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The baptism records were translated from the Latin records of St. Rose's Church from the founding of the church in 1869 through 1906. The names are spelled the way they were written in the church records and may not necessarily be the actual spelling. Also, many baptism first and middle names are reversed in the records from how the person used their names, for example, Herman Bernard Moss's name is recorded in the records as Bernard Herman Moss.

This transcription and translation has NOT been proofed. Researchers are advised to check the source document which is available on the website.

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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Sponsor Sponsor Comments
ALBERTERNST, Bernard Henry 12 Oct 188613 Oct 1886ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Maria Adelheid
ALBERTERNST, Bernard Joseph 19 Mar 188920 Mar 1889ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married Elisabeth HENRICHS, on 5/21/1912, in St. Rose Church
ALBERTERNST, Gerhard Francis 9 Oct 189110 Oct 1891ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married Cecilia HENRICHS, on 11/28/1912, in St. Rose Church
ALBERTERNST, John Henry 14 Feb 189914 Feb 1899ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married Maria K. KELLERMANN (baptised on 1906, in St. Mary Church), on 5/14/??, in St. Mary Church, Carlyle, IL
ALBERTERNST, John William 2 May 18943 May 1894ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married Mathilda KORTE (baptised on 3/14/1894, in Immaculate Conception Church), on 10/26/1921, in Immaculate Conception Church, Pierron, IL
ALBERTERNST, Maria Adelheid 22 Oct 189623 Oct 1896ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married Henry GRAPPERHAUS, on 8/20/1919
ALBERTERNST, Maria Theresia 28 Aug 188428 Aug 1884ALBERTERNST, John Henry RICHTER, Maria Adelheid
ALBERTERNST, Rosa Theodora 25 Apr 190426 Apr 1904ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married on 4/17/1928, pg. 94
ALBERTERNST, Victor Henry 3 Jul 19014 Jul 1901ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid Married on 4/30/1924, pg. 96
AUSTENMORE, Maria Elisabeth Amalia 31 Dec 187231 Dec 1872AUSTENMORE, Henry DEKEN, Maria Margaret Elisabeth
BAAR, Jacob 25 May 187825 May 1878BAAR, Hieronym WANGLER, Carolina
BAAR, Jacob Wilhelm 2 Apr 18804 Apr 1880BAAR, Hieronym WANGLER, Carolina
BAAR, John 25 May 187825 May 1878BAAR, Hieronym WANGLER, Carolina
BARTH, Anna Wilhelmina 13 Feb 188415 Feb 1884BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Barbara Emma 8 Nov 18776 Mar 1878BARTH, Joseph DUMBECK, Friderica
BARTH, Bertha 25 Mar 187915 Apr 1879BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Catharina Rosa 27 Apr 188230 Apr 1882BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Elisabeth 21 Nov 18755 Dec 1875BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Elisabeth Josephina 28 Jan 18771 Feb 1877BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Elisabeth Maria 8 Nov 188819 Nov 1888BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Emilia Susanna 5 Oct 188412 Oct 1884BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Emma 6 Apr 187123 Apr 1871BARTH, Joseph WALLECHICK, Susanna
BARTH, Emma 29 Oct 187412 Mar 1875BARTH, Joseph DUMBECK, Friderica
BARTH, Felix Bernard 25 Mar 18873 Apr 1887BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Henry Adolph 1 May 18818 May 1881BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna Married Ada HAMM, widow, on 11/16/1936, in St. Theresia Church, Marydale, IL
BARTH, Henry Leo 24 Jan 188025 Jan 1880BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Ida Susanna 25 Jun 187320 Jul 1873BARTH, Joseph WALLESHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Johanna Christina 18 Mar 188611 Apr 1886BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, John Peter 29 Apr 187516 May 1875BARTH, Joseph WALLESHECK, Susanna Married Anna TIMMERMANN, on 10/28/1908
BARTH, Joseph Julius 11 Apr 188918 Apr 1889BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Julia Barbara 18 Apr 188020 Apr 1880BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara Married Alex MILNET, on 2/8/1911, in St. Louis, MO
BARTH, Juliana Barbara 13 Feb 188621 Feb 1886BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Louis Joseph 26 Dec 187727 Dec 1877BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Louisa Christina 28 Jan 18771 Feb 1877BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Margaret Juliana 9 Oct 18719 May 1872BARTH, Joseph DUMBECK, Friderica
BARTH, Margaret Regina 20 Oct 187822 Oct 1878BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Maria Josepha 25 Dec 187626 Dec 1876BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Peter Rudolph 1 May 18818 May 1881BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna Married Elisabeth LAGER, daughter of August Lager and Maria nee PETERMEIER, on 10/21/1914, in Breese, IL
BARTH, Peter Valentine 14 Feb 189719 Feb 1897BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Peter Wilhelm 8 Mar 187613 Mar 1876BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Philo 20 Jul 188823 Jul 1888BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna Married Margaret BOEVING, on 4/22/??, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
BARTH, Theodore John 4 Sep 189110 Sep 1891BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Theresia 21 Dec 188224 Dec 1882BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Verona Philomena 3 May 188410 May 1884BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, William 25 Mar 187915 Apr 1879BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BECKER, Friderick Joseph 31 Jan 18931 Feb 1893BECKER, Friderick MAEHLMANN, Anna
BECKERMANN, Anna Maria 19 Nov 188122 Nov 1881BECKERMANN, Henry BERGCAMP, Anna
BECKMANN, Anna Catharina 1 Aug 18782 Aug 1878BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria
BECKMANN, Infant 11 Dec 187611 Dec 1876BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Anna Maria
BECKMANN, John Henry 13 Sep 188013 Sep 1880BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria Anna
BECKMANN, Theodore Wilhelm 8 Dec 18838 Dec 1883BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria Helena Married Anna Cecilia RIBBING, on 1/27/1909, in Bartelso
BECKMANN, William Henry 12 Aug 187313 Aug 1873BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria Helena
BEKEBROCK, Anna Elisabeth 28 Feb 189128 Feb 1891BEKEBROCK, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
BEKEBROCK, Anna Maria 18 Nov 189419 Nov 1894BEKEBROCK, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Joseph VOLMER, on 8/7/1917, in Montrose, MO
BEKEBROCK, John Bernard 29 Nov 189230 Nov 1892BEKEBROCK, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
BEKERMANN, Gerhard Henry 17 Mar 187818 Mar 1878BEKERMANN, Henry BERGCAMP, Anna
BEKERMANN, John Henry 3 Jan 18805 Jan 1880BEKERMANN, Henry BERGCAMP, Maria Married Elisabeth Catharina TIMMOUS, on 1/20/1915, in St. Columbkills Church, Butler City, KS
BERGCAMP, Elisabeth 21 Dec 187422 Dec 1874BERGCAMP, Gerhard VONDER HAAR, Maria
BERGKAMP, Gerhard Henry 15 Jun 187816 Jun 1878BERGKAMP, Gerhard VONDER HAAR, Anna Maria
BIXSCHLAG, Maria Angela 1 Jul 18712 Jul 1871BIXSCHLAG, Gerhard MAAS, Anna Maria
BIXSCHLAG, Maria Elisabeth Rosa 30 Aug 187331 Aug 1873BIXSCHLAG, Gerhard MAAS, Maria
BLANKE, Carl 5 Oct 18915 Oct 1891BLANKE, Conrad SCHLUMP, Anna
BLANKE, Conrad Adam 24 May 188725 May 1887BLANKE, Conrad SCHLUMP, Anna
BLANKE, William August 10 Jun 188912 Jun 1889BLANKE, Conrad SCHLUMP, Anna Married Edna AMSLER, on 4/20/1913, in St. Louis, MO
BOENHOFF, Anna Alvina 12 Mar 189713 Mar 1897BOENHOFF, Anton THOELE, Agnes
BOENHOFF, Catharina Elisabeth 8 Dec 18739 Dec 1873BOENHOFF, Caspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENHOFF, Francis Theodore 1 Aug 19052 Aug 1905BOENHOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna Married Elisabeth Magdalena FELDMANN, on 7/14/1936, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
BOENHOFF, John Bernard 31 Aug 18941 Sep 1894BOENHOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna
BOENHOFF, Joseph 23 Apr 187123 Apr 1871BOENHOFF, Kaspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENNHOFF, Anna Gesina 22 May 189023 May 1890BOENNHOFF, William KRAMER, Maria Married John William BAUMGARTNER, on 6/9/1943, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
BOENNHOFF, Anna Maria 14 Oct 190315 Oct 1903BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Agnes Married on 11/23/1927, pg. 104
BOENNHOFF, Bernard 24 Dec 190124 Dec 1901BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Agnes
BOENNHOFF, Caspar William 25 Sep 189125 Sep 1891BOENNHOFF, William KRAMER, Maria Married on 7/12/1932, in Visitations Church, St. Louis, MO
BOENNHOFF, Catharina 10 Jun 187513 Jun 1875BOENNHOFF, Caspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENNHOFF, Henry Anton 17 Apr 189818 Apr 1898BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Elisabeth Married V. T. HOH, on 9/28/1921, pg. 91
BOENNHOFF, Infant 24 Nov 190624 Nov 1906BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna
BOENNHOFF, John Bernard 21 Feb 189422 Feb 1894BOENNHOFF, William KRAMER, Maria
BOENNHOFF, Joseph William 28 Mar 189629 Mar 1896BOENNHOFF, William CRAMER, Maria
BOENNHOFF, Maria Rosa 13 Nov 187715 Nov 1877BOENNHOFF, Caspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENOFF, Bernard 5 Jan 18966 Jan 1896BOENOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna
BRAUN, Henry William 1 Jun 18897 Jun 1889BRAUN, William GEBHART, Catharina
BUEHNE, Alois Leon 17 Mar 189918 Mar 1899BUEHNE, Bernard HENDRICKS, Elisabeth Married on 11/24/1931, pg. 108.
BUEHNE, Anna Agatha 8 Feb 19039 Feb 1903BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria Married Leon H. SUDHOLT, on 2/18/1925, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
BUEHNE, August Theodore 30 Sep 19031 Oct 1903BUEHNE, S. Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Catharina Married (1) on 11/17/1926, pg. 102; Married (2) Maria HORSTMANN, on 10/28/1936, pg. 116
BUEHNE, Bernard Arnold 9 Nov 19049 Nov 1904BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria Married Agnes SLATTERY, in Dodge City, KS
BUEHNE, Bernard Arthur 28 Apr 190128 Apr 1901BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth Married on 10/4/1933, in St. Rose Church, pg. 110
BUEHNE, Carolina Erlina 2 Jun 19012 Jun 1901BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria
BUEHNE, Cecilia Catharina 23 May 190623 May 1906BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria Married George WATSON, on 11/22/1941, in St. Mary Church, Rockford, IL
BUEHNE, Eleora Sophia 11 Jul 190512 Jul 1905BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth Married on 6/27/1934, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
BUEHNE, Emma Catharina Theodora 27 Apr 190028 Apr 1900BUEHNE, S. Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Catharina Married on 2/24/1925, pg. 98
BUEHNE, Henry Vincent 15 Sep 190516 Sep 1905BUEHNE, Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Married on 10/16/1935, pg. 114
BUEHNE, Lawrence John Nepomuck 22 Jul 189823 Jul 1898BUEHNE, John Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Married on 2/19/1924, pg. 96
BUEHNE, Theodora Catharina 15 Mar 189715 Mar 1897BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth Married Friderick SCHRAGE, on 5/28/1918, in St. Rose Church
BUHNE, John August 17 Feb 187619 Feb 1876BUHNE, S. Nepomuck KRUP, Louisa
BUHNTUS, Anna Barbara 26 Nov 18695 Dec 1869BUHNTUS, Wilhelm WIENAN, Anna
BUNOR, Joseph 15 Oct 187122 Oct 1871BUNOR, Wilhelm WIEMANN, Barbara
CORNELIUS, Josephina 14 Feb 187313 Apr 1873CORNELIUS, Joseph DURBIN, Marty
DEIMEKE, Bernard Anton 22 Dec 190522 Dec 1905DEIMEKE, Aloys VOSHOELLER, Maria
DEIMEKE, Maria Theresia 16 Oct 189118 Oct 1891DEIMEKE, Aloys REHKAMPER, Anna
DEIMEKE, Mathilda 5 Oct 187411 Oct 1874DEIMKER, Anton POTTHAST, Theresia
DEIMEKE, Peter Anton 10 Apr 187712 Apr 1877DEIMKER, Anton POTTHAST, Theresia
DEIMEKE, Theresia 5 Sep 19046 Sep 1904DEIMEKE, Aloys VOSSHOELLER, Maria Married August LAMPE, on 7/28/1919, in Covington, KY
DEIMKER, John Seraphiam 18 Mar 187124 Apr 1871DEIMKER, Anton POTTHAST, Theresia
DETMER, Anna Clara 4 Dec 18837 Dec 1883DETMER, Theodore MIDDEKE, Margaret
DETMER, John Bernard 26 Aug 188229 Aug 1882DETMER, Theodore MIDDEKE, Margaret
DETO, Stephan 6 Nov 187119 Nov 1871DETO, Joseph STEBIN, Adella
DETTMER, Anton Bernard 16 Jun 190216 Jun 1902DETTMER, Theodore MIDDEKE, Margaret
DIEKMANN, Anna Josepha 11 Feb 188812 Feb 1888DIEKMANN, George WILKE, Anna
DIEKMANN, Anna Sophia 27 Oct 190227 Oct 1902DIEKMANN, John TEBBE, Catharina Married Jacob LYONS, on 8/25/1930, in St. Margaritha Church, St. Louis, MO
DIEKMANN, Christina Elisabeth 26 Mar 190127 Mar 1901DIEKMANN, John TEBBE, Catharina Married Theodore VOSSHOELLER, on 5/26/??, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
DIEKMANN, Gerhard Henry 13 Dec 188414 Dec 1884DIEKMANN, George WILKE, Anna
DIEKMANN, Joanna Christina 4 Aug 18935 Aug 1893DIEKMANN, George WILKE, Anna Married on 4/10/1923, pg. 93
DIEKMANN, John Theodore 30 Jun 190430 Jun 1904DIEKMANN, John TEBBE, Catharina
DIEKMANN, Margaret Frances 2 Dec 18943 Dec 1894DIEKMANN, John KOHLBRECHER, Anna Married Leo REHKEMPER, on 8/31/1920
DIEKMANN, Maria Frederica 22 Sep 190522 Sep 1905DIEKMANN, John TEBBE, Catharina Married on 11/4/1924, pg. 98
DIEKMANN, Theresia Crescentia 19 Mar 189720 Mar 1897DIEKMANN, Theodore WESSELMANN, Carolina Married Anton SCHNIEDER (baptised on 10/11/1890, in Sts. Peter and Paul Church, St. Louis, MO), on 2/17/1920, in St. Mary Church
DIERKES, Bernard Joseph 2 Mar 18774 Mar 1877DIERKES, Joseph THUNKER, Anna
DIERKES, Maria Elisabeth 10 Apr 187411 Apr 1874DIERKES, Joseph TUNKER, Anna Maria
