The following information was provided by Dale Schrage from a 1980 reunion.

Sept. 2, 1924 to May 26, 1925

Student Age Grade Teacher
HILMES, Martha61Gertrude Ratermann
ROHLING, Dorothy61Gertrude Ratermann
ROHLING, Pauline61Gertrude Ratermann
SPIHLMAN, Bernard61Gertrude Ratermann
RATERMANN, Otto72Gertrude Ratermann
WOLTERS, Louise72Gertrude Ratermann
RATERMANN, Martha83Gertrude Ratermann
SPIHLMAN, Leo83Gertrude Ratermann
ROHLING, Henrietta94Gertrude Ratermann
SPIHLMAN, Raymond94Gertrude Ratermann
WOLTERS, John94Gertrude Ratermann
SPIHLMAN, Emelia105Gertrude Ratermann
VOSS, Regina105Gertrude Ratermann
RATERMANN, Clara106Gertrude Ratermann
WOLTERS, Fred126Gertrude Ratermann
RATERMANN, Frank138Gertrude Ratermann

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