elisabetha---
HELLMANN, George William08 Feb 188208 Feb 1882Hellmann, WilliamLEONHARD, GertrudeLeonhard, GeorgeFRERKER, Catharina---
HELLMANN, Henry William08 Oct 188411 Oct 1884Hellmann, WilliamLEONARD, GertrudeHellmann, HenryLeonard, Maria---
HELLWEG, Anna Paulina26 May 186429 May 1864Hellweg, FrederickEIMER, Paulina---Eimer, Paulina Carolina---
HELLWEG, Edward Bernhard04 Aug 187409 Aug 1874Hellweg, FrederickEIMER, PaulinaDUNNEWALD, BernhardPARTONS, Emma---
HELLWEG, Elizabeth Theodora11 Jun 187513 Jun 1876Hellweg, FrederickEIMER, Paulina---GANZ, Elizabetha---
HELMER, Anna Maria27 Jan 187030 Jan 1870Helmer, HeinrichBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Maria---Brueggemann, Theresia---
HELMES, Herman Benedict09 Mar 186214 Mar 1862Helmes, Not listed---THEISSING, Herman BenedictBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Magdalena---
HELMICH, Alysia Crescentia12 Jun 186113 Jun 1861Helmich, AntonHOLDENER, AlysiaHoldener, WendelinHoldener, Carolina---
HEMARK, Anna Maria Katharina12 Mar 186714 Apr 1867Hemark, StephanMANER, KatharinaRUSSEL, JohnRussel, Allen---
HEMELGARN, Carolina18 Feb 188219 Feb 1882Hemelgarn, TheodoreSTERNBERG, MariaSCHULTE, JohnSchulte, Carolina---
HEMESLI, Xavier17 Sep 186524 Sep 1865Hemesli, StephanMAUER, KatharinaWEISSERT, XavierFRANTZEN, Gesina---
HEMPE, John Frederick24 Apr 188925 Apr 1889Hempe, Bernard HenrySCHIERMANN, CatharineSchiermann, John Fr.KREBS, Anna S.Married Monica HANBUDDE 28 May 1919 at Cordis Jesus in East St. Louis, IL
HEMPEN, Anna Maria21 Oct 188924 Oct 1889Hempen, AnthonyEVERS, MariaHempen, AugustROLFES, MagdalenaMarried William SAUTMANN 1 Jun 1917 in Carlyle, IL
HEMPEN, Bernard Henry15 Apr 188716 Apr 1887Hempen, Bernard HenrySCHIERMANN, CatharineFELDMANN, Bernard JosephFeldmann, M. Dorothea---
HEMPEN, Catharine Margaret21 Oct 189328 Oct 1893Hempen, AnthonyEVERS, Maria---WILKEN, Anna MargaretFather is from Wade Twp., IL
HEMPEN, Cecelia Maria21 Jul 190521 Jul 1905Hempen, FrancisHERMANN, CatharineHALLERMANN, WilliamKUNKEL, Mrs. PeterThis is a duplicate of a previous entry where the child is named Celeste Maria. Married Cecil MILLER 23 Apr 1941 at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, IL
HEMPEN, Celeste Maria12 Jul 190521 Jul 1905Hempen, FrancisHERMANN, CatharineHALLERMANN, WilliamKUNKEL, Mrs. Peter---
HEMPEN, Elisabeth25 May 189327 May 1893Hempen, HenrySCHIERMANN, CatharineSchiermann, HenrySchiermann, ElisabethMarried Paul J. HEUELS 19 Nov 1919
HEMPEN, Herman Henry02 Jun 189104 Jun 1891Hempen, Bernard HenrySCHIERMANN, CatharineSchiermann, Eberhard HenrySchiermann, Maria ElisabethMarried Rosa Francisca LUEBBERS 15 Jun 1921 in Carlyle, IL
HEMPEN, Jacob Louis04 Jul 190107 Jul 1901Hempen, HenryRAUSCH, EvaRausch, JacobRausch, Clara---
HEMPEN, John Bernard13 Oct 188715 Oct 1887Hempen, AnthonyEVERS, MariaWILKEN, John BernardHempen, Maria Ang.Married Catharine POEHLER 29 Oct 1919 in Carlyle, IL
HEMPEN, Maria Adelheid Antonia19 Sep 189822 Sep 1898Hempen, AnthonyEVERS, Maria GesinaEVERDING, GerhardSCHUETTE, Maria AdelheidMarried Leo A.KAHLIN 12 Jan 1921
HEMPEN, Maria Rosina02 Sep 189105 Sep 1891Hempen, AnthonyEVERS, MariaWILKEN, HenryROHDE, Maria---
HENKE, Anna Maria26 Aug 186806 Sep 1868Henke, BernhardBROCKMANN, Helena MargarethaROHR, JohnROHR, Anna Maria---
HENKE, Heinrich Gerhard31 Oct 186302 Nov 1863Henke, WilhelmNot listed, HelenaTOENIGES, AlbertTHEISSING, Isabella---
HENKE, Maria Gesina11 Jan 186713 Jan 1867Henke, HeinrichWICKER, HelenaSCHMETS, HermanHenke, Maria Gesina---
HENKE, Maria Helena23 Sep 186827 Sep 1868Henke, WilliamNot listed, Maria HelenaLOEDICKE, Bernhard HeinrichWILKER, Anna Maria---
HENKEL, Mathilda18 Oct 186825 Oct 1868Henkel, OswaldNot listed, MariannaSEIFFERT, CosmosSeiffert, Mathilda---
HENKEL, Paulina Johanna16 Mar 187808 Sep 1878Henkel, CarlDECKER, MariaROHRBACHER, JacobSCHUMACHER, Johanna---
HENKEL, Thomas Jacob01 Oct 187331 May 1874Henkel, CarlTEKEL, MariaBARTH, JacobKEUGE, Sophia---
HENKEN, Anna Agnes22 Jan 190429 Jan 1904Henken, NorbertPOLLMANN, Maria HelenaHenken, Gerhard H.DUMHOFF, Maria AnnaMarried Gerhard H. Warnecke 3 Oct 1923 at St Dominic in Breese, IL. The Henken priest is from Marydale, IL
HENKEN, Carl Henry10 Sep 190512 Sep 1905Henken, NorbertPOHLMANN, HelenHenken, Rev. JosephPohlmann, Rosa---
HENKEN, Helena Catharina23 May 190024 May 1900Henken, NorbertPOLLMANN, HelenaPollmann, HermanHenken, HelenaFather is from Irishtown and mom is from Beaver Prairie, IL
HENSSLER, Emma01 May 186323 Aug 1863Henssler, PhilippNot listed, TheresiaKLAUS, AndrewKlaus, Mrs. Andrew---
HEROE, Wilhelm21 Dec 186001 Dec 1867Heroe, FrancisPARKER, FannySPARKS, WilhelmSparks, Julia---
HERZOG, Caspar19 Mar 186526 Mar 1865Herzog, FrancisPFEIFER, MariannaKREBS, CasparROHR, Katharina---
HERZOG, Clara Maria14 Jun 190116 Jun 1901Herzog, AnthonyRAUSCH, MariaERLINGER, LouisRausch, Clara---
HERZOG, Elisabeth10 Jun 186024 Jun 1860Herzog, FrancisPFEIFER, ElisabethHUBERT, AntonHubert, Elisabeth (Mrs. Anton)---
HERZOG, Francis Anthony Bernard08 Jan 189611 Jan 1896Herzog, AnthonyRAUSCH, MariaHerzog, FrancisFRERKER, Emmerentiana---
HERZOG, Margaretha15 Jun 186206 Jul 1862Herzog, FrancisPFEIFER, MariannaHUBERT, FrancisMAZEHOFF, Margaretha---
HERZOG, Maria25 Feb 186825 Mar 1868Herzog, FrancisPFEIFER, MariannaHUBERT, FrancisHubert, Maria Elizabeth---
HESSLER, Coelestin Louis17 May 186528 May 1865Hessler, CoelestinFISHER, MariaSCHICK, Louis------
HESSLER, Elisabeth03 Feb 186216 Mar 1862Hessler, Coledin---ROHRBACHER, JacqueJUNKER, Elisabeth---
HESSLER, Magdalena04 Nov 186325 Dec 1863Hessler, ColectinFISHER, MariaWIETMER, AloysiusROHRBACHER, Magdalena---
HIFFMEYER, Bernhard Heinrich25 Jul 186326 Jul 1863Hiffmeyer, HeinrichSCHWAKE, CatharinaSchwake, HenryROH, Maria---
HILAN, Maria28 Jul 186905 Sep 1869Hilan, DennisKORKE, MariaBORK, ThomasSCHILDERSON, Maria---
HILARY, Joseph08 Jul 188214 Jul 1882Hilary, MichaelMOVERY, MariaMUEHLING, FrancisFLANAGAN, Catharina---
HILARY, Maria 25 Mar 188105 Apr 1881Hilary, MichaelMOVERY, MariaSTAFFORD, JohnHOSTART, Brigitta---
HILDENER, George John27 Aug 188104 Sep 1881Hildener, NicolausDOTZMANN, Maria CatharinaDotzmann, JohnHildener, AnnaThe name Hildener has the "e" after the d crossed out. Ordained to priesthood 18 Jun 1905
HILDNER, Anna Amanda27 Sep 188314 Oct 1883Hildner, NicolausDOTZMANN, Maria C.BOSCHE, ChristianRICKMANN, Susanna---
HILDNER, Elisabeth Margaret13 Oct 185831 Jul 1859Hildner, FrederickFEULNER, Elisabeth---ADAM, BarbaraDates appear in copy of entry.
HILMES, Anna Elisabeth19 Nov 190020 Nov 1900Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, AngelaDIEKEMPER, HenryHilmes, AnnaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
HILMES, Anna M. Bernardina10 Feb 190410 Feb 1904Hilmes, BernardMAEHLMANN, AnnaHilmes, HermanMaehlmann, Anna Maria---
HILMES, Anna Wilhelmina25 Oct 190528 Oct 1905Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, AngelaSIEMER, WilliamWESSELMANN, Anna Maria---
HILMES, Carolina M. Elisabeth27 Apr 189929 Apr 1899Hilmes, BernardMAEHLMANN, AnnaMaehlmann, JosephHilmes, Maria Angela---
HILMES, Helena Elisabeth23 Oct 189225 Oct 1892Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, Angela M.Hilmes, BernardDIEKEMPER, Helena---
HILMES, Henry Anthony02 Jun 190203 Jun 1902Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, AngelaWilken, HenrySIEMER, AnnaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
HILMES, Johann Heinrich27 Aug 186629 Aug 1866Hilmes, JohannBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), MariaBrueggemann, Herman HeinrichHilmes, Anna Margaret---
HILMES, John Bernard30 Dec 189401 Jan 1895Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, AngelaHilmes, JohnWilken, Maria---
HILMES, John Frederick29 Mar 190730 Mar 1907Hilmes, BernardMAEHLMANN, AnnaMaehlmann, JosephHilmes, AngelaMarried outside church to Juanita KINDELL in 1931 -divorced. Married Dora KEMJUN in 1941 in Herman, MO. This record made 2 Jul 1963
HILMES, John Joseph Robert02 Jan 190204 Jan 1902Hilmes, BernardMAEHLMANN, AnnaHilmes, JohnKELLERMANN, CatharineMarried Evelyn RUNG 27 Jun 1928 at St F___? In St. Louis, MO
HILMES, Margaret Henrietta10 Jan 189712 Jan 1897Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, AngelaHilmes, HenryWilken, AnnaMarried Aloysius SCHIERMANN 24 Aug 1921
HILMES, Maria Angela21 May 189023 May 1890Hilmes, John HermanWILKEN, AngelaWilken, JohnHilmes, Maria Angela---
HILMES, Maria Antonia13 Oct 189414 Oct 1894Hilmes, HenryHEMPEN, Maria AngelaHempen, AnthonyHilmes, Maria Angela---
HILMES, Rosina Maria10 Sep 189812 Sep 1898Hilmes, HermanWILKEN, AngelaWilken, John BernardHilmes, Maria AngelaMarried Frederick LAKE 7 Oct 1924
HILTNER, Anna Margaret18 Sep 186219 Oct 1862Hiltner, FrederickWAGNER, Gertrude---Wagner, Anna Margaretha---
HILTNER, Marianna06 Jan 186519 Mar 1865Hiltner, FrederickWACHTER, Gertrude---ITSH, Barbara---
HINTZ, Frederick17 Nov 186310 Dec 1863Hintz, Francis Not listed, Katharina---HUTMACHER, Josephina---
HINTZ, Marianna20 Sep 186122 Apr 1862Hintz, Francis AntonNot listed, Anna KatharinaMÜNCH (Muench), Francis JosephMuench, Barbara---
HODAP, Cora Isabella07 Oct 188315 Oct 1883Hodap, JohnKUNKEL, Susanna---STEIN, Maria Catharine---
HODAP, Louis Edward19 Aug 188326 Aug 1883Hodap, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethMonken, LouisMonken, Magdalena---
HODAPP, Catharine Emilia08 May 190510 May 1905Hodapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethVOSS, JohnVoss, Catharine---
HODAPP, Henry Edward22 Feb 188901 Mar 1889Hodapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHÜLS (Huels), HenrySeiffert, Emerentiana---
HODAPP, John Erhard28 Aug 188501 Sep 1885Hodapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethHodapp, JosephHodapp, Martha ---
HODAPP, Maria Elisabeth16 Aug 188018 Aug 1880Hodapp, JohnACKERMANN, SusannaHodapp, JosephMUEHLING, MariaMarried P. L. Sucher son of L. Sucher & Klotilda HURST 21 May 1913 in Freeburg, IL
HODDER, Helena23 Aug 187110 Sep 1871Hodder, GeorgeMURPHY, KatharinaMULKAHY, TimothyMulkahy, Margaret---
HODDER, John18 Mar 187521 Mar 1875Hodder, GeorgeMURPHY, CatharinaMurphy, PatrickLUBY, Joanna---
HODDER, Maria 09 Apr 186918 Apr 1869Hodder, GeorgeMURPHY, KatharinaMARTIN, MichaelMartin, Hena---
HOFFMAN, Henry17 Nov 187120 Nov 1871Hoffman, ConradKEH___, Maria MargaretREIS, HenryReis, Josephina---
HOFFMANN, Anna Bertha20 Jan 187810 Feb 1878Hoffmann, ConradNot listed, Margaretha---KUEPER, Anna---
HOFFMANN, Anna Maria18 Dec 188019 Dec 1880Hoffmann, HenryDETER, AnnaADAM, JosephLÜPKE (Luepke), Anna Maria---
HOFFMANN, Carl30 Sep 185908 Apr 1893Hoffmann, AugustHOFFMANN, Louisa---MULCAHEY, HelenaNew convert. Mom's maiden name unsure of.
HOFFMANN, Francis Paul27 Jan 186820 Apr 1868Hoffmann, NicolausHARLAN, Elisabetha---KRAMER, Katharina---
HOFFMANN, Frederick William18 May 187407 Jun 1874Hoffmann, ConradKAEHN, MariaHENSCHTLER, WilliamHERZOG, Catharina---
HOFFMANN, Helen23 Jan 189226 Jan 1892Hoffmann, CarlMULCAHEY, MariaMulcahey, TimMulcahey, Elisabeth---
HOFFMANN, Joel Rudolph24 May 186120 Apr 1868Hoffmann, NicolausHARLAN, ElisabethaACKERMANN, Paul------
HOFFMANN, Johann Wilhelm09 Mar 185927 Apr 1859Hoffmann, HeinrichSTABAUM, Maria ClaraROHR, Johann------
HOFFMANN, Leona Agnes18 Aug 188631 Aug 1886Hoffmann, ConradKEHN, Margaret---HEITMEIER, Maria A.---
HOFFMANN, Louis Edward25 Nov 186320 Apr 1868Hoffmann, NicolausHARLAN, ElisabethaACKERMANN, Paul------
HOFFMANN, Maria Laura Clara06 Feb 188114 Feb 1881Hoffmann, ConradKEHRS, MariaSOUTIER, ClarenceLANGE, EugenieMarried Orville Wm MARCHAUS 28 Nov 1914 in Carlyle, IL
HOFFMANN, Maria Louisa27 Jan 188901 Feb 1889Hoffmann, CarlMULCAHY, MariaROACH, EdwardBROWN, Sarah---
HOFFMANN, Martha Wilhelmina18 Mar 188008 Apr 1880Hoffmann, ConradKEHM, Margaret---DOLISE, Maria---
HOFFMANN, Olga Elicia Catharine08 May 188415 May 1884Hoffmann, ConradKEHM, MargaretBAPPERT, JosephWEBER, Catharine---
HOHL, Margaretha06 Mar 187020 Mar 1870Hohl, ChristianITSH, Maria KEIM, ThomasHILTN__, Margaretha Elizabetha---
HOHL, Wilhelmina Christina25 Feb 187429 Mar 1874Hohl, ChristianITSCH (Esch), MariaHILDNER, NicolausSCHMIDT, Philippina---
HOLDENER, Aloysia Veronica Crescentia18 Jul 186230 Jul 1862Holdener, WendelREITERMANN, CrescentiaHELMICH, AntonHoldener, Aloysia (Alice)---
HOLDENER, Carolina Bernardina29 Sep 188504 Oct 1885Holdener, JuliusPOSEY, Dora---EVERS, Catharina---
HOLDENER, Francis Dominic11 Jul 187411 Jul 1874Holdener, DominicBERGER, FranciscaBerger, MatthewHoldener, Bernardina---
HOLDENER, Henry Leander21 Aug 187622 Aug 1876Holdener, DominicBERGER, FranciscaEVERS, HenryBerger, Emma---
HOLDENER, Josephina Cleopha19 Feb 189321 Feb 1893Holdener, JuliusPOSEY, Dorothea---Holdener, Josephina---
HOLDENER, Maria Olive28 Mar 187629 Mar 1876Holdener, JosephHAULKE, BernardinaKLEIN, PeterKlein, MariaMarried Roy E. Miller (non-Catholic) at St. Vincent's on 29 Jan 1936. [Note written by both Holdener and Rausch woman]
HOLDENER, Meinrad Adolph31 Jul 187831 Jul 1878Holdener, DominicBERGER, FranciscaETTER, MeinradEVERS, Catherine---
HOLDENER, Sulitae23 Jun 1859---Holdener, WendelREITERMANN, EvaHoldener, MichaelHoldener, Anna MariaDates appear in copy of entry.
HOLDNER, Joseph Evarist23 May 186930 May 1869Holdner, DominicNot listed, FranciscaTHOMASON, NicolausTOUFNER, Maria---
HOLDNER, Anna Maria31 Mar 187101 Apr 1871Holdner, DominicBERGEN, Anna MariaHoldner, MichaelBergen, Francisca---
HOLDNER, Dominic19 May 186821 May 1868Holdner, JosephHUNECKE, WilhelminaHoldner, DominicKARHOF, Maria---
HOLDNER, Francisca Cecelia26 Aug 188427 Aug 1884Holdner, DominicBERGER, FranciscaBerger, GeorgeBerger, LouisaMarried Aloysius HAHN 26 Aug 1923 in St Mary Carlyle, IL
HOLDNER, Maria Josephina24 Feb 187425 Feb 1874Holdner, JosephHUNEKE, BernhardinaEVERS, HenryKARHOF, Maria---
HOLDNER, Theresia Josephina01 Nov 187102 Nov 1871Holdner, JosephHUNEKE, BernhardinaBERGER, MatthewHuneke, Theresia---
HOLDNER, Wilhelmina Katharina02 Mar 186606 Mar 1866Holdner, JosephHUNECKE, BernadinaHunecke, WilhelmEVERT, Katharina---
HOLLMANN, Paulina Laura16 Oct 186522 Jul 1866Hollmann, ErnstMÜLLER (Mueller), LauraREIS, HeinrichHILTEN, Paulina---
HOLTGRAVE, Edwin Rudolph27 Apr 189029 Apr 1890Holtgrave, StephanTIMMERMANN, ElizabethHoltgrave, HermanHEIDEMANN, Elisabeth---
HOLTGRAVE, Maria Elizabeth19 Aug 187622 Aug 1876Holtgrave, HenrySCHWETMANN, MinaHOFFMANN, HenrySCHURMANN, Maria Elizabeth---
HOLTGREVE, Herman Henry12 Apr 188614 Apr 1886Holtgreve, StephanTIMMERMANN, ElizabethTimmermann, HermanHoltgrave, Elisabeth---
HOLTGREVE, Joseph11 Nov 188818 Nov 1888Holtgreve, StephanTIMMERMANN, ElizabethHoltgreve, HenryTimmermann, Anna---
HOLTGREVE, Martin Francis30 Jan 188201 Feb 1882Holtgreve, StephanTIMMERMANN, ElizabethREINEKE, MartinTimmermann, Elisabeth Married 2 Jun 1915 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer to Helena ROLNNAK b. 16 Jan 1889
HOLTGREVE, Rosa Elisabeth21 Jul 188423 Jul 1884Holtgreve, StephanTIMMERMANN, ElizabethTimmermann, FrancisTimmermann, Elisabeth---
HOLTHAUS, Anna Francisca Regina04 Apr 190404 Apr 1904Holthaus, HenryREVERMANN, ElisabethSCHWIERJOHANN, FrancisGALAR, Anna---
HOLTHAUS, Henry August02 Jan 190304 Jan 1903Holthaus, HenryREVERMANN, ElisabethRevermann, HenrySCHLEPER, Catharine---
HOLTHAUS, John Bernard Joseph04 Dec 190105 Dec 1901Holthaus, HenryREVERMANN, ElisabethRevermann, BernardTAPHORN, LouisaMarried Janina TYLE 29 Jan 1935 at St. Clements in Chicago, IL. She died 26 Mar 1953
HOLTHAUS, Nicolaus Francis19 May 190521 May 1905Holthaus, HenryREVERMANN, ElisabethGEHRS, NicolausRevermann, MinnaMarried Irena ROSS 12 Apr 1932 at Blessed Sacrament in Chicago, IL
HOLZ, Francis Nicolaus04 Apr 187424 Apr 1874Holz, StephanJOYEL, Adelina---Joyel, Angelina---
HONDLE, Carl Henry02 Jul 188103 Jul 1881Hondle, JacobKIFFMEIER, AnnaKiffmeier, HenryKiffmeier, Catharine---
HONDLEY, Martha Helena25 Jul 188921 Aug 1889Hondley, JacobKIFFMEYER, Anna---KAHRHOFF, Anna---
HONDLEY, Olivia Francisca17 Jun 189226 Jun 1892Hondley, JacobKIFFMEIER, Anna---KEAS, Christina---
HONDLEY, William Jacob05 Sep 188309 Dec 1883Hondley, JacobKIFFMEIER, AnnaKiffmeier, Bernard HenryKiffmeier, Magdalena---
HONKAMP, Lawrence19 Oct 186028 Oct 1860Honkamp, FrancisNot Listed, CatharinaHUBER, LawrenceROHR, Maria---
HOSSEL, Maria08 Mar 186819 Apr 1868Hossel, ChristianISH, MariaIsh, PeterIsh, Barbara---
HOSTAT, Henry15 Apr 188128 Apr 1881Hostat, JohnMURPHY, AmandaFITZSIMMONS, EdwardBAQUET, Rosa---
HOSTEDT, Clara17 Jun 188228 Jun 1882Hostedt, JohnMURPHY, AmandaGRINE, R.KOHLHOFF, Maria---
HOTAP, Anna Mathilda28 Aug 187931 Aug 1879Hotap, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHUELS, HenryHuels, Mathilda---
HOTAP, Bernard01 Feb 188106 Feb 1881Hotap, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHotap, BernardSeiffert, Walburga---
HOTAP, Francis Bernard19 Jan 188226 Jan 1882Hotap, JohnKUNKEL, SusannaPEPPENHORST, N. B.STEIN, Theresia---
HOTAP, Maria Catharina08 Dec 187709 Dec 1877Hotap, JosephSEIFERT, MarthaHotap, EverhardHotap, Catharina---
HOTAPP, Albert Henry11 Aug 189515 Aug 1895Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethHÜLS (Huels), HenryMonken, MariaCivil marriage to Hannah BERRY annulled 31 Jan 1955. Married Cornelia LOEPKER 8 Feb 1955 at St Catherine in Pagedale, MO
HOTAPP, August Joseph13 Jan 190219 Jan 1902Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethACKERMANN, AugustHotapp, MathildaFamily is from Sante Fe Twp, IL
HOTAPP, Edward Caspar04 Oct 189908 Oct 1899Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethKREBS, CasparKrebs, Anna---
HOTAPP, Emerentiana Elisabeth24 Jul 188626 Jul 1886Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaJOFFRAY, LouisDIFFENAUER, Elisabeth---
HOTAPP, Erhard Anthony18 Nov 189023 Nov 1890Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHÜLS (Huels), John HenryHuels, Maria---
HOTAPP, Frederick Bernard19 Sep 188722 Sep 1887Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethMonken, FrederickMonken, Magdalena---
HOTAPP, Helena Emerentiana23 May 189727 May 1897Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethSEIFFERT, LeoSeiffert, EmerentianaMarried Joseph Leo SCHMIDT 28 Nov 1922
HOTAPP, John Leo08 Dec 188212 Dec 1882Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaSeiffert, LeoHotapp, ElisabethMarried Elizabeth ERLINGER 12 Apr 1932 in Sparta, IL
HOTAPP, Joseph Theobald19 Oct 188424 Oct 1884Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaPFEIFER, Joseph Th.Seifert, WalburgaMarried 16 Nov 1915 to Catharine ISAAK at St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
HOTAPP, Rosina Amelia17 Oct 189721 Oct 1897Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHotapp, LouisJOFFRAY, Anna Maria---
HOTAPP, Stephan Francis25 Sep 189228 Sep 1892Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethACKERMANN, StephanAckermann, Maria---
HOTAPP, Walburga Martha19 May 189523 May 1895Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHÜLS (Huels), JosephHuels, Mathilda---
HOTAPP, Walter Theobald08 Mar 189012 Mar 1890Hotapp, BernardMONKEN, ElisabethPFEIFER, TheobaldHotapp, CatharinaMarried Elisabeth Cecelia KOHLBRECHER 5 Sep 1923 in Carlyle, IL
HOTAPP, William Francis14 Jan 189217 Jan 1892Hotapp, JosephSEIFFERT, MarthaHÜLS (Huels), JohnHuels, Maria---
HOULET, Johanna17 Mar 187416 Apr 1887Houlet, HenryMCGAFFIGAN, Margaret---MCLAREN, Helena---
HOULET, Mary Agnes16 Jan 187231 Jan 1883Houlet, HenryMCGAFFIGAN, Margaret------She died the day of her Baptism by Rev B Fresenburg.
HOULET, Rosa Anna28 Jun 186819 Apr 1884Houlet, HenryMCGAFFIGAN, Margaret---MURRAY, Maria---
HOVEL, Anna Maria17 Oct 186621 Oct 1866Hovel, BernhardKULMANN, Maria LenaSCHALLE, JosephLAGER, Agnes---
HOWLLET, John Henry28 Nov 188215 Apr 1883Howlett, Th. HenryMCGAFFIGAN, MargaretMURRAY, HugoMCLAREN, Josephina---
HUBERT, Alphonse26 May 189309 Jul 1893Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaHubert, LawrenceHubert, Wilhelmina---
HUBERT, Amanda Agnes10 Jan 188518 Jan 1885Hubert, John E.O'HARNETT, ElisabethHubert, AnthonyHubert, Amanda---
HUBERT, Anna Amanda15 Dec 189706 Feb 1898Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaWUEST, Jacob---Married Francis MEHNTEN (Non-Catholic) 18 Jun 1921 in Oklahoma City, OK
HUBERT, Anthony Aloysius09 Jun 189511 Jun 1895Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaHAGIN, LutherHagin, Alexia---
HUBERT, Anthony Jacob07 Sep 187626 Nov 1876Hubert, FrancisO'HARNET, AmandaHubert, AnthonySCHLAFLY, Catharina---
HUBERT, Anthony Joseph22 Jul 187515 Aug 1875Hubert, AnthonyKORN, EvaHubert, AnthonyHubert, Elizabeth---
HUBERT, Antonia Katharina Francisca Regina09 Mar 186709 Mar 1867Hubert, Anthony---____, AloysiusGEHRS, Maria Note indicates this child was adopted by TORCH.
HUBERT, August Othello20 May 188729 May 1887Hubert, JohnO'HARNETT, ElisabethWESTERMANN, AugustSCHLAFLY, Catharina---
HUBERT, Carl Fridolin19 Apr 189008 Jun 1890Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaHubert, Anthony J.SCHLAFLY, Catherine---
HUBERT, Carl Morris Francis29 Dec 187428 Feb 1875Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, Amanda---Hubert, Elizabeth---
HUBERT, Clara Emerentiana22 Mar 188226 Mar 1882Hubert, Jr., AnthonyKORN, Eva K.WESTERMANN, AugustFRERKER, Emma---
HUBERT, Dominic Theodore (Twin)09 Nov 188112 Nov 1881Hubert, AnthonyKENNELL, ChristinaKennell, DominicHubert, Wilhelmina---
HUBERT, Edwin Conrad20 Jan 190028 Jan 1900Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaRAUSCH, ConradRausch, MargaretMarried Agnes SCHNEIDER (From _attmann, TX) 24 Jun 1930
HUBERT, Edwin Raymond Carl06 Jun 189605 Jul 1896Hubert, JohnO'HARNETT, ElisabethHubert, CarlSCHLAFLY, Jr., HelenaFamily is from St. Louis, MO in St. Vincent Church
HUBERT, Eleonora Elisabeth12 Oct 190113 Oct 1901Hubert, Jacob DOENNEWALD, AnnaBASLER, HenryDoennewald, ElisabethMarried Cler Omar PATILLO from Corpus Christi, TX 6 Nov 1923 (Mixed religion marriage)
HUBERT, Elizabeth27 Jan 187807 Apr 1878Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaHubert, LawrenceWESTERMANN, Elizabeth---
HUBERT, Francis John12 Sep 187920 Dec 1879Hubert, FrancisO'HARNET, AmandaHubert, Jr. A.WEAST, Rhoda---
HUBERT, Fridolin29 Oct 188211 Feb 1883Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaSCHLAFLY, FridolinWUEST, Maria---
HUBERT, Genevieve14 Dec 189127 Dec 1891Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaWESTERMANN, WilliamSCHLAFLY, Helena---
HUBERT, Helena12 Aug 188115 Apr 1882Hubert, LawrenceSHARP, FloraHubert, AnthonySCHLAFLY, Catharina---
HUBERT, Jacob14 Jun 188117 Jul 1881Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaHubery, John---Married 17 Apr 1917 in Belleville, IL to Mat__ E. BASS (not-Baptized).