DRECKMANN, Maria Theodolina Elisabeth 14 Jun 189814 Jun 1898DRECKMANN, Gerard WILKE, Anna Married Joseph Bernard WESSELMANN (baptised on 7/20/1893, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL), on 5/27/1924, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
DUST, Angela Rosa 2 Apr 18938 Apr 1893DUST, Herman KOLME, Louisa Married Bernard Herman SCHULTE, on 9/10/1913, in Germantown, IL
DUST, Anna Catharina 18 Apr 188119 Apr 1881DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa
DUST, Benjamin Theodore 11 Jun 189812 Jun 1898DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa Married Frances ENNS, on 8/20/1921, in St. Liborius Church, St. Louis
DUST, Bernard Henry 25 Sep 189126 Sep 1891DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina
DUST, Catharina 28 Feb 188829 Feb 1888DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa
DUST, Emma Elisabeth 1 Nov 19001 Nov 1900DUST, Herman KOLBE, Elisabeth
DUST, Franzisca Elisabeth 6 Mar 18957 Mar 1895DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina Married on 2/16/1915, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
DUST, Henry Anton 21 Oct 188422 Oct 1884DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa Married in Breese
DUST, Herman Henry 21 Feb 188421 Feb 1884DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina
DUST, Herman Theodore 25 Jan 188725 Jan 1887DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa
DUST, Joseph Anton 7 Apr 18938 Apr 1893DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina
DUST, Louisa Franzisca 28 Oct 189529 Oct 1895DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa Married Theodore BUDDE, in St. Dominic Church, Breese
DUST, Louisa Margaret 22 Jan 189723 Jan 1897DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Katharina
DUST, Margaret Louisa 5 Jan 18916 Jan 1891DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa Married Theodore B. Dust, on 1/18/1910, in DeVall's Bluff, Arkansas
DUST, Maria 1 Jan 18833 Jan 1883DUST, Herman KOLBE, Louisa
DUST, Maria Anna 1 Feb 18831 Feb 1883DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina
DUST, Maria Bernardina 9 Feb 189010 Feb 1890DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina
DUST, Maria Catharina 14 May 188815 May 1888DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina Married Friderick TIMMERMANN, on 1/25/1910, in Aviston
DUST, Rosa Christina 30 Aug 188631 Aug 1886DUST, Henry WOLTERING, Catharina
EILERMANN, Anna Maria 11 Feb 187013 Feb 1870EILERMANN, John Henry TIMMER, Anna Maria
EILERMANN, Herman Bernard 3 Jul 18714 Jul 1871EILERMANN, Henry TIMMER, Maria
ESSENPREIS, Erwin Friderick 21 Apr 189031 May 1890ESSENPREIS, Emil FOEHNER, Johanna
ESSENPREIS, Henry 14 Feb 189915 Feb 1899ESSENPREIS, Edward Maria Married Mathilda SCHULTE, on 9/18/1922, in St. Maria M. Boni Consilii Church, St. Louis, MO
ESSENPREISS, Elisabeth 16 Dec 189517 Dec 1895ESSENPREISS, Edward KUHNER, Maria
ESSENPREISS, Oscar Emil Joseph 16 May 188728 May 1887ESSENPREISS, Emil FOEHNER, Joanna
FEDERER, Amalia Franzisca 11 Feb 187422 Mar 1874FEDERER, Philipp ERHARD, Barbara
FEHLKER, Maria Rosa 5 Sep 18976 Sep 1897FEHLKER, George WESSELMANN, Theresia Married John H. WELLEN, daughter of Bernard and Maria nee THOLE, on 6/3/1919, in St. Rose Church
FELCHLE, John Joseph 31 Dec 18823 Jun 1883FELCHLE, Francis HIRSCH, Maria Elisabeth
FELDEWERT, Bernard Benedict 30 Jun 18811 Jul 1881FELDEWERT, Henry TEGETHOFF, Margaret
FELDEWERTH, Anna Maria Catharina 12 Jun 187912 Jun 1879FELDEWERTH, Henry TETHOFF, Margaret
FELDEWERTH, Henry 3 Dec 18747 Dec 1874FELDEWERTH, Henry TEGETHOFF, Margaret
FELDEWERTH, Henry Francis 9 Feb 187711 Feb 1877FELDEWERTH, Anton ALBRECHT, Theodora
FELDEWERTH, Margaret Theodora 19 Feb 187722 Feb 1877FELDEWERTH, Henry TEGETHOFF, Margaret
FELDMANN, Anna Maria Theresia 20 Oct 189121 Oct 1891FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria Theresia
FELDMANN, Gerhard Herman 15 Oct 188616 Oct 1886FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria
FELDMANN, Herman Gerhard 10 Sep 188911 Sep 1889FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria
FELDMANN, Herman Henry 5 Jun 18826 Jun 1882FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria
FELDMANN, John Bernard 25 Aug 188426 Aug 1884FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria Theresia
FELDMANN, John Henry 23 Jul 189323 Jul 1893FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria Married Rosa ERLINGER, daughter of Nicolaus and Louisa nee ROHR, on 10/17/1916, in St. Cecilia Church, Bartelso, IL
FISCHER, August Louis 25 Aug 190325 Aug 1903FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Confirmation on 6/16/1918, Belleville; Profession on 7/2/1928, in St. Francis Church, Teutopolis, IL
FISCHER, Bernard Gerhard 14 Jul 187315 Jul 1873FISCHER, Gerhard HOFF, Anna Maria
FISCHER, Francis Joseph 26 Sep 190126 Sep 1901FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Married on 5/4/1927, pg. 103
FISCHER, Henry Theodore George 12 Mar 190612 Mar 1906FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Married Elisabeth, NORDMANN, on 4/30/??, pg. 113
FISCHER, Maria Josepha 15 Feb 188224 Feb 1882FISCHER, August WIEBALDER, Catharina
FISCHER, Theresia Elisabeth 14 Nov 189514 Nov 1895FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia
FISHER, Aloysius Lawrence 8 Aug 190610 Aug 1906FISHER, Henry KOHLMEIER, Christina
FISHER, Anna Augustina 14 Dec 189815 Dec 1898FISHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Sr. Priscilla ASC, died on 1/30/1993, 94 years old, Professed on 7/11/1916
FOEHNER, Henry 17 Nov 187315 Feb 1874FOEHNER, Friderick WEIDNER, Albertina
FOEHNER, Robert John 30 Dec 18991 Apr 1877FOEHNER, Friderick WEIDNER, Albertina
FROHN, Anna Maria 3 Sep 19023 Sep 1902FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria
FROHN, Anton 12 Jun 190413 Jun 1904FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria
FROHN, Henry 17 Feb 189317 Feb 1893FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married Maria WESSELMANN, on 10/24/1922, in St. Felicitas Church, Beaver Prairie, IL
FROHN, Henry Theodore 7 Jan 19007 Jan 1900FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married Helena H. WOLTERS, on 11/27/1923, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
FROHN, Joseph 29 May 189129 May 1891FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married Augusta GEBKE, on 9/16/924, pg. 97
FROHNE, John Bernard 9 Feb 189510 Feb 1895FROHNE, Theodore WILKE, Maria
FROHNE, Theodore Gerhard 20 Jan 189820 Jan 1898FROHNE, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married on 1/4/1924, pg. 98
FUHLER, Anna Helena 10 Jan 189611 Jan 1896FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
FUHLER, Catharina 3 Oct 19004 Oct 1900FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married on 2/5/1924, pg. 95
FUHLER, Helena Maria 3 Sep 18893 Sep 1889FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
FUHLER, John Bernard 2 Mar 18942 Mar 1894FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married Rosa Elizabeth HAAR (baptised on 1/12/1897, in St. Dominic, Breese, IL), on 5/24/1921, in St. Augustine Church
FUHLER, Maria Theresia 7 Nov 18908 Nov 1890FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married Bernard HILMES, on 5/10/1910, in St. Rose Church
FUHLER, Rosa Gertrude 23 Nov 189223 Nov 1892FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
FUHLER, William George 5 Nov 18978 Nov 1897FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married Sophia BECKMANN, on 11/23/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
GASSMANN, Maria 30 Dec 189929 May 1901GASSMANN, John Henry HINNEN, Barbara Age 24 years
GEBHARDT, John Conrad 23 Jul 187327 Jul 1873GEBHARDT, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Anna 10 May 187114 May 1871GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Caspar William 4 Dec 18815 Dec 1881GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Elisabeth Regina 8 Apr 187510 Apr 1875GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Henry 23 Feb 187725 Feb 1877GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Rosa 1 Sep 18831 Sep 1883GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Theodore William 19 May 187921 May 1879GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBKE, Anna Maria 13 Feb 190214 Feb 1902GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Elisabeth Bartholomae 10 Nov 189910 Nov 1899GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Friderick Joseph 16 Mar 190416 Mar 1904GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Henry Dominic 11 Dec 189712 Dec 1897GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Herman Bernard 6 Nov 18956 Nov 1895GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna Married Julia C. SEELHOEFFER (baptised in St. Louis, MO), on 11/23/1926, in St. Felicitas Church, Beaver Prairie, IL
GEBKE, John August 14 Sep 189115 Sep 1891GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna Married Josephina FROHN, on 9/16/1924, pg. 97
GEBKE, Joseph Bernard 1 Dec 18934 Dec 1893GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Louis 17 Jan 187518 Jan 1875GEBKE, John DIETRICH, Louisa
GEBKE, Paulina 31 Aug 18722 Sep 1872GEBKE, John DIETRICH, Elisabeth
GEBKE, William 17 Jan 187518 Jan 1875GEBKE, John DIETRICH, Louisa
GEBKEN, Paulina Josephina 15 Feb 190715 Feb 1907GEBKEN, August DIERKES, Anna
GERLING, Bernard August 12 Jan 189113 Jan 1891GERLING, Bernard HOCHLER, Catharina Married Margaret H. SCHLEPER, on 2/12/1924, in St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL
GERSTENCORS, Gertrude 27 Jan 187929 Jan 1879GERSTENCORS, Stephan KRONING, Theresia
GERSTENKORS, Henry Edward 27 Dec 190328 Dec 1903GERSTENKORS, Stephan POETKER, Anna Married Alice OEDRINGER, on 11/4/1930, in Immaculate Conception Church, Pierron, IL
GOESTENCORS, Anna Maria 6 Jan 18916 Jan 1891GOESTENCORS, Henry SCHROER, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, Bernard 14 Nov 190015 Nov 1900GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Anna C. SCHROER, on 11/22/1932, in St. Augustine Church, St. Louis, MO
GOESTENCORS, Francis Stephan 14 Nov 190115 Nov 1901GOESTENCORS, Stephan POTTKER, Anna Married Alvina STRIEKER, on 2/20/1924, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
GOESTENCORS, Gertrude Margaret 17 Apr 190317 Apr 1903GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth
GOESTENCORS, Henry Stephan 27 Feb 189228 Feb 1892GOESTENCORS, Henry SCHROER, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, John Henry 21 Jun 187322 Jun 1873GOESTENCORS, Stephan KRONING, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, Maria Bernardina 9 Nov 18959 Nov 1895GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Bernard SCHRAGE (baptised on 3/19/1892, in St. Rose Church), on 10/29/1919
GOESTENCORS, Stephan 8 Aug 18758 Aug 1875GOESTENCORS, Stephan KROENING, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, Theresia Rosa 24 Jan 189425 Jan 1894GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Henry WILKE (baptised on 12/23/1896, in St. Rose Church), on 10/29/1919
GOESTENKORS, Angelina Alma 26 Nov 190527 Nov 1905GOESTENKORS, Stephan POETKER, Anna Married on 10/19/1927, in Immaculate Conception Church, Pierron, IL
GOESTENKORS, Henry Leo 15 Jul 189815 Jul 1898GOESTENKORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Clara GOESTENKORS, on 1/19/1920, in Cathedral St. Mary, Covington, KY
GOESTENKORS, Stephan Theodore 18 Oct 190419 Oct 1904GOESTENKORS, George HOLTGRAEVE, Elisabeth Married Maria GRAPPERHAUS (baptised on 10/13/1907, in St. Rose Church), on 10/4/1933, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
GRAPPERHAUS, Anna Catharina 29 Jul 189529 Jul 1895GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Bernard Francis 20 Jul 189419 Jul 1894GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BOHNENKEMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Gerhard Henry 5 Aug 18825 Aug 1882GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Henry August 28 Sep 188229 Sep 1882GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BOHNENKAEMPER, Catharina Married Catharina TEBBE, on 6/4/1912
GRAPPERHAUS, Henry August 20 Feb 188521 Feb 1885GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, John August 10 Aug 189010 Aug 1890GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria Married Franzisca HUELSMANN, on 11/25/1920, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
GRAPPERHAUS, Joseph 14 Sep 188014 Sep 1880GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Joseph Anton 13 Nov 190514 Nov 1905GRAPPERHAUS, Joseph KAMPWERTH, Adelheid Married Christina MASSE, on 10/20/1935, in St. Francis Xavier Church, St. Louis, MO
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina 10 Sep 188610 Sep 1886GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina 12 Sep 188813 Sep 1888GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina 31 Jul 18971 Aug 1897GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Elisabeth 5 Oct 18846 Oct 1884GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Josepha 10 Mar 189212 Mar 1892GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina Married Friderick TEBBE, son of Henry and Catharina nee MIDDEKE, on 10/7/1913, in St. Rose Church
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Rosa 6 Dec 18876 Dec 1887GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Theresia Elisabeth 10 Dec 189210 Dec 1892GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
HABICH, Maria Ernestina 11 Sep 188125 Sep 1881HABICH, John BODE, Regina
HAMM, Philipp Anton 18 Jul 18806 Nov 1880HAMM, Peter
HARTLIEB, Carolina 13 Nov 187718 Nov 1877HARTLIEB, Philipp KNEBEL, Helena
HARTLIEB, Elisabeth 24 May 188327 May 1883HARTLIEB, Joseph HEINZMANN, Carolina
HARTLIEB, Emilia 30 Jul 18801 Aug 1880HARTLIEB, Joseph HEINZMANN, Carolina
HARTLIEB, Francis Theodore 6 Apr 18867 Apr 1886HARTLIEB, Gerhard LOHMANN, Elisabeth Married in Breese Maria Angela SPIHLMANN, daughter of John Bernard and Maria nee STORM, baptised on 3/8/1891, in Schepedorf.
