Abbreviations: Heirs (a)=aunt, (b)=brother, (bl)=brother-in-law, (c)=child, (co)=cousin, (d)=daughter, (dec)=deceased, (dl)=daughter-in-law, (f)=father, (fl)=father-in-law, (gd)=granddaughter, (gs)=grandson, (ggs)=great-grandson, (h)=husband, (m)=mother, (ml)=mother-in-law, (n)=nephew, (ni)=niece, (s)=son, (sd)=step-daughter, (sis)=sister, (sisl)=sister-in-law, (sl) son-in-law, (ss)=step-son, (u)=unknown, (w)=wife

Name Will Number Will Date Age Death Date Place of Death Probate Date Heirs/Comments
JACOB, Anthony Sr.432------
JACOBSMEYER, George-1897----(w) Mary
JAMISON, William645------
JANSEN, Albert393Jun 13, 187471--Oct 1881(w) Friedericka, (s) Bernard, (s) John, (s) Henry
JANSEN, Henry725Jan 17, 1894Feb 19--Apr 3, 1894(w) Mary, (s) Henry, (d) Mary, (d) Emma, (s) Ben, (s) Martin, (s) John, (d) Anna, (s) Herman
JANSEN, Joseph-Mar 15, 1916-Mar 17, 1916Breese, ILApr 3, 1916(gs) Anton HILBUS, (sl) Henry HILBUS, (s) Clemens, (s) August, (d) Katie KLUMKE
JASPER, Wilhelm724------
JENNA, Jacob F.546------
JENNINGS, Christ689------
JENNKINS or JUNKINS, James298-299------
JESSEL, A. Helena-Jun 9, 190175Sep 15, 1914Breese, ILNov 2, 1914(h) Frank, Roman Catholic Church of Bawenkel Aut Lingen, Hannover, Prussia, Germany, (b dec) Joseph NABER, (ni) Theresia NABER wife of John Henry STRIET of Ramsel Aut Lingen, (ni) Maria Anna NABER wife of Herman KIERKES of Leschede near Mehringer Aut Ling
JOHN, Augustin185------
JOHNSON, D. M.526------
JOHNSON, James G.209-210------
JUNKER, Herman---May 1, 1917Bartelso, ILMay 12, 1917(d) Anna BOEVING, (s) Rudolph, (d) Rosa, (d) Agnes, (s) Paul, (d) Edna, (d) Clara, (w) Elisabeth
JUNKER, Peter721----Jan 15, 1894(w) Elizabeth, (d dec) Barbara HORN, (s) Adam, other children not listed by name
JUNKINS or JENNKINS, Dan S.619------