HUBERT, Joseph Herman01 Jun 187816 Jun 1878Hubert, AnthonyKORN, EvaFRERKER, HermanSCHLAFLY, Catharine---
HUBERT, Josephina 02 Apr 188411 May 1884Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaWESTERMANN, August------
HUBERT, Lawrence Anthony (Twin)09 Nov 188112 Nov 1881Hubert, AnthonyKENNELL, ChristinaHubert, LawrenceKennell, CatharinaMarried Amelia WALKA (?) 27 Nov 1917 in Lively Grove, IL
HUBERT, Lawrence Coelestin16 Feb 188421 Feb 1884Hubert, NicolausHASLER, MagdalenaHubert, Sr., LawrenceROHRBACHER, Magdalena---
HUBERT, Leo05 Jul 188704 Sep 1887Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaHubert, Sr., AnthonyWUEST, CeceliaMarried Bertha DOODI (Non-Catholic) in Belleville, IL (no date)
HUBERT, Lois Elisabeth21 Aug 188926 Jan 1890Hubert, LawrenceSHARP, FloraHubert, Jr., Anthony------
HUBERT, Maria28 Sep 188106 Nov 1881Hubert, JohnO'HARNETT, Sarah E.WUEST, JacobWuest, Elisabeth---
HUBERT, Maria Delphina02 Nov 185826 Dec 1858Hubert, AnthonyKONTNER, Maria---------
HUBERT, Maria Elisabeth Clara15 Jan 189006 Apr 1890Hubert, JohnO'HARNETT, ElisabethHubert, FrancisWESTERMANN, Elisabeth---
HUBERT, Nicolaus13 Feb 188421 Feb 1884Hubert, AnthonyKENNELL, ChristinaHubert, NicolausGROSS, Maria A.---
HUBERT, Paul12 Sep 188807 Oct 1888Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaDEMMING, A. (Priest)WUEST, Anna M.---
HUBERT, Theodore06 Dec 188520 Dec 1885Hubert, FrancisO'HARNETT, AmandaWUEST, TheodoreHubert, Eva---
HUEHNE, Andrew05 Jul 186718 Aug 1867Huehne, PeterKOLN, MargarethaJAER, AndrewROHR, Anna---
HUEHNE, Maria Margaret08 Nov 188109 Nov 1881Huehne, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaRU_USS, WilliamKOCH, Margaret---
HUENE, John 03 Jan 188409 Jan 1884Huene, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaKOCH, JohnBECKER, ElisabethMarried Rosa GRAWE 13 Apr 1910 in Bartelso, IL
HUENE, John Eberhard19 Dec 187722 Dec 1877Huene, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaWoestmann, Eberhard------
HUENE, Joseph Lawrence10 Aug 187611 Aug 1876Huene, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaHuene, George JosephLANGE, Maria---
HUENE, Theodore Henry09 Sep 187914 Sep 1879Huehne, AugustWOESTMANN, CatharinaBECKER, HenryBecker, Elisabeth---
HUGELY, Bernhard Clement26 Aug 186616 Oct 1869Hugely, JohnWODDE, AbbyLUTZ, Bernhard------
HUGELY, Jacob William04 Jul 186316 Oct 1869Hugely, JohnWODDE, AbbyWEAST, WilhelmWEAST, Susanna---
HUGHES, Elizabeth Jane05 Sep 187229 Sep 1872Hughes, PeterTOOMY, MariaO'NEAL, JamesO'Neal, Jane---
HUGHES, Jacob08 Mar 186517 Mar 1865Hughes, PeterTOOMY, MariaToomy, WilhelmToomy, Elisabeth---
HUGHES, John12 Aug 187027 Aug 1870Hughes, PeterTOOMY, MariaToomy, TimothyToomy, Anna---
HUGHES, John Hugo05 Aug 190515 Aug 1905Hughes, PeterOGLE, FlorenceHughes, PeterHughes, MaryNote indicates he was born as OGLE. Married Helen NOTHAUS 5 Aug 1941
HUGHES, Margaret Agnes18 Apr 187609 May 1876Hughes, PeterTOOMEY, MariaMCGAFFIGAN, Andrew, Jr.Toomey, Joanna---
HUGHES, Maria Anna14 Jan 190727 Jan 1907Hughes, PeterOGLE, FlorenceDIERKES, GeorgeHughes, Anna---
HUGHES, Peter William11 Aug 187430 Aug 1874Hughes, PeterTOOMEY, MariaROGAN, LouisRogan, Maria---
HUNE, Gerhard August15 Mar 187417 Mar 1874Hune, AugustWEAST, KatharinaHuene, GerhardLAMPEN, Margaretha---
HUNECKER, Wilhelmina Katharina11 Feb 186812 Feb 1868Hunecker, TheodoreHUBERT, KatharinaHunecker, WilhelmHubert, Wilhelmina---
HUNEKE, Anton24 Aug 187127 Aug 1871Huneke, TheodoreHUBERT, KatharinaHubert, AntonKARHOF, Maria---
HUNEKE, Theodore William18 Sep 187321 Sep 1873Huneke, TheodoreHUBERT, KatharinaHuneke, WilliamHubert, Elizabeth---
HUSMANN, Bernard Henry20 Apr 188222 Apr 1882Husmann, HenryIBIG, ClaraHusmann, Bernard HenryHusmann, Anna M.---
HUSSMANN, Anna Maria Cecelia10 Jun 188013 Jun 1880Hussmann, HenryIBIG, ClaraHussmann, BernardHussmann, Anna---
HUSSMANN, Bernard Henry22 Feb 188124 Feb 1881Hussmann, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaHussmann, GerhardNIEHENKE, Theresia---
HUSSMANN, Bernard Leon24 Jan 189226 Jan 1892Hussmann, HenryWOODS, Adelaid AgnesHussmann, BernardWEAST, RhodaFrom Bartelso, IL
HUSSMANN, Catharine Elisabeth19 Aug 187820 Aug 1878Hussmann, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaNIEHENKE, HenryBECKER, Catharine---
HUSSMANN, Gerhard Henry12 Jan 187214 Jan 1872Hussmann, BernhardSCHULTE, MariaHussmann, Gerhard HeinrichBECKER, Katharina---
HUSSMANN, Henry Clemens21 Nov 186823 Nov 1868Hussmann, BernhardSCHULTE, Maria Hussmann, HenryBECKER, Katharina---
HUSSMANN, Henry Clemens Aloysius10 Jun 189513 Jun 1895Hussmann, HenryIBIG, ClaraHussmann, HenryTAPHORN, Louisa---
HUSSMANN, John28 Aug 187501 Sep 1875Hussmann, BernhardSCHULTE, AnnaSchulte, HermanHussmann, Theresia---
HUSSMANN, Joseph Rudolph25 Jul 188326 Jul 1883Hussmann, BernardSCHULTE, AnnaSchulte, Bernard Rudolph Schulte, Elisabeth---
HUSSMANN, Louise Josephina Adelheid11 Mar 189813 Mar 1898Hussmann, HenryIBIG, ClaraTAPHORN, JohnTaphorn, Louisa---
HUSSMANN, Maria Elisabeth28 Dec 190131 Dec 1901Hussmann, HenryWOODS, AliceSCHULTE, HermanSchulte, Maria ElisabethFamily is from Sant Fe Twp., IL
HUSSMANN, Maria Elisabetha16 Jun 186418 Jun 1864Hussmann, BernhardSCHULTE, AnnaPEPPENHORST, BernhardSchulte, Maria---
HUSSMANN, Theodore Fr.18 Dec 189218 Dec 1892Hussmann, HenryWOODS, AdelaidWUEST, TheodoreHussmann, Anna---
HUSSMANN, Theresia Catharina22 Jun 188429 Jun 1884Hussmann, HenryIBIG, ClaraHussmann, GerhardHussmann, Theresia---
HUSTEDDE, Alphonse Paul09 Apr 190111 Apr 1901Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaVoss, John CasparVoss, Maria CatharineFamily is from Wade Twp., IL. Married Margaret Hustedde born SCHLOTT 22 Feb 1927 in Beckemeyer, IL
HUSTEDDE, August Leon13 Dec 189315 Dec 1893Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaLAMMERS, John BernardHOLTGREVE, Elisabeth---
HUSTEDDE, Catharina Maria07 Jun 187908 Jun 1879Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaVoss, John B.MAUE, Catharina Maria---
HUSTEDDE, Francis Joseph29 Mar 189701 Apr 1897Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaHustedde, GeorgeMAUE, TheresaMarried Clara SCHMIDT 18 May 1920 in Bartelso, IL
HUSTEDDE, Henry George04 Mar 188906 Mar 1889Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, Anna MariaVoss, HenryHILMES, MariaMarried Mathilda Gertrude HILMES 8 May 1923 at St. Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
HUSTEDDE, Herman George27 Dec 188030 Dec 1880Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaVoss, HermanHustedde, DinaMarried Martha LAKE 14 Sep 1920 in Carlyle, IL
HUSTEDDE, John Bernard18 Oct 188520 Oct 1885Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaVoss, BernardHustedde, Philomena---
HUSTEDDE, John Henry23 Jul 188724 Jul 1887Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, Anna M.Voss, JohnLAMMERS, Anna W.---
HUSTEDDE, Maria Catharina07 Jan 188410 Jan 1884Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaHILMES, John Voss, CatharineMarried 4 May 1916 to Joseph SCHULTE in Beckemeyer, IL
HUSTEDDE, Maria Theresia Emerentiana14 Oct 189016 Oct 1890Hustedde, George Ch.VOSS, Anna M.MAUE, John Henry Voss, Maria G.Married Henry T. NIEMEYER from Breese, IL on 14 Nov 1923 in Beckemeyer, IL
HUSTEDDE, Monica28 Nov 189501 Dec 1895Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaBRUEGGEMANN, HenrySCHROEDER, ElisabethMarried F. J. HEMPEN 28 May 1919 in East St. Louis, IL
HUSTEDDE, Rosa Wilhelmina29 Sep 188201 Oct 1882Hustedde, GeorgeVOSS, AnnaMAUE, HenryVoss, Anna W.---
HUTMACHER, August24 Jun 186112 Jun 1862Hutmacher, Carl FrederickLEINERT, JosephinaLeinert, August------
HUTMACHER, Clement Ferdinand09 Jun 186520 Jul 1865Hutmacher, CarlLEONHARD, JosephineSTEIN, Ferdinand------
HUTMACHER, Lisette07 Jul 186310 Dec 1863Hutmacher, CarlLEINERT, JosephinaLeinert, August------
HUTTENHOFF, Francis20 Jun 187013 Dec 1874Huttenhoff, AlbertSAUTER, Maria Anna---WILFERT, Theresia---
HUTTENHOFF, Henry11 Feb 186628 Apr 1881Huttenhoff, AlbertSOUTER, Maria EmmaMOTSCH, Rudolph------
HUTTENHOFF, Maria28 Sep 185622 Apr 1876Huttenhoff, AlbertSAUTER, Maria Anna---TRIERWEILER, Anna Maria---
HUTTWEG, Anna Maria Elisabetha07 Feb 187010 Feb 1870Huttweg, TheodoreNot listed, MargarethaKRAMER, BernhardKramer, Elisabeth---
HUTTWEG, Johann Bernhard04 Apr 186610 Apr 1866Huttweg, TheodoreMOSER, MargarethaHELMER, JohnFORD, Maria---
HUTWEG, Gerhard Heinrich29 Dec 186704 Jan 1868Hutweg, TheodoreNot listed, Margaretha SLARMANN, Gerhard HeinrichSlarmann, Maria Elizabeth---
IBICH, Carl Frederick20 Sep 186320 Nov 1864Ibich, JosephBECKER, CeceliaKLEIN, Peter------
IRLINGER, Anton Nicolaus14 Mar 186317 Mar 1863Irlinger, DominicSTABS, RosaDINKER, JosephADAM, Elisabetha---
IRLINGER, Louis Philipp28 Feb 186110 Mar 1861Irlinger, DominicBABEAUX, RosaHERBERS, NicolausBabeaux, Helena---
ISAAC, Alphonse Francis11 Apr 190315 Apr 1903Isaac, Jr., FrancisDIEFFENAUER, CatharineIsaac, Sr., FrancisSEIFFERT, EmerentianaFamily is from Wade Twp., Il. Married Rowena E. DURSKY 8 Aug 1928
ISAAC, Anna19 Jan 188022 Jan 1880Isaac, FrancisTIEMANN, CatharinaROHR, JohnDIEKROETGER, Anna---
ISAAC, Bertha Catharine02 Aug 190604 Aug 1906Isaac, JohnSCHMIDT, MariaSchmidt, FrancisIsaac, Anna CatharineMarried Edward VAN DORN 8 Nov 1927 (?) in Beckemeyer, IL
ISAAC, Helena Anna15 Mar 190319 Mar 1903Isaac, HenrySCHWIERJOHANN, MariaSchwierjohann, AnthonyIsaac, AnnaMarried Joseph HUEMMER 21 May 1924 in Beckemeyer, IL
ISAAC, Joseph Francis25 Aug 189729 Aug 1897Isaac, HenrySCHWIERJOHANN, Maria AnnaIsaac, FrancisIsaac, Maria Elisabeth---
ISAAC, Maria Alice15 Sep 187723 Sep 1877Isaac, FrancisTIEMANN, CatharinaGEHRS, NicolausIsaac, Maria---
ISAAC, Paul Joseph04 Nov 190107 Nov 1901Isaac, FrancisDIEFFENAUER, CatharineDieffenauer, JosephIsaac, Anna CatharineFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
ISAAK, Catharina27 Mar 187130 Apr 1871Isaak, FrancisNot listed, KatharinaROHR, PeterRohr, Katharina---
ISAAK, Catharine Clara29 Feb 189602 Mar 1896Isaak, HenrySCHWIERJOHANN, Maria E.Schwierjohann, ClemensIsaak, Katharine---
ISAAK, Emerentiana Theresia30 May 190004 Jun 1900Isaak, HenrySCHWIERJOHANN, MariaIsaak, NicolausSchwierjohann, TheresiaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
ISAAK, Francis07 Feb 186715 Mar 1867Isaak, FrancisTHIEMANN, KatharinaMULLER, HenryKIEGER, Josephina---
ISAAK, Francis27 Oct 186201 Nov 1862Isaak, NicolausGEHR, KatharinaIsaak, Francis------
ISAAK, Francis Xavier01 Oct 185915 Oct 1859Isaak, FrancisPOIROT, MariannaPoirot, Francis Xavier------
ISAAK, Johann Heinrich02 May 186205 May 1862Isaak, FrancisNot listed, Katharina---------
ISAAK, John27 May 187431 May 1874Isaak, FrancisTHIEMANN, KatharinaWILLER, JohnPOEHLER, Maria---
ISAAK, John Bernard31 Aug 188304 Sep 1883Isaak, FrancisTIEMANN, CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, BernardROHR, HelenaMarried Anna Van Als Loe dau of Bernhard Van Als Loe & Maria GOEFFERS; bap 5 Dec 1883 at St Cecelia in Bartelso, IL
ISAAK, Maria Francisca13 Jan 189916 Jan 1899Isaak, HenrySCHWIERJOHANN, Maria AnnaIsaak, Jr., FrancisSchwierjohann, Maria Elisabeth---
ISAAK, Peter25 Jul 186527 Jul 1865Isaak, FrancisTIEMANN, KatharinaROHR, PeterRohr, Katharina---
ISAAK, Peter04 May 186408 May 1864Isaak, FrancisNot listed, KatharinaROHR, PeterPOEHLER, Katharina---
ISAAK, Susanna31 Jan 186914 Feb 1869Isaak, FranzTHIEMANN, KatharinaGEHRS, HermanIsaak, Susanna---
ISAAK, Susanna23 Mar 186022 Apr 1860Isaak, JohnSCHMETTER, ElisabethCANNEL, PeterIsaak, Susanna---
ISACK, Maria Joanna01 Nov 190404 Nov 1904Isack, HenrySCHWIERJOHN, AnnaIsack, JohnSchwierjohn, Catharine---
JACOBI, Maria Rosa06 May 186101 Jun 1861Jacobi, AntonGERARD, BarbaraMAUERER, AntonMauerer, Maria Rosa ---
JACOBS, Anna Cecelia22 Jul 188008 Aug 1880Jacobs, JohnGIRARD, ChristinaSCHAEFERT, JohnGirard, Anna---
JACOBS, Anthony15 Dec 186725 Dec 1867Jacobs, AnthonyNot listed, BarbaraHUBERT, AnthonyHubert, Katharina---
JACOBS, Joseph19 Nov 187820 Apr 1895Jacobs, AnthonyGERARDI, Barbara---Jacobs, Paulina---
JACOBS, Maria Cecelia25 Feb 187507 Apr 1888Jacobs, AnthonyGERARDI, Barbara---SCHLAFLY, Helena---
JACOBS, Stephan01 Feb 186415 May 1864Jacobs, AnthonyNot listed, BarbaraACKERMANN, StephanAckermann, Katharina---
JAGEL, Maria Elizabeth08 May 187029 May 1870Jagel, CarlNot listed, Theresia---Jagel, Maria Adelheid---
JASPER, Anna Maria29 Jun 188901 Jul 1889Jasper, FrederickKINDER, CatharinaKinder, FrancisGEOFFROY, Anna M.---
JASPER, Francis Frederick20 Jan 189524 Jan 1895Jasper, FrederickKINDER, CatharinaDIECKMANN, FrancisDieckmann, MariaMarried Maria HORSTMANN 17 Apr 1917 in Beckemeyer, IL
JASPER, Rosa15 Apr 188828 Apr 1888Jasper, FrederickKINDER, CatharinaWESTERMANN, AugustKinder, Rosa---
JASPER, Sophia Elisabeth17 Nov 189118 Nov 1891Jasper, FrederickKINDER, Catharina---WESTERMANN, Elisabeth---
JOFFRAY, Clara Susanna12 Aug 188623 Aug 1886Joffray, NicolausJECKELS, Anna M.GROSS, FrankIEY, Susanna---
JOFFRAY, Olive Catharine04 Sep 189423 Sep 1894Joffray, LouisCORCORAN, CatharineMUELLER, TheodoreHOLDENER, OliveFather is from Glen Carbon, IL
JONES, Helena (Twin)13 Sep 188026 Sep 1880Jones, JohnDIEHOUSE, AlviraTRIERWEILER, PeterMULCAHEY, Elisabeth---
JONES, Henrietta26 Jul 186627 Aug 1871Jones, JohnMULLIGAN, Maria---NOONAN, Maria ---
JONES, John Paul12 Apr 188216 Apr 1882Jones, JohnDIEHAUS, MariaFORREST, JacobMULCAHEY, Maria---
JONES, Margaret (Twin)13 Sep 188026 Sep 1880Jones, JohnDIEHOUSE, Alvira---Jones, Maria---
JONES, Peter01 Sep 186927 Aug 1871Jones, JohnMULLIGAN, Maria---BLAKE, Winifred---
JOST, Anna10 Oct 186811 Oct 1868Jost, PhilippKLIER, AnnaJost, JohannKlier, Johanna---
JOST, Magdalena (Twin)22 Jul 186601 Aug 1866Jost, PhilippAYID, AnnaDETERMANN, JosephHEDECKER, Magdalena Maria---
JOST, Maria 19 Oct 186621 Apr 1867Jost, SamuelLICKA, Barbara---HILDNER, Gertrude & Elizabeth Hildner---
JOST, Marianna14 Nov 186308 Dec 1863Jost, PhilippCLEAR, AnnaGOFFREY, NicolausGoffrey, Marianna---
JOST, Philipp (Twin)22 Jul 186601 Aug 1866Jost, PhilippAYID, AnnaHEDECKER, JacobDETERMANN, Dorothea---
JOST, Rosa30 May 187213 Oct 1872Jost, SamuelZICKA, BarbaraHEIN, AntonHEINZMANN, Francis---
JUNKER, Anna Catharine20 Feb 189824 Feb 1898Junker, HenryISAAK, MariaWINKELJOHANN, AugustBECKER, Catharine---
JUNKER, Bernard Henry01 Jan 189004 Jan 1890Junker, HenryISAAK, MariaWINKELJOHANN, BernardJunker, Elisabeth---
JUNKER, Clara Maria27 Jul 189530 Jul 1895Junker, AdamSANTEL, MargaretJunker, CarlHEIMANN, EmerentianaMarried Joseph Sebastian KRONENBERGER (from Belleville, IL) 10 Nov 1920
JUNKER, Frederick Joseph08 Jan 189813 Jan 1898Junker, AdamSANTEL, MargaretHEIMANN, FrederickMAEHLMANN, MariaMarried Olivia Rosa KREBS 20 Jun 1923
JUNKER, Helena Benedicta19 Apr 189324 Apr 1893Junker, HenryISAAC, MariaWINKELJOHANN, John BernardHENKE, Maria Helena---
JUNKER, Joseph Roman27 Feb 188328 Feb 1883Junker, John HenryISAAC, MariaJunker, JosephIsaac, Margaret---
JUNKER, Margaret Helena18 Aug 189522 Aug 1895Junker, HenryISAAK, MariaHENKEN, John BernardBASSLER, Margaret---
JUNKER, Maria Elisabeth20 Mar 188523 Mar 1885Junker, J. H.ISAAK, Maria L.Junker, HenryWINKELJOHANN, Elisabeth---
JUNKER, William Frederick21 Jan 189224 Jan 1892Junker, AdamSANTEL, MargaretDEMMING, WilliamDemming, ElisabethMarried Theresa ENGELHARDT Lutheran from Wheatfield, IL on 17 Oct 1934.
KÖLKER (Koelker), Theodore Louis03 Oct 188507 Oct 1885Koelker, FrancisMARZLOFF, MargaretKoelker, TheodoreKoelker, Margaretha---
KAEHR, Xavier01 Feb 186308 Feb 1863Kaehr, AndrewNot listed, ElisabethWEISSERT, XavierROHR, Maria---
KAHRHOFF, Cecelia Regina07 Apr 189112 Apr 1891Kahrhoff, WilliamWILKEN, AnnaHOLTKAMP, GerhardKUEPER, Anna---
KAHRHOFF, Elisabeth Francisca12 Jun 188916 Jun 1889Kahrhoff, WilliamWILKEN, AnnaKahrhoff, J. D.HOLTGRAVE, Elisabeth---
KAHRHOFF, Maria Elisabeth09 Jun 189813 Jun 1898Kahrhoff, WilliamWILKEN, AnnaHOLTGRAVE, StephanWilken, Maria---
KAHRHOFF, William Herman14 Oct 189417 Oct 1894Kahrhoff, WilliamWILKEN, AnnaTIMMERMANN, HermanBERNSEN, Elisabeth---
KAILBACH, Christina24 Dec 187425 May 1876Kailbach, EugeneWARNER, ElizabethHARTMANN, JohnHartmann, Elizabeth---
KAISER, Maria Louisa03 Nov 188008 Apr 1893Kaiser, FrederickBARTH, Dorothea (Non-Catholic)---MULCAHEY, ElisabethNew convert
KANNALL, Anthony06 Sep 188210 Sep 1882Kannall, DominicLIST, ElisabethHUBERT, Jr., AnthonyList, Maria---
KANTNER, Edward Ferdinand12 Feb 186207 Sep 1862Kantner, JohannKLEIN, MariaKlein, FerdinandKlein, Magdalena---
KANTNER, Francis22 Feb 186124 Mar 1861Kantner, JohannRONNETZ, MargarethaACKERMANN, FrancisADAM, Maria---
KANTNER, Johann25 Jul 185915 Oct 1859Kantner, JohannNot Listed, MargaretROHR, JohannSUTIER, Maria---
KANTNER, Marianna15 Jan 186513 Feb 1865Kantner, JohannNot listed, Margaretha ACKERMANN, StephanAckermann, Marianna---
KÜPER (Kueper), Anna Maria Augusta08 Mar 188610 Mar 1886Kueper, WilliamKARHOFF, Anna NIEHOFF, H. A.Niehoff, Anna---
KÜPER (Kueper), John Diederick28 Jun 187329 Jun 1873Kueper, WilhelmKARHOF, AnnaKarhof, Gerhard DiederickKarhof, Maria---
KAPPMEYER, Johann26 Jan 186601 Feb 1866Kappmeyer, HeinrichSCHWAKE, CatharinaROHR, JohannRohr, Margaretha---
KARHOF, Johann Dideric01 Oct 186702 Oct 1867Karhof, Johann GerhardHUNECKE, MariaKarhof, Johann DidericHOLDNER, Bernhardina---
KARHOFF, Anna Maria14 Feb 188318 Feb 1883Karhoff, John GerhardWILKEN, AnnaKarhoff, WilliamSTOFFERS, Maria---
KARHOFF, Bernard Henry17 Feb 187818 Feb 1878Karhoff, John GerhardWILKEN, Anna AdelheidKarhoff, John BernardWilken, Mary---
KARHOFF, Emerentiana Margaret22 Jan 188725 Jan 1887Karhoff, WilliamWILKEN, AnnaWilken, HenryFAUKE, Margaret---
KARHOFF, John Gerhard03 Nov 188108 Nov 1881Karhoff, John GerhardWILKEN, Anna AngelaWilken, BernardTIMMERMANN, Elisabeth---
KARHOFF, Mina Elisabeth12 Jan 188514 Jan 1885Karhoff, WilliamWILKENS, AnnaFAUKE, WilliamTIMMERMANN, Elisabeth---
KAST, Maria Josephina02 Feb 187006 Feb 1870Kast, FrancisHENRY, MariaROHR, JohnRohr, Thecla---
KAULBACH, Carl30 Nov 188129 Aug 1886Kaulbach, EugeneWERNER, ElisabethDEMMING, W.------
KAULBACH, Carolina02 Nov 187629 Aug 1886Kaulbach, EugeneWERNER, ElisabethDEMMING, W.------
KAULBACH, Catharina22 Jun 187929 Aug 1886Kaulbach, EugeneWERNER, ElisabethDEMMING, W.------
KAULBACH, Elisabeth04 Oct 188329 Aug 1886Kaulbach, EugeneWERNER, ElisabethDEMMING, W.------
KAULBACH, Helena16 May 189908 Oct 1899Kaulbach, Eugene (Alias Keilbach)WERNER, ChristinaBIRMINGHAM, MartinKaulbach, Christina---
KAULBACH, John16 Jul 188629 Aug 1886Kaulbach, EugeneWERNER, ElisabethDEMMING, W.------
KAUSH, Francis Benedict17 Dec 186530 Jan 1866Kaush, BenedictBERNHARD, ClaraHOTAG, EdwardHotag, Clara---
KAUSH, Maria Eva05 Nov 186702 Dec 1867Kaush, BenedictNot listed, ClaraDEVINE, GeorgeKERN, Eva---
KAYSER, Joanna09 Aug 187303 Apr 1891Kayser, FerdinandBARTKE, Dora---MULCAHEY, Helena---
KAYSER, Josephina Elisabeth Antonia01 Jan 189122 Nov 1891Kayser, FerdinandBARTH, Dorothea---BRENKNAR, Antonia---
KEHNER, Elisabeth05 Apr 187001 May 1870Kehner, PeterNot listed, MargarethaKREBS, JacobFORD, Elizabeth---
KEHR, Anna Francisca22 Feb 186116 Mar 1861Kaehrs, ThomasNot Listed, KatharinaMÜLLER (Mueller), Johann BaptistMueller, Anna Francisca---
KEHTER, Magdalena07 Jan 187929 Mar 1879Kehter, LouisSCHEIBEL, SophiaScheibel, Wendelin------
KEHTER, Maria Coelestina05 Feb 188713 Mar 1887Kehter, LouisSCHEIBEL, SophiaScheibel, BernardHECKELBECH, Coelestina---
KELLERMANN, Anna Margaret03 Mar 189905 Mar 1899Kellermann, PeterMAEHLMANN, Margaret Maehlmann, JosephROLFERS, Anna---
KELLERMANN, Bernhard Heinrich23 Aug 186527 Aug 1865Kellermann, BernhardKARSTING, AnnaHAVERKAMP, Bernhard HeinrichROHR, Thecla---
KELLERMANN, Bernhard Heinrich21 Aug 186125 Aug 1861Kellermann, BernhardKAENTING, MariannaWÜLLER (Wueller), BernhardPAPENHORST, Gertrude---
KELLERMANN, Engelbert Wilhelm25 Jan 186329 Jan 1863Kellermann, BernhardNot listed, KatharinaDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Engelbert WilhelmGUIDHUES, Katharina---
KELLERMANN, Francis Henry15 Apr 189818 Apr 1898Kellermann, HenryHUGENBERG, MariaNOTHAUS, FrancisHugenberg, CatharinaMarried Helena H., WEMPE 13 Apr 1926 in Aviston, IL
KELLERMANN, Henry Peter Paul29 Jun 190230 Jun 1902Kellermann, PeterSANTEL, Maria (From Damiansville, IL)Santel, HenryKellermann, AngelaMarried Edna Pearl NETTLES 20 May 1925
KELLERMANN, John Bernard15 Sep 189016 Sep 1890Kellermann, WilliamBIXSCHLAG, Maria AngelaKellermann, BernardROLFES, Anna---
KELLERMANN, Maria Anna27 Jan 189328 Jan 1893Kellermann, WilliamBIXSCHLAG, Maria ---ROLFERS, Maria AnnaFather is from Wade Twp and mom is from St. Rose, IL
KELLERMANN, Maria Catharine14 Nov 190615 Nov 1906Kellermann, PeterSANTEL, MariaKellermann, BernardACKERMANN, MariaMarried John ALBERTERNST 14 May 1929
KELLERMANN, Maria Margaret Francisca04 Mar 189506 Mar 1895Kellermann, PeterMAEHLMANN, Margaret FranciscaKellermann, BernardMaehlmann, MariaMarried G. H. SCHIERMANN 14 May 1919
KELLERMANN, Peter31 Jan 186906 Feb 1869Kellermann, BernhardKERSTEN, MariannaWERNER, PeterWILLER, Elizabeth---
KELLY, Carolina28 Oct 186308 May 1864Kelly, JosephNot listed, JosephinaFEIGENBUTZ, CarlFeigenbutz, Eva---
KENALL, Louise08 Feb 187323 Mar 1873Kenall, MartinMORRISON, SusanDOUGHERTY, PhilippDougherty, Sera---
KENALLY, Elizabeth Regina01 Jul 187012 Jul 1870Kenally, MartinNot listed, SusannaHOGAN, JamesO'CONNOR, Elize---
KENNELL, Emma Catharine19 Oct 188321 Oct 1883Kannall, DominicLIST, ElisabethList, PhilippKennel, CatharineThe last name is spelled two ways.
KENNY, Gertrude21 May 187029 May 1870Kenny, BernhardKR__, Maria ElizabethKARHOFF, GerhardESS, Maria ElizabethMother's last name is hidden
KESHNER, Bernard Carl31 Oct 188106 Nov 1881Keshner, PeterDYER, Maria E.CROUSE, WilliamCrouse, Anna---
KESHNER, Francisca18 Apr 186403 Apr 1891WHITE, DanielHERVEY, Catharina---Hervey, Francisca---
KESHNER, Frederick August13 Mar 187923 Mar 1879Keshner, PeterDEYER, Maria ElisabethSCHLAFLY, FridolinSchlafly, Catharina---
KESHNER, John Andrew27 Jan 187704 Feb 1877Keshner, PeterDYER, Maria ElizabethDyer, John AndrewMOTSCH, CarolinaMarried Maria Theresia FRASER 11 Jun 1908 at St. Boniface in Edwardsville, IL
KESHNER, Julia Maria 03 Sep 189008 Sep 1890Keshner, EdwardWHITE, FannyKeshner, GeorgeKeshner, Laura---
KIFFMEIER, Francis Bernard02 Jul 190403 Jul 1904Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaKREBS, Anthony Fr. E.TROST, Christina---
KIFFMEIER, George12 Nov 189314 Nov 1893Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaSchilling, GeorgeSchilling, Anna---
KIFFMEIER, Henry21 Aug 189928 Aug 1899Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaMUELLER, HenrySchilling, Anna ElisabethMarried Grace Irene CRAMER 20 Oct 1920. Added note states the spelling is now Kiffmeyer
KIFFMEIER, Jacob24 Aug 189729 Aug 1897Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaSchilling, JacobSchilling, Maria---
KIFFMEIER, Johanna Maria28 Dec 190101 Jan 1902Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaSchilling, JosephSchilling, Johanna---
KIFFMEIER, John14 Dec 189515 Dec 1895Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaMUELLER, JohnSchilling, Johanna---
KIFFMEIER, Lawrence02 Jul 189203 Jul 1892Kiffmeier, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaSchilling, LawrenceKiffmeier, Maria---
KIFFMEIER, Maria Angela (Twin)16 May 188017 May 1880Kiffmeier, HenrySCHWAKE, CatharinaHILMES, JohnHilmes, Maria Angela---
KIFFMEIER, Maria Elisabetha (Twin)16 May 188017 May 1880Kiffmeier, HenrySCHWAKE, CatharinaHILMES, JohnHilmes, Maria Angela---
KIFFMEIER, Maria Gertrude09 Mar 187610 Mar 1876Kiffmeier, HenrySCHWAKE, CatharinaSAUTMANN, HenryDIEKEMPER, Gertrude---
KIFFMEIER, Maria Magdalena01 Apr 187811 Apr 1878Kiffmeier, HenrySCHWAKE, CatharinaWESSELMANN, John GerhardWesselmann, MagdalenaMarried George J. KUEPER 22 Sep 1920 in Carlyle, IL
KIFFMEYER, Michael11 Dec 189014 Dec 1890Kiffmeyer, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaSchilling, MichaelKiffmeyer, Catharine---
KIFFMEYER, William Edward12 Aug 190515 Aug 1905Kiffmeyer, BernardSCHILLING, AnnaLUPKE, WilliamTROST, ChristinaMarried Lilian Ottilia RITZHEIMER 21 Apr 1925 in Trenton, IL
KILFEIER, Catharina10 Feb 188021 Mar 1880Kilfieier, ChristophSWALLIN, NoraMULCAHY, Jr., TimBRAUN, Margaret---
KILGOR, Sophia01 Apr 184326 Dec 1874Kilgor, OllieGRAY, Melvina---BURNSIDE, Kate---
KINDER (GÜNTHER / Guenther), August30 Sep 187808 Oct 1878Kinder, FrancisGEOFFROY, RosaKOHLMANN, AugustGeoffroy, Maria Anna---
KINDER, Emerentiana11 Aug 188912 Aug 1889Kinder, FrancisGEOFFROY, RosaGeoffroy, NicolausBRUENS, Maria---
KINDER, Francis Nicolaus22 Dec 187928 Dec 1879Kinder, FrancisGEOFFRAY, RosaPHILIPS, FrancisSCHMIDT, Anna---
KINDER, Magdalena10 Jul 188413 Jul 1884Kinder, FrancisGEOFFROY, RosaKUNKEL, PeterGeoffroy, Magdalena---
KINNEY, Maria Catharina27 May 187914 Jul 1879LASSATER, JacobKINNEY, Maria---Kinney, SarahChild is illegitimate.
KIPPMEIER, Anna Angela11 Mar 186114 Mar 1861Kippmeier, HeinrichSCHWAKE, CatharinaWITTKAMP, BernardHAUSENBERG, Anna AngelaSee Hiffmeyer, Kittmeyer, Kippmeyer
KIPPMEYER, Anna Christina26 Sep 187101 Oct 1871Kippmeyer, HeinrichSCHWAKE, KatharinaDICKAEMPER, MatthewDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Christina---
KIPPMEYER, Helena Maria15 May 186824 May 1868Kippmeyer, HeinrichSCHWAKE, KatharinaHAVERKAMP, HeinrichBUTZ, Helena---
KIRSHNER, Edward Peter25 Mar 186207 Apr 1862Kirshner, PeterDEYER, ElisabethMUDSH, CarlSTOLZ, Marianna---
KIRSHNER, Francis Joseph18 Aug 186524 Sep 1865Kirshner, PeterDYER, ElisabethHUBERT, JacobMOTSH, Magdalena---
KIRSHNER, George Clement25 Oct 186315 Nov 1863Kirshner, PeterDEYER, MariaHELLWEG, FrederickMUDCH, Carolina---
KIRSHNER, Joseph Francis16 Jul 187426 Jul 1874Kirshner, PeterDYER, Maria ElizabethMUEHLING, FrancisMuehling, Catharina---
KIRSHNER, Maria Louisa01 Oct 186720 Oct 1867Kirshner, PeterDYAN, ElizabethMCLANE, JosephMcLane, Margaretha---
KISHNER, Wilhelm Henry14 Feb 187225 Feb 1872Kishner, PeterDYE, ElizabethSLARMANN, HenrySlarmann, Elizabeth---
KLABER, Anthony04 May 186801 Jun 1868Klaber, AnthonyNot listed, MariaHERBERT, AnthonyHESS, Julia---
KLABER, Clara Francisca14 Apr 187130 Apr 1871Klaber, AntonNot listed, MariaBOQUET, ChristopherSONTAG, Francisca---
KLABER, Joseph09 Oct 187316 Nov 1873Klaber, Anthony LEISS, MariaBOQUET, JohnMCGINNIS, Elizabetha---
KLEBER, Adelaid (Adeline Ruby)06 Nov 189227 Nov 1892Kleber, JacobBAQUET, RosaGRIMES, WilliamKOHLHAUFF, CatharineMarried Arnold FRIEBERG
KLEBER, Anthony William (Twin)12 Aug 188922 Aug 1889Kleber, JacobBAQUET, RosaKOHLHAUFF, Jr., AnthonyKohlhauff, Maria---
KLEBER, Clement C.08 Feb 189815 Feb 1898Kleber, JacobBAQUET, RosaKleber, Anthony------
KLEBER, Cora Isabella03 Mar 188624 Mar 1886Kleber, JohnSTEPHENSON, UrsulaKleber, AnthonyBAQUET, Isabella---
KLEBER, Francis Isidore10 Mar 189528 Apr 1895Kleber, JacobBAQUET, RosaJACOBS, JohnBaquet, Elisabeth---
KLEBER, Francisca (Twin)10 Oct 189127 Mar 1892Kleber, John HenrySTEPHENSON, UrsulaGRIMES, WilliamGrimes, Anna---
KLEBER, Francisca Margaret20 Aug 189726 Aug 1897Kleber, AnthonyHEDEKER, Ida VOLMER, TheodoreDREFKEN, MargaretMarried Joseph GEIGER 29 Nov 1919
KLEBER, Henry Anthony (Twin)12 Aug 188922 Sep 1889Kleber, JacobBAQUET, RosaKleber, HenryKleber, Anna---
KLEBER, Jacob Henry (Twin)10 Oct 189127 Mar 1892Kleber, John HenrySTEPHENSON, UrsulaNIEHOFF, HenryNiehoff, Catharine---
KLEBER, John William Francis (Twin)05 Aug 188410 Aug 1884Kleber, JohnSTEPHENSON, UrsulaMUEHLING, FrancisREIF, Mina---
KLEBER, Joseph Anthony07 Jun 188817 Jun 1888Kleber, JohnSTEPHENSON, UrsulaGEHRS, Joseph------
KLEBER, Joseph Christopher05 Jun 188719 Jun 1887Kleber, JacobBAQUET, RosaBaquet, ChristopherKleber, Maria---
KLEBER, Maria Anna02 Dec 189005 Dec 1890Kleber, HenryFELDMANN, AnnaKleber, JohnFeldmann, Maria---
KLEBER, Maria Ida22 Apr 188908 May 1889Kleber, HenryFELDMANN, AnnaKleber, JacobKleber, Maria---
KLEBER, Maria Louisa10 Sep 189517 Nov 1895Kleber, AnthonyHEDEKER, Ida (Non-Catholic)GEHRS, JosephKleber, Maria---
KLEBER, Maria Ursula Emilia (Twin)05 Aug 188410 Aug 1884Kleber, JohnSTEPHENSON, UrsulaKleber, JacobKleber, Maria---
KLEIN, Albert31 Jul 186206 Oct 1862Klein, Aseselm (?)BAU_DER, Coeledina---BASELER, MariannaThe parents are a guess due to the previous entry.
KLEIN, Amelia Maria20 Jan 185914 Aug 1862Klein, JacobLOBAR, ElisaFRANZ, JosephFranz, Barbara---
KLEIN, Anna Maria06 Jul 189407 Jul 1894Klein, HenrySCHLOT, MariaHILMES, JohnKOLMER, MariaMarried Henry SCHULTE 2 May 1922 in Aviston, IL
KLEIN, Anna Maria17 Apr 187918 Apr 1879Klein, BernardSCHIERMANN, LouisaLAMPEN, JohnSCHURMANN, Anna---
KLEIN, Elisabetha26 Oct 186519 Nov 1865Klein, PeterJOOH, Anna Maria---SCHRADER, Anna---
KLEIN, Emma Margaretha10 Feb 186818 Feb 1868Klein, PeterJACH, Anna MariaJach, AugustROHR, Margaretha---
KLEIN, Gustave Adolph15 Sep 186006 Oct 1862Klein, Aseselm (?)BAU_DER, CoeledinaKlein, Adolph------
KLEIN, Louisa Carolina14 May 187616 May 1876Klein, BernhardSCHIERMANN, Louisa CarolinaSANTMANN, HenrySCHURMANN, Louisa Carolina---
KLEIN, Maria Francisca17 Oct 186317 Nov 1863Klein, PeterJOCH, Maria (?)LINNHOF, HeinrichLinnhof, Josephina---
KLEIN, Paulina26 Dec 187103 Feb 1872Klein, PeterNot listed, MariaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisGANZ, Paulina---
KLEIN, Wilhelmina12 Oct 186206 Nov 1862Klein, MartinGARDENHOFER, KatharinaKlein, JacobMÜLLER (Mueller), Katharina---
KNOLING, Peter23 May 187109 Jul 1871Knoling, JosephFATH, MariannaPICKAN, PeterSONTAG, Francisca---
KNOTH, Elizabeth Christina17 Feb 187812 May 1878Knoth, CarlZEITNER, Magdalena---HARTMANN, Elizabeth---
KNOTT, Christina10 Jan 188705 Jun 1887Knott, CarlSEITNER, MagdalenaSeitner, MartinSeitner, Christina---
KNOTT, John August03 Dec 188322 May 1884Knott, CarlSEIDNER, Magdalena---ELWANG, Maria---
KNOTT, Julius Martin30 Apr 187331 Aug 1873Knott, CarlSEIDNER, LenaSeidner, Martin------
KOCH, Anna Catharina22 Mar 187525 Mar 1875Koch, JohnWOESTMANN, MargarethaHUENE, Th. AugustKoch, ?---
KOCH, Anna Maria Catharina16 Aug 187920 Aug 1879Koch, JohnWOESTMANN, MargarethaLAMPEN, HenryWoestmann, Maria---
KOCH, Emerentiana Catharina30 Aug 188431 Aug 1884Koch, JohnWOESTMANN, MargarethaLAMPEN, JohnHUENE, Catharina---
KOCH, Henry Otto28 Jan 188205 Feb 1882Koch, JohnWOESTMANN, MargarethaROSSMANN, HenryLANGE, Maria ---
KOCH, John Frederick19 Dec 187723 Dec 1877Koch, JohnWOESTMANN, MargarethaKoch, FrederickKoch, Maria---
KOCH, Joseph Frederick06 Aug 188608 Aug 1886Koch, JosephSHINN, Anna HÜLS (Huels), HenrySEIFFERT, Emmerentiana---
KOCH, Joseph William03 Sep 189007 Sep 1890Koch, JosephSHINN, AnnaCRAUSE, WilliamCrause, Anna---
KOCH, Lawrence25 Sep 189206 Nov 1892Koch, JosephSHINN, AnnaGEIGER, CarlHÜLS (Huels), Maria---
KOCH, Louisa Catharina21 Jun 188812 Aug 1888Koch, JosephSHINN, Anna---GERMAN, Catharine---
KOELKE, Maria16 Oct 186931 Oct 1869Koelke, BernhardNot listed, CarolinaKARHOFF, John DiederichZIEREN, Anna---
KOELKER, Anna Carolina21 Feb 188124 Feb 1881Koelker, BernardKALL, CarolinaKARHOFF, J. G.ALTPETER, Anna---
KOELKER, Anna Catharina12 Nov 188214 Nov 1882Koelker, FrancisMARTZLOFF, Margaret---Koelker, Anna---
KOELKER, Bernard Henry25 Mar 188527 Mar 1885Koelker, TheodoreHEMANN, TheresiaDIEKER, Bernard H.WESSELMANN, Anna M.---
KOELKER, Catharina16 Oct 188219 Oct 1882Koelker, TheodoreHEMANN, TheresiaKoelker, Jr., FrancisGEHRS, Catharina---
KOELKER, Christoph Nicolaus30 Aug 187331 Aug 1873Koelker, FrancisMAZELHOFF, MargaretMazelhoff, ChristophKoelker, Margaretha---
KOELKER, Henry19 Apr 187426 Apr 1874Koelker, John BernhardCARY, CarolinaALTPETER, HenryPOEHLER, Maria---
KOELKER, Henry Christian14 Oct 188017 Oct 1880Koelker, FrancisMARTZLOFF, Margaret---LOUIS, Catharina---
KOELKER, John B.29 Mar 187821 Apr 1878Koelker, FrancisMARTZLOFF, MargaretLOUIS, John------
KOELKER, John Herman28 Sep 187101 Oct 1871Koelker, FrancisMAZELHOFF, MargarethaKoelker, HermanKoelker, Theresia---
KOELKER, Maria Elizabeth28 Jun 187830 Jun 1878Koelker, BernardKALL, CarolineKUEPER, WilliamALTEPETER, M. E.---
KOELKER, Ursula Mina14 Dec 187519 Dec 1875Koelker, FrancisMAZELHOFF, MargaretMazelhoff, John------
KOETKER, John Bernhard03 Jan 187208 Jan 1872Koetker, John BernhardKALL, CarolinaHUCER, John BernhardDÜRDOLT (Duerdolt), Katharina---
KOHLHARD, Anthony 07 Oct 187129 Oct 1871Kohlhard, AdamBOYNET, Maria HUBERT, AnthonyKERN, Eva---
KOHLHAUFF, E. Maria17 Apr 189607 Jun 1896Kohlhauff, AnthonyPOTTER, Louisa---GRIMES, Anna ---
KOHLHOFF, Catharina14 Nov 187626 Nov 1876Kohlhoff, AdamBAQUEST, MargarethaLOUIS, John B.Louis, Catharina---
KOLHAUS, Herman Clemens Paul06 Mar 187428 Apr 1874Kolhaus, AdamBOQUET, MariaFREKE, HermanFreke, Emma---
KOLMER, Dorothea Gesina10 Aug 188911 Aug 1889Kolmer, AnthonyKLEIN, GesinaFELDMANN, JosephFeldmann, Maria Dorothea---
KOLMER, Herman Bernard27 Jan 188727 Jan 1887Kolmer, Herman AnthonyKLEINE, Gesina MariaKleine, John HenrySCHIERMANN, Elisabeth---
KONRAD, Irene Prisea Anna01 Apr 188908 Apr 1889Konrad, JacobSCHROEDER, JosephinaROBERT, PhilippSchroeder, Anna---
KONRAD, Josephina Elisabeth07 Dec 189331 Dec 1893Konrad, JacobSCHROEDER, JosephinaNOTHAUS, AnthonyNothaus, MariaFamily is from Huey, IL. Married John P. NEY 27 Apr 1922 in Sandoval, IL
KONRAD, Julius Herman17 Jul 189128 Jul 1891Konrad, JacobSCHROEDER, JosephinaSchroeder, HermanKonrad, Elisabeth---
KONRAD, Walter Philipp Herman21 Jul 190025 Jul 1900Konrad, NicolausFRERKER, PhilomenaFrerker, HermanKonrad, ElisabethMarried Elisabeth SCHAEFER 25 Oct 1926
KORT, Thomas Henry10 Nov 186717 Nov 1867Kort, FrancisHENRY, MariaHenry, Thomas------
KOURTH, Katharina Josephina10 Jul 186721 Jul 1867Kourth, FrederickACKERMANN, MariannaSCHLAFLY, FrederickAckermann, Katharina---
KR____, Magdalena Clara11 Jul 187012 Jul 1870UnknownKR___, Wilhelmina---RAUSCH, ClaraMother's last name is hidden
KRAEMER, Helena Sophia27 Jun 187207 Nov 1874Kraemer, NicolausROCHELLE, Maria AnnaBARTH, JacobBarth, Sophia---
KRAMER, Anna Maria30 Oct 187001 Nov 1870Kramer, John HermanNot listed, TheresiaSCHULTE, HermanSchulte, Anna Maria ---
KRAMER, Johann Herman26 Nov 186806 Dec 1868Kramer, BernhardNot listed, Maria ElizabethKramer, John HenryHUTTWEG, Maria Margaretha---
KRAMER, Louise Margaretha22 Oct 187123 Oct 1871Kramer, WilhelmBRADY, Anna---Brady, Margaretha---
KREBS, Anna Maria24 Dec 189226 Dec 1892Krebs, PeterLAMMERS, Anna MariaKrebs, JacobLammers, Anna Maria---
KREBS, Arthur Ernest Joseph19 Oct 190320 Oct 1903Krebs, AugustBARTH, JosephinaKrebs, JohnKrebs, Margaret---
KREBS, Benedict12 Apr 187116 Apr 1871Krebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, MariannaRAUSCH, BenedictSchlafly, Helena---
KREBS, Bernard John15 Nov 188120 Nov 1881Krebs, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaVOSS, JohnSCHNEYDER, Maria---
KREBS, Bernhard August30 Apr 186514 May 1865Krebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, MariannaSchlafly, AugustLEWEN, Katharina---
KREBS, Catharine Sophia06 Jun 189307 Jun 1893Krebs, JacobSCHIERMANN, Anna SophiaSchiermann, John F.VOSS, Catharina---
KREBS, Clara Susanna15 Jun 189917 Jun 1899Krebs, BernardBARTH, EmerentianaKrebs, JohnBarth, SusannaMarried Anthony HUELS 20 Apr 1921
KREBS, Edward Eugene03 Oct 188008 Oct 1880Krebs, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaWALTER, CasparLAMPEN, Eugenia---
KREBS, Edward Victor15 May 190516 May 1905Krebs, AugustBARTH, JosephinaBarth, JosephBarth, Anna---
KREBS, Eleonora Susanna01 Jun 190203 Jun 1902Krebs, AugustBARTH, JosephinaKrebs, JohnBarth, Susanna---
KREBS, Emerentiana Maria27 Sep 189328 Sep 1893Krebs, CasparFEHLKER, Anna Fehlker, HermanKrebs, Maria---
KREBS, Emma Helena27 Dec 187306 Jan 1874Krebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, MariannaBERGER, MatthewBerger, Emma---
KREBS, Ferdinand04 Feb 186914 Feb 1869Krebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, MariannaSchlafly, FrederickSCHNEIDER, Katharina---
KREBS, Francis Bernard14 Jan 190315 Jan 1903Krebs, CasparFEHLKER, AnnaKrebs, FrancisMUELLER, PhilomenaMarried Wilhelmina HUENE 27 Jul 1929 at St Monica in Detroit, MI
KREBS, Francis Kynerius13 Dec 186514 Dec 1865Krebs, CasparNot listed, TheresaHERZOG, Frank------
KREBS, Gerhard Henry09 Feb 188811 Feb 1888Krebs, JacobSCHIERMANN, AnnaSchiermann, Gerhard HenryKrebs, TheresiaMarried Margaret G. KUNKEL 1 Sep 1920 in Carlyle, IL
KREBS, Gertrude Barbara11 Oct 190612 Oct 1906Krebs, CasparFOELKER, AnnaKrebs, HermanKrebs, Barbara---
KREBS, Helen27 Mar 189928 Mar 1899Krebs, AugustBARTH, JosephinaWALLISCHEK, PhilippSCHLAFLY, Helena---
KREBS, Henry Francis07 Sep 187011 Sep 1870Krebs, CasparNot listed, TheresiaGEHRS, FrancisLEIR__, Maria---
KREBS, Henry Lambert24 Feb 189125 Feb 1891Krebs, CasparFEHLKER, Anna M.Fehlker, LambertKrebs, Theresia Married Susanna M. ISAAK 2 May 1922 in Beckemeyer, IL
KREBS, Infant23 Jan 186026 Feb 1860Krebs, JohannSCHLAFFLY, MariannaKrebs, MatthewSchlafly, Maria---
KREBS, Jacob Matthew25 Feb 187601 Mar 1876Krebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, Maria AnnaKrebs, JacobKrebs, Barbara---
KREBS, Johann05 Jan 186219 Jan 1862Krebs, JohannSCHLAFFLY, MariannaSchlaffly, JohannKrebs, Fonn (?)---
KREBS, John Edwin15 Jul 190016 Jul 1900Krebs, CasparFEHLKER, Anna M.VOSS, John B.NIEBUR, Elisabeth M.Married Dorothea DIECKMANN 27 Jan 1926.