HARTLIEB, Ida Franzisca 19 Aug 18711 Oct 1871HARTLIEB, John WEIDNER, Maria Johanna
HARTLIEB, John Joseph 12 Nov 187629 Nov 1876HARTLIEB, Joseph HEINZMANN, Carolina
HARTLIEB, Laura Emma 6 Mar 188529 Mar 1885HARTLiEB, Rupert AMANN, Amalia
HARTLIEB, Louis Joseph 23 Jul 188918 Aug 1889HARTLIEB, Robert AMANN, Amalia
HARTLIEB, Maria 7 Sep 187814 Sep 1878HARTLIEB, Joseph HEINZMANN, Carolina
HARTLIEB, Philipp Jacob 7 Jun 187514 Jun 1875HARTLIEB, Joseph HEINZMANN, Carolina
HARTLIEB, Philipp John 15 Feb 187330 Mar 1873HARTLIEB, John WEIDNER, Maria Johanna
HARTLIEB, Rosalia 16 Nov 18869 Jan 1887HARTLiEB, Rupert AMANN, Amalia
HASELHORST, Anna Maria 9 Apr 189310 Apr 1893HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria
HASELHORST, Anton Stephan 31 Dec 18961 Jan 1897HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Elizabeth NORDMANN, on 1/23/1927, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
HASELHORST, Bernard Martin 5 Dec 18926 Dec 1892HASELHORST, Anton GNAEDINGER, Louisa
HASELHORST, Francis Anton 26 Nov 189829 Nov 1898HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Monica BOSGALL, on 8/25/1931, in St. Crueis Church, Pfeiffer, KS
HASELHORST, Henry Aloysius 11 Aug 188912 Aug 1889HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Maria SCHRAGE, on 10/12/1915, in St. Rose Church
HASELHORST, John August 4 Sep 19035 Sep 1903HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Marcella SCHMITTLERGER, on 10/19/1937, in St. Mary Church, Gorham, KS
HASELHORST, John Bernard 26 Nov 188727 Nov 1887HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Margaret LAMPE, on 1/24/1911, in St. Rose Church
HASELHORST, Joseph Stephan 17 Nov 190017 Nov 1900HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria
HASELHORST, Maria Theresia 10 Sep 187411 Sep 1874HASELHORST, Martin BROEKELMANN, Anna Maria
HASELHORST, Rosa Maria Clara 5 Feb 19065 Feb 1906HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Louis BERENS, on 10/16/1928, in St. Boniface Church, Vincent, KS
HASELHORST, Theresia 12 Jun 189113 Jun 1891HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married Henry ROSEN, on 1/22/1913, in St. Rose Church
HASSELHORST, Mathilida Josephina 21 Feb 189522 Feb 1895HASSELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria Married (1) August WESSEL, son of August and Elisabeth nee LAMPE, on 4/30/1918, in St. Rose Church; Married (2) H. B. LIENING, on 4/2/1921
HECKENKEMPER, Margaret 29 Mar 187131 Mar 1871HECKENKEMPER, Joseph WOLTERS, Margaret
HEIER, John Bernard 12 Feb 187513 Feb 1875HEIER, Herman SCHULERT, Anna Maria
HELLEBUSCH, Anna Carolina 27 Jan 187528 Jan 1875HELLEBUSCH, Francis KORKEMEYER, Gertrude
HELLEBUSCH, Francis 10 May 187311 May 1873HELLEBUSCH, Francis KORKEMEYER, Gertrude
HELLEBUSCH, Maria Josephina 1 Oct 18791 Oct 1879HELLEBUSCH, Francis KORKENMEIER, Gertrude
HELLEBUSCH, Susanna 12 Dec 187713 Dec 1877HELLEBUSCH, Francis KORKENMEIER, Maria
HELLEBUSSE, Elisabeth 30 Dec 189918 Aug 1871HELLEBUSSE, Francis KORKEMEYER, Gertrude
HELLMANN, Anna Maria Elisabeth 3 Jan 18754 Jan 1875HELLMANN, Henry SCHONEFELD, Maria
HELLMANN, Bernard 1 Apr 18731 Apr 1873HELLMANN, Henry SCHONEFELD, Maria
HELLMANN, Theodore Henry 23 Jul 187623 Jul 1876HELLMANN, Henry SCHONEFELD, Maria
HENDRICHS, Theodore Bernard 10 Nov 190010 Nov 1900HENDRICHS, August SCHROER, Elisabeth Married on 1/30/1923, pg. 93
HENRICHS, Anna Christina 21 Mar 187922 Mar 1879HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria Agnes
HENRICHS, Anna Margaret 15 Dec 187117 Dec 1871HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria
HENRICHS, Bernard Gerhard 24 Sep 189124 Sep 1891HENRICHS, John Gernard MIDDEKE, Wilhelmina
HENRICHS, Bernard Henry 1 Nov 18852 Nov 1885HENRICHS, Bernard BUHNE, Catharina
HENRICHS, Catharina 18 Sep 188119 Sep 1881HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria
HENRICHS, Cecilia Carolina 18 Aug 189418 Aug 1894HENRICHS, Bernard BUHN, Catharina Married Gerhard ALBERTERNST, on 11/28/1917
HENRICHS, Clara Anna 18 Apr 189018 Apr 1890HENRICHS, Gerhard MIDDEKE, Wilhelmina Married Francis RIBBING, on 10/15/1913, in St. Rose Church
HENRICHS, Elisabeth Eugenia 17 Jun 189017 Jun 1890HENRICHS, Bernard BUEHNE, Catharina Married Joseph ALBERTERNST, on 5/21/1912
HENRICHS, Francis John 31 Aug 19031 Sep 1903HENRICHS, August SCHROER, Elisabeth Married Anna KRUEP, on 11/15/1933
HENRICHS, George August 1 Mar 19001 Mar 1900HENRICHS, George MIDDEKE, Wilhelmina Married on 1/18/1927, pg. 104
HENRICHS, Joseph Anton 29 Dec 190529 Dec 1905HENRICHS, August SCHROER, Elisabeth
HENRICHS, Josephina 1 Apr 18772 Apr 1877HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria Agnes
HENRICHS, Leon Bernard 27 Aug 189327 Aug 1893HENRICHS, Gerhard MIDDEKE, Wilhelmina
HENRICHS, Louis Nepomuck 5 Nov 18875 Nov 1887HENRICHS, Bernard BUHNE, Catharina
HENRICHS, Maria Agnes 13 Jan 189614 Jan 1896HENRICHS, George MIDDEKE, Wilhelmina Married John RIBBING, on 10/9/1917, in Highland, IL
HENRICHS, Maria Elisabeth 10 May 187411 May 1874HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria Agnes
HENRICHS, Sophia Catharina 5 Jun 18846 Jun 1884HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria
HEYER, Francisca Paulina 19 Oct 187227 Oct 1982HEYER, John Herman SCHULER, Anna Maria
HILBUSE, Bernard Henry 8 Dec 18848 Dec 1884HILBUSE, Francis KORKENMEIER, Gertrude
HILLEN, Bernard 11 Nov 187012 Nov 1870HILLEN, John Bernard GEERS, Maria
HILLEN, Herman Henry 13 Feb 187315 Feb 1873HILLEN, John Bernard GEERS, Maria
HILLEN, John Joseph 8 Feb 18759 Feb 1875HILLEN, John Bernard GEERS, Maria
HILLEN, Maria Catharina 22 Aug 188023 Aug 1880HILLEN, John Bernard GEERS, Maria
HILMES, Alois Herman 7 Mar 19078 Mar 1907HILMES, Herman Bernard HAGEN, Maria Elisabeth Married on 10/13/??, pg. 117
HILMES, Anna Elisabeth 12 Dec 189913 Dec 1899HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married Bernard DEITERS, son of Bernard and Catharina nee KORTE, on 5/20/1919, in St. Rose Church
HILMES, Anna Margaret 16 Sep 189517 Sep 1895HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret Married Jacob BIGGS, on 10/27/1914, in Murdock, KS
HILMES, Anton Bernard 20 Nov 189021 Nov 1890HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret Married Johanna Maria GROMINGER, on 10/21/1919, St. Aloys Church, Ransom, KS
HILMES, Anton Clement 17 Jun 189618 May 1896HILMES, Clement EINHOFF, Theresia
HILMES, Bernard Aloysius 24 May 189325 May 1893HILMES, August ALBERS, Elisabeth
HILMES, Bernard Herman 19 Oct 188721 Oct 1887HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married Maria FUHLER, on 5/10/1910, in St. Rose Church
HILMES, Bernard Theodore 17 Jul 188118 Jul 1881HILMES, John Joseph GEERS, Maria Anna
HILMES, Gerhard Henry 4 Dec 18895 Dec 1889HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married Carolina WIEBLER, on 4/24/1912, in St. Rose Church
HILMES, Henry Anton 23 Jan 189523 Jan 1895HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married Anna DEITERS, on 6/5/1917, in Breese, IL
HILMES, Herman Anton 4 May 18924 May 1892HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret
HILMES, Herman Gerhard 23 Jul 189224 Jul 1892HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Maria Elisabeth Married Anna DIEKMANN, on 2/15/1916, in St. Mary Church, Carlyle, IL
HILMES, Herman Joseph 27 Aug 190128 Aug 1901HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret
HILMES, Joanna Catharina 7 Apr 19007 Apr 1900HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret
HILMES, John 30 Mar 189831 Mar 1898HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret
HILMES, John Clement 13 Apr 189514 Apr 1895HILMES, Clement EINHOFF, Theresia
HILMES, Joseph Henry 17 Sep 190318 Sep 1903HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married (1) B. J. EPPMANN, on 11/25/1926, in St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL; Married (2) Catharina SPREHE, on 1/2/1941, in St. Vincent Church, St. Louis, MO
HILMES, Josephina Hermina 25 Apr 190726 Apr 1907HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret
HILMES, Margaret Rosa 2 Dec 18853 Dec 1885HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married Henry Detmer, on 4/26/1910, in St. Rose Church
HILMES, Maria Cecilia 1 Dec 19042 Dec 1904HILMES, John POLLMANN, Margaret
HILMES, Olga Christina 4 Feb 18954 Feb 1895HILMES, August ALBERS, Elisabeth Married Joseph Gerhard TIMMERMANN, in Germantown, IL
HILMES, Rosa Christina 21 Oct 188521 Oct 1885HILMES, John GEERS, Anna Maria Married (1) George RATERMANN, son of Frederick and Anna nee HECKMANN, baptised on 6/22/1888, in Carlyle. Married (2) Francis H. NORTHAUS, on 2/8/1956, in St. Mary Church, Carlyle, IL
HILMES, William Joseph 15 Aug 189716 Aug 1897HILMES, Herman HAGEN, Elisabeth Married Catharina DEITERS, on 10/22/1919, in St. Dominic Church
HIRSH, Magdalena 6 Mar 186921 Oct 1869HIRSH, Gregory HAM, Marianne
HODDINGHAUS, Anna 23 May 187223 May 1872HODDINGHAUS, Henry WINKEL, Anna
HODDINGHAUS, Henry 14 Mar 187114 Mar 1871HODDINGHAUS, Henry KERSTING, Anna
HOFF, Clement 1 Feb 18732 Feb 1873HOFF, Bernard PETERS, Maria
HOFF, Herman Henry 16 Sep 187117 Sep 1871HOFF, John Bernard PETERS, Anna Maria
HOFF, John Bernard 4 Sep 18704 Sep 1870HOFF, Bernard PETERS, Anna Maria Died on 10/30/1879; buried on 11/2/1870
HOFF, Maria Louisa 29 Oct 187430 Oct 1874HOFF, Bernard PETERS, Maria
HOH, Andrew 8 Aug 187310 Aug 1873HOH, Landelin HIPP, Theresia
HOLTGRAEVE, Alphonse Edward 8 Nov 18989 Nov 1898HOLTGRAEVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAEVE, Henry 13 Mar 188014 Mar 1880HOLTGRAEVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAEVE, Herman Martin 6 Mar 18787 Mar 1878HOLTGRAEVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Bernard 9 Jun 187810 Jun 1878HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Catharina Elisabeth 2 Dec 18833 Dec 1883HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Cecilia Sophia 24 Jun 188925 Jun 1889HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth Married Edward A. ESSENPREIS, on 10/25/1910
HOLTGRAVE, Elisabeth Juliana 16 Feb 188417 Feb 1884HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Emma Catharina 20 Mar 188622 Mar 1886HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Francis 11 Jun 188611 Jun 1886HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Gerhard 4 Jan 18815 Jan 1881HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth Married Catharina AHLERS, on 11/24/1908, in Breese, IL
HOLTGRAVE, Henry Otto 3 Jun 19053 Jun 1905HOLTGRAVE, Bernard TEBBE, Christina
HOLTGRAVE, John Henry 22 Nov 190323 Nov 1903HOLTGRAVE, Bernard TEBBE, Christina Married on 4/8/1931, St. Rose Church, pg. 108
HOLTGRAVE, John William 10 Feb 189112 Feb 1891HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Josephina 20 Nov 188821 Nov 1888HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, Lawrence Raymond 31 Mar 19061 Apr 1906HOLTGRAVE, Herman VON HATTEN, Helena
HOLTGRAVE, Louis Francis 16 Dec 189517 Dec 1895HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth Married (1) on 2/13/1923; Married (2) Elizabeth SCHRAGE, on 11/15/1938
HOLTGRAVE, Maria Emilia 27 Jan 189128 Jan 1891HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth Married Gerhard SCHUMACHER, on 5/8/1917, in St. Rose Church
HOLTGRAVE, Maria Veronica 30 Sep 18931 Oct 1893HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth Married Herman Joseph SCHRAGE, on 9/26/1911, in St. Rose Church
HOLTGRAVE, Philomena Elisabeth 14 Mar 188215 Mar 1882HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGRAVE, William 21 Dec 189222 Dec 1892HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth Married Anna WILKE, daughter of Henry and Catharina nee GOESTENCORS, on 4/29/1919, in St. Rose Church
HOLTGREVE, Herman 8 Nov 18769 Nov 1876HOLTGREVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HOLTGREVE, Maria 9 Mar 187510 Mar 1875HOLTGREVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HOLTGREVE, Theodore Gerhard 4 Jan 18774 Jan 1877HOLTGREVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
HOLTGREVEN, Catharina Elisabeth 9 Jan 18739 Jan 1873HOLTGREVEN, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
HUELSMANN, Bertha Angelina 16 Jun 190617 Jun 1906HUELSMANN, John POTTKER, Maria Married on 4/21/1926, pg. 100
HUELSMANN, Theodore Aloysius 3 Apr 19026 Apr 1902HUELSMANN, John POETTKER, Maria Married Wilhelmina HOHMANN, on 4/7/1926, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
HULSCAMP, Francis Lawrence 9 Apr 189610 Apr 1896HULSCAMP, Francis GEBHART, Anna
HULSKAMP, Gerhard Bernard 25 Jun 189826 Jun 1898HULSKAMP, Bernard GEBHART, Anna Married Blanche M. STRUBLE, on 8/10/1921, in St. Louis Church, Waterloo, KS
HULSMANN, Anton 12 Dec 188512 Dec 1885HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna Married Rosa SCHRAGE, daughter of John and Carolina nee KRUEP, on 5/23/1911. Rosa born on 3/15/1891
HULSMANN, August 24 Sep 189124 Sep 1891HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna
HULSMANN, Benedict 27 Sep 189728 Sep 1897HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna Married Cecilia SCHRAGE, on 6/11/1918, in St. Rose Church
HULSMANN, Henry Bernard 20 Feb 189520 Feb 1895HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna Married Anna KELLERMANN, daughter of Wilhelm and Anna nee BIXSCHLAG, on 5/24/1916, in Carlyle, IL
HULSMANN, Henry Otto 15 Dec 190316 Dec 1903HULSMANN, John POTKER, Maria Married Catharina KORTE, on 4/8/1931, in Immaculate Conception Church, Pierron, IL
HULSMANN, John Bernard 30 Nov 18801 Dec 1880HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna Maria
HULSMANN, John Henry 24 Nov 187825 Nov 1878HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna Maria
