Abbreviations: Heirs (a)=aunt, (b)=brother, (bl)=brother-in-law, (c)=child, (co)=cousin, (d)=daughter, (dec)=deceased, (dl)=daughter-in-law, (f)=father, (fl)=father-in-law, (gd)=granddaughter, (gs)=grandson, (ggs)=great-grandson, (h)=husband, (m)=mother, (ml)=mother-in-law, (n)=nephew, (ni)=niece, (s)=son, (sd)=step-daughter, (sis)=sister, (sisl)=sister-in-law, (sl) son-in-law, (ss)=step-son, (u)=unknown, (w)=wife

Name Will Number Will Date Age Death Date Place of Death Probate Date Heirs/Comments
OBERLY, Michael319------
OGLE, William188-189------
OHLER, John515------
ONEILL, Mary592------
ORRELL, Isaac178Mar 29 187160---(w) Mary
OSTERMANN, Joseph179Mar 15 187259--May 21 1872(s) Bernard, (s) Theodore, (d) Anna, (d) Catharina, (ss) Joseph ROBERG
OTKE, G. H.-1900----(w) Mary, (d) Elizabeth VOSS, (d) Adelheid MEYER, (s) G. H. CASIMIRE, (gs) G. H. August VOSS
OVERBECK, Diedrich703Sep 1 1892---Aug 1893(w) Catharine
OVERBECKEN, Katharina-Dec 8 1894---Jan 1, 1902Witnesses Benedict LAGER and Gerhard J. GEERS