KREBS, John Joseph20 Jul 187927 Jul 1879Krebs, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaKrebs, JohnWALTER, Maria---
KREBS, Joseph Bernard26 Jun 189827 Jun 1898Krebs, PeterLAMMERS, AnnaLammers, John BernardVOSS, Catherina---
KREBS, Katharina22 Apr 186326 Apr 1863Krebs, Not listedDIVINER, TheresiaWOLLER, MichaelKrebs, Katharina---
KREBS, Leo Anthony27 Mar 188031 Mar 1880Krebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, MariaKrebs, JacobLEBEN, Barbara---
KREBS, Louisa17 Nov 188419 Nov 1884Krebs, JacobSCHIERMANN, AnnaKrebs, PeterKLEIN, Louisa---
KREBS, Louisa Johanna03 Oct 186711 Oct 1867Krebs, JohannSCHAFF, MariaHOTAP, JosephLAUTERBACH, Louisa---
KREBS, Margaretha02 Jan 186820 Jan 1868Krebs, CasparDIVINE, MariaDoories, GeorgeKunkel, Margaretha---
KREBS, Maria08 Nov 187213 Nov 1872Krebs, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaSCHNEIDER, CasparKrebs, Maria---
KREBS, Maria Anna08 Jan 188910 Jan 1889Krebs, CasparFEHLKER, AnnaKrebs, JacobFehlker, Anna M.Married Oltone IMMING 6 Apr 1921 in Carlyle, IL
KREBS, Maria Anna13 Jun 190214 Jun 1902Krebs, MatthewPEEK, Elisabeth (From Breese, IL)SCHLAFLY, FridolinPeek, Maria Anna Married Jacob M. SHANNON 22 Apr 1930
KREBS, Maria Barbara Theresia02 Nov 187407 Nov 1874Krebs, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaRAUSCH, BenedictBAKER, Barbara---
KREBS, Maria Catharina Barbara16 Aug 188117 Aug 1881Krebs, JacobBUEHLER, MariaKrebs, JacobKrebs, Maria---
KREBS, Maria Veronica15 Jan 190417 Jan 1904Krebs, BernardBARTH, EmerentianaKrebs, AugustMUELLER, MariaMarried Paul ? 26 Dec 1923. Priest has same last name.
KREBS, Olivia Rosa06 Nov 190109 Nov 1901Krebs, BernardBARTH, EmerentianaBarth, JosephLAMPE, RosaMarried Fred Joseph JUNKER 20 Jun 1923
KREBS, Peter Caspar14 Nov 189615 Nov 1896Krebs, CasparFEHLKER, AnnaKrebs, PeterMERSCHER, MariaNever married. Died 22 Feb 1958
KREBS, Sera Elisabetha01 Oct 186308 Dec 1863Krebs, JohannSCHLAFLY, MariannaSchlafly, AugustWEAST, Susanna---
KREBS, Theresia Emilia19 Jan 187728 Jan 1877Krebs, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaKrebs, JacobDivine, Emilia---
KREBS, Vincent Ignatius05 Feb 190607 Feb 1906Krebs, BernardBARTH, EmmaKrebs, John J.Krebs, Josephina---
KREBS, Wilbert Lawrence14 Nov 190615 Nov 1906Krebs, AugustBARTS, JosephinaKrebs, BenedictLAMPE, Rosa---
KREPS, Peter01 Apr 185927 Apr 1859Kreps, CasparDIVINE, TheresiaROHR, peter---In a copy of this entry Kreps is spelled Krebs
KRIEGER, Alvin William19 Aug 189822 Oct 1898Krieger, BernardWEYL, AnnaLUEBBERS, WilliamHORSMEIER, PaulinaMarried Henrietta DIECKMANN 6 Jun 1928 in Beckemeyer, IL
KROEGER, Hermina Veronica06 Oct 190303 Apr 1904Kroeger, BernardWEIL, AnnaHEMPEN, WilliamLUBBERS, Cecelia---
KROTER, Maria Ida 08 Jun 187207 Jul 1872Kroter, JosephLISTKE, Maria---Linsmeyer, Maria---
KROTTER, Francisca Louisa28 May 187520 Jun 1875Krotter, JosephSEFKER, Maria---ELLWANG, Maria---
KRUSE, Amanda Paulina15 Aug 188616 Aug 1886Kruse, HenryHOH, RosaKruse, JohnHoh, PaulinaMarried 16 Jun 1909 to Biene?
KRUSE, Anna Helena19 Apr 189524 Apr 1895Kruse, HenryHOH, RosaSILIES, GerhardKLOTT, Anna---
KRUSE, Francis Anthony03 May 189107 May 1891Kruse, HenryHOH, RosaHoh, Francis---Married Catharine REILMANN 8 Oct 1913 at St Dominic in Breese, IL
KRUSE, Henry Matthew27 Nov 188729 Nov 1887Kruse, HenryHOH, RosaHoh, LandolinFOCKES, Maria G.---
KRUSE, John Benjamin22 Jan 189324 Jan 1893Kruse, HenryHOH, RosaKruse, JohnKruse, Maria GesinaThe father is from Wade Twp and mom is from Wheatfield, IL
KRUSE, Maria Cecelia28 Jul 188901 Aug 1889Kruse, HenryHOH, RosaMUELLER, AlbertMueller, Maria---
KUEPER, Anna Adelheid Leona09 Nov 190011 Nov 1900Kueper, JohnSCHLUETER, AnnaKueper, WilliamSchlueter, Anna M.Married Henry ETTER 9 Jun 1927
KUEPER, Anna Maria02 Jul 188309 Jul 1883Kueper, WilliamKARHOFF, Anna M.Karhoff, John GerhardKarhoff, Maria---
KUEPER, Anna Maria Philomena21 Aug 187826 Aug 1878Kueper, WilhelmKARHOFF, Anna WilhelminaKarhoff, John DiederichKarhoff, Maria---
KUEPER, Francis Roman25 Nov 189027 Nov 1890Kueper, WilliamKAHRHOFF, Anna ROBERT, FrancisRobert, Christina---
KUEPER, Frederick William21 Feb 188127 Feb 1881Kueper, WilliamKARHOFF, AnnaKarhoff, WilliamKarhoff, Maria---
KUEPER, John Gerhard02 Jan 187609 Jan 1876Kueper, WilhelmKARHOFF, AnnaKarhoff, Gerhard Karhoff, MargaretMarried Mrs. Maria WEINHEIMER born KIFFMEYER 22 Sep 1920 in Carlyle, IL
KUEPER, John William10 Apr 190316 Apr 1903Kueper, John D.SCHLUETER, AnnaKueper, WilliamSchlueter, AnnaMarried Paulina PLOTS 22 May 194_
KUEPER, Maria (Rosa)01 Sep 189402 Sep 1894Kueper, WilliamKAHRHOFF, Anna NIEHOFF, H. A.MUEHLING, MariaMarried Dean Francis KENT 9 Apr 1942 at St Andrews in Little Rock, Arkansas
KUEPER, Maria Elisabeth06 Sep 188809 Sep 1888Kueper, WilliamKAHRHOFF, Anna MUEHLING, MarkKahrhoff, MariaMarried Fred HORNAN 1 Sep 1931 in Cathedral in St. Louis, MO
KUNKEL, Alphonse Louis08 Feb 189411 Feb 1894Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaChrist, LouisPEPPENHORST, AnnaMarried Magdalena ROLFERS 9 Nov 1921
KUNKEL, Anthony Nicolaus31 Jul 189901 Aug 1899Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaWUELLER, NicolausDEMMING, AntoniaJoined the Order of St. Benedict in St. Meinrad, Indiana 8 Sep 1922; promoted (?) 21 May 1923
KUNKEL, Bernard Anthony13 Jan 189714 Jan 1897Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaSPAETH, BernardDEMMING, JohannaNote about Joseph CHARTRAND 24 May 1920 (?)
KUNKEL, Clara Catharine Julia28 Oct 190301 Nov 1903Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaChrist, JohnChrist, Catharine---
KUNKEL, John26 Apr 188430 Apr 1884Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaChrist, JohnChrist, Sophia---
KUNKEL, Margaret Gertrude23 Jan 189026 Jan 1890Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaKREBS, PeterPEPPENHORST, GertrudeMarried Henry E. KREBS 1 Sep 1920 in Carlyle, IL
KUNKEL, Paul Aloysius19 Dec 190122 Dec 1901Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaPEPPENHORST, BernardChrist, SophiaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL. Something about St. Meinrad Seminary 24 May 192_. Married Nora MCGINTY in All Saints Church in Masontown, PA on 15 Jan 1936
KUNKEL, Peter Joseph17 Jan 188622 Jan 1886Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaROHR, JohnHOTAPP, Susanna---
KUNKEL, Sophia Catharine10 Oct 189111 Oct 1891Kunkel, PeterCHRIST, JuliaSTEIN, JosephChrist, Margaret---
KURKLE, Michael Francis21 Mar 186911 Apr 1869Kurkle, FrederickACKERMANN, MariannaAckermann, MichaelAckermann, Josephina---
KURTH, Henry18 Jun 187329 Jun 1873Kurth, FrederickACKERMANN, MariannaSANTEL, HenryAckermann, Maria---
KURTH, Margaretha Elizabeth25 Jul 187106 Aug 1871Kurth, FrederickACKERMANN, MariannaROBERTZ, JacobRobertz, Margaretha---
LA____, Elisabetha30 Jun 187023 Jul 1870La___, WilhelmSOMMERS, ElisabethaZIEREN, HenryZieren, Adelheid---
LAGER, John Arthur26 Mar 189228 Mar 1892Lager, LouisSCHULTE, PhilomenaLager, John BernardSchulte, CarolinaFrom Aviston, IL. Married Agnes BECHERER 9 May 1917 at St. Joseph in Lebanon, IL
LAMBERTS, Eugene Frederick13 Oct 186512 Feb 1866Lamberts, FrancisDIGE, VictoriaDige, EugeneSOUTHALD, Susanna---
LAMMERS, John Bernard02 Sep 190203 Sep 1902Lammers, HermanFEHLKER, GertrudeLammers, John BernardFehlker, Maria---
LAMPE, August William15 Apr 189217 Apr 1892Lampe, FrederickKREBS, RosaKrebs, August B.LUEBBE, MariaMarried Margaret LONG 12 Oct 1931 in Bancroft, Iowa
LAMPE, Edward Nicolaus16 Mar 189721 Mar 1897Lampe, JohnJOFFRAY, IdaJoffray, WilliamBACH, MariaMarried Celeste HILLERMANN 12 May 1926 in Cromwell, OK
LAMPE, Frederick John22 May 189025 May 1890Lampe, FrederickKREBS, RosaSCHLAFLY, FridolinKrebs, Maria Anna---
LAMPE, John Joseph18 Nov 188521 Nov 1885Lampe, FrederickKREBS, RosaKrebs, JohnSCHLAFLY, Helena---
LAMPE, Joseph Conrad30 Jun 188802 Jul 1888Lampe, FrederickKREBS, RosaKrebs, John JosephSCHRADER, Maria A. S.---
LAMPE, Oscar George08 Oct 189513 Oct 1895Lampe, JohnJOFFRAY, IdaLampe, GeorgeJoffray, Anna MariaMarried Kathleen MARIGAN 12 Sep 1923 in Hugo, Oklahoma
LAMPEN, Agnes Louisa08 Feb 189912 Feb 1899Lampen, JohnSCHULTE, ChristinaSCHMITZ, LouisVOLMER, Louisa---
LAMPEN, Aloysius Nicolaus17 Nov 189219 Nov 1892Lampen, JohnSCHULTE, ChristinaWUELLER, NicolausVOLMER, Theodora---
LAMPEN, Eugene Theodore26 Aug 189130 Aug 1891Lampen, JohnSCHULTE, ChristinaVOLMER, TheodoreLANG, Eugenia---
LAMPEN, Isabell Christina24 Oct 189428 Oct 1894Lampen, JohnSCHULTE, ChristinaSchulte, George Bernard Fr. VOLMER, ChristinaMarried Carl FISCHER 12 Sep 1922
LAMPEN, Joseph Conrad19 Jan 189023 Jan 1890Lampen, JohnSCHULTE, ChristinaVORNHOLT, J. A. ConradVornholt, Elisabeth---
LAMPEN, Maria Helena28 Oct 188730 Oct 1887Lampen, JohnSCHULTE, ChristinaVOLMER, TheodoreLANGE, Maria ---
LAN___, Wilhelm George19 Mar 187205 May 1872Lan___, WilhelmSOMMERS, ElizabethLOEDICKE, George HenryLoedicke, Magdalena---
LANDERS, Theresia11 Jan 186211 Jun 1862Landers, GerhardNot listed, SabinaDROLL, JosephREINPOHL, Adelheid---
LANE, Anna Margaretha25 Feb 186715 Jun 1867Lane, LouisKRAMER, HelenaKramer, JohnHANKEN, Margaretha---
LANE, Johann Herman17 Feb 186620 May 1866Lane, LouisKRAMER, HelenaSCHULTE, HermanKramer, Margaretha---
LANFERMANN, Anna Apollonia24 Jun 187806 Jul 1878Lanfermann, DiederichBAUMANN, ApolloniaLAMPEN, JohnSCHUERMANN, Anna---
LANFERMANN, Bernard Edward13 Oct 188018 Oct 1880Lanfermann, TheodoreBAUMANN, ApolloniaWILKEN, Bernard Henry SCHURMANN, Catharine---
LANFERMANN, Henry Joseph (Twin)21 Sep 187924 Sep 1879Lanfermann, DiederickBAUMANN, ApolloniaLAMPEN, Henry------
LANFERMANN, Maria Angela Apollonia (Twin)21 Sep 187924 Sep 1879Lanfermann, DiederickBANMANN, Apollonia---SOMMER, Maria Angela---
LANGHAEUSER, Em. Maria25 Nov 190326 Nov 1903Langhaeuser, JosephDETERS, MariaDeters, LeoLanghaeuser, Johanna---
LANGHAUS, Maria Eva Johanna25 Mar 186805 Apr 1868Langhaus, JosephFRIANZ, MariaFrianz, JohnFrianz, Eva Maria---
LANGHAUSER, Anna Appolonia03 Aug 187712 Aug 1877Langhauser, JosephFRIANT, Johanna MariaRAUSCH, JacobLanghauser, Appolonia---
LANGHAUSER, Emerentiana Regina11 Sep 188412 Sep 1884Langhauser, JosephFRIANT, Maria Anna---ACKERMANN, Emerentiana---
LANGHAUSER, Francis Anthony (Twin)23 Oct 188125 Oct 1881Langhauser, JosephFRIANT, Maria J.Friant, FrancisBECKER, Regina---
LANGHAUSER, John Frederick13 Jan 187025 Jan 1870Langhauser, JosephFRIANG, MariaLanghauser, FrederickLanghauser, Anna Maria---
LANGHAUSER, Joseph06 Sep 187117 Sep 1871Langhauser, JosephFRIANG, MariaGROSS, JosephGross, Margaretha---
LANGHAUSER, Joseph Leopold15 Feb 190516 Feb 1905Langhauser, JosephDETERS, MariaLanghauser, Joseph Deters, Mrs. M.Married Maria Elisabeth ROBERG 17 Nov 1931 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
LANGHAUSER, Margaret Carolina (Twin)23 Oct 188125 Oct 1881Langhauser, JosephFRIANT, Maria J.Friant, FrancisRAUSCH, Margaret---
LANGHAUSER, Maria Elizabeth20 Jan 187425 Jan 1874Langhauser, JosephFRIANG, MariaBECKER, HenryBecker, Maria Elizabeth---
LANSE, Wilhelmina18 Mar 186812 May 1868Lanse, WilhelmHEINTAG, ElizabethaWESSELMANN, GerhardWesselmann, Magdalena---
LANTZ, Bernhard August21 Aug 186225 Aug 1862Lantz, FrederickNot listed, BarbaraWILLER, BernhardCONRAD, Elisabeth---
LANTZ, Christopher Frederick Wilhelm20 Oct 186602 Nov 1866Lantz, FrederickADAM, MariaAdam, JosephROHR, Maria---
LANVERMAN, Bernhard10 Dec 186830 Jan 1869Lanverman, DidericusBAUMANN, ApaloniaSOMMERS, BernhardETTER, Josephina---
LANVERMANN, Lucy Margaret25 Mar 187415 Apr 1874Lanvermann, DiederickBAUMANN, ApoloniaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HenryLAMPEN, Margaretha---
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Anna Maria20 Nov 188621 Nov 1886Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaEtter, MeinradLuebbers, Anna M.Married J. Fred SCHIERMANN 3 Nov 1920 at St Cordes in East St. Louis, IL
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Anna Paulina27 Aug 189428 Aug 1894Luebbers, WilliamWEIL, CarolinaROLFERS, ConradHOLSMEIER, PaulinaMarried Joseph SCHOMAKER 3 Nov 1920
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Francis William01 Apr 189102 Apr 1891Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaROLFES, Fr. ConradMUELLER, Anna Sophia---
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Herman Francis26 Dec 188927 Dec 1889Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaLuebbers, Herman---Married Margaret LAKE 6 Aug 1919 in Carlyle, IL
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Rosa Maria Francisca24 May 189626 May 1896Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaEtter, MeinradROLFERS, AnnaMarried Herman H. HEMPEN 15 Jun 1921
LÜBBERS (Luebbers), William John24 Apr 189425 Apr 1894Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaLuebbers, WilliamEtter, RosaMarried Theresa BOGELT 26 Apr 1922
LÜPKE (Luepke), Herman William11 Nov 188014 Nov 1880Luepke, HermanDETER, MariaBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), HermanHOFFMANN, Anna---
LÜPKE (Luepke), Louisa Cecelia14 Dec 188915 Dec 1889Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaSCHMIDT, WilliamBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), LouisaMarried Henry DONNEWALD 17 Oct 1917 in Carlyle, IL
LÜPKE (Luepke), Margaret31 Dec 188501 Jan 1886Luepke, AnthonyHOVER, Marianna AgnesLuepke, John BernardWELLING, Anna Margaret Theodora---
LARY, Johann01 Mar 186223 Mar 1862Lary, JerryMULLAN, MaryFLYNN, WilliamLYNCH, Maria---
LASSATER, Sarah06 May 188210 Sep 1882Lassater, JacobKINNEY, MariaKANE, J. T.Kane, MariaChild is illegitimate.
LATHROP, Albert03 Sep 188201 Oct 1882Lathrop, JohnGIRARD, MagdalenaBRETZ, JohnGirard, Anna---
LATROP, Elisabeth18 Aug 188029 Aug 1880Latrop, JohnGIRARD, MagdalenaAMEND, LandelinGirard, Margaret---
LAUFERMANN, Henry Joseph------Laufermann, DiederickBAUMANN, AppoloniaDIFFENAUER, Joseph---No dates. Entry appears in July 1877 entries.
LAUFERMANN, John Meinrad21 Nov 187512 Dec 1875Laufermann, DiederickBAUMANN, AppoloniaETTER, MeinradLAMPEN, Maria---
LAUS, John Henry30 May 187606 Aug 1876Laus, WilliamSTEINWEG, ElizabethSAUTMANN, HenryDIEKEMPER, Gertrude---
LAUSE, Magdalena Katharina01 Feb 187406 Apr 1874Lause, WilliamSOMMER, MagdalenaWESSELMANN, Gerhard------
LAUTZ, Francis28 Jul 186407 Aug 1864Lautz, FrederickADAM, BarbaraKAST, Francis R.SONNTAG, Francis---
LAUTZ, Frederick Julius Christopher17 May 186021 May 1860Lautz, FrederickNot listed, Maria GUIDHUES, Christopher------
LAUX, Amelia Catharine Elisabeth18 Jan 189922 Jan 1899Laux, PeterGERMAN, AnnaGerman, HenryGerman, CatharinaMarried Henry NORDIKE 27 Aug 1915 by Justice of The Peace. Not revalidated by Jan 1960(?)
LAUX, Anthony Joseph26 Apr 187823 Jun 1878Laux, WilliamSTEINLE, ElizabethWESSELMANN, Anthony JosephWITHUT, Theresia---
LAUX, Catharina Dora13 Jun 188731 Jul 1887Laux, WilliamSTEINLE, ElisabethSCHMIDT, AndrewSchmidt, Elisabeth---
LAUX, Emma Christina02 Jul 188922 Sep 1889Laux, WilliamSTEINLE, ElisabethBAUMGARTNER, CarlBaumgartner, Johanna---
LAUX, Helena Bunyan15 Dec 189911 Feb 1900Laux, PhilippFLAHERTY, MariaHALLERMANN, WilliamFlaherty, JohannaMother is from Meridian Twp, IL
LAUX, Matthew05 Dec 187921 Mar 1880Laux, WilliamSTEINLE, ElizabethDIEKEMPER, MatthewDiekemper, Gertrude---
LAUX, William Herman08 Sep 188321 Oct 1883Laux, WilliamSTEINLE, Elisabeth---LODDECK, Regina---
LEARS (Sears), Francis George Julius22 Feb 190514 Nov 1880Lears, J. L.SELIER, Allen (Ellen)HECKENBECK, George------
LEARY, Jacob08 Mar 185925 Sep 1859Leary, JerryNot listed, MaryMCMOLLEN, Allen------
LEAST, John Ansel21 Jan 187028 Jan 1870Least, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaMAZELHOFF, JohannWODDER, Katharina---
LEAST, Lina11 Mar 187425 Apr 1874Least (List), PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaROBERTZ, JacobSchmidt, Sabina---
LEAST, Maria Margaretha01 Nov 187126 Dec 1871Least (List), PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaHUBERT, AntonCONRAD, Margaretha---
LEAST, Philipp01 Mar 187301 May 1873Least (List), PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaHUBERT, NicolausLEWAN, Maria---
LEAST, Philipp01 Dec 186405 Jan 1865Least, PhilippSCHMIDT, Maria Least, FrancisSchmidt, Margaretha---
LEAST, Wilhelmina12 Nov 186718 Dec 1867Least, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaWEAST, WilhelmHUBERS, Wilhelmina---
LEBEN, Jacob20 Apr 185909 May 1859Leben, JohannKREPS, CatharinaKreps, JacobADAM, Maria CatharinaIn a copy of this entry Kreps is spelled Krebs
LECOST, Louis Philipp29 Jun 186213 Jul 1862Lecost, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaKLEIN, LouisLOHMEIER, Margaretha---
LEITSCH, August Henry29 Aug 188316 Sep 1883Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaMUELLER, HenryLeitsch, Elisabeth---
LEITSCH, Francis Joseph13 Jan 189315 Jan 1893Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaDIEKMANN, FrancisDiekmann, Maria Elisabeth---
LEITSCH, Frederick Bernard09 Sep 189011 Sep 1890Leitsch, Francis X.HOFFMANN, RosaKREBS, FerdinandHALLERMANN, Julia---
LEITSCH, George Leon (Twin)15 Jan 190021 Jan 1900Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaLEONARD, GeorgeLeonard, Maria---
LEITSCH, John Matthew (Twin)15 Jan 190021 Jan 1900Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaKREBS, JohnMUELLER, Elisabeth---
LEITSCH, Maria Catharina19 Apr 188124 Apr 1881Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaLeitsch, BernardLeitsch, M. Catharina---
LEITSCH, Rosa Martha Louisa21 Aug 189623 Aug 1896Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaHUBER, JacobMUEHLING, MarthaChild was not raised Catholic. Married Allen GREATHOUSE 8 May 1917 in St. Charles, MO by Justice of the Peace
LEITSCH, William Francis01 Sep 188704 Sep 1887Leitsch, FrancisHOFFMANN, RosaHALLERMANN, WilliamLEONARD, Catharina---
LEJEUNE, Alphonse Christopher08 Mar 187802 Jun 1878LeJeune, LouisFRANCOIS, MariaROHR, JohnRohr, Barbara---
LEJEUNE, August20 Apr 188324 Jun 1883LeJeune, LouisFRANCOIS, MariaFrancois, LouisFrancois, Maria---
LEJEUNE, Francis Victor14 Dec 188008 May 1881LeJeune, LouisFRANCOIS, MariaFrancois, AugustFrancois, Maria---
LEMMING, John Conrad02 Sep 189602 Sep 1896Lemming, JohnNASEMANN, Barbara J.LAMPEN, JohnLampen, Justina---
LEONARD, Anna Laura01 Jul 188018 Apr 1903CHADWELL, WilliamWEAVER, Sarah---MCCABE, WinifredParents are non-Catholic
LEONARD, Fredericka Gertrude06 Jan 188311 Jan 1883Leonard, HenryFRERKER, Catharine G.HALLERMANN, WilliamFELDMANN, Anna G.---
LEONARD, George16 Oct 187621 Oct 1876Leonard, HenryFRERKER, Catharina Leonard, GeorgeFrerker, Anna---
LEONARD, John Conrad02 Jan 188903 Jan 1889Leonard, W. H.FRERKER, Catharine Fr.HAUKAP, ConradWIEGERS, Anna Ch.Married Anna PEIFFER 6 Nov 1913 in Beckemeyer, IL
LEONARD, John Herman17 Dec 188021 Dec 1880Leonard, HenryFRAERKE, CatharinaFraerke, HermanLeonard, Maria Helena---
LEONARD, Maria Louisa16 Dec 190524 Dec 1905LEONARD, GeorgeCHADWELL, AnnaLeonard, JohnVOLLMER, MariaMarried Edward MENKHAUS 4 Jul 1929 at St Andrew in Murphysboro, IL
LEONARD, Matthew Eugene28 Dec 190301 Jan 1904Leonard, GeorgeCHADWELL, AnnaMENKHAUS, MatthewLeonard, Maria---
LEONHARD, Christina Elizabeth09 Sep 187113 Sep 1871Leonhard, Henry FREKE, KatharinaFreke, HermanLeonhard, Anna Maria---
LEONHARD, Everhard Heinrich August11 Apr 186813 Apr 1868Leonhard, Henry WilliamTREKE, KatharinaLeonhard, John HenryHALLERMANN, Elizabeth---
LEONHARD, John Frederick08 Feb 187910 Feb 1879Leonhard, HenryFRERKER, CatharinaLeonhard, John FredNORDMANN, M. A.---
LEONHARD, William Henry05 Jul 187306 Jul 1873Leonhard, HenryFREKE, KatharinaHALLERMANN, HeinrichFreke, Emma---
LEONHARDT, Anna Maria Elizabeth20 Feb 187521 Feb 1875Leonhardt, HenryFRERKER, Catharina FrederickaNIEHOFF, AugustHALLERMANN, Maria Elizabeth---
LESTEN, Nicolaus16 Nov 186006 Dec 1860Lesten, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaLesten, NicolausSCHOFFRA, Rosa---
LEWEN, Johann17 Dec 186322 Jan 1864Lewen, Johann KREBS, KatharinaROHRBACHER, JacobKrebs, Theresia---
LEWEN, Maria Barbara09 Apr 186217 Apr 1862Lewen, JohannKREBS, KatharinaKrebs, CasparSCHLAFLY, Marianna---
LIEST, Peter23 Sep 186318 Oct 1863Liest, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaSchmidt, PeterHERZOG, Maria---
LIGHTRUN, Barbara19 Apr 190519 Apr 1905Lightrun, JacobHUS, Carolina---SCHNEIDER, CatharinaNote states - Poorhouse
LINNHOF, Isabella08 Apr 186322 May 1863Linnhof, HeinrichDEHO___, Josephina---KLEIN, Maria---
LIST, Emerentiana Cecelia02 Sep 188110 Sep 1881List, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaWUEST, TheodoreWALTER, Maria---
LIST, Francis (Twin)28 Jan 187625 Feb 1876List, PhilippSCHMIDT, Maria AnnaGÜNTHER (Guenther), FrancisROHRBACHER, Magdalena---
LIST, Henry29 Dec 187913 Jan 1880List, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaPHILLIP, HenryGEOFFROY, Maria---
LIST, Josephina (Twin)28 Jan 187625 Feb 1876List, PhilippSCHMIDT, Maria AnnaHUBERT, NicolausSchmidt, Anna---
LIST, Maria Appollonia08 Mar 187812 Mar 1878List, PhilippSCHMIDT, MariaGEOFFROY, HenryPHILIPPS, Maria---
LITTNER, Anna24 Mar 186412 Jun 1864Littner, MichaelNot listed, MargarethaBASELER, NicolausLittner, Margaretha---
LITTNER, HeinrichJune26 Sep 1869Littner, MichaelNot listed, Margaretha Littner, HenryLittner, GertrudeNo birth year or date are listed.
LITTNER, Margaretha26 Feb 186626 May 1867Littner, MichaelNot listed, Margaretha ROBERTZ, JacobRobertz, Margaretha---
LODDEKE, Magdalena Regina01 Mar 189928 May 1899Loddeke, HermanSCHMITT, ReginaERLINGER, LouisSchmitt, Elisabeth---
LODDEKE, Maria03 Dec 188305 Dec 1883Loddeke, JosephSCHMIDT, MariaSchmidt, JacobHENASCHEL, Maria---
LODDEKE, William Henry02 Aug 188504 Aug 1885Loddeke, BernardSCHUMACHER, AngelaHALLERMANN, H. A.SCHULTZ, Philomena---
LODEKE, Maria Angela11 Jul 187412 Jul 1874Lodeke, Bernhard HenrySCHUMACHER, AngelaSCHULTE, JohnLUEBBES, Catharina---
LODEKE, Regina09 Mar 188211 Mar 1882Lodeke, JosephSCHMIDT, MariaKUEPER, K.Schmidt, Regina---
LODICKE, Elizabeth01 Jan 187602 Jan 1876Lodicke, JosephSCHMIDT, MariaDETERMANN, JosephSchmidt, Elizabeth---
LODICKE, John Henry07 Oct 187709 Oct 1877Lodicke, JosephSCHMIDT, MariaSIEBENBURGEN, John HenrySchmidt, Regina---
LODICKE, Maria Wilhelmina23 Oct 187925 Oct 1879Lodicke, JosephSCHMIDT, MariaSchmidt, AndrewDETERMANN, Dorothea---
LODIKE, John Bernard13 Feb 187715 Feb 1877Lodike, BernardSCHUMACHER, AngelaSCHULTE, JohnBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Anna---
LODIKE, John Henry09 Jul 188211 Jul 1882Lodike, BernardSCHUMACHER, AngelaHILMES, John DIEKEMPER, Gertrude---
LOEDDICKE, Anna Gertrude20 Apr 186925 Apr 1869Loeddicke, BernhardNot listed, AngelaWILLER, JohnROHR, Anna---
LOEDICKE, Maria Carolina20 Aug 187225 Aug 1872Loedicke, HenrySCHUMICH, AngelaHALLERMANN, HeinrichSCHULTE, Caroline---
LOEPKER, Henry Anthony11 Feb 188313 Feb 1883Loepker, John AnthonyOFEL, Anna M. AgnesPETERMANN, John H.ETTER, AnnaMarried Anna MAURER dau of Herman Maurer & H. ISAAK at St Joseph in St. Louis, MO on 14 Jun (no year).