HULSMANN, Rosa Elisabeth 18 Apr 189419 Apr 1894HULSMANN, Bernard GEBHART, Anna Married Edward GERBER, son of Michael and Anna nee HOBY, on 1/21/1914, in St. Louis Church, Waterloo, Kansas
HULSMANN, William Theodore 26 Jul 188827 Jul 1888HULSMANN, Theodore RICHTER, Anna
JANSEN, Bernard Benedict 15 Jan 189616 Jan 1896JANSEN, Clement SPIHLMANN, Maria
JASKE, Henry 2 Nov 18713 Nov 1871JASKE, Wilhelm DIEKER, Angela
KAMPWERTH, Anna Maria 5 Apr 18886 Apr 1888KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria Married Henry SCHWARTZ, on 9/3/1918, in St. Rose Church
KAMPWERTH, Anna Maria 6 Aug 19017 Aug 1901KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna Married on 2/19/1924, pg. 96
KAMPWERTH, Bernard Henry 17 Dec 189217 Dec 1892KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria
KAMPWERTH, Bernard John 29 Oct 190329 Oct 1903KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna
KAMPWERTH, Catharina Adelheid 11 Apr 188412 Apr 1884KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria
KAMPWERTH, George Herman 20 Dec 189721 Dec 1897KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria Married on 4/24/1928, pg. 105
KAMPWERTH, Gerhard Herman 17 Sep 189017 Sep 1890KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria Married A. T. Josephina RAKERS, on 10/19/1915, in Aviston, IL
KAMPWERTH, Helena 19 Jan 189120 Jan 1891KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna
KAMPWERTH, Henry Herman 8 Apr 19009 Apr 1900KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria Married Rosa Maria ROHR (baptised on 8/31/1903, in St. Cecilia, Bartelso, IL), on 1/10/1923, in St. Cecilia Church, Bartelso, IL
KAMPWERTH, Herman Bernard 2 Apr 18983 Apr 1898KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna
KAMPWERTH, John Anton 10 Sep 189912 Sep 1899KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna
KAMPWERTH, John Bernard 4 Mar 18944 Mar 1894KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna Married Clara M. SCHUMACHER, on 4/21/1921, pg. 90
KAMPWERTH, Joseph 14 Apr 190614 Apr 1906KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna Married on 10/29/1941, pg. 127
KAMPWERTH, Maria Gertrude 30 Nov 19041 Dec 1904KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria Married on 2/26/1924, pg. 96
KAMPWERTH, Maria Theresia 12 Jun 189213 Jun 1892KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna
KAMPWERTH, Rosina 28 Apr 189628 Apr 1896KAMPWERTH, Bernard FOCKES, Anna
KAMPWERTH, Theresia Agatha 5 Feb 18866 Feb 1886KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Anna Maria Married John PEEK, on 5/3/1911, in St. Rose Church
KAMPWERTH, William Herman 6 Mar 18957 Mar 1895KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria Married Lena J. SCHRAGE, on 4/20/1921, pg. 90
KANTHNER, Margaret Emma 15 May 187628 Sep 1876KANTHNER, John BONNEST, Margaret
KANTNER, Bernard Jacob 4 Dec 18966 Dec 1896KANTNER, Francis PETER, Maria
KANTNER, George Friderick 21 Jun 189128 Jun 1891KANTNER, Francis PETER, Maria
KANTNER, Henry Edward 2 Dec 18915 Dec 1891KANTNER, John BARTH, Maria
KANTNER, John Peter 20 Jul 188822 Jul 1888KANTNER, Francis PETER, Maria Married Anna WARLY, on 7/8/1939, in St. Hieronym Church, Troy, IL
KANTNER, Robert Bernard 2 Dec 18899 Dec 1889KANTNER, Francis PETERS, Maria
KAPP, Francis Henry Joseph 17 Feb 188118 Apr 1881KAPP, Mathias LOEFFLER, Louisa
KAPP, Henry George 27 Aug 18874 Sep 1887KAPP, Henry VON HATTEN, Catharina
KAPP, Maria 20 Jul 187313 Jun 1875KAPP, Mathias LOFFLER, Louisa
KAPP, Mathew Jacob 16 Jan 187926 Jan 1879KAPP, Mathias LOFFLER, Louisa
KELLERMANN, Anna Gesina 10 Aug 187415 Aug 1874KELLERMANN, Henry HENKEN, Maria Gesina
KELLERMANN, Henry Bernard 29 Sep 187130 Sep 1871KELLERMANN, Bernard Henry HENKE, Gesina
KEMPER, Anna Gesina 27 Oct 188329 Oct 1883KEMPER, Herman UBBEN, Catharina
KEMPER, John 6 Jul 18798 Jul 1879KEMPER, Herman GEBKE, Kunigunda
KEMPER, Louisa Anna 6 Jul 18798 Jul 1879KEMPER, Herman GEBKE, Kunigunda
KLEIN, Edward 15 Dec 187919 Apr 1880KLEIN, Philipp AMMANN, Anna
KLOSTERMANN, Bernard Francis 25 Mar 190725 Mar 1907KLOSTERMANN, Francis POTTKER, Catharina Married Regina SCHRAGE, on 9/24/??, pg. 107
KLOSTERMANN, Bernard Henry 20 Jan 190320 Jan 1903KLOSTERMANN, Francis POTTKER, Catharina Married on 6/10/1925, pg. 99
KLOSTERMANN, Bernard Joseph 10 Jan 190510 Jan 1905KLOSTERMANN, Francis POETTKER, Catharina Married Francisca HEIMANN, on 4/19/1933, in St. Damian Church, Damiansville, IL
KLOSTERMANN, Carl Bernard 2 Dec 18753 Dec 1875KLOSTERMANN, Bernard SCHMIDT, Elisabeth
KLOSTERMANN, Henry Francis 11 Sep 187713 Sep 1877KLOSTERMANN, Bernard SCHMIDT, Elisabeth
KLOSTERMANN, Margaret 14 Dec 187316 Dec 1873KLOSTERMANN, Bernard SCHMITT, Elisabeth
KOCH, Anna Gertrude 2 May 18843 May 1884KOCH, George THEVES, Anna
KOCH, Clement 24 Feb 188829 Feb 1888KOCH, George THEVES, Anna
KOCH, John 4 Nov 18814 Nov 1881KOCH, Gerhard TEWES, Anna
KOCH, John George 14 Oct 190515 Oct 1905KOCH, Theodore KORTE, Maria
KOCH, Maria Anna Clara 22 Dec 189224 Dec 1892KOCH, George THEVES, Anna
KOEHL, Maria Joanna 26 Apr 187527 Apr 1875KOEHL, Anton HOFFMANN, Catharina
KOERKEMEIER, Louis Henry 20 Nov 190622 Nov 1906KOERKEMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina
KOERKENMEIER, Anton Stephan 28 Nov 189529 Nov 1895KOERKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina
KOERKENMEIER, Benedict 4 Mar 18925 Mar 1892KOERKENMEIER, Stephan SPIHLMANN, Franzisca
KOERKENMEIER, Helena 1 Oct 18911 Oct 1891KOERKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina Married Anton STEINMANN, on 1/25/1911, in St. Rose Church
KOERKENMEIER, John Herman 1 Dec 18952 Dec 1895KOERKENMEIER, Stephan SPIHLMANN, Franzisca Married on 11/23/1921, in St. Cordis Jesu Church, Hattiesburg, MS
KOHLBRECHER, Bertha Veronica 25 Aug 190626 Aug 1906KOHLBRECHER, Bernard HOLTGRAVE, Philomena Married Eugene W. TIMMERMANN, on 10/27/1943, in St. Mary Church, Trenton, IL
KOHLBRECHER, Elisabeth Cecilia 10 Dec 190211 Dec 1902KOHLBRECHER, Bernard HOLTGRAVE, Philomena Married W. P. HODAPP, on 9/5/1923, in St. Mary Church, Carlyle, IL
KOHLBRECHER, George August 5 Nov 18785 Nov 1878KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, Henry Lawrence 28 Apr 190729 Apr 1907KOHLBRECHER, Herman HOLTGRAVE, Juliana Married Eleonora ALBERS, on 11/9/1937, in St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL
KOHLBRECHER, Herman 26 May 188127 May 1881KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, John Bernard 9 Jan 187710 Jan 1877KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, John Henry 14 Sep 187416 Sep 1874KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, Margaret 27 May 189528 May 1895TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina
KOHLBRECHER, Maria Agnes 28 Feb 18732 Mar 1873KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, Rosa Christina 28 Aug 187130 Aug 1871KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, Theodore Bernard 13 Jan 188514 Jan 1885KOHLBRECHER, Henry WOBBE, Margaret
KOHLBRECHER, Wilhelmina Alvina 18 Dec 190419 Dec 1904KOHLBRECHER, Bernard HOLTGRAEVE, Wilhelmina Married Edward TIMMERMANN, on 5/1/1928, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
KORKENMEIER, Anna Maria 26 Dec 188426 Dec 1884KORKENMEIER, Stephan BERENDS, Susanna Married Friderick NIEMEIER, on 5/26/1909, in Breese
KORKENMEIER, Anna Maria 31 May 188531 May 1885KORKENMEIER, Henry EBLE, Maria Anna
KORKENMEIER, Anna Maria 9 Sep 188810 Sep 1888KORKENMEIER, Stephan KRUEP, Franzisca Married on 1/26/1909, in Breese
KORKENMEIER, Francis Bernard 21 Dec 189322 Dec 1893KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina Married Anna Maria JANSEN, on 9/9/1919, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
KORKENMEIER, Gertrude 20 Apr 189021 Apr 1890KORKENMEIER, Stephan SPIHLMANN, Franzisca
KORKENMEIER, Henry Stephan 10 Aug 188210 Aug 1882KORKENMEIER, Stephan BERENDS, Susanna
KORKENMEIER, Joanna Chrisitna 3 Sep 18934 Sep 1893KORKENMEIER, Stephan SPIELMANN, Franzisca
KORKENMEIER, John Bernard 6 Feb 18806 Feb 1880KORKENMEIER, Stephan BERENDS, Susanna
KORKENMEIER, John Bernard 19 Feb 190419 Feb 1904KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina Married on 11/16/1927, pg. 104
KORKENMEIER, John Henry 4 Dec 18784 Dec 1878KORKENMEIER, Stephan BERENDS, Susanna
KORKENMEIER, John Henry 9 Feb 18909 Feb 1890KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina Married Regina HUNTHAUSEN, on 4/13/1920, in St. Andrew Church, Tipton, MO
KORKENMEIER, Joseph Bernard 13 Nov 189914 Nov 1899KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina
KORKENMEIER, Landelin Henry 13 Oct 188715 Oct 1887KORKENMEIER, Henry EBLE, Maria Married Irene DEBROUX, daughter of Carl and Antonia nee DEPRES, on 12/31/1910, in Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Collinsville, IL
KORKENMEIER, Maria Rosa 2 Oct 18964 Oct 1896KORKENMEIER, Henry EPPELE, Maria
KORKENMEIER, Maria Theresia 7 Oct 18977 Oct 1897KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina Married Herman J. RAKERS (baptised on 3/14/1890, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL), on 2/10/1920
KORKENMEIER, Rosa Theresia 13 Dec 190115 Dec 1901KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina Married on 5/20/1924, pg. 97
KORTE, Anna Carolina 2 Sep 18933 Sep 1893KORTE, Anton ROETKE, Anna Married John KALMER, on 10/20/1915, in Damiansville, IL
KORTE, Anna Clara 29 Feb 18881 Mar 1888KORTE, Henry MIDDEKE, Elisabeth
KORTE, Anna Gertrude 19 Jun 189022 Jun 1890KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, Bernard Anton 11 Jun 189212 Jun 1892KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, Bernard Henry 26 Aug 188527 Aug 1885KORTE, Henry MIDDEKE, Elisabeth
KORTE, Catharina Gertrude 4 Nov 18965 Nov 1896KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, Friderick 4 Oct 18766 Oct 1876KORTE, Henry FROHN, Bernardina
KORTE, Herman Henry 10 Dec 188011 Dec 1880KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, John Henry 13 Feb 188514 Feb 1885KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, John Theodore 6 Aug 18867 Aug 1886KORTE, Henry MIDDEKE, Elisabeth Married Friderick TEBBE, on 1/29/1913, in St. Rose Church
KORTE, Margaret Bernardina 15 Jun 188716 Jun 1887KORTE, William Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, Maria Elisabeth 9 May 188910 May 1889KORTE, Henry MIDDEKE, Elisabeth Married Herman THOLE, on 2/16/1909, in St. Rose Church
KORTE, Maria Elisabeth 24 Feb 189524 Feb 1895KORTE, William Henry REILMANN, Maria Elisabeth
KORTE, Maria Gesina 15 Feb 188217 Feb 1882KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, Maria Josephina 27 Sep 189828 Sep 1898KORTE, Henry REILMANN, Elisabeth
KORTE, Maria Katharina 5 Dec 18746 Dec 1874KORTE, Wilhelm FROHN, Bernadina
KORTE, Theodore 16 Nov 187817 Nov 1878KORTE, Henry FROHNE, Bernardina
KORTE, Theresia Elisabeth 2 Dec 18912 Dec 1891KORTE, Anton ROETTKER, Anna
KREITER, Amilia Christina 3 Aug 18953 Aug 1895KREITER, Andrew PETERMEIER, Maria
KREITER, Anna Bernardina 3 Oct 18904 Oct 1890KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina Married Paul C. BREIDENBACH, on 2/16/1909, in Breese
KREITER, Anna Catharina 30 Oct 18922 Nov 1892KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina Married Anton REISS, on 10/30/1911, in St. Rose Church
KREITER, Anton 13 Mar 190014 Mar 1900KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina Married Elizabeth SCHULTE, on 9/30/1925, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
KREITER, Anton Adam 11 Jan 189413 Jan 1894KREITER, Adam PETERMEIER, Anna Maria
KREITER, Carolina 30 Dec 18721 Jan 1873KREITER, Adam WANGLER, Amalia
KREITER, Carolina Christina 5 Dec 18847 Dec 1884KREITER, Andrew WEIL, Christina
KREITER, Francis 7 Apr 188210 Apr 1882KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina
KREITER, Friderick Andrew 9 Sep 187022 Jan 1871KREITER, Adam WANGLER, Amalia
KREITER, George Andrew 12 Mar 189912 Mar 1899KREITER, Andrew PETERMEIER, Maria
KREITER, George Landelin 2 Apr 188611 Apr 1886KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina Married Maria T. SOMMERS nee PUMPMEYER, on 1/4/1934, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
KREITER, Joseph 28 Jul 189429 Jul 1894KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina
KREITER, Louis Adam 11 Jul 188912 Jul 1889KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina
KREITER, Louis Anton 17 Jun 189618 Jun 1896KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina Married Jeanetta KAUNE, on 7/20/1935, in St. Bernard Church, Chicago, IL
KREITER, Maria Bernardina 1 Apr 18972 Apr 1897KREITER, Andrew PETERMEYER, Anna Maria
KREITER, Maria Margaret 26 Nov 18742 Feb 1875KREITER, Adam WANGLER, Amalia
KREITER, Paulina 8 Aug 188022 Aug 1880KREITER, Adam WEIL, Christina
KRUEP, Anna Clara 5 May 19025 May 1902KRUEP, Bernard KAULING, Theresia
KRUEP, Bernard Theodore 1 May 18862 May 1886KRUEP, Theodore SPIHLMANN, Franzisca Married (1) Margaret DUST, on 1/18/1910, in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas. Married (2) Elizabeth UDE nee LAUFER, on 9/6/1926, in Sts. Peter and Paul Church, St. Louis, MO
KRUEP, Rosalia Catharina 15 Jun 190316 Jun 1903KRUEP, Bernard KAULING, Theresia
KRUEP, Theodore Bernard 25 Apr 188626 Apr 1886KRUEP, Henry DOPPES, Maria Anna Married Josephina HELLMANN, in St. Rose Church
KRUP, John Bernard 21 Sep 187222 Sep 1872KRUP, John Henry LAGER, Anna Maria
KRUP, John Henry August 4 Apr 18766 Apr 1876KRUP, John Henry LAGER, Maria Anna
KRUP, Margaret Elisabeth 11 Aug 187413 Aug 1874KRUP, John Henry LAGER, Maria
LAGE, Franzisca Carolina 12 Apr 189613 Apr 1896LAGE, Herman Bernard WEBER, Elisabeth Married Bernard SEIFERT, son of Leo and Maria nee DIFFENAUER , on 5/3/1916, in Carlyle, IL
LAGER, Anna Carolina 8 May 18819 May 1881LAGER, Theodore DUST, Anna Maria
LAGER, Anna Theresia 9 Jul 187511 Jul 1875LAGER, Theodore DUST, Maria Anna
