Abbreviations: Heirs (a)=aunt, (b)=brother, (bl)=brother-in-law, (c)=child, (co)=cousin, (d)=daughter, (dec)=deceased, (dl)=daughter-in-law, (f)=father, (fl)=father-in-law, (gd)=granddaughter, (gs)=grandson, (ggs)=great-grandson, (h)=husband, (m)=mother, (ml)=mother-in-law, (n)=nephew, (ni)=niece, (s)=son, (sd)=step-daughter, (sis)=sister, (sisl)=sister-in-law, (sl) son-in-law, (ss)=step-son, (u)=unknown, (w)=wife

Name Will Number Will Date Age Death Date Place of Death Probate Date Heirs/Comments
TABOR, James M.413-414------
TAPHORN, Gerhard-Mar 11, 1905----(w) Louisa, (s) Theodore, (s) Anthony, (d) Lena, (d) Catherine, (d) Mary SUDHOLT, (s) Gerhard
TAPHORN, Louise-1906----(d) Mary wife of Henry SUDHOLT, (d) Lena wife of Fred SCHMIDT, (d) Catharine, (s) Gerhard, (s) Theodore, (s) Anton
THEISLING, Herman B.-Mar 21, 1905----(d) Anna wife of Bernard THURMAN, (w) Christine
THIELE, Paul Herman Edward388Apr 8 188121--May 11 1881from Rochester, NY; friend William D. WENNICK
THIEN, Bernhard-Feb 24 1859----(w) Maria Gesina, (s) John Herman, (s) Bernhard Eberhard, (s) Bernhard Henry, (d) Maria Helena, (s) Anna Maria
THIEN, Mary Kruep-190863---(ml) Theresia KRUEP, (fl) Albert KRUEP, (d dec) Anna, (h dec) Bernard K., (s dec) Bernard
THOELE, Elizabeth-Feb 1 1911-Feb 9 1918Germantown, ILApr 1918(h dec) Gerhard, (d) Mary wife of John NORDHAUS, (gs) Gerhard HOLTMANN, (gs) Henry HOLTMANN, (gd) Lizzie NORDHAUS, (gd) Francis NORDHAUS, (s) Joseph
THOLE, Bernard-May 29 191369Dec 7 1913St. Rose, ILDec 16 1913(w) Theresia, (s) Bernard, (d) Louise OTTENSMEIER, (d) Mary PUMPENMEIER, (d) Theresia ROETKER, (s) Herman, (s) George
THOLE, Gerhard-May 15 190960May 16 1909Germantown, ILJul 22 1909(w) Elisabeth
THOLEN, Herman-Mar 11, 1905----(sis) Adelheid of Germany, (sis) Elizabeth wife of Ben DUST living in Germany
TIMMERMANN, Gerhard-190756---(w) Mary, (sl) Henry HUSTEDDE
TIMMERMANN, Henry529Aug 8 188659--Sept 1886(sis) Carolina
TIMMERMANN, Henry-Mar 7, 190555---(w) Mary Antonia
TIMMERMANN, William-Jun 15 1911-Jan 8 1914Breese, ILJan 17 1914(gd) Josephine RICHTER daughter of Herman, (gs) Eugene RICHTER son of Herman, (w) Anna C.
TIMPER, Anna Maria-Oct 5 190969--Jul 6 1916(h dec) Theodore, + children not listed by name
TOENNIES, G. H.648Feb 9 1891---Mar 1892(w dec) unnamed, (s) John Gerhard, (s) Albert H., (d) Katharina
TSCHAU, Christ439-440------
TUNNICLIFF, Jos.716------