LOUIS, Francis Nicolaus18 Sep 188425 Oct 1884Louis, JohnKERN, CatharinaKOELKER, Francis------
LOUIS, Nellie Lisetta06 Dec 188025 Jan 1881Louis, JohnKERRAN, CatharinaROHRBACHER, CasparHESSLER, Elisabeth---
LOWELLE, Anna M. Catharina06 May 188010 May 1880Lowelle, JosephSCHWARTZ, HelenaDIEKMETGER, TheodoreSchwartz, Catharina---
LUBBERS, Cecelia Augusta29 Jul 190506 Aug 1905Lubbers, WilliamWEIL, Cecelia (Carolyn)ZICKEL, ChristianLubbers, Anna---
LUEBBERS, Agnes Olivia18 May 190119 May 1901Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaZIRKEL, ChristianEtter, Olivia---
LUEBBERS, Anna Ida19 Jun 189921 Jun 1899Luebbers, WilliamWEIL, CarolinaETTER, MeinradROLFERS, Anna---
LUEBBERS, Bernard Henry23 Mar 189224 Mar 1892Luebbers, Bernard ETTER, AnnaROECKENHAUS, HenryEtter, Josephina---
LUEBBERS, Emilie Mary21 Dec 190026 Dec 1900Luebbers, WilliamWEIL, CarolinaHAAG, AlexanderPEPPENHORST, MariaMarried Clinton SCHWETMANN 4 Nov 1925
LUEBBERS, George Herman13 Aug 189714 Aug 1897Luebbers, WilliamWEIL, CarolinaLuebbers, HermanLuebbers, Anna---
LUEBBERS, Henrietta Helena07 Oct 190309 Oct 1903Luebbers, WilliamWEYL, CarolinaSCHLOAT, HermanZIRKEL, HenriettaMarried Aloys HILLEN of Breese, IL 20 Aug 1940. Aloys Hillen died in 1958
LUEBBERS, John Bernard24 Dec 189527 Dec 1895Luebbers, WilliamWEIL, CarolinaLuebbers, BernardWeil, Anna---
LUEBBERS, John Herman09 Sep 189110 Sep 1891Luebbers, WilliamWEIL, CarolinaLuebbers, HermanLuebbers, Anna---
LUEBBERS, John Paul24 Jun 189826 Jun 1898Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaADAM, JohnLuebbers, CarolinaMarried Maria Louise BORGELT 24 Nov 1925 in Marydale, IL
LUEBBERS, Joseph Meinrad01 Apr 188802 Apr 1888Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaEtter, MeinradZICKEL, Anna---
LUEBBERS, Joseph Michael23 Mar 190024 Mar 1900Luebbers, BernardETTER, AnnaMUELLER, MichaelMueller, Sophia---
LUEPKE, Anna Maria27 Nov 188128 Nov 1881Luepke, HermanDETERS, Maria E.HOFFMANN, HenryBRUMMER, Anna---
LUEPKE, Bernardina Maria15 Feb 189517 Feb 1895Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaDIECKMANN, HenryBRUEMMER, MariaMarried Vincent P. SCHAEFER 10 Sep 1919
LUEPKE, Catharina Adeleida17 Sep 188419 Sep 1884Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaFIEKE, Bernard H.DIEKMANN, Catharina Adelheid---
LUEPKE, Clara Helen Dorothy08 Aug 190012 Aug 1900Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaSPAETH, ConradDIEKMANN, Clara---
LUEPKE, Herman Joseph30 Oct 189704 Nov 1897Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaDIEKMANN, JosephBRUEMMER, Susanna---
LUEPKE, Irene Elisabeth25 Aug 189228 Aug 1892Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaDIEKMANN, FrancisHALLERMANN, ElisabethMarried George Gerhard ZIMMER (?) on 12 Aug 1919
LUEPKE, John Joseph01 Mar 188706 Mar 1887Luepke, HermanDETERS, MariaBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), JohnROBERT, Christina---
LUSTE, William Henry21 Feb 187710 May 1877Luste, John TheodoreSHAW, Ida Fr.DRENKEPOHL, ChristopherDrenkepohl, Anna---
LUTZ, Joseph Albert15 Jun 188317 Jun 1883Lutz, NicolausKRUSE, MariaWOODARD, AndrewKruse, Anna---
LUTZ, Joseph Bernhard08 Oct 186409 Oct 1864Lutz, WilhelmTEANE, Maria ElisabethBISHOF, BernhardBishof, Anna---
LUTZ, Maria Catharina28 Dec 188510 Jan 1886Lutz, WilliamKRUSE, MariaSCHUH, MatthewFLEMING, Margaretha---
LYNARDZ, Maria Regina09 Feb 186216 Feb 1862Lynardz, Not listed---TOMY, M.------
LYNCH, Julia10 Sep 186517 Sep 1865Lynch, EdwardCLARK, MariaBORK, ThomasBork, Margaretha---
MAEHLMANN, Susanna21 Dec 188813 Apr 1901Maehlmann, JosephMAEHLMANN, Mary---Maehlmann, JosephineChild is adopted by these parents. Her 1st Communion 25 Dec 1901, confirmed 17 Apr 1902
MALZ, Maria Malwina10 Aug 186501 Apr 1866Malz, NicolausHEMMAN, Anna MariaWILFERT, AndrewSAUTIER, MariaMother's last name is a guess
MÜHLING (Muehling), Anna Magdalena25 Jul 186802 Aug 1868Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, KatharinaWILLER, JohnBAYER, Magdalena---
MÜHLING (Muehling), Anna Martha Catharina09 Jul 188018 Jul 1880Muehling, MarcusHUTTENHOFF, Anna MariaVOLMER, TheodoreMuehling, Catharina---
MÜHLING (Muehling), Francis Bernhard01 Aug 186414 Aug 1864Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, KatharinaPeppenhorst, Reinhard NicolausDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Christina born TALLKAMP---
MÜHLING (Muehling), George Julius24 Mar 186602 Apr 1866Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, KatharinaMuehling, GeorgeMuehling, Maria---
MÜHLING (Muehling), Johann Bernhard26 Aug 186207 Sep 1862Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, KatharinaPeppenhorst, BernhardKREBS, Barbara---
MÜHLING (Muehling), John William04 Sep 187019 Sep 1870Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, KatharinaMuehling, JohnKUNKEL, Katharina---
MÜHLING (Muehling), Maria Gertrude03 Nov 186023 Nov 1860Muehling, FrancisPAPENHORST, Catharina---Papenhorst, Gertrude---
MÜHLING (Muehling), Max Joseph09 Jan 187318 Jan 1873Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, KatharinaMuehling, MeinWILKEN, Maria Gesina---
MÜLLE (Muelle), Theodore Heinrich13 Mar 186618 Mar 1866Muelle, HermanGIEGER, AnnaHESS, HeinrichETTE, Francisca---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Amalia04 Oct 186522 Oct 1865Mueller, MichaelGIGER, SophiaETTER, JosephMuller, Francisca---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anton Bernhard11 Jan 187320 Jan 1873Mueller, MichaelGIEGER, SophiaKELLERMANN, BernhardGieger, Theresia---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Gottfried Theodore29 Nov 186813 Dec 1868Mueller, MichaelGIEGER, SophiaMueller, GottfriedKORKORAN, Katharina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann13 Mar 186202 Feb 1864Mueller, JohannHAIMANN, ApolloniaMueller, BaptisteMueller, Mrs. Baptiste---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Joseph Anton Heinrich09 Feb 186104 Mar 1861Mueller, HeinrichKIEGER, MariaKieger, Joseph AntonKieger, Marianna---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Joseph Henry24 Feb 186721 Mar 1867Mueller, MichaelKIEGER, Sophia---KLEIN, Maria---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Louis21 Jun 186009 Nov 1860Mueller, JohannHAIMANN, ApolloniaGANTER, Louis------
MÜLLER (Mueller), Louise Bernhardina16 Jul 186819 Jul 1868Mueller, JacobNot listed, RosaliaSCHNEIDER, BernhardSchneider, Louise---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Agnes06 Nov 187013 Nov 1870Mueller, GottfriedMCLAREN, Mueller, HenryKORKORAN, Katharina---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Helena12 Dec 186718 Dec 1867Mueller, GottfriedMCCLAREN, HelenaETTER, JosephMueller, Marianna---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Martin Andrew28 Feb 186402 Mar 1864Mueller, JacobNot listed, BarbaraWIEFERT, AndrewSCHÄFER (Schaefer), Elisabetha---
MÜLLER (Mueller), Meinrad August20 Jun 187207 Jul 1872Mueller, HenryGIEGER, AnnaNIEHOF, August------
MÜLLER (Mueller), Paulina Maria21 Jul 186302 Feb 1864Mueller, JohannHAIMANN, ApolloniaWIDMER, AloysiusWidmer, Mrs. Aloysius---
MÜNCH (Muench), Herman Michael17 Feb 186122 Apr 1862Muench, Francis JosephNot listed, BarbaraHINTZ, Francis AntonNot listed, Anna Katharina (Mrs. Francis Anton Hintz)---
MARKER, Eleonora26 Apr 186211 Jun 1862Marker, JohannNot listed, Margaretha---MARSH, Eleonora---
MARTIN, Johanna10 Apr 187620 Apr 1876Martin, MichaelRUSSELL, HelenaRussell, JohnRussell, Maria---
MARTIN, Joseph18 Jul 187320 Jul 1873Martin, MichaelRUSSEL (Bussel), HelenaFERREL, RichardMCDARMUTH, Mary---
MARTIN, Julia Anna06 Oct 187016 Oct 1870Martin, MichaelNot listed, EllenMULKAHY, TimothyMulkahy, Margaret---
MARTIN, Maria02 Jan 186826 Jan 1868Martin, MichaelRUSSEL, HelenaRussel, PhilippFERREL, Maria---
MARTZLOFF, Maria Margaret24 Feb 187821 Apr 1878Martzloff, ChristophTHOUVENIN, MariaHUBERT, LawrenceFRANCOIS, Mary---
MCCARTHY, Maria Anna12 Sep 186512 Sep 1865McCarthy, EdwardFEENY, Bridget---BELLY, Maria---
MCCAW, Catharine Em. Theresia15 Jul 188909 Sep 1889McCaw, JacobRUSSELL, JosephinaYUNKER, JosephWEBER, Catharine---
MCCAW, Maria22 May 189226 May 1892McCaw, JacobRUSSELL, JosephinaZIEREN, TheodoreZieren, Maria---
MCCLAVEN, Maria14 Jul 186001 Nov 1860McClaven, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, AllessHUGHS, PeterCURRAINS, Chris (?)---
MCCLEASAN, Christina Anna04 Nov 186421 Jan 1872Mc Cleasan, JamesMCGAFFIGAN, AllenMURRAY, MatthewMurray, Maria---
MCGAFFIGAN, Anna17 May 186431 Mar 1894SHINN, SamuelPRATHER, Martha---O'NEILL, AnnaNew convert
MCGAFFIGAN, Catharine09 May 185823 Apr 1892KENNEDY, Jessy OsborneRICHARDSON, Rebecca---HERVEY, Francisca---
MCGAFFIGAN, Cora Josephina16 Oct 188825 Nov 1888McGaffigan, A. J.KENNEDY, HelenaMURRAY, M. F.Murray, Mary A.---
MCGAFFIGAN, Emerentiana Maria08 Dec 189014 Dec 1890McGaffigan, JohnSHIN, Anna R.LAMPEN, JohnHOULET, Rosa---
MCGAFFIGAN, Harold John27 Apr 189307 May 1893McGaffigan, John J.SHINN, AnnaMcGaffigan, AndrewKEAS, Christina---
MCGAFFIGAN, Henry Carligle19 Nov 189629 Nov 1896McGaffigan, J. J.SHINN, Anna R.WUELLER, NicolausDIEFFENAUER, Elisabeth---
MCGAFFIGAN, Hugo29 Jul 188529 Aug 1885McGaffigan, John J.SHINN, Anna R.MURRAY, M. P.O'NEILL, Margaret---
MCGAFFIGAN, Maria12 Nov 188203 Dec 1882McGaffigan, A. J.KENNEDY, HelenaMURRAY, M. P.Murray, Mary A.---
MCGAFFIGAN, Mark Andrew12 Sep 188807 Oct 1888McGaffigan, John J.SHINN, Anna R.McGaffigan, AndrewMCLAREN, Helena---
MCGAFFIGAN, Matthew Henry15 Jun 189105 Jul 1891McGaffigan, A. J.KENNEDY, HelenaSCHLAFLY, AugustSchlafly, Johanna---
MCGAFFIGAN, Olivia Agnes07 Nov 188625 Nov 1886McGaffigan, A. J.KENNEDY, HelenaBERGER, MatthewBerger, Emma---
MCGAFFIGAN, Paul K.03 Dec 189314 Jan 1894McGaffigan, Dr. A. J.KENNEDY, HelenaMcGaffigan, Jr., A. J.MCLAREN, HelenaFather is from East St. Louis, IL
MCGAFFIGAN, Viola Rebecca27 Oct 188427 Nov 1884McGaffigan, Andrew J.KENNEDY, HelenaKESHNER, EdwardMCLAREN, Laura---
MCGENAN, Richard11 May 186807 Jun 1868McGenan, RichardNot listed, SaraMcGenan, HugoGALLIGAR, Maria Helena ---
MCGOWAN, William11 Dec 186929 Jan 1870McGowan, RichardNot listed, MargarethaMcGowan, Hugo------
MCGOWANN, John (Twin)08 Feb 186619 Nov 1866Mc Gowann, RichardNot listed, SeraMARTIN, Patrick------
MCGOWANN, Rosa (Twin)08 Feb 186619 Nov 1866Mc Gowann, RichardNot listed, Sera---Martin, Winifred---
MCGOWEN, Maria 26 Oct 187511 Jun 1876McGowen, RichardDUNN, SerenaMcGowen, AndrewCOX, Sarah---
MCGOWEN, Mary Ann10 Aug 187416 Aug 1874Mc Gowen, WilliamHAYDEN, HelenaMCMANUS, FrancisHayden, Ann---
MCGOWN, Patrick26 Aug 188002 Oct 1880McGown, RichardDIXON, SarahDEMMING, A. (Priest)------
MCGOWN, Richard20 Oct 187512 Jun 1879Mc Gown, AndrewBELKAL, HelenaMcGown, Richard------
MCGOWN, Sarah13 Apr 184124 Apr 1880DUNN, JesseNORRIS, Rebena---KUEPER, Anna Maria---
MCHALE, Cecelia13 Apr 189123 May 1891McHale, JacobRUSSELL, CeceliaHOGAN, DanielHogan, Laura---
MCHALE, Cecelia21 Nov 188703 Dec 1887McHale, RichardMURRAY, CatharineMcHale, T. C.DWEYER, Agnes---
MCHALE, Ernest R.05 Feb 189601 Mar 1896McHale, JacobRUSSELL, CeceliaSCHAEFER, PeterSchaefer, Margaret---
MCHALE, Helena O.20 Aug 189211 Sep 1892McHale, JacobRUSSELL, CeceliaMCGAFFIGAN, AndrewMcGaffigan, Helena---
MCHALE, Jacob Aloysius07 Mar 189810 Jul 1898McHale, MichaelMCLAREN, LauraMcHale, JacobMcHale, Helena---
MCLANE, Joshua18 Dec 186206 Jan 1863McLane, JosephO'CONNEL, MargaretROHR, JohannCOFFI, M.---
MCLAREN, Andrew09 Apr 187405 Nov 1878McLaren, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, HelenaMc Gaffigan, AndrewROGAN, Maria---
MCLAREN, Helena Elizabeth21 Mar 186805 Nov 1878McLaren, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, Helena---MURRAY, Maria---
MCLAREN, Jacob21 Jan 187005 Nov 1878McLaren, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, HelenaHUGHES, PeterHughes, Maria---
MCLAREN, John Thomas09 Jan 187205 Nov 1878McLaren, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, HelenaO'NEILL, PatrickO'Neill, Theresia---
MCLAREN, Josephina Agnes12 Apr 186605 Nov 1878McLaren, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, Helena---MURRAY, Maria---
MCLAREN, William Henry27 Mar 187605 Nov 1878McLaren, JacobMCGAFFIGAN, HelenaMURRAY, M. P.---Married Helena GARTEN 25 Jun 1927 at St Michael in South Sioux City, IA
MCLEANE, Anna23 Sep 186120 Sep 1863Mc Leane, JacobMC GAFFIGAN, Allen (Ellen?)O'CONNEL, HughesO'Connel, Mrs. Hughes---
MCLEANE, Elisabetha Julia Klementina16 Dec 186501 Jan 1866McLean, JosephO'CONNER, Margaret---MURRAY, Julia---
MCLEANE, Maria09 Mar 186320 Sep 1863Mc Leane, JacobMC GAFFIGAN, Allen (Ellen?)O'CONNEL, HughesMc Gaffigan, Maria---
MCMULLEN, Jacob01 Feb 186402 Feb 1864McMullen, ArchieMURPHY, AnnaLEARY, TerryMcMullen, Mary Jeane---
MCMULLEN, Johann22 Oct 186506 Jan 1866McMullen, Archie (Orchard)MURPHY, AnnaKUNE, DavidBARRETS, Brigitta---
MCQUADE, George William05 Mar 188102 Apr 1881McQuade, HugoCOX, NancyMcQuade, GeorgeRAMSAY, Barbara---
MCQUADE, Robert John19 Dec 188425 Dec 1884McQuade, RobertWALLHER, Maria---POLLMANN, MariaFrom St. Felicitas
MCQUADE, Rosa Anna Isabella09 Dec 188229 Dec 1882McQuade, HugoCOX, Nancy---MCGOWN, Rosa Anna---
MEIER (Meyer), Christopher August16 Jan 188118 Jan 1881Meier, AugustGEISDOR, ElisabethMeier, HenryKELLERMANN, Maria Anna---
MEIER (Meyer), Johanna02 Jan 188605 Jan 1886Meier, AugustGEISTOHR, Elisabeth---Meier, Johanna for Anna KUEPER---
MENKE, Catharina23 Oct 188023 Oct 1880Menke, HenryMUEHLING, Maria---Muehling, Catharina---
MENKE, Helena Elisabeth23 Jan 188825 Jan 1888Menke, HenryMUEHLING, MariaMuehling, FrancisMenke, Maria---
MENKE, Ledwina (Lydia) Magdalena29 Mar 188630 Mar 1886Menke, HenryMUEHLING, MariaMuehling, MarkMuehling, AnnaMarried Roland STOCKS (Non-Catholic) at St. Libory in St. Louis, MO
MENKHAUS, Anna Clara Olivia22 Jan 188224 Jan 1882Menkhaus, J. M.BROCKSCHMIDT, Maria ClaraWUELLER, J. B.KLEIN, Anna M.---
MENKHAUS, Edward Matthew27 May 190501 Jun 1905Menkhaus, Frederick MatthewMUENCH, Elisabeth LenaMenkhaus, John M.Muench, BarbaraMarried Louisa LEONARD 4 Jul 192_ at St Andrew in Murphysboro, IL
MENKHAUS, John Henry Edward16 Sep 187921 Sep 1879Menkhaus, Matthew BROCKSCHMIDT, Maria ClaraSCHURMANN, HenrySchurmann, Elizabeth---
MENKHAUS, Joseph Ferdinand Matthew07 May 187710 May 1877Menkhaus, John MatthewBROCKSCHMIDT, Maria ClaraBrockschmidt, August FerdinandWISE, Maria---
MENSING, Gerhard George20 Feb 188323 Feb 1883Mensing, BernardBUTZ, MagdalenaMensing, GerhardNIEHENKE, TheresiaMarried Josephina THOELE dau of Herman Thoele & Sara born MEIER at St Boniface in Germantown, IL 29 Nov 1911
MERKEL, Margaretha08 Nov 186321 Mar 1864Merkel, EdwardBASELER, MariaBaseler, MichaelROBERTZ, Margaretha---
METGER, Emma Eva26 Nov 187723 Dec 1877Metger, W.BARKER, ErnestineHOLDENER, Dominic------
METZGER, Beata Verona13 Oct 187521 Nov 1875Metzger, WilhelmNot listed, ErnestinaSAUER, AntonWILFRED, Theresia---
METZGER, Ernestina AntoniaSep 184027 Mar 1880BACKER, JohnSTIEGE, Elisabeth---BRENTENER, Antonia---
MEYER, Anna Christina14 Aug 188815 Aug 1888Meyer, Christ AugustGEISTOHR, ElisabethDIETZ, AnthonyENGELMEIER, Anna Ch.---
MEYER, Anna Christina09 Dec 187912 Dec 1879Meyer, AugustGEISTOHR, ElisabethDIETZ, AnthonyDietz, ElizabethMarried Louis SCHMITZ
MEYER, Bernardina28 Jan 188331 Jan 1883Meyer, TheodoreDRENKPOHL, MariaDrenkpohl, HenryHUSTEDDE, Bernardina---
MEYER, George16 Sep 187629 Oct 1876Meyer, JohnAMSINGER, ElisabethaAmsinger, GeorgeAmsinger, Maria Magdalena---
MEYER, John Bernard Henry31 Aug 188431 Aug 1884Meyer, AugustGEISTOHR, ElisabethKELLERMANN, John B.DIETZ, Anthony---
MEYER, Maria Catharina28 Aug 188229 Aug 1882Meyer, AugustGEISTOHR, M. Elisabeth---Meyer, Maria Catharina---
MEYER, Maria Elisabeth18 Oct 188021 Oct 1880Meyer, TheodoreDRENKEPOHL, MariaHUSTEDDE, FrancisDrenkepohl, Maria Elisabeth---
MEYER, Maria Francisca19 Mar 188722 Mar 1887Meyer, AugustGEISTOHR, Elisabeth---ENGELMEYER, Maria Eve---
MICHEL, Clement Elmer31 May 189603 Jun 1896Michel, GeorgeGEHRS, SusannaSCHIERMANN, Gerhard HenrySCHMITT, Elisabeth---
MICHEL, Georgia Florence Anna25 Nov 190019 Jan 1901Michel, George (Non-Catholic)GEHRS, SusannaJUNKER, JosephGEHRS, Anna---
MICHEL, Maria Viola15 Dec 189818 Dec 1898Michel, GeorgeGEHRS, Susanna---LAUX, MariaMarried Edward J. SPITZ 14 Jul 1920
MICHEL, William Herman13 Jan 189516 Jan 1895Michel, GeorgeGEHRS, SusannaGehrs, Herman HenryMichel, Maria (Non-Catholic)---
MICHEL, William Peter06 Sep 190228 Sep 1902Michel, CarlLAUX, ElisabethLaux, PeterLaux, Maria Anna Family is from Irishtown, IL
MIDCHEL, Bernhard Heinrich---13 Oct 1861Midchel, JohannNot Listed, MariannaWÜLLER (Wueller), BernhardROHR, Thecla---
MIESMER, Henry Joseph10 Dec 187212 Dec 1872Miesmer, HenryNORDHAUS, TheresiaNordhaus, JosephKLEIN, Sophia---
MIESNER (HESS), John23 Oct 189611 Jan 1897Hess, HenryMIESNER, SophiaMiesner, Fr. HenryMiesner, Anna MariaThe last name of Hess was added in parenthesis
MIESNER, Anna Maria11 Sep 187815 Sep 1878Miesner, HenryNOTHAUS, TheresiaNothaus, TheodoreKLEIN, Anna Maria---
MIESNER, Catharina Josephina06 Aug 188109 Aug 1881Miesner, HenryNOTHAUS, TheresiaWUELLER, J. B.Nothaus, Dora---
MIESNER, Francis Henry Anthony08 Mar 188416 Mar 1884Miesner, HenryNOTHAUS, TheresiaNothaus, AnthonyNothaus, Maria---
MIESNER, Maria Sophia06 Feb 187514 Mar 1875Miesner, HenryNOTHAUS, TheresiaNothaus, AntonNothaus, Gertrude---
MILLER, Marianna04 Oct 187115 Oct 1871Miller, MichaelGIEGER, SophiaMÜLLER (Mueller), JuliusKELLERMANN, Marianna---
MILLET, August Emil14 Apr 187406 Sep 1874Millet, FrancisDIDIER, JosephinaHUBERT, JacobRICHARD, Victoria---
MILLS, Rosa Maria Eugenia25 Nov 187006 Aug 1871Mills, FrancisOWENS, JosephinaRICHARD, AlfredRichard, Victoria---
MINSH, Anna Carolina13 Jun 187120 Aug 1871Minsh, FrancisJUTZ, Barbara---Jutz, Katharina---
MISMER, Heinrich (Twin)31 Jul 186902 Aug 1869Mismer, HeinrichEVERHARD, CarolinaOCHINSKY, Simon------
MISMER, Maria (Twin)31 Jul 186902 Aug 1869Mismer, HeinrichEVERHARD, Carolina---KLEIN, Anna Maria---
MISSNER, Francis Henry14 Mar 187116 Mar 1871Missner, HenryNORDHAUS, TheresiaNordhaus, FrancisSCHROEDER, Anna---
MOLLER, Francisca20 Dec 186210 May 1865Moller, FrancisNot listed, Francisca---BOP, ElisabethO'Fallon Station
MOLLER, Johann01 Sep 185810 May 1865Moller, FrancisNot listed, FranciscaBOP, Gerhard---O'Fallon Station
MONKEN, Clara Olivia01 Aug 189802 Oct 1898Monken, FrederickFRANCOIS (Francis), MariaFrancois, AugustFrancois, ClaraMarried Huey W. WHITE (from Centralia, IL) 18 Oct 1921
MONKEN, Edward Louis02 Jan 189608 Mar 1896Monken, FrederickFRANCOIS, MariaHODAPP, BernardHodapp, ElisabethMarried J. Nellie STOKES (from Sandoval, IL) 30 Apr 1923 in Trenton, IL
MONKEN, Frederick10 Oct 187107 Apr 1872Monken, LouisEDELMANN, MagdalenaFRICKE, FrederickFricke, Elizabeth---
MONKEN, Louis August01 Jul 190323 Aug 1903Monken, FrederickFRANCOIS, MariaHODAPP, LouisHECKELBECK, LenaMarried Nettie STEFFEN (Non-Catholic) 24 May 1926 in Centralia, IL
MOORE, Risdon Carl Paul27 Jul 189520 Oct 1895------MURRAY, PaulMurray, JuliaRisdon Moore and his wife adopted this child.
MORT, John14 Feb 189719 Feb 1897Mort, PeterSTEVE, AnnaMort, AugustMort, ElisabethFamily is from Las Vegas, NV (entry says New Mexico)
MOTCH, Bernhard Clemens05 May 186705 May 1867Motch, AnthonyHEMANN, MagdalenaWILK, BernhardMotch, Magdalena---
MOTEH, Albert Aloysius 23 Sep 186409 Oct 1864Moteh, CarlNot listed ,Maria MagdalenaKIRSHNER, PeterMoteh, Maria Magdalena---
MOTSCH, Albert Francis27 Apr 187128 Apr 1871Motsch, CarlNot listed, MagdalenaGANZ, JohnSAUER, Anna---
MUDSH, Johann Rudolph23 Jul 186605 Aug 1866Mudsh, CarlNot listed, MagdalenaGANZ, JohannMudsh, Magdalena---
MUDSH, Peter22 Sep 186228 Sep 1862Mudsh, CarlNot listed, MagdalenaKIRSCHNER, PeterGANZ, Elisabetha---
MUEHLING, Adelina Catharina21 Apr 188024 Apr 1880Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, CatharinaMuehling, MarcusHATTENHOFF, M. A.---
MUEHLING, Anna Philomena26 Dec 188828 Dec 1888Muehling, MarkHUTTENHOFF, MariaKUEPER, WilliamNIEHOFF, Anna M.---
MUEHLING, Anthony Nicolaus09 Jan 188314 Jan 1883Muehling, MarkHUTTENHOFF, MariaHUEPPLE, AnthonyHUBERT, Magdalena---
MUEHLING, Clara Theresia01 Apr 187509 Apr 1875Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, CatharinaSCHUSTER, WenzelWILFERT, Theresia---
MUEHLING, Emerentiana Gertrude16 Jun 188223 Jun 1882Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, Catharina---FREY, Gertrude---
MUEHLING, Francis Herman11 Dec 189317 Dec 1893Muehling, FrancisGANZ, Hermina---GUNDLACH, Paulina---
MUEHLING, George Theodore25 Feb 187909 Mar 1879Muehling, MarcusHUTTENHOFF, MariaDOLEN, TheodoreMuehling, Maria---
MUEHLING, Henry Mark09 Aug 188409 Aug 1884Muehling, MarkHUTTENHOFF, Maria---Muehling, Catharina---
MUEHLING, John Henry21 Jan 188725 Jan 1887Muehling, MarkHUTTENHOFF, MariaMENKE, HenryDOLISE, Maria---
MUEHLING, L. Francis R.21 Feb 189224 Feb 1892Muehling, FrancisGANZ, HerminaGanz, JohnMuehling, Catharine---
MUEHLING, Maria Catharina09 May 187721 May 1877Muehling, FrancisPEPPENHORST, CatharinaKEHNER, PeterKLEIN, Maria---
MUELLER, Albert William16 Oct 188616 Nov 1886Mueller, HenryLEITCH, AnnaMueller, AlbertLeitch, Elisabeth---
MUELLER, Anna Francisca06 Oct 187411 Oct 1874Mueller, MichaelGEIGER, SophiaEBERHARDT, DominicCORCORAN, Frances---
MUELLER, Anna Margaret08 Dec 188316 May 1884Mueller, PeterJANKEL, Anna MargaretBRETZ, MatthewBretz, Magdalena---
MUELLER, Anna Maria16 Oct 188119 Oct 1881Mueller, PeterJAECKELS, Anna MargaretBRETZ, AnthonyACKERMANN, Anna M.---
MUELLER, Anna Rosa Elisabeth12 Jun 188319 Jun 1883Mueller, HenryLEITSCH, Anna---Leitsch, Rosa---
MUELLER, Anna Theresia30 Sep 187403 Oct 1874Mueller, HenryGEIGER, AnnaMueller, GodfriedGeiger, Theresia---
MUELLER, Annetta Amee01 May 187605 Jun 1876Mueller, GottfriedMCLANE, Maria HelenaMueller, MelchiorETTER, Josephina---
MUELLER, Bernard Henry25 Jun 188228 Jun 1882Mueller, Jr., HenryLEITSCH, AnnaMueller, Sr., HenryLeitsch, M. Catharina---
MUELLER, Carl Edward25 Oct 189828 Oct 1898Mueller, TheodoreFREY, MariaMueller, MelchiorMueller, SophiaMarried Clara TRIERWEILER 25 Oct 1917
MUELLER, Catharine Maria17 Sep 190620 Sep 1906Mueller, MichaelLUEPKE, Anna MargaretMueller, MichaelLuepke, Maria---
MUELLER, Dorothy Anna12 Apr 190615 Apr 1906Mueller, BernardPEPPENHORST, MariaMueller, TheodorePeppenhorst, AnnaMarried Fred BRUEGGEMANN 16 Apr 1929
MUELLER, Helena Sophia19 Jan 190223 Jan 1902Mueller, TheodoreFREY, Maria AnnaETTER, MeinradMueller, SophiaMarried William S. ZITTLER (Non-Catholic) 20 Jul 1920 at Sterling, CO
MUELLER, John Henry09 Aug 187917 Aug 1879Mueller, MelchiorGIEGER, SophiaBERNTZEN, BernardMueller, Sophia---
MUELLER, John Meinrad15 Feb 188417 Feb 1884Mueller, MelchiorGEIGER, SophiaETTER, MeinradKREBS, Maria---
MUELLER, Joseph Michael15 Nov 188818 Nov 1888Mueller, AlbertRENSING, MariaMueller, MelchiorRensing, Christina---
MUELLER, Louis Edward Henry03 Jun 189622 Nov 1896Mueller, LouisSPOHN, AmaliaHENKE, HenryHenke, AdelaidFamily is from St. Louis, MO
MUELLER, Louisa Sophia03 Aug 189006 Aug 1890Mueller, AlbertRENSING, Maria Ch.Rensing, Herman HenryMueller, Maria Sophia---
MUELLER, Maria Magdalena22 Mar 188628 Mar 1886Mueller, JuliusSCHNEIDER, MariaSchneider, NicolausSchneider, Magdalena---
MUELLER, Maria Magdalena31 Mar 187805 Apr 1878Mueller, MelchiorGIEGER, SophiaCORCORAN, John W.WUEST, Anna Maria---
MUELLER, Masella Margaret11 Apr 190412 Apr 1904Mueller, BernardPEPPENHORST, MargaretMueller, MichaelPeppenhorst, MargaretMarried Carl KELLERMANN 16 Apr 1929
MUELLER, Melchior Henry31 Jul 187606 Aug 1876Mueller, MelchiorGIEGER, SophiaADAMS, JosephETTER, Josephine---
MUELLER, Michael18 May 188122 May 1881Mueller, MelchiorGIEGER, SophiaSTRAUB, MichaelETTER, Anna---
MUELLER, Paul Louis11 May 190314 May 1903Mueller, TheodoreFREY, MariaMueller, BernardMueller, MariaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
MUELLER, Theodore Albert07 May 189208 May 1892Mueller, AlbertRENSING, MariaMueller, TheodoreRensing, Julia---
MULLAN, Maria04 Jan 186729 May 1867Mullan, GilbertNot listed, Louisa---Mullan, Margaretha---
MULLAN, Maria Jenny17 Jan 186707 Feb 1867Mullan, ThomasGOGERTY, JaneMullan, JohnBEADY, Brigitta---
MUNCH, Anton Otto30 Jul 186515 Oct 1865Munch, Franz JosephHINTZ, BarbaraBARKLE, Fidelis------
MUNCH, Henry Louis09 Feb 186831 May 1868Munch, Francis JosephHINTZ, BarbaraHintz, Francis------
MUNCH, Maria Josephina01 Dec 186311 Dec 1863Munch, FrancisHINTZ, BarbaraTICHTEL, Bartholomew------
MURPHY, Agnes Cecelia10 Oct 190513 Oct 1905Murphy, PeterDUNNEWALD, ChristinaSAUTMANN, WilliamHUBERT, Mrs. A.Married Cyrill J. MCCORMICK of Detroit, MI 28 Sep 1926. Married Peter VOGT at Assumption Church 21 Nov 1974
MURPHY, Anna Maria13 Jan 187430 Jan 1874Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, MariaQUINN, AndrewMULCAHY, Lucy---
MURPHY, Catharina07 Feb 187731 Mar 1877Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, MariaDOENNEWALD, EngelbertDOENNEWALD, Anna Christina---
MURPHY, Helena26 Jan 186914 Mar 1869Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, Maria---HADDER, Katharina---
MURPHY, Irene Elisabeth01 Jul 190105 Jul 1901Murphy, PeterDOENNEWALD, ChristinaMurphy, WilliamDoennewald, ElisabethFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
MURPHY, Johann Thomas (Twin)09 Nov 186420 Nov 1864Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, MariaQUIN, DanielFARREL, Maria---
MURPHY, Joseph Patrick04 Aug 189414 Aug 1894Murphy, WilliamFARRELL, SarahMurphy, PeterSTOKES, Helena---
MURPHY, Leonilla Elisabeth09 Sep 190213 Sep 1902Murphy, PeterDOENNEWALD, Christina AnnaGERDES, GerhardDoennewald, ElisabethFamily is from Wade Twp., IL Married Raymond A. TEWELL (Not Baptized) 30 May 1928
MURPHY, Marianna06 Apr 186720 Apr 1867Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, MariaSTEIN, LouisADAM, Elize---
MURPHY, Peter19 Aug 187113 Sep 1871Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, MariaBORK, Thomas------
MURPHY, Rosa Helena23 Dec 186923 Jan 1870Murphy, PeterMCLANE, MariaGANZ, BernhardLÜBBES (Luebbes), Anna Maria---
MURPHY, Theresia Anna12 Mar 187228 Mar 1872Murphy, MichaelO'DONNAL, Maria---ROLAN, Maria---
MURPHY, Wilhelm Edward (Twin)09 Nov 186420 Nov 1864Murphy, PatrickLYNCH, MariaLynch, EdwardLynch, Ellen---
MURPHY, William Richard02 Jul 189605 Jul 1896Murphy, WilliamFARRELL, SarahSTOKES, JohnMurphy, Catharine---
MURRAY, Agnes23 Feb 187408 Mar 1874Murray, MatthewMCGAFFIGAN, Maria---O'CONNEL, Jane---
MURRAY, Alexander28 Feb 186216 Mar 1862Murray, Peter---SCHUOTES, WendelSchoutes, Mrs. WendelMarried in St. Louis, MO on 12 Jan 1909
MURRAY, Andrew Peter04 Mar 188113 Mar 1881Murray, M. A.MCGAFFIGAN, Maria AnnaSCHLAFLY, FridolinSchlafly, Catharine---
MURRAY, Cecelia Barret28 Oct 187501 Nov 1875Murray, M. P.MCGAFFIGAN, Maria AnnaMurray, Richard C.O'NEAL, Johanna---
MURRAY, Daniel Engelbert Ambrose08 Dec 187115 Dec 1871Murray, PeterMCLAINE, AmaliaDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), EngelbertDICKAEMPER, Gertrude---
MURRAY, George Elmo02 Sep 188704 Sep 1887Murray, Matthew P.MCGAFFIGAN, Maria AnnaMurray, PeterMCLAREN, Christina---
MURRAY, Helena Ruth06 Jan 189209 Jan 1892Murray, Matthew P.MCGAFFIGAN, MariaMurray, AlexanderMurray, MariaFrom Irishtown, IL
MURRAY, Hugo Vincent02 Sep 187004 Sep 1870Murray, MatthewMCGAFFIGAN, MariaHUNIKE, TheodoreMcGaffigan, Maria---
MURRAY, Joseph Clemens25 Feb 186813 Mar 1868Murray, PeterMCLANE, MariaFEGAN, JohnMcLane, Margaretha---
MURRAY, Julia Maria15 May 187219 May 1872Murray, MathewMCGAFFIGAN, MariaMcGaffigan, John------
MURRAY, Katharina Elizabetha09 Mar 186714 May 1867Murray, PatrickBRADY, ElizabethaDAILY, PeterBrady, Anna---
MURRAY, Maria21 Apr 187416 Dec 1879Murray, M. J.ALLEN, MariaSCHLAFLY, AugustPETERS, Elisabeth---
MURRAY, Maria Helena24 Oct 190510 Nov 1905Murray, Hugh VincentHOGAN, Maria HelenaMurray, Patrick EdwardHogan, Deloris---
MURRAY, Matthew Jacob03 Jan 186419 Jan 1864Murray, PatrickBRADY, ElisabethFLYNN, JohnFlynn, Elisabeth---
MURRAY, Patrick Edward Dolor06 Oct 188908 Oct 1889Murray, M. P.MCGAFFIGAN, MariaMcGaffigan, AndrewMurray, Maria---
MURRAY, Paul Matthew25 Sep 187721 Oct 1877Murray, M. P.MCGAFFIGAN, M. A.Murray, GeorgeTOOMEY, Joanna---
MURRAY, Peter30 Jun 186005 Aug 1860Murray, PeterCLANE, M.THANNE, John------
MURRAY, Philipp Patrick01 Jul 186527 Aug 1865Murray, PatrickBRADY, ElisabethBrady, PatrickBrady, Katharina---
MURRAY, Richard Leo15 Mar 188318 Mar 1883Murray, Matthew P.MCGAFFIGAN, Maria A.McGaffigan, AndrewMcGaffigan, LauraMarried 4 Sep 1913 in Prairie du Rocher, IL Ann Adelaid COMIST dau of Wm. H. Comist & Constance born BORENE
MURRAY, Susanna Katharina17 Feb 186611 Mar 1866Murray, PeterMCLANE, AmaliaMcLane, JosephFRANTZEN, Gesina---
MURRAY, Thomas01 Aug 187016 Apr 1887Murray, M. J.ALLEN, MariaDEMMING, A. (Priest)------
MURRAY, W. Matthew---28 Apr 1881Murray, Matthew J.ALLEN, MaryMurray, Hugo---No birth date listed
MUSGROVE, Carl02 Nov 187319 Feb 1874Musgrove, CooperKLEIN, Maria---Klein, Elizabeth---
MUTZ, Arnold John Mark23 Jan 187608 Feb 1876Mutz, JosephPEPPING, CatharinaMUEHLING, MarkLANGE, Maria---
MUTZ, Henry Joseph10 Oct 187227 Oct 1872Mutz, JosephPOEPPING, KatharinaZIEREN, HenryZieren, Elizabeth---
NAIL, Maria09 Feb 185908 May 1859Nail, BernardBAIL, MaryHOUGHS, PeterHORNER, MaryIn a copy of this entry Nail is spelled Neal.