LAGER, Conrad 4 Apr 18875 Apr 1887LAGER, Theodore SCHLUMP, Carolina
LAGER, John Conrad 16 Feb 188816 Feb 1888LAGER, Theodore SCHLUMP, Carolina Married Maria KORDES, on 5/7/1913, in St. Anthony Church
LAGER, John Henry 19 Apr 188320 Apr 1883LAGER, Theodore WILKE, Catharina
LAGER, John Theodore 31 Oct 18851 Nov 1885LAGER, Theodore SCHLUMP, Carolina
LAGER, Josephina Theresia 29 Sep 18861 Oct 1886LAGER, John RUMP, Anna
LAGER, Philomena (Theresia) 8 May 18818 May 1881LAGER, Theodore DUST, Anna Maria
LAKE, Clara Rosa 7 Feb 19067 Feb 1906LAKE, Bernard WEBER, Elisabeth
LAKE, George 15 Aug 190015 Aug 1900 LAKE, Maria
LAKE, Henry Bernard 2 Feb 19023 Feb 1902LAKE, Bernard WEBER, Elisabeth
LAKE, John Friderick 12 Jul 189813 Jul 1898LAKE, Bernard WEBER, Elisabeth Married Rosa M. HILMES, on 10/7/1924, in St. Mary Church, Carlyle, IL
LAKE, Margaret Bonifacia 2 Apr 19003 Apr 1900LAKE, Bernard WEBER, Elisabeth Married Herman Francis LUEBBERS, on 8/6/1919, in St. Mary Church, Carlyle, IL
LAKE, Rosa Henrietta 31 Jul 190431 Jul 1904LAKE, Herman Bernard WEBER, Elisabeth
LAMPE, Herman Joseph 9 Nov 19029 Nov 1902LAMPE, Gerhard Henry RICHTER, Anna Maria
LAMPE, John William 9 Sep 19059 Sep 1905LAMPE, Henry RICHTER, Maria
LAY, Carolina Josephina 10 Dec 187315 Feb 1874LAY, John WEIDNER, Louisa
LAY, Edward William 19 Jun 187928 Sep 1879LAY, George WEIDNER, Rosa
LAY, Ida Amalia 17 Nov 187820 Apr 1879LAY, John WEIDNER, Louisa
LAY, Louis Gustav 18 Jul 188118 Sep 1881LAY, George WEIDNER, Rosa
LAY, Philipp Hieronimus 17 Oct 187315 Feb 1874LAY, George WEIDNER, Rosa
LAY, Robert 1 Jan 187528 Mar 1875LAY, John WEIDNER, Louisa
LAY, Rosa Veronica Magdalena 25 Sep 187527 Feb 1876LAY, George WEIDNER, Rosa
LEU, Carolina Johanna Albertina 30 Aug 188314 Oct 1883LEU, George WEIDNER, Rosa
LEU, John Albert 11 May 187023 Apr 1871LEU, John WEIDNER, Louisa
LIENING, John Bernard 23 Jan 189626 Jan 1896LIENING, Henry WELLING, Anna
LINING, Edward Henry 20 Jan 189421 Jan 1894LINING, Henry WELLING, Anna Married on 10/13/1925, pg. 100
LINING, Herman Bernard 1 Dec 18912 Dec 1891LINING, Henry WELLING, Anna Married Mathilda J. HASELHORST, on 4/12/1921, pg. 90
LINING, Louisa Anna 17 Nov 188918 Nov 1889LINING, Henry WELLING, Anna Married Anton ROSEN, on 3/7/1916, in St. Rose Church
LINING, Maria Catharina 10 Mar 189813 Mar 1898LINING, Henry WELLING, Anna Married on 2/13/1923, pg. 93
LUBBE, John Henry 5 Mar 18909 Mar 1890LUBBE, Henry PLOEGER, Maria
MEINERS, Anna Helena 7 Jul 18728 Jul 1872MEINERS, John Bernard BRUMMER, Anna Helena
MEINERS, Herman Henry 29 Mar 187429 Mar 1874MEINERS, Bernard BRUMMER, Anna Helena
MEINERS, John Henry 31 Dec 187631 Dec 1876MEINERS, John Bernard BRUMMER, Helena
MIDDEKE, Anna Catharina 5 Sep 18876 Sep 1887MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Reinhold BLUMENSTEIN, son of John and Bertha nee BRANDT, in St. Dominic Church, Breese
MIDDEKE, Anna Clara 6 Aug 18857 Aug 1885MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Joseph BOCKEL, on 10/21/1908, in Breese, IL
MIDDEKE, Anna Clara 27 May 189227 May 1892MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married John Bernard HORSTMANN, on 10/22/1912, in St. Rose Church
MIDDEKE, Clara Anna 23 Jan 190323 Jan 1903MIDDEKE, Bernard WOBBE, Anna
MIDDEKE, Elisabeth Franzisca 19 Mar 190020 Mar 1900MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Anton F. SCHRAGE, on 2/1/1921, pg. 89
MIDDEKE, Henry August 16 Feb 187717 Feb 1877MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, Henry Bernard 24 Aug 190025 Aug 1900MIDDEKE, Bernard WOBBE, Anna Married 4/28/1928, pg. 105
MIDDEKE, John Anton 13 Feb 187617 Feb 1876MIDDEKE, John LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, John Bernard 14 Jul 187317 Jul 1873MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, John Bernard 3 Aug 18903 Aug 1890MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDDEKE, John Gerhard 26 Jul 189227 Jul 1892MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Regina Elisabeth HOLTGRAVE, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
MIDDEKE, John Henry 27 Nov 189327 Nov 1893MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Barbara Rosa KOHRS, daughter of Anton and Anna nee STOCK, on 5/5/1919, in Breese
MIDDEKE, Maria Agnes 4 May 18904 May 1890MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Bernard HARTLAGE, on 10/18/1910
MIDDEKE, Maria Gertrude 29 Apr 18712 May 1871MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, Maria Theresia 4 Apr 18845 Apr 1884MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDDEKE, William Henry 13 Jan 189514 Jan 1895MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDIKE, John Theodore 6 Jul 18978 Jul 1897MIDIKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDIKE, Katharina Eugenia 14 Nov 189614 Nov 1896MIDIKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Henry VON HATTEN, son of Louis and Anna NIEMEYER, on 5/14/1919, in St. Rose Church
MOLITOR, Henry Aloysius 22 Aug 190123 Aug 1901MOLITOR, Boniface KOHLBREKER, Maria Married Eugenia HAAKE, on 6/16/1936, in St. Bernard Church, Albers, IL
MOLITOR, Margaret Frances 10 Feb 189910 Feb 1899MOLITOR, Boniface KOHLBREKER, Maria Married William WICHMANN (baptised on 9/14/1893, in St. Cecilia Church, Bartelso, IL), on 10/15/1919, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
MOSS, Anna Maria 10 Dec 188010 Dec 1880MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Anna Maria 21 Jul 188921 Jul 1889MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, August 3 Sep 18924 Sep 1892MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth Married L. Anna DORRIES, on 5/19/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
MOSS, Bernard 25 Feb 189526 Feb 1895MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Bertha HEYER, on 6/23/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
MOSS, Bernard Herman 30 Jun 18862 Jul 1886MOSS, Herman OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Bernardina Josephina 26 Jul 189127 Jul 1891MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Catharina Bernardina 20 Oct 189823 Oct 1898MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Nicolaus HUSMANN, son of Bernard and Anna, in Breese
MOSS, Gerhard Herman 20 Feb 189422 Feb 1894MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Henry Gerhard 1 Sep 18841 Sep 1884MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Herman Joseph 20 Jun 189422 Jun 1894MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth Married Anna Cecilia DIESEN, on 11/21/1916, in Breese
MOSS, John Albert 19 Sep 189120 Sep 1891MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Catharina Theresia 1 Feb 18882 Feb 1888MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Elisabeth 4 Mar 18886 Mar 1888MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Elisabeth Catharina 16 Jan 188617 Jan 1886MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Joseph HUSMANN, on 10/28/1908, in Breese
MOSS, Maria Gesina 28 Jun 188328 Jun 1883MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Theresia 22 May 189023 May 1890MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Francis MALERI, on 1/20/1913, in St. Augustine Church, St. Louis, MO
MUSENBROCK, John Bernard 23 Jan 189024 Jan 1890MUSENBROCK, Joseph GEBHART, Maria Married Wilhelmina WEISENFELD (baptised on 6/21/1891, in St. Rose Church), on 10/22/1919, in St. Rose Church
NETEMEIER, Herman Theodore 7 Jan 18777 Jan 1877NETEMEIER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina
NETEMEYER, Anna Maria 6 Jan 18847 Jan 1884NETEMEYER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina
NETEMEYER, Anna Theresia 13 Apr 187814 Apr 1878NETEMEYER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina
NETEMEYER, Conrad 21 Jul 187223 Jul 1872NETEMEYER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina
NETEMEYER, John Henry 17 Aug 187418 Aug 1874NETEMEYER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina Married Dora AYMOND, on 1/30/1946, in St. John Church, St. Louis, MO
NETEMEYER, Josepha Theresia 31 Mar 18801 Apr 1880NETEMEYER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina
NETEMEYER, Maria Carolina 1 Jun 18863 Jun 1886NETEMEYER, Conrad LAGER, Carolina
NORDMANN, Emma Elisabeth 21 Aug 190422 Aug 1904NORDMANN, Bernard SCHROER, Maria Married on 4/8/1931, in St. Rose Church
NORDMANN, Francis Bernard 5 Aug 18985 Aug 1898NORDMANN, Bernard SCHROER, Anna Married Christina TEBBE, on 4/24/??, in St. Rose Church, pg 111
NORDMANN, Henry Bernard 16 Jan 187118 Jan 1871NORDMANN, Bernard BOHNENKEMPER, Catharina
NORDMANN, Maria Catharina 9 Apr 189610 Apr 1896NORDMANN, Maria Catharina SCHROER, Maria
OTTENSMEIER, Catharina Louisa 17 Jan 190418 Jan 1904OTTENSMEIER, Henry THOLE, Louisa Catharina Married on 4/20/1927, pg. 103
OTTENSMEIER, Herman 7 Jan 18988 Jan 1898OTTENSMEIER, Henry THOLE, Louisa Married Maria STOFF (baptised in St. Francis Church), on 4/14/1920, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
OTTENSMEIER, Maria Elisabeth 10 Jun 190010 Jun 1900OTTENSMEIER, Henry THOLE, Louisa Married Henry J. HELLMANN (baptised on 2/23/1889, in St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL), on 1/25/1921, pg. 89
OTTENSMEIER, Maria Rosa 13 Mar 190214 Mar 1902OTTENSMEIER, Henry THOLE, Louisa Married H. F. MUELLER (baptised on 4/4/1901, in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL), on 10/16/1923, pg. 94
OTTENSMEIER, Maria Theresia 12 Jun 189316 Jun 1893OTTENSMEIER, Henry THOLE, Louisa Married Joseph ZURLIENE, on 1/25/1916, in Aviston
OVERBERG, Maria Margaret Carolina 7 Nov 18938 Nov 1893OVERBERG, Herman BLASER, Elisabeth
PEEK, Augusta Frederica 27 Nov 190428 Nov 1904PEEK, George NIEMEIER, Maria Married William DEITERS, on 9/10/1924, pg. 97
PETERMEIER, Anna Bernardina 20 Oct 189421 Oct 1894PETERMEIER, Joseph KREITER, Carolina Married Henry Joseph POELKER, son of Bernard and Maria nee SCHEVELING, on 10/7/1913, in Breese, IL
PETERMEYER, John Anton 27 Jun 188829 Jun 1888PETERMEYER, George REILMANN, Bernardina
POETTKER, Catharina Louisa 22 Feb 188323 Feb 1883POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
POETTKER, Gerhard Henry 19 Dec 189520 Dec 1895POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angelina Married on 11/7/1922, in St. Rose Church, page 92
POETTKER, Henry Joseph 12 Sep 189114 Sep 1891POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angela
POETTKER, Ida Christina 5 Jul 19075 Jul 1907POETTKER, Bernard STRIKER, Anna Married Henry OTTENSMEIER, on 5/24/1939, in St. Rose Church, pg. 121
POETTKER, John Gerhard 1 Jun 18872 Jun 1887POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
POETTKER, Maria Angelina 26 Sep 189327 Sep 1893POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angelina Married William HUELSMANN, on 4/16/1912, in Bartelso, IL
POLLMANN, Adelheid 5 Aug 18845 Aug 1884POLLMANN, Herman HEIM, Maria Theresia Twin
POLLMANN, Anna Friderica 26 Jan 187928 Jan 1879POLLMANN, Henry EIXSCHLER, Anna Adelheid
POLLMANN, Anna Maria 5 Nov 18786 Nov 1878POLLMANN, Herman HEINEN, Anna Maria Theresia
POLLMANN, Anton Herman 1 Feb 18813 Feb 1881POLLMANN, Henry Adelheid
POLLMANN, Bernard Herman 28 Nov 188028 Nov 1880POLLMANN, Herman SOMMER, Maria Catharina
POLLMANN, Carl Henry 3 Oct 18805 Oct 1880POLLMANN, John Herman HEIN, Theresia
POLLMANN, Christina Rosa 14 Jul 188315 Jul 1883POLLMANN, Herman Henry SOMMER, Catharina
POLLMANN, Francis 2 Apr 18824 Apr 1882POLLMANN, Henry EIXSCHLER, Adelheid
POLLMANN, Henry 5 Aug 18845 Aug 1884POLLMANN, Herman HEIM, Maria Theresia Twin
POLLMANN, Herman Theodore 21 Feb 187822 Feb 1878POLLMANN, Bernard Henry EIXSCHLER, Gesina Adelheid
POLLMANN, John Bernard 11 Feb 188012 Feb 1880POLLMANN, Bernard Herman RICKHOFF, Anna Maria
POTTKER, Anna Maria 14 Mar 187715 Mar 1877POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angela
POTTKER, Bertha Joanna 17 Dec 189818 Dec 1898POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angelina
POTTKER, Herman 23 Jun 188824 Jun 1888POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela Married Maria STRIEKER, on 8/31/1915, in Aviston
POTTKER, John Bernard 4 May 18814 May 1881POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
POTTKER, John Henry 11 May 188511 May 1885POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Magdalena
POTTKER, Maria Anna 2 Jan 18798 Jan 1879POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
RADEMACHER, Francis 15 Dec 189317 Dec 1893RADEMACHER, Theodore GOEBEL, Gertrude Married Margaret Rosa KASSENS, on 10/3/1923, in St. Bernard Church, Albers, IL
REHKAMPER, Anna Catharina 28 Apr 189229 Apr 1892REHKAMPER, George POLLMANN, Maria Married Conrad HUELSMANN, on 11/28/1911, in Oconee, IL
REHKAMPER, Anna Maria 29 Oct 187629 Oct 1876REHKAMPER, Herman GEERS, Maria
REHKAMPER, Bernard 10 Aug 187910 Aug 1879REHKAMPER, Herman Maria
REHKAMPER, Catharina Bernadina 26 Dec 190026 Dec 1900REHKAMPER, George POLLMANN, Maria Married Aloysis HUMMERT, on 4/12/1932, in St. Louis, MO
REHKAMPER, Herman George 10 May 189411 May 1894REHKAMPER, George POLLMANN, Maria
REHKAMPER, Herman Henry 28 Sep 188928 Sep 1889REHKAMPER, Henry WILKE, Christina Married Anna SCHONEFELD, on 10/14/1913, in St. Rose Church
REHKAMPER, Maria Rosa 31 Oct 18981 Nov 1898REHKAMPER, George POLLMANN, Maria Married Henry W. HOLTHAUS, on 4/14/1936, in Ocossee, IL
REHKAMPER, Theresia Rosa 21 Apr 190322 Apr 1903REHKAMPER, George POLLMANN, Maria
REHKEMPER, Alois Henry 7 Jan 19067 Jan 1906REHKEMPER, George POLLMANN, Anna Married Dorothea G. BROWN, on 2/3/1932, in St. Louis, MO
REHKEMPER, Anna Maria 18 Mar 187119 Mar 1871REHKEMPER, Herman GERS, Anna Maria
REHKEMPER, Francis 4 Oct 18735 Oct 1873REHKEMPER, Herman GEERS, Anna Maria
REHKEMPER, Francis Henry 16 Jan 190316 Jan 1903REHKEMPER, Bernard TEBBE, Anna Married on 9/30/1925, pg. 99
