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EDWARDS, Bobby D76 Potts Camp MS>Carlyle IL CarlyleUB 9 Sep 2009 fch 
EDWARDS, Florence (HEINRICH)94 Breese IL CarlyleUB 23 Aug 2000 fch 
EDWARDS, Lilian A (CURDT)87 Mt Vernon IL CarlyleUB 15 Aug 2007 fch 
EDWARDS, Theodore Harold89 Breese IL CarlyleUB 26 Aug 2009 fch 
EILERING, Dora C. (JOHNSON)78 Breese IL>Breese IL CarlyleUB 20 Apr 1977 Linda Holthaus 
EILERS, Bertha T (DEIMEKE)93 Breese IL CarlyleUB 7 Apr 2004 fch 
EILERS, Catherine (RICHTER)95 Breese IL CarlyleUB 22 May 1996 Linda Holthaus 
ELAM, Walter95 Pleasant Mound IL>Greenville IL CarlyleUB 22 May 1996 Linda Holthaus 
EMERY, Caroline (APPLE)82 Hancock CO IN>Carlyle IL Greenville Advocate 13 Jan 1918 Dorothy Scott Falk 
EMIG, Severin E86 Aviston IL CarlyleUB 30 Sep 2009 fch 
ENGLEHARDT, Joseph61 Breese IL Breese J 1 Nov 1923 Linda Holthaus 
ENNEN, Brian E30 Keyesport IL CarlyleUB 7 May 2008 fch 
ENNEN, Jerry Allen52 Highland IL>Huntsville AL CarlyleUB (IL) 14 Jan 2009 fch 
ENNEN, Tyler JohnSt. Louis MO>St. Louis MO CarlyleUB 28 Jun 1989 Linda Holthaus 
ENTRES, Anton B89 Breese IL Breese J  John Ratermann 
ESSENPREIS, Jim 84 Breese IL CarlyleUB 22 Sep 2004  
ESSINGTON, Donald W62 Carlyle IL CarlyleUB 23 Sep 2009 fch 
ETTER, Christine (MEYER)30 Grand Rapids MI>Lincoln IL CarlyleUB 18 Aug 1999 fch 
ETTER, Kent J30 Lincoln IL CarlyleUB 18 Aug 1999 fch 
ETTER, Shirley A (ROBINETT) [NEWKIRK]66 Carlyle IL CarlyleUB 17 Sep 2003 fch 
EVANS, Chester Leon89 Quitman MS>Mascoutah IL CarlyleUB 2 Jul 2008 fch 
EVANS, Virdell A (LUNTE)84 Trenton IL CarlyleUB 2 Jul 2008 fch 
EVANS, William Harry73 Anderson IL CarlyleUB 2 Apr 2003 fch 
EVERSGERD, Arnold G46 Germantown IL  24 Nov 1982 Evelyn Reynolds 
EVERSGERD, Bernadine C "Bernie" (TEIPEL)84 Kirkwood MO CarlyleUB (IL) 1 Sep 2004  
EVERSGERD, Floyd H85 Aviston IL CarlyleUB 7 Apr 1999 fch 
EVERSGERD, Wilhelmina (RICHTER)84 Breese IL>Clayton MO CarlyleUB (IL) 9 Apr 1997 Linda Holthaus 

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