NAPREW, Martha Jane27 Feb 187204 Mar 1872Naprew, HugoLYNCH, ElizabethMEHAN, JamesMehan, Ann---
NAVTIN, Jacob16 Jun 186123 Jun 1861Navtin, MichaelGOGERTY, MargarethaCALLEHAN, ThomasDONIGHAN, Mary---
NETTEMEIER, Adelaid Henrietta10 Jan 189516 Jan 1895Nettemeier, HenryBECKER, Anna born MAEHLMANNMaehlmann, JosephHENKE, AnnaChild is illegitimate
NEW KIRK, Maria Blanka07 Jun 188227 Nov 1885New Kirk, CarlNICHOLS, Rebecca---MCLANE, Catharina---
NIEHANKE, Anna Maria29 Oct 187331 Oct 1873Niehanke, JosephCOWLING, MariaALTHOF, HenryHUGENBERG, Anna Maria---
NIEHENKE, Anna Francisca04 Aug 187509 Aug 1875Niehenke, HenryKAULING, TheresiaFORK, BernhardKauling, Francisca---
NIEHENKE, Maria Catharina12 Aug 188115 Aug 1881Niehenke, HenryKAULING, TheresiaHUSSMANN, BernardBECKER, CatharinaMarried Henry HEMANN 24 Nov 1915 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
NIEHENKE, Maria Theresia24 Aug 188326 Aug 1883Niehenke, HenryKAULING, TheresiaHEGENBERG, JosephGAUSEPOHL, Maria---
NIEHOF, Herman August02 Sep 187314 Sep 1873Niehoff, AugustHOYER, AnnaFREKE, HermanMÜLLER (Mueller), Rosa---
NIEHOFF, Amanda Anna Clementine21 Oct 188525 Oct 1885Niehoff, H. A.HOYER, Maria A.FRERKER, J. HermanFrerker, Anna Maria---
NIEHOFF, Andrew Otto Arthur22 Nov 189026 Nov 1890Niehoff, H. A.HOYER, AnnaMCGAFFIGAN, J. J.GUIROND, CynthiaMarried Rachel CROCKER 22 Sep 1915 in Carlyle, IL. Died 25 Nov 1955
NIEHOFF, Emerentiana Johanna Paulina31 Mar 188807 Apr 1888Niehoff, H. A.HOYER, AnnaMUEHLING, MarkMuehling, Maria Joanna---
NIEHOFF, Francisca Alvina Anna08 May 188313 May 1883Niehoff, A. H.HOYER, AnnaMICHELS, JohnBOENEKE, Francisca---
NIEHOFF, Heinrich Bernhard08 Jan 186920 Jan 1869Niehoff, AugustSTOYER, AnnaMÜLLER (Mueller), HenryMueller, Anna---
NIEHOFF, Herman Paul11 Sep 189413 Sep 1894Niehoff, Herman AugustHOYER, Maria A.FRERKER, JohnNiehoff, IdaMarried Martha ZAHN 14 Sep 1920 at St Mary in Trenton, IL
NIEHOFF, Hewiga Rosalia09 Jan 189212 Jan 1892Niehoff, Bernard HenryRINK, IdaNiehoff, Herman AugustNiehoff, Anna Maria---
NIEHOFF, Ida13 Nov 189517 Nov 1895Niehoff, HenryRINK, IdaFRERKER, JohnRink, Emma---
NIEHOFF, Ida Catharine10 Jul 186731 Mar 1894RINK, GeorgeRUSS, Rosalia---Niehoff, CatharineNew convert
NIEHOFF, Isidor Egid06 May 190409 May 1904Niehoff, WilliamRAUSCH, Margaret---Rausch, ElisabethChild is illegitimate
NIEHOFF, John Joseph31 Dec 187516 Jan 1876Niehoff, AugustHOYER, AnnaSCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), HenrySCHNEYDER, Anna---
NIEHOFF, Katharina Adelheid21 Mar 187126 Mar 1871Niehoff, AugustSTOYER, AnnaNiehoff, BernhardMÜHLING (Muehling), Katharina---
NIEHOFF, Maria Justina07 Jun 188013 Jun 1880Niehoff, H. A.HOYER, AnnaMICHEL, ArnoldMichel, Maria---
NIEHOFF, William Anthony Louis26 Mar 187807 Apr 1878Niehoff, AugustHOYER, AnnaKUEPER, WilliamKueper, Anna---
NIESCHWITZ, August Henry19 Mar 188628 Mar 1886Nieschwitz, HenryBAYLE, JosephinaJUNKER, HenryJunker, Maria---
NISCHWITZ, Catharina Josephina07 Sep 188208 Sep 1882Nischwitz, HenryBEHLE, JosephinaNIEHOFF, H. A.HENKUHLL, Catharina---
NISCHWITZ, Helena Anna15 May 188418 May 1884Nischwitz, HenryBEHLE, JosephinaZIRKEL, ChristianZirkel, Anna---
NISCHWITZ, Ida Wilhelmina06 Dec 188007 Dec 1880Nischwitz, HenryBALEY, JosephinaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisREIF, Wilhelmina---
NOONAN, Margaretha31 Jul 186809 Aug 1868Noonan, ThomasNot listed, MariaNoonan, ___oenBuddy, ?---
NORTHAUS, Francis Henry14 Jun 187421 Jun 1874Northaus, TheodoreFRITZ, CeceliaMASNER, HenryNorthaus, Maria---
NORTON, Katharina27 Feb 186005 Mar 1860Norton, MichaelNot listed, MargaretaHEGEN, JohnHegen, Margaret---
NORTON, Sarah28 Oct 187030 Dec 1875Norton, EdwardPARKER, Sarah---SPARKS, Julia---
Not listed, Francis Anthony03 Feb 188411 Mar 1884Not listedIBIG, RosaBRENTENER, Anthony---Child is illegitimate
NOT, Joseph John15 Nov 187517 Apr 1876Not, CarlSEITNER, MagdalenaKROTTER, Joseph P.------
NOTHAUS, Anna Agnes Catherine08 Jul 189210 Jul 1892Nothaus, AnthonySCHROEDER, MariaDIEKEMPER, FrederickDiekemper, Anna---
NOTHAUS, Anna Bernardina Josephina26 Mar 188312 Apr 1883Nothaus, AnthonySCHROEDER, MariaDIEKEMPER, BernardSchroeder, Anna---
NOTHAUS, Anna Maria Theresia30 Oct 187626 Nov 1876Nothaus, TheodoreFRITZ, TheresiaNothaus, AnthonyMIESNER, Theresia---
NOTHAUS, Anna Sophia07 Jan 188617 Jan 1886Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, MaryWUELLER, J. B.Wueller, Sophia---
NOTHAUS, Anthony Bernard16 Sep 189017 Sep 1890Nothaus, AnthonySCHRADER, MariaDIEKEMPER, BernardNothaus, GesinaMarried Nellie NICHOLS (Non-Catholic) 3 Nov 1920 in Carlyle, IL
NOTHAUS, Anthony Joseph Aloysius04 Oct 188609 Oct 1886Nothaus, AnthonySCHROEDER, MariaNothaus, JosephSchroeder, Lavina---
NOTHAUS, Clara Maria14 Apr 190217 Apr 1902Nothaus, FrancisFOPPE, AnnaREVERMANN, BernardFoppe, Maria---
NOTHAUS, Emerentiana Maria Theresia20 Jan 188822 Jan 1888Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, MaryWIGMANN, John HenryMIESNER, Theresia---
NOTHAUS, Francis Bernard06 Aug 188008 Aug 1880Nothaus, AnthonySCHROEDER, MariaNothaus, FrancisNothaus, Theresia---
NOTHAUS, Francis Joseph22 Mar 187525 Mar 1875Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, MaryNothaus, FrancisSCHROEDER, Mary---
NOTHAUS, Francis Theodore30 Jul 187804 Aug 1878Nothaus, TheodoreFRITZ, Nancy TheresiaNothaus, FrancisLANGE, Maria ---
NOTHAUS, Gertrude Theresia (Twin)06 Oct 187511 Oct 1875Nothaus, TheodoreFRITZ, CrescentiaNothaus, FrancisNothaus, Gertrude---
NOTHAUS, Gesina Elisabeth29 Oct 189001 Nov 1890Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, Mary G.DIEKEMPER, BernardNothaus, Maria GesinaMarried Louis O SCHAEFER 12 Oct 1920 in Carlyle, IL
NOTHAUS, Henry Edward Julius14 Jan 188817 Jan 1888Nothaus, AnthonySCHROEDER, MariaMIESNER, HenryMiesner, Theresia---
NOTHAUS, Henry Joseph28 Jun 188103 Jul 1881Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, MaryNothaus, AnthonyMIESNER, Theresia---
NOTHAUS, Herman Henry03 Oct 188320 Oct 1883Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, MarySchaper, Herman HenrySchaper, Maria Gesina---
NOTHAUS, Herman Joseph18 Mar 187722 Apr 1877Nothaus, AnthonySCHROEDER, MariaSchroeder, HermanKLEIN, Maria---
NOTHAUS, Joseph Francis22 Feb 190424 Feb 1904Nothaus, Francis JosephFOPPE, Anna M.Nothaus, JosephREVERMANN, Maria---
NOTHAUS, Joseph Theodore22 Oct 187824 Oct 1878Nothaus, JosephSCHAFERS, MariaNothaus, TheodoreNothaus, Dorothea---
NOTHAUS, Maria17 Jul 188206 Aug 1882Nothaus, TheodoreFRITZ, C. TheresiaWUELLER, J. B.KLEIN, Maria---
NOTHAUS, Maria Agnes21 Feb 189924 Feb 1899Nothaus, FrancisFOPPE, AnnaNothaus, Jr., JosephNothaus, MariaMarried William Herman LEONARD 3 Nov 1920 in Germantown, IL
NOTHAUS, Maria Catharina Sophia29 Sep 188017 Oct 1880Nothaus, TheodoreFRITZ, TheresiaNothaus, JosephLAMPEN, Maria---
NOTHAUS, Maria Francisca (Twin)06 Oct 187511 Oct 1875Nothaus, TheodoreFRITZ, CrescentiaSAUTMANN, HenrySCHROEDER, Maria---
NOTHAUS, Maria Gesina08 Feb 187710 Feb 1877Nothaus, JosephSCHAPER, MaryMIESNER, HenrySchaper, Maria Gesina---
NOTHAUS, Verbena13 Feb 190619 Feb 1906Nothaus, FrancisFOPPE, Anna OHLMEIER, GeorgeOhlmeier, AnnaMarried Bernard THIENEMANN 9 Jun 1926 in Germantown, IL
O'BOID, Rosa Maria31 Aug 186729 Sep 1867O'Boid, PatrickNot listed, BrigittaFARREL, RichardFarrel, Maria---
O'CONNEL, Jacob Henry (Twin)07 Jan 187407 Jan 1874O'Connel, PatrickBRADY, KatharinaBrady, Peter------
O'CONNEL, John Thomas (Twin)07 Jan 187407 Jan 1874O'Connel, PatrickBRADY, KatharinaBrady, Frank------
O'CONNER, Maria Clementina Florentina13 Sep 187114 Sep 1871O'Conner, PatrickBRADY, KatharinaO'Conner, JamesO'Conner, Rosa---
O'HARAN, John Clement Philipp21 May 186515 Jul 1865O'Haran, PatrickNot listed, KatharinaGIBBONS, August------
O'HARE, Elmer22 Feb 187409 Feb 1875O'Hare, JohnBURNS, Martha ---DOENNEWALD, Anna Christina---
O'HARNET, Anna Amanda22 Oct 185217 Feb 1874O'Harnet, JamesSTEPHAN, MariaHUBERT, AnthonyHubert, ElizabethHubert is written by the child's name.
O'KEEFE, Maria Francisca02 Jul 188913 Sep 1889O'Keefe, WilliamMURPHY, Honora---LYNCH, W.---
O'NEAL, Bernhard12 Aug 186526 Aug 1865O'Neal, PatrickGLYNN, TheresiaGlynn, ThomasO'Neal, Jeane---
O'NEAL, Francis13 Jan 186801 Feb 1868O'Neal, PatrickGLYNN, TheresiaO'CONNEL, HugoO'Connel, Lucy---
O'NEAL, Joseph23 Sep 186203 Oct 1862O'Neal, PatrickGLOINS, TheresiaQUENLAN, Thomas (?)TARSH, Maria---
O'NEAL, Margaretha01 Feb 186109 Mar 1861O'Neal, PatrickGRAN, TheresiaMCGAFFIGAN, HughMEIERING, Jeane---
O'NEAL, Maria Helena04 Oct 188303 Nov 1883O'NEILL, JohnBRADY, ElisabethMCHALE, Ruh. A.HUBERT, DelphinaMarried Joseph HAINTIP (?) 9 May 1909 in East St. Louis, IL
O'NEAL, Theresia13 Aug 187225 Aug 1872O'Neal, PatrickGLYNN, TheresiaMCLANE, JosephMcLane, Kate ---
O'NEIL, John Jacob09 Oct 187919 Oct 1879O'Neil, JohnBRADY, ElisabethBrady, MichaelBrady, Maria---
O'NEIL, Maria Martha24 Dec 187506 Jan 1876O'Neill, PatrickGLYNN, TheresiaREGAN, DanielRegan, Maria---
O'NEILL, Brigitta03 Oct 187105 Nov 1871O'Neill, CarlSTANTON, BrigittaFITTON, JohnFitton, Allen---
O'NEILL, Peter02 Sep 188117 Sep 1881O'Neill, JohnBRADY, BrigittaCAFFREY, JacobCaffrey, Anna---
OGLE, L. Florence18 May 188213 Aug 1882Ogle, JohnRAGAN, MariaMCGAFFIGAN, J. J.Ragan, Maria---
OGLE, L. L. Daniel05 Dec 189525 Feb 1896Ogle, John L.RAGEN, MariaRagen, DanielRagen, Maria---
OGLE, Leo29 Sep 188621 Nov 1886Ogle, JohnRAGEN, MariaRagen, DanielO'NEILL, Margaret---
OGLE, Louelle Josephina25 Apr 187915 Jun 1879Ogle, John L.RAGAN, MariaRagan, DanielO'NEILL, Maria---
OGLE, Walter Martin07 Aug 188024 Oct 1880Ogle, JohnRAGAN, MariaRagan, EdwardO'NEILL, Jane---
OGLE, William09 Sep 189022 Oct 1890Ogle, JohnRAGAN, MariaRagan, WilliamMAHER, Brigitta---
OLSRIET, Margaretha20 May 187228 Jul 1872Olsriet, JohnBACHMANN, SophiaROBERTZ, JacobRobertz, Margaretha---
OPPEL, Cordelia Margaretha29 Nov 186208 May 1864Oppel, EdwardSCHÄFER (Schaefer), JohannaSCHMIDT, PeterSchmidt, Margaretha---
ORTMANN, Hubert25 Apr 189824 May 1898Ortmann, HubertLAUX, MargaretREIS, JohnReis, MariaSponsors are from Mercer County, OH. Married Olinda VOLEND (?) 13 Oct 1919 at St Luke's in Belleville, IL
ORTOR, Alice Mary03 Nov 187117 Dec 1871Ortor, WilliamLEE, ___maBRASS, JosephSCHMIDT, Eva Maria---
PARBIN, Elisabetha01 May 186415 May 1864Parbin, TimothyNot listed, JohannaFLYNN, John------
PARKER (Hervey), Fanny Virginia08 Mar 184321 Aug 1873Parker, MosesHEAD, Mary---MCCABE, Winifred---
PATERSON, Elizabeth09 Jan 186726 Jan 1868Paterson, FrancisRUSSEL, EmmaHUBERT, JacobHUBERT, Katharina---
PELGIER, Margaretha29 Nov 186115 Dec 1861Pelgier, Adam---MAZELHOFF, JohannADAM, Maria---
PELGIER, Theresia13 Jun 186009 Jul 1860Pelgier, AdamRUSH, JuliaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisKREBS, Theresia (Mrs. Caspar)---
PELITS, Joseph August01 May 186415 Aug 1866Pelits, VictorWOMANN, VirginiaFRANZIS, AugustFranzis, Margaretha---
PELLERSON, John15 Feb 186903 Aug 1870Pellerson, FrancisNot listed, EmmaMCLANE, JosephHUBERT, Katharina---
PEPPENHORST, Anna Helena01 Jun 188906 Jun 1889Peppenhorst, JohnFEY, PhilippinaAUGET, PaulLAMMERS, Anna M.---
PEPPENHORST, Anna Maria11 Oct 187728 Oct 1877Peppenhorst, Bernard N.KUNKEL, MargarethaKunkel, PeterFREY, Gertrude---
PEPPENHORST, Bernhard Henry01 Sep 187512 Sep 1875Peppenhorst, Bernhard NicolausKUNKEL, MargarethaPeppenhorst, Bernhard HenryPeppenhorst, Gertrude---
PEPPENHORST, Catharina Bernardina07 Feb 188518 Feb 1885Peppenhorst, JohnFREY, PhilippinaMUEHLING, MarkMuehling, CatharinaMarried Edward McGivens (?) 10 Jun 1955 in Beckemeyer, IL
PEPPENHORST, Cleophar Peter B.20 Sep 190630 Sep 1906Peppenhorst, BernardRENSING, FranciscaPeppenhorst, PeterRensing, ChristinaMarried Regina POLLMANN 19 Feb 1935 at St Felicitas in Beaver Prairie, IL
PEPPENHORST, Edward Henry Anthony25 Feb 188702 Mar 1887Peppenhorst, JohnFREY, PhilippinaHENKE, HenryFrey, MariaMarried Francisca M. KANNALL 20 Jun (no year) at St Cecelia in Bartelso, IL
PEPPENHORST, Emma Gertrude01 Aug 187519 Sep 1875Peppenhorst, JohnFREY, Philippina---Peppenhorst, Gertrude---
PEPPENHORST, Francis Bernard16 Jun 188225 Jun 1882Peppenhorst, JohnFREY, PhilippinaMUEHLING, Jr., FrancisPeppenhorst, MargaretMarried Eulalia VOSS 27 Nov 1924 at St Dominic in Breese, IL
PEPPENHORST, John Bernard07 Dec 187718 Dec 1877Peppenhorst, JohnFREY, PhilippinaPeppenhorst, Bernard NicolausFrey, Gertrude---
PEPPENHORST, Margaret Gertrude26 May 187201 Jun 1872Peppenhorst, BernhardKUNKEL, MargarethaPeppenhorst, BernhardKunkel, Margaretha---
PEPPENHORST, Maria Anna10 Mar 188029 Mar 1880Peppenhorst, JohnFREY, PhilippinaHUSTEDDE, GeorgeMUEHLING, Maria---
PEPPENHORST, Maria Catharina14 Mar 188021 Mar 1880Peppenhorst, N. B.KUNKEL, MargarethaPeppenhorst, JohnMUEHLING, Maria---
PEPPENHORST, Mathilda Philomena19 Jan 188220 Jan 1882Peppenhorst, N. B.KUNKEL, MargarethaHOTAP, JohnHUELS, Mathilda---
PEPPENHORST, peter Joseph20 Feb 188426 Feb 1884Peppenhorst, BernardKUNKEL, MargaretKunkel, PeterMUEHLING, Anna---
PEPPENHORST, Susanna Clementina23 Nov 187329 Nov 1873Peppenhorst, BernhardKUNKEL, MargarethaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisKunkel, Susanna---
PEPPENHORST, Violet Rosa Maria12 Mar 19041904------------This entry is just below Violet Rosa Maria Hallermann. So maybe the Hallermanns adopted this child.
PETERS, Emilia17 Mar 183425 Jan 1901RUSSELL, RichardST. ANDRÉ, Leannah---MCCAW, JosephinaConverted being near death.
PETET, Aloysius03 Apr 187214 Jun 1874Petet, VictorVILMOR, VirginiaPetet, VictorPetet, Josephina---
PETET, Louis17 Mar 187414 Jun 1874Petet, VictorVILMOR, VirginiaCOLLET, AlexanderPetet, Augusta---
PETIT, Emma23 Feb 186708 Sep 1867Petit, VictorNot listed, VirginiaHENRY, FrancisFRANCIS, Barbara---
PETITE, Maria Rosa30 Jul 186823 May 1869Petite, VictorNot listed, VirginiaHOLDNER, Joseph------
PETTS, Maria Louisa01 Mar 186208 Jun 1862Petts, VictorDITIERS, JosephinaDitiers, Joseph------
PFEIFER, Helena Francisca25 Jan 188328 Jan 1883Pfeifer, TheobaldMUELLER, MinaHODAPP, JosephHUGHES, Brigitta---
PFEIFER, Maria Dorothea10 Oct 188511 Oct 1885Pfeifer, TheobaldMILLER, WilhelminaHAAG, AlexanderJUNKER, Maria---
PFEIFER, Martha Al.18 Dec 190219 Dec 1902BLACKWELL, George PFEIFER, Maria Dorothea---HOTAPP, MarthaFather putativo = believed to be?
PFEIFER, Philipp Albert12 Feb 188414 Feb 1884Pfeifer, FrederickBURGESS, Maria E.BEHLY, Albert------
PICQUO, Maria02 May 187424 May 1874Picquo, JacobBOARGENT, LizettaROHR, JohnPFIEFER, Christina---
PITTON, Anton15 Feb 186421 Mar 1864Pitton, PhilippPFEIFER, ChristinaHUBERT, AntonROHR, Katharina---
PITTON, Francisca18 Apr 186222 Apr 1862Pitton, PhilippPFEIFER, ChristinaHERZOG, FrancisKREBS, Marianna---
PITTON, Theresia07 Dec 186016 Dec 1860Pitton, PhilippPFEIFER, ChristinaKREBS, CasparHERZOG, Marianna---
POEHLER, Catharine29 Oct 188330 Oct 1883Poehler, HenrySUTER, PhilomenaWILKEN, HenryDUERDOTH, CatharinaMarried J. Bernard HEMPEN in Carlyle, IL on 29 Oct (year obscured)
POEHLER, Henry John20 Jun 189221 Jun 1892Poehler, HenrySUTTER, PhilomenaDUERDOTT, HenryDIEKROETGER, Catharina---
POEHLER, Maria Francisca22 Nov 188624 Nov 1886Poehler, HenrySUTTER, PhilomenaDUERDOTT, HenryWILKEN, Maria---
POEHLER, Verena Wilhelmina09 Aug 188911 Aug 1889Poehler, HenrySUTER, WilhelminaDIEKROETGER, JohnBROSS, VerenaMarried Henry George SCHNEIDER 24 Aug 1920 in Carlyle, IL
POEHLING, Francis Joseph18 Oct 189219 Oct 1892Poehling, HermanMOHRMANN, ElisabethMOEHLMANN, John JosephFELDMANN, M. DorotheaMarried Cecelia MUELLER dau of Henry and Catharine born DUENING 13 Jun 1911 (or 1916)
POLKWITZ, Michael02 Nov 187715 Nov 1877Polkwitz, RobertSTRAUB, CatharinaStraub, MichaelDOENNEWALD, Elizabeth---
POLLMANN, Bernard Joseph22 Nov 188423 Nov 1884Pollmann, Bernard HermanWINHEIM, Maria A.Pollmann, Herman HenryRENSING, ChristinaMarried 2 Jun 1915 to Anne BRANDT (born 13 Mar 1893 in Aviston) at St Francis in Aviston, IL
POLLMANN, Maria Rosa20 Jul 188421 Jul 1884Pollmann, HermanSOMMERS, CatharineHARBERS, GerhardPollmann, Anna M.From Beaver Prairie
PRONKERS, Emma Dora15 Mar 186012 Apr 1860Pronkers, FrancisNot listed, M.LIERE, NicolausPRUSSEISEN, Maria---
QUINLAN, William Henry04 Jul 186815 Aug 1868Quinlan, MichaelHECKER, Maria---FRANTZEN, Gesina---
QUINN, Daniel Demming07 Jan 187809 Mar 1879Quinn, DanielSMITH, SarahLUBY, ThomasMEEHAN, TheresiaThe priest is A. Demming
QUINN, Julia Agnes02 Nov 187112 May 1872Quinn, DanielSMYTH, KatharinaMURPHY, PatrickLONLY, Johanna (?)---
RÖCKENHAUS (Roeckenhaus), Herman Gerhard09 Nov 188110 Nov 1881Rockenhaus, HenrySTRATMANN, JosephinaLÜBBERS (Luebbers), HermanROLFES, Anna M.Married Lula EAST 19 Sep 1953 at St Mary in Carlyle, IL
RÖTERING (Roetering), John Henry24 Feb 189725 Feb 1897Roetering, JohnBORGELT, Carolina LouisaBorgelt, John HenryHENKEN, HelenaMarried Maria A. WEINHEIMER 21 Nov 1922
RABO, Joseph Francis02 Feb 185913 Feb 1859Rabo, NicolausERLINGER, Catharina------Erlinger is spelled Irlinger in a copy of this entry.
RAGEN, William Joseph Edward22 Nov 189604 Sep 1897Ragen, WilliamREINSCHMIDT, MariaO'NEILL, BernardNIEHOFF, Catharine E.Family is from Trenton, IL. Married Loretta Th. HAYER 25 Nov 1926 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL
RAMSAY, Barbara02 Jul 186019 Apr 1879Ramsay, WilliamMURRAY, Margaret---HALLERMANN, Maria Elisabeth---
RANCK, Frederick Melchior20 Oct 188121 Dec 1881Ranck, Fred JacobERNST, FranciscaErnst, Martin M.BUEGLER, Maria Magdalena---
RANK, John Peter17 Mar 187724 Apr 1877Rank, JohnSCHRAMM, MariaLAMPEN, JohnLampen, Eugenia---
RANKE, Frederick20 Jan 187902 Feb 1879Ranke, JohnSCHRAMM, MariaPETER, HubertPeter, Elisabeth---
RÜTHER (Ruether), John Henry16 Mar 186823 Mar 1868Ruether, TheodoreBUTZ, MariaButz, John HenryROHR, Thecla---
RATERMANN, Anna Elisabeth Francisca26 Feb 190201 Mar 1902Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaLINNEMANN, FrancisLinnemann, ElisabethMarried Anthony J. BRETZ 8 Aug 1922
RATERMANN, Anna Wilhelmina Elisabeth27 May 189029 May 1890Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, Anna M.Ratermann, J. W.KREKE, Elisabeth---
RATERMANN, Christina Paulina06 Feb 189309 Feb 1893Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaRatermann, BernardRatermann, Christina---
RATERMANN, Francis Gerhard12 Apr 189515 Apr 1895Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaHOHMANN, GerhardRatermann, Anna---
RATERMANN, John Gerhard21 Jun 188822 Jun 1888Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaKREKE, GerhardRatermann, Christina---
RATERMANN, John Henry16 Mar 189819 Mar 1898Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaPOLLMANN, John HenryPollmann, ChristinaMarried Hazel M. GILLILAND (not Baptized) 15 Nov 1923 at St Henry in East St. Louis, IL
RATERMANN, John William01 Feb 188602 Feb 1886Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaRatermann, WilliamKRECKE, Elisabeth---
RATERMANN, William Benedict04 Mar 190108 Mar 1901Ratermann, FrederickHECKMANN, AnnaRatermann, WilliamHOHMANN, Anna---
RAUCH, Gertrude Louise12 Mar 187021 Mar 1870Rauch, BenedictNot listed, ClaraSCHLAFF, FrederickKREBS, Louise---
RAUSCH, Anna Margaret04 Sep 188309 Sep 1883Rausch, JacobFRIANT, MargarethaFriant, FrankEVERS, Margaret---
RAUSCH, Clara04 Jul 188010 Jul 1880Rausch, Benedict JacobFRIANT, MargarethaFriant, JohnRausch, Clara---
RAUSCH, Clara Leona06 May 189512 May 1895Rausch, GeorgeFITZSIMMONS, HelenaRausch, ConradFRERKER, Emma---
RAUSCH, Emma Antonia15 Jan 188619 Jan 1886Rausch, JacobFRIAM, MargaretRausch, ConradFRERKER, Emma---
RAUSCH, George William04 Nov 189307 Nov 1893Rausch, GeorgeFITZSIMMONS, HelenaBURKE, ThomasMURPHY, Maria---
RAUSCH, Joseph Francis18 Dec 188820 Dec 1888Rausch, JacobFRIANT, MargarethaLANGHAUSER, JosephRausch, Wilhelmina---
RAUSCH, Maria Eva13 Aug 187722 Aug 1877Rausch, Jacob FRIAM, Margaret---Friam, Maria Eva---
RAUSCH, Maria Johanna26 May 187530 May 1875Rausch, Jacob Ben.FRIAN, MariaLANGHAUSER, JosephLanghauser, Maria---
RAUSCH, Paul Jacob30 Jan 189806 Feb 1898Rausch, GeorgeFITZSIMMONS, HelenaRausch, JacobMURPHY, Maria---
RAUSCH, Regina23 Mar 187602 Apr 1876Rausch, BenedictBERNHARD, ClaraFRERKER, HermanSCHMIDT, ReginaMarried Roy E. Miller (non-Catholic) at St. Vincent's on 29 Jan 1936. [Note written by both Holdener and Rausch woman]
RAUSH, Benedict Jacob27 May 187302 Jun 1873Raush, JacobFRIANG, MargarethaRaush, BenedictSCHAEFER, Marianna---
REAGAN, Thomas14 Dec 188423 Dec 1884Reagan, PatrickDONOHOE, MariaFLANAGAN, MichaelBROWN, Brigitta---
RECKENHAUS, Andrew Michael29 Apr 190607 May 1906Reckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, MariaSCHILLING, MichaelSchilling, Mrs.---
REGAN, Elisabeth26 Aug 186026 Aug 1860Regan, O.O'NEAL, Not listedO'Neal, BernardO'Neal, Allen---
REGAN, Margaretha Wilifred16 Dec 187005 Jan 1871Regan, ThomasNot listed, Rosa---FRANTZEN, Gesina---
REGAN, Maria17 Mar 187323 Mar 1873Regan, PatrickDONAEHUE, MariaBORK, ThomasBork, Margaretha---
REGAN, Theodorethus21 Sep 187305 Oct 1873Regan, GeorgePOWERS, BrigittaRYAN, TheodorethusMURRAY, Jenny---
REGAN, William12 Jun 186708 Aug 1867Regan, DanielO'PEAL, MariaMCGAFFIGAN, HughO'Peal, Jane---
REICHART, John Henry13 Oct 187121 Oct 1871Reichart, AndrewJUDDEN, AnnaFROHOF, JohnMÖLLMANN (Moellmann), Maria Helena---
REIDER, John06 Nov 188728 Jun 1892Reider, MichaelJACOBS, Josephina---KOHLHAUFF, MariaThe father is non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO
REIDERTS, John Andrew09 Oct 187313 Oct 1873Reiderts, AndrewJÜDEN (Jueden), AnnaSCHULTE, HermanSchulte, Anna Maria ---
REIF, Anthony30 May 188408 Jun 1884Reif, HenryMARENT, Josephina---BROSS, Verena---
REIF, Henry Otto17 Jul 187722 Jul 1877Reif, HenryMARENT, JosephinaLAMPEN, HenryMOTSCH, Magdalena---
REIF, John Joseph23 Jul 187831 Jul 1878Reif, HenryMARCUS, JosephinaGANZ, JohnHEUTSCHEL, Catharine---
REIF, Maria Helena18 Sep 187526 Sep 1875Reif, HenryMASRENT, JosephinaHELLWEG, FrederickLANGE, Maria---
REIF, Maria Oliva19 Mar 188103 Apr 1881Reif, HenryMARENT, JosephinaNIEHOFF, H. A.LAMPEN, MariaMarried George SEITZ (non-Catholic) 29 Apr 1922 at St. Vincent in St. Louis, MO
REILMANN, Gerhard Herman23 Jul 186624 Jul 1866Reilmann, HeinrichSCHULTE, Maria GertrudeReilmann, Herman Gerhard------
REILMANN, Heinrich Gerhard23 Aug 185926 Aug 1859Reilmann, Johann Gerhard SCHULTNER, GertrudeReilmann, Johann Gerhard---Dates appear in copy of entry. Original entry is confusing.
REILMANN, Michael John19 Jan 186307 Jul 1867Reilmann, MichaelSTOCKE, SusannaBACKEL, John------
REILMANN, Philipp John26 Feb 186607 Jul 1867Reilmann, MichaelSTOCKE, SusannaCONRAD, Philipp------
REIMINGER, Anna Catharina28 Apr 187907 Jun 1879Reiminger, FrancisWICKERS, Elisabeth---WEBER, Catharina---
REINIGER, Joseph04 Apr 187127 Apr 1871Reiniger, FrancisNot listed, MariaMEIER, JosephSCHNEIDER, Magdalena---
REININGER, Francis Xavier28 Oct 187309 Nov 1873Reininger, FrancisNot listed, ElizabethWEBER, EligiusWeber, Elizabeth---
REININGER, John Gerhard20 Jun 187624 Jul 1876Reininger, FrancisWICHERT, ElizabethWEBER, GerhardWeber, Elizabeth---
REIS, Herman Wilhelm24 Jul 186711 Aug 1867Reis, HeinrichMARRENT, JosephineTIMMER, WilhelmHUBERT, Katharina---
REIS, Lawrence11 Sep 187115 Sep 1871Reis, HeinrichMARSENT, JosephinaMarsent, LawrenceMarsent, Anna Maria---
REIS, Maria Delphina08 Sep 187321 Sep 1873Reis, HeinrichMARSENT, JosephinaLAMPEN, JohnHUBERT, Delphina---
RENO, Catharine Delia09 Jul 188403 Aug 1884Reno, AnthonyWHITESIDE, IdaGROSS, NicolausWOODARD, MariaConfirmed at St Joseph Church in East St. Louis, IL 20 Mar 1955
RENSING, Ida Christina12 Jul 189112 Jul 1891Rensing, JohnSTAUDER, MariaRensing, Herman HenryRensing, ChristinaFrom Belleville, IL
REVERMANN, Joseph Bernard09 Mar 190311 Mar 1903Revermann, Bernard HenryNOTHAUS, MariaNothaus, JosephGEHRS, AnnaMarried Agatha HUENE 26 Dec 1930
REYAN, Jacob Frederick20 May 187211 Aug 1872Reyan, MartinHAGERTY, AnnaFLOD, FrederickFlod, Sali---
REYNHOLZ, Carl Joseph21 Apr 186810 May 1868Reynholz, CarlFISHER, WilhelminaDIFFENAUER, JosephDiffenauer, Maria---
RIES, Elizabeth17 Jan 187007 Oct 1871Ries, OthmarMÜLLER (Mueller), Elizabetha---Mueller, Elizabeth---
RITTENHAUS, Louis17 Jun 189422 Jul 1894Rittenhaus, JosephMONKEN, SophiaCHRIST, LouisChrist, Josephina---
RITTINGHAUS, Mabel Leona Margaret06 Nov 189526 Dec 1895Rittinghaus, JosephMONKEN, SophiaCICHANSKY, GeorgeCichansky, MargaretMarried ___ Richard STOKES (non-Catholic) 29 Oct 1919
RITTINGHOUSE, Edward Frederick26 Nov 189211 May 1893Rittinghouse, JosephMONKEN, SophiaHOTAPP, BernardHotapp, Elisabeth---
ROBBEN, Amanda Agatha25 Aug 190404 Sep 1904Robben, HenryHULMENKAMP, AnnaDUNNEWALD, TheodoreDunnewald, Elisabeth---
ROBBEN, Carolina Leona21 Sep 190603 Oct 1906Robben, HenryHANEKAMP, AnnaDETERS, LeoDeters, CarolinaMarried Harold SHARPE by civil marriage 15 Jul 1939; in Church to Leo STAMM 24 Nov 1946. Mixed religion marriage
ROBERT, Clifford John Bernard12 Aug 190515 Aug 1905Robert, JosephMUEHLING, AdelinaHALLERMANN, HermanRobert, Mrs. MariaMarried Edna VOLTZ (Non-Catholic) 5 Jun 1935
ROBERT, Eleonora Christina10 Oct 189111 Oct 1891Robert, PhilippHENTSCHEL, MariaBASLER, HenryRobert, Christina---
ROBERT, Irene Francisca03 Dec 188905 Dec 1889Robert, PhilippHENTSCHEL, MariaRobert, FrancisFEULNER, Margaretha---
ROBERT, Joseph29 Oct 187711 Nov 1877Robert, JacobBASLER, MargaretHOLDNER, JosephSCHNEYDER, Louisa---
ROBERT, Margaret Agatha05 Sep 188806 Sep 1888Robert, PhilippHENTSCHEL, MariaHAAG, Alexander------
ROBERT, Philipp Roman01 Jun 189802 Jun 1898Robert, PhilippHENTSCHEL, MariaRobert, JacobONIMUS, Catharine---
ROBERTZ, Amanda Paulina10 Nov 187314 Dec 1873Robertz, JacobBASELER, MargarethaHILDNER, NicolausGANZ, Lina---
ROBERTZ, Bertha Margaretha18 Nov 187011 Dec 1870Robertz, JacobNot listed, MargarethaSCHUSTER, WenzelSchuster, Margaretha---
ROBERTZ, Francis10 Sep 186804 Oct 1868Robertz, JacobBASELER, MargarethaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisMuehling, Katharina---
ROBERTZ, Infant09 Aug 186601 Sep 1866Robertz, JacobBASELER, MargarethaDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), EngelbertDuennewald, Christina---
ROBERTZ, Jacob18 May 186331 May 1863Robertz, JacobBASELER, MargarethaBaseler, Nicolaus------
ROBERTZ, Margaretha22 Feb 186517 Mar 1865Robertz, JacobBASELER, MagdalenaLITTNER, MichaelLittner, Margaretha---
ROBERTZ, Margaretha05 Feb 186125 Dec 1861Robertz, JacobBASEL, MargarethaKARGER, MichaelBasel, Marianna---
ROECKENHAUS, Anna Maria12 Dec 188314 Dec 1883Roeckenhaus, HenrySTRATMANN, JosephinaZIRKEL, ChristianLUEBBERS, Anna M.---
ROECKENHAUS, Catharine Josephina28 Apr 189428 Apr 1894Roeckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, Maria---Hollenkamp, Catharina---
ROECKENHAUS, Clara Theresia12 Apr 188615 Apr 1886Roeckenhaus, HenrySTRAUTMANN, JosephinaLUEBBERS, BernardZIRKEL, Anna---
ROECKENHAUS, Elisabeth Helena17 Feb 189621 Feb 1896Roeckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, MariaSLOOT, HenrySloot, ElisabethMarried Thomas Henry ROVANE (from St. Louis, MO) at St Theresa in Marydale, IL on 7 Feb 1923
ROECKENHAUS, Henry Joseph31 Jul 190001 Aug 1900Roeckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, MariaHollenkamp, HenryHollenkamp, CatharineMarried widow Mrs. Mary Elisabeth LANGHAUSER born ROBERG 17 Sep 1955 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL. Note states his birth certificate lists him as Alexander Joseph.