REHKEMPER, George Joseph 8 Nov 18948 Nov 1894REHKEMPER, Henry WILKE, Christina
REHKEMPER, Helena Christina 1 Oct 18962 Oct 1896REHKEMPER, George POLLMANN, Maria
REHKEMPER, Henry August 28 Aug 190528 Aug 1905REHKEMPER, Bernard TEBBE, Anna Married Bernette KETTERER, on 11/6/1934, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
REHKEMPER, Leo Henry 20 Jan 189721 Jan 1897REHKEMPER, Henry WILKE, Christina Married Margaret DIEKMANN, on 8/31/1920
REICHART, Elisha Lora Bertha 25 Sep 190228 Oct 1902REICHART, Carl ACKERMANN, Bertha Married Friderick OSTENDORF, on 12/27/1920, in Edwardville, IL
REICHERT, Albert Irwin 1 Sep 189125 Oct 1891REICHERT, Carl ACKERMANN, Bertha
REICHERT, August Adolph 6 Oct 188226 Nov 1882REICHERT, Carl ACKERMANN, Bertha
REICHERT, Carl Friderick 7 Nov 188316 Mar 1884REICHERT, Carl ACKERMANN, Bertha
REICHERT, Ellen Albertina 5 May 189030 May 1890REICHERT, Carl ACKERMANN, Bertha
REICHERT, Francis Edward 26 Aug 188527 Sep 1885REICHERT, Carl ACKERMANN, Bertha
REILEMANN, Elisabeth Josephina 4 Aug 18945 Aug 1894REILEMANN, George HORCHLER, Catharina
REILMANN, Anna Theresia 6 Jun 18967 Jun 1896REILMANN, George HOEGLER, Katharina
REILMANN, Emil Henry 11 Feb 189812 Feb 1898REILMANN, George HOCHLER, Catharina
REILMANN, Gerhard Henry 8 Apr 18929 Apr 1892REILMANN, Gerhard HOCHLER, Catharina
REISS, Anton Michael 29 Jan 18867 Feb 1886REISS, Francis LIEBLER, Emma Married Catharina KREITER, on 10/30/1911, in St. Rose Church
REISS, Francis 9 Dec 187911 Dec 1879REISS, Francis JORDAN, Maria
REISS, Maria Antonia 8 Apr 187411 Apr 1874REISS, Daniel METZGER, Juliana
RENZING, Franzisca 29 Apr 18801 May 1880RENZING, Henry HEITZMANN, Christina
RENZING, Wilhelm 26 Mar 188328 Mar 1883RENZING, Herman HEITZMANN, Christina Married Wilhelmina Maria LOHOFF, daughter of Carl and Maria nee MISCHOFF, on 9/27/1910, in St. Felicitas Church, Beaver Prairie, IL
RICHTER, Anna Bernadina 13 Nov 187916 Nov 1879RICHTER, Henry John PETERMEYER, Anna Angela
RICHTER, Bernard 27 Dec 187730 Dec 1877RICHTER, Henry PETERMEYER, Anna Angela
RICHTER, Elisabeth 14 Jun 187314 Jun 1873RICHTER, Henry PETERMEYER, Anna
RICHTER, George Henry 1 Apr 18754 Apr 1875RICHTER, Henry PETERMEYER, Anna
RICHTER, Maria Elisabeth 19 Oct 188421 Oct 1884RICHTER, Henry PETERMEYER, Anna Angela
RICHTER, Maria Rosa 31 Jan 18823 Feb 1882RICHTER, Henry PETERMEYER, Maria Angela
ROHLING, Francis Martin 22 Sep 188223 Sep 1882ROHLING, Henry SUDHOLD, Maria
ROHLING, John Caspar 14 Jul 188115 Jul 1881ROHLING, Henry SUTHOLD, Maria
ROHLING, Maria Elisabeth 11 Jul 188512 Jul 1885ROHLING, Henry SUTHOLD, Maria
ROSEN, Anna Christina 11 Dec 189614 Dec 1896ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina Married Henry J. KLEIN, on 8/23/1921, pg. 91
ROSEN, Anna Maria 13 Jul 190015 Jul 1900ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina
ROSEN, Anton John 29 Sep 188629 Sep 1886ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina Married Louisa LIENING, on 3/7/1916, in St. Rose Church
ROSEN, Bernard Clement 15 Sep 188816 Sep 1888ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina Married Louis MILLER, on 9/17/1912, in Beaver Prairie, IL
ROSEN, John Henry 28 Oct 189028 Oct 1890ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina Married Theresia HASELHORST, on 1/22/1913, in St. Rose Church
ROSEN, Margaret Christina 27 Nov 189228 Nov 1892ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina Married August NEFF, on 5/9/1917, in St. Rose Church
ROSEN, Maria Adelheid 13 Jul 190015 Jul 1900ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina
ROSEN, Maria Rosa 24 Oct 188424 Oct 1884ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina
ROSEN, Maria Theresia Rosa 27 Oct 189428 Oct 1894ROSEN, Clement HILMES, Christina
SANDKUHLER, Anna Maria 4 Jun 18746 Jun 1874SANDKUHLER, Friderick BOHNENKEMPER, Catharina
SANDKUHLER, Henry Theodore 12 Feb 187714 Feb 1877SANDKUHLER, Friderick BOHNENKEMPER, Catharina
SANDKUHLER, John William 16 Feb 187318 Feb 1873SANDKUHLER, Friderick BOHNENKEMPER, Catharina
SCHONEFELD, Anna Henrietta 29 Jun 189330 Jun 1893SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina Married Henry REHKEMPER, on 10/14/1913, in St. Rose Church
SCHONEFELD, Bernard 13 Feb 189213 Feb 1892SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina
SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth Bernardina 25 May 190226 May 1902SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina
SCHONEFELD, Henrietta Catharina 13 Jan 190513 Jan 1905SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina
SCHONEFELD, John Henry 21 Feb 190021 Feb 1900SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina Married Beatrix L. MAY, on 6/26/1940, in St. Cordis Jesu Church, San Antonio, TX
SCHONEFELD, Josephina Maria 20 Oct 189721 Oct 1897SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina
SCHONEFELD, Maria Catharina 2 Aug 18903 Aug 1890SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina Married John SCHRAGE, on 5/2/1911, in St. Rose Church
SCHONEFLED, Joseph Martin 8 Aug 18959 Aug 1895SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina
SCHRAGE, Anna 13 Feb 188914 Feb 1889SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina Married Herman ROHLING, on 4/15/1913, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Anna Amilia 23 May 190523 May 1905SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth Married on 4/15/1925, pg. 98
SCHRAGE, Anna Franzisca 15 Jan 190019 Jan 1900SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna Married on 4/25/1922, pg. 92
SCHRAGE, Bernard Alphonse 5 Nov 19065 Nov 1906SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina
SCHRAGE, Bernard Joseph 18 Mar 189219 Mar 1892SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina Married Maria B. GOESTENKORS (baptised on 11/9/1895, in St. Rose Church), on 10/29/1919
SCHRAGE, Bernard Otto 22 Dec 190523 Dec 1905SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna
SCHRAGE, Bernardina Theresia 9 Nov 189611 Nov 1896SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna Married Joseph SCHUMACHER, on 1/28/1919, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Catharina Elisabeth 24 Aug 189225 Aug 1892SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth Married Francis STRAETER, on 5/18/1915, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Elisabeth 10 Apr 18801 Apr 1880SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Theresia
SCHRAGE, Emma Theresia 16 Feb 189716 Feb 1897SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina
SCHRAGE, Francis Anton 14 Sep 189914 Sep 1899SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married Franzisca E. MIDDE, on 2/1/1921, pg. 89
SCHRAGE, Francis Edward 13 Jan 190614 Jan 1906SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina Married on 6/4/1930, pg. 107
SCHRAGE, Francis Henry 3 May 19003 May 1900SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth Married on 5/25/1927, pg. 104
SCHRAGE, Friderick Joseph 27 May 189427 May 1894SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth Married Theodore BUEHNE, on 5/28/1918, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Henry Theodore 9 Nov 189510 Nov 1895SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married Adelheid KOHRS, on 11/17/1917, in Breese, IL
SCHRAGE, Herman Joseph 6 Feb 18887 Feb 1888SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married Veronica HOLTGRAVE, on 9/26/1911, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Joanna Angelina 2 Jun 18963 Jun 1896SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina Married G. H. KAMPWERTH, on 4/21/1921
SCHRAGE, John Henry 14 Jul 188914 Jul 1889SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married Maria SCHONEFELD, on 5/2/1911, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, John Henry 31 Dec 18901 Jan 1891SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina
SCHRAGE, John Joseph 2 Dec 18862 Dec 1886SCHRAGE, Henry TIMMERMANN, Wilhelmina
SCHRAGE, Joseph 7 Apr 18717 Apr 1871SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Maria Theresia
SCHRAGE, Joseph August 29 Apr 189830 Apr 1898SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna Married on 6/15/1924, pg. 95
SCHRAGE, Joseph Louis 21 Jan 190421 Jan 1904SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married on 6/21/1942, pg. 128
SCHRAGE, Joseph Theodore 6 Apr 19017 Apr 1901SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina Married on 2/26/1924, pg. 96
SCHRAGE, Josephina Catharina 5 Nov 19065 Nov 1906SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married on 6/23/1935, pg. 112
SCHRAGE, Maria Agnes 14 Sep 190114 Sep 1901SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married on 6/30/1923, pg. 93
SCHRAGE, Maria Agnes Theresia 20 Jan 187421 Jan 1874SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Maria Theresia
SCHRAGE, Maria Catharina 3 Feb 18944 Feb 1894SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married Henry HASELHORST, on 10/12/1915, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Maria Catharina 7 Nov 18988 Nov 1898SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina
SCHRAGE, Maria Clara 23 Dec 190224 Dec 1902SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna
SCHRAGE, Maria Ida 21 Nov 190321 Nov 1903SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina
SCHRAGE, Maria Theresia 15 Sep 189415 Sep 1894SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina Married Friderick ROHLING, on 4/17/1917, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Theresia Cecilia 27 Apr 189728 Apr 1897SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth Married Benedict HUELSMANN, on 6/11/1918, in St. Rose Church
SCHRAGE, Theresia Rosa 15 Mar 189116 Mar 1891SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina Married Anton HUELSMANN, son of Theodore and Anna nee RICHTER, on 5/13/1911
SCHRAGE, William Henry 19 Oct 190219 Oct 1902SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth Married Alma GOESTENKORS, on 10/19/1927, in Pierron, IL
SCHROER, Amilia 21 Jun 189321 Jun 1893SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna
SCHROER, Anna Catharina 19 Dec 188021 Dec 1880SCHROER, Francis RATERMANN, Christina
SCHROER, Anna Maria 18 Aug 187719 Aug 1877SCHROER, Francis RATERMANN, Christina
SCHROER, Anna Rosa 5 Jan 19056 Jan 1905SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna Married George MITCHELL, on 5/1/??, in St. Louis Cathedral, St. Louis, MO
SCHROER, Bernard Henry 20 Oct 189721 Oct 1897SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna
SCHROER, Elisabeth Clementina 28 Sep 190229 Sep 1902SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna
SCHROER, Elisabeth Franzisca 28 Mar 189629 Mar 1896SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna Married Francis MACKE (baptised on 3/12/1898, in St. Cecilia Church, Bartelso, IL), on 5/19/1920
SCHROER, Francis Alphonse 9 Nov 190610 Nov 1906SCHROER, Bernard ALBERTERNST, Theresia
SCHROER, Francis Bernard 1 Jan 18833 Jan 1883SCHROER, Francis RATERMANN, Christina
SCHROER, Francis Joseph 2 Sep 19003 Sep 1900SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna
SCHROER, Joseph Anton 24 Nov 190624 Nov 1906SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna Married Leona HOH, on 9/22/1935, in St. Anthony Church, Effingham, IL
SCHROER, Maria Anna 10 Oct 189411 Oct 1894SCHROER, Anton WALBERG, Anna
SCHROER, Maria Elisabeth 28 Nov 187829 Nov 1878SCHROER, Francis RATERMANN, Christina
SCHUETTE, Anna Maria 21 Sep 188121 Sep 1881SCHUETTE, Francis NIEMEIER, Elisabeth Married Francis Stuever, on 11/25/1914, in Aviston, IL
SCHUETTE, Elisabeth Maria Bernardina 20 Nov 190620 Nov 1906SCHUETTE, Joseph PETERMEIER, Elisabeth
SCHUETTE, Francis 14 May 187715 May 1877SCHUETTE, Peter MUELLER, Margaret Married Emma Carolina LUBER, on 4/23/1912
SCHUETTE, Francis Gerhard 25 May 188825 May 1888SCHUETTE, Francis NIEMEYER, Elisabeth
SCHUETTE, Francis Joseph Ignatz 18 Jun 190518 Jun 1905SCHUETTE, Joseph PETERMEYER, Elisabeth Confirmed on 6/27/1918, in Breese, IL; Married Maria E. Doyle, on 7/10/1941, in St. Louis, MO
SCHUETTE, Magdalena Rosa 8 Nov 18799 Nov 1879SCHUETTE, Peter MULLER, Margaret
SCHUETTE, Maria Elisabeth Franzisca 11 Jan 188312 Jan 1883SCHUETTE, Francis NIEMEYER, Elisabeth
SCHUETTE, Rosa 4 Jul 18757 Jul 1875SCHUETTE, Peter MULLER, Margaret
SCHUETTE, Wilhelm 31 May 18841 Jun 1884SCHUETTE, Francis NIEMEYER, Elisabeth
SCHULTE, Herman Henry 21 Feb 188022 Feb 1880SCHULTE, Henry POLLMANN, Anna
SCHUMACHER, Anna Angelina 28 Sep 190529 Sep 1905SCHUMACHER, Gerhard GOESTENKORS, Gertrude
SCHUMACHER, Anna Catharina Josepha 3 Dec 18934 Dec 1893SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria Married Adolph LUBER, on 9/2/1914, in St. Rose Church
SCHUMACHER, Anna Maria 8 Sep 18978 Sep 1897SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria Married John LUBER, on 4/18/1917, in Highland, IL
SCHUMACHER, Elisabeth Franzisca 19 Sep 190519 Sep 1905SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria
SCHUMACHER, Helena Angela Rosalia 30 Dec 18996 Jan 1900SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria
SCHUMACHER, John Gerhard 29 Jan 189229 Jan 1892SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria Married Emilia HOLTGRAVE, on 5/8/1917, in St. Rose Church
SCHUMACHER, Joseph Bernard 29 Oct 189529 Oct 1895SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria Married (1) Bernadina SCHRAGE, on 1/28/1919, in St. Rose Church; Married (2) Elvina (STEIN) VOELLINGER, on 1/6/1962, in St. Mary Church, Belleville
SCHUMACHER, Lawrence Bernard 10 Aug 190311 Aug 1903SCHUMACHER, Gerhard GOESTENCORS, Gertrude Married Rosalia STRIEKER, on 4/14/1926, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
