Abbreviations: Heirs (a)=aunt, (b)=brother, (bl)=brother-in-law, (c)=child, (co)=cousin, (d)=daughter, (dec)=deceased, (dl)=daughter-in-law, (f)=father, (fl)=father-in-law, (gd)=granddaughter, (gs)=grandson, (ggs)=great-grandson, (h)=husband, (m)=mother, (ml)=mother-in-law, (n)=nephew, (ni)=niece, (s)=son, (sd)=step-daughter, (sis)=sister, (sisl)=sister-in-law, (sl) son-in-law, (ss)=step-son, (u)=unknown, (w)=wife

Name Will Number Will Date Age Death Date Place of Death Probate Date Heirs/Comments
IBIG, Joseph323Sept 8, 1877---Oct 15, 1877(w) Anna Cecelia
ILGES, Frank720Nov 18, 189355--Dec 4, 1893(w) Anna Theresia, (s) Fr. John, (s) Otto Frank, (d) Anna Christina, (s) Bernard Henry, (d) Anna Rosa, (s) Hermann Benedict, (s) Bernard Henry, (d) Maria Catharine wife of Henry HILMES, (gd) Christina daughter of Maria Catharine's 1st marriage
IMMING, Herman B.518Apr 8, 188640--May 20, 1886(w) Elisabeth
IMMING, John Bernard-Aug 9, 191576Feb 2, 1917Damiansville, ILFeb 12, 1917(s) John, (s) Henry, (s) Bernard, (s) Herman
IRELAND, D.587------
IRWIN, Louella N.786-792------
ISAAC, Frank Sr.-Mar 9, 1910-Apr 18, 1915Beckemeyer, ILJun 7, 1915(w) Catharine, (d dec) Katie BACH, (d) Susan now Sister Leokordia, (d) Mary now Sister Leonilda, (d) Anna
ISAAC, Susan437Aug 28, 1878---Sept 1883(gd) Mary ISAAC, (gs) Nicholas SEBASTIAN, (gs) John B. ISAAC, (s) Frank, (d) Mary wife of Herman GEHRS, (d) Catharine ROHR