ROECKENHAUS, Lawrence Adolph02 Sep 190203 Sep 1902Roeckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, MariaHollenkamp, GerhardHollenkamp, Anna---
ROECKENHAUS, Louis George Francis31 May 188801 Jun 1888Roeckenhaus, HenrySTRAUTMANN, JosephinaROLFES, Conrad Fr.Strautmann, Helena---
ROECKENHAUS, Margaret Wilhelmina14 Mar 189815 Mar 1898Roeckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, MariaHAAG, AlexanderREVERMANN, Elisabeth---
ROECKENHAUS, Theodore Edward13 Nov 190314 Nov 1903Roeckenhaus, HenryHOLLENKAMP, MariaKOELKER, TheodoreSCHWIERJOHANN, Catharine---
ROESE, Elisabeth Agnes04 Mar 188310 Mar 1883Roese, CarlKREBS, CatharineKrebs, AdamBERGER, Louisa---
ROESE, Irene Magdalena22 Jan 188725 Jan 1887Roese, CarlKREBS, ElisabethCORCORAN, JohnCorcoran, Barbara---
ROESE, John Louis Edwin08 Mar 188515 Mar 1885Roese, CarlKREBS, ElisabethBERGER, Henry J.Krebs, Elisabeth---
ROGAN, Daniel Joseph11 Mar 186305 Apr 1863Rogan, DanielO'NEAL, MariaFLYNN, JohannFlynn, Mary---
ROGAN, Jacob Matthew10 Jan 186724 Jan 1867Rogan, WilliamHUGHES, MariaO'NEAL, JacobO'Neal, Elisabetha Jane---
ROGAN, Johann15 Jan 186222 Jan 1862Rogan, WilhelmCURRAINS, MariaHUGHES, PeterTOMY, Maria---
ROGAN, Joseph20 Apr 185929 Aug 1859Rogan, DanielO'NEAL, Not listedO'Neal, Joseph------
ROGAN, Maria Elisabeth12 Dec 186327 Dec 1863Rogan, WilhelmHUGHUES, MariannaTOOMY, M.CORLEH, Magdalena (?)---
ROGAN, Rosa Helena 08 Mar 186928 Mar 1869Rogan, WilhelmHUGHES, Maria MCLANE, JosephMcLane, Helena---
ROGGE, Frederick William11 Apr 187123 Jun 1871Rogge, WilliamHERWIG, DorotheaHerwig, ConradHerwig, Friedericka---
ROGGE, Henry Theodore24 Oct 187416 May 1875Rogge, WilliamHERWIG, DorotheaLANFERMANN, Diederick------
ROGGE, Julia Maria09 Jun 187331 Aug 1873Rogge, WilliamHERMAN, Dorothea---KROTER, Anna Maria---
ROHR, Anna M. Gertrude07 May 190010 May 1900Rohr, JohnFREY, MariaHAAG, AlexanderOHLMEIER, AnnaMarried Bernard Theo SCHOMAKER 8 Jun 1921
ROHR, Anna Maria01 Apr 187511 Apr 1875Rohr, PeterISAAC, CatharinaGEHRS, JosephPEIFFER, Maria---
ROHR, Bernard23 Mar 187914 Apr 1879Rohr, PeterISAAC, CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, BernardIsaac, Catharina---
ROHR, Bernard09 Jul 187616 Jul 1876Rohr, PeterISAAK, CatharinaGAUSEPOHL, BernardSCHNEIDER, Anna---
ROHR, Catharine Gertrude25 Jul 189726 Jul 1897Rohr, JohnFREY, MariaFAUKE, WilliamRohr, Catharine---
ROHR, Catharine Theresia13 May 189715 May 1897Rohr, PeterSCHULTE, WilhelminaSchulte, TheodoreISAAK, CatharineMarried Herman HORSTMANN 30 Aug 1916 at St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer, IL
ROHR, Edward Peter21 May 189523 May 1895Rohr, LawrencePFISTERER, PaulinaPfisterer, EdwardRohr, CatharineMarried Verena HALLERMANN 3 Jun 1929
ROHR, Francis Lawrence17 May 189019 May 1890Rohr, FrancisFREY, AnnaRohr, LawrencePFISTERER, Paulina---
ROHR, Francisca28 May 186715 Jun 1867Rohr, PeterISAAK, KatharinaIsaak, FrancisRohr, Margaretha---
ROHR, Herman Heinrich 01 Aug 186407 Aug 1864Rohr, PeterISAAK, CatharinaGEHRS, HermanRohr, Maria born SCHULTE---
ROHR, Johann25 Jan 186414 Feb 1864Rohr, JohannBROCKMANN, AnnaRohr, JohannJUNKE, Anna Angela---
ROHR, Johann21 Jun 186023 Jul 1860Rohr, PeterISAAK, CatharinaRohr, JohannIsaak, Susanna---
ROHR, John 15 Dec 189420 Dec 1894Rohr, FrancisFREY, AnnaRohr, JohnRohr, Paulina---
ROHR, John Francis03 Mar 189106 Mar 1891Rohr, JohnFREY, MariaMUEHLING, Fr. BernardRohr, Catharine---
ROHR, Lawrence07 Feb 186209 Feb 1862Rohr, PeterISAAK, KatharinaHUBERT, LawrenceGEHRS, Marianna born Isaak---
ROHR, Lawrence Francis28 Mar 189331 Mar 1893Rohr, FrancisFREY, AnnaRohr, LawrenceFrey, GertrudeMarried Kathryn GEOFFROY 15 Apr 1943
ROHR, Maria03 Feb 187817 Feb 1878Rohr, PeterISAAC, CatharinaIsaac, NicholasKREBS, Maria---
ROHR, Nicolaus Andrew11 Jul 190516 Jul 1905Rohr, FrancisFREY, AnnaGEHRS, NicolausRohr, Maria---
ROHR, Paulina Maria08 Nov 189409 Nov 1894Rohr, JohnFREY, MariaRohr, FrancisRohr, Paulina---
ROHR, Peter13 Jun 187315 Jun 1873Rohr, PeterISAAK, KatharinaKUNKEL, PeterIsaak, Katharina---
ROHR, Susanna07 Apr 187210 Apr 1872Rohr, PeterISAAK, KatharinaBACH, BlasiusIsaak, Susanna---
ROHR, William Lawrence19 Oct 189220 Oct 1892Rohr, JohnFREY, MariaRohr, LawrenceMUEHLING, Catharine---
ROHRBACHER, Caspar13 Aug 186013 Aug 1860Rohrbacher, JacobFISHER, HelenaKRAPPS, CasparROHR, Maria---
ROHRBACHER, Jacob Benedict (Twin)12 Mar 188416 Mar 1884Rohrbacher,Jr., JacobSTEFFEN, WilhelminaRohrbacher, Sr., JacobSCHUSTER, Margaretha---
ROHRBACHER, Joseph Caspar (Twin)12 Mar 188416 Mar 1884Rohrbacher,Jr., JacobSTEFFEN, WilhelminaJUNKER, JosephRohrbacher, Magdalena---
ROHRBACHER, Katharina25 May 186807 Jun 1868Rohrbacher, JacobFISHER, LenaSCHICK, LouisAckermann, Katharina---
ROHRBACHER, Lina Rosina20 Jan 188125 Jan 1881Rohrbacher, CasparSTEPHAN, MinaBUTZ, TheodoreRohrbacher, Lina---
ROHRBACHER, Magdalena02 Jun 186314 Jun 1863Rohrbacher, JacobFISHER, MagdalenaHESSLER, CoelestinPITTON, Christina---
ROHRBACHER, Michael01 Jul 186527 Jul 1865Rohrbacher, JacobFISHER, HelenaWOLTER, MichaelFisher, Maria---
ROHRBACHER, Valentin C.05 Mar 186215 Mar 1862Rohrbacher, JacobFISHER, Magdalena---SCHNEIDER, Magdalena---
ROHRBACHER, Wilhelmina Maria---14 Apr 1883---------------
ROLFERS, Angela Magdalena Emerentiana14 Apr 189018 Apr 1890Rolfers, ConradKELLERMANN, AnnaROECKENHAUS, HenryKellermann, Maria AngelaMarried Alphonse L. KUNKEL 9 Nov 1921 in Carlyle, IL
ROLFERS, Anna Maria13 May 188414 May 1884Rolfers, ConradKELLERMANN, AnnaKellermann, BernardLÜBBERS (Luebbers), Anna Maria---
ROLFERS, Catharina Elisabeth23 Dec 188724 Dec 1887Rolfers, ConradKELLERMANN, AnnaKellermann, WilliamZICKEL, Anna---
ROLFERS, John Bernard09 Jan 188111 Jan 1881Rolfers, ConradKELLERMANN, AnnaKellermann, John BernardLÜBBERS Luebbers), Anna Maria---
ROLFERS, Maria Anna10 May 188211 May 1882Rolfers, ConradKELLERMANN, AnnaLUEBBERS, HermanKellermann, Maria Anna---
ROLLINS, Maria Alice25 Apr 188806 Jun 1897Rollins, JosephNot listed, Dominica---BRUEMMER, Maria---
ROPERT, Philipp22 Apr 186013 May 1860Ropert, JacobROBERT, MargaretCONRAD, PhilippConrad, Elisabeth---
ROTH, Anna Maria29 Feb 184416 Apr 1887FISCHER, JohnWEGLE, Barbara---ADAM, Josephina---
ROTH, Christina20 Feb 187414 Apr 1879Roth, LawrenceFISCHER, Anna Maria---CHRIST, Christina---
ROTH, Sophia02 Dec 188116 Apr 1882Roth, LawrenceFISCHER, Anna M.---CHRIST, Sophia---
ROTH, Susanna18 Jul 187214 Apr 1879Roth, LawrenceFISCHER, Anna Maria---CHRIST, Christina---
RUEBEN, Rudolph Frederick William01 Feb 188212 Mar 1882Rueben, WilliamSTRAUB, CatharinaMOTCH, RudolphSCHNEIDER, Catharina---
RUF, Jacob Stephan02 Sep 187730 Sep 1877Ruf, JohnHUBERT, JosephinaHubert, JacobHubert, Catharine---
RUF, Josephina Wilhelmina14 Dec 187509 Jan 1876Ruf, JohnHUBERT, JosephinaHubert, LawrenceHubert, Wilhelmina---
RUHLAND, Francis Xavier24 Jan 187424 Jan 1874Ruhland, JohnNot listed, CarolinaRuhland, Francis Xavier------
RUHLAND, John Francis04 Jan 187504 Jan 1875Ruhland, JohnREITH, CarolinaDREIER, John B.------
RUNGE, Carl 04 Aug 186631 Mar 1894Runge, Carl (From Hanover, Germany)EICKERMANN, SophiaKOELKER, Theodore---New convert
RUSSELL, Thomas01 Apr 188115 May 1881Russell, PhilippMCDERMOT, Maria---ROECH, Margaret---
RUTER, Johann Bernhard10 Apr 186629 Apr 1866Ruter, DideriousBUTZ, JohannaButz, JohannGUIDHUES, Katharina---
RUTHERFORD, Anna Ottilia03 Jun 189528 Jul 1895Rutherford, Edward (Non-Catholic)RITZHEIMER, MariaELLER, PeterEller, Anna---
RYAN, Adelia27 Nov 188324 Dec 1883Ryan, JeremiasPOWERS, BrigittaGAHANN, JacobGahann, Anna---
RYAN, Florent21 Jan 188212 Feb 1882Ryan, JeremiasPOWERS, BrigittaGWINAN, JohnGwinan, Anna---
RYAN, Francisca10 Oct 186110 Nov 1861Ryan, ThomasNICKELS, RosaFLIM, JohnRyan, Margaretha---
RYAN, Frederick Nicolaus09 May 187407 Jun 1874Ryan, ThomasRICKEL, RosaWUELLER, NicolausWEAST, Theresa---
RYAN, Honora24 Dec 187911 Jan 1880Ryan, JeremiasPOWERS, BrigittaBUNS, GeorgeWALSH, Maria Anna---
RYAN, John Baptiste07 Jun 186714 Jul 1867Ryan, ThomasNot listed, Rosa ---Ryan, Margaretha---
RYAN, Julia25 Feb 187504 Apr 1875Ryan, JeremiasPOWERS, BrigittaFOGERTY, JacobMEAGHER, Catharina---
RYAN, Maria Elisabeth Wilhelmina02 Nov 188305 Nov 1883Ryan, PatrickREINHOLZ, Julia---Reinholz, Maria ElisabethChild is illegitimate
RYAN, Mary15 Dec 187716 Dec 1877Ryan, JeremiasPOWERS, BrigittaFITZPATRICK, EdWALSH, Margaret---
RYAN, William21 Aug 188605 Sep 1886Ryan, JeremiasPOWERS, BrigittaFLAHERTY, MichaelFlaherty, Helena---
SANTEL, Maria11 Sep 187316 Sep 1873Santel, HenryACKERMANN, KatharinaSantel, HermanAckermann, Marianna---
SAUTHMANN, Anna Christina26 Feb 186128 Feb 1861Sauthmann, HeinrichSCHLEITER, Maria CatharinaPOHLER, HeinrichDUNEWALD, Anna Christina---
SAUTIER, Emma Margaretha (Twin)22 Jul 186701 Sep 1867Sautier, LouisKANTNER, MariaROBERTZ, JacobRobertz, Margaretha---
SAUTIER, Louis Albert Clarescent30 Mar 186205 May 1862Sautier, LouisKANTNER, MariaSTOLZ, NicolausStolz, Anna Maria---
SAUTIER, Louis Philipp (Twin)22 Jul 186701 Sep 1867Sautier, LouisKANTNER, MariaCONRAD, PhilippConrad, Elizabeth---
SAUTIER, Maria21 Aug 186401 Sep 1864Sauter, LouisKANTNER, MariaKIRSHNER, Peter------
SAUTMANN, Anna Catharine Christina26 Sep 190327 Sep 1903Sautmann, WilliamMURPHY, HelenaMurphy, PeterDIERKES, AnnaFamily is from Wheatfield Twp., IL. Married Walter W. CHRIST 30 Jun 1931
SAUTMANN, Anna Christina17 Jan 188918 Jan 1889Sautmann, HenryVAHLKAMP, MariaVahlkamp, StephanDIERKES, Anna---
SAUTMANN, Edward Patrick28 Apr 189529 Apr 1895Sautmann, WilliamMURPHY, HelenaMurphy, PatSautmann, Maria---
SAUTMANN, Elisabeth28 May 186528 May 1865Sautmann, HeinrichNot listed, Katharina---DÜSDOTT (Duesdott), Elisabeth---
SAUTMANN, Henry31 Jan 188401 Feb 1884Sautmann, WilliamWITHUT, TheresiaSautmann, HenryWithut, Maria---
SAUTMANN, Irene Theresia25 Feb 190601 Mar 1906Sautmann, WilliamMURPHY, HelenaSCHOEMAKER, B.Murphy, Christina---
SAUTMANN, John 26 Feb 189127 Feb 1891Sautmann, HenryVAHLKAMP, MariaDIEKROETGER, JohnSautmann, CatharineMarried Cecelia ETTER 19 Oct 193_ in Carlyle, IL
SAUTMANN, John Henry13 Jan 188014 Jan 1880Sautmann, HenryVAHLKAMP, MariaSautmann, John HenryDIEKEMPER, Gertrude---
SAUTMANN, John Theodore28 Apr 190029 Apr 1900Sautmann, William (From Irishtown, IL)MURPHY, Helena (From Wade Twp, )ZIEREN, TheodoreGERDES, MariaMarried Helena B. SEIFFERT 25 Oct 1921
SAUTMANN, Maria Gertrude01 Aug 188202 Aug 1882Sautmann, Jr., HenryVAHLKAMP, MariaDIEKROETGER, TheodoreZIEREN, Maria---
SAUTMANN, Maria Gertrude14 Sep 189815 Sep 1898Sautmann, WilliamMURPHY, HelenaMurphy, WilliamZIEREN, MariaMarried Ferdinand Jacob SCHIERMANN 15 Feb 1922
SAUTMANN, Maria Helena17 Jan 189718 Jan 1897Sautmann, WilliamMURPHY, HelenaSautmann, HenryMurphy, Maria---
SAUTMANN, Maria Katharina23 Dec 186223 Dec 1862Sautmann, BernhardSCHLÜTER (Schlueter), Catharina---BORGELT, Not listed---
SAUTMANN, William27 Jul 188628 Jul 1886Sautmann, HenryVAHLKAMP, Maria---DIEKROETGER, CatharinaMarried 5 Jun 1917 to Anna M. SAUTMAN (Hempen) in Carlyle, IL
SAVAGE, Theodore14 Feb 190516 Apr 1876Savage, WilliamREEVES, Sarah---RYAN, Elizabeth---
SCHAEFER, Catharina28 Aug 188223 Sep 1882Schaefer, PhilipHEIL, Elisabeth---O'NEILL, Johanna---
SCHAEFER, Elisabeth24 Jun 189926 Jun 1899Schaefer, JohnO'NEILL, MargaretSchaefer, PeterO'Neill, TheresaMarried Walter Ph. KONRAD 25 Oct 1926
SCHAEFER, Helena04 Jul 187715 Aug 1877Schaefer, PhilipHEIL, ElizabethaROGAN, WilliamRogan, Maria---
SCHAEFER, Henry Michael01 Feb 187611 Feb 1876Schaefer, JohnGIRARD, HelenaGEOFFRAY, HenryGirard, Christina---
SCHAEFER, John16 Nov 187208 Dec 1872Schaefer, DominicBUER, MariaKAPP, JohnKapp, Elizabeth---
SCHAEFER, Joseph04 Mar 188002 Apr 1880Schaefer, PhilipHEIL, ElisabethHUGHES, PeterHughes, MariaMarried Maria C. HEINTZ 22 Oct 1924 in Alton, IL
SCHAEFER, Louis03 Dec 189307 Dec 1893Schaefer, John EdwardO'NEILL, MargaretSchaefer, PhilippSchaefer, ElisabethMarried Elizabeth NOTHAUS 12 Oct 1920. Note states that Elizabeth died. Second marriage to Paulina Catharine TRIERWEILER (NOEL) 7 Jan 1964 at Immaculate Conception in Denver, CO
SCHAEFER, Margaret05 Apr 187927 Apr 1879Schaefer, DominicBUHR, AntoniaBASLER, NicolausBasler, Margaret---
SCHAEFER, Maria Magdalena29 Jul 187522 Aug 1875Schaefer, DominicBUER, AnnaGEOFFRAY, HenryGIRARD, MagdalenaConfirmed in All Saints Church in St. Louis, MO 27 Nov 1946
SCHAEFER, Paul20 Feb 188610 Apr 1886Schaefer, PhilipHEIL, ElisabethROGAN, John E.Rogan, Maria---
SCHAEFER, Paul O.11 May 189713 May 1897Schaefer, JohnO'NEILL, MargaretO'Neill, John F.Schaefer, MargaretMarried Catharine MCEVILLY 6 Sep 1927 in Washington, IN
SCHAEFER, Vincent12 Sep 189514 Sep 1895Schaefer, John O'NEILL, MargaretO'Neill, BernardSchaefer, MagdalenaMarried Tina M. LUEPKE 10 Sep 1919
SCHAEFER, William Ignatius13 Sep 186628 Nov 1868Schaefer, PhilipHEIL, ElizabethaHECK, IgnatiusHeck, Carolina---
SCHAEFFER, Emilia Hermina11 Feb 188019 Feb 1880Schaeffer, Samuel F.HOHE, BerthaNIEHOFF, H. August------
SCHAEFFER, Josephina08 Apr 188315 Nov 1883Schaefer, SamuelMEYER, BerthaHOYE, JohnWELCH, Elisabeth---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Bernhard Edward19 May 187421 May 1874Schuermann, HenryALBERS, ElizabethSCHWAKE, BernhardBRÜMMER (Bruemmer), Anna---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Francis Joseph19 Apr 187426 Apr 1874Schuermann, FrederickBATKE, LizettaDIFFENAUER, JosephKLEIN, Lizetta---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Francisca Paulina04 Nov 188206 Nov 1882Schurmann, HenryALBERS, ElizabethMENKHAUS, M.GISSY, Christina---
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Maria Elizabeth22 Jan 187626 Jan 1876Schuermann, HenryALBERS, ElizabethNIEBUR, ClemensNiebur, Anna Maria---
SCHEHAN, Marianna16 Feb 186818 Feb 1868Schehan, JohnMANG__, KatharinaMOLLONEY, MichaelMolloney, Mary---
SCHEMEL, Gertrude Anna23 Aug 189325 Aug 1893Schemel, GeorgeDIEKEMPER, Anna ChristineSAUTMANN, HenryDiekemper, GertrudeFather is from Wade Twp, IL. Married Frank W. SCHER__ on 3 Nov 1917
SCHERER, Ida Elisabeth28 Mar 188728 Aug 1887Scherer, CyprianVOGT, MariaVogt, FerdinandVogt, Elisabeth---
SCHICH, Elizabeth29 Apr 187129 May 1871Schich, ConradNot listed, KatharinaSCHAEFER, NicolausKAPP, Elizabeth---
SCHICK, Christina07 Dec 186829 Dec 1868Schick, ConradSCHILLING, KatharinaSCHAEFER, Martin KENNEL, Christina---
SCHICK, Katharina21 Oct 186604 Nov 1866Schick, ConradNot listed, KatharinaISAAK, FranzRohr, Katharina---
SCHICK, Maria Magdalena13 Feb 187527 Mar 1875Schick, GottfriedGIRARD, ChristinaAMANN, LandolinAmann, Maria---
SCHIERMANN, Aloysius Bernard28 Sep 189601 Oct 1896Schiermann, Gerhard MEYER, Elisabeth born GEISTOHR (Geishann)BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann)m Bernard HenryBrueggemann, Maria AgnesMarried Margaret HILMES 24 Aug 1921
SCHIERMANN, Dorothea09 Jul 187715 Jul 1877Schiermann, John F.BATTKE, ElizabethSCHURMANN, HenryFELDMANN, Rosa---
SCHIERMANN, Ferdinand Jacob27 Nov 189830 Nov 1898Schiermann, GerhardGEISTOHR, ElisabethKREBS, JacobSchiermann, AnnaMarried Gertrude M, SAUTMANN 15 Feb 1922
SCHIERMANN, Gerhard Henry07 Sep 189310 Sep 1893Schiermann, Gerhard HenryGEISTOHR, ElisabethSchiermann, HenryFELDMANN, Maria DoraMarried Frances HELLERMANN on 14 May 1919
SCHIERMANN, Helen06 Sep 189709 Sep 1897Schiermann, GerhardGEISTOHR, ElisabethHEMPEN, Bernard HenryHempen, Catharine---
SCHIERMANN, John Diederick (??)21 Apr 187023 Apr 1870Schiermann, Frederick (??)Not listed, Maria LizabethaKAHRHOFF, Diederick------
SCHIERMANN, John Frederick06 Sep 189207 Sep 1892Schiermann, Gerhard HenryGEISTOHR, ElisabethSchiermann, FrederickKREBS, Sophia AnnaMarried Anna LUEBBERS at Sacred Heart in East St. Louis, IL on 3 Nov 1920
SCHIERMANN, Maria Agnes06 Feb 187211 Feb 1872Schiermann, FriedrichBATKE, Lizetta---BRÜGGEMAN (Brueggeman), Maria Agnes---
SCHIERMANN, Maria Lizetta17 Feb 186703 Apr 1867Schiermann, John HenryBATKE, CarolinaFawing, BernhardFawing, Anna---
SCHIERMANN, Marianna27 Apr 186816 May 1868Schiermann, FriedrichMARSH, Anna born BATKE (?)Batke, Johann HeinrichRICHTER, Marianna---
SCHIERMANN, Sophia Catharina10 Sep 187913 Sep 1879Schiermann, John FrederickBATKE, Maria ElisabethBRUEGGEMANN, Bernard HeinrichSCHURMANN, Anna---
SCHILLING, Amelia13 Nov 189714 Nov 1897Schilling, GeorgeADAM, JosephinaAdam, JosephSchilling, Johanna---
SCHILLING, Elisabeth Joanna07 Dec 188012 Dec 1880Schilling, MichaelDIECHMANN, JoannaDOENNEWALD, TheodoreDoennewald, Elisabeth born ZIEREN---
SCHILLING, Emma Josephina15 Mar 190518 Mar 1905Schilling, GeorgeADAM, JosephinaSchilling, LawrenceAdam, Emma---
SCHILLING, George J. A.13 Oct 190314 Oct 1903Schilling, GeorgeADAM, JosephinaSchilling, JacobSchilling, Maria---
SCHILLING, Gilbert John14 Dec 190616 Dec 1906Schilling, GeorgeADAM, JosephinaAdam, JohnCOOK, Mrs. Catharine---
SCHILLING, Jacob05 Dec 187519 Dec 1875Schilling, MichaelDEICHMANN, JohannaRAUSCH, JacobRausch, Margaret---
SCHILLING, John Gerhard21 Dec 187029 Jan 1871Schilling, MichaelFEICHMANN, JohannaKARHOFF, John GerhardSchilling, Katharina---
SCHILLING, John Theodore02 Oct 188307 Oct 1883Schilling, MichaelDIECHMANN, JoannaZIEREN, TheodoreKIFFMEIER, Catharine---
SCHILLING, Joseph19 Dec 187221 Jan 1873Schilling, MichaelTEICHMANN, JohannaHOTAPP, JosephRAUSCH, Katharina---
SCHILLING, Lawrence Aloysius18 Oct 190120 Oct 1901Schilling, GeorgeADAM, JosephinaSchilling, LawrenceSchilling, AnnaMarried Edna BERRIE 18 Oct 1927. Married Mrs. Mary FALK (Falyowski) at St Hyacinth Church in Chicago, IL
SCHILLING, Maria Eleonora08 Oct 189910 Oct 1899Schilling, GeorgeADAM, JosephinaSchilling, M.Adam, Maria---
SCHILLING, Maria Regina24 Jun 187814 Jul 1878Schilling, MichaelDEICKMANN, Johanna---HABICH, Regina---
SCHILLING, Marianna 06 Mar 186820 Mar 1868Schilling, MichaelNot listed, JohannaSchilling, JacobROHR, Anna Maria---
SCHILLING, Michael12 Mar 188917 Mar 1889Schilling, MichaelDIECHMANN, JoannaMUELLER, MelchiorLANGHAUSER, Maria---
SCHILLING, Theresia29 Jan 188631 Jan 1886Schilling, MichaelDEICHMANN, JohannaSOUTMANN, WilliamSoutmann, Theresia---
SCHINS, Johann16 Jan 186515 Feb 1865Schins, JohannMURRAY, MariaACKERMANN, FrancisBRADY, Katharina---
SCHLAFLY, Antonia Helena28 Oct 187704 Nov 1877Schlafly, FridolinHUBERT, CatharinaHubert, AnthonySchlafly, Helena---
SCHLAFLY, Clara Elisabetha09 Feb 188015 Feb 1880Schlafly, FridolinHUBERT, CatharinaHubert, AnthonyHubert, ElisabethMarried Corbin A. McNeill 2 Jun 1910 Carlyle, IL
SCHLAFLY, Emilia Bertha02 Sep 188203 Sep 1882Schlafly, FridolinHUBERT, CatharinaSchlafly, AugustWESTERMANN, Elisabeth---
SCHLAFLY, Helena Jane02 Oct 187512 Dec 1875Schlafly, AugustALLEN, JaneSchlafly, FridolinSchlafly, Helena---
SCHLAFLY, Hubert Joseph15 Dec 188617 Dec 1886Schlafly, FridolinHUBERT, CatharinaHubert, Sr., AnthonySchlafly, HelenaMarried Maria Rose PARKER in Carlyle, IL
SCHLAFLY, Jacob Joseph25 Jan 188827 Jan 1888Schlafly, AugustALLEN, AnnaBERGER, MatthewBerger, EmerentianaMarried 14 Apr 1913 to M. FRANENHEIM in Pittsburgh
SCHLAFLY, Joanna12 Jan 184807 Apr 1888ALLEN, LouisBURNSIDE, Anna---SCHLAFLY, Helena---
SCHLAFLY, John Fridolin12 Oct 188004 Nov 1880Schlafly, AugustALLEN, JaneSchlafly, FridolinSchlafly, Helena---
SCHLAFLY, Louis (Allen)04 Feb 187727 May 1877Schlafly, GustaveALLEN, JoannaSchlafly, JohnBERGER, EmmaMarried Maria VAN GENT 18 Apr 1917 at Sts Peter and Paul in Alton, IL
SCHLAFLY, Maria Jesse25 Feb 188303 Mar 1883Schlafly, AugustALLEN, JaneACKERMANN, JohnSchlafly, Catharine---
SCHLARMANN, Leona Maria09 Mar 190314 Mar 1903Schlarmann, HenryANG, CatharinaNIEBUR, HenryNiebur, MariaFather is originally from Germantown and mother from Trenton, IL
SCHLARMANN, Paul Joseph15 Aug 190517 Aug 1905Schlarmann, HenryANCH, CatharineSchlarmann, Bernard JosephSchlarmann, Philomena---
SCHLEPER, Nicolaus Gerhard25 Nov 189727 Nov 1897Schleper, BernardREVERMANN, CatharineGEHRS, NicolausRevermann, Elisabeth---
SCHMELNITZMEYER, Susanna16 Sep 186228 Sep 1862Schmelnitzmeyer, JosephKLEIN, FranciscaSCHAEFER, MartinKlein, Susanna---
SCHMETTER, Ernest Heinrich August30 Dec 186204 Jan 1863Schmetter, SebastianNot listed, Rosa WINKELGAAN, Ernest August HermanRICKLEY, Maria ---
SCHMIDT (Schmitt), Maria Anna09 Jun 188211 Jun 1882Schmidt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethKUNTZ, SebastianBACK, Maria A.---
SCHMIDT, Andrew Philipp16 Dec 188118 Dec 1881Schmidt, PeterPHILLIP, MariaLIST, PhilippList, Maria---
SCHMIDT, Arnold Otto02 Feb 188408 Feb 1884Schmidt, HermanWILLI, Anna MariaFRERKER, HermanFrerker, Anna M.---
SCHMIDT, Bernhard Constantin02 Sep 186320 Sep 1863Schmidt, BernhardCLANCY, BrigittaRODGERS, JohnWOND___, Floria---
SCHMIDT, Elisabeth04 Oct 188705 Oct 1887Schmidt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethBARK, JosephSchmidt, Elisabeth---
SCHMIDT, Emmerentiana15 Sep 188323 Sep 1883Schmidt, PeterPHILIPPS, MariePhilipps, HenryLIST, Philomena---
SCHMIDT, Francis Andrew23 Dec 188923 Dec 1889Schmidt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethSchmidt, AndrewBACK, Theresia---
SCHMIDT, Jacob21 Jan 188423 Jan 1884Schmidt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethSchmidt, JacobLODDEKE, Maria---
SCHMIDT, Josephina Francisca01 Nov 187001 Jan 1871Schmidt, WilliamGUDDEL, MariannaGuddel, LudwigSchmidt, Francisca---
SCHMIDT, Julius William20 Dec 188108 Feb 1884Schmidt, HermanWILLI, Anna MariaHALLERMANN, William------
SCHMIDT, Louis William Francis05 Dec 190207 Dec 1902Schmidt, WilliamBRUEMMER, LouisaHAAG, FrancisBruemmer, MariaMarried Elisabeth PFEIFFER from St. Louis, MO at St Francis in Luebbering, MO 30 Nov 1946
SCHMIDT, Maria Adelaid18 Nov 189319 Nov 1893Schmidt, WilliamBRUEMMER, LouisaBruemmer, HermanSchmidt, EvaMarried Leonard HAHN (non-Catholic) 6 Jan 1911 or 1910 in St. Louis, MO
SCHMIDT, Rosa Cecelia18 Nov 188012 Dec 1880Schmidt, PeterPHILIPPS, MariePhilipps, FrancisLIST, L.---
SCHMIDT, Theresia Catharina21 Mar 188626 Mar 1886Schmidt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethKUNZE, SebastianSCHIERMANN, Catharina---
SCHMIDT, Wilhelmina Maria03 Dec 189501 Mar 1896Schmidt, JohnSIEBERT, DorotheaBACK, AnthonyLODDICKE, Wilhelmina---
SCHMITT, John Henry29 Aug 190120 Oct 1901Schmitt, JohnSIEBERT, DoraBACK, AnthonyLODDEKE, MariaFamily is from Keysport, IL
SCHMITT, Paul John24 Jun 189727 Jun 1897Schmitt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethSchmitt, JohnLODDIKE, Anna Louisa---
SCHMITT, Theresia Margaret15 Oct 189118 Oct 1891Schmitt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethBACK, CarlBack, TheresiaMarried John J. KUHNER 14 Sep 1942 at St Margaret in St Louis, MO
SCHMITT, Vincent Anthony10 Sep 189915 Sep 1899Schmitt, FrancisFATH, ElisabethKUNZ, PeterLODDEKE, Maria---
SCHMITZ, Aloysius Francis21 Jun 189822 Jun 1898Schmitz, LouisROBBEN, ElisabethSchmitz, FrancisLEONARD, Catharine---
SCHMITZ, Anna Elisabeth09 Aug 190112 Aug 1901Schmitz, LouisROBBEN, ElisabethWIEGERS, JohnWiegers, AnnaMarried George Frederick KOLDEHOFF 25 Aug 1920 in Germantown, IL
SCHMITZ, Herman Gerhard17 Dec 189919 Dec 1899Schmitz, LouisROBBEN, Elisabeth MariaRobben, Gerhard HermanFELDMANN, CatharinaMarried Alwina WESTRICH at St Lawrence in New Hamburg, MO 28 Sep 1926. Married Mrs. Leola ROTHWEILER 30 Aug 1973 in St Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO.
SCHMITZ, Maria Carolina12 Jan 189714 Jan 1897Schmitz, LouisROBBEN, ElisabethSchmitz, FrancisRobben, Maria CarolinaMarried John JANSEN 30 Aug 1916 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
SCHNEIDER, Anna Margaret05 Sep 187223 Sep 1872Schneider, Joseph__RIET, ChristinaSchneider, CasparCONRAD, Christina---
SCHNEIDER, Catharine Maria03 Apr 190107 Apr 1901Schneider, Gerhard HenryEVERS, AdelaidWILKEN, HenryVAHLKAMP, CatharineFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
SCHNEIDER, Francisca06 Apr 186807 Apr 1872UnknownSchm____, Maria EvaBROSS, Joseph---Last name is a guess
SCHNEIDER, Helena Catharina02 Dec 189405 Dec 1894Schneider, GerhardEVERS, AdelaidSCHULTE, HenryBIPPEN, CatharinaMarried Joseph SPITZ 3 Jun 1918
SCHNEIDER, Henry Bernard27 Jul 187303 Aug 1873Schneider, BernhardBOW, LouiseSchneider, BernhardSchneider, Katharina---
SCHNEIDER, Jacob31 Aug 188021 Oct 1880Schneider, CarlZEITNER, HelenaBATKE, JacobBatke, Sophia---
SCHNEIDER, Jacob Clemens21 Dec 187226 Dec 1872Schneider, NicolausKREBS, MagdalenaKREBS, JacobLEIVAN, Maria---
SCHNEIDER, John Baptiste06 Oct 187714 Oct 1877Schneider, CasparROHR, AnnaRohr, John BaptisteSchneider, Magdalena---
SCHNEIDER, Joseph14 Apr 186810 May 1868Schneider, GeorgePFISTERER, KatharinaSchneider, JosephHOTAP, Katharina---
SCHNEIDER, Katharina19 Nov 185913 Dec 1859Schneider, GeorgeFHISTERER, KatharinaSchneider, GeorgeFRIAM, Katharina---
SCHNEIDER, Maria Barbara02 Dec 186016 Dec 1860Schneider, NicolausKREBS, MagdalenaISAAK, NicolausROHR, Maria---
SCHNEIDER, Michael09 Nov 186812 Nov 1868Schneider, NicolausKREBS, MagdalenaWOLTER, Michael------
SCHNEIDER, Philipp16 Sep 186623 Sep 1866Schneider, NicolausKREBS, MagdalenaCONRAD, PhilippDÜNNEWALD (Duennewald), Christina---
SCHNEIDERS, Maria Adelaid22 Oct 189624 Oct 1896Schneiders, Gerhard HenryEVERS, Maria AdelaidDETERS, LeopoldWILKEN, Maria---
SCHNEYDER, Anna Catharina19 May 188221 May 1882Schneyder, JacobKOCH, CatharinaSchneyder, Nic.Koch, A. Catharina---
SCHNEYDER, Carl26 May 186828 Apr 1881Schneyder, JosephNot listed, Ch. BarbaraSchneyder, Mike------
SCHNEYDER, Francis04 Oct 186416 Oct 1864Schneyder, GeorgeFISTERER, KatharinaISAAK, FrancisROHR, Katharina---
SCHNEYDER, George Joseph21 Feb 186526 Feb 1865Schneyder, NicolausKREBS, MagdalenaSchneyder, GeorgeWILLER, Elisabetha---
SCHNEYDER, John William11 Jul 188413 Jul 1884Schneyder, JacobKOCH, MariaKoch, JohnSchneyder, Margaret---
SCHNEYDER, Joseph20 Mar 186523 Mar 1865Schneyder, BernhardNot listed, ElisabethaSCHLAFFLY, Joseph------
SCHNEYDER, Margaretha29 Sep 186304 Oct 1863Schneyder, NicolausKREBS, MagdalenaSCHLAFLY, Johann JosephSCHMIDT, Margaretha---
SCHNEYDER, Maria Anna07 Apr 188910 Apr 1889Schneyder, JacobKOCH, MariaSchneyder, ClemKrebs, MariaMarried Anthony KERKEMEIER 4 Nov 1924 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL
SCHNEYDER, Maria Elisabeth15 Aug 186224 Aug 1862Schneyder, GeorgeFISTERER, KatharinaFRIAM, JosephISAAK, Elisa---
SCHNEYDER, Maria Magdalena29 Aug 188203 Sep 1882Schneyder, CasparROHR, AnnaSchneyder, NicolausADAM, Maria---
SCHNEYDER, Maria Magdalena11 Apr 186629 Apr 1866Schneyder, GeorgeFISTERER, KatharinaFisterer, LandelinSchneyder, Katharina---
SCHNYDER, Anna Louisa24 Jul 187927 Jul 1879Schnyder, B. H.ROSER, LouisaNIEHOFF, HermanNiehoff, Anna---
SCHOENDIENST, Edward John03 May 189804 May 1898Schoendienst, EdwardKREBS, EmerentianaSchoendienst, JohnSCHLAFLY, Helena---
SCHOENDIENST, John Vincent13 Feb 189616 Feb 1896Schoendienst, EdwardKREBS, EmmerentianaKrebs, JohnSchoendienst, Maria---
SCHOFRA, Heinrich Christopher14 Mar 186012 Apr 1860Schafra, NicolausSCHAFFNER, M.GUIDHUES, ChristopherHUBERTS, Laura---
SCHOFRA, Johann18 Feb 185908 May 1859Schofra, NicolausKAYSER, MariaROHR, Johann---In a copy of this entry Schofra is spelled Schoffra
SCHOMAKER, Edward Henry26 Sep 190328 Sep 1903Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethSautmann, HenryZIEREN, TheresiaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
SCHOMAKER, Elisabeth Agatha17 Jan 190118 Jan 1901Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethDOENNEWALD, TheodoreDoennewald, ElisabethFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
SCHOMAKER, Gerhard Paul18 Jun 189720 Jun 1897Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethDIERKES, GerhardSautmann, Helen---
SCHOMAKER, Henry John16 Dec 189017 Dec 1890Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethSautmann, HenryDIERKES, Anna---
SCHOMAKER, John Herman03 Nov 189905 Nov 1899Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethRAKERS, HermanSautmann, MariaMarried Anna MEYERS
SCHOMAKER, Maria Elisabeth09 Sep 188710 Sep 1887Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethSautmann, Sr., HenryLODDEKE, Maria Angela---
SCHOMAKER, Theodore Bernard11 Feb 189513 Feb 1895Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethZIEREN, TheodoreSautmann, MariaMarried Anna Maria ROHR 8 Jun 1921
SCHOMAKER, William Joseph20 Jan 188921 Jan 1889Schomaker, BernardSANTMANN, ElisabethSchomaker, WilliamZIEREN, MariaMarried Paulina LUEBBERS 3 Nov 1920 in Carlyle, IL
SCHOMAKER, William Leon18 Oct 189219 Oct 1892Schomaker, BernardSAUTMANN, ElisabethSautmann, WilliamRAKERS, Catharina---
SCHRÖDER (Schroeder), Louise Josephina29 Dec 186631 Mar 1867Schroeder, HermanNot listed, Anna---SCHURMANN, Maria Lizetta---
SCHRADE, Frederick Conrad11 Sep 187321 Sep 1873Schrade, EdmundLAMPE, MariaLampe, FrederickSCHMIDT, Sabina---
SCHRADER, August Christian13 Oct 188229 Oct 1882Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaChrist, LouisKUNKEL, Julia---
SCHRADER, Christian Peter10 Apr 189224 Apr 1892Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaKUNKEL, PeterChrist, Margaret---
SCHRADER, Elizabeth16 Feb 187720 Feb 1877Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHEY, MargaretMulcahey, Timothy Mulcahey, Elizabeth---
SCHRADER, Ellen19 Feb 187526 Feb 1875Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHY, MargaretSCHROEDER, EdmundMulcahy, Mary---
SCHRADER, Emerentiana Catharine27 Sep 189015 Oct 1890Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaChrist, JohnChrist, Catharine Wilhelmina---
SCHRADER, Francis04 Feb 189308 Feb 1893Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHEY, MargaretKREBS, FrancisBROWN, Margaret---
SCHRADER, George12 Feb 188214 Feb 1882Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHEY, MargaretO'BRIEN, JacobMulcahey, Helena---
SCHRADER, Helena02 Oct 188709 Oct 1887Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHY, Margaret---HOFFMANN, Maria---
SCHRADER, John Christian11 Aug 188431 Aug 1884Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaChrist, JohnChrist, Sophia---
SCHRADER, Joseph05 Sep 188130 Oct 1881Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaSchrader, Joseph------
SCHRADER, Joseph Gerhard09 Mar 187716 Mar 1877Schrader, EdmundLAMPE, MariaWEBER, GerhardHOLDNER, Anna---
SCHRADER, Leo (Twin)26 May 188827 May 1888Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaROTH, Lawrence------
SCHRADER, Louis (Twin)26 May 188827 May 1888Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, Christina---ROTH, Anna Maria---
SCHRADER, Otto05 Mar 188608 Apr 1886Schrader, ChristianCHRIST, ChristinaWueller, John B.------
SCHROEDER (Schrader), Maria18 Jan 188020 Jan 1880Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHEY, MargaretDALY, DennisROACH, Maria---
SCHROEDER, Anna Catharina28 Jun 188127 Jul 1881Schroeder, EdmundLAMPE, MariaFOCKE, HenryHENKE, Anna M.Schroeder is changed to Schroader by writing an "a" over the "e" on this entry. Married C. L. MARS (non-Catholic) 12 May 1913 in Belleville, IL
SCHROEDER, Catharine21 Dec 188525 Dec 1885Schroeder, GeorgeMULCAHY, MargaretDALY, JohnDaly, SarahThe last name has an "a" written over the crossed out "oe" making the name Schrader.