SCHUMACHER, Margaret Clara 30 Dec 18996 Jan 1900SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria Married John B. KAMPWERTH, on 4/21/1921, pg. 90
SCHUMACHER, Maria Emma 29 Aug 190229 Aug 1902SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria Married on 11/17/1926, pg. 102
SCHUMACHER, Theodore Stephan 14 Oct 190115 Oct 1901SCHUMACHER, Gerhard GOESTENCORS, Gertrude Married on 2/24/1925, pg. 98
SCHUTTE, Anton Francis 22 Mar 188226 Mar 1882SCHUTTE, Peter MULLER, Margaret
SCHUTTE, Joseph 28 Jan 18734 Feb 1873SCHUTTE, Peter MULLER, Margaret
SCHWIERJOHAN, Clement Joseph 26 May 187827 May 1878SCHIERJOHAN, Clement SCHROER, Elisabeth
SCHWIERJOHAN, Theresia Elisabeth 6 Jul 18826 Jul 1882SCHWIERJOHAN, Clement SCHROER, Elisabeth
SCHWIERJOHANN, Anna Maria 22 Apr 187623 Apr 1876SCHWIERJOHANN, Clement SCHROER, Elisabeth
SCHWIERJOHANN, Catharina Elisabeth 16 Feb 188017 Feb 1880SCHWIERJOHANN, Clement SCHROER, Elisabeth
SCHWIERJOHANN, Franzisca 7 Jun 18728 Jun 1872SCHWIERJOHANN, Clement Dionys SCHROER, Elisabeth
SCHWIERJOHANN, Stephan Anton 17 Apr 187418 Apr 1874SCHWIERJOHANN, Clement SCHROER, Maria Elisabeth
SOLTMANN, Maria Anna 6 Dec 190228 Dec 1902SOLTMANN, Joseph LINEN, Maria Married Ernest J. ECKHARD, on 1/4/1935, in St. Boniface Church, Edwardsville, IL
SPITTLER, Adolph Henry 16 Jul 189425 Nov 1894SPITTLER, Gustav GASSMANN, Barbara
SPITTLER, Daniel 26 Nov 18719 May 1872SPITTLER, Jacob AMANN, Theresia
STALLBORIES, John Gregory 14 Sep 187115 Sep 1871STALLBORIES, Henry MENKE, Elisabeth
STEINMANN, Anton 27 Nov 188929 Nov 1889STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina Married Helena KORKENMEIER, on 1/25/1911, in St. Rose Church
STEINMANN, Bernard Joseph 7 Mar 19028 Mar 1902STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina
STEINMANN, Catharina Elisabeth 20 Oct 188121 Oct 1881STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina
STEINMANN, Francis Stephan 10 Jun 189312 Jun 1893STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina Married Franzisca WOLTERING (baptised on 5/14/1898, in St. Rose Church), on 8/17/1920, in St. Rose Church
STEINMANN, Franzisca Bertha 7 Mar 18968 Mar 1896STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Katharina Married John B. WEISENFELD (baptised on 2/19/1899, in St. Rose Church), on 5/20/1920
STEINMANN, Gerhard Francis 19 Dec 189120 Dec 1891STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina
STEINMANN, Henry 21 Aug 188722 Aug 1887STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGREVE, Catharina Married Maria BOENNHOFF, on 5/7/1912
STEINMANN, Maria Catharina Bernardina 22 Oct 188326 Oct 1883STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina Married on 10/7/1908, in Breese, IL
STEINMANN, Maria Elisabeth 21 Oct 187929 Oct 1879STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina
STEINMANN, Wilhelmina 10 Oct 188511 Oct 1885STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina
STEMPEL, Henry Francis 3 Jul 18903 Aug 1890STEMPEL, Henry WEIDNER, Anna Married Catharina Meyer (baptised in 1880, in St. Mary Church, Trenton, IL), on 5/30/1916, in St. George Church, New Baden, IL
STEMPEL, Joseph 13 Feb 188815 Feb 1888STEMPEL, Henry WEIDNER, Anna Married Francis FALTUS, on 1/22/1913, in New Baden, IL
STRAETER, Anton Bernard 9 Oct 188010 Oct 1880STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria
STRAETER, Catharina 8 Apr 18949 Apr 1894STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria Married Theodore HAGEN, on 6/24/??, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
STRAETER, Clara Louisa Eugenia 14 Aug 189015 Aug 1890STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria Married Herman HAAKE, on 10/12/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
STRAETER, Francis 23 Apr 188325 Apr 1883STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria Married Elisabeth SCHRAGE, in St. Rose Church
STRAETER, Gerhard Henry 8 Jun 18889 Jun 1888STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria
STRAETER, Maria Elisabeth 28 Mar 188629 Mar 1886STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria Married Victor BECHERER, on 11/19/1929, in St. Joseph Church
STUEVER, Anna Bernardina 12 Dec 189714 Dec 1897STUEVER, Bernard HILLEN, Anna
STUVER, Bernard Joseph 7 Oct 18957 Oct 1895STUVER, Bernard HILLEN, Anna
TEBBE, Alois 16 Feb 190016 Feb 1900TEBBE, Henry TRAME, Elisabeth
TEBBE, Anna Maria 1 Feb 188523 Feb 1885TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, Anton Bernard 19 Dec 188919 Dec 1889TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, August Henry 9 Dec 18909 Dec 1890TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina Married Maria WOLTERS, daughter of Bernard and Anna STROHMANN, on 6/4/1919
TEBBE, Bernard Henry 28 Dec 187829 Dec 1878TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina
TEBBE, Bernard Henry 24 Apr 188324 Apr 1883TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, Catharina Louisa 27 Sep 189128 Sep 1891TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina Married Henry GRAPPERHAUS, on 6/4/1912
TEBBE, Christina Elisabeth 28 Jan 190228 Jan 1902TEBBE, Henry TRAME, Elisabeth Married on 5/24/??, pg. 111
TEBBE, Clara Anna 27 Oct 187628 Oct 1876TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina
TEBBE, Friderica 14 Aug 188316 Aug 1883TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina Married Josephina GRAPPERHAUS, daughter of Henry and Catharina nee BONENKAMPER, on 10/7/1913, in St. Rose Church
TEBBE, Helena Elisabeth 20 Nov 190521 Nov 1905TEBBE, Theodore WESSEL, Josephina Married on 5/4/1927
TEBBE, Herman Henry 1 Feb 188523 Feb 1885TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina Married Clara FISCHER, on 11/9/1909, in St. Rose Church
TEBBE, Ida Christina 9 Aug 189910 Aug 1899TEBBE, Theodore HENRICHS, Josephina Married Anton KORTE (baptised on 1891 St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL), on 11/14/1919
TEBBE, John Bernard 3 Jan 18934 Jan 1893TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, John Henry 3 Feb 18864 Feb 1886TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina
TEBBE, John Theodore 4 Aug 18745 Aug 1874TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, Maria Agnes 24 Nov 189725 Nov 1897TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina Married Stephan WILKE, son of Henry and Catharina nee MIDDEKE, on 4/29/1919, in St. Rose Church
TEBBE, Maria Bernardina 28 Dec 187829 Dec 1878TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, Maria Catharina Louisa 24 Mar 187625 Mar 1876TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TEBBE, Maria Christina 27 Jan 188128 Jan 1881TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina
TEBBE, Maria Friderica 15 Dec 188716 Dec 1887TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina Married Theodore KORTE, on 1/21/1913, in St. Rose Church
TEBBE, Philomena 27 May 189528 May 1895TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina Married William BENHOFF, on 5/9/1916, in St. Rose Church
TEBBE, Theodore August 2 Oct 18883 Oct 1888TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina Married Maria Emma BECKMANN, on 5/2/1916, in Germantown
TEVES, John Gerhard 16 Jan 188520 Jan 1885TEVES, Clement POELKER, Clara Married August LUEKE, on 11/25/1914, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
TEWES, Bernard Henry 31 Mar 18902 Apr 1890TEWES, Clement POELKER, Clara
TEWES, John Bernard 31 Mar 18902 Apr 1890TEWES, Clement POELKER, Clara
THEVES, Joseph 24 Oct 188725 Oct 1887THEVES, Clement POLKER, Clara Married Maria SCHMUCK, on 11/23/1915, in Beckemeyer
THOLE, Alois Henry 13 Aug 189914 Aug 1899THOLE, Bernard REHKEMPER, Maria Married Christina JANSEN, on 5/29/1923, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
THOLE, Anna Maria Rosa 13 Jun 189713 Jun 1897THOLE, John Bernard REHKEMPER, Anna Maria Married August B. VONDER HAAR (baptised on 9/22/1893, in St. Rose Church), on 10/8/1919
THOLE, Anna Maria Theresia 22 May 187422 May 1874THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia
THOLE, Bernard Henry 1 Feb 18832 Feb 1883THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia Married Anna KUHL, daughter of Clement and Catharina nee BRINKER, on 10/16/1912, in Aviston, IL
THOLE, Elisabeth Joanna Bernardina 10 Dec 190510 Dec 1905THOLE, Clement STEINMANN, Catharina Married Edgar John WICK, on 9/27/1939, pg. 122
THOLE, Friderick John 6 Dec 19036 Dec 1903THOLE, Gerhard VOSSHOELLER, Maria Married Martha HILMES, on 1/27/1937, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
THOLE, Gregory Bernard 17 Mar 190717 Mar 1907THOLE, Gerhard VOSSHOELLER, Maria Married Alvina C. KREKE, on 4/12/1932, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
THOLE, Henry Anton 10 Sep 190411 Sep 1904THOLE, Bernard REHKAMPER, Maria Married on 4/20/1927, pg. 103
THOLE, Herman Bernard 18 Jan 187619 Jan 1876THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia Married Elisabeth KORTE, on 2/16/1909, in St. Rose Church
THOLE, Herman Henry 11 Mar 188512 Mar 1885THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia
THOLE, John Clement 7 May 18898 May 1889THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia Married on 4/26/1927
THOLE, John Henry Stephan 27 Dec 189527 Dec 1895THOLE, John Bernard REHKEMPER, Maria Anna Married Anna VONDER HAAR, daughter of Bernard and Carolina nee REBEL, on 5/6/1919
THOLE, Joseph Francis 22 May 190422 May 1904THOLE, Clement STEINMANN, Catharina Married Anna WICK, on 10/12/1937, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
THOLE, Maria Agnes 22 Sep 187223 Sep 1872THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia
THOLE, Maria Angelina Bernardina Josephina 9 Feb 18819 Feb 1881THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia
THOLE, Susanna Anna 15 Jun 190215 Jun 1902THOLE, Bernard REHKAMPER, Maria Married on 6/10/1925, pg. 99
THRAME, Elisabeth 29 Apr 188030 Apr 1880THRAME, August KRUP, Christina
THRAME, Maria Catharina 25 May 188425 May 1884THRAME, August KRUP, Christina Married Henry G. WESSEL, on 1/26/1909, in St. Rose Church
TOEBBE, Anna Maria 3 Jan 18754 Jan 1875TOEBBE, Henry HOLTHAUS, Elisabeth
TOEBBE, John Henry 13 Mar 187314 Mar 1873TOEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina
TOEBBE, Maria Elisabeth 5 Sep 18727 Sep 1872TOEBBE, Henry HOLTHAUS, Elisabeth
TOPFER, John Wilhelm 10 Aug 188512 Mar 1888TOPFER, George FREY, Maria
TRAGESSER, Anna Maria 6 Jul 18788 Jul 1878TRAGESSER, Adam BLANKE, Anna Maria
TRAGESSER, Conrad 11 Oct 187618 Oct 1876TRAGESSER, Adam BLANKE, Maria
TRAGESSER, Joseph 19 Mar 188120 Mar 1881TRAGESSER, Adam BLANKE, Maria
TRAGESSER, Michael 6 Jun 18747 Jun 1874TRAGESSER, Adam BLANKE, Maria
TRAME, Bernard August 22 Mar 190622 Mar 1906TRAME, Theodore SPIHLMANN, Agnes
TRAME, Henry 7 Nov 18788 Nov 1878TRAME, August KRUP, Christina Married Emma DUST, on 11/16/1910, in St. Rose Church
TRAME, John Henry 6 Aug 19076 Aug 1907TRAME, Theodore SPIELMANN, Agnes
TREUTLEIN, Anna Maria 6 Jan 18847 Jan 1884TREUTLEIN, Edward MALWES, Anna
TREUTLEIN, Julia Maria 2 Jul 18792 Jul 1879TREUTLEIN, Edward MALVES, Anna
TREUTLEIN, Maria Josepha Theresia 25 Dec 187727 Dec 1877TREUTLEIN, Edward MALWES, Anna
TUNKER, Bernard 7 Oct 186919 Oct 1869TUNKER, Gerhard HOFF, Anna Maria
ULL, Anna Maria 10 Dec 187218 Dec 1872ULL, Clement Ida
VANALST, Herman 25 Nov 189126 Nov 1891VANALST, Theodore SCHROEDER, Christina
VOECKS, Helena Barbara 10 Dec 187311 Dec 1873VOECKS, J. Bernard BEERENS, Helena
VON HATTEN, Anna Catharina 21 Feb 187722 Feb 1877VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Anna
VON HATTEN, Anna Maria 5 Jan 18828 Jan 1882VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEIER, Anna
VON HATTEN, Bernard Gerhard 26 Feb 189527 Feb 1895VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEIER, Anna Married Louisa WOLTERING (baptised on 6/17/1894, in St. Rose Church), on 9/30/1919, in St. Rose Church
VON HATTEN, Francis Joseph 15 Jan 187516 Jan 1875VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Maria Elisabeth Married Maria Gertrude HINKAMP, on 1/19/1909, in Breese, IL
VON HATTEN, Henry George 25 Dec 189026 Dec 1890VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMANN, Anna
VON HATTEN, Henry Michael 24 Jan 189325 Jan 1893VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEIER, Anna Married Eugenia MIDDEKE, daughter of John and Maria nee HENRICHS, on 5/14/1919
VON HATTEN, Joseph Louis 2 Jun 18854 Jun 1885VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Anna Married Catharina WOLTERING, in St. Rose Church
VON HATTEN, Maria Elisabeth 15 Mar 188816 Mar 1888VON HATTEN, Louis NIGGEMANN, Anna
VON HATTEN, Maria Magdalena 5 Mar 18737 Mar 1873VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Maria
VON HATTEN, Theresia Helena Wilhelmina 14 Jan 188318 Jan 1883VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Anna
VONDER HAAR, August Bernard 21 Sep 189322 Sep 1893VONDER HAAR, Bernard REBEL, Carolina Married Rosa THOLE (baptised on 6/12/1897, in St. Rose Church), on 10/8/1919
VONDER HAAR, Christina Elisabeth 12 Apr 189512 Apr 1895VONDER HAAR, Bernard REBEL, Carolina Married Joseph JANSEN, on 4/24/1917, in St. Rose Church
VONDER HAAR, Maria Anna 21 Jun 189721 Jun 1897VONDER HAAR, Bernard TRAME, Carolina Married John Henry THOLE, son of Henry and Maria nee REHKAEMPER, on 5/6/1919, in St. Rose Church
VOSHOLLER, Anna Maria 18 Dec 188119 Dec 1881VOSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina
VOSHOLLER, Elisabeth Bernardina 21 Feb 189921 Feb 1899VOSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Married John A. KEMPER (baptised on 8/13/1897, in St. Anthony Church, Lively Grove, IL), on 6/28/1921, pg 91
VOSHOLLER, Maria Catharina 18 May 189719 May 1897VOSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina
