Abbreviations: Heirs (a)=aunt, (b)=brother, (bl)=brother-in-law, (c)=child, (co)=cousin, (d)=daughter, (dec)=deceased, (dl)=daughter-in-law, (f)=father, (fl)=father-in-law, (gd)=granddaughter, (gs)=grandson, (ggs)=great-grandson, (h)=husband, (m)=mother, (ml)=mother-in-law, (n)=nephew, (ni)=niece, (s)=son, (sd)=step-daughter, (sis)=sister, (sisl)=sister-in-law, (sl) son-in-law, (ss)=step-son, (u)=unknown, (w)=wife

Name Will Number Will Date Age Death Date Place of Death Probate Date Heirs/Comments
VAHNNIGER, St.277------
VALE, William671------
VAREL, John-Jan 10 1913-Jan 31 1915Sante Fe Twp., Clinton Co., ILFeb 10 1915(w) Caroline, (s) Herman, (s) Joseph, (d) Cecelia, (s) Frances, (d) Anna, (s) Anton, (s) Edward
VARRELL, Herman-Mar 21, 1905----(w) Margareth, (s) John, (s) Herman, (d) Margareth, (s) Louis, (d) Anna
VOGELSANG, Joseph219-221------
VOGT, Charles (Carl)297Mar 18 187621--May 19 1876(sis) Caroline, (b) Frederic, (w) Louise
VOGT, Herman600Aug 15 188970--Feb 6 1890(d) Emma wife of John ENGLEHART, (d) Auguste, (d dec) Louise Ida, (d) Mina, (d) Carolina
VOGT, Margaret-190269---(d) Mary MCQUADE
VOLLMER, Franzisca606Oct 18 188579--May 28 1890(s from 1st marriage) Anton GRIESBAUM, (d from 1st marriage) Maria HEINZMANN, (d from 1st marriage) Barbara HESSDORFER, (d from 1st marriage) Catharine GRIESBAUM, (d from 1st marriage) Franzisca wife of John R. ROEDLER, (s from 1st marriage) Joseph GRIESB
VONBOKEL, John-1902----(b) William, (b) Bernard, (sis) Elisabeth, (sis) Caroline
VONINGER, Barbara602Nov 24 188879--Mar 21 1890(d) Elizabeth wife of Benedick KRENCHI?
VORNHOLT, Conrad-1898----(n) Conrad Fredrick VORNHOLT in Neucakrocdan?, Germany
VOSS, Anton-1902----(w) Elisabeth
VOSS, Bernard279Oct 25 1875---12/23/1875(s) Bernard, (s) Herman, (s) John, (s) Henry, (d) Anna, (d) Mina
VOSSHOLLER, Henry545Oct 7 1886---Jun 1887(w) Clara, (s) Frederick, (s) Frank, (s) Bernard, (gd) Anna WOLTERING, (gd) Mary WOLTERING