SCHROEDER, Elisabeth Maria23 May 188726 May 1887Schroeder, HenryNIEMEYER, Elisabeth---ALBERS, Elisabeth---
SCHROEDER, George Frederick13 Sep 186919 Sep 1869Schroeder, BernhardBOSE, LouiseBose, FrederickSchroeder, Katharina---
SCHROEDER, Maria Julia Anna02 Sep 189303 Sep 1893Schroeder, HenryNIEMEYER, Elisabeth---BROKHAGEN, Maria Julia Anna---
SCHROEDER, Nicolaus30 Jul 188930 Jul 1889Schroeder, HenryNIEMEYER, ElisabethWUELLER, Nicolaus------
SCHROEDER, Timothy Edward18 Dec 188323 Dec 1883Schrader, GeorgeMULCAHEY, MariaROACH, EdwardMulcahey, CatharinaThe last name is spelled two ways.
SCHROEDER, Wenceslaus William Hugo17 Jan 188725 Jan 1887Schroeder, EdmundLAMPE, MariaSCHUSTER, WenceslausKREBS, Maria A.The birth date is written as 17 Jun 1887 which is not possible so it could be 17 Jun in another year.
SCHROETMANN, MinaFeb 184007 Sep 1875Schroetmann, HenryHAGEMEIER, Wilhelmina---BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), AnnaWife of John BOSMEIER
SCHU, Frederick Nicolaus29 Oct 188601 Nov 1886Schu, MatthewLUTZ, MargaretLutz, NicolausLutz, Maria---
SCHUERMANN, Ferdinand August28 Oct 187731 Oct 1877Schuermann, HenryALBERS, ElizabethDIEKMANN, FerdinandAlbers, Catharina---
SCHULTE, Anna Theresia11 Dec 189814 Dec 1898Schulte, WilliamKOELKER, CeceliaSchulte, JohnKoelker, TheresiaRemarried to William Russel WARD (newly Baptized) 28 Mar 1937
SCHULTE, Bernard Herman19 Sep 188220 Sep 1882Schulte, HermanBORGELT, ElisabethHUSSMANN, Bernard HenryBorgelt, Anna M.---
SCHULTE, Christine Rosa04 Aug 189405 Aug 1894Schulte, HenryBEENE, HelenaRatermann, FrederickPOHLMANN, ChristinaMarried Henry MUELLER 10 Oct 1916 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL
SCHULTE, Helena Margaret04 Jun 189605 Jun 1896Schulte, HenryBENE, AnnaPOLLMANN, HenryPollmann, MargaretMarried Ben WEMPE 3 Jun 1919 in Breese, IL
SCHULTE, Henry E.14 Aug 188227 Aug 1882Schulte, Joseph H.TOOMEY, Johanna---Toomey, Maria---
SCHULTE, Hilda Grace19 Jul 188020 Jul 1880Schulte, Joseph H.TOOMEY, JohannaThoomey, TimGRACE, Johanna---
SCHULTE, John Henry 10 Nov 188011 Nov 1880Schulte, HermanBORGELT, Maria ElisabethBorgelt, John HenryHUSSMANN, Maria Anna---
SCHULTE, John Theodore03 Mar 189404 Mar 1894Schulte, WilliamKOELKER, UrsulaSchulte, TheodoreKoelker, MargarethaMarried Leonora A. HOLLENKAMP 5 Oct 1920
SCHULTE, Joseph28 Oct 188829 Oct 1888Schulte, HermanBORGELT, ElisabethBorgelt, JosephGROSS, Maria---
SCHULTE, Margaret Philomena20 Apr 186925 Apr 1869Schulte, HerbertNot listed, CarolinaHENKE, WilliamROHR, Margaretha---
SCHULTE, Maria Helena24 Jan 190725 Jan 1907Schulte, BernardMAEHLMANN, MariaSchulte, HermanMaehlmann, Helena MariaMarried Lawrence B. KEATY 5 Jun 1928 at St. Francis De Sales in St. Louis, MO
SCHULTE, Maria Karolina24 Jun 186730 Jun 1867Schulte, HerbertKRAMER, CarolinaFAWIG, BernhardROHR, Maria Thecla---
SCHULTE, Maria Margaret14 Oct 190515 Oct 1905Schulte, WilliamKOELKER, CeceliaSchulte, HermanSchulte, Anna Theresia---
SCHULTE, William Bernard29 Oct 189631 Oct 1896Schulte, WilliamKÖLKER (Koelker), CeceliaSchulte, BernardSchulte, Anna Theresia---
SCHUMACHER, Anna01 Nov 186721 Nov 1867Schumacher, JuliusNot listed, Maria AUK, AugustAuk, Helena---
SCHURMANN, Maria Carolina03 Oct 188004 Oct 1880Schurmann, HenryALBERS, Maria ElizabethHERIBERT, J.SCHULTE, CarolinaMarried 12 Jun 1908 in Germantown, IL to Mr. BAVINGLOH
SCHUSTER, Anna12 Jan 186819 Jan 1868Schuster, WenceslausNot listed, Margaretha WILLER, JohnWILFERT, Anna---
SCHWAKE, Anna Angela11 Jan 186414 Jan 1864Schwake, HeinrichROHR, MariaRohr, JohnHAARENBURG, Angela---
SCHWARTZ, Blasius06 May 186824 May 1868Schwartz, JohannNot listed, KatharinaBACH, BlasiusJASKE, Theresia---
SCHWERTMANN, Wilhelmina12 Jan 186802 May 1881Schwertmann, Not listed---BRUEMMER, L.------
SCHWIEDER, Sebastian15 Dec 186129 Dec 1861Schwieder, Johann BaptisteARMBRUSTER, Rosa A.------Child's last name is a guess.
SCHWIERJOHANN, Leon Clement17 Jun 190222 Jun 1902Schwierjohann, Anthony HOTAPP, Maria CatharineSchwierjohann, ClemensHotapp, Martha---
SCHWIERJOHANN, Maria Antonia23 Aug 190026 Aug 1900Schwierjohann, Anthony (From Wade Twp., IL)HODAPP, Catharine (From Sante Fe Twp, IL)Hodapp, JosephSchwierjohann, Maria ElisabethMarried Richard FARRELL 17 Aug 1927 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
SCHWIERJOHANN, Maria Elisabeth29 Jun 188703 Jul 1887Schwierjohann, ClemensSCHROER, Elisabeth---Schwierjohann, Anna---
SCHWIERJOHN, Agnes Walburga29 Mar 190731 Mar 1907Schwierjohn, AnthonyHOTAPP, M. CatharineHotap, BernardHotap, Elisabeth EmmaMarried John C. WARSHAW 30 Jun 1936 at St Boniface in Germantown, IL
SCLARMANN, Johann Herman08 May 186713 May 1867Schlarmann, HenryHELLMANN, Maria ElizabethaHOLTMAN, Johann Herman____, Bernhardina---
SEIFERT, Herman07 Feb 187710 Feb 1877Seifert, CosmosROLFES, ElizabethLÜBBERS (Luebbers), HermanLuebbers, Anna Maria---
SEIFERT, Salome02 Apr 188016 May 1880Seifert, CosmosWEINHEIM, Catharina---Weinheim, Augusta---
SEIFFERT, Bernard Louis14 Feb 189016 Feb 1890Seiffert, LeoDIFFENAUER, Maria EmerentianaDiffenauer, JosephHODAPP, Martha ---
SEIFFERT, Francis Aloysius27 Sep 1894---Seiffert, LeonDIFFENAUER, Emerentiana---Diffenauer, PaulinaThe Birth and Baptism dates are not possible. The child could have been born on 2 Sep 1894. Entry was added in 1965.
SEIFFERT, Helena Bernardina31 Aug 189903 Sep 1899Seiffert, LeonDIEFFENAUER, EmerentianaHEMPEN, Bernard HenryHempen, CatharineMarried Theo. J. SAUTMANN 25 Oct 1921
SEIFFERT, Henry21 Feb 187923 Feb 1879Seiffert, CosmosWEINHEIMER, CatharinaWeinheimer, HenryWeinheimer, Eva---
SEIFFERT, John William23 Aug 189630 Aug 1896Seiffert, LeonDIEFFENAUER, EmerentianaHÜLS (Huels), HenryHOTAPP, MathildaMarried Selma CLEMOVECH 25 Nov 1954 at St Mary Church in Centralia, IL
SEIFFERT, Joseph John07 Feb 188508 Feb 1885Seiffert, LeoDIEFENAUER, EmmerentianaHOTAP, JosephHÜLS (Huels), Matilda---
SEIFFERT, Leo Paul11 Oct 189112 Oct 1891Seiffert, LeoDIFFENAUER, EmerentianaHÜLS (Huels), JohnHOTAPP, Catharina---
SEIFFERT, Maria Anna08 Apr 189309 Apr 1893Seiffert, LeonDIFFENAUER, EmerentianaHÜLS (Huels), JosephHuels, MariaBecame Sister Hyacinth in the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in Donaldson, Indiana
SEIFFERT, Maria Catharine24 Feb 188426 Feb 1884Seiffert, LeoDIFFENAUER, EmmerentianaDiffenauer, JosephDiffenauer, CatharineMarried Henry MEYER
SEIFFERT, Maria Emerentiana28 Jan 188829 Jan 1888Seiffert, LeoDIFFENAUER, EmmerentianaDiffenauer, JosephDiffenauer, Catharine---
SEIFFERT, Mathilda24 Feb 187201 Mar 1872Seiffert, CosmosBALWER, Elizabeth---Seiffert, Mathilda---
SEIFFERT, Paul Francis15 Sep 190218 Sep 1902Seiffert, LeonDIEFFENAUER, EmerentianaISAAC, Jr., FrancisDieffenauer, LouisaFamily is from Irishtown Twp., IL. Married Opal Marie RITTENHOUSE 6 Jun 1928 at St Mary in Centralia, IL
SELIER, Henry Louis19 Nov 187117 Dec 1871Selier, ClodiusMELLIT, EllenLOUISE, LouisSelier, Maria---
SELLEN, Johanna04 May 187016 May 1871Sellen, JohnWEAST, Maria---KARHOFF, Anna---
SELLERS, Rudolph19 Aug 187427 Sep 1874Sellers, JohnWEAST, MariaWeast, JacobWeast, Maria ---
SELLERS, Theodore Franklin28 Jan 187314 Jun 1874Sellers, JohnWIEST, MariaWiest, TheodoreWiest, Maria---
SERRE, Joseph Cornelius20 Dec 187622 Apr 1877Serre, JuliusSELLIER, HelenaFRANCOIS, LouisSellier, A.---
SHOUP, Alice Agnes12 Sep 189529 Sep 1895Shoup, Risdon (Non-Catholic)ROGAN, MariaRogan, WilliamRogan, Maria---
SHOUP, Maria Louisa28 Aug 189712 Sep 1897Shoup, R. M.ROGAN, MariaHUGHES, JacobSCHAEFER, Margaret---
SHOUPE, Anna Margaret26 Jul 189906 Aug 1899Shoupe, R. M. (Non-Catholic)ROGAN, Maria ElisabethRogan, LouisSCHAEFER, Lena---
SIEBERT, Dorothea25 Sep 187111 Feb 1895Siebert, John GeorgeWEAVER, Maria---LODDEKE, Elisabeth---
SIEMER, Anna Angela10 Sep 188612 Sep 1886Siemer, WilliamWILKEN, CarolinaDIEKEMPER, HenryWilken, Angela---
SIEMER, Helena07 Feb 188308 Feb 1883Siemer, WilliamWILKEN, CarolinaWilken, BernardDIEKEMPER, Helena---
SIMONS, Maria Anna30 Mar 188503 Apr 1885Simons, GeorgeHODDER, EmerentianaHodder, ThomasHodder, Maria---
SLARMANN, Bernhard Clemens22 Jan 186906 Feb 1869Slarmann, HeinrichHOLDMANN, ElizabethSCHNEIDER, BernhardLAMPEN, Margaretha---
SLARMANN, Maria Emma17 Aug 186527 Aug 1865Slarmann, HeinrichHELLMANN, MariaSCHOENDIENST, T.HUSSMANN, Maria---
SLOATH, Frederick Bernard26 Apr 190501 May 1905Sloath, HenryHOLLENKAMP, ElisabethHARTMANN, BernardRECKENHAUR, MariaMarried Cornelia FREDERICK 20 Feb 1935 at St Bernard in Chicago, IL
SLOOT, Bernard Francis27 May 189830 May 1898Sloot, HenryHOLLENKAMP, ElisabethKLOENE, HenryHollenkamp, CatharinaMarried Catharine Louise OWENS 5 Sep 1923 at St. Rita's in Chicago, IL
SLOOT, Edgar Paul10 Aug 190311 Aug 1903Sloot, HenryHOLLENKAMP, ElisabethHollenkamp, HenryHILMES, Anna---
SLOOT, John Henry01 Oct 189605 Oct 1896Sloot, HenryHOLLENKAMP, ElisabethHollenkamp, HenryKLEIN, Maria---
SLOOT, Lauretta Wilhelmina17 Dec 190119 Dec 1901Sloot, HenryHOLLENKAMP, ElisabethHollenkamp, HenrySloot, Wilhelmina---
SLOOT, Maria Catharine05 May 190007 May 1900Sloot, HenryHOLLENKAMP, ElisabethSautmann, HenryHollenkamp, Catharine---
SLOTH, Johann Herman17 Sep 186418 Sep 1864Sloth, GerhardMENKE, MariaLÜBBES (Luebbes), Johann HermanSCHRAEDER, Gertrude---
SMETTER, Maria Elizabeth26 Apr 187219 May 1872Smetter, SebastianNot listed, Rosa ISAAK, SebastianIsaak, Maria---
SMETTER, Maria Katharina03 Mar 186508 Mar 1865Smetter, SebastianNot listed, Rosa WILLER, BernhardPÖHLER (Poehler), Katharina---
SMETTER, Nicolaus20 Jun 186714 Jul 1867Smetter, SebastianNot listed, BarbaraISAAK, NicolausKARHOFF, Anna---
SMIEDEN, Franzisca01 Mar 187003 Apr 1870Smieden, SebastianNot listed, RosaWINCELJOHN, BernhardSONTAG, Franzisca---
SMITH, Gustave Wilhelm Edward06 Mar 187205 May 1872Smith, WilhelmGUDDEL, MariannaSLAFLY, AugustHUBERT, Katharina---
SMITH, Maria E.27 Apr 190629 Apr 1906Smith, CarlLANGHAN, MariaMORGAN, JacobSmith, Mrs. M.---
SMITH, Wilhelmina Maria24 Oct 188229 Oct 1882Smith, WilliamDENEHER, Francisca---HALLERMANN, Elisabeth---
SNIEDERS, Margaret M. Gesina09 Mar 189912 Mar 1899Snieders, GerhardEVERS, AdelaidHEMPEN, AnthonyBRUEMMER, Maria Gesina---
SODDERS, Gertrude Elisabeth16 Jan 188612 Apr 1891Sodders, W. M.LOWRY, RosaliaWESTERMANN, AugustWestermann, ElisabethMarried W. TENNBROCK 13 May 1908 in Carlinville, IL
SODDERS, Matthew Robert15 Mar 188812 Apr 1891Sodders, W. M.LOWRY, RosaliaBERGER, MatthewBACK, Theresia---
SONNTAG, Julia14 Jul 186513 Aug 1865Sonntag, JohanMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaBECKER, PeterBecker, Julia---
SONNTAG, Katharina18 Sep 186720 Oct 1867Sonntag, JohanMÜLLER (Mueller), FranciscaSonntag, Nicolaus------
SONTAG, Heinrich09 Mar 186306 Sep 1863Sontag, JohannPOHL, FranciscaHESS, HeinrichBECKER, Katharina---
SOOTT, Joseph29 Nov 187202 Feb 1873Soott, WalterCLABAUGH, AnnaBROSS, JosephBross, Maria---
SOUTIER, Clara Eleonora24 Jan 186012 Apr 1860Soutier, John LouisNot listed, MaryHUBERT, JacobKANTNER, Margaret---
SPAETH, Catharine Philomena25 Jul 189527 Jul 1895Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, Anna MariaDIEKMANN, FrancisWELLING, CatharinaMarried Edwin R. HAAG 18 May 1928 (?)
SPAETH, Conrad Herman23 Apr 189325 Apr 1893Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, Maria AnnaLUEPKE, HermanBRUEMMER, Maria---
SPAETH, Edward Joseph08 Mar 190411 Mar 1904Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, AnnaACKERMANN, Edward F.MUEHLING, AnnaMarried Dorothea EDMONDS (Non-Catholic) 31 May 1926 in Belleville, IL
SPAETH, Helen Ch. Maria15 Mar 189817 Mar 1898Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, Anna MariaBRUEMMER, JohnZURMUEHLEN, Christina---
SPAETH, John Theodore25 Oct 188827 Oct 1888Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, Anna M.WELLING, John TheodoreHALLERMANN, ElisabethMarried Lilia M, FREES at St Vincent in Kansas City, MO 11 Nov 1912
SPAETH, William Oscar20 Feb 189122 Feb 1891Spaeth, ConradKEMPER, Maria A.HALLERMANN, William H.BROWN, SarahMarried Lilia FIETSAM 11 Nov 1919 in the Cathedral in Belleville, IL
SPANGELER, Anna Katharina13 Oct 187319 Oct 1873Spangeler, LouisWODDER, MargarethaDIFFENAUER, JosephDiffenauer, Katharina---
SPANGLER, Maria Anna Margaret06 Sep 188001 Mar 1881Spangler, LouisWUDDERT (Wooddard), MariaDAMM, HenryDamm, Maria Anna---
SPANGLER, Matilda Cecelia17 Apr 188324 May 1883Spangler, LouisWOODARD, Maria SCHAEFER, LouisSchaefer, Matilda---
SPENGLER, Emma Margaret02 Oct 187512 Dec 1875Spengler, LouisWATERS (Wooders), MariaSCHAEFER, JohnDIEFENAUER, EmmaAfter becoming the widow of REILMANN she married Henry Von ALST 24 Nov 1930 at St Boniface in St. Louis, MO
SPENGLER, Henry Louis18 Feb 188723 Feb 1887Spengler, LouisWOODARD, Maria NIEHOFF, HenryMUELLER, Louisa---
SPENGLER, John Sylvester19 Aug 189223 Aug 1892Spengler, LouisWOODWARD, MariaLAMPEN, JohnHEMMER, BernardinaMarried Mary REED born FARRELL (her husband died in 1932) on 10 Nov 1947
SPENGLER, Joseph Robert08 Mar 189016 Mar 1890Spengler, LouisWOODARD, MariaHÜLS (Huels), HenrySCHNEIDER, Catharine---
SPENGLER, Margaret Rosina15 Jun 189121 Jun 1891Spengler, LouisWOODARD, MariaWUELLER, NicolausFEULNER, Margaretha---
SPENGLER, Theodore08 Jun 188817 Jun 1888Spengler, LouisWOODARD, Maria J.BURTZ, Th. HenryWEBER, Catharine---
SPENGLER, William Aloysius24 Jan 189626 Jan 1896Spengler, LouisWOODWARD, MariaHENKON, WilliamHenkon, Adelaid---
SPINNER, Carl Fridolin20 Jul 187725 Jul 1877Spinner, FridolinKANIER, EmiliaRUHLAND, JohnLAMPEN, Maria---
SPITZ, Aloysius (Louis)20 Apr 189717 Sep 1906Spitz, MartinMUELLER, Maria---Spitz, MariaMarried Margaret SCHNIEDER 13 Nov 1918. She died 13 May 1942
SPITZ, John28 Aug 190117 Sep 1906Spitz, MartinMUELLER, Maria---Spitz, MariaMarried Pearl Julie CARR 28 Mar 1953 at Holy Name Church in Wardling, Henderson, KY
SPITZ, Paul Anthony 11 Jul 190517 Sep 1906Spitz, MartinMUELLER, Maria---Spitz, Maria---
STAMMANN, Frederick Anthony18 Mar 187422 Mar 1874Stammann, HenryHELLWEG, Maria ElizabethHellweg, FrederickBOERNER, Antonia---
STANLEY, Joshua~15 Sep 187618 Dec 1877Stanley, EdwardSMALL, Elizabeth---BRENTENER, Antonia---
STEELE, Florentia01 Aug 188815 Aug 1888Steele, DouglasALBERT, ElisabethSteele, NeillBROWN, Margaret---
STEELE, Leo10 Oct 188828 Oct 1888Steele, NeillBENNET, MariaMUEHLING, Fr.CORNELIUS, Josephina---
STEHSING, Josephina (?????)28 Jul 186809 Aug 1868Stehsing, NicolausSAUER, MariaWOLTER, JacobHUBERT, Josephina---
STEIN, Anna Margaret01 Feb 187422 Mar 1874Stein, XavierADAM, MariaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisKunkel, Margaretha---
STEIN, Benjamin J.09 Oct 187224 Nov 1872Stein, XavierADAM, MariaPEPPENHORST, BernhardKUNKEL, SusanAdded by note on 1873 entries
STEIN, Edward06 Jun 186414 Aug 1864Stein, FerdinandHEINTZMANN, MariannaStein, Louis------
STEIN, Elizabeth Emilia23 Oct 186621 Apr 1867Stein, LawrenceCARL, EliseTHOMAS, JohnThomas, Maria---
STEIN, Emma17 Feb 186222 Mar 1863Stein, FerdinandHEINZMANN, MariannaStein, XavierADAM, Maria---
STEIN, Francis Ralph30 Aug 190417 Sep 1904Stein, XavierKUTZ, ClaraNICOLAY, ChristophNicolay, TheresiaMarried by Justice of the Peace to Eleanor TYBERENDT 26 Aug 1936 in Dodge City, KS
STEIN, Francis Xavier Peter26 Sep 186705 Dec 1867Stein, AnthonyWEINHEIMER, SalomeStein, LouisStein, Elizabeth---
STEIN, Johann29 Jan 187306 Apr 1873Stein, LouisADAM, ElizabethPEPPENHORST, BernhardPeppenhorst, Margaret---
STEIN, Joseph17 Feb 186601 Apr 1866Stein, XavierADAM, MariaAdam, JosephAdam, Elise---
STEIN, Julius31 Aug 186416 Oct 1864Stein, LawrenceKALB, ElisabethHEINTZMANN, ValentinKalb, Carolina---
STEIN, Maria Isabella05 May 190222 Jun 1902Stein, XavierKUTZ, ClaraStein, GeorgeStein, MariaMarried LaVerne BRUEGGEMANN 2 Jan 1938 at St. Francis in St. Louis, MO
STEIN, Maria Josephina23 Oct 187108 Dec 1871Stein, LouisADAM, ElizabethStein, AnthonyStein, Salome---
STEIN, Marianna08 Jan 186615 Mar 1866Stein, AnthonyWEINHEIMER, SalomeStein, XavierStein, Maria---
STEIN, Romana Verena Theresia20 Jul 190026 Aug 1900Stein, Xavier Fr.KUTZ, ClaraNICOLAY, ChristophNicolay, TheresiaFamily is from Meridian Twp., IL
STEIN, Theodore12 Oct 186930 Jan 1870Stein, XavierADAM, MariaStein, louisStein, Elizabeth---
STEIN, Theodore13 May 186708 Aug 1867Stein, FerdinandHEINZMAN, MariaStein, LondaricusADAM, Elisabetha---
STEIN, Theresia04 Sep 186414 Sep 1864Stein, XavierADAM, MariaStein, Louis------
STEIN, Theresia26 Feb 186314 Mar 1863Stein, LawrenceCARL, ElisabethStein, XavierStein, Theresia---
STEIN, Victor05 May 187216 Jun 1872Stein, AntonWEINHEIMER, SalomeWeinheimer, WilhelmWeinheimer, Katharina---
STEIN, Victor23 May 186113 Oct 1861Stein, FerdinandHEINZMANN, MariaStein, HeinrichHUBERT, Elise---
STEIN, Wilhelmina20 Oct 186708 Dec 1867Stein, XavierADAM, MariaKUNKEL, PeterKunkel, Margaretha---
STEMPEL, Anna Maria12 Dec 189215 Dec 1892Stempel, FrancisKRIEGER, ChristinaSEIFFERT, LeoHILMES, Maria---
STOAKES, Jacob02 Jun 187302 Jun 1873Stoakes, EdwardNOLAN, KatharinaStoakes, TimothyLOUBY, Johanna---
STOKES, Jacob06 Oct 188002 Dec 1880Stokes, EdwardNOLAN, CatharinaMURPHY, WilliamHATTER, Maria---
STOKES, Jacob (Twin)03 Oct 188103 Dec 1881Stokes, ThomasFARRELL, Maria H.Farrell, JohnFarrell, Sarah---
STOKES, Jacob Edward07 Dec 188514 Mar 1886Stokes, MichaelFARRELL, JuliaStokes, ThomasFarrell, Sarah---
STOKES, John Thomas15 Feb 187616 Apr 1876Stokes, EdwardNOLAN, CatharinaFLAHERTY, MichaelFARRELL, __lsa Anna---
STOKES, Margaret04 Jan 188621 Feb 1886Stokes, ThomasFARRELL, Maria EllenFarrell, RichardFarrell, Maria---
STOKES, Maria17 Aug 188309 Sep 1883Stokes, ThomasFARRELL, Maria HelenaStokes, EdwardStokes, Catharine---
STOKES, Michael07 Jul 187821 Jul 1878Stokes, EdwardNOLAN, CatharinaStokes, ThomasFARRELL, Maria Helena---
STOKES, Richard (Twin)03 Oct 188103 Dec 1881Stokes, ThomasFARRELL, Maria H.Farrell, JohnFarrell, Sarah---
STOLZ, Edward Lawrence17 Sep 186205 Oct 1862Stolz, NicolausNot listed, Anna MariaTESTOR, NicolausKANTNER, Margaret---
STOLZ, Nadora (?)30 Mar 186012 Apr 1860Stolz, Nicolaus---KIRSHNER, PeterKirshner, Elisabeth---
STOVALL, Barbara Helena27 Apr 190204 May 1902Stovall, WilliamBAQUET, IsabellaGRIMES, WilliamKOHLHAUFF, BarbaraMarried John ZEM___ OSB at St Cyrill in East St. Louis, IL 11 Mar 1943
STOVALL, Paul R.30 Nov 189903 Dec 1899Stovall, William (Non-Catholic)BAQUET, IsabellaBaquet, ChristopherSCHRADER, Maria Anna---
STRATHMANN, Clara Catharine02 Jul 190503 Jul 1905Strathmann, John DIEKER, Maria K.FEHLKER, LambertLEONARD, CatharineMarried William P. McGretz (?) 28 Nov 1929
STUDEWICH, Catharina Maria Elizabeth19 Jun 187419 Jul 1874Studewich, TheodoreMA___, Margaret TheresiaHUBERT, JacobKRAMER, Katharina Maria---
SUTER, Philomena Francisca03 Dec 185927 Jan 1883Suter, JacobHEGNAUER, Verena---REIF, Wilhelmina---
TAPHORN, Adelina Elisabeth07 Jan 190208 Jan 1902Taphorn, JohnPEPPENHORST, EmerentianaTaphorn, John G.Peppenhorst, ElisabethFamily is from Wade Twp., IL
TAPHORN, Anthony John15 May 188217 May 1882Taphorn, John GerhardPFISTERER, LouisaILGERS, JohnTaphorn, Maria---
TAPHORN, Anthony Landolin13 Jul 188315 Jul 1883Taphorn, JohnPFISTER, LouisaILGES, JohnIlges, Rosa---
TAPHORN, Bernhard Nicolaus19 Feb 187625 Feb 1876Taphorn, John GerhardWENNER, ElizabethPEPPENHORST, Bernhard NicolausPeppenhorst, Gertrude---
TAPHORN, Elisabeth Catharine11 Oct 189613 Oct 1896Taphorn, John GerhardPFISTERER, LouisaPfisterer, EdwardPEPPENHORST, ElisabethMarried Joseph PAX 6 May 1919 at St. Anthony Church in Beckemeyer, IL
TAPHORN, Helena Maria Elisabeth28 Feb 189004 Mar 1890Taphorn, JohnPFISTERER, ElisabethROHR, LawrenceHOLTHAUS, Helena---
TAPHORN, Herman Henry16 Nov 188619 Nov 1886Taphorn, JohnPFISTERER, LouisaHOLTHAUS, HenryPfisterer, Anna---
TAPHORN, Joseph Andrew11 Jul 189412 Jul 1894Taphorn, J. GerhardPFISTERER, LouisaLANGHAUSER, Joseph A.Langhauser, Maria Johanna---
TAPHORN, Maria Anna03 Jul 189207 Jul 1892Taphorn, John GerhardPFISTERER, LouisaOHLMEIER, GerhardOhlmeier, Anna---
TAPHORN, Maria Cecelia06 Mar 188509 Mar 1885Taphorn, JohnPFISTERER, LouisaLAMMERS, J. B.Pfisterer, Cecelia---
TAPHORN, Theodore20 Sep 188822 Sep 1888Taphorn, J. G.PFISTERER, LouisaBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), TheodoreLAMMERS, Anna M.---
TAPPHORN, Francis Bernard25 Oct 190427 Oct 1904Tapphorn, John J.PEPPENHORST, EmmaPeppenhorst, FrancisTapphorn, Elisabeth---
TAPPHORN, Gerhard17 Oct 187319 Oct 1873Tapphorn, JohnWERNER, LisettaTapphorn, GerhardKELLERMANN, Marianna---
TAPPHORN, Henry01 Aug 187103 Aug 1871Tapphorn, JohnWARNER, LizettaHAUKAP, HermanBRÜGGEMAN (Brueggeman), Maria ---
TAPPHORN, Katharina Josephina Elizabeth23 Nov 187225 Nov 1872Tapphorn, JohnWARNER, LizettaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisTUNKER, Elizabeth & C DIRKER---
TAPPHORN, Katharina Louise13 Jan 186714 Jan 1867Tapphorn, JohannWERNER, LisettaTapphorn, AntonTapphorn, Louise---
TAPPHORN, Lena Maria Elisabeth16 Nov 188019 Nov 1880Tapphorn, JohnPFISTER, CeceliaSCHNEIDER, LandolinPfister, Lena Paulina---
TAPPHORN, Peter10 Aug 186212 Aug 1862Tapphorn, JohannWERNER, LisettaWerner, Peter------
TAYLOR, Agnes09 Aug 189119 Aug 1891Taylor, JohnKREBS, BarbaraKrebs, BernardROESE, Elisabeth---
TESTOR, George13 Apr 186801 May 1868Testor, NicolausHÖVELMEYER (Hoevelmeyer), HelenaGUNDLACH, GeorgeSONNTAG, Francis---
TESTOR, Margaretha10 Mar 186813 Mar 1868Testor, JacobFARREL, MargarethaFarrel, RichardLASBELK, Helena---
THALLS, Angela Clara07 Jul 189212 Jul 1892Thalls, HiramFLANAGAN, Helena---LODEKE, AngelaMarried Geo. E. BLY 12 Oct 1911
THALLS, Cora Maria13 Nov 188120 Nov 1881Thalls, HiramFLANAGAN, HelenaFlanagan, Jr., PatrickFlanagan, Catharina---
THALLS, Elsworth Elmer22 Dec 188724 Dec 1887Thalls, HiramFLANAGAN, HelenaSCHULTE, JohnSchulte, Catharine---
THALLS, Genevieve Antonia15 Aug 189929 Mar 1901KOHLHAUFF, AnthonyTHALLS, Cora---EVELD, AnnaChild is illegitimate. Married Frank J. RATERMANN 17 Sep 1916 in St. Louis, MO
THALLS, Maria Catharine Josephina09 Apr 189711 Apr 1897Thalls, Hiram L.FLANAGAN, HelenaSCHNEIDER, ClemensLEITSCH, Maria ---
THALLS, Maria Helena16 Jan 190424 Jan 1904Thalls, HiramFLANIGAN, Helena---SPANGLER, Cecelia---
THALLS, Paul11 Jan 189522 Jan 1895Thalls, HiramFLANIGAN, Helena---EVELD, Anna---
THALLS, Sarah Johanna27 Dec 189907 Jan 1900Thalls, Hiram Leander (Non-Catholic)FLANAGAN, HelenaSCHILLING, LawrenceSchilling, AnnaMarried Edward LYONS (From St. Louis, MO) 6 May 1920
THALLS, Thomas William24 Dec 188928 Dec 1889Thalls, HiramFLANAGAN, HelenaLEITSCH, BernardLeitsch, Maria Catharina---
THAYER, Edward---28 Apr 1881------BRÜMMER (Bruemmer), J. B.---No birth date or parents listed
THEANEAUN, Peter24 Sep 186128 Dec 1862Theaneaun, PhilippNot listed, StephanieTRANZIS, Peter------
THOMAS, Anthony George06 Aug 188414 Sep 1884Thomas, FrancisSCHWEITZER, Julia AnnaLANG, AnthonySCHWANEKAMP, Susanna---
THOMASSIN, Nicolaus Joseph (George)18 Nov 188022 May 1881Thomassin, JohnFRASCH, RosaThomassin, NicolausROHRBACHER, Barbara---
THOMPSON, Francisca Ruth17 Nov 186630 Apr 1867Thompson, WilliamCARMEL, Maria---FRINTZEN, Gesina---
THOUVENIN, Agnes01 Apr 188126 Jun 1881Thouvenin, PeterGREEN, MariaBICART, M. (?)SELLIER, Louise---
THOUVENIN, Coelestina Alice11 Apr 188614 Oct 1888Thouvenin, PeterGREEN, LouisaPHILIPPS, HenryHUBERT, Helena---
THOUVENIN, Louis Leo24 Jan 187325 May 1873Thouvenin, LouisFRANZIS, MariaKLEIN, Louis------
THOUVENIN, Maria Sedonia23 Dec 187615 Apr 1877Thouvenin, LouisFRANCOIS, MargaretMARZELHOFF, ChristopherThouvenin, Maria---
THOUVENIN, Mathilda14 Feb 187229 Apr 1873Thouvenin, PeterFRANZIS, PisotaDOUVERNER, PhilippDouverner, Stephanie---
THOUVENIN, Mathilda Elizabetha26 Jul 186823 May 1869Thouvenin (Toufner), LouisNot listed, MargarethaDITGE, AugustThouvenin (Toufner), ElizabethaThouvenin is written over the original Toufner.
THOUVENIN, Rosa Adelina11 Feb 187925 Jan 1880Thouvenin, PeterGREEN, MinervaSTRAUB, MichaelSELLIER, Adlina---
THOUVENIN, Sarah Maria10 Sep 188309 Dec 1883Thouvenin, PeterGREEN, MinervaMALLET, PascalThouvenin, Maria---
THOUVENIN, Victoria Rosa10 Jul 187023 Oct 1879Thouvenin (Doavener), LouisBAUGIS, MargarethaThouvenin, AlfredThouvenin, Victoria---
THOWERING, Francis Xavier24 Jun 185912 Apr 1860Thowering, B.Not listed, B.---MARS, Emma Victoria---
TICKE, George Adam08 Nov 186716 Feb 1870Ticke, BernhardNot listed, Maria MagdalenaGESTEEMANN, Adam------
TOENIGES, Gerhard Heinrich 05 Jun 186108 Jun 1861Toeniges, AlbertWIEGMANN, MariaToeniges, Gerhard Heinrich------
TOENIGES, Gerhard Herman03 Jul 186206 Jul 1862Toeniges, AlbertWIEGMANN, MariaToeniges, Johann GerhardROHR, Teckla---
TOENIGES, Maria Anna20 Jul 186422 Jul 1864Toeniges, AlbertWIEGMANN, AgnesToeniges, BernhardToeniges, Anna Maria---
TOMY, Eleonora Anna04 Nov 186106 Nov 1861Tomy, TimothyGREAR, EleonoraRAGAN, WilliamBALL, Johanna---
TONEY, Samuel Livingston Breese16 Nov 187623 Jun 1877Toney, CarlBREESE, EloiseDEMMING, Rev. A.------
TORNAIS, Maria Josephina22 Jan 186715 Jun 1867Tornais, LouisFRANZ, Maria MargarethaTornais, NicolausTornais, Josephina---
TOSTZ, Johann02 Jun 186208 Jun 1862Tostz, PhilippCLEAR, AnnaTostz, JohannGROSS, Maria Elisabeth---
TRIAM, Joseph Albert15 Sep 186524 Sep 1865Triam, JosephGIGER, JosephinaMULLER, MelchiorGiger, Theresia---
TRIAN, Johann Baptiste26 Jul 186429 Jul 1864Trian, JosephGIEYER, SophiaTrian, Johann BaptisteGIEYER, Theresia---
TRIERWEILER, Alfred Nicolaus15 Apr 187123 Apr 1871Trierweiler, NicolausNot listed, ClaraMÜLLER (Mueller), Nicolaus------
TRIERWEILER, Alice Josephina (Twin)15 Jan 189217 Jan 1892Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CarolinaTrierweiler, JosephTrierweiler, Alice---
TRIERWEILER, Bernard Henry30 Jan 190619 Feb 1906Trierweiler, JosephCRAUSE, Eloise M.ALBERA, H.Crause, RuthMarried Catherine DUNLEAVY 7 Aug 1930 at St Francis Xavier in Kansas City, MO
TRIERWEILER, Carolina01 Jul 185803 Apr 1891SCHROEDER, HenryGERDES, Maria---LAMPEN, ChristinaMarried Kaino BIRZULANKIS from Russia 19 Oct 1911 in Breese, IL
TRIERWEILER, Clara Anna06 Feb 189308 Feb 1893Trierweiler, JosephKRAUSE, Aloysia (Alice)FRERKER, JohnKrause, CarolineMarried Carl MUELLER 25 Oct 1917 in Carlyle, IL
TRIERWEILER, Elisabeth Clara18 Feb 186223 Feb 1862Trierweiler, NicolausNot listed, ClaraROHR, JohannWILLER, Elisabetha---
TRIERWEILER, Emilia Elisabeth29 Apr 189603 May 1896Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, Charlotte---ELWANG, Emilia---
TRIERWEILER, Eva Agnes 11 Sep 190115 Sep 1901Trierweiler, JosephCRAUSE, EloisaACKERMANN, Ed F.Crause, Rosa Agnes---
TRIERWEILER, George Alvin Peter26 Jan 188919 May 1889Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CharlotteDIVINE, GeorgeAMSINGER, CarolinaMarried Anna Maria VOSSHOLDER 7 Jun 1918 in Belleville, IL. She is the daughter of Fr. Vossholder and Elisabeth UNTHERS (?)