VOSSHOELLER, Anna Maria 2 Dec 18864 Dec 1886VOSSHOELLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina
VOSSHOELLER, Anna Maria Clara 30 Jan 188031 Jan 1880VOSSHOELLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Married Henry G. LAMPE, on 2/9/1915
VOSSHOELLER, John Theodore 13 Mar 189513 Mar 1895VOSSHOELLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Married Elizabeth DIEKMANN, on 5/26/1925, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
VOSSHOELLER, Maria Catharina 23 Feb 188825 Feb 1888VOSSHOELLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina
VOSSHOELLER, Rosa Carolina 8 Aug 18911 Aug 1891VOSSHOELLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Married Anton WOBBE, on 7/27/1915
VOSSHOELLER, Rosa Christina 11 Jun 188812 Jun 1888VOSSHOELLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina
VOSSHOLLER, Anna Maria Clara 15 Aug 187916 Aug 1879VOSSHOLLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina Died on 8/25/1879
VOSSHOLLER, Bernard Henry 20 Jul 187820 Jul 1878VOSSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Died on 7/28/1878
VOSSHOLLER, Friderick Joseph 17 Nov 188317 Nov 1883VOSSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Married Ella Maria KUSTERMANN, on 2/1/1916, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
VOSSHOLLER, Henry 20 Jul 187820 Jul 1878VOSSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina
VOSSHOLLER, Herman Henry 29 Aug 188630 Aug 1886VOSSHOLLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina Married Carolina BUSS, on 4/19/1910, in Germantown
VOSSHOLLER, Maria Josepha 30 Dec 189922 Feb 1884VOSSHOLLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina
VOSSHOLLER, Rosa Carolina 30 Aug 188130 Aug 1881VOSSHOLLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina
WAAL, Barbara Margaret 31 Jan 187327 Apr 1873WAAL, Andrew GRASER, Margaret
WALBERG, Joanna Anna Maria 16 Aug 18743 Feb 1887WALBERG, Bernard WEBER, Margaret
WALL, Andrew 7 Oct 187023 Apr 1871WALL, Andrew GRASSER, Margaret
WALL, Joseph 9 Sep 186723 Apr 1871WALL, Andrew GRASSER, Margaret
WANGLER, John Friderick 5 May 18788 May 1878WANGLER, Andrew BAAR, Maria Anna
WEHRLE, Daniel 9 Oct 187211 Oct 1872WEHRLE, Nicolaus KOCH, Agatha
WEIDNER, Bertha Johanna 11 Jun 188110 Jul 1881WEIDNER, Carl BRAUN, Maria Anna
WEIDNER, Eleonora Elisabeth 19 Jan 190527 Jan 1905WEIDNER, Francis ESSWEIN, Dorothea Married on 1/18/1927, in St. Louis, MO
WEIDNER, Emma Theresia 14 Mar 187616 Apr 1876WEIDNER, Carl BRAUN, Maria
WEIDNER, Francis Louis 25 Jan 18748 Mar 1874WEIDNER, Carl BRAUN, Maria Anna
WEIDNER, Friderick John 2 Jun 187917 Aug 1879WEIDNER, Philipp ERHARD, Theresia
WEIDNER, Gregory Albert 19 Apr 18731 Jun 1873WEIDNER, Philipp EHRHARD, Theresia
WEIDNER, John 24 Sep 186924 Oct 1869WEIDNER, Carl BRAUN, Maria
WEIDNER, Joseph 17 Jul 187120 Aug 1871WEIDNER, Philipp EHRHARD, Theresia
WEIDNER, Josephina Margaret 8 Nov 190625 Nov 1906WEIDNER, Francis ESWINE, Dorothea Married on 3/1/??, pg. 102
WEIDNER, Maria Sophia 24 Nov 18781 Jan 1879WEIDNER, Carl Joseph BRAUN, Maria Anna
WEIDNER, Philipp Joseph 23 Dec 18776 Mar 1878WEIDNER, Philipp EHRHARDT, Theresia
WEIDNER, Robert Adolph 13 May 188418 Aug 1884WEIDNER, Carl FLIEILIR, Wilhelmina
WEIDNER, Salome Maria 18 Dec 190322 Dec 1903WEIDNER, Francis ESWINE, Dorothea Married on 1/15/1924, pg. 95
WEIDNER, Wilhelm Henry 1 Jun 18757 Nov 1875WEIDNER, Philipp EHRHARDT, Theresia
WEISENFELD, Anton Gerhard 24 Oct 190525 Oct 1905WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth Married Francisca ABELN, on 5/2/??, in St. Anthony Church, St. Louis, MO
WEISENFELD, August 15 Nov 189122 Nov 1891WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WEISENFELD, Bernard Joseph 10 Nov 189611 Nov 1896WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WEISENFELD, Clara Barbara 11 Sep 190312 Sep 1903WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth Married, pg. 99
WEISENFELD, Friderica Wilhelmina 20 Jun 189321 Jun 1893WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth Married John B. MUSENBROCK (baptised on 1/24/1896, in St. Rose Church), on 10/22/1919,
WEISENFELD, Henry 23 Nov 188723 Nov 1887WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WEISENFELD, John Bernard 18 Feb 189919 Feb 1899WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth Married Bertha F. STEINMANN (baptised on 3/8/1896, in St. Rose Church), on 5/20/1920.
WEISENFELD, Joseph 23 Mar 189523 Mar 1895WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WEISENFELD, Maria Elisabeth 26 Jul 190128 Jul 1901WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WEISENFELD, Maria Theresia 9 May 188610 May 1886WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WEISENFELD, Theodore Henry 15 Nov 188916 Nov 1889WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth Married Rosa Margaret SAVAGE, on 5/15/1918, in St. Jacob Church, Wetmore, Kansas
WELLEN, Catharina Joanna 1 Mar 19042 Mar 1904WELLEN, Bernard THOLE, Maria Married G. B. TIMMERMANN, on 2/10/??, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
WELLEN, John Leo 16 Jan 190017 Jan 1900WELLEN, Bernard THOLE, Maria
WELLEN, Leo Bernard 10 Dec 189710 Dec 1897WELLEN, Bernard THOLE, Maria
WELLEN, Maria Anna 19 Jul 190220 Jul 1902WELLEN, Bernard THOLEN, Maria
WERHENFELD, Maria Elisabeth 21 Nov 188322 Nov 1883WERHENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
WESSEL, Carolina Wilhelmina 11 Oct 190012 Oct 1900WESSEL, August LAMPE, Maria Elisabeth
WESSELMANN, Anna Maria 22 Oct 189623 Oct 1896WESSELMANN, Gerard HULSMANN, Maria
WESSELMANN, Bernard Anton 31 Oct 18991 Nov 1899WESSELMANN, Gerhard HUELSMANN, Maria
WESSELMANN, Catharina Carolina 2 Apr 18982 Apr 1898WESSELMANN, Gerard HUELSMANN, Maria Married Frederick NIEMEYER (baptised on 1/31/1896, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL), on 10/8/1919, in St. George Church, New Baden, IL
WESSELS, John Henry 22 Aug 187523 Aug 1875WESSELS, Henry RUTER, Anna Maria
WILKE, Anna Bernardina 9 Nov 190110 Nov 1901WILKE, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Margaret
WILKE, Bernard Aloysius 1 Jan 18991 Jan 1899WILKE, Francis GOESTENCORS, Catharina Married on 4/25/1922, pg. 92
WILKE, Christina Cecilia 21 Sep 190622 Sep 1906WILKE, Henry GOESTENKORS, Catharina Married on 6/4/1930, pg. 107
WILKE, Gerhard Anton 10 May 190611 May 1906WILKE, Bernard BEHRMANN, Anna Married Martha SANDHEINRICH, on 5/6/1934, in St. Libory
WILKE, Helena 8 Mar 187710 Mar 1877WILKE, Henry OSTERMANN, Gertrude
WILKE, Herman Henry 25 Jan 189026 Jan 1890WILKE, Henry GOESTENCORS, Catharina
WILKE, Herman Henry 22 Dec 189623 Dec 1896WILKE, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Margaret Married Theresia GOESTENKORS (baptised on 1/25/1894, in St. Rose Church), on 10/29/1919
WILKE, John Henry 16 Jul 187419 Jul 1874WILKE, John Henry OSTERMANN, Gertrude
WILKE, John William 28 Dec 190328 Dec 1903WILKE, Henry GERSTENKORS, Catharina Married on 4/17/1929, pg. 106
WILKE, Josephina Gertrude 18 May 190119 May 1901WILKE, Henry GOESTENCORS, Catharina Married on 4/24/1928, pg. 105
WILKE, Lawrence John 1 Feb 19001 Feb 1900WILKE, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Margaret
WILKE, Maria Anna 6 Feb 18967 Feb 1896WILKE, Henry GOESTENCORS, Catharina Married William HOLTGRAVE, son of Henry and Elisabeth nee SCHONEFELD, on 4/29/1919
WILKE, Maria Elisabeth 15 Apr 189815 Apr 1898WILKE, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Margaret Married on 4/26/1927, pg. 103
WILKE, Stephan 5 Mar 18915 Mar 1891WILKE, Henry GOESTENCORS, Catharina Married Maria TEBBE, daughter of Henry and Catharina nee MIDDEKE, on 4/29/1919, in St. Rose Church
WILKE, Theresia 25 Aug 189326 Aug 1893WILKE, Henry GOESTENCORS, Catharina Married Henry J. RAKERS, on 11/16/1915, in St. Rose Church
WILKE, William Henry 21 Jul 190122 Jul 1901WILKE, John THOLE, Angela
WILLE, Bernard Henry 21 Aug 187822 Aug 1878WILLE, George BEWER, Theresia
WILLI, Anna Catharina 13 Jul 187214 Jul 1872WILLI, George BEVER, Theresia
WILLI, Caspar 23 Nov 187626 Nov 1876WILLI, George BEWER, Theresia
WILLI, Peter 31 Jul 18742 Aug 1874WILLI, George BEWER, Theresia
WILLMANN, Rosa Friderica 3 Jul 189810 Jul 1898WILLMANN, William BESEN, Magdalena Married Homer RHODES, on 6/20/1957, in St. John the Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO
WITTMER, Joseph George 4 May 18786 May 1878 WITTMER, Anna
WOLTERING, Anna Frederica Olivia 3 May 19064 May 1906WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEIER, Anna Married John ISERT, on 9/3/1924, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
WOLTERING, Anna Maria 18 Feb 187318 Feb 1873WOLTERING, Henry VOSSHOLLER, Catharina
WOLTERING, Anna Maria 20 Nov 188321 Nov 1883WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEIER, Anna
WOLTERING, Anna Maria Rosa 18 Nov 189119 Nov 1891WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa
WOLTERING, Bernard Henry 8 Mar 18848 Mar 1884WOLTERING, Henry BOELE, Franzisca
WOLTERING, Bernard Henry 25 Oct 188527 Oct 1885WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna
WOLTERING, Bernardina Elisabeth 16 May 188717 May 1887WOLTERING, Henry BOELE, Franzisca
WOLTERING, Bertha Anna 9 Apr 190110 Apr 1901WOLTERING, Henry BOEHLE, Franzisca Married Emil T. LEIENDECKER, on 5/27/1924, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
WOLTERING, Emma Clara 7 Oct 19028 Oct 1902WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEIER, Anna
WOLTERING, Francis Bernard 5 Jun 18955 Jun 1895WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa Married Anna WESSEL, daughter of August and Elisabeth nee LAMPE, on 4/30/1919, in St. Rose Church
WOLTERING, Francis Bernard 22 Jul 189623 Jul 1896WOLTERING, Bernard BOELE, Franzisca Married on 4/20/1926, pg. 100
WOLTERING, Francis William 13 Nov 190413 Nov 1904WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa
WOLTERING, Franzisca Bertha 29 Oct 190229 Oct 1902WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa Married on 11/7/1922, in St. Rose Church, pg. 92
WOLTERING, Henry 25 Mar 187626 Mar 1876WOLTERING, Henry VOSSHOLLER, Catharina
WOLTERING, Herman Aloysius 26 Nov 189528 Nov 1895WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna Married Maria Olivia GEIGER (baptised on 6/9/1901, in St. Paul Church), on 9/12/1922, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
WOLTERING, Herman Henry 8 Sep 18779 Sep 1877WOLTERING, Henry VOSSHOLLER, Catharina
WOLTERING, Herman Henry 8 Mar 18979 Mar 1897WOLTERING, John Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa Married Olivia NIEMEYER, on 11/5/1919, in St. Anthony Church, St. Louis, MO
WOLTERING, Ida Bernardina 4 Aug 19005 Aug 1900WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna Married Joseph F. GEIGER, on 10/23/1923, pg. 95
WOLTERING, John Bernard Henry 1 Oct 18882 Oct 1888WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna
WOLTERING, John Theodore 27 Feb 18821 Mar 1882WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna
WOLTERING, John Theodore 5 Jul 18926 Jul 1892WOLTERING, Henry BOELE, Franzisca Married Maria Martina METTLER, on 5/1/1917, in Highland, IL
WOLTERING, Joseph 15 Apr 189115 Apr 1891WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna
WOLTERING, Josephina Christina 8 Oct 19008 Oct 1900WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa Married on 5/18/??, pg. 101
WOLTERING, Louisa Margaret 16 Jun 189417 Jun 1894WOLTERING, Henry BOELE, Franzisca Married Bernard VON HATTEN (baptised on 2/27/1895, in St. Rose Church), on 9/30/1919
WOLTERING, Maria Catharina 13 Aug 189015 Aug 1890WOLTERING, Henry BOEHLE, Franzisca Married Louis VON HATTEN, in St. Rose Church
WOLTERING, Maria Christina 15 Aug 188515 Aug 1885WOLTERING, Henry BOELE, Franzisca Married William BOENNHOFF, on 4/19/1910, in St. Rose Church
WOLTERING, Maria Clara 11 Aug 187413 Aug 1874WOLTERING, Henry VOSSHOLLER, Catharina
WOLTERING, Maria Elisabeth 30 Sep 19831 Oct 1893WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEIER, Anna
WOLTERING, Maria Francisca 13 May 189814 May 1898WOLTERING, Henry BOHLE, Francisca Married F. S. STEINMANN (baptised on 6/12/1873, in St. Rose Church), on 8/17/1920, in St. Rose Church
WOLTERING, Maria Wilhelmina Josepha 16 Apr 189817 Apr 1898WOLTERING, Herman NIEMEYER, Anna Married Joseph F. Ratermann, on 10/25/1921, in St. Rose Church
WOLTERING, Rosa Carolina 23 May 188824 May 1888WOLTERING, Henry BOEHLE, Franzisca
WOLTERING, Theresia Elisabeth 21 Jul 189322 Jul 1893WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa
WOLTERS, Anna Margaret 15 Sep 189516 Sep 1895WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna Married Erwin ESSENPREIS, on 9/15/1914 in St. Rose Church
WOLTERS, Anna Maria 12 Jan 189913 Jan 1899WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna Married August TEBBE, son of Theodore and Christina nee WOLTERING, on 6/4/1919
WOLTERS, Francis 24 May 189024 May 1890WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna
WOLTERS, Gerhard Henry 28 Nov 188229 Nov 1882WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna
WOLTERS, Gertrude Anna 9 Nov 188611 Nov 1886WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna
WOLTERS, Henry George 25 Apr 189326 Apr 1893WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna Married on 4/9/1912, in St. Felicitas Church, Beaver Prairie, IL
WOLTERS, Maria Elisabeth 10 Dec 188411 Dec 1884WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna Married Bernard POLLMANN, on 11/24/1908
WUBBELS, Maria Rosa Theresia 18 Nov 190618 Nov 1906WUBBELS, Henry VOSSHOELLER, Rosa
WUEBBELS, Maria Carolina 22 Jul 190522 Jul 1905WUEBBELS, Henry VOSHOELLER, Rosa Married on 10/20/1926, in St. Bernard Church, Albers, IL

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