The following information was provided by Dale Schrage from a 1980 reunion.

Sept. 6, 1927 to May 31, 1928

Student Age Grade Teacher
WOLTERS, Bertha61Norma I. Kuhn
HILMES, Bertha61Norma I. Kuhn
VOSS, Leona51Norma I. Kuhn
BOENHOFF, Clarence51Norma I. Kuhn
RATERMANN, Odelia61Norma I. Kuhn
BOENHOFF, Raymond72Norma I. Kuhn
RATERMANN, Victor62Norma I. Kuhn
ROHLING, Alvina72Norma I. Kuhn
RATERMANN, Robert73Norma I. Kuhn
RATERMANN, Wilhelmine83Norma I. Kuhn
ROHLING, Edmond73Norma I. Kuhn
BOENHOFF, Vince83Norma I. Kuhn
HILMES, Martha94Norma I. Kuhn
ROHLING, Dorothy94Norma I. Kuhn
ROHLING, Pauline94Norma I. Kuhn
RATERMANN, Otto105Norma I. Kuhn
WOLTERS, Louise105Norma I. Kuhn
RATERMANN, Martha116Norma I. Kuhn
BOENHOFF, Mildred116Norma I. Kuhn
ROHLING, Henrietta127Norma I. Kuhn
WOLTERS, John127Norma I. Kuhn
VOSS, Regina138Norma I. Kuhn

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