TRIERWEILER, Heinrich27 Feb 186005 Mar 1860Trierweiler, NicolausMÜLLER (Mueller), ClaraGUIDHUES, ChristopherROHR, Marianna---
TRIERWEILER, Henry Arthur17 Sep 188323 Sep 1883Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, LouisaTrierweiler, HenryMOTSCH, Carolina Louisa---
TRIERWEILER, Johann16 May 186422 May 1864Trierweiler, NicolausNot listed, ClaraRODGERS, JohannROHR, Maria---
TRIERWEILER, Joseph19 Mar 186920 Mar 1869Trierweiler, NicolausNot listed, ClaraWILLER, Bernhard------
TRIERWEILER, Maria Johanna (Twin)15 Jan 189217 Jan 1892Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CarolinaTrierweiler, JosephHATZIG, Maria---
TRIERWEILER, Maria Katharina15 Mar 186620 Mar 1866Trierweiler, NicolausMÜLLER (Mueller), ClaraWILLER, BernhardGUIDHUES, Katharina---
TRIERWEILER, Paulina Catharine Ruth18 Oct 189520 Oct 1895Trierweiler, JosephCRAUSE, ElisabethKESHNER, JosephMEAGHER, CatharineFirst marriage to Noel. Second marriage to Louis SCHAEFER at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Denver, CO on 7 Jan 1964
TRIERWEILER, Wilhelmina Cecelia22 Nov 188503 Jan 1886Trierweiler, PeterSCHROEDER, CharlotteTrierweiler, JosephREIF, Wilhelmina---
TRIERWEILER, William Nicolaus 03 Aug 189807 Aug 1898Trierweiler, JosephCRAUSE, Maria EloiseCrause, WilliamCrause, Anna---
TUCKER, Elizabeth12 Jan 190522 Oct 1872---------FRANTZEN, Gesina---
TUCKER, James01 May 186122 Oct 1872Tucker, Maker(Tucker), Elizabeth---FRANTZEN, Gesina---
Unknown, Wilhelm Francis---13 Apr 1873------------No other information provided.
VAHLKAMP, Anna Maria08 Mar 190310 Mar 1903Vahlkamp, StephanWINSTROER, CatharinaWinstroer, John HenrySAUTMANN, Maria---
VAHLKAMP, Bernard H. Jacob06 Jan 190108 Jan 1901Vahlkamp, StephanWINSTROER, CatharinaRICHTER, HenryRichter, ClaraFamily is from Wade Twp., IL. Married Agnes Alice E. BECKEMEYER (a new convert) 9 Oct 1923
VAHLKAMP, John Henry15 Jul 189616 Jul 1896Vahlkamp, StephanWINSTROER, CatharinaSAUTMANN, HenryDIEKROETGER, CatharineMarried Rosa WILKEN 26 Oct 1926 at St. Francis De Sales in St. Louis, MO
VAHLKAMP, Maria Elisabeth10 Sep 189811 Sep 1898Vahlkamp, StephanWINSTROER, CatharinaDOENNEWALD, TheodoreSAUTMANN, Maria---
VAHLKAMP, Theodore August11 Sep 190512 Sep 1905Vahlkamp, StephanWINDSTROH, CatharineZIEREN, TheodoreSCHNEIDER, Adelaid---
VANHORBECK, Carl Albert08 Feb 186214 Oct 1867Vanhorbeck, Gustave (George)Not listed, Anna ElizabethWILLER, Bernhard------
VANHORBECK, Wilhelm Clemens21 Sep 186714 Oct 1867Vanhorbeck, Gustave (George)Not listed, Anna ElizabethHALLERMANN, Heinrich------
VANHORBEK, Eva Louise11 Mar 187011 Apr 1870Vanhorbek, GustaveNot listed, Anna--- SPARKS, Julia Maria---
VIEREGGE, Elisabeth Carolina02 Mar 189915 Apr 1899Vieregge, AnthonyLAUX, MagdalenaLaux, PeterLaux, ElisabethMarried Paul J. KEITP___ 21 Jun 1927 in Marydale, IL
VIEREGGE, Henry Er. William02 Oct 190125 Nov 1901Vieregge, Anthony (From Bond County, IL)LAUX, Magdalena (From Irishtown, IL)---Laux, Maria---
VOGEL, William31 Jul 189719 Sep 1897Vogel, ConradO'NEILL, JoannaSCHAEFER, JohnSchaefer, Margaret---
VOGEL, William24 Dec 189715 Aug 1902Vogel, ConradEDMOND, AnnaO'NEILL, JohnO'Neill, TheresiaChild adopted by Conrad and Joanna Vogel. Married Frieda KIZER (Non-Catholic from Decatur, IL) 3 Aug 1922 in Springfield, IL
VOGT, Maria Anna16 May 186211 Jun 1862Vogt, FerdinandVOGT, WilhelminaOSWALD, Francis------
VOLMER, Anna Margaret Agnes23 Mar 188330 Mar 1883Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, MariaMUEHLING, MarkSchulte, Anna Margaret---
VOLMER, Joanna Christina19 Feb 187725 Feb 1877Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, Maria Schulte, Christina---
VOLMER, Maria Elisabetha29 Oct 188031 Oct 1880Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, Maria G.HOLDENER, DominicWEERMANN, M. E.---
VOLMER, Maria Helena05 Nov 188706 Nov 1887Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, Maria LAMPEN, HenryLANGE, Maria Married Francis J. BRUSSLES 25 Sep 1912
VOLMER, Maria Josephina Eugenia23 Jan 188525 Jan 1885Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, Maria Schulte, JosephLANG, Eugenia---
VOLMER, Maria Louisa01 Oct 187806 Oct 1878Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, MariaKOCH, JohnDOLESE, Maria---
VOLMER, Verena Gertrude25 Apr 189126 Apr 1891Volmer, TheodoreSCHULTE, MariaHOGAN, ThomasHogan, Laura---
VON ACHES, Lawrence15 Mar 186128 Mar 1861Von Aches, LawrenceSAUTER, TheresiaWILFERD, AndrewFUNEWALD, M.---
VOSS, Anna Catharine12 Feb 190213 Feb 1902Voss, HenryBUDDE, CatharineBudde, John HenryHUSTEDDE, Anna M.Family from Wade Twp., IL
VOSS, Anna Maria Carolina16 Aug 188319 Aug 1883Voss, TheodoreEMERING, HelenaBRUEMMER, BernardHOFFMANN, Anna---
VOSS, Bernard Francis19 Sep 189720 Sep 1897Voss, JohnKREBS, CatharineVoss, BernardKrebs, Anna---
VOSS, Elisabeth Rosa31 Aug 189901 Sep 1899Voss, HenryBUDDE, Maria CatharineHUSTEDDE, GeorgeBudde, Maria Elisabeth---
VOSS, Henry Carl02 Feb 188105 Feb 1881Voss, TheodoreEMERING, HelenaHALLERMANN, H. A.GIESTING, Maria---
VOSS, Herman John16 Jun 188818 Jun 1888Voss, JohnKREBS, CatharineVoss, HermanKrebs, Anna---
VOSS, John31 Jan 188202 Feb 1882Voss, JohnKREBS, CatharinaKrebs, CasparVoss, Maria---
VOSS, John Herman27 Aug 187931 Aug 1879Voss, HenryFEIE, WilhelminaFeie, HermanKOELKER, Carolina---
VOSS, Josephina02 Sep 188201 Oct 1882Voss, HenryFEYE, MariaKOELKER, BernardGEIGER, Josephina---
VOSS, Maria Cecelia20 Aug 190421 Aug 1904Voss, HenryBUDDE, Maria CatharineVoss, HermanBudde, ElisabethMarried Joseph Herman KUHL from Beckemeyer, IL 15 Oct 1924
VOSS, Theresia Anna21 Jan 189121 Jan 1891Voss, John KREBS, CatharineKrebs, PeterKrebs, TheresiaMarried H. HAUMANN 2 May (no year) in Carlyle, IL
WADDE, Wilhelm Joseph Michael22 Sep 186729 Sep 1867Wadde, AndrewLUTZ, KatharinaLutz, WilhelmLutz, Maria Elizabeth---
WAGNER, Aloysius Theodore03 Dec 186704 Dec 1867Wagner, GeorgeNot listed, Maria---HUELSMANN, Marianna---
WAGNER, Anna Katharina Maria22 Mar 186123 Mar 1861Wagner, CarlNot listed, Katharina---------
WALTERS, Sylvester Bernard Aloysius07 Aug 190111 Aug 1901Walters, Jacob (From St. Louis, MO. Deceased)KIFFMEYER, MagdalenaKiffmeyer, Bernard------
WÜLLER (Wueller), Maria Francisca14 Jul 188020 Jul 1880Wueller, John BaptistKLEIN, SophiaWueller, NicolausKlein, Maria Francisca---
WÜSTE (Wueste/Weast), Elisabeth16 Nov 186020 Feb 1861Weast, JacobBRANDSTETTER, MariaMAZELHOFF, JohannHUBERT, Elisabeth---
WARRING, Anna Maria30 Jul 187324 Aug 1873Warring (?), GeorgeBINDER, Emma---SCHROEDER, Anna Maria---
WATERS, John Thomas10 Jul 187203 Aug 1872UnknownWATERS, Katharina---Waters, Katharina---
WEAST, Andrew Wilhelm17 Mar 186630 Mar 1866Weast, WilhelmWODDER, SusannaWodder, AndrewLUTZ, Katharina---
WEAST, Anton Jacob08 Sep 186228 Sep 1862Weast, WilhelmWRODDER, Rosanna (?)HUBERT, AntonMAZELHOFF, Margaretha---
WEAST, Anton Jacob20 Jun 186231 Jul 1862Weast, JacobNot listed, MariaHUBERT, AntonMAZELHOFF, Magdalena---
WEAST, Cecelia25 Oct 186315 Nov 1863Weast, JacobNot listed, MariaTOHR, JohannRohr, Thecla---
WEAST, Charles G.23 Jan 187101 Mar 1871Weast, TheodoreSTEPHAN, Rhoda---Weast, Anna Maria---
WEAST, Francis Anthony16 Feb 187027 Feb 1870Weast, WilhelmWODDE, RosaMÜHLING (Muehling), FrancisLESTE, Maria---
WEAST, Margaret Cecelia18 Mar 187422 Mar 1874Weast, WilliamWODDER, ReginaKOELKER, FrancisKoelker, Margaretha---
WEAST, Maria09 Mar 186820 Apr 1868Weast, WilliamWODDER, SusannaWeast, JacobWeast, Maria---
WEAST, Maria Albertina30 Dec 187108 Jan 1872Weast, WilhelmWODDER, RosannaSONTAG, JohnKREBS, Marianna---
WEAST, Samuel August04 Feb 187309 Mar 1873Weast, TheodoreSTEPHAN, RhodaSCHLAFLY, AugustRYAN, Elizabeth---
WEAST, Theodore08 Aug 186414 Aug 1864Weast, TheodoreWOODDER, RosannaWeast, TheodorePEPPENHORST, Gertrude---
WEAST, Wilhelm Heinrich07 Sep 186919 Sep 1869Weast, JacobNot listed, MariaWeast, WilhelmHUBERTZ, Wilhelmina---
WEBER, Anna23 Dec 187527 Dec 1875Weber, AmbroseCAFFREY, Maria---HOLDENER, Anna---
WEBER, Gerhard05 May 186319 May 1863Weber, EligioREBEN, ElisabethaReben, GerhardEWERING, Urss (Ursula?)---
WEBER, Gregory24 Mar 186805 Apr 1868Weber, EligiusBÖKER (Boeker), ElisabethWeber, AmbroseKARHOF, Elizabeth---
WEBER, John01 Jan 186125 Feb 1868Weber, Ambrose CAFRY, MariaBOQUET, JohnBoqurt, Francisca---
WEBER, John Henry11 Dec 187126 Dec 1871Weber, EligiusBAKEL, ElizabethBakel, JohnBÜHNE (Buehne), Carolina---
WEBER, Leo10 Feb 187006 Mar 1870Weber, AmbroseNot listed, MariaKANE, DavidNOONAN, Maria ---
WEBER, Louis Francis26 Aug 186228 Dec 1862Weber, TheodoreNot listed, EmiliaNORDHOUSE, Franz------
WEBER, Maria01 Nov 187404 Nov 1874Weber, AmbroseCAFFRY, MariaHUNEKE, WilliamWeber, Catharina---
WEBER, Maria Elisabetha02 Jul 186530 Jul 1865Weber, EligiusVONBUKE, ElisabethaKANTNER, LouisWIDMER, Maria Ursula---
WEBER, Maria Katharina08 Jun 186109 Jun 1861Weber, Elijah (?)VAN ROSEN, ElisabethVan Rosen, WilhelmGUIDHUES, Katharina---
WEIL, George20 Mar 187724 Jun 1877Weil, PhilippROST, PaulinaEBELE, LandolinHOH, Rosa---
WEINHEIM, Elisabeth08 Sep 188208 Oct 1882Weinheim, WilliamWOLL, Maria---Weinheim, Eva---
WEINHEIMER, Carl11 Sep 188130 Oct 1881Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaBAUMGARTEN, CarlBaumgarten, Joanna---
WEINHEIMER, Catalina11 Dec 188030 Jan 1881Weinheimer, WilliamWOLL, MariaWoll, JohnSEIFFERT, Catharina---
WEINHEIMER, Elisabeth04 Sep 187813 Oct 1878Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEHEN, Augustina---MEIER, ElisabethMarried John BERNET (Non-Catholic) 26 Nov 1918 in Highland, IL.
WEINHEIMER, Henry19 May 188301 Jul 1883Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, Augustina---Weinheimer, Eva---
WEINHEIMER, Infant18 Nov 185818 Sep 1860Weinheimer, HeinrichNot listed, KatharinaTEMON, GottlobROHR, Mary---
WEINHEIMER, Infant04 Jul 186018 Sep 1860Weinheimer, HeinrichNot listed, KatharinaWeinheimer, BalthasarBERNER, Eva---
WEINHEIMER, Margaret18 Jun 187722 Jul 1877Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEHEN, AugustinaWeinheimer, HenryBASSELER, Margaret---
WEINHEIMER, Maria Louisa29 Sep 187829 Oct 1878Weinheimer, WilliamWOLL, MariaWoll, John------
WEINHEIMER, Peter27 Oct 188408 Feb 1885Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEBEN, AugustinaMILLER, PeterMiller, Margaret---
WEINHEIMER, William Carl10 Mar 188026 Apr 1880Weinheimer, PeterGROBLEHEN, AugustinaWeinheimer, WilliamWeinheimer, Maria---
WELBORN, Maria Elizabeth16 Apr 187519 Sep 1875Welborn, JohnHEIL, TheresiaSCHAEFER, PhilippSchaefer, Elizabeth---
WERRIES, George William14 Jul 187721 Jul 1877Werries, GeorgeREINDERS, EmmaFINKE, WilliamMOTSCH, Carolina---
WERRIES, Mathilda26 Mar 187503 Apr 1875Werries, Gerhard H.REINDERS, Emma---LINSMEIER, Maria---
WESSELMANN, Elizabetha Anna20 Mar 186926 Mar 1869Wesselmann, GerhardSOMMERS, MagdalenaDICKAMPER, MatthewSommers, Elizabeth---
WESSELMANN, Henry20 Mar 187026 Mar 1870Wesselmann, GerhardSOMMERS, MagdalenaHAVERKAMP, HeinrichDICKAMPER, Gertrude---
WESSELMANN, John Bernhard22 Oct 187525 Oct 1875Wesselmann, J. G.SOMMER, MagdalenaWILKEN, John BernhardKIFFMEIER, Catharina---
WESSELMANN, John Matthew28 Aug 187329 Aug 1873Wesselmann, GerhardSOMMERS, MagdalenaDICKAEMPER, MatthewSCHWARZ, Katharina---
WESSLING, Anna Maria01 Dec 186405 Dec 1864Wessling, GerhardNot listed, ClaraROHR, JohannRohr, Thecla---
WESSLING, Anna Maria21 Sep 189622 Sep 1896Wessling, GeorgeLAMMERS, Maria AnnaLammers, John BernardLammers, Anna MariaMarried Stephan LORE (Methodist) 9 Jun 1931 at the Cathedral in Belleville, IL
WESSLING, Bernard Joseph29 Oct 188802 Nov 1888Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, WilhelminaRevermann, Bernard JosephWessling, ClaraMarried Anna RIPPERDA 24 Apr 1917 in Germantown, IL
WESSLING, Clara19 Sep 188720 Sep 1887Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, WilhelminaFOCKES, HenryFockes, Gesina---
WESSLING, Herman Henry08 Apr 188910 Apr 1889Wessling, GeorgeLAMMERS, AnnaLammers, HenryWessling, Clara---
WESSLING, John Henry Gerhard31 Mar 189401 Apr 1894Wessling, Gerhard HenryLAMMERS, AnnaBRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), John Henry------
WESSLING, Josephina Maria Hermina20 Mar 190021 Mar 1900Wessling, GeorgeLAMMERS, Anna M.FEHLKER, HermanFehlker, MariaMarried James GOLDSMITH 2 May 1916 in Beckemeyer, IL
WESSLING, Josephina Maria Hermina22 Oct 190625 Oct 1906Wessling, GeorgeLAMMERS, AnnaIDINKELER, JosephVOSS, Catharine---
WESSLING, Louis25 Apr 189927 Apr 1899Wessling, GeorgeLAMMERS, AnnaWessling, LouisREVERMANN, Philipp---
WESSLING, Margaret Anna26 Jul 189528 Jul 1895Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, Maria---WILKEN, Margaret---
WESSLING, Maria Anna23 Jul 189323 Jul 1893Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, PhilomenaWessling, GeorgeWessling, Maria Anna---
WESSLING, Maria Carolina03 Dec 189008 Dec 1890Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, WilhelminaWILKEN, Bernard Henry SCHULTE, CarolinaMarried B. MOSS son of Gerhard Moss and Elisabeth born OTTENSMEIER on 20 May 1913 in Breese, IL
WESSLING, Maria Christina15 Sep 189719 Sep 1897Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, Mina---BECKER, Christina---
WESSLING, Maria Clara25 Sep 189127 Sep 1891Wessling, GerhardLAMMERS, Anna M.WINKLER, JosephWinkler, Maria---
WESSLING, Nicolaus Louis04 Jun 190006 Jun 1900Wessling, LouisREVERMANN, WilhelminaGEHRS, NicolausMUEHLING, Catharina---
WESSLING, Rosa Helena08 Apr 190309 Apr 1903Wessling, GeorgeLAMMERS, AnnaKREBS, PeterKrebs, AnnaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL. Married Frank GOLDSCHMIDT 3 Jun 1919 at St Anthony in Beckemeyer, IL
WESTERMANN, Anthony07 Aug 190610 Aug 1906Westermann, WilliamSCHAEFER, HelenaHUBERT, AnthonySchaefer, Mrs. ElisabethMarried Ruth V. STALKE_ 3 Jul 1933 Mixed religion marriage
WESTERMANN, Anthony Edwin25 Dec 187930 Dec 1879Westermann, AugustHUBERT, ElisabethHubert, AnthonyWestermann, Maria L.Married Florence DAVIS (Non-Catholic) 9 Jun 1916 in Tulsa, OK
WESTERMANN, Catharine Olivia05 Oct 188307 Oct 1883Westermann, AugustHUBERT, ElisabethHubert, FrancisSCHLAFLY, Catharine---
WESTERMANN, Maria Elisabeth30 May 188703 Jun 1887Westermann, AugustHUBERT, ElisabethHubert, Jr., AnthonyHubert, Elisabeth---
WESTERMANN, William Silvester20 Jan 187729 Jan 1877Westermann, AugustHUBERT, ElizabethWestermann, John Fr. W.Hubert, Elizabeth---
WIDMER, Frederick Theodore16 Jun 187527 Jun 1875Widmer, AloysiusLAUTERBACHER, AliceSCHLAFLY, FridolinSchlafly, Helena---
WIDMER, John Aloysius04 Nov 187112 Nov 1871Widmer, AloysiusLAUTERBACH, Louise SCHLAFLY, JohnSchlafly, Emma---
WIEFERT, Johann Clemens24 Feb 186706 Mar 1867Wiefert, AndrewNot listed, Katharina WÜLLER (Wueller), JohannDICKEMPER, Gertrude---
WIEFORT, Francis Joseph29 Apr 186817 May 1868Wiefort, AndrewNot listed, TheresiaMÜLLER (Mueller), JacobGREEN, Francisca---
WIEGERS, Herman Henry11 Sep 189813 Sep 1898Wiegers, John HenryROBBEN, Anna CarolinaRobben, HermanFRERKER, Catharina---
WIGART, Wilhelmina Margaret20 Sep 187926 Oct 1879Wigart, WilliamMICHEL, Elisabeth---SCHEN, Magdalena---
WIGMANN, Anna Margaret07 Jun 188107 Jun 1881Wigmann, WilliamLENGERS, CatharinaWILKEN, HenryLengers, Anna Maria---
WIGMANN, John William26 Jun 189028 Jun 1890Wigmann, Herman WilliamLENGERS, Anna CarolinaWigmann, John HenryJANSEN, Maria A.---
WIGMANN, Maria Josephina11 Mar 188813 Mar 1888Wigmann, Herman WilliamLENGEN, Anna CarolinaLAMPEN, HenryDIENG, Maria Ch.Married Joseph TOENIN (?) 14 Oct 1908 in New Baden, IL
WILBURN, Anna09 Dec 187714 Apr 1878Wilburn, JohnHEIL, TheresiaKREMER, NicholasKremer, Anna---
WILBURN, Gertrude Martha01 Aug 188229 Jul 1883Wilburn, JohnHEIL, Theresia---SCHAEFER, Marie---
WILFERT, Maria Theresia23 Nov 186228 Nov 1862Wilfert, AndrewNot listed, Theresia---MÜLLER (Mueller), Rosalia---
WILKEN, Anna Agnes28 Aug 190321 Sep 1903Wilken, John H.VOGEL, Maria---GEHRS, AnnaMarried Bernard HAMMEL outside the church in Greenville, IL. Died 18 Jun 1963 not buried from church
WILKEN, Anna Margaret04 Jan 189608 Jan 1896Wilken, John HenryVOGEL, Maria---Wilken, Anna MargaretMarried Leo SEGER
WILKEN, Anna Margaret08 Aug 189209 Aug 1892Wilken, Bernard AugustBORGELT, Maria CatharineBorgelt, JosephWilken, Anna MargaretMarried Joseph ORTMANN 2 Feb 1911 in St. Louis, MO
WILKEN, Anna Maria27 May 189328 May 1893Wilken, JohnVOGEL, MariaWilken, Bernard H.Vogel, Maria---
WILKEN, Anna Maria Catharina08 Jan 189110 Jan 1891Wilken, HenryPOEHLER, MariaHEMPEN, AnthonyWilken, Anna---
WILKEN, Anthony John30 Apr 188801 May 1888Wilken, Henry POEHLER, MariaDIEKEMPER, JohnWilken, AngelaMarried Antoinetta BORGELT 22 Nov 1922 in Carlyle, IL
WILKEN, Bernard Henry25 Mar 189028 Mar 1890Wilken, John BernardBUDDE, AnnaWilken, John BernardBudde, Anna Catharina---
WILKEN, Bernard Henry27 Mar 188728 Mar 1887Wilken, Bernard AugustBORGELT, CatharineWILKEN, Bernard Henry Borgelt, Anna Maria---
WILKEN, Elisabeth Catharine04 Sep 189405 Sep 1894Wilken, Bernard BORGELT, CatharineWilken, HermanSCHULTE, ElisabethMarried George KNOBBE (Non-Catholic) 1 Oct 1920 at St. Agatha in St. Louis, MO (revalidation). Married Rudy KASLERA 8 Jul 1922 at St Agatha in St. Louis, MO
WILKEN, Henry07 Oct 188907 Oct 1889Wilken, Bernard AugustBORGELT, CatharineBorgelt, HenryWilken, Margaret---
WILKEN, Henry02 Apr 188404 Apr 1884Wilken, Henry POEHLER, MariaDUERDOTT, HenrySIEMER, Maria C.---
WILKEN, Henry16 May 188017 May 1880Wilken, Henry POEHLER, MariaPoehler, HenryDIEKEMPER, Helena---
WILKEN, Henry Gerhard14 Dec 189615 Dec 1896Wilken, John BernardBUDDEN, Anna MargaretWilken, HenrySCHOO, Maria---
WILKEN, John Bernard13 Jul 188214 Jul 1882Wilken, Henry POEHLER, MariaWilken, John B.DIEKEMPER, Anna---
WILKEN, John Bernard14 Aug 187815 Aug 1878Wilken, Bernard HenryPOEHLER, MariaWilken, Francis BernardPoehler, M. Catharine---
WILKEN, John Herman02 Jun 189805 Jun 1898Wilken, John HenryVOGEL, MariaWilken, HermanFOCKES, Maria Gesina---
WILKEN, Louisa Carolina13 Dec 189703 Jan 1898Wilken, Bernard AugustBORGELT, CatharinaWilken, B. H.ROETERING, Louisa---
WILKEN, Margaret Angela04 Dec 189806 Dec 1898Wilken, John BernardBUDDE, Anna MargaretDIEKEMPER, HenryHILMES, Angela---
WILKEN, Maria17 Sep 187208 Apr 1893VOGEL, JohnUNGER, Maria---ROTH, SusannaNew convert
WILKEN, Maria Catharina11 Nov 187612 Nov 1876Wilken, Bernard HenryPOEHLER, MariaWilken, BernardPoehler, Maria Catharina---
WILKEN, Maria Catharine18 Mar 189220 Mar 1892Wilken, John BernardBUDDE, Anna MariaHENKE, WilliamBudde, Anna CatharinaFrom Damiansville, IL. Married Leopold GEDEN son of Mr. Geden & M. Vandermierden on 19 May 1914 at ABMV in St. Louis, MO
WILKEN, Maria Helena10 Oct 189511 Oct 1895Wilken, John BernardBUDDE, Anna MargaretBudde, John HenryDIEKEMPER, Maria Helena---
WILKEN, Maria Helena11 Nov 190025 Nov 1900Wilken, JohnVOGEL, Maria---DIEKEMPER, Maria HelenaMarried Theodore HOLTZHAUER (Non-Catholic) on 17 Oct (no year) at St Paul in St. Louis, MO
WILKEN, Maria Rosina09 May 190110 May 1901Wilken, John BernardBUDDE, Anna MargaretHILMES, HermanWilken, MariaFamily is from Wade Twp., IL. Married John H. VAHLKAMP 26 Oct 1926 at St. Francis De Sales in St. Louis, MO
WILKEN, Wilhelmina Anna09 Oct 188511 Oct 1885Wilken, Henry POEHLER, MariaDIEKEMPER, HenryPoehler, Wilhelmina---
WILKEN, William John13 Sep 190315 Sep 1903Wilken, JohnBUDDE, Anna MargaretSIEMER, WilliamBudde, Maria Elisabeth---
WILKER, Herman Albert14 Oct 186316 Oct 1863Wilker, BernhardHANEKE, MargarethaTOENIGES, AlbertCRUSE, Gesina---
WINCELJOHN, Francis03 May 186514 May 1865Winceljohn, ErnestSCHMETTER, ElisabethaGEHRS, HermanGehrs, Maria---
WINCELJOHN, Johann Bernhard26 Jan 186711 Feb 1867Winceljohn, Ernest AugustSMETTER, ElisabethaHENCEN, John BernhardADAM, Elisabetha---
WINCELJOHN, Katharina09 Apr 186409 Apr 1864Winceljohn, ErnestSCHMETTER, ElisabethaROHR, PeterRohr, Katharina---
WINCELJOHN, Mina Elizabeth10 Oct 186829 Nov 1868Winceljohn, BernhardNot listed, ElizabethBECKER, henryBecker, Elizabeth---
WINKELJOHN, August30 May 187118 Jun 1871Winkeljohn, BernhardSCHMODER, ElizabethNIEHOFF, AugustNiehoff, Anna---
WINKELJOHN, Joseph10 May 187431 May 1874Winkeljohn, BernhardSCHMIDT, ElisabethSCHNEIDER, JosephWEBER, Catharina---
WINKLER, Anna Maria Christina14 Sep 188914 Sep 1889Winkler, JosephLAMMERS, AnnaWESSLING, GeorgeWessling, AnnaMarried Ph. MESSING 14 Sep 1909
WINTER, Ernestina Wilhelmina10 Oct 186216 May 1864Winter, Gottfried ErnestNot listed, MariaHUBERT, A.Hubert, Elisabeth---
WODDARD, George Matthew28 Jan 187429 Jan 1874Woddard, AndrewLUTZ, KatharinaWEAST, Theodore------
WODDARD, Margaretha Katharina15 Dec 187117 Dec 1871Woddard, AndrewLUTZ, KatharinaLutz, MichaelLutz, Margaret---
WOLTER, Caspar19 Oct 186401 Nov 1864Wolter, MichaelROHR, BarbaraKREBS, CasparSCHNEYDER, Katharina---
WOLTER, Frederick17 May 186225 May 1862Wolter, MichaelROHRBACHER, BarbaraTAPING, FrederickKREBS, Theresia---
WOLTER, Peter23 Oct 185902 Nov 1859Wolter, MichaelROHRBACHER, BarbaraCUNKEL, PeterROHR, Maria---
WOODS, Alice16 Oct 186828 Jul 1878UnknownUnknownWUEST, TheodoreWuest, TheodoraChild is adopted.
WUDDERT (Wooddard), Anna Elisabetha11 Aug 187917 Aug 1879Wuddert (Wooddard), AndrewLUTZ, CatharinaHOTAP, JosephWUEST, Rosa---
WUDDERT (Wooddard), Martha Emerentiana28 Oct 188130 Oct 1881Wuddert (Woodard), AndrewLUTZ, CatharinaLutz, NicolausLuta, Maria---
WUEBBELS, Anna Maria14 Jun 190130 Jun 1901Wuebbels, HenryKELLERMANN, AnnaWuebbels, GeorgeNOTHAUS, GesinaFamily is from Wheatfield Twp., IL
WUEBBELS, Helena Theresia19 Aug 190221 Aug 1902Wuebbels, HenryKELLERMANN, Anna---Henken, Helena---
WUEBBELS, Theresa Anna 19 Oct 190430 Oct 1904Wuebbels, HenryKELLERMANN, AnnaHENKEN, William---Married Joseph GERNWITZ (?) 7 Aug 1929 at St Vincent in St. Louis, MO
WUELLER, Agnes Catharina21 Oct 188622 Oct 1886Wueller, John B.KLEIN, SophiaEVERS, HenryEvers, Anna Catharina---
WUELLER, Alphonse Nicolaus06 Apr 188307 Apr 1883Wueller, J. B.KLEIN, SophiaWueller, Nic.Klein, Maria---
WUELLER, Cecelia Paulina24 Aug 189126 Aug 1891Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, MariaBERGER, GeorgeKlein, Paulina---
WUELLER, Clara Antonia12 Apr 189413 Apr 1894Wueller, John BernardKLEIN, SophiaBERGER, GeorgeKlein, Paulina---
WUELLER, Clarence Nicolaus22 Oct 190024 Oct 1900Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, MariaALBERS, FrancisKlein, Maria---
WUELLER, Edgar John August30 Mar 188501 Apr 1885Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, Maria Fr.Wueller, John B.Wueller, Sophia---
WUELLER, Emerentiana Thekla01 Feb 188903 Feb 1889Wueller, John B.KLEIN, SophiaMINKLAUS, M. J.Klein, Emerentiana---
WUELLER, Eugene George02 Sep 188904 Sep 1889Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, MariaBERGER, GeorgeBerger, Elisabeth---
WUELLER, Francis Clarence13 Dec 189415 Dec 1894Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, MariaMUEHLING, FrancisMuehling, Catharina---
WUELLER, Joseph Bernard19 Sep 188720 Sep 1887Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, Maria FranciscaWueller, JohnKlein, MariaMarried Margaret LARGE at Holy Family Church in St. Louis, MO on 20 Sep (year obscured)
WUELLER, Paul Matthew30 Jan 189801 Feb 1898Wueller, NicolausKLEIN, MariaMENKHAUS, MatthewMenkhaus, Maria Clara---
WUEST, Anna31 May 188105 Jun 1881Wuest, WilliamWUDDERT (Woodard), Rosa AnnaWILKEN, HenryWuest, Rhoda M.---
WUEST, Elisabeth04 Mar 187913 Mar 1879Wuest, WilliamWUDDERT (Woodard), RosaWuest, Jr. Jacob------
WUEST, Elizabeth Emma21 Nov 187628 Nov 1876Wuest, WilliamWUDDERT, RosaMARZELHOFF, ChristopherWuest, Elizabeth---
WUEST, Maria Elisabeth15 Nov 188416 Nov 1884Wuest, TheodoreSTEPHENS, Rhoda MariaMCGAFFIGAN, Dr. A.Wuest, Elisabeth---
WUEST, Rhoda Maria05 Sep 185109 Aug 1879STEPHENS, John J.SHARP. ElisabethWUEST, JacobWUEST, Anna Maria---
YUNKER, Theresia Josephina15 Apr 188716 Apr 1887Yunker, HenryISAAC, MariaWINKELJOHANN, Fr.Yunker, Theresia---
ZICK, Wilhelmina Elisabeth Clementine22 Aug 186206 Oct 1862Zick, Francis HermanNot listed, Elisabeth---BECKER, Katharina---
ZIEREN, Anna Adelheid01 Nov 187703 Nov 1877Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaSautmann, HenryZieren, A. A.---
ZIEREN, Benjamin Bernard03 Dec 188304 Dec 1883Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaZieren, Jr., HenrySautmann, Maria---
ZIEREN, Gerhard George20 Apr 189323 Apr 1893Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaDIERKES, GerhardBORGELT, AnnaMarried Irene LAMPKE 12 Aug 1919
ZIEREN, Henry20 Aug 189020 Aug 1890Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaSautmann, HenrySCHUMACHER, ElisabethMarried (2nd) to Maria J. MCGORCAN 3 Jan 1927 in St Mary in Trenton, IL
ZIEREN, John14 Nov 188116 Nov 1881Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaSautmann, HenryDoennewald, Elisabeth---
ZIEREN, John Henry06 Oct 187807 Oct 1878Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaZieren, HenrySautmann, Anna---
ZIEREN, John Theodore05 Aug 188805 Aug 1888Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaDOENNEWALD, J. Th.Sautmann, Catharine---
ZIEREN, Maria Theresa01 Nov 190505 Nov 1905Zieren, JohnGERBER, LorettaZieren, TheodoreZieren, Mrs. TheodoreMarried William L. MICHAELS 19 Oct 1929 at St Augusta in St. Louis, MO
ZIEREN, Theresia23 Dec 188524 Dec 1885Zieren, John TheodoreSAUTMANN, Maria GertrudeDUNNEWALD, TheodoreSautmann, Theresia---
ZIEREN, William20 Dec 188022 Dec 1880Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaSautmann, WilliamWITHOUT, Theresia---
ZIEREN, William Andrew26 Mar 189531 Mar 1895Zieren, TheodoreSAUTMANN, MariaSautmann, WilliamDOENNEWALD, AnnaMarried Maria L. FORD (non-Catholic) 17 Oct 1923. Married Pearl M. CARROLL 2 May 1944
ZIMMER, Carl August08 Sep 187427 Sep 1874Zimmer, JohnRACHEL, EmiliaSCHNEIDER, CarlKRÜGER (Krueger), Johanna---
ZIMMER, Maria Alvina27 Dec 187614 Jan 1877Zimmer, JohnRACHEL, EmmaZimmer, AlbertRachel, Maria Josephina---
ZIRKEL Anna Henrietta22 Aug 188530 Aug 1885Zirkel, ChristianLUEBBERS, AnnaROECKENHAUS, H.ROLFES, Anna---
ZIRKEL, Anna Maria25 May 188325 May 1883Zirkel, ChristianLUEBBERS, Anna Luebbers, HermanLuebbers, Catharine---
ZIRKEL, Catharina28 Dec 187618 Feb 1877Zirkel, NicolausGOLDSTEIN, Catharina---HENTSELL, Catharina---
ZIRKEL, Emma Elisabetha10 Sep 188031 Oct 1880Zirkel, NicolausGOLDSTEIN, CatharinaPINARD, MichaelBILHARTZ, Elisabeth---
ZIRKEL, Francis Joseph10 Mar 187913 Apr 1879Zirkel, NicolausGOLDSTEIN, CatharinaHOH, LandolinHoh, Theresia---
ZIRKEL, Henrietta Maria01 Oct 188409 Nov 1884Zirkel, NicolausGOLDSTEIN, Catharina---HOH, TheresiaFrom St. Felicitas
ZIRKEL, Herman Aloysius22 Nov 188825 Nov 1888Zirkel, ChristianLUEBBERS, Anna Ch.Luebbers, HermanLuebbers, Anna---
ZIRKEL, Herman Christian18 Sep 188121 Sep 1881Zirkel, ChristianLUEBBERS, Anna M.Zirkel, ChristianLuebbers, Catharina---
ZIRKEL, Hermina Josephina Augusta06 Feb 189108 Feb 1891Zirkel, ChristianLUEBBERS, AnnaROLFES, ConradETTER, Josephina---
ZIRKEL, Maria Catharina15 Sep 187531 Oct 1875Zirkel, NicolausGOLDSTEIN, CatharinaPINARD, PeterHUBERT, Delphina---
ZIRKEL, Paulina Louisa Cecelia10 May 189519 May 1895Zirkel, ChristianLÜBBERS (Luebbers), AnnaSTEMMLER, LouisLuebbers, Carolina---

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