To protect the personal data from cemeteries that we have under our control from improper use or disclosure, we have adopted the following policies:

  1. For cemetery listings where if one spouse is deceased and one is still living*, we list the deceased person and we will change the given name of the living person to "Living". We do not list marriage dates and childrens names. We do not list the maiden name of the living spouse. This information may be available to relatives as appropriate. Contact Us if you have any questions.
  2. Photos of the tombstone may be in the gallery. If a relative of the living person objects, Contact Us, and we may edit or remove the photo.
  3. For cemetery listings where both people are still living*, we may list their surname and change their given names to "Living". The listing may include birth dates.
  4. Photos of tombstones where both are still alive will not be posted in the gallery for public display. (They may be posted in a "Hold" album viewable by those with administrative access.)
  5. Photos of military markers may be posted in the gallery separate from the tombstones.
  6. Photos of other features of a cemetery such as entrance gates, statues, Stations of the Cross, etc. may be posted in the gallery.

If you have a photo or information that you would like to submit to supplement or replace what is already online, please Contact Us.

* "Living" means that a name has been engraved on a stone, usually with a birth date but no death date. If the birth date is after 1940, we assume that person could still be "Living". We realize that person could have died and been buried there and no one engraved the death date on the stone. Or the person remarried and is buried with their new spouse. Or the person moved away, perhaps to live with an adult child, and is buried at that location. We can update the Listing and post available photos if you Contact Us with update information.

Last modified: 18 August 2012